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Hotel Limbo original series
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This story is completely made up

Danielle and Kay Panabaker, MFF, incest

Martin Smith had been resident in Hotel Limbo for quite sometime now. Initially shy, the girls very friendly and giving nature had quickly got him to loosen up. He'd taken part in many orgies, gang and blow bangs, but his reserved nature had stopped him from asking the girls for anything more than a quick fuck.

Like the other guests, Martin was old and grey. He had a slight belly on him but otherwise kept well. The hotel had given him energy but an energy he'd never fully realised due to his reluctance to fully give himself to the resort. Today seemed like any other day as Martin did the rounds. He said hello to Walter and Clark as well as several of the women he'd been pleasured by. He saw Elizabeth Hurley and Keira Knightley readying themselves for another contest. He saw Britney Spears starting a traditional welcome for a new comer. And as usual, he came to the same hut he always did.

Martin knew this hut to be used by the American babes who called themselves actresses. Some were more actresses than others but that didn't stop Martin from loving them all the same. He'd spent many hours with Kaley Cuoco, Jennifer Love Hewitt and more, each giving him unbelievable pleasure. Martin was happy to see Kaley Cuoco sitting behind the welcome desk at a computer. She had her long blonde hair tied up in a bun. She had big rimmed glasses on which made her look a bit nerdy. However, her suit did not. A black coat with white shirt. The shirt was open showing her big round tits.

"Mr Smith," Kaley began, playing the receptionist. "The Panabaker sisters are in your office. I think the older one would like to speak with you."

Martin's heart leapt. The Panabaker sisters. Martin realised it was a role play. The kind Hotel Limbo would offer put on for it's valued clients. "Of course, Kaley. I'll be right through." They both smiled at each other and then Kaley Cuoco licked her lips, leaning forward. She whispered quietly, breaking character. "Martin you randy dog! Why didn't you say you had a thing for incest. I could have got Bri to join us."

The blonde smiled at him playfully as she let Martin savour the thought. It was an enticing thought although Martin couldn't help but feel a bit embarrassed. He hadn't told anyone for fear of ridicule. However, it had slipped out of him one night as he tit fucked Zooey Deschanel. She had asked him what he wanted and he'd replied he "wanted to cum over you and your sister's big tits." It had only been the once and he wasn't sure whether Zooey had even heard him. She'd finished the tit fuck as energetically as she'd started. But she obviously had and now the girls had set up a threesome for him. He suddenly felt a rush of excitement. He should have known the Hotel Limbo girls would look after him.

Martin made his way down the corridor and opened the door in front of him. The room inside was done exactly like a classroom. There were rows of single wooden desks and chairs all facing a large desk and chair at the front. There was also a large blackboard there with rows of writing upon it.

"Mr Smith," the gorgeous Danielle Panabaker stood up from the teacher's chair. "I'm so glad you agreed to see us." Danielle was wearing a white shirt tied round her bust. The buttons were all undone revealing a lacy black bra which pushed up her 32B tits. Her midriff was showing and her red tartan skirt was barely large enough to cover her panties. It did show her long, sexy legs off though. She wore black platformed high heels to complete the slutty school girl look.

Danielle's face looked so innocent. It's pretty shape enhanced by pouring rose red lips. Her wavy brunette hair hung round her shoulders. "We need to discuss Kay. She's been very naughty in your class and I think we need to put a stop to it."

Martin's face blushed. Danielle looked stunning. "Yes... Quite." Martin stammered, trying to play his part.

It was then Kay Panabaker appeared from behind Danielle. She had been the one writing "I must do what Mr Smith says," over and over on the board.

Kay was wearing the same uniform as her sister except she was wearing a red lacy bra instead of black. She also had on red stockings and red platformed high heels making look more slutty than Danielle if it were possible.

Kay was a few inches shorter than her sister and her hair marginally lighter. She had a similar pretty face and a 32B bust too. She had a mock look of shame on her face as if she had been a naughty girl.

"You had something to say to Mr Smith," Danielle said sternly.

"I'm sorry Mr Smith," Kay began in her cutest voice. "I really don't mean to be so naughty."

"Well you keep saying that Kay and now look where we are. Your sister is in here begging for forgiveness for you." Martin looked at the two girls standing side by side, each one nearly showing maximum skin without being naked. He felt his cock stiffen in his trousers.

"We can beg some more, can't we sis," as Danielle urged her sister forward. Kay stepped forward and was joined by her sister immediately, their big gorgeous eyes piercing Martin's.

They fell to their knees, pleading their case with their eyes. Martin looked down and would have forgiven them anything there and then. The Panabaker sisters looked incredibly hot. Martin could see his trousers bulging, something that had not been unnoticed by Danielle and Kay.

"We'd do anything," said Danielle sexily as she ran the back of her hand over the bulge.

"And we mean anything," added Kay, as she started to undo Mr Smith's belt.

All Martin could do was stare. The two hot sisters worked on his belt then his button. Danielle pulled down his zip slowly allowing his trousers to fall to the floor. Next Kay put her fingers inside the elastic of his boxers before yanking them down over his erect cock. The sisters looked at each other excitedly and then back to him. "Mr Smith! You've not been teaching us everything have you? You've been holding back?"

Martin appreciated what the girls said. He had been holding back but now was his time to let go. And he'd let it go on Danielle and Kay Panabaker. He could feel his balls tingle already. This was going to be huge. Danielle and Kay looked at each other once more before starting to kiss Mr Smith's cock. Each girl would take it in turns to peck his cock with their soft lips, then suck a bit. Soon both girls were running their mouths up and down the shaft with their tongues adding extra sensations.

Martin looked at the sisters as they kissed each other at the end of his cock. They looked like they were about to suck the face of each other they were so hungry. Martin enjoyed if the two sisters engaging in passionate kissing but he was about to be even more turned on as the girls stood up. Danielle and Kay's hand began to wander as their tongues remained locked together. Danielle undid her sister's shirt as Kay pushed Danielle's skirt to the floor. Next, Danielle managed to loosen Kay's short skirt as her own lacy black bra was fully exposed to Martin.

Martin began to watch as the sisters kiss in their lingerie. He found his cock with his right hand and began to stroke as he watched Kay and Danielle's bodies rub over one another's. Danielle fondled her sister's tits through her bra. She loved the feel of Kay's tits, so excitingly similar to her own.

Kay grabbed her sister's ass. She dug her nails in which only caused Danielle to herself harder over Kay's soaking wet pussy. She could feel the soft skin of Danielle's sexy thighs brushing her most sensitive area. It felt fantastic. The felt amazing on each other's skin. It was no surprise that soon Danielle was completely naked save for her high heels. Danielle had taken her sister's bra off but left her panties on. They halted their incestious embrace to speak to Mr Smith again.

"Is my sister showing you how sorry she is, Mr Smith?" said Danielle in a sexy voice. "Maybe you should fuck my sister's wet pussy while she makes it up to me too."

Kay eagerly lay on the desk and spread her legs, shifting her panties to the side. "Fuck me Mr Smith! I've been so naughty. I need to make it up to you and my sister." Martin waddled round, his trousers still round his ankles. He watched the gorgeous Danielle Panabaker climb over her sister's beautiful face. She straddled her sister's waiting mouth and about orgasmed as Kat's tongue brushed her clit.

"Fuck sis! Lick your sister's hot clit. Make me cum."

Martin couldn't believe how naughty Danielle was. She was incredibly hot, covered in a fine sweat as she was getting tongued by her sister. And she seemed to be loving it. Danielle momentarily regained a tiny bit of composure to see Martin still hadn't began to fuck her sister.

Danielle breathed heavily. "Stick that big hard cock in my sister's wet pussy. Fuck her hard for being such a naughty girl." Danielle's eyes looked seductively at Mr Smith, begging him to fuck her sister. She cupped her own tits as she started to ride a bit on her sister.

Martin slid his hard cock into Kay's tight wet pussy. He could hear her moan through licking her sister as he started to thrust in and out. He felt the younger sister's legs wrap around him, begging him to keep going. His cock felt incredible. Danielle liked what she saw. Her sister Kay's hot body was underneath her getting fucked by their old teacher. "Fuck my naughty sister Mr Smith. Fuck that tight pussy. Danielle moaned as Kay penetrated her with her tongue. She approved of the fucking and dirty talk and this led her pussy licking to increase in vigour.

"Ahh fuck sis, you're as good a pussy locker as you are a cock sucker! Fuck!" Danielle was close to coming. "Ahh fuck you naughty slut, keep going."

An orgasm ripped through Danielle causing her to tense up. She cupped her tits for Mr Smith as she came, unable to move any further. She felt her pussy flood her sister's face. This in turn caused Kay to orgasm too, her pussy clamping down on her teacher's dick. Her orgasm heightened with thrust of the hard cock, causing her to lick her sister harder.

"Oh God!" moaned Danielle as another ride of pleasure overwhelmed her. "This feels so good!" She smiled at Mr Smith knowingly. She knew it was something he'd always wanted and she could tell he was about to finish. The girls at Hotel Limbo knew how to make a man cum. They not only prided themselves on it, but lusted after the high volume loads their guests would unleash.

"Kay, Mr Smith looks like he's about to cum. Let's make sure we don't miss a drop." Martin had always dreamed of shooting his load over sisters so this was music to his ears. He frantically jerked off his cock as the sisters knelt expectantly before him.

"Shoot that big load over us, Mr Smith. Show us how much you loved seeing me fuck my hot sister while you fucked me." Kay sounded so hot as she spoke to Martin, making sure he knew how badly she wanted his jizz.

"Mmmm, my sister licking my wet pussy was the best thing I've ever felt. Incest is so fucking hot," Danielle cooed as she stuck out her tongue.

This set Martin off as he came harder than he'd ever done so before. A huge load plastered Danielle's pretty face and the next landed half or her cheek and half in her mouth. He shot the next few loads at Kay, covering her tongue, forehead and right eye. He was then able to hit Danielle again across the chin and her gorgeous hair.

"Mmmm yeah, Mr Smith, your cum feels so good. Cover me and my incestious sister in all of your cum," Danielle commanded, trying to sound like a slut. "Show us how much you wanted sister on sister." Still his orgasm, jerked white hot cum from as his shaft as the sisters squeezed in extra tight. The held their tits for him to aim at. Martin duly obliged, covering both sets of tits in the last twenty seconds or so with copious amounts of his cum.

Martin looked down at the pair. They looked gorgeous covered in his cum. They were saturated and still they beamed up at him. The girls playfully licked up the remaining cum from his cock, inducing tremendous shivers down.

Danielle went first, twirling her tongue round the shaft before sucking on the head. She withdrew with a slurp. "That tastes so good," she beamed at her sister.

Kay took the cock in her mouth, her eyes not leaving Mr Smith's. She bobbed up and down, hoovering the last drops of the cum. She too came of the cock with a slurp, laughing. "Mmm I'll say!"

It was then that the sisters realised they were both covered in stuff they craved. Danielle dived in to Kay's tits, licking up a good mouthful. Danielle held her mouth open momentarily allowing Mr Smith to see she was holding the hot salty jizz in her mouth. Kay couldn't help but kiss her sister. Martin could see them swap it back and forth. He reflected on how good it had been to see two sisters together. It had been everything he'd dreamed of and more. Martin watched Kay lick Danielle's chest. She looked ecstatic, however, she still had the presence of mind to indulge Martin further. "Can you imagine Kaley and Briana Cuoco, Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears or Zooey and Emily Deschanel doing this? The possibilities are endless and at Hotel Limbo, we'll make it happen for you."
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Re: Hotel Limbo original series
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At Hotel Limbo there was something for everyone. If that was a quiet night in watching a film with your favourite girl, then that would happen. However if you wanted something more than that was always on offer too.

Tonight, a group of guests had decided on a big night out. There was nothing special about the night but saying that every night could be special at Hotel Limbo. First off, there was a few drinks at Dave's room, which got the guys ready for heading out. That was followed by The Tiki-Tit Bar, the hotel's beach side bar.

"I don't know what to say guys, some nights are just quiet." Jennifer Love Hewitt stood with her hands out as if trying to balance something. She wore a light green bikini which strained to hold in her big tits and smiled as she realised the guys were ogling them rather than following her hand gesture.

The guys stared for a few seconds, either unbelieving or still leering at Jen's tits.

"Let me get a round of shots for you and you can tell me your plans."

David, Jason, Mark, Ian and Robert looked at each other, trying to figure out what to do. Jen quickly poured some tequila into five shot glasses and slid them across the bar, all the time listening to what the guys were saying. She looked up at the five old guys and smiled as they just appeared confused.

"Can't believe we're all out on the quietest night of the year," remarked Ian.

"I can't believe the Tiki-Tit bar isn't heaving with drunken women." Robert through his two cents in.

"Yeah! What a bust!" Jason added, almost sounding angry.

"Hey guys," interjected Jen forcefully, trying to sound calm. The guys froze and looked at her. "Why don't you head to the strip club along the beach? You know, The Limbo Pole." She smiled politely at them, her voice now angelic with the certainty that they'd go for her idea.

The guys stood motionless for a minute, more dumbfounded that one of them hadn't thought of it. Jason looked down at the ground and shrugged in embarrassment. "Yeah I guess we could do that."

Jen laughed at them. "Men are idiots," she said loudly, drawing a smile from each man. "And you haven't drunk your tequila shots." The men stepped forward, lined up at the bar and grabbed a glass each. They looked at each other. The night was back on track. "Cheers!"

"Tut tut tut," chimed Jennifer just before the guys could get the glasses off the table. The guys looked at her, a devious look in her eyes. Jen bit her lip as she reached behind her back and untied her bikini top. Jen's big round tits bounced free, showing not a hint of sag and hard nipples. "You need salt first," said Jen seductively before wetting her right nipple then covering it in salt. "Then some lime." The brunette took a quarter lime and rubbed it on her hard left nipple, covering it in juice.

The guys' mouths practically fell open. They stood and stared as their busty bar maid showed off her gorgeous tits.

"Well... One at a time fellas," Jen joked, wakening them from their stupor. Jason looked up at the bar maid's face, seeking permission to go ahead. Jen just stared him out with her sultry eyes. Jason moved in, pressing his tongue on to Jennifer's soft fleshy right tit before running his tongue over her hard nipple and the salt.

Jen giggled playfully before Jason leaned back, leering at the awesome chest in front of him. He grabbed his glass and quickly downed the large measure. Suddenly, he dived back in, taking Jen's left breast in his mouth, sucking all the lime juice from it. Jennifer Love Hewitt laughed with the guys at Jason's plight, but was really enjoying the feel of his lips on her tits.

Jason came up, reluctant to leave Jen's tits and the soothing lime. His expression said it all causing another chorus of laughter to break out. Jason just smiled at Jen, grateful for what she had done, before chuckling himself. "Man, that's like fire!"

Jennifer reloaded her tits as Ian leaned in and the laughter settled. "Well honey, are you next?" she asked in a sexy voice, sticking her chest in to Ian's proximity.

Each guy had great fun doing his shot and liking Jennifer's big tits. By the time they got to Mark, the mood has really picked up and the earlier disappointment had been forgotten. In fact, as he was last, Mark seemed to be spending more time on Jen's rack than the others. He reluctantly sat up leaving Jennifer topless.

"Would you like to come with us to see some strippers?" asked Mark, still intoxicated with Jennifer.

"Gee I'd love to guys but I've got to look after this place. Maybe some other time."

The guys let out a collective sigh but suspected that would be the answer. They were still standing and slowly bunched up, about to leave.

Jennifer felt sad but genuinely would have gone if she could. But she did feel obliged to let them leave on a high.

"I hear there's a new girl performing tonight." Jennifer tried to sound as perky as possible. "And she's smoking hot!"

The guys faces lit up, wondering who would be there and set off after a few 'thank yous' to Jen. She had turned the disappointment around and now the night was already what the guys had expected from Hotel Limbo, absolutely magic.

After ten minutes the guys arrived at a giant beach hut with flashing neon signs which simply stated 'The Limbo Pole' in elegant writing. Like most places in Hotel Limbo, it looked classy all over. That didn't mean that it was stuffy and frigid though, it's just the guests and the women prefer fine surroundings.

The guys staggered in to the main reception looking more than pleased with themselves. It was immediately noticeable that it was a dimly lit place, but in an elegant way. They stopped at the desk and their gaze was immediately drawn to a big round pair of tits.

Charlotte McKinney stood in front of them, beside the passage into the club. She wore a small black lace bra showing off her huge tits and thin lacy thong revealing a toned stomach and long sexy legs. Black peep toe platformed high heels finished her look and made her very tall.

"Hi," Charlotte beamed, her smile framed by her long blonde hair. "Welcome to 'The Limbo Pole', the finest strip club in existence. How may I help you today?"

Ian was first to speak. "We'd like in please."

"Of course, please make yourselves comfortable and enjoy tonight's show." Charlotte was very friendly and practically begged the guys in. It was a little odd.

"Not like a strip club to have a hot bouncer on the door," remarked Robert, thinking he was being funny. In fairness the guys let out a small chuckle.

"She's not a bouncer," said a voice from the shadows. "She's here to get people in." The mysterious figure stepped forward, revealing herself. She had a beautiful smile and face, with long dark hair. She wore a fancy black bustier which went well with her darker skin tone. The bustier pushed her pert breasts up and showed a lot of her shapely thighs. She had long legs and wore black peep toe platformed high heels.

The woman introduced herself. "Evening gents, my name is Rashida Jones and I'm in charge of the club tonight." Rashida spoke in a calm and professional way, portraying a vast experience in this area. "I see you've already met Charlotte McKinney, our greeter."

Robert blushed at his foolish joke and found his eyes looking to the floor. Rashida continued, sensing a moment of uncomfortable quietness. "Charlotte's here to help in any way, isn't that right?"

"Certainly," replied Charlotte, moving over to Robert, pushing her large chest into his line of sight. Robert immediately looked up to find the model smiling at him and then with one swift motion had reached behind and loosened her bra. Charlotte's small lacy bra fell to the floor as she displayed her big round tits proudly. Robert felt his cock harden followed by Charlotte's hand grabbing it through his shorts.

Robert stood motionless as Charlotte gazed up at him as she sunk to her knees. She undid his belt and let his shorts and underwear fall round his ankles. Charlotte never lost eye contact until Robert's hard cock just about hit her in the face. The beauty just giggled before she enveloped the hard rod in her mouth. Gently she started to suck on the tip while she used her tongue to stimulate the shaft.

Robert's eyes rolled back as Charlotte started to bob her head and get more of the shaft in her mouth. He caught sight of Rashida, who was grinning with pride. He also saw his mates, standing watching intensely. Occasionally they would make a comment about Charlotte's big tits or how good a cock sucker she was. This only seemed to encourage her.

Robert was in heaven as Charlotte now resumed eye contact with him, while also ensuring her mouth got to the base of his cock. She let out muffled moans and gagged partially as she let Robert deep in to her throat. This caused her to drool on to her chin slightly but she was determined to keep Robert pleasured.

With a loud plop, Robert's dick was released from the blonde's mouth but without a moments hesitation Charlotte had pushed his cock into her big round tits. The soft meaty flesh felt incredible, particularly as Charlotte started to bounce, rubbing her tits up and down the shaft. Again Robert could barely breath as he slowly started to fuck into Charlotte's cleavage.

"That's it, fuck those big titties!" demanded Jason.

"Yeah, fuck them nice titties hard!" demanded Ian.

"She does have a rack that you could spend all day fucking," added Rashida, still proud of what her girl was doing. She also encouraged the guys to further comment on the sex show.

Charlotte and Robert had built up quite a speed by now, encouraged by having sex in front of everyone. To Robert, it felt like heaven in between Charlotte's mounds. And to Charlotte, she loved getting her tits fucked by a man who knew what he was doing. She also had a thing for the exhibitionism of it all and could feel herself getting wet.

Charlotte stood up, much to everyone's disappointment. Audible groans and sighs were heard but Robert paid no attention. He seemed to know that Charlotte was about to drop her panties and draw him over to the table. Again with eye contact, she did exactly that, gently taking Robert's cock in her hand. She leaned back on the table and lifted her legs up and spread them revealing a soaking wet pussy.

"Go Robert!" shouted Ian.

"Fuck her hard," whooped David.

Robert looked at Charlotte hungrily. Charlotte used her eyes, begging him to stick his cock in. Robert slowly did so, hovering the tip outside her pussy before sliding it in gently. Both participants smiled at the pleasant sensation it caused as Charlotte started to moan as Robert started to rock back and forth.

Given the ferocity of the tit fuck, Robert was already in rhythm and quickly started hammering Charlotte. She responded with erotic moans of pleasure and heavy breathing. She would grab her own big bouncing tits, extracting exciting feelings from them with every touch.

"Oh fuck! Fuck me with your big cock!" Charlotte was on the edge. Robert had her feeling incredible. Suddenly an orgasm ripped through her as she struggled to breath. Charlotte's muscles spasmed so hard her back and neck arched, causing her to thrust her big tits out. She let out whimpers of pleasure, struggling for the energy to moan due to Robert's hard fucking.

Charlotte felt her pussy squeeze round the hard shaft as it drew in and out of her. She loved it. It gave her repeated bursts of pleasure as it penetrated deep inside her. She didn't want it to end. However, a last burst of erotic bliss erupted when she felt Robert's cock twitch and a dribble of hot cum touch her inside wall.

"Cover me!" moaned Charlotte, as best she could, telling Robert to pull out. Robert did so straight away and looked at Charlotte recover from his work as he masturbated furiously.

"Give her all your cum Robert," clapped David.

"Cover that pretty face and hot body," encouraged Jason, as more clapping and laughter burst out.

Robert heard but remained focused on Charlotte, who was now recovered enough to position herself expectantly on the table. Robert erupted, his first strand hitting across the right eye, down her face and on her neck. It was at least 6 inches long and was very thick. A second load of hot cum soon followed, at least as big as the first, landing across her big tits. "Yes. Yes!" moaned Charlotte erotically.

The cum continued to fire from Robert's cock to cheers and clapping from his mates. After a just a few loads, Charlotte's face, tits and a bit of her abdomen were covered in white hot cum. Robert still continued, as Charlotte positioned her face for maximum coverage.

By the end, Charlotte was covered by the Hotel's enhanced cum loads. Her skin felt great, the hot tingle of the cum causing as much excitement as her own touch. She continued to breathe heavily as she smiled at Robert with thanks.

The whooping and the cheering continued as the lads celebrated Robert's work. That was until Rashida spoke up. "That's the sort of night you're in for gentleman," positioning herself between the lads and Charlotte. "And I should know, I chose tonight's line up." Rashida grinned, proud of what she'd accomplished. Then a little devilish smile came across her pretty face.

"And without giving too much away, I think tonight is going to be extra special," Rashida said through her big grin. She looked at the lads one at a time.

"Now, Robert, pull your shorts up and you can all follow me through to 'The Limbo Pole'"

Rashida opened a curtain through to another world. Gone were the quiet waiting room and Tiki-Tit bar and now through to a full strip club. The room was fairly big with a stage at the back with cat walk and stripper pole. The lights were focused on the stage allowing the floor to remain dimly lit. There was a bar along the near side wall which was stacked with vodka, whisky and other spirits. There was plenty of beer on tap as well as several bottles of champagne in the fridge.

