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What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? Britney Spears
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This story was originally published at CSSA on August 1st 2009. What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? was a running series on CSSA.

Authors: DarklordZ and Kash the Priest
Celebs: Britney Spears, Lacey Chabert, Angel Dark
Codes: MF, M+F, F+, cons, oral, anal
Disclaimer: This is only a fictional story, so events like these have never ever happened to the celebrities or will never ever happen to them. Remember, the keyword is fictional! If you are under the age of 18, leave now and rethink why you got here in the first place. I am not responsible for any actions if you are caught and if anyone is offended by the story, I am sorry and how in the hell could you be?

Alternatively, if you need something clearer, here is Kash’s:
This should not be read by anyone under 18 and is a work of fiction and not a representation of any celebs mentioned, just something concocted from the figment of my crazed imagination.

DLZ’s note: The crazed comment in his disclaimer was my doing. LOL!

Authors’ note: Send feedback to either author via e-mail or on the forums. For Kash, at [email protected], or for DLZ, maxstar100atgmaildotcom (Actually have to do the work to form my email address!)

Now please, enjoy… oh, and don’t fucking plagiarize! Seriously DO NOT!

What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? Britney Spears

Kash strolled onto the set coming in extremely late. He sat down on the director’s chair as he looked straight ahead as if he was observing a scene, but the set had no one there but him, the lights were not even on yet.

Daniel was passing by after he had to use the bathroom and as he passed by the unused set, he almost walked right past without noticing anything but he caught a glimpse of Kash from the corner of his eye.

“What the frak?” He said as he approached Kash. “What the hell are you doing here sitting by yourself in the dark?”

“It’s not that dark.” Was Kash’s only response, as Daniel looked around the room.

“Ok… fine. It’s not that dark but what the frak are you doing here? We got a meeting with Britney Spears right now. Do you know how fucking late you are?” Daniel said to Kash.

“Where is she?” Kash asked.

“She’s…” Daniel let out a sigh. “…Running even more late than you.” He continued to say, as Kash smirked.

“And here you are trying to tear me a new one when she’s not even here. Do you know how much time I would’ve wasted sitting around if I came on time?” Kash said to him.

“What the fuck do you think I did?!” Daniel said exasperatingly.

“Better one person is bored out of their skull than two people.” Kash answered standing up. He was in a business suit to look more professional in front of Britney Spears for this big occasion, as was Daniel. He reached into his inside pocket.

“Oh no, you don’t!” Daniel said grabbing his wrist.

“What?” Kash asked, pretending to be oblivious to Daniel’s actions..

“I know what you’re going for!” He said.

“I was going for gum.” Kash lied.

“No you weren’t. You aren’t the Stoner in Dark Stone productions for nothing.” He said to him.

“You can look in my pocket to see if I was going for a joint.” Kash said. Daniel reached towards his pocket.

“Dude!” Kash said stepping back. “Fine! You called my bluff and won. Where’s Lacey?” He asked changing the topic of their conversation.

“She’s in the meeting room waiting on yours and Britney’s asses!” Daniel replied, not really changing the subject.

“Oh!” He said as he started to follow.

“Where’s Angel?” Daniel asked. “Looks like she’s running more late than you. Didn’t you hire her to keep track of your schedule?” He added.

“Yeah, umm… she sort of had an accident.” Kash replied.

“Oh my God! She isn’t hurt is she?” Daniel asked, sounding concerned.

“No, she’s fine.” Kash laughed.

“Dude! You had me scared there! So, what happened to her?” He asked.
“I missed her mouth.” Kash said to Daniel.

“With what?” Daniel asked.

“I came on her hair. And the funny thing is that she had just done her hair!” Kash laughed. “What with the whole washing and drying thing,” Kash told him, as Daniel could not help but laugh.

“So she did her hair, sucked you off and then ended up with cum on her hair so had to do her hair again.”

“Yeah!” Kash seemed quite proud of himself.

“And as funny as that is, that wasn’t good.” He added.

“I told her to wear a hat, but she said the hat would just smell like cum forever. She would have to throw it away. Women!” Kash said rolling his eyes.
Daniel decided not to respond as the two went into the meeting room to see Lacey sitting there, also dressed very business like in a black pantsuit, texting on her phone. “Hey. I was just gonna text you guys to tell you Britney just got past security and is on her way up here.” She said to Daniel and Kash.

“Cool.” Daniel replied, as he kissed Lacey on her cheek.

“So, why are you late?” Lacey asked Kash as he and Daniel sat down.

“Angel is having a bad hair day.” Kash replied.

“Oh!” Lacey said, understanding exactly how Angel felt.

“I waited for a bit for her, but decided this meeting is too important to miss.” Kash said to Lacey.

“No, No ‘Oh!’ or ‘Too important to miss‘” Daniel quoted both of them. “Her hair was fine until this ass jizzed on her hair.” Lacey sniggered.

“That’s not good then. She’s gonna miss the whole story board meeting for the music porn video.” Lacey said.

“Hey y’all!” They heard Britney’s strong southern voice come from behind them as they all turned around to face her. She was in a black barrette, a long white jacket, with dark blue jeans and a white top underneath.

“How’d you find your way up here?” Daniel asked and then behind her Angel walked in, answering Daniel’s question. Angel Dark was dressed the same as the other three, in a suit, but in a skirt.

Angel entered the room avoiding eye contact with Kash and sitting on the furthest chair away from him. Kash offered his seat to Britney, so she was sitting next to Lacey. He pulled up a seat behind Angel.

“Ok. Seeing as though everyone is here, I think it’s time we started with what we’re here for.” Daniel said looking around as he stood at the front of the room in front of everyone. He had a board with all the concept ideas for the video on it.

“So what we’re gonna do here is have the video show a guy being a womanizer with Britney in different outfits.” Daniel started.

“Me and Kash have split it into six separate scenes. It’ll start with them in the morning having sex and finish at night with them having sex, Two orgy scenes at work, And we’re gonna shoot a masturbation slash anal scene in the sauna.” Daniel said, looking around the table.

“Any questions?” Daniel asked. Kash put his hand up. “This isn’t elementary school!” Daniel chuckled. “You don’t need to put your hand up.” Daniel added.

“That’s only five scenes.” He said.

“No, there were six.” Daniel protested.

“You forgot the car scene, where Britney is the driver.” Daniel went a little quiet, as he realized that Kash was right.

“I don’t call you a closet stoner for nothing!” Kash laughed.

“Are you really a closet stoner?” Britney asked looking at Daniel.

“No! He is the stoner.” He pointed at Kash.

“Why’d he…” Britney started but Daniel cut her off.

“Cause he’s a frakking stoned idiot. That’s why!” Daniel yelled to her. Kash seemed to know the right buttons to push to get Daniel pissed off.

“So, what happens in the scenes?” Britney asked deciding that it would be best to get back to business. “What’s the purpose of the video?”

“Ok. The morning scene, car scene and the final scene for the video will have you working with Stoner over here.” Britney looked at Kash.

“Are you sure? He looks like he…” Britney asked, before Daniel cut her off again.
“Trust me. As big a Stoner he is, he is very professional when it comes to getting down to work…. Even if he is stoned during production,” Daniel said laughing.

“Ok.” Britney said, as that seemed like it was good enough for her.

“So, the order the scenes go is you two in the morning, a one on one scene.” Daniel said pointing at Kash and Britney.

“Then…” Lacey started.
“You’ll follow him into work. Then there are two scenes in the office. One with you as a nerd, one as a rebel and in both, you will be with multiple men, first one will have you follow Kash to work, and then, have you start up an orgy in front of him without him being involved, ending in a massive cum shot scene.” Lacey said to Britney.

“Second one will have me walk off, feeling jealous and start off with you following me and starting another orgy with me not involved again.” Kash said. “Sort of like being on the outside looking in and then you sneak away with the main guy from the orgy which is Daniel and you two make copies of your ass whilst you two fuck.” Kash said to Spears.

Everyone looked back at Kash as he spoke, everyone except for Angel and Kash made a mental note of this.

“Remember, even though it is an orgy scene, Daniel is the main character in it.” Angel decided to point out. Kash moved his chair forward a little more, going closer behind Angel, moving his hand around so he could touch her sides. She instantly swatted his hand away.

“Then there is you being Kash’s driver, where you fuck him again and then you end up at home for some bondage sex.” Daniel said, looking in Angel’s direction as he saw Kash’s hand go on her breast. She tried to fight him off but he had grabbed her boob and had a firm hold on it.

“And we have a scene in the sauna with you and me, which will be a random scene where we throw in clips of every now and then and have no point in the video whatsoever…” Daniel continued before interrupted by Kash.

“…Except for the fact that Daniel wants a scene where he gets to fuck you and keep you all to himself.” Kash said causing Daniel to get a little embarrassed and Britney to laugh, not taking Kash seriously.
Kash looked at Daniel, who stared at him. As his eyes were telling the story in Kash’s mind, “Me kicking you in your chin, it will happen!” as Kash saw Daniel lifting his leg up and down a bit, tuning up the band.

“Ok. So when do we start filming?” Britney asked. Kash had already pulled Angel closer to him, nuzzling her neck and as pissed off as she was at him, she was no longer resisting, as she sat there with an annoyed, yet pleased pouting look.

“We could start today if you want…” Kash said, moving his face away from Angel’s neck.

“We can’t start today!” Daniel protested.

“Sets are all ready.” Angel said. “We could start with a scene with just Kash and Britney.”

“Sounds good to me,” Lacey said. “I see no reason to pussy foot about seeing as though we’re all ready to go right now.” Kash said.

“I guess that makes sense.” Daniel said thinking aloud. “But it depends on Britney’s schedule…” He said, as the four of them looked at Britney all of a sudden.

“Hey! Being filmed whilst I get fucked doesn’t really sound too demanding to me.” Britney said.

“Ok. Seeing as though we got all four sets all set up and the cameras in place, we can start with the first scene, you two in the morning.” Daniel said.

“Lacey, Angel, I’m gonna need you two to call up the rest of the people that are gonna feature in the video and tell them to haul their asses over here as quick as possible. The filming of the first scene should be more than enough time for them to get here.” Daniel added.

“Sure thing sweetie” Lacey said getting up walking towards the door, giving Daniel a kiss on the cheek as she passed him. Angel stood up and followed Lacey, looking back giving Kash a dirty look.

“Kash, show Britney to her dressing room. That should stop your ass from going AWOL” Daniel ordered everyone about.

“Sweet!” Kash said getting up. “What makes you think I’m gonna go AWOL?” Kash asked.

“Do you need to ask?” Daniel asked rhetorically, holding three of his fingers across his head, massaging his forehead.

“Whatever!” Kash said standing up and walking over to Britney, extending his elbow for them to link arms, and then Kash and Britney walked off.

“Angel Dark seemed quite pissed at you. Does she, like, not like you or sumthin’?” Britney asked.

“She likes me.” Kash laughed. “I sort of missed her face this morning and that made her have to redo her hair and that’s what has gotten her all pissed off.”

“Were you guys filming a scene?” Britney asked.

“No.” Kash replied.

“So, you two are dating?” Spears asked.

“Not quite. She is my assistant and we sort of fuck. I wouldn’t say we’re a couple as such.” Kash replied as the two approached the room that Britney will be using as her dressing room.

“So, this is it.” Kash said opening the door and leading her in. It was not a big room; mainly because she was gonna spend next to no time in there. It had a dressing table a couple of chairs, a couch for more comfort whilst sitting and a private shower room.

“We need you to wear this.” Kash said handing her a man’s shirt.

OK.” Britney said taking it from him. She stood there and just stared at him as he did the same back to her.

“Do you mind?” She asked.

“Mind what?” Kash asked.

“Leaving the room or at least turning around while I get changed?” Britney said, as Kash laughed.

“In about 10-15 minutes, we’re gonna fuck in front of the camera and you’re getting all bashful about me seeing you naked before our scene together?” Kash said to her.

“Ok. You bring up a valid point… even if you are stoned!” Britney laughed as well as she flung her jacket over a chair and tossed her barrette on top of it. Kash sat down on the couch as he watched Britney pull her jeans down and yanked them off around her ankles, pulling her boots off all at the same time as well.

“You have some amazing legs.” Kash said.

“You like them?” Britney asked as she turned around, arching her feet as she modeled her legs.

“Yeah,” Kash replied, keeping his answer down to one syllable. Britney reached the bottom of her top and pulled it up and over her head, arching her back as she did so, making her thick round ass stick out.

“Fuck!” Kash groaned. “That ass looks so fine!” Britney looked back and let out a little giggle as she started to shake her hips side to side.

“You better stop that before you get the Stoner too horny and he fucks you right here, right now and can’t perform in front of the camera.” Daniel said from the doorway.

“Fucker! Gotta ruin all my fun!” Kash muttered.

“See… I told you that I would say that again from a few weeks ago,” Kash added.

“Well… excuse me for delaying coitus between the two of you for a couple of minutes, but we’re here to shoot a video!” Daniel said. Kash looked over at Britney and saw her bra and panties on the floor and the shirt buttoned up to cover herself.

“Great! Now look what you done! You made me miss the best part!” Kash said to Daniel. Daniel just looked down and shook his head disapprovingly whilst Britney stood there sniggering.

“Come on. Let’s go.” Daniel said.

“Not you.” Kash said to Britney. “You gotta wash your feet first.”

“What? They don’t smell!” Britney said sniffing.

“If it means things can move along more quickly, then please, Can you just do it?” Daniel said.

“Fine” Britney smiled as she walked into the private shower room. Daniel just stared at Kash.

“I’d like to see you have a chick’s foot on your face after she’s been wondering around all morning in socks and boots.” Kash said validating his request.

“I’m not arguing it.” Daniel said. “Oddly enough, I do see your point.”

“So, do you actually know what you’re doing?” Kash asked. “This is the first music video that we’re doing.” Kash added.

“It seems simple enough. We just need to shoot her singing the track first in the scene and then film the sex and edit it all together.” Daniel said simplifying the whole process down the best he could.

“Ok. Now they’re clean and dry.” Britney said coming out of the shower, standing in front of the two producers, wiggling her cute little toes.

“Let’s get this started then.” Daniel said as Britney followed him onto the set. Kash hanged back, keeping up with Britney so he could walk side by side with her.

He couldn’t wait to get onto the set so he could fuck Britney Spears. He just looked her up and down as the took the short trip from her dressing room to the set, staring at her well shaped legs, more specifically her meaty calves.

“OK. Brit, we are going to start with you making breakfast and singing along to your track. Just do the whole verse and we’ll see what we wanna keep in editing.” Daniel said to her.

