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Author Topic: C for Christina (POV BJ/Titfuck 11/16)  (Read 20243 times)


C for Christina (POV BJ/Titfuck 11/16)
« on: May 28, 2022, 05:35:07 AM »
*The following events did not happen. I make no money from this fictitious parody of an event. I have no association with any names or companies mentioned throughout this fantasy piece. All characters are over the age of 18 and do not read this if you are under 18 years of age.

**This story is scene two of a series where Christina Hendricks gets her own full length feature porn showcase. More scenes will be posted as they come out. Feel free to comment any feedback or criticism either through a message here at CSS, the reply section of the thread, or to my email [email protected] Enjoy the show!**

The iconic sound of a pulsing house bass coincided with a fading in on our red headed whore goddess. A camera panned up her voluptuous creamy body to reveal Christina Hendricks in a black silk lingerie set with a white trim, stiletto heels with accents that matched, black stockings with garters, and an elegant pearl necklace draped around her neck right above her world renowned breasts. Her crimson hair elegantly flowed down meeting at her shoulders.

The camera methodically panned up her figure, capturing her mind bogglingly curves along with her sultry and seductive looks she was feeding the camera. She ran her fingers over her alabaster skin up into her fiery hair, teasing herself and the audience with her intoxicating looks. The frame set on her elegant features and massive mammaries. Her piercing gaze from her sapphire eyes conveyed a sense of sexual voracious hunger.

“Today I have not one but two of the biggest cocks in the industry all for myself. I have Danny D and Mandingo here to fuck and stretch each and every one of my slutty holes,” the seductress expressed. Her luscious red lips formed a wicked smile as she gazed into the lens with her arctic blue eyes.

“I’ve had each of these guys one on one before but today I get to feel each of their massive cocks fill my holes at…the..same…time.” She panted out the last syllables in a breathy tone as she rubbed her perfect breasts and pussy through her silk lingerie. A camera brought her face into focus as her eyes slowly fluttered revealing her smokey mascara, making her gemstone blue eyes even more striking.

“Follow me and watch as I’m about to tame two monsters with my needy, slutty holes,” Christina purred. Her tongue peaked out from her luscious lips slowly tracing her upper lip. She proceeded to turn away from the camera and walk down a corridor into a large open living area. White leather couches and ottomans were the focal points of the modern styled space. The sound of her heels clacking against the marble floors echoed in the spacious corridor as the camera focused on her phat ass rocking side to side with each stride. Her black lingerie thong was swallowed deep in the thickness of her ass only to resurface just above her porcelain cheeks. The fire maned goddess’ curves jiggled and bounced in all the right places as she made her way center stage into the room.

Christina modeled for the cameras before turning to the main one where the director was stationed. Her hands explored her massive chest, teasing herself before today’s main event. Her lustful gazes setting the atmosphere for a most intense fuck session with two porn legends.

“I’ve been a very patient whore, now where are my cocks?” asked the seductress. Christina’s nipples were already hard, straining against the fabric of her bra as she awaited the arrival of her co-stars.

From two opposite corners of the room came the aforementioned men, pornstars Danny D and Mandingo. Both men were dressed down in white dress shirts and black slacks, an attire more inline with a cocktail bar than a porn flick. The director wanted to keep the guy’s wardrobe simple yet classy for a whore the likes of Christina Hendricks.

The two men were vastly different in stature but one thing they had in common was they were each packing the massive equipment that Christina needed. Both of these men pushed many of the porn industry girls to their limits as being a sort of final challenge for even the most experienced porn whores and those scenes were usually with just one of these monster cocked guys. Christina had past experiences with both men herself and wanted to push herself hard, wanting to know if she was one of the few women who could handle the two monsters at once. The men approached her, settling before her at her sides.

“It’s about time you two showed up, you shouldn’t keep a girl like me waiting,” Christina cooed as her hands reached out to their bulges in their pants. Her delicate fingers ran across the silhouettes of their cocks, teasing the men as they each reached out and explored her body with their own hands. Both men had the same idea of pawing at one of her enormous breasts and reaching their other hand back to cup a perfectly pale globe. The guys could feel her nipples harden through her silk lingerie from the attention. Danny briefly lifted his hand from her ass and delivered her a hard spank back down on one of her cheeks before kneading his fingers in her supple flesh.

Christina’s eyes shot wide and a seductive smirk formed on her lips from the surprise sensation.
“Looks like you two are just as happy to see me again,” the redhead giggled. 

Christina suddenly looked down as Mandingo shifted his focus from her voluptuous tit to toying with her sensitive pussy. His other hand traveled up her backside to her luscious mane. With his fingers entwined in her soft red locks, he pulled her in for a kiss. Their lips met and parted as their tongues sought out one another. Lustful, ravenous, and sloppy kissing ensued as Mandingo tasted the Hollywood icon’s pouty lips and tongue. Christina’s hands searched for each of the men’s belt buckles eager to find her prizes.

As Mandingo explored the scarlet haired actress’ mouth, Danny found the decadent clasp of her bra that was holding her massive breasts captive. Christina noticed the loosening of the fabric that was encasing her breasts and angled her arms to let the bra slip off. The camera focused in as her massive milky F cup tits filled the frame in all their immaculate glory. Gigantic, glorious, creamy mounds of womanly flesh were exposed to the men and the camera.  Immediately Danny leaned down and captured one of her now free pink nipples with his mouth and hand. Despite being 6’1 his hands had no chance of encircling one of her globes. He squeezed the jiggly flesh as he teased her nipple with teeth and tongue before applying a soft suction to the pink cap. Christina was able to focus just enough through their stimulation to undo both their belts through their stimulation.

Not needing a further hint, the men disrobed their shoes, socks, pants, and briefs while still caressing and fondling Christina’s goddess-like body. Nearly as soon as the men were cleared of their clothing Christina grasped each mans’ giant shafts.  Her delicate hands couldn’t encompass either of the men’s girth and her strokes of their cocks covered just over three of her hand’s length.

“These are what I came here for,” Christina said in her breathy voice.

The crimson haired goddess brought her hands to her mouth to wet them a bit. As she did this she licked off some precum she noticed was there. Christina made a sexy little show of it as she slowly extended her tongue out to lap up the clear liquid.

“Can’t let a drop go to waste,” she said with a smile across her lips. A taste wasn’t enough for her and she dropped down to her knees between the men getting eye level with their monsters. Danny took the invitation and wove a hand into her hair, pulling her mouth towards his cock. Christina engulfed the head of his cock and its first inch in her warm, wet mouth. Her hand still churned on both men as she worked Danny’s tip, sucking in her cheeks ever so slightly for a tighter seal. Her sky blue eyes gazed up at him with a sultry stare as she worked more of his meat into her mouth. The redhead stopped stroking Danny’s cock, electing to just affix her hand down at the base. She opened her mouth a bit wider, accepting more of his giant dick into mouth. Christina bobbed her head up and down deeper and deeper, her lips reaching to where her hand rested. Her head twisted slightly on each descent, adding to the sensations her mouth and lips were giving. On her last bob, Christina increased her suction a bit on Danny’s cock, her lips gripping the head and releasing it with a light pop.

Christina then shifted her attention and mouth to Mandingo’s ebony package. She held his cock up vertically as she dove down to suck on his legendary balls. Her velvet lips captured one of them in her mouth and she proceeded to massage it with her warm, wet tongue. She released the black egg from her mouth now glistening with her saliva and gave his other ball the same spa treatment. After freeing his testicle, Christina extended her tongue and made the long way up his giant member to the bulbous head of his cock. The scarlet haired siren engulfed his cockhead and drove her mouth down until she felt him hit the back of her mouth. She relaxed her throat and gave passage to his anaconda as she worked more of his inches down her tight throat.

“Oh FUCK!” Mandingo grunted out, putting both his hands into her hair and holding her tight, urging her to take him balls deep in her throat. Not many women he had the pleasure of working with could even attempt to deepthroat him so he relished every opportunity he had with the more talented sword swallowers of the industry. Tears started to form in Christina’s eyes as she let out a muffled gag from the black invader. Her eyes caught his as her lips were stretched wide by his girth and throat bulged from his length, yet she had another three more inches of cock to try to accommodate in her mouth and throat.

Mandingo released his grip on her head, letting the busty actress pull back until just his head remained in her mouth. Christina gave a hard suck to his cockhead before letting him pop out completely from her mouth.

“Easy there stud, it’s no fun if I get every inch of your cock to my throat right away,” she breathed out with a smirk as she brought both hands up to work over his impressive length. Christina’s delicate fingers twisted in opposite directions as she spat clear strands of saliva all over his cock, her gaze locked looking up, feeding on his reaction. Mandingo groaned out as the seductress stroked and teased him.

“You’ll just have to be patient,” the redhead siren cooed as she located Danny’s cock behind her. She tilted her head back, guiding her mouth to ensnare both of his testicles in the velvety warmth of her mouth.Her hands left the ebony shaft as she rotated gracefully back in Danny’s direction, her hands giving his cock her full attention now. The curvy actress hummed as she soaked his balls in the damp heat of her mouth, as she made strokes over his girth. This didn’t last for long as she deftly guided his thick hard member back to her mouth after releasing his orbs from the luxurious sauna. Her hands vacated his shaft and relocated to his hips. She attacked his rod with a new vigor this time around, getting deeper on his shaft then she had before. Her pillowy crimson lips glided down his shaft, engulfing his thick meat down her throat. Christina directed her gaze up as she pulled her mouth down all the way to the hilt on Danny’s cock. Her neck visibly distended as his girthy meat occupied her skilled throat. Christina held him captive as her throat constricted eloquently around his shaft, her lips leaking strands of saliva that slowly followed the contours of her chin making the next destination her infamous bust. Danny groaned out from the heavenly sensations the radiant actress dealt to his cock.

