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Chapter 33

Starring: Taylor Swift and ?


Taylor Swift’s bleary, mascara smeared eyes eased open as the afternoon Amsterdam sun crept into the strange bedroom in which she’d spent the night.  How she’d gotten there, she wasn’t quite sure.  What she’d done there, she had even less idea.   Her clothes were strewn across the floor (or, rather, some of them were- the rest were elsewhere in the apartment).  Shot glasses, cocktail glasses and half-empty bottles of champagne lined every surface.  The singed roaches of countless joints were piled up in ashtrays.  Platinum credit cards and rolled up 100 Euro bills lay on a bed of Colombian blow and crushed up mollies.  She turned over in the satin sheet-covered, heart-shaped bed to see Lotte dozing beside her; the impossibly girthy black strapon from back at the brothel still fastened to her waist. 

Taylor climbed out of bed as softly as her hungover frame and rather awkward walking stance would allow.  She fetched her credit card from the nightstand and blew off the drug residue.  Taylor gathered her clutch bag, tugged on her panties and picked up her high heels.  She eased the door open and slipped through; the blonde beauty continuing through the swanky apartment in search of her dress.  Taylor passed through into the lounge; the luxury room in equal disarray to that of the bedroom.  Four members of Lotte’s team, two men and two women, were passed out on the couch; their large breasts and oversized dicks exposed.  Taylor pulled on her dress and slipped out unnoticed.


Taylor Swift was sat in the back of an Uber; a manicured finger swiping at her phone screen as she was ferried back to her hotel.  She scrolled through her Instagram and Twitter feeds; the fair-haired songstress trawling through the dozens of posts that littered both accounts to remind herself of the events of the early morn.  They started off innocently enough; pictures of Taylor posing with Lotte and the other girls in the back of a cab; making out and squeezing each others’ tits. 

But as Taylor scrolled on, the content became steadily more illicit.  In fact, in seemingly no time at all, the popstar was up front blowing the driver; as clips of her deepthroating his long, thick cock and swallowing his cum appeared on both feeds.  And it didn’t end there.  Back at Lotte’s apartment, Taylor had clearly not wasted any time.  Indeed, it appeared that no sooner had she stepped through the door, was she eating pussy, manning double ended dildos and bouncing on cock. 

And then, the moment Taylor had been waiting for, and the reason for her gingerly gait, had arrived.  Sure enough, the giant black strapon had finally made an appearance.  At around 8am, a video was posted to Taylor’s Instagram account; the clip shot by Lotte as she attempted to fed the unfathomable girth of the black plastic prong into the singer’s ass. 

Taylor was, of course, well versed in all things anal- there was barely a human the world over who wasn’t aware of that- but the dildo’s thickness seemed too much even for her.  Indeed, even with a drugstore’s worth of lube at her disposal and some considerable exertion on her part, Lotte struggled to fit even the head of her giant dildo inside.  Taylor relaxed her glutes as much as she could.  She looked back at the camera, her teeth gritted as Lotte attempted to feed the oversized dong into her stubborn asshole.  But Taylor wasn’t alone in such a gruelling endeavour.  In fact, her Instagram followers were providing the singer with all types of support, and none more so than her celebrity friends back in the States.

haileesteinfeld That’s it, Taylor!  You can do it! [eggplant and peach emojis]

carrieunderwood Come on, bitch!  No pain, no gain!! [wink and teeth baring emojis]

But as the comments rained in, there was one particular reply that shoot out from the rest.  Like most everyone on earth with a phone and an Internet connection, Lotte had been following the well publicised online feud between Taylor and the mysterious figure known as Slut X, and as such knew exactly which comment to relay to the popstar in order to provide that extra incentive. 

slutx Just not going in is it, Taylor?  Don’t worry, it takes a real pro to fit a dildo like that up their ass, and I should know! [wink emoji]  Maybe stick to the pussy.  I think that’s more your speed!

Taylor clenched her fists until they turned white, the singer visibly shaking with rage as she looked up at her opposite number.

“Get that fucking dildo up my ass!!!”

Lotte pushed forward with all her might; the head of her strap on finally splitting open Taylor’s tight pink anus and beginning to slip inside.

“Oh, fuck!  Oh, fuck!” Taylor gasped, her asshole stretching like never before as she took the plastic wang inside.

It had taken a while to get there, but once it was in, Taylor didn’t look back.  Before long, she was taking the girthy man-made schlong right down to the base and that was just the beginning.  Soon enough images were appearing on her feed of the songstress herself; Lotte’s giant dong lodged in her rectum while all manner of phalli, both real and artificial, pounded her slick, wet pussy.   

A triumphant grin stretched across Taylor’s pretty face when she thought back to her accomplishment from earlier that morning and the countless earth shattering orgasms it had provided.  The cab took her back to her hotel to fetch her belongings and then to meet her friends at the airport.  Taylor exchanged glances with the handsome driver in his rear view mirror.  The man, it appeared, had seen her posts from the previous evening and, as such, knew full well of her penchant for sucking off taxi drivers.  He wondered if she’d be willing to repeat her earlier antics and Taylor didn’t disappoint.

30 minutes later she had returned to the back seat; the popstar shooting a selfie as the driver’s cum trickled down her pretty face.  She posted it to Instagram; Amsterdam, you’ve been a blast [wink and water splash emojis], read the caption beneath.  Stockholm, what you got for me?

End of Chapter 33
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Chapter 34

Starring: Maisie Williams, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones and Daisy Ridley


The girls made it through Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s busy Terminal 2 and out to the pickup zone, where a shiny stretch limo was waiting for them.  They piled inside and swigged from glasses of complimentary champagne as they were escorted into the heart of the city and onto their hotel. 

They arrived at the Lydmar Hotel, checked in and headed up to their rooms; the girls splitting into groups of three or four as they filed into the luxury quarters.  A traditional smorgasbord of fine Swedish foods- cured hams, freshly caught salmon and prawns, and piping hot meatballs, to name but a few- had been laid out in each room, with more than a few bottles of Absolut and Kopparberg on the side for good measure. 

Daisy Ridley, Maisie Williams, Natalie Dormer and Felicity Jones were tucking into the lavish spread in room 401, when there was a knock at the door.  Daisy went to answer it. A young bellboy named Axel was waiting behind the door, the girls numerous designer suitcases stacked up on a large chrome trolley behind him.  As with most people in Scandinavia, Axel was almost breath-takingly good looking. Everything about him- from his long blonde hair to his ocean-blue eyes, from his chiseled facial features to his shredded, muscle bound torso- looked as though it had been plucked from Norse mythology.

His hair was tied back neatly in a bun, his handsome face perfectly complimented by a light brown beard, so long and thick it wouldn’t have looked out of place on a Viking longship.  He wore a neatly pressed royal blue double breasted jacket; the muscles underneath so large and rippling that it clung to him like a needy girlfriend.

“Your luggage, madam.”

“Why, thank you,” Daisy replied, stepping to the side and ushering him through.

Axel wheeled the trolley into the room and started unloading the luggage; his biceps bulging under the arms of his jacket as he hauled the heavy suitcases from the pile. 

“Oooh!” said Maisie Williams upon sight of the chiseled young man.  “Now that’s what I call room service!”

The girls abandoned the spread like rats from a sinking ship and hurried to the centre of the room; the handsome blonde bellboy looking a much more satisfying mouthful than some slices of smoked salmon.  A few minutes and several impressive gun shows later, and Axel had finished the unloading; the girls suitcases neatly arranged on the carpeted floor.

“OK, ladies, you’re all unloaded,” he announced.

“Thank you...Axel,” Daisy replied, clocking the name on his tag.  “Does anyone have a tip for this young man?”

“Yeah,” replied Natalie Dormer.  “Wear tighter trousers next time!” she added with a wink.

The girls laughed.

“No, come on, girls,” said Daisy.  “Anyone got any money?” 

The girls popped open their expensive clutch bags and peered inside. 

“Uh-uh,” said Maisie.

“Nope,” said Natalie.

“Nada,” added Felicity Jones.

They all, of course, had lots of money tucked away in their designer handbags, but they all silently agreed that an alternative form of payment would be a lot more fun for all concerned.

“Hmm, looks like we’re fresh out of cash,” Daisy announced.  “Maybe there’s some other way we can reward you for your hard work.”

Axel looked back at the four gorgeous women; each of them fixing him with a look more sultry and alluring than the last.  A grin stretched across his handsome face; his mind whirring with the endless array of sexual shenanigans such a quartet of beauties were capable of. 

“I’m sure we can come to some kind of arrangement,” he agreed.

Daisy turned to her friends.  “Ready, girls? Looks like we’ve got work to do!”


Axel was stood in the centre of the room, no fewer than four stunning British starlets assembled at his feet; Daisy Ridley and Maisie Williams in the middle, Felicity Jones and Natalie Dormer flanking them on either side.  Four sets of eyes, from the most sparkling of blues to the deepest of browns, gazed up at him as the girls gathered around him. Daisy unbuckled his belt, while Maisie licked slowly up his long, protruding cock bulge through the material of his pants.  Felicity and Natalie ran their hands up and down his bulky thighs; the blonde even reaching up to squeeze his muscular ass as they teased him devilishly.

One thing was for sure, this was better than a 20 Euro bill.  Heck, it was better than a thousand 20 Euro bills. In fact, there wasn’t a monetary value Axel could conjure up that he would have traded for the position he was in right now.  By now, Natalie was stroking the outline of his dick, Maisie unzipping his pants with her teeth, while Daisy and Felicity made out beside them. Axel’s cock was throbbing in his pants; so much so that the giant dong nearly tore straight through the material like the Incredible Hulk. 

Finally, and much to the bellboy’s relief, Natalie and Felicity slid their twin sets of carefully manicured nails under the waistband of his boxers; the English babes whipping both them and his pants down in a single swift motion.  Gasps sounded out from all four women; their glossy sets of raspberry pink lips fell slack like trailer park dwellers. Axel’s dick sprung out from the waistband of his underwear like a freshly cranked jack-in-the-box; the oversized member flopping up and down before the horny starlets in all its thick, ultra-long glory. 

“Oh…” Felicity began.

“...my…” Daisy continued.

“...fucking…” Maisie added.

“...God!” Natalie ended.

“It’s freakin’ huge!” they all said together.

And they weren’t wrong.  Axel’s cock was simply enormous.  A foot long and girthy beyond belief.  A hood of skin cloaked the swollen, round cockhead.  A complex network of veins and capillaries journey up and down the thick shaft, while a pair of giant, shaven gonads swung beneath like spunk-filled wrecking balls.

Daisy gripped the cock around mid-shaft.  Maisie reached out to cup his swollen balls, while Natalie and Felicity continued to paw and lick at his muscular thighs.  Daisy used her free hand to peel back the foreskin. She shot out her tongue and lapped at the slit; the brown-haired beauty making light work of the puddle of prespunk pooling within. 

Maisie and Felicity dipped down to get at his balls; the randy duo feeding each of the large, cum-filled orbs between their lips and sucking them like boiled candies.  In the meantime, Natalie and Daisy wrapped their lips around the shaft; their twin sets of pouty pink prickpillows pressing together with Axel’s veiny dong sandwiched between. 

Axel could scarcely believe what he was seeing.  Here he was; a simple bellhop, stood in one of the swankiest rooms of his 5 star hotel, pants pooled around his ankles as FOUR gorgeous A-list mouths tended to his junk.  By now, Daisy had her lips wrapped around his dickhead as Natalie tongued avidly at the underside of his shaft, Maisie and Felicity gobbling away at his oversized balls all the while. 

