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Chapter 9

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and ?


While the girls slept, Emma Watson’s band of hired caterers had been about their business once more.  The actress’ housekeeper had let them in around 9am and the team had been hard at work; prepping Miss Watson’s living quarters for a traditional English breakfast banquet.  Indeed, Emma’s large, neatly varnished dinner table had been stocked to near collapsing point with breakfast foods of every type, style and variety.

There were piles of sausages, stacks of bacon, fried eggs, hard boiled eggs, poached and scrambled eggs.  Jars of jam, jelly and marmalade beside mountains of freshly browned toast. Bowls of fruit. Tubs of yoghurt.  You name it they had it; the luxury morning meal rounded off with jugs of apple and orange juice, pots of rich coffee and every style of tea on God’s green earth.  And it should come as no surprise that the breakfast came with more than its fair share of booze; every coffee Irished with a splash of Jim Beam and each jug of OJ topped up with a hearty dose of Smirnoff.

The ladies woke in dribs and drabs, some showing the effects of the night before as they filtered into Emma’s lounge in their PJs; the plush living room a veritable ocean of bleary eyes, smeared makeup and dishevelled hair.  Not to mention tight sleeveless tops, skimpy cotton underwear, stiff, protruding nipples and panty-chewing camel toes. The girls took seats at the table; pouring themselves a morning screwdriver and tucking into the lavish spread, as they discussed the events of the previous evening.

“Wow!  What a night!” exclaimed Sophie Turner, feeding a spoonful of yogurt and berries into her mouth.

“Uh huh,” agreed Selena Gomez, sipping from her freshly mixed Applejack.  “You girls over here sure know how to throw a welcoming party!”

The girls laughed.

“God, you girls in the back of the limo,” said Emma Watson, pointing at both Natalie Dormer and Daisy Ridley.  “You were all over Ariel’s titties before she even had a chance to sit down!”   

“Well, can you blame us, Emma?” asked Natalie, reaching across and giving one of Ariel’s breasts a cheeky squeeze.

“No,” Emma grinned in response.  “No, I guess not.”

More laughter.

“Jesus, that poor driver,” said Felicity Jones.  “How long do you think it will take him to clean the squirt juices from the back of his limo?”

“Poor driver!?” Maisie Williams remarked.  “He got to watch ten hot celebs fucking in the back of his ride.  He’s probably been spanking himself senseless ever since!”

The girls fell about in fits of raucous cackling; the A-list beauties cracking jokes and exchanging stories between mouthfuls of food and swigs of Irish coffee.  All, that was, except for a pair of significant absentees. Indeed, the girls had been so distracted by the early morning booze and mountains of delicious food that they hadn’t noticed that two of their celebrity pals were nowhere to be seen.

“Hey, where’s Taylor and Hayley?” asked Selena Gomez, as she poured herself another drink.

Just then, the ladies each received a notification on their phones telling them that Hayley Atwell was live on Periscope.  The girls swiped at their phones in double quick time; their jaws nearly hitting the breakfast table as the live video engulfed their screens.

“Oh my God!” exclaimed Daisy Ridley.

“I don’t believe it,” added Emma Watson.  “Those dirty bitches!”

The video was shot POV-style by Hayley Atwell herself; the buxom babe laying back in her king size bed, groaning softly as, beyond the rolling hills of her heaving DD bosom and vast plain of her flat, toned midriff, Taylor Swift’s pretty face was buried between her thighs.  Small digitised hearts were rising from the bottom right of the screen as Internet users from across the globe tuned into the streaming video in their millions. On the left hand side, comments scrolled across the screen so quickly that the astonished celebs could barely read them.

Fuck! Christmas has come early this year guys!!

God damn! I’m gonna beat it so hard to this!!!

Holy shit! This is making me so fucking wet!

Soon enough, the girls started throwing their own comments into the ring; the millions watching on their phone screens jerking and strumming themselves harder and faster as a multitude of A-list starlets interracted with the live lesbian video.

Maisie Williams:
Yes Taylor!  Eat that pussy baby!

Taylor waved at the camera lens as she read the comment, the girls cheering from the living room in response.

Felicity Jones:
Play with those big titties, Taylor!

Taylor did as instructed; the blonde singer reaching up to fondle one of Hayley’s large, bulging breast as she tongued her sopping pussy.

Sophie Turner:
Use that dildo, girls!

The thick round head of a large black dildo could be seen creeping into the edge of the frame and Taylor gathered it immediately.  She fed it into her mouth; the sexy songstress sucking the long prostheic dong right down to the base before slowly retrieving it, every inch of its girthy plastic shaft slathered in her slick wet spittle.  Then, she aligned the tip of the jet black wang with Hayley’s tight pink slit and slipped it inside. 

Hayley reached down to strum her clit with her free hand as Taylor guided the thick, long dildo back and forth inside her; the fat plastic tip venturing deeper into her hot, wet snatch with each pass.  And as the video heated up, the comments increased even further in volume; randy viewers from all corners of the globe punching out responses as they spanked themselves wildly with their other hand.

I’ma pretend that’s my black dick in her pussy!

Fuck, you’re a lucky bitch Taylor!!

I’ve jerked off three times to this already!!!

And the celebs were still getting in on the action too; the A-list beauties firing out replies every bit as quickly and excitedly as their average Joe counterparts. 

Ariel Winter:
Yes! Fuck that pussy Taylor!!

Natalie Dormer:
Come on baby, make her squirt!

Taylor drove the long black dildo into Hayley’s twat with renewed intensity; the horny blonde plunging the girthy plastic dong right down to the base with each pass.  In response, Hayley kneaded her clit at an even quicker pace; her hand little more than a colourful, manicured blur as she strummed herself wildly for the camera. Then, as the comments rained in from celebs and regular folk alike, Hayley squeeld, her phone shaking in her hand as a jet of clear, wet squirt fluids sprayed from her throbbing cunt; the copious, violent blast hosing Taylor down from head to chest as she pulled the dildo from her slit.

Selena Gomez:
Damn, girls!

Oh Jesus! Please spray me with your cum Hayley!

Taylor, you’re the luckiest cunt on the planet!!!

“Wow!” exclaimed Daisy Ridley, the girls still glued to their phones as Taylor tossed the dildo aside and burrowed back between Hayley’s thighs.

“You girls thinking what I’m thinking?” grinned Emma Watson.

There was a moment’s pause, then the ladies leapt from their seats, hurrying hand in hand up their lengthy stairwell and across the landing to Taylor and Hayley’s room.  Hayley was cooing softly as Taylor ate her sopping cunt; the busty actress quickly training her phone on the bedroom door as it flung open. Emma and her gang of A-list pals burst into the room; giggling, squealing and shedding their clothes.  They hopped up onto the bed, the Periscope comments now entirely unreadable as they scrolled across the screen at lightning quick pace; the video garnering so many views that it nearly crashed the social media platform entirely.

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner knelt either side of Hayley Atwell; the GoT duo gazing into the camera lens as they sucked greedily at her tits.  Ariel Winter squatted on the floor behind Taylor Swift; the chesty starlet burying her face between the blonde’s peachy, beach tanned butt cheeks, as she in turn scoffed at Hayley’s dripping gash.  Elsewhere, some of the other girls were starting up live streams of their own; their respective videos accumulating as many viewers as Miss Atwell’s in a fraction of the time as word continued to spread across the globe.

Indeed, folks the world over were borrowing phones from parents, siblings and grandparents in an effort to follow as many of raunchy live streams as possible.  People were laid out on their beds surrounded by phones, computers, iPads and anything they could get their hands on; pulling themselves senseless as they watched the live lesbian orgy unfold.   

On the other side of the bed, Emma Watson and Ariel Winter were tribbing violently; the randy duo training their state of the art iPhones at one another as they ground and bucked their way to countless explosive orgasms.  Natalie Dormer was stood up against the bedroom wall; her phone pointed down at Felicity Jones as she tongued wildly at her swollen clit. Daisy Ridley had Selena Gomez bent over the edge of the bed; the Brit actress filming on her phone as she pounded her American friend with a long pink strapon.


To put it lightly, Taylor Swift and her Periscope streaming shenanigans had gained some considerable traction the world over, and nowhere more so than aboard United Airlines Flight 69.  Indeed, one of its passengers had been glued to the unopened toilet seat for the past hour; the beautiful, large chested woman frigging herself to countless orgasms as she watched the live feed play out.


After an hour of constant live streaming and countless orgasms from their stars and viewers alike, the X-rated Periscope feeds started to come to an end; leaving men and women across the globe with painful wrist injuries and third degree friction burns from excessive and rather overzealous masturbation.  The girls laid across Taylor Swift and Hayley Atwell’s comfy king size bed panting heavily as they recovered from their third rampant all-girl orgy in a little over 12 hours.

“Wow!” declared Maisie Williams; the brunette breathing heavily as she spooned with Ariel Winter.  “What a way to start the day!”

“Uh huh,” Natalie Dormer agreed, planting kisses on Taylor Swift’s neck as she held her in her arms.  “Better than breakfast, that’s for sure.”

“OK, girls,” said Emma Watson, leaping up from the bed with a renewed spring in her step, “who’s up for some sightseeing?”

End of Chapter 9
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Can't wait for the reveal of the mystery woman!  This story just gets better and better!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Chapter 10

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and ?


Once they’d recovered from the latest bout of rampant group fucking, Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and their celebrity pals headed for Miss Watson’s numerous walk in showers.  The ladies clambered into the large cleaning units and rubbed one another down with a cocktail of sweet smelling soaps before returning to their luxury guest rooms to towel off and pick out their attire for a day of London sightseeing.

The girls reconvened in Emma’s living room; all ten of the A-list beauties kitted out in their finest summer gear, from paper thin dresses to skimpy denim short shorts, tight white vest tops to designer shades.  A limo pulled into Miss Watson’s lavishly landscaped driveway; the driver from the night before seeming to have recovered from his masturbation-induced coma as the girls funneled into the back of his car.

The ladies chatted, laughed and sipped champagne as the limo crawled through the streets of London.  First on the itinerary was Buckingham Palace and as the limo approached the iconic royal building, the girls were pleasantly surprised to see the famous black gates part like the Red Sea and the limo roll on inside.

“We’re going in?” asked a bemused Taylor Swift as she swigged from a glass of champagne.

“Not in the building,” Emma Watson replied, “but we’re allowed on the grounds.  I pulled some strings,” she added with a grin.

“Right, yeah…’strings’,” Taylor quipped, as the gate closed up behind them.

The limo parked up and the ladies climbed out; gazing in awe at the wondrous structure as they strolled across the forecourt.  But wherever the girls went, mischief seemed to follow, and it wasn’t long before the girls were up to no good on the grounds of the royal home.  Indeed, a row of guards were lined up at the East Front, and it didn’t take long for Taylor, Emma and their celebrity chums to single out a handsome young custodian named Liam, his iconic bright red coat doing little to obscure the broad, well-muscled body that lay beneath. 

It started off innocently enough; the girls snapping pics of one another beside the chiseled guardsman, kissing him on the cheek or lightly caressing his barrel-like chest.  But in no time at all, the ladies were on him like hungry lionesses; the band of A-list hotties using every one of their collective charms in an effort to break the guard’s famously impenetrable straight-faced facade. 