“God, you’re such a good cocksucker,” the British man moaned out.

Danny slipped his hands into her flaming red hair, holding the Good Girls star deep on his shaft. Christina’s eyes met his as she smirked around the cock occupying her mouth and throat. Keeping his hands on her head to keep her in place, he pulled back his hips drawing his cock from her throat just until his tip rested on her tongue. Christina sucked hard, her cheeks hollowing and collapsing to envelope his sensitive cockhead. As the Hollywood star did her best imitation of a vacuum, the English porn pro pulled her head and thrusted his hips to send his cock back down her throat. Christina’s eyes shot wide briefly from the sudden motion but being the experienced cock sucker she was able to quickly recover to let the hung man pound her throat. 

“Fucking take it you nasty whore!” blurted out the Englishman.

Danny D pistoned his thick shaft between her pouty lips, making sure they made contact with his full balls at the apex of his thrust. A symphony of slurps, gags, sputters and moans resonated throughout the room as the sounds escaped her mouth. Thick strands of webby saliva were harvested from deep within her throat and dripped down from her lips landing on her porcelain F-cup tits. The British pornstar pulled the red haired goddess down deep one last time holding her before she tapped his leg signaling to let her up. Christina pulled off his thick, long rod and gasped in her first cock free breath in minutes.

“You nasty Brits seem to love to treat your whores rough,” Christina said with a smirk as she composed herself.

The Mad Men actress gave him a wink as she turned back to Mandingo. He had waited patiently for her to return her attention and more importantly her mouth back to his ten inches of thick cock. The enormously hung black man reached out for her hair and whirled it into a pseudo bun behind her head as he pulled her lips towards his erect monster. Christina opened her mouth up wide for his massive member, knowing that he’s been waiting for her mouth to return to his cock gave her more than an inkling of what he wanted.  The buxom redhead relaxed her throat the best she could as the pressure on the back of her head directed her down his thick inches. Mandingo pulled on her head as her mouth still worked over several of his inches and guided her to kneel upon one of the ottomans nearby. Christina’s heels clattered on the marble tile as she crawled towards the ottoman, her magnificent breasts hanging down and wobbling with every movement towards it.

With the goddess now on her hands and knees, back arched on top of the ottoman, Mandingo went back to feeding her mouth and throat more of his meat. The camera captured a side view of this new arrangement of the Hollywood celeb and the legendary pornstars. As Mandingo worked his cock deeper into her throat, her neck visibly distended where his thick meat traveled past the confines of her mouth. As she looked up with eyes hungry in lust, she knew she was going to give every inch of him her throat. The black stallion started setting a tempo, pulling to the back of her mouth before bucking more of herself into her yearning throat. Christina worked her tongue at his inches as they glided on her active muscle. Her right hand dipped down the front of her panties to her wet mound as she indulged in her oral fixation.

Danny entered back into the fold to help the goddess escape the prison of her panties and heels, leaving her in just her expertly applied makeup, stockings, and pearl jewelry. The Britiish man kneeled down behind her and her glistening sex as her throat was still in process of being conquered by Mandingo. Danny shuffled her knees out to the side to fully take in her perfect pink lips topped with a neat tidy patch of dyed red hair. He smirked, loving the commitment she puts into appearing as the ultimate redhead. His hands came down in a slap on both her porcelain ass cheeks as he dove in with his mouth and tongue to pleasure the goddess. Christina let out a coo as she shivered from the sensations coming from her nether reasons. The reaction only doing more to stimulate the cock driving deeper into her throat. Her throat flexing and gripping as she did her best to accommodate the size and girth of his shaft. Viscus webs of her saliva were being pulled over her lips from the deepest part of her throat as her eyes rolled from the tongue lashing her clit was taking.

“God damn, your throat feels fucking great,” Mandingo blurted through his teeth. It was always a special occasion to meet up with the sword swallowing girls of the industry but her being a Hollywood icon made it infinitely better.

Christina had definitely surprised him on how well her skills have developed since their last meeting. She was now just down to the last inch of the legendary cock not inhabiting her throat. The gags and wet sputters escaping her mouth became more and more frequent as she fellated more of his shaft. Her magnificent chest swayed as the thrusts into her throat were increased in force and depth.

The pornstar from the UK was still at her sparkling pink mound, lapping up her sweet nectar, alternating long passes of his tongue up and down her slit and precise flicks and swirls at her button. Christina was wiggling her hips at his expert advances on her, the sensations building up a fire inside her. Danny laid another series of slaps to her voluptuous cheeks then pulled them apart as his tongue traveled higher to her tight asshole. The British man circled her tiny hole before darting his tongue into her curvaceous ass. Christina let out muffled cries of surprise and rapture around the cock in her throat as she felt her asshole give passage to the tongue that pleasured her sex.

Tears that were held back from throating the back end of his Mandingo’s massive black meat started escaping into little rivulets from the Mad Men star's eyes as she finally reached the precipice. Her pout lips ringed him to the root as her filled throat clutched and massaged his cock.

“Oh fuck! Damn bitch, how the fuck did you get so much better?! Ah fuck!” the pornstar cried out in ecstasy.

Christina’s eyes met his, radiating the confidence of a lioness after a kill. She proceeded to retreat just a few inches off his rod before she leaned herself forward to encase him entirely in her heavenly throat. Gurgles, gags, and moans all fled from her occupied oral cavity as she bobbed up and down on his cocl. Each retreat towards his cockhead grew further and further as she made sure to always meet her chin to his balls every cycle. Soon she was traveling from just past the tip of his cock to the root on every pass

“God damn!” Mandingo was impressed as he was in ecstasy at the deepthroating display before him. After self fucking her throat on his shaft she pulled off the massive member freshly dosed heavily  in her syrupy saliva.

“Woo boys, now that was a mouthful,” the redheaded siren gleamed slightly out of breath as she wiped her chin of the spit residue.

Danny was still at her backside, switching his tongue lashing between her quivering pink rosebud and slick honeypot. Christina reached her hand back when he shifted up to her asshole and pulled him deep on herself as she gyrated her hips on his tongue and lips.

“You fucking dirty Brit! You don’t mind getting nasty do you?,” Christina moaned out as her tightest hole was delved. She could feel his wiggling, wet tongue light up the sensitive nerves of her asshole and she loved it.
Danny could only smile to himself as he pleased her naughty asshole. He guided his hands around her thick thighs and rotated her onto her back. Christina’s vision swung around as she shifted, now looking up to see Mandingo and his staff above her. As Danny set his hands to the back of her knees, Mandingo lowered his balls towards her mouth. Her mouth opened aghast as she felt her womanhood split by the thick purple head of the English pornstar’s cock, letting the black man descend his onyx orbs to her divine mouth. The Englishman nearly climaxed as her velvet sheath hugged his sword with a rippled wet tightness. Composing himself, he progressed through her garden until her lips enveloped his tool. Christina groaned around Mandingo’s spheres as her tongue danced and lips hugged his heavy flesh. The buxom angel revelled in the stretching of her channel, every girthy inch tingled and scratched an itch. Nearly distracted by her euphoric fullness, she felt the ebony globes escape the wet heat of her mouth with a plop. The black man moved over her massive heaving chest, an absolutely magnificent coupling of pink peaked mountains, and settled his dark log between the pillowy heaven of her breasts.

“Baby, these tits were made to be fucked,” Mandingo grunted out.

The legendary pornstar cupped each of her magnificent tits and brought them together around his shaft.The angelic softness of her massive breasts feeling heavenly around his throbbing erection still coated with her thick spittle. With how deep and long the canyon her mounds created was, Mandingo had to draw back his hip significantly to saw his manhood through her luscious bosom. The head of his massive ebony pole disappeared between her jiggling ivory peaks as it made its journey through her pillowy heaven over and over. Christina moved her head to right underneath his balls and tongued them as they glided over her.

As her heavy tits were entertaining a worthy challenge, Danny started building up the pace on her yearning, wet pussy. Every thrust into her womanhood stretched and filled her pussy, always bottoming out, pressing into her flowery lips. Her perfectly curvy body rippled on the impact of his well practiced motion. Tingles and tremors pulsated throughout her vagina as she took a professional dicking from the veteran adult entertainment star. Christina was drunk on cock, loving the feeling of a long rod sliding between her soft tits and a girthy cock stretching her pussy. Sensing her building orgasm, Danny moved his right hand down to her mound and found her button.

“Oh yes! Don’t stop!” the redheaded actress bursted out, spurring on the stallion fucking her.

That’s all Danny needed to hear as he smiled down at her oscillating breasts. His thrusts found another gear as he delivered blow after blow into her dripping pussy. As the power behind each stroke increased, so did the volume of the impact into her curvaceous ass. The British man couldn’t be more content on his decision for signing on for Christina’s feature film as he pounded away at her making sure it would be fucking she or the audience wouldn’t forget. Danny slammed into her pussy hard, giving her exactly what she needed. After a rigorous twenty seconds of hard fucking she wrapped her legs around his thighs pulling him in as she spasmed all over his cock. Christina let out a satisfied scream as her legs locked him deep inside her, her pussy muscles eloquently massaging his throbbing cock.   

