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Chapter 20

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Eva Green and Lea Seydoux


Taylor Swift and her A-list pals gawped listlessly at the wall of the Parisian gallery, their jaws dropping nearly to the floor as they stared in disbelief at the oversized dong; a thick, veiny behemoth that sprouted from the surface like a tree branch.

“What’s the matter, girls?” asked Eva Green.  “Never seen a gloryhole before?”

There was no response; the ladies still utterly transfixed by the lengthy prick protruding from the wall.

“Maybe you should show them how it’s done, Eva?” suggested Lea Seydoux, a naughty grin creeping across her face.

“Yes,” Eva agreed, “I think I better.”

She squatted before the wall, turning to address her friends as she gripped the cock around mid-shaft. 

“Wow!” she exclaimed.  “It’s a big one, huh, girls?  Looks to be about 11 inches to me.”

There was a brief paise.

“Well?” she asked.

“11.2,” came a muffled male voice with a panty-moisteningly thick French accent from behind the wall.

“Well, there you go.  Pretty close,” Eva grinned.  “And from the colour,” she went on, referencing the lengthy schlong’s milky coffee skin tone, “I’m guessing a North African country of origin.  Algeria?”

Another pause.

“Oui,” came the voice once more. 

“OK, so you American girls won’t be used to this, but this dick is uncircumcised,” she said, gesturing to the stretch of brown skin that hooded the swollen cockhead.  “Most in Europe are.”

“Oh, we know that,” Taylor Swift replied.

The other girls laughed.

“Of course,” said Eva.  “I should’ve known really.  Now, one of the key aspects of cock tasting is the aroma.  Nothing prepares you better for the taste than your nasal receptors, so its important to give it a good smell before you get started.”

She angled the dick upwards; pressing her face against the girthy shaft and giving it a hearty sniff.

“Mmm!” Eva murmured with pleasure.  “Nice and clean but with a rich, manly musk.  Just how I like ‘em! I’m also getting a hint of Calvin Klein.  I think our guy’s had a spruce up.” She sniffed again. “Escape?”


“OK, once you’ve taken in the full aroma, then it’s time to give it a taste.” 

She peeled back the foreskin; revealing the large, brown head in all it’s thick, bulbous glory.  A glob of precum pooled in the open slit and Eva shot out her tongue; the French starlet lapping at the tip like a deadly viper.

“Very rich,” she declared.  “Looks like we’ve got an extra verile one here, girls!”  She smacked her full lips as she savoured the taste of his pre-spunk.  “And also a little sweet. He must eat a lot of pineapple. Correct?”


“Right, well I’ve had my appetizer, ladies,” said Eva, “now I want the main course.  And just so you know, girls, swallowing during a wine tasting is very much frowned upon.  But with cock tasting,” she went on, “it’s actively encouraged!”

And with that she got down to business.  Eva wrapped her lips around the shaft and bobbed her head back and forth; the brunette guiding the pouty pink pair up and down the mystery man’s girthy brown shaft as she worked him over.  A steady chorus of muffled groans sounded out from behind the wall; the softened coos met with all manner of lewd sucking and slurping noises on the other side as Eva went to town on his dong. 

Her hands were rested on her thighs as she bobbed and dipped at the hole in the wall; the Euro actress chowing down on the length of Parisian pork like it was her last meal.  Eva’s lips roamed from the head to the hilt with each pass; her cute little nose pressing against the wall every time she swallowed the cock whole. Thick trails of saliva smeared across the shaft and dripped from the underside; the French beauty spitting and slathering, drooling and slobbering over the anonymous prong as she sucked it down to the base.

It wasn’t long before it started it started twitching and throbbing in her mouth, a refrain of loud, heavy breathing emanating from the other side of the wall as she worked the pulsing dong.  A few more passes was all it took; the breaths from behind the partition growing harsher and more rapid with by the second, the actress sucking, slurping, lapping, tonguing; the giant cock pumping against her tongue, until…

“UGH! MERDE!!!” came the voice from behind the wall as the dick went off; shooting a copious jet of rich, gloopy seed straight into Eva’s mouth.

She released the dick from between her lips; playing with the pool of spunk with her tongue before swallowing it down.

“Mmm! Magnifique!” she exclaimed, puckering her already full pink lips and kissing her thumb and forefinger in a display of appreciation.  “OK, girls, you’ve seen how it’s done,” she added, as several more holes appeared in the thin, white walls; cocks of every shape, size and colour thrust through on all four sides of the room.  “Now it’s your turn!”

The ladies dropped to their knees before the rows of anonymous pricks, Eva and Lea strolling across the room like exam invigilators; offering help and advice when required as their A-list chums got down to business.  Taylor Swift was knelt before a girthy black cock; the blonde singer smelling the long, thick wang as shown, when Lea Seydoux squatted down beside her.

“Wow!  That’s a dark one you’ve got there, Taylor!” she exclaimed.  “It looks West African to me. Care to guess at its country of origin?”

“Hmm, countries in Africa...” Taylor said, placing a manicured finger against her cheek as she pondered the posing question.  “Brazil?”

“Err...no,” Lea replied.  “It looks Senegalese to me.  Gosh, Taylor, you’re lucky you’re pretty!”

Taylor shrugged and parted her lips, feeding the big black dong into her mouth and sucking at it greedily.  Elsewhere, Selena Gomez was slurping heartily at a long white cock as Eva Green knelt down next to her. 

“You look like you’re enjoying that dick, Selena,” she observed; the French starlet watching on as her American counterpart went to town on the oversized wang.

“Mmhmm,” Selena murmured; the veiny, thick dong still lodged in her mouth as she replied.

“Why don’t you describe the taste for me.”

Selena released the dick from between her lips, the Latina stroking it wildly as she gave her verdict.

“Err...I dunno.  Just tastes like any other cock to me,” she declared, quickly returning the girthy schlong from whence it came.

And so and so forth.  But while Taylor and her celebrity pals may not have been the most refined cock tasters on the planet, as far as cock sucking went, they were up there with the best.  Indeed, pretty heads were bobbing back and forth left, right and centre as they sucked away at the lengths of Parisian prong protruding from the clean white walls.  Sophie Turner was tonguing at a thick black cock; the randy redhead lapping up every drop of precum in the wide open tip before feeding it into her mouth. Elsewhere, Felicity Jones was lapping at the underside of a veiny white cock, while Emma Watson deepthroated a long brown one beside her. 

And it didn’t end there.  Before long, the girls were sharing the oversized cocks like teens with a milkshake; the celebrity sluts handing the girthy French wangs back and forth as they tag-teamed them like WWE Divas.  Maisie Williams and Ariel Winter were sharing a big black cock; the dark-haired duo sucking it down to the base one by one as she passed it hither and yon. Meanwhile, Daisy Ridley and Lea Seydoux had their twin sets of pouty red lips wrapped around a thick white shaft while Natalie Dormer sucked ravenously at the bulging head.  Soon enough, the anonymous cocks started to erupt; A-list beauties from both sides of the pond taking load after load of gooey, thick seed into their waiting mouths, some passing them back and forth with a nearby friend, before swallowing them down. 

“Well that was fun, wasn’t it, ladies?” asked Eva Green as she addressed the room at large.

The girls shrieked in enthusiastic agreement, some stroking the cocks still projecting from the walls in preparation for phase two.

“Now, what do you say we bring these guys out so this party can really begin?”

A loud, almost ear-splitting scream went up from the squatted celebs; some of the dicks disappearing through the small, round holes as the men behind the walls recoiled at the deafening sound.

“OK, boys,” Eva went on, “out you come!”

End of Chapter 20
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Chapter 21

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Eva Green and Lea Seydoux


A door in the centre of the far wall opened and a troupe of nude French studs filed into the room.  They lined up against the back wall; the white room a vast plain of light skin, dark skin, carefully styled hair and neatly trimmed designer stubble.  Not to mention chiseled jawlines, shredded pecs, throbbing biceps and thick hard cocks.  It really was something; a gang of hunks so ripped and handsome they would have even the most God-fearing of Catholic nuns shedding their robes and wading into the fray like a lamb to the slaughter.

As the studs took their positions, the holes in the wall were quickly occupied by a second band of Frenchman; this wave considerably slighter of muscle and endowment, but much thicker of wallet than those that preceded.  Men who had made significant contributions to charity to take up these positions and wouldn’t have vacated them for all the tea in China.  Some knelt at the peepholes, peering through them or recording on their phones while they beat themselves off, while others mounted expensive cameras on waist high tripods, watching through their viewfinders as they filmed the action for later.     

Tops were shed and panties were dropped as Taylor Swift and her celebrity chums approached the gang of studs.  Some gripped them by the cock and lead them over to the nearest white sofa or armchair, while others dropped to their knees and got straight back down to business on the gallery floor.  Eva Green was knelt before one man; cupping his balls in her soft, lotioned hand as she swallowed his dick right down to the base.  One guy was sat back on a comfy leather couch; Hayley Atwell kneeling between his thighs as she jerked him off with her tits, while another had Maisie Williams bent over the arm of the sofa; the ripped young hunk smacking her peachy, round ass as plowed her pussy from behind.

And that was just the beginning.  Soon enough partygoers both male and female were teaming up on their opposite numbers like schoolyard bullies as the all-star Parisian party continued to heat up.  Ariel Winter was tittyfucking a long black cock while Felicity Jones sucked at the swollen head.  Lea Seydoux was getting worked over from each side by a pair of young studs; the chiseled duo skewering the French starlet like a piece of meat as they took her from both ends. 

Meanwhile, the wealthy spectators were beating themselves senseless behind the wall.  Indeed, the orgy was only 20 minutes old and some members of the audience had cum twice already; the moneyed onlookers blowing their beans over the outside wall or through the peepholes and onto the gallery floor before quickly working on a third. 

And the spectators weren’t the only ones losing their loads.  Indeed, uncut European schlongs were going off like rockets throughout the large white room; the burly French studs shooting their wads of creamy, warm seed over any pretty face or inside any mouth or vagina within spitting distance.  Daisy Ridley took one full in the face, while Taylor Swift took a load to the chest.  A black guy erupted in Sophie Turner’s mouth, while a white man went off in Emma Watson’s pussy; Selena Gomez on hand to lick the gooey load straight out her creampied twat.

And it didn’t stop there.  In fact, no sooner had the young men blown their loads, were they back down to business once more; the randy celebs allowing their male counterparts not a moment’s respite before they swallowed their dongs and rode their chiselled frames anew.  Natalie Dormer was getting railed from both ends by a pair of big black cocks.  One man was laid out on a leather futon; Maisie Williams perched on his face while Eva Green hopped up and down on his dick, while another had Felicity Jones bouncing on his cock, Lea Seydoux sucking on his balls while Hayley Atwell smothered him half to death with her big, fat tits. 

And on and on it went.  The spectators were jerking off furiously behind the white walls; some of the wealthy onlookers stopping just short of spanking themselves into intensive care as they watched the all-star orgy unfold.  Some sent photos and video stills to their contacts at the tabloids, while others texted clips of the rampant A-list fuckfest to friends and work colleagues for vast sums of money. 

The party was supposed to be a social media-free affair.  After all, the voyeuristic viewers had spent too much money for their spot behind the walls only to share the event online for diddly-squat.  Though it appeared some of the attendees hadn’t gotten the memo.  Indeed, cell phones were brandished en masse across the vast white room as partygoers both male and female shot and snapped their X-rated exploits and plastered them across social media.  Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram alike were awash with exclusive posts as guests from either side of the Atlantic punched out captions in both French and English and funelled them online in their dozens.

One such image was uploaded to Snapchat by a young black man; a POV shot of Daisy Ridley sucking on his long dark cock while Ariel Winter and Sophie Turner shared his oversized balls.  Meanwhile, a video appeared on the Instagram feed of @emmawatson; a clip shot by the actress herself of Natalie Dormer squeezing a thick, gloopy creampie out of her tight pink pussy and straight into Taylor Swift’s waiting mouth.  Good catch! @taylorswift [followed by tongue and water splash emojis] read the accompanying caption. 

And the internal cumshots didn’t end there.  Indeed, many of the male guests were already shooting their second load of the evening (a feat bested by their spectating counterparts; some of whom were working on their fourth wad in little over an hour); the muscled Frenchman blasting their goo down any throat or into any unprotected A-list cooch that took their fancy.  Selena Gomez was deepthroating a long brown cock when it went off; the girthy dark rod firing ounces of rich, creamy spunk straight down her gullet.  Meanwhile, Eva Green was laid back on the plush leather sofa; strumming her clit was a thick white dong filled her snatch with a blast of virile seed. 

Over at the futon, Emma Watson was straddling Ousmane, a young black man of Malian descent; the dark-skinned stud gripping her supple, round asscheeks as he pumped her snug pink twat.

“Oh, yes!  Fuck me!” she screamed.  “Pound my fucking pussy with that fat black cock!”

