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VShitShow Hosted by VShojo
« on: September 08, 2021, 10:56:04 AM »
Disclaimer: This is all made up, it’s a fictional story. This is not meant to represent the real people featured.

Starring: Megan Thee Stallion, Normani, Projekt Melody, Ironmouse

Author Note: So I am doing it, making a series. I just had this idea. I wanted to try something more comity based. And since I love the members of VShojo, I wanted to do something with them. I was rereading the story Celebrity Dreams by Nevo and then the idea came to me. Have the VShojo girls host something similar to that. They’ll take two random dudes who really aren’t too important, put them in a room with two (although there can be more) usually female celebs and whichever dude busts a nut wins a copy of the whole thing. Of course since the VShojo girls are hosting, they’ll commentate, and things can get weird with them involved. Another writer told me that I should try to get more into the characters’ heads, so I’m gonna try to do that with our two celebs and hosts here. Also, I’m super sorry about messing up a lot on Mouse and Mel’s physical descriptions here. I obviously had no idea what they actually look like, and I just looked it up, and tried my best to use some stuff from the site Otakumode.com but didn’t wanna copy and paste, so yeah, that’s why it doesn’t look the greatest. I figured I’d describe how they look since they’re not really real humans. Also, the name of the series, VShitShow came from a comment Ironmouse made on a stream when she said she wanted to give that name to a series where she looks at memes. Huge thanks to MouseMom from Archive Of Our Own for beta reading and pointing out things like mistakes, go check out her work.

Chapter 1: Houston Hotties

We see who appear to be two men sitting on chairs next to each other in a room. The room doesn’t have much to it except for a projector like object in one corner. One of the men was taller and skinnier, while the other was shorter and a bit heavier. They both appeared to be confused. After both confirming that they’d never met before and neither had an idea of where they were, they heard two rather excited sounding voices.



The owners of the voices popped up on the screen on the projector, revealing themselves. The first voice belonged to a thin girl who had purple hair styled in a ponytail and bangs. She also had a band aid on her nose, and resembled the character Motoko Kusanagi from the series Ghost In The Shell. The owner of the second higher pitched voice was a pink and purple demon with long pink hair wore half down, half up. She also had two pigtails behind the horns on her head, which  had a heart shaped lock of hair on top of it.

“I’m Projekt Melody! Hello!”

“And I’m Satan, but you can call me Ironmouse. I bet you’re wondering why you’re here. (puts reverb on her voice) well let me fucking tell you! Me and the rest of VShojo thought it would be fun to watch some famous girls fuck each other. But we didn’t wanna just do that, we wanted to make it a game.”

“So we decided to select a couple random guys who we don’t know and kidnap them here with the power of technology. The rules of the game are very simple.”

“Whichever of you manages to go through the whole thing without cumming wins a free copy of the whole sex show, signed by us. If you lose, you get nothing.”

After Mouse and Mel explained the rules of the game while making plenty of lewd comments, the two promised celebrities showed up; Megan Thee Stallion and Normani.

Both the guys were getting hard looking at them, especially cause Megan’s ass and Normani’s legs were prominently shown off in the outfits they wore, not that they left much else to the imagination either. The two hosts were also in a trance as well, although Mouse broke the silence with a rather amusing comment.

“Thank you for the bittolies!”

“Hold up! You’re streaming? How you gonna do this without being banned from Twitch? I don’t want the blogs saying ‘Rapper Megan Thee Stallion and singer Normani destroy the careers of virtual streamers Projekt Melody and Ironmouse’. We got enough shit to deal with.”

“Wow, you’re hot when you’re mad.”

While Mel and Megan continued to argue about that, Mel reassuring the rapper that nothing would happen and they had it under control, the taller guy tried to reach out his hand to cop a feel on Normani’s chest.

What he didn’t expect was one of her hands roughly grabbing his with an extremely strong grip and looking at him with a look that could kill. Rather than talk herself, Ironmouse decided to yell at him instead.

“We just told you the fucking rules, piece of shit! You don’t touch! You watch! If you don’t, I’ll torture you!”

“I wouldn’t mind that.”

“Not that kind of torture, Mel. Anyway I’m horny, start fucking already, you two.”

Megan and Normani then moved to each other and shared a kiss. From the way they kissed, it was clear it wasn’t their first time together. They each knew the other’s mouth quite well, probably having to do with the rumors of them hooking up after the music video for their song Diamonds, rumors that were quite true.

Since Megan wasn’t one for much talk, she began to undress Normani and herself quickly, although when it came to their bottoms, Normani decided to have a little more fun with the guys who were already plenty hard by now.

“Should I take her pants off? So you can see that perfect ass of her’s?”

“Yes! Fucking do it!”

Both of the guys pretty much said the same thing, so Normani gladly did what they asked, while removing her own pants as well.