Soon, a new post appeared on the Instagram feed of @selenagomez; the image depicting the lucky young guardsman, stony faced as ever, as Daisy Ridley ground her ass against his crotch.  Wow! These guys really never smile, huh? [followed by peach, guard and castle emojis] read the accompanying caption.  However, if Liam’s face gave no hint of his growing enjoyment, other parts of his anatomy certainly did.  In fact, the guard’s dick was swelling to such an extent that it looked as though he had a Burmese python slithering down his trouser leg.

And it didn’t stop there.  Over the next hour or so, Instagram was bombarded with a whole host of X-rated posts as Taylor Swift and their celebrity cohorts had their wild way with the endowed young stud.  Next, a video was posted to the account @maisie_williams; the clip depicting the chiseled guardsman, fuzzy black bearskin cap removed, as his handsome face was buried in Ariel Winter’s bulging, canyon-esque cleavage.  After some time, the young man was let up for air; his face still expressionless as his oversized cock continued to grow and swell in his pants.

Before long, a crowd of spectators had gathered at the gates of Buckingham Palace, some clutching expensive cameras with lenses like long black traffic cones that took them right up to the heart of the action.  Soon enough, social media was awash with images from the baying crowd as Taylor, Emma and their A-list pals took things to the next level; the horny band of celebrity sluts determined to coax a smile out of the chiseled guardsman if it was the last thing they did.

By now, the girls were surrounding the custodian like schoolyard bullies.  Some were behind him; nibbling his earlobe or kissing his neck as a legion of manicured hands roamed up and down his shredded torso.  More still were squatted at his feet; cooing like ringdoves as they pawed at his throbbing crotch.  Before he knew it, his belt had been unbuckled, his trousers tugged down and his cock sprung free. 

The ladies were on his dick in a flash; the horny celebs sharing his girthy dong in their twos and threes as X-rated images continued to swarm social media from the girls, their spectators and even the man himself.  Indeed, Liam had opened Snapchat and shot a pic of Felicity Jones and Emma Watson sharing his swollen balls while Sophie Turner went to town on his shaft.  He punched out a caption; Just another day at the office [followed by an eggplant and three girl emojis] and hit send.

30+ minutes of sucking, deepthroating and dick sharing later, one final image was posted to the feed of @taylorswift.  Selena Gomez, Maisie Williams and Hayley Awell were gathered at Liam’s feet; the bulging head of his long, thick wang poking out from Hayley’s whopping, chasm of a cleavage, as thick ropes of creamy, off-white seed spurted into Selena’s waiting mouth.  It’s not a smile, but we’ll take it [wink emoji] read the accompanying caption; the young man’s usually handsome face contorted in all kinds of unsightly ways as the A-list trio coaxed every ounce of spunk from his swollen, low-hanging balls.  With the young guard thoroughly taken care of, the ladies returned to the limo; busting out the champagne once more as the driver set off for the next location.


A black stretch limo pulled up the curb outside a lavish 5-star hotel in central London.  The driver climbed out from the front seat and opened the rear door.  Shiny pairs of designer stiletto heels planted themselves on the sidewalk one by one as a procession of glamorous women filed out of the luxury vehicle.  They crossed the plush lobby; turning heads left, right and centre as they approached the reception desk.  The girls were directed to the penthouse suite on the top floor where their host was said to be waiting for them.  They piled into the elevator; men and women throughout the posh lobby finally picking their jaws up off the floor as the doors slid closed and it began its ascent. 


A woman was sat on the edge of the king size bed in the luxurious penthouse suite; a broad, devilish grin stretching across her pretty face as she scrowled through Taylor Swift’s Instagram profile and hit ‘like’ on the latest post.  Just then, there was a knock at the door.  The woman set down her phone and rose to her feet; her round, shapely ass swaying from side to side in her figure hugging dress as she crossed the penthouse floor.  She opened the door; a band of gorgeous British celebs gathered in the yawning portal.

“Hey there, ladies,” said the woman, grinning naughtily from ear to ear.  “You girls are right on time.”

End of Chapter 10
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Chapter 11


After a long day’s sightseeing with her celebrity chums in the nation’s capital, Emma Watson’s hired limo pulled into the driveway of her luxurious West London home a little after 7.30pm.  During their jaunt across the streets of London, Emma and friends took in no fewer than five of the city’s top tourist attractions.  A plethora of obscene images were posted to Instagram profiles and Twitter feeds alike as Miss Watson and her A-list cohorts got into all kinds of X-rated mischief on the streets of London town. 

One such post graced the feed of @arielwinter.  The picture was shot aboard a capsule on the London Eye; a breathtaking view of the city visible in the background as Taylor Swift whipped up the hem of her skimpy summer dress, flashing her bare ass for the camera.  What a view [heart eyes emoji] read the accompanying caption, the raunchy post receiving a host of comments from Miss Swift’s celebrity pals, back home in the US.

carrieunderwood And London doesn’t look bad either [wink emoji]

yelyahwilliams [three peach emojis]

haileesteinfeld Where was my invite, bitch!?! @taylorswift

Another picture was posted to the account @sophiet.  This particular image was shot in a selfie style by Miss Turner herself.  The redheaded starlet rolled her pretty green eyes at the camera lens; she and her girlfriends’ once civilised picnic completely abandoned behind her as her celebrity pals broke out into a rampant all-girl orgy in the middle of Hyde Park.  Can’t take these sluts anywhere! [eye-roll emoji] read the caption beneath, the image again drawing a number of comments from the girls’ A-list chums.

chloegmoretz Yes! You go, girls! [tongue emoji]

cassadeepope Now that’s what I call a picnic!

mileycyrus Stay right there, ladies. I’ll be on the next flight! [plane and Union Jack emojis]


The girls filed out of the limo and into Emma’s home; the A-list beauties hitting the showers once more as they readied themselves for a party so wild and untamed it would make their gathering of the evening before look like a night at the library.  Once cleaned and dried, the ladies re-applied their make up and re-did their hair, before squeezing themselves into a selection of the tightest, skimpiest dresses the world had ever seen.  It really was a sight to behold; the scene a rolling plain of carefully styled hair, shimmering pink lip gloss, designer dresses, spindly stilettos and expensive jewelry.  Not to mention beach-bronzed skin, chasm-esque cleavages, long, slender legs and peachy, round asses.

The ladies gathered in Emma Watson’s lounge, where her diligent band of caterers had been hard at work once more.  The lavish spread had been replenished; Emma’s dining table stacked with sumptuous foods of every type, variety and country of origin for as far as the eye could see.  And it didn’t stop there.  No- in fact, Miss Watson’s bar had been stocked and restocked with more gallons of booze than the local brewery.  There were fine wines from across the globe, bottles of vintage champagne and spirits from vodka to rum and whiskey to gin, while every brand of beer known to man cooled in ice buckets throughout the luxury abode.

And, of course, there were drugs.  Lots and lots of drugs.  As a matter of fact, illicit substances and their associated paraphernalia lined nigh on every surface across the plush living space.  There were weed grinders, rolling papers, bongs and Zippo lighters.  Bricks of every strand of marijuana on God’s green earth.  Pills so colourful and exotic looking, the most experienced pharmacists the world over couldn’t identify them and enough pounds of Colombia’s finest to make Pablo Escobar blush.

The ladies took to the plush leather sofas; passing around joints and swigging from their drinks as the final celebrity gathering of their wild London weekend got underway.  Music blared, liquor flowed and stories were swapped; the girls downing shots, popping pills and passing around heaps of Bolivian cocaine as they traded tales of marathon fuck sessions, 12 inch cocks and 20 person orgies like a nymphomaniacs’ support group. 

“So, there I am,” said Emma Watson, puffing away on a joint as she regaled her celebrity cums with a sordid tale from her past, “his 10 inch cock balls deep in my ass, about to cum for the  fifth time when the door swings open and his girlfriend’s stood in the open doorway.”

“Oh my God!” laughed Natalie Dormer.

“Was she mad?” asked Selena Gomez.

“Mad?” Emma replied, billowing a thick cloud of smoke from between her shiny pink lips.  “Bitch asked to join in!”

The girls laughed hysterically.

“A guy walked in on me blowing his dad once,” declared Daisy Ridley, the brunette grinning as she popped a pill in her mouth and swallowed it with a shot of sambuca.

“His dad?!” exclaimed Maisie Williams.

“Yep.  He was probably like 45, but could’ve passed for his brother.  Really muscular, really hot.  And they both had huge dicks so I couldn’t decide between them.”

“So,” said Ariel Winter, “which one did you choose?”

“Who says I picked just one of them?” Daisy replied.  “I’ve got two holes, haven’t I?”

The girls fell about in fits of laughter; so loud they could scarcely detect the sound of the doorbell over their bursts of raucous cackling.

“Ooh, you hear that, girls?” asked Emma Watson, leaping excitedly from her seat.  “Sounds like our guests are here!”

End of Chapter 11
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Chapter 12

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell and Daisy Ridley


Emma Watson hurried through the lounge, across the hallway and towards the front door as quickly as her spindly stiletto heels would carry her.  She opened the door, beaming with excitement as, waiting patiently on her driveway were a band of the biggest, burliest, best-looking British studs the city of London had to offer.  There were 12 of them, seven white and five black; the gang of chiseled hunks plucked from all four corners of the nation’s capital, from Hackney to Hammersmith, Lambeth to Islington

They wore skinny fit jeans, button down shirts and expensive sports wear.  Nike and Adidas high tops. Football jerseys from Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.  They had neatly trimmed beards and designer stubble; their hair a mixture of freshly buzzed fades, careful styled partings and greased up slick backs.  And they were shredded. Shredded beyond belief; Emma’s driveway a vast sea of bulging biceps, rippling six packs and slab-like pectorals. Not forgetting stylized tattoos, beach bronzed skin and protruding trouser bulges.

“Hey, guys,” said Emma Watson, grinning coquettishly from the open doorway.  “Glad you could make it.”

She stepped aside and the men filed on in; each of ripped English hunks meeting the actress with a warm embrace and cheeky squeeze of her svelte little ass as they entered her luxury home.  Emma led them through to the vast open lounge where her friends had gathered; the A-list beauties on tenterhooks as they awaited their arrival. 

“Ladies,” Emma announced as her band of chiseled studs followed her into the plush living room, “say ‘hi’ to the boys.”

“Hi, boys,” said the girls in perfect unison; the horny celebs looking the young men up and down like a pack of wolves eyeing its prey.

Emma took the two nearest men; one white and one black, by the hands and led them across to the couch.  She parked her ass on the four seater sofa and the guys flanked her on either side. Their friends followed suit; all 12 of the ripped young hunks nestling between pairs of A-list babes, some of the ladies offering up their seat to a handsome British stud before hopping up onto his lap and wrapping an arm around his hulk-like shoulder blades.

With the male guests now in tow, the party could really begin.  Drinks were sipped, shots were necked, joints were passed and pills were popped.  Heaps of cocaine were circling the room like cars on a racetrack; the partygoers handing the mountains of white powder back and forth like Pass the Parcel.  They racked up lines with platinum credit cards, snorting them up through rolled up £50s; party guests, both male and female, hoovering up enough thin white trails to make Whitney Houston blush.

And it didn’t stop there.  One man dumped a vial of Bogota’s finest across Ariel Winter’s heaving, milky white cleavage and snorted it up; the chiseled stud burying his handsome face in the depths of her rack for good measure.  Natalie Dormer popped a pill on the tip of her tongue and passed it onto the guy beside her; the ripped young hunk swallowing it down with a shot of ouzo. And Miss Dormer and her chosen stud weren’t the only ones getting a feel for each others’ mouths.  Before long, party guests were locking lips throughout the luxury living space; girls and guys, girls and girls, you name it.

