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Author Topic: Kelly Brook, Holly Willoughby and a leprechaun  (Read 33814 times)


Kelly Brook, Holly Willoughby and a leprechaun
« on: November 11, 2018, 03:53:53 PM »
Holly and Kelly's leprechaun. This story is completely made up.

"I feel so drunk!" laughed Holly Willoughby as she stepped outside for a breath of fresh air. The curvy blonde star took a deep breath in. "Ah that's better." Kelly Brook followed her through the door and breathed in the fresh night air. "Mmmm..." she sounded in agreement. "I can't believe how much wine we've had." It had been a good night, in fact, a good weekend. Holly and Kelly had come away to chill after the filming of a new series of their TV show. Both had been tired but had thought a pampered girls' weekend would do them both well. They had booked a swanky hotel spa in Ireland to get away from the attention of the media. Despite being two gorgeous women, on Friday, they had managed to get round Dublin City centre unnoticed. On Saturday, they had spent the day in a luxury spa sipping champagne. This evening they had enjoyed a fine meal in the restaurant along with two further bottles of wine. Both were now pretty tipsy. They had laughed and giggled and in general had a wonderful time. It was a beautiful night too. The stars were out and it was still warm. Holly appreciated the soft cool breeze that tickled her skin.

Holly had her hair blonde hair down. It was curled at the end and hung at her shoulders. She had on red lip stick which highlighted her big soft lips. She wore a tight long sleeved red dress which hugged her shapely body. It showed off her big rack, awesome ass and revealed her smooth sexy legs as the material stopped just on her thighs. She had on red platformed high heels to go with the dress.

Kelly Brook on the other hand was in a black and gold flower print dress. It too was long sleeved and like Holly's showed off her big rack without showing any skin. The dress stopped just below her ass allowing all her long sexy pins to be displayed. She had on black peep toed platform high heels which sparkled with glittery bits and added 6 inches to her height. Her pretty face was framed by her chestnut brown hair which was curled simply at the end. She had on a beautiful pink lipstick to show off her smile. After about ten more minutes of giggling and walking, the beautiful pair reached a field. A wooden gate stood guarding the field. Holly looked at Kelly. "No entry," sighed the blonde. "We'll have to turn back."

"No way!" Kelly replied. "I'm having too much fun!" The pushed the gate open, tottering on her high heels as she did. Holly smiled looking at the sight. Kelly had a playfulness that Holly had always loved. She couldn't help but follow. She took a few steps forward onto the lush green grass and felt her mood lift even further. Holly laughed to the point she was almost crying. Holly and Kelly held each other as they crossed one field then another. Holly wasn't sure if it was the unsteady ground, the wine or the amount of laughter but she needed to hold on to something. She was having so much fun, Holly didn't care that they could no longer see the hotel. It was still warm and the sky was clear. Their laughter was the only sound.

"Well hello there ladies!" rung an Irish accent. "A bit lost now are we?" The pair spun around, grabbing each other by the waist as they so for support. The voice had caught them off guard and they were surprised. First glance, nothing was seen. Then after a second, they noticed a small figure dressed in green appeared at the periphery of their vision. The figure wore a green jacket with waistcoat, a green hat and tight fitting white and green trousers. His outfit was completed by brown clogs.

The small person's face was still obscured by the rim of the hat but after seeing the size of him Holly felt relaxed enough to speak freely. "Yeah a bit! We're just having such a wonderful time we've just lost track of time and place." Kelly giggled. She was very amused by the small man in front of her. He must have been about three foot tall. He had a portly belly as well. "You look like... Like a leprechaun!" she exclaimed before bursting out laughing. Holly smirked too, although was trying to behave herself in front of the stranger.

"That's because I am a leprechaun and you're in my field!" The man looked up. He had a small round face with deep wrinkles and wide mouth. His ginger hair was bushy and not at all maintained.

"Oh my God! Awesome! Do you have a pot of gold?" Kelly seemed amused, ignoring his statement about the field. "Oh aye! I have several," said the leprechaun sarcastically, rather irked by the intrusion.

"And you could do magic?" asked Holly in drunken amazement. "If I want." "Could you do some just now?" began Kelly.

Within a blink of an eye Kelly felt a cool breeze touch her skin. She looked down only to see her dress had disappeared leaving her in a black bra and panties set. She quickly covered up with hands but was doing a pretty poor job. Her large cleavage was very evident in deed. "Fucking hell! What do you think you're doing!" shouted Kelly as she repositioned her hands.

"Magic!" replied the leprechaun bluntly. "You did ask. And you are in my field. You have to make it up to me!" Holly smirked, finding the whole thing amusing. Kelly Brook gave her a stare which meant she did not agree. "You can't leave me like this we're in the middle of nowhere and somebody could see me half naked," protested the brunette.

The small man was now the attention of Kelly's death stare but he continued to smile. "Very well." There was a momentary flash of light and the fields and night sky were gone. The trio were suddenly standing in a hotel room. It was big and plush with a huge living room. It had a beautiful white couch to match the white and gold decor of the room. "My room!" said Kelly, standing up to reveal her glorious body. Holly smiled again as she saw Kelly relax. "Not a bad view," chimed the blonde. "Indeed," agreed the small man.

