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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Dynasty Warriors or any of its characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Xingcai, Dong Zhou (both Dynasty Warriors series).

Dynasty Warriors: Shangri-La – Chapter 16

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, bondage.

* * *

The Three Kingdoms were already no more. Obsessed with the Northern Campaign, the Dynasty of Shu didn’t see it coming until it was too late. Flooding in from the East, Dong Zhou’s forces of the Central Plains overran the forces. Sleeper agents and traitors from within the ranks of leading officers leads to an overwhelming victory. The Shu leader Liu Shan surrendered to prevent the slaughter of his people, and was arrested as an ‘enemy’ of the Emperor. The same Emperor who was merely a puppet of the wicked Prime Minister’s rule. Now those Three Kingdoms were of Jin, Wu… And Dong Zhou’s Shangri-La. But before Zhou had the last generals and leaders of Shu executed, he had one last prize from the ranks of Shu he wished to claim to further fill his harem…

* * *

Xingcai walked with her arms bound behind her back as a prisoner of war. The daughter of the legendary Zhang Fei clad in her green with white armour of Shu with long boots and gauntlet sleeves up her arms. Her top with almost see-through black material at the front showing off the cleavage of her very impressive, large and rounded bust. The short, dark haired beauty still having a signature headpiece clipped in her locks. Her expression a mix of acceptance of her Kingdom’s defeat and the anger of what she knew was about to happen.

Knowing that fat clearly as she was marched by two women already well ‘trained’ and broken by Dong Zhou in Lu Lingqi and Wang Yi as they escorted her into the lavish, expensive throne room of the Prime Minister. Xingcai staring with disgust as she saw the obese, massive bearded man lounging on that golden throne. Other broken whores gazing with awe and lust as they clutched his arms and legs and giggled mindlessly. In particular Xingcai stared with fury at Bao Shanning, Yueying and Guan Yinping who had each betrayed their so-called Kingdom during that last offensive. No doubt their presence here was to further make it clear to her how helpless she was in this situation.

Zhou dismissed his whores with a wave of the hand as they moved away from the throne and moved down the steps. Giggling and smirking at Xingcai as her glares didn’t faze any of them, even her former Shu allies. Xingcai was surprised when those departing included the women who had just escorted her in, leaving her alone but defenceless in front of the warlord of the Central Plains and now even more of the lands of the Three Kingdoms.

“Well well… Xingcai! You’re even more beautiful in person than the reports said!” Dong says with a leering grin as he scanned her over.
“Don’t play your games with me!” Xingcai snapped with a glare as she stood at the bottom of the steps. “I know what this is all about… And I know what you’re about to tell me!”
“Oh? Enlighten me then, brave warrior girl...” Zhou chuckled, not shaken in the slightest by the expected defiance she’s showing.
“You have Liu Shan held captive somewhere and you’re… You’re planning to execute him.” She bitterly guessed, knowing what kind of man she’s dealing with here. “But the fact you haven’t yet done so means you’re holding him for some reason… A bargaining chip with me.”

“Straight to the point! I like that in my women!” Zhou mocked her with a laugh. “Go on then… What am I about to ask of you?”
“It’s no ask, you monster! You’re going to kill him if I don’t agree to… To be one of your whores!” She bluntly said, and her tone showed she hatred having to say it. “My life as serving you in your court in this disgusting harem of yours… In exchange for sparing Liu Shan’s life.” She correctly guessed as she looked at Zhou with narrowed eyes of hatred.
“I see my reputation proceeds me...” He let out a snigger, already moving his hands down to loosen the wraps around his attire. “So? Do you consent, Lady Xingcai? Will you become my latest, lovely woman of my Shangri-La and ensure the man you care so much for lives? Or will you let him be executed and spend your days rotting in a dungeon?” He said, giving her not much of a choice but still a decision none the less.
“...I consent.” She agreed with a voice dripping in sadness and anger. “I agree to be your whore. Now give me my word! You will not harm the man I love!” She snapped, still being defiant even in such a position she’s decided to be in.

“You have my word, Lady Xingcai. I personally will not even lay a finger on that worthless man you care for.” He said even as he mocked that prisoner. “Now, since you’re one for getting straight to matters at hand… Get up here, kneel, and service your new Lord.” He ordered as he untied his robe to expose his unsightly body along with his already rock hard, fat and length shaft.

“W-What is that?? How can...” Xingcai cut herself off, staring at the biggest dick she’s ever seen before she tried to compose herself. “Y-Yes, Lord Dong Zhou...” She said with a flat tone, playing her part as she walked up the steps and moved to kneel down in front of the man she’s agreed to serve. With her arms still bound, she began her duties by bringing her gorgeous face close to that rod. Letting out a hiss as the strong musk of his junk hit her nostrils as she glared up. Bringing her tongue up and getting the first taste of his rod that left her groaning in shame but him moaning in pleasure already. Running her tongue up the side of his shaft before she focused on the head. Swirling around the fat crown with slow, repeated motions to get a coating of saliva over the tip and let him feel her surprisingly soft, wet tongue compared to the cold glare she’s giving him.

“Mmmmmm… A decent start, Lady Xingcai… I suppose this sort of lowly technique was enough to satisfy that pathetic man of yours, I assume?” He dared to mock the man whose life she was trying to save by lapping at his cock. Getting a fresh stare of hatred but she still carried on licking at his prick to warm him up. “But I said for you to suck, not to lick! So open that rude mouth of yours and put it to a much better use!” He ordered as he smiled down in ugly, perverted fashion at his newest prize. With a frustrated grunt, she agreed again as her lips parted and she pushed her oral hole down onto his fuck-stick. Making them both moan as he felt her nicely warm and wet mouth around his inches, and she had to quickly adjust to a vast size that she was not used to handling before. Her eyes tellingly wide that she was shocked herself that she could even handle this amount of dick inside her, but there was still a lot more of him to work over and with only that mouth, her tongue and her set of lips to pleasure him with.

“HHHHHMMMMPHHH!! HHHHHHLLLKKK!! MMMMPHHH!!” She was already starting to gag from handling the size of him as the warrior Officer of Shu started to bob her short haired head up and down on the dick of her new master. Saliva starting to drip as she worked her pleasantly soft, soothing lips along his thickness. She wasn’t even used a man lasting this long between her lips, let alone this sort of massive size as she moved her mouth over these fat inches that she knows have ploughed into many a woman before she’d come along. “HHHHHRRRKK!! MMMMMM… GAHHHHH HHHHHLLLKK!!” Her lips fought to stay wrapped around his prick as she choked whenever the fat head of his length connected with the back of her mouth. Unable to keep glaring up at the man she now has to serve as she closed her eyes. Trying to focus on delivering a blowjob in the faint hope she’d make this end early. No such luck as this dick could handle her back and forth slurps even with this smooth, steady pace she was using.

“MMMMM… And here I thought your friend Guan Yinping was the best cock sucker from Shu! MMMMM… I can see what kind of training you whores from that lowly Kingdom get up to!” Zhou continued to show no respect to the beauty sucking him off. Her spit escaping from her lips to splatter down his inches towards his heavy balls. Leaving her armoured upper body shining as the saliva showed off her big tits even more now much to his smirking approval. Just leaning back and letting this new addition to his still growing harem get used to what will be a familiar position of being on her knees dishing out a blowjob. Even if she won’t need to have her arms tied behind her back like she currently is. “Ahhhhhhh… Hey! Answer me, whore! MMMMM… Is that worthless trash of the man you love even a quarter of the size I am? MMMM… I bet he can’t even last a minute! While I can pleasure a woman all night and day!” He bragged as he went further than his usual mocking. Wanting her to insult the love of her life in a well placed plan to further break her resistance without her even knowing. Getting blown like this was good enough for most. He wanted to shatter her morals and get her addicted to sin and sex like the rest of his sluts.

She pulled off from his meaty length with a gasp. Forcing her eyes open to look up as she gritted her teeth. The pause working against her as she was hit with the scent of his musk once again that left her body shivering from new sensations. “N-No, Lord Zhou… Not even close to you. Y-You have the biggest cock I’ve ever taken, my Lord...” She admitted before she returned to sucking him off. Plunging her face down further and making her eyes widen again from fresh discomfort as his length invaded her snug throat for a fresh feeling she’s never experienced before as she groaned around that pole. “GAHHHHHH!! HHHHHRRRKK!! GAHHHHHH!!” The gags returned as she bobbed away and the saliva continued to drip down. Her mouth brushing into the mass of pubic hair he had when she moved down, and she didn’t even see the loose strand of hair hanging from her lip as a result of the deep slurping. Looking already a shameful mess with the drool hanging off her chin, coating her top and leaving his prick shining. All as her new Lord grinned at the submission he was witnessing as she could have chosen her pride and a life of misery and turned her down. Not beginning an existence of being a personal whore to a wicked man who already has nearly all the stunning women of the Three Kingdoms at his beck and call.

“MMMMM… Lady Xingcai! You impress me! MMMMM...” Dong said as he watched her lift off so she could cough before sucking in air. “With some work? You’ll be as good as my other wives at throating my mighty, woman pleasing manhood!” He said like it was a promise, not just a threat.
“I’m not one of your wives! I’m just doing this to protect Liu Shan!” Xingcai claimed with defiance, even if that claim was harmed by how much of her own spit was dripping off her chin.
“Is that so? Well, we’ll see how well you handle this then…” Zhou chuckled as he snapped his fingers. “Stand up, and step up to me.” He instructed as he scanned her over.
“Are you not going to undo my binds? How can I service you without… Ahhhhh?!” Her words were cut off when her Master reached across and used his hands to tear open the mesh-like front of her attire. Ripping a hole so he could pull the clothing to the side and expose her large, rounded breasts to his grinning approval.

The wicked warlord ignored her words as he wanted to sample the final prize of Shu. Using his hands to lift her up with a display of dominance, bringing her onto his lap. Continuing to make her gasp as he reached under the bottom skirt-like part of her armour as he pulled her underwear clean off and cast it aside. As she watched that garment being disposed off like garbage the next thing she knew that huge, thick length was pressed against her folds and a smile on his face seeing how she was already a little wet down there from her body starting to be overwhelmed by sensations. Then, in commanding fashion, he plunged his shaft upward into her hole. Making her moan out as her head tossed back as he invaded her snatch with a powerful thrust to make her inner walls stretch to accept a size of dick she obviously is not used to like so many beauties, including from her own Kingdom, have had to endure before.

“MMMMM!! So wonderfully tight, Lady Xingcai! MMMMMM… You were well worth the wait!” Zhou said, as if saying such a filthy compliment was acceptable especially with this sort of sinful agreement circumstances they are in. His hands staying on her midsection to hold her in place, impaled on his mighty shaft. Allowing him to start to thrust up into her tight, dampening box to make them both moan out. Not giving her much time to get used to that fat dick stretching her out which was just part of his wicked plan. “MMMMM… Did you and that little worm not ever get to doing the good stuff? MMMMM… Perhaps this is your first time, my Lady? I’d be truly honoured if it was!” He continued to pull the strings. Teasing her and playing with her open for rewiring mind as he bombarded her with pleasure from his pumps. Smoothly and steadily working his member up and down to fill up her twat. Working in deeper so that at this rate there’d be little chance of any other normal man, the love of her life included, ever satisfying her after this.

“AHHHHHH!! S-Shut up! MMMMM!! D-Don’t say such awful, rude things!! MMMMM!!” She blushed at this remarks and moaned as she took his cock deeply into her snatch. The look of a mix of shame with building pleasure answering the questions perhaps even if he didn’t feel any wall of resistance when he’d entered her. He cared more anyway about making her squeal in growing delight like this as well as his own sinful enjoyment. Getting all of that as he had the best view here as he watches her large chest bounce away as his stiff pumps made this warrior beauty jolt upward whenever he delivered a thrust into her. “MMMMMM… AHHHHH! Damn it!! MMMMM… I’m n-not doing this for you! MMMMM… I’m doing this for my love!!” She tried to focus on her reasons for agreeing to be fucked like this. Being used like a living sex aid with her arms tied behind her back so she couldn’t properly ride his cock if she wanted to. Just being gripped and held so he could keep sliding his member in and out of her tight and now clearly wet snatch.

“MMMMM… Are you so sure of that? You sound like you’re enjoying yourself rather a lot, my dear… MMMMM...” Zhou kept on taunting as he pumped like a battering ram being swung rapidly. So deep now into his new property that his crotch was smacking against her skin underneath the skirt she still wore as he went in to the hilt. Filling her up in a way she never thought anyone could do to her, and far more than the man she’s supposed to love could ever manage to do. “AHHHHH… Let’s see if you can enjoy my other tricks… MMMMM… And things that the man you’ve wasting your heart with couldn’t do to you!” He made sure to insult before he proved his point to be true. Using a hand to capture her large breast as he leaned in. Wrapping his ugly lips around her nipple to loudly, shamelessly slurp onto the nub and make her moan out in delight as her head tossed back. His tongue lashing around the nipple that quickly got hard from his expert technique and she had to deal with the brushing of that bushy, haggard beard against her jiggling flesh as well. All as he impressed further by managing to still smoothly fuck her pussy while engaging in some titplay.

“AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMMM!! AHHHHHH MMMMMMM...” She couldn’t help but moan as any red-blooded woman would when faced with such skill and sinful motions. Even if it’s at the hands (and mouth and cock) of a hideous, oversized man who she should be trying to defeat in battle inside of whoring herself out to. Attacked at her clearly sensitive, ample chest while being drilled in her wet snatch that’s not gotten the kind of pleasuring that she and her gorgeous body deserve. “FUCK!! MMMMM!! W-What is this?!? MMMMM… H-How can this feel so good?? AHHHHHH MMMMM!!” She gasped out between louder moans as he switched to worship her other breast with more sucking and groping. He didn’t even need to provoke her now to stroke his already massive ego as she admitted this was already the best sex of her life, and the longest lasting. Beads of sweat starting to form on her stunning face as she bounced on his lap and took a pussy pounding from a huge dick going balls deep into her love tunnel. Her walls now perfectly snug around the shaft of that shaft as her body further betrayed her breaking mind by leaving those fat inches coated in her juices.

“MMMMM…” Zhou groaned around her nipple before he pulled off. Laughing at the moaning state of the beauty mounted on top of him before he made her groan. Pulling out of that wet pussy as he shifted his grip to hold her by the waist once again. “How about it, Lady Xingcai? Do you feel like leaving life of being a wasted warrior to join my land of paradise yet?”
“N-Never! I won’t betray the man I l-love...” Xingcai’s voice hesitated as she tried to put on a brave, defiant face. But her body further betrayed her by her hips gently rocking back to grind her twat against his rock hard dick.
“Ha! Still some fight left in you! We’ll soon deal with that!” He announced as he lifted her up as he stood up. Leaving her gasping when he dumped her down so she had to kneel on the edge of the throne she’d just been fucking on. Her cheek pressing into the back of it so she had no choice in the position but to gaze back as the bulking beast of a man stood behind her.
“W-Wait! I need some time to rest before...” She tried to plead, but was soon left moaning again when that big, fat cock plunged back into her folds as her body tensed up in delight once more.

“MMMMM… FUCK!! So… So big!! MMMMM… AHHHHH FUCK!!” The beauty of Shu moaned out as she stared back. Seeing that bulging stomach moving back and forth as his gut brushed over the top of her rounded backside. The smack of bodies connecting sounding out as he easily was driving into her balls deep already thanks to the previous pounding she’d taken. Feeling increasing pleasure now as she was taken from behind and felt every inch of his manhood slotted into her twat. “MMMMM… B-But I won’t give in! MMMMM… I d-don’t love this! N-Not at all! MMMMM FUCK!!” She tried to claim but was only fooling herself at this point as her pretty face stayed pressed against the back of the golden throne she was now on. Her eyes half-closed, and pleasure washed over her face as her mouth hung open with an O-shape so her moans poured out. A sight made even more sinful as her arms remained bound behind her back as her fingers wiggled in reflex as the sensations carried on flowing through her.

“Hahahahaha!! Of course you don’t! MMMMM… What sort of slutty, sinful woman would love… MMMMM!! A nice, big, fat, pussy pleasuring cock… MMMMM!! Driving them wild with desire as they fuck another man that isn’t… AHHHHH… The one they claim to love?” The cruel warlord revelled in this moment as he taunted her over the reality of her situation. Not able to see it because of his massive gut but feeling her ass start to push back against him to meet his thrusts, and not just from the rebound of making her buck from the stiffness of his motion. Even without the use of her hands she was working her snatch to take his pumps as she moaned out. Showing her need as the addiction to sex and his shaft grew within her. “MMMMM… It’s not like your naughty, tight little pussy… MMMMM! FUCK… Is soaking wet like a river around me right now!” He added, as he moaned himself. Loving hoe snug and damp her love tunnel was all around his thick inches. More than encouraging him to piston away into her box as he stared down with a proud smile as he saw that look of denial and lust across her face.

“MMMMM FUCK!! S-Shut up! It’s not true!! AHHHHHH FUCK!! I’m n-not! MMMMMM!! I’m not enjoying this!! N-Not at all!” She blatantly lied between her groans as the rubbing of her cheek against the back of the throne started to leave a clear damp batch from her forming sweat being left onto the seating. Her large busty swaying underneath her as she actively and clearly rocked back and forth against his pumps to keep that slap of her ass cheeks against his crotch sounding out. “MMMMM… T-This is just your fault, that’s all! MMMMM SHIT!! You and that… Big… Fat… Long! MMMMM!! Massive! Cock of yours!! MMMMM!!” Her voice was slowly developing a sinful purr as her juices continued to coat that rod ploughing into her from behind as the fluids began to drip down onto the expensive cushion of the Imperial throne they’re fucking on. Try as she might to vocally deny it, it was clear she was deeply losing an unwinnable battle as her body craved more of the huge dick ramming in and out of her needy, tight pussy.

“Ah! So you need my cock then, Lady Xingcai? MMMMM… Then feel free to take it!!” He announced as he leaned over and grabbed the rope that bound her arms. Using it to grip her and pull her roughly back onto him as he unleashed a stiffer pump to fully impale her on the dick she’s now addicted to. The reaction instant as her short haired head tilted back and a long moan escaped from her lips. Her fingers curled up to fists as she panted in delight from this rougher position as she was being yanked back sharply to take his thrusts. Driving deep into her already wet and pleasurably snug pussy. Sending her tits wildly swinging under her from the hole he’d torn in her attire earlier on. While strands of her dark hair fell out of place. Sticking to her pretty facial features thanks to all the sweat coating the exposed skin of the woman still clad in her battle armour as she’s fucked nice and hard by the man she’s consented to not just take her like this, but have as her new Lord and Master.

“FUCK!! AHHHHH! FUCK! YESSSSSS… FUCK! M-MORE! PLEASE! AHHHHH MMMMM!!” She broke as expected as she moaned out. Begging for more of the hard fucking she was already getting as her face returned to rub against the back of the throne. Her eyes rolling upward in delight and tongue flicking shamefully to further stain the seating with fluids as she was pulled back again and again. Her ass slapping into his unsightly frame as her snatch was filled up. Feeling his heavy balls smacking into the bottom of her dripping twat as she looked far more like a dressed up Brothel worker than the once proud warrior Officer of the Three Kingdoms she once was. “FUCK! FUCK!! I… I’M GONNA… GOING TO! AHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUCK!! MMMMMMM...” She squealed out again as her body shivered in joy. Brought to likely the first non masturbation orgasm of her life as juices further flowed out from her folds. Dripping down to the floor and the throne she’s kneeling on as she got hammered all the way through this intense peak. If not for his grip on her still bound arms she’d likely collapse down onto the seating. Instead, getting to feel every last moment of the first of no doubt many orgasms in her new life as a sex slave that she’s agreed to. That fucked silly look on her face showing her mind doesn’t think that’s such a bad thing now, even at the expense of betraying the man whose live she’s trying to save by getting fucked in the first place.

“MMMMM… That’s more like it, Lady Xingcai! MMMMM… That look on your face is far more befitting for a lady of your talents...” Zhou back handedly said as he pulled out of her snatch. Seeing that drooling expression as she still enjoyed the bliss of sin from a man she’s supposed to hate.
“Ahhhhhh… Ahhhhhh...” Xingcai gasped for air as she stayed in place against the back of the throne. “Ahhhhh… M-More… P-Please, my Lord… I n-need more...” She begged, looking back with a clear fire of lust in her eyes to show how he’s already broken her as she locks onto that still hard shaft of is.
“It would be my please, my Lady...” Dong growled as he pulled her off. Changing position as he sat back down onto his throne and showed no care about the mess of her juices, sweat and saliva on the cushions as he made it more stained from his own moisture across his frame. Keeping those arms still bound as he had her back in his lap but now with her clothed back resting against his flabby, naked body as she had to arch around the curve of his heaving gut.
“More! More! I need Lord Dong Zhou’s cock! P-Please!!” She pleaded as she licked her lips, seeing her pussy being lowered down at he held her waist.

Memories of the love of her life were already long forgotten as once more her short dark haired head tilted back with her headpiece accessory still clinging on to those sweat-soaked locks. Driven down onto his cock to slam into her balls deep to send her moaning all anew as he started off a hard, swift pace of ramming into her soaking wet hole. Her tits jiggling wildly and the slap ringing out like bolts from a crossbow as he pistoned away into that needy snatch. Taking it further as he continued with the tactic of driving her along that prick as he fed it into that already familiar, snug pussy. Lifting her upward as he pulled out a few inches, before driving back up as he hauled her downward to meet his crotch and balls. Making them both groan out in delight as he ravaged his latest harem wife like she was just a set of holes for him to use and near abuse.

“AHHHHHH FUCK! YES!! M-MASTER!! MMMMM!! L-LORD DONG ZHOU’S COCK IS THE B-BEST!! MMMMMM!! F-FUCK ME MASTER!!” She screamed out in joy as her still sensitive from the recent sexual high pussy was made to take another wild pounding. Now in even more willing fashion from a beauty who has gone from fucking to save a life to wanting to be taken like her life depended on it. Sweat dripping down her face and her legs draped over his flabby thighs as he sits under her. Her huge tits bouncing away in time with her body being pumped along that huge, fat and long thrusting cock. “UHHHHHH!! FUCK! MORE!! MMMMMM!! FUCK ME, MY LORD! FUCK ME FUCK FUCK FUCK MEEEEEE MMMMM!!” Her eyes were already rolling back in shameless pleasure as she began to drool from the corner of her sex-drunk smiling lips. Her arms remaining bound so she couldn’t even ride his cock under her own power, but he was taking care of his newest slut’s needs by raising and lowering her along his inches to match the stiff timing of his pumps.

“MMMMM!! Such a filthy mouth, Lady Xingcai! Allow me… MMMM FUCK!! Allow me a taste of those naughty lips of yours...” The sex-crazed Prime Minister of the lands demanded rather than merely requested. Getting that as she willingly turned her pretty face towards his hideous features as she leaned in. Engaging in a steamy, sloppy lip-lock as he wrapped his slimy tongue around hers to make out without even invading her mouth. Keeping one hand on her waist to keep moving her while the other reached around. Helping himself to a squeeze of her big, rounded tit as it jiggled in his grasp. “MMMMMM!! MMMMMMPH...” He moaned into the kiss as they swapped saliva and groans with tellingly her eyes closed in delight and his wide open to show he cares not about her but only his own twisted needs. Having broken the daughter of one of the Sworn Brothers and the last beauty of Shu into being his latest whore. Driving his shaft in and out of her soaking tightness to keep her bucking back up as he still pulls her back down when he sends that next stiff thrust up into his sexual property.

“MMMMM!! MMMMMM!! MMMMMMM...” She whined and moaned as she had her tongue sucked on by the perverted and power-hungry warlord who had taken full advantage of her now long distant honour and attempt to save the life of someone she cared about. Her eyes flicking open briefly showing her rolling back again and it wasn’t long before that hard pounding motion sent her over the edge again. “MMMMPHHH!! MMMMM!! MMMMM!!” Cumming hard to further shower his cock with juices as her defeat continued but any thoughts of a land of virtue long gone with her mind no rewritten to crave sex, pleasure and most of all the dick of the man she’s mounted on top off. Smiling lazily into the kiss as he flicked away at her tongue as the sweat poured off both of them. Using what’s supposed to be a throne room as an open sex den as his thrusts ensured she got to enjoy this second intense orgasm in less than ten minutes thanks to his superior fucking skills.

Of course, he was grinning too as he finally broke the kiss. Having claimed and tamed another stunning beauty for his paradise of wine, women and song. All it took was luring her in with the promise to spare the life of a man she’s already forgotten all about. Her past pointless now compared to be willing to do whatever it took to get a taste of his shaft one more time. And he’d enjoy her plenty more times to come but for now he had to focus on his own peak. Feeling his cock starting to pulse inside that very familiar love tunnel that he’s resized from all his hard, repeated pumps. Slowly pulling out of her snatch with a groan as she whimpered from the empty feeling now that wonderful prick wasn’t deep inside of her. Only furthering her newfound addiction, but he’d take advantage of that soon enough.

For now, he lifted her off as he stood up. Making her kneel in front of him as he stroked his cock rapidly and aimed down. Getting a burning look of need and lusty from the woman he’s fucked silly and into submission that only spurred him on. A loud grunt escaping him before he began to unload. Painting Xingcai’s stunning face with thick streaks of cum that left her groaning from the warm sensation raining over her. The high blasts catching not just into her dark hair to stick through, but over the stylish headpiece she still had on to stain and ruin it. The vast majority of his load of course covering her features from her cheeks to chin, lips and nose. More than enough to already start dripping down onto her heaving chest was was exposed from the hole torn in the clothing she still had on.

“Mmmmm… As I said! A more fitting look for you, Lady Xingcai!” He mocked with a sick smile as he sat back down. Admiring the cum-covered face of his new prize. “How does it feel, my Lady? Do you feel like the true little whore you were always destined to be?”
“Ahhhhh… It f-feels wonderful, my Lord...” Xingcai purred as she looked up with desire so it wasn’t just her voice, but her whole expression that was a world removed from the hatred she had for this man before he broke her mind with sex and pleasure. “I’d be honoured… Mmmmmm… To be your faithful whore, Lord Dong Zhou.”
“And so you shall be… In fact? You can get started right away… Lick my cock clean of your filthy juices like a good slut.” He demanded with a snigger, knowing she was so addicted to him now she couldn’t possibly resist.
“Of course, my Lord...” She said, sliding up close to him and leaning in. Moaning just from the first taste of his cock as she worked her tongue around that limp prick to collect her pussy juices off of him. All to the grinning approval of her new Lord and Master as he laughed loudly and heartily at the act of submission from a freshly broken beauty.

* * *

Meanwhile, in the Palace dungeons…

Dong Bai, the wicked granddaughter of Dong Zhou sighed as she examined her spiked bracelets as she stood outside a cell door. Juices running down her inner thighs from arousal but seemingly she’d been left unsatisfied from the annoyed expression on her pretty face. Suddenly, a loud scream was heard before some sickening gargling and the clattering of metal from inside the room before silence was heard. Bai allowing herself a brief moment to smile sinisterly before the door opened up.

Stepping out, her faithful ‘pet’ of the demon Lu Bu, the monstrous warrior she’d tamed at the start of her grandfather’s sinful campaign, left the cell. His signature weapon tellingly dripping in fresh red. 
“Well?” Bai asked as she had on a stern look of expectancy from her prized warrior and servant.
“The scum who dared to fail to satisfy my Mistress has been slaughtered.” Lu Bu stated coldly, looking down at the tinier woman who has managed to control him. “No one disrespects my Lady and lives!”
“Well said, my faithful plaything!” Dong said as she smiled. “I mean, who did Liu Shan think he was anyway? I expected more from the son of Liu Bei, considering I married that virtue obsessed loser! At least he could satisfy me! Him? Ha! What a joke… He couldn’t last a minute with actual sex! Unlike you, my strong, handsome, loyal dog...” She said, stepping forward to slide a hand over the broad armour-covered chest of Bu.
“Y-You honour me, my Lady!” Lu said with a blush that he would never have before being tamed by her.

“Oh, I’ll do more than honour you! Follow me, you big horny dog you!” She snapped her fingers, turning to walk off as he indeed followed close behind. “I need at least two good orgasms after this! Besides… I need my right hand man motivated for the next battle! Grandfather says we’re going to deal with that Jin lot next… Then we can really celebrate my father having his lovely little paradise… And me with all my little playthings...” She said with a lick of her lips. Already looking forward to enjoying the fruits of her grandfather’s success. Not even knowing she’d just done Dong Zhou a favour already by taking care of a problem for him. Well, Zhou did promise he wouldn’t lay a finger on Xingcai’s now former love… He never said anything about anyone else doing more than just harm to him…

* * *

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Re: Shangri-La [Dynasty Warriors]
« Reply #16 on: September 02, 2020, 11:23:22 AM »
WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Dynasty Warriors or any of its characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Wang Yuanji, Dong Zhou (both Dynasty Warriors series).

Dynasty Warriors: Shangri-La – Chapter 17

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal.

* * *

The Three Kingdoms crumbled. With Wei long gone and Shu recently stamped out, it was only a matter of time before Dong Zhou sought a higher position than just long serving Prime Minister of the land. With the assistance of sleeper agents in Jin already, forces swarmed from the Central Plains to the North. Despite resistance, Zhou soon seized control. Wu stood little chance either against the might of the power mad warlord. Three Kingdoms now became one. The land of wine, women and song that Dong Zhou had craved was fully complete. His own paradise, ruled by cruelty. His own Shangri-La.

* * *

Wang Yuanji walked slowly and calmly into the throne room of the new self appointed Emperor of the land. The warrior officer of Jin and the wife of Sima Zhao locked eyes on the grin of the wicked warlord on the throne on the grand platform at the top of the steps. The stunning blonde clad in her battle attire with the royal light blue of fin with solver and gold designs. The front of her mandarin-like dress open up, covered by blue as her large, rounded chest was pushed up and out with a slit at the side at the bottom showing off smooth leg. Blue, high heeled boots going up to the knees with metal gauntlets on her arms and armour on the shoulders. A purple floral headpiece securing the long ponytail in place.

“Lady Wang Yuanji...” Dong Zhou gazed over her body with a hunger. An ugly, toothy grin on his face as he waved his hand to dismiss guards and handmaidens from the room. “I’ve been looking forward to this for quite some time… I suppose you’re wondering why I’ve kept you alive from the court of Jin, are you?”
“I already can guess your intent.” Yuanji coldly replied, keeping her face expressionless as she kept eye contact with him. “The same deal you’ve offered other women in the past. The life of one I care for in exchange for a life of servitude.” She correctly guessed. “Except like all the rest, likely my husband is already dead or will soon be. Regardless of what you might say.”
“Oh! Your reputation of seeing through plans precedes you, my Lady...” Zhou let out a snigger, unfazed by her deduction. “So what does that mean for you then? Don’t tell me you’re foolish enough to want to join your soon to be departed husband now, does it.”
Her eyes narrowed slightly at that insult, but she remained standing on the spot. “...No. With Jin fallen and my family gone… Then I see no point to pointlessly resist.” She admitted rather bluntly. “If I am to live a life? Then I shall do so on my terms, and my decision.”
“And what, pray tell, is that decision?” Zhou continued to smile as he stared over her body.

“...I agree to serve in your court.” She perhaps shockingly said, admitting defeat and surrender knowing she couldn’t possibly survive if she defied his demands. Walking forward, she calmly moved up the stairs to in front of him. Surprising again as she slipped down to her knees in front of the infamously perverted warlord. “And I know full well what that means for me… And what’s expected of me.” She again was blunt with her cold words. Reaching up as she undid the sash around his massive waist. Pulling down the lavish trousers and locking onto his large, thick cock that was, unsurprisingly thanks to her admissions, already hardening. As much as she kept a clear look on her face the jolt back and widening of her eyes when she saw that shaft spoke volumes. Her beloved husband wasn’t anywhere near this size.

“Then proceed as you like, my Lady!” Zhou’s smile somehow was wider than it had ever been with the beauty he’d wanted perhaps more than any other now willingly giving herself and her body to him. Watching as she grasped his cock and leaned down towards him. Pumping away as her face tensed from her nostrils being hit by the stench of his musk. Proceeding anyway as she worked her tongue around the fat crown of his cock to make him moan. Slowly and smoothly licking around the head with clockwise motions as she stared up. Keeping one hand pumping away as worked over the tip to coat him with saliva. “Mmmmmm… I think you might become my favourite wife already at this rate!” He groaned his approval. Watching the married beauty licking at his shaft and getting him nice and hard with a double team of mouth and hand that would easily make any rank and file soldier cum in a minute.

The blonde beauty knew it would take more than just this, as she was well aware of his reputation and never ending lust for women. Opening her mouth and sinking down to make herself groan as she took that thickness inside. Making him moan from the feeling of how nicely soothing and wet the famously cold beauty was as she began to work back and forth on him. Her soft lips gliding with impressive smoothness along his member as her hand gripped the base. Still staring up at the warlord grinning down at her as she sucked him off. The strands of her hair at the side of her face swaying back and forth while her ponytail swayed behind her as she already put effort behind the movement of her head.

“Mmmmmmphhh!! Mmmmmmm… Hmmmmmphhh!” She groaned around that fat pole as she worked him in and out between her stretched out lips as the saliva started to fully coat him. Pushing her gorgeous face down further and further as her fingers unwrapped from around him and her hands moved to rest on his obese thighs. Finding her facial features venturing against and then into the thick jungle of pubic hair at his crotch as she closed her eyes. “HHHHHLLLKKK… MMMMMPHHHHH… GHHHHHLLLKKK!!” Showing again that any lover before, including her husband, wasn’t anywhere near as hung as this pervert was as she started to gag when his cock ventured beyond just her mouth. Saliva drooling downward to his balls as she continued to slurp away. Showing determination as she pressed on and fought through the pain of her first time deep throating a cock. Knowing that is this was the life she had agreed to, she could not risk punishment for not giving it her all. Even if it was so shameful and dishonourable to her now former status as an officer of Jin.

“MMMMM!! Incredible, Lady Yuanji! MMMMM!! This must be… Ahhhhhhh! The finest mouth in all the Three Kingdoms! MMMMMM… Or should I say, the one kingdom now!” Zhou gave the back-handed compliment as he watched with that lusty smile. Loving the sight of her face pressing down into his crotch over and over as she used a swift pace to bob along his thickness. Showing off the oral skill that even some of his longest serving wives and whores didn’t possess yet. Her groans of discomfort adding to the pleasure he was getting as the sound vibrated off his pole. “MMMMM… It’s so refreshing to have a woman not just admit to what she wants… MMMMM! But for you to do this act of servicing my cock so well? AHHHHH… FUCK!! You’ll have to teach the other wives… MMMMMM… How to perform to this high standard as well!” He decided for her between his moans. Again unleashing sinful words of praise while she slurped up and down on his dick. Revelling in getting the previously untouchable beauty to gag and suck on his manhood as he lounged back on his Imperial throne.

“MMMMPHHH!! HHHHHLLLKKK!! HHHHHRRRRKKK!!” A light blush was on her cheeks from his dirty words but more out of shame than arousal for now. Focusing on the task of giving a top-notch blowjob as her lips pressed down to the base when she moved in. Before quickly sliding back up to the midway point so she could race back down with a fresh, loud gag around his prick. “HHHHLLLKKK!! GAHHHHHHH!! HHHHHRRRKKK!!” The saliva wasn’t just covering his shaft and his balls by this point. Drooling off her chin, landing onto her large chest as it started soaking through the material of her battle attire. So focused on servicing her new Lord that she didn’t seem concerned with the loose strands of his pubic hair that was sticking to her chin and hanging from the corner of her lower lip. Not that likely she’d been allowed to brush that off even if she wanted to, knowing how twisted the man she was blowing was.

Eventually, she lifted her head up and own. Taking in a deep breath of air as she finally opened her eyes. “I hope that was to your liking, my Lord...” Wang said with that cold tone, but her voice having a slight breathless edge that most wouldn’t have recognised. She didn’t fully hate having a dick down her throat it seemed, and she didn’t even have watered eyes from doing it.
“Extremely so, Lady Yuanji...” Zhou said with a chuckle as he used a rude wave of the hand to motion for her to move back as he stood up. Peeling off his robe to cast it aside, making her see his unsightly frame. “Let us proceed! Move up and bend over onto my throne.” He instructed as he moved to the side for a moment, plucking up a jar from a nearby table.
“As you wish...” Yuanji said with a nod. Moving into position as she took a hold of the arms of the golden furniture before bending over forwards with her legs spread apart. The position hiking up the bottom of the dress part of her attire to show off more of her smooth legs.
Returning over, Dong helped himself to a full on grope of her ass to make her gasp when he reached right under her clothing to do so. “Oh ho ho! What’s this, my Lady? No underwear? Whatever would your poor husband think!” He mocked as he pushed her dress up and over her rump to fully show off that gorgeous, smooth and sexily thick backside of hers.

“I simply knew what was expected of me as a woman in your court...” She stated, looking back over her shoulder as she witnessed him dipping fingers into the jar. A lubricant of oils now coating them as he brought a finger to her ass. Making her groan and jolt forward a bit when he pushed a digit into her asshole without any ceremony. Her teeth pressed together as she let out a hiss from a sensation she was clearly not used to. Having to groan then when he started to work his finger in and out of her backside to prepare her. “I did not… Ahhhhhh! Expect this however… At least so soon...” She admitted with another groan as she took the firm but slow finger fucking as the lube was spread around her back passage. Finding her hips ever so slightly rocking back even just against the hand, before she let out a fresh cry of stimulation when he went further to pour out some liquid down her ass crack for good measure.

“I like to keep my wives prepared for anything!” Zhou claimed as he lubed up his own cock for good measure, even with his length already covered in her spit. Putting the far down out of the way before he stepped up behind his newest piece of willing sexual property as his clammy hands clamped onto her butt cheeks with a firm smack. Making her gasp as she stared back to watch that huge cock move closer towards her rump. Bracing herself with grinding together teeth once again as that crown pressed against her previously untouched entrance. “And don’t be too cold with me Lady Yuanji! Tell me how it feels...” He demanded before he pushed in. Already tilting his head back in delight at the tightest, most pleasurable back passage that he’s ever been inside of and that’s just from the first thrust into her. Squeezing her cheeks as he began to work his length in and out of her. His loud, shameless moans already echoing around his royal chamber as he more than used and abused his self-obtained power as the new Emperor of the land.

“AHHHHH FUCK!! M-My Lord!! N-Not so rough!! You’re going… AHHHHH!! So deep!! MMMMMM!” The beauty from Jin squealed out as she groaned and began to rock back and forth, staying bent over the throne of her new Master as she stuck out her plump, rounded backside for him to fuck. Her eyes wide as she continued to gaze back a the hideous slob of a man fucking her ass from behind. Obviously, this was the first time she’d ever taken a cock between her rear cheeks and she wasn’t getting much time to adjust to the sensations either. “MMMMM… To think! A woman could pleasure a man with her b-body like this! AHHHHHH!! SHIT!! It’s unthinkable!! MMMMMM...” She groaned out as she found herself starting to moan once in a while as the feeling of a thick cock ploughing into her anal passage stimulated her curvy body in ways she’d never thought possible before. Her huge tits still covered up but jiggling as her frame shifted in response to his pumps. Already working back to meet the next thrust into her ass without even being commanded to.

“MMMMMM… Your pathetic worm of a husband never took you like this? The shame! MMMMM… A backside like yours was made to take a real man’s cock like mine!” The wicked warlord claimed with an ugly, toothy smile as he stared down. The sheer bulge of his stomach hiding him seeing his cock piston into that fleshy booty of the blonde stunner but more than feeling her tightness all around his shaft. “AHHHHH… I’ll be sure to rectify that from now on! MMMMMM… I’ll give this wonderful rear of yours all the dick it can handle from this day forward!” He again decided for her between his groans. Working himself deeper and deeper still into that vice-like booty as he shameless moaned out loudly and with a sense of sick pride. He never got tired of fucking another man’s woman, although she’s already agreed to really become his woman now and be the new addition to his already oversized harem of beautiful warrior officers.