“I needed that,” Christina said with a smile as her heavy chest heaved.

Moving around her, Mandingo found her hand and led her over to white leather couch. He sat down right in the middle of it, his erect cock standing at noon. Christina unbuckled the clasps to her stilettos and removed them, leaving her just in her black stockings and garters. Her curves jiggled with each step as she approached the couch. The busty redheaded actress then positioned herself above Mandingo’s massive cock, her feet balancing on each of his thighs as  her massive rack displayed out to the room and cameras. The enormity of how big his cock was on full display as it was about to be sheathed into Christina’s wet pussy. Her hand drifted down to guide the rod to her yearning pleasure pit. She rubbed his shaft at her dripping entrance, teasing the beast, making him even more eager to fuck her. A choked out gasp escaped her lips as the thick, swollen head of his cock penetrated her delicate, pink folds.

“So fucking huge, oh my god!” Christina screamed out as she lowered herself onto his thick, black inches. Christina moved her hands back to Mandingo’s chest as she worked down his length, more and more slipping deep into her pussy. Her chest thrusted out as she dipped and raised her legs, gaining ground on each cycle as she sought to sink his entire massive shaft. She felt her heart racing as his giant cock stretched her rippled walls. Her slick passage embraced every inch as she dropped further down his shaft finally settling her ivory asscheeks to his lap.

“Fffffffuck, so full! I love your cock you fucking black stallion!” Christina squealed out, feeling the entirety of his ten plus inches inside her. She grinded her ass into his crotch, her love muscles contracting as she did. The softness and warmth of her ass combined with her heated, gripping tunnel was nothing short of ecstasy. The flame haired siren kept her gyrating up for a few more moments before she started getting in a rhythm on his over ten inches of black fuckmeat.

“Yeah slut, work that fucking dick,” Mandingo encouraged her from below her. Christina kept raising her hips just to drop down onto his shaft over and over, picking up speed as she kept gliding over him with her tunnel. The crashing of her backside into his pelvis echoed out. She dwelled in the feeling of not just his epic length but his girth. His cockhead strained against her g-spot before she slid down his rock hard pole to where she felt him bottom out against her cervix. His cock gleamed with her wetness as her pleasure pit gripped him on every rep.

As her massive mammaries followed the motion of her movements, Danny D stepped up onto the couch and placed his hard cock near her plump lips. Christina got the memo and proceeded to lavish the Brit’s cockhead and first few thick inches in her wet mouth as she rode. She sucked hard on his tip, her cheeks pulling in tight around his cock as her tongue expertly massaged the underside of his member. Her multitasking skills were on point as she kept driving and gyrating onto Mandingo’s cock as her mouth put on a virtuoso performance on Danny’s skin flute. Her eyes caught his as her tongue swirled and lapped at his bulbous head as it was held delightfully tight by the vacuum of her mouth.

“Oh fuck, you suck like a true whore! Spit on my cock and get it nice and wet you big titted fuck doll,” blurted out the British pornstar.

Christina released his cock from the warmth of her mouth with an audible pop. She slowed her pace on Mandingo’s cock as she spat a volley of saliva onto Danny’s already spit soaked cock. Having an inkling of what he wanted to do next, the busty redhead dribbled a few large dollops of spit down her chin to her enormous rack. Danny positioned himself right in front of the redheaded actress and placed his thick cock between her pillowy tits.

“Fuck me, this is heaven,” the Brit blurted out as he sawed in between her massive breasts. Slick, soft tit flesh enveloped the porn star’s cock nearly hiding it from sight as it transversed the heavenly tunnel of the actress’s most famous asset.

“Glad to be back between these luscious tits I see,” the busty redhead said with a smirk. She could feel how hard he was between her tits as he pillaged her glorious mountains.
As her tits were still servicing Danny’s cock, Mandingo reacquainted her with his cock, thrusting himself back inside her.
“Oh fuckkkkk!” Christina shouted out as his cock immediately shifted her attention back to her pussy. The legendary porn star kept hold of her hips as he pounded his cock in her from below. Thrust after thrust of his mighty ten thick inches filled every millimeter of her divine warm, wet pussy. Mouth agape as she panted through the build of another orgasm at the hands of the professional cocksman. Her smokey eyes fluttered as her pussy convulsed and spasms from the thrusts slamming into her as deep as any penetration she has ever felt, so much so that Mandingo’s cock bulged her abdomen.

Mandingo pounded the beyond busty actress as hard as he could for thirty straight seconds as his right hand attacked her clit, pushing her over the edge into a trembling, spasming orgasm.

“FUCCKKKKKKKKKKK!” Christina hissed out as Mandingo held himself balls deep inside her pussy through her retreating orgasm. Her breasts heaving as she tried to recoup from one of the most powerful orgasms she’s ever had.

Both men dismounted themselves from the fire maned actress, Danny from her glorious breasts and Mandingo from her gushing pussy. In her panting cum dazed state, the busty actress barely noticed her being moved back onto the large white ottoman in the center of the room, this time on her knees and elbows. Mandingo moved right in front of her face, cock still glistening with her wetness. He reached a hand down into her luscious lock and pulled her gasping mouth onto his massive cock. Quickly sliding in just over half his meat into her mouth he started bucking her mouth like he did her pussy. Her jaw stretched wide as she took the face fucking from the largest cock she’s been with. Gags, gurgles, and saliva escaped from her mouth as the crown of his cock ran over her tongue and into the beginning of her throat. After another burst of thrusts into her mouth, Mandingo dislodged himself from her wet warm mouth.

“I love the taste of my fucking pussy on your cock,” the red seductress cooed.

As her mouth was entertaining the big black beast, Danny got into position behind, gripped her hips, and surged himself balls deep in her well fucked pussy. His thick nine inches pushed against her clutching walls and collided with her cervix, giving her every inch he had for her as her curvy ass compressed into his pelvis.

“Fuck! Couldn’t wait to be back in my pussy could you?” Christina said with a grin.

The British man devilishly smirked back as he laid a commanding slap to her right ass cheek, making not only her ass jiggle but swaying tits as well. Danny wasn’t looking to stay long in her pussy as he eyed his prize in her tight pink backdoor. He spat a thick jet of spit right onto her crinkled star and brought his left thumb to smear the viscous liquid around her puckered hole. Christina’s eyes widened as she felt the wet sensation tingle, knowing what today entailed she warmed up beforehand with some assorted butt plugs to get her ass ready for these monsters. She moaned around the dark meat in her mouth as she felt his thick digit probe and prod at her asshole, flexing her pussy muscles around his cock as a sign of approval from her. Danny loved the feeling of her sphincter tightly gripping his thumb as he played with her luscious ass. He pulled his thumb from her ass and spread her cheeks wide with both hands as he vacated her pussy. Keeping her steady, he aimed his rock hard cock right to the entrance to her inviting sweet asshole. His bulbous tip looked imposing next to her tiny hole as he lined it up. His right hand coming down to steady his dick as he pushed against her anal barrier. With just a little resistance, his wide tip was enveloped by her pink hole, stretching her muscle to accommodate his girthy flesh. Christina yelped around the black meat in her mouth as her back passage allowed the British man’s girthy inches to proceed through her tunnel. As her ass felt his nine inches still burying themselves deep in her ass, Mandingo gripped the back of her head and  went back to exploring the depths of her throat with his cock.

“Such a good whore,” Danny said, taking in the sight of the spit roasted actress as his cock was nearing being completely inside her curvy ass.

Seeking to seat himself to full depth, Danny pulled her hips to his pelvis, her experienced asshole clutching and trembling as he bottomed out. Groans fought to escape her preoccupied mouth as her face was pulled into Mandingo’s crotch. There she was, the F cupped star packed at both ends with nearly twenty inches of fuck meat and she couldn’t think of anywhere else she’d rather be. His eyes rolled back with a tear or two running down her face as Mandingo retreated back from her throat to give her a breather. As her esophagus was given a break, that couldn’t be said of her ass as the Englishman started retracting himself a few inches to build up a rhythm in her ass. Every rep became longer and faster, always reaching maximum depth in her back passage with his heavy balls pressing into her lower lips at the apex of his thrust. Her tight ring gripped and glided along his length, hugging every thick inch he had to offer.

“God you’re such an anal slut, moaning from a throat and ass fucking,” Danny spat through gritted teeth as he plundered her booty.

He was right, the busty redhead thought to herself, as she felt her pussy twitch and
spasm even while unoccupied. Having a huge cock in her ass and mouth made her incredibly wet as she waited for when she’d feel that full feeling again in her pussy.

She’d have to wait a bit longer as the men were more than content with using her tight ass and talented, wet mouth. Christina’s massive tits imitated a pendulum in high gear as the barrage of balls deep thrusts into her curvy ass provided them all the momentum. Giving her throat some space, Mandingo pulled out of her mouth, cock covered in thick webs of her mucousy saliva.

“Love bitches who can be nasty,” Mandingo stated as he slapped his dripping cock against her face.

“Be nasty? I was always nasty,” Christina smirked as she spat some more gooey spit over his shaft. Mandingo smiled devilishly down at the redhead then nodded to Danny, a simple signal to switch places. Danny savored exiting her clutching ass as he drew his cock from it, his wide tip leaving her hole gaped momentarily. He planted a firm slap across her right cheek, sending a jolt through the buxom goddess’ body causing her asshole to snap shut. 

