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The Best Christmas Gift: Holly Willoughby and Charlotte Church get Sex Toys

Holly Willoughby, Charlotte Church, FF, toys, titfuck, high heels, magic

This is totally made up. This is complete fiction.

Yesterday, London

Holly Willoughby looked at a beautiful gold embossed envelope in front of her. Her name was written in beautiful calligraphy and the paper looked expensive. The beautiful blonde got a lot of cards at Christmas but this was next level. There was something more elegant and exquisite about this card.

Holly lifted it up. The feel of the paper in her fingers confirmed how high quality it was. She peeled open the flap and lifted out a card which matched the elegant style of the envelope. It was simple but read ‘Merry Christmas’ in gold lettering again. She could see her reflection clearly in the golden shimmer. She wondered who would send such a simple yet classy card as she opened it up.

Merry Christmas Holly,

I love your work on TV! I hope at this time of year you could help a friend in her career and do a one on one interview tomorrow, Christmas Eve. Christmas Day would be the perfect day for it to air.

Your friend and fan for life

Santa Claus x

On behalf of Charlotte Church

Holly gave a smile. The end was cute. A card from Santa. She had to give Charlotte credit for the idea. She turned the card over and saw details of the proposed meet up.

Something about the card and the text was enough for Holly. Despite it being Christmas Eve she would do the interview. She didn’t need anymore thought. She took out her mobile and texted the number for a response.

Yesterday, Cardiff

The sound of the mail coming through the letter box woke Charlotte Church from a mindless daytime TV programme. It was one of these programmes that seemed to a hit a new low every episode and today was no different. ‘My girlfriend cheated on me with my mother and sister!’ was the title and seemed to involve four people feuding and doing not much else. Still it had crossed Charlotte’s mind how much of a tool the man was and that the girlfriend would be better off in a lesbian relationship.

A brief moment of reflection on her own situation prompted the star to get up from her chair and move through to the hallway to collect her mail. Charlotte saw a bespoke envelope sitting on the floor with her name on the front in gorgeous gold lettering. There was no stamp or address on the card and Charlotte realised it must have been hand delivered.

Charlotte looked up to see if she could catch who it was through the window on her door. Immediately her eye was taken by a small man dressed in green, white and red on her drive. It looked like one of… Suddenly there was a puff of smoke and Charlotte was left staring at her front driveway.

A stunned feeling swept over Charlotte as she could scarcely believe what she just saw. Or thought she saw. That couldn’t have been an elf could it? Charlotte looked down at her hands and saw the envelope she held. She tore into it, seeing if it would provide the answers her brain sought. She briefly noted the fine gold calligraphy wishing her ‘Season’s Greetings’ on the front before opening to find an elegantly handwritten message inside.

Merry Christmas Charlotte,

I hope this time of year is full of happiness for you! I was wondering if I could make it even more special for you by arranging a one on one interview for Christmas Eve. You have such a wonderful voice and personality it would make a dream come true at Christmas to interview you.

A huge fan for life and eternally grateful,

Santa Claus x

On behalf of Holly Willoughby

Charlotte smiled at the Santa Claus part. It was unconventional. Sending an elf to deliver was maybe a bit much but as Charlotte was beginning to wonder what had happened to the small man she heard a thunder of angry voices from the TV.  She was quickly reminded of the terrible daytime TV she was subjecting herself to. She rolled her eyes. Anything was better than this for another day!

Today, Christmas Eve, a London Hotel

Holly opened the door to the ‘Royal Suite’ and peered inside. Immediately she was struck by the amazing view over London from the large windows opposite. The room itself was exquisitely decorated with oak furniture and red velvet trimming. There was also a large Christmas tree in the corner with soft white lights and red and gold decorations in keeping with the warm tone of the room.

Not in keeping with the tone of the room was multiple large TV cameras pointing at the lounge area, presumably where the interview would take place. However Holly was well used to this and was overall pleased by the setup of the room. One on one interviews were best conducted in a relaxed but sophisticated setting.

What was unusual was that there was no crew, no makeup and no director. Normally a place like this would be a hive of activity as the set was readied for her to sit down after makeup. The blonde stepped forward into the empty room to investigate further. She noted lots of presents round the large dominating Christmas tree which she thought was a nice touch but maybe a bit unnecessary. It was then she looked up at the large bedroom down the hall. Normally it would be reserved for makeup but it seemed to have camera equipment pointing towards the bed.

