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Valkyrae At The Gym
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Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen.

Rachel, better known by her twitch name Valkyrae, was like most other gamers. She would spend most of, if not all, of her day inside. However, she did spend some time going to the gym and attending yoga classes. She had made a streaming schedule for herself to keep herself from spending too much time inside. Every week was the same thing; stream, gym and yoga and nothing unusual would happen to change that.

Until today that is.

Today was leg day for her so she did her usual routine of workouts and whilst she was small, she had an amazing body for her size.  She was considered small being 5’3 but it was her other features that attracted others to her, her eyes and smile were great but her perky breasts and toned ass were her best features for sure. She was in the middle of doing squat exercises when she noticed in the reflection of a nearby mirror another gym member was having some trouble lifting some weights. Her initial instinct was to help this person, so she stopped what she was doing and walked over to him. When she got to him, she noticed right away he was much older than her so she quickly helped him put the weights down. She introduced herself to the older gentleman ‘ hi, my name is rachel’ to which he responded with his name ‘hello I’m Bill thank you for helping me with those weights’ and she welcomed him he then asked Rachel about her reason for being there and her response was “ I need to get some sort of exercise since I sit pretty much all day” Bill was confused and her what she meant by that, she followed up by saying I’m a twitch streamer, I go by the name Valkyrae and I stream myself playing video games to where Bill responded with a simple oh ok, she laughed a little at his response. she then had a question of her own, why were you trying to lift such heavy weights? Bill then explained that he recently got divorced after his wife cheated on him, he started going back to the gym because he wanted to get his life back together and wanted to start by getting healthy. After finishing his story Bill felt bad that he was talking about such a sad subject.

After hearing his story, she felt bad for the old man and she decided to help him workout.

She was gonna spot him while he worked out, he laid down on the bench and lifted the weights in the air and back down. He was not having as much trouble this time thanks to her assistance until he looked up and noticed he was eye level with her crotch then he started struggling again to which she helped him put the weights down. After sitting up she asked him what was wrong he was doing so good, but Bill was unable to get a word out then Valkyrae saw the bulge in his shorts and she realized why he was acting the way he was. She giggled as Bill sat there nervous asking what was so funny, she then pointed down to his shorts once he noticed he quickly covered it out of embarrassment. After noticing how nervous Bill got she came up with another plan instead that would help them both.

The plan was dangerous since they were in such a public place, but that didn’t matter to her so she approached Bill and told him that she had a way to help him. Bill was still nervous but was now confused as well then she said to meet her in the women’s locker room after she had gone  in first. Nervous, but now curious, Bill did what she said and followed her into the locker room. She told him to sit down on the bench and when he had, she then stood in front of him smiling before sinking to her knees. Before she continued she told him this was gonna help him with his quest to get healthy. Moving her hands to the waistband of his shorts, she slowly pulled them down then did the same with his boxers and was left shocked at what she saw. There stood in front of her a girthy 11 inch long cock. She was in awe blushing at the sight of it.

“Wow you said you wanted to get healthy again but your cock says otherwise”.

She began to stroke it, slowly moving her hand up and down it while her other hand explored his testicles where she got another surprise. His testicles were just as big as his cock was, Valkyrae became more excited at the sight of them that she began to pick up the pace. Continuing with her stroking she began to lick the side of his cock moving her tongue in all different directions, she would stop for a moment only to rapidly stroke his cock again but moving her mouth to his testicles trying her best to get one of them in her mouth but failing each time. Valkyrae would continue with this even going further to place her mouth on his tip and begin bobbing her head on his cock giving him the best blowjob he had ever received, she took note of that when Bill began grunting louder and more often, she was so busy that she didn’t realize he was cumming and he couldn’t stop it. With her mouth still enveloping his cock, Valkyrae finally noticed when she felt stream after stream of cum shooting into her throat, there was so much that she couldn’t swallow all of it causing some of it to drip down onto her gym clothes.

 After the last bit of cum was swallowed she released the head of his cock getting a popping noise out of it, she stood up coughing trying to get her bearings back all the while Bill was apologizing for not warning her ahead of time. She assured him everything was alright, she tried to wipe off the mess on her clothes when she noticed Bill’s cock was still as erect as was when she started. Valkyrae couldn’t believe it and neither could Bill.