Beside the bar there were some rooms with doors marked 'Join us for some fun!' The floor had several booths, all high walled apart from the side facing the stage and catwalk. Round the catwalk was a bit more open, with some tables and chairs. The whole room felt busy but because of the secluded areas it felt quiet all at once.

Rashida led the guys in. First she walked by the bar. The bar maids were Alison Bree, Scarlett Johansson and the model Kelly Brook. There was a few guys at the bar ordering drinks and the girls were working hard but with big smiles on their faces. They all had wet hair and wore tight white t-shirts which were soaked. This caused the t-shirts to cling to their breasts, giving an almost see thru quality as well as showing their rock hard nipples.

Rashida caught Alison's attention by blowing a kiss. Rashida raised her hand and signalled five with her fingers before continuing down an aisle to a free table right by the stage.

"Evening boss," said Katy Perry, her tits practically bursting out of her corset as she walked past with a tray of drinks in her hand, before giving a saucy wink to the guys. Ian couldn't help but follow her delicious ass as she walked past causing him to nearly bump into Selena Gomez who was also waiting tables in a low cut corset and platformed high heels.

"Sorry!" Ian blurted out as the pop star giggled at him before continuing with her work. The guys and Rashida arrived at their table without further incident. Rashida beckoned them to their seats.

"Jennifer Love Hewitt called ahead, said you'd be needing a good table." Rashida spoke well, welcoming the guys in.

Just at that moment the lights dimmed on the floor and the stage lights brightened. "Ah just in time," said Rashida, taking a seat beside the stage next to the five fellows.

Suddenly, a silhouette appeared at the end of the catwalk. The figure was petite, but height was added to by platformed peep toe high heels. The silhouette showed she had some curves on her chest but also showed she had incredible legs and a flat stomach. A beat blared out over the sound system and was very rhythmical. The silhouette started to move her hips to the beat.

"Ladies and gentlemen," an announcement over the sound system spoke over the music. It was a female announcer, with an incredibly sexy voice, completely in keeping with the tone of the place. "Please welcome to the stage the beautiful, the gorgeous McKayla Maroney!!"

McKayla burst on to the stage, her whole body now visible. She walked forward with a confident, sexy strut with each step choreographed beautifully to the music. McKayla's steps weren't light like a gymnast, they were instead purposeful as she stepped forward, her black peep toe platformed high heels causing a slight twist in her ankle. She placed one foot in front of the other, giving the appearance of a seasoned catwalk model.

Given the fast paced beat to the music, McKayla reached the end of the walkway quickly. She paused, a sexy pout on her face. She had the cutest face with an adorable button nose. McKayla's long chestnut hair hung over her shoulders. The pause gave everyone a chance to see her intricate lace black bra which gave her ample cleavage. She let the crowd stare at her toned stomach and her lacy black thong.

McKayla stood with her legs just over shoulder width apart. She wanted to let the crowd see how shapely and toned her strong legs were. She looked like a goddess on this stage.

The brief pause was halted with a flick of her leg, flashing a glimpse of her red painted toe nails to the crowd through the peep hole. McKayla was instantly back in time with the beat, confidently strutting round the strippers pole, working all sides of the catwalk. McKayla touched the pole briefly, acting like it was an electrifying touch. Her hand withdrew, closing her eyes with pleasure, slowly running the back of her hand over her chest, bra then stomach before setting off on a strut again.

A group of guys whistled from the side of the stage and McKayla quickly turned her head. She used her arms to squeeze her tits together, bending down seductively while looking right at them. Some of them were masturbating. It gave them an opportunity to look at her tits while the rest got a look at her incredible flexibility and ass. She slowly rose and gyrated her hips to the beat once again.

McKayla made her way to the stripper pole again, grabbing it with both hand and twirling around it. She really leaned back letting the whole room look at her cleavage as she hung her head right back. Once she'd been round twice she stood up and unhooked her bra in one quick move. A look of false shock came across her face as she placed her left hand on her right breast. To the beat of the music, her right hand covered her left breast. McKayla moved her arms with a smile. The bra fell into the crowd. A loud cheer went up from the crowd with a good few wolf whistles.

McKayla had beautiful round pert tits. They were just big enough to jiggle very slightly as she strutted round the stage. McKayla grabbed the pole again, this time with more vigour and gyrated her body up and down as if she was riding something. She really looked sexually hungry. McKayla swung herself round the pole couple of times before breaking into a series of more complex moves.

McKayla put her athletic body to good use as she hooked her leg round the pole and left the ground for the first time. She used one hand to hold the pole and stretched her other arm out displaying her chest while smiling at the audience. McKayla looked round as she spun, catching a lot of male customers wanking as they watched her.

The brunette was on fire. She hadn't missed a beat. McKayla repositioned herself, using her legs to hold herself upside down on the pole. She then used her hands to hold herself upright as she split her legs wide open and positioned them parallel to the floor. The crowd went nuts. McKayla then started to push herself up and down the pole, giving the impression she was doing some inverted fucking to the beat of the music. The crowd erupted again

McKayla elegantly dismounted from the stripper pole with a huge smile on her face. She shook her head, shaking up her hair slightly before flicking it behind her shoulders and setting off down the stage again. She saw a man watching her with his cock out. McKayla extended her arm and curled her finger in a come to me gesture. Before the man could join her on stage, she'd set off again and was pulling in another man. By the time she signalled Mark at the front of the stage, she had four men trailing her on the catwalk with their cocks out.

Mark joined the group of men on the stage as McKayla signalled to the crowd her intentions by cupping her tits with a huge grin on her pretty face. The loudest roar of the night went up. And McKayla fell to her knees as the five men formed a semi circle around her. McKayla opened her mouth and tilted her back slightly. She continued to cup her tits while the guys jerked off round her.

As if by Hotel Limbo magic, the five men started to cum at once. Five large blasts of cum flew through the air at once and hit McKayla from all directions. Some hit her gorgeous face, some landed on her neck and chest. The crowd roared once more in approval. Given that it was Hotel Limbo and five men, it proceeded to be a barrage of cum. Load after sticky hot load covered McKayla, quickly filling her mouth.

Still more cum flew at her as the men continued to jerk hard round her. Cum had covered her hair, face, neck and chest now but still McKayla remained still. Cum dribbled from her full mouth. She could barely see as the cum had covered her eyes. But she was loving it, the hot sting with the multiple loads was exhilarating.

After around a minute and a half the men stopped, absolutely exhausted from blowing their loads on the hot stripper. They gingerly moved, allowing McKayla the spotlight. This gave McKayla a second to swallow while letting further cum dribble down her chin. The music stopped as the crowd gave a tremendous round of applause. McKayla stood up smiling and giggling as cum poured down her body. She felt incredible.

Still the crowd roared as McKayla stood there grinning. She let out a wave, causing a small amount of cum on her hands to dribble down her arms or fall to the stage. Sensing the cum falling down her neck and chest, McKayla took a scoop with her hand and placed her fingers in her mouth. She sucked enthusiastically for a few seconds causing the crowd to roar again. The smile on her face let them know she enjoyed the taste of the five men.

McKayla's hand left her mouth and waved again. She smiled gratefully to her audience one last time before the announcer spoke again. "Ladies and gentleman, McKayla Maroney!" The crowd gave a final flourish. "Wasn't that incredible?!?" the announcer asked as McKayla turned and walked down the runway, leaving a gooey cum trail in her wake.

The lights on the floor went up as the crowd died down. Rashida looked round at the guys, especially Mark, and beamed with pride. "I think you'll agree McKayla certainly knows how to kick off a party."

The guys spoke in agreement although Mark could only grunt. Ian was about to make a joke at his expense but was interrupted before he could start.

"Did someone order drinks?" It was Selena Gomez again, beaming a broad smile. She put her tray on the table before she started to unload her drinks to the guys. She had brought multiple shots and a few pitchers of beer. With each drink she moved, she ensured she was bent over in such a way to let the guys and even her boss, Rashida, look down her corset at her ample tits.

"Wasn't McKayla incredible?" enthused Selena, trying to be super friendly. "She's super sexy." Again there was a chorus of approval.

Selena gave her boss a shot and a cocktail and smiled. Rashida responded with a grin. "I think this one could go just as far. Look at her incredible body." The guys agreed she was hot much to Selena's blushes. Mark, who had just about recovered raised a shot.

"To McKayla and Selena!" Rashida and the guys downed a sambuca each and coughed. Selena laughed.

"Aww you guys are too kind!" Suddenly the lights dimmed signalling Selena to make a quick exit. "If you'd like a dance here or in the back rooms just let me know! See you later."

Rashida leaned across the guys. "This is the big guns. And I promise you'll love it."

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome 'The Limbo Pole's' most popular performers, appearing together for the first time tonight. They need no introduction but please give them some love!" The announcer generated a large round of applause before silence filled the room again.

Suddenly two shadowy figures appeared at the back of the stage. They were both a slender build and probably average height without the inches added by the platformed high heels they were wearing. One figure had the outline a model, having clearly long shapely legs and some cleavage. The other probably had the same but she clearly had trousers on and possibly a jacket on top. She also wore a rimmed hat and carried a chair.

The pair stood for a moment before moving down the runway, the light keeping them in the shadows. The silence meant their steps could be heard, the distinctive sound of high heels across a hard surface. The pair stopped at the end of the walkway next to the pole and put the wooden chair down. The suited woman sat in it.

A spotlight suddenly hit one of the women. It revealed Emma Watson to be wearing a navy blue lace bra with matching lacy panties. She had a gorgeous figure with a beautiful face. She had her chestnut hair down. Her high heels were now revealed to be a navy blue peep toe platformed variety matching her underwear.

Everyone could now see the other woman had on black platformed peep toe high heels but nothing much else new. Her suit was a black power suit and the jacket had a plunging neck line, revealing she had a black lacy bra on underneath which pushed up her own ample tits. She remained seated with her face hidden by the rimmed hat.

At the same time as the music started, Emma began to wiggle her hips slightly in time with the beat. The crowd could see her perfect ass wrapped up in her skin tight lacy underwear. The figure in the chair looked away momentarily before allowing Emma to regain her attention by parting her legs to dance between.

Emma began to run her hands down her body as her hips gyrated more aggressively. Starting with hands about her shoulders she ran her hands over her lacy black bra and down her flat stomach before reaching her panties. She then returned up her abdomen and gave her breasts a squeeze through the thin fabric.

After grabbing and lifting them a couple of times while thrusting her pelvis at the head of the mystery woman, Emma slid her thumbs under her bra straps, lifting them away from her soft skin. The bra held firm, the straps pinging back into place when Emma freed them. This however was just the precursor to Emma reaching round and releasing the clasp.

With her hips still swinging, Emma crossed her hands over and slowly removed the bra from her chest. As soon as the cups left her skin though, Emma changed tack, removing the bra quickly and flinging it into the crowd. Emma's small round tits were on full display. They were so beautiful even the mysterious figure appeared to look up to them. The woman's hand moved slowly to her crotch and rested there, the fingers giving a gentle rub to the area through her trousers.

Emma continued to gyrate in front of the figure who now seem mesmerised by her beauty and erotic dancing. The strangers hands reached out to Emma's tits. Emma reacted quickly giving the stranger a playful slap and taking a step back. Emma shook her finger in time to the music in a gesture of defiance. She then shrugged her shoulders, demonstrating, at least for the show, she didn't know who was under the hat.

The mystery woman flung her hat off without a second thought, sending it spinning a long way back. She shook her long brunette hair, letting it fall from a bun down over her shoulders. The beautiful smile was instantly recognisable as Danielle Panabaker.

Emma's smiled from ear to ear as she looked at her sexy partner who had seductively undone her jacket while Emma begun to sway her hips again. Danielle slid one arm out of her jacket before letting the jacket slide up her arm as she twirled it in the air. With a final flourish, the jacket flew into the crowd.

Once the jacket had landed, Emma started to move round Danielle, placing a hand on her bare shoulder. Danielle tried to follow Emma round, arching her neck to see Emma behind her. This gave the Brit a great view of Danielle's tits which were straining in her bra. Emma let Danielle linger a second before moving in for a kiss.

The crowd cheered as the pair kissed passionately, Emma completely in control of Danielle who was still in her chair. The crowd could see how the pair's mouths hungrily devoured the other in an embrace that lasted about thirty seconds. As it ended, Emma's hands wandered to Danielle's thighs and once they reached there, Emma stood up ripping Danielle's trousers off in the process causing the crowd to cheer and wolf whistle again.

Danielle sat in her bra and panties on stage with her legs spread as Emma Watson continued to dance seductively around her. She had returned to the front of Danielle and was looking her up and down. With a smile, the American brunette had interpreted Emma's look and started to remove her bra. She undid the clasp and let the bra fall down her arms before sending it down the runway. The whole thing was done without fuss, beckoning Emma to her.

Emma stepped in between Danielle's spread legs and leaned over, kissing Danielle's hard left nipple. Emma bent forward in such a way to show her tight ass to the crowd as she continued to gyrate her hips as if she was being fucked. Danielle responded to Emma's kiss, thrusting her ample chest out and arching her back. Emma switched breast to the right. The excitement in the crowd was building.

After spending a couple of minutes teasing Danielle's tits, Emma felt herself be pushed downwards towards Danielle's hot pussy. The crowd cheered as Danielle lifted herself slightly allowing Emma to slide her lacy panties down her glorious long legs. Emma immediately dived in, her tongue finding Danielle's exposed clit. The crowd cheered as Danielle moaned over the music.

Danielle grabbed the chair back as she slid down the chair, further arching her back as she did so, pushing out her round tits. She was so turned on by Emma and the crowd she knew it wouldn't be long. She pushed herself down on to Emma's tongue, her whole body convulsing with unbelievable pleasure. Danielle closed her eyes as she moaned, demonstrating to the crowd how much she was enjoying it.

Suddenly the movements stopped. The crowd fell silent as Danielle's breathing became very shallow. Emma continued to use her lips and tongue as Danielle's pussy orgasmed for the first time. Danielle's whole body felt incredible. She could even feel heightened pleasure in her feet as she pushed her high heels into the stage.

The crowd remained silent as Danielle's face contorted as each orgasm rushed through her. The rest of her body only moved slightly as her muscles spasmed. She was totally under the control of Emma Watson and her touch.

The crowd remained silent as they watched the sex show unfold in front of them. Danielle Panabaker looked rigid as another orgasm fired through her body. The crowd could see her squeeze her thighs round Emma's head. After some time they saw Danielle begin to relax as the amazing ride she was on drew to an end. Slowly, a clap broke out, isolated to a few places in the audience. It gathered pace and gradually became a loud round of applause. Then as the girls stood up, more wolf whistles and cat calls got added until it was out of control once more.

Danielle looked exhausted as she stood waving to the crowd with a huge grin on her face. Emma on the other hand looked radiant. She loved a sex show and she loved how the crowd responded to them. She looked round at Danielle who at the same time looked at her. It only seemed right to give a quick kiss.

The pair's lips met once more for a fraction of a second. They parted but continued to hold each other's eyes. Danielle couldn't help but want to do it again. She pecked Emma's lips again for a brief moment and parted. It felt so good. Before she had realised she was doing it again but this time she was giving a full on kiss.

Danielle felt her energy levels return as she kissed Emma Watson passionately. Her hands began by pulling Emma into her body from her back so she could feel Emma's tits on hers. Her nipples rubbed over Emma's pleasantly, causing Emma to moan a little. Danielle let her hands wander. Soon they found her way to Emma's tight ass and she couldn't help but squeeze through the lacy material of Emma's panties. Danielle also felt an excited heat coming from Emma's pussy as her hands moved to the star's thighs.

Rashida smiled as she watched Danielle push Emma's panties over her hips and onto the floor. "Looks like we're getting a bonus performance tonight," she said to the lads who were completely mesmerised by the events.

The whole room let out a roar of approval briefly as both woman were now completely naked apart from their platformed high heels which made both sets of legs look even sexier. The fact that there was no music now meant that the crowd could clearly hear every soft moan from the women as well as the sound of their lips kissing.

Danielle leaned back, breaking the kiss and dragging her hands round Emma's gorgeous thighs. Emma appeared a bit lost looking at Danielle who looked longingly at her. With a quick spin by Danielle, Emma soon found herself facing the strip pole on stage. She bent over slightly, pushing her ass out for one lucky side of the audience. Danielle ran her hands down Emma's back as she fell to her knees, lining her mouth up with Emma's pussy.

The instant Danielle's tongue made contact with Emma's moist clit, the British actress started to groan in erotic joy. Danielle swirled her tongue round Emma's juicy clit before flicking it at speed. Emma closed her eyes letting the crowd know how good it was. The crowd were silent as they listened to the starlet.

"Oh fuck! Fuck yes!" Emma began to really let go. The crowd could see her grind on Danielle's tongue as she tried to drive herself on to her lover. Danielle for her part continued to lick Emma out, her body remaining motionless as she concentrated on pleasuring Emma.

"Mmm, Uhh, Oh fuck!!" Emma screamed as her orgasm hit. Her body felt like it was about to be ripped in two as her muscles spasmed uncontrollably. Danielle kept going hard and deep, causing Emma to have a second orgasm a few seconds later.

Emma could hardly breathe her body felt so good. She took her left hand off the stripper pole and grabbed her right breast firmly. She squeezed it, milked it and rubbed her nipple causing another wave of pleasure to erupt through her as she came for a third time. She loved squeezing her pert round tits, especially when her pussy felt so great.

Danielle raised her hands and squeezed Emma's beautiful little butt. She really drove her fingers in at the same time as pulling Emma down on to her mouth. Emma tasted amazing and Danielle wanted her to orgasm at least once more.

She got her wish. Emma felt another rush of excitement from Danielle groping her ass, her partner's hands applying just the right amount of pressure between pleasure and pain. Of course, Emma also felt the final flourish of Danielle's mouth and tongue exploring every millimetre of her intimate area. Emma felt herself gush on to Danielle's face.

"Mmm," Emma groaned as this last fantastic orgasm died down. She kept her eyes closed for a few more seconds and grinned at the magnitude of the show she'd just put on. She loved to have sex and orgasm with people watching. She felt Danielle get up from between her legs.

Emma slowly opened her eyes. Initially she struggled to focus but soon she was able to see lots of slack jawed men staring in awe at her sexuality. She grabbed hold of the stripper pole to steady herself as she recaptured her breath. Danielle put a loving hand on her naked shoulder.

A solitary clap broke out from Rashida down below the stage. Emma and Danielle smiled at her as she smiled at them. They knew they'd put on quite a lesbian sex show. Then another person joined the clapping before the whole room started to clap manically. Again, there were wolf whistles and cat calls, much to the girls delight. Emma was now able to support her own weight and held Danielle's hand lovingly. They waved with their free hands all round the room.

The sexy beauties stayed on stage for a bit taking in the incredible adulation the crowd had for them. At the end, they smiled and giggled to each other before turning their backs on the audience and walking enticingly off stage, both showing their cute butts.

"The gorgeous Emma Watson and Danielle Panabaker there. If you've liked our first two acts then stay right here for something even more special if that's possible. Someone new is up next!" The announcer was excited now. Anticipation was building but the lights came on once more.

Rashida Jones looked at the five men beside her, all still hard from all the lesbian sex in front of them. They were awoken by an English voice.

"More shots? Maybe some champagne?" It was Holly Willoughby, standing in a tight black lacy bustier with her big round tits practically bursting out the top. She had lovely long blonde hair and pretty smile with lips perfect for a blowjob. She was also blessed with long sexy legs accentuated by black peep toe platformed high heels. She held a tray up which had several shots as well as some champagne glasses. She carried a large ice bucket with two bottles of champagne.

The guys looked up at her in disbelief. She was gorgeous. Rashida had to answer for them. "That would be perfect Holly." Rashida smirked at Holly who smiled back. The guys truly were in dreamland. Holly began to lay out the shots letting the guys see her immense cleavage as she bent over. This didn't help the guys hard-ons settle. Rashida also accepted a shot and then a glass for champagne.

"Why don't you join us?" Rashida asked as Holly started to open the champagne. Holly lips curled into a smile as it was exactly what she'd hoped for. She wanted to to be with the men but also see this new girl up close.

"Only if we get to join in too!" The guys looked round. Charlotte McKinney stood there looking indignant with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Selena Gomez. Selena was still in her corset looking incredible. Charlotte had cleaned herself but her massive tits were on display. Likewise, Jennifer Love Hewitt had cleaned up but was wandering around topless too. She had an amazing rack and it was difficult to know which woman to ogle.

Suddenly the champagne cork flew off and Holly definitely didn't have it under control. A huge spray of champagne flew into the air in all directions. Holly recoiled as well as the other girls but it was too late. Their chests were now covered in champagne. Holly's chest heaved with shock, making it look even more appealing. Charlotte and Jennifer looked like they'd been soaked while Selena's cleavage looked perfect for squeezing a cock between.

"Whoops," said Holy innocently, still dripping wet. This made her look even more desirable.

Rashida was still in total control. She laughed knowing that the girls had to stay, not that she minded at all. "Well Holly, girls, there's no way I can send you away looking like that." She gestured to the men who were in transfixed.

Holly put down the champagne and joined the men at the table. She made sure to brush her tight butt across the guys crotches as she moved over, feeling how incredibly hard they were for herself while also teasing them some more. Holly settled on Jason's lap and wriggled slightly. Jennifer did exactly the same, ending up sitting on Ian's groin. Robert was delighted when Charlotte McKinney joined him. He just had to reach round and feel her large titties in his hands once again. Finally, Selena teased David by pushing herself on to his cock.

Mark looked at Rashida who smiled politely back. She then raised a glass again, "To Hotel Limbo and The Limbo Pole!" Everyone at the table downed something as they saluted a terrific night and an unbelievable place. There was more joking coming but in a second the lights fell. A hush fell over the place.

"Ladies and gentlemen, now the big reveal! A Limbo Pole first!" A shadowy figure could be heard by the table and appeared in the groups eye line. The announcer paused building the drama but didn't give the figure time to reveal herself. "Please welcome, the drop dead gorgeous Sadie Robertson for her first Hotel Limbo appearance and it's at our strip club!"

The shadowy figure made a dive for Mark. It was the petite figure of McKayla Maroney who was now also cleaned. She whispered to Mark, "You didn't think I'd forget about you?" She giggled as she settled to face the stage. She wiggled her ass against his big hard cock but also grabbed his hand. She guided him to her pussy. As Mark's hand touched her smooth skin, he realised she wasn't wearing any panties like before. She was soaking wet. Mark rubbed her clit gently as they both looked up for Sadie's first ever performance.

The lights on the stage went on. A solitary high stool sat on the end of the catwalk. A young woman emerged from the curtains at the back of the stage. She was gorgeous. It was of course Sadie Robertson. She wore a baby blue lacy bra and panties set which made her look elegant but cute at the same time. The outfit showed herself off. She had small tits, a thin toned stomach and an amazing ass, bigger than you'd expect for a girl of her size. She also had long sexy legs. She wore blue peep toe platformed high heels where you could see baby pink painted toe nails.

Sadie had a beautiful face. It looked incredibly innocent but her pout suggested a smoking hot babe. Sadie wore a pink shade of lipstick. She had brunette hair with highlights which was done up in a bun with one wavy strand hanging down the side of her face. It was impossible not to notice how flawless her skin was.

