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Blue Screen Brigade - Neekolul
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the streamers, influencers, social media platforms etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Neekolul or any other streamer or social media influencer, or their characters or platforms.

Starring: Neekolul (Nicole Sanchez)

Blue Screen Brigade - Neekolul

An erotic influencer fan-fiction story.   

Written by DaxG2001 ([email protected])
Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal, inter.

* * *

Blue Screen Brigade specialised in computers, parts, peripherals and accessories ranging from full builds, service, security, back-up and recovery all the way to emergency call outs and repairs. Priding themselves on being able to handle anything from a total CPU meltdown to just repainting the letters on a keyboard. And with the bonus of having a 24/7 call-out service, at a price of course, they backed up the popularity of their business with a top notch service to match. With clients ranging from the average home to commercial, and including famous online influencers too.

“Geez, this is a lot more high end than my usual clients.” Jones Taylor remarked as he approached the door to the clearly pricey apartment. “But whatever. Makes sense if they can pay for top end spec’, then they can flaunt it.” The white man in his mid twenties said to himself with a shrug. Putting down the delivery box so he could knock on the door having already been buzzed into the building before this point. And although clad in the standard uniform of a set of shorts and a branded, short sleeved top he still held up his ID card in his hand to make sure his proof of identity was ready for the client.

A few moments passing before the door opened up as a gorgeous young woman with long, dark hair opened the door. “Oh great, you’ve got the new set up?” Nicole Sanchez, the streamer and influencer known as Neekolul said with a smile. Clad in short skirt that rested nicely on her thick hips and tight, short top that hugged to her impressively sized, rounded chest.
“Uh, yes, Miss.” Jones said, taken aback for a moment from a recognisable face of the Internet celebrity. “I’ve got a couple more boxes to bring up but when I do? I can get right to work and get everything set up for you.” He stated, lowering his ID.
“OK! That’s just fine.” Nicole said with a nod. “Just follow me then, and I’ll show you where, well, where the set-up is going.” She said, turning back into the apartment.

Taylor picked the box up and followed her inside. Having to rip his gaze away from off those swaying hips as she led him in to the main room that’s far larger and more open like a living space than any usual gaming room. With the expected furniture of a small table, a spacious couch and TV on the wall at the far end. But seeing that there’s already a PC desk there and behind that, plenty of specialist lighting and stands like a professional photo shoot more than for a regular gaming computer.

“Well damn… And here I thought I was just looking at someone who looked like Neekolul.” Jones remarked as he put the box down by the desk.
“Figured from your look that you’d recognised me.” Nicole teased, still smiling as she turned to face him.
“Heh, well I didn’t recognise your ‘government’ name from the forms.” Taylor joked. “Or that this was different apartment from the one that got you hate a while back.”
“Hey! Watch it!” Sanchez narrowed her eyes but with a playful smirk. “You always make fun of a new girl you meet?”
“Only the ones I know I don’t have a chance with.” He continued the banter, holding his hands up. “I’m sure your boyfriend won’t want me stepping over any lines.”

“That so, huh?” She cutely smiled, putting her hands on her waist. “Well I hope your building skills are better than your pick-up lines!” Neekolul teased, giving him a little glance over.
“Oh, that I can definitely attest to!” Jones said with another smile. “So yeah… I’ll just go grab the other boxes and get doing with this job for you.”
“Sounds good! I’m going to be in the room over…” She pointed behind her. “Got a couple videos to film… And no peeking at what I’m doing!” She playfully warned with a finger pointing at him. “Can’t let my outfits leak out, let alone the dances!”
“Outfits? And this one’s off the book since some poor 'Simp' like me has already seen it?” He said, getting an adorable laugh out of her for the remark. “I’ll make sure to check your page out later then.” Jones said. “But first, I’ll get to the actual work I’m here to do.” He said, turning to head towards the door.
“Hmmmm…” Nicole paused, watching him leave with another glance over him. “Maybe you don’t have to wait…” She whispered to herself as a mischievous idea came to mind.