“O-Of course, my Lord! MMMMMM!! If that’s what you d-desire? MMMMM!! FUCK!! Then you can do whatever you w-want with me! AHHHHHH!!” She groaned as a bead of sweat began rolling down her cheek. Her fingers flexing to keep a grip of the arms of his throne she’s bent over against so that he can claim her ass from behind. Her blonde haired head tilted down for a moment as she found herself moaning out as her ponytail dragged against the cushion she was staring down at. Getting overwhelmed by her first experience of anal sex as it felt like her back passage was going to be permanently resized from this constant, almost relentless pounding from the back she was getting. Feeling like she was having to use up more energy than she’d done during any battle before in the past. “AHHHHHH… FUCK!! You’re so big!! S-Surely that’s enough?? There’s no way… MMMMM!! I could take any more of you!” She seemed to be either trying to fool herself or attempting to get her new Lord to relent. Gasping out whenever a fresh thrust when between her shapely cheeks. All the while her pussy was slowly but surely getting damp as her body betrayed her mind as she fruitless attempted to resist an inevitable that she herself likely knew was coming all along.

“MMMMM! What do you mean? I’m barely halfway into you, Lady Yuanji!” He grinned as he reached forward. Taking a hold of her long blond ponytail to tug on it sharply, causing her to groan as her body tensed up and her head tilted back so her moans could be fully heard. Not giving her any break as he continued to work his dick like a piston in a Juggernaut machine in and out of her butt. “AHHHHH… I can see I’ve been going too easy on you then! MMMMM… Let’s see if you can handle a full dose of what it’s like being a wife of mine!” He announced before he rammed himself straight forward into her back passage. A loud slap ringing out when his flabby body connected with her far more attractive, desirable frame as they both groaned out in delight. Driving his shaft balls deep into her tight, juicy ass as he made her shift sharply forward now form both the force of his motion and the sheer weight of his bulk hitting her from behind.

“UHHHHHH!! AHHHHH FUCK!! FUCK!! MMMMMM!!” All Wang could go was take it as she clutched on the throne and allowed her body to be rag-dolled back and forth. Staring back as her hair was tugged, making her groan as he kept the tough hold on her to yank her towards the next pump in between her butt cheeks. Her breasts bouncing away in her straining clothing and juices tellingly starting to drip down her inner thighs as she was fucked hard in her ass for the first time in her life. The clap of her cheeks hitting off his body each time he drove in not even masking her cries of increasing delight. A little trail of drool escaping from the corner of her mouth as she kept on gasping and groaning. Looking far from a respected leader of the Jin Dynasty and more like a dressed up Brothel whore at this point.

Just as she was getting used to the feeling of her anal passage being used for a man’s pleasure, he abruptly pulled completely out of her ass to leave her groaning. Her asshole left gaping for a long moment as he used the grip of her hair to pull her fully off the throne to stand up. “M-My Lord?” She asked, but with a slight, sexy purr to her voice as the corruption of the cold beauty was starting to have an effect.
“I think it’s time we really saw what you are capable of...” Zhou claimed with a wicked smile. Using his hands to grab the blue centre of her top. Ripping it open and making her massive, rounded breasts bounce free to leave her gasping and not in anger either.
“A-As you wish, my Lord!” Yuanji submissively agreed as she glanced at her exposed tits and saw the telling way her nipples were already erect.
“I’m very glad you agree, my lovely new wife...” Dong chuckled as he moved her into the new position. Sitting down himself back on his golden seat of rule before he brought Wang down onto his lap as he reached down to fit his shaft back up into her ass this time from underneath.

“UHHHHHH!! MMMMM...” She was just getting used to the feeling of being filled up once again before he took over control of things once again. Reaching down to grip her legs and bring them not just upward, but back towards her as they slid against her tits. The next thing she knew, her arms were being used against her to trap her legs in place while his hands were up and clamping behind the back of her blonde haired head. Stuck in place in the Full Nelson position mounted on his shaft with that cock buried deep into her juicy ass. The only thing she could do was take it, which is exactly what followed as her new Lord began ravaging her booty with a series of stiff and swift thrusts upward into her back passage.

“AHHHHHHHH FUCK!! AHHHHHH!! M-MY LORD!! THAT’S… IT FEELS!! AHHHHHH MMMMM!!” She gasped out as her body was jolted up and down his pistoning dick as his balls were already slapping up into her body from underneath. Her tits bouncing away and her ponytail swinging about as he hammered up into her tight anal tunnel to force rapid sensations right through her body. “FUCK!! UHHHHH!! S-SO DEEP!! AHHHHHH!! I-IT’S GOING TO B-BREAK ME!! MMMMMMM!!” Her on display snatch continuing to drool out juices from building arousal as the sweat already started to form across the exposed parts of her body. Still for the most part clad in the regal blue and silver uniform of the Jin Dynasty to make the sight even more disgraceful as her fall from lofty heights as a leading officer was almost complete. Really being used now like she’s only just a set of holes for him to use however, and in whatever position, he demanded from her.

“MMMM!! Giving up already? MMMMM!! I expected more from you, Lady Yuanji! AHHHHH!!” He just grinned as he held her in place, curled slightly with all her limbs trapped as he kept the Full Nelson tightly locked. His grip on her only slightly less than the snug feeling he got all around his fat and long cock as he pounded up into the beautiful wife of Sima Zhao that he had now claimed as his latest harem sex slave. “AHHHHH!! FUCK!! That just means… MMMM!! This backside of yours needs more training! MMMMM… And I’ll gladly give you all the… MMMMM FUCK!! Training required you to make you into my best wife!” He once again determined her future without giving her a say in the matter. More than taking advantage of the fact she consented to life in his court with all the consequences that went with it. Learning that the extremely hard and rough way from how her back passage is getting banged relentlessly with the kind of pace that would render any normal woman able to walk straight for well over a week.

“FUCK!! AHHHHHH!! YES! T-TRAIN ME, MY LORD!! MMMMM!! B-BEST WIFE!! MMMMMM!!” The usually cold and composed beauty was starting to sound delirious from the pleasure coursing through her as her ass was hammered into over and over again by those wickedly stiff and quick thrusts. Sweat dripping off her moaning face as her held was clutched in place while her arms and legs squirmed fruitless against the unbreakable grip of the man breaking her mind with sin. “UHHHHH!! MMMMMM!! I’LL BE… AHHHHH FUCK!! FUCK!! MMMMM… THE B-BEST WIFE F-FOR YOU!! MMMMMM!!” Drool was falling from her lips onto her wildly jiggling breasts. Her eyes glazed over and staring blankly ahead as she clenched her teeth together as the feeling of her back passage being filled up with thick, long cock chipped away at whatever will power there was left. The only things she could think about right now was taking that fat prick like a desperate whore and doing whatever it took to please her new Master. Knowing clearly that those two things were directly connected as well, which ensured she had no chance of resisting this perverted warlord who has just as easily claimed and tamed her as he’s done to the entire region once known as the Three Kingdoms.

With a wide, sick smile on his hideous, now sweat-coated face, the self-proclaimed new Emperor of the land carried on having his intensely wicked way with the latest, and perhaps in a way greatest, claim of his harem of stunning warrior officer wives he’s managed to collect. Driving his shaft hard and fast up into her rump while keeping her clutched in place with nowhere to go. Her screams of pleasure sweet music to his cruel ears as he shamelessly pounds upward in and out of her still snug but now well fucked and far from virgin asshole. Taking the wife of another man as his own, and enjoying the fruits of her submission as he makes her juicy cheeks clap loudly when his crotch rams upward to meet them as he brings her curled up body down onto that pumping cock.

“M-MY LORD! I’M GOING TO… O-ORGASM!! AHHHHH!! YES!! MY LORD!! L-LORD DONG ZHOU!! OOOOOOOOOHHHH MMMMMMM!!” Wang’s eyes rolled upward as her mouth hung open tin a truly sex drunk smile. Further shamefully drooling onto her own tits as her tongue flapped out from the side. Her pussy not just releasing juices as she came, but full on squirting to send fluid blasting down the stairs all the way down to the floor of this imperial throne room. Moaning in delight as she got to enjoy every moment of this massive sexual peak as he continued ramming up into her ass. “UHHHHHH!! FUCK!! L-LORD DONG ZHOU… MMMMMM...” She purred in sex-drunk fashion as her body was still held stuck in place from that stiff Full Nelson position as juices dribbled out from her lower lips downward to drip all the way down her ass and onto his balls as he unleashed one final hard round of pumps. So even if another man would ever get to fuck her stunning backside unless they were hung exactly like he was, there’s little chance she could be stimulated by any lesser cock thanks to the resizing that’s been done to her back passage.

Finally, but not out of any mercy, Zhou finally let go of the grip behind her head to release her arms and legs. Watching with a cruel laugh as the sweat-covered beauty slumped against his body as her chest heaved for air. “Mmmmmm… And did my lovely, horny wife enjoy herself?” He teased, helping himself to a grope of her breast.
“...M-More...” Wang gasped out, turning her face to stare at him with a newfound burning desire in her eyes. “My Lord, please… More...” She begged, before leaning over to shockingly for a supposed to be happily married woman to another man kissing him deeply on his lips.
“Mmmmmm!” He grinned into the smooch, pushing his tongue into her while still fondling her tit as he wrestled her tongue with his. Soon enough slurping on her mouth in lewd fashion as she closed her eyes in desire to give the kiss her all. Tellingly, his eyes were wide open to enjoy the sight of a new fallen beauty who is addicted to his cock.
Eventually, the lip lock was broken as, impressively for a woman who had been stiffly fucked moments before, eased herself up and off from his dick. Slipping down to her knees in front of him with a wide, perverted smile of her own that she’d never have before when she’d been faithful to the man she’s actually married to. “Please allow me to serve you, My Lord...” She purred as she brought her chest up in line with his member.

“Well, since you asked so nicely my dear? You may proceed...” The perverted warlord happily agreed as he wiped sweat from his forehead. Having more than put in the work to break her so he could reap the rewards. Watching as she shifted in and captured his lengthy shaft between her large, rounded breasts. Sandwiching it between her mounds and using her arms pressed up against the outer sides in order to squish her tits against and around his pole. Her upper arms curled back into herself and gripping her Jin battle attire she still had on to ensure the hold of his cock was secure. Grinning up with a lusty gaze of her own as she began to shift her titties up and down on that dick. Making them both moan but his cries obviously far more louder, but she still got the stimulation from feeling the hot, fat cock that had just been deep in her ass now resting between her breasts.

“MMMMM!! Amazing! AHHHHH… And I thought Lianshi had the best breasts of my whores! MMMMM… You continue to exceed all expectations, Lady Yuanji! MMMMM!!” Even after breaking her mind to reduce her to a living sex object he still doesn’t have any respect for her. Staring down with an ugly but cocky smirk as he watched his pick move in and out of her tits as she bounced on the spot. Making a slap be heard of the bottom of her breasts meeting his crotch as she worked over all his length. “AHHHHH SHIT! MMMMM… So soft and round! Plentiful! MMMMM… If only there was a way to make any woman in the land have these kind of large breasts for me to enjoy!” He said with another laugh at his own ‘joke’ before he groaned out. Loving how smooth the motion was as she fucked his cock withy her juicy rack. The fact that her tits were sticking out from the hole he’d torn in her clothing making the sight all the more sinful as the blonde stunner used her chest in a way she likely had never done before during her previous, legitimate marriage to a man she’d actually been in love with.

“Mmmmmm… Then feel free to use your wife’s breasts any time you see fit until then, my Lord!” She sexily played along with his perverted rambling as she remained smiling up at him. Pumping her mountains all the way up so the head of his cock vanish between her mounds before she slid them straight back down with a smack into his crotch. The bell-end briefly popping out to be just seen amongst all the mass of flesh her chest offered before she repeated the motion. “Ahhhhh… Lord Dong Zhou’s cock is the best! Mmmmmm… It feels so good between my breasts...” She purred as she couldn’t help but lick her lips. Her pussy getting moist all over again just from having that cock she’s now addicted to against a sensitive part of her stunning, curvaceous body. Her long ponytail even bouncing in the air behind her as she shifted quickly with little movements up and down to slide her boobs over that fat shaft.

“MMMMM!! Yes! More! You gorgeous, horny little slut you! MMMMM!!” He encouraged as he groaned out. Feeling his dick starting to throb inside of her cleavage as she worked him over with impressive skill and smoothness for an act she’s likely performing for the first time in her life. The slap of her breasts hitting his unsightly body ringing out each time she pushed her tits downward onto his prick. The sound mixing in the air to echo around the Imperial throne room that’s been used countless times as an extravagant sex den instead of the place of decision making and power its supposed to be. “MMMMM! Keep that up my Lady… AHHHH FUCK!! And I’ll have to make that pretty face of yours into even more… MMMM!! Of a whorish mess than you already are!” He said with a familiar wicked grin. As if at this point she had any say in the matter as to what she did now. Having willingly picked her poison and accepted a place as a wife in his harem, and has been left already mind broken and obsessed with pleasure and sex. Just like all the women she knew had come before her.

Of course, the ‘warning’ of him being raced towards his own peak just encouraged her to carry on fucking his cock with her massive, ripe tits as they jiggled away against and around his starting to pulse pole. Her arms still pressed into the sides to squish her flesh against his thickness as she moved rapidly up and down. Groaning out herself as her eyes rolled upward a bit. Managing in her mindset of caring only about his cock and her pleasure to actually cum a little just from dishing out a tittyfuck. A further sign of how far the beautiful offer of Jin has fallen from grace. The wide smile on her still sweat-dripping face showing she couldn’t care about her former life now as her focus was pleasing her new Lord. She was more than achieving that as she made his shaft throb between her mounds thanks to her brisk bouncing of them up and down his dick.

“MMMMMM!! FUCK!! Here… Here it comes, Lady Yuanji!!” He surprisingly actually bothered to warn her but only for a second before he began shooting his load. Making her moan when his spunk blasted out from his cock and landing down to splash across her stunning facial features as she instantly started licking her lips to steal a taste of his hot load. Not even fazed by the spunk catching into her long blonde hair at the sides of her face or across her forehead as the jizz shot high to coat there as well as her cheeks, nose, lips and chin. Not forgetting those big tits that got a more than generous covering over the tops and back down into her cleavage as well for good measure. All in all leaving her looking like she’d taken a bukkake from a group of men rather just the one man with how much cum was dripping off her face and breasts.

“Mmmmmmm… Thank you for such a wonderful… Mmmmm… Generous gift, my Lord...” Wang purred as she finally let go of her tits so they could heave as the spunk dripped off from the tops. Reaching up to scoop away jizz from over and near her eyes, and promptly popping it into her mouth to suck clean and swallow down with another approving moan.
“Ha! You’re more than welcome, my stunning new whore!” Dong couldn’t help but give a back-handed compliment even after seeing the state she’s been reduced to. “You’re going to be my favourite wife without question now! I can’t see any other woman in the land matching your level of skill!” He stated, looking over with with lust approval. “That worthless man you called a husband before surely wasted a woman of your abilities!”
“Who? Oh. Him...” She narrowed her eyes a bit, showing further her change of mindset to think so bitterly about the man she once was in love with and as recently as just earlier this same day. “Is he still alive? I care not to think of such a lowly man any more, my Lord… If it is to your liking? Perhaps I could be of service and dispose of such a worthless creature who dared waste my time?” She shockingly offered with a rather sinister smile. A grin that was almost the same as the one her new Master currently had.
“You continue to impress me, Lady Yuanji!” Zhou laughed loudly at her offer. “Very well! I was going to have him public executed anyway! You can do the honours then, and show the people how the last of Jin has fallen in line with me!”
“As you wish, my Lord...” Wang said, before he began using her hands to scoop up the cum from her tits as she greedily swallowed it down with loud, hungry moans.

* * *

“Oh Grandfather! I’m so happy for you!” Dong Bai gushed as she sat alongside her Grandfather Dong Zhou on the high palace balcony as he watch a military parade of his huge, Three Kingdoms-sized force of troops marching past as he enjoyed part of the celebrations of his rise as Emperor. “Getting rid of all those nasty Jin and Wu lot and becoming the true, supreme Emperor of the land! I bet all the people will be so happy to finally have one true, kind leader like you to tell them what to do!” She flattered him with a smile as she stroked his arm with a smile. Being a little too close to him for a woman directly related to him should be.
“Ha! They’d better be! After all the hard work I’ve put into suppressing all the rabble of those other Dynasties!” Zhou said with pride as he sat and grinned. “Isn’t that right, my whores?”
“YES! LORD DONG ZHOU!!” Was the unified cry from the harem of wives back inside the castle behind him. Including those of Wang Yuanji and Sun Shangxiang currently cuddling his legs as they knelt at his feet, and Guan Yinping and Diaochan doing the same to his shoulders. With Wang Yi even stroking over his free arm on the other side. Another grotesque display of his power and his harem so that the people and his troops saw some of this most faithful whores.

“You are the best, my wonderful Grandfather… There’s only one thing that’s missing!” Bai claimed, turning her gaze with a wicked smile at him.
“Oh, I know! And don’t worry my darling… I’m sure you will be a beloved, respected and feared Prime Minister of the land!” Zhou said with a smirk of his own at her.
“Oh, that’s lovely! But it’s not what I meant...” Bai said with a clear, sultry purr to her voice. “What I meant was that with all the women you’ve managed to claim and tame? There’s actually one that you haven’t yet managed to do that with...” She said with a shameless tone. Being as subtle as a Northern Campaign by Shu with what she was meaning.
“One more women? Where??” Zhou said, surprisingly clueless to what his Granddaughter was referring to.

Before Bai could state the obvious, suddenly a palace guard rushed onto the stage where Zhou was lounging at as he knelt down. “Lord Dong Zhou! Your excellency! I bring news from the West walls!” The soldier announced, wisely keeping his head bowed.
“News? Don’t interrupt my day with such nonsense! This is my day of celebration!” Zhou dismissed with a sour look.
“Lord Zhou! A suspicious looking, mysterious fog has started rolling in! It’s consuming everything in its path and even scouting patrols have failed to return from venturing into it!” The lookout stated with concern.
“Fog? This far inland? Grandfather, that’s impossible!” Bai stated accurately. “...Grandfather?”

Standing up, in a rare moment of both actually listening and showing worry, Zhou got up as he walked over to the West side of the balcony. Staring into the distance with a hand above his eyes as he looked to the West. Seeing indeed what the soldier was warning about. An unnatural, thick, dark fog slowly moving in and heading towards the castle. Stretching impossibly as wide and as high as the eye could see like it was something straight from another world.

“...PREPARE FOR BATTLE!!” Zhou realised, sensing that he was about to be in some serious trouble. What he couldn’t have imagined was that his Shangri-La was about to continue on. In a whole new, mythical landscape...

* * *

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Re: Shangri-La [Dynasty Warriors]
« Reply #17 on: October 29, 2020, 12:51:03 PM »
WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi or any of its characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Naotora Ii(Samurai Warriors/Warriors Orochi), Dong Zhou (Dynasty Warriors/Warriors Orochi).

Samurai Warriors: Shangri-La – Chapter 18

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, oral.

* * *

The heroes from Japan and China… The Warring States and The Three Kingdoms… Unknown to these warriors was a secret war they had been forced into. Against demons, monsters, and the Serpent King, Orochi. A world of merged territories and lands from their present and the distant future. Dimensions colliding and otherworldly powers granted. Battles that would indeed transcend time itself. Yet after these battles, the heroes had been returned to their timelines without any memories of the wars raged. Three times the Serpent King had been defeated. Yet, for this fourth time a new element to the struggle was making a play. The Gods of Olympus, creating fresh struggle and surprise to the heroes.

This, however, was no normal set of circumstances for the Warriors Orochi. In this alternative universe a new, powerful foe was brought in. A cruel warlord seeking a land of wine, women and song. And even in new, unfamiliar lands he would stop at nothing to seek his goals. Even if it meant claiming the women warriors of Japan for himself…

* * *

Dong Zhou was, to put it mildly, furious at current events. The mysterious fog had transported his entire Imperial castle to a bizarre new land of monsters and demons with odd structure giving off strange powers sticking out from the ground. Worst of all for him, all his beloved wives of his harem had vanished into the fog and were nowhere to be seen. Not even his Granddaughter was present. While he had troops and some supplies, both were running low thanks to attacks from an enemy force of demons.

“Gah! Unbelievable!” Zhou snorted as he stared out from a rampart down at the dark lands below. “No women! Little food! A man can’t even have a banquet in these sort of conditions!” He scoffed with a sour expression as he wiped dirt off from his still lavish attire. “This place isn’t the Central Plains… Have the troops send out a fresh search party to the North! We must find some supplies to steal! These awful demons must feed on something, surely!” He ordered a retainer, who bowed and hurried off as Zhou glared out again. “My wives must be out there somewhere… Then again, there’s something about this land… I smell an opportunity out there… But at this rate, these troops won’t last a week unless my fortune turns around...”

Just as he pondered his situation, a palace watch-guard ran up and once close, dropped down to a knee in respect for his wicked Lord. “Your highness! Three oddly dressed officers have arrived! They seek refuge in this mysterious land and we’re the first settlement they’ve encountered!” The guard said without, wisely, looking up at him.
“Tell them to be gone!” Dong said dismissively. “I can’t just take any strays that come in out of the cold.”
“My Lord, they appear to be Eastern in appearance. Japanese!” The guard continued. “And three powerful officers at that! They battled their way through demon forces from the North to reach here!”
“So? I can’t just give up the little resources we have here to anyone! A man needs his three course breakfast in the morning!” Zhou rudely claimed.
“One of them is an incredibly beautiful woman!” The guard added.
“Let them in! Let them in at once!!” Zhou quickly ordered as the guard nodded and raced back in the direction he came from. “Have rooms prepared at once! Cast out peasants if needed! And bring the woman to me at once!” He added, already showing intent. A smile curling on his ugly face. Once again, fortune was favouring him even in this strange land.

* * *

“Ah, I can’t thank you enough, Lord Dong Zhou!” The beautiful Japanese warrior woman, the head of the famed Ii clan, Naotora Ii said with a soft smile as she walked alongside the bulking warlord. “We were in such a state about where we were and what was going on… Demons and strangely dressed human enemies! I know I’m supposed to be the head of my clan, but even this was too much for me!” She claimed, talking herself down. Her large bust jiggling as she walked in her dark red with gold armour attire with short shirt, long sleeves and thigh-high stockings as her spike heeled weapon boots clicked on the floor. The extremely long twin tails of her hair swaying as they hung long down her back, while she worse a headband with flower designs and hanging purple tassels through her head on the top of her head.

“Think nothing of it, Lady Ii!” Zhou smiled as he looked over her with approval as he led her through his palace. “Seeing such a beautiful woman as yourself in danger? I couldn’t possibly leave you out in the cold…” He claimed as his eyes were already undressing her. “And your son was it? And that other officer? Good men like them are exactly what I need to put an end to all this demon madness. As I said, all you and they need to do is obey me and we’ll all be fine from here on out.”
“B-Beautiful?” Naotora blushed as she looked away, clearly not used to compliments. “Ah, you waste your words on me, my Lord! But of course, I accept your terms. After all, I’m really not cut out to be a leader at all… All these men you command clearly respect you greatly! You’re more suited to instruct officers like my son.” She said, clueless that Zhou’s men follow him out of fear more than respect.
“Ah, is that so? Well then, in that case? I think you can stay out of the battlefield for as long as you like!” Zhou smirked as he led her into his personal chambers which were as lavish as ever. “Leave all the business of commanding armies and officers to a man like me, as it should be. Although I must admit, we do have the business of figuring out what those mysterious artefacts that you found do. So if need be, I might send you out. Although I’d much rather keep a lovely woman like you safe and sound, right by my side...” He made sure to flatter her further.

“Y-You need not compliment me so, My Lord...” She blushed again, squirming a bit on her toes as she looked down for a moment.”
He instead moved in closer, using a hand to cup her chin and make her gasp by having her gaze up at his hideous features. “Oh, but I insist… After all if you’re to serve me properly as part of my court? You’ll need to get used to such flattery… I wouldn’t want one of my wives thinking they weren’t treasured by their Lord now, would I?” He said, already deciding her role in his castle for her without even making an illusion of choice for her.
“W-W-W-Wife?? Me?? Ahhhhhh!” Her face almost turned completely red at that, but before she could back away his hands where on her waist to keep her in place. “Surely there’s a mistake? Me? A wife?? I can’t even lead a clan? I s-surely not good enough to deserve such a title!”
“Oh, you indeed are Lady Ii… And a prize like you is too good to pass up if I’m going to rebuild my Shangri-La in this land!” He says with a smirk as he lets go of her. “Unless of course, you’d rather you, your son and all your men try your luck out in the wild...” He added for a cruel offer, knowing full well what her choice would be.
“Oh no! N-Not at all! Of course not!” Naotora stuttered as she nodded quickly. “Yes, of course! Ii Family Precept! Always face any challenge head on with everything you have!” She said, not seeing the danger of such a situation with her lack of confidence.

“Splendid...” Zhou smirked as he reached down to all too casually loosen his robe. Making the Japanese maiden in front of him gasp when his thick and lengthy cock was exposed to her. Taking her attention away from the unsightly appearance of the rest of his flabby body as he tossed the clothing aside. “Ah, from that look my Lady? It seems the man who fathered your child wasn’t quite as equipped as I?” He commented with a cruel chuckle. He never got tired of the look of ‘cock-shock’ from women the first time they saw his pussy taming shaft.

“I-Incredible! To possess such a thing! I could never have imagined it!” Ii admitted as her kept gazing at that hardening cock. “M-May I?” She politely asked as she slipped down to her knees in front of him so her eyeline was right in line with that prick. Getting a scent of the strong musk from him that made her whimper. Reaching up and taking a hold of his shaft with both hands as she started to slowly pump him. Knowing just how to hold them so the spiked ends of her gauntlets never came close to touching his skin. “Ah! It feels so hot! The scent! Are all the men of your land like this?” She asked sweetly, staring up at him as she stroked with a smile. All of which easily helped to get him rock hard in her grasp. Her breasts already jiggling just from her arms moving to pump him.

“Oh, I can assure you in any land? There’s no one else that comes close to me.” Zhou bragged with a smile. Gazing down at her large chest while she jerked him off. “But here, my Lady… Come take a little taste of me if you don’t believe me...” He offered, but was already using a hand on the back of her dark haired head to guide her pretty face closer to his shaft. She nodded timidly as she agreed, parting her lips and allowing the fat crown to pass through them. Making him moan as he sampled how soothing and wet the Japanese beauty’s mouth was around his thick Chinese cock. “Mmmmm… Yes… Remember those Ii Family Precept, now. You wouldn’t want to disappoint for clan now, would you?” He added. Manipulating her and twisting the truth as he did back in his homeland to get what he wanted out of her. Which he was already getting, seeing as how he’d tricked this warrior woman to get down on her knees and suck his dick.

She let out a muffled agreement around his prick before she began to work her head. Sliding down smoothly on his cock, as her soft lips stretched around a thickness she wasn’t quite used to. Lifting back up until just the head was inside her mouth before she moved back down again with a groan. Getting used to not just the size of him but the taste of his mighty dick. Her tongue occasionally flicking up at his underside. The purple tassels on her headbang bouncing back and forth as she kept her head moving. Staring up with that adorable blush which deeply contrasted the sinful motion she was doing. Her confidence in pleasuring him growing with each moan he let out as she took gradually more of his inches inside her oral hole.

“Mmmmm! Lady Ii! I’m impressed already!” He grinned. Seeing, and feeling, that the women of Japan’s Warring States period felt already just as good from the Three Kingdoms of China he’d conquered. Loving how her warm and wet mouth was sliding back and forth along his member as she softly slurped away. Getting his pole nicely slick with her saliva as it began to seep past her lips. “Ahhhhh… I knew I saw something special in you… Mmmmm! The moment I saw you!” He added for a clearly back-handed compliment. Groaning his approval for her oral skill as she worked her lips up and down with a smooth, now steady motion. Despite her strong blush still on her cheeks, her own belief that she can do this was growing as time passed. The vibrations he felt from her mumbling on his cock in response to his lewd compliments adding to his pleasure.

“Mmmmmphhh! Mmmmmm!!” Naotora looked far from the head of her famed clan as she knelt and sucked dick like she was more like a dressed up whore than a respected warrior. Slurping away on the fat dick of a man she’s only just met as she smoothly bobbed away. The motion making the long trails of hair hanging down behind her swing a bit as she worked over that man-meat. More than giving him a show of what her lips can do as they brushed back and forth over and over. “Hmmmmphhh! Mmmmmm… Mmmmmmphh!!” She groaned around him. The saliva dripping down her chin from the constant action as it trickled down the armour over her neckline all the way down to the ample, exposed skin of her chest. Starting to get the white bandages that barely contained her bust damp from the drool but even feeling that she didn’t stop her dick sucking. All to easily, and willingly, accepting his sinful demand to become one of his wives in order to secure safety for her son and troops.

“MMMMMM! Yes, my Lady! MMMMM… I wonder if the women of your land are as… AHHHHH… Skilled at this as you are?” He pondered between his moans. Already thinking about if there other women to claim who have been transported to this mysterious land. Even as he’s more than being pleasured by the beauty currently slurping on his lengthy rod. Loving the sight of her gorgeous face pushing along towards his cock before she lifted back upward. Hitting a point of gagging when her mouth slid a little too far along his meat than she could handle before she raised back up. The saliva dripping off his inches down to the floor below along with back onto her own curvy body. “MMMMM… To think, you claimed not to be worthy to be a wife of mine? MMMMM! Ha! Nonsense! This more than proves… MMMMM! You are most certainly deserving to be in my court!” Again, his compliment was deeply rude and sexist to only just the skilled fighter by her sexual ability. Although she wasn’t putting forward a case that he wasn’t wrong with how smoothly she was blowing him with an impressive showing despite her famous lack of confidence and hesitation. Her bobbing head making it seem like she was destined to be blowing a thick shaft like this instead of fighting on the battlefield.

Hearing what was to her timid mind a compliment, she lifted up and off from his dick with a fresh blush. “Y-You’re too kind, my Lord!” Ii said with a smile as the saliva dripped from her chin. “I’m sure there are many others from my world who are much better suited than I to be your wife!”
“Ah, so there are others are there? I will have to investigate that further then!” Dong grinned at the idea of a new harem full of Japanese beauties. Even better if he could find his existing ones too. “But for now, my Lady? You are still a little overdressed for this occasion, don’t you think?” He said with a far from subtle tone to his voice as he smiled.
“I-If you insist, Lord Zhou!” She whimpered a bit as she slowly stood up.  Loosening the purple string at the front of her attire, before she reached and slipped down the centre part of her armour along with the lower skirt. Showing off that gorgeous, MILF body of hers in the white wrap across her large breasts and white underwear down below.
“Oh, I must insist...” He grinned, scanning her over before he reached in. Making her gasp as he tore the bandages from her chest to make those rounded, wonderfully sized tits bounce free with already rock hard nipples topping each. “Now, lay back my Lady… Allow me to introduce you to life in my court...” He directed, motioning to the bed.

“O-Of course, if you insist!” Naotora mumbled out her reply but didn’t have the backbone to possibly refuse now, being so deep in this situation that she agreed to in the first place. Moving over to that lavish, spacious bed and laying down on the expensive sheets. Offering no resistance again when he came over and peeled down her panties to leave her blushing all over again as her snatch was exposed. Watching like she was in a trance as he moved between her long legs, spreading them as he lined his thick dick, still coated with her spit, up with her entrance. He let out a wicked snigger when he felt how wet she was already, clearly not used to this kind of sexual encounter which was, without her fully knowing it, going to be her life now from this point on.

While she hesitated, the sex-obsessed warlord from the Three Kingdoms wasn’t planning on holding back. In commanding fashion pushing in firmly to make her gasp as he gave a rough introduction to being filled up by his massive cock. He moaned too of course, instantly loving how snug the pussy of this curvy mother was all around his inches. Giving him more than enough encouragement to start pumping in and out. Holding her legs apart by the signature spiked boots she still wore as he pumped in and out of that wet box. Grinning darkly as he saw a woman prime for corruption and transformation into being one his sex slaves just like he’d done to countless women back in his home world. More than wicked enough to take advantage of a confused, unconfident warrior like this as long as it got his dick ploughing into some top notch, tight and moist pussy.

“AHHHHHH! MMMMM!! My Lord!! MMMMM!! Y-You’re being so rough! MMMMM!!” She gasped out as already her large tits were bouncing in time with her body as she shifted in response to his deep thrusts. Her inner walls being made to spread apart and accept the stiffly invading cock that was being fed so deep into her. Further confirming to her new ‘husband’ that any lover she’s had before, including the man who fathered her child, wasn’t anywhere near close to the length or thickness of the dick fucking her right now. “Oooooooooooh! MMMMMM!! The size! The girth! MMMMM! I-It’s too much, surely?? No woman… AHHHHH!! C-Could handle this!!” She tried to make up excuses but tellingly, she wasn’t calling for this action to stop. Accepting more than just her new position as one of his wives as she kept staring down. Almost hypnotised by the sight of the biggest cock she’s ever seen moving in and out of her twat to keep her getting nice and wet. Each pump chipping away at her resistance to this all as her moans got louder. It’s not like she stood a chance of being the same woman after this all even if she had the confidence to attempt to press against the pleasuring that was clearly growing within her.

“MMMMMM… Oh, I think you can, Lady Ii! MMMMM… You feel like you were born to be one of my wives!” He claimed with an ugly smile. Staring down over the bulge of his stomach to watch those mountains of hers bouncing back and forth as he kept her jolting with each thrust in he delivered. Her pussy walls tightly gripping his length as he went deeper into the beauty from another time, yet alone a different country than his. Treating her box the same way he’s done countless times back in his land as he drove in stiffly and smoothly with a technique that a man of his hideous size and appearance shouldn’t possess. “AHHHHH! FUCK… I might have been born… MMMMM! In the wrong world if Japanese women all feel this good!” He shamelessly stated as he pumped back and forth. Going in so deep now that his heavy balls were starting to smack off her MILF body as she lay on his bed. That sensation making her further gasp and moan as she was filled up far beyond anything she’d ever thought possible. Still wearing a profound blush across her cheeks to leave her still looking innocent despite how dirty an act she’s deeply involved in with a man she’s only met today.

“MMMMM!! I-It feels! AHHHHH!! MMMMM… S-So good, my Lord! I can… AHHHHHH!! MMMMM!! B-Barely think straight!!” She groaned out as the head of the Ii clan gripped the bedsheets she was being fucked on. Sweat starting to form across that stunning body already to leave her breasts sexily shining as they jiggled away. Her long hair sprawled out and the pieces of armour on her shoulders, around the neck and on her wrists and feet clicking in time with the pumps she was taking. “AHHHHHH!! Please, my Lord! MMMMM!! It feels so good! MMMMM!! If this is… MMMMM!! What it means to be your wife? OOOOOOOOOH! MMMM!! Then I don’t think I can r-refuse! MMMMMM!!” Her moaning confession, showing her mind being broken by the pleasure, was sweet music to his wicked ears. Just encouraging him to continue on thrusting in and out of her tight, wet box like she was his sexual property the moment he laid eyes on her. Taking full advantage of that as he pounded away as the slap of his obese frame meeting her gorgeous form rang out around the same bedroom where he’s tamed many a warrior woman from China before in the past. Now scratching a new notch in the bedpost of a Japanese maiden in the same dirty fashion as he takes her over and over with shameless moans.

“MMMMMM… Oh, I gladly accept, Lady Ii!” He grinned at her confession, as if he’d accept anything less from her anyway. “A living Goddess like you deserves only the best! I’ll make sure you live a life of luxury as you should be given!” He said as he groaned as he pulled out of her snatch.
“G-Goddess! Ah, I’m n-no such thing!” Naotora whimpered again with a fresh blush, even as she was almost naked and sweated soaked right now. “You’re too kind to me, my Lord...”
“Lord, Master… You might as well call me a God now!” He arrogantly chuckled as he used this hold on her to turn her over on the bed. “Now, let’s see how you handle this position...” He said, moving up behind her and he used his hands to raise her hips up.
“Waaaaaaaaaa? From behind?!? T-T-T-That’s too shameful, surely?” Ii looked back with wide eyes, clearly showing that she was inexperienced with sex to the point that doggy style was a new thing for her. Biting down on her bottom lip as he moved up and lined his shaft up with that already moist twat of hers for another round of fun.

“MMMMMM!! M-My Lord!! OOOOOOOOOH MMMMMM!!” Her head tilted back in delight as that huge cock was sent hard back into her slot. Going balls deep in commanding fashion with the first thrust as her nicely juicy backside connected with his flabby crotch. The piston-like motion soon resuming as he held for waist for the moment and pumped in and out. Groaning loudly without any hint of shame as he made her body rock back and forth as she stayed up on her hands and knees. The sharp blades of her boots never coming close to him as she moaned out. Those large breasts swinging underneath her as she was taken from behind with ease by the man who had lured her into being one of his wives with about as much resistance as she was offering now against his confident, lusty motion into her snatch.

“MMMMM!! Lady Ii! You’re a credit to your clan! Your family! AHHHHH! To all of Japan!” Zhou continued to stroke his own ego as he delivered firm pumps into her wetness. Unleashing sinful words that anyone else would clearly hear as double edged compliments between her grunts. Pumping away to shove every thick inch of his member into the stunning MILF in front of him. That wet pussy still snug as he worked back and forth to make them both groan out. “AHHHHH… You’re setting an example for everyone woman to follow! MMMMM… I hope you’ll always do your best for me, my Lady!” He said with a sick smile as the sweat started to roll down his flab. Ploughing away as that slap of his body meeting hers rang out loudly and repeatedly as he took her from behind. His only regret being that because of his bulking stomach he couldn’t actually witness the sight of his dick ramming into her snatch but the feeling of snugness all around him more than made up for that.

“MMMMM!! AHHHHH YES!! I-I’ll do my best for you, my Lord! MMMMMM YESSSSS!! AHHHHH!!” She gasped out as drops of sweat fell from that pretty face of hers as strands of her dark hair started sticking to those still blushing cheeks. Groaning out each time that dick went balls deep into her and he filled her up to the limit. Her hands gripping the sheets for support as she kept herself up in prime position to be used, but thinking this was just part of her new life and duty now as one of the wives of this cruel warlord from the Three Kingdoms. “AHHHHH!! Ii Family Precept! MMMMMM!! One should always train… UHHHH!! With the strongest adversaries! MMMMM!! But I’ve never trained… AHHHHHH MMMMM!! Q-Quite like this before!” She admitted with a long groan of delight. Her eyes half closed as the pleasure of having her snatch resized by a huge dick was overwhelming her as her big tits continued to swing underneath her. Not even realising that she was finally now pushing her curvaceous body backwards to meet the next incoming pump in a sure sign that she was corrupted to crave the sin and her new Lord’s cock.

The hideous man just let out a wicked laugh at her words as he continued thrusting deeply and swiftly into the newest addition to his harem, and at that point he didn’t care if she was just the first wife of a new roster of beautiful women or the next one as he rebuilt and reclaimed the one from his homeland. Just satisfied to be buried to the hilt inside of a stunning warrior woman as he kept her ass clapping back into him every time he pumped forward. Moaning as that wet snatch still gripped his pole with impressive snugness for a mother. Most men would be satisfied with just fucking a woman completely out of their league as she clearly was to him, and not just in terms of her being from a different land, timeline and dimension. He wanted more. All of her. Which was why he reached forward as he pumped and took a hold of the two long trails of her hair that were hanging off the shoulders.

“AHHHHHHHHH!!” She moaned louder than before when her hair was roughly pulled in primal fashion. Making her head tilt back and eyes flutter close as the element of pain triggered something new within the usually timid beauty. Hands clutching the sheets to nearly tear them as she slammed her body back with the sort of force only seen when she unleashed fury on the battlefield. Lost deeply now to the pleasure as juices trickled down her thick thighs and the sweat poured off her body onto his lavish bed. “MMMMMM!! YES!! AHHHHHH!! AHHHHHH!! M-MORE! MORE!! MMMMMMM YESSSSSSS!!” She begged in delight as he body wildly jolted forward with each fresh. Looking like a desperate whore in a Brothel rather than the respected warrior of the Warring States she is, even with the armour she still had on over her shoulders, wrists and feet. The sight just adding to the sinful sight as she got further addicted to sex and that mighty cock with each fresh tug on her long hair and hard pump into her twat that she took.