Daisy Ridley was straddling a handsome young black man; the brown-haired beauty grinding her crotch lightly against his swelling groin as they made out passionately on the sofa.  Elsewhere, Taylor Swift and Felicity Jones were flanking a lucky chap from either side; his hands grasping their twin sets of shapely round ass cheeks as they engaged in a threeway kiss. 

And that was just the beginning.  Soon enough, clothes were shed from male and female torsos alike.  Sophie Turner practically tore off a young man’s football jersey; the redhead grazing his chiseled torso with her well-kept nails as they swapped tongues like a pair of randy teens.  Two men, one white and one black, helped Hayley Atwell out of her enormously-cupped bra then sucked greedily at her rack; the buxom babe groaning softly as they feasted on her fantastic DD funbags. 

And on and on it went.  Before long, boxers were removed and panties whipped down; the all-star bash soon descending into little more than a booze-soaked, drug-fuelled celebrity slut suckfest as men and women alike devoured each other’s genitals like feeding time at the zoo.  Selena Gomez was on her knees, slurping away on a long black cock, while Miasie Williams squatted beside her jerking off a white dude while she guzzled hungrily at his balls.

But it didn’t end there, and soon enough partygoers, both male and female, were ganging up on those of the opposite gender like workplace bullies.  Emma Watson was laid back atop her comfy cream sofa; a black guy busying himself between her thighs as she sucked on a fat white dong. Natalie Dormer was knelt on the carpet; her pretty blonde head moving swiftly from side to side as she worked over two long, thick cocks, the randy starlet swallowing each of the oversized wangs right down to the balls before moving onto the next.

Elsewhere, Ariel Winter and Daisy Ridley were squatted before a tall black man; the dark-skinned stud sawing his dong between the American’s big, fat tits while her English counterpart caught the emerging head in her skilled, wet mouth like a game of Whac-A-Mole.  One man was laying back on a reclining armchair; Taylor Swift sucking his dick as Hayley Atwell sat on his face, while another had no fewer than three A-list beauties gathered at his feet; Felicity Jones and Maisie Wiliams gobbling on his balls while Selena Gomez took care of the shaft.

Back at the sofa, Sophie Turner was perched on the edge of a comfy, leather-bound cushion; a white guy called Aaron and a back man of Jamaican origin named Kemar stood before her, their equally large, uncut pricks clasped in her manicured hands.  She worked back and forth from one to the other; her vibrant red locks whipping violently from side to side as she moved from cock to cock, sucking heartily at each one before switching to the next. 

Sophie moved her hands to their muscular thighs; the guys gripping handfulls of her hair as they guided her pretty pink mouth up and down their dongs.  She went at both cocks with equal gusto; the horny actress sucking each of the girthy, hooded schlongs right down to the balls and back, slathering every inch of their thick, veiny shafts in her slick wet spittle as she went. 

The guys cooed and groaned like wounded animals; the burly young studs reaching down to grope her perky tits as they were sucked six ways from Sunday by the auburn starlet.  Sophie could feel their cocks throbbing and pulsing between her lips; both of the chiseled hunks threatening to lose their loads as she worked them over with her mouth. She released Aaron’s dick from her mouth; the redhead vigorously beating both of their fat, girthy prongs and licking her lips naughtily as she addressed the trembling studs. 

“You gonna cum for me, boys?” she asked, her hands roaming up and down both of the spit-slicked shafts in perfect synchronicity.

“Uh huh,” the guys groaned in unison.

“Come on then, guys,” said Sophie, tilting her head back and gaping her glossy plump lips as wide as they would go.  “Fill my mouth with that creamy, hot spunk!”

They didn’t have to be told twice.  Aaron and Kemar stroked their lubed up wangs like there was no tomorrow; their equally round, equally swollen dickheads throbbing and pounding as they prepared to shoot their goo.  Aaron went off first; his thick load of warm off-white seed blasting between Sophie’s lips, only to be joined a second later by another as Kemar shot his own wad of gloopy hot semen straight into her gaping maw.  She played with it with her tongue; the horny starlet sloshing the rich jizzy cocktail around her mouth before closing her lips and swallowing it down.

“Mmm!”  Sophie murmured, taking both pricks in her hands and lapping up the last drops of cum from the open tips.  “Thanks, boys. Now,” she added, sitting back and spreading her legs; the randy redhead splitting open her sticky wet pussy lips with her fingers, “who wants to go first?”

End of Chapter 12
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Chapter 13

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell and Daisy Ridley


Aaron and Kemar’s eruptions in Sophie Turner’s gaping, cum-thirsty mouth ignited what can only be described as a tsunami of thick, warm spunk across Emma Watson’s luxury living room.  Indeed, men were going off like rockets left, right and centre; the chiseled young studs blowing wads of creamy, off-white semen into any waiting mouth or over any pretty face or perky chest within spitting distance. 

Miss Watson herself took a load in the mouth; the brown-haired beauty swapping the cum back and forth with Felicity Jones before swallowing it down.  Daisy Ridley took one full in the face, while Hayley Atwell jerked a guy to completion with her whopping great breasts; the shredded hunk prizing his dick from her tight, wet tit tunnel before he blasted his load all over them. 

And so on and so forth.  But regardless of how hot and thick a load the ladies received, they were always hungry for more, and no sooner had a handsome young man shot his creamy wad, had he been pushed down onto the nearest surface and mounted like a thoroughbred.  Ariel Winter was hopping up and down on a white guy’s lap; her enormous D cup jugs nearly knocking the pair of them unconscious as she bucked and bounced atop his chiseled frame.  Meanwhile, Taylor Swift was laid out on her back; the randy blonde kneading her throbbing clit as a burly black stud drilled her balls deep with his long dark cock.

Elsewhere, Natalie Dormer was knelt on the edge of a large, white futon, in the face down, ass up position; the fair-haired starlet burying her pretty face between Maisie Williams’ thighs, while a man named Connor plowed her tight pink pussy from behind.  Connor had his hands on her shapely hips; the ripped young stud humping wildly as he drove all nine of his thick, girthy inches into the recesses of her twat, his round, swollen dickhead probing her g-spot with each pass.  At the other end, Maisie had a handful of Natalie’s hair; the brunette offering cooed words of encouragement as her GoT co-star licked her sopping gash. 

“Yes, that’s it, baby,” she groaned.  “Eat that fucking pussy!  Make me cum on that pretty face of yours!”

Natalie scoffed at Maisie’s snatch like she hadn’t eaten in days; the horny blonde tonguing at her pulsing clit with the skill and finesse of a girl-girl only pornstar, despite taking the pounding of a lifetime from the shredded hunk behind her.  Indeed, Connor was going at her pussy like there was no tomorrow; his pelvis clattering repeatedly with the actress’ peachy round ass cheeks as he drove his dick to the hilt with each thrust. 

And Connor wasn’t the only one finding himself with two A-list sluts at his disposal.  Indeed, Emma Watson and her celebrity pals were tag-teaming unsuspecting males like WWE starlets, and everywhere you looked famous beauties, both English and American, were swapping cocks back and forth like vintage baseball cards.  One man was laid back across the sofa; Sophie Turner’s tight pink pussy perched on his face while Selena Gomez rode his lengthy cock.  Emma Watson and Daisy Ridley were 69ing on the floor as a black man prized his cock from Emma’s sopping wet gash; the dark-skinned stud offering it up to Miss Ridley to suck clean, before returning the oversized dong from whence it came. 

Back at the futon, Natalie Dormer, Maisie Williams and their chosen stud had switched up formations.  Now, Connor had the GoT starlets stacked up like pancakes; their twin sets of shapely round ass globes thrust out invitingly, one on top of the other, for his delectation.  He plowed away at Natalie’s pussy; the chiseled hunk working two fingers back and forth in Maisie’s own tight, warm gash as he did so. 

Despite having shot his load not 15 minutes before, Connor could feel a fresh wad of thick, piping hot semen churning away in his low-hanging balls.  His fat, long cock twitched and throbbed as he fucked Natalie from behind and, before long, the burly Brit was clinging onto his load for dear life each time he thrust into the depths of her snug pink snatch. 

Therefore, in an effort to delay in orgasm, Connor prized his dong from the vice-like grip of Natalie’s hot wet pussy and plunged it straight into Maisie’s; the ripped young stud treating the brunette to a single pass of his long, girthy cock before returning it to Natalie’s box once more.  He rinsed and repeated this process for some time; the endowed young Englishman switching his cock back and forth from hole to hole until it had sufficiently settled. 

Then, the randy trio changed positions once more.  Maisie climbed down from atop Natalie’s toned frame and lay down on her back; the blonde straddling her girlfriend’s supine body and setting her dripping wet pussy down on her face as Connor aligned the tip of his dong with her slit.  He pushed forward and drove it in; Maisie releasing muffled groans from beneath Natalie’s crotch as his thick, veiny prong invaded her sodden gash.

Connor rocked back and forth, working his lengthy prick to and fro inside Maisie’s box; the chiseled hunk feeding an additional inch of his fat, uncut dong into her tight pink cooch with each pass.  Before long, he was going at her balls deep; the British stud leaning forward to make out Natalie as he banged her brown-haired friend.  Natalie sat back atop Maisie’s face and reached down to play with her perky tits and tease her erect nipples; the randy blonde dripping volumes of her sugary sweet girlcum into her friend’s mouth as she ate her out from below.

Connor grabbed his phone and opened Snapchat; the shredded hunk shooting a picture as Natalie writhed and ground on Maisie’s face, his long, thick cock half submerged in the brunette’s snug wet pussy.  He posted it with the caption; Game of Bones [followed by an eggplant and two maiden emojis] and tossed his phone aside.

And Connor wasn’t the only guest at the rampant all-star bash posting his exploits across social media.  Indeed, all across the luxury living room, phones were being brandished by men and women alike; the wild partygoers snapping themselves and their peers in a number of exotic poses and uploading them in their dozens.  A black guy shot a picture of himself and another dark-skinned stud double teaming Taylor Swift.  She looked into his camera lens with glazed over, cockdrunk eyes; the randy blonde sucking his long black cock while his friend drilled her out from behind.  The image was plastered across Instagram within seconds, with the caption; Temporary blackout at #TaylorsBigBritishBash [followed by two black man and one white woman emojis].

Another pictured appeared on the feed of @wellhayley; a POV image shot by a black man, his thick dark cock clamped between Miss Atwell’s big, jiggling juggies as a white guy plowed her balls deep from the other end.  Please can we hold #TaylorsBigBritishBash every year, @taylorswift? [followed by two eggplants and a praying emoji] read the accompanying caption.

Over at the futon, Natalie Dormer and Maisie Williams had formed a 69; Connor pounding away at the brunette’s gash while her fair-haired friend tongued at her swollen clit.  Natalie looked up at Connor; her pretty face screwed with lust as Maisie ate her pussy, the blonde beauty licking her glossy pink lips with desire as she eyed up the thick, glistening cock sliding in and out of her friend’s box.

“Mmm, yeah, gimme that dick, big boy,” she purred.  “I wanna taste her pussy off that cock!”

Connor did as requested; the ripped young stud prizing his dong from the depths of Maisie’s snatch and feeding it to Natalie.  She swallowed it down to the balls right off the bat; the fair-haired starlet sucking greedily at the oversized dong, her longing for the thick slab of man meat only heightened by the saccharine sweet coating of her girlfriend’s pussy juice. 