* * *

About an hour later…

“Alright, that should be about it…” Jones said as he unplugged a tablet from the newly installed PC. “All the tests running perfect. Should be good to go for her to chuck in her details and start installing her games.” He said, popping the tablet into his work bag. “Miss Sanchez?” He called out, before remembering what she’d said before. “Oh right. Filming some social media vids.” He said to himself, moving across the room to approach the door she’d went into before.

At least, that was the plan. But just as he’d reached the door to knock, it opened for him. His jaw dropping as Neekolul was there, having clearly been waiting for more than a few minutes and not just that, but waiting with a brand new, stunning outfit on. “Took your damn time to get ready!” Nicole smirked, clad in a sexy, skimpy bikini of a blue and pink ‘plaid’ design. The bottoms riding up already to show off her thick hips and rounded ass, while the bikini top showed off a more than generous amount of her big tits with even some cleavage from how the top just about held her rack in place.

“God fucking damn…” A quite accurate response from Taylor who began to smile as he stared, looking over her.
“You know, I’ve been actually ready for maybe ten minutes or so…” Nicole said, using a hand on his toned chest to playfully move him to step back as she stepped into the main room.
“Uh huh…” He was more thinking with another part of his body than strictly listening to her. Checking out her tits as she took a hold of his shirt with her hand.
“So that means you’ve got to make up for the lost time… Right, ‘Simp’?” She smirked as Sanchez led him with ease around the streaming set-up. Able to take advantage of the tech guy’s stunned state to push him down to sit onto the couch.

“You can fucking call me whatever the fuck you want to…” He smartly agreed. Watching her slip down to her knees and take a hold of his shorts and even grip the boxers underneath. The beauty of Mexican descent’s playful look soon becoming pleasantly surprised when she pulled them down and got a close look at the nicely meaty, long white cock that he was packing. Leaving her biting her lower lip as she lowered the garments down and he kicked them off in order to spread his legs. The open invitation as she moved in between them and showed off a deeper view of her tits as she stared up and took a hold of his cock. Starting to stroke him off and get him groaning as it didn’t take long before he was rock hard in her pumping grasp.

“And we’re just keeping this between you and me, right?” She added with a wink but before she could even get the answer about if this was being kept from her actual boyfriend she leaned in. Running his tongue along the side of his cock for a proper moan out of him. More to come as she began the attack with a swirl around the fat crown of his tool. Using her hand to pump the shaft while she dragged slow laps to circle that mushroom head. The pace almost like she was testing what he could handle from her tongue along. Perhaps a sign that the stunning streamer and influencer was used to men not lasting that long with her as she groaned herself. Sounding that she was far from hating the taste of this big dick already as her tongue explored around and across the top. A little saliva left onto him before she leaned back and let her hand pump over the whole size of him for a short round of strokes.

“I’ll take that as a yes…” Neekolul gave a gorgeous smile at his still rather stunned reaction before she leaned back in. This time guiding his fat cock into her eager mouth and making them both moan. Her full, pouty lips having to stretch around his thickness as she sunk down and used her hand more to hold him in place than actually jerk him off. Her oral hole proving more than an amount of pleasure on its own with the warmth and dampness he soon felt as his inches were taken in. A muffled groan escaping her as she stared up and lifted her stunning features back up. Teasing that she was about to pulling move off of him but just keeping the head between her lips. Sinking back down to keep him moaning as she slipped down to the half-way mark on his size before easing upward as she got the motion underway.

“Mmmmmphhh! Mmmmm… Hmmmmmphhhh…” The bobbing was smooth and steady as she dragged her mouth along that thick pole. Her light groans bouncing off his shaft as she pumped away onto him with those tightly wrapped lips. Once in a while using the free hand to brush her long, dark hair back and out of the way so she could focus on this task. All to happy to suck off a hunky guy she’s only just laid eyes on for a scene that’s already far removed from the co-called cute and innocent look she’s put out in her social media dancing clips. “Mmmmmphhh! Mmmmm! Mmmmmphhh…” The groans continued as she stared up and made her own tits jiggle a bit from the effort put behind the motion her head was doing. Pushing down further to take another inch of his length in as she showed off some clear oral skill. This was far from the first time she’s taken a cock between her lips but from the state of her hardened nipples poking through her bikini top it seemed like this was a rare moment of someone being able to last within her talented oral hole.