“MMMMM!! Yes, you glorious beauty you! MMMMM!! Accept it! Know your place!! MMMMM!!” Zhou was demanding now rather than just manipulating her to respond. Keeping his hands firmly holding her twin tails of dark hair as he kept her head pulled back so her moans could loudly sound out around his bedchamber. Mixing with his own shameless groans and that constant slap of his unsightly body meeting her stunning, MILF body as he fucked her doggy style. “Become my wife! Throw away that boring life you had! MMMMM!! FUCK!! I’ll be the new head of your clan now! I’ll take everything you ever had! MMMMM!! And in return? MMMMM!! You get to be my wife! You should be honoured… AHHHHHH FUCK!! That I’m granting you such a privilege!!” He claimed as he more than twisted to truth to make it sound like forfeiting her position as the head of a family was any sort of acceptable trade into a life of win. But he knew he’d beaten her in more ways than one. Pounding away into her box again and again as his heavy balls slapped into her sweat-coated body. Her thick ass smacking into his crotch as he drove in to the hilt while she impressively, for a woman clearly inexperienced, pushed back against him with perfect timing. His lewd words about seeing ‘potential’ in her, as a new whore for him of course, turning out to be wickedly true.

“UHHHHH! YES! I ACCEPT!! I ACCEPT!! I ACCEEEEEEEPT MMMMMMM OOOOOOOOOH!!” Naotora groaned out as her eyes flickered to show them rolling upward as the pleasure washed away any last hope of her resisting this sex-drunk warlord from China. Her tight Japanese pussy clutching his dick all over again as it pistoned in and out of her to aid in her hitting easily the most powerful orgasm of her life. If not for the grip he had on her long hair she might have collapsed down onto the bed just from the peak hitting her. Forced instead to ride out all those intense waves of pleasure coursing through her as he continued to pump in and out of her slot from behind. “AHHHHHH… AHHHHHH… MMMMMM… I accept, m-my Lord...” She purred out with a smile that was far more sensual that the soft, timid ones she had before and the blush gone from her cheeks. Groaning as he delivered another round of pumps alongside making her grunt as he pulled on her long hair. Ensuring she got used to how strong the orgasms from being fucked by his cock where. Sensations she would be very, very familiar with now she’d agreed to become one of his wives.

“Of course you do...” Dong smirked, releasing her hair and pulling out of that more than just well fucked snatch of hers. Letting out an uncaring laugh as she slumped forward into the stained sheets of his bed. “But you need a little more training it seems, my Lady!” He said as he moved over on the bed. Rolling her over onto her stomach before he invited himself to climb over on top of her and mount her chest.
“Ahhh! O-Of course, My Lord...” Even in her new state of lust for him, Naotora still groaned as she had to deal with his vast weight pressing into her as she sunk into the bed a little. “Train me as you wish...” She purred with clearly most filthy need in her voice than before. Watching as he placed his dick between her big mounds before he cupped them from the sides.

“In that case? I’ll teach you something new right away!” He claimed, and he didn’t even care if she’d done this particular sex act before or not. Sandwiching his cock between those large, rounded breasts of the Japanese MILF as he began to thrust in and out of them. Moaning loudly already as he felt that wonderful, soft flesh around his inches as the head of his prick only just popped out from her cleavage each time he pumped forward. Smearing her own pussy juices off from his inches onto her already slick with sweat breasts. “AHHHHHH! FUCK!! Your chest is amazing, my Lady! MMMMM!! You shall be servicing me plenty of times… AHHHHH… With these breasts of yours!” He decided for her as he let out loud grunts as he worked his prick in and out of her chest. His fat fingers digging into the more than ample flesh as he wasn’t satisfied with using her holes for his pleasure. He wanted any part of her stunning body he could use. Such was the life of her and any other sex slave of his, new or existing. Although from the way he was pounding her tits right now he didn’t seem to care if he ever found any of the old wives from his world as he stared down at the rack he was using and abusing.

“Mmmmmm! As you wish, my Lord!” Ii agreed without any hesitation. Staring like she was in a hypnotic trance as her eyes lightly bobbed in time with seeing the fat bell-end of his cock appearing briefly from between her mounds. Before swiftly vanishing back down as he repeated the sinful motion to fuck her large, juicy breasts. “I’ve never had a man use my breasts like this before! Ahhhhh! So you’re right! I do need all the training I can get!” She said, parroting back his words to show how corrupted she is to follow his orders. Even if it means allowing the shameful act of giving a tittyfuck to an unsightly man she’s only met today. Acting far from a respected warrior of the Warring States or even a loving, caring mother. Moaning out just from the hot feeling of his thick manhood sliding against her breasts as they jiggled wildly in his grasp. Something she wouldn’t have even thought about doing before being corrupted by this lust obsessed warlord from another land and time.

“MMMMM!! FUCK!! Then I’ll be sure… AHHHH!! To use your breasts any time I can!” He grinned, eagerly seizing on that. Thinking that her life has been wasted not milking dicks dry with her huge MILF tits, never mind being a warrior instead of a whore in the first place. Taking full advantage of the mental rewiring he’s done to her over the course of this sinful encounter as he continued to work his dick like a piston on overdrive in and out of her ripe, rounded rack. “MMMMM… Japanese tits feel just as good as the ones back home! So be sure… MMMMM!! To learn how to properly use them on me as my new wife!” He again decided for her without waiting for a response. Grunting as the sweat dripped off his already out of shape body and this prick started to finally pulse between the tits of the beauty from not just another country and timeline than his, but a different dimension as well. Treating all women the same no matter where they came from – just as a set of holes and bodies to use as he saw fit.

Naotora made the mistake of leaning her head up to get a better view of the titfuck. Getting ‘rewarded’ when, without even showing the respect to warn her, he started to unload. Thick shots of spunk firing out and catching her across her stunning face to make her moan with some catching into her dark hair at the sides of her hair. Licking her lips and groaning at the taste of cum as he kept pumping to ease out all the blasts he could. The shining armour of the Ii family she proudly wore around her neck getting stained and covered with his load as her neckline got coated across the metal both from out of his dick and the drips falling from her chin and cheeks. Leaving him smirking sinisterly as he gave a couple more pumps to leave more jizz coating the tops of her tits and down into her cleavage for good measure.

“Mmmmmm… Lady Ii! You are indeed more than suited to serve me as a wife.” Zhou said as he lifted his spent dick from her tits. “So be sure to spend your time with me wisely and learn how to serve me the best you can!” He told her as he moved off from her body so he could admire the mess he’d made over her chest, her armour and cross her face.
“Ahhhhhh… O-Of course, Lord Dong Zhou...” Naotora gasped out, clearly in a sex-drunk state of her own now. “Mmmmm… I think I’ve learned a new Ii Family Precept today… Serve Lord Dong Zhou the best you can, no matter what!”
“That’s the best kind of family values to have! Keep that up, my Lady!” He mockingly complimented as he let out a laugh. “And be sure to tell your son and that other officer that to, along with all your troops… Well, my troops now in fact! Keep them in line, and I’m sure they’ll see the benefits of obeying me like the rest of my men already do.”
“As you w-wish, my Lord… I shall do whatever you demand of me.” Ii easily agreed as she stayed resting back on the bed with his load covering her. “My son, my officers, my troops… My whole family is yours to command as you so wish.”

“Good! Now, rest up my Lady… Once you can walk, get dressed and go inform your hot headed son and the rest of those Ii lot that I’m their new Emperor now.” He said, picking up his robe and slipping it back on all too casually. “Then report back to me. I shall be requiring your services later tonight...” He added with a sinister chuckle as he walked out of the room without even glancing back at the woman he’d fucked into submission.

After a waddling walk, Zhou paused to look out from a balcony out onto the mysterious, twisted land he’d been dumped into. Clueless that these lands, a mix of the worlds of the Warring States, the Three Kingdoms and beyond, were the cause of powerful Gods and evil demons. “Hmmmm… This world might not be so bad after all… But I need more officers and men like these Ii lot I’ve just gotten.” He pondered out loud, stroking his bushy beard. “If I can find some of those old Shu, Wei and Wu lot or even Jin, that would be a great help… And if there’s more of these Japanese warriors then that’s a bonus too… If I can get Ii to show up just from having a castle and resources? Then I bet I can manipulate anyone to obey me to survive in this strange world. Ha! And if I can get more beauties like Lady Ii to submit to me? I might still have a land of wine, women and song after all even here!”

Just as he was thinking over new, corrupt plans, he heard footsteps rapidly approaching. Seeing one of his troops rushing towards him as he stopped to drop down in respect once he was close enough. “Your Imperial Greatness! I’ve just returned from a scouting party!” The soldier announced. “We’ve made contact with a group of troops baring flags from the former Dynasty of Wu to the East. They appear to have officers that were deceased and defeated from our land as well! They are making their way towards us, seeking assistance! One of their number is one of your wives, Lianshi!”
“That last part was the most important bit of that report!” Zhou said, smirking. “And officers that were dead in my time, you say? How curious… But the more men the better if I’m going to conquer this land!” He decided. “You go tell the men at the gates to let this Wu lot in for an audience with me!” He instructed, and with a nod the soldier got up and took off back the way he came. “And we’ll see if this version of Lianshi is the same from my world, or perhaps from a new one… Regardless? She’ll be my wife no matter what, and if she wants those men of Wu to come in to safety then she will agree!” He thought out loud to already create an offer that no one would be able to refuse. “I will damn well have my paradise in this, or any other world. And if I have to claim more of these Samurai Warriors in order to do it? Then I’ll tame and claim each and every one of their women!” He boldly stated before letting out a loud and wicked laugh to echo out into the night.

Not even the Gods of Olympus or the Serpent King could be prepared for an evil like this… And neither would the women of Japan and beyond be ready for him… Naotora Ii found that out, and many more would soon follow… As Dong Zhou built up his personal Shangri-La all over again...

* * *

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Re: Shangri-La [Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors/Warriors Orochi]
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi or any of its characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Kaguya(Warriors Orochi),  Lianshi(Dynasty Warriors/Warriors Orochi), Guan Yinping(Dynasty Warriors/Warriors Orochi). Dong Zhou (Dynasty Warriors/Warriors Orochi).

Samurai Warriors: Shangri-La – Chapter 19

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, oral.

* * *

Dong Zhou already had an advantage in this new, twisted world he’d been transported to. Having a settlement open to anyone who would obey his command meant supplies and safety at the price of selling out morals and dignity. Desperate soldiers flocked to him, and reluctantly military officers from his land and Japan agreed to his wicked terms. They needed a base. He needed power over others. A wicked arrangement, but one that none could resist. Oh, and the small matter of any women being forfeit and entering into his personal service. Still, he and others in his army did not still understand what this land full of oddly dressed troops and demons was, what forces were at work, or why they were all here in the first place. And matters would take another twist, and one that further gave Zhou the advantage, when a woman from the Mystic Realm unwittingly delivered herself right into the very wrong hands.

* * *

“Mmmmmm… These odd bracelets with serpents on them… Lady Ii has one, and you as well Lady Yinping… They must mean something...” Dong Zhou remarked, sitting back on his throne while examining the shining, mysterious bracelet belonging to Guan Yinping. “Ha! I suppose I’ll figure it out somehow… Or maybe Lady Ii will, since I’m taking the risk and letting her go out with those officers to explore.” He chuckled, before groaning in approval as he rudely tossed the powerful artefact across his imperial chamber onto a cushion. “Now, where was I? Oh yes… Enjoying you two beauties...”

He smirked down, watching two stunning women servicing his fat, lengthy cock at the same time. On the left side, Lianshi of Wu as she lapped her tongue along the side of his saliva-soaked shaft while squeezing her large, rounded tits. On the right, Guan Yinping herself acting just as obediently as she suckled on the fat crown of his tool. Moaning around him as she bobbed slightly and flicked the tip of his prick with her eager tongue. Both women well broken in already, just as he’d done to the versions of them from back in his homeland and timeline, as they stared up with desire for a man who was long deceased back in their dimension. He was taking advantage of their hot mouths and pleasurable tongues, moaning out as the beauties sucked and licked at his tasty shaft.

“Mmmmm… You two really must have come from another world… You never remembered anything about me putting you two in your places.” Dong smirked, using a hand to stroke each woman’s long dark hair to their groaning approval. “And you arrived dressed differently than the fashion you did in my land… Ha! All the more fun for me to break you and make you into lovely little wives for me all over again.” He said with arrogance as he let the two slurp away as Lianshi now moved up to swirl her tongue over his bell-end while Yinping moved down to suck on the side of his member. Both women moaning at the addictive taste of him as they submissively and willingly did as ordered. Acting more like cheap Brothel whores than feared, respected warrior officers.

“Yes, that’s it! Serve your Master… Mmmmm...” He grinned darkly as the women did just that to leave his dick and balls coated with spit. Making them whimper in pleasure when he reached down to roughly grope their sizeable chests just because he could. “You’ll do until my troops find me more of these Japanese beauties that are supposed to be about! After all… Mmmmm! Women don’t just appear out of nowhere!” He said, laughing at his own joke.

Tempting fate, that’s exactly what happened when his chamber was filled up with a blinding white light that made everyone stop and shield their vision. Blinking as the brightness faded, Zhou sat up straight and stared with awe, and then desire, for the woman that was against all possibility standing in the room. Clad in flowing robes of white with gold and purple trims at the end of the ‘skirt’ bottom, and white knee high socks with golden sandal-like footwear. The pale beauty had her jet black hear in a lengthy ponytail that went down beyond the small of her back, and had on a golden headpiece not too dissimilar to those Emperors or other higher nobles wore. Her otherworldly entrance let alone attire completed by what seemed to moral eyes to just be a branch of a tree she held in her hands.

“Oh, it seems I’ve… Ahhhhh!” Kaguya gasped, a blush coming across her pale cheeks as she stared and saw Dong Zhou sitting naked on his throne. The eyes of the woman from the Mystic Realm locking onto his huge cock that contrasted to his unsightly body, and seeing Lianshi and Yinping mid-service of him as well as the spit dripped from their chins onto their tits. “Dong Zhou! F-Forgive me! I did not mean to intrude on s-such an act!” She quickly apologised as she bowed, but coming back up was staring again at his shaft.

“Well, well! Whoever you are, you seem to know my name...” Zhou remained composed as he used a hand to wave his already broken in whores away. “But I don’t recall yours, my dear… How about you come over here and introduce yourself.” He curled a finger with confidence. Not hesitating on any chance to seize a beautiful woman for himself, even if he doesn’t know their name. Let alone them appearing out of nowhere.
“Y-You’re not acting like the Dong Zhou I remember… But you don’t remember me?” She hesitated, but fell for the trap as she slowly approached. Still glancing at that rock hard dick. “Ah, forgive me… I am Kaguya, from the Mystic Realm. I once helped the heroes of Japan and China to defeat Orochi, the Serpent King in the past...” She stood in front of him, her own staring making her not see how he was sizing her up like a piece of meat. “Ah, it stands to reason that you would not recall those events...”
“Serpent King? Hmmm… Nope, doesn’t ring a bell. But you helping heroes? Well, you’re in luck Lady Kaguya!” He smirked, seeing his opportunity. “I just so happen to be assembling the heroes you speak of as my army! Since you seem to know what’s going on, how about you join my court and serve me? Then we can save more heroes, I get more women, and we can slay all those ugly demons out there!” He said, but his tone made it more like he was deciding for her than granting any true offer.
“I d-did come here to help against the threats to this world and the Realm...” She didn’t seem to be listening fully, still in cock-shock at his length. “V-very well… I’ll lend my strength to you. Although in this world, I’m not so sure how...”

“Splendid! I accept you as a woman of my court.” He cut her off, snapping her fingers as Lianshi and Yinping stood up. “Whores! Let’s get this Mystic beauty accustomed to how life serving me goes.” He ordered with a cruel smile.
“Wait, what?” She dropped the branch in surprise when hands grasped her shoulders. Gasping when she was firmly pushed down to her knees as her pale, gorgeous face stared at that thickness still standing erect. “T-The smell! The size!” Kaguya said as she stared again. “How can a mortal possess such a penis??”
“Ha! If you like the sight of it, then just wait until you taste it!” Zhou said as the already broken women nodded in agreement. “Go on, Kaguya! Let’s see what talents you have...” He instructed, as if she had much choice in the matter now.

“T-Talents? But I’ve never...” She tried to protest but was ‘encouraged’ by the friends she once fought alongside against Orochi in the past pushing her that extra bit closer towards that shaft. “I s-suppose a l-little taste would be acceptable, yes?” She lied to herself, but ultimately was willing when she moved her face up to that cock. Softly licking the tip and making him moan as the pure touch of a Mystic Realm tongue felt just as good as when he’d had two moral ones on him minutes before. “Ah, like this?” She kept blushing as she tentatively lapped at his dick. Slowly swirling around the crown as she let out soft groans. In her stunning state at seeing a human dick of this vast size not even being fazed by fighting through the spit already dripping down his length from the action she’d teleported into.

“MMMMM… Lady Kaguya! That tongue of yours is outstanding!” Dong said with a wide, shameless smile as she sat back again. Seeing the pretty face of the beauty far older than her youthful appearance makes her seem to be shifting a bit as she got braver to run her tongue down his underside. The scent of his thick musk aiding the corruption as she groaned as she lapped away to get used to the taste. “Ahhhhh… But allow my wives to help you really get to grips with what I expect from my women!” He said, snapping his fingers again. Kaguya gasping as she was pulled up, and finding the tip of his pole pressing against her lips as his other wives were far from subtle about what was coming next. However, yet again, it was this newly appeared woman who made the action herself in slow but still consensual fashion. Parting her lips and letting that thickness slide inside her previously innocent and far from sinful oral hole.

“MMMMMMMPHHHH!! MMMMMM...” Her eyes flickered as the sensations hit her as she sucked mortal cock, and perhaps dick as a whole, for the first time. Her soft lips stretching around his meat as her head slowly moved up and down his inches. The hands of Guan and Lianshi staying on the back of her head merely to ensure she didn’t pull up from her task. Saliva coating her lips now as she started to introduce her own spit into the mix already coating him. “MMMMM… MMMMMPHHHH!!” She groaned in building desire as she showed impressive ability, and potential, for a first timer. Smoothly working up and down, letting out dirty slurping noises whenever she pushed downward and the fat head of his length hit the back of her mouth. The strings of the headpiece she wore starting to sway back and forth in time with the motion of her head.

“MMMMM… Mystic Realm, huh? AHHHHH… I just thought that stuff was just children’s tales! MMMMM… But I’m happy to be proved wrong!” He grinned, already forgetting that she said she was here to help in a war and instead putting her to work as his latest whore, just like he did to countless women back in his homeland. Showing no respect for her great otherworldly powers as he uses her mouth for his pleasure. Watching as she bobbed along his prick to make him moan out as she got a bit more confident as the time passed as she got used to the length and girth between her lips. “MMMM… I don’t quite understand what you mean, Lady Kaguya! But I’ll be… MMMMM! Honoured to ensure you live up to a full potential in my court!” He decided for her as he watched the saliva start to drip of her own chin from the repeated motion. Leaving little drops onto her flowing robes as she sucked away. The sight even more sinful with two other women holding her shoulders like this was a twisted initiation ceremony for the woman from a whole realm, let alone dimension, from the rest of them.

“MMMMMPHH!! MMMMM!! GAHHHHHH HHHHHRRRRKKK!!” Her eyes widened again but this time from the feeling of his dick now sliding into her throat as she let out a lewd gagging sound unbefitting of a noble Mystic. A hand brushing strands of her dark hair to the side as she continued to slurp up and down to handle a more than impressive amount of his man-meat. Still blushing but unable to stop herself from working over that member to show that even from a magical world the power of sin can still weaken even beauties from another dimension. “MMMMMPHHH!! GAHHHHH!! MMMMM!!” She choked but kept on slurping away with smooth bobs. Her long ponytail swaying a bit as she rocked her head back and forth onto him. Her golden headpiece still perfectly placed when with the repeated motion she’s used to service him. Staring up at the hideous man who had all too easily taken advantage of her shocked state to get her on her knees and sucking him off. She should be out fighting against demons and helping to save this and other worlds, instead of being treated like a common slut.

“MMMMM… Mystic Realm mouths are amazing!” Zhou grinned as he motioned with his hand as the other wives pulled this one in training slowly up and off from his cock. “And I can tell you enjoyed the taste of my cock, didn’t you Lady Kaguya?”
“D-Do you think this appropriate?” She tried weakly to protest as she caught her breath. Her eyes still locked onto that huge dick she’d been choking on. “We r-really should be focusing on… Ahhhhh!”
Another snap of the fingers cut her off as, following orders like well trained sex slaves, Lianshi and Yinping lifted the pale woman up and off from the floor. Easily moving her to mount his lap as they stood either side of the lavish throne he was sitting on. “Don’t worry your pretty little head with such thoughts like thinking! That’s for a strong, powerful, handsome man like me to worry about!” He decided for her in blunt, sexist terms as he reached under her robes to line his cock up with her. Finding a covering of what was plain underwear underneath.
“W-While clothed??” Kaguya whimpered, gasping in such when she felt the cloth underneath her attire not so much being pulled, but ripped off of her to provide access. “Surely you cannot have s-sex while… MMMMMM!!”

Once again he rudely cut her off, this time by invading her snatch with a stiff thrust. A gasp of pain escaping her as he ripped through her innocence in ruthless, uncaring fashion. A moan soon coming from her already well used mouth as he began to thrust upward. Forcing that inexperienced tunnel to widen without any proper sort of time to adjust to the sensations. All of that working in his wicked favour as he pumped away and moaned. Loving the tightness gripping his member as this piece of Mystic Realm pussy felt just as good as any normal hole he’s taken. Getting her gradually more and more moist with every stroke into her he delivered. He didn’t even need to grip her waist to keep her in place as the other two faithful whores made sure she was held at the shoulders so she wasn’t going anywhere, aside for jolting on his lap.

“MMMMMM!! H-How can such a penis… MMMMM!! F-Fit inside me?!? AHHHHH!!” Kaguya continued to call out in delight as she bounced on his crotch from the force of those commanding pumps into her snatch. Her lengthy ponytail bouncing behind her in time with the shifts up and down her petite frame was being made to do and the strings of her headgear flapping about as well from the rough way she was getting rag-dolled on his prick. Moaning out however no matter if he was pistoning up and pulling back out of her length. “MMMMMM!! The Dong Zhou I remembered… MMMMM!! N-Never could command any woman, l-let alone… AHHHHH!! T-Tame them!!” She groaned out as already sweat was starting to form on that pale, pretty face of hers. No doubt the long, regal robes she had on adding to that as she stayed seated on his lap with her hands resting on his unsightly, flabby chest. Not seeing any of the action but more than feeling it as her walls were getting stretched out by that thick invading cock she was all too willingly taking.

“MMMM! Sounds like this ‘other’ me from the worlds… AHHHHH FUCK!! Lady Yinping and Lady Lianshi came from… MMMMM!! Was a real pushover!” Zhou smirked as he couldn’t care less about other dimensions or worlds. Solely focused on sex and getting any beautiful woman he wanted as his personal property. That already as massive as his gut ego of his further inflated by having a stunner from an otherworldly realm impaled on his shaft. Pumping smoothly and sharply up into her as he claimed her love tunnel well and truly as his territory. “Just as well I’m here in this demon-infested dump of a world… AHHHHH! FUCK!! To give beauties like you… MMMMM!! The treatment they deserve!” He claimed in rather backhanded terms. Clearly not seeing the woman bouncing away on his lap or the ones either side of him as anything other than a set of holes for him to use however he sees fit. Loving how snugly this new beauty’s pussy felt still clamped around his thickness as he drove in and out of her. Not even knowing she was actually far older than her youthful looks made her out to be, but then again he’d likely not give a damn anyway if he fully understood how the Mystic Realm worked.

“MMMMMM!! AHHHHH!! S-So good! MMMMM!! I never thought… AHHHHH!! Sex would be this good!!” She admitted as her corruption continued as his crotch began to smack up against her snatch to make her further buck upward from the stiff way he was filling her up. Despite how this was her first dose of sex she was showing a status as a Size Queen to take such a lengthy, fat cock without any hint of pain. “AHHHHHH!! I-If my friends back in the Mystic Realm k-knew I was… MMMMMM!! Having s-sex with a mortal? MMMMM!! The shame would be unbearable!!” She continued to blush as she was made to ride his cock with how her body kept jolting in time with his pumps. Her still clothed body sliding down that thick prick to meet the next thrust that sent her rocking upward as he barely needed to pull out a couple of inches before he send the next pump stiffly into her wet box.

“AHHHHH… Sounds like you Mystic lot are a bunch of prudes! MMMMM!!” Zhou mocked with an arrogant smirk as he still didn’t even hold onto her. Making Lianshi and Guan act like a harness to aid with sex. Keeping the new woman into their ranks firmly in place so even with how firmly he was hammering up into her wetness, Kaguya wouldn’t be able to slip off from the cock they’re already addicted to. “MMMMM… Well if any of them have any issue with you being my wife? Send them to me! Especially if there’s any as beautiful as you, Lady Kaguya...” He said, licking his lips. Even with his shaft buried in a snatch that should, like the rest of her, be completely untouchable to any mortal let alone one that looks like him, he can’t help but think about other women he could tame and claim without even laying eyes on them. Then again, all he needed to do was see this beauty for mere seconds after she’d teleported into his throne room and he’d decided her fate for her.

“O-Other women?? MMMMM...” Kaguya stayed blushing as she bit down on her bottom lip. “T-There’s no way Nuwa would forgive me for this...” She groaned as he finally stopped pumping.
“Ha! I always like a challenge… I’ll deal with her if that battle should arise.” He arrogantly claimed before he snapped his fingers once again. This time Kaguya was turned around on his pole by the other two women. Still facing out ward and wearing her regal robes but now Lianshi had a hold of one of her legs while Yinping held the other.
“L-Lady Lianshi? Lady Yinping? Do neither of you remember me either??” She weakly protested, but tellingly she never made any actual move to resist against their touch.
“This talk of old memories bores me, Lady Kaguya! So let’s create some new ones...” He decided, as he’s done from the start, for her as he snapped his fingers once again.

The already sinful man showed a whole new level of sloth as he didn’t even thrust up into the pussy he was buried into. Making his already corrupted whores raise and lower the ever breaking woman up and down on his cock as they held the pale, clothed beauty by her legs. Smoothly moving her up and down like she was in the clutches of a machine designed for sex. The effects instant as Kaguya moaned out with a tilt of her head, but still keeping her golden headpiece on the top of that dark haired head. Her eyes half lowered in pleasure as she willingly let herself be used in a way the previously inexperienced woman would have never fantasied about. Her former allies and friends in battles against Orochi now making her rock back and forth on that fat, long cock that’s already tamed them both and is well on the way to rendering her as sex addicted as they both are.

“MMMMM!! FUCK!! Yes, that’s it my wives! MMMMM… Show Lady Kaguya here why it’s more fun down here with a mortal like me… AHHHHH!! Then wasting away in some weird Realm...” Zhou grinned as he moaned out. Loving this tight, wet pussy that was still clamped around his inches as his latest sex slave was moved to basically ride his dick as his existing women made Kaguya drop down onto his lap before lifting her easily up to the half-way point. Gravity aiding in her slamming back down but never letting go of the white sock-covered legs they were clutching to use to make her bounce. “MMMMM!! SHIT… This is one of the best pussies I’ve ever had! Mystic women are the best!” He bragged with a loud, shameless cackle as he didn’t even thrust his hips up once into this now very familiar snatch. Forcing his two firmly under his control ‘wives’ to do his orders and make him feel pleasure from the twat of another woman. His moans showing his approval of their work of getting Kaguya shifting up and down on his pole. Doing so in the small hope for even a taste of his dick once again for a job well done. Even one as disgraceful and sinful as this one.

It was actually surprising then in one sense that he actually choose to reward the women of Wu and Shu as he moved his hands up onto their asses. Making Lianshi and Guan Yinping moan out as he invited himself to slide fingers up into their snatches with a hand on each of them. Easily slipping into the wet folds as he started to pump with a wicked smirk. All too casually finger fucking two stunning women warriors while he had them bounce a third just as stunning female onto his cock at the same time. All three beauties moaning out as Lianshi and Yinping had to fight to stay focused and keep Kaguya smoothly bouncing on that dick they were all addicted to. Zhou just chuckling as he saw the standing women shivering on the spot as he plunged his digits in and out of them. Even though they hadn’t even gotten to suck his dick again since this newcomer appeared their holes were eagerly wet and ready to be used by him. Just like he’s well trained them to be even if he’s known these versions of the gorgeous officers for a far shorter time than their counterparts from the world he’d unified and controlled back home.

“AHHHHHH YES!! MMMMM!! IT’S AMAZING!! MMMMM!!” Kaguya moaned out as her robes were getting stuck to her from the sweat of her first hard sex experience. Strands of her dark hair falling out of place and clinging to her pale facial features while that long ponytail was draped over the shoulder of the man she was being made to ride. Doing so in very willing fashion as even as she was being physically moved up and down on that now familiar cock her now needy, dripping wet pussy attempted to grind down against him when she was lowered onto his crotch. “MMMMM!! M-MORTAL SEX IS FANTASTIC!! AHHHHHH!! MMMMMM...” She groaned in delight with words the shy beauty would have never uttered before falling into his sinful clutches. Her cries of lust mixing in the air with those of the women holding her legs as they got pleasured by his fingers and his own extremely shameless moans, along with that slap of her body meeting his as she got dropped onto that fat dick again and again.

“MMMMM!! This is the life!! Two warrior whores and a new Mystic slut for a wife! AHHHHH!! I’ll have my land of wine, women and song once again at this rate! Even in this dump of a land!!” He bragged but from the way he was effortlessly pleasuring three completely out of his league women at the same time? His boasting might have some merit to it. Driving fingers in and out of wet snatches standing at either side of the throne he was on. While his cock was worked up into a just as dripping pussy mounted on his lap without him even needing to thrust up once. More than taking advantage of the lustful state he’s rendered this woman from the Mystic Realm into and the same mindset he’d broken the other beauties into already. Only now sweating himself as while he’s only now lifting his hands to work over Lianshi and Yinping he’s still feeling the effects of that nice, tight, wet and otherworldly snatch of the women with powers that should make able to not just resist this monster of a man, but easily beat him.

“MMMMM… Sounds like my wives are having fun...” Dong said with a cruel chuckle, pulling his digits out of the standing women to make them groan. Another snap of the fingers as they lifted the third of their number, whether she fully knew it or not, completely up and off from his dick. “What say you, Lady Kaguya?”
“I-It’s amazing...” Kaguya admitted as she was set down to stand. Staring as all the women were at that mighty cock coated with her juices as the sweat coated her face. “Sex with L-Lord Dong Zhou is incredible.”
“Well? Don’t just stand there, whores!” He said, snapping his fingers rudely again. “On your hands and knees, all of you!” He commanded as he finally stood up from his throne.
“Yes, my Lord!” Kaguya quickly agreed as she and the other two quickly did as ordered. Still not being allowed to remove her robes as she got down into position for that shameful doggy-style position with Lianshi doing the same on her left side and Guan on the right. Their arching of their backs noticeably more perfect than Kaguya’s inexperienced position.

“That’s what I love to see! Whores who know their place!” He mockingly said, showing no respect to any of these three despite them doing as he asked. Moving down behind, as expected, his newest acquisition to his harem as he pushed his fat cock back into that tight Mystic snatch. As he began to thrust into her, his hands went back onto the snatches of the other wives he’s already broken in. Shoving a couple of fingers each into them to get them moaning as well to impressively for a man of his hideous appearance satisfy three stunning women at the same time. Moaning himself of course from how still vice-like Kaguya’s snatch was around his member and grinning as he shifted his digits into the other two sluts at the same time to really have his cake and eat it, and not the usual kind that keeps his belly so huge.

“AHHHHHH!! YES, LORD DONG ZHOU! MMMMM!! I K-KNOW MY PLACE, MY LORD! OOOOOOOOOH!!” Kaguya submissively moaned out as the drops of sweat fell from, off her pale facial features. Her body rocking back and forth as she not just jolted forward but actively now pushed back to meet the next stiff thrusts into her snatch. Learning quickly for a woman with her inexperience just how to take such a monstrous cock like she was more suited to do that then help the heroes of Japan and China defeat the Serpent King. “MMMMM!! MORE! AHHHH!! PLEASE!! MMMMMM!! U-USE MEEEEEEEEEEE MMMMMM!!” She begged with a loud groan as the slap of her modest backside slapping into his flabby frame rang out as he filled her up with repeated balls deep strokes. Somehow even as she rocked back and forth harshly her golden headgear was still perfectly perched on the top of her head as the strings at the side almost violently swung back and forth as she shifted.

He certainly didn’t need any encouragement to keep thrusting away into another fresh piece of hot, wet pussy like hers. He for sure wouldn’t do so either at the request or even desperate begging of a woman either. Only keeping his stiff pumping pace going because he wanted to, in order to give himself the most pleasure possible from being balls deep in a women who no mortal human should be able to bang. Let alone while doing so as he also finger fucks two stunning, moaning and sweating beauties at either side of the one he’s pounding away at. Moaning out as his bulging stomach made the bottom ‘dress’ of her robes crease up but still hide the sinful act that was going on underneath her attire as he fucked her from behind stiffly and steadily.

For Lianshi and Guan Yinping all they could do was stay on their hands and knees and take their Lord and Master’s fingers knuckles deep into their wet and willing holes. Thankful for even the digits of the man who had brought them into a world of sin and sex with such ease as he showed with a beauty even more powerful, in more ways than one, than they are normally. Gasping out as they pushed back, fucking themselves on his talented fingers as they pushed in deep to their slick folds. A fair reward for helping to turn a woman who, like they both are supposed to be, should be out helping in the battle against the forces of demons and Olympus. Reduced to a pair of shameless, cock-drunk whores as both the former warriors of Shu and Wu came suddenly and hard on his commanding fingers as he let out a snigger as the juices coated those fingers. All too easy for man like him as he removed his hands from them both and watched as the spent beauties slumped in disgrace onto their own sweat and fluids on the floor.

However, with his hands now free he seized the chance to really break the mind of the already now fallen into sin stunner from the Mystic Realm. Reaching down and grabbing that long ponytail and giving a firm tug. Making Kaguya groan out in deep delight that made him lick his lips with approval. The roughness making her slam her tiny in comparison body back as hard as she could to get them both moaning deeply. He didn’t even need to thrust now as he just tugged on the hair, making her fuck herself on his shaft as she gasped out and made that slap of her pale skin meeting his obese frame ring out around his throne room. Further acting more like a well fucked whore than a powerful, respected woman from an otherworldly dimension as she’s supposed to be. Showing no care to the worn out women either side of her who were past friends in battles against The Serpent King. Craving only now the massive shaft of a mortal man which in itself would bring unforgivable disgrace to her people.

“AHHHHHH!! YES! SEX! S-SEX!! AHHHHHH MMMMMM!!” Kaguya’s eyes rolled back as her  body shivered in pleasure as her hair still got harshly pulled to ensure she kept pushing sharply back to fuck that big dick with her tight snatch. Experiencing the first mind blowing, in more ways than one, orgasm of her life that’s a lot longer than her youthful appearance suggests. Her body glowing with power as the pleasure triggered new sensations within her to make her corruption all the more profound. Drooling at the side of her mouth as her juices further soaked his dick and dripped onto the inside of her robes that she still had on to further ruin them along with the sweat that’s pouring off of her. “UHHHHH!! MMMMM!! S-SEX IS T-THE BESSSSSSST MMMMMM...” She slurred as the pleasure coursed through her and she was still getting hauled back onto that cock she’s well and truly addicted to like her only purpose is to be holes for him to use for his pleasure. The glow over her clothed frame fading as she came back down from the sexual peak, but still made to grunt as her pussy got used a couple more times by her new Master.

When Zhou finally pulled out of her, he kept a hold of that long hair and made her groan as he yanked her around to get on her knees while he stood up. Smirking as his free hand held his shaft to rapidly stroke. Completing her humiliation and introduction to life as his newest wife by spraying a thick, hot load of mortal spunk across that gorgeous face of the Mystic Realm woman. She groaned as felt the jizz coating her cheeks, forehead, nose and lips. Even with how pale her face already was the spunk stood out clearly. Especially the loose shots that became stuck through her dark hair across her face and at the sides. Further shame in the form of the cum dripping off her landing down onto her already ruined robes as he milked out the massive load that no ordinary human should have been able to do to a powerful beauty from another dimension.

“Mmmmm… No matter if normal or Mystic… Whores all look the same once I’ve finished with them!” Dong mocked with a laugh as he finally let go of her hair. “So! Understand your place, Lady Kaguya?”
“I-I do, my lord...” Kaguya gasped out, her eyes still closed as the cum dripped from her cheeks. “I’m Lord Dong Zhou’s wife… I serve you alongside your o-other wives, n-no matter the task...” She said in clear, shameful submission.
“Spoken like a true whore!” He mocked, showing no respect to a clearly sex-drunk, mind-broken beauty he’s corrupted. “I’m expecting great things from you, my Lady!” He added, before snapping his fingers again.
“Of course, Master… Mmmmm...” She groaned when hearing the snap, Lianshi and Yinping moved up to beside her. Leaning in as they started to help clean of Kaguya’s pretty face with their tongues. Lapping off the spunk to greedily lick up the spunk and swallow it down.

“Hmmmmm...” Zhou watched on with approval as he sat back down on his throne. “And I thought there was potential with just these heroines from Japan? This Mystic Realm might finally be the true paradise I’ve been after if their women as as good as this one is...” He mused, showing that his lust knew no limits that one Mystic Realm woman wasn’t enough for him. “This whole Serpent King stuff bothers me however… Guess I’ll round up more officers to deal with him, and claim the glory for myself! Along with any more women I find too!” He said, glancing down to see Kaguya gasping when the other whores were so bold as to lick over her lips in order to steal more cum for themselves.

Just as he mused that, there was a firm knock at the doors into his chamber. “Lord Dong Zhou! Lady Ii and her officers have returned! They’ve found new warriors for your cause! And there’s a beautiful woman among them!” The voice of a palace official called out from behind the door.
“Sounds like cause for a new celebration banquet then...” Zhou grinned as he licked his lips in anticipation. And not just for some tasty food, either.

* * *

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Re: Shangri-La [Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors/Warriors Orochi]
« Reply #19 on: December 16, 2020, 09:53:59 AM »
WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi or any of its characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Kunoichi(Samurai Warriors/Warriors Orochi), Dong Zhou (Dynasty Warriors/Warriors Orochi).

Samurai Warriors: Shangri-La – Chapter 20

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, inter.

* * *

“Yes, well, send out a scouting party then to that strange, hot land.” Dong Zhou ordered with a motion of his hand. The palace retainers bowing obediently in response. “There might be more heroes to bring into my army, or even better if there’s more women!” He said with a wicked laugh as the officials turned to leave. Zhou turning back to look out at the land beyond the walls of his palace. The strange mix of fantastical, glowing rocks sticking out from the ground and elements from lands of Japan, China and beyond. “Demons… Gods… It’s all so bothersome… I’m still struggling to claim back the women from my own land! At this rate, I’ll never rebuild my Shangri-La!” He grumbled, as usual only thinking about himself despite the unknown dangers still around in this strange otherworldly land.

His thoughts were broken by the sound of footsteps approaching. Looking to see the gorgeous young Ninja woman known as Kunoichi. Clad in her battle attire with a long sleeved covering top, but tiny shorts below and her lower legs covered with stockings, short boots and knee protectors. The bright-haired woman with a headpiece with a pin and two coloured cloth pieces for a bow, holding her ponytail in place.