Kelly's posture relaxed a bit as she realised she was now in a private place. She stopped trying to cover her self and let some of her rack be displayed. However she still wasn't happy. "Eh this isn't much fun! I'm half naked in front of a weird man!" she said indignantly. "Well we can change that easily. How would you like to oil yourself up and become fully naked"

Kelly was shocked at the question. She was about to continue shouting but before she could muster a word she felt a bottle of baby oil appear in her hand. Suddenly she felt an overwhelming desire to pour oil over her body. She felt aroused. She felt sex charged. Slowly Kelly turned to look at Holly instead of the leprechaun. A playful smile appeared across her face as she quickly snapped of her bra. She let it drop to the floor. Her tits were magnificent. Big and round without a hint of drop. They were at least 30FF. Kelly pursed her lips seductively as she raised her arms above her chest before giving the bottle a squeeze. As soon as the oil landed on her cleavage she groaned in pleasure and tilted her back erotically. A tingle ran through her breasts as she poured the oil over them. Soon it began to drip from the nipples, some over the floor, some onto her toned stomach. Soon the bottle was empty. Kelly chucked it away allowing her to grab her chest and begin to massage her own tits and occasionally abdomen. Holly was mesmerised. She'd never seen someone go from having such a bad time to having such a great one so quickly. She felt her own body become more excited. The zip on the back of her dress began to slide down. Holly let the dress fall from her shoulders on to the ground revealing a racy red bra and panties set. The material was fine and almost see-thru. Her tits looked amazing.

"Come join me!" said Kelly, noticing Holly's stunning figure. She cupped her tits as she did so. Holly strode over in her red sexy high heels. She wanted to be fucked so much. She held her hands out and grabbed Kelly's big tits. The pair then kissed passionately. Holly loved the feel of Kelly's oily smooth skin sliding over hers. Kelly's hands moved over her body, covering it in oil. She felt her bra clip being loosened and stepped back allowing Kelly to see the unveiling of her big tits. Without a hint of sag, Holly's big round tits were freed from her bra. Holly smiled proudly has her 34DD fleshy mounds were displayed for Kelly but also her leprechaun companion who was quietly watching.

"Aww God Holly. You look fucking hot!" said Kelly as she resumed the kiss, pressing her oily tits onto Holly's. The girls were keen explore each other's pussies. Hands reached downwards as Holly began to massage Kelly's hot swollen clit. Kelly on the other hand had to rub through Holly's soaking red pants.

"Why don't we move this to the bed?" rung out an Irish accent. The leprechaun stood on the bed now naked. He was small and round, but his massive cock stood out proud and erect. It was at least 12 inches long.

The girls looked round with a smile on their face. "Oh my God. That is huge!" said Holly as she gasped. "I need it in me!"

Holly dropped her pants as she lay on the bed, leaving her high heels on. The tubby leprechaun entered Holly. She was wet. She groaned as his long shaft began to rock back and forth. Her tits began to wobble up and down. Her whole body began to quiver. Holly squeezed on her big tits, they felt amazing in her hands.

The next thing Holly saw was the curvy naked figure of Kelly Brook standing over her. She smiled a Holly before clambering on the bed where her friend was being fucked. "You enjoying that big long cock you sexy slut??" Holly just smiled. It became clear suddenly what Kelly had in mind. Holly saw Kelly's long sexy leg straddle her chest and then her wet pussy hover over her right tit. Holly looked up and smiled. "I fucking love... Titty fucking!" she groaned, in between breaths.

"I get so turned on by big tits!" replied the pretty brunette as she lowered her pussy on to Holly's erect right nipple. Holly held her breast in place. Kelly began to rub her clit over the slippery nipple. "Mmmm yeah!" she moaned as she began to get faster. Holly looked up at Kelly. She looked so happy! Kelly grabbed her own big tits and began to rub and squeeze them. Kelly looked at the gorgeous Holly. Holly face showed how much pleasure she was in. With each thrust of his long dick, the leprechaun caused waves of joy to radiate through the blonde. Her tits tingled, particularly her right breast which loved the stimulation of Kelly's wet pussy. Holly was in heaven. Her own pussy was soaking.

Suddenly Holly's pussy erupted with pleasure. Her orgasm started violently ripping over every inch of her body. Her leprechaun lover continued to fuck her causing the pleasure to heighten further. A second source of orgasmic delight came from her right breast which radiated warmth from Kelly's pussy. "Ohh fuck yes!" Holly moaned. "Fuck me hard!" Holly was directing both Kelly and the leprechaun.

Kelly responded by grinding harder. She looked longingly at Holly, desperate to come on Holly's tits. She made her own tits jiggle as she rode.

Holly smiled. Her own orgasm began to subside leaving her free to concentrate on Kelly. She felt the leprechaun withdraw. He appeared at the side of Holly. She wanted to suck on his cock.