“Mmmmmm… HHHHHLLLLKKK… Shhhhhrrrrlllppp… GAAAAAAAAAHHH!!” Her eyes widening as the head of his member connected with the back of that soothing, wet cavern of hers. Filling her up with far more dick than the California beauty is used to having to handle. But too fired up now with desire to stop now, so that lusty choking continued the next time she pushed her gorgeous face down towards his crotch. “GAAAAAAAAAAAH!! HHHHHHRRRKKK!! Mmmmmm!! GAAAAAAAAAHH!!” Tellingly, not wanting to stop as she willing pushed her mouth deeply down to make herself choke. Saliva drooling down as her lips now fought to keep wrapped around that vast size of his. And from his loud and shameless moans he had no plans on stopping her as she put herself through a shred of discomfort just to carry out his oral sex.

“MMMMMPHHHH!! GAAAAAAAAAHHH!! HHHHHHHRRRKKK!” With a narrowed glare, the influencer put both her hands onto his head. Going from mere bobbing along him to shoving her stunning face right down onto that big white cock. Surprising herself with a widened eyes as she deep throated his prick and make his moans that extra bit louder with how her snug throat, rarely if at all tested by some cock, gripped his length as she kept herself held down. “GAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! HHHHHHHHHHRRKKK… GAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!” Her throat flexed, almost massaging his dick in the process as she fought through harsher chokes to savour the feeling of offering up her oral tunnel. Like she was more suited for work on porn sites than video game streaming ones. A muffled groan of disappointment escaping her when she had to pull up and off from his length, still rock hard but now coated in her spit, as she gasped out and took in air.

“Motherfucker!!” She groaned lustfully as she leaned back in and just stuffed his rod back into her hungry mouth. Staring up and caring little about the mess she was making not just on him, but onto herself. Saliva drooling off her chin and landing across the exposed skin of her juicy tits that bounced with each bob of her head. “Mmmmmmphhh!! Mmmmmm… Shhhhrrrppp… Mmmmphhh…” A more controlled round of slurps this time. Even making sure to press her tongue against the underside of his pole as she moved up and down. Keeping him moaning with a wide smile as he more than impressed to handle a red hot dose of oral from the stunning Internet celebrity. And showing her that her choice to cheat on her actual boyfriend with a man she’s just met might be well worth it if he can already handle what her talented mouth can dish out.

Eventually pulling off again with a groan as she sat back. “That was some nice tasting fucking dick…” Nicole purred as she stood up.
“Felt fucking like you were loving it from where I was sitting…” Jones said with a smile of his own as he watched her climb up and mount him to keep him on her couch. “Not taking the bikini off?” He questioned but from his tone he didn’t sound disappointed in the slightest.
“You think I just put this all on just to take it off?” Neekolul teased with another wink as she settled down against his prick. “Besides? I got to, you know… Test how much this top can hold in when I’m bouncing about.” She claimed as she reached down. One hand pulling her swimsuit bottoms to the side, showing off her smoothly shaved pussy while the other lined up his rod with her entrance.
“Mmmmm… So you know it’s good for your next dance video?” He joked but his gaze locked down at her crotch as he felt her lower lips already being moist from the arousal of just her dishing out some head.