“What’s the big idea??” Kunoichi demanded in a clearly less than impressed tone, coming to a stop in front of the Lord of this castle.
“Ah, the little Ninja girl.” Zhou smirked, as he always would in the presence of a gorgeous woman even with her attitude.
“That’s Kunoichi to you!” She reminded him, placing her hands on her slender waist. “You’re keeping me all locked up in this dumb palace while Lord Sanada does your dirty work for him!” She complained. “I should be out there defending him as her bodyguard… Instead you have us women stuck in here all day! It’s completely unfair!”
“Bah! Nonsense! Then again, I don’t expect a woman to understand how a superior man’s mind works! Dong mocked her, and ignored the look of shock and anger at his sexist words. “He’s part of my army now, so he does what I say, when I command it! Just like you do! So he needs to earn his fair keep to stay in my ranks. Besides, I’m already taking risks letting Lady Ii and Yingping go out to see what their bracelets do. I need at least some women around here, even if they’re a little brat like you...” He added with a chuckle. Carefully picking his words to provoke the fired up beauty.

“B-Brat! How dare you!!” She fell for it, stomping her foot in, ironically, brat-like fashion. “I’m one of the best Ninjas in the land! I could win a battle easily out there! Not that you’d know anything about that, you cruel, rude Warlord you!”
“Ha! You’ve got quite a mouth on you, Kunoichi! I like that in a woman!” He grinned, gazing over her. “You should lose that baggy top of yours though. Very unflattering.”
“Keep your eyes to yourself!” Kunoichi demanded, glaring again. “Then again, maybe you should keep looking… It’s not like someone who looks like you could handle the best Shinobi in the land!” She boasted with more than a hint of overconfidence.
“Oh ho ho! That sounds like a challenge...” He seized on her bragging. “How about you prove it, then? And if you can, say, handle me then I’ll let you go back and serve that worthless red-clad runt instead of a real man like me.”
“How dare you insult my Lord like that!!” She snapped with another foot stomp. “I accept! I’ll prove what a true Ninja can do!”
“Well then, follow me then little Ninja girl...” Zhou said as he kept a smile on. Knowing she brashly took his offer without hearing what his choice of prize would be. “We’ll see if you can back up those strong words of yours...” He chuckled. Knowing he’d have a new whore in his harem within an hour.

* * *

The outcome of this sexual battle was appearing clear already once the two were inside of Dong Zhou’s bedchamber. Kunoichi kneeling down and staring in awe and clear fear when she saw his fat, lengthy and hardening cock as his overweight frame as in full view. “I-Impossible!! How can a man’s cock be this size??” Kunoichi questioned as she stared at the length pointing right at her face.
“Oh? Does your precious Lord Sanada not possess such a cock?” Zhou taunted with a confident smile, seeing the look of cock-shock on her.
“S-Shut up! Don’t speak his name!” She snapped, reaching up to grip his dick and start to slowly stroke him off. “I will outlast this challenge, you’ll see! Then I’ll be back at my Master’s side!” She vowed, sounding like she was trying to fool herself already.
“You’d better, little Ninja girl… If you don’t? You’ll be serving me, at my side, and calling me Master from now on.” Dong informed her as his shaft got nicely rock hard in her soft palm.

“Never! I’ll finish this before it starts!” She claimed, before she attempted to let actions do the talking for her. Bringing her head down in closer as she wrapped her lips around his fat cock-head. Letting out a groan as her lips had to stretch already, showing clearly she wasn’t used to this size of manhood. Still glaring up as she pressed on, taking the crown and a couple inches inside. The taste hitting her tongue and making her look of anger soften for a brief moment before she focused. Groaning again around his size as she lifted back until the tip was between her nicely soft lips. Pushing back down to start the process of trying to make him blow as she kept her hand stroking the length while using her mouth on the top part.

“Mmmmm… I hope you’ve got more than that to offer, Kunoichi...” Zhou said, still smiling sinisterly as he stared down and watched her head slowly bob. Slow and steady but nowhere near enough to properly pleasure a pervert like him as he still only let out light moans from the rather timid work done to his prick. A double team of mouth and hand that perhaps back in her land might have done the job with lesser men than him. “If that’s all it takes to make your weakling Lord happy? Then I’ve got this in the bag!” He mocked, knowing how to push her buttons to get what he wanted. The narrow eyed look in response to the uncalled for insults proving his plan was working well as she pushed her mouth down and picked up the pace. His moaning that extra bit louder in direct response as more of his fat inches vanished into her soothing, moist oral hole.

“Mmmmmphhh!! Hmmmmm!!” Her groans kept bouncing off his length as her lips fought to stay pressed around his vast size. Her hand now more used to keep him straight so she could use a smooth motion to work her mouth up and down him. Her bright hair swaying at the sides and her ponytail cutely bouncing behind her as she put more effort into her slurps. “Hmmmmm!! MMMMM… GAHHHHH!! MMMMMMPHHHH!!” Soon enough, starting to gag as the fat crown of his tool connected with the back of her mouth. Far too much Chinese warlord cock for the gorgeous Japanese Shinobi to possibly handle. But she was in too deep, in more ways than one, to back off now. Trying to fight through the discomfort as she kept working her head up and down at a steady pace. The saliva dripping down his prick from the repeated motion and now her gagging each time she slid forward to take him inside her mouth. “GAHHHHHH… HRRRRKKK!! MMMMPHHHH!!”

“Mmmmmm… That’s more like it, you little Shinobi slut...” He grinned now, watching her choking willingly on his massive dick as she bobbed away and got his inches slick with her drool. Watching her battle uniform getting messy as the drops of spit fell from her chin and his cock onto her top. Enjoying the feeling of her warm, met mouth as it moved back and forth over his member. That look of defiance mixed with pain on her pretty facial features just as delicious as the act of her sucking dick itself. “A little sloppy, sure, but nothing some more rounds of training won’t fix! Ahhhhh… And we’ll have plenty of time to train you into a real woman… Mmmmm! When you’re at my side, taking my orders...” He reminded her of their agreement which, at this point, was clearly one sided even with only one of them getting pleasure right now. That fat shaft getting fed stiffly in and out of a choking mouth as the saliva drools out and splatters around. Smirking as he felt her hands clenching to rest on his flabby thighs as she took any chance to reject him she could, even in such a failing position for this sexual war.

“HHHHHRRRKKK!! GAHHHHHH… GAHHHHH!!” Those glaring eyes weren’t quite as intimidating as they once were with how watered up they are from the discomfort of a rough, self-inflicted introduction into hard oral sex. Her tight throat failing to stop the invasion, gripping his manhood snugly as she continued to gag harshly whenever her face plunged down into his crotch. “UHHHHHHH!! HHHHHHLLLLGGGG… GAAAAHHHHH!!” As she bobbed away, she pushed herself into the thick mess of hairs at his crotch to add to her humiliation. Coming up with a loose strand of pubes hanging on her bottom lip from the motion. Stubbornly refusing to accept defeat as she kept fucking her mouth onto his massive dick with a determination almost as twisted as the man she was sucking off. Only proving how out of her league the skilled Ninja was and how easily this bet will be for him to win, even if she didn’t realise it yet.

Eventually, she had to lift away from his saliva-drenched prick. Clutching her throat as she coughed and then gasped to take in long overdue air. “D-Damn it! That hurt, you bastard!” Kunoichi snapped, still remaining defiant even after seeing and feeling that this was no easy bet to attempt to win. Or survive in her case.
“Not my fault you’ve only had tiny, weak cocks before until you finally met a real man!” Zhou taunted with a cruel snigger. “Now lose those shorts… Let’s see what you can handle!”
“F-Fine! No way you can handle my special Shinobi pussy!” She claimed as she got up to stand. Carefully sliding her shorts down her legs and over her footwear. Showing off her cutely rounded backside and a completely shaved pussy that didn’t appear to be too moist.
“If it’s anything like that smart mouth of yours? I’m not going to be too worried...” He replied, watching as she moved up onto the bed and laid on her side to lift a leg up. Noticeably blushing as she exposed her private area to a man she currently despised.

“You don’t k-know who you’re messing with!” The overconfident Shinobi claimed as her eyes were glued to his crotch as he approached and moved to between her legs. Making her shiver a bit as he placed the fat head of his dick against her entrance. Her hand already clawing a bit at the lavish sheets of his bed and he wasn’t even inside her yet. When he did push forward her gasp was loud and with more than a hint of pleasure to it as her tight pussy was forced to spread apart and take this massive invasion. Further proof that even is she had some experience with sex, it was never with anything even close to half the length and thickness of his mighty, woman taming and claiming cock. “W-Wait! That’s… AHHHHH! S-So big already?? So deep! MMMMMM...” She couldn’t stop herself from moaning as he began to slide in and out of her. Forcing more wetness to form already as her body, despite her vocal claims to the contrary, reacted eagerly to his pumping.

“MMMMM… That’s some cute moans you’re letting out for a Ninja girl, Kunoichi...” He taunted between moans of his own. Seeing that her beauty more than matched how good her snatch felt clamped around his pole as he worked himself in and out of her. Holding her leg up for full access and being so close into her already his bulging gut made that limb bounce a bit back when he thrust into her slot. “AHHHHH… I might have some use for you yet in my court if you keep this up!” He added as he pumped firmly and steadily into his soon-to-be latest addition to his renewed harem of whores and wives. Still enjoying the defiance and glaring she was doing to him in opposition to the moans she wasn’t trying especially hard to prevent spilling out of her mouth. Her dampness increasing around his dick as the minutes stared to pass and that bet victory slipped further from her usually deadly and skilled fingers.

“S-Shut up! MMMMM!! I’m not just some… AHHHHH!! Little whore for you to use!” She claimed despite the current visual indicating a very different story. Still clothed but with just her shorts removed, getting fucked by a man not just older than her but disgustingly out of shape compared to her athletic, gorgeous body. Getting her tight pussy stiffly fucked as she stayed laying on her side and groaning out. The dirty sound of his rod plunging into her twat being easily heard along with both their moans as she took the biggest dick in her life. “You won’t win this! MMMMM!! I’ll show you what a… AHHHHH! FUCK! What a real Shinobi is capable of!” She claimed between her moans as a bead of sweat started to roll down her cheek from having to handle that fat Chinese cock working deeper into her snug Japanese pussy. Her eyes switching from staring daggers at the grinning, ugly face of the cruel man she’s letting fuck her, and down to that increasing hypnotic sight of that dick sliding in and out of her box.

“MMMMM… That’s exactly what I’m hoping for, my cute little Ninja girl...” The wicked warlord said with a chuckle as he kept his stiff pumping motion going smoothly. A pace that a man of his vast size shouldn’t be able to perform but he continued to be fuelled by perversion and a craving for any and all women to claim as his own. Including this stunning bodyguard Shinobi of a man who now serves in his army in this strange land. Groaning as he enjoyed that snug feeling all over his inches as he ploughed into her. Feeling the wetness coating him and starting to leak out of her from the constant motion. A staining of juices and sweat on those expensive sheets a small price to pay in order to secure a new whore from not just another land but another dimension and timeline as his personal slut.

“Y-You’re not even fully in yet?? AHHHHHH… H-How is this possible?? MMMMM!!” She stared in disbelief down between her own legs. Seeing that despite now filled up and stretched out her love tunnel currently was, he still had some fat inches left to drive into her folds. A different form of cock-shock on her face as she realised what proper sex could actually be like, and the growing thought in the back of her mind that this feeling could get even better if he went fully into her. “T-There’s no way… AHHHHH FUCK! FUCK!! N-No way that can all f-fit inside of meeeeeeeeee MMMMMM!!” She moaned in delight, tilting her head back a bit as he gave her a harder thrust to cut off her stammering words. As skilled in the deadly arts of the Shinobi as she might be, when it came to sexual ability she was completely out of her league here. The sweat continuing to form over her still mostly clothed body as she let this sex-addicted slob have his very wicked way with her. If she even remembered about it, she’d know truly that her bet was already well and truly lost to him.

“Well my dear, you won’t know… MMMMM… Until you try!” Zhou taunted her as he pulled out of her snatch, making her groan as she felt how empty her already stretched out snatch was.
“You’ll cut me in half with that thing! There’s no way I can… Ahhhh??” Kunoichi squealed a bit as he used the hold of her leg to turn her over onto her front. Reaching down to pull her up, making her get into the classic hands and knees position.
“Giving up already? And here I thought you were a real Ninja girl!” He teased with a confident smirk, running his cock against her folds. “I bet a true Shinobi would easily handle me by now...”
“What??? I am a real Shinobi!!” She snapped, easily provoked by his taunts. “Bring it on then, Dong Zhou! There’s no way that… AHHHHHH FUCK!!!”

He cut off her, at this point, not exactly believable claims with a solid thrust into her folds. This time making his bulging gut hit the top of her cutely rounded ass as he drove in. Giving her no choice but to take all of his shaft to make her moan loudly out. His hands gripping her tiny waist as he began to thrust once again. Firmly driving in and out of her twat as his balls started to smack off her body for good measure. Moaning out himself as he enjoyed that vice-like grip of her moist tunnel as he more than resized her. She’d never get any pleasure from any man back her in homeland or otherwise unless they were packing a massive shaft exactly like his after this was all said and done. A form of sinful branding he ensured was applied to all his wives.

“OH FUCK!! AHHHHH!! S-So big! So thiiiiiiiick!! MMMMM!!” The gorgeous Shinobi from Japan stared back over her shoulder as the bulking brute from China plunged his rod in and out of her wetness from behind. Holding her in place so even when she jolted forward on the bedsheets from the force of his pumps he could haul her right back towards him so she could take his dick balls deep again and again. “MMMMMM!! It’s… AHHHH!! It’s so good!! MMMM!! I n-never knew this was… UHHHHH!! What real sex felt like!!” She purred out with groans as her eyes, once glaring and defiant, were having a more seductive look to them as the corruption set further into her with each pump he delivered. Not even remembering the bet that led her to consent to be fucked by such a hideous, out of shape man as his meaty prick continued to ram back and forth into that soaked hole of hers.

“MMMMM… That’s the spirit, my naughty little Ninja… Show me your potential, Kunoichi!” The Prime Minister of the Three Kingdoms said in back-handed fashion. He only cared about how good of a fuck she was and how well she could take his dick, and nothing of her lethal skills as a Shinobi. Having decided the moment he’d locked onto her that he’d reduce her down to just a set of holes for him to use, and from how she’s moaning from his pistoning dick he was well on the way to creating a new whore for his dream world of wine, women and song. “MMMMM… Don’t hold back now! Let’s see you really enjoy yourself… AHHHHH… As a woman of mine truly should! MMMM...” He said more as an order than any sort of suggestion. The bulge of his gut preventing him from seeing his rod sliding in and out of that wet hole but the sensation of her pussy walls still clutching him as he moved into her easily keeping him moaning out. All with that sadistic smile of a man whose lust cannot be stopped even in an unknown land of the Orochi.

“FUCK! FUCK!! AHHHHHH… MMMMMM!!” The sweat was covering her face now as she took the hardest and easily longest fuck in her life. Her clothing starting to sinfully cling to her body and strands of hair sticking to her cheeks as she kept rocking back and forth in response to those ever stiff pumps filling her up from behind. She couldn’t even keep her head up, moaning down towards the sheets she was taking two deep handfuls as the pleasure was already overwhelming her. “Ooooooooooh MMMMM!! YES!! AHHHHHH… M-MORE! PLEASE!! MMMMM...” She begged, bringing shame to all her Shinobi training and promises to her current Lord as she craved more pleasure from a man she’d hated at the start of this day. Now needing him and his lengthy, fat cock more than anything else as she groaned out. Utterly defeated in this erotic battle she had so overconfidently signed up for. Not that in her current lusty state she even remembered that bet at all.

Zhou just let out a long, wicked laugh of victory at her begging. The inevitable that he knew would happen of braking this sexy Ninja girl from Japan and making her addicted to his thick Chinese cock as he rammed it stiffly in and out of her. That slap of his unsightly, heavy body connecting sharply with her stunning, slim frame ringing out around his quarters along with their shameless moans. Keeping her held by the waist so he could keep pulling her back to take the next pump he sent deep into her when the force of those same thrusts sent her jolting forward. Properly using her dripping wet hole not just for his pleasure but like he owned her in body and now corrupted mind. If he fully understood how dangerous a trained, experienced Shinobi was then his ego would only further increase in size knowing what a near impossible task to break someone like her is.

“MMMMM...” Kunoichi groaned when he pulled out of her already well fucked twat. “M-My Lord… Don’t tell me you’re finished...” She purred, licking her lips as she stared over her shoulder with that newfound lust for a man she despised earlier on.
“Ha! Far from it, my little Ninja whore!” Dong said. Once again using her legs to turn her over this time fully onto her back.
“Mmmmm… Cock… More...” She said, sounding truly cock-drunk as she stared down at that shaft, dripping with her juices as he moved not just between her legs, but on top of her. “Please… F-Fuck your dirty… Ninja… Whore...” Kunoichi begged with a lick of her lips.
“Since you asked so nicely...” He said, pushing his dick back into her as he mounted her for the extremely shameful Mating Press. Making her groan from the massive weight that was not pressing down on top of her but even then, she still grinned wildly now that she had her Master’s shaft back in her.

That was further proven by her legs, still with her Shinobi footwear and braces on, wrapping around his bulky body as far as she could for a tight, needy squeeze. Getting what her now broken mind now wanted as he plunged his cock straight down into her folds, making her head tilt back in pleasure as he kicked the Press position off with stiff thrusts. Little mercy shown as he went straight to work and rammed away. That slap of skin hitting skin ringing out sharply as he fucked his newest whore. Smirking as her hands brushed along his flabby arms like he was the only lover she’s ever had. After today, he’d certainly be the only one she’d ever fuck in her life. Serving not as a lethal Ninja but as one of many personal whores to use and fuck any time, and in any position he so desired.

“AHHHHHH YESSSSS!! MORE!! H-HARDER, MASTER!! YESSSS!! AHHHHH MMMMM!!” Even her moans were of a delirious, sex-drunk slut as her eyes were staring vacantly up at the man on top of her as she took his dick. Unable to clearly think and remember not just the bet she never should have agreed to, but her Ninja duties to another man she once swore her life to protect. The only thoughts in her shattered mind now were of sex, dick and getting supreme pleasure no matter the cost. “MMMMM!! D-DEEPER!! PLEASE, LORD ZHOU!! U-USE… MMMMM FUCK!! U-USE YOUR S-SLUTTY NINJA WHORE!! MMMMMM...” She degraded herself further with each fresh moan that poured out of her drooling in delight mouth. Her clothes still covering most of her body getting further sweat soaked thanks to his obese size sliding against hers as she was pinned down. His hips driving down to drive his cock balls deep into her twat over and over. If not for that ruined attire she had on, she would be unrecognisable in such a whorish state.

“MMMMM… I knew you had this potential in you! MMMM!! A much more agreeable look for you… AHHHHHH! Than that angry scowl from before!” The sex-drunk warlord from China bragged, seeing the new state of mind that he’s forced the Japanese beauty to be in now. Pumping rapidly away in this Mating Press to fill her snatch up so hard and fast that even if she never had sex again, there would be no way her snatch would return to the tightness she had before today. All the better for his massive, lengthy rod to enjoy sliding in and out of his latest piece of beautiful property. “MMMMM… Moan for me, Ninja whore! Moan! MMMMM!! Accept your place in my court, you shameless slut!! AHHHHH...” He demanded, even as he was getting that and then some. His wicked mind thinking that if there were any more Shinobi women out there in this new land to conquer then they would be a breeze if they were anything like this beauty. So even with his length buried in one moaning, addicted to his dick woman his mind knew no end to his lust as he thought of even more women to have as his wives without even knowing who they were.

So drunk in sin now, Kunoichi couldn’t even tell that he wasn’t caring about her broken mind any more as her eyes rolled back and those loud, long moans still flowed from her parted in an O-shape lips. Sweat dripping from the exposed parts of her legs onto the sheets while her Shinobi clothing was soaked through and clinging to her petite frame. Her bright hair a mess with her ponytail barely staying in place as she was still trapped in place. Barely jolting from the pumps driving down to the hilt into her thanks to his bulk pinning her with this Mating Press. His heavy balls slapping into her butt over and over as he pounded her and left her groaning in delight as her snatch still clung onto his prick out of this new erotic instinct he’d forced into her.

It wasn’t to his surprise then that soon enough she was shuddering underneath his massive weight as she started to climax. Her mind further wrecked with pleasure as even with her snatch tightening he kept pumping away to ensure she was claimed as his woman. Greatly enjoying how her juices were squelching out as he kept plunging his dick up and down into her box from above. Even helping himself to a taste of her lips as he leaned his hideous face towards her gorgeous, sweat-covered features. Capturing her flicking tongue for a lewd slurp that left her moaning into him for a wicked making out session as the pleasure raced through her body. Leaving her looking further like a cheap Brothel slut instead of the once proud and lethal Ninja she was at the start of this day.

Deciding to fully enjoy himself as well at this point, he didn’t even bother trying to unwrap her legs from around him and pull out. Using that vice-like grip currently around his pistoning member in order to milk his cock dry as he unloaded deep into that well-fucked and resized snatch of hers. Grunting like a beast in heat as the sweat dripped off his unsightly body as he fired his thick, hot spunk deep into the gorgeous beauty from Japan. Keeping that fat Chinese cock buried inside her folds and giving a thrust each time a new shot of jizz was sent out of him so the load would splatter deep into the moaning woman. The Mating Press well and truly completed  when her legs limply fell away from his body and he pulled out. A sick smile on his face as he stepped back to watch his load leak out from her gaping pussy and ooze down onto his bedsheets.

“So, I think I’ve won out little bet, haven’t I my little Ninja slut?” Zhou taunted, moving around the bed. “Huh? Oh? Too much for you to handle I guess!” He said, letting out a wicked laugh.
Indeed, although her eyes were open they were glazed over as Kunoichi lay there in her sweat, juices and now leaked with his spunk. Fucked so hard she was in a post-orgasm trance unable to even think straight. But with a smile on her face of a true whore that certified her place as one of his women.
“Oh well! You can just lay there then… And if you’re still here later on, then I’ll enjoy round two with you!” He said as he smiled. Not even caring about potential consequences of a man from another timeline, let alone dimension, blowing a load inside of another woman. After all, he had a woman from the Mystic Realm who might now a spell or three to fix any issues with that.

Without even a look back over his shoulder at the woman he’s left in almost a sex-coma from such hard sex, he slipped on a spare robe and headed towards his bathhouse for some relaxation. Smirking to himself as he considered how he’s already claimed (or in his mind, reclaimed) women from his homeland of the Three Kingdoms of China and now beauties from the Warring States of Japan. Let alone an otherworldly Mystic as well. The potential for this new Shangri-La were endless! Who knows who he’d stumble upon next and claim as his own. Oh, and he supposed there was the small matter of dealing with all these demons, the plans of the Gods of Olympus and whatever this Serpent King stuff was about. But all in good time! After all currently, discounting all his handmaidens and peasant women he could use, he only had five women of note in his new harem. That certainly wouldn’t do for a man of his sinful ambitions. He needed his wives to at least be in double digits… And even then he wouldn’t stop!

* * *

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Re: Shangri-La [Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors/Warriors Orochi]
« Reply #20 on: March 03, 2021, 11:28:38 AM »
WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi or any of its characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Aya (Samurai Warriors/Warriors Orochi), Dong Zhou (Dynasty Warriors/Warriors Orochi).

Samurai Warriors: Shangri-La – Chapter 21

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, inter.

* * *

“How interesting...” Dong Zhou remarked, putting down the scroll of a report made by his palace staff for him about the current extent of the ongoing wars between the alliance led by himself, the forces of Demons, the army led by the God of Olympus known as Zeus, and the other fractured forces from the eras of the Dynasty and Samurai Warriors. “So… It seems just about everyone aside from myself has memories of fighting against this Serpent King except for me… Perhaps I have been plucked from a completely different world into this usual land...” He stroked his long, haggard beard as he sat behind a lavish desk for signing important Imperial documents and decrees. “Bah! No matter! It means nothing if it’s this world, my own or anywhere else! All I need is wine, women and song… And I’ll build a Shangri-La all over again just like I did back home. It might be even better now with so many new, alluring women from the lands of Japan!” He bragged to himself with a wide smile.

“My Lord!” One of the guards outside the door called out. “Lady Aya of the Uesugi forces requests an audience!”
“Send her in!” Zhou grinned. “Speaking of lovely ladies… About time I made that nun sinful...” He whispered to himself as the doors were opened up.

Entering the room was the beautiful Japanese maiden and officer Aya. The mother of Kenshin Uesugi stepping in as her heeled shoes clicked on the floor, and the bottom of her spiritual staff doing the same as she carried it. Clad in holy, white robes with dark dyed ends trimmed with gold and a sticking up back neck covering of regal purple, which matched the tied rope acting as the belt to held her robes in place. A golden headpiece on the side of her head in her long, dark hair.

“Lord Zhou...” Aya said with a calm, measured voice as she stood in front of his desk. “I must ask that you reconsider your recent decree in regards to women like myself...” She respectfully asked as she looked him over. “I’m sure you mean well, but a place for a woman like myself is on the battlefield… Supporting my son and my brother, as well as inspiring our forces.”

“Ha! Consider your request denied!” Dong bluntly said, standing up from his chair. “A woman’s place isn’t on the field or war, especially in this strange land and in these questionable times. A kitchen or tending to the field crops is a far more suited place for a woman! And that includes yourself, Lady Aya.” He said, stepping around his desk.
“I disagree in strong terms, my Lord...” Aya said, her eyes narrowing a little as he approached. “This might be how you rule in your land, but I cannot spread hope and love to my son’s men if I am locked up in this palace and grounds.”
“Ah, yes… You’re one of these holy nun types, aren’t you? Going on about love and all that nonsense.” Zhou dared to directly mock her to her pretty face. “Ha! Love? What a joke. I have no need for love! Passion? Sure! Lust? Absolutely! But love? Save that for the peasants and their dirt dreams of starting a family.”
“You’re quite a hopeless man, aren’t you my Lord.” Aya shook her head slightly. “Love is a wonderful, inspiring thing… You would do well to take some into yourself, even more so in these testing times.” She still tried to politely reason with him.

“Sounds like you think that your love is stronger than the way I do things...” Zhou grinned, as an idea popped into his head. “Then I’ll tell you what, my Lady… Let’s have ourselves a little contest, shall we? And see who has the better way of living. My lust against your love.”
“I… I don’t quite think I understand what you mean, my Lord… But if it gives a chance to make you see the light? Then I shall accept.” Aya stated with a nod.
“Perfect… Very well then! We shall begin!” He said, before he reached down and started to unwrap the decorative belt around his massive waist. Without even properly explaining what, if anything, his ‘game’ was.
“My Lord? What are you…?” Aya questioned, but then gasped when he boldly exposed his unsightly body to her. Her eyes widening when she gazed at his fat, long, warrior-taming cock that was already beginning to harden. “M-My Lord!! You can’t mean...” She stuttered as her staff fell from her grip to clatter on the floor from her shock.

“Oh, I do my Lady...” He grinned at the cock-shock reaction as he stepped closer, tossing his robe back all the over over the desk onto the chair he’d been sitting on. “And I think that even a saintly nun like you knows what to do to prove your worth...” He said rather mockingly as he put his hands on her shoulders to guide her down to kneel.
“W-What is this?? A man’s cock surely can’t be of this size!!” She marvelled, still staring and now in directly line with his crotch and that still hardening shaft. “The, the smell!! I can’t believe it! S-Surely I can’t… MMMMMPHHH!”

Taking advantage of her mouth as she made excuses, Zhou rather rudely shoved his semi-erect dick into her oral hole to further make her stare in awe up at him. Her lips having to stretch already around such a vast size compared to how hideous the rest of him is. Leaving her groaning at the taste of sinful dick for the first time in her life as she was held on his prick. Despite her protests, her own head soon sliding back up his length but his hand on the back of that dark haired head to ensure she couldn’t pull off. Pushing her firmly back down, and making her gag a little when he went far deeper than she could take especially with obvious inexperience.  A combination motion starting off as he let her raise upward under her own power, but brought her back down with his commanding grip until he was sure she was ready to suck dick on her own.

“AHHHHLLLKKK… GAHHHHH!! HHHHHRRRRKKK!!” Aya’s eyes were still wide as the Japanese beauty was made to suck the dick of the Chinese warlord in a sinful way to prove herself. Yet, this was all willing as she never really made any move to actually pull fully up and down from that mighty, meaty cock of his. Gagging loudly when the fat head of his prick hit the back of her damp, soothing mouth. “MMMMPHHH… HHHHLLLKK!! GAHHHHH!!” Saliva was already splattering around his dick as it moved in and out of her soft lips that were already struggling to stay pressed around such a thickness. The task rather difficult considering her choking with each downward slide onto his pole that she delivered. Her hands up on his flabby thighs as a fruitless call for some easing off of this almost face fucking of her, but his wicked grin showing she was getting no breaks after daring to try and change his sexist mindset.

“Ahhhhhh… I suppose you’re used to being on your knees as a nun… Mmmmm! Right, my Lady?” He dared to taunt as he kept a hold of her long, raven hair as he let her head slowly move along his fat weapon as he moaned out. More than enjoying her oral hole even if her slurping motion wasn’t the smoothest he’d ever experienced. Keeping her mouth filled up as he now pumped himself forward between her lips when that gorgeous face moved down onto him. “Mmmmm… A far better use of such a position… Mmmmm! And of your mouth instead of that prayer nonsense!” He continued to taunt in between his groans as he used and already rather abused her mouth for his wicked pleasure. Seeing her clear discomfort for an oral assault that she wasn’t prepared for but caring only for his pleasure as he sent his shaft into her again and again.

“GAHHHHH!! MMMMPHHH!! HHHHRRRKKK!!” Even if the officer of the Warring States period wanted to protest his mockery, all that man-meat stuffed into her mouth was easily silencing her to just muffled whines and raspy gagging. Saliva now drooling from her chin and dripping off his prick to leave shameful spots of her spit on her once pristine, white robes. Not to mention the watering her eyes were doing as she got a rough introduction into face fucking with a massive dick. “HHHHHRRRR… GAHHHHH!! GAAAAAHHHH!!” Yet her eyes widened again when his cock pushed in deeper than she even thought possible. Going from experiencing her mouth to forcing its way into her tight throat as her gags only got louder. Her hands balling up into fists against his legs but unable to pull herself off from his shaft. Her nose filled with the musky scent of his crotch and getting the taste of dick on her tongue to weaken the holy nun’s defences with every thrust he delivers.

“GAHHHHH!! HHHHHLLLKK!! MMMMPHHHH HHHHHMMMMM!!” Those watering eyes went wide again before shutting as her gorgeous facial features were pushed down into his crotch. Having to properly deep throat for the first time in her life as his cock attempted to resize her oral passage to fit the shape of his ruthless dick. Leaving her gagging around the base of his pole to keep saliva dripping down. All as that musky scene filled her nostrils to further weaken her defences in this sinful, but willing, position she’s found herself in. “HHHHRRRKKK!! GAHHHHH!! MMMMPHHHH… GAAHHHHH!!” She choked harshly around all that man meat that clearly was far longer and thicker than the member the man who fathered her son was packing. Eventually pulled up from his crotch as she was left with loose strands of pubic hair hanging from her lower lip and the side of her chin. Adding to the shame of the moment as he gave her throat another stiff round of pumps for an introduction she wouldn’t forget, and from the looks of it something she’ll soon be getting used to as part of his ever growing harem of warrior officers.

When he finally let go of her hair and pulled out of her mouth, Aya choked hard as saliva spat out down onto her own robes before she gasped. “By the Gods!!” She gasped as her watered eyes stared at the dick that had ravaged her mouth. “How… How did I handle such a sinful thing??” She said in disbelief at herself.
“Yet handle it you did! Just like a woman should!” Zhou grinned as he reached down, this time pulling her up to her feet. “Now, let’s see how a holy maiden like you really looks...” He decided for her, reaching down to pull the purple binding around her slim waist.
“I-If you insist, my Lord...” Aya didn’t object, still staring down at his fat member before she gasped again. This time as he pulled her nun robes apart to expose her gorgeous body with impressively sized and rounded breasts and nicely full hips that were all a pleasant surprise, hidden by all that baggy, covering clothing.
“Oh ho ho! The holy beauty has quite the sinful body to her!” Dong licked his lips as he careless tossed her clothing away to a far corner. “You do the world a disservice by hiding such beauty away like that! I’ll ensure that more favourable attire is made for you now you’re in my service.” He said before pulling her in. Noticing with a smirk that her snatch appeared to already be glistening with a hint of arousal.
“W-What do you mean! I am a holy woman!” The MILF claimed as she looked over her shoulder as she was guided to bend over forwards across his imperial desk. “What difference does it make if I choose to wear… AHHHHH!!”

Once again her attempts to fruitlessly protest, and even at that only verbally, were cut off by his fat dick entering one of her holes. Now her pussy, already moist from her body betraying her mind after taking her first deep throating experience, being filled up as the wicked warlord pushed himself into his latest sexual property from another era and land of warriors. Finding her walls gripping his shaft wonderfully to make him moan as he started to pump in and out of her. The motion already smooth thanks to her own dampness and all her saliva that was covering his fat shaft. Not going easy on her with this position either as his rhythm was stiff. Looking to ensure that this tunnel got the full and lengthy experience of what it was like to be stuffed full with his manhood. A feeling that would become second nature to her after today’s encounter.

“AHHHHHH!! MMMMM!! M-My Lord!! It’s so big!! I… I can’t believe such a thing can even… MMMMM!! Fit inside of me!!” Aya looked back over her shoulder in awe, but now with growing lust in her eyes as the corruption of the beautiful Japanese officer continued thanks to the thick Chinese dick ploughing into her box from behind. A whole lot more pleasure with this position compared to the previous one as her hands reached in front to grip the edge of the desk she was being fucked over. Her tits hanging down, grazing the surface as they swung sexily back and forth in time with bucking her body was being made to doing. Jolting forward whenever a stiff thrust was delivered, sending his inches deep into her twat for another clear sign that her past experiences with taking a cock, including the one of the man who fathered her child, wasn’t anywhere close to this cruel man’s vast size. “AHHHHH!! T-The feeling!! MMMMM… It’s like you’re trying t-to… AHHHHH!! S-Split me apart!! MMMMM...” She groaned out as the desire rose in her usually calm, sweet and saintly voice with every pump she took.

“MMMMM… Whatever do you mean, Lady Aya? MMMMM… I’m just trying to win our wager, that’s all!” He lied as he let out a snigger. Knowing this so called bet was a sham from the start, with its only purpose being the current situation of him burying his cock into her hot, wet pussy to make himself moan out. Impressed by the tightness of her snatch for a mother of a powerful Samurai Warrior officer, let alone her being a respected fighter herself. “AHHHHH… For a holy beauty? MMMMMM… This pussy feels like one of a sinner… Do you moonlight in Brothels after you go for a prayer, my Lady?” He taunted just to boost his already as massive as his bulging stomach ego as he pumped away. Gripping the rounded hips of the woman he’s lured into offering up her gorgeous body as he keeps working himself in and out her wet and snug twat. Smiling as he feels her starting to work on instincts she never knew existed inside of her with slight pushes back into his forceful motion as the time started to pass.

“MMMMM!! AHHHHH… T-That’s not true! I am a… Oooooooooh!!! MMMMM!! I am a holy woman! AHHHHHH!! OH GOD!! MMMMM...” She tried to protest as her moans told the different story as she rocked back and forth while bent over the desk of the sexist warlord ploughing into her snatch from behind. Filling her up and stretching her love tunnel out as he reached in far, far deeper than any previous sexual experience she’s had before ever did. Easily adding to her corruption as sweat was starting to form on her pretty face to replace the tears from the deep throating that already feels like a decade ago compared to the vast, strong pleasure she’s getting now. “MMMMMM… It feels so wonderful, my Lord! AHHHHH!! I n-never knew that… MMMMM!! Being with a man c-could feel so good! MMMMM!! AHHHHH YES!!” She groaned out, tilting her head back in delight as any thoughts of how wrong this is to be used by such a hideous man, let alone the reasons why she’d come to see him in the first place, were easily pushed out of her mind as she got slowly addicted to the sin and to his meaty, officer taking cock.

“MMMMM… That’s because I’m a real man! Unlike… AHHHHH… Whatever scum you allowed to marry you or knock you up before in the past!” Again Zhou mocked her family and her life for no reason other than he could. Moaning between his stiff pumps as he send his shaft balls deep into her snatch to claim it as her property just like he’d done to her mouth earlier on. This hole stuffing however far more pleasurable for them both (but his moans still about as shameless as they’ve always been) as he works in and out over and over. Showing off his experience and impressive stamina considering his obese frame as he pumps her from behind. Treating his royal decree room as another personal sex den as he rams his fat Chinese cock into her tight, wet Japanese pussy to keep her jolting back and forth.

“MMMMM… This holy pussy is rather decent, Lady Aya...” Zhou teased, pulling out of her with a snigger as he saw her juices coating his length. “With a bit of work? You’ll be a real woman in no time!”
“Ahhhhhhh...” Aya groaned, rolling over so she could lay on his desk as she already was getting worn down by his expertly performed sexual attack on her inexperienced body. “P-Please, my Lord… I n-need more...” She begged as the sweat shined on her face and she stared at his dick with clear need.
“Oh, is that so? Well, since you asked so nicely...” He grinned, stepping between her legs as he spread them apart. “I’ll make you into one of my wives then! And in turn, you can spend your days praying and worshipping something worthwhile… Lord Dong Zhou, the ruler of this new land!” He decided for her as he pushed his fat cock back into her needy, dripping pussy.

“AHHHHHH YES!! MMMMMM!! OH F-F… OH FUCK!!” She gasped out as he didn’t just penetrate his new whore, but went balls deep with the first thrust to force her lust-drunk mind to make her utter such far from holy language. More of those dirty moans coming as he got right into the motion. Making her rock on the desk but now on her back as he send his dick deep into her slot each time he worked his flabby hips forward to fill her up. “MMMMM!! MORE!! AHHHHH… YES MY LORD!! AHHHHH!! MMMMMM!! U-Use my sinful pussy!! AHHHHH FUCK!! T-Take me! Use me!! OOOOOOOOOH!!” She begged as she stared across her body as her large, rounded tits shook from the jolting her frame was doing. Seeing brief glimpses of that woman-taking dick being buried into her as he unleashed a wicked, swift and firm motion that easily broke down the defences of the beautiful nun to make her a cock addict just from a single encounter with a man who already has his fill of beauties from her own homeland and other lands.

The cruel Prime Minister from the Three Kingdoms era just grins. His massive bulk preventing him from seeing his own dick going balls deep into her twat but the feeling more than making him moan and sweat as he pumps briskly in and out of her. The sensation of her inner walls gripping his member as he slid himself into his new whore keeping him not just groaning in approval but grinning wickedly. Knowing he’s turned a saintly, respected warrior into another dick-craving wife for him to use and abuse. The bonus that under his control she’d make her brother and son and in turn their forces submit to his command and rule just helping his disgraceful plans out. But his main focus being of course how good it felt to have such a tight, wet and previously holy pussy now as his own personal hole to use however and whenever he so pleased.

“MMMMM YES!! FUCK!! AHHHHH!! D-DEEPER! HARDER, MY LORD!! MMMMMMM...” She continued to call out as her body shifted up and down on the surface of his desk that’s supposed to be for signing laws of the land instead of acting as a sex aid for her to be fucked on. Sweat dripping from her nicely curved frame as she was held by the legs and kept laying back as her long dark hair was sprawled about. Looking far from a nun, let alone a Samurai Warrior officer, as she groaned out and allowed her snatch to be filled up over and over by a man who isn’t even from her land, let alone the same time era. “UHHHHH!! YES!! AHHHHH FUCK! FUCK!! MMMMM...” She purred, licking her lips as her once soft, filled with care and love eyes now burned with desire as she gazed over a body that should be disgusting her with craving as she felt his cock powerfully pump away into her pussy like it was a twisted destiny for her to serve him instead of Gods or spiritual powers.

