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Author Topic: Tami Monroe meets Racquel Darrian, part two  (Read 797 times)


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Tami Monroe meets Racquel Darrian, part two
« on: January 01, 2020, 07:49:02 AM »
Note- Another entry in my legendary pornstar dream team.


Chapter Two.


Tami Monroe stretched out her arms and gave a yawn. She had just had an incredible night with Racquel Darrian, known as the Goddess of Porn. She had also been Penthouse Pet of 1990, and deservedly so, her figure was heavenly.

Tami fluffed her pillow and as soon as her pretty head hit the pillow she was fast asleep, her arms wrapped around her soft down filled pillow, and dreams came instantly.


The room was large, dimly lit and had an enormous mirror on the far wall. It felt hot and sticky, and the red walls seemed to sweat.
The main attraction was a big one piece wooden contraption in the shape of an X.
At six feet tall with a solid base and footboard, the cross was completely free standing and self supported.

A tall, darkly handsome black man with a well defined torso, muscular biceps and chiseled pectorals was strapped securely to the object.
Padded and buckled straps held his arms above his head along the upper arms of the X, as well as his ankles along the bottom half. The whole device was padded with velvet which felt warm on his bare flesh.

The alert man struggled in vain as he was quite helpless and put his head back on the padded head rest.
His prodigious ivory club of a cock hung down from his shaven groin and although flaccid appeared to be at least eight inches long.
Tightly muscled shanks were spread out wide from narrow hips and his feet were placed in the convenient foot holes.

He looked up as he heard female voices and two figures entered the room giggling.

"Good morning to you Mister Sean Michaels. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Mistress Racquel, and this little cutie is Mistress Tami. And we are going to be doing some pretty wild things today. You, my friend are going to beg and plead us for satisfaction before the day is over."

"Fuck you bitch! Cut me loose and I won't be too hard on your ass."

The two girls looked at each other and then burst out laughing.

Sean tugged as hard as he could on the X with eyes ablaze as he took in his captors.

Racquel Darrian was dressed in a Police Officer outfit with a black vinyl hat with studded brim and metal chain trim across the front.
Her eyes were covered by her Aviator sunglasses. Her long and luscious russet hair tumbled over the shoulders of her black zip up long sleeved top, the zip tantalisingly pulled down to show off her ample cleavage.

The bottom of the top finished just above her navel and her bared tiny waist widened out to her hips. Her tight black shorts with the attached handcuffs showed off her flat stomach nicely and her spectacular prize winning derriere stuck out behind in stunning perfection from her tapered back.

Racquel had very slender and alluring long toned legs and she wore her tight leather thigh high black boots with the extremely thin five inch stiletto heels. Her five feet six height gained extra and her overall look was of a lean, leggy knockout.

Beside her the petite honey blonde girl who barely reached five feet stood with big blue eyes and big backcombed hair.
Her small but curvy frame was tightly held in a blue and black striped corset, her generous bosom poked out of the V shaped top.
A mini tutu skirt, also in blue had a built in petticoat that gave the girl an innocent but attractive look. In her fingerless black lace fishnet gloves Tami wielded a police baton, which she tapped over and over against her black shiny PVC knee high boots with the four inch heels and side laces.

Racquel approached the apparatus and Sean now saw she had a twenty inch nylon riding crop that she bent between her hands.

"Today we are your dominatrix. You will always call me Mistress Racquel, and this little hottie, Mistress Tami. Is that clear?"

The six foot plus black man stayed silent. She smacked his left thigh with the crop.

"Fuck bitch! That hurt."

He got another crack on the other thigh hard.


"Who am I?"

"M...Mistress Racquel." The man croaked out as his skin burned.

The tall and sexy brunette stood by his side and rubbed her pussy mound in the tight shorts with the crop.

"Like what you see?"

"Uh, huh."


"I mean, yes Mistress Racquel, I like."

The stunning beauty continued to rub the shorts with slow moves of the riding crop in her right hand, her left played with the center of her cleavage.

Sean began to get semi hard, his thick hose rose up and bent to the left as the blood rushed through his shaft.
Racquel took hold of the dark chocolate hued member and ran her fingers along the hot muscle gaging its weight. Then she traced the end of the crop down his abdomen and lightly tapped his prick which was now quite hard.