After the men traded places, Mandingo flipped the ivory skinned actress on her back, her mammoth tits gyrating before settling. He pulled her legs apart wide, his hands finding the crease between her knees and thighs. Slick with the copious amounts of spit from a world class throat fucking, Mandingo glided his cock over her folds teasing her before guiding his cockhead to her just used ass.

“OH FUCKKKKK!” The beyond busty redhead blurted out as her hand sought her clit. She bit her lower lip as once again her backdoor was invaded this time by a nearly eleven inch cock.  Her strums to her clit dug deeper as she watched inch after glistening ebony inch push its way through her ass. 

“Take every inch slut,” the black pornstar grunted as he leaned down into her, feeding her hungry ass more of his cock. Mandingo kept pushing until his entire length was sheathed in her backside, his heavy balls into the crease of her ass cheeks.

Christina’s mouth went agape, eyes shut, as her hand made faster circles on her clit. She felt the fullness and hardness of his massive cock inside her, loving the depravity of such an act. Her pussy was dripping wet even though it wasn’t being used.

Mandingo slid his cock back a few inches before seating himself to full depth back in her ass, pushing into her to make sure he gave her every millimeter of cock he could. Each impact sent her magnificent pink crested mountains jiggling with his force. His pace kept building as he retracted more of himself from her clutching as just to pound it back into her needy asshole. Her pink rim tightly gripped his thick, hard erection as he plows her ass with harder strokes. The collision into her ass getting louder as his stroke into her ass was nearly his entire cock.

“Yes! Give me all of that huge black cock!” Christina screamed out as her ass took every inch deep into her ass hard.

Mandingo just smiled as he worked her ass. He paused his pounding of her momentarily to get up on the ottoman with her. He pulled her back and folded her legs over to where her knees were by her head and started slamming into the curvaceous actress from this new angle.

“FUCK..ME..OH..MY GOD!” Christina screamed out in the rhythm of his thrusts. Her body absorbed the shockwaves evident by how much more her heavy breasts now rippled and shook.

In this position, gravity assisted Mandingo in his vigorous, primal pounding of her. The collisions of their bodies filled the room as the blood rushed to the busty actress’s head. Her pussy throbbed and clenched as her orgasm took over, simply overloaded of being used as an anal fuck toy for a huge cock. With a final thrust, the black man buried his cock to her deepest point and grinded his pelvis as he basked in feeling her pussy muscles through her anal canal as her sphincter choked his cock.

Christina’s breathing became slower as her orgasm died down along with Mandingo’s movement coming to a halt. The black pornstar uncurled her body, letting her lay flat once again as he removed his cock from her twitching ass.

“Looks like she loved every second of that. What a good anal whore,” Danny chimed in from the front row view of the spectacle he just witnessed. Taking the initiative, he walked up to the ivory skinned redhead still reeling from her anal orgasm, flipped her over and pulled her up to her feet. He aimed his hard cock right to her recently vacated ass and plunged to full depth quickly, suddenly rekindling her sensitive tunnel. Once fully inserted, he used his size and physique to bundle her legs into his arms and raise her off the ground.

“Take my fucking cock you big titted slut,” he chided into her ear as he began to drive her up and down onto his engorged cock. Christina squealed out as she was rag dolled up and down his nearly ten inches of thick veiny cock.

As Danny D raised and dropped the actress onto his cock, her bountiful breasts followed suit and would crash into her body creating a clapping sound. With the room echoing the sounds of her heavy breasts, the British pornstar ramped up his fucking of her perfect asshole, pulling her as high as he could without his cock leaving her ass. His cockhead always nearly exiting her ass but the professional fucker had more than enough experience from giving even the most seasoned porn whores a hard standing anal fuck.

Christina’s eyes rolled back as her hand once again absent mindedly sought her clit in the storm of the debauchery. The thumping of her breasts hit a threshold as Danny D used not just his arms but legs to drive and drop her over and over along his fuck stick. The flame haired siren basked into the seismic pounding of her ass as the massive vibrations traveled all throughout her body. The thick cock in her ass pushing on her walls and hitting deep inside her more than satisfied the anal whore goddess she was. As soon as she was reaching the peak of her orgasm, Danny D carried her backwards still impaled on his cock to the leather couch.

“Ride it like a good whore,” he smiled as he caught sight of her blue eyes.

“With fucking pleasure,” Christina gleamed as her feet went to the outside of his thighs, getting in the quintessential reverse cowgirl position with his thick fuck tool still inside her bowels.

Christina instantly got into a moderate tempo, raising her ass to just the perfect to where his bulging tip hugged her anal ring just to crash her thick pale ass right back down to take all his length. All nearly ten inches of engorged cock finding its way deep in her warm gripping tunnel that’s been repurposed in this shoot into a well used fuck hole. Her hands went back to his chest pushing hers and her glorious rack out to the world. Her magnificent breasts glistened with a sheen of sweat from working the pornstar's cock. 

The crimson vixen was finding her groove on his meaty shaft, even grinding her ass into his crotch. Danny was in heaven as her smooth silky skin ground against his, a little lap dance to go along with the heat and grip of her asshole. Camera angles from multiple directions capturing her gyrations and bounces on his cock, making sure a perfect shot would be available to the editing team for this momentous occasion. Taking a queue from the director, Danny hooked his arms under her knees.

“Time to show off how much of an anal whore you are,” Danny said as he rolled the buxom beauty back on to his chest dislodging his cock from her ass completely. The main camera got a perfect close up of her gaped ass with her dripping pink pussy above it. Her backdoor had been hammered professionally for nearly a half hour by two massive cocks told to give her everything they had for the scarlet big titted queen and it showed. Her asshole gaped beautifully, her pink rim showing the memory of the thick cocks that pounded it. Danny brought his right hand down hard on her thick backside causing her to yelp out in a mix of pleasure and pain along with making her asshole wink shut.

“You boys really know how to treat a lady,” the redhead seductress grinned back at her hung co-star.

“Only the best for a whore like you,” Danny replied with a wink. He lowered her back down onto his crotch and once again pierced her pink ring with his thick cock. He raised her up at her hip to open more space between one another to give her a deep, hard full length fucking from below.

“OHhhhh FUCCKKKK MEEEE,” the fire haired woman screamed out. The torrent of the blows shook powerfully through her body, jolting her heavy tits to bounce wildly about. The pornstar jack hammered his massive tool into her tightening ass, his head nearly pulling out of her sphincter’s grip.

“Take my fucking dick slut!”

Holding her tight in his grip, he gave her a few hard thrusts before pulling her down in his lap. His eyes met the director’s, signaling for Mandingo to return to the fray.

“Ready for your double dicking babe?” Danny whispered as his hands went up to grasp her massive tits.

“Uhhhhnnn...give me those two fucking huge cocks!” Christina blurted out from her cum drunken state. She glanced down to her already filled ass as Mandingo’s huge cock entered her view. He got close to her, sliding his manhood up and down her wet lips before pointing his black spear at her pink hole.

“Fuck! This bitch is way tighter with a cock up her ass!” Mandingo growled as he speared her wet cunt. Christina’s eyes were locked on the black cock being fed to her insatiable pussy, her muscles flickering in bursts of gripping spasms. Inch after black inch invaded and reclaimed the space in her tunnel once again but now with the added pressure presented from another occupier in her ass.

Tiny beads of sweat sparkled off her milky skin from the stage lighting around the room. The Hollywood star’s eyes rolled back in ecstasy as she felt the massive intrusions of two of the biggest cocks she’s ever had. Held down, legs pulled back in place with a thick white cock seated in her ass, Christina was perfectly positioned to take Mandingo’s rod to the balls. Never had she experienced a fullness like this before, few in the porn industry could, and here she was taking nearly two feet of cock in her slutty craving fuckholes.

Christina’s eyes shut and mouth gaped open as Mandingo hammered away at her pussy. Her arousal was clearly evident as each stroke into her was recoated in a wash of her nectar. Deep, hard strokes excited every millimeter of her wet tunnel, her pussy squeezing and convulsing as yet another climb ramped up.

“Naughty whores need two big cocks, don’t they?” Danny attacked her sensitive nipples as he felt her sphincter clench his idle cock. He gave her pink little nubs a pinch with a slight twist to get a rise out of the busty actress. His hands then traveled down to her hips, gripping her tightly and elevating her up until the rim of his cockhead made contact with her ring muscle. Sliding off the couch a bit to get a better range of motion, he waited on her response before making his move.

“Ffffffuuuuckkkkkk!!! Yessss!!! I need two huge cocks in my fucking holes!” The redhead screamed out in ecstasy as she felt Danny start hammering her ass from below as Mandingo kept pace in her pussy. Her face was flushed red as her pussy and ass took on the onslaught from two enormous cocks. Both thick, lengthy rods transversed her wet fuckholes like any other run of the mill porn whore and both men fucked her hard like one.

“Cum like a good whore,” Mandingo grunted as he slammed every inch of his sword into her wet, convulsing sheath. Her pink labia stretched wide as her tunnel accepted his veiny member as her ass was pounded from below sending her into near orgasmic comatose.

The Hollywood star’s massive breasts jiggled rapidly as the force of the fucking she received rattled through them. Her blue eyes rolled back as she gripped down on her own nipples to send her over the edge. Her open mouth let a near silent scream out as her ass and pussy clamped down against the throbbing cocks that occupied them. Both men instinctively held themselves as deep as they could inside the buxom redhead as her holes twitched and clenched. Becoming a complete slave to her orgasm, she lost control and let out powerful pulses of squirt, spraying the cocks that induced it in her girl cum.