“AHHHHH… Holy whores aren’t so bad! MMMMM… Guess that sheltered life must have made your tight little pussy… MMMMM!! Real damn desperate for a real man like me… MMMM!! SHIT… To come along and make a woman out of you...” He claimed. Degrading her previous role and her in general in between his stiff, deep pumps into her slot as he made her juices not just coat his thrusting dick, but drip down from her folds and onto the desk for good measure. A little stain for servants to clean a small price to pay for breaking and taming this stunning Japanese woman with his fat and long Chinese warlord cock. Their moans so loud and shameless that the guards stationed outside will be fully aware that a woman who walked in a proud, noble warrior would be leaving the chamber a born again whore to serve as yet another of his whore wives in his ever expanding harem.

“FUCK… FUCK!! AHHHHHH!! FUCK!!” The eyes of the dark haired maiden were rolling back as the pleasure overwhelmed her further as she couldn’t even tilt her head up to keep gazing down at her crotch as she got filled up again and again. Her arms limp and out extended to the sides and likely her legs would do the same if not for his firm grip to ensure they stayed spread apart. Her rounded tits bouncing away as her body jolted back and forth in time with his stiff thrusts as he sent his weapon driving stiffly in to the hilt into that soaking wet box. “UHHHH!! FUCK!! MMMMM… AHHHHH!! AHHHHHH...” She groaned out with each primal sound dripping in lust that no holy confession could ever cancel out as her corruption was deep and infected deep into her once loving, pure mind. Now she was drooling from the pleasure with her lips still stained from the stray pubic hairs still stuck to her from the deep throating an hour ago. Sweat leaving strands of dark hair clinging across her gorgeous face as she was used like she was a living sex toy and from her moans she was loving every wicked moment of it.

It was in a way lucky for the newly broken beauty that her new Master was so focused on his own pleasure that he kept driving away into her box with his rock hard, lengthy and fat dick. Sending her almost screaming through the most powerful, and likely first real, orgasm in her life as her sexy body arched off the desk she was being taken on. Her snatch clamping around his cock as he grunted but still pumped away. Not intentionally letting her ride out her peak with his constant pumps, but giving her that sensation as a by-product of his own wicked needs. Still sending his balls slapping into that sweat-coated body as her juices further coated his manhood. Keeping his pace going as she rode out all those intense waves of pleasure that left her head rolling as she gasped out. Groaning when he slammed home into his latest, and far from last, whore from the Warring States era of Japan.

“MMMMM… Nun pussy ain’t so bad I guess!” Zhou mocked as he pulled out of that well fucked hole. His cock starting to pulse as he walked around his desk to admire the state he’s reduced her to. Seeing her resting in her own juices and sweat as her large bust heaves for much needed air. “With a bit of work and training? You might turn out to be a decent wife for me!” He rudely claimed, showing no respect to the woman he’s been fucking so hard and deep that it broke her mind to be addicted to him and his massive cock. “And for your efforts? Enjoy an offering from your new God...” He said with a grin, stopping at her head as he started to stroke that already throbbing dick.

Aya barely looks up, seeing her new Master stroking off before she closes her eyes in time. Cum showering down onto her gorgeous face to make her groan as Zhou grunts and jerks off rapidly. Sending his load splashing across her cheeks, nose, lips and chin as well as catching all across her long, dark hair over her forehead and at the sides. Some even landing over the headpiece in her locks to potentially ruin it beyond a simple clean. She moaned, licking her lips to steal a taste of his spunk as he pumped the last drips out before stepping back. Grinning at what he’s done to a nun who is now certainly trapped in a life of eternal sin thanks to his wicked lust as he load brands her panting face and drips off of her down onto his Imperial desk.

“Ahhhhhh… Ahhhhh...” Aya groaned out, lacking the strength to lift herself off from the furniture she’s been fucked on and over as her chest raises and lowers with his cum coating her facial features.
“Never been one about all this Gods and spirits nonsense, but with skills like that? You’ll make a believer out of me yet, Lady Aya!” Zhou rudely says as he plucks his robes off the chair. All too casually dressing himself while he leaves the freshly fucked and used woman to lay on her desk. “I think we’ll continue our training tomorrow, my new wife… My whore from the Mystic Realm has promised me to show off some techniques from her world that will most please me...”

With that, Dong moves towards the doors to the decree chamber without even glancing back at the used whore he’s leaving in her sweat and juices to groan and gasp on his desk. When he steps out, the guards who had been standing outside gave him a salute of respect as he walked past. “Hmmmm...” He stopped, glancing at the men. “You know what, boys? I’m in a good mood. You can have the honour of training her for the rest of the day. Or until your balls are empty! Whichever happens first!”

Hearing that command, the guards grinned as they stepped in and closed the doors shut. Only moments passing before muffled groans were heard and male moaning as the men eagerly took the offer to fuck one of their Lord’s beautiful wives. Zhou himself just cackling in twisted humour as he walked away. He rarely allowed anyone to sample his whores but keeping troop moral up wouldn’t hurt once in a while… Besides, the rank and file men could have their fill with any female, peasant or otherwise, in the palace or the grounds of his Kingdom in this twisted land. As long as he had the prime pick of the finest women? Then he could afford to be a generous ruler in cases like this… He looked forward to sampling the results with his next round with Aya soon enough. And several more times after that, in between using all his other whores.

* * *

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Re: Shangri-La [Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors/Warriors Orochi]
« Reply #21 on: April 14, 2021, 10:53:21 AM »
WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi or any of its characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Gracia (Samurai Warriors/Warriors Orochi), Dong Zhou (Dynasty Warriors/Warriors Orochi).

Samurai Warriors: Shangri-La – Chapter 22

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, inter.

* * *

“This had better be a good reason to interrupt me!” Dong Zhou grumbled, flanked by two armed grunts as he walked into the storage room filled with large wooden crates, each marked with their contents. And from the labels, it didn’t look like a regular food or weapons room from the expensive, lavish contents promised. “I was in the middle of having my second lunch!” The oversized warlord said bitterly as he followed the watch guard in.

“F-Forgive me, my Lord!” The solider said, already fearful of the cruel self-proclaimed Emperor of this new demonic land of Olympic Gods and Serpent King demons. “But you said that anyone caught stealing from your supplies or anyone acting suspiciously should be reported!” He explained as he led Zhou up to a box moved into the centre of the room. “And most of all, you said that any beautiful women should be escorted to you at once!”
“...Go on.” Now the man has Zhou’s interest as he stood, looking over the crate.

“Well, my Lord...” The guard slid the lid off from the crate. Instantly, a young beautiful Japanese woman with long bright reddish pink hair in pigtails popped out. Folding her arms with annoyance over her rather flat chest as she wore a lavish black with purple long dress with lacy long sleeves. Black leggings that went down to heeled boots, with black gloves on and a large purple bow with a gemstone to keep one of her pigtails in place.

“Splendid!” Zhou grinned at the woman before dismissing the footsoldier. “I’ll handle this. You’ve earned a promotion! Now be off with you and enjoy a new uniform.”
“M-My Lord! You honour me!” The newly ranked up man said, bowing with thanks before he left the room with the other two soldiers as they closed the doors behind him.
“So then, young Lady… What is your name, and why have you taken such a… Unique way to try and steal my personal things?” Dong said with a demanding tone as he looked over her.
“The name is Gracia… And I’ll have you know that sneaking into places into crates is usually a speciality of mine!” Gracia said, putting her hands on her slim waist. “And… Well, this was the first big settlement I’ve found since winding up in this weird world. So I wanted to see what the fuss is all about!”

“Ah! Then you’ve come to the right place, Lady Gracia!” Zhou pounced on this information as he gave her an ugly smile. “I am Dong Zhou, the Emperor of this new world! And I hereby name you as part of my court! I could easily use a woman like you around here in this bothersome new land. And a resourceful woman too! All the more entertaining!”
“Really? That simple?” Gracia questioned as she still remained in the crate. “Almost makes all the effort not worth it… So what’s the catch?” She demanded as she glanced him over and didn’t look too impressed. “As much as I’d like some safety and comfort, this does sound rather too good to be true…” The woman from the land of Samurai Warriors stated.
“The catch? Well, isn’t it obvious?” He smirked, starting to undo the sash belt around his massive waist. “You’re going to be serving me from now on...”

Gracia’s eyes widened as her jaw dropped. Seeing him so brazenly undress as her gaze locked onto the Chinese warlord’s massive, thick and long cock that was already hardening. “H-Hey!! What kind of woman do you think I am??” She stuttered but still remained staring at his shaft. “Do you k-know who my father is??”
“I’m afraid not, and right now I don’t too much care…” He smirked, moving closer to her and the crate she was still in. “Now don’t tell me you’re one of those sheltered Daddy’s girls who never gets to go out and have fun?” He teased her, seeing the way she was looking at his big cock.
“Hey! I’m my own woman!” She seemed easily set off by that remark. “What’s with that look? Don’t believe me?? Well I’ll show you! There’s nothing I can’t do!” She vowed, moving over in the box to the side, leaning over the edge with her upper body so her head could lean down in line with his crotch.

“Then be my guest then, Lady Gracia...” He chuckled as he watched the young beauty leaning over as her hair swung a bit. Grasping his cock with a gloved hand to guide him towards her lips as her other hand rested back on the side of the crate she was leaning out from. A determined look in her eyes as she boldly pressed her tongue onto the tip of his cock. Starting to slide across his bell-end, getting the first taste of a man from a land (and time) far removed from her own. Groaning a little herself as she swirled around the crown and got him lightly coated with her saliva. Her palm stroking up and down the fat shaft to ensure he was rock hard. Getting the strong scent of his musk as she lapped at his prick. Clueless of what she was getting into, or that he’s already fucked countless women both from his world and her own in this demonic, unified land they’ve both been sent to.

“Watch what you say! I’m no pushover just because I’m a girl!” The gorgeous daughter of Mitshuide Akechi warned with a confident, sexy smile of her own. Perhaps thinking with his size and bulk this would be a breeze for her to beat. Parting her lips as she took his thickness inside, but was already groaning as her mouth stretched to accommodate such a vast size. Showing she wasn’t used to taking anything like this length or thickness. Despite that, she pressed on with her famous defiance as she started to lift her head up until just his bell-end was inside her nicely warm and wet mouth. Sliding down with an impressively smooth motion before she started to repeat the process. Squirming a bit as she heard him moan from her oral work. While she tried to focus on the job and get more used to such a huge dick filling her mouth up.

“Mmmmm… We will see what you can handle then, Lady Gracia...” He said with a cruel snigger as he reached down and gripped those long red pigtails of hers by a hand each. Tugging on her locks and making her eyes widen when he thrust his lengthy up into her bobbing mouth. Forcing even more of his fat cock into her oral hole before the willing beauty was prepared for it. Making her gag erotically from the first pump. And that sound only carrying on as he got into a steady motion. Almost pulling her face down onto his rod as he sent it up into her so she didn’t get much choice but to suck on his cock deeply. Not that, even with her groans and gags of protest, the Japanese maiden wasn’t making any moves to lift away from that thick piece of Chinese meat.

“GAHHHHHH!! MMMMMPHH!! HHHHHLLLLKK!!” Gracia’s eyes were narrowed in defiance, not totally anger, and was giving back nicely as much as she was getting as she kept bobbing her head along that pistoning cock. Groaning as she felt him tugging on her hair but carrying on slurping up and down even as she choked when his prick hit the back of her mouth. “HHHHHRRRRLLLL… GAHHHH!! MMMMM… GAHHHHHH...” Her saliva was drooling down, dripping onto the store room floor as well as coating his inches all the way to the balls as he pumped up into her oral hole. Filling her up smoothly and stiffly to make her body slightly shift as she stayed leaning over the crate she used to sneak into his palace grounds in the first place. Not getting face fucked for the first time in her life so she looked more like a lavishly dressed up whore instead of a respected officer of the Warring States period.

“MMMMMPHHH!! GAHHHHHH!! GAHHHHH HHHHRRRKK!!” Both her hands were curled up, occasionally slamming a fist into the side of the box as she let her mouth be used and close to abused by this wicked, overweight man who was easily three times if not more her size in more ways than one. Her saliva dripping off his inches as he thrust in and out of her groaning mouth as she fought the losing battle to keep her soft lips pressed around that vast size. In between her gagging and muffled groans, the odd whimper from having her long hair gripped like a weapon as he made sure to keep her head sliding along the cock he was feeding her. Giving her little choice but to take it as she choked away sinfully as his balls smacked into her chin for good measure to send more spit dripping down.

Eventually, and perhaps mercifully but that wasn’t his full intent, he let go of her hair. Chuckling as she instantly pulled off to cough and spit of saliva down to the ground. “What’s the matter my Lady? Too much for a little girl to handle?” Zhou mocked, knowing it would provoke her to offer up more of herself to him.
“N-Never! That’s nothing compared to what I can do!” Gracia claimed as she stood up and wiped spit off her chin with the back of her glove. “Just you wait and see!” She said, hopping out from the crate she’d used to sneak into the palace in.
“Oh, I intend to...” He said, watching with a grin as she boldly pushed down her underwear from under her extravagant dress. Keeping the rest of her attire on to show she had no issues with being fucked in her clothing.
“Well then?” She moved up to the crate again, but this time assumed the position. Bending over forwards over the open crate to stick her cutely rounded ass out as her dress raised up. Her arms over the box to grip the other end to hold onto it for the standing position. “Let’s see what you can do then… If you are the so-called Emperor of this weird land!”

“I do love a woman with a bit of fight in them!” Dong grinned as he stepped forward to be behind her. Reaching down to slide his fat cock into her snatch, feeling the slight wetness she had there as he rubbed the bell-end against her lips. Soon making them both groan out as he pushed firmly in, and the super snug feeling all around his shaft confirming what he suspected that she’s never had anything quite like his huge size inside of her before today. His hands staying down and under her dress so he could keep it raised up. Resulting in her attire covering up the act itself as the bottom of it rested against his bulky frame. But the sight of him moving back and forth, and in turn making her jolt from the force, being the proof enough that she was getting fucked by the hideous man from another land, time and dimension that she’d been gagging over the cock of just moments before.

“MMMMM… Ooooooooooh! MMMMM!!” Already the young beauty’s head was tilting back in approval as her pussy was made to spread apart in a way she never imagined possible. Already her fingers firmly gripping the box being used as a sex aid as she was made to rock on her heels back and forth. That big dick sliding in and out of her to take advantage of her spit already coating his inches and the wetness forming in her snatch. “That’s… MMMMM!! That’s so big! MMMMM… A-Are they all as b-big… MMMMM! Big as you in your world??” She moaned out, looking back over her shoulder at the oversized man who was getting to pump into her box. Her slot easily making him moan as her walls snugly gripped him with each in or out motion he delivered. Showing herself that despite her age she wasn’t a stranger to handling some cock. Just never such a huge size like this before.

“Ha! You do me disservice, my Lady! MMMMM...” He smirked as he pumped in and out. Not seeing the act thanks to her clothing but the feeling of a hot piece of pussy from a foreign land more than making up for that. His shaft sliding in and out to make them both moan as he worked in that little extra deeper into his newest whore as the time passed. “AHHHHH… I can promise you won’t… MMMMM… Find another man quite like me back in my homeland… MMMMM! And certainly no one… AHHHHH! Anywhere close to my size either...” He said, and truthfully those words were true in more than one meaning as he kept his bulky body moving back and forth to thrust his thick, long member into her snugness. Caring not (at least for the sinful moment) for the potential influence he would have for having the famous daughter of a leading Oda clan officer under his control. Focusing as usual on how good it felt to be fucking another beautiful woman who he feels should rightfully be his property just because he laid his wicked eyes on her.

“MMMMMM!! AHHHHH… I c-can see that! MMMM!! I can feel it too! OOOOOOOOH FUCK!!” She groaned out as her long red pigtails swayed back and forth in time with the jolting her body was doing as the slight creak of the crate she was bent over moving a bit was barely heard thanks to their lusty groans. The Samurai Warriors beauty groaning out as she was fucked from behind by a man she should be repulsed by, let alone the fact she’s only met this man for about half an hour. “MMMM… A-Aren’t you glad I… MMMMM!! SHIT… D-Decided to sneak into your home now? MMMMM!!” She groaned out as he voice was starting to sound more into the shameless sex with each thrust she took. Showing the starting signs of her corruption as he used his well practised erotic techniques to make her addicted to not just fucking, but most of all to him and his fat dick.

“MMMMMM… You tell me, my Lady! AHHHHH...” He smirked at her words. Encouraging him to keep thrusting away to fuck her over the storage box she hid in. His body moving in and out under her raised up dress that she still wore but the attire doing nothing to drown out the slap of his flabby body connecting with her small but desirable frame. His strong grip on that slim waist of hers ensuring that he could haul her back to take the next pump he delivered as he worked to resize her twat to fit the shape of such a taming, pleasure giving shaft. “MMMMM… It sounds to me like you’re enjoying the benefits of being a part of my court...” He noted as he continued to drive firmly in and out of her. Enjoying being buried so deeply into a woman from not just another land but a different era as he moaned out without any shame and with a wide, ugly smile to match.

“MMMMM! It h-has its upsides, I can s-see that! AHHHHH...” Gracia moaned out as she looked back again with more than a hint of desire in her eyes. “Hey! I wasn’t done yet!” She whined when he pulled out of her snatch.
“And neither and I, my Lady...” Zhou said with a grin as he pulled her off from the crate. Reaching down so he could slide the lid back onto the box which was the same sort that she loved to sneak away and hide in. Now being used against her as he picked her up, making her sit on the edge of it.
“I wouldn’t expect someone looking like you to be so… Well, good at this...” She bit her lip, staring at his cock as he came back in and spread her smooth legs apart.
“You wouldn’t be the first to judge me badly by my looks...” Dong chuckled as he lined his shaft up with her twat. “And you won’t be the last one, either...”

“Hey! What do you mean by th-AHHHHHH MMMMMM!!” Her question was cut off when he ploughed his dick back into her snatch. Barely giving the Japanese stunner time to get her gloved hands onto his shoulders to hold herself up in position as she groaned out. Her legs spread apart as he held onto the heels of her boots. Yet the act still being obscured by her dress pressing against his unsightly body as he worked back and forth. “MMMMM!! AHHHHHH! Oh yessssss… MMMMM!! S-So good! AHHHHH...” She groaned as the young woman was already starting sweat, unsurprising considering how fully clothed she was. Taking his huge dick balls deep as he didn’t hold back, going deeply into her wet, tight pussy. Once again that lewd sound of skin hitting skin ringing out around the storage room along with their loud moans.

 The cruel Prime Minister from the Three Kingdoms smirked darkly as he watched the new beauty who he’d just laid eyes on today now so willingly and increasingly whorishly moaning on his fat cock. Pumping away deep into her tight slot as he enjoyed both her juices coating him and the snug way her walls were gliding over his thick inches. Usually he was more of a fan of the curvaceous bodies that many of the female warriors had to play with. But there was something to be said for the slim and sexy frame this red headed woman had. In the end, all the mattered was how good her snatch felt taking his dick and from this wicked ‘evaluation’ of her? She was already more than qualified to become a part of his ever growing harem of wives.

“AHHHHH! YES!! MMMMM!! Ooooooooh!! It’s soooooooooo good!! AHHHHH!” Gracia squealed in delight as she rocked on the edge of the crate she was sat on. Able to lightly grind her snatch against those stiff incoming pumps that were driving her wild. Eyes closed in pleasure as she  imagined the sight of that huge, long Chinese cock working in and out of her tight, wet Japanese pussy. Caring not for what her famed officer father would think if he saw her acting in such a disgraceful fashion, especially with a man who is actively collecting beautiful women like her just to fuck them any time he desired. “MMMMM!! More! MORE!! AHHHHHH!! MMMMMM...” She begged as her gorgeous face was coated in sweat, leaving loose strands of her brightly coloured hair sticking to her cheeks as she gasped for air in between groans. Being put through a sexual experience the likes of which she never fantasised possible, but one she’d be getting regularly used to now as part of his ‘court’ of faithful whores.

“MMMMM… You Japanese women are something special! AHHHHH… On the same level as the women back in my home land!” Zhou bragged as he kept his cock working back and forth into that wet, snug pussy of a beauty who should be besting him in combat rather than being fucked by him. Once again the slight creak of the crate he was using to fuck her on being just heard as he tested the strength of it as he pounded away into his new wife-to-be. Filling her love tunnel up over and over with his thick man-meat as he turned her from a girl sneaking into his palace into a new cock-loving slut. “MMMMM… I’d say that if I ever get back home, I’d make sure to invade your land to see what the women are like there… AHHHHH… But you women are now just delivering yourselves to me! It’s far more efficient this way!” He mocked with a laugh, knowing he was taking advantage of her in more ways than one to get to this point. Being balls deep inside of her as he pistoned in and out to keep himself groaning as he was only now beginning to sweat from this red hot store room encounter.

“OH FUCK! AHHHH FUCK!! FUCK!!” She gasped out as her long reddish pink pigtails swung back and forth as her petite framer bucked in response to his pumps. Her eyes rolling upward and mouth hanging open to the moans could pour out. Along with a little bit of drool as the pleasure overwhelmed her. Her snatch managing to clamp around the cock driving home into her as she started to suddenly cum hard. Unable to fight against such powerful, commanding thrusts that stretched out her pussy. Her juices flowing out over that dominating prick as he kept plunging in and out of her. Far from finished with her, so truthfully the only reason she was getting to enjoy every moment of the hardest orgasm of her life was just because he liked how her pussy felt gripping his pole as she came.

“MMMMM… All too easy!” He smirked, pulling out of her as he let go of her boots. Watching her slump back onto the top of the crate as she gasped for air. Juices trickling down her thighs to stain her dress that she still wore, which was already soaked through with the sweat to make it cling to her body. “But with a little training you’ll be a fine wife for me!” Zhou decided for her as he moved around the storage box.
“W-Wife??” Gracia gasped out, blinking as she saw him moving around. “O-Of course… W-Whatever you need, m-my Lord...” She groaned out as her dazed eyes once again locked onto that hard cock of his.
“I knew you were a smart girl...” He mocked, gripping her pigtails again to pull her forward. Making her head hang off the edge of the crate. “Now, let’s put you to full use, my new wife...” He said with a sick smile as he shoved his fat cock back into her groaning mouth.

“HHHHHLLLK!! GAHHHHH!!” She was once again forced to gag, and this time from the uncomfortable upside down position as he began face fucking her all over again. Rather mercilessly as well, as he was always going so harshly and deep into her oral hole that his balls were smacking off her forehead and her coloured hair. Smearing saliva onto her to leave those red locks a matted mess even before the spit started drooling down her face as she gagged away. Her throat still not used to taking such a huge size, considering her first dose of big cock oral only happened an hour ago when this sexual encounter began. “GAAAAAHHH!! HHHHHLLLKK!! MMMMMPHH!!” No rest for her however, as she even felt the sting of his hangs tugging and pulling on her pigtails as he used her oral hole for his pleasure. Seeing his bulging stomach moving close to then away from her as he thrust between her soft lips.

“MMMMM… You certainly have a lot of potential, Lady Gracia! AHHHHH… I’m sure with time, this mouth of yours will be draining me within minutes! MMMMMM…” The self-proclaimed ruler of this demonic land rudely said, clearly judging her simply by how good her holes felt and how well she could take cock. As if telling a young woman from another timeline and land that her future was to be skilled at sucking dick was acceptable to say. “MMMMM… Or at least, you’ll try to… AHHHHH! There isn’t a woman in any land… MMMMM! Yours, mind, or this odd world of demons and Gods… MMMMM!! Who can defeat me!” He bragged with another wide, arrogant smile as he continued to fuck her mouth nice and deep. Caring not for how she was gagging each time he pumped into her throat and keeping his hands grasping her long, already more than just a bit messy, red hair.

“GAHHHHH!! HRRRRKKK!! MMMMMPHHHH!!” At this point, Gracia had to close her eyes not from the pain but from her own saliva that was slowly and shamefully drooling down her cute facial features. Leaving that brightly coloured hair of hers further sticky and matted from the spit that was spilling out from past her lips with every pump, in or out, that he made her take. The slim and sexy beauty being used like a living sex toy as all she could do was take it as her face got fucked deep and hard. “GAHHHHHH… HHHHHLLLKKKK… GAAAAAHHHHH...” Even her tongue could barely flick up at the cock starting to pulse inside of her hot, wet mouth as she was so sapped of energy from a round of sex that would have left a normal woman knocked out from exhaustion long before this point. No chance for her to even consider such a small victory as remained laying on top of the kind of crate she loved to hide in. Which has become a helping tool to ensure her corruption as a harem wife and whore for this obese warlord from this day forward.

Her ordeal finally coming to a sudden and fittingly disgraceful end as her new Master didn’t even have the respect to warn her before his own peak arrived. So she had to feel it when he twisted her pigtails and buried his shaft down that already well fucked throat. Making her choke the loudest yet as he unloaded into her. Forcing her to swallow some down for fear of harm from the vast amount of spunk being dumped in. But her gagging along with his hips bucking to ensure he was drained resulting in some of his load pushing back up. Oozing out from her mouth and dripping down her face for added shame. Catching over her closed eyes and even down to become stuck through her brightly coloured hair. Leaving her looking truly defeated by the time he pulled out and started wiping the last drops from off the shaft and his tip onto her pretty face to finish the job.

“You’ll do nicely, Lady Gracia! I officially name you as one of my wives!” Zhou again decided her new life for her as he watched his load coat her face. “Granted, you’re nowhere near as pretty as Lady Yinping is… And certainly not as good a body like Lady Ii or Lianshi have… But you’ll do I suppose in these troubling times.” He said insultingly to her. Sounding like she should feel honoured that he was allowing her to be a part of his harem when under normal circumstances she’d never even look at him once if she had to.
“O-Of course, my L-Lord...” Gracia coughed out as a bit more spunk fell from her lips back onto herself. “I’ll t-try and be a b-better wife for you, my Lord...” She submissively said, staying limp-like on the crate she’d been fucked over and on.
“That’s the spirit!” Dong let out a cackle of a laugh as he scooped up his robe, dressing himself. “Once you’re able, go get washed up and I’ll see you later on… Clearly you need some training to be a real wife of mine. I’ll make sure my other whores get you up to speed with the proper techniques.”

Zhou didn’t even look back at her as he left the storage room, rewrapping the robes around his unsightly frame as he walked off with a wicked smile. More than happy to distract himself with the troubles of an unusual land filled with supernatural beings by fucking another gorgeous Japanese woman into submission. For now, he wanted to see if he could still enjoy some of that second lunch he was enjoying before that pleasant distraction.

However, before he could walk too far towards the dining hall, a palace guard rushes up to him and takes a knee to show his respect, and fear, to the cruel warlord. “My Lord!” The guard said, without even looking up. “Some new human forces have arrived at the gate! They call themselves representatives of the Hojo clan of Japan. They seek refuge and to join our cause, my Lord.”
“Ha! Oh do they now?” Zhou sounded like this was more of an inconvenience that seeing the promise of having more forces to command against the threats of demons and armies of Olympus. “And what exactly do these people have to offer a man like me?”
“My Lord! One of the leading party is a beautiful woman, who...” The guard starts to say.
“Let them in! Let them in at once!!” Dong orders with a sudden yell, sending the guard running off to follow the orders. “I suppose letting some more people in to follow my command is acceptable… As long as they pay for it with whoever this pretty woman is...” He grinned darkly again. Sex on his mind once again instead of the survival of his people. Which will only be bad news for the woman he’s about to sink his claws into.

* * *

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Re: Shangri-La [Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors/Warriors Orochi]
« Reply #22 on: July 29, 2021, 09:15:49 AM »
WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi or any of its characters.

Starring: Kai (Samurai Warriors/Warriors Orochi), Dong Zhou (Dynasty Warriors/Warriors Orochi).

Samurai Warriors: Shangri-La – Chapter 23

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, inter.

* * *

In Dong Zhou’s Imperial study chamber…

“So, the otherworldly woman who is commanding these demon forces is called Da Ji...” Zhou remarked out loud, looking over the documents that the allied forces under his command have collected. Although he seemed more interested in the sketch made by one scout showing Da Ji in her battle attire and fearsome floating orb weapons. “If I could capture and break her, then that would surely put an end to all this war between the humans and monsters at the very least… But how to get my claws into her? Hmmmm?” He looked over the notes. “She seems to have a connection with a young woman called Himiko… Seeming a human from another world… Perhaps I could use to get to the main prize… But of course, the question is how?” He pondered.

His thoughts of future conquests were ripped away when, barging past guards to do so, the warrior officer of the Samurai Warriors period known as the Bear Princess stormed in. Kai, clad in her red and gold attire of a kimono-like top with matching gauntlets and knee high boots, with black leggings. Her hair styled in a high ponytail with a large floral hairpiece with red tassels.

“Hey! What’s going on here??” The often wild, fearsome beauty demanded, slamming her hands down on the desk. Leaning over and unintentionally giving a display of her large breasts to the warlord. “A ban on any female officers going into battle unless they have one of those serpent bracelet things? How am I supposed to fulfil my duties to Hojo stuck in this castle and its grounds all day?” She demanded with a glare than would make most men back away.
“...What was that?” Dong wasn’t listening, just staring at her chest before finally up at her. “Ah, Lady Kai, isn’t it? I don’t believe we’re properly met yet, have we? Your bothersome father always in the way… But he’s out following my orders, right? So you’re all alone...” He started smiling, seeing an opportunity here.
“Yes, he is… And I should be out there with the rest of the troops doing my duty.” She said, standing up straight with her hands on her shapely hips.

“Nonsense! A woman’s place isn’t on the battlefield! More like the kitchen or the fields… Better yet, in the bedroom!” Zhou said much to her glaring shock as he stood up. “But actually? A woman looking like you? With your clear… Potential?” He said, already picturing her in several sinful positions already as part of his harem. “You’d be better suited serving me directly in my court. Being one of my official wives just like Lady Gracia, Aya and Naotora are… You’d fit right in with them, especially Lady Ii...” He remarked, enjoying the look of her figure as he moved around the table.
“W-Wife? Marriage??” She was caught off guard by the comment, looking away. “That’s nonsense, surely! I don’t know why those women have forfeited their duties and families to serve you like that as wives. But that’s not for me. I have my own duties to carry out, even in this strange land.”
“Ah, so the so-called Bear Princess has her pride, does she? Sounds like a challenge to me.” He smirked as he walked around her. “How about a little deal then, Lady Kai? I will show you exactly why your fellow maidens from Japan have seen the light and accepted their rightful place as my wives… And if you can endure? Then you can go free and be officer as you want to be. But if you cannot...”
“Ha! Bring it on! Do your worst!” Kai snapped, easily taking the bait as she fell for his sudden plan. “I’m not like any of those other women… I’m a real warrior and officer! There’s no way anything you can do can stop me from serving the Hojo.” She vowed, giving him another trademark, intense glare from over her shoulder as he stood behind her.

“In that case...” Zhou grinned as he took full advantage of her and her acceptance of the deal. His arms quickly around her and clamping onto her large, rounded tits through her attire. Making her gasp with the first contact as her curvy body was pulled against his unsightly frame as her ass squashed into his crotch. Then she groaned with a tilt of the head and wide eyes as his fingers dug in to administer the initial dose of stimulation. Her regal attire offering little protection against such wicked, perverted fingers as he explored her rack with approval. As if the growing feeling of a bulge against her rear wasn’t proof enough. Her own hands reaching back, but not to push him off but just grabbing onto his clothing as already her legs were buckling a little from having her clearly sensitive tits being toyed with.

“Mmmmmm!! What is this?? Is this what’s like! Mmmmm! To be one of your wives?? I’ve n-never felt… Ahhhhhh!! My clothing!!” She whimpered when he roughly pulling the front of her attire, making the yellow string easily snap as her bust was exposed. Her head tilting again as she let out a long, loud moan from direct contact as his digits easily sunk into that ample flesh. Making her chest jiggle in his grip as her body bucked in reflex against his hard package. “M-Must you be so rough?? Sure you cannot… Ahhhhh! T-Treat a woman like this! Even if they are a wife of yours! Ooooooooh!” She groaned as he made her tits bounce. Rubbing the mounds together and letting them drop after he’d lifted them up, just to grab onto them again and repeat the action. Showing the Japanese beauty all the techniques he’s used to seduce and break women not just from her land and time, but back in his home dimension too. The fact she wasn’t resisting his perverted touch showing he was already setting her down the same path into sin as each squeeze of her breasts got a fresh, lewd moan out of the Samurai Warrior.

“What’s that, Lady Kai? I thought you wanted me to do my worst to you?” He mocked her with her own words. Exploring her tits more as his fingers captured both nipples at the same time. Making her lean back into his unsightly frame as those breasts pushed out from the new stimulation. Leaving him smiling as he focused on those nubs. Brushing rubs back and forth, flicks up and down like he was switching a lever, then tugs forward to make her groan and hiss as he pulled as far as he could get her while keeping her against his body. Letting them go so she could jolt back and gasp. Already his attack leaving her nipples hard and easily pinched again as he started the process all over again. “Could it be the Bear Princess isn’t as fearsome as she makes out to be?” He said with a snigger, enjoying the cute moans from the sometimes wild and aggressive beauty. She was no match for the bursts of pleasure he was sending through her breasts from his clammy, wicked fingers rubbing away at her nipples.

“MMMMMM!! D-Don’t make such f-false claims! I’m not enjoying this! I’m n-not enjoying this a-at all!” Kai lied unconvincingly as her arms were back behind her tightly gripping his clothing as she panted and stared down, watching his hands going to to work on her tits. Still pushing her chest out into those perverted digits as he switched from working over the nipples to the full on gropes of her mounds. “I can endure this! I’m one of Hojo’s finest! I will… Wait, w-what are you doing??” She questioned as one hand left her rack. Sliding down further along her body and under the bottom of her top. “Isn’t m-my breasts enough for you-OOOOOOOOOOOOH!!” Again her head went back, sending top ponytail flying back when his free hand clamped onto her crotch through her tight leggings. A grin on his face as he heard her moan and felt more importantly a clear wetness down there. Giving him all the reason to go full on as he started to rub back and forth. Now using the grip on her body to keep her as close to standing as she could manage as her legs gave way a bit again.

Her clothing was barely any sort of layer of protection, so he could easily feel the outline of her folds as he slid his fingers back and forth against her snatch. His digits getting wet as the juices soaked through shamefully as he rubbed away. Aiding in her new high state of desire as he kept fondling her breast at the same time for a double team on her gorgeous body. The pleasure so great for her that she wasn’t even registering the feeling of his cock against her ass as he felt her up. Allowing him to keep his attention on her to drive her wild with his disarming and corrupting technique. Using the beautiful officer of the Hojo clan more like a plaything than as the warrior she’s supposed to be.

With no real experience of this kind of sexual activity, let alone self play it seems, it didn’t take long before Kai’s eyes were rolling back as she grit her teeth. Made to orgasm over those rapidly brushing fingers as she further soaked her leggings with her juices. Beads of sweat rolling down her forehead and over her chest as his other hand still dug in like she was already her property to make her mound jiggle from the deep touch. Keeping his other digits sliding back and forth, making sure she rode out all of the first major orgasm of her life as it left her groaning and with a slight drool from the corner of her mouth. So it wasn’t surprising when the moment he finally let go of her tit and crotch she slumped down to the floor. Looking defeated as she panted on her hands and knees with her head hanging down.

“Already assuming the position, Lady Kai?” Dong taunted with a smile, reaching down as he began to loosen his robes. “I knew you had great potential...” He said, dropping his attire and letting both his ghastly, obese body be revealed along with his contrastingly long, thick cock in its rock hard state.
“I-Incredible!” Kai groaned as she stared at the floor for a moment as she tried to recover. “S-Such a feeling! I n-never knew I could feel like… Ahhhhh?!” She was left squealing however when kneeling down behind her, he decided to grip her soaked leggings and easily tear a hole in her crotch. Exposing her wet snatch to him. “W-What?!? T-T-That’s a man’s cock??” When she stared back, her eyes locked onto this thick erection and she couldn’t rip her gaze off from it even as he moved up closer behind her. “T-There’s no way it can be that huge!!”
“My Lady! You mean to say you’ve never even seen a man’s cock before?” He mocked her with a chuckle that matched. Lining his shaft up with her entrance. “Then allow me to show you a real woman’s place in the world… At least in my Shangri-La of a world!”

He plunged his dick firmly into her wet box, causing her to moan out in a squeal while he groaned with a deep tone of approval. Piercing through roughly so that even if this was her first time, she barely felt a sting of pain as her snatch was made to spread to accept such a vast invasion. Jolting forward already from the feeling but his grip on her rounded hips bringing her back so she couldn’t rock ahead too much. Keeping her held in place as he established the motion and started to fuck her from behind. Sliding his inches in and out with a steady pace. Showing his experience of breaking in new whores to his harem as he allowed her slot to get adjusted to his thick size before he’d start really going at her. But his motion this time easily smooth, more so than usual, thanks to how wet her inner walls were from that fresh orgasm barely a minute ago.

“MMMMMM!! So big!! AHHHHHH!! H-How can such a thing… MMMMM!! F-Fit inside me?? MMMMM...” She moaned out, still staring back over her shoulder at him to watch that massive prick plough into her pussy over and over. Those thick inches sliding deeper into her as her snatch was further widened by the constant pumps. His pace more than stiff enough to make her body shift forward as her large tits jiggled back and forth underneath while her ponytail and the tassels of her hairpiece swung from the motion. “Oooooooooooh! MMMMM!! I-It feels like you could… AHHHHH!! S-Stab right through meeeeeeeeeee MMMMM!!” The Japanese maiden groaned as she took this wicked Chinese warlord’s cock into her from the back. Showing impressive ability herself to both take such a massive size as well as keeping herself up in the doggy style position in order to be fucked. A situation she would no doubt find herself repeatedly in now as she fell for his sinful plan that would soon turn her from a Princess of the Warring States period into another of his sex slave wives.

“MMMMM… Lady Kai, you’re quite wonderfully tight! MMMM… I’m rather honoured to be the first man to properly sample… MMMM… Such a lovely body like yours!” He grinned as he stared down. Watching his oversized gut start to connect off the top of her rounded backside as he filled her up more with his prick. His balls starting to smack off into her as he drove in and picked up the pace a bit more. Keeping a hold of her so she couldn’t be jolted off his cock now that she had to deal with all the weight being put behind his motion as he fucked her. Abusing his position of power as the lord and master of the rebel forces against the armies of the demons and of the Gods to make this stunning woman from another land offer up her body to him. “I’ll make sure to show you… AHHHHH… The wonders of what being a real woman is really like! MMMMM...”

“MMMMM… A r-real woman?? B-But I’m… I’m already! OOOOOOOOH MMMMM...” The pleasure was having an effect while his calculated words warped her mind as he rammed her from behind again and again. Her head facing forward now and hanging down. Drops of sweat falling from her gorgeous face as she could only stay in place and take it as her snatch was used for his twisted pleasure. “MMMMMM… So big… AHHHHH… So good! MMMMM… Yes… AHHHHHH… A r-real woman is really like this...” She was repeating his words as the sin infected her mind. Her snatch nice and wet, snugly gripping his member as it slid in and out of the box that’s already been rubbed to orgasm already. Her moans showing it might not be long before another peak hits her as she rocks back and forth as he fucks the barely clothed woman who he should be sending out into battle as a powerful, feared warrior officer instead of using like his own personal whore.

The power-drunk, sex-mad warlord from another dimension just grinned and moaned out as he watched his plan play out perfectly already. It was already a victory enough to have his cock buried balls deep into the twat of a woman who should be completely disgusted by him, let alone totally out of his league. Now she was on her hands and knees, taking his cock to make them both moan out as he stiffly rammed away into that dripping, snug pussy of hers. The sharp smack of her backside hitting off of his flabby body ringing out to mix with the groans of pleasure echoing around the room as he banged her from the back. Barely sweating himself as he showed off his surprising skill and stamina considering how unsightly and out of shape his body is. Compared to the stunning, curvaceous frame of the woman in front of him as she moaned out and jolted against his powerful thrusts.

