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Author Topic: The deal (Zainab "zAAz" Turkie)  (Read 47673 times)


The deal (Zainab "zAAz" Turkie)
« on: April 01, 2022, 04:12:00 AM »
This is a fic story about the pro Valorant player Zainab "Zaaz" Turkie. I did this just for fun.

Zaaz and her teammates were feeling pretty bad, very sad, as the CEO of their team was pretty upset with them for the lousy performance they were having recently.
They feared they would be kicked off the team.
As they were discussing the various possibilities, they saw Steven, the CEO, enter their office without even looking at them.
They all seemed a bit annoyed by Steven's behavior, except for Zaaz, who stared at the office, until she said:
-I think I have an idea, hold on I'll be right back.
She went to Steven's office, knocked on the door asking permission and entered.
Once inside she sat down on the chair in front of his desk, which was quite full of things, she had several papers, a pen holder without much room, a stapler, a lamp, a landline phone, his cell phone, a keyboard, a mouse, and a monitor.
-How can I help you Zainab?
She was dressed in a team t-shirt, a jean mini-shorts and light gray sneakers.
-I wanted to talk about the current situation of the team.
-Well, would you like a coffee?
-Yes, please.
Steven stood up and prepared two coffees in very expensive cups as well as the coffee, he liked to have expensive things, he was careful to buy the best brands.
Steven sat back down with the coffees and a glass sugar bowl.
-So what did you want to tell me?
-First, I want to apologize for the performance we've been having.
-I accept your apology.
-Thank you, and the other thing I wanted to tell you is to give us another chance.
-I don't know if I can promise you that, the recent performance was too bad to renew the contract again.
-Please, I don't think it's that big of a deal.
-Let's check it out.
Steven put the replay of the last game the team had played on a TV he had bought a few days ago, which was propped up on a piece of furniture.
The performance had been horrible.
-They lost 16-3.
-It was a bad map.
-Just that one?
He played the replay of the other map, and it didn't get much better.
-This one they lost 16-5.
-We played against a very strong team.
-So the problem was the opponent. Are you sure?
Steven plays the replay of the maps against the other team they had played in the same tournament.
-16-1 I don't see that they did better against the other team.-
Zaaz was speechless.
-Let's see how they did on the other map.
It wasn't very encouraging the other map either.
16-0 they didn't even get 10 points between all the maps.
-It wasn't our tournament.-
-Oh right, the tournament, let's see how they did in the other tournament.
Things hadn't improved much.
-16-6 Anything to say?-
-Well I admit, we are playing badly, but please don't kick us off the team.
-I'm sorry, but everything indicates that this is as far as they got.
Steven had already taken out all the papers to end the contract, when a hand grabbed his wrist to prevent him from doing anything with those papers.
-Please reconsider.-
-Zainab, I'm sorry but the decision has already been taken.-
-Maybe I can change your mind.-

She said while she mounted Steven.
-Enough Zainab, this is not going to change anything, besides I can have any woman I want.-
-Maybe, but I can assure you that there is no one like me.-
She told him while she put his hands on her thighs and ate his mouth.
A few seconds later, she knelt down on the floor and managed to pull his cock out of his pants, which she spit out and started sucking.
She was an expert at sucking, so Steven soon surrendered to Zainab's lips.
-Oh, yes, kept going, Zaibab, oh ah ah.
She was running her lips all over his cock, even sucking his balls, on the way she made sure to leave it well drooled as she liked it.
She hadn't lied to him, she was giving him the best blowjob of his life.
A few minutes later she stops sucking and looks him in the eyes.
-Was I right or wrong?-
-Yes, I've never been sucked like that before.-
-And this is just the beginning.-
She undresses leaving only her slippers on.
She turns her back to him and rests her hands on the desk.
-Fuck me.-
Steven grabs her hips and begins to penetrate her.
After a while, though, he stops.
-Stop Zainab, the coffee is spilling out of the cups on the papers.-
-Don't worry, I'll fix it for you.-
She, without thinking, pushed the papers and the cups forward so that they fell on the other side.
The sound of the cups smashing against the floor only excited her.
-What are you doing, are you crazy? Those papers were important and the cups were very expensive.-
-Well, if you don't want to fuck me, I'm leaving.-
-No, stay, try to be more careful.-
-No problem.-
She answered in an insincere tone.
She sat down on the desk and motioned for him to come closer to her.
-I think it's time for you to give me some love too.-
She said while fingering her pussy.
She gently pushed him down so that he was on his knees.
He immediately understood that she wanted him to suck her.
Steven began to lick her pussy, he went up and down and from time to time he made a circular motion that drove her crazy.
-Oh yes, suck the player's whore's pussy.-
Steven began to make more frantic movements, even inserting a finger.
-Ah ah, yes, don't stop, hu.
Zainab's pussy was soaking wet, Steven could already drink her fluids.
The smell of her pussy was already beginning to scent the office.
Zainab made Steven stand up.
-It's time to get back to the action.-
She with a movement of her hand throws the stapler and the pen holder on the floor to be able to lie down more comfortably.
-Hey, I told you to be careful, you already broke two very expensive cups.-
-How expensive?-
-$250 each.-
-Mmm, I'm an expensive little bitch.-
-Too much.-
-Too much? Well, if you care more about your cups than me, I'm leaving.-
-No, sorry, I won't mention it again.-
-But I like to be your expensive slut, fuck me.-
-Yes, my whore.-
Steven started to penetrate her while he grabbed her legs and thighs.
He was doing it at a normal pace, but she wanted more.
-Come on, fuck me harder.-
-As you wish.-
-A little better, but I know you can give more.-
-You'll see.-
He started to give it to her with everything.
-Ah ah, yes, go on.-
-Do you like it now, bitch?
-I love it.-