"What do you think Mistress Tami? About eight inches?"

"Sounds like an accurate guess." Answered the cute blonde in her sweet voice as she twirled her baton.

"Actually its eight and a half," boasted the captive stud.

For that he got a crack right on the middle of his erection and he threw his shaven head back into the padded rest and screamed.

"Did I ask YOU? Hmm?"

"No, Mistress Racquel." Sean looked at her and saw his reflection in her shades.

He felt her hand take his throbbing cock and watched her squeeze it hard just below the swollen head. With slow and measured deliberation she stroked his rock hard pecker with a firm grip. As he grew to full hardness so she moved her hand more quickly.

"Listen up, you will not cum until I or Mistress Tami gives you permission, is that clear?"

Sean went taut, every muscle in his body tensed as he was wanked hard.

"Clear, Mistress Racquel."

Suddenly she stopped rubbing and brought the riding crop down sharply on his cock. He jerked and bit his lip, a bead of sweat trickled down his brow. He knew who was in charge alright.
Again she tossed him off with her slim right hand as she put the crop between her thighs and clamped them together trapping it on her mound.

"Very good, you're getting it at last. Mistress Tami, you may suck his cock."

The wee girl in the blue costume came forward and held his warm plum sized balls in both hands and licked them. Sean squirmed on the contraption as she then slid her mouth inch by inch down over his stalk.
Wet sucking noises were the only thing to be heard as Tami worked his knob deeper down her throat.
Both her hands gripped his strong thighs and he winced as her long fingernails dug into his flesh.
Her head bobbed back and forth and her curly golden locks flew about her head as she knelt by his feet.

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"How does he taste sweetie?"

Tami popped off him and took a well deserved breath.

"I like it."

The adorable blue eyed girl held his erection up in the air for Racquel to try a taste. She grasped him as she bent at the waist and put her warm, wet mouth around him.
Her hands wandered to his balls and pulled on them roughly and his knob throbbed inside her closed mouth.
She pulled it out and ran her pink tongue around the large crown before she plunged back down on him once more. He struggled and poured sweat as he wriggled on the padded restraints.

"Remember, you do not cum until you get the word."

Racquel handed his aching cock back to Tami, who still knelt on her knees.
She brushed her red lips across his purple tip and gave little butterfly kisses on the spongy skin which drove him nuts.
Then she blew air all over his tool and he shivered with delight.
Her mouth devoured the entire length in one great move and kept him inside her as saliva drooled out of the corners of her lips. She removed her mouth with a soft moan and gazed at the shiny and slick black prick in her pale lilywhite fist, then grazed her teeth on the very top.

An enormous hiss of air escaped his lungs as he nearly lost control and Racquel rose up and lifted his chin up with the crop.

"My dear submissive, handsome Sean. Would you like to fuck us?"

"Yes, Mistress Racquel."

"How bad do you want us?"

"Real bad, Mistress Racquel."

"What would you DO, in order to have us?"

"Right now, anything Mistress Racquel."

Racquel Darrian stood back two paces and dropped the crop to the floor and reached to her front zip and tugged her top open. Sean gasped as the woman's 36 C breasts were bared and the magnificent perky boobs stood out full and firm above her 24 inch waist. Her tongue poked out of the corner of her mouth and then slowly licked over her upper lip as her thumbs circled over her puffy erect nipples.

"Like my titties?" She said already knowing the answer as his stiff cock bounced up and down from his hairless groin almost as if it nodded yes.

The seductress ran her fingers down her ribs to her sides and slid slowly over her oh so very slender waist until they came to rest on her hips. Sean pressed his tight butt back into the free standing bondage device and tried to fuck air as he pushed his pelvis forward.

Racquel paused and let him drink in her wondrous tits as she traced the top of her waistband and made little sighs. The chestnut haired goddess pushed her butt out and up and peeled her black shorts over her rump with agonising slowness.

The helpless black man blinked hard as he stared at her lean and slender physique in all its naked glory.
Racquel knew with utter arrogance she was drop dead gorgeous and stood with hands on hips and her long booted legs parted wide. The triangle of dark pubes sat nicely trimmed at the top of her shaven labia, slightly moist so that the lips glistened in the low light.

Still in hat, perched atop her mane and shades, she was the sexiest cop ever.

"Mistress Tami, strip babe."