This was getting strange but the presenter’s thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the open door. She spun around to find Charlotte Church standing at the door, peering in at her.

“Wow! This is nice!” Charlotte said in her Welsh accent. “Where is everyone?” The singer’s face was beaming, seeming completely unconcerned by the absence of film crew. She just seemed happy to be there.

Holly’s face changed from thoughtful to happy as she saw Charlotte had arrived. Holly was a great people person and that’s what made her so good to interview with.

“Not sure,” Holly confessed to herself as much as answering Charlotte. “Maybe they’re just having a break.”

Both women seemed a bit unsure of what to say next to each other. They were both suddenly feeling a bit awkward in this large hotel room.

Charlotte eyes began to wander round the room, checking out what was there. Of course she immediately was taken by the Christmas tree but then noticed presents under the tree.

“Oh presents!” she said excitedly, the tone injecting a lighter note in to the air. The singer made a beeline straight for the tree and joined Holly in the room. Without a moment's hesitation she picked up the closest parcel, a mid-sized green box with gold ribbon. She inspected the tag.

“It’s for you.” Charlotte didn’t look at Holly as she handed it off. She wanted to see what was for her so so stared hard at the remaining parcels.

“Really?” Holly said surprised. The box had a little weight to it and rattled slightly during the hand over indicating it probably wasn’t just a prop. Holly looked at the tag.

To Holly

Merry Christmas

From Santa xxx

It was pretty simple but conveyed what it needed to. It certainly seemed a long way to go just for some props. She looked up at Charlotte for further guidance.

The Welsh singer was holding a larger flatter parcel which was red with a gold ribbon round. She looked at Holly after reading the tag.

“It’s for me,” she said with an excited voice. She was less anxious about opening the presents than Holly who was still worried about the set. “We should open them,” said Charlotte who looked at Holly’s concerned face. However Charlotte was more confirming she was going to open it rather asking permission.

“Okay,” said Holly reluctantly, seeing she was not going to win.

Before the last sound of approval left her lips the distinctive noise of paper being ripped filled the room. Holly looked down at her own present and began to unwrap it.

“What the fuck!” Charlotte said in a surprised tone.  This drew Holly to look up and she saw her companion staring at a red a white candy cane patterned double dildo. It began to twinkle with golden sparkles. “This is the best Christmas present ever!” Charlotte’s expression turned from a look of confusion to one of genuine excitement.

Holly looked with concern as she remembered her own present. Looking down at her now unwrapped box she saw a clear plastic box holding a red strap on. A ten inch red plastic dildo sat mounted perfectly, with its strapping folded in behind beautifully. It was decorated in the Christmas style with the straps consisting of golden tinsel.

Holly couldn’t help be taken in by it’s golden sparkle. A naughty smile crept on to her face as she thought of the fun she could have with it. And it was very Christmassy. She looked at the cardboard packaging.

Santa Strap On

Lapland Sex Toys. Why not add Christmas magic to your sex life? Guaranteed to be extra special.

Holly wondered how she had never heard of this brand before. It seemed like a must have item.

She looked up at Charlotte with an eager smile. The Welsh stunner seemed equally keen. She gave Holly a closer look at her gift by holding up next to her face.

The candy cane double dildo

“Should we get ready?” Charlotte said smirking.

Holly grinned at Charlotte in a knowing way. “Absolutely!” With that the two girls went to separate bedrooms for makeup and wardrobe.

An hour later

Holly Willoughby smiled directly into the camera in front of her as the red recording light came on. She did so in a way that was completely normal as if this was another regular day. It was a reassuring welcoming smile that betrayed the fact she knew what was going on or how she was dressed. She knew that the camera was going to pan back and reveal everything in a wonderful yet startling way.

“Merry Christmas! And welcome to a special Christmas interview with Charlotte Church.”

Holly knew the camera was now panning back. Initially it would take in her pretty face with her platinum blonde hair done up in a sexy bun. She had on perfect makeup with pale pink lipstick that highlighted her juicy lips and large eyes.