A warm clap filled the room as the starlet struck her first sexy pose. It was welcoming but due to the high level of anticipation it was more reserved than other welcomes had been. It died down as she started to strut down the stage, one beautiful leg placed purposely across the other, achieving that enticing hip sway. Sadie went straight for the pole and a high impact start.

Sadie swung round the pole, grasping it with both hands and flicking her legs back. There was a sudden jolt as she dropped. Sadie reacted fast by quickly dropping her high heels to the floor. She had managed to stay upright but only just. She looked stunned and glanced round at Rashida who gave her a warm reassuring smile. Sadie looked back at the pole and went for her next move, completely forgetting to move her body in that sexy stripper way in between.

It was bold to try to hang upside given her slight drop in the spin but Sadie wanted to show she belonged. Her confident pout had disappeared however and the crowd could see it. Still she was stunning and they really wanted her to succeed. Sadie grabbed the pole and lifted herself up. She got her beautiful legs and sexy high heels off the floor but they didn't quite reach the pole. Sadie's platformed high heels hit the ground at speed for the second time in under a minute. She was very lucky to still be standing now and her face looked panicked as she swung round to see Rashida again.

Rashida was gone. Sadie looked horrified as she realised. She just stood on the stage doing nothing. A million thoughts raced through her scrambled head but in reality she couldn't think of anything. Sadie Robertson felt lost.

A brief second passed. Then out of nowhere Rashida Jones appeared in her view having done an effortless spin round the pole. Rashida beamed at Sadie while gyrating her hips in a sultry way. Rashida's expression remained positive as she danced for the young woman and the crowd who were also still enjoying themselves.

The contrast was marked. Rashida oozed confidence and experience while Sadie was now timid on her first outing. Rashida possessed an incredible dark skin and was in dark lingerie to compliment. Sadie had a pale skin and light blue lingerie in contrast. Rashida was dancing. Sadie stood still.

Well she was standing still. She looked lost and moved a step back away from Rashida and the stage. But Rashida caught her attention before she could escape by beckoning her closer with her finger. Sadie looked at Rashida who with her other hand tore a flap of material from her crotch. Sadie's eyes widened at the sight of Rashida sporting a large black strap-on dildo.

Sadie took a small step forward before taking another. Rashida beamed once more at her in a way which kept reassuring Sadie. "Let's do something we can both manage. Just let me lead," whispered Rashida as Sadie inched closer.

Rashida closed the gap completely, pushing the large cock onto Sadie's soft skin. She then placed her hands on Sadie's head before planting a kiss on her. The crowd let out a small whisper when this happened intrigued by the contrast of the dark older woman and the paler softer young woman.

Sadie let Rashida take control totally. After the amazing kiss, Rashida ran her hands down Sadie's soft skin from her cheeks to her neck and then lacy baby blue bra. She paused here momentarily before leaving one hand on Sadie's chest as she strutted round her. Rashida took no time at all to unhook Sadie's bra and drop it to the floor. Sadie had beautiful small round tits and she was now baring them to the crowd.

Next Rashida pulled herself in close, groping Sadie's tits as she did so. She was quite happy to smash her fake cock into Sadie's perfect ass, rubbing it across the starlet's perfectly round panty covered cheeks. Sadie groaned slightly at the sensation from her tits and butt. They were extremely pleasant. She even started to move her pelvis slightly in order to feel that hard cock tip again.

Rashida was happy to allow this as she reached round and kissed Sadie's exposed neck. She let her hands roam, allowing them to explore Sadie's toned abdomen. She could feel Sadie heating up as her hands brushed the light blue lacy panties and her dark lips caressed her soft skin.

Sadie Robertson was beginning to feel so good again. Rashida had an expert touch and was getting her very wet. She wanted Rashida to drop her panties which the older woman duly did.

Sadie was completely naked apart from her blue peep toe platformed high heels. She was rubbing her shaved wet pussy along the strap on while she let Rashida's hands and lips go wherever they wanted. Suddenly Rashida put a spin move on and the starlet found herself facing her teacher.

As soon as Sadie spun she saw Rashida's happy face and beautiful eyes. She looked so hot with her lingerie and strap on. Rashida glanced down at her cock briefly and Sadie instantly realised what to do. The young brunette dropped to her knees and gently kissed Rashida's cock. She stared up at Rashida as she took the cock in her mouth. She started to bob up and down the shaft.

Sadie sucked on the cock like a pro, desperate to wet it for what was to come. She kept eye contact with Rashida as she moved up and down, exploring every millimetre with her tongue. Rashida smiled at her as if she was getting hard from the blowjob. She found her hands wandering to her tits which she began to massage. Sadie was delighted to please her so much.

Rashida had no choice but to take the shoulder straps of her bustier down. She was delighted to feel her hands on her breasts which were a little bigger than Sadie's. She felt her rock hard nipples and gave them a good pinch.

The crowd watched on in silence. They were totally mesmerised by Rashida with her dark skin and long legs and high heels standing with a large plastic cock in front of the kneeling innocent Sadie Robertson. She was doing a great job of corrupting her young mind and welcoming her to Limbo.

Rashida took a moment to look up. She looked at the group she'd shown round. They were staring at the stage clearly enjoying what they were seeing. She noticed that Holly Willoughby and Selena Gomez were now completely naked. They were also transfixed by what was going on but were giving slow handjobs as they watched. In return, Jason and Mark used their hands to grope the woman's bodies. Jason in particular spent a lot of time with Holly's big tits.

Charlotte, Jennifer and McKayla were also completely naked. They were all staring at the stage and they dared not look elsewhere. Their men were peaking over their shoulders, completely looking past their ladies. They were however gently rubbing cocks with their pussies although none had proceeded to penetration yet. Male and female hands explored the beautiful female bodies with a slow unfocused purpose.

Rashida got even more turned on by the sight. She needed to satisfy Sadie. Rashida looked down and withdrew her cock. Sadie got up quickly, striding over to the stool and bending over. She pushed her amazing round ass up high for the whole audience to see. She looked back to Rashida. She gave Sadie a playful spank on her ass.

Rashida wanted Sadie to experience a true lesbian pleasure before she got the cock. She knew Sadie would never experience anything like another woman eating her out and this would be her first time with man or woman. Sadie's pussy looked so wet and inviting. She knelt on her knees and kissed Sadie before licking the younger woman's clit. A sensation like electric shot through Sadie as a woman pleasured her. She never knew it could feel so incredible.

Sadie really wondered how she waited so long to have sex with a woman. This really felt amazing. Rashida explored Sadie's clit, gently sucking on the brunette's exposed clit. It drove Sadie wild. However it was nothing like she was about to feel as Rashida started to part her swollen pussy lips with her tongue and really penetrate her. Sadie gasped with pleasure before turning round to address Rashida.

"Fuck me!" Sadie commanded.

"I can't hear you," Rashida lied, giving Sadie another spank

"Please fuck me!" Sadie responded loudly, the whole room clearly hearing what she said.

Rashida stuck the dildo in to Sadie's dripping wet pussy. It slid in easily. Rashida began to pump the young starlet hard causing her to grunt with each thrust. Rashida grabbed on to Sadie's round ass cheeks and gave them a squeeze as she pulled Sadie down on to her cock. Sadie felt fantastic.

Soon Rashida was fucking hard and deep driving Sadie wild. Despite her excitement she remembered she was in the entertainment business and so was Sadie. She reached on to Sadie's shoulder and pulled her back. With only a little help from Hotel Limbo, Rashida picked up Sadie. Rashida used her arms to hold Sadie's sexy legs wide open. Sadie was upright, in front of Rashida but that didn't matter. The combination of white on dark was very alluring.

Rashida carried Sadie all over the stage showing her incredible body off to the customers. The black dildo split her tight pussy as she bounced as much as could on the hard cock. She was delirious with pleasure knowing that everyone could see her having sex. Sadie could see lots of hard cocks and sexy woman in the audience enjoying her body. She couldn't wait to share it with them.

Having carried Sadie all over the stage, Rashida sat down on the stool. Sadie bounced hard when she was on firmer ground. However she was desperate to show Rashida how much she was loving this. She stopped bouncing and stood up for a second. Rashida looked shocked but Sadie soon stepped forward and swung a leg over the dildo, impaling herself once more on it. This time however, she was facing her lover and teacher.

Rashida smiled as she watched Sadie get off on the dildo, her small tits bouncing very slightly. Rashida reached out and cupped them firmly, providing Sadie with even greater pleasure. "Oh yes! Fuck! Fuck!" moaned Sadie who was on the verge of climax.

A huge orgasm ripped through Sadie Robertson for the first time and it was a Hotel Limbo enhanced version. The release was incredible as pleasure travelled through every fibre in her body. She felt her pussy clamp tightly on the plastic cock as she continued to ride it hard. Sadie gave out a loud moan to indicate to the on lookers how good this felt. She looked at Rashida who continued to grope her tits which generated even more of an orgasm. Sadie had never realised her tits could generate such ecstasy.

Another orgasm caught hold of Sadie, catching her off guard. It was even more amazing than the first. It was much stronger and coincided with her chest freezing. The effort to breathe was too much now as her muscles tingled with pleasure. She felt her pussy radiate incredible warmth through her entire body, even her high heels seemed capable of feeling great on her feet.

Sadie Robertson was having an incredible moment. Gone was the nervous girl and it was totally replaced by a Hotel Limbo woman. She wanted everyone to see her have sex. She wanted to use her body to please men and women. She seemed to know all about sex and pleasure now.

Sadie, although disappointed, stood up from Rashida as her orgasm subdued. She was so happy with everything she didn't care. She winked at Rashida who knew exactly what she wanted. Rashida was still on the stool so saw able to lift her legs up in the air as Sadie moved between her legs. The young star then pulled Rashida's lingerie off with the strap on.

Sadie looked at Rashida's glistening bald pussy. She reached out a hand and gently touched the swollen clit. Both Rashida and Sadie trembled with the rush it gave them. Sadie had touched another woman's pussy and it felt good. She now looked at her hand which was shiny with Rashida's pussy juice. Sadie slowly licked her hand, eventually devouring it like the plastic cock she had worked on earlier. Rashida smiled as Sadie experienced her delicious taste for the first time.

Sadie Roberston had to have more. She found herself on her knees, her mouth an inch from Rashida's pussy. She had to kiss it. She moved forward, her lips kissing the swollen lips of Rashida. It felt good, especially as Rashida wriggled in excitement straight away.

Sadie found herself experimenting faster and faster. She started to find her tongue licking Rashida's clit and then diving into her pussy lips, trying to get as much pussy juice as she could. It caused Rashida to moan as Sadie's tongue worked deep inside her causing unbelievable pleasure.

Sadie was now realising she wanted to entertain people more. She reached for the strap on beside her and stood up causing Rashida to look up at her with concern, however her expression changed to a wide smile as she saw Sadie step into the strap on with her gorgeous high heels.

The big plastic dildo looked slightly out of place on the slight Sadie but signified her transformation was complete. She picked Rashida up as she drove the dildo into her and then carried her to the stripper pole. She slammed the dark skinned beauty into it as as she began to fuck her hard. She was also aware that she was showing her amazing round ass to the crowd as it helped to drive into Rashida.

Rashida couldn't believe how good Sadie was for her first time. She looked at Sadie's sweaty body and growled at her pretty face. She caught a glance at the group who she'd guided to the perfect table. They were all still staring at the sex show. Their expressions had barely changed.

She looked at the girls she had left with them. They all had cock buried balls deep inside their pussies as they too watched on intently. They slowly massaged the cocks with their dripping wet pussies, only using a very small circling motion as well as a little up and down with their shaved pelvic regions. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Charlotte McKinney and Holly Willoughby were all having their large round tits groped. Selena Gomez and McKayla McKinney had hands all over their bodies but mainly they had their moist clits gently rubbed.

Rashida was about to orgasm. Sadie looked at Rashida's bouncing tits and just had to grab them. She had never held another woman's tits before but it felt so right. The feel of the fleshy mounds, the weight of them, the hard nipples, it all just felt so perfect.

Rashida had an explosive orgasm as Sadie's soft hands cupped her tits. Between her tits and her pussy, the orgasm rushed all over her body. Sadie continued to thrust the cock into Rashida as deep as she could, the sheer force she was using was enough to pin Rashida against the pole. Sadie was as close to Rashida as it was possible to be.

Sadie was delighted to hear her teacher moan as a second orgasm pulsed through her. She felt Rashida's thighs squeeze round her slender hips. The contrast of the dark skin and the light skin was again beautifully apparent. Sadie felt her ass cheeks be squeezed between her lover's powerful legs.

Sadie gave one or two more hard thrusts as Rashida came down from her high. The pair looked at each other, absolutely delighted. They kissed passionately as lovers would after such an incredible act. Between two women it was always tender.

Rashida felt her black peep toed high heels hit the ground as the dildo slopped out from her soaking pussy. The pair held hands as they faced the audience.

Absolute silence. Everyone looked stunned. The pair giggled in triumph. This show would go down in the history of The Limbo Pole. They looked round and could see cum covered cocks and soaking wet pussies. Almost everyone had cum with them and to them.

The girls looked down. In unison, Holly Willoughby, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Charlotte McKinney, Selena Gomez and McKayla Maroney stood up, cum dripping from their soaked pussies. They started to applaud with huge smiles across their faces. Soon the men stood up behind them, rather more weary after an amazing experience, and began to clap too.

They were then joined by every single person in The Limbo Pole.
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Re: Hotel Limbo original series
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It had been some night at 'The Limbo Pole' and it ended well into the next morning. Sadie Robertson sat at the bar reminiscing on her night and the night of The Limbo Pole in general. Sadie had given her first dance in the club and while it hadn't started well, it ended up being epic. In one night she had her first sexual encounter, her first lesbian experience, her first cum circle and her first orgy.

Sadie smiled at the thought. One sex show with Rashida Jones and because of them the whole club had become enslaved by sexual energy. People just went wild. They did whatever they wanted with who ever they wanted. But at the same time, everyone wanted to pleasure everyone else. It was unreal. Sadie was going to like it here.

"You had better get home," said Rashida Jones, the manager of the club for the night. "You must be tired." Rashida had just finished restocking the champagne and was about to go home herself.

Sadie woke from her daydream. She smiled at the woman who had eased her initial nervousness about performing and then had given her her first sexual and lesbian experience. "I will. I just want to soak up more of the spirit of this wonderful place."

"Fair enough then. I'm going to get some rest. I'll see you soon though, yeah?"

"Definitely." Sadie responded enthusiastically and then received a peck on the lips from Rashida before she turned and walked out the door.

Sadie turned round in the chair. She was alone now which was incredible as an hour earlier the place was rocking with a giant orgy. She looked at the stripper pole across the room. It had almost ruined Sadie's night but now that was a distant memory. Sadie got up and walked across the room. She clambered up on stage.

Sadie was no longer scared. She grabbed the pole and swung round it effortlessly. Sadie's wavy brunette hair was now down having been washed after she got covered in cum. She was now wearing a white lacy bra and thong which had cute pink bows on. She looked at her small tits and toned stomach as she swung. She was gorgeous.

With one more swing she lifted her long sexy legs off the ground, flicking her white peep toe platformed high heels into the air. She landed gracefully this time. If she hadn't been so deliriously happy she might have grinned. But she didn't care, she was happy.

Suddenly a clap echoed around the room. Sadie thought she was alone. She looked up and instantly recognised the hot body of the woman walking towards her from the curtains behind the stage.

Bella Thorne strode down the catwalk in a red lacy bra and matching thong. She had slightly bigger breasts than Sadie which jiggled as she walked. Bella had red blonde hair and it hung over her shoulders. It also bounced with each step she took. She had stunning legs which were accentuated by her lipstick red platformed peep toe high heels.

Sadie couldn't help but stare as yet another stunning body was close to her. She felt like a slut as she looked on. All she could think about was how hot Bella was.

Bella Thorne stopped by the pole and next to the stool Sadie had been fucked on earlier. She smiled at the new girl. "So you've mastered the pole now as well I see. Is there anything you can't do?" Bella giggled. "That was one hot night. One of the hottest ever I would imagine."

Sadie blushed. "Thanks. But it might not have happened if Rashida hadn't been there. It was all her really."

"Don't be so modest girl! You were smoking on stage!" Bella was very friendly and very encouraging. "And it happens. Rashida showed me a video of Britney Spears first night here. You think yours was bad? She somehow got her snake wrapped round the pole and herself. She couldn't move!"

Sadie burst out laughing with Bella. "Really? That sounds hilarious."

"It was. I'll show it to you sometime. But it can happen to anyone. Even Rashida has made mistakes." Bella looked down at the stage. She'd been staring at Sadie for a while. Out of the corner of her eye she caught the big black dildo Sadie and Rashida had used earlier. She stepped over to it.

"So where were you?" asked Sadie curiously, noting the red head next to the strap on.

"Ha. Do you not recognise my voice? I was in the announcers box, watching it all." Bella's hand lightly touched the artificial cock. "I wanted to come down earlier but the box got rather hot and sweaty." Bella didn't need to elaborate any further for Sadie.

Bella picked up the dildo slowly and raised to her mouth. Sadie watched intently knowing what was going to happen. She remained motionless as Bella's lips made a soft connection with the plastic. She then stuck her tongue out just a bit and licked the top of it gently, all the while holding contact with Sadie's beautiful eyes.

Bella slowly took the cock away from her mouth and put it back on the table. "You and Rashida taste so good."

This was too much for Sadie. She immediately closed the gap between the pair and kissed Bella hard. The redhead welcomed Sadie with open arms and then pulled her in as close as she could get. Bella and Sadie were the same height allowing their covered tits and pussies to be at the same level.

Each girl could feel the warmth coming from the other.

Hands started to explore quickly. Initially Bella was on Sadie's incredible round butt, squeezing and massaging it. Sadie on the other hand had Bella's head, holding her in the kiss. The kiss was strong and passionate but Sadie couldn't help but feel like exploring Bella's larger tits with her hands. She had loved feeling Rashida's.

Sadie found Bella's bra clasp quickly and undid it. Bella had to briefly let go of Sadie's amazing ass to enable her bra to come off. The tight space between them didn't help either. However, Sadie was able to catch Bella's gorgeous tits before they resumed kissing. They were full and round, and her nipples rock hard. Sadie immediately cupped them in her hands so she could kiss while exploring Bella's chest.

Sadie's touch was incredible. Bella stifled a moan as the brunette massaged her chest. She was sensing that Sadie might be a breast girl by the way her kiss became more passionate with each passing second. Bella however was also a breast girl and was desperate to feel Sadie's chest on hers. She moved her hands up the brunette and undid the clasp to her white bra. Sadie dropped her bra instantly and pushed herself against Bella.

The pair's tits rubbed together for the first time. Their nipples poked into the other's soft flesh and occasionally stimulated another nipple. Sadie felt herself burn up. She felt so incredibly turned on right now. This has not gone unnoticed by Bella who had started to take off Sadie's panties. It was a simple job that she did easily by hooking her thumbs under the lace and pushing. She then took a step back and drank in Sadie. She was stunning naked.

Sadie was sure Bella was going for the strap on so she started to retrieve it for her. This was the last thing on Bella's mind however. She was determined to teach Sadie a couple of new tricks.

"Wait a second," she said as Sadie moved to the stool. "I have something different for you to try. Something more erotic between two women." Sadie looked at her, no idea what she talking about. Sadie stood still and let Bella take control.

Bella took Sadie's hand gently and guided her to her knees as the redhead lay on the floor. Sadie looked down on Bella who met her glance by pushing her tits together from the side, enhancing her cleavage a bit. "Sit on my tits," Bella commanded. Sadie looked unsure but complied. She swung her white platformed high heel over Bella and rested on to her chest. She sat still. Bella laughed. "Wiggle a little!"

As soon as Sadie began to move she just about came. She felt her moist slit glide over Bella's smooth breasts. She felt Bella's tits tease her opening as she moved. Just as amazing was the feeling of her clit on Bella's skin. It caused her to speed up, stimulating her clit even more.

Suddenly an orgasm ripped through Sadie as one of Bella's hard nipples came in to contact with her clitoris. Sadie moaned as she looked down at Bella despite the immense pleasure she felt. She sped up her gyrations, trying to create the same feeling again.

"How do you like that? How do you like fucking my tits?" Bella questioned while looking Sadie in the eyes.

"I love fucking your tits," moaned Sadie as her clit flicked Bella's hard nipple again. A moment later the nipple partially penetrated her pussy as she pushed down hard on it.

"You're a breast girl. I knew it. I knew you loved boobs!" Bella spoke at Sadie again as she rode out another intense orgasm.

"I love titties!" screamed Sadie at the height of ecstasy.

Bella watched the beautiful woman ride her tits a while longer as she came down. Sadie Robertson looked incredible from her view. Immaculate, toned stomach, nice tits, slender neck and the prettiest face. Her shaved pussy was perfect too, especially in its soaking wet state.

Sadie slumped forward as her orgasm finished, her upper abdomen in Bella's face. The pair laughed as Sadie half heartedly rolled off Bella who had way more energy than her.

"Come on," pleaded Bella, "There's one more thing you should try."

Sadie felt a second burst of life at Bella's encouragement. She had been having orgasms all night but still craved more. This incredible night wasn't going to end.

Bella was spinning herself round on her backside, holding her immaculate legs and red platformed high heels off the ground. She sat with her legs spread displaying her shaved pussy. Bella couldn't help but desire it but waited for instruction before moving in.

"Come over here and open those sexy legs," suggested Bella seductively. Sadie readily moved over as Bella came to meet her. The pair got close and Bella was able to guide Sadie into a scissor position. The instant contact of the Bella's wet pussy sent Sadie's excitement levels rocketing. She instantly knew what to do and started to grind into Bella who was doing the same to her.

Bella smiled naughtily at Sadie as the pair found a rhythm. Bella then cupped her glistening tits for Sadie to see, knowing that she'd find it hot.

Sadie did find it hot and immediately picked up her pace. She was determined to make Bella cum as strongly as she had. She looked at the pair's intertwined long sexy legs, the way their pussies rubbed each other's in a circular motion and the way Bella held her own luscious tits out for Sadie to see. Lesbian sex was so right thought Sadie.

Sadie locked eyes with Bella and cupped her breasts adding to her own pleasure as well as creating an erotically charged vision for the redhead. Sadie loved the way Bella encouraged her to indulge her erotic lust for tits. It wasn't going to be long before she came again.

A few seconds later the pair erupted in loud moans. They pushed hard against each other desperate to make a huge orgasm even bigger for the other person. They felt their hot wet lips rub over the other's as well as their clits pleasuring themselves as they grinded. They kept going harder and faster.

Sadie felt her own tits radiate intense pleasure. She held them in her hands, massaging them to extract even more feeling from them. It was amazing. She was so turned on as well to see Bella hold her own tits for her. Sadie thought of how good they had felt in her hands and then on her pussy. It helped her orgasm stay strong despite the feeling of another approaching.

Another orgasm came for both girls as they squeezed their own tits to heighten the pleasure coursing through their bodies. Bella bit her lip in that sexy way as she stared down Sadie as she climaxed. Sadie was in heaven and so was Bella. They were both loving being with another woman. How could either have felt better?

Slowly the grinding stopped and the girls recovered their breath. They looked at each other lovingly and got to their feet. It truly was time to go.