“Sure! Sounds easy enough to me,” Britney chirped.
There was a little step to take to get up on to the set with the kitchen, as it was all decorated in black and looked very shiny. There was a cooker and a table and set of chairs on the set. They were placed far away from each other that they did not fit in the same shot, with a bed at the end.
They got all three things they needed for the first scene into one set, which saved on space. Daniel sat on the director’s chair and seeing as though Lacey and Angel were calling everyone, including the camera man, Daniel was gonna have to operate the camera himself.
Therefore, he moved the director’s chair behind the camera and got ready to record.

Britney stood there near the cooker waiting to start. After a few seconds, they realized that they needed the music to start. Daniel was now starting to get a little frustrated and a little annoyed at Kash at how he had thrown them into the deep in with no crew to help filming.

He looked around, seeing as though Kash was not in the scene yet, Daniel figured he could start the music up. But he couldn’t see Kash anywhere. Looks like he wondered off, which wasn’t uncharacteristic off him, but was uncharacteristic of him during filming and especially considering he was in the scene which meant he was going to get sex.

“KASH?!” Daniel yelled.

“Yeah!” Kash said. His voice coming from behind Daniel, as it sounded low and made Daniel jump up a little. He looked down behind him to see Kash sitting on the floor.

“Good grief! You nearly scared the shit out of me!” Daniel said to him and causing Britney to laugh. “What are you doing sitting on the floor?” he said to Kash.
“Trying to look up Britney shirt,” He said, with a smile on his face.

“What do you see wrong with this picture? Actually… just go start the damn music!” Daniel said, moving his glasses up and massaging his eyes around with his fingers.

“There’s no music being played.” Kash answered Daniel’s question, just to annoy him even more.

“Yeah… That’s right Sherlock, so I need you to start the music, seeing as though you felt now was as good a time to start as any, without a crew to help.” Daniel said, still massaging his eyes.

“Whatever!” Kash said as he walked past. He saw speakers with a section in the middle to put your iPod on, so he took his iPod out and searched Britney’s name.

Once he found out that they were gonna be doing Britney’s new music video, he put all her music on to his iPod so if Britney saw, she’d think he was a fan and like him more and make working together much easier. There was nothing worst than working with someone that hated you.

Once he found the track, he pressed play and plugged it on to the speakers. The music came out pretty loud.

“Skip to the first verse.” Daniel called out, so Kash hit the middle button and circled his finger on the wheel till the intro was finished and paused it.

“Say when!” Kash called out. Daniel pressed record and picked up the clapper.

“Scene one, take one. Action!” He said and instantly Kash pressed play and Britney started to move her body, shaking her thick booty as she sang along to her own track, which she didn’t need to do but did anyway.

She was imitating making a fried breakfast and as she did this, Kash got onto the set and sat at the table as she turned around and walked a few feet to the table, camera following her and Kash came into the shot as she served him up eggs.

“Cut! That was perfect!” Daniel said once the verse was over.

“Really?” Britney asked. “You don’t wanna do a couple more takes of the scene?”

“What’s the point when the scene’s already perfect?” Kash asked as he hopped off the set and turned the music off.

“Stoner provides a very valid point.” Daniel agreed.

“So you have my track on your iPod?” Britney asked, sounding a little flattered.

“Yeah I’m a huge fan of your music.” He replied. Daniel just sat there, as he rolled his eyes around.

“Ok!” Daniel said interrupting Kash’s ass kissing. “Kash will be on the bed naked, with a morning boner, half asleep and you’ll wake him up with a little oral.” Daniel said looking at Britney.

Kash quickly got onto the set and stripped off down to nothing and lay on the bed.

“Then what do I do?” Britney asked.

“Well, he’s supposed to have just woken up. But he’ll be a bit lazy so you’ll need to wake him up, so you’re doing all the work will be more realistic.” Daniel said, pretty much saying his thoughts aloud.

“It’s gonna be like 30 seconds in the video, so we don’t need it to last long. You need to make it quick so we can move onto the next scene.” Daniel added.

“Cool!” Britney said getting onto the stage and approaching Kash.

“He doesn’t have a boner!” Britney said going back to what Daniel said about him having a morning boner.

“Goddammit!” Daniel muttered, remembering that Kash said he came on Angel Dark’s hair before he came in, which broke one of their rules of no sex 24 hours before a scene.

“Err…” Daniel started to think. “Just suck him a little and he should get hard.” He said hoping that will work. Britney got onto all fours on the bed, approaching Kash.

“Unbutton the shirt.” Kash said and Britney did as she was told. Unbuttoning and revealing her large breasts to him. Kash could already feel the blood rushing to his cock and knew that if her lips touched them, he would get an instant boner.

Britney moved her face to his crotch, holding his shaft as she placed her lips over the tip of his dick and pressed her lips tightly around his cock head as she worked her lips down his cock. It only took a couple of strokes from Britney’s lips to get him hard.

“That didn’t take long!” Britney laughed stroking his erect cock, looking at Daniel.

“Ok. Get off the bed and we’ll start the scene.” {Thank God!} Daniel thought to himself, letting out a sigh of relief as he hit the record button.

“Scene 1… Part 2…. Action!” Daniel called out.

Britney once again got onto the bed, this time for the camera, the shirt already unbuttoned as she quickly lowered her mouth onto Kash’s manhood, sucking the head tenderly as she began to take more of his shaft into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down. Britney got a funny look on her face.

“It tastes funny!” She complained. Her focus was going back and forth between the two producers.
“CUT!” Daniel yelled, as he resumed rubbing his eyes.

“What do you mean it tastes funny?” Daniel asked, starting to feel a little more frustrated.

“I think I know what she means.” Kash gave a sly smile. “Before being in Britney’s mouth, the last place my dick was in was Angel’s ass.” Kash said sounding quite pleased.

“Eww!” Britney said shoving him.

“Come on! I’m sure you’ve done some good old ass to mouth or ATM for short before!” Daniel said trying to get things rolling away.

“Yeah, but it’s usually my ass, then my mouth, not some other woman’s ass!” Britney argued.
“I think it’s hot. If only we got to see it go from her ass to your mouth.” Kash said, as his eyes were drifting up into thin air.

“Ewww… Like whatever! Let’s just do this…” Britney gave in.

“Thank you!” Daniel said going back to the camera to see that it was still rolling. It can go down as a blooper reel he told himself.

Britney placed her mouth back on Kash’s dick causing him to moan in pleasure as he watched her lick and suck his cock, getting it wet and covered in her saliva, getting him even more turned on knowing that she was licking his manhood clean of Angel‘s ass.

She quickly took her mouth off his shaft and started suck one of his nuts as she jerked his cock really fast with her hand.

“Oh my God!” Britney mumbled with one of his balls in her mouth. “It’s so big; I gotta have it inside me!” She said lifting her head up, straddling him as she reached back and guided his shaft into her pussy. There was no need to start slow, so Britney started riding him fast straight off.

‘Good thing I had sex before I left the house today.’ Kash thought to himself, cause at the rate Britney was going at, if he had not, he probably would have blown his load in less than a minute.

Britney had her doubts about working with this Kash, he seemed like a little un-professional and like his business partner pointed out on several occasions, a stoner. Then again, it was probably his gimmick she thought to herself; just look at the company’s name.

The faster she rode the more she felt like she was gonna cum. Her butt slapping down hard against his balls, Kash just lay there on his back, watching Britney’s huge tits bounce around and her pretty face twisted with pleasure. She still had the shirt on, which for some reason turned him on even more than he already was.

“OH GOD!” Britney let out a scream. “OH MY GOSH! YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM!” She yelled as she started riding him as fast as she possibly could.

Kash decided to help her out and starting pushing his hips up and down, their groins slapping against the others very loud, echoing throughout the studio and this helped him to get deeper into her cunt and that’s exactly what Britney needed and her body froze as she went silent, her mouth open wide.

This did not stop Kash from pistoning in and out of her woman hood. Her pussy gripped his member like a vice and the feeling was too good for him to slow down let alone stop.

After a few moments of getting her pussy pounded, Britney finally let out a loud scream in relief as her orgasm started to pass. She was panting fast and hard, trying to catch her breath.

Kash pulled her close to himself, hugging her tight as he started to kiss her, rolling over so that she was on her back and he was now on top.

“Now….” He said pushing himself up, pulling his dick out of her now drenched pussy.

“It’s time for you to taste your ass.” He said as he pressed his cum covered cock against her asshole, his hips instantly thrusting forward and impaling his cock deep into Britney’s ass.

“AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!” Britney let out an ear-piercing scream, throwing her head back, and thrusting her chest up. He was invaded her most intimate hole in one hard thrust.

“Fuck!” Kash moaned. “And I thought your pussy was tight!” He said as he struggled to pull his hips back, her tight sphincter gripping his shaft so hard.

He only managed to pull a couple of inches back and decided that was enough and thrust his dick back up her rectum causing her to scream again, but not as loud as before.

It was not as if this was Britney’s first time taking it up the ass. It was just the sudden quickness of going from straight sex to anal that caught her off guard but it was a good thing that Kash struggled to pull back properly because this gave her enough time to adjust to his girth and the initial pain had gone and she was starting to get more into it.

“That’s more like it!” Kash said in between his grunts as he felt her sphincter loosen its grip around his shaft and was able to thrust n and out of her shit hole with more ease.

“Oh God! That feels so good now! Keep fucking my ass just like that!” She moaned as he gave her long slow strokes.

“Make my tight little asshole feel every inch of that big, hard, fucking juicy cock!” She moaned. Kash spread her legs apart as far as he could, watching his cock go in and out off Britney’s tightest hole slowly.

Daniel raised the camera to get a better shot of the action. He decided to continue using his method of just let them go at it and make it look as natural as possible for the camera, which has yet to fail him. Plus, Kash would probably kill him if he made him stop in mid coitus.

Kash knew that they had enough material to do the scene and all they need was a cumshot to lead into the next scene and everything between now and his orgasm was just continuing for his pleasure, so he started to add more pace.

“Fuck!” Britney gasped and moaned as she gripped the pillow under her head, curling her toes tight and trying to bring her knees together, but Kash kept them apart as he drilled into her as fast as he could, feeling desperate to cum.

Britney tried to pull her ass off his cock, but he just thrust forward more to get his dick all the way back up her tight orifice every time she tried. Therefore, she decided to help him cum by tightening her sphincter every time he thrust up her ass, which caused him maximum pleasure.

“Shit!” Kash moaned as he started to feel his orgasm approaching very quickly.

“You wanna taste that ass?” He asked Britney.

“Mmm-hmm!” Britney moaned her reply, anything to get his thick cock out of her ass.

He quickly pulled out stroking his cock as Britney quickly sat up, wrapping her lips around his shaft and sucking desperately, trying to make him cum so she would not need to endure getting ass fucked by him again.

“Unngghhhh! Kash moaned as he tried to hold back. “I’m gonna…..” He started but trailed off.

Daniel zoomed in as Britney took her mouth off his member and started stroking it furiously as his cum started to shoot out of his dick and all over her pretty face. It was a pretty big load considering it was his second of the day, pouring down Britney’s chin and all over her huge breasts.

“Damn!” Britney laughed. “That was a huge load!” She added as she swallowed whatever cum went in her mouth and going back to sucking Kash’s cock clean of any cum.

“And…..Cut!” Daniel said. “That was excellent Brit. We just need you to get cleaned up.” Daniel said.

“Even if you didn’t, I’d insist on it.” Britney said as she had her hands to one side, looking at her cum covered palms.

Kash looked to see that Angel was standing there, alongside with Lacey, who had a paperclip board with some important papers in hand. He had no clue how long she was standing there, but she had a horny look on her face. She seemed to get really turned on whenever she saw him in a scene. The rest of the crew started to arrive on set. As Britney had already disappeared to get a quick shower and clean up for the next scene.
Part 2:

Daniel walked towards Lacey, as she showed him what she was looking at on the paperclip board.
“We have a slight problem with the next scene…one of our back up guy we hired thought this was a gay porno. So, we are now short one guy for the work orgy scene” Lacey said to him.
“What!” Daniel said. “This was why I wanted to take today and interview all the back up stars and see if they clearly understood this! Wait, how the fuck did the guy think this was a gay porn shoot in the first place?” He asked Chabert.
“He thought Womanizer was the other way around. The guy singing, following the woman around, and having sex with men instead” Lacey said to him. Daniel let out a moan of disbelief, as he massaged his eyes once again.
“Goddammit!” He said quietly. Daniel looked up and saw Kash coming out from her changing room.
“Mmm, yeah! That was awe….” Kash said, coming around. But when he turned around, Daniel lifted one leg up and super kicked Kash directly onto his chin, applying the good old Sweet Chin Music.
“Daniel!” both Angel and Lacey yelled. Daniel stared at Kash, as he laid there knocked out from the super kick, just staring at him with a very cold stare. He was walking backwards a bit, still staring at the knocked out Kash.
“Let’s take an hour break or whenever he gets back up,” Daniel said, going back to his room.
An hour later…
Kash got up, as he looked around and saw Angel and Lacey standing alongside with Britney talking to one another. He shook his head after receiving a super kick by Daniel, who was now talking with the back up people.
“Alright, are we all clear with this?” Daniel asked the four guys, as they all shook their heads yes.

“Cool now…” Daniel said, before Kash grabbed his shoulder and turned him around.
“You think that was fucking funny?” Kash yelled to him.
“Yeah, I like to think so, it was funny” Daniel said with a laugh.
“Well… when you at least expect it, you will get yours!” Kash said to Daniel.
“Yeah… I’m going to need you to get onto the director’s chair and direct my scene now,” Daniel said to Kash. He walked on over to the director’s chair and sat down, as he rubbed his chin.
“Lucky bastard!” Kash said rubbing his chin. As then, Angel walked on over to him and placed one arm over his shoulder.
“You kind of deserved it after what you did with my hair,” Angel said to him.
“Oh my god can’t let it go, can you?” Kash said to her. Angel ran her hand across Kash’s left shoulder while she began to kiss his cheek.
“Maybe I already did, or maybe, I’m just messing with ya. Just like your buddy over there does from time to time,” Angel Dark said laughing. Kash let out a big sigh, as he grabbed the camera and turned it back on.
“Alright, are we ready?” Kash yelled.
“Hold it, just need to… there we go, alright, I’m set” Lacey said, moving away from the camera.
“Wait… hold on one second… aren’t you forgetting something?” Daniel said to Kash.
“What, you want me to kick your ass now, fine!” Kash said, walking towards him.
“No, the scene where you enter the office and Brit’s dressed up as the office nerd… or did I super kick you too hard?” Daniel said laughing.
“Whatever, just… get back to the director’s chair!” Kash said.
“Alright, but umm… one more thing” Daniel said to Kash.

“Goddammit, what now?!” Kash yelled.
Daniel pointed down to Kash’s legs, as he then realized that he was super kicked without wearing any pants. Daniel then pointed to the clothes that Kash is supposed to wear for the upcoming scene.