The camera now would take in her shoulders which were uncovered apart from her red bra straps.

“Today, we’re going to be talking about what Christmas means to her and what she wants most for Christmas.”

An even naughtier grin came across Holly’s face at the suggestive nature of her words. The camera had now panned back enough to see her impressive big round tits straining a Christmas red lace bra. There was a white lace trim round the edges in the festive tradition.

“And then we’re going to exchange gifts.”

This last sentence was delivered in perfect time as the camera finally took in all of the English beauty. The shot showed her long shapely legs and the fact that she was wearing black peep toe platform high heels. The way the heels displayed her legs made them look even more incredibly sexy.

The rest of the outfit just came into view a top her long legs, mainly thanks to the sparkling gold tinsel. Just in shot the head of the red dildo could be seen above her thigh as she sat with one leg over the other.

Holly paused a second knowing the viewer would want a moment to take her in. She looked hot. She felt hot. And she could feel the excitement building, her cheeks going a little pink. She let it linger a bit longer before moving on.

“Merry Christmas Charlotte! Thanks for joining me today.”

The camera suddenly switched to Charlotte Church and in a stark contrast just showed the singer whole. She sat on the couch with one sexy leg crossed over the other in a sexy reclined position. Charlotte wore stunning red platform peep toe high heels which beautifully toned her legs. She was wearing a green corset which had a matching red trim to the heels. It pushed her big tits up until they were about to spill over, not that she minded.

She grinned happily at her host, with her makeup and dirty long blonde hair done in a sexy mess style.

“Merry Christmas Holly! Thank you for having me.”
The reciprocal kindness between the two was an obvious attempt at flirting.

Holly jumped straight in.

“So Charlotte, tell us what you’ve been up to recently.”

“Well Holly nothing too much. Just been getting ready for the holiday season. I just love this time of year.”

“Mmm me too. I love the spirit and the happiness around Christmas,” enthused Holly as she avidly agreed with Charlotte.

“Yeah it’s brilliant. I love giving and getting presents.”

“Doesn’t everybody?” Holly agreed, excited to hear what Charlotte was wanting. “What do you want for Christmas?”

“Well,” Charlotte began with a cheeky grin. “One gift that I feel people don’t give often enough is the gift of sex!” Charlotte was incredibly enthusiastic, leaning forward to engage Holly even further. “I mean what better thing to give than the gift of a great fuck!”

Holly nodded in complete agreement.

“For example, Santa got me this wonderful double dildo to share with someone.” Charlotte held the candy cane themed double dildo probably around twenty inches long. It’s distinctive red and white stripe pattern made it stand out against the classic Christmas decoration.

“Wow that looks good,” Holly responded excited at the sight.

Charlotte smiled. “It gets better!” She held Holly’s gaze and took the shaft to her lips. There was a gentle caress of her perfect lipstick and then the tip of her tongue parted her lips, touching the plastic.

There was a clear twitch of the shaft as it hardened a little. Charlotte continued unsurprised as she twisted her head to make sure she could caress the whole circumference of the tip. She started to take the very tip into her mouth, moving her head rather than being lazy and using her hands.

Holly was stunned. She looked with amazement at the gorgeous Charlotte Church giving a hot blowjob to a double dildo. What was just as amazing though was the pleasure the double dildo seemed to be getting from it. It seemed to be responding like a real cock to the immense sexual pleasure of a blowjob.

Holly felt herself getting wet and the erotic sight. There was silence as she watched Charlotte begin to take more of the shaft into her mouth, the plastic shimmering with saliva. Without thinking, Holly’s hand reached down to her pelvis and rested on her strapon. Holly’s soft fingers wrapped around the cock and she felt a tingle spark through it. She also felt her pussy tingle at the same time which only encouraged her to gently tug on the strapon.

“Oh fuck!” Holly said as she began to jerk off her own fake cock. She felt wondrous as she pleasured herself while she watched Charlotte give hot oral. She could feel the strap on hardening quickly as it seemed to swell in her hand. The increasing pleasure with each stroke was transmitted to her pussy and body, seeming to double the pleasure. She could see why men would do this.

Charlotte was alerted to Holly’s erotic situation by the moans now coming from the blonde. The Welsh singer looked up to see Holly stroking the fake cock like any man she’d ever seen masturbating.