“Normani, you can choke me with those legs anytime. I’m feeling so horny.”

As Mouse said this, more horns popped out of her head, and even one from her nose. Mel, rather than say anything about the naked women who removed their panties, decided to flick the horn on her friend’s nose.

“Hee hee, this is fun. I wish I had horns, then I could be double horny all the time. Or is that triple?”

Back with the Houston hotties, they decided to dance naked for a bit and grinded on the guys who were still fully clothed. Megan particularly was enjoying getting reactions out of the heavier guy, and all she had to do was twerk on him without even having to put her all into it. Playing with him was just too easy.

Normani then grabbed Megan’s hand though, and led her to the middle of the room, where a couch had randomly materialized and placed Megan on it.

“You ready boys?”

Without waiting for an answer, she started to eat Megan’s pussy. Hearing the rapper moan was exactly what she hoped for, and she got that and then some.

“Wow Mouse, she’s making you look seiso.”

“What are you talking about? We’re both very seiso VTubers. That’s why we’re filming these two hot chicks sexually torturing these fucking nobodies. If only I was real, I’d bury myself in Normani’s tittolies and would just sleep there. I’m small enough, I’d fit right in there.”

“What about your horns though? That’d hurt her.”

“She’d live!”

As the two virtual streamers were talking, the positions of the two famous women switched, with Megan eating out Normani while also feeling all over her thick thighs.

She wanted to return the favor, so she did many things with her tongue that she’d only let a few others witness, including somehow seeming to make it hit all of Normani’s pleasure spots all at once. Normani told Megan she was about to finally reach climax, although it turned out that Megan wasn’t holding her legs with a strong enough grip, so when the former 5th Harmony member came, Megan ended up flying backwards onto the floor.

“Megan Thee Stallion caught in 4K. The popstar popped, and she wasn’t ready. Looks like she broke her off literally.”

Mouse then started to sing some of Normani’s song Motivation, before abruptly being cut off by Melody.

“We can’t sing that! The DMCA will be on us if we do.”

“Fuck that shit! I wanna sing!”

Mouse though didn’t sing, as she knew her AI friend was 100 percent correct.

Megan then walked back to Normani, licking up some of her cum as she recovered from climax. The two then exchanged it amongst themselves. This was the breaking point for the skinnier guy, as he came all in his clothes.

Ironmouse put the reverb back on her voice.

“Loser! We’ve got the loser here! I’d say caught in 4K, but I already said that once.”

“Goddamn it! I was betting on the fat guy to lose. Fuck.”

As Mel was slightly annoyed about losing her bet, the camera filming them shut off, although the screen stayed on. The winning guy was then given his copy of the sex show while Mouse gave him some parting words.

“If you show this to anyone that’s not yourself or someone you’re in a relationship with, we’ll fucking kill you.”

“She’s right, you know. I don’t play ‘bout this shit. Megan doesn’t either. You’ll be dead and we’ll be sure no one finds the body. Do enjoy the film once you’re out of here.”

Fearful of that, he just left.

“As for you, you can leave too.”

“I don’t get anything?”

“Nope, you played, you lost, you win nothing. Not even an Ara Ara from me or Mouse. Bye.”

Mel decided to end things, although Megan and Normani didn’t seem to want to, as Megan did what Mouse mentioned earlier, and went to just go crazy on Normani’s tits.

“I’d say that went well, what do you think, Mouse?”

“Mouse? You there?”

Mouse couldn’t respond, due to being entranced by the sight of the women, wishing she was in Megan’s place right now.

“That’s the first episode of this show. Join a couple other VShojo girls next time for the next one.”

The End

Author Note: So this is my new series. It was actually much harder than I thought it’d be to write. I tried to make it funny with the stuff Mouse and Melody said, but I really don’t know if it was that funny. Even though I watch them like all the time, writing their personalities was pretty difficult. I’m not even sure if I made Mouse crazy enough. I know there was hardly any sex, but I wanted to try something different and describe the actions in the narrative rather than just the two women saying everything to each other. I really don’t know how well I did that, but I hope you liked the attempt at least. I wanted to make the guys like have as little personality as possible from the start. I wanted it to focus on the girls while the guys are really just on the sidelines. Very few males will participate in the actual sex parts, with a couple exceptions. I have plans for at least a few more. Not sure how many chapters, probably less than 10. I hope you enjoyed.
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Re: VShitShow Hosted by VShojo
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2021, 06:55:09 AM »
Interesting story. I don't know anything about the source here, but you are good at writing comedy and sexual interactions with it.
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Re: VShitShow Hosted by VShojo
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2021, 02:02:47 PM »
Interesting story. I don't know anything about the source here, but you are good at writing comedy and sexual interactions with it.
I totally recommend checking them out. Melody is a camgirl but also does SFW (well as safe for work as she's able to be without them banning her) streams as well, and to be honest those are all I watch. Mouse is just great, would recommend the fan channel Best of Ironmouse, or just checkout Ironmouse's actual channel for her. They're both great, as are the others in the group. Next chapter is still being written, I was so worried that it wouldn't be funny enough.