“Something like that…” A sly smile was on her face as she sank down, making them both moan out as her tight walls already had to spread open to accept this thickness. Another sure sign she’s more used to not just slimmer but shorter pricks. Her hands going up to grip his shoulders for support while his took a hold of her slim waist in return. Leaving her free to settle down on his pole and groan out as she adjusted to being stretched open before she was even halfway down onto his size. “MMMMM FUCK!! That’s… MMMMM! That so fucking big…” She moaned out with a stare down and clear desire in her eyes. Rolling her thick hips back and forth to grind down against his crotch as she bought a little more time to get used to the feeling of her tight tunnel being invaded like this. Not too long of a break before she moved up, almost in her eagerness letting his dick fall completely out from her wet pussy before she dropped down and already tested what that bikini top could handle as her tits jiggled in time with the push.

“OH FUCK!! MMMMM!! God!! That’s fucking good! MMMMM!!” Her moans kept coming as she rode his dick. Getting into a steady, nicely firm pace that already made a smack of skin hitting skin ring out as she didn’t look like wanting to waste time. Making the most of this chance to fuck a hung hunk and not because of the ‘excuse’ of being made to wait earlier on. Already her long dark hair swaying behind her as she delivered a hot ride on her own couch, with her own streaming set up just a couple of feet away. More focused on stuffing herself full with fat dick than racking up subs or donations at this point as she groaned away. The position helped with him making sure she was mounted on his lap as she rode away with a firm grip on her waist. “MMMMM! Fucking like that, huh ‘Simp’? MMMM! Getting that… UHHHHH! Big fucking cock… MMMMM!! Fucking buried into my tight little pussy? MMMM!” She groaned out as she showed off more of her clear sexual experience. The riding motion far from novice as she smoothly dropped down to jam his shaft up into her box before lifting up until just a few inches were inside her just to repeat the rhythm all over again.

“MMMM… You fucking tell me if you love this or not… MMMMM… You’re fucking soaking all over my dick…” Jones was able to moan out as his own shameless, loud cries proved how much he was enjoying having the horny influencer delivering a fantastic, deep ride onto his cock. The pair of them barely considering the potential consequences of this being a bareback encounter as her snatch began to slap down into his crotch. Taking every fat inch into her already soaking hole as he didn’t even need to thrust up once as she happily, and all too eagerly for someone supposedly in a happy relationship, did all the work for them both to ride his dick already like her life depended on it. Leaving him to just watch her big titties shake away in front of his grinning face as he saw the outlines of her areolae on both sides. Her skimpy bikini top fighting a losing battle to keep her breasts contained and he had no plans on intervening to prevent any full escape.

“AHHHHH FUCK! MMMM! Yeah, I fucking love it! MMMM! Big fucking cock, filling me all the way up! MMMMM SHIT! FUCK!!” She moaned out, drops of sweat starting to appear across that barely clad body of hers as she put in plenty of effort to make this a balls deep ride to stuff her snatch fill over and over. Making the sharp slap of her skin hitting off of his body ring out as she bounced up and down. Her long hair still flying about while her tits hypnotically jiggled away. “MMMMM! Feels like you’re… UHHHH! Trying to fucking split me open… MMMMM!! All this big fucking dick, hitting so fucking deep into me! MMMMM FUCK!!” She said between groans as he eyes gazed over the lucky guy who is supposed to be just delivering tech support instead of being used to scratch a clearly long overdue itch of getting some damn good sex. Licking her lips for a moment as she switched the attack. Dropping down but keeping her twat pressed down into his lap as she once again put her desirable hips to great use by rocking back and forth to work over his shaft with her soaking folds.

“MMMM… Funny… Feels like you’re the one… AHHHHH… Who is doing the splitting open, using me… MMMMM FUCK…” Taylor pointed out as the grin never left his face. Allowing his hands to slide up and grope those shaking breasts of hers and getting a loud moan of approval from the beauty known across the Internet as Neekolul. Her own palms going onto his and squeezing to encourage more of the feeling up. He was all too happy to accept the offer as his fingers easily dug in through the only partially covering anyway material of that swimsuit top. Further proving that when his fingers slipped it to the side at her right tit, exposing the hardened nipple there. Leaning in, his lips sealed around the nub as he delivered a slurp while his digits dug into the soft, ample flesh. Smirking around her as he suckled when one of her hands went off the back of his to clutch his head as the boost of pleasure thrilled her more.