Charlotte gave a smile as she placed the double dildo gently on the couch. She knew what she was going to do. As she stood up Holly realised as well and felt her hand get faster as she got more excited.

As Charlotte got upright she reached a hand round to her back. In one smooth motion, she ran it down her back and the corset loosened before it fell to the floor. Charlotte’s big round tits sat proudly on her chest without a hint of sag. Holly’s eyes widened as her strap on longed for her to get a feel.

Charlotte came over and stood above Holly who couldn’t help but jerk off. Charlotte held out her hands and forced Holly to let go as the pair locked eyes and smiles. The mutual lust between the two finally stopped Holly from masturbating as she took Charlotte’s hands and was pulled up on to her high heels.

Holly’s body and strap on were desperate for contact. Holly felt more turned on than ever before with both her pussy and strapon begging for more. Charlotte though was feeling mischievous and simply smiled instead of kissing the busty blonde. She held the moment as long as she could, just holding Holly’s gaze and body with her green eyes.

At just the right moment Charlotte descended on to her knees leaving Holly to look down on her companion’s pretty face and busty chest. Charlotte broke the gaze and immediately gave the strapon the same treatment as the double dildo. She started with a soft gentle kiss that immediately drove Holly wild as the sensation of a woman’s lips on her plastic cock somehow reverberated through her body. She felt it stiffen having earlier been sure it was as hard as it could get.

Charlotte planted another kiss and then another as she felt the strapon respond. After a few more tender kisses she took Charlotte took the shaft in her lips and began to suck gently.

“Aww Charlotte…” Holly moaned in ecstasy. “That’s the best feeling ever!” 

Charlotte was encouraged to hear it as she slid her lips down the plastic and began to bob back and forth. She loved getting Holly turned on and she also loved giving blowjobs. The Welsh beauty started to use her tongue on the shaft, feeling the plastic harden as she touched it. It made her feel very sexy.

Holly couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying a blowjob, her whole body was bursting with excitement. She felt her breasts tingle, demanding some attention. Not wanting Charlotte to be distracted from her work, Holly reached behind her back and opened the clasp of her bra. The change of pressure on her chest seemed to double her pleasure as her bra slid down her arms and then fell to the floor.

As Holly’s big tits were exposed, they radiated pleasure through her body causing the blonde too reach up and squeeze them. Holly Willoughby then took a moment to cup them for the camera staring at her audience as she played with herself. It helped demonstrate how big, round and heavy her tits were.

“My big tits feel so good right now! Charlotte gives such great head that my whole body feels hot!”

By now Charlotte was picking up her pace and pushing the strapon deeper into her mouth. She looked up with her eyes and reconnected with Holly who displayed her enjoyment visibly.


Holly felt her pussy tingle as much as the strapon. She was about to cum and she knew it would be spectacular but while she held her tits there was something she needed to do.

“Let me fuck your big juicy tits! I want to cum all over them!”

Holly was surprised by her words as she spoke them. She surely couldn’t shoot a load over Charlotte’s boobs as much as she wanted to.

Charlotte just smiled as she withdrew from the blowjob and taking to strapon between her big tits. She loved the feel of cock between her tits but this felt even better as than normal as it was with a woman.

“Fuck…” Holly moaned as she felt the shaft gets squeezed between Charlotte’s tits. Immediately she started to buck her hips and started to fuck at Charlotte’s fleshy mounds.

“Ohhh fuck…” Holly trailed away as her body melted with pleasure.

It was Charlotte’s turn to address the camera as it focused in on her and the cock fucking her chest.

“Mmm that feels so good!” The Welsh singer purred as her body rode a titgasm. “Cum all over my tits!”

Charlotte was now aware she asking for cum from a strapon but the twitching she felt on her chest made her feel it was coming. She wanted it.

Holly was picking up the pace as she really wanted to cum. She had let go of her own mounds to get more leverage but she savoured the feel of them bouncing off her chest wall. It was normally when she got fucked hard it would happen but this felt just as good.

“I love fucking your tits!” Holly moaned as she game one last burst of energy. She looked down on her buddy as the strapon poked through her cleavage and admired how hot she looked. Holly felt the need to cum all over the beauty and reward her for her great titfuck.

