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Author Topic: Bree Olson, American Puma Part One  (Read 1222 times)


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Bree Olson, American Puma Part One
« on: February 26, 2020, 06:55:59 AM »
Note- Not based on true events, but could easily have been. Featuring Ashlynn Brooke.


There is nothing better for a man to enjoy than to wake up in bed with a woman's wet mouth sucking on his cock. Eddie stirred and lifted his head and blinked. His naked fiancée Elsa was on her belly with her left hand round his erect prick and her tongue around his swollen crown.

She had a slut grin as she bobbed her head on him and splayed her legs out along the bed behind her. Eddie put his hand behind his head and watched the girl twist her head this way and that as she gleefully pleasured him.

"How long you been doing that?" He wondered.

The sunlight came through the lace curtains of their bedroom as she popped off him.

"The last ten minutes. You were semi erect so I just teased you and you got all big! Yummy!"

He put his head back into the pillow and laughed as he kicked his legs out and let his girl carry on blowing him. When she tickled his balls as she sucked he lost it and he shuddered and blew his wad down her welcome throat with a roar.

They settled back in each others arms and her thoughts went to their upcoming wedding. Elsa was staying with her aunt Bree Olson in her home in West Hollywood and all had been well until Ashlynn Brooke arrived the day before yesterday.

Both women had enjoyed great success in the adult movie business until they had decided to retire. Bree had endured a bad year due to that scumbag Charlie Sheen and Ashlynn had flown in from Oklahoma to visit her friend, as well as attend the wedding.

The first evening Elsa had stumbled on the pair of them necking in the front room, and then last night she could hear the two women clearly making out in the bedroom of Bree. This was not ideal for the upcoming nuptials, first it was gross and secondly it would take attention away from her and to them as they walked hand in hand in church.

Bree had made it clear she was over with men and would not hide her feelings for women, as evidenced when Sheen had paraded her and another of his so called posse of goddesses in public.

Ashlynn was in the main room and has just finished breakfast, her shapely pins were crossed as she sat at the kitchen counter. She had a modest white  top, that was tight fitting around her bust, and a short mini skirt.

Her hair was kept from her pretty face with a headband just above her forehead. The curvaceous blonde had stunning enhanced breasts that sat high and heavy on her athletic figure. Most people thought they were the most realistic fake tits, the way they lifted up and were perfectly round and full.

Bree strolled in topless and a white cotton towel tied around her waist, her long wavy blonde hair was loose and hung down to the top of her natural boobs. She was proud of her succulent rounded tits that seemed almost too perfect for her slim five foot three frame.

"Nice shower sweetie?" Asked Ash.

"Pretty good." Bree leaned over and gave her friend a peck on the cheek.

She poured some orange juice and took a sip as she sat on a stool, her flip flops dangling from her feet.

"I'm so glad you could come out and see me, it has been good to catch up."

"Yeah, no problem. Although I think your niece clearly doesn't like me."

"Oh, she's just stressed out from the planning and stuff, plus she is frustrated with living under my roof. Once she moves out things will be just fine."

"And I thought she was a little whiny bridezilla."

Bree took another sip of juice and looked at Ashlynn with her seductive dark brown eyes and grasped her hand. They came close and Ashlynn slithered her tongue into the blonde's sensuous full lips

Each put hands on the others knees as they leaned in, biting and nibbling on their hot mouths. Bree had her tongue deep in Ashlynn's mouth while she felt her big boobs caressed.

Ash stood up and gave Bree little trails of kisses from her neck to her tits. She arched her neck and screwed up her perky nose as her creamy skin was peppered by her hot friend.

"Mmmm, so glad you're here babe, I had such a bad time."

"I know, I know."

Ashlynn put her hand under the towel and felt the glistening and swollen pussy lips of Bree. She placed her thumb over the aching clitoris and smiled as Bree caught her breath.

"Lets go to bed."

Bree laughed and stood up and tossed her towel aside and headed for the door. Ash watched her gorgeous bubble butt as her hips swayed from left to right as she walked. She beckoned to the blonde with a finger for her to come. Ashlynn grinned as she admired the big ass and quickly followed.

The upstairs bedroom was a mess of pink, the walls, the lush carpet and the linen on the large soft bed. Bree collapsed in the middle as Ashlynn removed her top and slid her denim skirt off.