"I don't think I ever want this night to end," sighed Sadie Robertson, picking up her bra with the realisation that it soon would.

Bella looked at her with a loving smile. "This night will end, but at Hotel Limbo the feelings you've had will never stop."
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Re: Hotel Limbo original series
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Holly Willoughby was having a nice day. She'd been up most of the night at 'The Limbo Pole' which was Hotel Limbo's strip club. She'd been waitressing when a new young performer called Sadie Robertson had caused the whole place to lose their minds. Holly smiled when she thought about it. She too had been incredibly turned on by the sexy Sadie.

Holly had got up reasonably early. Because of the excesses last night, Holly assumed it would be reasonably quiet and she was right. She hardly saw a sole, certainly not anyone who was at the strip club.

As was usual at Hotel Limbo, Holly had dressed in a skimpy outfit, always keen to look as hot as possible. This was not only for the guests but it was also practical today as well as she wanted to relax in one of the resort's outdoor hot tubs. She had chosen a very small blue bikini which heaved under the strain of her big round tits. She also had on a scandalously small bikini bottom which was only just covering her pussy. The whole outfit revealed the blonde's stunning curvy body.

Holly's high heels could hardly be described as practical however, being large platformed high heels with a peep toe segment. The platforms were clear and the heels were definitely of the stripper variety. She felt incredibly sexy.

The one thing that was off about the morning was that Holly didn't feel quite alone. She looked round and saw no-one but she was sure someone was there. "Never mind," she said as she looked round, Hotel Limbo was perfectly safe. Holly placed a shoulder bag down at a sun lounger beside the secluded hot tub.

Holly Willoughby looked down at the warm bubbling water and stepped in, still in her high heels. Holly loved how sexy she felt in platformed high heels and she knew they made her legs look even better. She sat down on to the seat and relaxed back. She tilted her head back on the cushioned side and looked up at the clear blue sky.

A sudden thought went through Holly's head. "Tan lines!" Holly looked round again although there was no real reason. Everyone in Limbo had seen her famous big tits. She just wondered whether someone was with her. No-one was there. She loosened the knots that were straining to keep her top on. She released her bikini top into the water and watched it float on the surface before relaxing back again. Holly closed her eyes, feeling her tits become buoyant on the water

Holly felt like she had only been relaxing for a few minutes when a shadow blotted out the sunlight. Holly opened her eyes, which took a second to focus. The dark figure was small and thin.

"Hi," said the perky figure. Holly now recognised the person to be Sadie Robertson. "How are you?"

"I'm ok," said Holly, almost in a bemused manner. "How are you?" Had Sadie been following her? Why would she do that? Holly didn't dwell on these questions for too long however.

"I'm very, very good," replied Sadie, not moving.

"I thought you'd be recovering from last night," smiled Holly, squinting as Sadie's shadow interrupted the light intermittently now.

"Oh I couldn't sleep! I'm on way too much of a high for sleep." The pretty brunette was wearing a small pink bikini in which she looked incredible. It hugged her small tits but highlighted a thin toned stomach. The draw string bikini bottoms were also very small and just about covered her pussy. However, the small amount of cloth could not hide her surprisingly round and well sized butt. Sadie possessed incredibly long toned legs as well which were in clear stripper high heels.

"Well you're welcome to join me if you like?" asked Holly politely, sure that Sadie had intended that anyway. She was genuinely a friendly person though.

Sadie dropped her bag by the side of the hot tub immediately and clambered in quickly. "I was hoping you'd say that," said the excited young woman.

Holly watched as Sadie lowered herself down into the water. Holly recalled her body from the previous night and how incredible she thought it was. Certainly up close it was no disappointment. The younger woman was clearly as awake as she made out. Nothing was done slowly. Holly stared at her as Sadie settled back, aware her own breasts were sticking out in front of her.

"I must congratulate you on last night. It was a very special performance." Holly spoke warmly, still looking at Sadie, whose bun kept her brunette hair out of the water.

Sadie didn't reply. Instead Holly could tell that Sadie was staring at her big round tits like many had done before. She cleared her throat. "I was quite taken with your performance last night. It was special."

Sadie awoke from her inactivity. "Oh I got lucky," she said modestly. "Rashida rescued me really." Sadie had barely finished her answer before she resumed leering at Holly's large chest. Holly was about to reassure Sadie that no-one cared about that, it was the whole product that everyone noted but she never got a chance.

Sadie just blurted out a sentence without filtering, completely changing the topic of the conversation. "Are you not worried about getting sunburn on your boobs?" Sadie didn't lift her eyes, she just continued to stare.

"I don't know. Just figured it was too early for that." Holly spoke carefully as it slowly dawned on her what Sadie might be interested in.

"I've got some lotion with me. I can get it for you." It was the first time Sadie had looked away from Holly's tits for a while. She hurriedly reached round and got her bag. Sadie pulled out a bottle and held it out for Holly before settling back in the water. She beamed at her blonde friend. Holly raised a small smile.

"I think I'll need to get out to put it on," suggested Holly as she got out of the water. Sadie couldn't help but marvel as the water dripped down her body. It was almost like a waterfall cascading from her chest. Sadie sat still for a moment before getting up as well. "It's ok, you can stay there and I'll be back in a second," Holly added kindly, not wishing to disrupt Sadie's relaxation time.

Sadie was practically jumping out the tub. "It's ok. I can help... If you want that is."

"That's very nice of you, Holly responded, thinking of the brunette. The way that Sadie spoke reminded Holly of how shy she had been initially at the strip club. Now however, she appeared more in awe of Holly, like a love sick teenager. Holly dried herself down with a towel and sat on a sun bed.

Sadie sat behind her and opened her bottle of lotion. She poured some on to her hands. They were trembling with nervousness. She reached out for Holly's shoulders and made contact with her soft skin. Sadie's touch was light, reflecting her hesitation. Initially she used her fingers to massage the oil in.

Holly sat quietly which let Sadie become more comfortable with her. She noticed that Sadie started to increase her pressure and use her palms too as time went on. However she remained silent wanting Sadie to say something for herself.

The silence was getting to Sadie. She wondered if Holly was comfortable with her. She wondered if Holly would consider her beautiful. Words in silence came with difficulty to Sadie. She wanted to compliment Holly. She eventually thought of some as she continued to apply the clear lotion to Holly's back and neck.

"I noticed you in the crowd last night you know. You looked beautiful." Sadie tried to make it casual.

Holly replied with a less is more attitude but still in a very friendly manner. "Thanks."

"The way you fucked that guy as well. He was very lucky." Holly let out a small laugh which relaxed Sadie a bit.

Sadie felt like she'd run out of compliments about last night and her mind became stretched as she tried to think of more. Again she tried to be casual when she spoke.

"After everyone had went home, Bella Thorne came down and we had sex. It was amazing." Sadie was trying to keep it cool. Holly was probably used to such steamy escapades and Sadie didn't want her to think she was an amateur.

"Wow, you lucky girl." Despite what she said, Holly didn't jump with surprise. She remained very calm in tone.

"Yeah. She let me fuck her tits." Sadie sounded nonchalant but the pressure her hands exerted indicated her increasing excitement but also nerves.

Holly did raise an eye brow at this but not that Sadie could see. "Ah yeah," Holly replied in a non committed way.

Sadie just had to go for it. Holly was playing it aloof. "Well it made me remember you last night and..." Sadie tried to continue with something but Holly started to move. She had taken pity on the nervous girl and lay down in her sun lounger and closed her eyes. Sadie was left with sun lotion on her hands rubbing air. Still Holly remained aloof however, letting Sadie continue.

Sadie couldn't help but marvel again at Holly's lovely large round tits. She really wanted to touch them. She wanted to touch them so badly she forgot she was speaking. She panicked slightly and decided she needed lotion on her hands so that if Holly was upset she could play innocent. She picked up the bottle, her hands shaking again, and squirted some lotion on her open palm.

Sadie reached out to touch Holly's big tits. She pushed some lotion on to the soft flesh. Her fingers slid across Holly's tits and allowed her palms onto Holly's skin. Sadie lost herself quickly in her task and soon was massaging Holly's big breasts as she didn't seem to protest. Sadie began to cup and kneed the large mounds, doing everything she could think of that might be thought of as applying lotion. More than anything Sadie wanted to spend some time with Holly's hardening nipples but felt it would be too obvious. One step at a time.

Sadie spent a good time massaging Holly's tits. She was where she wanted to be so was happy. This hadn't gone unnoticed by Holly who just let it happen. But she did want to move forward a bit. Sadie was very good at this. "You were saying about last night..."

Sadie was now feeling more relaxed. Holly hadn't objected to her touching her breasts. "Well riding another woman's tits was just so incredible. I was just thinking about what it would be like to fuck a woman with bigger tits..." Sadie paused, hoping not to shock Holly who she thought was still thinking this was a friendly hand. "That's when I thought of how sexy you are and how big your tits are." Sadie stopped speaking. She expected Holly to be surprised.

Holly didn't moved. She just spoke in the same tone. "Sadie, do you want to fuck my tits?" she asked bluntly.

Sadie stopped massaging. She didn't know what to say.

Holly raised her head and opened her eyes. She looked at Sadie with a warm smile now. "Jump on!" Holly nodded her head to her chest much to Sadie's delight. Sadie reacted by standing up quickly and untying the knots on her pink bikini bottoms. They fell to the floor almost straight away. Sadie swung her high heeled leg over and straddled Holly's chest and the sun lounger. Holly looked up and pushed her big tits together.

Sadie dropped down and let her clit come into contact with Holly's soft flesh. There was instant pleasure radiated between the two. Sadie started to circle Holly's right tit, desperate to let Holly's nipple stimulate her.

"How does that feel?" asked Holly confidently.

"So good," replied Sadie who was now completely disinhibited.

Holly smiled in approval. "Feels good from down here too. You have such a great body. But I wish I could see your tits."

Sadie hadn't noticed that she was stilling wearing a pink bikini top. She corrected that immediately drawing further approval from Holly. "That's better."

Sadie rode harder and harder. She loved the feel of Holly's soft tit flesh between her thighs. She loved how her puffy pussy lips felt against Holly's soft skin. She loved when Holly's nipple brushed her clit and pussy lips. She was so close to orgasm.

"That's it. Fuck my big boobs," Holly spoke like a slut, knowing that Sadie would love it. "I want you to cum on these large tits."

An orgasm pulsed through Sadie again. It was incredible. Big tits really turned her on and she was getting off on them. Despite the strength of the orgasm she still fucked Holly's tit hard as her muscles spasmed with pleasure. Sadie moaned and groaned loudly with each pulse of ecstasy, demonstrating to Holly that this was an incredible feeling.

Sadie's body felt amazing. Every muscle felt warm and pleasantly tensed. She looked at Holly who was just happy to be administering the pleasure.

Sadie felt a wave of tiredness as she came down. She had had several orgasms over the course of the night. This was one of the strongest. She collapsed on top of Holly and felt her chest rub her own. They kissed for a second but Holly wasn't done yet.

Holly rolled Sadie off of her and got up. "You just stay there and relax. I'll show you what big tits can really do." Holly knelt down and spread Sadie's legs as positioned them off the sun lounger. "Only girls with big tits can do this."

Holly held her left tit in her hand and slapped Sadie's soaking wet pussy. Sadie groaned again, clearly loving the sensation. Holly slapped her tit off Sadie again causing another excited moan. A third slap was given in a shorter time interval and this caused Holly to moan a little too. "Oh that feels so good."

Holly repeatedly used her tit to stimulate Sadie to even higher heights while enjoying the sensation immensely herself. She felt her own pussy get even more wet. She was enjoying watching Sadie writhe with every touch from her breast. It was incredible.

The slaps became so frequent that Holly was left with little choice. She needed to jam her hard nipple into Sadie's wet pussy. When Holly did so it caused Sadie to explode. "Ohhh fuck!" Sadie screamed. "That feels so fucking good." Holly could see Sadie grab her own tits as she struggled with the amazing sensation.

Holly used her tit to part Sadie's pussy lips and drive her nipple in. She wiggled it around, exploring as much as of Sadie's inside as she could. It drove Sadie crazy. Holly cried in pleasure too as her big tit felt great being squeezed by Sadie's tight pussy.

Holly and Sadie orgasmed together. Holly's body radiated pleasure from her chest and Sadie had another mind blowing orgasm from her pussy. "Oh fuck!" cried Holly. "I love fucking you with my big tits!"

Sadie was too breathless to raise her voice much. "Fuuucckkk!"

The pair settled down together. Sadie loved how sexually confident Holly was. Holly had promised to make her feel good and she had delivered. Sadie hoped she had made Holly feel as good.

Holly stood up letting her big tits jiggle as she did so. She looked down at Sadie who was still rolling on the sun lounger from earlier. The blonde smiled as she pulled in her own bikini bottoms revealing a perfectly shaven wet pussy. Sadie immediately took notice. Holly had a big appetite for sex.

"Why don't we share one more thing here before we jump back in the tub?" Holly's big lips grinned from ear to ear as she held a long purple double dildo that she kept in her bag up to Sadie. The question was music to Sadie's ears. It was somehow followed by an even better question. "I'll even let you play with my tits more."

Sadie sat up and created room on the lounger for Holly. The brunette had been given a burst of energy by Holly and she was desperate to use it on the blonde. Holly sat on the lounger and parted her legs at ninety degrees perpendicular. She then slid the dildo into her glistening pussy with a small moan. Holly looked down at the other end, practically guiding Sadie on to it.

Sadie sat forward and scissored Holly. She let the dildo slide into her with no problem at all. As the lounger was small, Sadie and Holly were both upright and in a position to fully appreciate each other's legs and high heels. To Sadie though that wasn't the best part. As soon as the pair had started to gyrate on the artificial cock, she just had to reach out with one hand and squeeze one if Holly's big bouncing tits again. It felt wonderful.

Gradually the pair picked up their pace and power. Initially they had just been pushing a little but now their pussies met in the middle of the dildo with each thrust. Sadie loved the contact with Holly's wet pussy as much as Holly loved feeling Sadie's. The increased speed also meant Holly's free tit was bouncing around wildly much to Sadie's erotic pleasure. Holly stared at the younger woman with horny pleasure, totally loving the effect her big tits had on her.

Still the girls continued to thrust at each other. They looked so hot with their sexy legs and stripper clear plastic platformed high heels intwined. Holly loved that she could see a few inches of the purple double dildo appear briefly before the pair slammed together once more. It made Holly feel slutty and she knew Sadie would soon be as slutty as she was.

Loud groans and moans continued from both women as they fucked. Holly continued to admire Sadie's young slim body while she wriggled her pelvis on to the dildo. She loved how Sadie was groping her tit with one one hand, simultaneously giving pleasure to Holly and herself. Sadie was in heaven, sharing a dildo and having big tits to fondle. She loved looking at Holly's gorgeous face as it contorted with pleasure too.

"Mmmm. Ohhhh. Uuhhh," moaned Sadie.

"Fuck!" cried Holly with equal eroticism.

Holly suddenly reached across and put her palm on to Sadie's small pert breast. She had an incredibly hard nipple. Almost at the same time, the pair clashed on the dildo, feeling their clits rub together while penetrating each other very deeply. The pair orgasmed together right then. A flood of pleasure coursed through the bodies of both women as they continued to fuck each other.

Sadie felt amazing from all over. She grabbed at Holly's big round tit as it bounced with the force she fucked with. Sadie's hand felt so much pleasure from it combined with the orgasm. She also felt like an orgasm had been unleashed from her tits as Holly grasped one of them. It made her feel so good to see this older woman with a hot body enjoying her own this much.

Holly Willoughby was able to keep fucking Sadie through all the incredible feelings she was having. She loved how her legs felt rubbing Sadie's. Holly loved slamming her pussy down the plastic shaft and she loved feeling Sadie's wet pussy in the middle. Holly loved how Sadie was obsessed by her big tits and how she played with one of them. Holly loved how she could make Sadie feel so good and teach her a thing or two.

Sadie and Holly kept fucking in public for a while, continuing to enjoy each other's bodies with every technique at their disposal. If someone would have been around they could have quite easily heard and been treated to quite a show. However after several intense orgasms the pair retreated to the hot tub to relax.

Sadie cupped Holly's tits as she straddled her on the hot tub seat. Holly was relaxed back.

"Holly..." Sadie spoke quietly again, for some reason. "Could you and Rashida take me out later and teach me how to be seductive. It's just you seem so... So in control of everything. I want that."

Holly smiled as she looked at Sadie. "Aww sweetie, it'll just come with time so I wouldn't worry about it too much. But if you want to go out and learn straight away, I'd definitely be up for it." Holly gave her a peck on the lips reassuringly.

Sadie was delighted. This morning had worked perfectly as she had got what she wanted. Now she could perfect her method so she wasn't so unsure. Tonight, she was going to seduce Rashida and Holly in the sexiest way she could think of and they would be powerless to resist.
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Re: Hotel Limbo original series
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Holly Willoughby and Rashida Jones raised a glass of champagne to each other then smiled. "To an amazing night!" The glasses clinked and they took a gulp each, enjoying the bubbles in their mouths. Both women looked stunning and definitely were ready for a big night out, having spent the last two hours in Holly's room on their outfits and make up. They were just waiting for one more person to arrive.

"Where is she?" asked Rashida looking at a clock. "She was meant to be here an hour ago."

Holly was desperate to get going too but there wasn't any rush yet. They would probably just have a few drinks in the room first anyway. "Don't worry! She'll definitely be here," Holly said smiling, thinking of the impression she made on Sadie Robertson earlier. Essentially, Holly had fucked her brains out, much like Rashida had done the night before. Sadie would definitely be here.

No sooner had the words left Holly's mouth than a loud knock on the door happened. "Told you she'd be here," said Holly, grinning with triumph. She went to open the door.

Holly opened the door with her warmest smile. It soon dropped. No-one was there. She looked left and then right. Still nothing. She went to close the door slightly miffed when she caught a package lying on the floor. She picked it up and took it inside.

"Well what's that?" said Rashida, resisting the urge to mock Holly. There was a card on top which Rashida opened while Holly unwrapped the packaging.

"Put these on and meet me in 'Fantasy Hut, S," said Rashida, unsure of what was going on.

Holly held out a small white shirt and black mini skirt. She placed them down before holding up a similar outfit for Rashida which had a black shirt instead of white. Rashida gave Holly a bemused look which was shared by Holly who discovered some exquisite stockings also in the package.

The pair looked down at the outfits they had already chosen. They looked great but this was Hotel Limbo and they were delighted to accommodate any request.


Holly and Rashida strode into the classroom in 'Fantasy Hut' with a purpose. Since putting on the clothes that Sadie had sent, they were determined to share all their knowledge. They wanted to teach.

There was a tremendous noise as the women entered the class. Everyone was talking, people were throwing things and everyone was facing away from the blackboard. The look on Holly's face was one of anger.

"Alright class! Settle down!" Holly bellowed with some effect. The students in the full class almost immediately quietened and turned to face the blonde in front of them. Holly looked every bit the teacher although a bit slutty. She had her blonde hair up with glasses on. She wore the tight white shirt given to her by Sadie which strained to hold in her big round tits. She had on a tight black mini skirt which showed the fine black stockings she had on. She finished with platformed black peep toe high heels.

"There. That's better," she smiled at Rashida, acknowledging her presence for the class. "Today we're going to talk about sex so I've brought Ms Jones in to help, so you best be well behaved." The class let out a playful cheer causing Holly to shoot a look of disapproval.

"Now now class, we're all adults here. Just because we're talking about sex does not give you a licence to act like horny teenagers!" Rashida spoke with authority in her black outfit. The shirt was tight and complemented her dark skin tone. The stockings she had on were black too and she also wore black platformed peep toe high heels. She had her dark hair up and glasses on too but as they were thinner rimmed she looked more knowledgeable in them. Overall, it was easy to see Rashida as the head teacher.

Just as Holly was about to open her mouth to speak the door swung open causing a racket. Taylor Swift swanned in without so much as a word to the Holly or Rashida. She had long legs and wore a small plaid skirt which was very short. She had on a some red platformed high heels. Her top was done more like an accessory than a school shirt, tied stylishly under her chest, highlighting her flat toned stomach. She had a sexy pout on her face and mid length blonde hair.

The guys in the room let out a wolf whistle as Taylor walked in, her hips giving a sexy sway with each step. She found her seat near the back as the guys followed her practically drooling from their mouths. Rashida and Holly were not impressed and it only took them to clear their throats for the class to realise.

The class settled down and looked intently at the pair. They commanded everyone's absolute attention. "Now lets get started." Holly looked back at her class, all of whom were in school uniform.

Sadie Robertson sat in the front row. She looked adorable in her white shirt and red school tie. Sadie wore her shirt open displaying a baby pink lacy bra. She had on a short grey skirt with pink high heels. She had amazing legs and wasn't afraid to display them. More than anyone else, she sat eyes wide open, desperate to take in all the information.

Next to her there was Karen Gillan and then Kate Middleton. Both were nerds, sitting upright at the front with note books open. They had on their uniforms with the buttons undone down to their bras. They had ample chests which were proudly pushed out by the bras. The had on dark cardigans which suited their short grey skirts. They both had gorgeous long legs. Karen had blue platformed high heels on while Kate wore black. Karen's red hair contrasted beautifully with Kate's classic chestnut colour.

Holly knew the girls at front would answer her questions. They were always desperate to please teacher. Holly reached into a box on her desk. She pulled out a large plastic black cock and held it up the class. It had straps on it. "Who knows what this is?"

Sadie's hand shot up closely followed by Kate and Karen's. Holly looked at Sadie who responded with a smile. Kate and Karen but their hand down. "It's a big strap on!" she said triumphantly. The class sniggered.

"Settle down everyone," shouted Ms Jones, clearly annoyed.

Holly looked at it and gave an expression of disbelief. She had meant to have a more regular representation of a penis. She had no idea how this has got in there and was now holding a strap on in front of her boss.

A hand shot up from the back of the class. It was Kaley Cuoco who sat next to Katy Perry. They were both trouble makers and known as sluts. Katy had her black hair down and was chewing gum. She wore a very small white shirt that displayed her huge round tits. She didn't bother with a cardigan and wore the shortest of skirts and clear platformed stripper high heels.

Kaley Cuoco was pushing hard to be sluttier if it were possible. She had an equal amount of flesh on display with her own big tits proudly pushed out. She had somehow managed to soak her shirt though giving it a skin tight, see thru look. She had on a red bra. She also wore slutty stripper heels the exact same as Katy.

Holly was still in shock as she absent mindedly acknowledged Kaley's hand.

"Miss Willoughby, what's a strap on?" Kaley put on her sweetest voice.

Holly should have know better than to let Kaley speak but she had. And for some reason she felt herself beginning to answer. She couldn't stop it. She wanted to teach. "It's a sex toy. One that tends to be used by women to recreate the feeling of a male partner." The class laughed as Holly explained.

Rashida stepped forward. "That's it. Enough!" The class continued to giggle while Rashida spoke before calming down once more. Holly thought it odd that Rashida had not removed the strap on from her but at the same time she felt that she was teaching so why should she.

"Why would a women do that when they could have sex with a man Miss Willoughby?" shouted Katy, not even bothering to raise her hand.