Holly felt her strapon twitch and her twitch again. She felt her pussy tingle too and knew she was about to cum hard. She gave a few more thrusts feeling the plastic in between Charlotte’s tits and loving how it felt. The soft skin with the firm fleshy tits felt amazing round the shaft.

“I’m going to cum!” Holly moaned as she withdrew her cock letting Charlotte point it at her chest. The feel of the singer grabbing her cock as it exploded was insane. She felt the fake balls contract as her pussy orgasmed.

The first spurt unleashed a huge load onto Charlotte’s heaving chest. Holly experienced something she’d never felt before as her muscles contracted hard with the first spurt and then again with the second. She watched the cum hit Charlotte and was intensely in love with the sight of it. 

A jerky sort of orgasm overcame Holly as she came over Charlotte. With each spurt a rush of contractions and ecstasy. She’d never felt her pussy do that but it was responding with its own intense orgasms.

Charlotte just let the cum fly at her, hoping to get most of her tits and face covered. She gazed with lust at Holly who looked so hot with a strapon. It added to the pleasure that she got with each hot white load as it struck her skin just to see the blonde stunner.

Holly was exhausted at the she felt the last drop of cum fall from the strapon tip onto Charlotte’s glorious tits. It somehow managed to find a spare bit of skin, which gave Holly more satisfaction. She’d never felt anything so intense before. She struggled to contain her breathing as her chest heaved from excitement. She smiled at Charlotte.

It was then Charlotte brought her red and white double dildo back into view, grinning mischievously through her cum covered face

“Don’t think you’re stopping yet! We’ve still got this to try!”

Holly’s naughty glance in response to the comment was all the pair needed to enter a sex driven frenzy once more. Holly quickly began to undo her strap on as she watched Charlotte impatiently wriggle out of her green panties. Holly loved seeing the enthusiasm Charlotte displayed as she flung her panties across the room and jumped on to the couch.

As Holly pushed her panties down her legs she couldn’t help but be drawn to Charlotte as she stared back bringing the double dildo to her cum covered face before sliding it seductively down her tits, stomach and then wet pussy. Holly was begging to see it part her glistening pussy lips.

“Mmmmph” Charlotte moaned like a pornstar as the dildo penetrated her pussy. It was associated with a sharp intake of breath as she momentarily closed her eyes.

Holly watched with bated breath. She couldn’t bare to move while this sex goddess in front of her performed.

Charlotte opened her eyes with a delighted smile. “You should feel this!”

Holly was woken from her trance by the exciting invitation and again started to rush her undressing. She barely had her panties off before she was moving towards the couch with Charlotte causing her to stagger a little in her high highs. She didn’t care though as she wanted to share the double dildo with Charlotte so badly, quickly opening her glorious legs as she fell onto the couch. The blonde had a pleading look on her face as if to see “Please fuck me.”

Charlotte knew what to do, taking hold of the dildo and pressing it onto Holly’s swollen hot pussy lips. Then with a gentle push, the dildo slid in and the women were connected.

“Holy fuck!” moaned Holly as Charlotte inserted the dildo deeper. Holly couldn’t help but arch her back and thrust her tits into her hands as her pleasure sky rocketed. “That feels amazing!” Holly squeezed at her tits, loving the feel of the weight of the big globes.

Charlotte has achieved what she had desired, a beautiful woman to fuck with. But now she wanted both of them to orgasm hard so she started to grind her hips into the shaft.

The change in pressure woke Holly from her dildo addled high as she gave a smile of appreciation before she too started to grind the double dildo. She loved how Charlotte was getting off on her body and how the two could simultaneously give and get pleasure from the same thing.

Slowly, the pair began to wiggle their hips round and down the dildo, all the time keeping their eyes locked on the other. By now both girls were flushed and sweaty adding to their lustful looks but Charlotte was still dripping with fresh hot cum, something Holly found incredibly hot.

The more speed the girls build up, the more pleasure they each received and the more sweaty and hot they got. Both of them could feel their tits bouncing on their chests but only had eyes for the other.

“You liking that you cum covered slut?” Holly moaned as she pushed herself down, feeling her legs against Charlotte’s.