“What?” Kash asked looking down.

“Dude! You aren’t wearing any pants!” Daniel pointed out and both Angel and Lacey giggled like schoolgirls.

“Maybe it’s the look I’m going for. You ever think about that?” Kash asked him.

“Sadly, if it was the look you’re going for, that just would not surprise me one bit.” Daniel said, as he knew he wasn’t kidding.

“But we need you in pants for the scene so fuck what you’re going for and stop walking around bare assed with your balls hanging out!” Daniel yelled at Kash while he walked to the business suit.

“I’m so going to get him back for that,” Kash said to himself, putting the business suit on.
He walked to the desk he was suppose to be on, as the others fell into place. They wore nothing but the top of the business suit but no business pants. Britney walked into the scene with a black wig, nerdy glasses, and suit. She stood right next to the water fountain, as Kash scooted up to the desk.
“Ok, are we ready? Good and action!” Daniel said. As he was taking his pants down, Lacey stood right next to the camera, ready to direct.
Kash grabbed his cup of coffee and took a sip. He had a distasteful look on his face after he drank the coffee. Britney was taking a sip from the water fountain. Then, a guy told Kash to turn around. He turned around and saw Britney on her knees, sucking Daniel’s cock.
“Mmm yeah” Daniel moaned.
“Quickly now!” Lacey yelled to the others. As Lacey stopped the camera for a few seconds, while Britney, Daniel, and the four guys walked into the middle of the office set.
Daniel pulled down Britney’s black skirt dress, as she unbuttoned her shirt. The four guys got around her, as Daniel laid down on the floor. Britney mounted onto his cock, as Daniel waved his hand, snapping his fingers to Lacey to resume recording.
“Ohhh yeah!” Britney moaned.
“Ahhh fuck” Daniel moaned.
Daniel held onto Britney’s hips, her back turned to him as he bought her down, more onto his cock. As his cock entered her cunt, the four guys formed around Britney, waving their semi-erected cocks around her face.
“Oh my gosh, y’all two are big down there!” Britney said, referring to Daniel and Kash.
He started to pump his cock into her cunt slowly, teasing her a bit. And then all of a sudden, Lacey stopped recording. Everyone looked at her, wondering why she stopped.
“Wait, something is wrong here,” Lacey said.
“Can’t handle the fact that your boyfriend is fucking someone else?” Kash asked.
“No, not that, just… should we have these four have names or nametags or something to give them names?” She said, blushing a bit.
“Why?” Daniel asked, moving his head into view from behind Britney, as he was pumping his cock very slowly into Britney’s cunt.

“Well, you know how some people are these days. Oh, why do you not give them names or let them say their names and all that crap. Just to be on the safe side, you know?” Lacey said.
“Point taken, alright, say your names then” Daniel said.
“Ok, are we finally set or not, cause my dick is inside Britney’s pussy and I do believe that we are shooting porn, am I right?” Daniel said in a sarcastic tone.
“Closet stoner!” Kash said in an angry tone, still rubbing his chin.
“Geez can’t get over one kick. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to super kick him again or anything,” Daniel said to himself.
“Ok and action!” Lacey said, recording once again.
Daniel started to pump faster into Britney’s cunt, as she grabbed Tom’s cock and jerked him off first while the other three jerked their cocks around her. She was stroking Tom slowly at first, before picking her pace up. Daniel squeezed her hips tighter, as she let out a small ‘ow’ sound.
“Ow… uhhh yeah… fuck me!” Britney moaned.
“Mmmm yeah… ahhh fuck!” Daniel moaned.
“Ohhh!” Tom moaned.
“Ahhh yeah, come on, faster,” Britney moaned.

“Geez, can’t go any faster then that? What the hell does Lacey see in you then?” Kash said quietly. Daniel overheard as he took his cock out from her cunt and rammed right into her asshole, catching her completely off guard.
“Holy fuck… uhhh!” Britney yelled.
“Yeah, fucking tight ass… uhhh fuck!” Daniel moaned, as he was pumping faster then before.
Tom moved Britney’s hands away from his cock, as he bent down, and inserted his cock into her cunt, and started to fuck her. Sam moved up next to Britney and told her to open her mouth and suck his dick. She took his cock, as she was pushing her head downwards, taking most of his cock into her mouth.
“Uhhhh fuck!” Sam moaned.
Mark and Jon were the only ones still jerking their dicks. Britney then grabbed their cocks and started to jerk their members for them.
“Ohhh…” Mark groaned.
“Ahhh yeah!” Jon moaned.
“Uhhhh yeah… fuck this tight ass, ahhh fuck!” Daniel moaned, pumping hard into her asshole.
“Whew… ohhh fuck!” Tom moaned.
“Ahhh yeah, that mouth!” Sam said.
Britney took his cock out from her mouth and moaned loudly. “Fuck, both ya’ll fucking my holes… uhhhh god!” She yelled.
“Oh Britney… mmm yeah, ohhh!” Daniel moaned.
Lacey grabbed the camera and zoomed in close to Daniel’s cock fucking Britney’s tightest hole, she then moved the camera to Kash to find a confused look on his face as scripted. He walked up, trying to get into the action. However, as scripted, Britney pushed him away with her hand, sending him back down onto his chair.
She moved the camera up to her face, as she was getting a good shot of Britney sucking a cock.
“Try to suck harder, Britney.” Lacey quietly whispered. Britney heard, as she pushed her head down, taking every inch of Sam’s cock into her mouth, deep throating his dick.
“Ohhh…. Fuck!” Sam moaned.
Kash eagerly wanted Britney back as it was in the script. That was all he could do in this scene, just watch and wait.
“Ahhh fuck” Daniel moaned.
“Mmmm” Britney muffled.
Just then, Daniel pulled out from her ass and scooted from the side. As Tom took his cock out from her cunt and shoved it right into her asshole. Sam took his cock out from her mouth, and went down to her cunt and inserted his dick inside her.
“Ohhh fuck yeah, I need something to suck!” Britney yelled.
“Well then… suck this!” Daniel said, shoving his cock deep into her throat.
“Uhhhh fuck!” Daniel moaned.
He started to push his cock up and down, while Britney sucked him. Daniel bent down and started to grope her large tits.
“Mmmm, total fucking package!” Daniel said.
“Mmmm hmmm!” Britney mumbled.
“Hmph!” Lacey puffed quietly.
“Fuck, I want her to suck my cock as well” Tom said, pulling out from her ass.
He walked next to Daniel, as he took his cock out from Britney’s mouth. Then, Sam took his cock out from her ass also. Mark lay down, as he scooted underneath Britney and inserted his cock into her asshole. Jon waved his dick right onto Britney’s pussy lips before inserting his cock inside her.
“Daniel, what are you doing? Get back into the scene!” Lacey quietly yelled.
“I can’t cause the next scene is me and Britney on the copy machine.” He said to her.
“And also, I wasn’t going to last much longer anyways!” He added.
“Go figure!” Kash quietly mumbled. Daniel just did the glare look, as he took over for Lacey on the directing duties.
“Ahhh fuck yeah Britney… suck that cock!” Tom moaned.
“Mmmm!” She let out a muffled moan. Britney saw Sam’s cock, as she grabbed him and jerked him.
“Uhhhh fuck!” Mark moaned, as he was thrusting his cock hard into her ass.
“Remember, let her swallow your cum guys.” Daniel said to them.
Jon was fucking Britney’s cunt a bit fast, as he was grabbing her tits. He moved them around with his hands, as he was getting too excited for the time being.

“Ohhh fuck…. shit!” Jon moaned, as he shot his load inside her pussy.
“Ha, ha!” Kash said in his best Nelson impersonation.
“Crap… Just get him off stage for now. Sadly, we need him later on” Daniel said to Lacey. As she was escorting him off stage and to the changing room, Daniel was rubbing his forehead again, as he let out a small sigh.
“Anyone else for this matter?” Daniel said, as the three shook their heads yes.
“Fine, let her suck you now!” He said.
Mark pulled his cock out from Britney’s ass. As she then, got onto her knees and took Tom’s cock out from her mouth. She wrapped her lips around Mark’s cock, as she placed her hand onto Tom’s dick and jerked him off as well.
“Mmmm fuck yeah… suck that cock!” Mark moaned.
“Ahhh yeah” Tom moaned, as he was taking slow gasps of air.
“Uhhh fuck, Brit… I’m…” Sam moaned. She quickly took Mark’s cock out from her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of Sam’s cock quickly.
“Damn, that was quick as hell!” Daniel said sounding shocked.
“Ahhh fuck!” Sam moaned, as he was shooting his cum inside Britney’s mouth.
“Mmmm” Britney mumbled again.
“Ohhhh shit… uhhh!” Sam groaned.
“Yeah, you’re sucking that dick with ease” Tom said.
Britney moved away from Sam’s cock, as he moved back. Daniel walked around, getting a good shot of her cum-filled mouth.
“Ah” Britney said, opening her cum-filled mouth.

“Nice!” Kash, Mark, Sam, and Tom said in unison.
“Not nice until she takes the next two loads inside her mouth” Daniel said.
“Oh yeah… Heh, Heh!” Kash said in his best Beavis impersonation.
Britney spat onto Tom’s cock and sucked him, as she stroked Mark off. Sam stroked his own dick to see if he had anything left.

“Uhhh, suck that cock… ohhh yeah…” Tom moaned.
“Ohhh yeah… ahhh fuck, I’m cumming!” Mark moaned.
Britney took Tom’s cock out from her mouth in the lighting fast speed she did earlier before. She quickly bobbed her head on Mark’s cock fast, wanting him to cum already.
“Whew… ohhh fuck!” Mark moaned, trying to hold back his load. However, Britney will not have any of that, as she moved her hands and wrapped them around the base of his cock and stroked him while she sucked away at the head of his cock.
“Ohhh god… ahhh!” Mark groaned, as he began shooting his thick white goo into her mouth.
“Mmmm…” Britney moaned.
She took his cock out from her mouth, as Daniel went around and got another good shot of her cum-filled mouth.
“Who else is next?” Britney said, smacking her lips around.
“Right here, and take your time.” Tom said to her.
“Right… time…” Britney said.
She spat onto his cock first. As she then, jerked his dick. Britney was stroking him faster and harder then she did to the other guys.
“Uhhh fuck!” Tom moaned.
“Mmmm yeah, this big meaty member all ready to cum… fuck, I love it!” Britney said.
“Ohhhh fuck yeah… I’m cumming!” Tom moaned.
“Shoot it in my mouth!” Britney said to him.
Tom grabbed his cock and jerked his dick straight towards her mouth, as the head of his cock was touching her lips slightly.
“Ohhh yeah… ahhh fuck!” Tom moaned, as he started shooting his load into her mouth as last.
Daniel moved to Britney’s left side. He zoomed out a bit and the camera was showing that Britney had her eyes closed, as Tom kept jerking off.
“Whew…. Fuck!” Tom moaned.

Britney closed her mouth, as she gulped the entire amount of cum that was in her mouth down and swallowed it all. Daniel told her to open her mouth and saw no trace of cum left in her mouth.
“Damn!” All the guys said.
“Hmph!” Lacey said, standing off set.
“Good Grief!” Daniel said to himself.
“Alright, back to work position!” Lacey yelled, as Tom, Mark, Sam, and Jon raised their pants up and stood right next to the desk on set. Britney stood right back up, as Kash walked behind her.
He placed his hands right next to her ass and Britney grabbed his hands and moved them back, as she was now walking off set and the co-workers sat right back down resuming their work duties as if nothing had happened.
“And cut!” Daniel said, turning the camera off.
“Cut? Why?” Angel, Kash, and Lacey asked at the same time.
“We have the copy room scene to film now.” Kash said to him.
“Yes, I know but…”

“But what?” Kash yelled.
“Battery is dying.” Daniel said, showing the three the low battery power on the camera.
“How long then?” Kash asked.
“Seeing how the full charge takes about two hours or more, I could lessen the time by recharging while filming.” Daniel said to him as he grabbed the charge kit, the gang walked towards the copy room set. Britney sat right on the copy machine, opening her legs wide, teasing Kash a bit more.
“Come on, while he set things up.” Britney quietly said to him.
“Oh… piss off Daniel or don’t piss him off that is the question?” Kash said. He wanted back in with her ASAP. However, he knew that Daniel worked long and hard on the script. Also, he can’t wait to get back in, but he must.
“Alright, plug is in outlet, camera legs are set, and Britney is teasing Kash in the worst possible way” Daniel said to Angel and Lacey. Angel then walked behind Kash and pulled him away from Britney by his right ear.

“Ow, let go… oh, come on… I want! I want!” Kash cried, waving his arms in the air for Britney. As Angel pulled him away from the camera, Daniel and Lacey could not help but laugh.
“Oh brother, how would our lives be if we didn’t have Kash around” Lacey said.
“Hmm” Daniel said, heading in a daydream. Just then, Lacey snapped her fingers in front of him.
“Sweetie, no time for your Scrubs daydream moments… again!” She added.
“Alright, just get next to the camera and get ready to record.” Daniel said to her.
Kash was now outside the copy room set, as he took out his iPhone out. He went into camera mode and held it into place, as the iPhone was showing a shot of Britney standing next to the copy machine.
“Ok… and action!” Lacey said, resuming filming.
Part 3:

The scene opened with Britney lifting the top of the copy machine, as Kash was walking into the room with his iPhone on. Britney was now sitting on top of the copy machine, as Kash was now in the room.
He stood right next to her, but then, she kicked him back a bit against the wall. Britney pressed the button to start copying. After a few seconds, Britney gave Kash a copy of her ass before punching through the copy. Britney grabbed his tie and pulled him back towards her.
She got up from the copy machine and planted Kash’s face onto the copy machine. She rested her elbow on his back. She had her hand resting under her chin. At this point, Daniel turned up with a cup of coffee. He used his other hand and smacked Britney’s ass, as she then lift Kash back up by the back of his business suit.
“And cut for now!” Lacey said.
“Wait… what?” Both Daniel and Kash said.
“Don’t tell me you two stoners forgot the other orgy scene we have to shoot?” Both Angel and Lacey giggled.
Daniel just gave the glare look at the two while Britney walked towards her changing room. Just then, Angel and Lacey walked towards their changing room as well.