Holly looked back at her not wanting to answer such an obvious set up but she felt compelled. "Sometimes sex between two women is just better. You can do all the stuff you would with a man except there's no semen at the end." Holly's tone portrayed to the class that she genuinely believed the first part but was sad about the second.

Another hand went into the air. It belonged to Shana Hiatt, the model. Shana wore her uniform like the other girls, with her tits proudly on display. She had a gorgeous body and lovely legs. She wore black high heels. It was no wonder the guys in the class were sitting next to her. It was clear to see that Robert was keeping a close eye on the busty blonde brunette.

"Have you ever used one Miss Willoughby?" Shana smiled as she rested her elbow on the table and her chin on her hand. It wasn't lost in Holly how every action Shana performed was done as seductively as possible.

Holly felt her cheeks go red. She felt driven to answer. "I have." Holly felt she'd answered the question and hoped to move on.

Natalie Portman raised her hand. She had such an innocent face. There was no way she could ask a dirty question thought Holly. However, like all the girls she wore her white shirt open displaying her bra. Natalie wore her hair in pigtails which pushed her back towards the innocent side. Holly prayed she'd move on.

"Have you every had one used on you?" asked Natalie, as calm as you like.

Holly again tried to resist but knew she had to answer. "Yes I have." She knew now everyone in the class was now picturing her fucking or being fucked by another woman. She looked round at the male members of the class. Their shorts were bulging but again she'd answered the question.

A smile came over Natalie's gorgeous face. "Is it as good as the real thing?"

Holly felt so flushed with embarrassment. She thought of a few times she'd been fucked with one and how good it had felt. She could tell her response was written all over her pretty face. "It is as good as the real thing. Especially if the other person knows what they're doing."

Holly looked at the class. She tried to avoid the gaze of her questioners as not to provide another. She looked at Maria Sharapova, the leggy blonde who normally didn't pay attention but was transfixed. Erica Durance had shut up for once and was listening. The guys were all silent and clearly had hard ons. Holly had got more personal than she'd intended but at least people were learning.

Nina Dobrev was sitting near the front with Sadie, Kate and Karen. Nina was closest to the desk and reached over to the box and pulled out another large black strap on. Holly's face went red as she watched the cute brunette handle the giant cock with curiosity. Nina possessed a gorgeous tanned skin which contrasted nicely with her school girl outfit.

Nina held the cock in front of her open shirt and black lacy bra. Initially she stroked the shaft in an unsure manner before looking at it again puzzled. Holly looked at her. "I don't understand Miss Willoughby. How do you use it? I can't see it being fun at all."

A million thoughts ran through Holly's head. How could she tell them how to use it properly? How could she explain to her class what it was like and how good it could feel? She tried to think of the words to say.

"Why don't you show us Miss Willoughby?" interjected Sadie Robertson with a giant grin on her face. Holly again went blank. Holly looked at Rashida who looked as shocked as Holly but nodded approvingly. She couldn't really demonstrate the use of a strap on to her class but she was there to teach.

Holly's mind may have thought these things but her body wasn't listening. Already she had unbuttoned her shirt and was taking it off over her shoulders. She had on an incredibly fine dark blue bra with black lace decoration. Holly's big round tits were pushed up and together causing them to look very enticing.

Soon Holly felt herself unzip her short skirt and let it drop over her legs revealing a lovely dark blue and black lacy thing to match her bra. She kept her lacy stockings on too as well as her black platformed high heels. Next, she felt herself stepping into the harness of the strap on before tightening it on her pelvis. Holly stood up proudly in front of the class with her strap on perfectly displayed.

The whole class looked at her in wonder. Holly had no doubt the class knew how to use it but she was their teacher and she would teach them anything. Sadie in particular looked incredibly happy at the sight.

"So Miss Willoughby, would you be able to use it now?" asked Sadie sweetly.

"It depends what you wanted to do, Sadie" replied Holly, leaving it there but knowing a follow up question was coming.

"Well say I wanted someone to fuck my cute ass Miss Willoughby?" Sadie again was sweetness and innocence personified as she asked. Holly and even the class though were shocked at her openness. Holly though answered once more.

"You could but you may find it more fun if you lube it up a little."

Sadie smiled at her teacher. "You mean with lubrication gel?"

"Yes but a far more fun way is for someone to wet it with oral sex. Then you can have a tit wank, vaginal sex or anal and it's more fun." Holly stumbled as she said 'oral sex' and 'wank' as she really would say 'blowjob' and 'fuck' but couldn't in front of her class or Rashida.

Sadie wasn't finished. She knew her teacher was thinking of her cute ass and probably everyone in the class was too. Just a bit longer she thought to herself. "Surely getting and giving a blowjob with a fake strap on isn't as good Miss Willoughby?"

Sadie was pushing Holly but she kept answering like a good teacher. And what she was answering with the truth. "Yes and no. I think having any form of penis, real or fake in your mouth can be a huge turn on for everyone if done right."

Sadie was thinking of her follow up question but she never got there. She was loving quizzing Holly and it certainly was amusing the class but now Rashida had decided to help out. Holly had dealt with this by herself for long enough. Rashida stepped forward.

"Maybe a demonstration would help you Sadie," Rashida said, with all the confidence of a head teacher. Rashida then got on her knees in front of Holly and looked one last time at the class. Everyone was straining to get a good view and genuinely seemed captivated by the lesson. The guys had huge bulges in their school shorts.

Rashida looked round at the big black cock and kissed it gently with her soft dark red rips. She then stuck out her tongue as and swirled it round the head slowly allowing the class to see what she was doing. She then looked up at Holly over her spectacles and took the cock in her mouth. Slowly Rashida bobbed her head up and down the shaft.

Holly couldn't help but feel excited by what she was looking at. She felt her hands reach up to her big breasts and give them a squeeze in front of her class. She let out an excited sigh as she did so, beginning to lose her inhibition. She looked at her class and felt it was time to do more teaching.

"Just look at how good this feels. The sight of a gorgeous woman like Ms Jones giving me a strap on blowjob is amazing." Holly grabbed her tits again as she spoke causing her words to linger longer. "It also gives you a chance to play with your tits and the other person a chance to get undressed." Right on cue Rashida started to take off her shirt while still bobbing on the cock.

Holly used this time to let her hair loose allowing it to drop over her shoulders. She smiled as she shook her head to unfurl it, providing distraction from herself undoing her own bra clasp. Before the class had even realised, Holly's bra fell off and her big tits were proudly on display. The class remained silent.

"Miss Willoughby," asked Sadie totally mesmerised. "How do you know it's ready?"

Holly smiled as she massaged her big tits and taught at the same time. "It shouldn't take too long to be ready. It's just a case of how much you're enjoying it and how much longer you can wait." Holly looked at Rashida who was working much harder now and making loud wet slurping noises. "Ms Jones certainly will have it ready by now, as you can see, she's an expert at oral."

Sadie stood up instantly, desperate to have the cock in her ass. She'd played it perfectly she'd thought. 'The Fantasy Hut,' made people believe in their fantasy roles but in a saucy way. She'd wanted it to give her an edge over her teachers and return the seduction she had experienced over night.

Sadie's tiny skirt barely hid her cute round ass. It was surprisingly juicy for such a slim girl and she was immensely proud of it. She needed a big cock in it for the first time. However, for now, Holly had other ideas.

"What do you think you're doing Sadie?" asked Holly with the sexy starlet stood in front of her.

Sadie froze. She thought it was obvious. "Eh... I... I don't know Miss Willoughby." Sadie stammered trying not to demand anal in front of the class.

"I don't think it's polite to just get fucked in the ass without putting much work in to it." Holly spoke sternly, knowing what Sadie was wanting. "You need to learn to suck off a cock first."

"Of course Miss Willoughby," said Sadie apologetically. At that moment, Rashida stood up and revealed her gorgeous body to the class. She had taken off her shirt and bra while giving the blowjob and now displayed her ample tits to the class. She'd also loosened her skirt, leaving her in a black lacy thong, black stockings and black platformed high heels once the skirt fell to the floor. Rashida retrieved another strap on from the box and fixed it to herself in front of the class.

"Like Miss Willoughby demonstrated, it's important you fasten it tightly. It will give you and your partner the most pleasure." Rashida spoke with authority again. "Now if everyone wants to help themselves to a model from the box you can look at these models." Rashida then turned to Sadie who was still standing sheepishly at the front.

Sadie stood still as her teachers circled her with the strap ons. She wasn't sure what was coming. She noted the class was still watching despite Rashida's suggestions.

"I'm sorry Miss Willoughby, Ms Jones, I've been a bad girl." Sadie sounded so innocent again.

Holly tutted as she walked round opposite Rashida. "Yes you have," said Holly, "and bad girls get punished in this class. Just then she lifted Sadie's skirt in one smooth motion, causing Sadie's round ass and shaved pussy to be exposed. Holly only had one thing on her mind as the palm of her hand struck Sadie's soft, smooth butt cheek.

Sadie moaned at the contact and let out a small giggle. "I've been such a naughty girl Miss Willoughby, Ms Jones!!" This caused Holly to issue another spank causing Sadie to moan again. "Oh Miss Willoughby!"

Rashida was also determined to hand out some punishment. She looked sternly at the girl. "Bend over and suck on this cock!" Sadie immediately obeyed while also thrusting her ass up in the air for Holly to spank more easily.

Sadie kissed the plastic cock as Rashida had done and then gently licked it while looking up at her dark skinned teacher. A spank came from Holly.

"Ms Jones wanted you to suck it," Holly rebuked after the spank.

Sadie took the cock in her mouth. "Yes Miss Willoughby," she said, her voice muffled by cock.

It was some sight seeing Sadie still dressed in her school uniform getting spanked and giving a blowjob to a strap on. The class was getting excited and it was making the situation more difficult. Holly could see Kate Middleton and Karen Gillan edging closer to each other, their high heels and glorious legs already running up and down the other's. Shana Hiatt was gently rubbing Robert's huge erection under the table, hoping the teachers couldn't see.

Nina Dobrev was still the only one who had actually taken something from the box. She had it up at her mouth and was giving it a tentative lick while she watched. As her tongue connected with the smooth plastic she felt her free hand reach up her chest and begin to massage her left breast through her uniform. As soon as Rashida made eye contact though her hand jumped away although she kept the cock close to her lips.

Erica Durance was letting one of the guys grope her big tits while she watched and didn't seem to mind much when Holly looked straight at her. It was also difficult not to notice one of Taylor Swift's gloriously long platform high heeled legs gently stroking Ian's hard cock while they both watched.

Miss Willoughby and Ms Jones were captivating and losing the class at the same time. Holly decided that the lesson should proceed. She gave Sadie one last spank. Sadie gave a muffled moan as she let Rashida fuck her throat with the strap on. She was loving being used for the demonstration.

Holly hitched up Sadie's skirt a bit more and grabbed her cute butt. She slammed the strap on in to Sadie's soaking wet pussy and began to slowly fuck it. Sadie immediately responded with a groan of pleasure as Miss Willoughby slid slowly in and out of her while she gave a blowjob to Ms Jones.

"Now class, you can see the strap on is being used in Sadie's pussy. Look at my hips slide back and forth, in and just about all the way out." Holly demonstrated the action to the class a few times while holding on to Sadie's ass. "See how Sadie's enjoying it."

Sadie felt incredible. She loved being with Holly and Rashida. They'd taught her so much and here they were, doing it again and for others. She felt her pussy heat up with each thrust while she let the cock deep down inside her throat at the other end. It was heaven, but she wanted more. Either Miss Willoughby or Ms Jones to fuck her ass, and for her to feel the pairs' tits again.

It seemed as if Rashida had sensed this longing but didn't acknowledge it directly. "Can everyone see now how well lubricated this cock is now?" Rashida continued in teacher mode, well aware the whole class could see despite their increasing self indulgences. "Sadie, you've done well."

At that moment, Rashida pulled out and displayed the cock for her class just to be sure. She then turned back to Sadie. She pulled off the girl's shirt without much drama and then unhooked her bra. Sadie was only too happy for these items to be removed, letting her bra fall on the floor. Sadie's small pert tits began to jiggle with the force of Holly's penetrations.

Rashida looked calmly at Sadie's beautiful round ass and smiled to Holly. The blonde pulled out of Sadie, much to her disappointment but she soon felt energised as Rashida spun her round partly to show her ass to the class.

"Isn't it gorgeous?" smiled Rashida as she held the large cock tip outside Sadie's tight ass and made sure Sadie's short school skirt was out the way. "You should push in slow at first," Rashida instructed the class who could see everything's she was doing, Rashida dark skin tone and black dildo contrasting nicely with Sadie's white skin. Rashida pushed forward.

"Ms Jones... Oh... Oh... Ahh fuck!" moaned Sadie as she felt her ass parted for the first time.

Rashida began to withdraw a bit before pushing in again.

"Mmm Ms Jones!" Sadie groaned.

Rashida had one more careful thrust. "Tell the class how you feel."

"I feel so amazing Ms Jones. Having a strap on fucking my ass feels so good," declared Sadie proudly to the whole class as Rashida began to pick up the pace a little. Sadie couldn't help but feel good, she was having the time of her life again.

Holly started to massage her own big round tits as she watched, reflecting the sexual energy in the class. She caught Sadie's eye as she did so who was practically begging for the blonde to be closer. She obliged.

Rashida lifted the young woman into the air and parted her legs revealing a wet shaved pussy to the whole class. It gave the class a chance to see a different position but also displayed the situation very well. Rashida turned to Holly who knew what to do.

Holly jumped straight in. She thrusted her cock back into Sadie's pussy and began to thrust in tandem with Rashida. Sadie let out a scream of delight as her body became over run with pleasure. Sadie's hands could now grab Holly's big tits which the blonde happily thrust into the younger woman's palms.

The two platformed high heeled teachers stood in front of their class fucking one of their hot students with big strap ons. The pair formed a sandwich for the middle woman who also wore high heels and incredible legs but had them spread wide apart. Sadie rocked with each thrust, her tie and mini skirt moving with each stroke. It was an incredible lesson.

Holly and Rashida looked at their class as they continued to fuck Sadie. "This is called 'double penetration. It doubles your pleasure," Holly said in a matter of fact way with a devilish smile. She was very aware of how close her class was to having an orgy.

Rashida spoke next. "Time for your practical class." The class was already there in reality. She just hoped that herself and Holly had given them ideas to explore.

Kate Middleton's pussy was feeling so hot and wet. She couldn't take her eyes off Ms Jones, Miss Willoughby and Sadie at the front but the feel of Karen Gillan's smooth long legs rubbing her own was too much. She turned round and instantly locked on to the redhead's sultry eyes. The pair immediately started to kiss passionately as their hands started to wander.

Kate felt Karen's hands rub up and down her thighs causing her to get even more turned on. She grabbed at Karen's tits in return, desperately trying to pleasure Karen through her shirt and bra. It felt incredible but wasn't what Kate truly wanted. She quickly started to take Karen's shirt off, quickly parting the buttons and forcing the shirt over her arms. The bra quickly followed.

Karen felt a rush of excitement as Kate got her naked. She wanted to be naked with Kate in front of the whole class. As soon as her bra was off, she pawed at Kate's shirt practically ripping it off. She exposed a wonderful set of full tits sitting in an lacy bra. Karen couldn't help but dive into the brunette's cleavage causing a loving giggle.

Karen had become so happy with what she had done she didn't notice Kate having to undo her own bra strap. The look of overwhelming joy of Karen's face as Kate's tits were freed was all the brunette needed to see. Kate's tits were full and round and her nipples hard and erect. Karen's mouth immediately latched on to a nipple and started to gently suckle it as she groped the other with her hand. Kate gave several groans of approval as Karen played with her tits.

Kate began to roll her head with the pleasure, extending her neck and arching her back in such a way as to push her tits in to Karen's mouth and grasp. She initially had her eyes closed but she opened them to take in the sights of the room. There were many things that Kate could have focused on but one thing caught her eye more than any thing else.

A very long purple object poked out the top of the box. It was thin and the material was shiny. To Kate it didn't quite appear like the strap ons she'd just seen. Kate hoped she knew what it was, standing up to reach it.

Karen let out a sigh as Kate's toned abdomen brushed passed her face. What had just happened?Karen looked at Kate's gorgeous figure and was about to complain but realised what had happened as the hot brunette stood holding a sixteen inch purple double dildo. She looked so sexy holding it in her hand as she just let Karen drink in her round tits, flat stomach and long luscious legs. To make things more enticing, she dropped her school skirt revealing her wet shaven pussy.

Karen leapt up and undid her own skirt as she embraced the saucy Kate again. She too was now naked apart from her high heels. The pair kissed passionately as Kate began to run the dildo between their skin, the feel of the plastic somehow exhilarating. Slowly, Karen could feel the dildo pole make it's way up to their mouths as the pair kissed over it and on to it. Karen was thankful it wasn't a real cock as it might have exploded there and then.

Kate slowly backed off, feeding the dildo into Karen's willing mouth. She sucked it while Kate eased it in and out. Karen began to twist on the shaft and she sucked ensuring she covered every inch she could. She watched as Kate took the other end into her mouth and started to devour the other side with equal enthusiasm.

Miss Willoughby and Ms Jones would be proud at what they were doing. This fore play was incredible and it was setting things up nicely. Kate led Karen to the teacher's desk, cock in mouth. The girls jumped on as Karen let Kate take back control of the dildo.

Kate and Karen shuffled towards each other and intertwined their sexy legs. They each planted a platformed high heel on the desk while lying the other flat on the table surface. Kate held the dildo outside Karen's pussy and looked seductively at her. Karen replied with a similar lust filled look. Kate push the dildo in causing Karen to moan softly with pleasure before resuming her look with Kate, begging her to join her on the double dildo.

Kate obliged, feeling the pleasure pulse through her as it parted her swollen pussy lips. She continued staring at Karen as she slid it in, letting her know how much fun it was. Then, slowly but surely, the pair began to grind into each other, forcing the dildo deeper into themselves. They looked incredibly hot while sharing it and hoped others could enjoy the sight.

By now Robert and Shana Hiatt had lost all inhibition. Robert was now stood up with his shorts round his ankles and Shana had her shirt open showing her bra and big round tits. Shana was stroking Robert's big cock while staring at it lustfully. She could feel Robert start to slowly push back and forth, adding to the pleasure.

Shana looked up as Robert became harder. They were both ready to move on from the handjob. Shana licked her lips and Robert smiled. The model let go of the cock for a second as she used her hands to unhook her bra. She had glorious tits which were big and round. Her nipples stood proudly on the surface, not that Robert had much of a chance to admire them.

Robert had only just started to jerk his cock over Shana's body as she lunged for his cock with her mouth. She took the tip in her mouth straight away and began to work her head on it. She twisted and bobbed while using her tongue round the shaft. Shana kept him out of her throat for now, instead sucking pleasantly on the meaty shaft. Robert felt amazing watching the girl of his dreams give him an amazing blowjob.

The blowjob got faster and louder the further it went. Shana was bobbing quite fast now and Robert could feel his cock on her tonsils. Suddenly he felt Shana pull him down the tight space of her throat. He looked her in the eyes as she let him out before doing it again. She was loving it. She held her place this time as Robert gently fucked her desperate to cum.

Robert's cock fell from Shana's mouth with a loud plop. Robert immediately started to beat himself off as Shana got up on the desk behind her and spread her legs. She had an amazing wet pussy and looked adorable as she lifted her short skirt up. She spread her legs wide giving Robert easy access. There was a moan of pleasure as his hard cock slid between her pussy lips.

"Mmm," moaned Shana as she gave Robert everything he dreamed of. "That feels so good." Shana gently held her big fleshy tits up for Robert as he slid back and forth. She wanted him to know just how great this felt. It wouldn't be long before she came.

Nina Dobrev was making the most of the strap on she'd taken from the toy box. She was gently sucking it like Sadie and Miss Willoughby had done earlier. What she wasn't aware of was that Natalie Portman was watching her intently, getting more and more aroused by the Canadian's oral explorations.

Natalie had slumped back in her chair, legs slightly parted, one hand in her shirt, one hand down her skirt. Nina was incredibly beautiful and looked so sexy with a strap on. Nina's hand had been slowly reaching into her shirt as she sucked. The thought of Nina holding her own tits while sucking cock was too exciting to bare for Natalie.

Natalie was rubbing her clit furiously as she watched Nina slowly expose more of her tanned skin. Natalie was soaking wet and she knew she could orgasm at any second if Nina kept it up. Natalie cupped her left breast with her right hand while her left continued rubbing. She felt her shirt loosen as she did so exposing her red bra. She didn't care at all.

Nina still focused on Sadie, Miss Willoughby and Ms Jones. How had they managed to get the cock down their throat? Nina knew it would be a challenge but it was one she wanted to take on. She wanted to impress any man she was with and this would be one way to do it. Nina also thought how impressed any lesbian lovers might be with her awesome sexual skill.

Nina lifted the cock higher into the air and fucked her own mouth gently with it. She swivelled her head and let it into all parts of her mouth. Natalie watched the tell tale bulges appear at her cheeks as the cock went in and out. She could tell Nina was building to something.

The gorgeous Nina Dobrev tilted her head back and slid the cock deep into her throat. She pushed the dildo all the way up to it's balls and calmly slid it out and resumed the blowjob.

Natalie came in that instant. Nina looked so hot with a dildo deep in her mouth while she groped her own tits in her slutty school uniform. Natalie felt pleasure rush all over her body as her pussy flooded her hand. She squeezed her tits eliciting even more pleasure from them as she did so. Natalie's muscles shuddered with the force of the pleasure which was heightened by the fact she was in class and the teachers were there conducting it all.

Nina pushed the cock in again, letting it last longer in her throat. Despite it being her first time she already looked like a pro. Natalie's vision became fuzzy as another orgasm took over her fit, sexy body. Natalie could just about think about how great Miss Willoughby and Ms Jones were at teaching. She tried to focus on their threesome at the front of the class but that caused her to orgasm again. Her own fingers just seemed to work harder with each erotic sight or thought and it felt so good.

Natalie started to come down after this last incredible orgasm. It was so strong she felt like she was unable to stand. She noticed Nina take the cock out of her mouth and place it on the table. The tanned skin woman then looked nervously round the class as if she wasn't sure what to do next. There was so much debauchery going on that Natalie wondered if Nina would see her.

Nina stopped playing with her tits. She looked lost. Natalie stood up, getting a new lease of energy. Nina immediately noticed the petit brunette and that was it. Natalie began to stride over through the mess of bodies in front of her. Natalie's shirt was off first before her skirt dropped to the ground. Nina smiled as she saw the wet patch in Natalie's very small red thong.

Nina had also started to lose her clothes, barely even realising it. She just fumbled as fast as she could to be naked for Natalie reaching her. She watched in awe as Natalie took her bra off revealing her small pert tits with erect nipples. She had a wonderful toned stomach and very sexy legs which were accentuated by platformed high heels. Natalie looked like a goddess.

Nina stood up as Natalie Portman got close, her fuller tits jiggling slightly as she did so. She was taller than Natalie by a bit but that didn't matter when she wanted her this badly. The pair embraced, their arms wrapping round the other's body as their soft lips met for the first time. Nina loved the feel of Natalie's soft skin on her own. The pair kissed for a good minute before they broke apart.