"Make her cum," smiled the small man.

With that Holly felt a flood of warm juices cover her breast and hands. She managed just about to move her hard nipple over Kelly's slit. One of the most beautiful women in the world was cumming on her breast.

"Fuck Holly... I fucking... Love... Your big tits..." Kelly struggled for breath as her orgasm continued. She could feel Holly's fleshy mound explore in between her legs, the nipple stimulating her clit and occasionally teasing penetration.

Holly laughed. Kelly was beautiful. She looked stunning. Her big tits covered in oil. Her hips grinding. Her pussy glistened with pussy oil and juice. Her pretty face was a rosy red and her gorgeous hair was sticking her sweaty neck and shoulders. "You look so hot Kelly. I want to fuck your tits!"

Kelly was still coming down from her mind blowing orgasm. She looked down at Holly again. Her body felt fantastic.

"Tell me what you want ladies!" said the leprechaun.

The girls turned round to see his huge dick pointing skywards. They both knew instantly. "Cock," replied Kelly. "Cum!" smiled Holly as the leprechaun lay on his back.

The two girls got up and kissed. Kelly could feel her juices on Holly's chest. They both still had their high heels on and their legs looked fantastic. "How can we both get the most out of this big juicy cock?" asked Kelly mischievously.

"I think we both know what he wants!" smiled Holly. "When else would you get two sets of gorgeous titties together like this again?" Holly and Kelly both laughed. Slowly they set their bodies on each side of the long pole in front of them. Their big tits met over the long cock. Holly grabbed hers as Kelly did the same. They pushed their tits together, sandwiching the cock in the middle.

"Ohh!" giggled Kelly, pretending to be innocent. Slowly the girls started to bounce up and down, running their fleshy fun bags up and down the throbbing cock. The leprechaun breathed a moan of approval.

"Double titty fucks are so hot. Cock and big fucking tits! What a beautiful combination!" said Holly excitedly as the girls bounced synchronously. Holly couldn't help but look at Kelly. Kelly's big tits pressed together was an incredible sight. Kelly was so sexy. Of course, the feel of Kelly's big knockers in contact with Holly's own felt as good as a tit fuck. Kelly looked up from concentrating on the cock. The girls eyes met indicating a telepathic understanding. In a couple of moments, the pair had stopped titty wanking, swapped their hands to the others jugs and then resumed their breast work.

"Mmmm Holly, I could titty fuck with you all day. Your tits feel so good!" Kelly was loving squeezing Holly's tits into the large cock.

Holly for her part loved holding Kelly's mounds together, which helped create the perfect fuck zone. The girls were perfectly in tune and off the same mind. Their leprechaun lover just lay back and let his disinhibited cum thirsty sluts work. Suddenly, a rope of white hot cum shot from the stiff rod. It landed on Kelly's right breast. It stung her skin in a pleasurable way, encouraging her to keep going. Another shot of cum followed. This time covering Holly's cleavage. She too loved its feeling and helped continued to milk her lover. Load after load flowed from the cock, covering the girls' tits with a good volume of cum with each one.

Holly felt fantastic. Her body tingled each time the white salty cum landed. She marvelled with Kelly at each gooey strand. A reward for their work. A brilliant decoration for their glorious chests. After a minute, the fountain of cum slowed and then eventually stopped. The girls stopped rubbing their breasts on the shaft and let go of each other. Holly looked down at herself as she stood up feeling her high heels hitting the floor. Cum dribbled off her chest, some hit her feet and high heels, some her legs and abdomen. Holly loved the feeling.

Kelly stood up to. Likewise, her chest could not contain all the cum it was holding and spilled down her fleshy mounds onto her legs, flat stomach and floor. "Well you certainly proved your point! I've got to fuck more small men."

The leprechaun looked up. "You will only go for small men or women from now on! Both of you!" issuing another command, realising the stars were going to comply.

"That sounds good to me!" said Holly hypnotically. At the same time she moved round and pushed Kelly flat on the bed. Holly extended her legs over Kelly showing her beautiful red high heels. "It's my turn to relieve a titty fuck now!" Holly wondered what it felt like and was now able to fulfill her fantasy.

Kelly complied excitedly, holding her cum covered breast for Holly. As Holly began to wriggle her pussy on Kelly, the leprechaun chuckled. He looked at Holly, riding with joy, her cum covered tits bouncing and her hairless pussy getting covered in white cum he realised how lucky he was.

"Don't worry girls, we've got a lot of tit fucking still to do..."
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Re: Kelly Brook, Holly Willoughby and a leprechaun
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I remember this story from years ago because of the double titty fuck. That is something I always remembered, thank you for sharing again.
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Re: Kelly Brook, Holly Willoughby and a leprechaun
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I loved that double-titfuck part. This was a cool story.
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Re: Kelly Brook, Holly Willoughby and a leprechaun
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Wow, now that was something. Its hard to come across Kelly Brook stories. This gave me a good laugh and was a fun read.


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