By the time Natalie released it from her mouth, Connor’s cock was literally dripping with saliva; the blonde actress polishing the giant wang with her greedy maw like she was cleaning it for inspection.  Connor returned it to Maisie’s pussy and got back to work; the chiseled hunk plowing away at her hot wet gash like his life depended on it, regularly yanking it free and plunging the long, thick dong between Natalie’s lips to keep from losing his load.  But, soon enough, even this method was rendered fruitless and as Natalie sucked his wang straight from her friend’s pussy for the upteenth time, Connor realised he could hold off no longer.

“Shit, I’m gonna...I’m gonna...UUUUHHH, FUUUCCCKKK!!!” he bellowed, the young man unable even to prize his dick from Natalie’s greedy mouth before it erupted between her lips; the copious blast filling her maw almost to the brim with his hot, gooey seed.

Natalie retrieved his tender schlong from her mouth and crawled to the opposite end of the futon to share the spunk with her friend.  Maisie opened her mouth in wait of gloopy cumwad and Natalie released it a long, thin trail straight between her lips.  The girls passed the cum back and forth several times, being careful not to spill a drop, until they both had equal portions pooling in their slutty mouths.  Then, at exactly the same time, they swallowed their shares of cum; the randy duo signing off with a hot open mouthed kiss as their chosen stud stood panting before them.

“Damn, girls!” Connor exclaimed.  “That was incredible.  Right,” he went on, gripping his still hard cock at the base, “who wants it in their arse?”

End of Chapter 13
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Digging the ramp up of this story!  Things are about get even crazier!  Love it.

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Chapter 14

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell and Daisy Ridley


After the latest wave of cumshots the partygoers took a short break; chiseled studs and A-list sluts alike grazing the buffet, downing a shot or taking a bump of coke as the wild celebrity bash moved into its third hour.  With their energy levels replenished, the guests got back down to business. Felicity Jones was perched on the edge of the sofa, sucking a thick black cock right down to the balls, while Ariel Winter was knelt beside her with her; her thick, round ass thrust up in the air as a white guy tongued her tight pink butthole.  And it didn’t end there. Indeed, there were heads bobbing at crotches and burrowing between butt cheeks throughout the plush living room as the horny partygoers lubed up dicks and assholes alike for the all-out anal extravaganza that was to come. 

Without further ado, they got to it; the party guests adopting a number of different sexual positions as the rampant all-star orgy raged on.  Hayley Atwell straddled a burly young black guy in the cowgirl stance; his handsome face buried in the depths of her bust as she bounced on his long dark cock.  Sophie Turner, meanwhile, had opted for the spoons position; the randy redhead laying on her side on the thick shag carpeting, a tall white stud sprawled out behind her, driving his fat, girthy cock into her rectum.

Kingsley, a young black man of Nigerian parentage, was sat back atop a comfy white armchair; his large dark hands grasping Selena Gomez’s shapely hips as the lusty Latina hopped and bucked atop his chiseled frame, her snug pink asshole roaming up and down his girthy dark schlong as she rode him in reverse cowgirl.  Selena skipped and bounced atop Kingsley’s shredded black body like a bucking bronco. She worked her tight, round anus right up to the head of his thick African cock, before dropping back down; the sexy songstress taking an additional inch of the jet black wang into her large intestine with each pass.

Before long, Selena was taking all 10 of his fat, veiny inches up her butt; the actress-singer’s svelte little ass clattering repeatedly with Kingsley’s dark cobblestone abs as she performed perfectly executed squats atop his bulky frame.  And she wasn’t the only one with a colon full of prime British beef. Indeed, celebrity partygoers were taking oversized dongs balls deep in their rectums all across the luxury living space. Emma Watson was bent over the arm of the sofa as a ripped white stud reamed her snug pink ass with his cock.  A black man had Natalie Dormer cradled in his strong dark arms; his thick, swollen crown venturing into the darkest recesses of her colon as he threw her up and down on his dick. 

Over at the armchair, Kingsley gripped Selena Gomez by her peachy round asscheeks as he drove his cock up into her; the thick, girthy schlong wreathing through her insides as he pounded her out from below. 

“Yes! Yes! Fuck my tight fucking ass with that fat black cock!” she screamed, the Latin starlet kneading her clit as he drilled her back door.

Selena strummed her pulsing pink bud like there was no tomorrow; her pretty face screwed with lust as Kingsley drove all ten of his veiny, dark inches into her rectum, his unfathomable girth stretching her asshole like it was made from elastic.  She quivered all over; every pass of his giant black dong into the depths of her intestine making the Hispanic beauty tremble from her expensively styled hair right down to her neatly pedicured toes. 

“Oh, fuck!  I’m gonna cum!” Selena mewled; the actress-singer rubbing her clit at a frankly alarming rate as Kingsley drilled her ass from beneath.

One more pass was all it took.  Kingsley buried his big black cock in her pipe; the British stud holding her in place as a torrent of clear, wet girlspunk blasted from her cunt, hosing down anything and anyone who got in its way.  And the squirting didn’t end there. In fact, A-list sluts were spraying like water features left, right and centre. A tall white dude held Taylor Swift aloft by her beach tanned thighs; the shredded hunk bouncing the blonde singer up and down his girthy, uncut cock until she blasted her effeminate fluids like a high velocity water cannon.  Elsewhere, Daisy Ridley was bucking and writhing atop a black man’s muscled frame; the randy brunette working her tight round butthole up and down his long dark wang until she sprayed violently across the luxury room.

Meanwhile, Selena and Kingsley had switched up positions.  Now, he was stood upright, cradling Selena in his big dark arms as he threw her up and down on his dick; the ripped young hunk guiding her snug pink asshole right up to the head, before dropping her back down to the base with each pass. 

“Ugh! FUCK!” she screamed; the actress-singer throwing her head back, her arms wrapped around his hulk-like shoulder blades as the chiseled black stud speared her on his massive dong. 

Then, he lifted her up; his bulging biceps straining as he suspended the Hispanic beauty in mid air and drove his dick up into her, his pelvis clattering against her asscheeks as he drilled her rectum with his cock.

“YES! YES! YES!” Selena squealed; the Latin songstress using the smacking together of their toned, athletic bodies as a pace setter for each orgasmic screech. 

They kissed passionately; the randy duo looking as though they were trying to eat each other alive as they rutted like animals in the plush living space.  Kingsley pummeled her with his cock; the long dark wang snaking through her colon like a black mamba as he threw all 10 of this thick, veiny inches deep into her insides.  Selena’s asshole squeezed his girthy schlong like a ligature; his balls swelling and churning as her tight pink anus threatened to wring every last drop of semen out of his cock.  Kingsley held out until he could no longer; the dark-skinned stud lifting Selena from his dong like she weighed next to nothing and setting her down on the floor. She dropped immediately to her knees; Kingsley’s large, winking tip pointing directly at her face as he stroked his pulsing wang.   

“Yes, come on, baby!” Selena purred, reaching up to fondle his big, spunk-churning balls as he jerked himself off.  “Shoot that fucking load all over my face!”

The Latina’s lewd dirty talk was the final incentive he needed; the ripped black hunk pulling his girthy prong at a furious pace until a jet of off-white semen shot from the open slit.

“UUUUHHHH!!!” he roared; his dick going off like a fire hose as he blasted a thick, copious load (his fourth of the evening) across Selena’s face.

It went everywhere; over her lips, across her nose and between her eyes, while more of the creamy, hot goo streaked her dark hair and dripped from her chin. 

“Wow!  That was quite a load!” Selena exclaimed, looking up at the dark-skinned stud as she caressed his swollen balls.  “Think you’ve got any more for me?”

End of Chapter 14
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Chapter 15

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell and Daisy Ridley


As clocks struck midnight across the city of London, Taylor Swift’s big british bash continued into a new day; partygoers both male and female still going strong as the wild all-star soiree rolled on into the early hours.  Maisie Williams was perched on the edge of an armchair; a tall black man stood before her, cooing like a wounded animal as she sucked his long dark cock right down to the balls. Ariel Winter was cradled in a white man’s strong, muscular arms as he bounced her up and down this thick, girthy schlong, her snug pink pussy lips venturing from the head right down to the base with each motion.

Meanwhile, Emma Watson was laid back on the plush leather couch; her long legs spread lewdly, her expensive stiletto heels pinned back almost to her ears as a ripped black stud named Leon worked his giant dong back and forth insider her rectum.  Beside her, Taylor Swift straddled a young white man named Craig; her tight, round asshole roaming up and down his dong as she rode his muscled frame. Emma reached down to rub her clit; the Brit actress staring a hole through her dark-skinned partner as he plowed away at her rear, the chiseled youth working all 10 of his fat, girthy inches into her intestine with each pass. 

“Yes! Fuck me!” she cried, the horny starlet growling like a hungry lioness as Leon’s giant cock drilled her back door.  “Pound my arse with that fat black dick!!”

By now, Craig was holding Taylor still atop his supine frame; the blonde singer screaming like a banshee as he drove his long, thick cock ballsdeep into her rear. 

“Oh, yes! YES!!!” she squealed as he plowed her from below.  “Fuck that tight fucking ass!!”

Taylor leant forward to make out with Emma; actress and singer alike locking lips as they took a combined 20 inches of uncut British meat up their rectums.  Leon was going at Emma’s peachy, round ass like a jackhammer; the dark-skinned hunk pulling his long black cock back so only the head remained before thrusting forward once more, driving his girthy schlong right down to the base each time.  Emma strummed her clit wildly as Leon probed her back door; his lengthy dong reaching the darkest recesses of her colon with each pass, her pussy pulsing like an athlete’s ticker until…

“AAAHHH!!! FUUUCCCKKK!!!” she screamed as a vicious blast of clear, wet juices sprayed from her snatch, hosing down Leon’s well muscled torso as he pounded her tight white ass.

In the meantime, Taylor and Craig had changed positions.  Now she was straddling him in the reverse cowgirl stance; the randy songstress squatting lewdly atop his bulky frame as he drove his giant cock into the depths of her colon. 

“Fuck! Yes!” she cried, looking back at Craig as he impaled her snug pink hole.  “Keep fucking that ass! You’re gonna make me cuuuuum!”

And then she did just that.  One more deep plunge of Craig’s long thick dong into her intestines was all it took to ignite a powerful orgasm from within her athletic frame.  A torrent of girlspunk, every bit as copious and violent as Emma’s moments before, jetted from Taylor’s cooch, spraying wildly across the room and over her fellow partygoers.

Leon pulled his cock from Emma’s butthole; the veiny black wang glistening with her ass juices and dripping with girlcum as he prized it from her rectum.

“Suck it clean, girl,” he said, stepping up in front of Taylor with his girthy prong grasped at the base.

Taylor licked her lips as she eyed the big black dick, the blonde singer leaning forward and wrapping her lips around the shaft.

“Yes, Taylor!” Emma exclaimed, rubbing her stiff clit as she watched her A-list friend suck the thick dark schlong straight out of her asshole.  “Clean that dick up, baby!”

Taylor needed little encouragement in that department.  Indeed, she was sucking at the long black pole like a woman possessed, the randy popstar polishing the girthy shaft like priceless silverware.  And the ass to mouth action didn’t end there. In fact, women across the plush living space were choking down long, thick cocks straight out of any asshole in a three foot radius. 