Ousmane was doing just that and more; the ripped French hunk drilling his thick 10 inch dong into the depths of her snatch with each pass, the swollen head hitting her g-spot repeatedly as he worked her over.  Emma could feel his dick start to throb inside of her; the girthy black wang twitching and pulsing like it could go off at any second.  She pressed down on his torso; the slender brunette pinning him to the futon like a Roman wrestler as he hopped and bounced atop his chiseled frame.

“Cum in my pussy, baby!” Emma barked, gazing down at the dark-skinned stud with lust burning in her eyes.  “Pump me full of that gooey African spunk!”

Ousmane didn’t have to be told twice.  Emma sat down on his cock like a queen on her throne as it erupted inside her; the thick black dong firing what felt like a week’s worth of creamy, hot seed into the depths of her cunt.

“Enculer!” Ousmane exclaimed, the young Frenchman breathing heavily as Emma climbed down from atop his person; a mess of man goo seeping from her gash and trickling down her thigh in the process.

“Fuck!” she said, scooping up a dollop of spunk from her thigh.  She slipped her finger between her lips and sucked it clean.  “You really filled me up, huh?”

“Oui,” Ousmane replied, the tall black stud panting like he’d just swum the Channel as he lay back on the leather futon.

Emma bent over before him, thrusting out her shapely round ass as she reached back and prized the cheeks apart; more cum oozing from her snatch as she did so.  “Now,” she said, looking back over her shoulder as she spread herself open, “do the same to my arse!”

End of Chapter 21
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Chapter 22

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Eva Green and Lea Seydoux


Once the guys had blown their second loads, the partygoers took a short break and hit the buffet that had been laid out in the corner of the room.  Celebrity sluts and ripped French studs alike picked at the lavish spread; chewing on escargots, slurping down oysters and feasting on soft cheese between lines of blow, shots of absinthe and swigs from French Kiss Martinis.  The spectators took this as an opportunity to rest their sore, reddening cocks; the wealthy onlookers changing memory cards and rejuicing cameras in preparation for the third act.

With batteries recharged (both literally and metaphorically), the party guests went back to the couches, their voyeuristic counterparts returning to their peepholes as the all-star orgy got back underway.  Felicity Jones was perched on the edge of an armchair; her manicured fingers clasping a tall black guy’s muscled ass cheeks as she swallowed his dick right down to the balls. Selena Gomez was sprawled out on the futon; a handsome white man scoffing at her twat while another fed his thick, girthy schlong between her lips.

Meanwhile, Daisy Ridley was knelt across the leather sofa; her pretty face buried between Lea Seydoux’s sunkissed thighs, her ass thrust up invitingly in the air as a chiseled young hunk named Antoine took up position behind her.  Daisy tongued away at Lea’s dripping gash as Antoine aligned the tip of his fat 10 inch cock with the puckered rim of her asshole; a muffled groan escaping her busy mouth as he pushed forward and fed the crown inside. 

Antoine began to rock to and fro; the ripped Frenchman guiding his cock back and forth in Diasy’s ass, feeding an additional inch of his thick, veiny shaft inside with each pass.  Before long, he was hitting it balls deep; his large, manly hands spreading the twin orbs of her deliciously round rump apart as he drove all ten of his fat, girthy inches into the depths of her ass.

And, soon enough, Daisy wasn’t the only one with a colonful of thick Parisian pipe.  Indeed, A-list sluts were taking dicks up their ass left, right and centre; a band of burly French studs plowing away at a lineup of shapely, beach bronzed butts like their lives depended on it.  Taylor Swift was getting fucked in the ass by a tall white guy, while Sophie Turner took a thick brown pipe balls deep in her rectum. Maisie Williams and Hayley Atwell were hopping up and down beside each other atop a pair of ripped black hunks; a combined 20 inches of girthy dark meat lodged in their colons as they bucked and bounced atop their chiseled frames. 

Back at the couch, Antoine had pulled his cock from Daisy Ridley’s ass; the handsome Frenchman stood over Lea Seydoux’s supine frame as he fed his long, thick dong into her mouth.  Lea sucked it right down to the base on the first pass; the blonde beauty enjoying the taste of Daisy’s assjuice as she cleaned the veiny shaft. With his dick thoroughly polished and dripping with saliva, Antoine prized it from Lea’s greedy mouth; the chiseled young hunk backing up to the end of the sofa and returning his cock from whence it came. 

Antoine got back down to business; the Euro stud quickly finding his rhythm once more as he pounded away at Daisy’s ass.  His pelvis clattered repeatedly with her supple buttcheeks, his big, heavy balls smacking against her cllt as he reamed her back door.  Lea noticed the muffled groans emanating from her crotch growing louder and more impassioned by the second. Sensing that Daisy was about to climax, the French actress gripped a handful of her hair and yanked her out from between her thighs; slapping her across the cheek as she tugged her curly brown locks. 

“Are you gonna cum for me, bitch?” she barked, striking Daisy across the face a second time as Antoine drilled her out from the other end. 

“Yes!” Daisy panted, her face screwed with orgasmic lust as he pounded away at her tight pink ass.

“I can’t hear you, slut!” Lea yelled, slapping the British starlet once more.  “Tell me you’re going to cum on that big fucking dick!”

“I’m gonna cum!” Daisy squealed.  “I’m gonna cum on that fat French COCK!!!”

And then she did just that.  Antoine pulled her up by her hair; the Parisian hunk reaching around to strum her throbbing clit, every inch of his long, girthy cock buried in her colon as a powerful, earth shattering orgasm tore through her athletic frame.  Lea knelt before her, squeezing her tits and tweaking her erect nipples; the blonde beauty making out with her dark-haired friend as she came down from her climax.

And the orgasms didn’t end there.  Indeed, people were cumming every which way; the randy partygoers shooting loads of both the male and female variety over any object or body in a three foot radius.  Ariel Winter was getting plowed in the ass; Eva Green squatted before her, thrumming her pulsing bud until she hosed her down with a spray of clear, wet girlcum. One guy blew his wad over Emma Watson’s face, while Natalie Dormer took a load to the chest. 

Sophie Turner was strumming her clit violently while a black guy fucked her in the ass; the dark-skinned stud firing a thick load of creamy African spunk right up her rectum just as a torrent of squirt juices blasted from her twat.  Meanwhile, the spectators were spanking themselves harder than ever; peering through peepholes and watching through viewfinders as they blew their sixth or seventh loads of the evening.

Over at the sofas, Lea Seydoux, Daisy Ridley and their chosen stud had switched up formations.  Now Antoine was laid back across the comfy surface, Daisy sat on his face, while Lea rode him in reverse cowgirl; her tight asshole roaming up and down the length of his dong as she bounced and writhed atop his supine frame.  His arms were wrapped around Daisy’s thighs, his skilled tongue lapping at her hot pink cooch; the actress’ sugary sweet fluids smearing across his lips and chin as he ate her out. 

Meanwhile, Lea was riding his chiseled form like a bucking bronco; the shapely round spheres of her ass smacking against his pelvis with each pass, the tip of his wang burrowing repeatedly into the darkest recesses of her colon.  Every so often, Daisy would lean forward and prize his dick from Lea’s asshole; the British starlet sucking the long, thick cock right down to the balls before feeding it back inside. Lea strummed her clit as she rode the lengthy prong; the blonde beauty spraying load after load her sizzling hot slut juice over anyone who got in her way as she rode the cock into oblivion.

And she wasn’t the only one.  Indeed, women were hopping up and down atop girthy uncut dongs throughout the snow-white room and, before long, men of every skin tone and ethnic background imaginable were stepping up to the plate, cocks in hand, ready to stuff a host of celebrity sluts full of thick Parisian prong.  Maisie Williams was sandwiched between two ripped white hunks, while Taylor Swift was drilled by two big black cocks beside her. 

Back at the couch, Daisy Ridley had circled around to the opposite end; the brown-haired actress now squatting between Lea Seydoux’s splayed thighs as Antoine drove his huge 10 inch cock deep into her bowels.     
“Cum for me, bitch!” Daisy ordered, as she strummed Lea’s throbbing pink clit.  “Cum on my pretty face! Hose me down with that sticky wet cunt juice!!!”

Lea didn’t have to be told twice.  One more pass into the depths of her rectum was all it took; her body shaking from blonde head to pedicured toe as a jet of shimmering clear girlspunk gushed from her pulsing twat.   

“Oh, fuck! MEEERRRDDDEEE!!!” she screamed as she came, the French starlet drenching her opposite number with the powerful blast of slick wet squirt juices shooting from her snatch. 

Antoine felt Lea’s asshole contract around his cock; the snug pink orifice now squeezing his girthy pole like a ligature as she drilled her out from beneath.  He could hold off no longer; the ultra-tight hole threatening to wring every last ounce of spunk from his balls as it gripped like a vice around his wang. 

“Uhh! ENCULEEERRR!!!” he bellowed; the Euro stud shooting a thick load of creamy hot fuck juice right up Lea’s rectum as he erupted inside her.

And that was just the beginning.  Before long, men were losing their loads left, right and centre; the burly French studs blowing their fifth and final wads of the evening over any stretch of skin or in any hole that took their fancy.  One guy came on Emma Watson’s face, while another went off in Hayley Atwell’s twat. Selena Gomez took one up her ass, while Eva Green went one further; the brown-haired actress getting both her anal cavity and her tight pink pussy filled up with twin blasts of verile seed.  Mouths gaped under spunk-filled vaginas and creampied assholes; the A-list sluts ready and waiting to catch a load of tasty French spunk as it slopped on out, while Felicity Jones circled the room with a champagne glass, the horny Brit filling it to the brim with a cocktail of jism and chugging it straight down. 

Daisy Ridley was laid out on the floor beside the leather couch; her lips gaping open as Lea Seydoux squeezed the thick mess of spunk from her asshole and into her waiting mouth.  The blonde joined her friend on the floor; the randy duo swapping the cum back and forth before swallowing it down.

With the final orgasm achieved and the last load blown, the men started to gather their clothes; spectators and participants alike wincing with pain as they fed their tender, red raw cocks back into their boxers.  Taylor Swift and Emma Watson were sprawled out on a comfy white armchair; the sweaty, cum-drenched bodies intertwined as they basked in the post-group fuck serenity. 

“Wow!  What a party!” Taylor exclaimed.

“Baby, that was nothing,” Emma grinned in response.  “Wait ‘til you see where we’re going next!”

End of Chapter 22
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Chapter 23

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Eva Green and Lea Seydoux


The ladies filed out of the Paris art gallery and into the waiting limo; the luxury vehicle ferrying them across the nation’s capital and onto their five star hotel.  Eva Green and Lea Seydoux headed to their respective homes in the affluent suburbs as Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and their A-list pals checked into their lavish quarters.  Of course, the designated check in time had long since past but, unsurprisingly, the night shift staff were more than happy to accomodate them, and the glamorous band of celebrity babes were settling in for a quiet night in their luxury rooms in no time at all.

Yeah, right.  The ladies’ nights in were anything but quiet, and no sooner had the A-list beauties paired up and headed to their rooms, had the illicit fun and games started up once more.  Indeed, high-pitched, impassioned screams from all five of the plush suites continued long into the night as the gorgeous celebs got down and dirty with their chosen partners; the horny pack of all-star sluts working their way through every sex act in the sapphic handbook as they went. 

Cunilingus, analingus, 69ing, scissoring, fingering, fisting; you name it, they were doing it; the randy celebs inserting a host of exotically shaped plastic fucktoys into any hole they’d fit along the way.  Finally, and with the sun starting to rise over the city of Paris, the ladies called it a night; the A-list babes curling up in each other’s arms and drifting off to a deep, restful sleep.   


Emma Watson was sprawled out atop the king size bed in her luxury room in the five star Paris hotel; a neatly manicured hand caressing one of her perky B cup tittes, the other rested on the back of Sophie Turner’s head, the actress’ shiny red locks flowing through the gaps in her fingers as she busied herself between her thighs. 

“Oh fuck, baby!  Yeah, right there!” Emma cooed, her voice soft and breathy as Sophie worked her over; the auburn starlet working two fingers back and forth in her tight pink pussy as she tongued at her swollen clit.

A steady refrain of muffled groans escaped Sophie’s mouth as she went about her work; the randy redhead savouring her friend’s sweet taste as she scoffed at her sodden box. 

“Mmm!  Yes, baby!  Don’t stop! Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum!” Emma purred, as she pushed down harder on Sophie’s head; the brunette holding her tawny pal between her legs with such force that she couldn’t have escaped if she’d wanted to.

Sophie worked her fingers back and forth inside Emma’s pussy; the neatly painted tips bothering her g-spot with each pass as she probed her hot, wet cooch.  Emma could feel an orgasm begin to rise from within her; her toned, athletic body starting to tremble as Sophie licked her wet twat. Sticky effeminate fluids continued to drip from her pussy; the sugary secretions now smearing across Sophie’s mouth at a frankly alarming rate as she lapped at her throbbing clit.  Her nipples tingled, her toes curled; a chorus of light, impassioned coos passing through her soft pink lips as she was eaten into ecstasy by her celebrity friend.