Re: VShitShow Hosted by VShojo
« Reply #3 on: September 14, 2021, 08:15:26 PM »
Hope you don't mind I've had to move this topic to fan fiction since it's based on an Anime stream. Happy to see you posting more.
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Re: VShitShow Hosted by VShojo
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Easily the worst part here is me trying to describe the appearances of Mouse and Melody.

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Re: VShitShow Hosted by VShojo
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Chapter 2: Nice and Slow

Author Note: Here’s another chapter. I decided that the story will just be three chapters. I could write more, but the next one will most likely be the last one. I decided to just write one VShojo member, Silvervale this time since I think I could pin down her personality pretty well. I wanted to write the chosen celebs for a bit in something too, and I figured Silver would be the best host for them. On with the chapter.

Chapter 2: Nice and Slow
Starring: Silvervale, Emily Haines, Phoebe Bridgers

Disclaimer: I own nothing, none of the people featured in here act like this in real life, this is made up.

We’re in the same room as last time, with two similar guys in the chairs. The screen then comes on, with a rather busty wolf girl coming into view shortly after.


“Who are you? Are you a fox?”

“NO! I’m a wolf! If you’re gonna talk like that, then I’ll just kick you out right now.”

“OK, I’m sorry, please don’t kill me.”

After the guy pleaded for his life to be spared a few more times and the game was explained, a noise from behind them startled everyone except Silver.

It was singer Phoebe Bridgers, clad in a miniskirt and nothing else, who had just done a backflip into the room.

“Put your hands together for …”

“Phoebe Motherfucking Bridgers!”

Silver and Phoebe seemed to be on the same wavelength, finishing the greeting together. However, both guys were distracted by something they noticed when Phoebe came in. Namely, the fact that there was nothing under her skirt. She noticed this, but before she could comment, another woman casually stepped in the room and quickly moved next to her.

It was singer Emily Haines, best known as the frontwoman of the band Metric. What she was wearing wasn’t very notable, however she had a diamond ring on one finger, and Silver, being Silver, got caught up in her love of shiny things and couldn’t stop staring at it.

“Can I have that? Please?”

Emily though couldn’t respond, as Phoebe already started to kiss and undress her, although from the way she was going about things it was clear she was having a bit of trouble. Emily decided to take things into her own hands and managed to get herself and Phoebe naked.

While the two guys’ jaws hit the floor at seeing both singers with nothing on, Silver was still looking at the diamond until a message in all caps from her chat reminded her of what she was actually there for.

“Thanks chat. I love you!”

“First time with a girl?”

Emily could tell Phoebe was nervous, and since she had experience with multiple women in the past, she knew how to ease her mind and get her comfortable.

“It’ll be just fine. I won’t do anything you don’t want.”

“What about those two guys though? What if they want me to do something?”

“You don’t have to listen to either of them. If they move out of their chairs or talk too much, Silver can just remove them from the room and that’s that.”

“That’s right! I wanna be sure everyone is all nice and cozy here. Only happy vibes here today. Happy lewd vibes.”

Phoebe, now reassured, began to kiss Emily again, while also putting a hand on her breasts.

Emily managed to take things further while Phoebe was still occupied with her breasts by fingering her.

“I’m so proud of you, Phoebe, you’re learning. She does have some nice tits, doesn’t she?”

The guys also agreed with their wolf girl host, but the singers had other things in mind.

Phoebe was now eating Emily out, getting her first taste of another woman in her life. It felt great to her, and she wanted to make sure Emily felt the same way she did. She kept doing as Emily instructed, moving her mouth on spots that seemed to produce louder moans.

Emily herself was getting busy sucking on Phoebe’s breasts, and this was too much for one of the guys, as he let them know he was about to blow.

He then came all over Emily’s face and Phoebe’s breasts as Emily reached climax herself.

“Yay, you won! Enjoy your copy of this little show whatever your name is. I love you!”

“Really, you do?”

“Yeah, I love everyone, especially the ones I kidnap! As for you, guy who called me a fox, you don’t win anything. I still love you though. I hope you had fun at least.”

“Well, I got to see two hot chicks go at it while there was an anime girl with big tits there the whole time, I’d say I did.”

Everything ended there, with Silver saying goodbye to everyone, and the two singers getting dressed. The guys were released from their chairs and the screen went black.

Author Note: There’s the second chapter. Short, but that was the point. The next one will be like an ending, featuring the first male celeb I’ve written about. Those who watch Ironmouse should know who it is, she streams with him like all the time. There will also be another dude added in for the lols that no one will like, but that’s the point lol. I hope you enjoyed this short chapter.
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