Felicity Jones clambered off the stud that was ballsdeep in her rectum; the brown-haired beauty dropping to her knees before him and sucking down his giant dong in the blink of an eye.  Selena Gomez prized a black dick from Sophie Turner’s asshole; the lusty Latina swallowing the long dark wang down to the hilt before returning it from whence it came. 

Back at the sofa, Leon pulled his dick from Taylor Swift’s drooling mouth; thick ropes of saliva dripping from the shaft as he did so.

“Wanna get filled up, baby?” he asked, holding his thick, wet cock menacingly at the base.   

“Yes!” Taylor barked in response.  “Get that big black cock in my tight white pussy!”

She sat back atop Craig’s shredded frame, her heels nearly piercing the leather couch cushions as she spread the thighs lewdly, beckoning the black stud to enter.  Leon was happy to oblige. He stepped up; aligning the tip of his wang with his wang with Taylor’s moist slit and guiding it inside.

“Uhh! Sweet Jesus!” Taylor gasped, the blonde singer cumming on the spot as a second thick, girthy prong thrust up inside her.

From here on out the guys showed her little mercy; the chiseled duo slamming their cocks ballsdeep inside her with each pass.  Taylor kneaded her clit wildly; the randy songstress climaxing over and over as 20 inches of veiny fuckmeat probed her snug pink holes.  And she wasn’t the only one getting a deep dual dicking from a pair of burly British studs. In fact, A-list sluts were getting DP’d left, right and centre; duo’s of black and white men alike drilling the tight orifices of any celebrity party guest that took their fancy.  Hayley Atwell was getting fucked in both holes by a pair of ripped black hunks, while Daisy Ridley was getting the same treatment from a couple of their light-skinned friends; the brown-haired duo cumming repeatedly as twin sets of girthy long fuckrods pummeled them into next week.

Over on the couch, Emma Watson was knelt beside Taylor Swift and her pair of studs; the brown-haired beauty strumming her throbbing clit while she made out with Leon, Taylor or anyone she could reach.  Taylor was on cloud nine as she was plowed in both holes; the perfectly synchronized thrusts of white and black dick alike hitting her g-spot and reaching the deepest recesses of her colon with each pass. 

But Craig and Leon weren’t done with her yet and, without a single word of warning, they rose to their feet, taking Taylor’s slender frame with them as they did so.  Taylor slung her her arms around each of their broad shoulder blades; the horny blonde making out with the chiseled duo one by one as they went at her orifices once more.  Emma squatted between their legs, sucking at their twin sets of bulging, spunk-filled balls as they threw her fair-haired friend up and down on their dongs.

“Yes!" Taylor screamed, throwing her head back as two large, girthy cocks probed her ass and pussy alike.  “Yes! Fuck my slutty holes! YES!!!”

She came again and again; the randy singer soon losing count of how many orgasms she’d achieved as she was bounced up and down on the pair of long, thick prongs.  Every so often, the guys would prize their cocks from her snug pink holes, offering them up to Emma to suck clean before feeding them straight back inside. This went on for some time; the pair of endowed young Englishmen going at Taylor’s equally tight fuckholes until their cocks started to twitch and their balls began to churn.

“You gonna cum for me, boys?” Taylor asked, the horny songstress feeling their dicks throb and pulse inside her.

“Uh huh,” the guys groaned in unison as they yanked their dicks free from her holes and lowered her to the ground.

Taylor dropped to her knees; Craig and Leon flanking her on either side as they stroked their giant cocks.  She tongued at their leaking dickholes one by one, the horny blonde reaching up to fondle their swollen balls as they pointed their dongs at her face.  Craig came first; the ripped young hunk blasting one side of Taylor’s face with a torrent of creamy man goo. But Leon wasn’t far behind, and no sooner had his light-skinned counterpart shot his wad, had the burly black stud followed suit.  Before long, nearly every inch of Taylor’s gorgeous features had been covered with streaks of off-white seed as Leon blew his piping hot load over her face. 

But it didn’t remain that way for long and within seconds of the chiseled duo emptying their balls, Emma was on her fair-haired friend like a flash.  She licked up thick streaks of cum from her face; some of which she spat into Taylor’s mouth, while others she gulped down her self. In no time at all, Taylor’s face was as clean as ever and the pair locked lips, swapping the last helpings of spunk back and forth before swallowing them down.

“Mmm! Yummy!” Emma exclaimed, licking her pouty pink lips as she savoured the last of the seed.  “Ok, boys,” she went on, gripping their quivering dicks in her soft, dainty hands, “now it’s my turn!”

End of Chapter 15
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Chapter 16

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell and Daisy Ridley


Taylor Swift trained the camera lens of her state of the art iPhone XS on Emma Watson’s pretty face; the brown-haired beauty scoffing away at Miss Swift’s hot, wet twat as she streamed the final leg of her all-star British orgy live on Periscope.  Underneath Emma’s squatting frame, Craig’s ripped, well muscled torso could be seen; his large, manly hands gripping the brunette’s svelte ass as he drove his cock up into her pussy. Millions around the world were tuning into the live video by the second; other celebs and regular folk alike typing out a litany of comments as they masturbated furiously with their other hand.

Elle Fanning:
Fuck! This is so hot, girls!

Taylor, PLEASE let me eat your pussy like that!!!

Maren Morris:
Goddamn, this is making me so wet!!

Then, as the viewer count continued to rise and the comments rained in, Leon stepped into frame; long black cock in hand as he knelt on the couch behind Emma. 

Jana Kramer:
Oh my God! That fucking COCK!!

Lucky motherfucker!!!

Oh shit! Watson ‘bout to get BLACKED!!!

Leon pressed the tip of his giant wang against Emma’s winking asshole.  He pushed forward slightly, guiding the swollen brown head inside; Emma’s anus splitting open and wrapping tightly around his girth as he entered.  Taylor aimed the camera up at Leon’s torso to reveal that he too was filming the rampant group fuck session; the chiseled black stud with his own expensive iPhone pointed down at Emma’s ass as he guided his thick dark cock back and forth inside it. 

Taylor punched out the link to Leon’s stream and posted it to her adoring followers.  In the blink of an eye, millions across the globe were hunting high and low for anything with a screen on which they could watch the second video.  Laptops, iPads, other people’s phones. Some people caught in traffic were even prodding desperately at their GPS in some vain hope of watching it on there.  Before long, Leon’s broadcast was garnering nearly as many viewers as Taylor’s, and people around the world were staring intently at both their assembled screens as they watched the live double angled fuck film play out.

Dude you are the KING!!!

Hayley Williams:
Fuck! This stud’s cock is ENORMOUS!

Leon gripped Emma’s ass with a strong black hand as he clasped his phone in the other.  He worked his dick back and forth inside her rectum; the ripped young hunk feeding an additional inch of fat dark fuckmeat into her colon with each pass.  Emma cooed and groaned; her pretty brown eyes rolling into the back of her head as she feasted on Taylor’s box, a combined 20 inches of girthy, vein-encrusted cock probing her tight twin holes.

“Yes, baby!” Taylor purred, placing a hand at the back of Emma’s head, and filming with the other, as she munched on her dripping twat.  “Eat that fucking pussy while you take those dicks!”

And Taylor and Leon weren’t the only ones sharing the wild group sex shennanigans with the world.  Indeed, live streams were starting up throughout the plush living room and soon enough there wasn’t a single sex act taking place in Emma Watson’s luxury London home that wasn’t being broadcast to millions of horny viewers across the globe.  One man was sat back in an armchair; the lens of his iPhone pointed down at his crotch as Natalie Dormer sucked his 10 inch wang. Sophie Turner and Selena Gomez were 69ing on the floor while two men; one white and one black, filmed from both ends as they ploughed away at their snug pink holes. 

Before long, office workers on the other side of the globe were risking a swift dismissal as they blew up the live celebrity fuck streams on their giant computer screens.  Some even pulling themselves off under their desks as they watched the remaining broadcasts on an array of ‘borrowed’ cellphones.   

I just got fired for frigging one out to this at work.  Totally worth it!!

I can hear my boss beating off to this as we speak.  Might go and join him!

Back at the couch, Craig and Leon were going at Emma’s holes like their lives depended on it; both of the burly British studs drilling their cocks ballsdeep into her tight pink orifices.  She came over and over as the swollen heads of their equally long, equally thick schlongs snaked through her colon and probed her g-spot with each pass; the brown-haired starlet, in turn, dishing out more than her fair share of orgasms as he tongued avidly at Taylor’s dripping gash. 
Taylor fixed Leon in a demanding stare, the blonde beauty pointing a lengthy-nailed finger at him from across the couch.

“Gimme that dick!” she instructed, the randy singer cooing softly as Emma licked her out.  “I wanna taste that big black cock right out of her ass!”

Leon didn’t have to be told twice.  He prized his dick from the vice-like grip of Emma’s rear and walked to the other end of the couch; plunging his long dark wang straight into Taylor’s mouth.  Taylor pointed her phone lens at her face as she sucked on the oversized dong like a child with a popsicle. She took it right down to the base, the Periscope comments continuing to flood her phone screen as she slurped every ounce of sweet, tasty assjuice straight from the shaft. 

Hailee Steinfeld:
That’s it, Taylor! Clean that dick good, baby!

Miley Cyrus:
God DAMN! That’s a big fucking cock!!

And that was just the beginning.  In fact, people were commenting on each of the X-rated live streams in their thousands, the obscene broadcasts generating enough traffic and discussion to crash not only Periscope, but every other social media platform along with it.  There was a POV style stream of a black man plowing Hayley Atwell in the ass. A video of Ariel Winter tittyfucking a long white cock while Daisy Ridley sucked at the bulging head. Another of Felicity Jones getting stuffed full of uncut British cock; each of the illicit broadcasts garnering more online traction than the Oscars, Grammys and Met Gala combined.

Back on the sofa, Emma and her pair of studs had changed up formations.  Now, she was laid on her side atop the comfy couch cushions; the brunette nearly in the fetal position as she wrapped her arms around her knees, her peachy round ass sticking out over the edge as the two British hunks positioned their swollen cockheads with her tight twin holes.  Leon and Craig pushed forward in unison; the ripped young duo feeding their bulging prickcrowns into her pussy and asshole respectively.

“Ahhh! FUCK!!” Emma cried, the brown-haired beauty cumming on the spot as the shredded pair split her holes open with their cocks.

From here on out they showed her little mercy; the burly Brits thrusting back and forth in perfect synchronicity, feeding an additional inch of their thick, girthy wangs into her shell-pink fuckholes with each pass they took.  Taylor knelt beside Emma and kissed her passionately; the actress cooing and groaning as a pair of chiseled studs drilled her twin holes with their dicks. By now, the guys were going at Emma like there was no tomorrow; both of the endowed young Englishman slamming their dicks down to the hilt, filling her vagina and rectum alike to capacity as they drilled her snug pink holes. 

“Oh, fuck! Yes!” she screamed.  “Fuck my tight little holes with those fat fucking cocks!!”

The guys were doing just that and more.  In fact, they were tag-teaming Emma like professional wrestlers; the muscled duo pulling their cocks back in their respective orifices until only the head remained, before thrusting forward in perfect unison and driving their dicks right down to the base with each motion.  Emma came over and over, with nigh on every thrust into the depths of her holes igniting a violent, earth-shattering orgasm from within her svelte frame. Before long, Craig and Leon’s cocks were twitching and throbbing like nobody’s business, their twin sets of bulging, low-hanging balls churning with fresh wads of warm, thick spunk (their seventh of the evening, no less). 