“MMMMM… So… So good! OOOOOOOOH! MMMMMM...” Kai purred as already a lusty tone was forming in her voice. Managing to lift her head up as she looked back again and had a fittingly seductive glint in her eye to match.
“It seems like… AHHHHH… You’re starting to understand your place, Lady Kai...” Dong said for a remark that any woman in their right mind would easily hear as an insult instead of a wicked compliment. “Perhaps you’re ready for the next stage now...” He claimed, pulling out of her wet snatch to make them both groan.
“Yes! I-I mean yes, of course!” She already all too eagerly said, fuelled by the now empty feeling in her freshly stretched out slot.
“Perfect...” He said, holding her legs and rolling her over onto her back so that large, heaving chest was pointing upward as he spread her still leggings-covered limbs apart. Using the hole he’d torn in the clothing himself as the access point as he pushed his fat dick back into her needy, wet pussy.

“MMMMM!! Oh yesssss… MMMMMM...” Her inner walls already started clamping onto his manhood when he pushed back in to fill her up to the hilt. Setting them both off moaning all over again with her cries now increasingly being louder and shameless as the corruption from being fucked set in further. Even the fearsome and respected Bear Princess was powerless against a fat, long cock ploughing into her snatch like she was more suited for Brothel work than fighting on a battlefield. “AHHHHH!! So good! MMMMM!! Yes! More! P-Please my Lord! MMMMMM!! I need moooooooooooore MMMMM...” She purred as her eyes, now filled with that new mindset of lust and desire, stared at the ugly, bearded face of the man who had tricked her into this sinful encounter. Taking full advantage of her open, willing offer to use her and reaping the rewards as he groaned out with a wide smile as he buried his prick into her twat over and over again.

The slap of his hideous body connecting with her stunning frame was ringing out all over again as the air was filled with their cries of delight. Her back, still covered by her top as it was just ripped open at the front, sliding against the cold floor as her body rocked back and forth. Just held enough in place for him to keep his piston motion going as he held her legs apart by gripping her boots. Allowing him to freely thrust in and out of her dripping wet twat as her lower body was still fully clothed, just with a torn hole in the leggings at her crotch. Her large tits providing a bonus erotic treat to gaze at as her rack jiggled away in time with her body shifting back. Her ponytail hair sprawled out, the sweat and the bouncing she’s been doing making the usually stylish locks fall out of place. Some strands now sticking to her gorgeous facial features as the sweat starts to really form across her already nicely used body.

“MMMMM… Do you see now, Lady Kai? MMMMM… This has been your destiny all along, hasn’t it? MMMMM… To be a real woman… AHHHHH… Serving a real man, and a real Lord and Master… MMMMM… In the only natural way a beautiful woman like you should! MMMMM...” The cruel Prime Minister from the era of the Three Kingdoms rudely told her, further warping her mind with total lies and sexist slander. That all made worse by the fact that as he said such disgusting things he was ramming away into her slot with his fat, long cock to make her moan out as he taunted her. Knowing full well she wouldn’t be able to think straight and realise his claims were all false and just his wicked plan being played out. “MMMMM… And to think… If you accepted my kind offer… AHHHHH… And became one of my wives in my court… MMMMM… You could serve me exactly like this… Every single day… Worshipping me and my nice… Big… Long… Real man’s cock…” He claimed, making sure to give extra deep thrusts as he described his weapon and fed it into her to the hilt so the clear link between supreme pleasure and his meaty length was stuck into her weakened, already pleasure drunk head.

“MMMMM… AHHHHHH!! S-Serve… MMMMM!! Wife… OOOOOOOOH MMMMM… R-Real woman… MMMMM...” She was so lost in this unwinnable battle against desire that all her mind could do was parrot back the words that were infected her. The pleasure of having her once vice-tight, inexperienced love tunnel now spread open and resized to fit the shape of his massive, fat shaft easily breaking her like it’s already done to many Samurai Warriors before her. Let alone Dynasty Warriors officers of her level and even a beauty from the Mystic Realm. “MMMMM… O-Of course, my L-Lord… My Master!! MMMMM!! W-Why wouldn’t I… AHHHHHH!! A-Accept such an offer! And get to… OOOOOOOH MMMM… Get to t-take your amazing… Huge! W-Wonderful cock every day!! AHHHHH!!” She said, her eyes glazing over as the pleasure built all over again and she started looking upward. Her tits bouncing away as her body was shifting on the floor as she was jolted from those stiff, commanding thrusts. Reduced down to just being a lowly whore with holes ready to be used any time, and in any position, her new Master wanted to use her. Her broken mind not figuring out the consequences, and the irreversible change in her life, that accepting his cruel offer now meant for her.

With a wide and wicked grin, her new Lord decided to reward his newest slut and wife with the only sort of suitable reward that a sexist slob like him thought she, or any other attractive woman that he desired, so deserved. Leaning over her, and leaving her legs out to the sides as he changed position to be mounted over her. Making her groan a bit as his massive gut pressed down onto her more toned and sexy stomach. Dipping his dick straight down into her snatch as he took her Mating Press style for an even more humiliating, but equally pleasurable for them both, position. He even let out a cackling laugh when her body, responding to her new thought process, made her leggings-clad limbs move up and wrap around his bulk as far as she could. Craving that dick even as it was ploughing away down and deep into her soaking box.

Her eyes were staring up at that ugly, smirking face but more like staring through him as the pleasure overwhelmed her. Leaving her open to not just be fucked in such a primal position but to be further used as he leaned down. Offering no resistance when he planted his lips onto hers to kick off some making out. Willingly opening her mouth and letting his tongue come in as he dominated the smooch to make them both exchange moans and swap some spit. Her eye twitching when he captured her tongue and lewdly sucked on it, finding a fresh way already to not just make her feel erotic delight but showcase his control over his new slut.

All the sensations burning through her stunning, sweat-soaked body left her with little option but to cave him. Her snatch gripping his member once again as Kai came hard for the second time in not just an hour, but even harder than the first time. Juices gushing out as she let out muffled cries of delight while having to make out with the cruel warlord who had broken her into being the latest prize of his ever growing harem. Her fluids dripping down her thick thighs, further staining those leggings as the juices either soaked through the ruined clothing or down from the hole in them to the floor she was being fucked on. Eyes rolled back, showing little regret as drool dripped down her chin and neck all the way down to those bouncing tits. Indeed looking truly like some dressed up Brothel star turn rather than the Bear Princess she is supposed to be.

Of course, the man currently ramming his fat dick in and out of that more than just well used piece of pussy cared not for her past life, accomplishments or standing in the Hojo forces. Even now as he pumped away with his dick, he didn’t ever care about her enjoying an orgasm – as long as he wanted to fuck her hole, he would so any pleasure she gained was just an unintended bonus. He saw a beautiful woman in her and wanted to claim and break her as his property. Rounds of devilish finger work then stiff, hold stretching sex had accomplished that to get the Japanese beauty as a new moaning whore desperate for his huge Chinese cock. Even as lay sprawled on the floor and her weak legs fell away from him he continued to pump away. Grunting out as sweat left his already out of shape body looking even more hideous than usual.

“MMMMM… Time for another reward for you, Lady Kai… For being such an agreeable whore and showing such… AHHHHH… Promise of being a nice slut wife to join my Shangri-La harem...” He rudely said to her as he delivered another pump into her box before pulling out. Not giving her any time to recover however as he soon shifted up along her tired body so she kept groaning from the weight of him on top of her. Capturing her large tits with his clammy hands, making her gasp again from that skilled tough that had disarmed her at the start of this encounter. This time however he was pressing her tits not just together, but against and around his long, fat cock. Already smearing her own pussy juices onto her sweat-coated skin in the process as he moaned out.

“UHHHHH!! Yes, My L-Lord… AHHHHHH… Anything you w-wish of me is y-yours… Mmmmmm...” She submissively agreed as she tiredly raised her head enough to look down. Watching as the bell-end of his tool started popping out from between her tits as he now fucked her rack. Making her ample flesh jiggle in his firm grip as his rod smoothly thrust in and out of her chest. Leaving her groaning from the hot feeling of the cock she’s now addicted to ramming between her mounds, but nowhere near the loud, shameless moaning the man using her body for his pleasure is letting out. Sweat disgustingly rolling down his ugly frame as he fucked her tits, Further reducing her down from the proud warrior officer she’s supposed to be into just a sex object, and this time not even using one of her holes to do it even with her snatch now resized and ready to take all those inches.

Zhou let out another loud, cruel laugh at her words as he revelled in breaking another woman from not just another land, but time period and dimension. Enjoying the fruits of his work as he rammed his shaft into the sexy, deep cleavage he was creating with her tits. Groping at her mounds as he pumped his dick up into the valley to make them shake when his crotch slapped into the underside. The crown briefly appearing up between them before vanishing back down as he repeated the process. Groaning as he felt his cock start to pulse between those big tits but having no intention to slow down or ease up as he headed towards his own peak. Looking to finish off and brand his latest slut in a very familiar, but fitting, way.

That came, in more ways than one, when without even having the respect to warn her of it arriving, he started to blow his load. Leaving her gasping when, thanks to her head leaning to watch, the first thick ropes blasted out and splattered across her pretty face. Soaking her cheeks, nose, lips and chin and catching into the strands of hair stuck onto her. Continuing to thrust away into her tits so the rest of his load splashed over her neck and across the collarbone for a sinful ‘pearl necklace’. Leaving the last spurts to glaze over the tops of her mounds and back down to smear into the cleavage as he didn’t stop his pumps until his cock was spent and going soft. Leaving her laid out on the floor in a sprawled mess in her own sweat, juices, drool and now his cum with her clothes soaked through and ruined to match.

“Mmmmm… You will indeed make a fine addiction to my collection, Lady Kai… I’ll arrange for a ceremony tonight to celebrate your promotion to being one of my wives.” Dong decided for her as he stood up and looked over the state he’d left her in.
“Ahhhhh… It w-will be my h-honour, my L-Lord...” Kai barely managed to gasp out. Her cum-stained chest heaving for air as she tried to recover from that intense round of sex. “I hope I will… S-Serve you well as o-one of your wives, Master...”
“Oh, I’m sure you will…” He chuckled, reaching for his robes as he all too casually slipped them back on to get dressed again. “In fact, you’ll be serving me again tonight… A little late night consummation into the early hours sounds appropriate.”

Before he can decide more filthy tasks for the broken beauty to carry out, the moment is interrupted when there was a knock at his chamber door. “My Lord!” A guard called out from outside. “A scouting party has returned from the strange, warm and sunny land. From our intelligence gathering from Japanese and Chinese forces, it appears to be another strange merged land resembling Hasedo and some… Odd, unusual land no one has ever seen before. Like it’s from a completely new era or time!”

“A new time...” Zhou stroked his beard thoughtfully as he thought out loud. “That could mean completely new women have come to this world… Plus, somewhere warm and sunny sounds like a fine place to set up my true Shangri-La once and for all...” He said, before opening the door up. Making the guard jolt back in fear from the warlord. “Get a travelling party ready and armed forces ready at once! I will be personally visiting this new merged land myself tomorrow! And I don’t care if we need to take troops away from protecting the peasants either!” The guard nodded and quickly turned to rush off and deliver the new orders. “Whatever this piece of paradise is, I will claim it and the whole land! And any women there as well! Everything and everyone that I desire shall be mine in my world of wine, women and song!” He roared down the corridor.

And considering the woman still on her back soaked in sweat and spunk behind him? He would be making good on that threat like he always found a way to.

* * *

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Re: Shangri-La [Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors/Warriors Orochi]
« Reply #23 on: January 26, 2022, 06:17:49 AM »
WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi, Dead or Alive or any of its characters.

Starring: Ayane (Dead or Alive/Warriors Orochi 3), Dong Zhou (Dynasty Warriors/Warriors Orochi).

Samurai Warriors: Shangri-La – Chapter 24

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, inter.

* * *

The war between the forces of the human coalition, the Demon Army of the Serpent King, and the forces of Gods of Olympus was still ongoing. Against the odds, the troops of brave heroes of history from the ages of the Three Kingdoms and Warring States periods were slowly coming together. With each new famed officer drawn to the ranks, the power of those resisting the monsters and mysterious Gods continued to grow. As did the hope to escape this strange merged land and return hope. However, the commander leading the human forces had still his own wicked plan in mind. Dong Zhou sought not to escape, but to unify and control this world as his own. Already he had the sworn loyalty of the men in his ranks, and one by one had conquered the women into submission into his growing harem as he rebuilt it in the world of Orochi. But his desires were not limited to merely the women warriors of Japan and China. Indeed, it was any lovely lady who had been drawn into this world that he had his sights set on. Even if they were from a far, far distant future than his age and timeline...

* * *

“This… This is a true paradise!” Dong Zhou marvelled as he walked onto the warm, golden sands of the beach. “Such warmth! The sun is like a flaming ball in the sky! I’m getting into quite the lovely sweat already!” He commented, flanked by some rank and file officers as he looked over the surroundings of what was known from it’s original world as the Seaside Paradise of Dead or Alive 4. “These buildings have such a unique architecture too… And this white furniture is quite curious too! What an interesting world this is to be brought into, what was it called again? Hasedo? Ah, no matter! This my new Shangri-La base now!” He decided, wiping sweat off his forehead as he loosened his Imperial robes a little from the heat.

“Excuse me, your Highness?” His attention was caught by another of his troop officers as a few approached. But Zhou’s gaze locked instantly onto the woman who was with them. A gorgeous, young Japanese woman from far in the future compared to the age and era he came from. Piercing red eyes staring at him as the purple haired woman stood in a revealing but unique kunoichi attire. A purple dress with silver trim, open at the front, showing off her large rounded breasts and a large pink wrap above the stomach tied to a bow at the back. Ninja heeled footwear and fingerless gloves all topped off with baggy coverings up her lower legs and lower arms, and having sheaths for her short swords on both hips. “This is the woman who assisted our forces upon arrival here. She…”

“I can speak for myself!” Ayane snapped, looking unimpressed by this all. “So, it’s true. You’re actually Dong Zhou?” She remarked, having clearly studied her history on his era. “Whatever. I need to get out of this place and get back home. So if the best way is killing these demons and anything else, then I guess I’ll stick around with your lot for a while.” She said. Her tone making it sound like this was all a massive inconvenience for her. “There might be others from my world stuck in this place as well. And if so, then you’d better believe that you need me here to get them on our side as well.”

“Excellent! You’ll fit in wonderfully with my court.” Dong grinned as he scanned over the stunning, busty ninja girl in front of him. “Now as for the rest of you? I want teams to secure those encampments and bases around the area. We’ll be setting up my residence here from now on. So make sure plenty of supplies for me are diverted from the main palace to here. And send word to get troops here too! Those bothersome officers keep complaining about not expanding outside the palace enough, right? Well they can focus to defend that. And I’ll have all my wonderful wives here at my side to protect and entertain me. Now get out of my sight and get on with it! I want one of these buildings at least set up as a residence for me by nightfall!” He barked out, not even showing respect to the troops loyal to him, whether out of respect or fear.

Ayane raised an eyebrow as she watched the men cower as they bowed then rushed off to carry out his commands. “The history books were right… You really are a nasty piece of work.” She commented. “And what was that about wives? Guess in these olden times women didn’t have the backbone to resist someone as cruel as you.”
“Ha! Sounds like my reputation proceeds me!” Zhou brushed off her insults as he looked her over. “Although I bet whatever records of my success existed from your world, or even time I suppose, they didn’t cover anything like this sort of place! A world full of merged worlds and monsters.”
“That I can agree with. It’s been a long while since I’ve seen Seaside Paradise before, but never with it merged with ancient lands and forts before. But still as warm as ever.” The purple haired beauty stated, glancing to the buildings. “But enough about that. I’m not here to just… H-Hey!! What the Hell??”

Ayane glared as her jaw dropped as all too casually Dong Zhou, not even realising the deadly threat of the woman in front of him, peeled off his robes as he exposed his unsightly, overweight frame that already sweating from the summer heat and the sun high above. She clenched her teeth as her eyes widened when she saw the contrasting sight of the fat, long cock that was between his legs as he tossed his robes over one of the sun loungers at the side before he moved down to lay on one of them. Making the furniture creak from his massive weight as he rested back.

“Seaside Paradise? Ha! Not a bad name for this place! I’ll use that.” Dong said as he rested his hands back in his hands.
“H-Hey! Put your damn clothes back on, you freak!” Ayane yelled as she blushed, flustered by such a bold and shameless action by a man she’s only just met. “What kind of commander are you, exposing yourself in front of a woman like this!”
“Nonsense! This is my world and my new home, so I can do whatever I like! It’s my divine right!” Zhou claimed with a grin. “Besides, from the looks of you? You’re one of those ninja girls. I’ve already dealt with the likes of you before with one of my wives already in my harem. So you’d be better off doing what I say, when I say it.”
“Excuse me?” Ayane sounded offended already, even more by him being nude in front of her. “First of all, I’m not just some girl. I’m a lethal kunoichi, and don’t you forget it!” She snapped. Unable to help glancing down at the fat log of a cock between his legs that was already starting to rise. “And second? I don’t care what other lesser kunoichi’s you’ve dealt with before in the past. I’m the best back in my world, and I’d bet I’m better than any one from history as well.”

“Oh? Is that so?” Dong wasn’t put off by her cocky nature as he stayed laying back. “Then how about you put some coin on that bet then? A simple wager… And if you win? You can command your own troops in my army to help you get back to your home. And if I win, you’ll…”
“Oh please. There’s no way I’m losing.” Ayane unwisely in her arrogance cut him off. “I accept. Line up your best fighter, and I’ll make them wish they were never born. In this or any age!”
“Ha! I like a woman with fire!” He grinned, staring shamelessly at her bust for a moment. “But you can drop those weapons, ninja girl. Because I’ll be your opponent… And we won’t be engaging in any sort of fight… Just a battle of a far more physical sort.” Zhou said with a snigger. Pointing down to his hardening cock as he was almost at full mast already.
“Y-You sicko! Freak! Absolute bastard!” She hissed, seeing that she’s been lured into this. “You’re lucky the rest of my clan isn’t here to send you six foot under!” Ayane yelled before she shook her head in disgust. “F-Fine. We’ll do things your way.” She relented as she reached down. Unclipping the sheaths from her hips, letting the weapons drop to the sand. “Besides, some ugly, fat bastard like you? There’s no way you can handle a woman like me.” The Dead or Alive fighter claimed as she stepped towards the warlord of the Dynasty Warriors age. “This will be over real quick.”
“Then do your worst, my pretty, young, well proportioned ninja girl…” Zhou taunted as he smiled, noting how the woman was only 18 years old but had the curvaceous frame of a mature beauty on her.

“Shut it, you asshole!” Ayane snapped as she moved to kneel between his spread legs with a knee up on the lounger he was on. Giving him a down view to her tits contained in her battle attire as she reached and gripped his cock. Only needing to stroke a couple times before he was rock hard, letting her see that full, mighty and meaty size of his. “Never fucking said in my history books he was this big.” She grumbled under her breath before she leaned in. Not wanting to prolong his as she boldly took his dick between her full, soft lips. Making him moan as she sealed around him but had to groan himself from having to stretch around such a thick size. Glaring up and just seeing his face peering over his bulging stomach as she began to raise and lower her head. In turn letting him see those bright purple locks of hers bobbing as she began to slurp on his rod and make him moan out.

“Mmmmm… That’s quite a nice, warm mouth you have… For such a cold woman! Mmmmm… You’re much more suited for using it for this kind of task… Ahhhhh… Than hurling insults…” He continued to taunt between his own groans. Feeling that damp, hot mouth sliding up and down his rod with impressive smoothness. Despite her young age, it seemed that she wasn’t unfamiliar with the art of sucking cock as she bobbed along the top part of his cock. Still grinning, as any man would with an untouchable and lethal woman blowing them, as she glared back at his words. Her piercing gaze contrasting with her mouth sucking deep at his length as she worked up and down. Getting saliva dripping down his inches as she only used her oral hole, with her hands just on the sun-lounger so she didn’t even have to hold onto the man she was disgusted by. “Ahhhhhh… But I hope you’ve got more in you than just this… Mmmmm… I’ve taken a lot worse, and better in fact, from mere dancers let alone other ninja girls.” He added. Knowing how to provoke a woman with so much arrogance and pride like her in order to get what he wanted. As if being blown by a woman from a time many, many centuries past his own lifetime wasn’t good enough already as his moans clearly showed it was.

“HMMMMPHH!! Mmmmmmphhhh… Hmmmmmphhh!!” Another look of narrowed eyes cast at him as the former winner of the Dead or Alive tournament easily took the bait. Trying to finish him off quick as she deepened her pace and increased the timing. Making her short hair start to sway as she pushed her gorgeous face down further along his prick. Too deep in fact as his fat crown hit the back of her mouth, making her gag as she pulled back but that just pissing her off more as well as fuelling her. “GAHHHHH!! HHHHHHLLLKKK!! MMMMMMPHHH… GAHHHHH…” She continued to choke herself on his dick as her hands clutched the sides of the lounger. Plunging her face down sharply, forcing his thickness into her snug, wet throat even as she gagged. Keeping herself bent over to hold the position and bob her head straight up and down. Even at the expense of her saliva splattering down as it escaped from her lips fighting to stay pressed around him.

“Mmmmmm! That’s more like it! Let’s see how a ninja from the future… Mmmm! Serves her master!” The cruel warlord encouraged as he moaned out. Feeling her big covered tits brushing against his flabby legs as those mounds swung from her body jolting a bit from the recoil of choking. The saliva drooling down as she gagged harshly each time she willingly drove her face down to plunge his rod into her oral tunnel. Barely seeing her head at all now with just a purple top of her hair popping up from over the crest of his gut briefly as she deeply took his shaft into her mouth. “Ahhhhh… You’ve got a better mouth than my other ninja whore anyway! Mmmmm… Keep this up and you’ll be in high ranks of my wives in no time!” He added, as if that was any sort of acceptable compliment to give a woman he’s just met. Let alone already deciding her fate long before this ‘battle’ has concluded. Although the fact that he’s lasted during this deep dick sucking that would have finished off any normal man, and probably a few ninjas too, didn’t bode well for the young Japanese beauty slurping away on this wicked man from an ancient China.

“HHHHHRRRRKKK!! GAHHHHHH!! HHHHHHLLLKKK!!” Her eyes had to close not just to focus on dishing out deep throating, but because she was taking in so much of him now her face was pushing into the thick jungle of hairs at his crotch. Her saliva dripping down and pooling to coat his balls and rod not helping matters as when she rose upward to the midway mark on him, she was left with shameful loose hairs of his pubes on her cheek, chin and hanging off the lower lip. “GAAAAAHHH!! HHHHHHLLLLKKKK… MMMMMPHHH!! GAHHHHH!” The only saving grace being the fact that, even with how her throat was being stretched out, she wasn’t even crying for a moment as she endured the discomfort. Trying to finish this creep off but only serving to pleasure him with her deep blowjob skills. Making her lips press down into his base over and over to gag around his length in between groaning in frustration at having met her match already with a man she’s discovering a lot more intimate facts about than any history book told her.

Whether it was needing some air or just out of frustration from not finishing him off yet, the gorgeous kunoichi lifted her head up and off from his prick. Spitting out a thick was onto his length before gasping to take in some overdue oxygen. “Fucking damn it!” Ayane exclaimed as she stood up straight. “You got lucky! No one’s been able to handle that before!” She stated, glaring at him even if she was insulting herself a little from the admission to having sucked dick plenty of times before.
“Sounds to me like you just need to try a new strategy then, my little ninja beauty.” Dong said with a grin as he scanned her over. “So, how about you hop up onto my cock and see if another of your young, wonderful holes can do the job that boasting mouth of yours couldn’t back up?” He ‘suggested’ but it was just directing the angered woman to give him more of what he wanted out of her.
“Obsessed with sex… Yeah, my history textbooks got that right about you!” She scoffed, but took the bait again as she stepped forward and this time climbed up onto the sun-lounger he was still on. Glaring again at him as he watched as she reached down, hiking up the bottom of her dress to reach for his cock.
“No underwear? I wasn’t aware that was a ninja art… Or are you more one of those whores practising sexual arts instead of vanishing into the night?” He taunted, catching a look at her snatch and the little tuft of purple hair above it before she sank down.

“MMMMM!! S-Shut it, you bastard! AHHHHHH FUCK!!” Ayane gasped out as she pushed down. Her pussy getting spread open by his vast size as her walls, already a little moist, were clinging to his pole as it invaded her. Forcing pleasure into her that worked to override the discomfort she just felt deep throating this same dick as all the saliva over him helped for a smooth entry. “You’re going to fucking get it now, you asshole!!” She yelled with a fresh stare that would send any normal  fleeing. Starting to rock back and forth with a grinding motion, allowing her to adjust to the vast feeling inside of her. Before she got down to business, using another aggressive pace as she lifted upward and then dropped down sharply to make herself groan out. However, she was only serving to defeat herself and not her intended target as her mouth was already open in an O-shape as she moaned to contrast with the stare of hatred she was keeping on the man she was mounted on as she bounced on his fat, long cock.

“Ahhhhhh… That’s exactly what I was hoping for, Ayane-Chan…” He teased with a shameless grin. Not even looking her in the eye as his leering gaze was stuck on her huge, bouncing tits somehow staying inside her kunoichi attire as she stiffly rode his dick. His hands back, resting his head in the palms to further revel in having made this stunning, dangerous fighter offer up sex for a lewd bet. Her inner walls nicely adjusted to his vast size now but still clinging to him as she lifted up and down with a swift and smooth pace. Keeping him sweating even more than the bright heat from the sun high up in the sky was as the out in the open nature of this sex wasn’t lost on him. Keeping that ugly smile on his hideous features as he knew full well that even if they both existed at the same time or era, she would never look at him twice under normal circumstances.

“AHHHH!! I said s-shut your mouth, you bastard! MMMMM!! Damn it!! SHIT!!” The purple haired beauty groaned out as she shifted up and down, taking his rod deeper into her slot. Her hands clutching her own thighs for support to keep the momentum going as her snatch and body were gradually betraying her arrogant mind as she responded to the pleasure of having a big, fat dick filling her up. Showing the signs from her tightness that she isn’t used to taking such a size into this hole either as she groaned out whenever she dropped down to stuff herself full with man-meat. “MMMMM!! I’ll fucking kill you when this is all over, I fucking swear it! MMMMM!!” She claimed between her groans. Her snatch having replaced her saliva with her juices now from the repeated bounces. Dropping down so far now that the sinful slap of her more than ample backside hitting his legs rang out to mix with both of their moans. Finding her teeth grinding together more than once as she worked over that long weapon of his. Trying to keep her focus even as the feeling of suck a cock stuffing into her was flipping more and more of the right (or wrong in this case) switches to make her enjoy it more than she should.

“MMMMM! Such an angry face isn’t becoming of you, Ayane-Chan! MMMMM… You’re far more suited to just enjoy yourself… Ahhhhh… And know your place, don’t you think?” He mocked her defiance as he shameless groaned out as he laid in his own sweat. Both of their loud cries of delight accompanying the crashing waves of the sunny beach they’re fucking on. Along with the creaking of the sun-lounger they were on having to not just handle his obese size, but now the force of her moving up and down at such a swift pace. Despite her whining and threats, she’s still fucking a man in broad daylight in an open area. A rather shameful state for a so-called kunoichi to be in as she willingly fucked a man from another time period to treat him to the first taste of pussy from the distant future. “MMMMM… Such a wonderful, wet pussy you have Ayane-Chan! MMMMM… You’re even better than many of the women from my own homeland!” He grinned as he still wasn’t even showing her the respect to look her in the eye, missing out on the conflicting look of fury and pleasure across her features. He was too busy staring at her large, jiggling tits as they were even bigger than the chests some of his longest serving wives, from both Japan and China, even had. An added treat to gaze upon as he enjoyed her tight pussy sliding away along his length as her juices continued dripping down.

“You won’t get away… AHHHHH FUCK!! With this humiliation! OOOOOOOH FUUUCK!!” The fighter from Dead or Alive claimed as she was in denial with the fact that her shameful state of fucking a slob of a man was completely willing. Made worse by her engaging in this swift riding while still fully dressed in her battle attire as she made his thick member pump in and out of her twat from her rapid bounces. “MMMMM!! You’ll never defeat me! I’m the… AHHHHH SHIT! FUCK!! The Killer Kunoichi! MMMMM!! The pride of the Mugen Tenshin Clan!! AHHHHH FUCK!” She continued to make increasingly empty threats while riding away on his fat dick like she was more a pornstar than a well trained and leather female ninja. Sweat beginning to roll down her gorgeous face as both the heat from Seaside Paradise and the effort she was using to try and win this erotic war was eating away at her. Even worse, she didn’t figure out she was in a way leading herself to defeat by being the one doing all the work so far in this. The man underneath just grinning as he laid back and took it.

“MMMMM… Starting to tire, Ayane-Chan?” Zhou smirked, looking over her as the exposed parts of her body shined nicely in the bright sunshine. “It’s not too late to surrender, you know…” He added, but had no plans on making her stop when it felt so good being buried into her snatch.
“AHHHHH!! N-Never! OOOOOOOHH!! MMMMM!!” Ayane gasped out, having to come to a stop onto his shaft. “I’m just… AHHHHH!! I’m just getting started!!” She claimed as she delivered a short grind down into his crotch.
“Of course you are… You’d never lose to me! In fact, you’re so confident in winning you’ll let me take over and see what you can handle!” Dong said to further manipulate the woman from the far, far future compared to his age and period in time.
“R-Right! I’m not afraid of you or… MMMM… Or your stupid, big cock!” She lied, groaning in telling fashion as she dismounted him. “Do your damn worst!” She challenged, not realising she was falling deeper into his clutches as the two switched places. Leaving her laying on the lounger now even as she hissed from feeling his sweat off the seating now oozing into her kunoichi clothing and the big pink bow and wrap that covered her back.

“You’ll be soon begging for me to do just that, my lovely little ninja beauty…” He let out a cruel chuckle as he didn’t just push his cock back into her, but slammed home into her snatch to go balls deep with the first thrust. Shattering her resistance against the pleasure as her purpled haired head tilted back as she let out loud, whorish moan as her walls were spread once again. No time to adjust either as he went right to work. “MMMMMM! But if you drop that sour act of yours? AHHHHH… There might be a fine place for you yet as a wife of mine!” It was his turn to boast now at her stared down at the groaning maiden from the future getting impaled  by his dick. Pounding into her twat to leave her sliding back on the lounger and make it squeak now from the force of his pumps. Although that was barely heard over the loud moaning from them both as the beachside fuck went into another but even more intense round than before.

“AHHHHHH FUCK!! N-NEVER!! MMMMMM!! AHHHHHH FUCK!!” She panted out as he drilled her wet snatch with deep, stiff pumps to resize that love tunnel to the shape of his meaty rod. Even the most hung of fellow Dead or Alive tournament fighters would be lucky to make her feel anything from how filled up her twat is now. The sweat dripping off her gorgeous, still clothed body  as she stared across not in rage, but in lust and awe as she got hammered hard by a slob of a man that she could easy defeat in a fair fight, but is out of her league when it comes to sexual skill. “MMMMMM!! YOU’LL N-NEVER BEAT ME!! AHHHHHH!! IT’LL TAKE… MMMMMM!! MORE THAN JUST A FAT, STUPID DICK TO… OOOOOOHHHHHH!!” Her pointless resistance was cut off when he reached down and yanked her kunoichi dress apart at the front. Making her massive, rounded and juicy tits spring free. Instantly being grabbed by both of his hands for a deep grip like he owned them along with the rest of her. The deep grip sending her head tilting back again and staying like that as she howled out moans to look more like a desperate back alley slut than a talented and deadly ninja.

“MMMMM! So this ninja girl’s weak spot is her wonderful chest, is it? MMMMM! Then I’ll exploit this weakness any chance I get, Ayane-Chan!” The perverted Warlord of the Three Kingdoms grinned as he fondled those amazing, heavy breasts. The flesh easily jiggling around in his grasp as he worked his fat fingers around them and brushed against her hard nipples. Even worse for her was daring to use her mounds to hold her and keep her in place. Sliding her down onto his shaft to take the next hard thrust to keep her being filled up balls deep again and again. “MMMMM!! Women from the future are so great! I hope every beauty I meet… MMMMM!! From your time as such plentiful busts!” He said between deep groans as he stared down. His gaze locked onto those bouncing mountains of hers since her head was still snapped back to moan out into the distance. While his heaving gut hid the sight of his cock plunging into her box as he broke her mind with the wild pleasure from a huge cock stretching her out and delivering the best pleasure she’s ever had in her life.

“AHHHHH!! AWWWWW FUCK!! OH FUCK!! IT’S T-TOO MUCH!! AHHHHH!! IT’S TOO GOOD!!” The ninja from the future squealed out as her pussy leaked juices down to drip onto the sun-lounger she was laying on. No training in powerful arts could have trained her for the kind if pounding even professional porn stars from her time would have struggled to handle. Each time she tried to tilt her head up and watch that cock ramming into her, he just squeezed her big breasts firmly to keep her head upside down as her purple hair hung into the air. “AHHHHH FUCK!! I’M GONNA BREAK! I’LL FUCKING BREAK!! IT’S TOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD MMMMMMMM!!” She panted as her eyes rolled back as the pleasure continued to build as sweat caked her body. Soaking her clothing as it was just the top ripped open so her plentiful rack could be squeezed and used to keep her addicted to sex, sin and the cock of a man that before today she only had read about in ancient history books. Learning the hard way, in more ways than one, that there was truth to the stories as she howled in delight with every fresh balls deep thrust she received.

“MMMMM!! Then break! Break, my new ninja pet! MMMMM!!” He growled as her moaning just fuelled him on as he kept working his fat prick like a piston into her wet and needy slot. His balls smacking off her skin over and over as he made the 18 year old Japanese beauty squirm and squeal on his fat Chinese cock. Ravaging her like she was just a woman from his own world and timeline and caring not for her talents as a fighter and lethal kunoichi abilities. “MMMMM!! Break and become my wife! Abandon your old life and world in the future! AHHHHH… And become my wife here in my new world of… MMMMM!! Wine, women and song!!” He ranted with a wicked grin as he kept toying with her tits with new gropes of the jiggling flesh, or tugs and twists of her nipples to keep her defenceless to his skilled sexual techniques. All as he pounded his dick back and forth into her snatch that while pleasurably tight, was no longer the vice-like grip that she’d had at the start of this all.

“OH FUCK!! FUUUUUCKKK!! I’M BREAKIIIIIIINGGGG AHHHHHHHH!!” Ayane’s tongue began flicking out from the corner of her mouth as the most intense, mind breaking orgasm of her life raced through her body. Leaving her shuddering while his cock ploughed away into her box and his hands stayed clamped onto her breasts. Her snatch finding a new grip, massaging that dick as it still raced in and out of her slit as she released a new flood of juices to further soak him and his crotch. The dripping fluid going with the mess of sweat from them both as it trickled off from the lounger and down to the hot sands of the open, sunny beach they’ve been fucking on. Her arms left dangling and lifeless with a wise, cock-drunk smile was on her face as her head stayed hanging off upside down as her peak finally washed away.

“MMMMMM… And here I was thinking I was in for a fight!” Zhou said with a cruel snigger as he pulled out of her well used and now gaping pussy. “Guess you ninja girls from the future are about as tough as the ones in this time!” He continued to mock as he moved around her still slumped body. “Lucky for a lowly whore like you? Your pussy, and especially your body, is even better than the ones I’ve had before.” He stated as he climbed over her. Making her groan and the sun-lounger creak deeply underneath as he mounted her chest and tugged her attire apart further for a clear view of her mounds.

The former winner of the Dead or Alive tournament couldn’t even string together a coherent thought let alone words right now. So she just mumbled out a groan when his hands went back onto those now familiar tits of hers. Bringing them up and together against the sides of his cock as he made himself moan from the sinful sandwich. Wrapping those wonderful, juicy boobs around his prick as she had such a vast size that only the fat head of his cock stuck out from the deep cleavage. Grinning again as he started to work his flabby hips back and forth, making the smack of skin hitting skin ring out again when his crotch connected with the underside of her breasts. Going from just pounding one of her holes to now actually using her stunning, curvaceous body for his cruel pleasure.

“MMMMM!! These breasts, Ayane-Chan! AHHHHH,,, I dare say they might be the biggest I’ve ever seen! MMMMMM… In this or any time and age!” He smiled as he pumped away with a smooth, stiff pace that showed little concern for if she might feel any discomfort from his pace as he fucked her bust. Let alone the fact he’s make her endure the heavy bulk of his ugly frame on top of her as he used her breasts to make himself moan and sweat. “MMMMM… Maybe that’s a requirement for you ninja girls in the future? Heavily bodies built to be used! Sounds like it’s awful fun in future centuries then!” The Warlord dared to taunt, not satisfied with humiliating her enough so far and pounding her into almost unconsciousness through deep, shameless sex. Now making her tits bounce in his deep grasp as his pumped his fat dick in and out of her bust. Smearing her own pussy juices from off of his cock onto her ample skin as he groaned out and made sweat drip of of his unsightly body onto her far more attractive, youthful and curvaceous frame.

“Uhhhhhh… Ahhhhhhh...” The beauty from a Japan in the far, far distant future just groaned out as her heaving chest was used for pleasure while she tried to suck in air to recover. Barely able to jolt against the sun-lounger she’s laying on from the pressure of the hulking Chinese man driving his dick in and out of her ripe, ample tits. A shameful state for the member of the Mugen Tenshin clan to be even before considering this is all happening in the bright sunshine in the clear open of a warm beach. Still moaning now from his fingers digging into her flesh as well as the hot feeling of that fat dick, which has been balls deep in two of her holes, and now is pumping away into her huge chest.

“MMMMMM… Such a fine way to open up my new home here in my Shangri-La! AHHHHH… Breaking in a new lovely wife… Teaching a foolish ninja girl her place… MMMMM!! And then getting to pleasure myself with these Big… Fantastic… Breasts from a land in the future!” He let out a long, wicked laugh as he pumped back and forth into her vast cleavage. Defying his bulking, horrific frame and hideous features as he not only was able to outlast this stunning woman who was out of his league in more ways than one. But doing so as the high heat left him sweating by the second, yet unable to drain his energy as he had the reserves to keep thrusting into those big bouncing breasts of his latest conquest. Always able to find new fuel when it came to putting someone of the lesser (in his sexist mind) gender into their place. Especially when it was a women he wanted to claim as his own personal property.

Ayane’s arms still laid hanging off the sides of the still creaking lounger she was trapped on, swinging back and forth as her frame slid slightly from the wicked man on top of her as he pumped away. Driving his fat fuck-stick between her juicy mounds as the sharp slap of his crotch hitting the bottom of her tits rang out to mix with his moans and the smashing of water hitting the beach behind him. Looking truly defeated in more ways than one, and a fate surely worse than failing her duties as a proud kunoichi. Only now starting to raise her head up with a groan as strands of her purple hair were stuck to her youthful cheeks. Her eyes locking onto the crown of his dick popping up from out of her tits as she, showing how far removed from the overconfident woman she once way, licked her lips with need and lust at just the sight of that prick.

If anything, her face now up and watching was the biggest mistake she could have made as he didn’t bother to warn her when he felt his dick pulsing between her mounds. Just letting out a primal grunt as his cock started to fire out thick blasts of spunk. Leaving her groaning and just managing to close her eyes as the shots coated her cheeks, nose and lips. Even catching up into her signature purple hair and the ninja headband she wore over her forehead. With her face more than generously branded, he still had plenty if spunk left to dump onto her mounds as he pulled out of them. Stroking off and spraying both breasts with shots to leave the flesh nicely coated so cum dripped off the sides and down into the gap between.

“Mmmmm… I wonder if you women of the future ever end up looking like this? Like how I leave the women of my world and time, knowing their place...” Dong grinned as he looked over the mess he’d made over a woman from a time and place where he has been long since deceased. “Ah, no matter! So, Ayane-Chan! Now that you...”