“You fucking know I am,” Charlotte replied and then proceeded to take a small sample from her jiggling tits. She then placed her finger in her mouth and sucked the cum off in an erotic fashion. “Mmmm tastes good.”

This was too much for Holly who immediately sat forward while maintaining her rhythm with Charlotte. The blonde reached out with her hand and held one of Charlotte’s big round cum covered tits. She initially gave it a squeeze leading to a coo from Charlotte but then she started to massage the slippery surface. To Holly it felt wonderful.

Holly’s bouncing jugs hadn’t gone unnoticed by Charlotte who lusted to touch them. They were perfect for Holly’s body, big and round, almost as if they were fake. Their hypnotic bounce up and down was so alluring that Charlotte had to feel them in her hands. The Welsh singer was able to reach out and smoosh the round surface in her hand, loving the feel of the hard nipple beneath her palm. Charlotte squeezed firmly, giving Holly and herself a burst of titty pleasure.

By now the proximity of the girls and the sensual tit play really had both women going at each other hard. They were now fucking so deep they could grind their wet pussies together, exhilarating the pair even more.

Charlotte could feel an orgasm building inside. She wanted to cum with Holly and the dildo which she could feel twitching and stiffening inside her. It felt like the real thing but with the sensuality of being with a woman like Holly Willoughby.

Holly moaned as her orgasm approached with a touch of hot of cum hitting her inside.

“Fuck yes! Give it to me!”

Holly was speaking to both the dildo and Charlotte as her muscles spasmed into a the start of a wonderful orgasm. She felt her pussy walls tighten round the twitching cock as jet after jet of hot cum pulsed into her wet pussy. Her whole body felt wonderful as she tried to continue fucking Charlotte as best she could. She became more aware of her sexy high heels, using them to maintain a sense of grounding on the couch as the rest of her body tingled with pleasure.

Holly had her eyes shut but she could feel Charlotte on her tit as well as her soaking pussy and thighs grinding against her. It was intense.

“Oh God!!!!”

Charlotte felt the change in Holly’s rhythm immediately and realised what was happening to her lesbian lover. The thought of her causing Holly to orgasm pushed the singer over the edge as she too erupted in orgasmic pleasure. Her whole body convulsed with pleasure so much do that she was frozen in place. Now it was Holly doing all the work but neither minded.

“Ahhhhh!” Charlotte moaned, her cum covered chest barely moving with the pleasure of the orgasm. A moment later, she felt a burst of hot cum flood her pussy which pushed her even higher. This was truly the most intense orgasm she’d ever had and it was all thanks to Holly and the toys.

Both women continued to ride the highs of multiple orgasms as cum pounded into their pussies from the dildo. Holly was barely able to keep grinding Charlotte but somehow managed in an effort to derive more feeling for the pair.

Charlotte loved how the movements of the dildo gave her some increased wonderful tingles all over. She was so enraptured she was just able to feel Holly’s amazing breast in her hand as well as the feel of her sexy high heels digging into the couch.

As the orgasms began to fade the women could feel hot cum dribble from their own pussy as well as their lovers. It added to the experience greatly as their thighs rubbed over each other.

“Mmm… Yes,” cooed Charlotte as she began to come to her senses. She opened her eyes to find Holly dreamily smiling at her. “We definitely need to that again!”

Holly was already way ahead of Charlotte. She wanted more right then and there, particularly the cum dripping from Charlotte’s heaving chest. “How about I clean you up?” Holly said with a naughty smirk, knowing what the answer would be.

A second later Holly was diving for Charlotte’s big round cum covered tits…


As Holly and Charlotte happily left the hotel with their gifts held close, they both began to clear space on their calendars for a promotional tour. They could believe how lucky they were to be the personalities to advertise such an amazing product.
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Re: The Best Christmas Gift: Holly Willoughby and Charlotte Church
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Nice work! I love the stories you write and Holly is always a great treat.
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Re: The Best Christmas Gift: Holly Willoughby and Charlotte Church
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Damn that was hot. If there are 2 things I know you love from stories, it's high heels and titty fucking! Love your work DL  ;)
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Re: The Best Christmas Gift: Holly Willoughby and Charlotte Church
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Great to see you writing again, you're a legend.
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Thanks for the kind feedback guys


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