Daisy bobbed her head; her soft, plump lips roaming up and down Axel’s prick, an additional inch of his thick, girthy shaft disappearing between them with each pass.  Natalie left her post and circled around behind him. She prized apart his sculpted, muscle bound ass cheeks and buried her face in his crack. 

“Oh, shit!” Axel exclaimed, the young stud unprepared to be devoured so zealously from both sides.

Indeed, the ladies were going at both his pleasure points like women possessed.  Daisy was sucking and slurping at his dick like there was no tomorrow; the randy brunette slathering nigh on every inch of his shaft in an ungodly amount of slippery, wet spittle as she went.  Meanwhile, Natalie was fucking his ass with her tongue; her pretty blonde head darting back and forth at a frankly alarming rate as she probed his anus with the slick red flesh. 

As Daisy’s lips edged ever closer to the base of Axel’s dong, Maisie and Felicity released his balls from their mouths; allowing their celebrity chum a clean run-in as she reached the home stretch.  Daisy took one final plunge and the last remaining inch disappeared. Her cute little nose nestled amongst his neatly trimmed bush of pubes, his large, spunk-filled balls pressing against her throat as she swallowed his wang right down to the hilt. 

“Oooh! Wow!” Maisie cooed from the sidelines, the brown-haired beauty clearly impressed by her girlfriend’s deepthroating skills.

“Damn, Daisy!” Felicity exclaimed.  “Leave some for the rest of us!”

The girls laughed.  Daisy passed the dick onto the Felicity.  She turned to make out with Maisie as Miss Jones swallowed the lengthy pole; the horny actress sucking it down to the balls with equal ease to that of her friend.  And it didn’t end there. In fact, no sooner had Felicity choked Axel’s dick right down to the base, had Maisie followed suit. Before long, the girls were passing the long, thick cock back and forth like a homemade bong.  Maisie to Felicity, Felicity to Daisy, and back again. Each and every one of the A-list Brits swallowing the oversized dong right down to the hilt before handing it on. 

Axel was on cloud nine; the chiseled bellboy trembling from head to toe amid a vicious onslaught from four celebrity babes.  He fetched his phone from his jacket pocket; the young stud considering it his duty to mankind that he share his exploits with the world.  He opened up Periscope and hit record. Word spread quickly through the highways and boulevards of cyberspace and, before long, people were tuning into the illicit live stream from all four corners of the globe.

Axel held his phone aloft in the POV-style as three of the A-list beauties shared his junk; Daisy and Maisie guiding their twin sets of pouty pink lips up and down his shaft while Felicity sucked avidly at the head.  He panned around behind himself so his viewers could see what was happening at the rear. By this stage, Natalie was burrowing between his butt cheeks like an ostrich in the sand; little more than her shiny golden hair visible as she feasted on his stripwaxed ass. 

Comments started to stream in from celebrities and regular folk alike; people the world over punching out messages with their free hand as they watched the events unfold. 

Emma Watson:
Yes! You go, girls!

Ariel Winter:
Send him this way when you’re done, ladies!

Where is this hotel and how do I get a job there?!?

By now, Daisy was working the shaft as Felicity took care of the balls.  Meanwhile, Maisie had circled around behind him to take a turn in his ass crack.  Axel aimed the camera at his rear as Natalie vacated, allowing her dark-haired friend to stick her face in his butt.  Soon enough, Axel found himself set upon by a rotating cast of UK sluts; the girls running a line from his dick, to his balls, to his butt; every one of the British beauties taking their turn to choke down his cock, gobble at his nuts or tongue at his hairless ass.

At one stage, Natalie was deepthroating his cock, Masie and Felicity making out beside her, while Daisy licked his ass.  At another, it was Felicity with her head in his crack, Maisie sucking his dick, while Natalie and Daisy shared his swollen balls.  But regardless of the configuration, the girls performed their designated roles to a tee; the ladies teaming up on the muscular young man with coordination and synergy that only the very best of girlfriends could possess. 

And as the girls continued to rotate and the roles continued to change, the comments kept on coming; the messages now scrolling across Axel’s screen at such a pace that he could barely keep up with them.

Doutzen Kroes:
Fuck! That’s a big cock!!

Eva Green:
Come back to France, girls! And bring that dick with you!!!

How has he not cum yet!? I’ve blown my beans four times already!

OK, make that five!!!

Indeed, Axel was showing an incredible degree of restraint amid such a ruthless assault from a gang of celebrity babes.  In fact, he’d been holding strong since minute one of the epic group blowjob; the Swedish hunk managing to cling to his load through 60 minutes of porno-grade, deepthroating, cock slurping, ball gobbling and ass licking, a four-way suckfest that would have seen most mere mortals shooting their wads in a matter of seconds.

But after an hour of four-on-one dick sharing, Axel’s resistance was starting to wear down.  His dick was throbbing and pulsing like crazy, his balls churning with what felt like a month’s buildup of creamy, warm spunk.  And as Daisy licked his ass, Maisie sucked on his balls and Natalie and Felicity shared his dick, the shredded young bellboy could hold off no longer.

“Fuck!  I’m gonna cum!” he exclaimed, his voice strained, his phone shaking in his hand as he clung to his load for dear life.

Heads emerged from his ass crack and balls fell from mouths as the girls lined up before him; the A-list babes clamouring over one another to get at his junk and take up a prime position for the shooting of his goo.  Axel aimed the camera down at his dick as he beat himself off. Maisie tongued at his winking tip, while Daisy fondled his balls. Felicity had even reached around and stuck a finger up his ass as he pulled his pulsing prong. 

“Come on, honey,” Natalie purred.  “Shoot that load!”

“Yes!  Do it, baby,” Maisie added.  “Hose us down with that piping hot stud juice!!”

One last tug on his throbbing cock and Axel did just that.  His dick went off like a rocket; the Nordic stud aiming his spewing pipe at any pretty face he could reach as a load of gloopy, off-white goo shot from his tip and plastered any A-list slut that got in its way.  Daisy took a blast to the lips, while Felicity got some in her hair. A thick glob covered one of Natalie’s eyes, while Maisie caught some in her mouth.

And as Axel emptied his balls, the Periscope comments continued to rain in; the messages coming nearly as thick and fast as the blasts from his dick.

Selena Gomez:
Fuck! What a blast!

Taylor Swift:
Hope you saved some for us, big boy!

Damn! I’m gonna need wrist surgery after that!

This dude is superhuman!  I came like that seven fucking times!!

The girls licked each other clean and swapped the cum back and forth, before swallowing it down.  Panting heavily, Axel ended his stream and pulled up his pants, tucking his still hard dick back inside.

“Wow!  I think I’m gonna like this country,” Felicity grinned.

“Thank you, baby,” said Daisy, as she looked up at Axel.  “If you want another ‘tip’, then feel free to stop by.”

“Now run along,” Natalie added.  “I think our friends are gonna want their luggage too.”

“And if you think we tip well,” Maisie concluded, “wait ‘til you see what they’ve got in store for you!” 

End of Chapter 34
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I'm repeating the mantra... Let me come back as Axel, Let me come back as Axel, Let me come back as Axel.
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Chapter 35

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Alicia Vikander and Malin Akerman


Axel continued his rounds; the handsome bellboy moving from room to room, dropping off luggage to those inside and accepting whatever form of payment they offered in return.  Maisie Williams had been correct; every ‘tip’ the young man received from here on made the brunette and friend’s fourway suckjob look like child’s play. Indeed, the Swedish hunk was gifted with a more generous and illicit form of remuneration in every suite he visited; the randy celebs regularly selecting the wrong item of luggage so he’d have to go back to retrieve it. 

But, unsurprisingly, Axel had few complaints.  Indeed, the young man could have spent all night going back and forth from room to room and indulging in the heavenly delights that awaited him behind each door.  As a matter of fact, he pretty much did; the Nordic stud regularly sharing his exploits on social media as he went about his business. Before long, his Instagram account looked like a page from a porn site; the feed dominated by a number of X-rated posts, each one wilder and more obscene than the one that preceded it.

In one, Sophie Turner was sucking on his large, swollen cockhead, as Ariel Winter jerked him off with her rack.  In another, Ariel was bouncing up and down on his dick, while Hayley Atwell smothered him with her tits. And on and on it went; the handsome bellboy’s follower count rising from 300 to 300,000 inside an hour, people from all four corners of the globe liking, commenting and, of course, beating off to his posts as he funnelled them online.  In a third post, Selena Gomez as sitting on his face as Taylor Swift worked her tight, pink butthole up and down his cock. In another, he was fucking Emma Watson in the ass, Misses Swift and Gomez on hand to suck his girthy wang right out of her rear. 

Numerous posts and even more cumshots later, Axel was finally spent.  In fact, the young man was so exhausted he had to go home early, some four hours earlier than his shift was scheduled to end.  But not before Taylor Swift had given him final blowjob as a parting gift. With their luggage finally delivered, the ladies turned in for the night; the A-list beauties clambering into the luxury king-size beds in their threes and fours, and licking and fingering, scissoring and 69ing until the early hours.


The girls were up bright and early the next day; the celebrity babes hopping in the shower together and slipping into the tightest, skimpiest summer gear they could find, before heading down to the hotel lobby and into the restaurant for their morning meal.  The ladies ate a traditional Scandinavian breakfast then headed out to start their day. The same white stretch limo from the night before was waiting for them as they exited the hotel, though this time the luxury vehicle came equipped their with tour guides, Alicia Vikander and Malin Akerman, sat in the backseat.

The girls climbed into the back of the limo and exchanged hugs and cheek kisses with their Swedish pals as the plush white vehicle set off for their first destination.  The limo crawled through the city; the ladies gathered in the backseat, discussing everything from food to shopping, work to working out, before the conversation turned to their stay in Stockholm and just what they’d be getting up to during their time in the Swedish capital.   

“So, what do you girls have planned for us?” asked Taylor Swift, the blonde singer sipping from a glass of champagne as she addressed her Swedish chums.

“Well, ladies,” Alicia Vikander replied, “as you may or may not be aware, Sweden is famous for its saunas and massage parlours.  So a little later we’ll be heading to our favourite spa to sweat out some of those intoxicants I know you ladies have been partaking of on your little trip,” she added, tapping her cute little nose with the tip of a manicured finger.

“Us?  Never!” grinned Emma Watson, her A-list chums chuckling in response.

“But first, girls,” Malin Akerman took over, “we have a little tradition that all our celebrity girlfriends take part in when they come to visit us in Stockholm.”

“What is it?” asked Daisy Ridley.

Alicia and Malin looked at one another and grinned naughtily.

“Well, girls,” Alicia explained, “the tradition is for two of you to go into our nearest branch of Ikea and put on a little...show for the customers.”

The ladies gasped.

“Oh my God!” laughed Natalie Dormer.

“Wait, so Hailee and Chloe did it when they were here?” asked Selena Gomez.

“Yep,” Alicia replied.

“And Carrie and Cassadee?” Taylor added.

“Uh-huh,” said Malin.  “In fact, Carrie ended up getting double stuffed by two of the employees!”

The girls roared with laughter.

“So, ladies,” said Alicia, “who’s gonna give it a go?”

The girls, whatever their position in the back of the stretch limo, all looked in one direction and towards the same two women; Taylor Swift and Emma Watson.  Taylor and Emma looked at one another; the A-list pair exchanging nervous glances as they both uttered the same single word; “gulp!”

End of Chapter 35
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Chapter 36

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Alicia Vikander and Malin Akerman


The shiny stretch limo pulled into the IKEA parking lot and parked up across two spaces.  Taylor Swift and Emma Watson clasped hands and opened the rear door; their celebrity girlfriends wishing them luck as they climbed out of the luxury vehicle.  They walked hand in hand toward the store entrance, the automatic doors sliding open as they approached. 