“So the Hollywood star had a surprise for us today!” Danny reveled in how hard they were able to make her cum throughout the shoot, only thinking there was a chance of making her squirt. Apparently there was just enough meat stuffing her holes to make such an event happen.

Christina had no retort as her mighty chest heaved in her orgasmic daze. Mandingo was first to remove his cock from her clutching wet grip with Danny soon following after. As soon as he pulled his cok from her now gaping exhausted sphincter, he slid his hands down to her holes and deftly inserted a pair of digits from each hand into her spent fuckholes. Keeping her elevated with her weight balanced on his palms, he showed off her glistening, gaping holes to the camera. Her stretched pink walls gaped wide and deep still showing the recent memory of the monster cocks that dwelled inside then just before. Danny held the orgasmically exhausted redhead there for a few moments as the camera shot footage of her beautifully fucked holes.

“Time to give the whore one last thing. Well, two last things.” Danny quipped as he nodded at Mandingo.

Getting the voluptuous actress down on her knees before them, her face level with their still engorged cocks.

“Clean off our cocks, you fucking size queen slut,” Mandingo barked as he pulled her mouth towards his cock. Christina opened wide and stuck out her tongue tasting the floral and acidic notes of her own pussy. She bathed the hard cock from tip to sack with her tongue, shining it in her saliva as her hands worked together over Danny’s throbbing erection. She dislodged  the black meat from her mouth and repeated the tongue lashing now to the Englishman’s cock. From helmet to balls her tongue ran over his thick cock. Her blue eyes looked up as she worked Mandingo’s cock with both hands and sucked Danny’s large balls. Her mouth cradling one then the other back and forth. Her lips kept a pleasurable vacuum on each testicle with her tongue caressing his orbs as her hands rotated and stroked Mandingo’s tool.

“Ah! That’s it! Hold your tits up now!” Danny commanded as he pulled his cock from her heavenly skilled mouth. With rapid strokes of his engorged phallus, he aimed his cockhead down at her massive pink capped breasts. Christina followed the order, releasing the black meat from her hands as they went to raise her tits as the perfect cum target. Danny roared out in pleasure as thick, white strands of cum erupted from his purple hued helmet, coating her left tit in viscous hot seed. The copious amount of jizz dripped down the slope of her breast and over her fingers. As the last of Danny’s mighty cumshot dropped its final beads onto one of her legendary tits, Mandingo stepped up and pointed his giant cock with full balls down at her right breast.

“Yeaaaah!!” Mandingo blurted out as ropes of cum splattered her right tit with his seed. He blasted her breast with another two sets of cum before aiming his cockhead at her lips and giving her mouth a plentiful offering from the back half of his orgasm. Christina couldn’t help herself from opening her mouth and catching a few jets of his salty jizz across her tongue. Finally over his orgasm, Mandingo stepped forward and used the head of his cock to push some of the cum lingering around her lips into her mouth. Christina instinctively swallowed what was in her mouth from his offering and proceeded to drain any remnants of his ejaculation with a powerful suck of his bulbous tip.

Christina’s hand reached out to Danny’s post orgasm member and seductively stroked him as she indulged in keeping her mouth busy with Mandingo’s tip. She released the cock from her mouth, her lips hugging the contours of his head as it exited. “That was everything I expected it to be and more,” Christina smirked. With her magnificent tits still gleaming with cum she stroked with the two men’s cocks before the camera pulled back and faded out. 
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Re: C for Christina
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A great start to a great looking series that I’m excited to contribute to. Christina definitely got a good going over in her porn debut. Very nice work.
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Re: C for Christina
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Stupedous, what a start for this series, Christina is a legend.
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Re: C for Christina
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Loved this. You handled it so well! Great detailed depiction of these porn star legends too.

The Danny D part was hilarious, you really captured his goofy style.
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Re: C for Christina
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Queen Size Slut, what a fitting nickname for Christina.

Looking forward to more.
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Re: C for Christina
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Omg that was hot.

In the beginning she wears a pearl necklace. Nice little hint of things to come.

There's something funny about reading celebs and porn stars together. This story got the humor across just right while delivering blazing heat.

I want more  >:D
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C For Christina: Suck It Dry
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Suck It Dry featuring Winston Burbank

The blades of a ceiling fan turned, spinning in a rotation that caused the dark wooden pieces to blur into a brown color from above. It was a stark contrast from the faded cream-colored wallpaper that matched the ceiling. Christina Hendricks exhaled as she gazed back into the lens of a POV camera centered on her face. Her long red hair flowed past her shoulders, exposing her pale skin as her deep blue eyes stared back into the camera frame. The gold earrings from her lobes, barely visible through several locks of her orange hair, cast a glimmer of gold across the screen. Her epic F-cup breasts were barely contained within a black corset. A zipper was visible from the top, soon to be tugged down. Red was the color of choice for her lipstick today, knowing she would be using her lips for good reason.

Christina had come here for one reason only today. She was in the mood to suck cock and not just any cock at that. Winston Burbank was standing across from her, holding the camera, as Christina was ready to begin this session. She was crawling across the floor on her knees, where many other women had crawled to suck his famous cock. He was not a man known for showing his face in scenes, leaving his cock to be the real star of the show. Slow bass beats filled the empty background, bringing it to life as the camera focused on her. The music continued as Christina stood up. Her full outfit was finally revealed. Fishnet stockings covered her legs, rising up to her thighs, attached to a garter belt that went above her belly button. A thong covered her snatch to give the impression that beneath the corset, she had the final piece of a lingerie outfit.

That was not the case, as no bra was needed to contain her giant breasts from inside the corset. As the zipper slid down, her breasts spilled out. Christina drew the shoulder straps down, allowing her to properly remove the corset and stand proudly, revealing her large, natural breasts. Her thong remained on, but it was not important. Her breasts were the real star of the picture, and she was proud to present them before Winston's eyes and the camera lens. He zoomed in, capturing a perfect view of her firm tits as Christina moved her hands over them to give a proper squeeze. The low beats of the music continued to play in the background, now shifting into a minor key at a slightly faster pace. Christina closed her eyes as she slid her hands underneath her breasts, holding them up. She shoved them together and then playfully bounced them up and down.

This was the most he was going to get for a tease act from her. Christina's expression indicated that she had other plans. Her deep blue hues revealed the lustful hunger she felt for his cock. Like so many women before her, she fell to her knees and pressed her hands into the beige carpet floor. Her breasts were hanging underneath, wobbling back and forth as she crawled forward. Winston took a step back as well, his eyes never leaving hers as he handled the camera over his shoulder. The music had now faded out and was no longer heard in the distance. Surrounding Christina were pieces of furniture, including a large white couch and leisure chair, but she was not focused on anything in the background. Only a pair of shiny blue leisure shorts stood in front of her, and that hard cock awaiting her inside. Christina licked her lips and came to a halt. Now that she was resting on her knees in front of him, she broke the silence with her sultry voice.

"Have you got something for me today?"

She bit down on her lower lip, eyes glaring at him as Christina flashed the front row of her pearly white teeth.

"Something big?" 

Her voice was low and seductive, but Christina was not done teasing him just yet. Now that she was properly sitting on her knees, she moved her left arm to press over her breasts, forming a 'hand bra' while raising her right hand up to her lips. She playfully sucked the end of her middle fingertip, licking across the black-painted nail. He may not have noticed the color of her fingernails matched the outfit she had peeled off, but Christina did not care about that. Her focus was on what awaited her inside his shorts. The bulge poked forward as a small hint of how hard his pole already was. Christina grinned as she moved her hands over her breasts. Winston did not utter a word in response to her as he watched her press her palms down over those huge breasts and squeeze them. When She slid her nipples between her fingers, pinching them both as she exhaled a deep breath and spoke again.

"I know what I want today. You've got it and I'm gonna get it." 

Biting down on her lower lip again, Christina quirked her eyebrows up while moving her hands at the front of his shorts. She tugged at the elastic band while glancing down to catch a small hint at his prized possession. With a quick glance, her big blue eyes shot back up at his face, teasing him with a soft smile as she shoved his shorts down. They fell to his ankles with no underwear to contain his semi-erect pole. A smug grin ran across her closed lips. Christina appeared to be satisfied at the sight of his cock, now wrapping her right hand fingers around it. Winston took a deep breath at the feeling of a warm touch. He still remained quiet, choosing not to say any words to disturb this silence as he watched her play with his cock. Christina's eyes studied the texture of his veiny shaft. She squeezed it, twisting her fingers as she began to stroke it up and down. Winston swallowed his breath and finally spoke up.

"Is that what you wanted today?"

Christina grinned, nodding her head as her hand moved up and down his shaft. She jacked him off slowly in an attempt to harden his shaft to full length. Since he was uncircumcised, the head was still hidden from view.

"Yeah, this is what I wanted."

She giggled loudly, still wanking his cock. Her voice was loud, giving him the impression that her attitude was about to change, but when Winston looked into her eyes, he knew better. Christina was locked in, playing this dirty seductress.

"I can't wait to put it in my mouth."

Her voice returned to that low, seductive tone.

"Jerk it, baby."

