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Author Topic: The fan (Julia "Juliano" Kiran)  (Read 36736 times)


The fan (Julia "Juliano" Kiran)
« on: May 06, 2022, 03:28:15 AM »

*Fictitious story about a Swedish professional gamer named Julia "Juliano" Kiran.

This is a story that I published in Deviantart.

Julia was supposed to attend an important gaming event in Stockholm.

As the event was not far from where she lived, she decided to go in her own car, a Porsche.

She really felt a great attachment to her car.

The trip took her no more than 2 hours.

Once she arrived at the venue she parked in the parking lot of the venue, it was a fairly large 3 story parking lot.

She had dressed quite casual for the occasion, a white short sleeve t-shirt with some black details, a fairly tight jean that showed off her ass, some black sneakers with white borders, and some short white socks.

The event was going on normally, she was doing the usual activities as in any other event she had attended, interviews, some game session, autograph signing, among others.

The event was nearing its end, people were starting to leave and the place was already clearer, unlike the beginning of the event that was so crowded that you could hardly walk.

Julia was already taking a last tour of the place before leaving, when someone timidly calls her behind her.

She turns around and sees a young man of no more than 25 years old raising his right arm slightly, calling her attention.

-What is it?-

she said very kindly.

-Can I take a picture with you?-

He asked her in a somewhat shy and nervous tone of voice.

-Yes, no problem.-

She beckons him to come with her.

He goes to her, although he was still very nervous.

She directs him to stand next to her.

He does so and takes out his phone.

-Whenever you're ready.-

He takes a selfie with the phone.

-Can I see it?-

He shows her the picture.

-You didn't come out very well. Do you want to take the picture again?-

-It's ok.-

He takes the picture again and shows it to her.

-Mmm, you came out wrong again, it looks like you were too tense.-

-Sorry, I'm just a little nervous.-

-Would you rather we go to a quieter place?-

-It would be nice.-

-Follow me.-

He follows her as she had asked him to do, and on the way he takes the opportunity to look at her ass marked on her jeans.

That gave him a big erection.

She drove him to the parking lot, where she had left her car.

Once there, they got back into position for the photo, only this time he put his other hand on her ass.

As before, she looks at the photo.

-This time you really came out well.-

-Thank you, you were right, coming to a quieter place helped me calm down.-

-Yes, I could see that.-

She says pointing to his erection.

-Sorry, I couldn't help it.-

-No problem, it doesn't bother me.-


-Yes, it's normal, besides I noticed how you were touching my ass while we were taking the picture.-

-I'm sorry, it's just that when I was following you I saw how tight it was inside your jeans and I couldn't help it.-

-Well, I guess now it's my turn to touch your penis so we can be even.-

She grabbed his penis over his pants as she told him.

-Oh, well, I guess that's true.-

She pulled down his pants along with his briefs, leaving his penis free.

-Wow, not bad.-

She spits on her hand and masturbates it a little to lubricate it.

-So you liked my ass in my jeans, huh?-

She pushes him back against her car and leans her ass with the jean on his cock.

He was surprised, he didn't expect to be able to have that tight ass in that jean on his cock.

She started to move her ass over his cock, up and down, as if she wanted to masturbate him.

-Oh Julia, I love to feel your ass and your tight jean on my cock.-

-This is just the beginning.-

She gave him a couple more jerks and pulled away from his penis.

Now she leaned over the car and made him stand in front of her.

She kissed him for a few seconds and then pulled him apart again.

Julia squatted down sliding down the side of the car, that scratched the paint a little because of the metal buttons on the back pockets of her jeans.

But apparently she didn't mind too much, as she immediately took his penis into her mouth.

She moved her head back and forth to suck his cock, still not able to get it all the way in.

-Julia, your warm mouth feels so good covering my penis.-

She immediately pulled it out of her mouth and started licking his balls.

-Huuu, that's nice.-

Julia made circling motions with her tongue over his balls, although she did it for less than two minutes.

Then she spit on his penis and spread the saliva with her thumb.

Again she put his penis in her mouth and continued with her movements, only this time she did it more vigorously.

Besides that now the boy grabbed her by the nape of her neck to help her swallow his penis whole.

With a little effort she succeeded.

Although only for a few seconds, since she had to let him go in order to take a breath.

Still, she did it a few more times, and by the last few her mouth was already spurting out a few strands of saliva.

When she finished the last deep throat and released the penis, her mouth was dripping saliva like a waterfall.

He took those strands of saliva with his hand and spread them all over Julia's face.

-Ooohhh, dirty boy, I like to be dirty.-

-I'm going to give you what you deserve.-

He led her to the front of the car and took off her jeans and panties, but left her socks and slippers on.

He laid her face up on the hood and began to lick her pussy.

-Huu, give me what I deserve.-

He ran his tongue around her already wet pussy and sometimes inserted his tongue a little inside Julia's pussy.