Every set of eyes in the store was on them in an instant as they strolled inside.  Women gave their gawking husbands a forceful elbow in the ribs and scolded them in Swedish.  Distracted men walked into displays of crystal vases, sending tiny shards of glass whizzing across the floor.  Opportunist shoplifters snuck past leering security guards with a living room’s worth of free goods stacked in their trolleys. 

The girls strolled into the centre of the store and turned to face each other.  A circle of spectators quickly gathered around them; men of every age, generation and ethnic background watching with bated breath as they wrapped their arms around one another.  Taylor and Emma looked out at the sea of spectators; jaws dropping every which way as they turned back to each other and leaned in for a kiss. A cheer went up from the surrounding menfolk as they locked their lips together; the celebrity duo swapping tongues like vintage baseball cards as they made out in the middle of the store.

The audience continued to grow; the randy males hollering encouragement and jostling with one another to obtain a better view.  Phones were brandished en masse; the excited onlookers filming and snapping pics as the A-list babes French kissed before their very eyes.  By now, the girls were running their hands all over one another; the A-list babes cupping each other’s asses and groping each other’s tits as they pulled their soft pink tongues.  They’d only been sucking face for a matter of seconds, but already every dick in the vicinity was hard as a rock; bulges of differing sizes growing in the crotches of their pants. Soon enough, a chant sounded out from the watching men; the horny spectators pointing to a nearby bed and enticing the girls to make use of it. 


Taylor and Emma broke from their kiss and grinned at one another.  Then, without further ado, they clasped their hands together once more and strolled towards the bed.  A second whoop rang out from the baying crowd; a cheer so loud it could have been heard in Denmark, Norway and Finland as the girls climbed up onto the bed and commenced their sapphic smooching. 

Strangers were high fiving and hugging each other with delight, while others literally wept with joy.  One man produced a bottle of champagne seemingly out of thin air and started pouring helpings of the expensive fizz into glasses pinched from the nearby shelves.  Women were tutting loudly and covering their children’s eyes as they ushered them towards the exit, while others left their trolleys marooned in the centre of the aisles as they ran screaming for the automatic doors.

By this point, Emma had removed Taylor’s summer dress and tossed it into the crowd; a gaggle of randy spectators throwing right hooks at anyone who got in their way as they sought to gain possession of the designer garment.  Men were yanking the dress from all directions like a tug of war, until it tore into countless pieces; leaving no fewer than ten lucky spectators with a memento to take home and cherish (or beat off with) for the rest of their lives.

Taylor laid back on the pristine white sheets and Emma mounted her; the brown-haired beauty slipping her own scanty dress over her head and throwing it into the crowd as well, the costly garment suffering the same fate as that of her celebrity pal moments before.  Emma kissed Taylor’s neck and down to her chest; the gorgeous Brit wrapping her lips around one of her friend’s stiff pink nipples and suckling on it like a newborn babe. 

More and more men were joining the baying crowd with every passing second; dozens upon dozens of randy males paying no heed to the divorce proceedings and lengthy custody battles that would ensue, as they abandoned their wives and kids and watched on with the others.  By now, some of the guys had taken their cocks out and started jerking; men of varying degrees of endowment stroking themselves off beside each other like they were back home in front of their computer screens. 

Emma kissed along Taylor’s flat toned midriff and down towards her crotch.  She slipped two manicured fingers under the waistband of her panites and peeled them down; the UK starlet holding them aloft and firing them into the crowd like a catapult.  One guy leapt into the air like Michael Jordan, catching the discarded panties and dropping to his knees; the lucky man guarding them with his life as his fellow spectators piled on top of him like a rugby scrum.

By now, Emma had delved between Taylor’s thighs; the randy brunette tonguing at her erect clit like a seasoned pro as the live sapphic show kicked up into second gear.  The audience continued to beat off from the sidelines; men of every height, weight and degree of attractiveness pulling themselves senseless as they watched the lesbian show unfold.  The panty catcher was jerking wildly at the centre of the mob; the horny Swede holding Taylor’s smalls to his nose with his free hand and inhaling them like laughing gas as he whacked off with the other.

It wasn’t long before the spectators started to cum, and as Emma worked two fingers back and forth inside Taylor’s twat, the horny viewers were spewing their loads left, right and centre.  Some were beating off onto the floor, others onto the surrounding display furniture; the randy males spoiling thousands of kronas worth of flat pack furnishings as they dumped their wads all over them.   

And it wasn’t just the customers who were getting in on the action.  Indeed, IKEA staff, from the shelf stackers to the branch manager, were jerking their dicks in various parts of the store as the lesbian lickfest raged on.  A security guy was holed up in his office, beating himself senseless as the feed from the CCTV cameras filled his computer screen. The manager, meanwhile, had barricaded himself in the staff bathroom, watching on his PDA as he pulled himself off.  Even two merchandisers, who had come along to disperse the crowd, found themselves dropping their drawers and jacking off with the customers in a matter of moments.

By this stage, Taylor and Emma had changed formations.  Now Emma was bent over, ass in the air, as Taylor burrowed between her supple round cheeks like she was hibernating for the winter.  The loads continued to come thick and fast and, before long, people were slipping left, right and centre in the dozens of spunkwads splattering across the floor with every passing minute. 

And on and on it went.  Taylor and Emma worked their way through every practice and position in the sapphic handbook; lapping and licking, frigging and fingering one another to countless intense, earth-shattering orgasms along the way.   At one point they formed a 69; Emma sticking a finger up Taylor’s ass as they tongued each other to climax. At another, they were scissoring wildly; their slick, warm pussies rubbing together as they ground and bucked one another to tumultuous ecstasy.  But regardless of the position, and whatever the sex act, the assembled crowd watched on attentively; pulling their pricks and blowing their beans like there was no tomorrow. 

But no matter how many sexual practices they worked through and how many times they came, it was never enough, and after two hours of licking and lapping, scissoring and 69ing, the girls were still hungry for more.

“Ughh!” Taylor groaned as Emma scoffed at her pussy.  “I want something inside me!”

Despite having cum up to five or six times already, that was a request the members of the audience were all too happy to fulfill.

“ME! ME! ME! ME!” they yelled excitedly; the horny spectators clamouring over one another to get to the front of the queue.

“Sorry, boys,” Taylor grinned, “but I don’t know where you’ve been.  Besides, most of you look a little small for my tastes,” she added, wagging her little finger to indicate the size of their manhoods.

“Is there anything on the shelves we can use?” asked Emma.

The guys searched desperately along the displays, picking up products and tossing them aside as they scoured diligently for that perfect item.  Then, one man found exactly what he’d been looking for. He fetched a rolling pin from the shelf and tore off the packaging as he handed it to Emma. 

“Ah! Perfect,” she said.  “Anyone got any lube?”

They did.  Nobody was quite sure where it had all come from but the randy spectators had been passing around bottles of the stuff like joints at a concert, and no fewer than ten tubes of the ultra-slick grease were tossed onto the bed within seconds of the request.  Emma picked up one of the bottles and squeezed a hearty dose onto one end of the rolling pin; the brown-haired beauty displaying a handjob technique that was second to none and as she smeared it across the surface with her mit. 

She aligned the girthy implement with Taylor’s moist slit and slipped inside; her pussy spreading around the makeshift dildo as she guided it in.  Before long, Emma was working the kitchen utensil back and forth inside Taylor’s snatch; the UK starlet feeding no less than half of its considerable length inside her with each pass.  Meanwhile, the audience were jerking it harder than ever before; their pricks red raw from overuse as they worked on their seventh or eight load of the afternoon.

But they weren’t done yet, and no sooner had Emma made Taylor cum, had the girls changed formations once more.  This time they were knelt with their backs to one another; the twin ends of the thick improvised dong probing their tight pink twats as they ground up and down the shaft.  Before long, they were bucking wildly against each other; equally round, equally toned sets of peach-like buttcheeks clattering against one another as they shared the makeshift wang.

Several minutes and many more orgasms later, and the girls slipped the rolling pin from their twin sets of tight pink pussy lips and left it on the bed; the girls grabbing two robes from a nearby rack and pulling them on as they bid their new fans adieu.  A number of the guys leapt onto the bed; the wooden legs buckling instantly as they landed on the mattress and fought each other for possession of the rolling pin. One man took hold of it and clasped it to his chest like a family heirloom; the victor stopping just short of clubbing his opponents to death with it as they attempted to prize it from his grasp.

Taylor and Emma marched off in the direction they came; the celebrity duo leaving the guys to duke it out amongst themselves as they headed for the exit.  They passed through the automatic doors and across the parking lot. Taylor opened the limo door and the girls climbed inside.

“Phew!” Emma whistled as she took her seat.  “That was fun!”

“We know,” Malin Akerman replied.  “We were watching,” she added, gesturing to the large flatscreen TV mounted on one of the windows.

“I’ll never look at a rolling pin in the same way again,” quipped Sophie Turner, her A-list pals laughing raucously in response.

“OK, girls, so that’s our tradition taken care of,” Alicia Vikander declared.  “Now, who’s for a rubdown?”

End of Chapter 36
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Equal parts hot and funny.  Sweden is shaping up very nicely.  :Y:

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Chapter 37

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Alicia Vikander and Malin Akerman


The plush stretch limo pulled into the parking lot of the Grand Nordic Spa in central Stockholm.  A succession of expensive looking designer sandals and gleaming white high top sneakers planted themselves one by one on the tarmac floor as Taylor Swift and her celebrity pals climbed out of the luxury vehicle and headed for the entrance. 

Waiting in the pristine white lobby was the spa’s three person welcoming party.  A gorgeous platinum blonde girl with enormous DD tits was stood in the middle, a second woman with brown hair and possibly even larger breasts and a handsome young man with a neatly sculpted dirty blonde side parting and the arms of an Olympic weightlifter were stood on either side.  All three wore matching white tunics that hid little of their various endowments, the man and woman on either flank balancing numerous glasses of champagne on plastic trays.

“Hej, Miss Vikander, Miss Akerman,” said the woman in the centre.  “Good to have you back. And you’ve brought some friends with you this time.”

“Hej, Freja,” Alicia replied.  “Yes, and we’re looking to give these girls the full treatment today.  Hope that’s OK.”

“Absolutely!” Freja exclaimed.  “Anything for our best customers,” she added with a grin.  “Ladies, please help yourselves to a glass of complimentary champagne.”

“Tack, Freja,” said Malin, exchanging flirty glances with the dashing male employee as she took a glass of fizz from his tray.

The other ladies followed suit and soon all twelve had of flutes of expensive champagne clutched in their manicured mits.

“OK, ladies,” said Freja, “we’ll be starting with massages, so if you’d like to follow me, our luxury massage rooms are right this way.”  She strolled past the reception desk and through the waiting room, Alicia and her celebrity pals following behind. “Now, we take great pride in the experience we provide here, ladies, and we have some of the top masseuses and masseurs in all of Sweden among our ranks.  Isn’t that right, Miss Vikander?”

“Oh, yes,” Alicia replied, her voice carrying a distinct purr as she thought back to some of the past encounters she’d had with said employees.

“We’ve picked out twelve of our very best professionals for your visit today,” Freja went on, “so if you’d like to head into the rooms and get yourselves prepared, your massage therapist will be with you shortly.”

She turned and headed down to the end of the hallway, her thick, round ass swaying hypnotically as she went.  Twelve doors lined the far wall and Freja’s two assistants worked their way down the lengthy hallway; opening the doors two at a time and ushering their clients inside.  Freja hadn’t been wrong in her description of the rooms. They were, in fact, nothing short of heavenly. Relaxing New Age music played softly on brand new Sonos speakers.  The floors and walls were a pristine white. Long, leatherbound massage tables stood in the centre, with freshly washed white cotton towels folded neatly on top. Candles flickered every which way, while all manner of oils and massage implements lined every rack, shelf and tabletop throughout the luxury rooms. 