Suddenly, with a signature quicker than a blink reflexes of a true kunoichi, Ayane had leapt off the lounger. Tacking the Warlord to the warm golden sand to be mounted on top of him as he laid staring on his back. A wide, lewd smile now on her face. The expression even hotter with all his cum still coating her face fresh from his own peak.

“Master...” Ayane purred with wide, almost obsessed looking eyes. “Master Dong Zhou broke me real good...” She said as she licked her lips, sticking her tits out and showing off the spunk on them. “How can your nasty, dirty, slutty little ninja girl serve her Lord and Master now?” She asked, further showing off how much he’d broken her mind with wild and hard sex.
“Ayane-Chan! I’m impressed!” Zhou grinned as he looked up and saw his new wife in whorish glory, just as he loved his women to be. “So, you agree to be my wife?”
“Of course! Your Ayane-Chan would be honoured to be your filthy whore of a wife!” Ayane said with a crazed sounding giggle. “Anything for you, and for your big, long, pussy-breaking cock...” She added with another lick of her lips to steal a taste of the load freshly on her.
“Hahahahaha! Wonderful!” Dong stayed laying on the sands as he gazed over the broken beauty from the future. “Ah, actually? I do have a mission for you my little ninja girl… You said there might be more women like you from your world?” He smiled, as even having this stunning and newly rewired woman as the latest member of his harem wasn’t enough for his never-ending lust. “Then I want you to search them out for me, and hand deliver them straight to me. If they’re even half as good as you? Then they’ll certainly be prime wife material for me!”

“Oh, consider them yours, Master!” She grinned, not even able to see how she’s been asked to get other women to battle for his attention and for his cock. “I’ll even drag them by the hair if I have to, whoever they might be… Anything for you, Master… And anything for that big, wonderful cock of yours...” Ayane purred with another wicked look in the same eyes that just an hour before had been staring daggers at the man she was now addicted to. “I hope it’s a certain Shrine Maiden or a Demon Hunter that’s here too… I’d even put up with bringing that traitorous half-sister if mine right to your feet if it got me a taste of that delicious cock...”

“We’ll soon see!” Zhou said with a laugh. He liked the sounds of that, and the notion of a relative of this kunoichi sounded especially delicious. “But for now? You need to give me a guided tour of this Seaside Paradise you’re so familiar with… I bet there’s got to be a few beds around here. We might as well test a couple out before the reinforcements arrive. And especially before the rest of your fellow wives get here and you’ve got to wait in line with the rest of them for a turn to honour your Master with your lovely bodies...” He added before letting out a long, wicked and devoid of shame laugh. Knowing that if he could claim and tame a woman from the far future? Then there wasn’t a woman in existence who couldn’t become his property. Not just other women from times ahead of his, but maybe even beauties of a more Demonic, Mystic and Goddess-like nature too...

* * *

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Re: Shangri-La [Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors/Warriors Orochi]
« Reply #24 on: January 26, 2022, 06:18:48 AM »
WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi or any of its characters.

Starring: Lady Hayakawa (Samurai Warriors/Warriors Orochi), Dong Zhou (Dynasty Warriors/Warriors Orochi).

Samurai Warriors: Shangri-La – Chapter 25

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, inter.

* * *

The war between the different human forces, the demon army and the legions of Olympus took a new turn when Dong Zhou, the leader of his own growing army of human troops from ancient Japan and China, suddenly began the construction of a new base. In truth, this was simply Dong Zhou’s new personal, Shangri-La masked as an imperial palace at ‘Seaside Paradise’, a new bright, sunshine beach resort ripped from a time and universe from a distant future. Deliberately splitting forces so that he left many of the male commanders, including those blindly loyal to him or either following out of fear for what he may do to them, their troops of their loved ones, back at his old central base. Taking with him a more than decent force to protect himself along with his own personal harem of wives – beautiful warrior officers from the Samurai and Dynasty Warriors ages. Let alone a wife from the Mystic Realm and a female ninja from the future.

The splitting of forces should have made Zhou and the rebel army he led easy pickings. Instead, the chaos of the land allowed him to spread out and make more strongholds instead of just the one. His position increased while the other forces still tried to take one another out. And all as gradually over time more human forces gravitated to him with the promise of a food, shelter and safety. Even if it meant selling their soul for an end goal that was far from noble. Others knew that there was no other choice other than slaughter at the hands of the demons or submission to the other forces (not that under Zhou’s rule there was any real free choice other than to obey). And in a very select few, they foolishly believed the lies told that Zhou was a pure leader dedicated to the cause of a better, brighter future. Hence why that Zhou’s troops were soon enough boosted when the forces of Hojo of Japan elected to join his ranks…

* * *

“I must say Lord Zhou, this is quite a marvel of a base you’ve set up…” Lady Hayakawa remarked, walking alongside the far taller and fatter man of Dong Zhou beside her as they walked along the bright, warm beach of his new home area. “The buildings are so strange! Contrasting with the military bases and camps… You’ve done so well to make such a place your own.” She noted. The gorgeous, young officer of the Hojo clan of the Samurai Warriors era was clad in a long, traditional attire of white with gold and blue, almost dress-like and fitting nicely to her slim and sexy body. Her long dark hair hanging down behind her with short heeled battle boots with shin guards that matched the gauntlets she wore.

“Ha! You flatter me, Lady Hayakawa! But I do not tire of hearing it!” Dong bragged with a grin as she more shamelessly had an arm around the back of her neck with one hand on the far shoulder. Clad as always in his lavish, expensive robes of his status as Prime Minister and self proclaimed Emperor of this merged land. “It’s nothing when I have the resources to put to use and the men to carry out my commands! Not to mention the lovely ladies like yourself to keep me company.” He more bluntly added, looking down at her with approval.

“A-About that, my Lord…” Hayakawa blushed a bit as his hungry stare. “While I appreciate you inviting me here… I do feel a little uneasy being away from my family and my clan. After all, although I might not look it, I can handle myself in combat on the battlefield.” She said with a soft smile. “Are you sure it’s really necessary for me to stay here away from the main camp?”
“Nonsense! Your clan is basically mine now!” Zhou dismissively said, still holding her. “They’ll do as I say, just as you will! And that way we can all beat off those nasty monsters, deal with those weird Gods, and make those other warriors see the light and join my side! This war will be over in no time!”
“If you say so, my Lord…” She sounded unsure, biting her bottom lip. “I have noticed how Lady Kai and Lady Gracia are here and how happy they seem to be. Getting some peace in this strange and scary land would be quite ideal. Then we could all return home!” She added, sounding more upbeat about that.
“That’s more like it! And if we can’t return home, we’ll make the best of this and ensure my Shangri-La comes to life here!” Zhou claimed, twisting what she was meaning. “And speaking of which, allow me to continue the tour of this new, expanded palace of mine.”
“Ah, of course! I was curious about where I would be staying while I’m here at your base.” She said with an innocent smile.
“Are you reading my mind, my Lady? Because where you’re staying is exactly where I’m going to show you…” He claimed, and only telling the half truth as he lead her along the beach towards one of the massive buildings that he’s reserved as his own living quarters.

* * *

Lady Hayakawa soon found out exactly what it meant to be one of the women selected to be a wife as part of Zhou’s ever expanding harem. Laying back on the spacious bed of his personal bedroom while he was down between her spread legs. The bottom of her dress hiked up as the cruel warlord ran his tongue against her tight pussy to make her gasp. A wide-eyed stare on her face and brightly blushing cheeks like the idea of being eaten out was completely new to her. Despite how hideous the face was right at her crotch, she could only keep her head titled up from she sheets, looking across her slim frame to watch the man who was now her commander having already his wicked way with her. Making her groan as he slid his tongue up and down her entrance with a slow, steady and clearly savouring pace.

“MMMMM!! M-My Lord! S-Surely we must not do this! AHHHHH!!” Hayakawa pleaded but she wasn’t exactly making any sort of move to push him off or move away. Her hands back behind her, gripping the expensive bed sheets as she squirmed from his tongue work. Her pussy starting to dampen from the repeated, smooth runs his tongue were doing up and down her slit. “AHHHHH! Would it not be a disgrace if we… MMMMM!! Were found out?? Being officer and c-commander? MMMMM…” Her begging was falling on deaf ears as he continued to taste the pussy of the youthful and stunning woman of Hojo. Smirking into her snatch as while her groaning voice might have protested, the sweetness he was telling was confirming how much her body wanted this new pleasure. All the encouragement he needed to start this battle to break her down and reduce her to being another one of his eager whores just like the fellow women from her time and country already are.

“Mmmmm… You are protesting a little too much, my Lady! Your naughty hole right here is telling me what your mouth refuses to!” Dong teased her before leaning back in and pressing his tongue against her slick entrance. So close that his bushy beard tickled her thighs when he moved right in. Quickly lapping at her folds and moaning a little at the delicious taste of a new woman’s fluids as he noted how much she was giving out already. Another sign that this beauty hasn’t been given the sort of pleasure she deserves and from the looks if can handle. “Mmmmmmphh!! Mmmmmm…” Another round of flicks from his experienced, shameless tongue to the outer lips before he finally pressed against her. Entering her snatch with a little resistance, showing again how new she was to oral sex, before he began to explore around inside of her. Groaning into her from the delicious taste and caring not how droplets of her juices were catching onto that thick shrub of a beard of his from the close up munching he was doing.

“OOOOOOOOOOOH! MMMMM… Is this really OK, my L-Lord? MMMMM… It does feel so good…” She groaned with her eyes half closed. Getting slowly used to the feeling of a tongue sliding about inside of her sensitive area as one of her arms moved down along her still clothed body. Managing to rest on the back of his head just behind the imperial crown he wore for another sudden display of much she needed to experience what was already the best sex in her life, and it wasn’t even a close contest. “AHHHHH… P-Perhaps it may not be so… MMMMM… So bad after all… Just to enjoy for a little while…” She gasped out as her body arched a bit when he changed tactics and gave her clit a brushing over to continue overwhelming her slim and stunning body with sensations. Soon going back to probing in deep with her tongue to keep finding the spots that drove her wild the most and keep those moans pouring out of her newly needy twat. Finding out exactly why the women from her world were so happy to not just be around, but to serve, this hideous creep of a man.

The sex-mad warlord just smiled into that wet pussy as he carried on dining on her. Leaving juices not just staining through his haggard beard but dripping down her inner thighs onto the bedsheets. Lapping over and over as he drank down the sweetness at the same time as keeping it forming. This being far from the first pussy he’s ever eaten, and not even an introduction into sampling a woman from both a foreign land and a time that’s in the future from his. All he sees is some hot snatch ready to be claimed and tamed, and from the moist state of the folds he’s licking at she looks like another easy notch carved into his bedpost. Even managing to let out a snigger when he felt her dainty hand grip his hair a little more as she further slipped into a state of mind that craved more of this pleasure despite knowing that she should be fighting with her family and clan in the ongoing wars beyond these ‘palace’ walls.

Eventually, he pulled away and left her groaning with a sudden disappointment as he smirked. “I think you’re not quite as innocent as you appear to be, Lady Hayakawa…” Zhou teased as he stood up and reached down to unwrap the band of his ‘belt’ from around his oversized waist.
“T-That’s not so, my Lord!” Hayakawa claimed as she sat up on his bed. “I’ve just never felt anything quite like…” Her voice trailed off as her jaw dropped when he peeled off his robes. Ignoring that bulging gut as her eyes locked onto his fat, long and already rock hard cock.
“I never tire of seeing that look…” Dong grinned as he approached the bed and moved up onto it. “I’ll take it you’ve never seen one quite as manly as mine, right my Lady?” He mocked again as he kept her legs spread apart as he shifted to kneel between them.
“N-Never!!” She was still gazing at his pole as he moved in. “How can such a size even be possible??”

“Oh, I’m sure even a tiny little cutie like you can handle it…” He said, and not exactly giving her much choice in the matter either as he lined his shaft up with that very well warmed up entrance of hers. A brief moment taken to run the fat crown of his prick along the slick folds before he invited himself in to his soon to be new personal property. Making them both moan out when he penetrated to stuff in that head and an inch or so into her. “MMMMM! Oh, I know you can!” He grinned, keeping her legs apart at the ankles as he began to roll his flabby hips back and forth. Working his cock in to at least allow her the time to adjust to such a vast size as his thickness alone was making her walls stretch out as he moaned. The pleasure he was getting from her box a sign that she would fit in perfectly with the rest of his wives, even at the expense of forcing her to abandon her life as an officer in battle.

“AHHHHHHHH!! MMMMMMMM!! My Lord!! It’s so big!! MMMMM!! Ooooooooooh!! So big!!” She gasped and moaned as her arms went back behind her, with hands once again gripping his bedsheets tightly as she kept herself up and stared down between her legs. Not even trying to close her limbs up or move back as she willingly took this sex from this pervert. Her inexperience with any sort of action meaning this was already the most cock she’s had in her and reaching deeper into her love tunnel even before he’s close to being halfway into her. “MMMMMMM!! S-Surely all that… C-Cock cannot fit inside of me!! It’s t-too much!! MMMMM!!” She blushed as she moaned but couldn’t rip her eyes off from the shaft working in and out of her wet slot. Her hair hanging down behind her and beginning to sway back and forth as her battle dress-clad body was starting to shift as the force of his pumps made her jolt.

“All you’re telling me, my Lady… MMMM… Is such beauty like yours has been wasted on other, lesser men! AHHHHH…” The cruel Prime Minister from the Three Kingdoms wars claimed as he grinned down. Enjoying the contrasting expression across her stunning, young face as he saw the contrast of knowing how wrong and lewd this all was. Against the building pleasure as her snatch gradually accepted not just his cock but all the wonderful sensations that went with him sliding in and out of her.  “MMMM… Let alone such a lovely body likes yours! MMMM… You feel quite made to serve a true man and Lord like myself!” His over confident tone made it sound clearly like he was making that decision for her. A fact proven by his hands gripping her by her battle boots with a firm hold of ownership to keep her smooth legs spread. Working his dick back and forth into her and moaning himself from the super tight grip of her twat all around is long and fat shaft.

“MMMMMM!! So big!! S-So thick!! AHHHH!! It’s l-like I’m losing my mind already! MMMMM!!” She gasped. Already beads of sweat starting to form on her forehead as she took his cock. Her eyes locked down onto his cock, just about seeing glimpses of that thick prick as it passed in and out of her wet folds as his bulging stomach came close to press against the clothing she still wore whenever he thrust forward. Only just shaking her head to get strands of her hair out of the way as she kept her body leaning back so she could take this pumping. Getting all too used to the feeling of being filled up as his cock buries a new home for itself in her tight, hot and damp slot. “I-Is this r-really OK, my Lord?? MMMMM!! To engage in something so s-sinfull??” She sounded like she was trying to convince herself now that this was perfectly fine. Allowing herself to be fucked by such a hideous, overweight man and merely become yet another of his stunning wives to be used whenever he felt like it. His big cock pumping away into her dampness helping to break down her mind and make her further addicted to the already strong pleasure flowing through her.

“MMMMM… I think you already know the answer to that, my Lady!” Zhou said as he felt her crotch connecting off of his when he delivered a fresh and firm pump into her twat to really fill her up. Groaning from how her pussy was clutching his inches like a sheath as he pulled out just a few inches before driving back in to keep them both moaning. Showing off all the experience from fucking countless women, including those from her own era and timeline, as he briskly pumped away into her young, tight frame. “AHHHHH… But if you don’t believe me? MMMM… Maybe you can ask Lady Kai or Lady Gracia! MMMMM… And find out why they keep coming to my chambers every night when I call on them.” He smugly added. Shamelessly admitting to happily fucking already broken-in whores of his even while being balls deep in one he’s ‘training’ to become a wife just like they already are. A beauty like this one he’s getting to enjoy would be a prize alone, but not even her is enough for his never-ending lust for any and all women he deems ‘worthy’ of being reduced to another of his sex slaves.

“W-What?? You tamed the Bear Princess?? And L-Lady Gracia too??” Her eyes widened like she realised she was just one of many, let alone how impressive his conquests have been so far. Her thoughts cut off when he pulled out and left her groaning from the sudden empty feeling between her legs.
“Ha! Those two were easily pickings! I barely broke a sweat!” Zhou claimed as he used the hold on her legs to turn her over to make her lay on her stomach. “Lady Ii was my first claim of this new land… Then that little ninja girl Kunoichi! And that cute priestess Aya too!”
“S-Surely those ladies are enough??” Hayakawa bit her lip again, looking back as she was sprawled out on the bed sheets. Not even being allowed to fully undress as he moved up to mount her again. “Why need me when you can choose from them?”
“Why?” He grinned as he lined his cock back up with her twat. “It’s simple, my Lady! Because I am the ruler of this world! I can have any woman I desire!” He bluntly said as he ploughed back into her folds.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH…” Her head tilted back as that fat cock buried into her tightness, and going in to the hilt from just the first motion as well. Groaning out not just from the pleasure, but feeling his massive bulk on top of her as his stomach rested on her back as he fucked her in this prone position. His hands on her shoulders as well but his weight alone meant she wasn’t going anywhere until he moved off. He just wanted another display of power and ownership over her as he shifted his hips back and forth. “MMMMMM…  A-Any woman?? And yet you pick me? MMMMM… I f-feel honoured, m-my Lord!” The corruption of her mind was showing as the innocence gave way to depravity thanks to the big cock sliding in and out of her snug box. Yet again her hands clutching deep handfuls of the sheets she was laying on while her legs were angled back and the knees. Legs spread wide and willingly to take this creep’s cock nice and deep into her snatch as she left his dick soaked with juices.

“MMMMM! Now you’re getting it, my Lady! AHHHHH… I knew I saw the potential in you!” He mocked, knowing she was just believing his warped and sexist views of the world. Knowing that she would soon enough be an eager cock sucker and ready to be bent over and taken wherever and whenever he felt like it. Not even caring that she’s from a future time to his era, let alone from another world as he continued to bury his dick balls deep into her twat. “AHHHH… I only pick the finest women to have the honour to become one of my wives! MMMMM… So indeed, you should feel honoured to be able to… MMMM! Get to worship and serve me day and night!” He claimed as he kept filling up from above. Making her tiny body squirm underneath her as he easily pinned her onto his bed from his obese size alone. Making a slap of skin hitting skin when he pumped downward and his crotch smacked hard into her cutely rounded ass.

“AHHHHH… MMMMM… Yessssss… Honour… Serve… MMMMMM…” Her eyes were half closed as she stared back over her shoulder. Her battle dress starting to stick to her body from the sweat forming all over her as the drips rolled down her cheeks. Leaving loose strands of her long, dark hair clinging to her pretty face but she no longer had the worry to try and even shake them off. The pleasure from taking her new Master’s big cock clouding her mind as she allowed herself to be used for his sinful needs. “MMMMM… Yes! AHHHHH… So good! MMMMM… Lord Dong Zhou’s cock! MMMMM!! S-So good!!” She groaned out as she wasn’t even able to jolt forward despite how firmly his cock was ploughing into her box from above. Held in place with his hands gripping her shoulders. Treating her truly like she was just property to do whatever he wanted to. And her moans, increasing with shamelessness and loudness as he cock continued to ram into her, just encouraged her to keep wrecking her mind with thoughts of sin that she never would have considered the day before, let alone back in her own world and time.

A wide and wicked grin was on the already repulsive enough face of the warlord from the Three Kingdoms. More than happy to drive his fat cock into a beauty from the Warring States era and caring little for her role in her clan, let alone the plans of marriage that were intended for her future. More interested in keeping her snatch resized to perfectly grip is prick as he pumped in and out to keep her moans loud and constant. Leaving not just his dick coated in her juices but leaving the expensive sheets of his bed more than stained from the fluids along with sweat from them both. Using up some pouches of tax gold to replace the lavish material was a small price to pay in his cruel mind if it meant securing another stunning woman to add to the ranks of his never ending harem.

“MMMMM!! AHHHH!! MMMMM… M-More! Please, my Lord! MMMMM!! It’s so good! MMMMM YES…” She moaned out, sounding seductive now as she gasped and took his cock over and over. Her legs still angled up and her toes pointing to the ceiling of his chambers from the pleasure as she got rammed swiftly and hard. All while still dressed in her traditional attire that would likely be ruined beyond any simple clean from she’s sweating hard now from the best sex of her young life. “AHHHHH! P-Please! MMMMM!! MORE!! OOOOOOOOH!! D-Don’t stop! MMMMM YES! I n-need it! AHHHHH!!” She begged, spilling out dirty talk even in a more innocent-like fashion than most of his other wives let out. Still words that she would have never said before even if her life depended on it. Showing her fall from being a respected officer of Hojo to now just a set of tight, fuckable holes for him to select and use if he was bored of his other whores.

“MMMMM… Only because you asked so obediently, my Lady! MMMM…” He taunted again as he kept his cock drilling sharply downward over and over again. The clap of his unsightly body colliding with her slim and stunning frame ringing out around the room along with their moans. Showing off his own unlikely stamina and ability as he was only now starting to sweat himself despite how repeatedly and deeply he’s been fucking this gorgeous Japanese maiden’s twat with his fat and long Chinese cock. “AHHHHH… I think you see now the great benefits of being in my service… MMMM! As only of my faithful, exclusive wives…” He claimed, as if telling a woman that all she was good for was to shove his cock into was an acceptable sort of remark. Let alone acting like it was a compliment. Grunting as he pumped down and filled her snatch up with his dick as his heavy balls slapped off her wet folds from the swing of momentum he was using to pound her silly.

Yet once again, she was left groaning from an empty sensation as her snatch, once super tight, was now already left gaping open when he pulled out. Even so, it wasn’t to give her a break but just so he could haul her back along the bed as he moved off of it himself. Pushing her back down so she was bent over onto the sizeable furniture that was more than big enough for him to use to fuck her on alone. But he wanted to give her a workout in a different way as her modest but nicely rounded ass stuck out as her dress stayed hiked up. Taking her from behind now as he slammed his cock right back into that already resized twat of hers. Getting the moans loudly calling out all over again as the clap of skin hitting skin rang out alongside the groans.

Even so, it wasn’t enough for an ego as large as his heaving stomach was. Reaching forward to grab a handful of her long hair with ease as it ran down to her hips. Soon tugging harshly and leaving her groaning from the commanding pull as her head tilted back. Eyes rolling upward as the sensation sent pleasure through her with the sting of pain just enhancing things. Seizing on this newfound kink that her warped mind never had before as whenever he sent a pump into her dripping snatch, he pulled on those long locks to make her jolt back. Taking his dick perfectly deep into her soaking wet hole that’s already in just an hour been well trained for balls deep action. Anyone who sampled her now would think she was more of an experienced Brothel worker than a former officer of battle. Not that now, with how stretched out she is, she’d feel any lesser man if they didn’t have the thickness let alone length her new Master was packing.

“AHHHHH YES!! OH YES!! MMMMM MY LORD!! OH YESSS! YES YES YES!! MMMMM…” She panted out as the sweat dripped from her face and a shameful trail of drool began to trickle from the corner of her open, moaning mouth as she got further overwhelmed by being ravaged by a man she should be disgusted by. Not even able to grip the sheets as her arms hung limp by her sides as her upper body was only arched up thanks to the hard hold on her hair from the man banging her from the back. “UHHHH!! OH YESSSSSSSSS… AHHHHHH I NEED IT!! I WANT IT, MY LORD! MMMMM!! P-PLEASE! MORE! MORE!! MORE MORE MOOOOOOOORE MMMMMM!!” The disgraceful begging was as endless as the lust of the warlord driving his dick home into that still snug but now soaking wet snatch of hers. Her body jolting sharply back and forth as she was sent forward when his bulk collided hard into her along with the stiff force of his pumps. Then roughly pulled back by her long hair to meet the next swift thrust before she got sent into the bed all over again.

“MMMMM… I do love it when I’m correct about a new whore…” He bragged between his moans. His massive stomach covering up the actual sight of his crotch slamming forward into her toned backside but the loud slap of their frames meeting signalling the event with a regular sharpness like it was the gears of a mill working overtime. “AHHHH… And I’ve never been wrong yet… MMMMM… When it comes to finding a new woman worthy enough to be my next wife!” He added between his own loud and filthy groans. Making it look all too easy as he pumped briskly into that twat of the young stunner of the Hojo clan as he kept one hand deeply clutching her long hair to tug on her regularly. Further treating her just as mere physical property as he kept his cock slamming back and forth into her. Showing no mercy despite her tight and tiny frame lacking the curves let along the height many of his existing whores from this world and his homeland possess.

“AHHHHH… AHHHHH!! MMMMMM!!” At this point, the only thing keeping Hayakawa up was that harsh grip on her long dark locks Her eyes glazed over in delight as her tongue was now hanging out of her mouth from the pleasure. Her legs barely staying planted on the ground and trembling as she was bent over the bed while her arms were lifeless and slightly swaying as her frame jolted whenever she took a new, deep and hard pump. “UHHHHHH!! MMMMMMMM!!!” Little wonder that after he slammed his cock into her tunnel she finally hit a peak. Driven through an intense orgasm as that cock dominating her snatch didn’t stop its rapid and stiff motion. Leaving her juices dripping down onto the already soaked bedsheets as she moaned out. Her clothing ruined from all the sweat and her hair not that far off from a similar state with more than a few strands stuck to her cheeks and messy all around over her back and down her sides.

Of course, the wicked man behind her wasn’t just fucking her through her orgasm to allow her to enjoy the most intense peak of her young life so far. Not even to top off his plan of corrupting the once proud and respected officer into a new cock-drunk whore. He just wanted more pleasure himself and to enjoy how her snatch felt mega tight like he was penetrating her for the first time as her walls clung to his rod as she came. Giving him all the more reason to keep drilling her even as he cock began to pulse inside of her soaking wet and more than well fucked hole. After all, he didn’t really care at all if any of his wives got off on the fun (and usually they did, showing how supreme his own ability was). This was all about him and enjoying a world of wine, women and song that only a true sexist slob like him could think was possible.

Showing his disrespect, he didn’t even bother to warn the gorgeous, youthful beauty about his impending finish. Just stuffing his dick back into her and using the pull of her hair to keep her twat backed up into his crotch as he let out a deep, beastly grunt. Unloading deep into Lady Hayakawa’s once inexperienced pussy and in turn making her howl out as she was sent into another, all be it smaller, orgasm of her own. Feeling her already stretched out insides now splattered with thick, hot cum that shot deep into her like he was finding a way to claim her inside and out. Keeping his cock buried into her as he groaned and bucked a bit into her as he unloaded shot after shot. Eventually pulling out slowly as he grinned. Stepping back and watching his cum ooze back out of her gaping pussy to land with thick splats onto the bedsheets and the floor below. A sight even more disgraceful when he let of her hair and she simply slumped onto the bed with an exhausted groan as more spunk dripped out onto the ruined sheets.

“Ahhhhhh… Ahhhhhh…” Hayakawa had a wide, sex-drunk smile like she was in a post-orgasm coma. Her eyes open but glazed over as she stared ahead as if to show her brain was well and truly fried from the best sex of her life. Even if it’s left her being just one of his man sex slaves here in his personal palace.
“You need a bit of work, my Lady…” Zhou grinned as she slipped his robes back in. All too happy to walk away from a freshly fucked slut now he’d gotten off. “But a week or so of training? You’ll be a decent enough whore soon enough!” He decided for her as he tied his belt back around his waist.
“Ahhhhhh… Mmmmmm…” She couldn’t even form words, just panting and staring blankly as the spunk continued to fall out of that well fucked pussy of hers.

“Ha! Women are even better when they don’t talk back! You really have potential!” Dong mockingly said as he all too casually walked out of his bedroom. “Where’s a damn retainer!” He yelled, and from down the corridor a palace official (who likely had heard everything that had gone on in the room) scurried up before bowing respectfully to his Lord. “Have some maids clean and change my bed! Then cart my new wife off to be washed up. We’ll have a marriage celebration ceremony and banquet tomorrow!” He ordered.

“My Lord! You only had such a celebration the other day to celebrate what you called the ‘celebration’ of you declaring yourself the Emperor of this word.” The official stated.
“And what of it, you worm?! Get out of my sight and do as I say!” He barked, making the man back off and quickly bow in fear. “And if we need to tax the peasants for more food for it again, then so be it! Remind them I’ll cast them out to the demons if they hold back any supplies in secret!” He added as the official hurried away. “Fools! So what if I enjoy myself! I’m the ruler of this world and it’s my right to celebrate! And a standard, five or so course banquet will be nothing compared to the parties I’ll throw when I finally take out these so-called Gods and whatever this Serpent King is! When I take over this world and make it my full Shangri-La? I’ll party like the world is ending! Or at least, like the old one has!” He decided with a wide grin. And with as much focus as he has for claiming women as his personal play toys? His plans to dominate this world may very likely bare wicked fruit after all.

* * *

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Re: Shangri-La [Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors/Warriors Orochi]
« Reply #25 on: June 26, 2022, 08:03:23 AM »
WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi or any of its characters.

Starring: Ina (Samurai Warriors/Warriors Orochi), Dong Zhou (Dynasty Warriors/Warriors Orochi).

Samurai Warriors: Shangri-La – Chapter 26

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, inter.

* * *

“You there! Silly girl! Stop that at once!” Dong Zhou rudely called out, looking annoyed as he waddled across the training grounds of his old palace that used to be headquarters and base camp before moving to a more sunnier climate. He had only stopped by to check in on the troops there and his Generals overseeing the troops as the war between his ally forces, the demons and the Gods continued on. But he was less than thrilled seeing a woman not only doing something by herself without following orders, but looking like she was preparing to fight instead of, as he believed females should, just serving him anyway he demanded.

Unimpressed, the beautiful archer known as Ina raised an eyebrow before she turned and shot another practice arrow. Perfectly hitting the centre of the target to go with the other arrows dotted in the bull’s eye to pepper it with a high ‘score’ that few could dream of coming close to. The beauty of the Samurai Warriors-era was clad in a battle attire of purples and violets, with silver and gold trim shoulder armour, gauntlets and gloves, knee coverings and ankle guards. Having on open sandals for footwear with blue ‘socks’ on for added comfort. Her clothing showing off her smooth, nicely thick thighs and a more than generous hint of a very impressive bust. Her dark hair styled in a long ponytail and held in place with a sharp, golden headpiece with a pink flower tied in string hanging from the side. A small headband across her forehead completing the look as she held a huge, weight bow with matching quiver either of which alone looked heavy enough that a far more muscular, stronger man should only be able to use them.

“Hey! I’m speaking to you, woman!” Dong snapped as he approached with a glare. “A woman’s place is not on the battlefield! You shall know your place at once!”
“Lies. I know my worth, and my place.” Ina coldly said as she turned to stare up at him. “And it’s not wasting my time going to your hideaway base far from the call of battle.”
“I ordered any and all fine women to my new home, and you shall be no different.” He said, similarly not fazed by her defiance. “...Wait, I know exactly who you are! You’re that Ina woman. The one who keeps fawning over one of those little Sanada brother twerps.” He said as he scanned her over.
“T-That is of no importance!” Her stutter betrayed her, showing that her desire to be involved in combat wasn’t just to fulfil some form of duty. “I am a warrior of the battlefield. I merely wish to do my duty to my land and my family.”

“Ha! Now you’re the one telling lies!” Zhou smirked, seeing an opportunity here. “But I’ll tell you what! I’m a generous ruler of this strange land. I’ll give you a chance to prove yourself. A little test shall we say?” He offered and if she knew him well enough, she would have backed off there and then instead of staying and glaring. “If I win? You do as I damn well demand you to! And if you somehow win? You can go play war wife to that lowly peasant Sanada.”
“How dare you insult him!” Ina snapped, falling for his trap. “Fine! I accept! I’ll easily beat you at any test or game you have!”
“Silly girl… Very well! Follow me and don’t bother bringing that weapon.” He instructed, seeing her look unimpressed. “What? I never said our test would be any sort of battle with bow and arrow…”

* * *

Minutes later, inside of the Master Bedroom of the Imperial Palace…

“MMMMMPHHH!! HHHHHHRRKKK!! MMMMM!!” Ina was soon paying for her self confidence as she was down on her knees. Her long ponytail being gripped as Dong Zhou, completely naked and showing off his unsightly body, thrust his long, fat cock in and out of the beauty’s groaning mouth. Showing her what her agreement to be ‘tested’ meant as he got to fuck her stunning face at the expense of making her gag along his length as he pumped in. “AHHHHHKKKK!! GAAAAAAAHHH!! HHHHHHRKKK!!” She stared up with wide eyes. Already lacking the glare she’d shown down at the training ground as saliva seeped past her lips and down her chin. Coating his pole as he pumped in firmly with a smooth pace to make himself moan out with wide, shameless smile.

“Mmmmm! Ina-Chan! I expected more from a girl with a mouth so boastful as yours!” He mocked, seeing how each time he cock rammed in and his mushroom head hit off the back of her mouth she let out fresh, sinful choke. Loving how her spit was running down his size as he worked in and out. Stretching her soft lips as she stared up and despite the discomfort she was feeling never once tried to pull back. Leaving him, free to thrust away in and out of her oral hole as she stayed on her knees in front of him. “Ahhhh… Don’t tell me that your lover, that Sanada brother you settled for, isn’t gifted down where it matters?” He made sure to joke about this as well. Knowing full well this beauty’s heart was with another man so in a sense he had tricked her into cheating on him. Enjoying the fruits of another plan as he got to savour the warmth and wetness of her fantastic mouth.

“GAAAAAAAAAHH!! HHHHHLLLKKKK… MMMMMMPHHH!!” She couldn’t respond even if she wanted to. But the answer was obvious from the choking she was doing that this level of cock was far longer and fatter than she was used to. The drool falling off her chin, running down her neck and landing across the tops of her juicy tits that were shaking with each choke she gave. “MMMMMM!! HHHHHHRRRRKK… GAAAAAAAAAHH!!” Her eyes watered as she stared up. Legs grasping again but showing how willing she was to try, as even fruitless as it was, to last against him as she let her mouth be abused by this ruthless warlord. Her long hair still being clutched so her head stayed in place for him to pound into. Filling her mouth up with his prick as her pretty features slid closer towards his crotch.

“MMMM… But don’t worry my dear… I’m a very forgiving Lord…” He claimed with a snigger as he stared down, seeing her far more weakened expression compared to the defiance earlier on before they reached his chambers. Or at least as much of it appeared in view before her face was brought down under his bulging gut as he forced his prick beyond just the confines of that lovely, hot mouth of hers. “MMMMM… I always can see the potential for a new Lady in my court… And as a new Wife to add to my collection…” He was deciding her fate for her already between his loud moans. And he had every right to with how easily he was handling her already. His heavy ball sack now hitting off of her spit-dripping chin as he pumped back and forth between her lips. Ignoring her chokes and groans as he worked away stiffly and smoothly. The sort of pace that most men would only use on a woman’s pussy rather than hammering their oral hole.

“HHHHHHHHHKKK!! GAAAAAAAAAHH!! HHHHHHRRRKK!!” Ina’s eyes were half closed. Getting light headed from her throat getting filled up as her head was jolting on his dick even as her ponytail was clutched. Feeling the burn in her oral tunnel as she was getting stretched out, having never been touched this deep during a session of sex before. Her chokes hard and raspy now as the saliva continued dripping not just off his length but her own jaw. Staining her clothing and leaving a shine on her skin. It had only been the start of this ‘test’ but she looked like already a defeated prize of war. Kneeling and slobbering away over a big fat cock, and enduring not just that shame but doing so while in the same attire she hoped to march out proudly onto the battlefield while wearing.

Little hope for that now as he showed not exactly mercy, but a plan to move on as he pulled out of her already abused mouth. Leaving her gasping as she rubbed her throat and quickly took in air. “Now now, Lady Ina! There’s no rest time for you!” Zhou decided for her, using that hold of her long hair to force her up from her knees. Already putting her into a new position as he moved her to stand then lean up against the wall of the Master Bedroom.
“W-Wait! I’m not even undressed!” Ina looked back over her shoulder as she put her hands up against the wall. “Surely we can’t… Ahhhh!” She gasped as he used his free hand to hike up the dress part of her combat costume. Yanking down the plain under shorts that acted like underwear for her gear as he exposed her snatch.
“You’re clearly too sheltered, Ina-Chan!” Dong mocked as he moved behind her. “As long as there’s access enough? I’m more than able to show a Wife of mine a good time.”

“I am not your Wife! I’m a… AHHHHHH!!” Ina’s protests were cut off as she moaned out. Feeling his thick shaft, coated with her own saliva, being pushed up into her as expected vice-like slit. Making him moan out with a grin as the snugness as he kept one hand on that long dark hair of hers to hold her in place. The other holding her dress at the side as he started to thrust. Enjoying the feeling of her as those walls resisted and stayed tight around his vast size. Still not enough to deter him as he pressed on. Pumping in with a steady pace as he more looked to enjoy and savour breaking in a new whore, knowing full well their ‘bet’ would already be easily won by him even at his early stage.

“B-By the Heavens! AHHHHH!! It’s so big!! MMMMM!! So t-thick!!” The stunning Archer moaned out between shocked gasps. Like she couldn’t quite believe she was handling that thick size in another of her holes. This time warming up to it feeling the pleasure of being spread open unlike her constant choking from the first time deep throating earlier on. Not even realising her legs had spread a little more as she took a huge dick for the first time into her snug love tunnel for the first time. “MMMMM! N-Not so rough! AHHHHH! Have you n-no shame??” She whined as he wasn’t going easy on this hole either. Firmly pumping in, forcing more of his inches into her without giving her body the real time to adjust to being filled up in a way she’s never experienced before. But seemingly from her moans her stunning, curved frame was built to handle.

“MMMM… Shame? My Lady, the only one disgracing themselves is you… And doing so quite loudly and shamelessly on my cock!” Zhou pointed out with a wicked smile as he made it out like this was all her doing, although she had been the one who consented to being ‘tested’ in such a lewd way. Getting hammered from behind as his thrusts went in deep. The bottom of his gut brushing over the top of her ass as he went in and made a home for himself inside her dampening snatch. His motion making her shift back and forth, sending her tits swaying to test the limits of what her top could contain. But still not showing too much mercy even for a fresh Wife-to-be. Keeping a firm grip of her hair so he could tug on her once in a while and keep her gasping to warp her mind with not just the pleasure but the odd thrill of pain. Showing how often he’s broken in stunning, respected beauties like her in the past both in this mysterious land and back in his home world and dimension.

“AHHHHH! That’s not true! I’m o-only doing this… MMMMM!! B-Because… AHHHHH!! OOOOOOOH!!” She gasped again with another pull on her dark locks. The strings and the pink flower tied into her hair swaying while her body jolted back and forth. Beads of sweat beginning to form and roll down her gorgeous features as a loose strand of the hair at the sides of her head became stuck to her cheek. That being the least of her concerns now as she got pleasure flowing through her clothed body in a way that no man before, even the one she was in love with, had been able to give her. “MMMMM!! S-So what?? So what if it feels good?? MMMMM!! I-It still doesn’t change a thing about w-what I want!” She whined before moaning again. Her admission contrasted by weak sounding claims as she tried to hold onto the reason why she was letting this hideous man fuck her from behind. Clearly in a losing battle but the last of her confidence keeping her in the fight. Just to be bent over and railed as he pumped away into her and made her rounded backside slap off his bulky frame whenever he drove in.

“MMMMM… Yes, I can clear see what you want! MMMM…” Zhou taunted again as he ploughed balls deep into the beauty from the Warring States period. Filling up that snug box with his inches as her juices now replaced her saliva that had been covering him. A sign along with her moans about how much, despite her empty protests, she was loving getting the first dose of proper sex in her life. “AHHHH… I can especially feel it too, my Lady!” He added as he even made it look easy from just the way he was gripping her. Barely needing to hold her waist as the grip on that long dark hair was more than enough to keep her in place, bent over up against a wall to be ploughed from behind. A position helped by the face that the woman who should be hating this was making no moves at all to get away from this sinful action from a hideous man she should be hating instead of offering up her body to.

“UHHHH!” Ina grunted when he pulled out of her wet snatch. Not even giving her time to catch her breath as yet again by the ponytail (which he’d never let go of since this all began) he hauled her away from the wall. “S-So rough! Do you treat all your Wives like this??” She gasped as he marched her over to that spacious four poster bed in the room. Making her climb onto it to get onto her hands and knees with that inviting twat facing him.