“Oh, shit!” Leon exclaimed; his usually chiseled features contorted in all kinds of unsightly ways as he tried in vain to retain his load.

“Gonna cum!” Craig added, both men pulling their dicks from Emma’s holes and rising to their feet, jerking themselves wildly as they prepared to shoot their goo.

And Craig and Leon weren’t the only ones losing their loads, as men across the luxury living space blew their beans over any pretty face or stretch of beach tanned skin that took their fancy.  Maisie Williams took one to the face, while Hayley Atwell received a thick, gooey blast right across her heaving chest. One guy shot his load between Sophie Turner’s lips, while another plastered the cheeks of Daisy Ridley’s supple, round ass with his gloopy man mess.

Emma and Taylor hopped down from the couch and squatted side by side before them; the randy pair fondling their oversized balls and making out with each other as they awaited their spunky reward.  Then, they got just that. Twin jets of creamy, off-white seed shot from their winking tips; Craig firing his load straight into Emma’s waiting mouth, while Leon went for Taylor’s. 

But the girls weren’t done yet, and no sooner had the guys blown their loads, had they started sharing it out; the A-list duo swapping the cocktail of hot, gooey spunk back and forth like some kind of precious fluid.  Emma tipped her head back and Taylor spat Leon’s load into her mouth; the combined wads of thick, gloopy semen filling her maw nearly to the brim as she held them between her lips.

They repeated this process several times; the girls swapping the cum to and fro like pass the parcel until they both had equal measures pooling in their gaping mouths.  They swallowed them down then met for a kiss; the girls swapping tongues like Christmas gifts as they savoured the last of the spunk. Men collapsed onto the nearest couch or armchair; some palming their stinging, red raw pricks after 6+ hours of endless, non-stop rutting.  The girls gathered in a circle; locking lips and licking cum off each other’s breasts as the mammoth group fuck session finally came to an end. 

“Wow, girls!” panted Taylor Swift.  “You Brit bitches throw one hell of a party!”

“Mmhmm,” Emma Watson agreed, “we sure do!  We’ll have to come to you next time, Taylor,” she suggested.

“Anytime you like, baby!” Taylor replied.  “And if you think these guys are well hung,” she grinned, “wait ‘til you see what we’ve got in the States!”

End of Chapter 16
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Chapter 17

Starring: Everyone!


A procession of black cabs pulled up to the curb outside Emma Watson’s plush West London home; the shiny vehicles poised to ferry the actress’ exhausted male guests to all four corners of the sleeping city.  With their male counterparts departed, the ladies paired up and headed for the showers; the A-list beauties washing the sweat, cum and squirt juice from each other’s bodies before retiring to Miss Watson’s numerous luxury guest rooms. 

But they weren’t done quite yet and no sooner had the naughty celebs climbed into Emma’s vast range of comfy king size beds, had the all-star X-rated mischief commenced once more.  Indeed, a variety of sapphic sex acts were taking place on every second floor room in Miss Watson’s swanky London pad. 

Ariel Winter went down on Natalie Dormer.  Daisy Ridley was tribbing with Felicity Jones.  Maisie Williams and Hayley Atwell were 69ing. Emma Watson was drilling Sophie Turner with a long black strapon, while Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift worked their way through every one of the large, exotically shaped sex toys in both of their designer suitcases; the randy duo using them on every erogenous zone and inserting them into every hole available until the sun came up.  Finally, and with Emma’s next door neighbours already leaving for work, the girls called it a night; the A-list babes passing out in each others arms after nearly 10 straight hours of rampant, ceaseless fucking. 


Taylor Swift’s alarm woke her with a start at noon the next day.  The bright midday sun crept through the expensive velvet drapes in Emma Watson’s lavish guest suite as the blonde singer prodded wearily at her phone to cease the obnoxious blare.  Miss Swift awoke that afternoon as she often did; hungover and horny, the pounding in her head only bested by the incessant, unremitting tingling between her thighs.

She turned over in her bed; the popstar’s shimmering blue eyes falling on a profile view of Selena Gomez’s pretty face as she lay on her back beside her.  Selena rubbed at her bleary eyes; the Latin songstress every bit as tired and hungover as her Caucasian counterpart as she woke from her deep sleep.

“Morning,” said Taylor, running a hand across Selena’s taut midriff and up to her perky chest, kissing across her cheek and towards her lips; the blonde singer seeking a spot of early morning (or, in this case, early afternoon) fun before joining the girls for breakfast.

“Uhhh,” Selena groaned, swatting Taylor’s hand away like a pesky fly as she turned onto her side and pulled the pristine white bed sheet over her head.

Taylor gasped, her mouth gaping in astonishment.  Had she just been...rejected? For sex? Her!?  She couldn’t believe it.  Well, if Selena wasn’t going to tend to her morning horn, then she’d have to do it herself.

“Hmmpf!” Taylor exclaimed, turning onto her side in a huff.

She reached for her phone and opened Twitter; the fair-haired songstress sure she would find some images for the previous evening to appease her raging libido.  She went straight to the list of worldwide trends, expecting to see, as it always was the day after one of her celebrity soirees, her name at the top of the heap.   

Taylor did an almost comical double take; the singer rubbing her ocean-blue eyes in astonishment as she scrolled desperately through the list of trends.  Her name was nowhere to be seen. And not just hers. Not one of Emma Watson, Hayley Atwell or any of her A-list chums were present on the roll of topics.  Instead, a host of other UK celebs dominated the lengthy list. Emilia Clarke. Nathalie Emmanuel. Saoirse Ronan. Hannah Murray.   

Taylor could scarcely comprehend what she was seeing.  The hashtag the ladies had been using throughout their all-star get together, #TaylorsBigBritishBash, was also nowhere in sight.  There was, however, a similarly titled topic at the top of the list; #TheBigLondonOrgy. Well, that had to be it. Taylor thought it odd that her adoring fans would use an alternative hashtag to live tweet one of her parties, but it really was the only explanation. 

She clicked on it; her facial expression morphing from shock to absolute horror when she realised that #TheBigLondonOrgy was the official hashtag of another wild A-list bash.  Her screen was filled with obscene, high-res images of a second band of British starlets engaging in a host of sex acts even crazier and more illicit than hers.  Kaya Scodelario was fisting Karen Gillan. Imogen Poots was feeding a thick black buttplug into Emelia Clarke’s ass, while Nathalie Emmanuel reamed Hannah Murray’s rectum with a long, thick strapon. 

And it wasn’t just the sex acts themselves that were widler and more extreme.  In fact, the whole vibe of the celebrity get together seemed fiercer; more beastial and untamed and, as Taylor scrolled through the seemingly endless sequence of obscene posts, videos started to appear of the girls choking each other, slapping each other, pulling one another’s hair. 

And that was just the beginning.  Soon enough, males started to make appearances in the X-rated snaps; men with even bigger muscles and longer, girthier cocks than Taylor’s band of studs.  And what this gang of A-list sluts were getting up to with these ultra-chiseled, horse-hung hunks made Taylor’s little celebrity gathering look like a church tea party.

There was a video of Saoirse Ronan on her knees, hands behind her back; a shredded young hunk gripping a handful of her golden hair as he guided his long, fat prick ferociously back and forth between her lips.   A second clip featured Karen Gillan; a tall black man pulling her vibrant red locks as he pounded her peachy round ass with his cock. And it didn’t stop there. There was rimming and tromboning. Sexual positions that even the most flexible of Olympic gymnasts would have struggled to pull off. 

Men came, not only on faces and chests, but inside vaginas and assholes too, sometimes both together.  Imogen Poots had a two dicks in her mouth at the same time. Kaya Scodelario took a pair of cocks balls deep in her pussy, while someone even had two in their ass!  It really was something else; a wild, no holds barred A-list fuckfest that made Taylor’s from the previous evening, and any that had gone before it, look like child’s play.   

Taylor was utterly despondent (though, she hated to admit, extremely horny).  She clicked back to the list of trends; the blonde beauty ready to set down her phone and frig one out before sleeping off her growing misery, when a second hashtag caught her eye.  At number two on the list of trends was #SlutX. Still dispirited, but more than a little intrigued, Taylor tapped on said hashtag and pulled up the related posts. At the top of the screen was a link to a verified profile; @slutx.  Taylor opened it.

At the top of the profile was a small, round avatar of a woman in a latex Catwoman-style face mask and a matching bodysuit unzipped down to her navel to showcase her bulging canyon of a cleavage.  Beneath that, the large, emboldened words Slut X with a light blue tick beside them.  Taylor couldn’t believe what she was seeing.  Slut X, whoever she was, had only joined the platform a week before and already had 75.6M followers; nearly as many as her. 

She scrolled through the profile.  There weren’t many original tweets from the mystery woman, but there were plenty of retweets.  Exclusive pictures of her orgy posted by Karen Gillan, Nathalie Emmanuel and its other attendees; the illicit images cropped at the neck or heavily pixelated to obscure her identity.  And it didn’t end there. There were links to articles, YouTube videos and Periscope broadcasts with viewing figures that put Taylor’s to shame.

Move aside Taylor Swift, read the headline to an online article, there’s a new slut in town!  The next post was a link to a YouTube video recorded by a handsome young black man, entitled My Encounter With Slut X.  Taylor pushed play.

What’s up, guys.  ‘Sh’ya boy, Jaheim.  So, I’ma tell y’all ‘bout my encounter a couple weeks back with the brand new Internet phenomenon that is Slut X.  I’m gettin’ my groove on in this club in downtown LA, right, when this fine ass white bitch comes up to me and starts grindin’ her thick ol’ booty against my dick.  So, I’m like, ‘Shit! This girl hotter than a muh’fucker!’ and my cock starts getting hard in my pants. 

Then, she takes me by the hand, leads me to the restroom and pushes me into one of the stalls.  She drops to her knees, pulls out my dick; all 11 inches of that shit, and it sucks it right down to the balls!  I’m thinkin’, ‘Fuck! No bitch has ever eaten my dick like that befo’!’, and she pulls her lips back, right to the head, then does it again.  Straight down to the base. I ain’t never seen nothin’ like it, y’all. That shit was crazy. 

Then, she gets her big fuckin’ titties out, wraps ‘em around my cock and sharts bouncin’ ‘em up and down my shaft.  And I’m clingin’ onto my shit fo’ dear life, right, but her titties is too big, too soft, too supple and my dick erupts like a fuckin’ volcano all over them muh’fuckers!  And you’ll never guess what, y’all; this bitch is famous. Like, real famous. Now, I’d love to tell you who she is, but she said she’d come back and bite my dick off if I did.  And you know what, y’all, I think she meant it!

The sound of the video woke Selena once more and she rolled over onto her right.

“What are you watching?” she asked.

“Have you seen this?” Taylor replied, holding out her phone so Selena could see and skimming through the posts from #TheBigLondonOrgy and the list of worldwide trends.

“Right.  So what?”

“So what?!” Taylor barked.  “We’ve just had a giant, no holds barred orgy, plastered it across social media, and it didn’t even make the top trends!  While this one,” she went on, scrolling irately through the never ending chain of posts, “is fucking everywhere!”

“And?” Selena replied.  “Look, Taylor, did you start throwing these parties for the orgasms or the fame?  ‘Cause I think you’ve got enough of that already.”

“That’s not the point.  I’m the queen of orgies around here.  Me!” said Taylor, pointing a thumb at herself.  “And this Slut X bitch is trying to take my crown away from me!”