The girls undressed and perched on the comfy massage tables as they waited for their professional to arrive.  After several minutes, the doors to all twelve rooms were opened at nigh on the exact same time; a small army of almost obscenely good looking massage therapists strolling inside.  Six were women and six were men. Most were blonde, but the band of striking professionals boasted, between them, every hair colour, eye colour and skin tone imaginable. There were brunettes and redheads, black folk and brown folk, Asians, Africans and Middle Easterners. 

Of particular note were those assigned to Ariel Winter and Malin Akerman.  Malin’s professional was a woman named Stina; a stunning young masseuse with golden hair even fairer and more vibrant than her own, a delectable athletic body and an enormous rack of milky white EE tits.  Ariel’s, meanwhile, was a handsome young masseur named Viktor; a chieseld god of a man with neatly buzzed light brown hair, a week’s worth of designer stubble and a body that put most Calvin Klein models to shame.

Both wore matching white tunics; the garments so tight-fitting that they clung to their impressive physiques like a second skin.  Viktor’s tunic hugged his body to such a degree that every line and contour of his giant pecs and rippling abs were visible through the fabric, while Stina’s was so low cut that her huge, lily white cans were thrust up into a cleavage so deep and cavernous it could have made the nearby Kista Science Tower disappear. 

Both massage therapists greeted their clients warmly and instructed them to undress; turning away as the A-list babes slipped out of their clothing and climbed up onto the massage tables.  Ariel and Malin laid out on their backs atop the padded tables, naked as the day they were born; their own toned and curvy physiques drawing grins of approval from their respective professionals.   

Stina picked up a bottle of massage oil and squirted a hearty dose onto the palm of her hand.  “So, is there a particular area you’d like me to work on today, Miss Akerman?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m feeling a little...tension around this region,” Malin replied, running her hands over her taut midsection.

Stina grinned.  “OK, I think I can help you with that.”

Stina stood at the head of the table and started at Malin’s ribcage.  She ran her hands slowly down to her waist, her skilled mits roaming gently across her smooth, tanned skin as she went.  She worked her hands over Malin’s toned midriff; her already bulging cleavage becoming even fuller and more pronounced as she loomed over her supine frame.

“There?” she asked.

Malin stared up in disbelief at Stina’s bust; her giant chestmounds hanging in gravity defying pertitude mere inches from her face.

“Miss Akerman?”

“Oh, sorry,” said Malin.  “A little lower, please.”


Stina moved down to Malin’s hips, her huge tits dangling tantalisingly above her.

“Bit further.”

Stina continued down to Malin’s upper thighs, smothering the actress with her rack as she lent over her frame.

“Mmm!  Yuh, thasit!” Malin exclaimed, raising her hands and giving two thumbs up; her voice muffled by the whopping EE cans engulfing her pretty face.   

Stina grinned; the buxom masseuse leaning over her horny client and burying her under her bosom.  “Oh, yeah? Right there, huh?”

“Yuh!  Rih thuh!” Malin replied as best she could; Stina’s epic cans damn neat suffocating her as she smooshed them in her face. 

“You know, Miss Akerman, I think I detected some tension in your pelvic region earlier,” Stina declared.  “Would you mind if I concentrated on that area for a little while?”

“MMM!” Malin exclaimed in response; the randy starlet now licking and lapping any smooth stretch of creamy white titflish her somewhat restricted movement would allow.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’,” Stina grinned, grabbing the bottle of oil and squeezing it liberally over Malin’s crotch.

She ran her hands teasingly up and down Malin’s thighs; the chesty Swede stopping agonisingly short of her dripping snatch with every pass she took.  A chorus of muffled moans and groans escaped Malin’s lips; her desperate coos growing louder and more impassioned each time Stina’s skilled hands neared her drooling gash.  Finally, Stina gave her what she wanted. She ran her fingers up and down Malin’s slick opening; her clit throbbing in response as she rubbed her wet slit.

“Ooh, wow!” Stina exclaimed, the Nordic beauty amazed by the ease with which her hands slid up and down her client’s pussy.  “Don’t think you needed any oil down here after all!”

Stina moved up to her clit and kneaded it gently with her fingers.  Malin cooed in response; the busty masseuse still smothering her half to death with her tits as she loomed over her.  Stina started to rub harder; her fingertips little more than a neatly painted, manicured blur as she thrummed Malin’s bud.  By now, Malin was clinging onto the massage table for dear life; her well kept nails digging into the padded surface as Stina kneaded her throbbing clit.

“Mmm! ‘Uck!” Malin groaned; the horny blonde trembling from head to foot as Stina strummed her pulsing bud.

“Yes!  Come on, Miss Akerman!” Stina purred.  “Release that tension!”

Malin was releasing a lot more than that.  Indeed, a steady flow of girlspunk was oozing from her twat; the clear, wet fluid smearing across her crotch and Stina’s hand in equal measure as she rubbed her clit.  Then, after several minutes of expert clit strumming, a loud, muffled scream emanated from beneath Stina’s bosom as a violent, ground shaking orgasm tore through Malin’s body.  Stina stood up, Malin breathing heavily as she finally released her from the near asphyxiating clasp of her rack.

“Well, that certainly helped, Miss Akerman,” said Stina as she strolled across to the shelf on the far wall.  “But I think the use of an implement would really unleash the last of that built up tension.” She turned back to face the table, a battery operated Hitachi wand clasped in her hand.  “What do you say?”


Meanwhile, in the next room, Ariel Winter was laid on her back atop the padded table; her handsome masseur, Viktor, running his oily hands across her shoulder blades.  He moved down to her arms; the chiseled Swede delighting in the layers upon layers of effeminate muscle tone that made up her sculpted biceps. 

“Wow!” he exclaimed.  “That’s some serious bulk you’re packing there, Miss Winter.”  Ariel looked up at the bulge in his crotch as it hung tantalisingly above her head, and thought much the same thing.  “You must work out a lot!”

“Mmhmm, I try,” she murmured in response.  “They can make it a little difficult though at times,” she added, gesturing down to the large D cup mounds ballooning from her chest.

“I’ll bet,” Viktor replied.  “Must give you awful pain in the back and chest area, I’d imagine.”

“Yeah, they can do,” Ariel confirmed.  “I’m sure a skilled masseur like you could take care of that though.”

“I’m sure I could, Miss Winter,” Viktor grinned. 

Taking that as his cue, Viktor held the bottle above Ariel’s bust and gave it a squeeze; the clear, slick grease spilling over her chest like Niagra Falls.  Then, he got down to work. He set the bottle down and put his hands to use; the handsome masseur running his skilled mits over every square inch of her rack, slathering her giant cans in volumes upon volumes of oil.  Ariel cooed softly, her nipples pricking up as the Nordic stud greased up her weighty mounds until they shone like vintage silverware. 

And Ariel’s teets weren’t the only body part standing to attention.  Indeed, Viktor’s cock was getting harder and longer by the second; every pass of his smooth hands across her greased up tits causing his oversized dong to grow and stiffen under the fabric of his pants.  Before long, he was pitching a tent in his trousers large enough to house an entire circus; his long, thick wang looming above Ariel’s face like a Boeing 747 soaring overheard. 

“That thing looks awful cooped up in there,” she said, gazing up at Viktor as he mauled her mammoth chest.  “Aren’t you gonna let it out to play?”

That was all the invitation he needed.  Viktor’s pants were bunched around his ankles in the blink of an eye; his giant dong hanging above Ariel’s head in all its girthy, uncut majesty. 

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed, the busty actress reaching up to stroke the oversized wang as she fed one of his large, spunk-filled balls into her mouth. 

Ariel reached for the bottle of oil and, without releasing his nut from her mouth, ran it up and down the length of his dong, squeezing out a trail of the clear, slick lube from the head right down to the balls.  She set the bottle down and started stroking; the chesty starlet working her hand up and down the shaft at lightning quick pace as she sucked on his swollen gonad. She switched from one ball to the next; the randy brunette slathering both of Viktor’s plum-sized orbs in oodles of spittle as she jerked him off.

Then, with saliva dripping from Viktor’s balls and his dick pulsing in her hands, Ariel scooched to the edge of the table; her shiny raven locks dangling down nearly to the floor as she hung her head over the side.

“Fuck my mouth!” she said, gaping her pouty pink lips apart.

Viktor did as directed.  He fed his cock between her lips and began to thrust.  He worked his cock back and forth inside her mouth; the handsome masseur feeding an additional inch of his immense length between her lips with each pass.  Before long, he was driving it right down to the base, his big, wet balls slapping against Ariel’s face; the chesty actress accepting every inch with grace as he banged her pretty mouth. 

Then, Ariel reached up and clasped his ass cheeks as he thrust inside; the stacked starlet holding him in place with his long, throbbing cock lodged down her throat.  Viktor groped her greased up tits while she blew him; the randy brunette slurping at his oversized dong like a woman possessed, his heavy, cum-filled balls squishing against her face as she did so.  Ariel could feel his dick pulsing and twitching against her tongue as she sucked him; the giant wang feeling like it could blow at any second as she slurped at the girthy shaft.

“You gonna cum for me, big boy?” she asked, ropes of saliva dripping from his schlong as she prized it from her mouth.

“Uh huh,” Viktor groaned, the chiseled Swede wincing as Ariel jerked him off.

“Get up there and do it on my tits,” she instructed, giving her lubed up juggies an enticing jiggle.

“Yes, ma’am,” Viktor replied.

He climbed up onto the massage table and knelt over Ariel’s midriff; the shredder masseur slapping his thick slab of Nordic sausage between her cans and wrapping them around it.  He thrust back and forth; slicing his dick between the greased up melons like a saw through a 2x4. Ariel gaped her mouth as he fucked her chest; the busty starlet catching his swollen head between her glossy, thick lips every time it emerged from within. 

“Put some more oil on there,” she said, reaching down to take control of her tanks as Viktor reached for the bottle of lube.

He doused her bosom in the clear, slick grease; the Swedish hunk damn near draining the bottle dry as he oiled up her big, fat tits.  Ariel’s hands slipped and slid across her chest like Bambi on ice; the curvy brunette using every ounce of strength her toned arms could muster to keep Viktor’s dong inside.  Viktor was ploughing away at her greasy rack like there was no tomorrow; his dick throbbing and pulsing, his balls brewing and churning with every pass he took. 

He held off as long as he could, but soon the soft, warm feel of Ariel’s lubed up fucktanks wrapping around his dong was too much for the young masseur to take.  He retrieved his cock from the depths of her rack and jerked it wildly; the handsome Swede drenching her cans with an ungodly amount of gloopy, thick spunk as he emptied his swollen balls.

“Ooh, fuck yeah!” Ariel exclaimed, the busty starlet delighting in the feel of the warm, creamy spunk as it splattered across her chest.

“Damn, Miss Winer!” Viktor panted, carefully palming his still twitching cock.  “I thought it was the client who was supposed to get the happy ending!”

“Oh, I’ll get mine, baby.  Don’t you worry about that,” she grinned in response.  “Now get that dick in my pussy!”

End of Chapter 37
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Chapter 38

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Alicia Vikander and Malin Akerman


Ariel Winter was laid back on the massage table, her shapely, round ass perched at the end as Viktor stood before her and positioned himself between her splayed thighs.  He pressed the tip of his cock up against the opening of her snatch and pushed it inside.

“Uhh, yeah!” Ariel groaned; her pussy sheathing his dong like a gilded scabbard as he entered her.