Tami Monroe went to her back and unzipped her blue corset and dragged it down from her front.
The tutu dress and petticoat followed and she was as naked as her sidekick in her knee high boots.
She tossed her head around in a circle and fluffed her hair up and looked ahead with bright blue eyes. Her massive rounded tits seemed to big for her petite frame but she was actually in perfect proportion for her height.
Her right hand went to her golden pubes and she slipped a finger inside her damp pussy and brought forth a contented sigh.

Sean lost it.

"Ladies, for fuck sake, what did I do? Let me loose and I'll fuck your brains out!"

Tami stepped forward with eyes ablaze and stood on her toes and smacked the stud across his stomach with her baton.

"Forgetting something big boy? Its Mistress Tami, right?"

"Thank you Mistress Tami for reminding my sorry ass."

"Get the whip please Mistress Racquel."

Sean breathed hard as he saw the thigh high booted woman totter over and go behind him and pass something to her partner. He felt a cold chill as Tami traced the cat-o-nine tails whip up his legs and around his butt. He tensed as he received a quick slap on both buttocks. His cock pulsed and he very nearly came right there and then.

"You wanna fuck us stud?"

"Yes Mistress Tami, so bad."

"Then ask me to whip you."

"Please whip me, Mistress Tami."

He received three hard smacks on the butt and he howled out in pain. Then the blonde dragged the whip lightly across his hot, burning skin.

"Please do it again, Mistress Tami."

"Very good, very good, now you're ready."

Her arm came up high and then down and stung his butt with several whipping actions.

"If we don't fuck him now, he'll probably blow his wad." She said as his boner dribbled pre cum.

Racquel nodded in agreement and raised her right boot up and rubbed the very thin stiletto heel along the underside of his upright pole. The heel moved to and fro on his hard cock.

"Isn't that exciting, you like?" He nodded, of course he liked it!

Racquel turned her back to him and let him enjoy her beautiful form, the narrow tapered back and bubble butt and smooth cunt right dead center of her lifted and separated cheeks. She slipped a finger into her lush pussy and sighed.

"Oooo, I'm so wet, I need a big cock to slide all the way up, right up inside and then back out again slowly, so my pussy walls can be scraped hard."

Sean coughed and drool slipped from his full lips as he took in her puffy engorged labia. The brunette bombshell backed up to the captive ebony skinned man and dug her heels in with legs parted wide.
Her left hand reached under her and grabbed his hot pole and rubbed it along her sensuous slit. It settled in her butt crack and she moved up and down as the love rod pushed against the soft round cheeks. His eyes rolled at the glorious sensation of her skin, then he growled like a wounded animal when she moved forward so he was just out of reach.

"How badly you want this poontang?" She teased.

"Bad, real bad, I wanna fuck you, wanna fuck your sweet smelling cunt. Please Mistress Racquel, please let me fuck you."

"Go ahead darlin', or he's a gonna blow." Tami said.

Then at last she let him enter her beaver.

"Fuck!" She moaned.

"Fuck!" He moaned.

Racquel welcomed the mans big cock, the size spread her lips and pushed up and up until his entire length was all in. The relieved man let out an audible moan as he experienced the warm glove of her tunnel. Racquel steadied herself and bent forward and put her hands on front of her calves.

"Move." She demanded and stood quite still and waited.

"Thank you Mistress Racquel, thank you!"

The well endowed black man began to push in and out, his balls brushed her inner thighs as he did so.

"Fuck me hard."

Sean was a man unleashed and he thrust in and out at a fast rate, his tied arms and feet tugged at his bonds as he attempted to gain a deep penetration.
Every lurch forwards brought a moan from the embedded stunner and her tits swung under her.
Racquel was so wet she didn't need any lube, but despite that the sheer size of him took her breath away.
With her left hand she reached around and rubbed at her hard clit as she was plunged into with furious force. Sean looked at the incredible sight of his monster of a prick as it split her pale white globes in two and vanished on into her tight cunt.

"Very good, but faster," said the babe as she looked up and over her shoulder.

Her lustrous mane of hair bounced around as she was pumped and pumped, her pussy dribbled and made obscene squishing sounds.

Tami watched from close by, her right hand cupped her hot cunt and her left caressed her big pillows. Greatly turned on she placed her thumb just above her clitoris and pressed down gently and her eyes closed. She began to stroke her throbbing clit gently and her sweet juices flowed out.