“Wait, where are you two going?” Daniel and Kash asked.
“We’re going to get ready for the next scene.” The two giggled again. Lacey opened the door to the room, as the two entered. Angel closed the door behind her, locking the door afterwards.
“Women!” Daniel and Kash said to each other. Just then, from out of nowhere, Kash grabbed Daniel’s head and gave him an RKO.
“Now, we’re even.” Kash said with a smug look on his face. He stared at Daniel who was lying on the floor out cold.
Inside the room, Angel and Lacey began taking their shirts off, showing off their bras. Lacey began to unhook hers, and Angel helped her unhook it.
“Thanks!” She said to her.
“No problem, so you and Daniel… you two seem to be hitting it off more and more.” Angel said to her.
“Yeah, well… I really enjoy his personality and all.” Lacey said.
“So… would you?” Angel asked, running one finger around her other finger.
“Oh well, Daniel and I both know that this is only for the time being, but then again… oh, who knows?” Lacey said to her turning around, exposing her tits to Angel Dark.
Angel took her bra off as well, exposing her tits to Lacey. The two were now topless in the room, as Angel walked up to Lacey and pressed her tits up right up against hers.
“Mmmm, your tits are so big and soft.” Angel said to Lacey.
“Thanks, yours are… soft as well.” Lacey said to her.
Angel moved her hands and started to take Lacey’s pants off while she did the same thing to Angel. The two leaned in for a kiss. However, it was more of a very light kiss though. The two moved back a bit and took their pants off.
“Well, we should get ready for the next scene. You got them?” Lacey asked.
“Yeah, they’re in the bag.” Angel said. As Lacey walked towards the bag, she opened the bag and had a smile onto her face.
“Oh, everyone will be speechless.” Lacey said to Angel.
“Mmm hmmm!” Angel smiled.
20 minutes later…
“Ow, are we cool now?” Daniel said getting back up from the floor. He was holding his hand over his head.
“After that RKO, yeah, I like to say we’re cool now.” Kash said, moving his shoulders around.
Just then, Angel and Lacey came out dressed up as waitress. Britney came out from her room, dressed in a revealing leather waitress outfit, as she was wearing a red wig now. The four men from before were dressed as waiters as well.
“Wait, so who is going to direct?” Daniel asked.
“You are, silly!” Lacey said laughing, as she gave him the camera to begin filming. Just as they were talking, Kash saw Angel holding a bag.
“What’s in the bag?” Kash asked.
“Just wait and see.” Angel said to him.
“Ok guys, you know the plan for the money shot?” Lacey asked the guys.
“On her tits got it,” The four said giving thumbs up.
“Could someone tell us what the fuck is going to happen?!” Both Daniel and Kash yelled.
“Shh, just put these blindfolds on for now, you two.” Lacey said to them.
“How the fuck am I suppose to record what is going to happen?!” Daniel said to her.
“Use your instinct” Lacey said to him, kissing him on his cheek. He put the blindfold on, as Kash did the same. He sat down on the chair, as Britney stood in the middle of the set.

“Places people!” Lacey yelled.
“Ready?” Angel said to Daniel and Kash.
Daniel took a deep breath and hit the record button, as Lacey looked to see if he hit the right button.
“We are good.” Lacey said.
The third scene opened with Britney bringing out a glass of alcohol to Kash, as he sat at his table. She was now dancing in front of him, as Kash had an egotistical smug look on his face. Britney then grabbed Kash by his tie and pulled him up from his chair. She walked backwards, as he was being dragged on his feet.
Britney let go of his tie, as she turned around to face the camera. Just then, the waiters and waitresses came into the scene. All of them threw a black rag into the air and danced around.
“Still want to know what the fuck is going on?” Daniel said.
“All will be clear in a bit.” Lacey told him.
They danced around for a bit until the waiters moved to another part of the set. Angel and Lacey grabbed Daniel and the camera and moved them to that part of the set. Britney grabbed Kash by his tie again and brought him over. The male waiters started to take their pants off while Britney unbuttoned her leather top. She then lowered her pants down to her ankles.
“Ok, take your blindfolds off in just a few more seconds.” Both Angel and Lacey said to Daniel and Kash.
“This better be worth us putting these blindfolds on.” Daniel and Kash told Angel and Lacey.
“Hold on, just… hold on a bit longer.” They both said.
“Ok, take your blindfolds off now!” Angel and Lacey told the two.
Daniel and Kash took their blindfolds off. As they did, they were shocked at what they saw once they removed the blindfolds. Britney was on her knees, sucking Angel and Lacey’s strap-ons that they were wearing while the guys jerked their cocks around them.
“Holy… shit!” Daniel said whilst Kash sat there with his mouth wide open, in shock, drooling over what he was seeing.
“We figure a re-write of the script was needed after you super kicked Kash.” The two said to them.
“Hmm, might just super kick him again for you two to write yourselves into the final scene.” Daniel grinned.
“Ahem *clears throat* Yeah, no… if anything, I can either give you an RKO or give you Edge’s spear for Angel and Lace to write you out of the final scene and make it between me and the three of them.” Kash said with a cheesy smile.
“Urg… enough! Can we just get back to work here?!” Angel and Lacey yelled to the two.
“This scene is like only like three minutes long in the script. And we want to get some fucking done before the kitchen and car scene.” They added.
“Ok fine and we are rolling.” Daniel said.

Britney started to suck Angel purple color toy cock first, as Lacey just looked at Britney sucking Angel’s toy. The four men from earlier continued to stroke their cocks. Tom was hard enough, as he then, lay on his back and scooted underneath Britney and slowly inserted his cock into her cunt.
“Mmmm…” Britney moaned.
“Suck that toy cock, oh yeah… suck it!” Angel said to her.
Angel turned over to Lacey and started to kiss her while Britney sucked away on the toy cock that Angel had on her. The kiss between the two left Daniel and Kash speechless.
“May not happen in the video… but…” Kash said.

“Who… the… fuck… cares!” Daniel said, breaking the silence.
“Uhhh yeah…” Tom moaned.
Britney took Angel’s toy dick out from her mouth, as she took Lacey’s light blue toy dick into her mouth and slowly bobbed back and forth on her strap-on. The two continued to kiss, as Angel grabbed Lacey’s right tit. She moved one hand behind Angel and grabbed a handful of her ass cheeks, and started to squeeze.
Angel let out a small coo sound between the kiss. Just then, Lacey broke the kiss. She moved her head down and started to suck Angel’s left nipple.
“Ohhh yeah!” Angel moaned. Lacey looked up at Angel who was looking at her as well.
“Suck my nipple.” She quietly whispered to her.
Just then, Britney opened her mouth and took Angel’s strap-on into her mouth along with Lacey’s, sucking both toy cocks at the same time. While Britney sucked on the strap-on’s, Jon walked on over and crouched down, inserting his cock into her ass.
“Uhhhh fuck…” Jon moaned.
Britney was caught off guard by Jon’s insertion into her ass, but she went along with her business of sucking Angel and Lacey’s strap-on’s.
“Mmmm fuck!” Tom groaned.
Lacey then moved away from Angel’s nipple. As she moved away, Angel moved her head down and started to suck on Lacey’s right nipple.
“Ohhh…” Lacey moaned. Angel moved one hand behind Lacey and grabbed her ass cheeks. She began to squeeze lightly, as Lacey moaned a bit louder.
“Ahhh fuck!” Jon moaned.
“Uhhh…” Tom moaned.
“Ohhh yeah, suck my nipple… ohhh!” Lacey moaned.
Britney was pushing the strap-on deep into her mouth, but could only get Angel’s strap-on deep while her tongue flicked around the head of Lacey’s strap-on. Kash was standing in the middle of the scene, speechless, while Daniel was trying his best not to crumble down onto his knees.
“Oh goodness, wait… it seems like she can’t take it?” Daniel said.
“Nah, she’s holding back.” Kash said to him.
“And why is that?” Daniel asked Kash.
“Trust me, she’s holding back… cause when she was sucking me, I knew she was teasing me at the time being.” Kash explained.
“Hmm…” Daniel said, rubbing his chin.
Angel was flicking her tongue on Lacey’s right nipple now while she still squeezed her ass cheeks. Lacey watched Angel sucking her nipple, as she placed one hand onto Britney’s hair and moved it to the side. Britney took Angel’s strap-on out from her mouth and took Lacey’s toy cock deeper into her mouth.
“Mmmm” Britney mumbled.
“You know what… I am tired of this. I want to fuck already!” Lacey said, pulling her toy cock out from Britney’s mouth.
“Come on, Angel… time to show how we handle these with ease.” Lacey said to her.
The two told Jon to pull out from her ass, as Tom pulled out from her cunt as well, without being told or anything. Britney turned her head around and saw Angel and Lacey talking to one another to see who goes first.
“Hey ya’ll what’s the hold up?” Britney asked.
“Jon, let her suck your cock.” Lacey said to him.
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Re: What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? Britney Spears
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Britney turned around and saw Jon’s cock hanging in the air. She quickly took his cock into her mouth and started bobbing on his dick with ease. Tom started to jerk his cock while he had his eyes lock on her large breasts.
“Mmm…” Tom quietly whispered to himself.
“Dude, remind me to kick his ass later…just for the hell of it.” Kash quietly said to Daniel.
“Don’t worry… I will remind you because I want to kick his ass as well.” Daniel said laughing.
“Fuck… uhhh yeah, Brit!” Jon moaned.
Angel bent down, and inserted her toy dick into Britney’s asshole, as Lacey scooted underneath Britney and positioned her toy dick right next to Angel. She got the head of the toy into Britney’s ass, as both of them were in her ass at the same time.
“Mmmm” Britney moaned rather loudly.
“We could not figure out which one of us to go first…” Lacey started.
“…So, we decided for the both of us at the same time.” Angel finished.
“And Kash is a stoner, but we don’t hear him saying when he’s going to huff and puff now, do we?” Daniel asked sarcastically.
“At least, I came out of the…” Kash said.
“Shut it!” Daniel yelled.
“Mmmmm fuck!” Britney yelled, as everyone paid attention back to Britney all of a sudden because Angel and Lacey began pumping their strap-on’s into her ass at the same time.
“My god, I never had two at the same time.” Britney moaned. Daniel grabbed the camera and began to walk near Britney. He walked around and got in frame, her asshole being penetrated by the two strap-ons.
Daniel wiped the sweat from his forehead, as he held the camera with only one hand.
Britney took Jon’s cock out from her mouth and stuck her tongue out, and then, slapped Jon’s tool onto her tongue, teasing him entirely. The others kept jerking, as they knew that their time was going to be up soon.
“Ohhh fuck…. Ahhh…” Sam groaned.

He walked on over, and then, Britney pressed her tits up together, as Sam shot his load onto her tits.
“Uhhh yeah!” Sam moaned.

“Ohhh, I’m going… uhhh!” Mark groaned, as he began walking up to Britney and shot his cum on her tits as well. The two jerked their cocks slowly, getting if any was left in them onto Britney’s tits.
“Uhhh fuck…my ass!” Britney moaned.
Angel and Lacey were now pounding faster into her ass. Daniel looked to the side and saw Lacey’s large, round, firm tits bouncing around. He looked up and saw Angel’s were bouncing side to side, as Angel kept pumping her strap-on into Britney’s ass. He than looked on over to Britney’s tits and saw that some of the cum was dripping on down onto Lacey’s face.
“Whew… uhhh yeah!” Tom moaned.
“Mmm yeah…” Lacey moaned.
“Mmm, goddamn this big, beautiful bubble butt…” Angel said, pushing her strap-on deep inside Britney.
“Holy shit… ohhh fuck yeah, keep fucking my ass!” Britney yelled.
Angel grabbed Britney’s hips and pulled her closer to her, as Angel began to move Britney side to side.
“You have a tight asshole but…” Angel said.

“Not the tightest I ever fucked!” Both Angel and Kash said at the same time.
“Awkward!” Daniel said, in a high-pitched sing along tone.
“Ohhh Brit…” Tom moaned, as Britney was sucking on his cock now.
Angel began slowing down as Lacey began to pump her strap-on faster into Britney’s ass. The two began taking turns pumping their strap-ons into Britney’s asshole.
“Mmmm….” Britney mumbled.
“Uhhh… ohhh yeah! I’m cumming!” Tom groaned.
He took his cock out from her mouth quickly, but not in time though. He shot his load as he took his cock out from her mouth. Tom could not help it, as he jerked his dick. Load after load of his cum hit Britney on her face, her tits, and some managed to drop down onto Lacey’s face.
“Damn, Lace… and you haven’t even sucked a dick to have cum on your face!” Daniel said laughing. Lacey flipped him the middle finger, as she resumed fucking Britney.
The four walked off the set, as Daniel walked over. With the camera still in hand, as he moved the camera up and down on Britney’s front cum covered body.

“Mmm, my little old self covered in cum… ohhh yeah, and my ass being fucked senseless” Britney said directly to the camera.
Just then, Angel pulled out from her ass and walked on over to Britney and told her to suck her toy cock. Britney obeyed, as Daniel moved to the side and zoomed out a bit to get her mouth wrapped around Angel Dark’s strap-on.
“Ohhh, suck that toy… mmm yeah!” Angel said.
Daniel then moved and got in view of Britney’s ass. As Lacey began to pump her strap-on hard into Britney’s beautiful ass, she had her hands onto Britney’s ass cheeks and started to squeeze them as hard as she could.
Britney cooed, as she resumed sucking Angel’s strap-on. Lacey pulled out from Britney’s ass and slid right underneath her. She got up and walked towards Angel, as the two wrapped their arms around each other by their hips and started to kiss again.
Britney took Angel’s strap-on out from her mouth, and started to suck Lacey’s strap-on fast.
“Mmm!” Both Angel and Lacey moaned.
Britney started to bob her head back and forth on Lacey’s strap-on quickly, as her nose was hitting up against the lower part of Lacey’s stomach.
“Mmm yeah, keep sucking that toy; it’s going back in that ass!” Lacey said to Britney.
“Hell, the both of us will go back in that ass of yours!” Angel said to them.
“Well then, why wait?” Lacey said giggling, as she pulled her strap-on out from Britney’s mouth.
Lacey crouched down on her knees and pushed the head of the strap-on in quickly. Angel was now besides her, as she was slowly pushing the strap-on into Britney’s sore ass.  Angel looked down and saw Britney’s asshole was glowing bright red.
“Damn” Angel said.
“Ohhh yeah… fuck my tight ass!” Britney yelled.
“Mmmm yeah, and what a tight ass it is!” Lacey said. The two pumped the strap-ons harder, as their tits were flying all around, while Daniel was catching everything on camera. Kash was standing there, utterly speechless, as he was now actually drooling from the side of his mouth.
“Uhhh fuck… I’m… cumming!” Britney yelled at the top of her lungs. As she began to gush out onto the floor set, Britney moved one hand and started to finger her cunt.
“Fuck my little tight ass, ya’ll!” Britney moaned.
“Mmmm yeah!” Lacey said, as she pushed her strap-on deep into Britney’s ass. Angel grabbed Britney’s shoulders and started to pump faster while Lacey was slowing down a bit.
“Uhhh god… ahhh fuck!” Britney moaned.
The two were taking turns thrusting into Britney’s ass, as Lacey moved both hands and placed them onto Angel’s ass cheeks. Lacey squeezed Angel’s cheeks, as Angel moved her hands down and grabbed Britney’s ass cheeks and started to squeeze them.
Daniel went to the backside, getting another good shot of the ass squeezing frenzy that is going on. Lacey pulled Angel’s ass cheeks apart for Daniel to get a view of Angel’s asshole.
“Uh dude… go around and get either Britney or Lacey’s ass on screen, not my Angel.” Kash said to him.
Daniel flipped him the middle finger went to Lacey’s left side. He saw Angel pulling Britney’s ass apart. Then, Angel spat right into Britney’s asshole, using her saliva as lubrication.
“Ohhh fuck!” Britney cried in pleasure.
Britney bit her lower lip, as Angel pulled out from Britney’s ass and got down onto her knees. Britney took the strap-on into her mouth and sucked it quickly. As if, it was a real cock.
“Mmm, suck this fake dick!” Angel said, moving Britney’s hair to the side.
Lacey then got up onto her knees, and began to fuck Britney in doggy style position. She grabbed Britney’s hips and pumped faster.