“MMMMM! FUCK!! Yeah, suck those fucking tits… MMMM FUCK!! Looks like… MMMMM! You’ve got a fucking good mouth of your own!” She remarked as she continued to grind her wet pussy down into his lap to keep them both pleasured. While her arousal was already sky high thanks to the worship he was doing to her rack. Switching to the other tit as he freed the nipple there and left her bikini top now barely covering anything as he loudly slurped onto her. His own educated fingers working magic to fondle away at her mounds as he feasted. “MMMMM… Wonder if that fucking tongue of yours is at good at anything else…” She purred as she stared down and her tone alone making it far from subtle about what she was hinting at. Her own fingers clutching his short hair to keep his face pressed into her shaking rack as she kept grinding down like this was more an intense lap dance that the meeting between client and tech expert that this was only supposed to be.

He pulled his face away from her tits, leaving her nipples slick with a generous dose of his spit. “Sounds like a damn good offer…” Jones said with a wide smile as he let go of her rack.
“And you accepted it like a good ‘Simp’ should…” Nicole teased with a sly and sexy smile of her own. Moving off of his lap and making them both groan. “Stay there… I got some lube in the bedroom.” She bluntly said as she quickly, even after delivering that sort of wild ride, quickly hurried around her stream PC set-up and headed back through the door.
“No fucking way…” Taylor quickly pulled his shirt up and over his head to toss it aside before he stood up. “This is my fucking day…”
“Hey! I said to stay put!” Sanchez teased when she walked back in with a bottle of sexual lubricant in her hand, and from the fact that the bottle was already not even full it showed she really might be far from the cute and innocent persona she showcases in her much viewed videos and clips. “But I guess I can forgive you…” She claimed as she now moved up onto her own couch, kneeling onto it. “If you put your mouth to use for once…” She said, looking back over her shoulder as she stuck out that fantastic, thick and rounded ass of hers out towards him and even putting the bottle down on the couch ready to be used.

“Fucking gladly…” He said as he moved behind her. Firstly lowering those bikini bottoms down to under that shapely rear of hers for a properly look at those juicy cheeks and her dripping slit. Seeing the open offer here however, his hands went to dig into her cheeks to easily spread them as the flesh spilled generously around even with a tight grip. Seeing the tightest of her holes as he leaned in and did as ordered. Sticking out his tongue to begin to slap across her asshole, and immediately getting a groan of approval out of her from the touch. Encouragement to keep exploring as he began to roam across her entrance while giving her booty a squeeze once in a while as he was already completing a very pleasant surprise of a round trip of each of her holes without even penetrating this hole yet.

“MMMMM… I fucking knew that tongue of yours would be fucking good… MMMM! From the way you were fucking trying to suck my tits dry…” She groaned as she kept her hips raised up and pushed out for him to enjoy. An obvious sign here that this isn’t her first time exploring in some anal play as she temptingly swayed her backside from side to side even as she was being felt up. Moaning as the tongue against her asshole flicked, leaving saliva onto that entrance. “AHHHHH… Yeah, fucking eat that ass… MMMMM! Fucking stick it in me! Come on, ‘Simp’! MMMMM…” She demanded as she moved a hand off from the couch just to bring it to her chest. Groping her breast as it half-hung out of her barely covering up bikini top. Finding ways herself to get an extra thrill of arousal even as she got rimmed. Her fingers showing off skill of their own by capturing the nipple for rubs and squeezes as she felt that tongue lapping at her asshole.

With his mouth busy with this task to both satisfy and impress the member of the 100 Thieves gaming group, he just kept on with the licking work rather than answer her. Running his tongue up and down across her asshole as his saliva began to drip downward. A sign that he’s not a novice in his own right to eating some hot, thick ass like this. But hearing her order he went from just merely licking to pressing his hungry, skilled tongue against her asshole. Meeting the expected resistance as he lapped before finally able to press in. Getting her groaning as her ass pushed back against his handsome face as he stuck that tongue in. Receiving the full, wicked flavour of her back passage as he tried to push in as deeply as he could into that super tight passage.