Now totally naked she rushed to the bed and bounced on it. She sat back as Bree leapt up and pushed her onto her back. Ash groaned and ran her fingers through the silky blonde hair of her friend as she felt a hot tongue on her already wet bald labia. Bree pushed her face in hard as Ashlynn raised her pelvis up towards her, her toes curled in pleasure.

"Oh fuck yeah!"

Ashlynn looked down between her spread legs as Bree shoved two fingers inside her, frigging her quickly. Her juices flowed and Bree licked her lips as she tasted the sweet fluids.

"My turn now," gushed Ashlynn as she sat up and pushed Bree onto the pile of pillows.

She traced the shapely legs with her fingertips in an upward direction as she sucked on each of the big globes of flesh that spread out over Bree's ribcage. As she did so she used her middle finger to delve into the hot cunt of her blonde friend.

"Lick me girl, please?"

Ashlynn placed her face to the pouty shaven labia and blew hot breath on the prominent mound and Bree jerked on her butt.


Ashlynn giggled and then pushed her tongue onto the hooded clit and flicked at it. Bree gripped the headboard with her hands way above her head as she writhed in delight.

After a few minutes of teasing she felt an index finger in her anus, and a thumb in her cunt and rubbed simultaneously. Ashlynn knew she liked anal stimulation and brought Bree to a satisfying climax as the blonde shrieked loudly.

Both breathed heavily as they rested on the bed when the door was shoved open and Elsa stood with a big scowl.

"Oh hi honey, how are you?"

The tiny blonde who only stood at five feet in her bare feet shook her head in disgust. Wearing a Lakers basketball jersey that reached down to her knees she loomed over the two naked women.

"We can hear you downstairs! Bree, you are such a screamer!"

"Sorry, I know, it was one of my trademarks when I was in the movies." Bree looked at Ashlynn who nodded.

"Do you think this is appropriate with my fiancé in the house."

Ashlynn spoke up.

"Now look, your aunt has had a bad time of late and you should be nicer. This IS her home after all. You have to accept Bree is a changed woman now."

The two women on the bed hugged as Elsa stared at them. Despite herself she found herself checking out the body of Ashlynn Brooke. Her curvy frame and thighs and heavy tits were a complete contrast to her slender figure and perky tits with the gumdrop tips. She had a curiosity about the female body and imagined what another woman might taste like.

Ash got up and took her hands in hers.

"I understand how you feel sweetheart, you feel threatened at this special time for you. Let us, I, make you a bit more comfortable."

Elsa turned her head away, then back again as Ashlynn kissed her lightly on the mouth. The eighteen year old felt her heart beat fast and she slung her long brown hair over her shoulder.

She nervously kissed back as a hand caressed the base of her pale neck. The trail of fingers down her spine gave her goose flesh as Ashlynn leaned in further and their lips mashed together tightly.

"Oooh, she tastes like bubblegum!" Cooed the older blonde.

From behind Bree lifted the oversized jersey up over Elsa's head and discovered the young girl was nude underneath. She felt hands running up and down her back and down to her ass.

"Wait, what about Eddie?" Said Elsa in a panic.

"He won't know, lock the door babe would you?"

Ashlynn got up and turned the lock.

Elsa had been flipped onto her back and Bree had her head on her neck as the two of them explored each other with their hands. Soft groans came from the young girl as her hard nipples were squeezed.

"Have you ever done anything with a girl before?"

Elsa shook her head.

"Watch this."

Bree moved her lips down her neck, her tits and her stomach which was flat and toned. Elsa spread her legs willingly and Bree looked at the nicely trimmed down pussy.

A single finger slid in and out of the moist cunt, going faster and deeper each time. Elsa bit her lip and put her head back and sighed. Ashlynn laid beside them and played with the nipples that had gotten very erect.

"Taste?" Said Bree with a finger up.

Her blonde friend licked the honey like juices and swallowed, then leaned over and kissed Bree on the lips. Ashlynn shoved over and grabbed the cute ass of Elsa and pulled her up towards her face so that her twat was an inch away from her mouth. She bent her head and licked the girl from anus to clit.

"Oh my goodness!" Moaned Elsa.