“Oh, fuck!” Emma groaned.  “I’m gonna fucking cuuum!!!”

And cum she did.  One more pass of Sophie’s fingers into the depths of her snatch, and one more flick of her tongue across her pulsing clit were all it took.  A powerful, ground shaking orgasm tore through her slender frame, her usually stunning facial features screwed in all kinds of unflattering ways as she reached her ardent peak.

“Oh, sweet Jesus!” Emma cooed, her head slumping back against the pillows as she came down from her climax.

Finally, Sophie emerged from between her legs; her lips glistening with Emma’s pussy juices as she laid out beside her.  She met Emma for a kiss; the redhead giving her brown-haired friend a taste of her nether regions as they locked their luscious lips.

“Enjoy that, baby?” Sophie asked, tracing a finger across Emma’s midriff.

“Mmhmm,” Emma murmured in response.  “My God, that tongue of yours is incredible!”

“Oh, I know,” Sophie grinned, kissing her friend once more.  “And now you’ve gotta return the favour, right?” she added, taking Emma’s hand in hers and guiding it between her thighs.

“Girl, we don’t really have time,” Emma replied.  “It’s almost noon and we’ve gotta get some sightseeing in before we head to the airport.  I’ll lick it extra good when we get to Amsterdam,” she said. “Promise.”

“I’m gonna hold you to that.”

“Oh, I’m sure you will,” said Emma, jumping up from the bed and offering Sophie her hand.  “Shower?”

“Hmm,” Sophie pondered, “I’ll be in in a minute.  I’ve gotta take care of business first.”

Emma rolled her eyes.  “Of course. Well be quick about it.”

“Uh huh,” Sophie replied, reaching into the drawers of her nightstand and pulling out a battery operated wand. 

Emma stepped into the en suite bathroom and closed the door behind her.  Sophie flicked on the vibrator and turned it up to full power; the buzzing fucktoy humming like a swarm of bees as she held it to her clit.  A deep, impassioned coo passed between her lips as the toy pressed against her bud; clear, slick fluids oozing from her already wet gash as the purring vibrator worked its magic on her cooze.

Meanwhile, a gorgeous young hotel maid named Camille was doing her rounds; the blonde beauty wheeling a cart of cleaning products and freshly washed linens through the hallway as she moved from room to room.  Her maid’s outfit, such as it was, looked better suited to hanging in a sex store window than being paraded around the halls of a luxury hotel, but the guests certainly weren’t complaining. 

After all, the hem of her scantly getup barely extended past her supple ass and when she bent over to retrieve something from the bottom of her cart, the peachy, round spheres were thrust out for all to see.  She wore a lacy headpiece nestled in amongst her locks of lustrous, golden hair, while a pair of shiny black stilettos and sheer white knee high socks rounded off the ensemble. 

Back in the room, Sophie cupped her breast with her free hand; her nipples prickling, her body quivering from head to foot as unbridled pleasure coursed through her system.  Camille approached room 169; a loud, strange buzzing noise, like an extra powerful electric toothbrush, passing through the thick oak door as she stopped outside the room.

“Housekeeping,” she said, knocking on the door as announced her presence.   

The wand buzzed against Sophie’s clit like there was no tomorrow; the toy so noisy that it rose above the bang on the hotel room door. 

“Come in!” came the loud, shrill voice from inside the room.  Or at least that’s what Camille heard; the piercing din of the vibrating wand almost entirely blocking out the voice of the guest within. 

Camile scooped up an armful of fresh linens and a tray of cleaning products.  She pushed the door open and stepped inside, just as a violent, earth shattering orgasm ripped through Sophie Turner’s body on the comfy king size bed.

“I’m cumming!” Sophie cried a second time, as a jet of sticky, wet girlspunk blasted from her uretha and rained down over the once pristine white bed sheets.

“MERDE!!” Camille yelled, throwing her arms up in shock and sending a mass of linens and cleaning utensils into the air as she did so. 

“Oh, FUCK!!” Sophie screamed, looking across at the startled French maid in the middle of her room as a second spray of squirt fluids jetted from her sodden gash.

“Je suis desole!” said Camille, desperately gathering the spilled items from the floor.  “I’m sorry, Miss Turner,” she added in her sexy French accent as she ran for the door.

“Woah! Woah!” Sophie exclaimed, stopping Camille in her tracks as she hurried through the open doorway.  “Hang on there, honey. You’re a maid, right?”

“Oui,” Camille replied, turning to face Sophie; the auburn starlet laying out naked across her bed like she wasn’t even there.  “I mean…yes, Miss Turner.”

“Well, as you can see, I’ve made a bit of a mess here,” Sophie grinned, gesturing down to the mess of squirt fluids soaking into her bed sheets.  “How about you come clean it up for me?”

End of Chapter 23
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Chapter 24

Starring: Emma Watson and Sophie Turner


Sophie Turner was laid back on the plush king size bed in her Paris hotel room; the redheaded actress slowly rubbing her stiff, raspberry-pink clit as she watched the beautiful blonde maid Camille lap her squirt fluids from the bedsheets with her tongue. 

“How does it taste, baby?” Sophie asked.

“Magnifique, Miss Turner,” Camille replied, licking her glossy, plump lips as she savoured the sweet juice.

With the sheets cleaned, Camille climbed down from the bed; the French beauty returning to her tray of cleaning products when Sophie’s voice stopped her in her tracks.

“Hold on, girl,” she said; the actress grinning mischievously as she pointed down to her pussy, the tight pink snatch dripping with her clear, wet juices.  “Haven’t you missed a bit?”


Emma Watson stepped out of the shower; her wet chestnut locks hanging over one shoulder, whilst droplets of moisture trickled down her hot nude body.  She grabbed a towel from the rack; the brown-haired starlet heading for the bathroom door as she wrapped it around her naked form.  She opened the door; a devilish smirk stretching across her pretty face as she surveyed the scene before her.  Sophie Turner was sprawled out on the bed; the auburn beauty cooing softly as Camille buried her face between her thighs, the maid’s shapely, round butt stuck up invitingly in the air as she tongued at her dripping twat. 

“I can’t leave you alone for five seconds, can I?” said Emma, the brunette placing her hands on her hips as she addressed her red-haired friend.

“Nuh uh,” Sophie grinned, resting a hand at the back of Camillle’s head as she ate her out.

Emma whipped off her towel and tossed it across the room as she marched towards the bed.  She knelt on the mattress and pulled the hem of Camille’s maid’s outfit the short distance to her hips; revealing her ass in all it’s toned, sunkissed glory.  Emma slip her fingers under the waistline of Camille’s frilly French knickers and whipped them down.  She tossed the scanty garments aside and, without a moment’s pause, buried her face in her ass.  A muffled groan escaped Camille’s busy mouth as Emma stuck out her tongue and lapped at her sopping gash; the randy Brit licking up her cunt juices like a thirsty kitten as she burrowed into her butt. 

Sophie grabbed her phone from the nightstand and snapped a photo of the all girl threeway; Camille’s ocean blue eyes gazing into the lens as she tongued at Sophie’s twat, while Emma knelt behind and dug into her ass.  Sophie punched out a caption; the actress even tagging the hotel’s official account as she posted the image to Instagram; I can’t recommend @castilleparis enough.  Their staff are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure you’re satisfied with your stay [wink and tongue emojis].  Unsurprisingly, the post was a hit with her followers; the image receiving a number of comments from her celebrity pals as it did the rounds online.

chloegmoretz Damn! Now that’s what I call room service! [heart eyes emoji]

carrieunderwood OMG! I’m booking a room right now!! [woman at computer emoji]

By now, Emma was eating Camille’s ass; the horny brunette bobbing her head to and fro as she tonguefucked the tight hole.  A chorus of muffled groans escaped Camille’s mouth as she went down on Sophie; the redhead, in turn, cooing like a ringdove as she licked her slick gash. 

“Oh, fuck! Yes! Eat that pussy, baby!” Sophie moaned as Camille tongued at her clit.  “Put your fingers in me!”

Camille didn’t have to be told twice.  She slid her middle and index fingers into her mouth and sucked them lewdly.  Then, she fed them inside; Sophie’s ultra-tight twat gripping the spit-slicked digits like a Chinese finger trap as she plunged them into the depths.  She worked them back and forth, right down to the second knuckle; the manicured tips repeatedly probing her g-spot as she fucked the hot, wet hole. 

Meanwhile, at the other end, Emma was engaging in a little diddling of her own.  She was sat back on the carpeted floor, legs akimbo as she strummed her pulsing clit.  Her head was rested on the end of the mattress as Camille perched her slick pink pussy on her face; the brown-haired starlet fingering her asshole while she scoffed at her drooling twat. 

And on and on it went.  Over the course of the next two hours, the girls worked their way through every position in the Lesbian Kama Sutra; snapping pics, shooting videos and plasteting them across social media as they went.  One such post appeared on the feed of @emmawatson; a POV image of Camille and Sophie side by side between her thighs as their twin pink tongues lapped at her throbbing clit.  Two heads are better than one [two girl emojis] read the caption beneath.

A little after, a video was posted to the account @sophiet.  The clip was shot by the auburn starlet herself as she tribbed wildly against Camille’s dripping snatch, while Emma perched on her pretty face in the background; the post, as always, garnering a number of replies from her A-list chums.

cassadeepope Fuck, that’s hot, girls! [flame emoji]

ellefanning Yes, Sophie! Grind on that pussy, baby! [two scissor emojis]

And the illicit images showed no sign of letting up.  In fact, the X-rated posts were coming nearly as thick and fast as the ladies themselves; the randy trio achieving orgasms in all manner of wild sexual positions before moving onto another.  Camile sat on Sophie’s face while Emma went down on her.  Camille and Emma 69ed, as Sophie knelt behind and lapped at Emma’s asshole. 

And so on and so forth.  Countless sexual positions and even more intense climaxes later, Camille bid Emma and Sophie adieu; the gorgeous maid slipping back into her sexy outfit and blowing the girls a kiss as she left the room and returned to her duties. 

“That was...wow!” Sophie exclaimed.  “God damn, I love this country!”

“Me too, girl,” Emma replied.  “Me too.  Now get that cute little arse in the shower so we can go do some sightseeing.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Sophie grinned, giving Emma one final kiss before hopping down from the bed.

Emma slapped Sophie on the ass as she departed, her peachy, round butt wiggling from side to side as she crossed the luxury room.  Emma climbed down from the bed and unzipped her suitcase.  She took out a skimpy white summer dress and was about to pull it on when a large pink vibrator caught her attention at the top of her pile of clothes. 

Hmm, she thought as she retrieved it from her case, the toy buzzing to life as she switched it up to full power.  Well, I guess I’ve got a little time to kill!

End of Chapter 24
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Chapter 25

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley, Eva Green, Lea Seydoux and ?


Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and their celebrity chums packed up their belongings and checked out of their hotel.  Their tour guides, Eva Green and Lea Seydoux, were waiting for them as they left, the same shiny white limo from the previous evening ready to ferry the ladies across the city on a sightseeing expedition, before carting them off to the airport in time for check in.   

First on the itinerary was a visit to the Louvre, and the ladies wandered around the historic museum for some time; taking in the exhibitions, snapping pics and sharing them online.  But, as with every other aspect of Taylor’s European Tour, the girls’ trip to the Louvre was far from an ordinary one and it wasn’t long before they were posing alongside all manner of priceless artworks; flashing their asses and baring the breasts to the delight of unsuspecting tourists. 

Before long, pics were plastering across Instagram left, right and centre; the illicit snaps drawing a number of comments from their A-list pals as they took social media by storm.  One such post appeared on the feed of @maisie_williams; an image of Ariel Winter baring her huge D cup tits beside the Mona Lisa.  A true work of art [two palette emojis] read the accompanying caption.

yelyahwilliams You can say that again! [heart eyes emoji]

mileycyrus da Vinci couldn’t have done better himself! [painter emoji]

Another image was posted to the account @taylorswift of Hayley Atwell smothering the bust of Alexander the Great with her own jiggling set of whopping, great milkjugs.  One hell of a bust, read the caption beneath, and the head’s pretty impressive too! [two melon emojis].  And on and on it went.  Indeed, the posts came thick and fast from one landmark to the next; people from all four corners of the globe enjoying the x-rated pics and clips as they spread across the ‘net like a virus. 

A video was posted to the Instagram account of @selenagomez; a selfie-style clip of the Latin songstress sucking on a long thick cock, the Eiffel Tower standing tall in the background.  Forget that Eiffel thingy, this is the only French tower I’m interested in [eggplant and French flag emojis] read the caption beneath.  And the girls didn’t stop there.  They bared their asses by the Arc de Triomphe, flashed passers by on Champs-Elysees and fucked in public in the Luxembourg Gardens.  Finally, and with dusk starting to fall over the French capital, Taylor and friends bid farewell to their gracious hosts and piled into their limo once more, the driver ferrying them across the city and onto Charles de Gualle airport. 