Natalie looked at the strap on on the desk and picked it up as Nina smiled. "It would be a shame if I didn't fuck you with this, especially after all the work you've put in."

A smile stretched across Nina's cute face as she realised Natalie had been watching her for a while. It made Nina feel hotter knowing someone had that sort of crush on her. The girls reluctantly separated allowing Natalie to slide the strap on up her sexy legs. Nina smiled broadly as the artificial cock settled over Natalie's pelvis. She looked sensational with the cock sticking out from her.

Natalie lay back on the school desk and gently pulled Nina on top of her. Nina could see the whole class if she wanted but she was more than pre-occupied with Natalie. She gulped as she slid down the hard wet cock. It felt fantastic as it parted her excited pussy lips and penetrated deep inside her. She rose up and fell on it again creating an even more pleasurable experience. She bit her lip and looked at Natalie who was simply stunned by the tanned woman's elegant beauty.

Slowly, Nina began to pick up the pace, gyrating her pelvis in time with Natalie's small thrusts in to her. The pair worked incredibly well together. It was only a matter of time before Nina Dobrev had as big an orgasm as Natalie Portman had just experienced.

The guys in the class had their attention taken away by a few of the girls in the class. Taylor Swift, who earlier was giving Ian a foot job, was now on her knees completely naked apart from her platformed high heels. Currently she was looking Ian in the eyes while stroking his cock with her hand. She jerked furiously while Ian stood naked over the top of her.

Taylor licked her delicious red lips as she stoked, getting really turned on knowing that people were watching her. It caused her to jerk harder causing Ian even further pleasure. A sudden sound of heavy breathing interrupted Taylor's concentration and she looked round to find David stroking his own cock over the pair.

Taylor smiled again and reached out with her free hand and took David in closer. She grabbed his long hard cock and started stroking it inches away from her tight body. David had no choice but to look down on her blonde hair, pretty face and small tits as she jerked him off with Ian. David's breathing quickened as Taylor got him harder. He was struggling to keep up.

The blonde haired singer smiled at the thought of the cum from the two guys covering her. It would be so hot to get them off together she thought.

Not too far away Erica Durance was in threesome action of her own. The guy who had been groping her was now in total heaven as Erica held her big round tits together and bounced on his shaft as he sat and looked at her. Erica loved the feel of her big tits surrounding hard cock and this was definitely turning her on.

Erica's blonde brunette hair bounced as she did, occasionally sticking to her tits which she had oiled up earlier. She wanted to moan it felt that good. However when she was about to she simply turned her head and latched her mouth on to Mark's hard cock beside her.

Mark loved tit fucks but was currently having to make do with spectating. However, Erica's intermittent sucking on his cock felt very good and he was content just to watch the fun. Erica had an amazing rack and he was just happy if he got the chance to cum all over it.

Erica soon realised that there was a third person watching. He too made the sound of a man who was jerking himself off and while Erica loved to have men masturbate to her, she felt guilty for leaving him out. She winked at him while not missing a stroke from her tit fuck. "You want to bring that big cock over here?" Erica cooed in her sexist voice.

The man seemed to start for a second but then stopped.

Erica didn't skip a beat. "You like to watch me use my big titties and mouth?" she asked sluttily. The man nodded eagerly. "Well you just watch me suck and tit fuck. And when you're ready to cum, make sure you cover me!" Erica held his gaze while she gave her tit fuck and then took the cock in her mouth. She was determined everyone would feel included.

Maria Sharapova had the same attitude. The leggy blonde had two guys in front of her jerking off. She was sat on her desk now with her long luscious legs spread and she was rubbing her clit. Her pussy was clearly soaking wet as she masturbated for the two guys who she knew as Tim and John. She had an incredibly horny look on her face as she was about to go crazy from the hotness.

The two guys responded by stepping closer to the babe. Maria opened her legs a fraction more, pushing her purple platformed high heels further apart. She knew they wanted her so badly and she wanted their cocks equally as badly. She was about to get them.

Maria hooked her long legs round Tim. She pulled him in close to her forcing him to let go of his hard cock. Maria looked him in the eye before jumping on to him. She moaned as she impaled herself on the erect cock. She felt his hands squeeze her ass, helping her to bounce up and down. Maria was so close to her lover now but she hadn't forgotten about John currently masturbating as he watched her get fucked.

Maria looked over and made it clear how much she was enjoying it. She wrapped her legs round her lover's flabby body and let her platformed high heels lock together. She moved her eyes down her back. She didn't need to say anything. Maria had communicated what she wanted perfectly. She was desperate for both cocks to be inside her and she wanted one in her ass.

John stroked his cock hard as he lined up behind Maria Sharapova. He could tell she had an incredibly toned body even from behind as he positioned his cock beside Maria's round ass. The fact that she was bouncing made her ass look even more appealing and easy to penetrate. John slammed his cock in hard.

Maria moaned in pleasure as John's cock slammed into her tight ass. It felt incredible. Maria rocked back on to John's cock as much as she could while Tim slammed into her from the front. She felt the two cocks push at inside her together causing her to feel so excited. She moaned again as she let the two men fuck her. Maria also delighted in the fact that she could provide pleasure to two men so easily while she got exactly what she wanted.

As Maria bounced up and down with the two men buried inside her she couldn't help but notice Kaley Cuoco kiss Katy Perry's perfect big round tits. She pushed her own into Tim and groaned with the pleasure it produced. She then wondered how good it would feel for Katy and then Kaley, who also had big round luscious tits.

Katy Perry arched her back as Kaley gently sucked on her nipple while groping her breasts with her hands. Kaley really knew what she was doing and it made Katy feel so hot. She moaned further as the blonde kept going.

"Mmmm yeah, that feels so good." Katy kept encouraging Kaley as much as she could, feeling herself getting wetter and wetter. Kaley's hands started to wander over Katy's body, finding the top of her skirt. Kaley pushed it down as Katy got up off the chair momentarily, allowing Kaley access to her now soaked pussy.

Kaley was loving pleasuring Katy Perry. She loved the star's big round tits and loved the feel of them. She loved how Katy responded to her touch. Kaley pushed her hand down Katy's shaved pussy as she continued to suckle on Katy's nipple. Kaley let her fingers creep slowly down, teasing Katy as she did so.

When Kaley found her clit, Katy felt a rush of pleasure shoot through her like never before. Kaley slowly began to rub her swollen clit building up the feeling gradually. Katy grabbed her big round tits and squeezed them as Kaley continued to suck on them. The singer felt a lust for Kaley as she did so and had a desire to feel her body.

Katy Perry reached out with one hand and latched on to one of Kaley's big breasts. It fitted perfectly into her palm as she wrapped her hand round it. As she squeezed she felt Kaley respond by giving sucking her nipple harder while moving her finger over the entrance of Katy's pussy before slowly sliding back. Katy couldn't help but do it again. She got the same response.

"Oh God Kaley your tits make me feel so fucking hot!" Katy breathed with pleasure. Kaley looked up, removing her mouth from the hard nipple. She smiled as she did so, her cute face betraying a naughty plan. She was so dirty but her long blonde hair and gorgeous face suggested otherwise.

"You want to fuck them?" said Kaley as she started to get up. Katy momentarily came down as her lover's finger left her clit but she was excited by the thought of Kaley's hot tits. Katy watched in wonder as Kaley lay back on her desk and pushed her big boobs together. It just looked so inviting.

Katy Perry swung her sexy legs up to the on to the desk. She was naked apart from her platformed stripper high heels which accented the tone of her legs. She positioned herself on top of Kaley's waiting rack and looked down at the blonde. She still looked so pretty and innocent although her eyes were begging Katy to drop on to her.

The release of tension through Katy's body was epic. The feel of Kaley's tit and nipple on her clit was amazing. Katy began to gyrate her hips slowly, feeling Kaley's hard nipple explore her hot, wet lips. It felt amazing and was enhanced by the look of happiness that Kaley gave. Katy started to moan uncontrollably now. She felt so hot.

Katy pushed herself harder and harder. She tried to push Kaley's nipple deeper and deeper while enjoying the feel of her soft fleshy mounds between her thighs. Katy looked up. The whole class was fucking in a giant orgy. The erotic energy was unbelievable. The whole class listing after each other. Katy took a second to appreciate Miss Willoughby and Ms Jones.

Inspired by their teaching, Katy was riding hard but she wanted to share the sensation with Kaley. To the blonde's surprise, Katy dismounted her tits and swung her round so their bare pussies were lined up. Kaley knew immediately knew what to do and thrust her gloriously sexy platformed high heeled legs in between Katy's.

As soon as she came in to contact with Katy, Kaley could tell how much she had enjoyed the tit fuck. Kaley was wet but Katy was much wetter having had her clit rubbed and then a big breast thrust at her pussy. The girls locked gazes as they pushed and began to rub each other. Each thrust allowed the pair to feel each other's pussy lips.

Katy looked at Kaley's hot body as Kaley did the same to her. They both possessed slim bodies with big tits which had begun to bounce more as they fucked harder. The strength of the fucking only seemed to bring them closer together and in this upright position they could almost kiss. They feasted on each other's raw sexuality as they drank in the feel and appearance of the other.

Kaley was first to give in and reached out to grab one of Katy's large tits. She groped it hard making sure Katy knew how much she loved it. Katy crumpled with the pleasure and fell back onto the table. This freed up a hand to stretch out and grab one of Kaley's bouncing tits. The pair were a close tangle of arms and legs but deep in there, they were really connected.

Kaley and Katy took a second to look out on the class. It was incredible to see so much flesh on display. They saw the incredibly hot Taylor Swift give hand jobs to two big cocks. Nina Dobrev and Natalie Portman seemed to be loving strap on action while Shana Hiatt was enjoying the real thing. Karen Gillan and Kate Middleton looked incredible as they shared a long dildo in a position similar to Kaley and Katy. The singer and actress smiled at each other as they thought of what it was like. It was all of course due to Miss Willoughby and Ms Jones who themselves were still giving a great lesson.

Sadie Robertson was swaying violently on Holly and Rashida's strap ons. Her body felt so good she barely had any control over it. She clung on to Holly's big tits while she got impaled from below hard. She tried to scream and moan but her breath was taken away. Suddenly a huge first orgasm hit.

"Uggh!" was all Sadie could manage as her body got a surge in pleasure. She felt her pussy clamp on to the strap on while her ass generated its own incredible sensations.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Rashida almost commanded Sadie, still fucking her delicious ass hard.

"Ahh ha," Sadie moaned through the start of another orgasm. Sadie's whole body tingled, meaning she could barely feel Miss Willoughby's boobs in her hands. The boobs she loved so much. However, she was more acutely aware of her own and despite being small generated huge amounts of pleasure.

Holly continued to fuck Sadie too. She was really getting off on how incredible the brunette looked. This was only heightened by Sadie having a third huge orgasm and the rush of adrenaline it caused.

"Oh my god!!" Sadie moaned, letting her brunette hair swing behind her. "Miss Willoughby... Ms Jones..."

All the erotic moaning hadn't been lost on Kate Middleton and Karen Gillan. If they weren't looking at the other, they had plenty of naked men and woman around them to admire. It had driven them to a frenzy of fucking each other, their hips moving so incredibly fast up and down the double dildo that it was barely seen.

Karen and Kate worked in perfect harmony, their thrusts in perfect rhythm and of good penetration. They had even started to moan together.

"Ooh fuck Kate! You're going to make me cum." Karen was delirious.

Kate responded in kind, driven by her lust for the red head. "I love your hot body Karen! It's making me so wet!"

"Fuck!" moaned Karen as she came hard, the feeling in her body taking complete control. Karen's muscles stopped functioning and she was no longer able to fire in to Kate.

Kate for her part began to cum too. She too was unable to continuing grinding and was content just to hold herself against Karen's throbbing pussy. Every little move now up and down the hard dildo seemed to amplify the pleasure as the two women let their orgasms take control their every action.

Both women's chests were heaving as they struggled to breath. They looked at each other lustfully while they came, letting the other know how thankful they were for the incredible feeling.

Shana Hiatt was still on her back with her legs spread. Robert had built up quite a speed and with every thrust of his pelvis he caused the model to moan. Shana looked incredible on her back. Her pretty face beamed with pleasure as she rolled about the table. Shana's big tits bounced violently with the sheer force of Robert's cock.

Robert reached down and placed a hand on one of Shana's irresistible breasts as it bounced on her chest wall. He squeezed it down with his palm causing it to stop bouncing. Shana moaned her approval at his fondling.

Suddenly, Shana felt her pussy contract around Robert's cock. An incredible orgasm ripped through her curvy body. Shana stopped breathing and just let Robert fuck her. Her pussy was filled with cock as she squeezed down around it.

A hot blast of cum filled her pussy as Robert grunted. Shana's eyes lit up as another large burst of cum filled deep inside her. It felt fantastic to have a large cock and cum fill deep inside. Another strong blast caused Shana to orgasm again.

Robert collapsed on to Shana with the feeling of his orgasm. His legs felt so weak as his balls emptied in to the model. Shana smiled lovingly at him as further hot cum filled her. Robert couldn't help but push deeper as he felt Shana's body on his large tummy and chest.

Nina Dobrev and Natalie Portman were having a similar experience, however Natalie was not slowed by having to cum. She stared down at Nina as she fucked her hard with the strap on and admired her gorgeous body. Nina possessed incredible skin and full boobs that Natalie found mesmerising.

Natalie could feel how wet Nina was as she slid in and out and she knew Nina wasn't far away. Nina's body writhed in pleasure as she stared back at the beautiful woman fucking her. She loved how Natalie's slim body contrasted with the large strap on. She also enjoyed how Natalie's dark hair contrasted with her soft skin.

Nina held her gaze as she came, taking in the sight of the woman fucking her. The dildo penetrated her pussy deeply causing all her muscles to twitch and spasm. Nina found her self lying still as as her body did its own thing. Natalie Portman smiled down on her as she kept fucking her.

Another orgasm caused Nina to sit up partially, her abdominal muscles had contract so much. This brought her into range of Natalie who leant in too. Soon the pair kissed passionately again as Natalie continued to thrust her strap on into Nina.

The guys in the room had formed a large circle. In the middle Maria Sharapova, Taylor Swift and Erica Durance knelt on their knees facing out. The threesome were taking turns to give the seven men blowjobs, handjobs and if it was Erica Durance, titfucks. If no girl was free then the guys would wank over them until they switched.

To aid in their lovers, all three girls would moan or vocally encourage the men by saying something slutty.

"I get so hot when guys wank over my body," said Taylor as she looked up at two guys jerking over her before taking them in her own hands.

Maria spoke in her sexiest accent. "I love seeing so many big cocks. It make me feel so alive." Maria then took a waiting cock into her mouth and gave it a quick suck.

"Mmm I want you guys to cum all over my face and big tits," added Erica as a guy fucked her tits as she pushed them round his long hard cock.

The men all suddenly gave a big moan as they all started to cum at once. Blast after blast covered the girls in the centre as they did their best to make sure not a drop was spilled. Erica let the guys fuck her tits for a bit before holding them out for another guy to cum on too. Her face was soon plastered as well as her chest.

Taylor had stroked off a few of the guys while they came, pointing their cocks at her face and chest. She felt several blasts fly into her mouth at once and let it collect there while she also covered her face and hair. She felt saturated by the cum as it dripped down her tight young body.

Maria's mouth overflowed with cum as she took a second cock into it. She held herself still as she allowed both cocks to shoot their loads in. She felt the cum cause a tingle on her skin as it fell from her chin to her small tits. The tingle was exhilarating.

The men pulled back as their cum dried up content to have a go at painting each girl if they could. Hotel Limbo allowed for huge cum shots and the men certainly made use of it.

Katy Perry and Kaley Cuoco watched from their desk as they came at the same moment. Katy held one of Kaley's tits as an orgasm rushed through her from her soaking pussy. Kaley did likewise, enjoying the feel of Katy's large boobs in her hand. The rubbed their pussies together slowly, each acutely aware of every fold and crevice. They felt like goddesses amongst all this erotic carnage.

They looked at each other as another orgasm took hold. Their whole bodies radiating pleasure and the sight of a sexy woman was amazing. The woman felt like they had everything. A great view, a hot woman with incredible tits.

Sadie Robertson clambered down. Her legs felt wrecked. She dropped onto Holly who held her up and helped her to her chair. Rashida stood in front of the class. She looked at them all. Most were completely naked while others were partially. Everyone was a sweaty hot mess. The class seemed content but their earlier energy had been used up. Rashida smiled.

"Right that's it for today! Any questions just ask me or Miss Willoughby on the way out. And remember I want you to practice what we've learned for next time.

The class filed out, heading for a shower most likely. Miss Willoughby and Miss Jones looked at them proudly as they left. Well almost all of them left.

Sadie Robertson sat in her chair, her gorgeous slim body still glistening with sweat. She had a big smile on her pretty face as she looked at Holly and Rashida. She had learned and experienced so much. The classroom fantasy had finished though and Holly and Rashida would soon realise what had happened. Sadie's gifts of clothes had imbued the sense of a teacher into the pair. Not that they'd mind. The power of Hotel Limbo could make all fantasies come true.
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Re: Hotel Limbo original series
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Scott felt the sharp heat of the hot water hit his back and neck. His muscles were so tired and weary it felt nice. It didn't completely relax him but it felt better. Scott moved his head back into the shower and let the water cascade over his face and down his body. He let out a sigh as some more tension left him.

Scott tried to let go of what had just happened but he just couldn't. He wanted it so badly and it had been there for the taking. It however had slipped through his fingers and he'd just have to deal with it. Scott felt alone and tired as he let the water try to soothe his muscles and soul. He knew it would be a long night getting over this.


Scott had never felt so much pressure in his life. He squatted down and lined up the four foot putt from behind. It was getting difficult to read the line because of the incoming twilight but the sun should have given him enough light to read it accurately. "I'm making excuses already," thought Scott to himself as he tried to refocus.

Scott looked at Phil, his playing partner. Phil was looking at the hole without care it seemed although he had just as much riding on it as Scott. He then looked at the crowd which was three or four deep on this beautiful evening.

Scott could see loads of Hotel Limbo standing silently. He made out his friends as well as some of the hotel women he'd slept with and others he wished he had. Scott tried to calm down but caught the sight of Sofia Vergara standing in a short tight red dress. Scott's eyes just about popped out as her big tits bulged over the top of the dress. The tight dress showed every curve and showed what Scott thought would be a fine ass. He could see her gloriously sexy legs in black platformed peep toe high heels. "How did she manage round the course in those?" thought Scott as he stared.

Sofia had a gorgeous smile and lovely dark hair which complimented her tan skin. She had a bubbly smile which Scott had never once seen disappear. He could get lost in it easily he thought to himself before realising that was exactly what was happening. He wasn't concentrating at all.

Scott looked at his putt again. He had to focus. The Hotel Limbo Championship was on the line and he needed this putt to keep the match going. He'd been putting well all day and now he just needed one more solid stroke.

Scott got up and lined himself up. He felt his hands shake on the grip as he stood over the ball. He tried to clear his mind of any thoughts. This was just any other ordinary day.

The putter moved back. It felt like it weighed a ton in Scott's hands. He then pushed through.

He missed.

A gasp went out from the crowd as Scott felt crushing disappointment rip through his body. A loud cheer went up a second later as the crowd began to celebrate Phil's victory. Scott stood and looked at the ball, sitting just behind the hole. How had he missed?

Scott noticed a hand thrust into his view as he continued to agonise over what had happened. He had missed. A sudden sense of manners took hold as Scott realised he should shake Phil's hand.

"Well played," said Scott graciously as he gripped Phil's hand.

Phil gripped equally tightly. "You too," he replied with a genuine smile on his face. Phil then turned round and cheered to the excited gallery. Scott couldn't help but feel small. The crowd started to move towards Phil as he took in the their adulation. Scott saw several of the women he liked in amongst the people crowding round the champion. It made him feel sick.

Scott looked at the crowd one last time. So many happy faces. He didn't want to be here. He turned and headed for the changing room.


Scott had barely moved for the past five minutes as he continued to let the thoughts of his missed putt play out in his head. The thing about Hotel Limbo was that it made him believe he was playing for the biggest title in the game. It did however make him feel like he'd lost the biggest title in the game.

A sudden muffled cheer momentarily stirred Scott from his thoughts. Everyone was celebrating outside while he wallowed in his own misery inside. Scott's heart sank.

Suddenly a hand closed over Scott's eyes causing him to lose sight of his surroundings. The hand was small and held him softly. Scott then felt a couple of hard nipples press on to his back. With a further gentle press Scott could feel big wet tits against his skin.

Scott only took a second to get over the surprise as the feel of the big breasts pressed against him instantly relaxed him. He shuffled slightly so that he could feel the thrill of the wet tits slide over him.

"Guess who?" said a Latino voice in a bubbly sexy tone.

A smile came across Scott's face as he thought of Sofia Vergara in her short tight red dress. The hand slipped from Scott's view and moved to his chest. It pulled him in closer so he could feel her tits squeezed right up against him. He could also now feel the smooth wet skin of her pelvis against his butt.

Sofia's other arm reached round his chest and strengthened her hold on Scott. He felt some shower gel be rubbed into his skin and quickly a white soapy lather appeared. Scott felt incredible as Sofia's hands gently worked his abdomen and chest. Scott looked down at the soap bubbles as Sofia worked her way down.

A sudden rush of pleasure jolted through Scott's body as Sofia took hold of his hard cock in her soapy hand. She squeezed it slowly and ran her hand down the quickly expanding shaft.

"Someone's pleased to see me," she quipped as she began to stroke Scott's cock. Sofia rubbed her hand up and down it gently, giving a nice twisting motion as she did so. Scott have a groan of approval as he felt the star peer round to get a better look at his package.

"I haven't seen you yet," was all Scott could reply as he turned around. Sofia allowed him to do this, all the while keeping his cock in her hand, gently rubbing up and down the slippery surface.

Scott felt a rush of warmth as he eventually got to look at Sofia's pretty face. By now her hair was wet but it added to how hot she looked. She had big gorgeous eyes which lured him in to her soft pink lips. The kiss was perfect, starting slowly at first then building to a more steamy embrace as time passed. Scott felt his balls tingle as Sofia kissed him and jerked him off. He loved how Sofia pushed her body into his, causing him to feel good all over. The hot water that cascaded over them both certainly seemed to add to the enjoyment.

Sofia's handjob by now had picked up pace and broke off the kiss to accommodate the increased work. Scott stood back and took in Sofia's body as she continued to wank him off. Scott was immediately drawn to Sofia's big round wet tits. The shimmer that the water added made them more enticing. The clear water jetted off them and ran down her slim flat stomach to her perfectly shaved pussy.

Sofia had incredible legs too which Scott remembered from earlier. Still though his eyes wandered back to her tits as she wanked him off. Sofia couldn't help but give him what he wanted.

"I would love it if you fucked my big round tits," Sofia said, in her naughtiest, sluttiest voice. She wanted Scott to have an amazing time and was getting turned on by getting Scott off. Sofia stopped her handjob and used the soapy suds on her tits. She rubbed herself slowly, spreading the bubbles over chest. Her tits looked so good all soapy and wet. Scott felt his cock yearn to be between her tits.