Viktor began to thrust to and fro, working his dick back and forth inside her cooch; the handsome masseur feeding an additional inch into the tight, wet hole with each motion.  He wrapped his muscled arms around her calves; the chiseled Swede holding her slender legs apart as he went at her hot pink twat. Before long, he was hitting it nuts deep; his large, swollen cockhead probing her g-spot each time he thrust inside her.

“Oh, yes!  That’s it,” Ariel cooed, reaching down to strum her clit as he plowed away at her pussy.  “Fuck me just like that!”

Viktor could feel Ariel’s vaginal muscles tense and contract as she rubbed her bud; her already tight snatch gripping his cock like a soft pink vice as he ventured into her depths.  But he didn’t let it break his stride. In fact, Viktor was going at Ariel’s slick, wet gash harder than ever; his cobblestone abs clattering repeatedly with the tops of her thighs as he drilled her with his dong.
Ariel’s deep brown eyes rolled back into her head; her D cup tits jiggling delightfully as he pumped her tight pink pussy. 

“Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum on that big fucking dick!” she purred; the busty actress strumming her clit ever harder as Viktor’s bulging crown probed the deepest parts of her snatch. 

One more pass was all it took; the latest g-spot bothering thrust of Viktor’s girthy Nordic dong sparking an intense, violent orgasm that tore through Ariel’s curvy frame like an earthquake.

“FUUUCCCKKK!!!” she screamed; her usually gorgeous facial features screwed in all manner of unsightly ways as she came over Viktor’s cock.

And Ariel wasn’t the only celeb receiving a happy ending from their designated professional.  Indeed, high-pitched screams were ringing out from every one of the lavish massage rooms as no fewer than twelve A-list babes were brought to climax by a host of gorgeous massage therapists.  In one room, a beautiful, large-breasted blonde was fingerbanging Maisie Williams. In another, Hayley Aywell was bucking and bouncing on a black man’s dick. Daisy Ridley scissored with an Asian girl, while Taylor Swift was getting fucked in the ass.  But regardless of the configuration and whatever the sex act, the girls rutted wildly with their assigned Swede; cumming time and again as they fucked like animals in the luxury rooms.


Meanwhile, in room one, Malin Akerman was sprawled out on her back as Stina ran a large buzzing wand across her shoulders and down to her chest.  Malin cooed softly as her massage therapist guided the humming tool over the curve of her right breast and up to her nipples; the pink teats going hard like bullets as the vibrating wand circled her areola.  Stina continued down her client’s midriff; the buzzing tool soothing her aching muscles as she worked it past her navel. 

Malin’s clit started to stiffen once more as the wand edged nearer to her crotch; her pussy beginning to seep its sticky fluid as Stina ran the tool teasingly across her pelvis.  Stina moved the wand down to her womanhood; the large, round head buzzing at Malin’s clit as the buxom masseuse held it between her thighs. 

“Oooh, Jesus!” Malin purred; her eyes clamped shut, a steady chorus of soft, breathy coos escaping her soft pink lips as the vibrating wand worked its magic on her cooch.

By now, the blonde starlet was leaking like a sieve; an ungodly volume of her clear wet juices oozing from her snatch and smearing across her crotch, thighs and the head of the wand in equal measure as it buzzed at her pulsing clit.  Malin gripped the edges of the massage table; the Nordic beauty clinging so tightly to the padded surface that her well kept nails nearly snapped off at the quick.

“Wow!  That’s really doing the trick, huh?” Stina grinned, gazing down at the river of girlcum trickling from Malin’s cooch as she held the humming wand to her clit.

It really was.  In fact, by this stage Malin couldn’t feel but one ounce of tension anywhere in her toned MILF body.  Truth be told, she couldn’t feel much of anything, save for the vibrating wand buzzing at her clit. She started to quiver from head to foot; her toes curling, her nipples so erect and stiff they could slice through a pane of glass.  She chewed on her lower lip; a series of shrill, mewling squeaks passing through her clenched teeth, the actress cooing, purring, moaning like a bitch in heat, until…

“AAAHHH!!!” she screamed, as a forceful blast of clear, wet girlspunk shot from her urethra; the sizzling ladyload squirting across the room like a fireman’s hose, coating any piece of electronics, priceless wall art or expensive massage implement that got in its way.

And the cumshots didn’t end there.  In fact, people were losing their loads across every one of the luxury rooms; men and women, clients and professional alike spraying their goo as a series of intense, bone-rattling orgasms tore through their athletic bodies.  Natalie Dormer squirted like a water cannon as a gorgeous black girl fingerfucked her to climax. One man blew his wad over Natalie Dormer’s face, while another went off in Alicia Vikander’s snatch. A clear jet of searing girlspunk shot from Selena Gomez’s cooch as a shredded masseur pounded her tight pink ass. 


Back in room two, Ariel Winter was knelt on the surface of the massage table; the buxom starlet adopting the face down, ass up position as Viktor squatted at her rear.  A bottle of massage oil was clutched in his hands; the handsome Swede squeezing an ungodly amount of the clear, slick grease over her thick, round rump he took up position behind her.  The oil trickled down her ass cheeks in long drips; the chiseled masseur using his large, manly hands to smear it across her rear until every inch of her muscled booty shone like polished brassware. 

Then, Viktor aligned the tip of his dong with the puckered ring of her anus and fed it inside; the thick, swollen head splitting her second hole open with minimal fuss thanks to the volumes of lube coating the pink rim. 

“Ahhh!” Ariel gasped as he entered her; the chesty brunette looking back at the ripped young hunk as he fed his long, thick cock into her ass.

Viktor began to rock back and forth; his fingers digging into her sculpted ass cheeks as he worked his dick deeper into her rectum.  He quickly found his rhythm as he worked her over from the back; the Nordic stud pulling his dick back so only the head remained, before thrusting forward once more, feeding an extra inch of his thick, veiny shaft inside with each pass.  Before long, he was driving his dick down to the hilt; the clattering of his pelvis against her big, wet ass making the cheeks ripple as he reamed her backdoor.   

“Yeah, come on, baby!” Ariel purred, reaching back to strum her clit as Viktor pumped her from behind.  “Fuck that fucking ass!”

Viktor, it turned out, needed little encouragement in that department.  In fact, he was already going at her rear like his life depended on it; the bulky masseur driving every inch of his fat, lengthy dong into the depths of rectum with each pass.  The massage table shook in its moorings; the legs creaking like they could buckle at any moment as the randy duo fucked furiously on the padded surface.   

It wasn’t long before Ariel was on the verge of orgasm once more; the buxom starlet thrumming her pulsing clit like there was no tomorrow, her face lit up like a Christmas tree as the shredded masseur pounded her thick, round ass.  Viktor pulled his cock from her rear, Ariel kneading her clit wildly until a torrent of girlspunk gushed from her snatch; the curvy actress hosing down the surface of the table and her partner’s chiseled torso in equal measure as she squirted like a fountain.

“Mmm, fuck!” Ariel purred, sticking two fingers into her twat as the final few spurts of cum sprayed from her urethra. 

Then, she was back up in a flash; the busty brunette spinning around and kneeling before her masseur as she wrapped her lips around his dripping wet prong.  She sucked greedily at the shaft, slurping up a cocktail of oil, squirt fluid and ass juice as she choked down his dick. She swallowed it right down to the base, drooling and slobbering over the already sodden wang as she held it between her lips.  Then, she came up for air; the chesty actress jerking Viktor’s sopping dong as she gazed up at him.

“Lay down,” she said, hopping down from the table so Viktor could assume the position.

He lay on his back atop the padded surface, his giant wang standing tall like a flesh skyscraper as he positioned himself on the table.  Ariel climbed back up and knelt between his thighs. She reached for the bottle of oil and squirted a hearty dose over Viktor’s cock; the clear slick grease trickling down his shaft like raindrops on a window.  Ariel stroked his dick as she continued to pour; the stacked starlet coating every inch of his girthy prong in the sticky oil before tossing the bottle aside.

She turned around and thrust out her ass; the buxom beauty giving her opposite number a breathtaking view of her shapely behind as she backed it up toward him.  She slid her legs under Viktor’s thighs and squatted over his crotch; the Nordic stud gripping his wet cock around mid-shaft and aiming his crown at her asshole.  He pushed it inside; the brunette purring like a satisfied kitten as the bulging head invaded her anal cavity. 

Ariel began to hop and buck from her knelt position; the horny actress performing perfectly formed squats between Viktor’s splayed thighs as she rode his mammoth dong.  Viktor watched on with delight; the hypnotic rise and fall of her voluptuous ass nearly sending him into a trance as she bounced on his girthy cock.   

Ariel reached back to grip her ass cheeks as she bucked and writhed on his dong; the chesty starlet venturing her tight pink rim further down his lengthy shaft with each pass she took.  Every so often, she guided her ring up past the tip of his crown; the curvy brunette gaping her asshole open like it was made from elastic, as Viktor returned his dick from whence it came.   

Before long, she was bouncing on his dick like a bucking bronco; her shapely rear clattering repeatedly with his muscled abs as she rode his giant cock.  Viktor grabbed a bottle of oil and sprayed yet more of the slippery lube over her big, thick ass; the Swedish hunk greasing up her butt to such a degree that he could see his reflection in the juicy, round cheeks as they worked up and down his dong. 

“Come on.  Fuck me, stud!” Ariel cooed, glancing back at the masseur over her sculpted shoulder blade as she rode his massive dong.  “Pound my ass with that big fucking cock!”

Viktor didn’t have to be told twice.  He gripped Ariel’s peachy, greased up ass cheeks as he held her in place; the chiseled Swede digging his fingers into the muscled orbs as he began to buck his hips.  He worked his cock back and forth in her asshole; the Nordic stud feeding an additional inch of his veiny, thick shaft into her rectum with each motion. Before long, he was going at her balls deep, his meaty thighs clapping repeatedly against her rump as he drilled her backdoor. 

“Fuck! Fuck! Yes! FUCK MY ASS!” Ariel screamed, her huge tits jiggling and bouncing each time Viktor thrust up into her, her pretty face screwed with orgasmic lust as he probed her rectum with his dong.

Viktor could feel his dick throb and pulse; Ariel’s snug pink anus threatening to wring every last ounce of spunk from his heavy, churning balls every time he thrust into its depths. 

“Shit, I’m gonna blow!” he bellowed; the burly masseur guiding Ariel’s asshole up and over the head of his cock and to safety before he shot his load inside it.

Ariel stuck her ass up in the air as high as it would go as Viktor knelt behind her; stroking his dick vigorously as he prepared to paint her buttcheeks with his seed.  Viktor beat his meat like an excited teenager until it erupted like Krakatoa; a semen tsunami blasting from his tip and splattering across Ariel’s plump, round rear and up her back like blood on a bludgeon.

“Phew!” Ariel exclaimed, reaching up to rub her clit as Viktor’s piping hot seed boiled and sizzled on her ass and back.  “Now that’s what I call a happy ending!”

End of Chapter 38
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Chapter 39

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Alicia Vikander and Malin Akerman


Taylor Swift and her celebrity friends emerged from the luxury massage rooms in matching white cotton robes.  Freja and her two assistants were waiting in the hallway to greet them.

“Hej, girls,” she said, “I trust you enjoyed your rubdowns.”

“Absolutely,” Ariel Winter replied, her A-list companions murmuring in agreement.

“I thought as much,” Freja grinned.  “Hopefully you’re feeling nice and relaxed now, but if not then never fear, because this next activity is guaranteed to sweat out any last morsel of tension from those sexy bodies of yours.  That’s right girls,” she added, pushing open a door at the far end of the hallway, “it’s time for a sauna.”

