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An Interview with...Noj
« on: April 18, 2021, 06:09:05 AM »
Our next interview is with the author of the excellent Kylie's Latest Squeeze, Noj.

In this interview, we will find out he got into writing celebrity erotica, who influenced him to write in this genre, and other topics related to his writing.

You can view his profile here at Noj

1. Where are you from?

One of the sunnier parts of England.

2. How did you come up with your pen name and is there any meaning behind it?

Itís literally my name backwards, which was pointed out when I was a teenager and itís just stuck.

3. How long have you been writing celebrity erotic fiction?

Going on 19 years, almost 2 decades. Man when you put it like that, itís a long time.

4. Who or What got you started writing erotic fiction?

Phew I donít really know. I guess I always liked writing and I enjoyed reading stories, finding there were a lack of the stories I wanted to read so I had a go at writing one. I remember starting and stopping it several times before completing it.

5. Who would you say are your biggest influences as a writer of less than appropriate celeb fiction? Which authors, if any, would have inspired you?

Celebrity authors I have to be honest I donít know. There definitely were some but it was a long time ago and Iím terrible at names. Writing wise definitely Michael Crichton and Orson Scott Card for their descriptive, imaginative style and more recently James Ellroy for his visceral, staccato style.

6. Who are your favourite celeb sex story writers? Past and Present.

MeanBlackJack did some good stuff, Cadeaux, my sometimes partner SammyColt and Diamond_Luv is really coming up.

7. Any favourite sex stories that you've read that made you think - "Wow! That's incredible!"

Honestly I canít remember many now. ďAvril: Sex, Drugs & Rock n RollĒ is one I remember enjoying, and ďI did what with who?!Ē with Anna Kendrick was fun.

8. Which of your own stories are you the most proud of writing?

Christina Hendricks Ė #SelfDate, Easy Rider (Katy Perry), my entire (unfinished) Eternal Hearts series with the Minogue sisters, Kylie & Dannii Minogue: Love, Lust & Incest and Olivia Thirlby: Alone in a Crowd.

9. Which celebrities do you enjoy writing about the most?

Kylie Minogue, Natalie Dormer, Christina Hendricks, Avril Lavigne.

10. What type of sex scenes do you enjoy writing the most?

I like scenes with passion and power, not necessarily rough but something with real energy to it, where the chemistry really bubbles to the top. That can take many different types of scene but it just needs that excitement to give it some life.

11. Do you have routine for how and when you write?

Generally yes due to being a modern man trying to juggle life and work. I usually write a couple of nights a week that I have free to focus on it though I do try and grab other moments. If Iím really into a story I just try and let myself work on it any time I can, just let that creativity through. Itís amazing what you can get done in half an hour when youíre really into it.

12. Do you sketch out a plan on paper/word/notes or write off the cuff with a basic idea and let it flow from there?

I generally write an outline and key points or ideas into a word document and work from that. Some have more details than others, it entirely depends on the story. However Iíve learnt not to over-note things as some years ago I started to box myself in with them and lost some of the drive and spark for them in doing so. So Iíve learnt to keep it minimal and leave the rest in the moment as I write.

13. Apart from hot celebrities, does anything else influence your writing? Music, Fashion, TV etc.

Music, books, moments from TV shows and movies...poetry even with Kat Dennings. I like to drop in little Easter eggs and items into the story to help give it life and put a bit of myself into it I guess. Iím not sure how many people ever notice though.

14. Any projects you are working on that you are excited about?

A few coming up with bondage & BDSM, starring Avril Lavigne, Christina Hendricks and possibly Natalie Dormer respectively. Something I havenít written much of recently so will be fun to get back to it.

15. Any tips for readers that may want to start writing celebrity erotic fiction?

Just go for it and donít be afraid to ask for help. I know some people can be difficult and it can seem like a weakness to ask for support, but everyone has to start somewhere. Rome wasnít built in a day, otherwise Iíd hire those builders for my next project. Take inspiration from your favourite writers or stories and construct you own fantasy. Just take a leap. At the end of the day, what have you lost if it doesnít work out? Nothing is what.

16. You've been writing for a long period of time, dating back to the early 2000s. Did you ever consider back then that you would still be writing 15 years later? (submitted by Cadeauxxx)

Absolutely not! To think Iím still doing this nearly 20 years on is quite incredible and I really had no long term plan for it when I started. Who does I guess? But Iím here because people love my work and that sustains my motivationÖ.along with those damn sexy celebrity ladies that just wonít quit!

17. Do you have any advice to other writers when it comes to sustaining great quality writing through years down the line? (submitted by Cadeauxxx)

Be honest with yourself about what you like and what you write well. Youíll produce far better work being true to what you actually want to be doing rather than what you think people want you to be doing. And in being honest with your own flaws, work on them. Take inspiration or advice from other authors, and be prepared to listen to genuine criticism. Take it on board. Of course thereís assholes who just want to rant about why they hate you or something, ignore those morons. Unfortunately this is the internet.

18. Do you have a favourite Kylie Minogue music video, song or moment? (submitted by Cadeauxxx)

I love the start of the ďOn a Night Like ThisĒ video with the drop into the pool and subsequent soaking wet climb out, and the classic ďPut Yourself in My PlaceĒ from 1994. My ultimate moment was when I was front row in Paris in 2007 and she looked me straight in the eyes. Thatís a shiver you never forget.

19. You have been around celebrity erotic fiction for many years, how has the genre evolved since you started writing? (submitted by John Connors)

Hmm tough question. Iíd say mostly itís just exploded in both size and quality. Thereís seemingly so many more hot celebrities now that people want to write about, so many great TV shows for people to drool over their favourites. Whilst those poor quality authors are still there (we all know them) thereís been a huge influx of new people wanting to write about them and Iíd say thereís more quality stories out there.

Or maybe Iíve just been around too long and thereís just a build up of erotica...entirely possible.
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