Taylor Swift was sat back in her seat in the first class cabin of Air France flight 1440 to Amsterdam; a manicured finger swiping at her phone screen as she scrolled through the list of trends on Twitter.  The roll of topics read very much the same as it had in the UK.  Once again, the singer’s designated hashtag, #TaylorsParisianParty, was nowhere to be seen, while a similar topic, #SlutXinParis, sat triumphantly at the top.  Taylor clicked on the hashtag and scrolled through the related posts.  There were pictures, videos and Periscope streams; all featuring the same celebs as back in Britain and garnering views, likes and retweets that put Taylor’s to shame. 

Taylor closed Twitter and scrolled along to Instagram; the blonde singer opening the feed of @slutx (134M followers and rising) and swiped through the posts therein.  What she saw made her blood boil (and, in spite of herself, her nipples tingle and pussy moisten).  Every one of the X-rated posts seemed to be goading the A-list songstress; bringing her sexual prowess into question, while simultaneously flaunting the mystery slut’s own seemingly unquenchable thirst for cock. 

One such image depicted Slut X herself wearing the same Catwoman-style disguise as in her avatar; the latex mask splattered with cum while more long, girthy cocks pointed at her covered face.  The undisputed queen of Internet sluts! [crown emoji] read the caption below.  Further down was a close up video of her taking two thick, veiny schlongs up her ass; Think you can beat this, @taylorswift? read the accompanying caption.  Taylor hit reply; steam practically billowing from her ears as she punched out her angry response. 

taylorswift You ain’t seen nothing yet, bitch!  Your ass is going down!

End of Chapter 25
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Chapter 26

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and Doutzen Kroes


Air France flight 1440 touched down at Schiphol Airport on time and on schedule.  Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and their A-list pals headed for the pick up zone of the airport’s heaving Terminal 1 where a procession of Uber cars were awaiting their arrival.  The ladies piled into the shiny vehicles in their twos and threes as the drivers packed their luggage into the trunks.  The cars crawled through the Amsterdam night; the girls treating their lucky drivers to one hell of a show as they locked lips and bared their breasts on the backseat. 

In one car, Daisy Ridley was making out with Felicity Jones.  In a second, Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner were sucking on Hayley Atwell’s tits, while Emma Watson and Natalie Dormer 69ed on the back seat of another.  The cars crept through the city streets, the drivers nearly rear ending one another on numerous occasions as they watched the sapphic shenanigans taking place on their back seats.

Somehow, Taylor and friends made it to their hotel in one piece, and the waiting night staff checked them into their suites without delay.  The girls paired up and headed for their rooms; the celebrity babes clambering into bed and finishing what they started on the journey there, before drifting off to sleep. 


Emma Watson was up bright and early the next day; the British starlet marching through the hallway of the luxury hotel and throwing open doors like a sexy prison warden. 

“Come on, ladies!  Up, up, up!” she barked from open doorways, her celebrity chums regarding her with contempt from the comfort of their hotel beds.

Some were still asleep, while others were in the midst of some morning fun with their chosen roommate.  But regardless of their situation, Emma hauled them out of bed with little concern; the brown-haired actress eager to get the Dutch leg of their European jaunt underway.  The girls hit the showers, got dressed and headed downstairs; stopping for a quick continental breakfast before heading out to meet their tour guide.

Their host, former Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes, was waiting for the ladies as they left their hotel.  The girls exchanged greetings and headed for the nearest tram stop; the A-list beauties laughing and chatting amongst themselves as they waited for the streetcar to arrive.  The tram pulled up to the station and the girls hopped on; every eye in the once quiet carriage trained on them in an instant as they climbed aboard. 

The tram rolled on and the girls, as always, found themselves up to no good in the blink of an eye; the celebrity babes flashing their asses and baring their chests to passersby as the streetcar weaved through the busy city.  But it wasn’t just the pedestrians who were getting an eyeful of celebrity flesh.  Indeed, the passengers on the tram were reaping their share of the rewards too as Taylor Swift and her famous chums parked their peachy, round butts on the lap of any handsome young Dutchman that took their fancy. 

But they didn’t stop there, and no sooner had the A-list babes perched their asses on a lucky guy’s lap, had they started grinding on their crotches, kissing them on the cheek and smothering them with their tits; tents pitching in jeans all across the carriage as the girls went about their business.  Soon, and to the despair of their fellow passengers, the girls reached their stop; the famous beauties leaving behind an army or hardons and more than a few stained pairs of pants as they climbed down from their chosen men. 

“Ooh, this is our stop, girls!” Doutzen announced as she hopped down off a young man’s stiffened crotch.  “Vaarwel, everyone!” she added, blowing a kiss to the carriage at large, some of her friends giving one final flash of their perky breasts as they passed through the tram doors.

With their destination reached, the girls headed for the nearest coffee shop; a thick haze of weed smoke hitting them like a brick wall as they stepped inside.  Half smoked joints hung from gaping mouths as the ladies entered; many of the patrons suspecting that they may be undergoing some kind of drug-fuelled hallucination as no fewer than 11 glamorous celebrities filed inside.     

The girls took to the wooden tables; Taylor and co ordering everything on the menu as they settled in for a smoke session that would put half the population of Crenshaw to shame.  Indeed, in no time at all, baggies filled with every type and strain of cannabis on the planet were piled up on their table; helpings of the exotic green herbs rolled into joints and blunts, stuffed into the bowls of multi colored bongs and baked into cookies, brownies, cakes and every other sweet treat known to man.

The ladies topped up their coffees with dashes of brandy or whiskey, sparked up and smoked out; a dense cloud of hazy spliff smoke hovering above their tables in a matter of minutes as the mammoth blaze session got underway.  The girls chatted amongst themselves; the famous beauties discussing everything from cars to cosmetics as they passed around joints and sucked at bongs like a pack of high school burnouts. 

Taylor Swift fetched her phone from the depths of her designer clutch bag and took a long pull on a Philly blunt.  She blew the smoke into the camera lens as she shot a hazy selfie, the blonde singer posting it to Instagram with a caption that read; when in Amsterdam [leaf, smoke and Dutch flag emojis]

And the social media fun didn’t end there.  In fact, it wasn’t long before Snapchat and Instagram were awash with images of the A-list gang; posing beside each other as they puffed away on joints, performing shotgun kisses and giving each other blowbacks.  Soon, a video appeared on the Instagram feed of @doutzen; a self-shot clip of the gorgeous model sharing a weed cookie with Emma Watson, their twin sets of glossy pink lips pressing together as they bit away their respective halves.  I think someone’s got the munchies, @emmawatson [laugh and cookie emojis] read the caption beneath.       

Numerous joints, bong hits and pot brownies later, and the girls were starting to run low.  Hayley Atwell graciously offered to buy the next stash; the busty actress rising from her seat and approaching the counter to make her order.  Already waiting at the counter was a handsome, dreadlocked black guy from the Dutch Antilles.  He wore shorts and white tank top; the tight fitting garment showcasing his broad chest, ab-lined midsection and thick arms corded with muscle and covered with numerous tattoos.  Hayley smiled at him flirtatiously as she approached; the muscular man’s soulful brown eyes bulging almost comically as he caught sight of her breathtaking cleavage jiggling magnificently as she walked.

“Well, hey there, beautiful,” he said as she stood beside him at the counter.

“Hey, yourself,” Hayley grinned back.

“You’re a sight for stoned eyes.”

Hayley giggled.  “I could say the same,” she replied, running a hand down his strong bicep.

“Darryl,” he said, offering her a large dark hand.

“Hayley,” she replied, placing her dainty paw in his.

“Ah, English,” he proclaimed as he clocked her accent.


“How are you finding Amsterdam?”

“It’s great!” Hayley exclaimed.  “I really like this little cafe.”

“Yeah,” Darryl agreed.  “Good weed.”  He took a lengthy hit on his blunt and handed it to Hayley.  “Speaking of which, you girls look like you can handle your herb over there.”

“Mmhmm,” Hayley grinned.  “Though I must say, it’s making me a little peckish.”  She placed a hand on his crotch; the chesty starlet stroking the long black cock tucked away within.  “What do you say, Darryl?  Do you have anything I can put in my mouth?”

End of Chapter 26
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Chapter 27

Starring: Hayley Atwell


Hayley Atwell was sat on the toilet seat in a cramped stall in the ladies’ bathroom.  Her skimpy summer dress was tugged down around her waist; her huge DD tits hanging free as she perched on the unopened seat.  Stood before her was Darryl; the bulge of his rock hard schlong stretching so far down the leg of his shorts that the tip almost poked out the bottom.  Hayley unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly; the buxom Brit gazing up at him longingly as she unwrapped his girthy package. She gripped his shorts and boxers with her manicured fingers and whipped down both garments in a single motion; Darryl’s giant black cock shooting out as if spring loaded. 

“Ooh, wow!” Hayley cooed; the actress gripping the dick around mid-shaft as she took in its phenomenal size.

“That what you were looking for, girl?” asked Darryl, a cloud of smoke forming above his head as he puffed away on his blunt.

“Mmm, yeah,” Hayley replied, the chesty starlet utterly mesmerised by the long dark wang and its almost unfathomable girth.  “This’ll do nicely!”

It most certainly would.  In fact, Darryl’s cock was simply enormous; 11 inches long, with girth to make even the most hung of male pornstars blush.  Veins travelled up and down the shaft like electrical cables; from the base right up to the hood of dark skin that enveloped the swollen head.  A neatly trimmed bush of wiry, jet black pubes plumed at the base, while a set of balls dangled between his thighs; filled with spunk and bigger than Italian plums.

Hayley peeled back Darryl’s foreskin; a drop of precum glistening like a diamond in his wide open slit.  She shot out her tongue; the busty brunette lapping at the tip like a vicious python as she licked up the pool of spunk.  Then, she parted her lips and fed it inside; the stacked starlet placing her hands on his thick dark thighs she worked her mouth up and down his dong.  She bobbed her head back and forth; her pretty pink lips accomodating an additional inch of the coal dark wang with each pass she took.

Darryl tilted his head back; the dark-skinned stud billowing thick plumes of smoke into the air as he sucked at the tip of his blunt.  Hayley was working him over like a seasoned pro; her lips roaming repeatedly to the head of his dong, only to plunge down the length of his shaft once more.  She sucked and slurped, drooled and slobbered; the big-breasted beauty bathing every inch of his schlong in her slick, warm spittle as she went. Inch after inch of Darryl’s girthy black wang disappeared between Hayley’s lips; 8, 9, 10.  Then, with one final push, she reached the base; her pouty pink prickpillows wrapping around the hilt as his mammoth tar black schlong lodged in her tight, wet throat. 

“Ugh, fuck!” Darryl spluttered, the burly black hunk coughing half to death on a mouthful of weed smoke as Hayley swallowed his dick right down to the balls.

Hayley came up for air; thick trails of saliva connecting her lips to his shaft as she retrieved the dick from her mouth. 

“Wanna fuck these titties now, baby?” she asked, grinning up at the dark-skinned Dutchman as she stroked his spit-slicked dong. 

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Darryl replied gripping his cock excitedly in wait of her epic bust.

“Come on then, big boy!” said Hayley, jiggling her breasts invitingly.  “Slide that coal-dark wang between my tits!”

Darryl didn’t need a second invitation.  He slapped his girthy black cock between her cans; the weightly schlong smacking against her chest like a cut of beef on a butcher’s worktop.  Hayley wrapped her breasts around his dick; the lily white fucktanks sheathing the jet black dong like buns around a hot dog. 

Then, she got down to business; the busty actress hopping and bouncing on the toilet seat as she worked her titties up and down his dong.  Hayley could feel Darryl’s cock throbbing between her jugs; the girthy black prong twitching like crazy as she beat him off with her bust. Her breasts roamed from the base, right up to the head; her doughy, fat milk jugs caressing every nerve and fibre along the way. 

She wrapped her lips around the head; the chesty starlet sucking greedily at the swollen crown as she worked the shaft with her tits.  Spit trickled down Darryl’s dick in thick drips; the slick, wet goo smearing across the shaft and Hayley’s cans in equal measure as she jerked him off with her rack.  *SLAP* *SLAP* *SLAP* came the sounds of her bust as the wet undersides slapped against Darryl’s pelvis; his dick throbbing uncontrollably as she tittyfucked him into next week. 

Hayley’s hands began to slip and slide across her chest; her jugs slicker than a patch of black ice as thick, warm spittle continued to ooze over her epic bust.  Before long, the buxom star was using every ounce of strength she could muster to keep the thick black pipe in place; the spit-slicked dong slipping to and fro between her tits as she worked him over.  She kept his dick between her jugs until she could no longer; the big, wet dong slipping from her grasp like it had been smeared with butter.           