He did not hesitate to order her. Winston loved the feeling of her hand sliding up and down his cock. Christina obeyed his request, pumping her hand up and down at a faster pace. She was not done teasing him with her sultry voice.

"You want me to stick your cock in my mouth? Want me to suck you dry?" 

Christina quirked her eyebrows after finishing her filthy speech. She pushed her hand to the ground, watching as the head of his uncircumcised cock poked out into her line of sight. He did not answer her questions, but that did not seem to matter now. His shaft had stiffened to full size, satisfying her. Christina licked her lips and moved her left hand away from her boobs. As Winston stood there, he felt the urge to touch her breasts, but decided not to interfere. He contained the urge, knowing he would soon be on the receiving end of great oral pleasure. Opening her mouth wide, Christina breathed across his shaft before she lapped her tongue over the head. Those big blue eyes glared up at him as she squeezed her lips around the head and finally sunk his cock into her mouth. 'Mmmmmmm', she moaned a muffled sound and sent vibrations into him. 

Winston took a deep breath as he stood there, studying her gorgeous blue eyes as she sucked the head of his cock. Christina uncurled her fingers from the base, now pressing both her hands against his legs as she slowly sucked the first few inches of his long, hard cock. This was only the beginning. Christina was warming up and preparing for all the oral sensations that awaited Winston. As she pushed her lips back to the head of his mighty shaft, she extracted it from her mouth with a loud pop. Her right hand gripped it once again as she began to jerk him a second time. When her eyes gazed up at him, Winston expected her to have something to say. Christina uttered no words as she shoved his cock back into her mouth and resumed sucking. She pushed her lips down further, reaching for her index finger, and then pulling back to begin a rhythm of bobbing her head up and down. Her eyes closed, now concentrating on the taste of his thick pole between her lips.

"Ohhhh, fuck..." 

He groaned aloud, enjoying every second of this bombshell actress slobbering on his cock. Christina took her time, sucking his shaft sensually as her right hand was still gripping it from the base. She moved slowly, still bobbing her head up and down when she re-opened her eyes to gaze up at him. Like before, she pulled her lips back to the head and released his dick with another pop sound. Christina exhaled, then spit on his cock.

"Stroke it. Jerk it some more, baby."

Taking a deep breath, Christina moaned as she followed his command. Her hand slid up and down his slick, drool-soaked shaft. She may have had a taste of his pole, but she had not found that high gear yet. This was still the early phase, with much more to come later. Her left hand moved to his balls, giving them a subtle squeeze as she grinned up at him.

"You like that? You like how I jerk your cock?"


Winston smiled down at her, causing Christina to flash her full teeth to return the smile. Her hand moved faster, while her left hand was now massaging his hairy nut sack. The skin was dry, but this would not last. As her eyes were still locked on him, Christina darted her tongue out and flicked it across the head. She quit wanking his cock to properly lick it from the tip down the underside of his long shaft. Winston tried to keep eye contact as Christina began to lick up and down the right side of his dick. The length of his shaft extended across her face at an odd angle, with the head poking up from the split of her long orange hair. Christina had to use both hands to get his balls into her mouth. Winston moaned loudly when he felt her tongue slathering his hanging nut sack. 

"Ohhhhh, yes. Yes, baby. Suck on 'em."

A muffled moan was heard just before a slurping sound. Christina shoved his right nut into her mouth and pulled back slightly, just to be able to look up and make eye contact with him. Her right hand fingers squeezed around his cock again to resume jerking him, all the while slobbering and sucking on his nuts loudly. After she had her fun with one nut, Christina fed the other one into her mouth to suck it equally. She was gargling nasty sounds from below, loudly slobbering all over his nuts. Winston grunted as her hand pumped slightly faster. Christina did not pull her lips away from his balls until they were completely covered in her drool. She slid her hand down to the base of his shaft, ready to suck it once more. She closed her eyes, sinking his cock back into her mouth again. Winston exhaled a deep breath, watching her slide more of his length beyond her lips to suck.

'Mmm, mmmm, mmmmmm', Christina muttered soft moans as she bobbed her head up, sucking half of his shaft. By now, Winston had something of an idea of what to expect from her efforts. Christina took it slow, savoring the taste of his thick shaft and keeping a great level of eye contact to make the experience more personal. She had yet to use her breasts on him, as he was now feeling the desire to reach down and touch one with his left hand. Through all this time, he had thought about her breasts, but Christina used her lips and tongue to distract him from them. As she continued bobbing her head up and down, she closed her eyes. Winston let out a moan when she moved her right hand away. He expected her to press her hands into his legs again, but she instead used them to cup her breasts, tilting them up. Could that be a hint of where she would be placing his cock soon?

She squeezed her own tits, pressing her right hand down hard enough to the point Winston could only wonder what her nipples felt like. It was easy to become distracted while gazing at her giant breasts, all while she continued to suck his cock. Christina picked up the pace, now bobbing her head up and down slightly faster. Each time she slid her lips back to the head, she pushed her lips further down his cock. As a slight hint at her gag reflexes, this appeared to be a hint of how far she could truly take it. He was no longer distracted by her breasts, now eager to see if Christina would deep-throat his length before he took control. Her hands moved from her breasts, now pressing her fingers down into the carpet floor, and she was still bobbing her head up and down. She slowed down the movement of her lips while opening her eyes. As Winston gazed down into her deep blue eyes, he took a step back to pull his cock out of her mouth with another loud popping sound.

"Mmmmmmmm, you like that? You like how I suck it?"

He finally stepped his feet out of the leisure shorts that had been sitting around his ankles. They were out of the way, as Winston viewed this small move as akin to 'taking the gloves off'. They were beyond the first phase, and he could feel Christina gaining the urge to go a step further than the sensual beginnings. Small saliva strings dangled from his cock but broke apart and returned to her open mouth when he moved. She kept her hands pressed into the carpet floor while pushing her lips together to kiss the head of his shaft. When their eyes met again, Christina finally raised her hands from the floor. She pushed her fingers to both sides of his shaft but did not grip it. Her tongue lapped over the head, and then she opened her mouth again. Winston took a deep breath as she slid the head of his pole between her puffy lips again. She kissed the head, then pulled back to make a pop noise. She repeated the process again to make a total of three consecutive popping noises.

Licking her lips, Christina spit on the head of his cock and then gripped it with her right. Winston was about to demand that she use both hands to wank his cock this time, but he did not have to. When she raised her left hand, he smiled as he watched her twist those fingers around his shaft. It took all ten of her fingers to wank his shaft, now twisting her fingers back and forth as she gazed at the purple head. Christina bit her lower lip, softly humming the sound of muffled moans before she pushed her lips out to kiss it. Like so many times before, her big blue eyes gazed up at him. Christina bobbed her head up and down at a faster pace than before. Winston figured she was down with the slow and sensual approach. She moved her hands to her knees, then trailed them up to her huge breasts as she closed her eyes and pushed her lips all the way down as far as she could.

"Ohhhhh, man..." 

A gagging noise followed from her voice, almost as if she were replying to his soft moans. Christina pushed her lips as far as they could go, but not quite swallowing the entirety of his cock. There was still an inch from the base up to her lips. She kept her eyes closed, gagging lightly before pulling it out of her mouth and exhaling a sigh of relief. Long strings of saliva dangled from her open mouth back to his cock. Winston wrapped his right hand fingers around it, holding it up for her as the drool strings broke and fell down to her giant tits. She exhaled a deep breath and opened her mouth wide. Winston stroked his cock, pushing his index finger just below the head to watch her tongue flick the underside. Her mouth was open wide, tongue withdrawn. He rubbed the head of his cock against her tongue, then playfully smacked it a few times. Smack. Smack. Smack. 

After three smacks, he fed his cock back into her mouth. Christina eagerly squeezed her lips around the head, sinking her cheeks as she sucked it and began to bob her head up and down like before. She was no longer sensually sucking it at that slow pace. The more dirty side was beginning to surface as she moaned in muffled tones, pushing her lips up and down his cock, all while her eyes were centered on his face. Through all this back-and-forth cocksucking, not once did Christina forget to gaze up into his eyes. Only when she glanced away could Winston predict she was about to close her eyes again. She pushed her lips further down, going for another chance to deep-throat his length. While Christina gagged on his cock, she held her breasts up. Winston noticed this and remembered his desire to touch her tits earlier. When she pulled her lips back to extract his cock from her mouth, Winston reached down with his left hand to press his fingers over her soft breast.

Lucky for him, Christina knew what he was hinting at. She raised her head as a few strands of her long red hair draped over her shoulder, causing her to tuck the locks behind her shoulders. Once her hair was out of the way, she moved her hands over her giant breasts and pulled them apart to create a passage, inviting him to slide his drool-soaked dick between them. Winston took a deep breath as he shoved his cock between them. He moaned loudly as he felt Christina close her tits around it. She giggled, smiling at him as he was unable to look at her pretty face. The sight of his cock stuffed between her huge boobs was enough to make him smile widely. It must have been a goofy grin since she was also smiling, or maybe Christina loved feeling a cock between those boobs. In any case, Winston was pleased as he made the first thrust between them and moaned.

"Oh my god."

"Mmmmmm, yes. You like that?"

The only way for Winston to answer her question was through action. He bucked his hips, driving every inch of his long cock between her huge, famous tits. The immense size swallowed up the entire length of his shaft, with only the head poking forward at the top. Winston groaned at this wonderful feeling, loudly exclaiming his words.

"Fuck, that feels so good!"