Suddenly the phone started ringing, but they were both so focused on fucking that they didn't give it any importance.
As expected, it rang again after a few minutes.
But this time it was Steven who took the initiative.
-Don't fuck.-
He said while he pushed the landline telephone so that it fell from the desk.
Zainab laughed and told him:
-Good, you're learning.-
-Do you want to know how much it cost me, you expensive slut?-
-Of course.-
-Mmm, you seem to like me.-
-Yes, you were right, you're not like the others.-
Unfortunately, they were interrupted again, this time by the cell phone.
Steven stopped penetrating her to answer it, he was his superior.
But Zainab was not going to stay with her arms crossed, she got down from the desk and began to push Steven gently, until she had him cornered against the furniture with the television.
She squatted down and began to suck his cock, going from head to balls.
Steven couldn't quite manage to concentrate on his superior's call.
She knew very well what she was doing, regularly spitting on his cock to make sure it was always well lubricated.
While she was sucking his cock she was stroking his balls, which drove Steven crazy, he was trying his best to stay focused on the call, but his mind was on something else, his breathing was ragged, and every now and then a gasp escaped him.
Zainab stood up and took the cell phone from his hands to throw it back.
He was surprised, speechless.
Zainab on the other hand did not take long to insert his cock from behind.
She was moving back and forth, inserting it until her ass was touching Steven's abdomen.
The first thrusts were slow, until she got comfortable and was able to increase the speed.
Steven grabbed her hips so he could accompany her movements.
The furniture kept shaking and so did the TV set, until at one point the TV set fell to the floor and broke terribly.
-Nooo, stop, stop, stop, mad slut, my  TV, it cost me $17000.-
-Are you going to cry for your TV or are you going to keep fucking me?-
-Yes, you're right, fuck the TV, come here.-
Steven grabbed her arm and took her to the desk.
Without thinking he made a movement with his arm on the desk to throw the lamp to the floor, then he laid Zainab face up on the desk.
-He said, "$850 if you want to know, whore.-
-Yes, it warms me up a lot.-
-Do you want to know how much costs the cell phone you threw at me while I was talking, bitch?-
He asked her while he was hitting her pussy and thighs with his dick.
-Yes, tell me.-
-$2800, bitch.-
As soon as he finished saying it, he buried his cock in her pussy and thighs.
-Take it, bitch.-
-Oh yes, give me hard, I deserve it.-
Steven put Zainab's legs on his shoulders and began to penetrate her with great intensity and speed.
A constant clap clap clap clap of Steven's balls crashing could be heard.
-Ah ah ah, fuck me, hu.-
Steven squeezed her thighs and licked her legs.
-What a good taste your legs have.-
-Ah, lick 'em good if you like 'em, ah ah ah hu ah.-
Steven smelled and licked them from start to finish, but without slowing down the intensity and speed of his thrusts.
At one point the monitor fell to the floor dragging with it the mouse and keyboard.
But this time Steven didn't seem to mind, and Zainab even less, who laughed loudly at the sounds of things falling.
-Hu, that monitor cost me $5700, the mouse $1200 and the keyboard $3200.-
Steven seemed to be very excited about that.
-Ah ah, I'm going to finish, hu.-
Steven made Zainab get on her knees on the floor and finished 5 powerful spurts of white cum on her face.
-Ugh, well, I'm going to renew their contract, you convinced me.-
-Thank you, I told you I wasn't like the others.-
-No, you broke my whole office, but it was worth it.-
-How much did it cost you to renew our contract?-
-Mmm, I really am an expensive whore.-
-You bet.-

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Re: The deal
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I apologize for your status not being changed to author sooner.
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Re: The deal
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I apologize for your status not being changed to author sooner.
No problem, thanks for the suport.
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Re: The deal (Zainab "zAAz" Turkie)
« Reply #3 on: April 27, 2022, 02:12:32 AM »
Good story. I liked it, the oral was sexy. Finally it is expensive at the end of the story. I love seeing her kneeling on the ground like she should, she has potential.

Thank you ☺️


Re: The deal (Zainab "zAAz" Turkie)
« Reply #4 on: May 04, 2022, 01:56:36 AM »
Good story. I liked it, the oral was sexy. Finally it is expensive at the end of the story. I love seeing her kneeling on the ground like she should, she has potential.

Thank you ☺️
[/Thank you for the comment, I'm delighted that you enjoyed the story, I will bring more stories about another pro gamers. quote]


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