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Re: Site Story Reviews
« Reply #15 on: January 01, 2020, 09:12:29 PM »
Never did anything with it, mostly because never meant to.  3 stories were part of a game on CFF similar to the brevity series on this site.  Basically, someone posted a picture and the next person would write a short story based on that picture and then post another totally different picture for the next person to write a story about.  I just took the 3 I wrote in that and repurposed them on here. 

Still though, glad you enjoyed each story.
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Re: Site Story Reviews
« Reply #16 on: January 03, 2020, 05:39:05 PM »
Focus on me with Ariana Grande: a review by The House of Weird


I'm thinking this is going to be a recurring thing where I look at older stories rather than currently released works and let the past stories get new light. That being said, let's begin.

For some people a appreciation for a singer is usually of simple fandom, wanting said singer and/band to have a successful career and wish nothing but the best for them. For other's, like several people on these types of sites, the love for a musician can be completely sexual, craving their body and longing to make love to them in more ways then one. This particular story, goes down the middle of those two types of fan, one whom loves their music and their body, which for the singer of choice being Ariana Grande, that makes total sense. For if god is a woman to some she IS that god.

The set up is something you might have heard of before, a music video shoot where a guy checks out the singer whom the video is for, she notices in some form or another and she usually likes him back, not always but, non con stories aren't permitted here so let's just stick to the notion we have already. She lures him into her trailer to let him know of a similar motif I mentioned at the beginning of this review, that as a famous singer, she longs for fans of her who want to also rock her world in bed, to which leds us to the most mix matched tone in sex that works perfectly. It starts with Ariana simply having the man watch her masturbate, a dominant vibe came from this as he wasn't allowed to touch himself to see how much he wanted her and I actually liked this set up. I always pictured her as the one who takes charge and acts like a dom to her sub it fits other stories as well that label her as a stuck up Bitch but here, I was excited to see this side in a more consensual way.

The next part goes back towards more normal sex, her experiencing an orgasm from him and thus leading to her getting fucked relentlessly, on one hand I was hoping that this soft core dominant theme would have continued but looking it over again I think it actually makes sense to change tone, her not wanting to take charge completely, but just wanted a man who could deliver on a better fuck then those who talk the talk and don't perform at all. The one hiccup I have with this is, there's no climax. Literally. It ends with them going at it like rabbits and it just stops, no final orgasm no returning to the set of the music video, nothing. I'd say it ended on a cliffhanger but to my current knowledge there isn't a second part. What bugs me the most is that I've read other works of the author MaxwellLord and I know he's a good writer but this just comes out of left field even for him. I'm almost convinced he had the ending written out but it never got transferred over to here, that's the best guess I have.

(Edit on 1/5/2020)
So this edited new version of this review is for the simple reason that is: I was right. The last portion of the story had not been fully transferred over to the site and now if you were to read the story you get the final version of it. MaxwellLord actually reached out to me saying he didn't know about the missing ending until now and all I can say is that I was happy to help fix it.

The overall verdict of this story? I thought it was good then and I still find it good after the edit. Was there any fault on him for not knowing of course not, mistakes happen. Doesn't technically change my opinion of this story as I already thought it was good, but in the end, this is a great read that now you can truly enjoy.

9/10 -read for a good time.
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Re: Site Story Reviews
« Reply #17 on: January 26, 2020, 08:42:55 PM »
Kylie Minogue Equilibrium by Noj

It's always a pleasure to get to read about a celeb who often isn't covered by many out there. The same goes for reading anything written by Noj. Personally, he has long been one of my favorite authors and someone I take inspiration from. He's a master at details and knows how to paint a picture with a narrative that makes you visualize everything you're reading.

This story gets into the action quick with the opening scene. The premise of Kylie Minogue and a boyfriend having a relationship centered around sex is a good back story, but the real meat of this story is the heat of their lust in the bedroom. A point is made of anal here, utilizing Kylie's underrated ass.

As pegging is mentioned in the disclaimer, it's one of the major themes here, and I love how it's played up with Kylie telling her boyfriend simply 'it's time' before proceeding to give it to him.

If you like pegging in stories or generally just a fan of Kylie Minogue, you should definitely check this story out, and also read some of Noj's other works. He's one of the best authors out there. Being able to review his work is a real privilege and I'm honored to do it.

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Re: Site Story Reviews
« Reply #18 on: April 07, 2020, 10:18:43 PM »
Era Erotica Chapter 3 by Slyguy

The third chapter of this great series does more fantastic foundation building for what's to come. We open one Cole still debating on contacting the lovely blonde known as Taylor Swift. We gets hints of the ups and downs of their complex relationship. The feelings of annoyance at the up and down nature of it all too real and relatable. Not knowing where he stands with her brings back another flashback pertinent to his decisions.

In the flashback, all the way back in 2010. Cole is in LA for a job interview right around the same time as Taylor is in the City of Angels. After Taylor makes the bombshell announcement to Cole of a recent break up the pair agree to a night of a dinner and show. And of course all these activities have a lot more spice to them. Cole may have ordered the seabass but the handjob with a BJ finish was probably the main course for him.

The next stop of the night, a concert, leads to a dirtier kind of sex for Taylor in a public restroom at a concert venue. The clash of that with the image of Taylor makes some serious sparks fly. And yes fellow Taylor fans, consider that a song title pun if you wish.

Of course, the lustful pair can't help themselves, and have one last intense romp in the hotel room. Taylor bent over, her breath fogging up the window and screaming about loving to be fucking in front of LA is quite a delightful picture painted by Slyguy, wrapped in big creamy bow with a superb facial finish.

Of course, this all soon breaks down when Cole discovers Tay wasn't as single as she led Cole to believe, which leads to a big blow up and another one of the lows in there so-far up and down relationship.

And when we get back to the present, we end on a more modern, in the present cliffhanger of will they or won't they, all centered around the answer to a question over the phone.

Slyguy continues building up this saga. The seeds are being laid to what's going to come, and even in these early chapters the heat is still there and remains for thirty chapters and counting. If you're not reading this series, you're not a Taylor fan. It's the gold standard.
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