He repeated the process, pumping his shaft between her boobs. Christina glanced down to watch the head poke up. She spit on it, but instead of her saliva coating his cock, a string of drool dangled from her lower lip. That was not enough to distract Winston. After the second thrust, he immediately picked up speed. Her tits felt so good wrapped around his dick, he could not resist the temptation to thrust harder and faster. Christina stuck her tongue out, breaking the string of saliva as it landed below. She gazed up into his eyes momentarily, letting out a moan as he fucked her tits. Winston slowed himself down as Christina adjusted her hands, flexing her elbows out. He moaned again, slowly pumping his shaft between her amazing tits.

"God, look at that. It's fucking beautiful."

His spoken word made Christina smile, but she did not bother looking up into his eyes. She was watching as the head of his cock poked forward between her breasts. He was still thrusting at a slow pace, giving her ample time to spit on the head again. She hit the head with her spit this time. Christina finally gazed up into his eyes as he continued to slowly pump his cock between her boobs.

"You like my big tits, huh?"

"Fucking yes!" 

"Mmmmmmm, your cock feels so good between them."

Winston still could not focus on her face. His eyes remained fixated on the action of his thick shaft pumping up between her boobs. Christina curved her lips into a smile as he slowly thrust his cock between them. She whispered softly to him.

"Please don't stop." 

"Ohhh, you want me to keep fucking your tits?"

He whispered back to her, still driving his cock between her boobs.

"Yes, don't stop."

Christina glanced down after replying to him. He was still bucking his hips at a slow pace, pumping his cock between her boobs. She parted her lips and slid her tongue out, flicking it across the head when it poked up. When he felt her tongue lapping over the head, Winston was encouraged to thrust harder in an effort to slide the head of his cock into her mouth. When he thrust back, a pop noise echoed from his cock leaving her mouth. Hearing that sound suddenly gave Winston an idea.

"Baby, keep your mouth open, please."

Those big blue eyes gazed up at him as he whispered to her. Maybe it was because he added a 'please' to his request, but Christina kept her mouth open for him. Winston continued his slow but hard thrusts. Pop. Pop. Pop. Those sounds satisfied him enough to bring things to a temporary halt. As he snatched his cock from her boobs, Christina spit on the head as her boobs shook.

"Ohhhh fuck!!" 

Moaning aloud again, he could hear the heavy breathing in her voice. Christina was fired up and in the zone. She gazed up at him, opening her mouth wide as she planted her hands down on her legs. He did not immediately feed his shaft back into her open mouth, prompting Christina to grab it with her right hand.

"I'm not done sucking you off yet."

She wasted no time pushing his cock back into her mouth. Christina squeezed her lips around it and sucked the first few inches, aggressively bobbing her head up and down while using her left hand to roam through her fiery red hair. 'Mmm, mmmm, mmmmmm', she was humming soft muffled moans over his cock. Unlike earlier, her mouth now sounded more sloppy, with slobbering sounds. Winston exhaled as he watched her, her lips still bobbing up and down, devouring his cock by the inch. She closed her eyes and quickly pushed her lips as far as they could reach. This was her third attempt at deep-throating his shaft, and she still could not fit the entire length down her throat. Christina drew back, gasping for air and dangling a few saliva strings from her open mouth back to his cock. She was not done trying, as she immediately slammed his cock back down her throat.

"Ohhhh, man..." 

Holding herself there quietly, Christina seemed determined to fit his shaft further than what had prevented her. She closed her eyes as her mouth made gagging and slobbering noises to break the silence. Winston was tempted to plant his hands over her head and take control, but he did not intervene. Christina pushed her lips down slightly further, finally choking herself on his length. As she gagged, she withdrew his cock from her mouth and breathed in relief. His cock was gleaming, drenched in her saliva, with more strings dangling back to her open mouth. That was until she spit on the head to pull apart the strings. With her left hand, she gripped his balls and held his cock upward before lowering her head. Winston caught sight of her big blue eyes gazing up at him as she began to suck his balls again.

"Yes, yes..." 

He moaned his words in a low voice, still gazing into her deep blue eyes. Christina pulled back with one of his balls still lodged in her mouth. He had a feeling that he knew what she was about to do. Christina did not disappoint as she plopped his ball out of her mouth with a loud pop sound similar to when she would release his dick from her lips. Now that his balls were free of her lips, she wasted no time sliding his cock back between her lips. Christina avoided making eye contact this time. The time had finally come for Winston to take control. He moved the POV camera off his left shoulder, prompting a crewman to step across the room and retrieve it. Now that his hands were free, Winston planted them down into her orange hair. Christina gazed up at him as he began to slowly buck his hips to thrust his cock into her mouth.

"Mmmmm, mmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmm..." 

Muffled moans were audible as he could feel the vibrations of her tongue pressing against his shaft from inside her mouth. Christina squeezed her lips around it. Winston could see her cheeks sinking in as he thrust inch after inch of his long, hard cock between them. He moved slow at first, finding a rhythm as he was beginning to fuck her mouth. He was finally in control, ready to give her gag reflexes a real test. Winston made soft moans, still thrusting his cock between her lips, as Christina moved her hands to her breasts. Her nipples slid between her fingers, and Winston noticed her pinching them. They would have plenty of time for another round of tittyfucking soon, but not right now. All Winston could think about was hearing more sweet sounds of her gagging and slobbering on his cock. He continued to thrust at a slow pace, watching the length of his shaft disappear between her lips before coming back out with only the head remaining beyond her lips.

"That's it, that's it. Just like that, baby." 

As he spoke to her, Christina opened her eyes. She gazed up at him obediently, but was unable to reply with a mouth full of dick. His fingers curled up in her hair, pushing her mouth down further. Winston was determined to put her gag reflexes to the test and see if she could properly deep-throat his shaft with a little assistance. He began to buck his hips faster, pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. The faster he thrust, her mouth began to make louder slobbering noises.


Those noises only encouraged Winston to keep this steady, fast-paced rhythm. Her breasts slightly bounced, almost wobbling out of the grasp of her hands. Christina opened her eyes and glared up at him as he continued to feed his cock into her mouth. Over and over, he pumped his shaft, causing her to slobber more loudly with each passing second. Excess drool began to leak from the right corner of her lips, leading to a saliva string that dangled before falling to her breasts below.

"Just like that, suck it, baby. Keep sucking it." 

Winston thought to himself with each passing second, thrust after thrust. She was almost ready to try a full, deep throat, but not quite. He wanted to hear her slobbering and sucking noises some more. Christina closed her eyes, feeling his balls now hitting her chin as he thrust deeper into her mouth.


Winston groaned as she continued to suck. Now was finally the time to put her throat to the test. Gripping her hair tightly, he pushed his cock all the way down her throat. Christina closed her eyes as her lips burrowed into his pubic hair. His balls smashed against her chin, rubbing as he held her in position, feeling the head of his cock poke the back of her throat. She coughed loudly within seconds. She had the mouth for deep-throating, but it was almost too much for her. Winston was still pleased with the effort, moaning aloud as he listened to her choking on his shaft. As he pulled her hair, Winston watched as his cock was extracted from her mouth. It was completely coated in drool dripping from both sides. Christina gasped for breath, taking a deep breath with his cock pulled free of her mouth. Instead of small strings of saliva, thick ropes were now dangling from her lips back to his shaft.

Using his right hand, he gripped his cock while keeping his left hand fingers in her hair. She made an audible 'ahhhh', breathing heavily as she stuck her tongue out wide. Winston was unsure if she was trying to keep the ropes of drool dangling or break them off, but they fell down to her breasts anyway. Since he was gripping his cock, Winston teased her by swinging it around. The excess drool on his fingers had made them sticky. Christina glanced down and then spit a flood of her saliva down onto her breasts. She must have been doing that in preparation for the tittyfucking that was soon to come. Her hands were still pushing those giant boobs up, but Winston was not ready yet. He smacked the head of his cock down over her tongue, teasing her. Christina loudly slurped up some of her saliva before twirling her tongue around the head of his shaft.

This blowjob had become sloppy and messy as a result of fucking her mouth. Winston was still not ready for another round between her breasts. He looked behind him to make sure there was a chair nearby where he could sit. He wanted to plop down and put those giant tits to work soon. Before he let go of her hair, Winston slid his cock back into her mouth. Christina responded by squeezing her lips around the shaft. He considered doing another quick round of fucking her mouth, but decided against it. She knew how to handle that cock with her mouth. So far, so good; Christina had proven to have an expert level of oral talent. She was probably wondering how he had managed to go this long without blowing his load, but even he did not have an answer for that. As Winston stood there, Christina helped herself, bobbing her head up and down on his shaft like she had done so many times before.

"I think you love sucking my dick, baby."

'Mmmmm', a muffled moan was heard from her voice as Christina opened her eyes. She stared into Winston's face as she forced the entire length of his cock down her throat. She instantly gagged, choking on his length as he moved his hand away from the base. Her hands moved off her breasts, now pressing into his legs. Winston took a deep breath, his cock once more shoved into the depths of her throat. Christina gave up after a few more seconds, gagging on it as she extracted his shaft again. A few saliva strings dangled from her mouth back to his cock, not unlike before. Winston moved his hands away from her and began to step backwards. His shaft shook, bouncing left and right as he left Christina there on her knees to watch him move away from her.

"What are you doing? Trying to run away from me?" 