It felt strange to let a woman put her tongue on her, different to a man, somehow gentler. As she was licked she began to move her hips, grinding her pussy against the mouth down there. Elsa felt her heart thump, felt her legs shake and her palms start to sweat.

Ashlynn's licks became more urgent as the girl dribbled fluids onto her mouth and chin. Her tongue found its way between the yielding folds and drank in the intoxicating scent. She lapped and licked, determined to show the girl what she and Bree shared.

"Doing a good job Ashlynn, I knew she would come around."

Bree Olson needed urgent attention herself, her cunt ached with her arousal. She flung her body onto the girls chest and presented her swollen pussy up to her face. With heaving breasts and gyrating hips she sat astride the girl who poked out her pink tongue and used it against the protruding bud. Bree moaned loudly, like little screams that became faster and more breathless.

"She seems to be a quick learner," said Ashlynn who laid on her side and fingered herself as she watched.

Bree moaned an affirmative as her fingers squeezed into her palms and clenched her thighs on the girls sides. Elsa lapped away and used her fingers to lightly brush the inner thighs of her aunt. Ripples of pleasure came in waves down the spine of Bree. Then Elsa penetrated Bree's cunt with two fingers and she parted her legs to accommodate the insistent pressing.

"This girl...fuck! This girl is a natural."

Bree felt herself flood out onto the intrusive tongue and a mix of saliva and her juices ran down her butt crack. She was driven into a frenzy of lust, her nipples pointed put firmly as she massaged her heavy boobs. The slithering tongue and fingers tormented her until Bree yelped and came with a shudder.

"Is everything alright in there?"

There came a insistent knock on the bedroom door.

"Oh fuck!" Eddie! He must have heard us! What do we do?"

"Don't panic, just tell him everything is fine."

Elsa got up from under Bree and spoke through the locked door.

"It is alright Eddie, just listening to the tv."

"Can I come in? Is your aunt there?"

"She is, just got a headache is all."

"Well, if you say so."

Elsa had her ear to the door and stayed there until she was satisfied he had left to go downstairs.

"You two! What are you anyway? Pumas?"

Ashlynn looked at Bree.

"Are we? Isn't a puma a woman younger than a cougar who likes young and virile men?"

"Maybe it applies to young girls too."

Bree fiddled behind her and retrieved a big blue vibrator.

"Hey Elsa, look what I have for you!"

She flicked the switch on the base and it gave a low buzzing noise, then she turned it off again.

Too far gone to turn back now Elsa laid back on the bed between the two ex porn stars and kicked her legs out wide. Bree handed Ashlynn the sex toy who switched it on and placed the buzzing tip against the girls clit and began to make little circles round and round. Elsa wriggled and moaned as the vibrator went up and down her wet slit, before it was returned to her nub.

"Oh my, oh my, oh my." She sighed over and over.

Ashlynn winked at Bree who smiled back and nodded. The blonde stunner suddenly pushed her hand down hard on the top of Ashlynn's and the blue toy pressed down on the girls clitoris.

Elsa tensed as a tremor ran right through her whole body. She let out a high pitched scream as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her life. Ashlynn kept the buzzing vibrator on her clitoris and felt the girl pulsating through her hand.

"Oooh babe, you seem all sticky, hee hee." Bree giggled.

"Me now." Said Ashlynn as she laid beside a panting Elsa.

Bree took the vibrator and eased the seven inch toy inside the damp cunt of her friend. Ashlynn felt a rush of juices to her pussy as the thing slipped in and out. She rocked her hips as Bree pushed in like it was a real cock.

Elsa looked into the doe like brown eyes of Ashlynn and could see she was being very satisfied. Ashlynn murmured as she lifted her legs up to her shoulders and welcomed the rough shafting, intense waves of pleasure spread through her. Then she opened her eyes and blinked to see Bree knelt between her legs and replace the vibrator with her mouth.

Bree gripped the underside of her thighs as she probed the sodden cunt of Ashlynn. Elsa watched and rubbed herself as Ashlynn moaned feeling every inch of the delicate tongue inside her.

"Babe, nearly there." She grunted.

Bree ate out her friend and inserted the vibrator once more and the combination of the two brought Ashlynn to a perfect climax.

"Elsa, what the fuck is going on? I can hear stuff!"

Eddie hammered on the door again.

"I gotta go, you two are so naughty!"