“Fuck… the guys might be right; Britney might have a tighter ass than us.” Lacey said.

“Eh… I don’t know about that.” Daniel said.
Angel pushed her toy cock deep into Britney’s mouth, as she began to gag on the strap-on. Just then, Lacey shook her head in disappointment.
“Tsk, tsk… can’t deep throat it without gagging, amateur!” Lacey said.
“Well… no one can do what you do perfectly, ok. So, cut Britney some slack!” Kash came to her defense.
“Hmph…” Lacey said, as she resumed fucking Britney’s ass.
“Mmm, either way, she can take it for a while.” Angel said, holding her position for a bit.
Britney started to gag loudly, as tears came down her eyes. She wanted to pull Angel’s strap-on out from her mouth, but she decided not to. Britney started to bob her head faster onto the strap-on, slowly beginning to take it with ease.
“Ohhh yeah, fuck that ass.” Lacey said.
“Fuck that ass senseless for a bit longer.” Angel said to her.
The two kept their positions on Britney for a bit longer. Afterwards, Lacey pulled out from her ass, while Angel pulled out from Britney’s mouth. The two switched places, as Angel began to fuck Britney’s ass, and Lacey pushed her strap-on into her mouth.
“Suck that fake cock like a fucking pro!” Lacey said.
“Mmmm” Britney muffled.
“Fuck!” Angel yelled.
Daniel turned around and saw Kash pushing two of his fingers into Angel’s asshole. As he placed the camera onto the tripod, Daniel pushed Kash out of the way.
“Damn you, and your horny stoned mind!” Daniel yelled.
“Meep-meep!” Kash said, as he began to run away from the set. Just laughing at how much he can piss Daniel off that easily. As Daniel dealt with Kash, Angel pulled out from Britney’s ass and stood side to side next to Lacey.
“Come on, suck one more again.” Angel said.
Britney took Angel’s strap-on and started to suck both at the same time, while Angel and Lacey wrapped their arms around each other and kissed. Lacey opened one eye and saw Daniel still chasing Kash around, as she then rolled her eye around before closing her eye.
“Mmm…” Lacey moaned.
Britney took both strap-on’s out from her mouth, as she began to suck Angel’s first, while Lacey stood there, watching.
“Yeah, suck it!” Lacey said.
“Mmmm-hmmm.” Britney let out a muffled cry.
“Mmmm yeah, bet those lips feels awesome!” Angel said.
Just then, Britney shook her head yes, sucking away on Angel’s strap-on. After a few minutes, Britney pulled the strap-on out from her mouth, as Angel Dark’s strap-on was completely covered in Britney’s saliva, as she then took Lacey’s strap-on and started to bob on her toy cock with much ease.
“Ohhh yeah…” Lacey said.
Britney began to gag on Lacey’s strap-on already. Angel looked around and saw that the two were gone from the set. Then, Daniel came back from across the room.
“Where’s Kash?” Angel asked.
“Getting ready for the next scene, which by the way, we need to start ASAP” Daniel said.
“Cause if we don’t end this, your threesome will be endless and what would be the point of the other scenes?” He added.
“He does have a point, Angel. I mean, after all, we need to stay on schedule with this.” Lacey said, pulling her strap-on out from Britney’s mouth. Daniel turned off the camera, while the three got up from the set and gave Daniel the “look.”
However, Lacey gave him the death stare instead, as the three walked into their dressing rooms. Before Lacey entered her and Angel’s dressing room, she flipped Daniel off with the middle finger, as she closed the door and locked it.
“And now, I’m the villain in all this. Great, all the more fun!” Daniel said, rolling his eyes to the back of his head, as he massaged his eyes once more.
“Good fucking Grief!” Daniel said to himself.
Part 4:

The group met back in front of a limo, as Daniel and Kash stood around and waited for the girls to come out from their dressing room.

“You must have really pissed them off, if they are taking this long to get out.” Kash said.
“Yeah, sure… make me the fucking villain in all this!” Daniel said, still massaging his eyes.
“And yet, you get away with almost everything!” He yelled to him.
“Cause I’m the stoner!” Kash laughed.
Daniel shook his head in disbelief. Just then, the three came out from their dressing room and onto the set. Lacey and Angel were dressed in their business clothes from earlier, while Britney was dressed in a chauffeur’s outfit, wearing sunglasses.
“Egotistical bastards!” Both Angel and Lacey said to Daniel and Kash.
“What did I do?” Kash asked.
“Umm, question… I thought you said that this would be very professional?” Britney asked Daniel.
“I guess not, but we have to make do with all that has happened.” Daniel said to Britney.
“It’s cause their egotistical friendship got in the way!” Angel and Lacey explained.
“Ok… moving on, are we ready for the fourth scene?” Daniel asked.
“Wait, what about the kitchen scene with me and Brit?” Kash asked.
“Cut, due to time restrictions” Daniel said to him.
“Time restrictions?” Kash had a confused look on his face.

“But it’s the final scene and the scene that rounds up the whole video!” He put his point across.

“Dude, the part I’m talking about is where she has you lying down in the kitchen, with the knives hanging above you, or have you not seen the music video at all?” Daniel said.

“Eh…” Kash said.

“Or we could cut out all the foreplay in this video and just do the final bit where she kicks your ass?” Lacey suggested.

“Sweet! A naked Britney kicking my ass!” Kash replied, leaving Lacey standing there in disbelief, which he was fine with getting his ass kicked as long as it was done by Britney.

“Ugh! Whatever!” Lacey said sticking her hand up while Angel rolled her eyes in the background.

“So we’ll start with you running into the limo first, but do it from the left side of the vehicle. Got it?” Daniel asked to make sure what he said had absorbed into Kash’s head.

“Yeah sure” He replied as Britney got into the driver’s seat.

“OK…. And ACTION!” Daniel yelled and Kash came running into the limo from the right side of the vehicle.

“CUT! What the fuck!” Daniel said in an exasperated tone. “What did I just say?”

“How the shit am I suppose to know?” Kash shrugged his shoulders.

“But you just said…?” Daniel started pointing at the fact that the right side of the limo had no doors.

Angel and Lacey started sniggering in the background, despite the fact that Kash was holding up filming, they always found it hilarious when he was getting Daniel irate.

“I figured it was easier coming in this way.” Kash started to say. “Cause then I wouldn’t need to open any doors to get in.” He grinned.

“Oh! You’re doing this on purpose to irritate me aren’t you?” Daniel asked.

“Meh… perhaps?” Kash shrugged his shoulders walking off.

“OK… Get it right this time, and…. ACTION!” Daniel yelled again and once again, Kash came running in as fast as he could using the right side of the vehicle.

Daniel realized that he was doing this on purpose to piss him off, so he decided to show no form of a reaction.

“Cut” He said not raising his voice even though he wanted to really badly.

“Let’s take it from the top. That is if you’re ready to fuck Britney again.” Daniel added with a sly smile, figuring that would get him to use the left side of the limo, and it worked perfectly.

Lacey hit play on the part of the track that the scene was for so that Britney could lip-synch to it. While she pretended to drive, Kash flicked through his iPhone. After the first initial couple of lines, the music wasn’t really needed as she wasn’t going to be trying to sing along to it, but instead, be teasing Kash through out the scene.

Britney turned to face Kash as she began moving her upper body to the back of the limo, whilst using the tip of her foot do maneuver the steering wheel.

She grabbed Kash by his tie, pulling him closer to herself as she placed her lips on his and started licking around the inside of his mouth, whilst he tried to play the role of being shocked and surprised by this, no matter how much he wanted to kiss her back.

Britney quickly jumped into the backseat, leaning against the inside of the limo door that was still there, whilst the camera poked in from the other door less side of the limo catching all the action.

Kash quickly unzipped as Britney had her feet placed on his lap, the heels of her shoe digging into the tops of his thighs.

As soon as Kash had his man hood free from the restraints of clothing, Britney lifted his half erect cock up, using the heel of one of her shoes as she gently rubbed up and down the under side of his shaft with the hard heel, getting him excited pretty quickly.

She pressed the tip of her foot against his groin and slowly worked it up his stomach and onto his chest. Kash quickly grabbed her foot, gently pulling her shoe off her foot and bringing her foot up to his mouth.

Britney giggled, realizing why he wanted her to was her feet earlier on and she spread her toes for him as he placed his mouth over her big toe and started to suck hungrily, using his tongue to circle her toe as he moved his mouth along her foot as he sucked her toes one by one.

Britney quickly reached down, pulled the shoe off her other foot, and moved it back onto his lap, her heel resting on his thigh as she touched the side of his shaft with the tips of her toes.

Daniel got the camera lowered to alternate between Britney stroking the side of Kash’s shaft and Kash sucking Britney’s toes.

Kash opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out, getting it in between Britney’s two biggest toes as he the proceeded to lick down the sole of her foot, causing her to curl her toes tight as he began sucking the balls under her toes.

Britney began rubbing the side of his shaft faster and he lowered her foot from her mouth down to his dick, putting her feet together with his cock in between them. Britney instantly squeezed his shaft hard with the soles of her feet as her heels and toes were touching.

“Fuck!” Kash moaned as Britney began to masturbate him with the soles of her feet, squeezing him hard as well as going fast.

“That feels… so fucking… good!” Kash groaned.

“You like the way my feet feels against that hard cock?” Britney asked.

“Yeah!” Kash moaned. “Faster!” He added and Britney started to work her feet up and down his member at a much faster pace, causing pre-cum to ooze out and onto the side of her big toes.

“Oooohh!” Britney cooed as she lowered her head down, sticking her tongue out, and started to lick his pre-cum off her toe.

The angle that her head was tilted, the chauffeur’s hat she was wearing fell off her head, and Kash tossed it onto the limo floor. Britney’s hair was tied up in a bun under the hat, but now that the hat was gone, the bun looked a bit messy and Kash undid her hair, letting it flow down as she sucked the tip of his cock fast, holding his cock in place with her feet and toes.

“Move her hair out of the way.” Daniel whispered and Kash did as he was told, giving Daniel a better shot of the action as Britney gave Kash short fast strokes on his cock head with her lips.

Kash undid his belt and button and pushed his pants and boxers down his thighs with Britney taking over and pushing them down his calves, leaving them around his ankles before going back to sucking his man hood.

“Oh shit!” He moaned grabbing her by under her arms and pulling her mouth of his dick.

“Too much for you to handle?” Britney let out a cocky laugh.

“No. Just want another piece of that ass.” Kash replied moving her feet as he pulled her towards him.

“Whooo!” Britney yelped as she was pulled onto his lap, her skirt hiked up as she was made to straddle him. She wasn’t wearing any underwear, just so that it made it easier to shoot the scene.

“You boys seem to be really obsessed with my ass!” Britney stated. “In fact, so are the gals.” She laughed.

“Spread your ass cheeks.” Daniel said, as he wanted a good shot of Kash’s dick entering her anus.

Britney’s hands instantly went onto her butt cheeks and she spread them apart, revealing her dark puckered hole. Kash reached his hand over Britney’s thigh and held his dick, pressing the tip against her warm hole.

“Going in dry?” Britney asked, making a statement rather than a complaint. Kash gave her no answer as he pushed the tip of his dick in, pushing it past her tight ring as he thrust his hips up, getting more of his shaft into her rectum.

“Oh fuck! That dick feels so big in my asshole, stretching my tight little ring out!” Britney moaned as Kash began thrusting up and down, working his cock further and further into her bowels until he had his full length up her ass.

“Ride it!” He told her in an authority’s voice and Britney gave a stunned look, but did as he asked.

As she worked her ass hole up and down his thick fuck stick, he started tearing away at her shirt, ripping her buttons off to reveal her bra less breasts and he placed his mouth over her large erect nipple, sucking hungrily.

Britney continued to ride him as she struggled, but still managed to pull her shirt and jacket off her arms and onto the limo floor.

Once she was topless, she started to kiss Kash, hugging him as she rode him at a very fast pace. Figuring that the scene wasn’t supposed to be long so it didn’t matter if he came too quickly. And also the fact that he had already cum twice to the best of her knowledge and this was his third time, so she didn’t think he’d be cumming quickly so she was free to ride him as fast and as hard as she wanted without ruining the take.

“OH GOD!” Britney moaned. “THAT DICK FEELS SO GOOD IN MY FUCKING ASS!” She yelled as a wave of pleasure hit her face, her toes curling tight and rubbing against the sides of Kash’s thighs. He quickly moved his hand down on to her feet, holding them in his hands as he rubbed her soles with his thumbs, feeling the soft wrinkles.

“SHIT!” Britney screamed as she rode him at a feverishly fast pace and Kash didn’t even feel a twinge of his next orgasm approach, which was crucial for the end of the scene.

He let Britney do all the work, riding him for God knows how long. Afterwards, he grabbed her by her ankles and shoved her forward, causing her knees to go off the seat of the limo and down onto the floor, causing her ass hole to pull of his cock as his dick rubbed along her stomach as she went to the floor.

She swiftly went into the position of being on her knees in front of him in between his legs, his erect dick just inches in front of her face.

“Huuummmppppfff!” Britney let out as she opened her mouth and took his cock head into her mouth, working it to the back of her mouth with ease as she worked her lips up and down his shaft, tasting her ass on his shaft.

Kash placed one of his hands on the back of her head as he forced her mouth further down his shaft, proving to Daniel that she was indeed holding back earlier on and that she could take more as her lips were touching his groin and ball sack as his dick was going down her throat.

Britney looked and smiled for the camera, opening her mouth wider and sticking her tongue out, licking Kash’s nut sack.

“Damn!” Daniel muttered to himself, taking down a mental note for his final scene with her.

Kash held her head down for a few seconds and let go of her before she started to gag. Britney pulled her mouth off his shaft, leaving a thick trail of saliva hanging from the tip of his shaft to her lips.

She pulled back, snapping the trail of saliva, making it go down in between her large tits and stomach.