“MMMM! FUCK! Yeah… Fucking like that! FUCK!” Neekolul moaned out as she got her juicy ass eaten out. So turned on by having this man that she barely knows tongue-fucking her asshole that she put a hand between her own legs. Rubbing slowly across her snatch with a smooth motion as she groaned. Keeping one arm up on the couch to she could stay in that near doggy-style position to take this rimjob. A slight shift of that curvy body to rock her booty against his face as he stayed stuffed between her cheeks. Groping away at her rump while munching as he enjoyed the stunning influencer and streamer in her own apartment. “MMMMM! FUCK!! Fucking eating my ass… MMMM! Yeah, fucking eat me nice and… FUCK! Nice and fucking deep! MMMM…” She groaned as sweat rolled down her face. Like this already the best time she’s gotten in her whole life. Leaving her own fingers sticky from the forming juices as she happily self pleasured while getting her butt eaten out.  Her gaze locked over her own shoulder even as she just saw he head down against her booty but more than feeling his tongue working away into her back passage.

When he eventually pulled out from her cheeks, he barely took in air before he reached down and grabbed that bottle of lube. Applying some to his fingers before he brought them up to her well dined on backside. Making her groan again as he slipped a finger into her asshole, and even with the rimming he’d just done it was still a tight fight. Needing to use force to get his digit into her before he could start to slowly work it in and out. Lubing up that tunnel while she continued to get off on the feeling. Clearly someone into anal play as whether it was tongue or finger, she was moaning and stroking away at her slit as her asshole was worked over. Perfectly happy to stay raised up and presented to offer up her booty to a man that isn’t even the one she’s dating as he applied his finger knuckles deep into her tightest of holes to get her ready for the main event.

The stunning San Mateo, California-born beauty just stared back over her shoulder and watched as he stood up, taking a moment to lube up his cock before closing and dropping the bottle. Moving behind her still raised in the air backside in order to spread her cheeks again. Her hand still working away at her pussy even before he entered her but letting out a gasp as she felt his bell-end pressing against her asshole. Her fingers gripping the back of the couch as she tensed up, before letting out the sort of long, filthy moan that porn stars would pay to be able to just fake. Feeling that cock pushing in to penetrate her tight booty as he groaned out in delight. Knowing she’s been squeezing from how she gripped his tongue and finger moments before but this was vice-like to a level he’s never experienced before either.

“OH FUCK! GOD!! MMMMM!! SO FUCKING BIG! FUCK!!” She near yelled out already before moaning. Letting out some curse words and dirty talk in Spanish as she started to take his cock. Her eyes locked back at him still to witness him begin to thrust and work his member into her back passage. Groans from them both as he had to ease in and out to kick this anal action off with her supremely tight she is. Clearly it’s a rare thing for her to offer up such a desirable piece of ass like this to a lucky stud and even when she did, her past encounters haven’t been with anyone close to packing this size of a weapon. “UHHHHH! FUCK! COME ON! MMMMM FUCK! FUCKING… AHHHHH! FUCKING GET IT IN ME! MMMMM FUCK!!” She groaned out as once again she was pushing her hips back towards him but this time to get more of his inches inside of her. Looking like she wanted this hole to get the balls deep stretching out that her others have taken and knowing full well this stud was more than equipped, and not just from the size of his man meat, to get the job done.

“MMMM! Holy shit… FUCK! That’s so fucking tight… MMMMM!” Jones marvelled as he stared down. Watching her cheeks jiggle as he hold her waist. His eyes locked down onto her backside and watching the forming vanishing act as gradually her tunnel was parting to allow his member deeper into her. His moans constant as the sweat starting forming across his own hunky body as he stood behind her, fully nude and thrusting in and out of her juicy rump. Making her big tits sway back and forth as they hung down. Her bikini top now basically dangling above her chest as a mere accessory while her long hair hung down to swing from over her other shoulder. “AHHHHH SHIT! MMMMM… This like some fucking porno shit! MMMMM! God damn… Your man is fucking lucky as Hell to get… MMMMM! This fucking ass every night…” He said between groans. Shamelessly happy to fuck the woman he knows is dating someone else and caring little not just of being caught but of wrecking any relationship. Especially when that juicy rump is getting ever closer towards his body as he pumped away and watched her cheeks slide back to match the timing of his thrusts.