“Wow I can’t believe you’re still hard after all of that”

“I know me too” he responded

Seeing it like that made her even more aroused as she wanted to feel it inside her. Without saying a word she began to undress removing her top to begin, Bill immediately took notice of it asking her what she was doing and she responded by saying she needed to feel a cock that big inside her, her lust taking over her mind. She continued to undress removing her bra next and showing Bill her small but perky breasts, next came her leggings which were already a mess thanks to his cum and her pussy getting wetter as the blowjob went on, after finally removing them and her black thong she made her way to him with nothing on and lust in her eyes.

She jumped onto his lap wrapped one of her arms around his head while the other grabbed his cock aiming it towards her waiting pussy, but before they continued she said one last thing.

“Show me what an old cock can do!”

With that she lowered herself onto his cock getting some resistance due to his size but it wasn’t long until he finally penetrated her pussy. With his cock now inside of her and with the encouragement she gave him, Bill immediately began thrusting his cock upwards, with both of her hands around his head she held onto for dear life as he pounded her continuously, grabbing a handful of her ass he began squeezing and smacking until her ass was bright red, he then laid her down on the bench wrapping his arms around her waist and continued his thrusting hearing nothing besides her screams and the sound of his balls bouncing off of her ass.

This time however he wasn’t going to end quick, he wanted to enjoy it so he paused his thrusting for now, giving Valkyrae a much needed break but not a long one as he stood up with her still wrapped around him he continued where he left off and started thrusting again this time holding her up so he did all the work. With her in the air his balls slapped harder and harder against her ass while her clit began rubbing against his body making her scream even more, Bill took note of that and immediately began making out with her to silence her screams for now. With all that and more Bill was once again about to cum this time however he was prepared, as he removed his mouth from hers he told her he was gonna cum.

“Cum inside of me!” Valkyrae screamed at the top of her lungs. With that he did just that when he began shooting rope after rope of cum deep into her pussy, after the last drop of cum made its way inside of her, he removed his cock only to see his cum dripping out of her pussy. With Bill still holding onto her they both took notice of that and took notice that Bill’s member still wasn’t done, Valkyrae was in shock that after everything it was still rock solid and Bill had no idea why this was happening but he did get another idea to do  something else.

Still holding onto her, Bill motioned his head towards the showers, getting the idea of what he wanted to do, Valkyrae nodded her head and was now being carried to the showers. She however had another idea in mind as he put her down, she then told him to put it in her ass, stunned at her words Bill quickly took action as he began teasing his cock at the entrance of her ass. After a few tries he finally got the head of his cock into her ass, getting a long and loud moan out of her he slowly worked his way inside of her. Now with his cock fully inside of her he started off with slow thrusts so they both could get accustomed to the feeling, thankfully his cock was already lubed up by her mouth and pussy so it wasn’t long until he sped up his thrusts.

Moving closer to the wall Valkyrae laid her body against it so Bill could continue to pound her ass, and so he did eventually moving his mouth to her neck kissing it then his hand to her clit rubbing it furiously, in midst of all of this Bill had one more thing he wanted to do. So he removed his hand from her clit and his mouth from her neck, with his cock still inside of her he laid down on the shower floor with her back facing him he began thrusting again, this time with more force that she was bouncing off his cock from his force alone. With her mouth agape Valkyrae could only stutter the words “oh my god! Fuck me! Screaming at the top of her lungs.

The force of his thrusts continued until he felt like he was about to cum, not wanted Valkyrae to feel left out he resumed rubbing her clit so she could cum as well maybe at the same time as him. This went on for what felt like forever until Bill started yelling

“I’m cumming”

“I’m cumming too” screamed Valkyrae as she then helped Bill rub her clit until he thrust into her one last time slamming her ass onto his cock shooting thick rope after thick rope of cum into her ass as she came as well squirting her juices all over his cock.

After three orgasms Bill was finally exhausted as was Valkyrae, now with his cock going back to its normal state it was released from her now loose ass, as his cum began to flow out of it Valkyrae took notice and began giggling and blushing at how much was cum was coming out.

 After catching their breaths they both made their way back to the locker room where they began cleaning themselves up, well at least Bill did, Valkyrae on the other hand however put her leggings back on followed by her top without cleaning even a little bit of cum from her pussy or ass, she then handed him her bra and thong as a gift. She then told him what days she regularly comes to the gym so that they can both blow off some steam next time, giving him a goodbye kiss and a wink she left the locker room while Bill sat there in awe and excitement at the thought of today’s events happening again.

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Re: Valkyrae At The Gym
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Keep doing these.  ;D :)
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