"So, we still coming to the wedding right?" Said Ashlynn as she hugged Bree close on the bed.

"Fuck no! Are you kidding! People will think I'm gay!"

Elsa slipped into her jersey and went off with Eddie.

"What a little bitch!" Cried Ashlynn with genuine surprise.


Bree Olson came into the main room of her West Hollywood home and found the groom checking out his reflection. He looked dapper in his morning suit on this, the morning of his betrothal to Elsa, Bree's niece.

The extremely cute and petite blonde bombshell approached him and brushed an imaginary strand of hair from his left shoulder and adjusted his necktie. The tall man grinned politely and his gaze automatically dropped to her deep cleavage made by the huge swell of her natural big boobs.

She looked ravishing in a sleeveless midi dress with a seductive plunging neckline. Hues of purple and blue gave the curvy woman an ethereal look as he looked at her pretty face with the perky nose and rosy cheeks.

A string of pearls around her pale neck matched her earrings and bracelet on her right wrist. Her corn blonde long wavy locks were loose and cascaded over her shoulders and down to her generous bosom, and her shapely legs were sheathed in black stockings.

"Nervous honey?" Said the thirty year old blonde with her lovely big smile.

"A little, you know. How is Elsa?"

"She's doing her hair and putting the dress on. You know it's bad luck to see her on the day of the wedding, don't you."

"Yeah I know. Gee, another hour to go."

"That's fine, I'm here, you won't be alone. You can rely on me for anything babe, anything."

"Well thanks Miss Olson."

"Hey now, call me Bree."

His grey eyes met her wide brown eyes and for a second he was lost in her alluring charm.

"Look how handsome you are, my niece is very lucky to have you."

He looked at his watch, just at the same moment Bree grabbed hold of his package through his trousers.

"Er, what goes on?"

Eddie pulled away in surprise as Bree put her head on his shoulder and grabbed his love rod again. Since her infamous relationship with the motherfucker Charlie Sheen, she had steered clear of men, being content to get her rocks off with females.

She had just enjoyed the company of old friend Ashlynn Brooke, but she had flown home to Oklahoma only the previous day. Bree had at first disliked the intrusion on her personal space as her niece had decided to stay for a prolonged visit, but eventually had enjoyed the company.

Especially the young and obviously virile man Elsa planned to marry. He was the brooding silent type and Bree found Eddie to be polite and fascinating as he stayed in the background as Elsa made all the arrangements.

"Just making sure our new relationship gets off on the right foot."

Her face came close to his as she stood on tiptoe and unzipped his fly and yanked out an impressive erect cock.

"My, aren't we all excited!"

"Miss Olson, Bree! This is so wrong!"

"Shut up and get over there."

Bree led the embarrassed man by his stiff prick to the two seat sofa and pushed him onto his butt, erect cock poking out from his open trousers like a flagpole.

The former porn star took hold of his rod and stroked it with her left hand. Then she flattened her pink tongue and swiped all the way up the underside of his thick shaft from base to tip.

"What...what about Elsa?"

With eyes locked on each other Bree clamped her fulsome lips around the fat crown and began to suck on him noisily. She popped off him and laughed.

"She won't be down for a while. Babe, I've seen the way you look at me, so don't act all innocent."

She continued to gently rub his slippery length, smearing her saliva all over. Then her ruby lips pursed and sucked the tip of his knob in her hot mouth. Her jaw slackened as she slid down slowly working the shaft down her throat.

Eddie felt his pulsing cock grow bigger until he was as hard as he had ever been. He was aware obviously of Bree's adult movies, but to experience the real thing was amazing.

"Mmmm, nice cock, tastes just right. Not putting up much of a fight, hmm? No, thought not."

Eddie gripped the arms of the chair and tossed his fair head back. Bree licked her way up the warm erection again and when she reached the top swirled her tongue around in a spiral motion. He looked down between his legs at the top of her fair head and watched in awe as she bobbed back and forth with gratuitous sounds.

Bree grinned and crouched on her high heels as she lowered the two straps of her dress and unveiled her big natural breasts.

"These are what you crave isn't it? Much bigger and firmer than Elsa, right? Wanna fuck 'em?"

Bree dropped her head and let one long drool of spit out in a slow strong that lubricated her deep cleavage. With both hands she squeezed her two melons together and surrounded his rigid prick.