Kash quickly slid off the seat, getting on the floor on his knees, grabbing Britney by her waist and guiding her on to her back on the seat. He yanked her skirt down and off her leaving her wearing nothing but her sunglasses.

He spread her legs apart and Daniel zoomed in on her pussy. With her cunt being so close to his face, the scent of Britney’s pussy hit Kash’s nostril and he lowered his head, placing his mouth on her clit, licking her really fast as he inserted his finger into her moist hole.

“Fuck!” Britney moaned, her hips writhing around as he proceeded to lick her as fast as he could.

“You’re taking too long!” Daniel whined. “If you wanna eat her out, do it later in her dressing room when we’ve finished filming!”

“Fucker!” Kash muttered as he lifted his head up and getting up on his knees in between Britney’s legs. Britney had a disappointed look on her face, but as much as she was enjoying getting head, she did want to finish filming ASAP.

Kash bought her feet together, pushing his dick in between them and started to thrust back and forth in between her soles, making sure that he was rock hard before going back in her.

“Ah shit! You feet feel so soft on my dick!” He moaned throwing his head back as he continued thrusting back and forth in between her soles.

Once he felt that his member was as hard as humanely possible he let go off her feet and Britney kept them raised in the air, her legs spread apart as Kash held his dick, pressing it down her wet slit and down to her anal opening.

“I knew you were gonna do that!” Britney said with an un-surprised look on her face.

Kash chuckled to himself as he pressed the tip in in-between her ass cheeks, his cock once again penetrating her most tightest of holes, this time more quickly as he stared thrusting fast and hard from the very first thrust with purpose.

“Damn that ass is tight!” He muttered to himself as he watched her huge tits bounce up and down as he rammed his rod as deep and hard as he could into her bowels.

“OOOOOWWWWWWWW!! SHIIIIIITTTTT!!!!!” Britney screamed. Her mouth opened wide as Kash went in as deep into her ass as he physically could.

“You like that?” Kash asked as he repeatedly pulled his dick back and thrust it back in harder each time.

“YES! I FUCKING LOVE IT!” Britney yelled her reply.

Kash was holding her legs apart by her ankles as he slowly picked up pace, but Britney wanted to go faster, so she pulled her legs free from hi s grip and wrapped them around his waist, pulling him closer towards her quicker every time he pulled back, which forced him to have to go faster.

“Fuck!” He muttered as he had quickly built up to a very fast pace very quickly.

Daniel was gesturing with his hands for him to speed up and finish so they could wrap the scene up and move on to the next, but it was no use. Kash was going as fast as he could and he didn’t feel like he was getting ready to cum, it was gonna be a while yet.

“FASTER! FASTER!” Britney yelled at him, urging him on. Kash let loose and started going as fast as he physically could, his hips turning into a blur now as he drilled into her ass hole as fast as he could.

“Oh mi gosh!” Britney moaned, trying to get a grip on the seat that she was on but having no luck. She clenched her ass hole as tight as she could and with the pace that Kash was going at, he could feel his orgasm fast approaching.

“Oh fuck!” He uttered breathlessly, realizing that he had been holding his breath for a while now, depriving his body of oxygen.

“You gonna cum!” Britney asked through gritted teeth, h her eyes half closed.

“YEAH!” Kash replied breathlessly as he tried to breath in.

“On her tits!” Daniel said quickly before it was too late and Kash pulled out, jerking his cock as fast as he could as he stood up, hunched over as he aimed his dick at Britney’s chest.

“Yeah! Give it to me!” Britney said, opening her mouth and sucking the tip to get him to cum faster.

“SHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT!” Kash yelled as he felt his cum shoot up his shaft. He used his free hand to push Britney back as his cum burst out of his shaft and onto Britney’s chest. He continued stroking his cock fast as a few more thick loads shot out.

“Fuck!” Britney laughed. “That’s quite a lot of cum for a third orgasm!”

“Yeah” Kash said pushing his hips forward and making Britney suck his dick clean from any cum.

As soon as he was finished orgasming, he looked back, getting right back into character as he pulled his pants and boxers up, tucked his shirt in before doing his belt and zipper, and jumped to the front of the limo to continue driving.

It was unrealistic that they could fuck for this long whilst the car was on the road without a driver, but it was just a music video where reality didn’t really exist.

Daniel got a few shots of Britney lying on the back seat with cum all over her tits before he yelled ‘Cut!’

“That was great, a little long but we got everything.” He looked in the driver’s seat to see no one there.

“Where the hell did he go?” He asked looking around for Kash and that’s when a familiar smell invaded his nostrils.

“KASH!” He yelled turning around. To his surprise, it was Angel who was lighting the joint.

“What the fuck?!?” Daniel yelled. However, Angel handed the joint over to Kash.

“Ok… Now that makes more sense.” He said to himself, as it appeared that Angel was just lighting the joint for him.

“What have I said about smoking pot on set or during filming?” Daniel asked.

“Some people need a cigarette after sex, my baby needs a joint.” Angel said stroking his hair affectionately.

“Besides, I’m done for the day.” Kash added toking on the joint.

“Uh… Hello? No, you are not done! Who the fuck is gonna direct the last scene?” Daniel asked.

“You?” Kash asked, seeming not to care at all.

“I’m in the fucking scene!”

“Calm down my friend. You don’t want to burst a blood vessel or get an ulcer and trust me; you don’t not want one of those things in your mouth,” He said.

“And how would you know what an ulcer feels like? Have you ever been worried about anything? Ever?” Daniel asked.

“Well… No… But I hear they can be a bitch.” He replied.

“Then why’d you say trust me?” Daniel asked feeling somewhat confused at his comment but brushing it off instantly remembering that the stoner made very little, if any sense whenever he spoke.

“So Britney go get cleaned up and what not and come back, we’ll be on that set over na,” Kash said pointing in the direction of the set they were going to be on.

“Shouldn’t you get cleaned up too?” Daniel asked.

“I should but you see…” Kash started walking up to Daniel and away from Angel.

“The smell of sex works as an aphrodisiac on her.” He whispered to him, referring to Angel.

“It’s like I’m giving of some kind of pheromones that she just smells and just gets really horny. Should be a blast tonight.”

“Do you think about anything other than sex?”

“Uh… Weed?” Kash replied sounding unsure. Daniel looked very disappointed, as he had his palm over his face in disappointment.

“I have no clue why we work together.” Daniel said shaking his head, as they walked to the set.

“Cause I’m the ying to your yang, or yang to your ying or maybe you’re the ying to my yang or is it yang to my ying?”

“Stop talking before you hurt yourself.” Daniel said with a grin.

“You want a toke?” Kash offered.

“I don’t smoke pot.” He told him.

“Only in the closet away from prying eyes, huh?” Kash chuckled.

“I’ll have a toke.” Angel said.

“Not you too!” Daniel said sounding exasperated.

“I’m not directing and I’m just his assistant.” She replied sticking her tongue out.

“Am I the only non-stoner here?” Daniel gave in.

“I’m not a stoner.” Lacey said from behind the three nearly scaring Daniel half to death.

“Jesus!” He said. She had been so quiet he had forgotten all about her.

“That’s good.” He said once he got over the initial surprise. “Just make sure you keep it that way.”

Part 5:

“Alright, let’s take another 30 minute break.” Daniel said.

The four walked towards their respective dressing rooms, as Angel and Kash entered one room. Angel quickly unbuttoned her business shirt, getting naked, as Kash quickly jerked his cock to full erection, while Daniel and Lacey entered their dressing room. Both Daniel and Kash closed the door behind them.

“Oh god… I need to relax!” Daniel said lying down onto the couch. He took his shoes off, as he placed both of his feet onto the couch. Lacey stood in the middle of the room, staring at him.

“Do we have aspirin?” Daniel asked Lacey.

“Yeah, I think we do. Hold on… let me check.” Lacey said.

Lacey walked towards the bathroom, as she left the door opened. Daniel leaned his head to look at Lacey bending down first, getting a good glimpse of her booty through her tight business pants. Daniel smacked his lips.

“Mmmm… what a whootie!” He said aloud.

“What?” Lacey laughed.

“Whootie, it’s a slang term for a girl with a bootie, but for white girls, its whootie.” Daniel explained.

“Ah… oh, here it is” Lacey said flattered, as she found the aspirin.

As Lacey walked out from the bathroom, noises were coming from the room next to them, the sounds of moaning to be exact. Daniel sat right back up on the couch. He slammed his fist to the wall.

“Be quiet over there!” Daniel yelled.

“Fuck you…. Ahhh Angel…. Uhhh god!” Kash moaned.

“Yeah, fuck that tight ass… ohhhh god!” Angel yelled.

“Ahhh yeah, ride that cock!” Kash yelled, as he inhaled another puff.

“You still have the aspirin?” Daniel said. He turned his attention back to Lacey.

“Yeah, here” Lacey said. She was sitting down on the couch right next to him.

Daniel grabbed the aspirin and the small cup of water Lacey had in her hand and took the pill. As he rested his head down, he looked up at the ceiling. Lacey placed her shoulder onto the couch, stared at Daniel. There were a few moments of silence on their side of the room. The two kept hearing the moaning coming from the other side of the room of theirs.

“Ahhh fuck Angel…. Uhhh….” Kash moaned.

“Fuck my ass hard… harder, Goddammit!” Angel yelled.

“Shut that fucking mouth of yours and suck my cock!” Kash said.

As Kash and Angel were going at it, sex wise, Daniel was about to doze off. However, Lacey stopped him shaking his shoulder.

“Daniel” Lacey said breaking the silence in their room.

“What?” He said in a rather annoyed tone.

“We still have Britney to deal with. We have only 20 minutes left before going back out there. So what are we going to do for a director for the final scene?” Lacey said to him.

“I guess you would have to do” Daniel said.

“Really… me?” Lacey questioned.

“Yeah, why not?” Daniel said to her.

“I see that this shoot is really taking its toll on you. Why not relax?” Lacey said.

“Lace, I would love nothing to do besides relax, but with all that has happened. No, I don’t think so!” Daniel told her.

“Hmph” Lacey said folding her arms across her chest.

“Oh god, not again!” He said

“What? Can I not huff and puff?” Lacey laughed.

“Oh my god… am I the non-stoner here?” Daniel said.

“Only in the closet you’re not!” Kash yelled.

“Fuck you! And you can still hear me despite your moaning?” Daniel yelled.

“Yes, because the person who made these walls was cheap and didn’t really do a good job!” Kash said.

“Shut the fuck up already and fuck my tight ass again!” Angel yelled at him and a slapping sound could be heard.

Kash stopped talking to Daniel through the walls, as he shoved his cock back into Angel’s gaping asshole. She yelled at the top of her lungs once Kash invaded her tight hole again.

“Oh… I’m so gonna need a break after this is all done.” Daniel said to himself. He continued to look at the ceiling. Lacey, however, unfolded her arms, moved one hands towards Daniel’s pants, and unzipped his pants.

“What the hell?” Daniel said.

“As anyone could plainly see you so need to relax and what better way to relax then with a good old hand job from sweet, little, old me?” Lacey said, as she was lightly jerking his cock.

“Ahh… but the 24 hours rule… fuck…” Daniel moaned.

“Screw the rules! I have tits!” Lacey said.

She started to stroke Daniel’s cock off hard, as she positioned herself on the couch. Lacey was lying on the couch, via her feet and her ass up in the air. Daniel decided to unbutton her business shirt, freeing her large tits from their business shirt prison.

“Decided not to wear a bra?” Daniel laughed.

“Pfft… Oh please!” Lacey scuffed.

Lacey jerked Daniel off, as the two still heard moaning coming from the other side. She turned her head to face Daniel. He looked down at her, as the two met eye to eye.

“Ignore them.” He said shaking his head.

“Duh, but I want to know if you just want a hand job, or the front combo, or the full frontal combo?” Lacey asked.

“Eh, just the front combo” Daniel said.

Lacey stood on her knees, on the couch, as she was taking her business shirt off. Daniel leaned up and started to grope her tits.

“Oh yeah, you like my big titties?” Lacey said.

“Fuck yeah!” He replied.

Lacey got off the couch, as she got down, facing Daniel. She sat back on her knees again, facing him. Daniel lowered his pants down while Lacey started to jerk him off again.

“Ahhh yeah…” Daniel moaned.

“Mmmm…” Lacey moaned.

As the four were in their rooms, Britney came out from her dressing room, completely naked. She did indeed clean herself from the previous scene. Britney was waiting patiently for someone to come out from the rooms. She then heard moaning coming from both rooms.

“Wonder what is going on with them?” Britney said to herself.

Britney saw that both doors were not completely closed. She noticed smoke coming out from one room to her right. As she was walking towards the smoke filled room, Britney saw a mirror in the other room that was reflecting Lacey on her knees, in front of Daniel, as she was sucking his cock.

“They must take their work seriously.” She said to herself again.

Britney turned away from the left side, as she slightly opened the door to see Angel Dark face down on the carpet floor, her ass in the air, while Kash was slamming down hard into her ass. While he was fucking Angel’s ass hard, he was breathing in slowly.

“Uhh…” He said, nearly out of breath.

“What… don’t tell me The Stoner of Dark Stone Production is already tired of sex?” Angel said laughing.

“I need rest…. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised. And besides I need some time for cum to fill my balls again.” Kash said in between breaths.

“Ohh… fuck…” Kash said nearly exhausted.

Britney peek her head into the room to get a better view. She saw that Kash was ready to fall over from either side. It seem he was going to be out of it, as he looked up at the ceiling all of a sudden.

“Not… gonna… stop… gonna to… keep… fucking… your… ass… or… bust!” Kash said.

“Less talking and more fucking!” Angel told him.

“Ahhh yeah Angel… ohhh fuck…” Kash moaned.

Britney moved her head away from the door. She stood between the two doors, as she wondered what to do. Daniel told her that this would be very professional, but that was a total bust, at some points. On the other hand, he, Kash, Angel, and Lacey were very professional when it came down to filming, well, two out of four to be exact.

However, Britney was also wondering about the next scene, the sauna/masturbation/anal/ with Daniel scene. It seems that scene was added for his own personal enjoyment.

“Maybe Kash is right, maybe Daniel only wants me for that scene only for himself?” Britney said to herself.

She turned her attention back to Daniel and Lacey, as she peeked inside the room.

“Uhhh yeah, suck… ohhh fuck…” Daniel moaned.

Lacey was bobbing back and forth on his cock, taking his entire cock with no problem whatsoever.

“Guess that what she meant when she called me amateur.” She said to herself again.

“Ahhh fuck!” Both Daniel and Kash yelled.

“Uhhh… fuck that ass!” Angel moaned.

“Mmmm” Lacey muffled.