“Uhh, fuck!” Hayley groaned.  “Damn, you’ve got a big cock, baby!”

“Uh huh,” Darryl grinned in response.  “You know it, girl!”

“Come on, big boy!” Hayley purred.  “Get that dick back between my tits!”

Darryl flicked the roach of his blunt over the stall door; the dark-skinned hunk gripping his hefty black schlong at the base as he readied himself for phase two.  He fed his dick back between Hayley’s breasts; the ripped young Dutchman now handling the whopping great cans himself as he worked his cock between them. Stretches of soft, creamy white titflesh spilled through his dark fingers as he squeezed her boobs together; the thick, pillowy fucktanks engulfing his schlong as he drove it back and forth between them.

By now Darryl’s muscled ass was going like a jackhammer as he fucked Hayley’s rack; the burly black man sawing his dick between her tits like a master craftsman.  His biceps popped as he held her jugs together; the tip of his dong poking out from the depths of her bosom as he plowed her tight, wet tit tunnel. Hayley parted her lips and caught the head between them with each pass; the busty actress playing Whac-A-Mole with Darryl’s crown as he fucked her giant chest.   

Darryl’s dick twitched and pulsed between her tits; every pass of the girthy black schlong through the depths of her rack causing precum to trickle from his head and his balls to brew and churn with a thick wad of gooey, warm seed.  One more pass was it all it took. Hayley caught his head between her lips once more; the swollen crown pumping like it could blast a load down her throat at any second.

“Fuck!  I’m gonna cum!” Darryl blurted out as he prized his dick from her bosom.

“Ooh, yes!” Hayley cooed excitedly.  “Come on, baby! Blow that fucking load all over my tits!”

She held up her breasts and jiggled them in her hands; the buxom Brit offering up her epic bust as a milky canvas to paint with his gloopy jism.  Darryl spanked himself wildly; his oversized cock throbbing in his hands, his balls brewing and churning, stewing and stirring until…

“UUUGGGHHH! FUUUCCCKKK!!!” he cried as his dick went off; the ripped black hunk blasting a thick torrent of creamy, off-white seed across her mammoth chest.

“Mmm, yeah! That’s it!” Hayley purred as the warm spunky blast splattered across her tits.  “Hose me down with creamy hot fuck juice!!!”

Darryl pulled his pulsing prong like his life depended on it; the handsome black man expelling yet more of his thick, gooey seed over her rack until nigh on every inch of her bulging breasts were drenched with his steaming goop. 

“Wow!” Hayley exclaimed, the chesty starlet still holding up her lily white mounds as oodles of spunk dripped from them and onto the floor below.  “That was quite a blast!”

Hayley gripped his cock around midshaft; Darryl wincing as she took his twitching dong in her hands.  She sucked at the head, coaxing out the last few droplets of cum and swallowing them down.

“Mmm!” she purred.  “Got any more for me?”

End of Chapter 27
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Chapter 28

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and Doutzen Kroes


Hayley Atwell cleaned herself up and went back out to join her friends.  The girls blazed the rest of their stash and then headed out; the A-list beauties stopping for lunch and taking in some of the sights before returning to their hotel.  Once back at base, the ladies went up to their rooms; the celebrity babes jumping in the shower together and sprucing up for the evening ahead.  The girls toweled themselves off, re-applied their makeup and restyled their hair, before squeezing into a selection of skimpiest, flesh-baring designer dresses money could buy. 

They reconvened in the hotel lobby; the five star establishment a veritable ocean of shiny pink lip gloss, dark mascara, neatly painted nails and expensively styled hair.  Not to mention designer clutch bags, golden jewelry, indecently short dresses, spindly high heels and forgotten underwear.  A parade of Ubers were awaiting Taylor Swift and her A-list pals as they left their hotel.  The girls grouped up and climbed inside; the shiny cars ferrying them across the city and onto the red-light district.   


It was a busy night in Amsterdam’s red-light district.  Neon signs flickered above porno theatres and sex stores, strip clubs and brothels.  Euro dance blared out of open store fronts.  Lingerie clad women danced in glowing red, backlit windows, while people from all walks of life; men and women, black and white, rich and poor, negotiated with well-muscled, menacing-looking pimps.  Taylor Swift and friends walked arm in arm through the crowded streets; a legion of shapely, round asses swaying rhythmically from side to side in their short designer dresses.

“So, girls,” Doutzen Kroes announced as she and her A-list pals marched through the seedy neighbourhood, “this is the infamous red-light district.  A haven of sex theatres, strip joints and legal hookers.” 

The girls stopped outside a large, neon-lit sex shop; a number of exotic items displayed in the store front window. 

“This is my favourite sex store,” Doutzen added as she lingered in the open doorway.  “I’ve been coming her for years and the owner lets me try out some of his merchandise before I make a purchase.”

“I bet he does,” grinned Taylor Swift.

The girls laughed.

“Come on, ladies,” said Doutzen as she disappeared inside.  “Let’s go shopping!”

The ladies followed her in; their jaws dropping en masse as they took in their surroundings.  It was like nothing they’d ever witnessed before.  Displays of marital aids stretched on as far as the eye could see.  Rows upon rows of porno DVDs lined the shelves, above neatly arranged dildos of every size, shape and colour.  And it didn’t end there.  Sex toys of every type and variety lined every shelf, wall and cabinet; from buttplugs to vibrators, nipple clamps to anal beads.  Mannequins stood all in four corners of the store; their fibreglass frames clad from head to foot in leather fetish gear, while a wide array of restraints and handcuffs, crops and paddles hung from hooks between them. 

“Miss Kroes!” exclaimed the proprietor excitedly upon her arrival.  He was a man of about 50 with greying sick backed hair and a broomhead moustache.  “Good to have you back.”

“Hoi, Jens,” she replied, leaning across the counter and giving him a kiss on the cheek.  “It’s good to be back.”

“And you brought some friends with you,” said Jens; the middle-aged man grinning lasciviously at her celebrity chums as they gathered in his store. 

“Mmhmm.  You don’t mind if we have a look around, do you?”

“Please, be my guest.” 

“Dank je.  Come on, girls.”

Doutzen strolled through into the heart of the store, her celebrity friends following behind. 

“Ladies,” said Jens, stepping out from behind the counter and eyeing them lecherously as they passed.

The ladies began to browse the many displays; taking items off the shelves and snapping photos of one another as they put them to use right there in the store.  Before long, social media was awash with exclusive snaps of the girls’ night out; the images providing men across the globe with enough jerk off material to see out the year.  They started off innocently enough; images of the girls taking selfies in fetish masks, posing with whips and riding crops and trying on strap on dildos. 

One such image appeared on the Instagram feed of @taylorswift.  It featured the A-list singer herself wearing a pair of elbow-length black latex gloves; the fair-haired songstress looking menacingly into the camera lens as she tapped a large paddle against her palm.  Kneel before Mistress Swift [devil and ping pong paddle emojis] read the caption below.  Another was posted to the account @emmawatson; a picture of Selena Gomez with a pink ball gag lodged in her mouth.  I finally found a way of shutting her up! [laugh and zip mouth emojis] read the accompanying caption.

And so on and so forth.  But it wasn’t long before the images grew raunchier and more risque and, soon enough, shots of the girls trying out vibrators and deepthroating dildos were flooding social media in their dozens.  Maisie Williams had removed her designer dress; the brunette beauty leaning against a display of BDSM gear as she held a bullet vibrator to her clit.  Daisy Ridley and Felicity Jones were sharing a double ended dildo; their matching sets of shiny pink lips meeting in the middle as it disappeared between their conjoined mouths.

Unsurprisingly, Jens had little problem with the A-list beauties and their ‘try before you buy’ approach to his products.  In fact, the store owner was too busy beating himself off behind the counter and thanking the Lord above for the invention of CCTV to object to much of anything.  And as the store cameras captured the entire sordid affair, the girls’ X-rated shopping trip continued to heat up.

By this stage, many of the ladies had donned strap on dicks and were putting them to good use; celebrity beauties from both sides of the Atlantic ploughing away at their famous friends with all manner of exotically shaped items attached to their waists as a rampant all-girl orgy broke out in the Amsterdam smut store.  Doutzen Kroes had Ariel Winter up against the wall; the Dutchwoman’s ass little more than a shapely, well-muscled blur as she went at her from behind with a jet black strap on.  Elsewhere, Hayley Atwell was laid out on a glass-topped cabinet; her legs splayed lewdly as Taylor Swift drilled her twat with a long, anatomically correct dildo. 

And as the orgy raged on, the illicit social media activity continued along with it.  Soon enough, pictures and videos of the girls pounding one another with a plethora of plastic cocks were spreading across the Internet like wildfire and people from all four corners of the globe were beating themselves senseless to the x-rated images as they were funnelled online in their dozens. 

One such post appeared on the feed of @selenagomez; a video of Sophie Turner and Natalie Dormer dressed head to toe in fantasy fetish gear, the redhead bent over a display of vibrators as her fair-haired friend drove a bright green monster (in both size and design) of a dildo into her tight pink asshole.  Ever wondered what a Game of Thrones porno might look like? [dragon, eggplant and maiden emojis] read the caption beneath. 

Finally, and with half the products in the store sampled, the girls unstrapped their dildos, removed their fetish clothing and slipped their underwear back on; the A-list babes heading to the counter with baskets overflowing with exotic marital aids.  Jens put through sale after sale; Taylor Swift and her celebrity chums buying out damn near half his stock before before bidding him farewell, the famous beauties filing out of his store with toys of every shape, size and variety poking out the tops of large pink shopping bags.

With their retail therapy complete, the ladies continued on through the red-light district; skinny stiletto heels clicking en masse against the paved sidewalk as they marched through the busy streets.  A little deeper into the heart of the seedy quarter, Doutzen stopped the girls once more; this time outside a large brick building with a closed black door; a large neon sign reading ‘PEEP SHOW’ looming large above them. 

“OK, girls,” she said as she addressed her A-list pals, “we’ve done our shopping, now how about we take in a show?”

End of Chapter 28
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Chapter 29

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and Doutzen Kroes


Doutzen Kroes opened the door to the live sex theater and stepped inside, her celebrity chums trailing in behind her.  The lobby was long and narrow, with a red velvet curtain at the far end.  A counter stretched along one side, while numerous framed pictures of beautiful, large chested women hung from the opposing wall.  Doutzen approached the counter, where the proprietor, a 40-something man with a blonde ponytail, greeted her warmly.

“Hoi, Miss Kroes.”

“Hoi, Willem,” she said back.  The girls exchanged grins behind her.  It seemed to them that there wasn’t a single business owner in Amsterdam’s red-light district that their tour guide didn’t know.  “Got anything for me tonight?”

“Ja, Miss Kroes,” Willem replied.  “Lots of good stuff.  You and your friends will be very pleased.  And, of course, Miss Kroes,” he went on, “there’s no charge for you.”

“Aww.  Well aren’t you a doll?”  Doutzen blew Willem a kiss and turned on her high heels, her A-list pals following her as she continued through the narrow lobby.

“Oh, and Miss Kroes,” Willem called out, stopping the model and her friends in their tracks, “if you want to go on, just let me know.”

Doutzen grinned.  “Dank je.”

The girls passed through the velvet curtain and into the viewing area.  The first thing that hit them was the smell of semen.  It was like every teenage boys bedroom in Western Europe rolled into one.  There were eight booths in total.  Some were already empty, while others had their occupants turfed out upon the ladies’ arrival.  A team of muscled, sunglasses-wearing bouncers opened the doors to the viewing booths and ushered them inside.

The girls entered the booths; some on their own, some in pairs, and closed the doors behind them.  The cubicles were, to put it lightly, minimally furnished; each of the cubby holes fitted out with little more than a thin shelf stocked with tissues and lube.  They had been cleaned but not very well; the floor and walls of all eight booths stained with dried cum. 

The ladies slid back the viewports and were met with all manner of explicit acts taking place on double beds on the other side of the wall.  Indeed, gorgeous women and handsome, well-endowed men of every colour, race and background were engaging in every sexual practice imaginable for their delectation.  Masturbation, girl on girl, guy on girl.  Oral, anal, double penetration.  You name it, they were doing it.

The girls fingered themselves and each other inside the booths; some of the A-list beauties breaking out their brand new sex toys and putting them to use as they watch the live sex shows play out.  In no time at all the ladies started to cum; the celebrity babes strumming themselves to earth-shattering orgasms and hosing down the walls with ounces of squirt juice as they peered through the narrow viewports.  And soon enough, their professional counterparts were following suit.  Girls with bullet vibrators buzzing at their clits sprayed their ladyloads over freshly washed bed sheets, while well-hung men blow their beans over their partners’ faces and into their gaping mouths. 