“AHHHHH FUCK! HE ISN’T… AHHHH FUCK! BIG ENOUGH TO F-FUCKING STRETCH ME OUT LIKE THISSSSSSS MMMMM!!” She panted out. In such a high state of lust that she’s all too happy to insult her own man as she takes another guy’s fatter, longer cock deep into her backside. Pushing her body back and forth to meet his thrusts and help work those inches into her tightness. All while one hand now furiously works away at her dripping pussy to not just keep the pleasure at its highest, but easily take the edge of pain off from having her back passage split open by such a massive slab of dick. “MMMMM FUCK!! NO FUCKING WAY… UHHHHH! HIS STUPID, TINY FUCKING DICK… MMMMM!! COULD FUCKING FEEL THIS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOD!! MMMMM!! FILLING UP MY FUCKING ASS!! AHHHHH FUCK!!” She howled out between just as loud moans. The sweat rolling off her body, dripping down onto the couch along with her juices as she managed to keep herself up in place. Kneeling on the seating and sticking her rump right out like it’s both a well practised position and motion to rock against his stiffening pumps.

Having already gotten her oral and vaginal tunnels filled up to a limit she’s never had tested before, it was rather fitting that she showed off her tightest and less offered up for sex holes was not only even tighter but just as built to take thick long cocks like this. Another sign that perhaps a career in more adult online content is what she should have done instead of cute dance video clips and video game streaming. Now taking almost a double penetration but only from one dick. Taking care of her own twat by now going from rubbing to full on fingering her already dripping wet pussy. Stuffing a couple of fingers into herself and going to town with swift pumps. Drilling her folds deep to the knuckle with quick pumps. All as her asshole got filled up with an even thicker and longer invasion to keep her moans loud and long. Even if some of her groaning out wasn’t strictly understood by the man drilling her when she let her tongue slip back into Spanish for some of her cursing and moaning.

“UHHHHH! FUCK! YES! AHHHHH FUCK! COME ON! YES!! HARDER THEN… UHHHH! MY FUCKING BOYFRIEND EVER COULD! MMMMM!! FUCK MY FUCKING ASS! YES! AHHHHH FUCK! MMMM!!” As red hot as the dirty talk spilling from her mouth was, a just as delicious sound was accompanying it. The thick cheeks of the beauty of Mexican descent clapping back into the toned, white waist of the hunk fucking her from behind. Filling up her back passage with every familiar inch of his length to keep her squealing out for more as she soaked herself with rapid finger fucking. “AHHHH SHIT!! FUCK! YES FUCK MY ASS! OH FUCK! SHIT!! AHHHHHH!! SO… FUCKING! DEEP OH FUUUUUUUCK!!” She was having a hard time keeping her head raised up now as the pleasure overwhelmed her. Her long hair still swaying away but some strands left sticking across her features as she moaned down towards the couch. One arm raised up on the furniture, gripping on almost like her life depended on it but still trying to ram her body back sharply to keep on taking this big dick deep into her now spread open but still very tight backside.

The rapid smack of her plump rump hitting into his crotch ringing out like a machine working in overdrive. Not even needing to actively pull her back against his cock as she did an equal share of the work here. Drilling her booty back into him as he rammed in balls deep over and over. Keeping her tits swaying away and slapping off one another as she got fucked nice and hard. Taking that big white cock hard into her still snug asshole as the pumps, along with her own fingers still stuffing into her snatch, kept her moaning out in a mix of English and Spanish like the pleasure was frying her mind so she could barely keep her focus. Her sweat-dripping body working on autopilot to just drive back and not even feel a sting of pain from how sharply her juicy cheeks were colliding into his waist.