Finally Sofia sunk to her knees as she cupped her tits. They looked a good handful and appeared quite fleshy as Sofia held them. She never broke her gaze as she knelt down. Scott positioned his hard cock in front of Sofia's chest when she settled. The anticipation was driving Scott crazy.

Sofia grinned as she smothered Scott's cock in between her titty flesh. She gave a cheeky grin as her skin made contact with the shaft, letting Scott know how much she loved doing this. Scott began to thrust his hips, causing his dick to slide in between Sofia's ample tits.

The feeling of hard cock between her tits was incredible for Sofia. She loved giving tit fucks. She loved the feel of erect cock on her skin and the feel of her tits pushed round it. "My God that feels good," she cooed as Scott started to fuck her harder. Sofia responded by pushing her tits round the shaft harder.

Scott could feel himself getting light headed. He had Sofia Vergara staring up at him as he fucked her glorious tits. There was virtually no friction between them as Sofia had soaped them perfectly. It was just his cock and her perfectly soaped up breasts.

Sofia started to bounce a little bit as Scott picked up pace. She wanted him to feel ecstatic. She felt so wonderful she wanted the tit fuck and the shower to feel extra pleasurable. Sofia loved the way her tits looked when under a shower. Scott felt the increased pleasure too as he fucked under the shower head. It was like a dream come true.

Suddenly, Scott felt his cock twitch with pleasure. The feeling of being trapped in such nice tits was too much. He felt his balls tingle as they slapped Sofia's soft skin. He was ready to explode. With one final thrust, he savoured the feel of Sofia's tits on his twitching cock one last time before he pulled out.

"Cum on my tits Scott," encouraged Sofia like a naughty pornstar. She cupped them again, presenting an irresistible target for Scott as he jerked himself off over her.

A large blast of cum shot from Scott's cock as an orgasm accompanied his balls squeezing. The shot landed on Sofia's left breast, the familiar sting causing her to moan in pleasure. A second blast flew from Scott landing across Sofia's cleavage, again causing the sexy Latina to moan erotically.

Scott was in heaven. All his muscles spasmed at once with each blast of cum. An orgasm had never felt so good or released so much tension. Quickly he'd covered the sexy star's chest as the cum began to drip onto her hands as Sofia continued to cup her big round tits. Scott marvelled at how beautiful she looked, particularly as steam began to come off Sofia, making her look hot to touch.

Sofia moaned approvingly with each blast of cum, her breathing rate picking up as she did so. It just added to her eroticism as her chest heaved up and down. She enjoyed the feeling of hot sticky cum on her skin, even as it mixed in with the water from the shower. She loved how she'd made Scott feel better.

Scott stood totally erect as his muscles spasmed. He was held rigid, pointing his hard cock straight at Sofia's wet cum covered chest. He grunted as he began to slow down, desperate to shoot every last drop on to Sofia's beautiful tanned skin. It certainly was incredible once he'd finished, the white cum on her tanned skin. Scott looked at Sofia's grinning face and smiled.

Sofia wasn't done however. The hot environment coupled with the shower made Sofia feel charged up. The steam built up surrounding the pair as she gazed up at the clearly delighted Scott. She had never felt so turned on by anyone before. She felt her tits radiate pleasure as her pussy dripped with excitement. She felt a hunger like never before as she gazed upon Scott's still hard cock.

Sofia stood up, letting her tits drop ever so slightly. She felt the cum and water on her tits dribble down her stomach, a feeling that got her more turned on.

Scott could tell by the way Sofia stood up she wasn't done. He felt his cock begin to ache again as he yearned to be pleasured by Sofia Vergara's incredible body again. She was so hot.

"I want you to fuck me!" commanded Sofia as she let him stare at her cum covered tits again. She like the way she could entice him to do anything with them. She also liked how his cock stood up as she asked. "I want you to fuck me hard Scott!"

Scott didn't know why but those words sounded better in her sexy Latin American accent. The way Sofia looked and moved was also tremendously sexy. She swayed her hips, she flicked her hair and she pushed out her tits as much as she could. She just seemed to beckon Scott to her.

Sofia placed a finger under Scott's chin and gently pulled him to the edge of the luxurious shower. She smiled at him knowing she was going to get his big cock inside her. Sofia's eyes gave a little twinkle just before she turned round and bent over.

Scott looked at the round ass in front of him. It was perfect. It just seemed to pull him in more. He lined up his cock with Sofia's wet pussy as her gripped her butt firmly. Sofia let out a little giggle, indicating she approved of his firm grip on her body. Scott eased forward, his cock easily parting her wet swollen pussy lips. It felt as good for Scott as it did for Sofia. Again she groaned, but this time with even more approval.

Scott started with a couple of firm pushes, sliding his length all the way in and out. He could feel Sofia rock back and forward, trying to get Scott as deep as possible. She let out a couple of more approving moans. Scott loved how good things looked and sounded. He loved looking at Sofia's wet back and hair, and he loved how his cock felt in her pussy. He felt he really needed to fuck her.

Scott quickly started to pick up pace and strength. He pulled Sofia on to himself, trying to give her what she wanted. Sofia's breathing had got heavy again and Scott got more excited just thinking of her chest.

Sofia for her part still continue to push herself on to Scott's long hard shaft. It felt so incredible as it moved inside her that she was now struggling to stay up. Her legs felt weak with pleasure. To accommodate this, she pushed her hands against the steamy shower glass and heard that familiar squeak as her hands slid across it. Sofia could feel her soaked breasts bounce beneath her as Scott continued to fuck her hard.

Sofia bit her lip as the pleasure built inside of her. Her whole body tingled at the anticipation of a huge orgasm and she was determined not to scream too loudly yet where they'd be discovered. Despite this, she still let out moans and grunts of pleasure with nearly each thrust, the pleasure in her chest and body was too much to deny.

Scott was close to blowing his load inside Sofia, her wet tight pussy giving him an amazing feeling over his cock. Scott looked at the star's ass as he pumped in and out, amazed by how perfect it was. He gripped it harder, something which he knew Sofia loved. Scott could also hear Sofia's tits bounce off her chest wall as he fucked her, a sound that was very alluring to him. He pictured her tits in his head and reimagined the incredible tit fuck he's just had.

It was too much for him. He just about had enough strength to collapse on to Sofia's back. He reached round and held her glorious tits in his hands. He could feel her stiff nipples as he squeezed her great fleshy mounds. He felt how wet they were and he could sense some of his cum was still on them. Just as he squeezed, Scott's cock fired a huge amount of cum into Sofia. His legs felt weak as he came and was glad to be partly supported by Sofia.

Sofia felt the large amount of cum flood her pussy as well as Scott's manly hands grope her sensitive tits. The combination of both things caused an orgasm to take over her body, Sofia's pussy clamped down round Scott's cock, enhancing the feeling of the cum filling her pussy. She felt amazing. Through her deep breathing she felt like she needed to scream, she'd never had such good shower sex.

"Agh Scott! Fuck me!!" moaned Sofia, as she struggled to breath. "I love your cock and I love your cum!"

Scott felt a huge release as Sofia spoke to him so sexily. He shoved his cock as deep as it could go as he forced one last blast of cum into the beauty. Scott's whole body felt incredible. His heart felt happy and he felt incredibly close to Sofia.

Sofia settled down as her muscles began to tingle. She felt pleasure in every inch of her body and she had Scott to thank for that. The brunette stood up and looked Scott seductively in the eyes. She felt hot cum and water dribble down her legs.

"That was amazing," whispered Scott, as he took Sofia in close. He could feel his still erect cock rub her soft skin as he did so, prolonging the nice sensations.

"Well I thought I could cheer you up after your golf tournament," smiled Sofia innocently.

Scott laughed. "What golf tournament?" he said as he pulled Sofia in for a kiss.

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Re: Hotel Limbo original series
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"I wonder what they're up to this time," said Martin Smith as he sat in a plush waiting room. The room was dark, with leather couches and oak furniture. The only area well lit was over by reception desk and it was currently where Martin was staring.

Charlotte Church was sitting at the desk, wearing a white shirt and very short black skirt. This gave her the appearance of a sexy secretary and displayed all her assets magnificently. She had the shirt unbuttoned to her lower chest, displaying the top and inside of her big round tits. The short black skirt showed off her round luscious legs. She finished with black platformed high heels.

Charlotte's face displayed a cheeky grin. She looked so angelic with her brunette blonde hair nicely curled that Martin couldn't tell if she knew what was happening or if she was as unwitting as he was.

Martin winked at Charlotte, making a mental note that he would definitely like to see more of her if he didn't get to just now. Charlotte laughed at his wink, taking her chunky fountain pen and placing it in her mouth as she started to get on with her work once more. Martin held his gaze and watched the Welsh beauty happily.

Martin was feeling excited. He loved the feeling of being teased by the Hotel Limbo girls and Charlotte Church was most definitely one of those. Martin couldn't help but imagine Charlotte gently sucking on his erect cock, particularly as she started to perform the same motion enticingly on her pen for his enjoyment.

Martin jumped. A harsh buzzer went off, waking him from his erotic daydream of Charlotte Church. Charlotte just smiled at him as she calmly continued to answer her inter-com

"Send Mr Smith through now Charlotte." A woman's voice spoke on the other end. She sounded serious.

"Right away Professor," replied Charlotte in the perfect receptionist tone. A second later, she was standing up and opening the door to a large office. Without realising Martin found himself halfway there, partly drawn forward by Charlotte and partly by the voice asking him through. Martin took one long look at the busty receptionist before he entered the room

"Mr Smith," Charlotte nodded politely as Martin passed her, before closing the large door.

Martin's disappointment that Charlotte had gone was short lived as he looked round the large office in front of him. The whole place was deadly serious, not like most of the other places in Hotel Limbo. The room was mainly oak again, and was filled with leather bound books. The room was dimly lit with with wall lights which were needed with the curtains totally shut.

A shadowy figure sat in the shade. Martin strained his eyes to see if he could make out who it was but he was struggling. The figure remained unmoved.

"Take a seat Martin. Relax." The female voice was strong and confident, but at the same time had a soothing quality. Martin looked round. A green leather chaise longue sat barely in the light. Martin made his way over to the comfortable looking chair and lay down as instructed. Martin was so nervous he couldn't begin to relax.

"Tell me Martin, are you comfortable?" Again the voice was strong yet had a relaxing tone.

Martin again tried to see who was speaking to him but she remained hidden by shadows. Martin didn't answer the question and instead asked his own. "Who are you? What do you want with me?"

The woman in the shadows remained calm. She didn't reveal herself but did answer one of Martin's questions. "Some of the women of Hotel Limbo have come to me with sordid stories about you. I need to verify their accuracy."

Martin felt nervous. He'd never been summoned whilst in Hotel Limbo. Had he done something wrong?

The shadowy woman continued. "A few months ago, you were like any other guy in here. You started out shy and grew into it. You spent time with some girls before eventually realising there was more." The woman was measured and kept going. "Blowbangs, gangbangs, orgies, competitions... I could go on."

There was a pause. Martin remained silent as the woman continued to speak. "But you had to take more!" The woman's voice raised at the last part, her anger coming through.

"First, Danielle and Kay Panabaker. Then Dani and Bella Thorne. Next Bri and Kaley Cuoco. And even Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears."

All Martin could do was wait for the point. Ever since a tit fuck with Zooey Deschanel where he'd blurted out he'd love to cum on her sister's tits as well, the girls of Limbo had been treating him to displays of sisterly love. It was all consensual and Martin wasn't aware he'd broken any rules.

"Well Martin, I can see quite a pattern here. An alarming one to be quite honest." It was right then that Martin saw the shadowy figure emerge into the light.

Susan Sarandon glared at Martin from her seat, eyes wide open. She had a lab coat on, with a pen tucked in the breast pocket. By leaning over slightly, Martin could see the top of her large cleavage although at this point Martin wasn't sure if he was supposed to be looking. Her long red hair was curly and was slightly messy.

"What's alarming?" said Martin shaking. He was nervous, and could barely speak. He was really beginning to believe he had done something wrong.

"I don't know where to begin!" Susan stepped from her chair in front of her desk. Martin could see her long white coat which stopped at her knees. Susan's lower legs looked immaculate. She wore platformed black peep toe high heels. Susan was very intimidating and she was currently looking down on him with fury.

Susan continued to speak down on Martin. "All this time with sisters. Have you never looked at a mother and daughter before and thought you'd like to fuck them?"

Martin instantly perked up. He had never thought of it, he was having such a great time. But before he could even begin to formulate a thought, Susan spoke again.

"Eva. Get over here!"

Out of the shadows from under the desk stepped Eva Amurri. Her facial features were instantly recognisable to be similar to her mum. She too had red hair but it was dyed slightly browner with blonde highlights. Like her mum, she had a big rack, but as she was wearing a very small lacy red bra, it was very much on display. She has a toned stomach and long sexy legs. She wore red platformed peep toe high heels to complete her outfit.

"Finish what you were doing." Susan continued to speak authoritatively, even at her daughter who quickly got on her knees. Susan slung off her lab coat revealing a lacy black bra and panties set. The bra showed her big round tits and the panties showed a well toned stomach. She had on a 12 inch dildo which pointed straight out from her pelvis.

Eva immediately got to work. She took the dildo into her mouth, starting to suck noisily on the plastic. Martin could see some saliva escape from her mouth as she lubricated the artificial cock as best she could. Martin felt is cock strain against his trousers as he watched Eva giving a blowjob to her mother.

"You see Martin, I'd like you to experience how good it could be, a mother and daughter fucking together. I want you to know how good it can be." Susan was still speaking to him like a superior. All Martin could do was watch as his cock grew harder.

"Right darling. Enough with the foreplay. Take care of Martin's hard cock sweetie," Susan commanded. Eva immediately got up and obeyed. As she stood up, she looked hungrily at the old man. Given the fact she was in heels, she looked tall. Martin couldn't help be turned on by the power of Eva and her mum, especially as Eva looked down on him

"And take off your bra so he can see the big tits I gave you," Eva stopped in her tracks, still peering down at her next lover. She unhooked her bra and tossed it aside without changing her gaze. Eva's tits were big and round, and only jiggled slightly once free. Eva took a moment to allow Martin to take her tits in before she suddenly ripped off his trousers like a hungry animal. The release was instant for Martin as his cock sprang free before Eva's mouth enveloped it.

Martin's eyes rolled back as the busty woman started to work her lips and tongue on his shaft. Despite being a good bit lower than Eva, she had bent over from the waist, using her long legs to balance and her whole upper body to bob on the shaft. Once Martin refocused he could see her tits jiggle slightly with each effort. He relaxed back into the chair and let Eva do her thing, completely letting go of the panic he'd experienced earlier.

Susan took a few steps over, observing the unfolding sex scene. "She's very flexible and great at oral, whether it be dick or pussy." Susan ran her hand down her daughter's back, feeling the soft smooth skin. She then gently slid Eva's thong off, leaving her daughter completely nude.

"You see Martin," Susan continued, positioning herself behind her daughter. "We fuck all the time. I know my baby's body, I know what she likes and how she likes it. And she knows what I like and how I like it." Susan grabbed her Eva's waist. "And we love incest!" Susan took the that moment to shove the plastic cock inside her daughter's dripping wet pussy. Martin felt Eva writhe with pleasure as her mum fucked her. Her blowjob became more intense and more sloppy, reflecting Eva's heightened state of arousal.

"I love fucking Eva! I love watching her suck cock. By inviting you, I get to see the two at once." Susan was fucking hard and fast. Martin watched the older woman's tits wobble enticingly in her bra with each thrust. Despite her pace, Susan was definitely not out of breath, continuing each statement with the same assured tone as before.

"Cum Martin! Cum in my daughter's slutty mouth!"

Almost that second, Martin erupted into Eva's mouth. He felt his cum explode into Eva's throat, triggering a huge orgasm in Eva. The younger woman somehow managed to keep going as her mother penetrated her pussy, easily using her mouth to suck on Martin's cock.

Eva tried to hold it in her mouth but was failing. She swallowed some of the load but more dribbled down her chin. She struggled for breath as her orgasm continued while she continued to give Martin a blowjob.

"That's it baby, take that hot cum and my big plastic cock. Mummy is good to you."

Slowly Martin's orgasm faded, as did Eva's. The pair eased down, both recovering from the action. Eva stood up as Susan stopped fucking her. Unlike her mother, Eva looked exhausted, her chest rising and falling with each laboured breath. She was covered in sweat as well a few strands of cum from her mouth. She looked helplessly at her mum who looked her up and down.

Susan Sarandon closed the gap between the pair, meeting Eva's salty lips with her own. The pair found themselves in an embrace with Martin's cum going back and forth between mouths. Martin watched on as the pair kissed for at least a minute. He looked on excitedly as Eva's hands explored her mum's body, her hands squeezing her mother's large tits through her bra. She then ran them down her back, finding her mother's shapely rear and groping it too.

In reply, Susan didn't hold back when it came to her daughter. Initially she held Eva's ass before settling on her daughter's large tits. Her hands started by gently massaging the large mounds but then became more aggressive as Eva responded.

Martin could feel his cock slowly begin to harden at the sight of the two beautiful women exchanging his cum. He only got harder as Eva unhooked her mother's bra and let it slide to the floor. This was shorty followed by pushing her mum's strap on and panties down to the ground. The two naked women broke their kiss.

"Mmm mum you are fucking incredible," said Eva as she took in the sight of her mother. "Those big tits are beautiful."

"I know sweetheart." Susan still spoke slowly, in total control of the situation but there was just a hint of her arousal levels rising. "Now why don't you jump on the desk for me and Martin."

Without a seconds hesitation, Eva laid back on the fine wooden desk, her head resting on the table with her legs spread off. Susan then clambered a top the desk and straddled her daughter's pretty face. Eva located her mother's clit as soon as it was in range, flicking it gently with her tongue. For the first time, Susan's expression changed, her stern look diminishing to be replaced by one of unbelievable pleasure. Susan closed her eyes and let out a quiet moan.

Eva started slowly, using her tongue to circle her mother's swollen clit. She could feel her mother push down on her face and wiggle her hips slowly to augment Eva's explorations. Soon Eva started to flick more vigorously as her mother rode, becoming wetter and wetter.

The sight of a mother riding her daughter was too much for Martin. His cock was now rock solid and he quickly jumped up and positioned himself between Eva's spread legs. He held his cock outside her dripping wet pussy for a second and shoved it in. Eva was incredibly tight and moist, allowing Martin to savour the sensation while he looked at her mother who was beaming with pride at him. Susan was also cupping her own tits, allowing Martin to see what a handful they were.

Martin soon found himself sliding back and forth into Eva's tight wet pussy. Starting slow, he watched as Eva gradually drove her mother closer to orgasm. The erotic sight caused him to speed up, only realising as he noted Eva's tits begin to bounce on her chest. Susan looked at him and then her daughter's chest.

"That's it. Fuck my daughter hard. Make those big titties bounce." Susan had lost all pre-tense of being in control. Her body was on the verge of having an orgasm, driven there by her daughter's tongue. Every inch of her body oozed pleasure, especially her pussy and breasts.

Eva felt the same. She was incredibly turned on by fucking her mum and Martin's big cock felt incredible inside her. Eva was able to concentrate on licking her mother's pussy despite Martin's pounding. She furiously licked her mum's clit, sometimes letting her tongue wander down her mum's slit and thrusting it into her mum's wet pussy.

Suddenly Eva's body began to convulse with pleasure. Martin's cock felt amazing pounding her hard, with each thrust she felt a new wave of ecstasy. Every muscle spasmed as Eva's orgasm flushed through her and in particular her big bouncing tits felt good. Eva couldn't help but suck hard on her mum's moist pussy which she was loving.

Susan looked down on her daughter again as she felt Eva's lips on her pussy. She couldn't help being drawn to Eva's big tits. She grabbed them, causing Eva to clamp down on Susan's pussy again. This caused Susan to erupt, her whole body taken hostage by an intense orgasm. She half collapsed as the orgasm rushed through her, causing further pressure on her daughter's glorious tits.

Susan caught sight of Martin's cock, still hammering in and out of Eva. Susan tried to speak but her breath was taken away by yet another orgasm. She couldn't believe how good her daughter was at oral.

Martin continued to fuck Eva as he watched Susan try to speak to him. She looked so hot as she orgasmed from her daughters skilled tongue. Suddenly Martin felt his cock begin to twitch and his legs begin to give way from under him. With huge effort, Martin pulled out of Eva and began to jerk his cock over the mother and daughter combo. Susan gave up trying to speak and just smiled gratefully.

An incomprehensible moan accompanied a huge blast of cum as Martin began to orgasm for the second time. The magic of Hotel Limbo caused him to hit Susan's abdomen as well as catching Eva's round tits. A second blast caught Susan's bald wet pussy as well as Eva's chin. A third stung Susan's big tits causing her to moan in delight.

Martin felt incredible. The intensity of his orgasm caused his legs to feel weak but as long as he stood in the same place he was able to continue. He fired cum at Eva and Susan as Eva continued to lick out her mother. Each blast of cum caused him to shiver with pleasure.

After a minute, Hotel Limbo and Martin had caused Susan to be covered in cum from her tits to her pelvis. Her daughter was equally covered in hot sticky cum but from her chin to her upper abdomen. Martin admired the sticky mess he had created as Susan slowly recovered the power of speech.

"Fuck!" Susan couldn't help but say, before realising she wanted to be in charge again. She looked round her desk as she lifted a leg up, allowing Eva to roll out from beneath her. Martin couldn't help but admire how his cum formed sticky strands between the pair until Eva was off the desk. Martin then collapsed on to the couch.

Susan found her intercom. "Charlotte," she started, looking Martin in the eye. "Mr Smith has done really well today but I think he needs another appointment in the next few days." Martin smiled at her in agreement.

"Of course Professor. Is there anything else I can help you with just now? Martin was instantly able to recognise Charlotte Church's Welsh tones.

Susan paused for a moment, and then replied, "Actually, Eva, Martin and myself could do with a clean up."
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Re: Hotel Limbo original series
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These stories are amazing, thank you for sharing them again. I used to read them all the time on Literotica.


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Re: Hotel Limbo original series
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Hey dude, big fan of your work from back in the day. Do you have the story with Lucy Pinder as a cop and I think it had a threesome in it? Would love to read that one again.
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Re: Hotel Limbo original series
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Yeah I think I posted it in models


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Re: Hotel Limbo original series
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Yeah I think I posted it in models

The Kelly Brook one is there, but not the Lucy one. Love reading your stories.
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Re: Hotel Limbo original series
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Yeah I think I posted it in models

The Kelly Brook one is there, but not the Lucy one. Love reading your stories.

Iíll try to post it tomorrow


Re: Hotel Limbo original series
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Barry had been having a terrible day which was strange for someone who was resident in Hotel Limbo. First off, he'd slept in and missed his personal training session at the gym with Anna Kournikova. Not that it involved too much gym work but that was always the point. He loved those sessions with the former tennis star and was really disappointed when he eventually woke up. He had phoned straight away but unfortunately Anna had other commitments and he had to accept her offer for a redo tomorrow morning.

Next, Barry went to his favourite cafe, 'Limbo Bites,' for lunch, only to find it closed for renovations. Giada De Laurentiis was chef there and she always made his burger and fries just the way he wanted. Anna Kendrick was the waitress and wore ridiculously tight and revealing tops and short skirts or shorts.