30 minutes and several orgasms later, the bouncers knocked on the booth doors, signalling to the girls that their time was up.  Jaws dropped left, right and centre as the doors opened; a line of waiting customers gasping and muttering amongst themselves as a band of world famous babes stepped out from within.  But they hadn’t seen anything yet, and as the punters replaced them in the booths, Doutzen made a gesture to one of the bouncers.  He opened a door to the left of the first booth and ushered the ladies through.

If the customers had been surprised to see the girls emerge from the peep show booths, then their eyes were practically popping out of their skulls when they slid back the viewports to see the very same gang of A-list beauties readying themselves behind the walls.  They couldn’t believe what they were witnessing.  Beyond the narrow portals, no fewer than eleven celebrity babes were shedding their designer dresses and tossing aside their underwear as their live all-star fuckshows got underway.

The people in the booths could scarcely believe their luck.  Indeed, a host of horny A-listers were engaging in all manner of explicit acts in every one of the adjacent rooms, each one wilder and more untamed than the last.  In the first, Felicity Jones was laying back on the double bed; the bejewelled end of a silver buttplug poking out of her ass as she held a giant vibrating wand to her clit.  In the next, Daisy Ridley was on her knees; a long, girthy cock lodged in her throat as she sucked it down to the base.

And soon it wasn’t just the lucky customers who were getting a taste of the action.  Indeed, thanks to the wonders of social media, it wasn’t long before people the world over were witnessing the illicit goings on, as spectators and performers alike shared their exploits online.  One such post appeared on the Instagram feed of @maisie_williams; a POV image of the Brit actress equipped with a purple strap on dildo as Hayley Awell plowed Natalie Dormer with a prosthetic prick of her own in the background.  Ready for the show! [girl and eggplant emojis] read the caption beneath.

World travelled fast across the city of Amsterdam and soon enough people were converging on the adult theatre from throughout the red-light district and beyond; a line soon forming outside the black door and stretching halfway to Rotterdam as the celebrity sex show raged on.  Willem raised his prices ten fold; the proprietor allowing each of his customers a mere 15 minutes in the booths before they were asked to vacate.

But the spectators had no trouble making the most of their time; each of the voyeuristic viewers filming the live all-star fucking on their phones and beating off twice or even three times as they watched it unfold.  But, unsurprisingly, there were some who didn’t want to give up their posts, and several of the horny spectators were hauled out by the beefy bouncers when their time was up; the desperate punters still beating their reddening pricks as they were dragged towards the exit. 

And still the action showed no signs of slowing down.  A chiseled white man was laid back on the bed in room four; Sophie Turner sat on his face, as Ariel Winter jerked him off with her tits. Meanwhile Emma Watson was getting skewered by two black guys in the chamber next door; one balls deep in her mouth while the other pounded her pussy.

The theatre’s dilligent band of hired jizzmoppers were working over time; the tireless team doing their level best to deal with the dozens upon dozens of loads left on the booth floors and sprayed up the walls by each wave of spectators.  And it didn’t end there.  In fact, the blasts of spunk seemed to come thicker and faster with each minute; overexcited customers beating themselves almost into a coma and as the live all-star fucking reached its zenith. 

Selena Gomez was getting stuffed full of cock in room six; the Latin songstress with a thick black wang embedded in her ass while two white guys went to town on her mouth and cunt.  In room seven, Doutzen Kroes was squatting in the middle of a ring of seven men; the lingerie model sucking and jerking each of their oversized dongs as she worked her way around the circle.  But the star of the show, as she often was, was Taylor Swift, and in room eight the randy blonde was rutting furiously with no fewer than five horse-hung studs; huge veiny cocks in her ass, pussy, mouth and both her hands as she was taken from all sides by the band of Euro hunks. 

The guys passed her around like a homemade bong; all five of the endowed young Dutchman taking turns in each of her holes, stuffing her airtight and drilling her hard from all angles.  After an hour plus of endless fucking, the men were ready to blow.  Taylor dropped to her knees and the guys surrounded her.  They pointed their dicks at her face and stroked them vigorously until they erupted; the hung quintet blasting five equally thick, equally creamy, hot spunk wads across her gorgeous features.

And they weren’t the only ones losing their loads.  In fact, people were shooting their goo across all eight rooms; male and female performers alike hosing down their opposite numbers with an ungodly volume of steaming fuckjuice.  Felicity Jones was cumming over and over again in room one; the horny brunette blasting load after load of clear, wet girl spunk as she frigged herself off with her vibrating wand.  Meanwhile, Natalie Dormer was getting stuffed full of plastic cock in room three; the blonde beauty drenching both Hayley Atywell and Maisie Williams with an ungodly amount of sizzling slut juice as she squirted like a water cannon. 

One guy went off in Daisy Ridley’s snatch, while two more shot their loads over Emma Watson’s face.  Ariel Winter and Sophie Turner swapped a gloopy wad of rich, off white semen back and forth from mouth to mouth, while Selena Gomez took a thick, piping hot creampie in all three of her slutty young holes.  That just left Doutzen Kroes and as she sucked all seven of her chiseled co-stars to the point of eruption, every one of the muscled Dutchman blew a wad of gooey, warm stud juice straight into her gaping maw.  Her mouth was filled right to the brim by the time they were done, and the lingerie model closed her lips; swallowing the cocktail of gloopy seed straight down to her belly. 

Once the girls had cleaned themselves up and returned to the hallway, a troop of hopeful latecomers were being turned away, while more still were queued up outside the building.  A loud groan of disappointment went up from the baying mob as they watched the ladies depart; the A-list beauties waving goodbye and blowing kisses to the crowd as they headed off to the next venue. 

“Sorry, boys,” Doutzen announced, the model hiking up her dress and flashing her bare butt to the masses as scant consolation.  “Better luck next time!”

The girls continued through the red-light quarter; Doutzen directing them down an alley in the heart of the district.  This particular alley was in stark contrast to the rest of the area.  In fact, it had more in common with a quaint Paris sidestreet than it did with their previous surroundings.  Uneven pavement slabs, backlit windows and neon signs gave way to cobbled roads, old-fashioned street lamps and flowery hanging baskets.  The ladies chatted amongst themselves about the wild events that had just befallen them as they strolled down the charming side street.

“Damn!” exclaimed Emma Watson.  “That was crazy!”

“Yeah,” Taylor Swift agreed.  “I mean...wow, Doutzen!  This place is incredible!”

Doutzen chuckled.  “Girls, that was just a warm up,” she grinned, the model stopping outside a third building; this establishment, like the alley as a whole, looking to be of significantly higher class than their previous stop.  Steel bars blocked the sparkling clean windows.  An artistic, hand painted sign swung above the entrance.  She knocked on the door, taking a step back and turning to address her friends.  “Now for the main event!”

End of Chapter 29
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Chapter 30

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and Doutzen Kroes


The heavy oak door opened with a creak.  A pretty blonde woman in her late 30s by the name of Lotte, stood in the doorway; the business owner regarding Doutzen Kroes with equal familiarity, but considerably less enthusiasm, than the previous two. 

“You’re back,” she said.

“I am,” Doutzen replied.

“And I trust you have enough money for your friends?” Lotte asked.

“Of course.”

“Then I guess you better come in.”

Lotte stood to the side and ushered them through.  Doutzen strolled through the open door, her A-list friends following in behind.  The foyer to this mystery establishment looked like the lobby of a fancy French hotel.  The desk was a fine varnished oak, the lacquered surface lined with all manner of expensive computers, tablets and furnishings.  Priceless artworks lined the walls. Chandeliers hung from the ceilings. Plush, vintage-style rugs lined the hardwood floor. It was about as far a cry from the peeling paint and dried jizz-stains of their previous setting as could possibly be imagined. 

Lotte stepped behind the counter and addressed her new customers.  “So, what can I do for you ladies?”

“We want everything,” Doutzen declared.  “Everything you have to offer.”

Lotte was taken aback.  “Excuse me?” she said.

“You heard me,” Doutzen replied, clasping a golden credit card between her manicured fingers and holding it aloft.  “Everything. We want the full experience.”

The two Dutchwomen completed the transaction in their native tongue and, once the payments had been made, Lotte emerged from behind her desk, strolled to the entrance and locked the door.

“Come with me,” she said.

Lotte approached a set of double doors at the back of the room and pushed them open.  The room that lay beyond was even plusher and more lavishly decorated than the one before.  A number of old-fashioned, Regency-style sofas, futons and footstools dotted the large room; the frames carved exquisitely from sturdy English oak and covered with cushions and throw pillows hand sewn from the finest Chinese silk.  Chandeliers twinkled above. Candles burned in costly metal holders. Classical music played softly from a vintage gramophone.

A bar stretched across the entire west wall; the varnished surface lined with bottles of brandy, whiskey, rum, gin, vodka and everything in between.  Bottles of priceless champagne cooled in ice buckets throughout the luxury room, while the opposing wall was bordered with the wooden shelving of an antique wine cellar; the stowed bottles outdating not only the celebrities themselves but their parents and possibly grandparents too.  And the intoxicants didn’t end there. Indeed, the surfaces of every worktop, cabinet and coffee table were lined with mountains of cocaine and bowls overfilled with all manner of colourful pills, tablets and capsules.

“Ladies, make yourselves at home,” Lotte announced.  “My team will be along soon.”

The girls entered, poured themselves drinks and took to the antique sofas.  They chatted amongst themselves; discussing all the illicit antics that had gone before and all that were to come.  They chopped up lines with razor blades and platinum credit cards, hoovering them up through rolled up 100 Euro bills, taking shots and popping pills as they waited for the entertainment to arrive. 

Then, without further wait or ado, a door at the back of the room eased open.  The girls looked up from half rolled joints and piles of blow as a seemingly never ending line of beautiful women filed into the room.  There were fourteen in total; the finest call girls, escorts and ladies of pleasure the city had to offer. Blondes, brunettes and redheads.  Black girls from Aruba and Surinam. Asian chicks from Indonesia. 

Every one of the gorgeous sex workers was kitted out in the finest French lingerie; the band of hoes armed to the teeth with an extensive arsenal of buttplugs, dildos and vibrators, the luxury room a rolling plain of long, flowing hair, carefully styled afros, glistening blue eyes and beach tanned skin.  Not forgetting peachy asses, perky breasts, long, slender legs and flat, toned midriffs. 

The pros marched into the centre of the room; loud whoops and hollers going up from their A-list counterparts as they entered.  The hookers took to the couches and slotted in between the celebs; helping themselves to cocktails and glasses of champagne as the all-girl Euro shindig got underway.  The girls mixed and mingled; sipping from their drinks and passing around joints as they swapped stories from the worlds of sex and showbiz.

But Doutzen didn’t cough up such a large sum of money for the conversation and, before long, the lingerie model and her famous chums had taken it upon themselves to turn up the heat on their female-only festivities.  Soon enough, the girls were dumping vials of coke over any full, voluptuous cleavage that took their fancy; the A-list babes snorting up the costly white powder from the tops of breasts and licking up the residue. 

Some popped pills on the tips of their tongues; the celebrity babes passing them back and forth with their call girl counterparts as they locked their luscious lips.  Soon enough, celebs and hookers were pulling tongue every which way across the luxury room. Sophie Turner was making out with a hot young blonde, while Felicity Jones locked lips with a beautiful black girl. 

But it didn’t end there.  Before long, women were shedding their clothes every which way; stars and streetwalkers alike flinging aside designer dresses and priceless lingerie like pieces of trash as the all-girl orgy kicked up into second gear.  Ariel Winter found herself flanked on either side by a brunette and an Asian chick; the gorgeous working girls pouring champagne over her bulging D cup tits and then licking them clean.         

And she wasn’t the only large-breasted lady getting some attention in the chest department.  Indeed, celebs and whores alike were groping tits and sucking on nipples across the luxury room.  A redhead had her face buried between Hayley Atwell’s tits, while Taylor Swift and Massie Williams feasted on a black girl’s whopping DD funbags.   

And on and on it went.  Before long, women were venturing between each other’s thighs every which way as the frantic, females-only fuckfest raged on.  Emma Watson was tonguefucking a blonde girl, while Natalie Dormer went down on a redhead. Selena Gomez licked an Asian whore’s ass, while Doutzen Kroes 69ed with a black chick. 

Orgasms ignited across the room left, right and centre; starlets and strumpets alike trembling from head to foot as they were licked, lapped and tongued into ecstasy.  And they weren’t the only ones. Back in the reception area, Lotte was watching the whole thing on her computer monitor; a four-way split screen filling her VDU as a number of security cameras recorded the action as it unfolded. 

Lotte sat back in her vintage leather chair; the horny Dutchwoman strumming herself to countless earth shattering orgasms as the rampant all-girl orgy continued.  But it didn’t end there. Indeed, since minute one Lotte had been streaming the lebian lickfest on her own private paysite; the brothel owner sharing the link on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and anywhere that would take it.