“Only the ones who I know can handle it…” Zhou claimed as he stood behind her. Not much ceremony performed as he shoved his prick back into her slickness. Able to ram in balls deep right from the start to make her ass clap off his unsightly body. Her hands gripping into the expensive sheets as she moaned out and found her body jolting out from not so much the stiffness of his pumps, but the sheer bulk of him hitting into her stunning body from behind. Not able to shift too far forward though as his hold on her dark ponytail was used to drag her right back to take the next thrust. Keeping up that double team of wrecking her sweating body with pleasure while breaking her mind with the sharp bursts of pain from the hair tugging.

“AHHHHH!! MMMMM!! SO DEEP!! IT’S UNREAL!! AHHHHH!!” She panted out as she got drilled nice and deep. Staring forward with glazed over eyes as her brain melted in delight from how wonderful it felt to be ravaged by such a thick slab of man-meat. The same cock that has already broken countless women, including from her homeland, into the same sort of sweating, moaning mess she is degrading into. “MMMM! MORE… PLEASE! AHHHHH!! D-DON’T STOP! OOOOOOOH!!” She begged between lustful gasps. Her big tits jiggling back and forth so much that the hard nipples have spilled out over the top of her clothing for an extra dose of shame. That regal attire clinging to her body from all the moisture coating her and leaving more loose strands of her hair stuck to her face.

“MMMMM… Now that’s a far better look and voice from you, my Lady! MMMM… I knew you had it in you!” He bragged as he pumped in and out. That all too familiar transformation of a once proud, talented Officer now reduced to a desperate whore as her pussy left his dick soaked with juices. Just giving him the smooth ease to plough in and out of her slot with that swift and hard pace. The slap of skin hitting skin ringing out around his chambers of the Imperial Palace to join their moans in the air. Far from the first time he’s heard that symphony either but never getting tired of it yet be they a beauty of Japan like her or one from back in his land of China. No matter the timeline or dimension if he thought them beautiful enough to be his Wife? He would gladly tame and claim them.

Ina clenched her teeth together, her mind not even able to come up with words as the pleasure continued to race though her. Juices dripping down from between her legs to stain those lavish sheets she’s being fucked on. Managing at least to stay up on her hands and knees to be fucked even if she couldn’t even rock back and forth under her own power. Getting near rag dolled along his meaty pole as he combined those harsh, deep thrusts with yanks on her now messy, sweat-soaked ponytail. Ensuring she got hauled into each slamming pump he delivered as he resized her love tunnel to such a state that there would be no chance that any man, including the Sanada clan man she was supposed to be in love with, could ever satisfy her after this pounding pace.

That suited this cruel man just fine. Wanting his women to be solely addicted to him and his cock, with only occasionally letting some select grunts or advisors and the like enjoy one of his Wives once in a rare while. And he was once again making it look like any beauty from any time period, world or dimension were fair game for him and his never ending lust. Driving his dick in and out of her once vice-like pussy to leaver her walls perfectly clinging to his member as it slid in deeper than anyone else would be able to reach now. Leaving his prick soaked as her fluids dripped to his balls as they slapped off the bottom of her entrance. Each deep pump making her addicted to the feeling of sin just like so many other Samurai Warriors have experienced before.

“AHHHH YES!! MMMMM YES!! YES YES YESSSSSSSSSS!!” Ina gasped out as her eyes rolled upward. Her tongue sticking right out in shameful delight as drool fell from the tip. Unable to hold back as she caved in to the sin and started to cum nice and hard over that fat, thrusting dick. Making even more of a mess than before all over not just his cock, but down onto those stained sheets she’s been banged on. Her arms buckling as her body leaned down a bit but still held in position thanks to the clutch on her hair so the brute nailing her from the back could keep enjoying her snatch. “AHHHHH… AHHHHHH… MMMMM…” She panted with a lazy, cock-drunk smile as the sweat dripped down her face. Still made to jolt as she was hauled back onto his length. Keeping her tits swinging as they now were left fully out of her top from all the jiggling. Just adding to her broken and defeated state to look far from the proud and deadly Archer she’s supposed to be.

That should have been enough to mark her demise from being an Officer to now just another of his ever-growing Harem of whores. No such luck for her as he pulled out of that well fucked and now left gaping pussy of hers. Still enough in the tank, even as now he was finally showing off sweat over that hideous body of his. Once more using her long, gorgeous ponytail to pull her roughly about. Treating her like she was just property rather than an actual person as he dragged her to the position that started this off all at. Kneeling in front of her but this time her eyes widened with desire as she eagerly opened up her panting mouth wide for him. Far from recovered from the hardest orgasm of her life, but the offer of more cock was too good for her broken mind to pass up.

Leaving her ‘rewarded’ when he slid between her pouty lips and this time before he could start thrusting, she was the one working her oral hole along his thick and now very familiar meat. Making him, grin and moan as while still clutching the hair, he now allowed her to work over him at her own pace. An eager one at that as she slurped up and down. Her mind in such a state of lust that she found no issue with tasting her own pussy from off his length. Cleaning off the mess of juices with hungry lashes of her tongue across the shaft while she bobbed up and down. Muffled groans let out around him as she whorishly went to work on the man she was now the sex slave and harem Wife to.

“Mmmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm… Hmmmmmphhh…” Ina’s eyes stared up with intense desire, even after having just orgasmed so hard and with the sweat still coating her face. Not even bothering to reach up and brush stray strands away from her as she slurped up and down. Her own fluids replaced with her saliva as she sucked along his prick. The motion of her head alone making her tits shake for an added treat for the cruel slob getting to use her. A primal scene as he kept a hold of her hair even as the tail end of it swung a bit from her head moving firmly along his size. “Mmmmm! Mmmmmmphhh…” So addicted to him, to sex and especially to this big fat dick that she was moaning from the taste of him. Sliding her tongue along his underside like she’s been a natural cock sucker for years rather than minutes. Showing that by now being able to freely bob along half of his meaty size without gagging once, unlike her amateur level of oral she’s shown earlier on.

“AHHHH… Lady Ina! A most impressive display! MMMM… I knew a true woman was inside of you all along!” He back handedly said as his disgusting, sexist ways showed he only judged her just like any other female – on their looks and the ability to take some dick. And with a stunning beauty such as this he’d bagged one Hell of a red hot prize. Just at the expense of breaking her once proud and strong mind to turn her into a slut filthier than the most experienced of Brothel whores. Moaning out as his cock began to pulse between her soft lips as she pressed them nicely around his thickness. Her saliva dripping down and off her chin. Clearly though making a mess of herself wasn’t a worry any more. Proven by how she had a stray string of pubic hair from off of him now stick just below her slurping mouth as she performed her new duty as his whore and Wife. “MMMMM! So now I think… AHHHH! It’s time for a fitting reward!”

That of course could only really mean him pulling out as he stroked off his dick. Not even giving her a proper warning as he topped off her already humiliated, broken state by plastering Ina’s stunning face with his seed. Thick ropes hitting across her cheeks, nose, lips and chin as she moaned out took the facial. Shots catching into her hair at the sides of her face, but also up over her forehead to stain and ruin the headband that she wore. A wide smile on his face as he emptied his balls onto her, leaving the jizz dripping down onto her rapidly rising and lowering chest. Groaning as she got coated and this would certainly be far from the first time she’d be used as his personal cum dump either.

“So, Lady Ina? You understand your place now, right?” Dong asked with that wicked grin as he looked over the messy state he’s left her in.
“Mmmmm… Yes, my Lord…” Ina purred as she gazed up at him with his seed covering her. “My place is serving you with my body… Not being out in battle…” She said, uttering words that would have never crossed her mind before being claimed by him.
“Well said! You can prove that by heading out with me back to my main camp tomorrow!” Zhou decided for her. “Because tonight I’m going to enjoy quite the feast! A celebration of…”

He had started to brag before a sharp knock on the door grabbed his attention. Grumbling as he waddled away from the bed and put on the first lavish robe he could fine. Barely wrapping it around himself while Ina stayed panting on the floor on her knees. “WHAT??” Zhou snapped as he opened the door, seeing a messenger who cowered back in fear from seeing him.

“F-Forgive me lord, but I bring a message!” The man stuttered out. “A scouting party from near your base camp have discovered a strange new area with suspicious buildings not that far from your territory. We know you have explicit instructions not to bother you about this unless necessary, but Lady Ayane insists that we investigate! She says there might be a woman there who…”
“TELL THEM I’M ON MY WAY!” Zhou quickly barked as the messenger nodded and hurried off. “Ina! Clean up and meet me downstairs. We’re moving out now!” He said as Ina, groaning, pulled herself up to her feet. “If there’s one thing I love more than good wine and plentiful food? It’s another priceless woman! And if she’s from another world then she’s absolutely mine to have!!” He said with a sinister grin. Showing his lust and addiction to power from wanting whoever this foreign beauty was without even laying eyes on her yet.

* * *

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Re: Shangri-La [Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors/Warriors Orochi]
« Reply #26 on: December 07, 2022, 05:42:31 AM »
WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi, Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden or any of its characters.

Starring: Ayane (Dead or Alive/Warriors Orochi 3), Dong Zhou (Dynasty Warriors/Warriors Orochi), Rachel (Ninja Gaiden/Warriors Orochi 3).

Samurai Warriors: Shangri-La – Chapter 27

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, MFF, oral, inter.

* * *

Prime Minister’s Official Residence, Seaside Paradise.

“So, when you said that you had a feeling I would like this woman you’ve been raving about, you weren’t kidding around, Lady Ayane…” Dong Zhou had a wide, ugly smile on his bearded face as he sat back on his Imperial Throne. Looking over the new woman from a vastly different world, let alone era of time, to his own of the dawn of the Three Kingdoms.

“Naturally! I never disappoint…” Ayane, the stunning female ninja boasted with a matching smirk on her far more appealing features. Clad in her violet battle attire, almost matching her short hair, as her clothing showed off deep cleavage from her large tits. “When I’d heard the description I knew it could only be one woman. To say that we know one another is an understatement. I know exactly what Rachel is capable of. And she would be an excellent edition to the armies with her desire to slay fiends like those monsters out there… Not that I know that’s in your interests of course.” She added with a sly wink. Showing that despite the hints of her usual ego, she’s been well trained and mind broken to be sex drunk to him like the rest of his harem of whores from now across dimensions and times here in the land of the Serpent King as Gods of Olympus.

“I know you’ve always been a curious one, Ayane. But what’s that supposed to mean?” The statuesque blonde from the Holy Vigoor Empire known as Rachel raised a questioning eyebrow at the last remark. “It was odd to hear that you and Ryu were working for someone, but now I see him in person? I’m questioning your judgement a little more now…” She added. Rachel was clad in a very eye catching black one-piece battle costume with several straps and tied strings. Showing off her own massive, rounded rack with the open top, pushing out deep cleavage. Black booths running up to her thighs and clipped up at a belt just above her crotch. While her golden blonde hair was styled to be tied up high with a ponytail at the back.

“Don’t you question our Lord, Rachel!” Ayane snapped, casting a look at her ally from past conflicts in the history of Ninja Gaiden. “He’s opened my eyes to the truth about women like us… And you should be thankful I’ve put in such a good word about you that makes us be higher up the ranks than some of his other women.” She claimed. Already making it sound like it was some sort of twisted honour to serve him rather than carry out proper duties as a kunoichi.
“What on Earth are you talking about? You’re being more strange than usual.” Rachel said, putting her hands on her hips. “All I want is some orders and to slaughter some more of these hoards of fiends out there… And fighting alongside Ryu again will make for a nice catch up, even in this odd world.”
“Oh, it’s orders you want, Lady Rachel?” Dong Zhou spoke, having let this charade play out for long enough. “Well I’ve got plenty for you! But first, I see that you’re a little confused still about what’s going on here.” He said, getting the attention of both women. “Then allow your friend here to give a demonstration… Lady Ayane? I don’t think I need to spell it out now, do I?”

“No, you do not, Master.” Ayane grinned as she moved right forward and up to be in front of him. Rachel could only stare in shock as Ayane willingly knelt down between his legs, hauling his lavish attire down to expose another sight to make the blonde’s jaw drop. A massive, thick piece of man-meat that was fiendish in its own right. Already hardening before Ayane greedily took a hold of him and guided his dick up into her mouth. “MMMMMPHHH… MMMMMPHHH!! MMMMM!!” She moaned loudly around his cock as she started to bob up and down. Already sending strands of her violet hair swaying back and forth in time with her hungry motion. Working her tongue against the bottom to race him to being rock hard. Already her eyes shamefully rolling upward in delight at the delicious, addictive taste of the cock that had broken her and turned her from lethal ninja into filthy whore.

“A-Ayane?? What is the meaning of this??” Rachel could only stare and watch as her friend slurped on the thick length of a hideous, grinning slob. Witnessing the vanishing act of that oversized member being taken up with ease into Ayane’s usually arrogant oral hole. Now put to a much better use as she pleasured this wicked warlord. Slurping loudly with no shame at all as she got her saliva drooling down that very familiar length. “Hey! Don’t just ignore me! Sucking on this man’s cock like some common whore!” Rachel said, gritting her teeth as she tried to process this sight even as she clearly witnessed it. Ayane even goes hands free to just plunge her mouth up and down his dick to make it disappear as her gorgeous face pressed down into the thick jungle at his crotch. Slipping his size into the snugness of her throat in a way she couldn’t have pulled off on the first day they’d met, but now was second nature to her more than any ninja art she’s been trained in.

“GAHHHHHHHH!! HHHHHRRRKK!! MMMMMPPPHHHH!! MMMMM!!” Ignoring the demands of a beauty from her own world, Ayane was too busy feasting on this massive dick as she fucked her throat up and down onto his length. Choking sinfully each time her pouty lips pushed down into his crotch before sliding back up with a purring groan. Not even having her eyes watering for a moment as she stared up with desire at her Master. “MMMM!! HHHHMMMPHH!! GAAAAAAAHHH!! MMMMM…” The spit drooling off her chin, hitting onto the exposed skin of her breasts as they jiggled from her more than energetic sucking off. Already leaving a lewd branding of having a stray piece of his pubic hair now left hanging from the corner of her mouth as she bobbed away. Showing off the near daily ‘training’ he’s given to her as part of his harem of warrior officers from across different eras.

“Mmmm… As you can see, Lady Rachel… Ahhhhh… Lady Ayane here has quickly become one of my favourites… Women of the future are superb at servicing their Master with their mouths!” Zhou rudely complimented, even as he gave a glance at the rack of the blonde having to watch this oral sex. Grinning away as he watched the Dead or Alive beauty slam her lips back and forth along his length as it got layered in her saliva. Even his moans not enough to mask the loud groans of delight even as muffled as they were around his thick length. “Mmmmm… Perhaps you can show Lady Rachel your other skills too, my eager pet…” He said as an order rather than a mere suggestion. Sitting back and watching that violet-haired head vanish under the crest of his bulging gut before popping up and repeating the motion. That length never leaving her mouth while she slurped and keeping her tongue working away at him as if she’s always been a natural cock sucker for years rather than weeks under his service.

With a loud and lewd ‘pop’, Ayane lifted her head up with a loud groan before licking her lips. “With pleasure, Master!” She agreed without barely needing to think it over. Her hands coming up to yank her clothing apart and down, freeing her huge bust in the process to bounce free. Soon captured by her hands as she brought them up to capture his dick for a tight sandwich. Making him moan even before she started to work him over. Pumping her large boobs up and down along his entire size, making his dick vanish when she rose upward before the crown popped out when she sent her chest down with a smack. “MMMMM… You cock feels so wonderful, my Lord… MMMM! Nice and big, so hot in between my breasts…” She purred as she performed the titty wank. The flesh of her mounds even spilling out over her own fingers despite the deep and firm grip she was using. Making sure his dick was getting massaged from all angles, and rubbing her own saliva onto her skin in the process.

“She’s really going for it… She’s totally into this…” Rachel mumbled to herself as she watched Ayane deliver the porn star-like fuck with those round, juicy breasts. The smack of the orbs hitting down into his lap ringing out with his moans as he sat back and had her do all the work. The motion performed with a swift pace and smooth skill to show quite clearly this is not the first time the ninja had used her chest to pleasure this slob of a man. “H-How is he lasting through this? There’s guys in that Dead or Alive tournament that wouldn’t be able to handle this!” Rachel said a little too loudly as she followed the bounce those vast titties were performing. Seeing first hand the unnatural stamina that a man of Dong Zhou’s size and looks shouldn’t possess, but has managed to use to tame the woman kneeling in front of him along with many more in his ever expanding harem.

“Don’t insult our Master by comparing him to other men!” Ayane snapped, glaring across at her ally from her home world and timeline for a moment. Still working her breasts up and down before she turned her face back to smile with a lick of her lips up at the man who had broken her into such a cock-drunk state. “MMMMM… Master’s cock is so big and hard… No other man could make me feel this fucking good…” She said between moans. Getting off from just the hot feeling of a shaft pressed between her tits as she drove her rack quickly up and down along him. Not even pausing the action of her hands as she leaned her head down to spit down onto his crown. The saliva soon vanishing when her mounds pushed up soon after as she repeated the tit fuck again and again.

“Mmmmm! Lady Rachel! I think you’re looking a little lonely over there…” Dong said with a confident smile as he locked onto the blonde. “Please, make yourself at home and step in closer.”
“Is that your way of telling me to take over from her?” Rachel questioned, even as her eyes glanced at his dick as despite knowing how wrong and questionable this all was, she did start to step forward towards the Throne he was sitting on. “I will admit, that it doesn’t sound like Ayane is under any sort of spell or is doing this against her will…” She added.
“Ha! If you want to show that you know your place, then feel free! Perhaps you think you can finish me off better than Lady Ayane can?” He claimed as his gaze followed the bounce of Rachel’s bust. Even when he had a set of huge tits already wrapped around his member.
“No chance! My breast fucks are the best!” Ayane said as she let go of his cock. “But she can try if she likes… My tits are bigger and better than hers.” She claimed with a scoffing tone, showing a hint of envy as Rachel’s rack might be even bigger than hers.
“I’m not doing this to outdo anyone!” Rachel shook her head, like she was trying to shake off why she couldn’t stop staring at this hideous man’s huge dick. “I just need to experience what’s going on and what’s happened to Ayane to make her act like this…” She claimed as she lowered herself down like she was in a trance. Reaching up to undo the front straps of her battle costume and allowing her own humongous set of tits to bounce free much to his grinning delight.

“Just one go with this cock won’t hurt, right? Just to try and figure out what the fuss is all about…” Rachel sounded like she was attempting to convince herself as she now took a turn to apply her hands to her own tits and bring them around that huge cock. Gasping out with the first contact of this Chinese warlord’s dick against her skin as the Holy Vigoor Empire beauty’s rack sandwiched into him. “I-It’s so hot! This feeling! It’s already incredible!” Rachel found herself moaning as she began to move her mounds along that shaft. A slowing pace than what was being done to him moments before but more than enough to make them both groan. Her eyes locked down to watch the mushroom head pop out from that deep cleavage she was making as she willingly fucked this man’s big dick. Even with a chest of her huge cup size still not enough to completely make his dick vanish when she brought her mounds down into his lap which was a sight alone to keep her staring as she found herself biting her lower lip. Feelings of desire building in her as she experienced why her ally was so addicted to this same cock.

“Mmmmm… It does feel good! This is like what those whores do in those porno videos… I never knew you could get pleasure from this too! Mmmm!” She groaned as she barely registered the feeling of smearing Ayane’s saliva onto her rack as she pumped away onto this big dick. Gaining confidence with each groan she let out as she serviced his fuck-stick with her heavy, rounded mountains. Sounding like she’s never given a titty wank before but already showing off ability of a natural with how smooth and steady her pumps along his pole are. “Mmmmm… And if you can handle being between Ayane’s tits and then mine? Mmmmm! I w-wonder what else you can do…” She mused as she stared up, biting her lower lip while delivering the strokes with her breasts. The smack of her tits hitting into hid crotch getting a little louder as the rounds passes as she got the close up feeling of how much he could handle from both of them. Getting thrust between either of these Ninja Gaiden beauty’s breasts would finish off any man, shinobi or otherwise, within a minute. So to last in a second round of paizuri from a stunning, hourglass woman showed just how superior his sexual ability really was.

Of course, he was having his cake and eating it more than a usual second dinner of the day. Ayane standing to lean against him as he savoured her fantastic body. A hand up between her legs under her skirt, thrusting a couple of fingers deep into her already soaking pussy. While he had his mouth clamped onto one of her her juicy tits to make her howl with delight as he slurped messily onto her titty. The hard nipple already soaked in his drool as she pushed her mound right against his ugly features so he could suckle away. Her hips bucking down to drive her snatch against his skilled digits, taking them up to the knuckle. Moaning with glee as she rubbed against him and stroked his shoulders with her hands to encourage being used like a living trophy. Getting her all worked up to the point where her head titled back and she let out a deep groan, cumming on the spot to soak his hand even more with her juices.

“A-Ayane came already?? Just from… MMMM! Just from his fingers??” Rachel groaned herself as she saw Ayane’s legs buckle a bit from an already intense peak while getting finger fucked and her breasts sucked. Rachel finding her own bust bouncing away along his dick to keep pleasuring him as her mounds raised up to make his cock vanish for a brief moment before pushing down so the head appeared again as she repeated the motion. Borrowing the action she’d witnessed minutes before as she leaned over as her blonde locks swayed. Spitting down onto that fat crown of his addictive prick before her titties rubbed the saliva across his length and her own jiggling skin. “What chance can any woman stand to resist such a man… MMMM! If even Ayane can’t resist such a dick…” She said between moans as she was getting aroused from delivering pleasure with her huge tits. The half-human, half-fiend woman acting like she was more suited for a porn shoot as a chesty blonde bimbo than on a battlefield with the smooth, stiff way she was sending her breasts up and down. Her own arousal continuing to grown as her own hardened nipples proved and the wetness forming at the crotch of her battle attire she still had on.

Zhou already clearly knew this new woman from the far future compared to his timeline was starting to break as he moaned from the superb tit fuck he was taking. Leaving him free to focus on sucking away at the already well trained slut he was feasting on the tits off. Having gone from being fucked by Ayane’s huge rack to now layering his saliva all over her heavy mounds. The forming sweat on that bust along with his own drips of spit dripping onto his messy beard to make the sight more sinful as he grinned into her chest. All while still driving his fingers deep up into Ayane’s wet pussy not just because he felt like it, and certainly not to give pleasure to a lowly female. It was a display of power as Rachel had just recognised. Making a high class, talented and deadly woman cum just from brisk finger fucking was an accomplishment no man should be able to do. And he could make the kneeling beauty orgasm in the same way and a whole lot more. As she was about to find out.

“MMMMM! I never knew pleasuring a cock like this could feel so good! MMMM… But I suppose, I’ve never had anyone last this long with me… AHHHH! Doing any kind of sex!” Rachel rather too casually admitted before she leaned her face down. Managing to stick out her tongue and swat away at the thick head of his prick while servicing the meaty shaft with her tits. Her eyes going upward as she moaned at the taste of his dick, leaving her hips squirming with a growing need. “AHHHHH… N-Never seen a cock this big before… It’s like a sex fiend in real life! MMMMM!” She added before going back to swirling her hungry tongue around the crown of his member whenever it popped out from between her still rippling mounds. Briefly smacking her own face with her own breasts from the sheer size of them and her eager motion as she double teamed his dick with the titty fuck and now oral action. Again a motion that either part alone would make any man cum in under a minute, but just making this sex-obsessed warlord moan in delight at how wicked he’s making a formerly determined and focused fighter and Fiend Hunter.

Finally tearing himself away from the other big set of breasts, Zhou grinned down at the pair pumping away at his cock. “Then clearly you’ve been wasted back in your world!” He decided for Rachel as he looked over her. “So how about you make the most of finally being with a real man like me and come show me if you can match up with how skilled Lady Ayane is here!” He said, and again made it sound much more like an order than a suggestion.
“I doubt that very much!” Ayane, even as she had a shine of sweat from having cum all over his fingers, spoke with a boastful tone. “I’m an ever better whore than those Warring States whores you have! Dirtier than that Mystic Realm bitch!” She bragged as she had to lean against his throne a bit while sucking in air. “I can handle dick better… H-Hey! I was talking!”
Rachel, showing a new far from shy side in the presence of his dick, took his offer as she climbed up onto his lap. Mounting him as he stayed sitting on his Imperial Throne while reaching down to pull her costume to the side at his crotch.
“F-Fine! I’ll show Master why I’m his best whore…” Ayane claimed, sounding like she’d appointed herself that title as she walked around the two and moved to kneel down behind the woman from her own era to get her head in line with his cock and balls as the other beauty started to lower herself down.

“AHHHHH!!” Rachel’s eyes went wide with delight as she felt that cock slide up into her tightness. Orgasming instantly like her pussy had craved this feeling of being filled up and stretched out at the same time all her life. Her folds clinging to that thick length even before she’s settled down onto him. Gripping his shoulders as her body started working automatically in a way that made it seem she’s always wanted to be a whore for a giant shaft but had it locked away in the fiend-blood infected side of her. “S-So big! It’s incredible! MMMMM! AHHHHH FUCK!!” She moaned out. Already making her golden ponytail start to bounce in time with her curvaceous body as she began to get the riding motion going. Lifting herself up before dropping down and fitting an extra inch of his size into her as her juices flowed down his length. Moisture of her own now forming on the exposed skin while the many clips and straps of her costume started to jingle as she got to eager work on his huge dick.

“You’d better ride him like your life depends on it!” Ayane snapped as she stared up with her own wide-eyed, cock-drunk expression as she watched that big dick appear from out of that damp snatch for a perfect view of this latest vanishing act. Ayane’s own hand stuffed between her legs to rub away at herself to get off on watching even as she wished she was the one getting hammered right now. “I’ll never forgive you if you showed up to try and steal our Master away from me, just to do a shitty job being his slut!” She said with a rather deranged tone to show off more of her sex-fuelled mind she now had. But having to settle for leaning in and running her tongue through that thick jungle of hairs at his crotch to be able to taste his heavy, rounded balls. Moaning at the taste as she circled around the sack while self-pleasuring. One set of digits sliding back and forth across her soaking folds while the other gripped her breast to deeply fondle herself for an added buzz of pleasure.

“MMMM YES! It’s so big!! AHHHH!! Amazing!! MMMMM!! I n-never knew a cock could be this big! Or… MMMMM! FUCK! F-Feel this good! AHHHH!!” Rachel moaned in delight as she bounced smoothly and with already perfect timing up and down on this fat shaft. Feeling the need to make sure it was rammed as far deep as she could get it, even as she’s already finding him hitting into limits she never knew she had. Making those huge mounds of hers jiggle away almost as much as they’d been doing while wanking off the cock she was now riding away on. “MMMM!! I can see why A-Ayane got tamed by this cock! MMMM YES! FUCK!! A-Any woman could fall to such a f-fiendish dick like this! AHHHH!! “She almost panted as she rocked away onto him. Keeping herself mounted on the grinning slob as her far more toned stomach, exposed by her costume, rubbed against his more unsightly gut as she shifted upward before driving down firmly with a fresh groan. Clearly, she wasn’t inexperienced with action like this before with how expert her movement was already. Just having never gotten to enjoy such a huge cock that could last with a stunning beauty like her.

“MMMM… Now you see, Lady Rachel! Every woman in the land is mind to claim! MMMM! No matter what time or place they come from!” Zhou bragged between his shameless moans as he continued to just sit back in his Throne and make them all do the work for him for this round of sex. Having every right to boast however as he handled being ridden by one beauty from Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive while another knelt and serviced his balls at the same time. A feat that very few men, from either his time of the Three Kingdoms or their modern era could survive through. “AHHHH… But I will say! You women from the future are most delicious! MMMM! The costumes alone are a delight, but your holes? MMMM! This the kind of high quality pussy I need for my Shangri-La!” He ranted with an ugly smile as he got a fine view of the already familiar set of tits that the blonde had. Seeing the mounds bounce away in front of him as their own pumped her pussy sharply up and down. Filling herself up as her crotch began to connect with his and showing that while being half-fiend, Rachel was all woman where it mattered and could take a dick just as well as some of his more experienced, broken for far longer whores than she was.

“MMMM FUCK! OH YESSSSS… MMMMM!! I u-understand now, Lord Zhou! OH FUCK!! MMMM!! I so fucking understand now! MMMM!!” Rachel gasped out as sweat rolled down her gorgeous face, leaving strands of her blonde locks from her styled hair at the sides of her head now clinging to her cheeks. That mess not distracting her as she kept lifting herself along his rock hard shaft just to drop right down with a groan as she bottomed out. Acting like a title of Size Queen was more fitting for her than the Fiend Hunter she’s supposed to be. And not even bothered by feeling the brush of violet hair down at her ass as the other skilled fighter continued to lap away at the nutsack of the man she was bouncing away on. “OH YES! MORE!! MMMMM! IT’S TOO MUCH! TOO GOOD!! AHHHHHH FUCK!!” Her eyes rolled upward again as she found herself cumming hard once again as if her body was built just to service this one cock. Thoughts of tracking down monsters and honouring her late sister already long gone as she enjoyed the wonderful feeling of her twat being split open by a massive shaft. Coating him again with her juices as she bucked down and had to rest down onto him, grinding back and forth with a low groan as she tried to draw in some air.

“AHHHH… Not bad, Lady Rachel! Your potential is limitless!” Dong said with a snigger, judging her merely as another living sex toy than as a valuable ally in battle as she should be to him. “But I think you need a break, as only expected for a first timer.” He claimed, sliding his still fully hard prick out of her soaking box.
“F-Forgive me, Master…” Rachel groaned as the words just fell all too naturally from her lips as she panted. “I promise I’ll be a better whore for you next time… Ahhhhh?!” She then yelped, being dragged unceremoniously off of his lap to be shoved to the floor.
“He said back off, slut!” Ayane grinned as she hopped up onto him, with her back resting against his heaving stomach and flabby chest. “And let a real whore show you how to take our Master’s dick!” He said with wide eyed, obsessive stare down between her own legs as she lined his shaft up with her dripping entrance.
“You sluts from the future are all so needy!” Zhou said with a wicked laugh. “But I’ll allow it! It’s a fine example that all my women should follow!”

The kunoichi was barely listening as she almost violently shoved herself straight down onto his fuck-stick. Impaling herself to take him in balls deep with just the first stroke while her head tilted back against his body as she orgasmed instantly, and not just from the edging she’d been doing while servicing his balls for the last few minutes. Her tongue flicking out with eyes rolled back as she savoured the sensation that she, like all his other mind-broken sluts craved of being filled up to the maximum with his commanding, pussy-taming dick. Looking far removed from the arrogant and lethal woman she used to be back in her own dimension and now just a dressed up slut as her snatch already leaked juices and sweat dripped down her skin, face and huge tits.

She even needed to be kicked started into riding him as he reached up and smacked her bust, making her groan as a sinful autopilot kicked in. Her arms reaching back to hold the sides of his throne as she began to lift up before driving her rounded ass down with a loud clap into his crotch while ramming his prick into her love tunnel. More primal moans and grunts escaping her hanging open mouth than any actual formed words as she rode that huge dick. Her walls despite being spread wide and shaped to the size of his length clinging against him with that perverted need. Leaving her rack jiggling away and her violet hair swaying about as she plunged herself up and down like her snatch was just a living tube to take his piston of a cock. But without him even needing to thrust up once as her wild motion took care of all the work for him.

“Ayane… Such incredible movement!” Rachel stared in awe as she leaned in. Staring up to watch that wet pussy slam down to take every inch of his length. Ending up leaving splats of juices hitting across Rachel’s face and catching into her golden hair from how close in she was. “I have a lot to learn if I’m going to serve Master properly…” Her already broken and cock-drunk mind made her say. And showing that new mindset as she stuck her tongue out. Taking over the duties of making sure his heavy nutsack was being taken care off as she worked around his balls. Moaning at the flavour while exploring through the hair down there. Not seemingly to care that her action was leaving her branded by a loose pubic hair left by the side of her mouth while she played her part to serve her new Lord.

“AHHHHH!! FUCK!! MMMMM!! DONG ZHOU’S COCK! SO GOOD! SO BIG!! AHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSSS!!” Ayane howled out, shaming herself more and more with each bounce she delivered and every filthy moan and word that escaped from her mouth. Her lips hung open to even allow a trail of drool to escape like her brain was melting from the pleasure of ramming herself over and over with the biggest cock she’s ever had in her life. Her tits shaking away while strands of violet hair were left stuck to her face as she appeared to be sweating far harder now than during any battle she’d been in to win the third ever Dead or Alive tournament back in her home dimension. “UHHHHH FUCK!! YES!! MMMMM! FUCK!! MUST… UHHHHH! FUCK… COCK! MMMM!! MUST… B-BE! MASTER’S SLUT!! AHHHHH FUCK!!” She panted with her eyes staying constantly rolled upward like she was broken past a point of return. Yet still able to drive her body up and down, slamming her soaking twat down to the hilt as if her body was destined just for this one purpose. Only lifting up to the midway mark on his thick pole so she could quickly stuff herself with a swift drop down as the accompanying clap rang out around his throne room.

“MMMM… Cumming again, Lady Ayane? I can’t believe such a lewd woman like you… MMMMM! Thought she could be a ninja girl, let alone anything else… MMMM! Other than a dirty whore…” Zhou mocked even as he moaned out from the pleasure of such a fantastic, tight and damp pussy gliding away sharply over his length as he felt her clamping once again as a fresh flood of juices flowed over him. Not even getting a sting of pain when her backside crashed down into his lap as she stuffed her love tunnel nice and deep. Pleasured at both parts of his manhood as that soaking twat took care of the shaft, and he enjoyed a frisky tongue leaving his balls soaked with saliva as his newest slut lapped away. “AHHHH… But I suppose it can’t be helped! MMMM… It took a real man like me to unlock the real you after all… MMMM! And you’ve never looked back ever since! You can’t get enough of me!” He teased with another hideous smile, made worse by the forming moisture all across his unsightly enough body. Somehow managing to still be hard while taking such an intense ride from a woman acting like she was possessed. Riding away on his dick with bounce after hard and fast bounce to keep her pussy driving down while her breasts bounced away. Giving the appearance that she should be in the adult film industry of her homeland instead of practising ninja arts as she’s supposed to be.

“AHHHHH… C-Cock…” Ayane panted as she slumped back against him after her latest orgasm made her stop her motion. Groaning as he pulled his dick out of her stretched wide hole. “Uhhhhh!” She grunted as she was rudely shoved down, almost knocking over Rachel as she felt to the floor.
“Hey now, you know better than that!” Zhou mocked as he still sat back, even in his own sweat on the throne he had been on since this had all gotten started. “No slacking off! Come set a good example for your new fellow whore… Let’s have both of you getting those huge breasts of yours on my dick!” He ordered with a wide, perverted smile.
“Y-yes, my Lord! At once!” Ayane, even while caked in sweat, forced herself up to her knees as she got into position.
“Ah, of course… Neither of our chests could finish off our Master before…” Rachel’s broken mind made her reason as she moved up, kneeling opposite her familiar ally. “So it makes perfect sense it needs up both to do the proper job.” She added as they moved in close towards the shaft they were both addicted to.

A sight once thought unthinkable as two beauties from the legend of Ninja Gaiden pressed their massive, sweat-coated breasts against one another while sandwiching a thick long prick between the two of them. So it wasn’t clear if it was the feeling of that hot, long shaft against their skin of the touch of another woman for the first time that set them off groaning. Regardless, both women went to work with their hands on their own bust to keep them pushed up and out to wrap against the side of his cock they could reach. Showing off team work that was far removed from fighting fiends or enemy ninjas as they timed their motion perfectly. Lifting up their juicy mountains at the same time before dropping down for a nicely loud slap when they hit his lap and just like they’d each done on their own making the fat crown of his pop out from their racks.

Now however it was a two-for-one special to make this stunning and lethal women into titty fuck sluts as they serviced his dick at the same time with their curvy bodies. The flesh jiggling away around his shaft and against one another to keep them groaning as they didn’t even look at one another. So cock-drunk that their eyes bobbed up and down to watch his mushroom head appear from out of them even as the other’s heavy breasts squashed into their own. Along with the rub of hard nipples brushing against those opposite. The sensation of Ayane’s pussy juices being smeared onto her own skin and that of the blonde on the other side of him barely noticed as they do did as ordered. Shaming themselves to put their bodies to work once again for another breast pumping that’s even hotter than the ones they’d each done before when having this huge cock all to themselves.

“MMMM… The breasts of women from the future are top class! MMMM! I can see humanity has spent its time well to develop such superb techniques!” He mocked even as he clearly moaned from taking a double dose of paizuri from two women with some of, if not the biggest racks of any fighters associated with Dead or Alive. Having already proved his superiority by being between their jiggling tits when this all kicked off, but even lasting this long against both at the same time was an achievement to brag about as his grin indicated. “MMMM… And such contrasting bodies and looks too! Golden hair one side, violet on the other! MMMM! The taste of different worlds is just perfect for my land… MMMMM! My land of wine, women and song!” He added to brag. A Japanese stunner on one side and a beauty from the Holy Vigoor Empire on the other as both slammed their mountains up and down along his Chinese warlord pole. Keeping him groaning out as he stared down and made full use of women ripped from their lands and now reduced to serving him and his cock instead of fighting to return back to their home and the far distant future.

Neither woman had the confident minds they used to possess to argue against him while he unleashed more sexist slurs to them. Just groans and gasps escaping them as they squashed their huge tits into a near matching set opposite them, but more focused on pleasuring his dick than worrying about the touch of another woman for the first time. The sweat dripping down their racks ensuring they could keep using a smooth, quick motion to pump away at his length as they pressed in nice and close. Making it seem like they were all too used to sharing a huge cock like this more than battling as they perfectly timed their motion to match one another no matter if it was a pump up or back down. All while staring down as if they were hypnotised by the sight of his delicious, addictive dick appearing out of that combined cleavage they were making against his rod.

And staring down at that shaft soon made a big mess on both their faces as he didn’t even bother to warn them aside from a deep grunt escaping him. His dick throbbing before shots of thick, hot spunk blasted out to make both women groan moan. Rachel experiencing his seed for the fist time as it caught over her face and snagged into her blonde hair, hitting high enough to hit across the band accessory she wore across her forehead. While Ayane’s eyes rolled back, cumming just from taking a facial while her own violet locks became matter with the jizz as her own headband got stained and not for the first time from him. But there was plenty of spunk that fell back down after blasting out to go with the amount dripping from both their features. Making sure the tops of both their sets of breasts got a generous glaze from the vast load dumped onto them long before his cock began to soften between their mounds.

“Mmmm… An excellent job as always, Lady Ayane…” Zhou remarked, just sitting back in his throne having never even left it since this encounter began. “And Lady Rachel? Your potential is quite clear already! I can see you being a lead whore in my court already.”
“My p-pleasure, Master…” Ayane said, sounding like she was drunk as she slurred her words and sat back. Using her hands to shamefully rub the spunk all across her face even as it got more stuck into her hair.
“Thank you, Master… I will do my best to serve you…” Rachel added with a groan of her own as her hands acted on an instinct she never knew she had to move up to her heaving chest. Smearing the spunk there around her mounds to her own moaning delight.

“And if either of you hear that there’s any other women from your era that appear here in my new Kingdom? You make sure they are brought right here!” He added with a grin. Showing that even a double tit fuck from breasts of this huge size isn’t enough to satisfy his endless urges. “Fiend hunter, ninja or whoever! Any beautiful woman is mine to claim and I don’t care if they’re from my world, from the Warring States in the future or even far beyond that in your time! And if they’re even as half as good as either of you two? Then I’m going to enjoy having plenty more wives to sample in my court even in this strange land!” He said as he let out another arrogant cackle at his own achievements.

And even after this, he wasn’t planning on stopping racking up fresh whores from any world instead of focusing on ending this battle against Orochi as more women made the mistake of walking into his wicked clutches...

* * *

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