“Exactly...trying,” said Selena.  “There’s always gonna be imitators, girl.  You’ve been famous long enough to know that.  What you’ve gotta do is beat this Slut X skank at her own game.  Your own game.  Now,” she went on, taking Taylor’s phone from her and placing it on the mattress, “let me take your mind off it.”

Selena pressed her full, pouty lips to Taylor’s and slipped her tongue into her mouth, the blonde meeting it with her own.  Selena moved a hand down to Taylor’s chest; the Hispanic beauty groping one of her perky B cup mounds as they made out. She moved down to her neck; the lusty Latina kissing along her soft, fragrant skin and down to her left breast.  Selena tongued at Taylor’s erect nipple and bit it lightly before wrapping her lips around it; the randy songstress suckling on the stiff pink teat like a child at feeding time.   

She straddled Taylor’s naked frame; the actress-singer kissing down her flat, toned midriff until she reached her crotch.  Selena nestled between her legs; the Latin beauty wrapping her arms around Taylor’s beach bronzed thighs as he buried her head between them.  She shot out her tongue; the Hispanic hottie lapping at her friend’s swollen clit like a thirsty kitten. Taylor did her best to get into it. Selena’s cunnilingual prowess was second to none; of that she was well aware.  But even as her celebrity girlfriend used some of her best and most practiced moves on her dripping cooch, Taylor couldn’t take her mind off the obscene images on her phone screen, the list of trending topics that had completely ignored her rampant all-star orgy like it had never happened.  Then, the bedroom door swung open; the sudden interruption yanking Taylor back to reality like a bolt from the blue. 

“Hey!” yelled Emma Watson from the open doorway, a hand tucked discreetly behind her back.  “Stop fucking in here! You girls gotta get packed,” she went on, a palpable sense of urgency evident in her voice.

Selena emerged from between Taylor’s thighs; her glossy pink lips shining even further with the glistening mess of her girlfriend’s pussy juice.  “Why? Our flight’s not for hours. What’s going on?”

Emma whipped her hand out from behind her back; a number of first class plane tickets fanned out in her manicured mit, a wide, devilish grin stretching across her pretty face.  “We’re going to France!”

End of Chapter 17
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And here I thought the party was winding down.  You are doing a fantastic job with this!  Might be your best Taylor orgy story yet!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Chapter 18

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and ?


Taylor Swift and her celebrity pals were gathered in a swanky bar at Heathrow Airport as they awaited the call for British Airways flight 303 to Paris.  Ariel Winter, Emma Watson and the rest of the Brits were busy at one end of the bar; the band of A-list beauties hoovering up lines of coke (yep, they got it through security again) and necking shots and downing cocktails quicker than the bar staff could pour them.  Selena Gomez was at the other end; the Hispanic beauty flirting with a handsome barman as she nursed a vodka martini. 

Taylor Swift was sat by herself at a table in the corner; her freshly mixed Tequila Sunrise untouched on the varnished surface as she stared forlornly at a wall-mounted TV screen, a MILF-y BBC newsreader reporting on the all-star London orgy that had taken the world by storm.  Exclusive pictures of the wild celebrity bash appeared on the screen; its attendees in all manner of compromising positions as they were broadcast across the nation, and though the images were heavily pixelated, the partygoers identities were clear for all to see. Emelia Clarke.  Imogen Poots. Saoirse Ronan. The finest and most beautiful actresses the country had to offer.

The director cut back to the studio; the sexy newsreader caught red handed with her expensive stiletto heels splayed wildly across the desk, her frilly French knickers dangling from her ankle.  Her eyes were closed, her pretty face screwed with orgasmic lust as she violently strummed her pulsing clit to the alluring images. She opened her eyes, realising she was back on the air and quickly adjusted herself in her seat.

“Oh, err…,” she stammered, blowing loose strands of dishevelled blonde hair from her face, shuffling papers at her desk as though nothing had happened.  “Also in the news today, former Mayor of London Boris Johnson has been named…”

A second glass was placed down on the table next to hers, and Taylor looked to her right as Selena Gomez took a seat beside her.

“What have I told you about watching these news reports?” said Selena, taking a sip of her drink.

“I know, but…,” Taylor protested.

“But nothing!” Selena exclaimed, cutting her friend off mid-sentence.  “Listen to me, dwelling on this shit is gonna get you nowhere. Remember what I said, you gotta beat her at her own game.  Now, I’m going around back to suck that hot guy’s dick,” she declared, gesturing to the handsome young man behind the bar, “and you’re gonna join me.”

Selena gripped Taylor’s wrist and hauled her up from her seat; the blonde singer stumbling along in her expensive high heels as she was dragged across the airport bar.  Selena headed straight for a swing door behind the bar, pointing assertively at the barman as she passed.

“You,” she said, “come with me.”

The door swung shut behind Selena and Taylor as they disappeared into the kitchen, the barman following in behind them.  Selena gripped him by his white shirt and pushed him up against the nearest worktop.

“What was your name again?” she asked, running a lengthy nailed finger over the well-defined grooves of his slab-like pectorals.

“Ross,” the young man gulped in response.  His dark hair was parted neatly to the left, his chiselled features marked by a neatly trimmed beard.

“Well, Ross, my friend here has been feeling a little down in the dumps this afternoon,” said Selena, gesturing to Taylor beside her.  “I hope you have something to help cheer her up.”

Selena ran a hand past his rippling six pack abs and down to his crotch; the sexy songstress quickly finding the thick, lengthy bulge protruding from within.   

“Ooh, yeah,” she grinned, as she stroked the swelling lump, “that oughta do it!”

Taylor and Selena dropped to their knees before him; the Latina doing so with a good deal more purpose and enthusiasm than her light-skinned counterpart.  Selena unbuckled Ross’ belt and unzipped his trousers. She slid her manicured fingers under the waistband of his boxers; the actress-singer whipping the checkered smalls and his skinny-fit suit pants down in a single motion, his uncut 10 inch cock springing out like a jack-in-the-box.  Veins travelled up and down his girthy shaft like thick strands of ivy, while his swollen, cum-filled nuts hung between this thighs like big flesh wrecking balls.

“Oh my goodness!” gasped Selena as he gripped the oversized dong at the base; her deep brown eyes nearly popping clean from their sockets as she took in the full extent of his unfathomable length and girth.  “If this doesn’t take your mind off that Slut X whore, then I don’t know what will!”

Taylor smirked, the sight of the giant cock seeming to have had the desired effect.  She rooted through her expensive clutch bag on the floor beside her and took out her phone.

“Hold this, will you, honey?” she said, tapping away at the screen then handing the device to Ross. 

He held the phone aloft, seeing that Taylor had began a new Periscope broadcast and aimed it down at his crotch; his mammoth schlong engulfing nigh on every pixel of the crystal clear screen.  Taylor looked across at Selena; the blonde songstress grinning from ear to ear.

“Let’s show this bitch who’s boss!”

Taylor fed his swollen dickcrown into her mouth and bobbed her pretty blonde head; her full, pouty lips roaming up and down the length of his shaft like a glass elevator.  Meanwhile, Selena was taking care of the balls; the lusty Latina feeding one of the oversized gonads between her glossy, plump lips and sucking on it like a big flesh gobstopper.  Comments scrolled across Taylor’s phone screen in their hundreds as the stream’s view count started to rise. 

Chloe Moretz:
Wow! Room for one more, ladies?

What a lucky bastard!!

I had a dream similar to this a couple of weeks back.  My mom still hasn’t got the stains out of my sheets!!!

Taylor sucked at Ross’ meaty prong like a woman possessed.  She worked her lips right up to the hooded crown, before guiding them back down the shaft once more; the shiny pink pair accommodating an additional inch of his oversized dong with each pass.  She looked up at the screen, the randy singer grinning to herself as she read the array of comments; each and every one commending her world class, porno-grade suckjob skills.

Goddam! Look at her go!!!

Fuck! Swift can suck a dick!!

Carrie Underwood:
All hail Queen Taylor! Champion of the cockslurpers!!!

Well, almost all of them.  In amongst the sea of praise and compliments, one particular comment stuck out like a sore thumb.

Slut X:
Still got a little bit to go there, Taylor, but a valiant effort.  8 inches is nothing to be ashamed of ;)

The comment had worked exactly as intended and Taylor took the bait like a hungry carp.  She glared into the camera lens. Her skin reddened, her nostrils flared. Then, without missing a beat, she sucked Ross’ cock right down to the balls; her cute little nose nestling in his pubes as she held his prong between her lips.

“Oh, shit!” Ross exclaimed, his legs nearly buckling as Taylor choked down his 10 inch wang like it was nothing.

And she wasn’t done yet.  Taylor dug her long nails into his thighs; the irate popstar clinging so forcefully to the muscled limbs that she nearly broke the skin.  She bobbed and dipped wildly at his crotch; her head little more than a carefully styled blonde blur as she went at his mammoth dong. Her lips roamed from the head to the hilt with each pass; the pouty pink pair leaving behind thick trails of slick, wet spittle in their wake. 

She sucked and slurped, drooled and slobbered; the blonde singer going at the oversized prong like a chick on a mission.  The message was clear; if Slut X wanted to take her crown as Queen Whore of Cyberspace, then she wasn’t going to give it up easy.  Finally, and with much reluctance on her part, Taylor retrieved Ross’ cock from her mouth, his girthy shaft dripping with saliva as she passed it onto Selena.

“Suck it!” she ordered, damn near forcing the lengthy prick down her friend’s throat as she handed it over.  “And give me your phone.”

Selena did as instructed; the Latin singer sucking heartily at Ross’ dick as she searched her designer clutch bag.  Taylor snatched the phone out of her hand and swiped desperately at the screen until she found Periscope. She opened it up; the horny songstress circling around behind Ross’ shredded frame as she started up a second broadcast.  She pointed the camera at herself as she prized Ross’ ass cheeks apart and buried her face inside. Comments rained in at a quicker pace than ever before; randy viewers from across the globe punching out replies like their lives depended on it.

TaylorNailer: Oh shit! Swift getting NASTY!

Cassadee Pope: Yes, Taylor! Eat that ass, girl!

SwiftMan69: Damn! Looks like Taylor been learning the trombone!!

“Oh, fuck!” Ross cooed; the chiseled young stud quivering from head to toe as he was worked over from both sides by a duo of horny popstars.

At one end, Selena was sucking greedily at his cock; the Hispanic beauty swallowing the thick, lengthy prong right down to the base with each pass and fondling his big, swollen balls with her hand for good measure.  At the other, Taylor had her cute face buried between his ass cheeks; the kinky blonde burrowing into his hairy crack like an ostrich in the sand as she lapped at his anus. People around the world spanked and strummed themselves senseless as they watched the double angled suck stream. Taylor positioned Selena’s phone as best she could to really get into the heart of the action; those watching at home treated to a perfectly framed close up as she tonguefucked Ross’ asshole.

LongDickNick: How has this guy not cum yet?!  I’d have nutted 5 times already if that was me!

GomezGuy#1: I HAVE nutted 5 times already!!!

It was true; Ross was more than holding his own amid a relentless onslaught from blonde and Latina alike, but with every minute of ferocious A-list tag teaming that passed, the handsome barman could feel his resistance start to wear.  Indeed, each slurping, drooling, deepthroating pass of Selena’s magnificent mouth up and down his schlong, each probing motion of Taylor’s tongue in his asshole was bringing him closer and closer to the point of eruption. 

“Fuck!  I’m gonna cum!” he blurted out suddenly, both women dropping what they were doing at once and kneeling side by side before him in anticipation of his load.