Britney could not help but be turned on by all this. She crouched down, as she moved one hand down towards her cunt and started to play with herself. She was using the moaning of the two as support to finger her pussy faster.

“Ohhh yeah… almost…. Keep sucking Lace!” Daniel groaned.

He ran one hand around her face, moving her hair to the side, so he can have a better view of Lacey sucking his cock.

“Mmmm” Lacey groaned.

Meanwhile, back in the other room…

Kash was drifting in and out, ready to close his eyes, but he continued on thrusting into Angel’s ass. She took a puff from his weed, giving it back to him. Kash took a puff once Angel gave it back to him.

“Mmmm yeah… fuck me… ahhh shit!” Angel yelled.

“Uhhh… ohhhh…” Kash quietly moaned.

“You gonna cum soon?” Angel asked.

“Almost… uhhh…” Kash groaned.

“If… I… can!” He mumbled quietly to himself.

The four were still unaware of Britney being in the center between their rooms, as she was quietly moaning. She was still fingering her cunt, her other hand was busy groping her own tits.

“Ohhh yeah…” Britney quietly moaned.

Britney looked into Kash’s room, as she saw him trying his best to thrust hard into Angel’s ass. She quickly turned around to look over to the left side. She saw Lacey placing her big tits around Daniel’s cock.

“Ahhh fuck!” Both Daniel and Kash yelled.

“Uhhh… ohhh Kash…” Angel moaned.

“Mmmm… ahhh yeah… these big titties doing the job for you?” Lacey asked Daniel.

“Ahh… uhhh fuck… ohhh yeah!” Daniel moaned.

“I’ll take that as a yes then” Lacey giggled.

After she stopped giggling, Lacey turned her attention to her tits. She wrapped her arms around her big tits, watching them go up and down on Daniel’s cock, as the head of his cock peeked out from between them.

“Uhhh god… ohhhh…. Fuck…” Daniel moaned.

“Ahhh yeah…. almost there!” Kash groaned.

“Yeah, come on… fill my ass with your stoned sperm!” Angel moaned.

“Just… let it shoot out from between my boobs!” Lacey said.

“Ohhh god…. ahhh!” Daniel groaned, as he was the first to shoot his load.

“Ahhh… Uhhh…. fuck… ohhhh!” Kash groaned shooting his cum inside Angel’s ass.

“Ohhhh fuck!” Britney moaned, as she came onto her fingers. Her moan was loud enough for the four to hear.

“Oh shit… we still need to film the last scene!” Daniel said.

“Uhh… *thud*” Kash said, before falling down onto the floor, all exhausted. Angel picked him up, lifted his arm over her head, as she was dragging him to the door to see what the fuss was about. Angel opened the door, all the way, as she and Kash saw Britney crouching on the floor.

However, on her left side, Daniel and Lacey was standing at the door as well. Daniel was bottomless, while Lacey was only topless. The four stared at Britney, as she opened her eyes and looked up.

“Oh!” She quietly said.

“I think now would be a good time to start the scene.” Daniel said.

“What happened with Kash?” Lacey asked.

“Exhausted” Angel said to her.

“Ah” Lacey said.

“So ya’ll ready to film the sauna scene?” Britney asked.

Daniel looked over at Lacey; she then looked over to Angel, who was looking at Kash, as he breathed in slowly. Just then, Kash looked up at Daniel, who was looking down at Britney.

“I’m ready. Lacey is ready to direct. So let’s get down to shooting.” Daniel said.

“Sweet” Britney said getting back up.

“Ugh… ohhh!” Kash moaned.

“Angel, take care of him and not in that way!” Daniel said.

Angel stuck her tongue out at him again, as she with Kash’s arm still around her shoulders, walked back into the room.

“Aw man, we let all the stank out!” Angel said to Kash.

“Ugh… me… brain… work… with… blood…out… no… ugh… something…” Kash mumbled.

“Maybe Daniel is right?” Angel said.

As Angel closed the door behind her, both Daniel and Lacey could not help but laugh at what transpired.

“Oh typical Stoner for you!” Daniel said.

“Ah yeah!” Lacey giggled.

“Umm… hello… my scene?” Britney said to the two.

“Oh right!” They both said.

Britney walked towards the door on the left side that was next to the copy room. Britney opened the door; saw the hot steam coming from the sauna, as she stepped into the room.

“So, this is the final scene?” Britney asked.

“Probably, check with Kash… once he regains his conscience.” Daniel told her.

“So you have the dildo ready?” Daniel asked.

“Umm… who are you asking?” Both Britney and Lacey asked.

“Oh goddamn it!” Daniel said.

“I’m sure Angel should have some extra ones around.” Lacey said, as she walked towards their room. She lightly knocked on the door.

“Mmmmm!” Angel muffled.

“You ok?” Lacey asked.

She opened the door, as she smelled the mixture of sexual stank and the smell of weed in the room. Lacey saw Kash sitting down on the couch, completely knocked out. Angel was down on her knees, sucking his cock, while she pumped a dildo in and out of her ass, whist sucking him off.

Angel took Kash’s cock out from her mouth. She sat on her knees, still with the dildo hanging out from her ass, as she stared at the topless Lacey.

“Yes, you need something?” Angel asked.

“Umm, yeah… you have an extra dildo that Britney could use for the sauna scene?” Lacey asked Angel.

“I do… but not with me though.” Angel said.

“But I can give you the one I’m using” Angel said to Lacey.

Angel got down onto all fours, as she pulled the dildo out from her ass. She threw it to Lacey. She caught it, but then, Angel gave her a devilish wink.

“Go on, you know you want to” Angel winked.

Lacey opened her mouth, as she began to suck the dildo that was in Angel’s ass a few moments ago.

“Mmmm…” Lacey moaned.

“Good girl” Angel laughed.

Lacey smiled, as she closed the door behind her, leaving Angel and Kash to their business. She closed the door behind her, sucking on the dildo as if it was a lollipop, while walking back to Britney and Daniel.

“Enjoying it?” Daniel asked.

“A bit” Lacey said taking the dildo out from her mouth.

She passed it to Britney, as she licked the tip of the fake cock. As then, a familiar smell came back to her from earlier.

“Hmmm” Britney said.

“Was she using it?” Daniel asked.

“Yes” Lacey said.

“Ah…” Daniel said.

“Alright, are we ready?” Lacey said grabbing the camera.

“Yep!” Daniel told her.

“Mmm hmm!” Britney said.

“Places then.” Lacey said.

Britney lay back on the sauna bench. Daniel stood by the side, as he checked the thermostat of the sauna. Before Lacey stepped in, she put the camera down, taking her business skirt off. Daniel took his shirt off as well. All three were now nude in the sauna room.

“Ready?” Lacey asked.

“Again, yep” Britney said.

“Mmm hmm” Daniel said.

“Alright, hold on… there we go.” Lacey said while putting the tripod down. She put the camera back on top of the tripod, as she raised one hand, signaling for readiness.

“And action!” Lacey yelled hitting the record button.

Britney looked to the sauna walls, covering her tits with her arms, and one of her leg over her other leg. She turned her head around, facing the camera.. Britney was mouthing quietly, as if she was lip-synching. Lacey took the camera off the tripod, as she walked to the left side.

Britney looked above, seeing Lacey filming on her left side. She moved her arm away from her tits, revealing them to the camera. Daniel walked to her right side, lightly jerking his cock. Lacey waved her hand, signaling for Britney to sit up. Britney sat up, as Lacey walked around to the center of the room. Britney turned around, spreading her legs open.

“Good!” Lacey quietly said to herself.

Britney was still lip-synching to the camera. She moved her right hand down, still looking at the camera, as she grabbed the dildo. She waved it around in front of the camera at first. Afterwards, she placed the head of the toy cock onto her lips. Britney appeared to sing in front of the dildo, as if it was a microphone.

“Great… awesome…” Lacey quietly said again.

Britney stopped lip-synching. She opened her mouth and took the head of the strap-on into her mouth. She began to bob lightly on the head for the camera. Daniel quickly jerked himself to full erection.

“Mmm!” He quietly moaned.

Britney lay back down onto the sauna bench, pushing the dildo down into her mouth. She had her legs opened with her knees in the air. Lacey looked over to Daniel. She signaled her head towards Britney, telling Daniel to go.

He walked towards Britney, got down onto his knees in front of her cunt, as he began to finger her pussy. Britney lightly moaned as Daniel fingered her pussy. Lacey zoomed in from the center, getting a view of Daniel fingering Britney.

“Mmmm…” Britney moaned.

“Oh yeah!” Daniel said.

“Mmmm…” Britney moaned louder.

“Uh yeah… tight cunt… ohhh!” Daniel said gritting his teeth.

“Ahhh yeah… that feels good… ahhh!” Britney moaned taking the dildo out from her mouth.

Daniel stood up, waving his cock underneath Britney’s face, as she quickly started to suck on his cock. She repositioned herself on the bench. Britney was on all fours on the sauna bench, as she moved the dildo in her hand to her asshole.

“Mmmm!” Britney moaned even louder, as the head of the dildo was slowly entering her tight southern asshole.

“Ahhh yeah…. suck that cock…. Ohhh!” Daniel moaned.

Lacey took the camera off the tripod again. She walked behind Britney’s ass, as she was getting on film the dildo that Britney was pushing into her own asshole.

“Mmmm yeah, look at that nice ass!” Lacey quietly said.

“Remember, it’s called a Whootie.” Daniel quietly laughed.

Lacey looked up at him, as she sniggered quietly She turned her attention back to the camera to resume filming. When Lacey looked down, she saw that Britney was already pumping the dildo into her ass.

“Damn!” She thought.

“Ahhh fuck!” Daniel groaned.

Britney kept bobbing back and forth on Daniel’s cock. He moved both of his hands down towards her large tits, as he started to grope her tits while she sucked his cock.

“Uhhh!” Daniel moaned.

“Mmmm!” Britney muffled.

As Britney sucked Daniel’s cock, she took the dildo out from her ass. She stopped sucking him for a moment and began sucking the dildo instead. Daniel sat down on the sauna bench while Britney was positioning herself onto his cock.

“Mmmm!” She moaned again.

“Ahhh yeah… ohhh!” Daniel groaned.

Britney mounted herself onto Daniel’s cock. He grabbed her big, round ass and began to thrust his cock into her cunt. Britney was starting to moan louder, as she took the dildo out from her mouth.

“Ohhh fuck yeah… that big cock fucking my tight little cunt… ahhh fuck!” Britney moaned.

Daniel spread Britney’s ass cheeks apart, exposing her other tight hole. Lacey walked back to the center, getting a shot of Britney’s tight asshole exposed.

“Good… good” Lacey quietly said.

“Uhhh Brit… ohhh fuck!” Daniel groaned.

“Ohhh fuck… uhhh!” Britney moaned.

Daniel was thrusting his cock into Britney’s cunt, as she was bouncing up and down on his cock. Britney placed the dildo down next to her.

“Put your hands on your own ass and spread them.” Daniel said.

Britney did what she was told, as Daniel moved one hand and grabbed the dildo. He moved the dildo back to Britney’s ass. He shoved the dildo right back into her ass.

“Ahhh fuck!” Britney yelled.

“Mmmm yeah… ohhh…” Daniel moaned.

“Oh yeah, fuck me…” Britney said to him.

“Ahhh fuck yeah… ohhh… uhhh!” Daniel moaned again.

As Daniel thrust his own cock into Britney’s cunt, he kept pumping the dildo into her ass.

“Ohhhh…” Daniel groaned.

“Fuck yeah… uhhh!” Britney moaned.

“Mmm…” Lacey quietly said to herself.

“Ahhh…. uhhh yeah!” Britney moaned.

Daniel told Britney to get off him. She listened, as she got off him and sat on her knees onto the sauna bench. Daniel placed her down onto all fours. He took the dildo out from her ass and placed it back into her mouth.

“Yeah, suck that toy while I do damage to your ass!” Daniel said.

“Mmm!” She said.

Daniel got up on the bench, started to position his cock near her ass, and slowly inserted the head of his manhood into her ass. Britney held onto the dildo by her mouth.

“Uhhhh fuck!” Daniel groaned.

“Ahhh yeah…. fuck my tight little ass…. Ohhh!” Britney moaned, as she took the dildo out from her mouth.

Britney placed the dildo down underneath her face. She moved her head down onto the bench. Her upper body was lying downwards, but her backside was sticking up. It was a grand view for Daniel. He grabbed her hips and started to thrust his cock in and out of her ass.

“Ahhhh fuck!” Daniel moaned.

“Uhhh yeah…” Britney moaned.

“Great!” Lacey said quietly.

“Ohhhh yeah… tight ass… uhhhh god…” Daniel groaned.

“Yeah, fuck that ass!” Britney yelled.

“Ahhh!” he yelled.

“Come on, fuck my ass hard, and fuck it for a long time!” Britney said to him, as she rolled her eyes to the back of her head.

“Uhhh yeah… right there… ohhh fuck!” Britney moaned.

“Ohhh yeah, what a round, tight ass!” Daniel groaned.

“I told you!” Lacey said to herself.

“Mmmm fuck…. That big cock fucking my tight little ass… ohhh god!” Britney moaned in her southern accent.

“Ahhh yeah…. Uhhh…” Daniel groaned again.

Daniel then moved one hand from her ass, placed his hand on top of her head, and moved her head down onto the dildo that was still underneath her. Her chin was hitting the wood of the sauna bench, as she took the entire dildo right into her mouth. He was forcing Britney to suck the dildo while he was slamming hard into her asshole.

“Uhhh…. Ohhh fuck!” Daniel moaned.

“Mmmm!” Britney moaned.

Lacey zoomed in on the camera, getting Britney’s expression. She had her eyes closed, moaning through the dildo, and her face was glowing a light blue color. Lacey moved the camera upwards, getting a shot of Britney’s tits bouncing back and forth.

“Mmm!” Lacey mumbled quietly.

Afterwards, she moved the camera up to Britney’s ass. Lacey was now getting on camera the anal invasion of Britney’s ass. She kept the camera around her ass. Lacey turned her eyes around to look at Daniel.

“Getting exhausted?” She quietly asked.

“Oh… not really… uhhh fuck!” Daniel moaned, as he was breathing in slowly.

“Mmm… hmm!” Lacey said.

She knew that Daniel was very exhausted, but knowing him, he would not admit it right away. He would rather go out in a bang rather than chicken out at the last second.

“Wait… then why did he…?” Lacey said to herself.

“Because I wanted to give Britney a big load here and now instead of earlier in the shoot,” Daniel quietly said to her.

“Right…” Lacey whispered back to him.

“He rather be like Kash and exhaust himself than finishing it right away” Lacey said to herself again.

Daniel then suddenly pulled out from Britney’s ass. He pulled her head off the dildo, as she covered most of the dildo with her saliva. Britney was now sitting on her knees on the bench.