Beyond the door frame lay a large wooden room; the walls and benches decked out in boards of the finest English oak and varnished to a gleam with all manner of expensive lacquers.  A wooden trough filled with piping hot stones sat to the left of the door with numerous water-filled buckets at its side. 

The girls cooed excitedly and shed their robes; the A-list beauties clasping hands and hurrying through the open doorway.  They gathered on the wooden benches as Freja’s assistants followed them inside. The two employees fetched the wooden buckets and poured them out across the hot stones; offering a fantastic view of their various endowments as they did so.  The stones hissed and sizzled, a haze of steam rising from the trough like smoke from a campfire. Before long, the room looked like the set of an 80’s metal video; the lavish sauna thick with steam like the jungles of the Amazon. Freja’s assistants watched on from the doorway as the celebrity babes lolled in the seering steam.

“Enjoy, ladies,” they said in unison, the gorgeous pair exiting the room and closing the door behind them.

The girls lounged in the misty lodge, exchanging stories and swapping tales from their time in the massage rooms.

“...then he reached into his pants and pulled out the biggest, blackest cock I’ve ever seen.”

“Oooh, wow!”

“I know, right.  Talk about a massage tool!”

“...and, my God, ladies- I thought she was gonna smother me to death with her tits!”

“...I nearly dehydrated from squirting so much!  What a huge dong!”

And on and on.  Beads of sweat started to form on their smooth, lotioned skin as the heat in the sauna continued to rise.  Before long, their naked bodies were gleaming with perspiration, their expensively styled hair damp with sweat as they lazed in the steaming room.  Moisture pooled between their breasts, trickled down their arms and shone on their midriffs. 

The ladies were, as a matter of fact, clammy all over, but nowhere more so than between their thighs.  Indeed, it appeared that watching the sweat glisten on one another’s body parts had had an effect on their nether regions.  In fact, the girls were positively burning up down below; every one of the A-list babes seeping from their private parts like there was no tomorrow, the insides of their thighs moistened to such a degree that they made the rest of their sweat-soaked bodies look bone dry by comparison. 

In short, the girls were hornier than a herd of rhinos.  They started to caress one another, the randy celebs allowing their soft, silken hands to roam over one another’s glowing, wet skin.  Then, the kissing started. Slow, passionate all-girl lip locking, so hot and alluring it would see even the most devout of homosexuals shooting into their shorts.  Taylor Swift and Alicia Vikander went first, and their friends followed suit. Before long, singers and actresses alike were pulling tongue every which way; the scene growing steamier by the second (in more ways than one) as a mass sapphic smoothfest swept across the sticky sauna.

Sophie Turner made out with Ariel Winter.  Felicity Jones locked lips with Daisy Ridley, while Emma Watson, Maisie Williams and Malin Akerman engaged in a threeway kiss beside them.  And that was just the beginning. It wasn’t long before the girls had moved onto chests; a band of clammy celebrity babes licking the sweat from each others racks and sucking away on their stiff pink nipples like infants at feeding time.  Selena Gomez tongued at Natalie Dormer’s tits, while Alicia Vikander motorboated Hayley Atwell.

And on and on it went; the scene in the Stockholm sweat lodge getting hotter by the second as the all-star orgy kicked into second gear.  Heads disappeared between toned thighs and peachy ass cheeks across the steaming sauna and before long A-list beauties from both sides of the Atlantic were licking one another to ecstasy as an all out oral extravaganza ensued.  Taylor Swift went down on Ariel Winter. Sophie Turner munched on Felicity Jones, while Malin Akerman ate Daisy Ridley’s ass.           

But it didn’t end there, and before long the girls had grouped up into clusters of three or more and gotten down to business; a mass of shiny, sweat-slicked bodies interweaving, interlocking and intertwining across the sweltering steam room as the giant lesbian lickfest moved into its second hour.  Emma Watson and Selena Gomez were tribbing wildly while Hayley Atwell sat on Emma’s face. Maisie Williams and Natalie Dormer had formed a 69; the GoT stars scoffing at each other’s twats while Alicia Vikander knelt behind and tongued at Maisie’s asshole.

And so on and so forth.  Taylor Swift, Sophie Turner and Malin Akerman formed a Bermuda Triangle, while a pussy train some four carriages deep chugged along beside them; Ariel Winter in front, Felicity Jones and Daisy Ridley in the middle, with Emma Watson bringing up the rear.  The girls came over and over; the A-list babes leaking their girlspunk into mouths and over fingers alike as the rampant, females-only fuckfest finally reached its zenith. 

The ladies collapsed into a heap on the floor; sweat dripping from their athletic bodies as they lay in each others arms.  The room started to cool and the steam began to dissipate. The girls rose to their feet and filed back out into the hallway, gathering their discarded robes as Freja and her two assistants came to greet them.

“Ladies!” Freja exclaimed.  “How was your sauna?”

“Fantastic,” replied Taylor Swift, her celebrity pals exchanging suggestive smirks behind her.

“It certainly sounded good from out here,” Freja grinned.  “But we’re not done yet girls. Follow me.”

She led the girls across the hallway to a door at the opposite end.  Yet another room, even more sparkling and pristine than those that came before, lay beyond the snow white door; the luxury chamber kitted out with a number of padded tables and large reclinable chairs, a wide range of expensive looking beauty products lining every shelf, cabinet and surface.  Ten handsome, well muscled men in matching white tunics stood cross armed in the centre of the room.

“I hope you girls conserved some energy,” Freja continued, “‘cause now it’s time for some facials!” 

End of Chapter 39
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Chapter 40

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Alicia Vikander and Malin Akerman


“In you come, ladies,” said Freja, ushering Taylor Swift and her A-list chums into the room. 

The girls filed in and Freja closed the door behind them.

“Now, as you have probably deduced, this particular beauty treatment is going to be rather different than any you’ve had before,” Freja explained.  “Here at the Grand Nordic Spa we don’t like to rely on cosmetic products to perform beauty treatments that an all natural method can achieve just as well, if not better.  Of course, we have all manner of creams, oils and face masks available if that’s your preference, but we believe the all natural skin care techniques to be more effective and a lot more fun. 

“I’m talking, of course, about the male ejaculate.  That’s right, ladies, a load or two of piping hot cum on your face cleanses the skin far better than any lotion ever will.  I’ve been using this method for years and, as you can see, my skin is nothing short of flawless.” The guys looked at one another and grinned, thinking back to the ‘skin treatment’ they’d given their boss that very morning.  “Miss Vikander and Miss Akerman are also proponents of this technique and speak of it very highly. Isn’t that right, ladies?”

“Mmhmm,” Alicia Vikander agreed.

“Oh, yes,” added Malin Akerman.

“So, ladies, this is our team of skilled technicians who will be performing your treatments today,” said Freja, gesturing to the ten men lined up in the centre of the room.  “And as this particular treatment is new to you, why don’t we have an experienced practitioner show you how it’s done? Miss Vikander, would you like to do the honours?”

“Happy to,” Alicia replied.

The girls watched on as their friend shed her robe and marched into the centre of the room; the band of studs encircling her as she made her approach.  In no time at all, Alicia found herself ringed by a troop of muscled technicians; the Nordic hunks surrounding her from all angles as the alternative, and very hands on beauty treatment got underway.  There was light skin, dark skin, brown eyes, blue eyes, long hair, short hair. But regardless of their personal style or ethnic background; the gang of studs shared a number of common features. They were almost unspeakably, panty moistening good looking, chiseled beyond belief and packing one heck of a tool below the waistbands of their pants. 

Hands slapped at her ass and pawed at her chest as the men surrounded her.  Alicia reciprocated; the Swedish starlet reaching down and stroking two of the oversized cocks stretching down their pant legs.  Some pulled off their tunics and tossed them aside, while others tugged down their pants. Alicia dropped to a squat as the guys removed their clothing.  Before long, the Scandinavian beauty was surrounded by cocks from all angles; the oversized wangs pointing at her pretty face like long flesh arrows. Some were veiny, some were smooth.  Some hooded, others uncut. Some hairy, some waxed. Some white, some black, some brown. But regardless of the colour and whatever it looked like, each of the Nordic dongs had one thing in common; they were all huge.  Massive, even. Eight inches or longer, with girth to match, balls dangling between their thighs and globs or precum pooling in the tips. 

Without further ado, Alicia got started; her A-list friends watching on from the sidelines as she got down to business.  A tall white guy named Erik was stood before her, and Alicia wrapped her mouth around his dick, her hands quickly finding two others as she worked her lips up and down the shaft.  She sucked and slurped, stroked and jerked; the horny actress beating off both of the long, thick dongs at a furious pace as she blew the third. Alicia sucked greedily at Erik’s dong; the brunette drooling and slobbering over the giant wang as she choked it right down to the balls.

But she wasn’t done yet.  In fact, she’d only just gotten started, and no sooner had she sucked Erik’s dick down to the base, had he gripped the back of her head, the Nordic stud holding her in place as he drilled his dick between her lips.  *UCK* *URK* *UCK* came the sounds from Alicia’s mouth as her fellow Swede fucked her pretty face. Saliva dripped from his veiny underside as he drove his dong between her lips; the chiseled young hunk plunging it right down to the balls with each pass.     

Alicia moved onto the next man; a ripped black stud named Anton, the randy starlet jerking his long dark cock as she dipped down to get at his balls.  She fed one of the large, spunk-filled gonads between her lips, sucking on it like a big flesh gobstopper before moving onto the next. Then, she licked up the underside of his pole; the brown-haired beauty trailing a thick, juicy vein with the tip of her tongue as she worked her way up to the head.  Alicia wrapped her lips around the crown; the horny Swede bobbing her head as she worked them up and down the shaft. Before long, she’d choked his dick right down to the balls; the large brown gonads pressing against her throat as she deepthroated the massive wang. 

And on and on it went.  Alicia worked her way around the ring of studs; the Nordic babe moving from one man to the next.  Some stood still and let her do the work, while others gripped her glossy chestnut hair and thrusted between her lips like their lives depended on it; the Swedish starlet swallowing their oversized cocks right down to the hilt anyway they came.  But it didn’t end there, and as she sucked and slurped on a plethora of juicy wangs, Alicia used her skilled hands to stroke and jerk any remaining dongs that her arm span would allow. Hands continued to grope and paw at her tits. Some of the men slapped their cocks against the top of her head.  Others jerked off with strands of her hair. A cocktail of spit and precum smeared across her face, wetting her hair and stickling great clumps of it to her skin.

Alicia had just finished choking a lengthy black prong all the way to the base, when a white man behind her yanked on her messy brown locks, pulling her head back so it was almost horizontal.  He fed his dick between her lips and thrusted; the chiseled Swede guiding his long, thick pipe down her throat as he worked it back and forth, his hefty, spit-slicked balls dangling in her face as she choked down his wang.  Alicia remained in this position for some time; the Nordic beauty feasting eagerly on any part of intimate male anatomy that came her way. Some fucked her mouth, others dipped their balls between her lips, while some backed up towards her, pulling themselves off as she tongued at their assholes. 

Once the first six men had taken a turn, the remaining four surrounded Alicia from all angles.  They gripped their cocks at the root and slapped them against her face; her gorgeous features lit up like a Christmas tree as the quartet of heavy skin batons smacked against her flesh.  A big white cock smacked against her chin, while another hit her left cheek. A long brown one whacked against her other cheek, while a thick jet black wang struck repeatedly against her forehead and between her eyes. 

A good fifteen minutes of face fucking, ball sucking, ass licking and cock stroking later, and the guys were fit to burst; all ten of their meaty, thick prongs pointed at her face as they prepared to shoot their loads.  Soon enough, cocks were blasting every which way like long flesh cannons. A tall, bearded white guy named Lars went off first; the Scandinavian stud shooting a thick wad of creamy, hot seed straight across the starboard bow.  Two more followed suit, then three; the guys jetting their spunk over any span of soft, tanned flesh that took their fancy. 