-I can tell you like to be dirty, because your pussy has a very strong smell.-

-Oh yes, tell me how dirty I am.-

He grabbed her thighs to suck her pussy.

Julia, on the other hand, held on to whatever she could.

He,  at one point decided to lick her thighs a little too.

As he did so he felt a strong taste on them.

-Your thighs taste very good.-

-That's because they have a little extra seasoning.-

She winked and winked.

-Ooohhh, dirty girl.-

He went back to her pussy, only this time he also penetrated her with one of his fingers.

-Oh, oh, oh, oh, that feels so good, ah.-

She, being so aroused grabbed hold of one of the windshield wiper blades.

She held on so tightly to it that she yanked it off.

-Oops, I think that's enough warming up.-

he said.

-You're right.-

She got off the hood.

-Now it's your turn to get on.-

She said to him as she took off her shirt and bra, leaving only her stockings and slippers.

She climbed back on so she could ride him in reverse.

It didn't take her long to get his penis into her pussy.

-Let's see how good you really are.-

-You'll see.-

He grabbed her hips and began to thrust hard.

-Huuu yeah, that's a good start.-

You could hear the clap clap clap clap clap clap of the eggs crashing together with a sound like a hood plate.

-Take all my cock.-

-Oh yes, I want it all.-

Her tits kept jiggling up and down.
They went on for a couple of minutes until he slowed down.
-What's the matter?-
-Let's change places, my back hurts from lying on the hood.-
-It's all right.-
They both got out.
The hood was a little dented.
Julia opened the passenger side door and climbed in, sawing the door once she was inside.
She propped her feet up on the seat and stuck her ass out the window.
-Ooohhh Julia, what a nice ass.-
He, without thinking, spanked it, which made Julia scream, but he kept spanking and squeezing her ass.
He spit on her ass and spread the saliva with his thumb.

As the car was not very high he could reach her ass.

Very slowly he penetrated her asshole.

-Aaaahhh, you're killing me.-

She was clearly not very open in the ass.

-Your ass is strangling my penis.-

The thrusts were slow and he still didn't get his cock all the way in.

She was moaning a lot, you could even hear her crying.

He decided to pull out his penis to give her a little break.

-Ow, you destroyed my ass.-

To not waste time he opened her asshole a little with his hands and started sucking it while spitting on it every now and then.

-Huuuu yes, that's so good, don't stop.-

She started to shake her ass in his face.

While he kept on sucking her.

They only did it for a minute, as Julia got tired.

He also stopped to continue with the penetration, but when he wanted to open her ass a little to help himself, he unintentionally hit the mirror from below, which caused it to break and hang.

-Sorry, it was an accident....

-It doesn't matter now, go on.-

Hearing her say that excited him and he began to penetrate her with passion.

-Ahhh, it hurts a little, but I want more.-

He gave her everything, and when he could, he spanked her.

-Yes, like this, give me hard.-

He gave her as hard as he could.

It went on for only a couple of minutes, since that position was uncomfortable for both him and her.

-Let's change.-

She sat back in the seat and opened the door for her fan to climb in with her.

Julia leaned back on the seat, allowing him to get on top of her for missionary.

-Give me all of your cock.-

-With pleasure.-

Without another word, he thrust his entire penis into her pussy, all the way down to her balls.

Julia was a little surprised and opened her eyes wide.

He began to move in order to penetrate her.

-Come on, give me hard.-

Her fan increased the speed of his thrusts.

-Give me harder.-

The fan began to penetrate her as hard and as fast as he could.

The plaf plaf plaf plaf of his eggs crashing against Julia's pussy was constant, it was like applause.

She rubbed her pussy to increase her pleasure.

-How nice, don't stop.-

She was so excited, she was inadvertently kicking the screen of the car with her slipper, so she ended up breaking it.

Julia's tits kept bouncing.

-I'm going to cum, Julia.-

-I want your cum on my face.-

As soon as he heard her say that he stopped penetrating her.

She got out of the car and he followed.

Julia stood next to the door so he could shoot his cum on her face.

-I'm coming, ah ah ah, ag, drink my milk.-

Her fan finished five powerful spurts of white cum on Julia's face.

-Mmm, I wish more fans would give me gifts like this.-

Julia wiped off the remnants of semen that had remained on his penis with her mouth.

-How about some pictures now?-

-What a good idea.-

He retrieved his phone and went back to Julia, who was still squatting and with cum on her face.

She stuck out her tongue to lick the head of his penis and took the picture like this.

-This is a good picture.-

-If you like it so much why don't you take some more?-

He couldn't refuse.

He took a picture of Julia with her from far away so that she would come out whole, another one of Julia sitting inside the car, and one more of her lying on the hood.

-I'm going to be anxious for the next event.-

-Who said we'd see each other at the next event?-

-I'm sorry, it's just...

-This is my number.-

She said while showing her cell phone number to her fan.

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