The large head stuck out at the top in perfect position for her to lick. With her captivating smile Bree massaged his cock with a tantalising slow up and down movement, occasionally darting out her tongue to flick at the head.

"Like that Eddie? Sure you do, big tits aren't they?"

Bree now started to speed up her bouncing making sure her tits were firmly closed around his throbbing member. She dipped her head again and spat on his cock head as she paused with it poking up at her.

Eddie couldn't believe his eyes as her big white globes cocooned his hose. Elsa was so much smaller than she and a tit fuck was never on the cards. He shifted on the seat as she continued to attack his peekaboo knob end with her flickering tongue.

Bree got up then and leaned in to kiss the stunned man, still wanking his big wet stick.

"Let me see what you're made of."

Bree raised her dress up to her waist and quickly peeled her skimpy panties off over her nylons. Almost as quickly Eddie dragged his trousers and underpants off and held his seven inches of meat straight up as Bree took up a reverse cowgirl stance and dropped onto his lap. With her dress held up in her left hand the hot blonde took his prick with the other and guided it into her dampness.

"Oooooh fuck! Nice and fat, oh yeah!"

Nicely aroused herself Bree let her moist pussy entrance caress his tapered knob and her eyes fluttered at the anticipation of her first proper fuck in quite a while. She let out a soft moan and squirmed her hips and applied more pressure on his cock. Her puffy bald lips parted easily as the blonde sank down and devoured inch by inch of his glorious boner.

Eddie watched wide eyed as he placed his hands on her rounded buttocks and raised his pelvis upwards to enhance his entrance into her hot cunt. One warm drip trickled down his shaft to his fair pubes and he gulped loudly.

Bree stayed still in order to savour the wonderful feeling of being impaled on a hot blooded man once more, and a young man no less. Her thoughts went back to when someone had called her a puma, a woman of about thirty who favours men younger than she.

"Mmmmm, yummy, your cock fits just right, hee, hee."

Bree bent forwards and gripped the man's upper thighs and began to grind on his cock with his entire length embedded in her cunt. Eddie cupped her ass and helped her to shuffle to and fro, then she raised up and anchoring her heels in the plush carpet rode up and down at a faster pace. Every thrust up almost saw him slip out but as he almost lost her she rammed down and slammed onto his balls.

"Damn, but you are one good fuck!"

"Welcome to the family babe."

Bree bounced and thrashed about, her massive tits jiggled wildly on her chest, her tight pussy milking his rock hard prick. She was like a bitch in heat as she gyrated and rocked on him. As he plugged her like a well oiled piston they both groaned in unison.

"You like watching my ass bounce on your lap sweetie? My big bubble butt?"

Eddie gave both firm buttocks a quick slap of approval.

"Hey! Is everything alright down there?"

The pair of them stopped as they heard the enquiring voice of the bride to be from upstairs.

"Everything is fine, just helping Eddie out with a stiff problem. No need to come down sweetie."

Bree laughed and got off as Eddie stood up and pushed her to her knees so she could blow him again. He grabbed a handful of her fine hair and brought her face to his groin. She parted her lips and took him fully into her mouth, a trace of her own juices were on him.

Obsessed now by the wanton woman Eddie thrust his hips at her driving his stiffness to the back of her throat which made her gag and cough. He slid her head back and forth, her drool dripping down her chin.

"Careful honey, don't want to do my makeup again."

Bree got back up and reached behind her back and untied the big bow of her dress and removed it wriggling it over her wide hips to the carpet. She stood proudly with her hands on both hips and shrugged her left shoulder.

"No need to get my dress messy either."

Eddie nodded in agreement as he shrugged off his jacket and white shirt. The curvy woman was so hot! Two perfect tits on a slim figure were wonderful, full and milky white. The thighs were meaty and sexy encased in the black stockings, and the heels gave her calves a nice arc.

Her exposed bald cunt showed the very puffy labia. Bree laid back down on the shag pile carpet and flung her legs up in the air. He wasted no time and dived between her parted thighs, his hands either side of her body for support. Now he had a great view of the ex porn stars shaven cunt, with the pouty lips and erect clitoris.