Ross spanked himself violently; the muscled hunk pointing Taylor’s phone down at she and Selena as they awaited his creamy goo.  Selena reached up to fondle his balls, the A-list beauties making out before him as he prepared to blow his beans.

“UHHH!!! FUCKKK!!!” he bellowed; a thick torrent of creamy, hot spunk blasting from his prickslit and splashing across Taylor and Selena’s faces in equal measure. 

It went everywhere; their cheeks, their noses, over their lips, across their eyes, even in their hair; the excited viewers continuing to fire out comments at a staggering rate as Ross emptied his swollen balls for their enjoyment. 

Elle Fanning:
Wow! What a blast!

God, I’d love to be hosed down by that big fat COCK!

Got any more spunk in those big fucking balls, baby??

Taylor and Selena licked each other clean; both celebrity sluts swallowing down their gathered spunk and locking lips once more for the camera before signing off.

“Beat that, Slut X!” said Taylor.  She blew a kiss to the camera and the stream ended.


To say that the staff aboard British Airways flight 303 had their work cut out for them would have been putting it mildly.  In fact, the small team of stewards and stewardesses had been harried to the ends of the earth by Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and their celebrity pals since take off.  They refilled glass after glass with complimentary champagne; the band of flight attendants pouring so much of the expensive booze that they’d nearly ran out before they passed the White Cliffs of Dover.

Taylor Swift had just seen away her sixth glass of the journey when her phone buzzed on the table before her.  She picked it up; the drunken smile quickly fading from her features when she read the notification on her screen informing her that her online nemesis Slut X was live on Periscope.  She clicked on the notification. The video was filmed POV style by a black man as he lay back on a king size hotel bed. The shot was cropped tightly to his crotch as Slut X’s shapely, beach tanned ass hopped and bucked atop his supine frame; her tight pink pussy roaming up and down every inch of his girthy, footlong wang.  The caption below read; Challenge accepted, @taylorswift13.  Comments scrolled up the screen so quickly that Taylor could barely read them; the stream racking up a view count that made her BJ broadcast from Heathrow Airport look like amateur hour.

DAMN! Look at that thick white ass!

Shit! She bouncin’ on that BBC like a buckin’ bronco!!

Indeed, Slut X was hopping and writhing atop the black stud’s chiseled young frame like there was no tomorrow.  Her peachy round ass clattered repeatedly with his pelvis; every inch of his long, girthy cock vanishing inside her with each pass.  A steady chorus of coos and groans escaped his mouth from behind the camera; his dick starting to twitch and throb every time it disappeared inside the mystery whore’s snug pink cooch.  Slut X, though, continued to show her dark-skinned partner little mercy and as his dick started to pulse uncontrollably in her hot, wet snatch, she sat atop his shredded frame like a mother bird; the mysterious woman not budging until the young black hunk blew his load inside her. 

Damn, homegirl gettin’ filled UP!

FUCK! You lucky bitch!!!

Slut X climbed down from atop his chiseled frame; a gloopy mess of thick, off-white spunk slopping from her pussy as she prized his swollen dickhead from within.

“Fuck!” cussed Taylor Swift; the fair-haired singer clasping her phone so tightly that she nearly crushed it in her hand.  “OK, bitch, if that’s how you wanna play it.”

She rose from her seat and pointed at the nearest male flight attendant.

“You!” she said, loud enough that every passenger in first class could hear.  “You got a big dick?”

“Ermm, yeah,” he replied nervously.  “It’s...it’s pretty large, Miss Swift.”

“Good!” said Taylor, grabbing him by the hem of his waistcoat and dragging him towards the bathroom; the handsome young flight attendant spilling champagne over sitting passengers as he stumbled down the aisle.  “You’re gonna need it!”

End of Chapter 18
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The competition angle really adds a great element to this story, but I think I know who will cum out on top in the end!  Or at least I hope so.

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Chapter 19

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Eva Green and Lea Seydoux


Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and their celebrity chums wheeled their expensive suitcases through Charles de Gaulle airport’s bustling Terminal 1.  Waiting for them in the busy terminal were their tour guides, actresses Eva Green and Lea Seydoux; the French beauties holding a sign with ‘SWIFT’ etched across it in marker pen, alongside crude drawings of a champagne glass and an ejaculating penis, as they awaited their guests’ arrival.   

“Bonjour, bitches!!” shrieked an excited Taylor Swift upon sight of the Euro starlets; pert breasts of every size from B to DD jiggling gloriously as she and her friends hurried through the heaving walkway.

Heads turned left, right and centre as a host of glamorous celebs embraced one another in the airport terminal; their perky chests squishing together as they exchanged cheek kisses like it was going out of style. 

“Bonjour, ladies,” Eva Green replied in her almost impossibly sexy French accent.  “Hope you girls had a nice flight.”

“Well, Taylor certainly did,” quipped Emma Watson; the brunette making the sex gesture with her fingers.

The girls laughed.

“Well, you know me, ladies,” said Taylor with a smirk.  “God, I haven’t been to Paris in years!” she exclaimed.  “What do you girls have planned for us, huh?”

“You’ll find out in good time,” replied Lea Seydoux, a devilish grin stretched across her gorgeous face.  “But first, ladies, your carriage awaits!”

The girls headed for the exit, every set of eyes trained in their direction as they marched through the busy terminal; the scene a veritable ocean of carefully styled hair, golden jewelry and expensive cosmetics.  Not to mention skinny stiletto heels, scanty designer tops, belt-thin micro mini skirts and frayed denim short shorts.

Waiting for them in the pick up zone was a shiny white limo; the driver waiting by the open rear door to usher them inside.  The driver piled their designer luggage into the large trunk and returned to the front seat; the girls popping bottles of champagne as the car crawled through the parking lot and out onto the streets of Paris.  The ladies chatted and joked amongst themselves; the A-list babes swigging glass after glass of expensive fizz as they cruised through the French capital.

Before long, Snapchat and Instagram were awash with selfies as the band of beauties posed alongside one another, smiling warmly and kissing each other on the cheek as they snapped enough pics to fill a wedding album.  And it didn’t stop there.  With the liquor flowing in the back of the limo like the waters of the River Seine, things continued to heat up, and as the girls dusted off bottle after bottle of expensive champagne, it wasn’t long before they put the empty vessels to use.

Indeed, someone had suggested a game of spin the bottle; a proposal that was met with rapturous applause throughout the luxury vehicle.  An empty bottle was placed on the limo floor and the game got underway.  As leader of the pack, Taylor Swift went first; the blonde beauty leaning over and giving the vessel a hardy spin.  The bottle spun on its axis, quickly at first before eventually slowing; the neck rotating for what felt like an eternity before pointing at the pretty face of...Eva Green.

“Hmm,” Taylor smirked, “well, isn’t this one for the books?”

Eva grinned, blushing slightly as a series of loud whoops sounded out across the plush limo. 

“Oui,” she replied, “I suppose it is.”

“Come here, you,” said Taylor, beckoning the Euro starlet with a manicured finger and a look so alluring and sultry no creature on God’s green earth could possibly resist it.

The girls leaned in to the centre of the vehicle; closing their eyes and puckering their lips as they pushed them together.  An almost deafening cheer went up from the surrounding parties as a hot, impassioned meeting out the mouths took place before their very eyes.  Twin sets of equally plump, equally glossy pink lips smacked together; the girls swapping spit and exchanging tongues like gifts on Christmas morn as made out before their entranced audience.  Finally, and with every watching party wetter than monsoon season in the Amazon, the girls broke from their kiss; cleaning the smeared excess gloss from each others lips before returning to their seats. 

“Well, now I know why they call it French kissing,” Taylor quipped.  “Damn, you make out good, girl!”

Eva’s face glowed red as a host of A-list babes cheered and laughed around her.  But the game had only just begun and once Eva had composed herself, the French actress took her turn; spinning the bottle and locking lips with Daisy Ridley as its slender neck pointed in her direction.  From here on out the game quickly descended into little more than all out, girls only celebrity smooch fest, as A-list babes from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean pulled tongue in the back of the plush limo.  Ariel Winter and Natalie Dormer.  Selena Gomez and Maisie Williams.  Felicity Jones and Lea Seydoux. 

And that was just the beginning.  Before long, phones were brandished en masse; girls from all four corners of the luxury vehicle, snapping pics and shooting videos as their celebrity friends locked their luscious lips before them.  Soon, an image appeared on the Instagram feed of @emmawatson; a self shot picture of the Brit actress making out with Eva Green.  Doing our bit for Anglo-French relations [followed by kiss, Union Jack and French flag emojis] read the caption beneath; the post met with a slew of comments from Miss Watson’s celebrity pals.

mileycyrus Damn! International relations have never looked so good! [heart eyes emoji]

haileesteinfeld Now that is one Anglo-French summit I’d like to see!! [tongue emoji]

Next, a video was posted to the account @maisie_williams of Sophie Turner burying her face in Hayley Atwell’s bugling, creamy white cleavage.  Spin the bottle, @sophiet style [girl and melon emojis] read the accompanying caption.  And soon enough, it wasn’t just the ladies in the limo that were getting in on the action.  Indeed, thanks to the wonders of technology, A-list hotties from across the globe were plastering their own pics and videos of luscious, all-girl lip locking across social media; the Instagram feeds of a multitude of famous women providing teenage boys the world over with enough spank material to last them an entire month. 

Hope you don’t mind, @taylorswift, but we thought we’d join in, read the caption to a post from @chloegmoretz; a self-shot picture of the blonde actress making out with Elle Fanning. Greetings from Nashville! came a post from @carrieunderwood; a video shot from above of the fair-haired songstress engaged in a threeway kiss with Maren Morris and Cassadee Pope. 

And so and so forth.  The girls continued to snap pics and lock lips until they reached their journey’s end, or so they thought.  In fact, the all-star smoochfest continued long after the limo had parked up outside its destination; the ladies far too engrossed in their celebrity tongue pulling session to even notice that the vehicle had stopped.  The game of spin the bottle actually finished once the chauffeur had shot his wad; the horny driver watching the final few minutes of the all-girl make out extravaganza in his rear view mirror as he pulled himself off.   Once he’d cleaned himself up, the driver circled around to the rear of the limo and opened the door; the gang of A-list beauties filing out the car and gathering outside a large glass building.  Lea Seydoux pulled back the heavy door and ushered her girlfriends through. 

“After you, ladies,” she grinned.

On the inside, the building was a perfect pristine white; from the vacant reception desk, to the floor, to the walls.  It looked like a gallery of some kind and, indeed, a number of pricey-looking artworks hung from the snow-white walls. 

“An art gallery?” asked Taylor Swift, looking around with bemusement.  “Really, girls?  I mean, it looks nice and all, but it’s not really what I had in mind.”

“Relax, Taylor,” Eva Green replied.  “Trust me, you girls are going to like this.  Now, as I’m sure you’re aware, ladies, France is well known for its exquisite wine.”  There were murmurings of agreement from the surrounding women.  “So, as you can imagine, wine tasting is a very popular pastime here in Paris.”

“But,” Lea took over, “today we have a different kind of tasting that we think you girls are going to enjoy even more.”

A small round wooden disc fell from the wall behind them, the girls turning en masse as a circular hole no more than three inches in diameter appeared in the pristine surface. Then, gasps of shock and excitement sounded out across the large room as a long, thick penis was thrust through the hole in the wall. 

“You like that, girls?” Eva grinned.  “Bon appetit!”

End of Chapter 19
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