To his credit, the very lucky man standing behind her was putting on a performance of his own that made it seem like he had a job in the adult film industry than merely as just a tech support guy. Groaning out as he drilled that snug asshole with every fat inch of his big cock. Staring down to watch that backside slap back into him and jiggle away before their bodies collided once again as he pulled out just to ram back in. Taking full advantage of being able to hammer into a woman who is one of the Internet’s much lusted over. Her bikini barely hanging on her curvy fame with the top dangling from her chest and her bottoms yanked down to the knees. All as his prick hammers in deep after resizing her back passage to the perfect shape to take not just all of his size, but this sort of wild, hard pounding.

“GOD… FUCKING!! DAMN IT! YES! YES!! FUCKING YESSSSSSSSSSS AHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUCKK!!” Her dark haired head, with those long locks sprawled across her moaning features, tilted back as she jammed her fingers deep into her twat. The thrill of cheating sex and hard, stretching anal sending Neekolul into a hard orgasm. Further soaking herself from the digits down the wrist as the fluids dripped from her hand and down her thick thighs to leave more of a mess on the couch she was being banged on. “FUCK… FUCK!! OH FUCK… MMMMMM FUUUUUUCK!!” She groaned out, her eyes fighting to stay open and even so, showing they were rolled upward in delight from a round of sex that not only she won’t forget in a hurry but will be tough to beat. Panting out as he pulled out of her well fucked backside and left her asshole in a sinful, gaping state. So even if she cleaned the mess on the furniture and took a good shower, the evidence of her filthy, unfaithfulness would be clear to see by her man.

“Hey… Your new favourite ‘Simp’ has a donation for you…” Jones said with a smirk as he pulled her off from the couch and set her down onto her knees on the floor. Leaving her gasping as she stared up as he had to hold the back of her head by the hair to keep her up. The other hand gripping himself to stroke off as he aimed down at that stunning, cute but already sweat-coated face of the streamer and influencer.

There was no objection from her as she even opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and not just to pant for air. Soon rewarded as he let out a grunt and began to plaster her already beautiful face with hot, thick streaks of white. Splashing his load over her cheeks, nose, forehead and into that open mouth and over her lips and tongue. Some catching into her long locks at the side and top of her head and the loose strands already glued to her cheeks. Plenty enough to give her a more than generous mouthful along with the seed dripping down off her features. Landing down onto her rounded tits and even staining the bikini top that was hiked up above her rack for good measure. By the time he was stroking out the final drips she pressed her lips together and used a single, shameless gulp to swallow the collected jizz down. A satisfied gasp escaping her before she even went the extra mile and leaned in to use her tongue to swirl around the head to properly clean up.

“Mmmmm… Holy fuck…” Nicole groaned as he let go of her hair and she slumped, her back meeting the couch and being the only thing holding her up. “God damn it… I’m gonna be sore for a fucking week after that.” She said as her chest, getting stained with the spunk dripping off her face, heaved for much needed air.
“Lucky you filmed your dance vids before we fucked then, right?” Jones said with a smile, showing he wasn’t too bothered about her sore or stretched out state since they both got what they wanted out of this and then some.
“Yeah… Lucky I fucking did…” Sanchez replied with a smile across her cum-coated lips. “I’m just going to need to wear some longer skirts for the next few days… And some bigger panties so my boyfriend doesn’t find out I’ve been fucking another hung ‘Simp’ of mine behind his back…”
“Well, I’m happy that… Wait, did you say… Another?” Taylor noted as he processed her words.
“What? Can you blame a girl? I didn’t get where I am today without having a lot of ‘Simps’… And a select couple of extra special, favourite ones…” Neekolul shamelessly admitted with a wink. “So let me get your number, so I can add you to that secret list… And not for another delivery either…”

* * *

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Her calling him a simp was hilarious.
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