Before long, Alicia’s face had been drenched with nut; the gooey, off-white splooge coating her cheeks, nose, lips and forehead in equal measure.  Not to mention, sealing her gorgeous brown eyes shut and dripping from her chin. Some, it appeared, had disregarded the concept of a ‘facial’ altogether; the Nordic hunks blowing their beans across her chest, in her hair or dumping a thick load on the top of her head.  By the time they were done, there was barely a stretch of skin or strand of hair that hadn’t been painted with a sticky rope of piping hot man mess. One by one, the guys stepped away, gradually revealing Alicia’s cum-drenched body to her surrounding friends.
“And that’s how it’s done, ladies,” Freja grinned.  “Obviously the longer you leave it on, the better it is for the face.  Alicia here usually goes for a sauna while she waits for it to dry. Isn’t that right, Miss Vikander?”

“Mmhmm,” Alicia replied.  “And then once I’ve washed it off, I usually go back in for another.  But not today. Not until you girls have had your turn anyway!”

Just then, the door opened; ten more men, every bit as muscled, handsome and well-endowed as the first, strolling through the open portal. 

“Yes, ladies,” said Freja, “now it’s your turn.  Who wants to go first?”

The girls were literally clambering over one another to take the next turn.  So much so that Freja had to handpick the first three herself. The trio she chose were Selena Gomez, Maisie Williams and Hayley Atwell, and the selected starlets squatted back to back to back in the centre of the room where they were set upon by no fewer than 20 muscled Nordic studs.  Cocks were stroked and jerked in every direction; the girls parting their lips in wait of any big Euro dong that came their way.

Selena had one in her mouth.  Another rested against Maisie’s face as she sucked on the large Swedish meatballs that hung underneath.  Hayley was taking one between the tits and another in her maw. Hands groped at breasts and gripped pawfuls of hair as the Scandinavian studs thrusted back and forth between their lips.  The girls worked their way around the seemingly never ending circle of studs; their hands crisscrossing like a game of Twister as they sought to pull and jerk any length of Nordic meat they could reach. 

Tongues licked at slits and delved into assholes.  Lips wrapped around big, swollen balls and plunged to the base of wangs with consummate ease.  Soon enough, Selena had her head tilted back, a dick in each hand as a burly black hunk dipped his heavy, spunk filled gonads into her mouth.  Maisie had two bisecting cocks between her lips, while Hayley was tonguing at a man’s stripwaxed asshole, while another sawed his girthy, uncut dong between her breasts. 

It wasn’t long before the guys were ready to cum and the ladies formed a tight, three girl perimeter as long, veiny cocks were stroked and tugged all round them.  Gloopy ropes of nut flew at them from all directions, with as many as five of the chiseled Swedish studs going off at the same time; shooting their wad at any A-list face within spitting distance.  The cum splattered everywhere; across lips, onto cheeks, over eyes. Some of the loads even shot straight over their intended targets, hitting the girls behind on the top of the head, and leaving thick globs of spunk in their carefully styled hair. 

When they were done, the three women were every bit as cum-soaked as Alicia before hem; all 20 of the shredded Nordic studs having blasted them with what seemed to be a fortnight’s buildup of gooey, warm seed.  But it wasn’t over yet, and no sooner had the guys shot their wads, had the next four women marched into the fray, taking the place of the first three as the second celebrity group suckfest got underway.

Emma Watson sucked the last few drops of cum out of a long black rod, while Ariel Winter had a thick white cock clamped between her tits and a second in her mouth.  Taylor Swift and Natalie Dormer lined up ten of the guys and worked their way down the row; the Brit blowing each of the chiseled hunks in turn, while her US counterpart buried her face in their cracks.  Asses were licked, balls were sucked, cocks were deepthroated and faces were fucked. 

Ariel Winter climbed up onto one of the reclining chairs and hung her head over the edge.  Two lines some five men deep formed at her head and chest; the randy Swedes taking turns to plow her pretty mouth and saw their cocks between her heaving jugs.  Meanwhile, the other women handled the remaining ten; the celebrity babes sucking and slurping, stroking and jerking any mammoth Euro cock that came their way. The loads came thick and fast; the muscled men blowing their beans over faces and racks alike, and it didn’t end there.     

By the time the last A-list quartet had taken their turn, some of the guys had cum four times; their latest wad of spunk somehow every bit as thick and gooey as the first as they shot them over any face, chest or expensively styled hairdo that took their fancy.  With the last load shot and the final pair of balls drained, all 12 of the famous beauties were simply soaked in cum. It was everywhere; in their hair, on their faces and dripping from their tits. In fact, there was scarcely a stretch of celebrity skin in the room that wasn’t soaked with a cocktail of creamy Swedish nut. 

“Wow!” said Taylor Swift, the blonde-haired beauty utterly caked in splooge from the chest up.  “Now that’s what I call a facial!”

Her friends murmured in agreement.  Freja, who stuck out like a sore thumb amongst her cum-drenched clients, wandered into the centre of the room.

“Glad you enjoyed it, ladies,” she announced.  “But I suggest you get yourselves cleaned up. Scoop up those loads, lick each other clean, whatever.  ‘Cause there’s plenty more where they came from!”

End of Chapter 40
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Facials are probably my favorite sex act to read (and write) so this chapter was just fucking awesome. 

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Chapter 41

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Alicia Vikander and Malin Akerman


Nils had been stuck in traffic for hours.  The E4 into central Stockholm had been bumper bumper for much of the evening.  Like most massage parlors of, shall we say, somewhat ill repute, the Grand Nordic Spa stayed open long into the night and Nils was currently two hours late for the evening shift.  He loved his job (not surprising considering the average day consisted of rubbing down hot rich women and blowing a load on their faces for the good of their complexion) and hated missing out on a single second of one of his shifts.  So, understandably, he was pretty incensed by his current predicament, a frustration not helped by the vast amount of Snapchat messages his work colleagues had been sending him for the past hour and a half. 

The first was from his buddy Sven; a POV shot of Alicia Vikander sucking his dick and stroking two others, the accompanying caption reading; What’s keeping you man?  You’re missing all the fun!  Then he received one from his friend Martin; a short clip of Hayley Atwell and Maisie Williams sharing his long black rod.  Bro, did you pick you wrong day to turn up late! read the caption beneath.  And so on and so forth. Before long, he was getting a new message with every passing minute; each one lewder and more obscene than the one that preceded it.

Finally, and some two and a half hours late, Nils showed up for his shift; the handsome Swede eager to make up for lost time.  And, as luck would have it, the spa’s celebrity patrons were more than happy to assist him. In fact, he had barely stepped through the door when Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter and Natalie Dormer squatted at his feet and welcomed the Nordic stud with a threeway suckjob.  Nils looked around the room as the girls tugged down his trousers and underwear, to see that the usually quiet and peaceful Stockholm health spa (well, that wasn’t strictly true- but it was usually quieter and more peaceful than this!) had been transformed into the setting of the most wild, untamed all-star orgy the country had ever seen. 

Indeed, famous women were sucking and fucking a plethora of Swedish dongs throughout the luxury clinic; Nils’ friends and colleagues ballsdeep in an A-list mouth or vagina for as far as his eyes could see.  The men now outnumbered their female counterparts 21-12 (a disparity not helped by the chiseled latecomer hoarding three of the celebrity babes for himself), so many of the Scandinavian hunks had been forced to share.  But, as far as Nils could tell, they didn’t seem to mind much. 

In fact, the girls could have taken on the entire male population of Sweden by this point, and muscled studs still would have plowed away at their tight A-list pussies like their lives depended on it.  One guy was going down on Sophie Turner, while another dipped his balls in her mouth. Felicity Jones was getting spitroasted by a pair of burly black studs; the dark-skinned duo thrusting their long, thick cocks down to the base at both ends of her frame. 

By the time Nils had taken a scan of the room, his designated trio already had their pretty mouths wrapped around his junk.  Selena Gomez’ glossy pink lips roamed up and down the length of his shaft, while Natalie Dormer and Ariel Winter shared his balls; the randy celebs sucking on the large, cum-filled orbs like boiled candies.  And it didn’t end there. In fact, that was only the beginning and, soon enough, the girls were handing his dick back and forth like a game of pass the parcel; all three of the A-list babes taking turns to choke the girthy wang right down to the hilt. 

Once the girls had deepthroated his cock several times each, Natalie and Ariel wrapped their lips around the now spit-slathered shaft; the twin sets of pouty, plump prickpleasers pressing together as they worked them along his pole.  Selena, not wanting to feel left out, circled around behind the handsome Swede, parted his ass cheeks with her manicured hands and stuck her face in his crack. Before long, Nils’ rod was throbbing away between Natalie and Ariel’s lips like nobody’s business; their soft, wet mouths dousing his wang in yet more sticky saliva as their celebrity pal tongued at his stripwaxed ass.     

And on and on it went.  From here on out, the celebrity trio ringed around Nils’ muscled form; every one of the horny celebs taking turns to blow him, suck on his balls or lick his ass as the epic threeway gobjob raged on.  At one point, Natalie was sucking his dick, Selena gobbling on his balls while Ariel tonguefucked his asshole. At another, it was Natalie with her face in his crack, Selena sucking at his head, while Ariel worked her whopping, great DD fuckjugs up and down his wang.  But whatever the formation, the girls sucked, slurped and tongued him to within an inch of his life; the Nordic hunk clinging to his load by a thread as he was ruthlessly set upon by a trio of horny A-list sluts.

Some 30 minutes and numerous configurations later, and Nils could hold off no longer.  The girls lined up before him as he prepared to shoot his load; every one of the celebrity babes aching to coax a creamy wad right out of his balls.  Ariel wrapped her mouth around his dick, her two friends sucking on his bulging nuts as she slurped greedily at his veiny shaft. She could feel his cock throb and pulse against her tongue as she sucked him; the lengthy pole beating like an athlete’s ticker as it prepared to shoot its goo. 

And then, he did just that.  An almighty roar bellowed from between his lips as a thick wad of gloopy, hot seed blasted from the tip and pooled in Ariel’s mouth like a murky lagoon.  The girls swapped the cum back and forth from mouth to mouth. Ariel passed it to Selena. Selena passed it onto Natalie. Then back to Ariel. Then Natalie.  Then Selena. Then back to Natalie. And so on and so forth, until all three of the celebrity babes had equal measures of the creamy, thick goo gathered in their pretty mouths.  They closed their lips in perfect synchronicity and swallowed down the cum; the A-list trio meeting for a threeway kiss to wrap up. 

Nils, however, didn’t see any of this.  In fact, the final drop of cum had scarcely dripped from the tip of his wang, when Malin Akerman gripped him by the arm and dragged him across to a nearby reclining chair.  She lay back across the padded surface; the blonde beauty using two manicured fingers to split apart her sticky pink pussy lips while beckoning him between her thighs with another. 

“Come on, baby,” she purred, fixing him with a look so sultry and alluring that no soul on God’s green Earth, male or female, could possibly say ‘no’ to it.  “Get down there and eat that pussy!”

No further invitation was required.  Nils knelt on the edge of the chair and buried his head between her bronzed MILF thighs like he an ostrich in the sand.  Malin reached down and placed a hand at the back of his head as he ate her out; the young stud scoffing at her slick, wet twat like he hadn’t eaten in days. 

“Over here,” she groaned, ushering Nils’ friend Elias and, more specifically, his big black cock, over as the Nordic hunk busied himself between her thighs.  “Gimme that dick!”