He chuckled at her comment. Behind Winston was a white recliner chair, positioned facing a television that was on the other side of the wall. He licked his lips while slowly lowering himself into the chair. Christina pouted and puffed a few breaths as she pressed the palms of her hands down into the carpet and proceeded to crawl forward. Her huge breasts bounced around from underneath her. Winston expected her to say something as he studied the frustrated look on her face. Christina was about to have to do all the work if she wanted his cock between her tits as badly as he did. Once she reached the place between his legs, she reached for his cock with her right hand. Winston moved his hands over hers, causing Christina to let go of it as he held his own shaft upward.

"Hold those big titties up for me, babe."

When he spoke those words, Christina smirked. The look in her eyes told Winston she wanted his cock in the same place he did. Sitting back, he wrapped his right hand fingers around the base of his shaft while resting his other hand across the chair's armrest. Christina grabbed her boobs and shoved them up before pulling them apart. Winston guided his shaft directly between them as she tilted her head downward. Before she smashed her tits around his pole, Christina spit down on the head. He moved his fingers away from the base, no longer needing to hold it upward.

"Oh my god, so much fucking spit." 

Her voice was low. Winston could not tell if Christina was complaining, but she did properly lube his shaft in drool to make for a sloppy titfuck. Once she squeezed her tits around it, he moaned again.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck yeah. That's it, baby."

It was an amazing sight to witness the entire length of his shaft disappearing between a set of huge boobs. Like before, only the head poked out. It was nowhere to be seen when Christina began to pump her boobs up and down. She flexed her elbows, pushing them together from the side. Within seconds, a smacking noise began to echo throughout the room due to her boobs pounding down onto him.

"Mmmmmm, yeah! Your cock feels so good between my tits!"

Smack. Smack. Smack. Christina exhaled as she was beginning to find a rhythm. She slammed her breasts down, pumping his cock up and down between them. There were few things in life that felt better than this. To be able to sit in a chair and have a gorgeous buxom woman use her breasts over a cock. Winston felt like a king receiving a wonderful titfuck. Every inch of his cock could be felt rubbing up and down between them. Due to the excess amount of saliva, his shaft easily glided between them. Lucky for him, he felt he could still last a bit longer before he finally exploded in an orgasm. When that time came, Christina was going to be rewarded with a sticky mess.

"That's it, ohhhh fuck! I think your tits were made for this." 

Christina giggled at his words. She continued to pump her tits up and down as she replied.

"You think my tits were made for fucking?"

He nodded at her. Christina cried out in pleasure, slowing herself down slightly.

"I only like big cocks between my tits. You're lucky, you know that, right?"

Her teasing words made Winston chuckle, slightly blushing as he flashed his teeth in a grin at her. Christina continued to pump her tits up and down, fucking his cock to a pulp with them. She had only slowed down for a few seconds to speak, but now she was concentrated on working his cock. Over and over, she pumped her huge tits, causing more smacking noises to be heard as the undersides of her massive tits hit his body.

"You like that? You like how my huge titties just smother this big fucking cock? I know I love it. Your cock is so big, just the right size for me to fuck."

Now that he finally had her talking dirty back to him, Winston had no desire for her to stop. He sat up, watching as she continued to pound her tits up and down over his shaft. Christina closed her eyes, keeping her head raised as she moaned more filthy words.

"Mmmmmmm, yeah!"

"You love having a big cock between your tits, baby?"

"Yes! Yes, I do!"

She slowed down to a halt with only the head poking up. Christina lowered her head and darted her tongue out. Winston moaned as he felt her tongue twirling around the head in a circle. She shoved the head between her lips, keeping his shaft between her tits as she sucked only the head. This was short-lived, as Christina pulled her lips off to make a loud popping noise. It had been some minutes since the last time Winston heard that sound. Christina pulled her tits apart to retrieve his shaft with her right hand. He was unsure what she was doing until she began to rub the head of his cock against her left nipple. Christina let him feel the hardness of her areola before alternating his cock with the other nipple and rubbing it equally.

"If you like my tits so much, I want you to fuck them one last time."

From her choice of words, Winston figured she had to guess he was close to finally blowing his load. Christina brought his cock back to her lips. She licked the head before kissing it tenderly for the last time. Still on her knees, she managed to take two steps back, giving him proper room to stand back up. As soon as he stood up, Christina pulled her tits apart. He guided his cock right back where it belonged. She closed those boobs together and closed her eyes, moaning softly as he began to buck his hips.

"Mmmmmmm, that's it. Fuck my titties."

Once again, Winston felt the wonderful sensation of his cock sliding up and down between her huge boobs. Now that he was in control for the second time, he was able to choose how fast or slow he wanted to fuck them. He wasted no time, thrusting at a fast pace to begin this final round of tittyfucking.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhhhh yeah..." 

Strands of her red hair swayed from beyond her shoulders as Christina kept her eyes closed. Between her moans, she panted and breathed heavily. Winston had to wonder if she knew how close he was to blowing his load. She was probably impressed that he managed to hold off this long. Winston caressed her shoulders with his hands, sliding his hands behind her neck as he continued to pump his cock between her tits. Christina opened her eyes, gazing up at him with her big blue hues as she felt every inch of his shaft pumping up and down between her tits.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh yeah. Just like that, keep fucking my titties."

Christina broke eye contact to glance down, but she did not open her mouth like before. Winston slowed down to give a full thrust between her tits. He slid his hands through her hair and tilted her head down. Christina finally parted her lips, but he did not thrust his cock into her mouth. She had to make a better effort, snaking her tongue out to slither across the head. That prompted Winston to thrust harder, pushing the head between her lips again. Christina moaned across it before he thrust out, making one last pop noise. When he moved his hands away from her, she giggled loudly.

"Mmmmmm, you can't get enough of my titties, can you?"

"They're fucking huge and feel awesome." 

As he continued to thrust between her boobs, Christina stared into his eyes.

"I want your cum all over them. You've gotta be close to finally giving it to me, right? Or maybe you wanna cum on my face instead?"

Why not both? That was the answer Winston had in mind, but he did not tell Christina that yet. He continued to thrust between her boobs, slowing down to try and hold himself back. The worst part about finally reaching his climax was knowing this pleasure was soon to end. He did not want to stop fucking her tits. As he continued to thrust between them, he slowed down to the point where Christina lowered her head and flicked her tongue across the head again. That would likely be the final time, as Winston could feel the pulsing buildup flowing inside him. He made one final thrust between her boobs and then decided to finally snatch his cock out from between them. Christina seemed to know what was next to come and held her breasts up.

"So which one is it? Are you gonna cover my face or tits?" 


His loud exclamation of an answer had made Christina giggle. She closed her eyes as she tilted her head up and opened her mouth. Winston grunted as his hand slid back and forth, jacking himself off. His cock was aimed directly at her face, ready to paint her in his creamy seed. 

"Let's see if you can do both! I want your cum all over my face and on my boobs. Maybe even in my mouth too, if you think you can handle that."

She extended her tongue out of her mouth, teasing him further with a loud 'ahhhh'. Winston exhaled, breathing heavily as he kept jerking his cock back and forth. Christina kept her tongue out, eyes still closed, as his cock began to erupt.


Winston cried out, still wanking himself, as the first string of cum went flying out with such power that it splattered onto her forehead, drenching her left eye and reaching her hair. Another string followed, also covering her left eye and falling down her cheek. He twitched his cock to the left as a thick wad splattered onto her forehead, with drops falling below. Christina seemed desperate to taste him, so Winston did his best effort at giving her a wad of cum across her tongue. Another spurt of cum splashed onto her right cheek before he finally aimed at her breasts below. He still had some cum to splatter on those gorgeous tits. Two wads and a string landed above her left boob to give her something of a pearl necklace.

"Ohhhh, so much cum."

Right as she spoke, Winston raised his cock and jerked to get the last wad that landed on her tongue. He was out of breath, finally depleted of the hot load that she had truly earned from so much hard work. He laid the head of his shaft across her tongue and watched Christina open her eyes. A string of cum was in her eyebrow, connected to the same string dangling from her left cheek. She gazed up into his eyes while sucking on the head of his cock to milk out the final drops. Her right hand cupped his balls, giving them one final squeeze before she pulled his shaft from her mouth for what would truly be the last time. Christina looked satisfied as the cum dripped off her face. She bit her lower lip, flashing the front row of her teeth in a proud grin. He took a moment to admire the art he painted on her face before speaking up.

"That was really good, babe."

"Yes, it was. We'll have to do this again sometime."
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Re: C for Christina
« Reply #7 on: November 16, 2022, 06:24:53 AM »
Fantastic & grand!

Words fail me to describe this totally amazing new story with Chritina Hendricks..
Damn I had the impression that it was me Winston lol. The bombshell Christina knows how to steal the show, this role sticks with her just like what Winston gives her at the end of this story, she deserved it after all.. The blowjob and the titty fuck are awesome, well detailed and perfectly in the tone of Winston Burbank videos and in POV videos, we feel the inspiration. Christina's epic big tits that fit in the video I love it.
This little oral session was extraordinary. Perfectly perfect.
Thank you and thank you very much friend. Thanks !!!


Re: C for Christina
« Reply #8 on: November 16, 2022, 06:47:28 AM »
Winston Burbank's dick gets featured a lot around here lol.
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Re: C for Christina (POV BJ/Titfuck 11/16)
« Reply #9 on: November 17, 2022, 08:29:04 AM »
Fucking awesome stuff. looking forward to more
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