“Sit on that fake cock!” Daniel said.

“Which hole?” Britney asked in between breaths.

“The hole I was fucking a few moments ago” Daniel told her.

Britney listened, as she started to mount herself onto the dildo. Daniel got up onto the bench, but instead of sitting, he was standing on the bench. Britney mounted down onto the dildo, as it entered her asshole.

“Uhhh god… my ass is gonna be sore!” Britney said.

“Correction: Gonna be very fucking sore!” Daniel told her.

Britney started to bounce on the dildo. She took Daniel’s cock into her mouth and started to suck him off, while she was fucking herself with the dildo. Lacey moved back to the center, as she crouched down. She was getting a shot of Britney moving herself up and down on the dildo.

“Oh fuck, that’s so fetch!” Lacey giggled.

Daniel could not help but chuckled quietly. He moved one hand towards her tits, as he was groping Britney’s right tit.

“Uhhh yeah, suck that cock…. Ohhh fuck!” Daniel moaned.

“Mmmm!” Britney moaned again.

Britney was slurping all over Daniel’s cock. She swirled her tongue around the head of his manhood. She was switching between techniques, as she was suddenly bobbing around only the head of his dick.

“Ahhh!” Daniel groaned.

She then placed one hand onto the base of his cock and started to jerk him whilst sucking the head. Britney opened her eyes and looked directly at the camera, as Lacey moved the camera up to her face.

“Mmmm… you horny folks enjoying this?” Britney asked taking his cock out from her mouth for a few seconds.

“Trust me, they will!” Both Daniel and Lacey said.

Britney giggled, as she took his cock right back into her mouth. Daniel continued to grope her right tit, while Lacey continued to move the camera up and down, getting shots of Britney’s ass and face.

Daniel suddenly moved Britney’s hand off his dick, getting control again. He got off the bench, as Britney and lacey wondered why he did that?

“Suck both the dildo and my cock!” Daniel said.

“You sure?” Britney asked.

“With that mouth, I’m sure you can.” Daniel told her.

With that, Britney got off the dildo, taking it off the bench. She sat on the bench, as Daniel was standing on her right side. She took the dildo first into her mouth. Britney reached for Daniel’s cock, taking his cock into her mouth. She was sucking both the dildo and Daniel’s cock at the same time.

“Ahhh fuck yeah!” Daniel groaned.

“Mmmm” Britney moaned.

Britney did her best to bob her mouth on both dicks. Daniel grabbed her hair and moved them to the side, allowing Lacey to get a shot of Britney sucking two things at once.

“Uhhh!” He groaned louder.

“Ohhh yeah, gonna cum soon?” Lacey asked.

“Yeah!” He replied.

With that, Britney took the dildo out from her mouth and took Daniel’s entire cock into her mouth. She sucked him off with such intensity, knowing that he wouldn’t last any longer. Britney moved her eyes upwards, looking at Daniel. He looked down and saw her staring at him while she sucked him off.

“Ohhh yeah…. Almost…. Uhh!” Daniel groaned even louder.

“Mmmm!” Britney said.

She continued to bob back and forth on his cock, wanting him to shoot his load already.

“Uhhh…” He yelled.

“Ahhh yeah…. Ohhh fuck!” He yelled again.

He could not hold back any longer, as Daniel began to shoot his load into Britney’s mouth. He started to fill her mouth up with his cum, as he tried to pull out from her mouth, but Britney did not let him.

Britney shook her head no.

“Uhhh fuck!” Daniel moaned.

After a few minutes, Britney allowed Daniel to pull out from her mouth. She opened her mouth, as Lacey walked up towards her. Lacey held the camera above her cum-filled mouth. Britney closed her mouth and with a big gulp, she swallowed the entire load.

“Mmmm… yummy!” Britney said.

“And cut!” Daniel said.
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Re: What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? Britney Spears
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2019, 09:06:01 PM »
Lacey hit the stop button, as she placed the camera back onto the tripod. She grabbed the dildo that was on the bench and started to suck on it. Britney got up, grabbed the dildo, taking it away from her. She then moved the dildo back towards her ass, shoving it back into her ass. After a few minutes, she took the dildo out from her ass and gave it back to Lacey.

“Here, suck it now!” Britney giggled.

Lacey did so, as Britney turned to Daniel who was standing there nearly speechless.

“So… does a return sound possible?” Britney said.

“Perhaps?” Daniel told her.

Then all of a sudden, the lights in the sauna room were turning on and off. It was as if someone was messing with the lights.

“I know one person that would do this!” Daniel said opening the sauna door.

He opened the door, as the three saw both Angel and Kash messing with the lights. The two were giggling while they were messing with the lights.

“Oh, good fucking grief! Act your fucking age!” Daniel told Kash.

“How old am I again? I get my age and shoe size mixed up all the time.” Kash replied, causing all three women to snicker.

“None of you encourage him!” Daniel said, not believing that they found his re-mark to be funny.

“And why are you guys talking about a return when she hasn’t even left yet?” Kash asked.

“Now what?” Daniel asked exasperated.

“The final scene or have you forgotten Mister Closet Stoner?” Kash asked.

“I hate you! But yeah… caring less now, so get onto the ‘supposedly’ final scene” Daniel said with the air quote.

“I thought you were out?” Britney asked.

“Nothing a tin of spinach couldn’t fix.” Kash replied.

“Don’t you mean a tin of weed?” Daniel joked.

“Get real! Weed doesn’t come in tins, they come in bags.” He scoffed.

“Whatever!” Daniel said.

“You two are quite entertaining.” Britney commented. “You should have like you own show or sumthin’” She laughed. Kash and Daniel looked at each other.

“They’d probably kill each other.” Lacey said as Kash and Daniel both nodded in agreement.

“So what’s the next scene?” Britney asked changing the subject.

“Back to the first set.” Kash said walking off, the other four following him to where it all began.

“So what’s in the scene?” Britney asked.

“Jeez! And our professionalism is being bought into question?” Kash said looking at Daniel. “Didn’t you even read the script?” He asked her.

“I didn’t even know the script until I got here! When was I supposed to read it?” Britney asked.

“When I first showed you to your dressing room,” Kash replied.

“But you were feeling me up! I didn’t get a chance!” Britney protested.

“Well, if you were as professional as you say you are and want us to be, you would’ve found a way.” He added.

“He’s right.” Angel backed him up.

“Are you his cheerleader or something?” Britney asked.

“More or le…” Kash mumbled.

“Are you so stoned that you can no longer say full words anymore?” Daniel laughed.

“Pretty much!” Kash replied. “Someone get this slag a script.” Kash called out to no one in particular, teasing Britney.

“Huh?!” Britney scoffed pretending to be gob smacked. “I’m not a slag!” She defended herself.

“How many guys have you had sex with today?” Kash asked as Lacey and Angel both disappeared.

“OK! When you put it that way,” Britney laughed. It barely took any time for Lacey and Angel to return with the one and only script that has pretty much never been touched.

“You read the final scene and I will go to wardrobe.” Kash said.

“Why are you going to wardrobe?” Daniel asked. “Just straighten out what you’re wearing and you should be fine.”

“I’m not going for me.” Kash replied.

“Same thing goes for Britney.” Daniel said with a smug look.

“I’m going to get a cheerleader outfit.” Kash replied.

“What!?! How the hell did I miss this?” Daniel said snatching the script from Britney and flicking through the last couple of pages.

“Not for the video, for Angel over here. After Britney called her my cheerleader, I decided that I’m gonna dress her up as one tonight and fuck her behind the bleachers.”

“Let me guess… as a Lakers girl?” Daniel asked.

“You know me too well.” Kash said with a smile while patting Daniel on his shoulders and walked off. Angel followed him.

“You have fake bleachers here?” Britney asked.

“No, we don’t.” Daniel replied.

“Then what bleachers is he talking about?” She asked.

“Knowing him as well as we do…” Daniel said looking at Lacey. “He’s probably gonna break into a high school.” Daniel shrugged his shoulders and Lacey nodded in agreement.

“You know what? That doesn’t surprise me.” Britney said not looking surprised.

“Oh mi gosh! Is this for real?” Britney asked Daniel after reading the last scene over.

“He’s a slight masochist.” Daniel replied

“OK. Everyone can relax!” Kash said as he returned with Angel. “I am back and please tell me your filthy ass has read the script!” Kash said to Britney, not looking at her.

“Yes! I have!” Britney said sticking her tongue out at him.

“So, we are doing this in one take. You got that? No second chances, has to be perfect first time around.”

“Haven’t we been doing every scene in one take?” Britney asked.

“Shut your face you.” Kash said disregarding her comment.

“I want you to do it in one hard swift motion.” Kash said imitating a kick. “You got that?” He asked.

“Yes.” Britney said.

“You sure?” He asked her. “Danny boy, get on the floor.” Kash said pointing at the floor.

“Huh? What?” Daniel said. It was quite clear that he was not paying attention, whilst going on to the floor.

“Why am I going on the floor?” he asked.

“So I can show Britney what the final bit should look like.” Kash answered.

“Hell no!” Daniel said jumping up to his feet.

“Fine… If she messes up, it’s your fault!” Kash said. “And if you mess up, I’m gonna shackle you to my closet.” He threatened Britney.

“He’s serious you know?” Lacey said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you free.” Angel whispered to Britney as Kash went up onto the bed.

“You guys are crazy!” Britney laughed following Kash.

“Hey! I am perfectly sane! Kash is the crazy one! Don’t bring me down to his level and yet, no one is listening to me. Typical as usual!” Daniel said as he realized that all eyes were on the set.

“Then again… I have dealt with this throughout my entire life, so why expect something different now?” Daniel mumbled to himself.

“OK. Let’s get this started, Lacey roll camera and action!” He yelled out.

Britney made her way over to Kash as he walked in through the fake door and she placed a handcuff on his wrist and playfully tackled him onto the bed, kissing his neck as she shackled him to the bedpost, pulling out another handcuff and shackling his other hand, ripping his shirt open, his buttons flying everywhere.

She kissed and licked his chest as she reached out to the counter at the side of the bed and picked up a candle and a lighter, lighting the candle, tilting it as it started to burn.

“I want a close up of this.” Daniel whispered to Lacey and she zoomed in as the hot wax hit Kash’s bare chest.

“Sssssssssslllllllhhhhhhhhh!” Kash moaned as the hot wax burnt his skin.

Britney started to circle the candle around his chest, the hot wax going all over his chest, burning his nipple and stomach as well.

Kash moaned in pain as Britney stood up, dressed in her outfit from the limo scene, her hair let out. She pulled her top open and revealed her breasts to him as he realized, in the video that she had been following him around everywhere.

Angel placed a bucket of ice behind Britney, making sure she didn’t get into the scene. Britney squatted down, picked up a piece of ice, and started to rub it on her breast. The ice making her nipples erect, circling them with the ice.

She straddled Kash and put the ice on his chest, cooling him down before turning around and pulling her pants down, her round ass in a thong that was too tight facing him.

Kash’s was supporting a full tent now and Britney turned around, stroking his shaft through his pants. She lowered his pants enough to free his hard-on and licked the underside of his shaft, making sure he was fully hard before she turned around, sticking her ass out as she pulled her thong down her large rump.

She picked up a piece of ice from the bucket and started to rub her large ass cheek with it, using her free hand, she pulled one of her ass cheek, showing him her brown eye, moving the ice in between her buttocks and rubbing her ass hole with the ice.

Kash tried to reach forward as her teasing was getting to be too much but unfortunately for him, his hands were bound. Britney looked back and laughed, putting the piece of ice into her mouth, picking up the bucket and pouring it onto his crotch.

“FUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK!” Kash yelled as the freezing ice made his erection instantly disappear. Britney pulled his pants up over his cock, making sure there was plenty of ice still in his pants to keep his dick still freezing.

Britney gave an arrogant laugh as she looked back at him. She jumped up on to the bed, standing over him, one foot on either side of him, her legs spread apart as she began masturbating, rubbing her pussy fast, using two hands, one to finger herself and the other to rub her clit.

She was visibly getting very wet and when her hand felt wet enough. She bent over, pushing her fingers into Kash’s mouth, letting him get a brief taste of her before pulling her fingers out of his mouth, spinning around on one foot and at the same time. Britney pulled her other leg back. She used full force to kick him right in between the legs as hard as she could.

“Ooooohh!” Every squirmed as Kash lay there in pain, unable to grab his balls to try and comfort himself.

Britney got off the bed and moved to one side. The bed was designed to fold up, so that on camera, they’d be able to make it look like the bed has swallowed him. She pushed the bed up and the bed folded over.

“Cut! That’s a wrap!” Daniel yelled. “Someone quickly help the man!” He called out looking around and Angel Dark, who was now dressed as a Lakers girl rushed over. Lacey went over with the keys, undoing the handcuffs.

“I’m so sorry!” Britney apologized. “Are you OK?” She asked.

“Of course I’m not!” Kash said. “But the things we do for this company.” He added.

“Good thing you already got ice on them.” Daniel said.

“Yeah… or it could’ve been a lot worst. Angel had already put her hands down his pants and was now massaging his testicles.

“Ah! That’s the stuff!” Kash said.

“So much for fucking her behind the bleachers,” Daniel laughed.

“No. I’m still gonna do it, just might hurt a little.” Kash said getting up.

“Been a pleasure working with you Britney.” He said and she hugged him and gave him a kiss as well.

“Good working with you as well Daniel.” Britney said hugging and kissing him as well.

“Hope we can do business again.” Daniel said to her.

“Finish a video in half a day and get fucked senseless, I think it was a pretty good deal for me.” Britney laughed before Lacey escorted her to her dressing room so she could grab her stuff and leave.

“So what have we got lined up next?” Kash asked.

“I’m not sure, but could you please stop touching his balls for just one second?” Daniel asked Angel.

“But my baby is in pain.” She argued.

“You know that the sick fuck loved every second of it.”

“Hey! I’m standing right here!” Kash said, pretending to sound like his feelings were hurt.

“After this long tiring day, my mind’s not working.” Daniel replied Kash’s original question. “We’ll just see when tomorrow comes or whatever Lacey tells me. In fact, seeing as though your assistant is here, maybe she’d be able to tell us?” Kash and Daniel both looked at Angel.

Angel just shrugged her shoulders.

“You are so getting a pay cut.” Daniel said to her.

“I’m supposed to pay her?” Kash asked looking concerned.

Daniel just shook his head and walked away, although it had been a hectic day, both Kash and Daniel would do it again in a heartbeat.

Just then, Britney came out dressed in a plain dark blue t-shirt and jeans that showed off her ass. She and Lacey were walking to Daniel and Kash, as the two stared at her, wondering what she was going to do next.

“Have ya’ll two heard about my upcoming tour?” Britney asked with a sly smile.

The End…?
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An absolute classic. One of the greatest Britney stories ever.
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