The black hunk shone, every pore of his body leaked sweat. His manhood felt amazing inside the velvet hole, every inch, every nerve in his cock felt sensational.

"Enough!' Racquel said suddenly and moved forward so that he air fucked for a few moments.

In truth he was glad of some rest to recover his composure.

"Alright sweetie, you get that end while I grab this."

Sean was confused as the pair of them went to the sides of the device. Tami pulled on the ratchet and the cross lowered to form a bondage table. Once it was set she let go of the ratchet and the contraption stopped moving. Even with the six foot tall Sean still secured in the X position, it was quite stable and now the stud was flat on his back with his erect cock up on his belly.

This just changed everything, he thought.

"Mistress Tami, are you ready?"

"Oh yes." Said the cute blonde.

Tami ran a finger down the mans barrel of a chest that heaved as he breathed hard in the hot room. With great care her small hand lifted his raw prick up and gave the head little nips with her white teeth.
She swept her curls from her face and rammed her mouth down and took half of his thick girth inside. A long string of spit joined his crown to her succulent lips as she released him, then with a finger twirled it around before popping it into her mouth.

"What a fucking huge cock! I don't think its gonna fit."

Tami went up sat her ass on his groin and clamped her thighs against his, the PVC felt warm on his flesh.
As her blue eyes looked into his she lifted the heavy weapon and fed the large head into her damp pussy. She moaned with delight as her cunt enveloped his cock and with a slow concerted effort slid down. As half of his prodigious ivory club sank in Tami shrieked and experienced a mini orgasm.

"Did you cum babe?" Asked Racquel who stood by and watched closely.

Tami lifted up and a trickle of fluid ran down her ass crack onto the mans balls.

"Sure did, fucking A!"

Tami spat on her glove and smeared his cock all over. Sean looked at her gaping hole, spread open from his big tool and watched as the tiny blonde sat back down on him once more.
She kept one gloved hand on his stomach and sank down with a twist of her hips and managed to accept the entire length. Her pussy foamed around his pole as she slowly ground herself to and fro, her face a deep scarlet as she blushed.

"Go girl, fuck that cock!"

Tami moved up and down, adjusted now to the slickness of the both of them and let out little yelps as she rode on the big cock. He thrust up and their bodies mashed against each other. Her tiny frame squirmed on him as she smashed down with faster strokes. Sean was enchanted by the wee beauty who bounced up and down in earnest, such a cutie.

"This cock is so fucking big!" She moaned.

With a loud scream the petite woman threw her head back and shuddered violently as she came hard.
Her little body couldn't take any more and she laid on his body exhausted, her long nails dug in his flesh. Sean smiled as he was held tight inside her and she oozed liquid over his balls, then she lifted off and stood on wobbly legs.

"That was fucking intense." She whispered.

"Mistress Racquel, Mistress Tami, I gots to cum, please show me mercy."

"I think he is right."

They both took hold of his prick and stroked it as he trembled on the table. On the verge of coming Tami put her mouth on the head and sucked hard. She popped off and Racquel took over, running her tongue all over the shaft, the sweet taste of Tami's pussy still pungent.

"Cum for us stud, lets see what you got."

Sean Michaels exploded with a loud yell and thick ropes of hot, white cum spewed from his pulsating cock. Racquel caught the first two spurts over her shades, her open mouth the next two.

String after string burst out and Tami got splashed as he turned his attention to her, her flawless face dripped down to her heavy tits. The women licked the cream from each other, then licked the sticky residue from his deflating cock.

"Fuck Racquel, there is so much!"

Sean laid back in a sticky, panting mess, his eyes stung from the perspiration that ran down from his forehead. He managed to raise his head as he thought he heard giggling. His eyes nearly came out of his head as he saw Racquel Darrian with a strap on harness around her waist and an eight inch realistic black dildo attached. Tami smeared lube on the fat shaft and they both looked at the terrified man.

"Turn him over babe."

Tami turned the ratchet and the table spun around so that the bound man faced the floor.

"You did pretty well stud, hey, you fucked us and now I'm gonna shove this boy up your ass."

"Holy shit!"

Tami woke up in her bed and felt wet between her legs.
What a dream!


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