After Barry's morning, he could have done with spending time with Giada or Anna or both, as he often had done by way of payment. He loved getting them both naked in the kitchen and fucking them, often creating a mess with sauces and creams being sprayed over bodies. It never grew tiring for Barry but that option was also closed to him. What did he have to do to catch a break?

Barry arrived back at his apartment and reached in to his pocket for his keys, his pocket was empty. Barry wriggled around a bit. The pocket was empty. He reached over to his other pocket. Barry's heart skipped as that pocket too was empty. He looked at his door handle. In frustration, Barry reach out and tried to open it. He knew as he was doing it that it would fail. The door lock remained steadfast. Barry felt the rage build up inside.

"Fucking day!" muttered Barry to himself, taking deep breaths trying to calm himself. It was barely working. He looked at his hut. He wanted in. But his keys were somewhere else, somewhere between here and the cafe. The only way to get in was to head back and retrace his steps. Barry wanted this day to end.

Suddenly he felt a cool drop hit his head. And then another on his left wrist. Barry looked up. It was a grey sky. Another drop hit his cheek, shortly followed by another. The heavens opened a second later. Barry stared at the sky as rain poured down on him, soaking him in seconds. If he hadn't been so angry he'd have noted how refreshing a cool Hotel Limbo rain could be. It was usually sunny all the time but occasionally there would be rain to replenish the wild life and the plantations.

Barry felt the anger again. He was soaked and locked out of his hut. Barry felt like screaming out loud. He looked down as rain drops ran down his face. Barry's t-shirt and cargo shorts were stuck to his skin. There was only one thing to do and that was to trudge through the torrential rain and find those keys.

Barry set off back to the cafe in the pouring rain, cursing everything about his day. There was no chance he was doing anything other than going to bed early tonight. He thought about Anna waiting for him in the morning and it did make him a little better. He had the slightest inkling of a smile thinking about it as the rain lashed down on his body.

"Barry Davidson?" a sweet English voice rang out through the rain, interrupting his thoughts of a naked Anna Kournikova. Barry looked round. Two policewomen stood there staring at him through sun glasses. They wore police caps over their soaked brunette hair. Both had on tight blue police uniforms with badges over the left shoulder area.

Barry strained to see the facial features of both women through his dripping face but he replied anyway. "Yes, that's me."

"I'm Officer Lucy Pinder and this is Officer Kelly Brook. We think we have found your keys." Kelly lifted keys from her pocket and dangled them from her perfectly manicured fingers.

Barry was delighted. He couldn't believe how good that news felt. A smile spread across his face as Lucy and Kelly continued to stare at him, totally expressionless. However he was now able to see their pretty faces more clearly. They had perfect make up despite the rain.

Lucy and Kelly wore the same tight dark blue uniform which was soaked. However the dark colour prevented it from going see through. The top was low cut, with both girls having the top buttons undone down a good bit. Lucy's big tits were pushed up and out practically bursting out over the uniform. Kelly had big tits as well and she was showing just as much cleavage as Lucy was.

The uniforms were short too. Both women had incredibly sexy long legs which finished in dark blue platformed peep toe high heels. The must have added five or six inches to the girls height. As good as they looked though, Barry couldn't help but think how impractical they'd be if they were chasing someone.

"That's great, thank you so much!" exclaimed Barry, clearly delighted. He beamed at the pair, forgetting almost completely about the rain. Perhaps things weren't so bad after all

Lucy and Kelly remained still, staring at Barry. Kelly just let the keys dangle on her finger.

Barry was confused by the stoney expression the girls gave him. They hadn't flinched since they first spoke. He tried to break the tension that he seemed to be feeling. "Where did you find them?" he asked.

"We found them at 'Limbo Bites,' Mr Davidson," spoke Lucy with authority.

Barry smiled at them, knowing he must have dropped them. The girls remained unchanged.

"'Limbo Bites' has just been robbed Mr Davidson!" Lucy Pinder growled a response.

The penny dropped. Barry's heart sank as he realised what the officers were doing here.

"You wouldn't know anything about that?" fired Kelly, removing her handcuffs from their holster.

"No of course not!" Barry protested as he felt Kelly grab his arm. Barry pulled his arm in, trying to resist Kelly's arrest, however, Kelly was firm and was able to hold on. Lucy stepped forward and confronted Barry face to face. Barry had no choice but to relent and allowed Kelly the chance to cuff his other hand behind his back.

"That's more like it," said Lucy, acknowledging Barry's compliance.

"I didn't do anything," Barry complained. "I just dropped my keys!"

Kelly and Lucy gave a laugh. "That's what they all say," said Kelly pushing Barry in the back. Barry stumbled past Lucy who now rested her hand on the small of his back and guided him out of the garden.

Kelly and Lucy marched Barry down the street in the pouring rain as he continued to protest his innocence. "You've got the wrong guy!" Barry would bellow as he struggled to contain his fear. He could no longer see Lucy and Kelly as they were behind him but he could feel their authoritative presence guiding him.

Barry was aware as he walked and bellowed that he could see the residents of Hotel Limbo judge him from their houses. They peaked at him from behind windows and doors. He felt such anger and frustration at the situation. How could this be happening to him?

Barry tried to protest but Kelly and Lucy were very firm. They kept shoving him towards their target without saying a word causing Barry to give up on pleading with them. He became resigned to his fate as he saw the police station approach. He began to feel totally helpless.

Entering the station, Barry's fears were confirmed. It was a small station with only three cells and an office room. Two of the cells contained seven or eight men, all in black and white striped convicts overalls. They all wolf whistled at Lucy and Kelly as they strode past, whistles which were ignored. He shuddered to think of himself as a convict, especially when he hadn't done anything wrong. At least he would get a chance to explain things soon.

To Barry's surprise, he was shoved towards the cells and not the interview room. Lucy and Kelly forced him through the cell door and stood him up, back against the wall. He then felt one of his handcuffs momentarily undone and then forcibly redone after he was tethered to a bar. He looked at the women as they looked him in the eye and then walked out the cell, slamming the cell door behind them.

It was a jail with iron bars all round so Barry was able to watch as the girls entered their office. Barry pulled at the bar but it was definitely fixed on tight. Barry felt deflated. He stood looking at the floor, not wanting to engage in contact with the others. He could see them approach the bars to size him up, but Barry didn't care. He just wanted to be left alone.

Barry stood for five minutes in the small cell. He felt lost and alone. He'd done nothing wrong but would he soon be kicked out of Hotel Limbo? He didn't know. He just wanted to talk to someone about it.

Suddenly, the wolf whistles started again as Barry heard the door swing open and high heels click across the hard concrete floor. He looked up to see Lucy and Kelly, still soaking wet, come marching to his cell. The loud crack of the lock reverberated round the station as they opened the cell door. The hinges clearly could have done with some oil. The officers stopped just in front of Barry.

"Oh thank God!" exclaimed Barry, "If we could just talk." Barry felt a sudden jump as a hand squeezed his balls and cock. A loud cheer went up from around the station as the prisoners watched all the action in front of them.

"Shut it!" said Kelly, Barry now clear that she was the one who was squeezing his balls. "We're here to make sure you not going to cause trouble." She then let out a small grin as she loosened her grip slightly and began to twist her hand slowly round Barry's cock while still in his shorts.

For the first time Barry felt a twinge of pleasure as Kelly gently began to rub her hand slowly back and forth. He looked at Kelly with a look of incredible relief as she appeared to be warming to him. He noticed Lucy come up behind her and begin to rub her hands up and down her busty companion's body. Lucy looked him straight in the eye, now with a lusty look across her face.

Lucy then located the button struggling to hold in Kelly's big tits. As soon as she touched it, it burst open, giving Barry a great view of her full round tits which were still wet from the rain. A second button soon followed, letting Kelly's tits completely out as the shirt fully opened. Barry couldn't believe how great they looked, displayed so openly in front of him. Kelly gave a blush as she saw his bewildered expression. He was getting a hand job from a topless Kelly Brook while handcuffed in a police station.

Barry watched excitedly as Lucy began to massage Kelly's breasts. The fullness they had gave Lucy more than a handful. Barry couldn't help but notice that his cock was hardening rapidly under Kelly's touch and the sight of Lucy Pinder fondling those amazing tits.

Barry could feel his balls start to tingle as Kelly had picked up the pace of her handjob. He was particularly grateful when she loosened his shorts and let them fall round his ankles. The feel of her soft hand on his skin only increased his pleasure. He wanted to cum so badly.

Kelly could sense the impending explosion in her hand. She wanted to let him cum but that wasn't for just now. Kelly gave a mischievous wink to Barry as she let go off his cock and left him exposed, completely erect in front of the whole jail. A feeling of embarrassment shot through Barry although he still felt turned on by the two sexy models standing in front of him.

Lucy and Kelly stood there smirking naughtily at Barry as they checked him out. Kelly's shirt was still hanging open displaying her big tits. They looked so incredibly hot.

"Hey guys!" Lucy shouted, giving Barry cause for concern. He didn't want his current erection to be laughed at. Naturally though the other inmates all turned to look into the cell. "We know you've been watching what's going on and we know your cocks will be rock hard." The men congregated at the bars on each side of the cell.

Lucy continued with her sexy English accent. "We just want to let you know, we want all those hard cocks. And we want all your cum!" Lucy beamed as she spoke before facing Kelly and starting a passionate lesbian kiss.

Barry stood in disbelief. He couldn't help but be turned on as the models kissed each other hard. He saw how Kelly's hands rubbed Lucy's body as the men in the other cells cheered wildly. The cheering got louder still as Kelly slowly undid Lucy's shirt and pushed it over her shoulders, letting it hit the ground. Kelly then moved her hands up and cupped the large mounds as the kiss finished.

Lucy was keen to show her big tits so broke away from Kelly. She stood side by side with her hot friend, proudly displaying her big round wet tits for everyone. Lucy and Kelly had everyone's undivided attention and that's exactly what they wanted and they knew how they were going to keep it.

Lucy immediately made her way to Barry as he stood shackled to the railing. She smiled as she fell to her knees and gobbled the large cock in her mouth. Barry's eyes just about jumped out his head seeing the beauty topless beneath him servicing his cock.

Lucy swivelled her tongue round the hard pole as she bobbed her head up and down the long shaft. Barry felt her warm mouth over every inch of his cock, particularly when she opened her throat up for him. It felt incredible.

Suddenly Lucy took her mouth off Barry's hard cock. There was a loud plop as Lucy looked with desire at the shaft. Barry felt like thrusting his cock at her pretty face but waited a second as Lucy repositioned her hair and then her body. She cupped her tits and held them for Barry. It was a picture Barry could have only dreamed of.

Lucy gave a knowing smile as she enveloped Barry's cock with her fleshy mounds. Barry loved the feel of being trapped in between Lucy's amazing tits. She had such soft skin but firm breasts that he felt his cock was going to explode on Lucy's touch. Slowly Lucy began to bounce her body up and down the shaft, using her breasts to massage the hard cock. Barry let out a guttural moan.

"That feels good doesn't it Barry? You love me fucking you with these big titties." Lucy used a slutty tone, completely different from her police voice, but still incredibly hot.

Barry could only nod as Lucy picked up the pace. Barry could feel his cock sliding in between those glorious mounds. Barry tried to thrust his hips, desperate to show how much he was enjoying it but felt the handcuffs impede his ability to do that. Lucy looked up at him with a giggle. "Just let me take care of you," Lucy said kindly as she squeezed her tits harder, giving Barry a jolt of increased pleasure.

Barry looked up at the cell, trying to get a moments relief from the incredible tit fuck he was getting from Lucy Pinder and her big breasts. However, the first thing he saw was Kelly Brook and the naughty things she was getting up to.

Kelly had lost her short skirt and was now naked apart from her peep toe platformed high heels which highlighted her beautiful long sexy legs. She was showing off her cute ass as she stood over on the right of the cell beside the iron bars. The inmates were huddled as closely to her as the bars would allow. This allowed the guys to push their cocks through the openings for Kelly to stimulate.

Kelly had a huge smile on her face as four cocks were waiting for her to pleasure. The busty model wrapped her hands round two and began to give two handjobs. Barry thought about how good her hand had felt earlier and smiled as Lucy continued to titfuck him. The cocks were long and hard and provided a long runway for Kelly to run her hand up and down.

The inmates let out a groan as Kelly wanked them off, slow at first but with increasing speed. They clearly were ecstatic with Kelly's work and even more so as the policewoman sunk to her knees before them. She jerked off two cocks in front of her face as the other two masturbated through the railings in either side. This allowed Kelly to reach out and take the two cocks in her hands when she desired, which she did right then.

Kelly eyed up the two hard cocks in front of her mouth. She smiled, taking one of the cocks into her mouth and bobbing her head up and down the shaft. Kelly loved having control over four cocks at once and would have done anything to have it in her mouth at the same time but it wasn't physically possible. She had to make do with giving her best blowjob as quickly as she could before switching to the other cock while maintaining the double handjob.

Kelly felt so hot giving all these inmates sexy treats. She was also enjoying how the men lusted after her body which was on full display in front of them. She knew they'd have all jerked off over her and Lucy's top heavy bodies. She encouraged it. They both did and now they were about to get everything they had been dreaming of.

Barry looked at Kelly Brook working the four cocks as best she could. He was in awe of Kelly as she tried to pleasure everyone equally while also allowing them look at her body. Barry then looked at the four men on the other side of the room. They were all stood up with their hard cocks out, masturbating furiously over the live sex show.

Barry then looked down at Lucy who was still giving him an incredible titfuck. Lucy Pinder bounced up and down hard as she massaged his cock with her big tits enthusiastically. Barry knew that Lucy was really loving it. She had a look of complete happiness on her face as Barry's cock appeared and disappeared from her beautiful breasts.

This was complete heaven for Barry. He could feel the excitement build as Lucy's flesh slid easily over his hard cock, leaving his balls feeling like they were about to explode at any second.

In an instant, Lucy took her breasts off Barry's hard cock. She stood up giving him a look with her eyes that let Barry know how much she enjoyed it. She stepped back and away, practically drawing Barry with her. Barry leaned forward and felt the handcuffs tighten behind him. He felt his balls scream as Lucy looked enticingly at him as she moved slowly towards the prisoners stroking their cocks.

Barry wriggled and twisted, he was desperate to get closer to Lucy. It was all to no avail as he watched her smile wickedly as she took a hard cock in her hand. She started to stroke it slowly, teasing Barry with her pretty eyes. The guy receiving the handjob gave a small laugh at Barry as he relaxed in to the feel of Lucy Pinder stroking his cock. Barry could have punched him he was so angry.

This wasn't helped by Lucy sliding her skirt down and revealing her pussy and cute ass to the prisoners. She looked unbelievably gorgeous, completely naked apart from her platformed high heels.

Barry wanted her so bad but he could only watch as one inmate reached through the railings and groped at her big breasts. Lucy cooed as the man fondled and squeezed them, clearing enjoying having them touched by rough hands. She gave Barry one last look before turning to the prisoners.

Lucy let the man groping her breasts stand on a bench before reintroducing his cock through the opening. She continued to give a handjob as she let the other squeeze her tits together and stick his cock in between the fleshy mounds. He began to fuck them as best he could through the bars, an effort that Lucy was clearly appreciating. She loved to have her tits fucked.

Another prisoner joined his friend on the bench, sticking his cock through the bars at perfect head height for the brunette. She smiled as he rubbed it furiously before she willingly took it in to her hot wet mouth. The man gave a groan as she started to suck it hard. She bobbed her head up and down, closing her eyes as she did so. With almost telepathic precision, she reached out a hand and took the final cock into her hand, giving it a gentle rub.

Barry had crashed. Minutes earlier he had been in heaven before plummeting back to hell again as he watched two of the most beautiful women in the world take part in an orgy he couldn't join. To make it worse, he felt like he was about to explode. Lucy had left him right on the edge.

"She such a tease that one." Barry hadn't noticed in the commotion but Kelly Brook was now by his side. She stood there naked apart from her peep toe platformed high heels, her hair slightly dishevelled in a sexy way. "She just loves bucket loads of cum."

Barry looked at Lucy as she worked the four men effortlessly. He was impressed but also more turned on, the frustration again leaving him. "It was her turn to work all the prisoners but she wanted to feel your cock in between her tits so I let her. I hope you don't mind."

Barry shook his head silently as he faced Kelly again. "My turn now though. And I need a big hard cock to fuck me." Kelly smiled naughtily as she positioned herself in front of Barry. She bent over from the waist presenting her perfect ass and pussy to him. The next thing Barry felt was incredible. He felt Kelly push her swollen wet pussy over his cock and gently slide down it. The pair let out moans tighter and then a little giggle as they both enjoyed the sensation.

Kelly looked back over her shoulder as she then began to rock back and forth on the big hard cock. She started off slow, savouring ever millimetre of penetration. "Just relax," she said in her sexy English accent. "I'll take care of you."

The speed at which Kelly moved picked up gradually. Barry could feel how wet and tight she was as she pushed herself deeper on him. He felt so good he could barely stand. Still though Kelly got faster and Barry begun to push gently back at Kelly, matching the timing of her bounce as best he could given the handcuffs.

Kelly moaned in approval with Barry's thrusts, each one now generating a different grunt. Kelly's breathing was also faster as she began to lose control of her body. She reached up and grabbed her own tits which were bouncing off her chest wall with some force. The sound of them had been pleasing to Barry but the thought of the model groping her big tits was even better.

To Kelly though, this was too much. The feel of squeezing her own big tits was too good and she began to orgasm. A huge rush of pleasure fired through her as her pussy contracted around the solid cock deep in her. She pushed as hard as she could on it, edging the orgasm to higher heights. Kelly felt her breasts tingle as her fingers and palms worked to grab as much flesh as they could. "Mmmm fuck..." she breathed, trying to catch her breath.

Kelly's wet pussy fired another burst of pleasure through her. She felt her platformed high heels on the ground through her tingling feet and weak legs, but she was determined to stay in this glorious position. She felt Barry continue to fuck her adding a little bit more to the orgasm with every thrust. He felt so huge in her she knew he would blow soon.

Kelly quickly jumped off Barry as soon as she realised just quite how big he was. She was still in the throes of an incredible orgasm but wanted to feel Barry's cock between her tits. "Fuck my titties like you did Lucy's Barry, cum all over me!"

Kelly was on her knees and squeezed her big tits round Barry's shaft giving an erotic moan as she did so. Her breasts were still sensitive from her orgasm and this produced a feeling just about as good. The feeling only got amplified when Barry's hard cock started to thrust through her cleavage. "Oh fuck yes! That feels so good between my big tits."

A few moments later Kelly could feel Barry's cock twitch. The feeling caused Kelly to beam with pleasure as the first blast fired from Barry's cock hitting her square in the chin. Kelly continued to fuck Barry with her tits, getting off on the feel of the hot cum hitting her chest and neck as she did so.

Barry could barely stand or breath. He had a gorgeous model tit fucking him as he came and it felt fantastic. He looked at her pretty face with astonishment as cum began to trickle over her breasts from her neck and from a full cleavage.

Still Barry wasn't done however and neither was Kelly. Having given him a chance to cum during a tit fuck she then grabbed his cock and began to milk it further by shooting cum towards her face and chest. Barry felt his balls explode as cum continued to fly over the beauty covering most of her face, hair, neck and tits. It truly was an epic Hotel Limbo load.

"I love hot cum," Kelly giggled as she gently rubbed Barry's cock, getting the last drops out. "I'm covered!" She was almost completely covered but she loved it. The feel of the cum plastering her skin and the joy it brought to guys was what Kelly loved.

Barry looked up in a daze as he tried to get the use of his weary legs back. He was surrounded by men jacking off as they watched his show with Kelly. He then noticed that on one side Lucy Pinder was on her knees, holding her tits for the prisoners.

"Give me all your cum!" commanded Lucy as she let the guys masturbate over her incredibly hot body. The visual aid had worked as no sooner had she spoke than all four men launched the cum at the busty brunette model. Streaks of cum flew through the air, striking Lucy on her skin. The men beat themselves off furiously as cum continued to fly in Lucy's direction landing on her face, hair and tits.

It had taken only a few blasts from each man to cover Lucy but they weren't close to finishing. Lucy's eyes were covered but that didn't stop her from keeping them open. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and quickly got rewarded as her mouth got filled gradually by some well aimed shots.

Lucy was loving this. She loved the feel of cum on her tits as she held them out to be covered. She felt it built on her hands once her breasts became saturated so she began to actively rub the hot white goo in drawing an erotic moan. She looked so hot.

Lucy got up and swallowed the load as she blinked a few time to clear her eyes. Cum poured down her body as she did so, a minute or more of Hotel Limbo cum shots from four men proving beautifully excessive. The guys were spent but they looked very satisfied.

However, there were four guys still jacking off. They had enjoyed the show but they now needed a release.

It didn't surprise Barry one little bit to see Lucy happily turn round and present herself for the same treatment from the other men. He had to admit to himself that even he was getting more turned on.

"Alright men, you know what I want!" Lucy commanded but just before the guys could start to unload Lucy was joined at her side.

"Not so fast! If I've to share Barry you need to share these lot!" Kelly took a similar position to Lucy, cupping her tits enticingly for the inmates. She had a big load on her but her skin was still visible in some places on her top half unlike Lucy. That was about to change however. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

Lucy just laughed.

Suddenly a torrent of cum was fired across the railings, raining down on the police women as they offered their bodies for their prisoners. The inmates took aim for any area of skin that was untouched as well as aiming for the open mouths.

Kelly and Lucy enjoyed the feel of cum quickly filling their mouths. The hot salty taste was something they'd craved and was the result of the their sexy endeavours. They both loved the feel of the hot cum striking their skin. They even enjoyed getting it over their eyes.

Kelly quickly became as saturated as Lucy, cum flowing down her large chest from face and neck. She gave a smile as she swallowed a load showing how much she was loving it.

After another two or three minutes of Hotel Limbo loads, Kelly Brook and Lucy Pinder were well and truly drenched. The pair felt like they were walking on air they felt that good but also they had noticed the sheer volume of cum was also weighing them down. They stood up, letting loads of cum fall into the floor or down their bodies and legs.

The men returned to the middle of their cells completely drained. Most sat down as they were too tired to stand. Barry wanted to sit but was still in handcuffs.

Kelly and Lucy looked at Barry with a mischievous grin. "You're free to go," said Lucy. "Don't sleep in for a Anna Kournikova session again!" she rebuked mockingly.

"But I thought there was a robbery at the cafe?!?" exclaimed Barry, totally confused.

The girls giggled. "Oh yeah! The cafe is fine. That was just a ruse to make you think you were in serious trouble!" laughed Kelly. Lucy soon burst out laughing too. "Anna arranged this for you so you wouldn't miss out. She really likes you you know."

Barry didn't know whether to be angry or delighted but he was erring towards delighted. The girls at Hotel Limbo always did make a man feel special.
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Re: Hotel Limbo original series
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Nice work, it's great to read them again. I remember all the Hotel Limbo stories on Literotica from a few years back. They were always great. You have a charm with humour when writing these ladies.
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Re: Hotel Limbo original series
« Reply #14 on: December 30, 2018, 07:03:46 AM »
Ah, this one was probably my favorite story you wrote! Officer Pinder, reporting for duty.

Every time I see this pic, I think of you.

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