The site carried a considerable admission fee but, as can be imagined, it didn’t act as much of a deterrent.  In fact, people were tuning in in their thousands; men and women from all walks of life scraping together the requisite funds by any means necessary to gain access to the exclusive content.  Before long, viewers were pulling and frigging themselves senseless the world over; people of every age, nationality and ethnic background cumming repeatedly as the wild sapphic group sex raged on.

By now, the girls had broken out the sextoys; celebs and hookers alike putting all manner of plastic marital aids to good use as an army of spectators watched on from across the globe.  Daisy Ridley was going at a blonde girl with a long black strap on, while Sophie Turner and a gorgeous brunette bucked and writhed on a double-ended dildo. 

But that was just the beginning.  Soon enough, women from the worlds of fame and fucking were inserting every large, exotically shaped toy into any hole it would fit.  Ariel Winter was knelt on a couch; her thick, juicy ass thrust up in the air as a stunning redhead fed a huge pink buttplug into her anus.  An Asian whore was drilling Felicity Jones with a strap on, while Hayley Atwell fed a never ending chain of large, round anal beads into a black girl’s ass.

And on and on it went.  People were joining the lesbian live stream in their hundreds with every passing second.  Before long, Lotte had racked up enough in admission fees to rival her nation’s GDP; the Dutch madame climbing further up the country’s rich list by the minute as the view count continued to rise. 

And the orgy itself was showing now signs of slowing down either.  Soon enough, the combined orgasm tally had soared well into the hundreds; the girls cumming over and over as the all-female fuckfest moved into its third hour.   By this stage, half the women in the room had dildos fastened to their waists; the strapped-on sluts going at their opposite numbers like there was no tomorrow as the girls-only group sex reached its fiery zenith.

Taylor Swift was fucking a brunette, while a gorgeous redhead ploughed away at Emma Watson’s ass.  Natalie Dormer was reaming a black girl, while Maisie Williams found herself sandwiched between an Asian and a redhead; the pretty pair drilling their thick, strapped on cocks into both her holes in perfect unison.  The ladies came time and again; celebs and streetwalkers alike squirting jet after jet of sticky, clear girlcum over themselves and each other as they fucked furiously in the Amsterdam brothel.

After three plus hours of non-stop sapphic rutting, the orgy finally came to an end.  The last orgasm was achieved, the final load of girlcum sprayed. Lotte’s team of whores rose wearily to their feet; some of the celebs slipping them a generous tip as they gathered their discarded lingerie and headed for the rear door. 

“Wow!” exclaimed Taylor Swift, the popstar panting heavily.  Her body gleamed with sweat, her blonde hair slick with a mess of squirt juice.  “This place just gets better and better!”

“Mmhmm!” Doutzen Kroes agreed.  “But were not done yet, girls.” The door at the back of the room opened once more.  “That was just the beginning!”

End of Chapter 30
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Chapter 31

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and Doutzen Kroes


Taylor Swift and her celebrity friends watched on as a second troop of escorts strolled into the room.  This band of sex workers was every bit as attractive, athletic and endowed as the last, and came from an equally diverse range of ethnic backgrounds; white, black, brown, you name it.  But there was one distinct difference. This time they were men. Handsome, well groomed men clad in nothing more than matching sets of tight white boxer briefs. 

There were fifteen in total; every one of them boasting the looks of a Greek god, the body of an Armani model and the genitals of a prize bull, a plethora of giant, snake-like bulges tucked away in their underwear.  They had carefully sculpted partings, freshly barbed fades, neatly trimmed beards and stylized body ink. Not to mention rippling pecs, bulging biceps and cobblestone abs. 

The guys marched into the centre of the room; the horny celebs poised to meet them as they gathered around the vintage furniture.  Taylor and pals were still tingling from arousal from their previous orgy, and the A-list babes wasted no time in getting the next one under way.  Girls gripped the nearest cock and wrapped their lips around it, while guys burrowed between any pair of toned, beach bronzed thighs that took their fancy as an all out oral extravaganza ensued.

Daisy Ridley choken down a long black cock, while Selena Gomez and Doutzen Kroes shared a fat white dong beside her.  One guy went down on Sophie Turner, while another tonguefucked Felicity Jones. And that was just the beginning. Before long, members of both sex were ganging up on one another like playground bullies; packs of men and women alike teaming up on their opposite numbers as the wild celebrity suckfest raged on.  Taylor Swift sucked a guy’s cock while another ate her out. Natalie Dormer sucked away at a black man’s thick, swollen dickhead while Ariel Winter worked her whopping D cup jugs up and down his shaft.

The live stream on Lotte’s paysite ticked over into hour number four; the broadcast continuing to garner an unprecedented number of views in spite of the already extortionate admission fee which continued to rise by the hour.  By now, those watching were midway through their eight, ninth, even tenth plank spank of the evening. Cocks the world over were sore and stinging from overuse, while women were going through batteries like nobody’s business as an army of vibrators buzzed away at stiff, throbbing clits throughout the globe.

Emma Watson had two big black cocks clasped in her hands; the brunette switching back and forth swiftly from one to the other as she sucked them both right down to the base.  One guy was laid back on one of the sofas; Hayley Atwell blowing him as Selena Gomez sat on his face, while another had no fewer than three gorgeous women gathered at his feet; Daisy Ridley and Maisie Willaims sharing his cock as Doutzen Kroes tongued at his stripwaxed ass.   

It wasn’t long before the guys started to cum; Taylor and friends swallowing countless loads of cum and taking even more on their faces as the chiseled Dutchmen emptied their swollen balls.  Natalie Dormer took a load in the mouth, while Hayley Atwell got a blast to the chest. Two guys beat off into Taylor Swift’s mouth, while three more painted Emma Watson’s face with a mess of steaming cum.  And it didn’t end there. In fact, no sooner had the girls drained a load from a guy’s ballsack were they working on another; every one of the A-list sluts hopping up and down on an oversized dong within a matter of moments. 

In the meantime, Lotte’s live stream had claimed a few casualties.  Indeed, people were passing out the world over after blowing their eleventh or twelth loads in a little under five hours, while hospital staff across the globe were treating more patients for wrist sprains in one night than they had in the previous year. 

But if Taylor and chums knew of their spectators’ various health concerns they certainly didn’t let them spoil their fun.  In fact, the randy celebs were going at their opposite numbers harder and with greater vigour than ever before. Sophie Turner was getting fucked by a black guy, while Ariel Winter was spitroasted beside her.  One guy had Tayor Swift sitting on his face as Maisie Willaims bounced on his cock, while another was pounding Emma Watson from behind, Doutzen Kroes’ gaping mouth at hand to suck his girthy schlong right out of her twat.   

Meanwhile, a ripped white stud named Max was laid back on of the antique couches; his large, manly hands clasped around Felicity Jones’ flat, toned midriff as the brown-haired beauty hopped and bucked atop his chiseled frame.  A positively angelic look of lust and pleasure was etched across her face; the Brit actress cooing like a ringdove as she rode his cock. Her peachy, round ass clattered repeatedly with Max’s chiseled abs, all ten of his thick, veiny inches disappearing inside her as she squatted on his giant dong.

“Mmm! Fuck! Yes! FUCK ME!!” Felicity groaned; the randy brunette looking back at Max as she rode his shredded frame.

She bucked on his wang at a furious pace; her moist, raspberry-pink pussy lips roaming up and down his shaft as she rode his shredded frame.  And Felicity wasn’t the only one taking a ride on an oversized penis. Indeed, celebrity sluts were bouncing up and down on long, thick cocks throughout the high-class brothel.  Some were in cowgirl, others were in the reverse variation, while more still had been hoisted up into the air and thrown up and down on an array of veiny Dutch dongs. But regardless of the position, Taylor and friends rode the giant cocks into oblivion; the randy celebs cumming repeatedly over the girthy shafts, hopping down and sucking them clean, before returning them from whence they came.

Back at the couch, a second muscled young manwhore named Luuk had stepped up to the plate.

“Wanna get filled up, baby?” he asked; his long, veiny cock clasped in his hand as he aimed it at Felicity’s cooch.

“YES!” she barked in response.  “Get that fat fucking cock in my tight pink pussy!!”

Luuk didn’t have to be told twice.  Max held Felicity still as his friend knelt before her; the ripped Dutch stud pressing his dickhead up against her already full snatch and pushing it inside.

“UHH! FUCK!!” Felicity gasped; the brown-haired starlet cumming on the spot as a second girthy, fat prong thrust up inside her.

The guys began to buck their hips in unison; both of the chiseled escorts working their oversized dongs back and forth in her snug pink twat.  Felicity was in seventh heaven; her slick gash stretched to capacity as not one, but TWO thick, veiny prongs probed the tight, wet hole. Max and Luuk went to town on Felicity’s snatch; the chiseled duo drilling both of their oversized cocks into the depths of her pussy, the horny actress cumming over and over as a pair of swollen dickheads probed her aching g-spot. 

And the double vaginal didn’t end there and before long hot pink pussies were getting stuffed to the brim left, right and centre as the rampant all-star orgy kicked up into fifth gear.  Natalie Dormer was getting fucked by two white studs, while Selena Gomez had been held aloft by a pair of burly black man; their twin dark schlongs ballsdeep in her cooze.   

Back at the couch, Felicity and her two studs had changed up positions.  Now the English actress was straddling Max in the cowgirl position, Luuk knelt behind her as both men drove their meaty, fat cocks back and forth in her snatch. 

“Yes!  Come on, boys!  Fuck me!” she screamed.  “Stretch my fucking cunt with those big fucking DICKS!”

Luuk and Max were doing just that and more.  In fact, their giant cocks were stretching her tight pink snatch to its limits; her pussy lips wrapping around the thick twin dongs like knicker elastic as they drilled her slick, wet hole. 

Meanwhile, the view count on Lotte’s live stream continued to rise.  By now the admission prices amounted to a small fortune for most and yet folk continued to tune in in their thousands; people the world over pawning widescreen TVs, precious family heirlooms, wedding rings and anything they could get their hands on to raise the money required.  But whatever they’d sold and whatever the consequences for doing so, the viewers agreed on one thing; it was worth every penny. Indeed, some members of the audience had beaten off upwards of fifteen times; every one of the randy viewers working their way through a pharmacy’s worth of Vaseline, lubes and hand creams as they watched the action unfold. 

Back in the brothel, Luuk and Max were going at Felicity’s pussy like there was no tomorrow; both of the Dutch gigolos drilling their equally long, equally girthy cocks into the depths of her snatch with each pass.  Felicity had long since lost track of her orgasm; nigh on every pass of the veiny twin prongs igniting a fresh fiery climax from within. But she wasn’t the only one riding the waves of their umpteenth orgasm and, before long, both of the men pounding her pussy were fit to blow once more. 

“Shit!  I’m gonna cum!” yelled Max from underneath.

Luuk pulled out just in time; the chiseled stud allowing his friend sole occupancy of Felicity’s twat as he prepared to shoot his goo.  And then, he did just that. Max reached around to grip Felicity’s ass cheeks; the muscled manwhore holding her in place as he emptied his swollen balls.

“FUUUUCKKKK!!!” he bellowed, his usually handsome features contorting in all manner of unflattering ways as he blew his load inside her.

“Mmm!  Fuck yeah!” Felicity purred, her pretty face lit up like a Christmas tree as a tidal wave of thick, creamy spunk filled her unguarded snatch.

And Felicity wasn’t the only one receiving a piping hot creampie from a hunky male escort.  In fact, cocks were going off in snug showbiz twats every which way; each wad of spunk gloopier, hotter and more virile than the one before.  A black man blew his load in Hayley Atwell’s tight pink gash, while a white guy went off inside Daisy Ridley. 

But it didn’t stop there, and no sooner had a randy celeb taken a wad in her cooch, was another on hand to retrieve it.  Indeed, lips were gaping before spunk-filled vaginas through the luxury room; each and every one of the greedy A-list mouths ready to catch a load of cum from a tight, wet pussy as it oozed on out.  Ariel Winter squeezed out a load into Maisie Willaims mouth, while Taylor Swift caught a wad of seed between her lips as it slopped from Doutzen Kroes’ snatch.

Felicity Jones hopped down from the couch, a trail of Max’s cum trickling down her thigh as she knelt on the carpeted floor.  Luuk stepped up and jerked himself wildly, his slit winking lewdy as he beat his throbbing prick.

“Yes! Come on, big boy!” Felicity purred, reaching up to fondle Luuk’s balls as he pulled himself off.  “Gimme that fucking cum!”

And it give it to her he did.  Luuk’s dick erupted as if on command.  A jet of scolding, off-white fuck juice shooting from the tip and hitting her full in the face; the mess of spunk splattering across her features like spilled wall paint.

“Mmm!” Felicity purred, tonguing the last few drops of jizz from Luuk’s open slit.  “Thanks, boys,” she added, climbing back onto the couch and thrusting her supple, round rear in their direction.  “Now, who wants to fuck my arse?”