Malin tilted her head to the side as Elias approached; the Swedish actress feeding his coal-dark wang between her lips and sucking at the swollen head.  She reached down to fondle his balls; the randy starlet rolling the large black gonads around her palm as she worked her lips up and down his dong. A steady chorus of muffled, impassioned coos escaped her glossy pink lips as she sucked Elias’ wang; his friend and co-worker munching away at her sodden box like a man possessed, her sugary-sweet fluids smearing across his mouth as he went to town between her thighs.

In no time at all, he’d made her cum; the actress cooing around the long black cock engorged in her mouth as he tongued her to climax.  But Nils wasn’t done yet, and no sooner had the fair-haired starlet cum on his handsome face, was the young man up on his knees; the head of his dong pressed up against her dripping snatch as he prepared to feed it inside.  Without further delay, he did just that; Malin’s sticky, wet cooch damn near swallowing his girthy cock whole as he guided it in.

He worked his cock back and forth inside her; the chiseled Swede pulling it back so only the head remained, only to drive it forward once more, an additional linch of his veiny pole vanishing into her depths with each pass.  Meanwhile, at the other end, Malin was sucking away on Elias’ heavy black balls; the Nordic beauty stroking his cock while he dipped his nuts into her mouth like a teabag into water. By now, Nils had ahold of her ankles; the shredded hunk holding her long, waxed legs apart as he pounded her hot pink pussy, his bulging cockhead reaching and carressing the deepest parts of her cooch with each pass he took. 

Malin reached down to strum her clit, her other hand roaming up and down Elias’ wang as she sucked at the head.  The extra stimulation to her nether regions made the actress’ pussy clench extra tightly around Nils’ cock; her ultra-snug cooch threatening to wring every last drop of spunk from his balls every time he thrust into its sticky depths.  And it wasn’t long until it did just that. One final base-deep plunge into the recesses of her cunt was all it took. 

“Ugh! FUCK!” Nils bellowed, as a tidal wave of gloopy, warm seed shot from the hole in his dick, flooding Malin’s tight pink cooch like the Mississippi. 

Malin groaned around the dick in her mouth as he pumped her full of nut.  Nils pulled out of her pussy, thick globs of gooey, off-white seed slopping out as he did so.  But again, he was given little time to recover, and despite having just blown two verile loads of piping hot jism in less than 30 minutes, the shredded young hunk had scarcely retrieved his dick from Malin’s spunk-filled cooze when he was set upon by another set of horny A-list babes. 

This time it was the celebrity trio of Taylor Swift, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner who were gripping him by the arms and dragging him to the next vacant chair.  Nils laid back on the reclining chair and the girls mounted him. Taylor knelt over his head, setting her slick pink pussy down on his face, while Sophie squatted over his crotch in the reverse cowgirl position, guiding his still rock hard dong straight into her ass as she straddled his chiselled frame.  But that wasn’t all and, in case two A-list beauties mounting his muscled body wasn’t enough, Maisie crawled between his splayed thighs and started gobbling at his balls! 

Nils was on cloud nine; the handsome Swede almost buried alive under a pile of celebrity sluts as they went to town on his shredded form.  Taylor was perched on his face like a mother bird; her peachy, round ass smothering the Nordic stud to the point that he could barely breathe.  Meanwhile, Sophie was riding him like a bitch from hell; her tight pink anus venturing up and down his dong from the tip to the base, her ass clattering repeatedly against his pelvis as she hopped and bucked atop his muscled frame.  Maisie sucked on his balls one by one; the Brit actress slathering each of the swollen gonads in spittle as she switched back and forth from one to the next.

Nils moved his hands from Taylor’s back to Sophie’s ass; the chiseled hunk gripping her supple cheeks and holding her in place as drove his cock up into her rear.  Maisie moved up to Sophie’s clit; the brunette beauty tonguing at her friend’s swollen bud as Nils pounded her out from below, the Scandinavian hunk still scoffing at Taylor’s box and performing both actions with considerable aplomb.  He drilled Sophie’s ass like a jackhammer; every inch of his veiny, thick cock tunnelling into her rectum with each pass. Meanwhile, he lapped away at Taylor’s clit; her sticky, wet girlcum coating his lips and chin as he ate her out.

Before long, all three of the celebrity babes, and their chosen stud, were trembling all over.  Even Maisie, who was strumming her own stiff pink clit while tonguing at Sophie’s, was quivering from head to toe.  Sophie’s ass gripped around Nils’ dong. Taylor’s pussy juices smeared across his face. Nils made both women cum at the same time before letting loose himself; the burly young stud blasting a wad of spunk, every bit as potent and warm as the previous two, straight up Sophie’s rectum. 

Sophie climbed down from Nils’ body; the redheaded babe squeezing his load of gloopy Nordic seed out of her asshole and straight into Maisie’s mouth.  The three girls then gathered on their knees, swapping the cum to and fro before gulping it down. But it didn’t stop there and over the course of the next hour and a half, Nils reamed the A-list trio in every position, formation and configuration he could think of, the muscled hunk shooting his load up every one of the snug pink holes at every change over. 

At one stage, Maisie and Taylor were 69ing on the surface of the chair; the Swedish hunk knelt behind, plowing the brunette in the ass, while she and Sophie tongued at Taylor’s pussy.  At another, he had Taylor hoisted up in the standing position, his cock buried in her rear as he threw her up and down on his dong, Sophie burying her face in his crack, while Maisie was at hand to suck his meaty prong right out of Taylor’s ass.

To wrap up, Nils stacked the three women up one on top of the other and worked his way up and down the pile of sluts, fucking each one in turn before moving onto the next.  Once he’d travelled up and down the stack of starlets several times, the randy trio climbed down from the chair and gathered at his feet. Nils pulled his prong, now red raw from overuse, until yet another wad of seed shot from his tip and splattered across all three of their pretty, A-list faces in equal measure.   

Having just blown his sixth load in under three hours, Nils was headed to the side of the room for a much needed breather when a breathy, feminine voice stopped him in his tracks.

“You,” it said, “over here.” 

The voice came from a nearby chair that was ringed by his muscled colleagues and turned out to belong to Hayley Atwell.  Nils could barely see her through the gaps in the surrounding torsos, but she did appear to be in there somewhere; the buxom brunette currently accommodating a number of oversized cocks with various parts of her anatomy.  There was one in her pussy, one in her ass, one in her mouth and two more in her hands. But for a woman of such a shapely build, there was always room for one more and as Nils fought his way through the surrounding studs, Hayley released the cock from her mouth, informing the newest addition to her gangbang exactly where she wanted him to go.

“Get that cock between my tits!” she said.

And that’s exactly what he did.  Nils climbed up onto the chair and threw his leg over her midriff, slapping his cock between her cans as he straddled her curvy frame.  He squeezed her breasts together, thick bulges of the smooth, creamy white titflesh spilling through the gaps in his fingers as he wrapped them around his dong.  He sawed his dick between her juggies; funbags already nicely moistoned from the scores of titfucks she’d already given during the course of the orgy. 

From here on out, the guys rotated around Hayley’s body like planets in orbit; the Nordic studs moving from orifice to orifice, pleasure point to pleasure point as they ringed her voluptuous frame.  Nils’ friend Martin retrieved his long black cock from the depths of her pussy and another man entered. Nils himself prized his dick from between her tits and hopped down from the chair, standing at Hayley’s side so she could jerk him off, while another man took his place. 

The guys switched up position regularly, trying out a different part of Hayley’s anatomy in turn as they looped her buxom form.  Many rotations and formation changes later, and Nils finally found himself between her thighs; a large cock already ballsdeep in her rear as he stuffed her to the brim once more.  Nils and his buddy Sven humped and bucked in perfect unison; the chiseled pair driving their girthy twin dongs into the depths of her ass and pussy alike with each pass they took. Martin dipped his heavy black balls in her mouth; his big dark rod laying across her face while she jerked two others, a sixth meaty, thick prong plowing her huge rack. 

“Boys, I’ve got an idea,” Nils announced, the Swedish hunk lifting Hayley up off the chair, dick still embedded in her pussy as he hoisted her into mid air.

The guys gathered around her once more and vied for her second orifice.  A young black man named Joakim was quickest on the draw; the dark-skinned stud stepping up behind the stacked beauty and burying his dick in her ass.  Hayley held onto the two men for dear life as they wedged her between their bodies. They tossed her up and down between their chiseled frames; her huge cans flopping around uncontrollably as they speared her with their wangs. 

And Hayley wasn’t the only one being treated to a dose of hard dual dicking.  In fact, horny celebs were getting stuffed between pairs of muscled hunks every which way as the wild, all-star orgy reached its ardent peak.  Alicia Vikander. Selena Gomez. Daisy Ridley had a long, thick cock embedded in all three holes, while Emma Watson was taking two ballsdeep in her snatch.

“Yes!  Yes! Fuck me!” screamed Hayley Atwell as Nils and Joakim bounced her up and down on their dongs; their bulging, round cockheads tunnelling deep into both her tight pink holes with each pass.

The remaining four men pulled their throbbing pricks at the sidelines as they waited for their turn.  Nils was first to vacate; Joakim holding Hayley aloft as a second man took his place. The guys kept Hayley in this position for some time; the chiseled hunks taking turns on her both her holes until everyone had had at least one go in each.  Hayley was in seventh heaven; the chesty actress passed around like a homemade bong as she was sandwiched between a rotating cast of burly Nordic studs. Cocks of every shape, size and colour thrust up into her in pairs; colour combinations of white/white, white/black and black/black probing her snug pink holes, pounding her hard and making her cum over and over.

Numerous line changes and several minutes of deep double dicking later and the guys were ready to blow.  Hayley was lowered to the ground and the guys ringed her; their long, thick cocks pointed at her from all directions as they stroked them vigorously.  Martin and Sven stepped up first; the white stud clamping his dong between Hayley’s jugs and humping away, while his dark-skinned counterpart aimed his dick at her face and jerked it wildly.  Both men shot their wads at almost the exact same time; equally thick, equally creamy loads of boiling seed splattering across her face and raining down over the tops of her cans as they blasted her with their goo.

Three more men went next; two drenching her pretty face in further loads of the nut, while the other left gloopy blobs of spunk on the top of her head.  Nils was last and as he stepped up to the plate, Hayley was already coated in nut from her dome to her chest. Thick ropes of seed criss crossed across her face and over her rack, while long trails of the stuff dripped down from her chin, down her hair and along her breasts in equal measure. 

“Come on, baby.  Gimme that cum!” she purred, reaching up to fondle his balls as he beat himself off.  “Hose me down with that piping seed!”

Nils’ ejaculate came in three separate blasts.  The first splattered across Hayley’s bosom; coating the already cum-soaked tanks in yet more steaming, off-white goop.  The second struck her full in the face; leaving a thin spunky trail from her lips, across her nose, between her eyes and right up to her brow.  While the third and final shot past her face and chest entirely; the gooey blast leaving a streak of piping hot seed across the top of her head.     

With the final load shot and the last pair of balls drained, the girls gathered in the centre of the room; their bodies once more drenched in semen, while still more sloshed about in their filled up tummies and oozed from both their holes. 

“So, how did you like your stay in Stockholm, ladies?” asked Alicia Vikander.

“Oh my God!  Incredible!” exclaimed Felicity Jones.  “You girls sure do things differently up here in the North.  I’m not complaining though!”

The girls laughed.

“Yeah, I gotta find me a spa like this back in LA,” added Taylor Swift.  “This is a beauty treatment I can see myself getting on a regular basis!”  More laughter. “Matter of fact, I could do for another right now. How about it, boys?” she grinned, looking out across the sea of panting men.  “You ready for more?”

End of Chapter 41
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