Bree breathed in and closed her dark brown eyes as the groom worked two fingers in and out of her. Her hips moved up from the carpet as Eddie lapped at her inner lips, tasting the honey like fluids that seeped out. She clamped her left hand on his head and kept him against her firmly as she tossed her head from side to side.

"Aaahh, that's so nice, soooooo nice!"

Bree brought her right leg down and curled it around the man's neck as waves of pleasure swept her hot body. He continued to stick his entire tongue into the juicy soaked slit, and Bree screamed.

She screamed a lot.

"Give it to me baby, lick my pussy, yeah, yeah, just like that! Yes, yes, yes keep going, oh, oh, oh!"

Her body tensed up and her high heel dug into his shoulder blade.

"Fuck, oh Eddie, Eddie!"

She could feel the hard cock between her legs as he presented his body to hers. Her dampness increased as she lifted her silk stocking sheathed legs up around his waist, pulling him in.

He placed his mouth around her left boob and lavished the immense flesh with great skill, paying attention to every part of her skin. Then he moved to the other and did the same. A soft, low moan escaped her lips as she revelled in the sweet sensations.

Bree raised her head and watched as he bent her legs alongside her head and fucked her with deep and meticulous strokes. Their faces came close and they kissed with open mouths.

His hips rose and fell as his steel like cock eased in and out of the grateful blonde who draped her arms around his neck. As he increased pace he leaned in further and her weight was entirely on her upper back.

"Sweetie, sweetie, let me up babe."

Bree went on all fours and then looked over her shoulder.

"Fuck me in my ass, I need your cock up my asshole."

"Really?" Said the man in surprise.

"Just put it at my anus, I'll do the rest."

Eddie put his stiff prick against her little puckered hole and Bree pushed back. He began to shift as his cock felt resistance .

"Don't move." She said with authority.

Slowly the blonde bombshell rocked her hips and gradually his cock head slipped inside her anus. She reached behind to her sodden cunt and fingered herself and then rubbed around her asshole to lube his knob.

Bree spread her legs wider on the carpet as half of his length vanished inside her. With measured strokes she moved back and forth, fucking him. Eddie held her hips and watched her do all the work.

"Oh baby, it feels so good. You're stretching me out, fuck I love it. Nice and slowly, yeah."

Bree panted and moaned as his cock entered deeper into her anus. Eddie began to thrust up, unable to concentrate any longer on keeping idle. His balls swung under him and slapped her wet pussy.

"Oh baby, oh baby, fuck me harder, fuck my bubble butt! I want it hard, I want it fast. Slap me! I'm a nasty fucking whore. Take this slutty ass, fuck it you hear me!"

Yeah he heard her as he fucked her with great pelvic thrusts, his cock surprisingly slick and deep. Bree put her face to the carpet and held her delectable rump high up. He swatted her cheeks and made her squeal with sheer delight.

"Spank me sweetie, spank this tramp, come on, oh yes, oh yes, give me that big cock you devil!" "Not so loud!" He begged.

"Uh huh, uh huh, you gonna make me cum, you are, you, you, agghh, CUMMING!"

Bree screamed the house down as she climaxed, her fingers jammed in her pussy.

At that same moment Elsa appeared in all her wedding finery and found the rutting couple.

"The fuck is this!"

"Sorry honey! But it wasn't my idea!"

Without a pause Eddie carried on fucking Bree and waved his hands in the air in innocence. Elsa confronted Bree who had a wicked grin on her face as she took the man's boner gladly.

"Sorry, alright? Look we're almost done, just relax and don't get stressed."

"Are you fucking serious!" Screamed the bride to be.

Elsa threw her bouquet of flowers by Bree's head and stormed off in a rage.

"Honey, hold on, it's still your special day."

"Oh my, here I go!" Eddie pulled out and Bree jumped up and wrapped her hot lips around the tip of his erection.

She knew what to expect and made little gurgling noises in her throat for lubrication. Next instant the lucky man jerked and the first spurt erupted in her mouth, then another and another as Bree held his pulsating shaft in a firm grip. She swallowed every drop until he started to soften.

"Fantastic, and my makeup is still good."

Bree got up and looked for her dress.

"I can hear the guests arriving, quick get dressed. Shit, Elsa is going to be so mad at me."

"Mad at you! What about me!"

Eddie pulled his pants up and sheepishly joined the guests with greeted everyone with a hearty hello.

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