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Author Topic: Changes chapter 1: A night with Jordyn Jones and Katie Sigmond  (Read 1823 times)


I go to shoot Jordyn and Katie's new shoot, then when i get there i get an odd feeling in my stomach but i push on I introduce myself and start the shoot, about halfway through Jordyn decides that Katie needs some nude shots.
 I'm game for that. I follow her into the bedroom and its dark but Katie tells me to relax and have a seat. I sit down and she handcuffs me to a chair, then she sticks my neck with a syringe full of who knows what and I go to sleep. I wake up confused with both standing over me while I'm laying down i look down and I have boobs all of the sudden, “WHAT HAPPENED!? How did i get boobs I'm a male”. Katie comes in “not anymore technically”. I look at her confused "ok? what do you mean by that?" she’s holding headphones and a sleep mask, "Just relax dear." As she's putting them on me I loosen up "Ok that sounds good". She puts them on me and presses play on the headphones and i am assaulted by hypnosis videos, they leave and come back when I'm laying there no longer trying to fight. Katie takes it off “how do you feel” she giggles. I look at her blankly, Jordyn asks if I know anything. I slowly shake my head, “PERFECT” they both giggle. Your name is Madison and you are one of us now. They put me in a set of lingerie and at some point i grew long blonde hair but it didn’t matter I am Madison and always have been
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