End of Chapter 31
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I enjoy the bit longer nature of these last couple of chapters.  It seems wherever these ladies go, hot shenanigans follow.  Keep up the great work!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Chapter 32

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and Doutzen Kroes


After the latest wave of cumshots, the partygoers took a short break.  Pills were popped and lines were snorted. Drinks were sunk and shots were necked, expensive hors d'oeuvres consumed.  Then, with thirsts quenched and energy levels replenished, the A-list orgy was back under way. Daisy Ridley dropped to her knees and choked down a long black cock, while Hayley Atwell wrapped her tits around a white one beside her.

Once the cocks were nicely lubed up and stiff as a board once more, the fucking commenced, and, for this second act of wild all-star rutting, the anus was the hole of choice.  Indeed, nigh on every celebrity in the high class brothel had a dick up her butt in no time at all; the tireless band of chiseled male escorts ploughing away at a plethora of peachy, round asses as a rampant rectal reamfest ensued.  Sophie Turner was knelt on a futon, her supple rear thrust up in the air as a ripped white stud ploughed her backdoor. Elsewhere, a black guy was sat back on one of the couches; Emma Watson working her tight, pink asshole up and down his dong while Natalie Dormer sucked on his balls.

Lotte watched on from reception.  She flicked from one camera to the next, a bullet vibrator buzzing at her clit as she surveyed her illicit live stream.  Then, something caught her eye in the corner of the screen. The view counter, which since minute one had been scrolling so rapidly that she could scarcely keep track, was suddenly rising at a fraction of its previous pace.  In fact, over the last 60 minutes, the stream count had risen by a mere 36 viewers; a drop in the ocean when compared to the 600,000+ that had joined in the hour before. 

Lotte was perplexed.  She switched from camera to camera; the brothel owner searching desperately for the source of the problem.  After fifteen minutes of diligent scouring, Lotte was still none the wiser. As far as she could tell, everything was ticking along nicely.  Selena Gomez was being anally spitroasted by a pair of long, girthy cocks. Felicity Jones sucked a thick black dong right out of Maisie Williams’ asshole.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

Then, she spotted the culprit.  Lotte zoomed in on one of the camera angles and, sure enough, there they were.  One of the women, possibly Taylor Swift, appeared to be filming the orgy on her phone.  Well, that would explain the halt in the view count. After all, why would people pay her extortionate fees when they could witness the action for free? 

A visit to Miss Swift’s Twitter profile confirmed her suspicions.  At the top of the feed were numerous videos that had been retweeted by the singer herself; every one of the illicit clips shot by Taylor in the selfie style and depicting a great number of sex acts, each wider and more debauched than the last.  In one, Ariel Winter was deepthroating a long black cock while Taylor sucked on the balls. In a second, Taylor was giving a guy a rimjob while Doutzen Kroes sucked his dick, while in another, a man prized his dong from Daisy Ridley’s asshole and fed it straight into the popstar’s mouth.

Lotte scrolled down, and after countless retweeted clips with even lewder content, the Dutch madame found what she was looking for.  Some way down the feed, but posted less than two hours ago (and retweed over a million times) was a link to a Periscope stream entitled Orgy in the ‘Dam.  Lotte was incensed.  Her brothel was a social media-free zone.  There were signs everywhere stating that very fact.  And millions of Internet users across the globe knew exactly why. 

After all, Lotte had made a small fortune on the illicit live streams that she shared online almost every single night.  The girls’ tour guide, Doutzen Kroes, was a regular fixture of said broadcasts. In fact, numerous recordings of giant, all-girl orgies and seven, eight or ten on one gangbangs featuring the former Victoria’s Secret model had done the rounds in cyberspace in just the past month, each of the illicit streams netting Lotte a tidy sum along the way.  But with Miss Kroes’ celebrity friends in tow, this latest stream looked set to put the brothel owner amongst the pantheon of the richest people the country, the continent, heck- the world had to offer. 

But Taylor Swift’s online antics had put paid to that.  The view counter at the bottom of the screen was now entirely stationary.  In fact, it had been a good 20 minutes since it had ticked over as much as one solitary digit.  Upon clicking on the link it was clear to see why. Indeed, Taylor’s stream offered an up close and personal view of the action, something Lotte’s wall-mounted security cameras couldn’t provide. 

Taylor was circling the room from one celeb to the next; filming and joining in with their frantic, ceaseless rutting before moving onto the next.  By this point, women were getting stuffed full of dong left, right and centre. Some had two cocks in their vagina, while others had one in the pussy and one in their ass.  But regardless of the configuration, Taylor was close at hand to assist with their deep dual dicking in any way she could.

When Natalie Dormer was taking two long, veiny wangs up her snatch, Taylor added to the stimulation by sticking a thick glass buttplug up her ass.  As Ariel Winter was stuffed to the brim with giant black cocks, Taylor helped her get off by choking her and slapping her face. But the primary focus of her attention was clearly Doutzen Kroes, and no matter how many times Taylor encircled the room she always returned to the stunning Dutch model; regularly joining in with her two-pronged antics as she shared it with her online fans.

By this stage, two black men, Leroy and Marvin, had Miss Kroes hoisted up into the air; the blonde beauty sandwiched between their shredded dark bodies as drove their fat twin dongs into both her holes.  Taylor filmed from the sidelines; the popstar hollering encouragement from behind her camera phone as she streamed the action online. 

As she was with all things of a sexual nature, Taylor, it turned out, was a natural at recording people fuck.  In fact, she was operating her camera phone like an award-winning smut peddler; the fair-haired songstress perfectly framing the action and regularly moving in for close ups as the three Netherlands natives banged like wild animals before her.  By now, Leroy and Marvin were tossing Doutzen up and down between their chiseled frames; the dark-skinned duo piercing her time and again on their meaty black cocks, their swollen heads probing her g-spot and tunneling into her colon with each pass. 

“You like getting fucked like that, Doutzen?” Taylor asked from behind the camera, the wannabe director moving in for a close up of Miss Kroes’ sweaty, lust-screwed face as she was double dicked furiously from beneath.

“I love it!” Doutzen screamed back.  “I love getting fucked by these FAT BLACK COCKS!!!”

She certainly seemed to be enjoying herself.  But Taylor wasn’t going to let the randy catwalk model have all the fun, and as Doutzen came on the two dark schlongs a third time, Taylor crawled underneath her and prized them from her holes.  Taylor turned the camera on herself as she got in on the act; the blonde babe sucking each of the thick dark prongs right down to the base, cleaning Doutzen’s juices from the shafts, before returning them from whence they came.

But she wasn’t done yet and as Doutzen was slammed full of girthy black cock, Taylor regularly grew tired of merely filming the action and proceeded to join in as much as she could.  She made out with all three of them; the horny singer pointing the camera at herself as she exchanged kisses with fashion models and male prostitutes alike. She gobbled at Leroy and Marvin’s bulging, oversized balls, tongued at their assholes and sucked their dicks right out of Doutzen’s holes. 

Doutzen came time and again as Leroy and Marvin’s girthy twin prongs thrust up inside her; nigh on every pass of the coal-dark wangs igniting a bone-shaking climax from the depths of her toned frame.  And though she clearly needed little help in the achievement of her orgasms, Taylor was close at hand to assist and encourage her nonetheless. 

“Cum for me, slut!” Taylor barked at one stage, the amateur director choking her onscreen talent as Leroy and Marvin drilled their lengthy black cocks into the depths of her holes.  “Leak your cum all over those big black dicks!”

Doutzen was doing just that and more.  In fact, the runway model had been oozing girlspunk over both the twin dark schlongs from the get go; a detail of which Taylor was well aware, having slurped up most of the sweet ladygoo herself.  And, soon enough, it wasn’t just the female third of the trio that Taylor was encouraging to cum. Before long, Taylor was on her feet; nibbling on Leroy and Marvin’s earlobes and clasping handfuls of their firm, well-muscled ass cheeks as she enticed the black duo to blow their creamy wads.

“You gonna cum for me, boys?” she purred.  “You gonna empty those big black balls in her tight, twin fuckholes?”

“Uh-huh,” Leroy grunted, his handsome dark features screwed beyond belief as he fought to retain his load.

“I didn’t hear you, big boy.”

“JA!” he bellowed.  “I’m gonna fucking cum!!”

Taylor grinned.  “That’s what I wanted to hear.  Girls,” she said, pointing two manicured fingers at Emma Watson and Maisie Williams, “over here.”

Emma and Maisie did as instructed; the British starlets hurrying over to the wannabe director like army cadets reporting for duty.

“Get down and lick these asses,” Taylor ordered, pointing down at Leroy and Marvin’s chiseled black rears.  “I want these guys to blow like they’ve never blown before!”

Emma and Maisie squatted behind Leroy and Marvin respectively; the brown-haired beauties prizing apart their twin sets of sculpted dark ass cheeks and burying their faces inside. 

“UGH!  FUCK!” the guys grunted in unison as two equally wet, equally skilled tongues lapped at their stripwaxed butts.

They continued to throw Doutzen up and down their dongs; their thick black cocks throbbing like nobody’s business as they were rectally probed by a pair of slick red tongues.  Emma and Maisie bobbed their heads in perfect synchronicity; the English sluts tonguefucking the two black escorts like their lives depended on it. Taylor filmed the whole thing from closeby; the singer regularly moving in for close ups of Emma and Maisie rimming their chosen black stud, and of Doutzen’s pretty face as their girthy dark schlongs pulsed in both her holes. 

One final plunge of Emma and Maisie’s tongues into their assholes, and Leroy and Marvin could hold off no longer.  They blew their beans at precisely the same time; matching looks of strain and exertion stretching across their faces as they blew equally hot, equally thick wads of creamy black semen into Doutzen’s ass and pussy alike.

“Mmm! SHIT!” Doutzen purred, the blonde beauty cumming yet again as twin loads of virile seed flooded her vagina and rectum in equal measure. 

“Hold her there, guys,” Taylor instructed, the randy songstress dropping down between their thighs once more.  She held her phone aloft in the selfie style; framing the shot as best she could as she gaped her pouty pink lips.  “OK boys,” she said, “pull out those cocks!”

Leroy and Marvin prized their dicks from Doutzen’s spunk-filled holes; twin messes of gloopy, thick seed slopping out of both orifices and straight into Taylor’s waiting mouth.  But she wasn’t finished yet, and no sooner had Taylor caught both loads between her lips, had she crawled out from between the two black studs and beckoned over her celebrity girlfriends.  Leroy and Marvin lowered Doutzen to the ground, and she, Emma and Maisie joined Taylor for a fourway cumswap that even the most imaginative of porno writers couldn’t have dreamt up. 

Taylor pointed the camera at herself as Emma parted her lips beneath her.  She spat out the cum; her transatlantic pal catching the gloopy mess between her lips and passing it on once more.  The girls passed the seed back and forth, to and fro, from Emma to Doutzen, Doutzen to Maisie, Maisie back to Taylor; the A-list sluts regularly changing direction and altering the order along the way.  Several minutes and numerous spunkswaps later, the girls had equal measures of the creamy black seed pooling in their open mouths. They closed their lips in perfect synchronicity and swallowed their shares; the girls meeting for a fourway kiss to wrap up. 

Lotte was coming down from her tenth orgasm of the night as Taylor and pals locked lips on the unsanctioned live stream.  She looked up at her computer screen to see that, after seven fuck-filled hours, the all-star orgy had finally come to an end.  Lotte’s team of sculpted gigolos gathered their discarded boxers and headed for the rear door. Taylor and her A-list pals took to the couches; sipping from cocktails and sparking up blunts as day dawned in the city of Amsterdam.

But Taylor’s post-fuck relaxation was short lived.  She was taking a lengthy hit on a thick, tightly-rolled joint when the main doors flew open.  The girls looked up en masse as Lotte stormed into the room; a suggestive-looking satin teepee pitched in the crotch of her expensive black slip nightgown. 

“You!” she barked, pointing at Taylor Swift.  “I saw you! Can’t you fucking read?!” She pointed at the sign on the wall beside her.  “No. Social. Media. Do you have any idea how much money your little live stream cost me?!”

“What?” said Taylor, bemused.  “Wait, you were recording us?!”

“Damn right I was recording you!  And your stupid stream cost me millions of viewers!”

“Oh, well, I’m sorry.  I didn’t realise you were…” Taylor replied.  She reached for her clutch bag and took out her credit card.  “Can I pay you for…?”

“Oh, you’re going to pay, alright,” Lotte snapped, cutting her off.  She whipped up the hem of her nightie. A long jet black dildo was strapped to her waist; the plastic fucktoy sporting girth that made her band of escorts look like they had 2B pencils tucked away in their shorts.  She grinned devilishly, gripping the prosthetic cock at the base. “You’re gonna pay with that tight little ass!”

End of Chapter 32
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