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Valkyrae’s Day Off
« on: December 14, 2019, 04:20:09 PM »
Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen.

It was a nice sunny day in Los Angeles and Rachel, better known as Valkyrae, was taking advantage of the nice day by tanning outside the 100Thieves house. Luck was on her side today as both of her roommates went out on vacation and had the whole house to herself.

She was tanning by the pool where she had been laying on her back but decided to turn around and get her back and ass tan as well. She looked around to make sure no one was around and when she did, she unclasped her top and slowly removed her bottoms. Just as she was doing this, one of the neighbors kids had just come home from school.

Billy was 18 but didn’t look it. He had some acne on his face and he wasn’t the fittest 18 year old. He made his way to his room and threw his stuff down then went out onto his balcony. Looking around at the neighbourhood, he spotted Valkyrae right next door tanning with her bare ass out. He had decided to take some pictures of her as she lay there until she got up and turned around and laid on her back again.

Billy was pissed off that she turned around and was about to go back inside when he saw her remove her top and her bottoms. He started to record her as she lay there naked hoping something would happen and he got his wish as she moved her hand down to her pussy and slowly started rubbing her fingers across her clit. She moved her fingers down onto her pussy and continued rubbing it, and starting to feel brave and horny, inserted both of her fingers into her pussy. She continued to finger herself and began moaning so she covered her mouth with her other hand but she didn’t realize at the time that Billy had been recording her this whole time.

A bulge started showing in his shorts so he decided to take care of it and pulled his 9 inch cock out and started stroking it while still recording. Valkyrae continued fingering her pussy getting very close to cumming and she was on the brink of a huge orgasm until Billy accidentally knocked something off his balcony and alerted her. Valkyrae jumped at the noise and screamed when she looked up to see Billy jerking off with his phone in his hand and immediately grabbed her towel and went inside.

When she did Billy went back into his room red faced at what had just happened and sat in his room not knowing what to do next. Then he heard a knock on his door. Billy hesitated opening the door but knew there was no getting out of this. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door and there stood Valkyrae in nothing but a towel.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” she screamed at him

He tried to explain himself but was unable to say much of anything due to her her yelling.

“You should be ashamed of yourself!” were her last words before she looked down and saw a tent form in his pants.
She was shocked to see how big the bulge was and Billy stood there confused until he noticed what she was staring at and was finally able to say

“Look...I’m sorry. I’m a huge fan of yours and I think you are really hot.”

“Why thank you”

Valkyrae blushed at his compliment and looked back down at his crotch again then she got an idea. She placed her hand on his shoulder and asked him.

“Are you a virgin? You can tell me the truth it’s okay.”

He nodded his head in response which caused her to bite her lip as she moved her hand down to his crotch then said

“I can help with that.”

She pushed him in the door and followed him in, closing it behind her. She then dropped her towel and got on her knees. Unbuckling his pants, she started lowering them down until his cock sprang out and nearly smacked her.

“Wow! You really are a big fan.” she looked up at him smiling sexily.

She took hold of his shaft and immediately began to suck his cock, taking the tip of his it in her mouth. She began swirling her mouth and tongue in circles while stroking his cock with one hand and fondling his balls with the other. Billy couldn’t get a word out only groaning and moaning at what was happening, Valkyrae then removed her hand from his balls and started to finger herself again as she was squatting now.

As the blowjob went on, she inserted two fingers into her pussy and started pumping away. Both Billy and Valkyrae were on their way to huge orgasms as Valkyrae's mouth got Billy’s cock throbbing.

“I’m gonna cum!” Billy groaned as she removed his cock from her mouth and continued stroking it as he painted her face with thick ropes of cum. As he came, Valkyrae started cumming as well, squirting all over the floor.

Valkyrae scooped up some of his dripping cum and put it into her mouth. She stood up to leave and as she did, she told Billy to come over to her house in 5 mins. He nodded his head and just stood there dumbfounded at what had happened as she walked away.

Five minutes pass and Billy knocked on the door and as he knocked, it opened. He looked around for Valkyrae. He called out for her then.
“Hey there! Um...I’m here!”

“I’m outside! Just go through the glass patio door to the right of you!” she called back.

Billy went outside and found her the same way he saw her before, laying down playing with her pussy. Billy stood there dazed and aroused as his cock started growing in his shorts.

She gestured at him to come over with her finger and as once he was in front of her, his crotch inches from her face, she started unbuttoning his shorts pulling them down as fast as she could. His cock sprang out nearly smacking her again.

Valkyrae grabbed and pushed Billy down onto one of the patio chairs and got on top of him. She lowered herself onto his massive erection, gasping as his cock penetrated her, his wide girth stretched her tight hole. After getting all of his cock inside her, Valkyrae began to bounce up and down on it, moaning loudly without a care in the world. She pushed her chest into his face, smothering him with her tits to which Billy responded by squeezing her ass and biting her nipples. As he feasted on her nipples, he slapped her ass causing her to smile and moan.

After bouncing on his cock for what felt like forever, Valkyrae got up and walked into the house telling Billy to follow her. They ended up in her room where she pulled him to her balcony and bent over telling him to fuck her. Billy wasted no time and rammed cock into her pussy. Grabbing hold of her waist, he started thrusting into her deep and hard, causing her to look back at him and sneer.

“You like fucking that pussy don’t you? Fucking Peeping Tom little pervert! Keep pounding me you big dick motherfucker!”

All that could be heard in the house was the sound of their skin slapping together and their mingled moaning. Billy continued to fuck Valkyrae with no mercy causing her to shudder. As he continued to pound her, he began slapping her ass until it was bright red. He continued fucking her until he feels his cock begin to throb inside her. He stopped and pulled out of her he then grabbing her arm and pulled her into the room. Laying down on the bed, he told her to ride him and with a devilish grin she did as he requested. Straddling his lap, she gave him a view of her well toned ass.

When she was ready, she told him to record it and passed him her phone. He turned the recording on and placed the phone over his head as Valkyrae slipped his cock into her pussy squatting over him. Once his cock is inside her, she began bouncing her ass on his cock as he recorded it all. Billy watched on as Valkyrae’s ass bounced on his crotch hard and fast causing her bed to shake and as she was bouncing, she lowered her head and looked down at his cock going in and out of her pussy smiling and moaning.

“Fuck! That big dick feels sooo good!”
As Valkyrae continued to bounce on his cock, she spread her ass cheeks for the camera. Feeling Billy’s cock inside her and his balls slapping against her clit, Valkyrae’s pussy began to tighten on his cock causing her to scream louder as she began squirting all over it.

“Holy shit! Oh my God!!!!! Fuck!!!!”

As her pussy contracted around his member, Billy felt it throb and tremble ready to explode inside her.

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum inside me! Fill my pussy with cum!” she moaned

With those words, Billy did what she wanted and pulling her down onto his crotch, shot multiple thick ropes of cum into her starving pussy and her womb.

Valkyrae stopped bouncing and stayed on his cock, her pussy milking it dry.  Once he’d done cumming, she fell forward on the bed breathing heavily. Billy zoomed in on her leaking pussy one last time before he stopped the recording. He sent the video to his phone before he put hers down.

Getting dressed he leant down and kissed her, leaving her laying there as he thanked her for everything.

Unable to speak Valkyrae simply waves at him smiling as he leaves her room.
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Re: Valkyrae’s Day Off
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I don't know who this celeb is, but your writing style is excellent. Nice work.
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Re: Valkyrae’s Day Off
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Keep doing these.  ;D :)
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