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Blue Screen Brigade - Paige Spiranac
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the streamers, influencers, social media platforms etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Paige Spiranac or any other streamer or social media influencer, or their characters or platforms.

Starring: Paige Spiranac (influencer, former pro golfer)

Blue Screen Brigade – Paige Spiranac

An erotic influencer fan-fiction story.   

Written by DaxG2001 ([email protected])
Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal.

* * *

Blue Screen Brigade specialised in computers, parts, peripherals and accessories ranging from full builds, service, security, back-up and recovery all the way to emergency call outs and repairs. Priding themselves on being able to handle anything from a total CPU meltdown to just repainting the letters on a keyboard. And with the bonus of having a 24/7 call-out service, at a price of course, they backed up the popularity of their business with a top notch service to match. With clients ranging from the average home to commercial, and including famous online influencers too.

“Whole streamer set-up for this drop…” Frank Shawn remarked to himself as he set the delivery box down in front of the door. A quick brush down of the standard blue uniform of the Blue Screen Brigade of a shirt with the logo across the front pocket and matching shorts before he pressed the buzzer. “Guess working from home beats driving about the place to hand out repairs.” He said with a smile as he pulled out his ID card ready to show it off, before plucking the box back up from the ground.

Only a few moments passing before the door opened and giving him quite the eyeful to behold from the client. A gorgeous, stacked long haired blonde woman with a short sleeved black top. The a plunging neckline to intentionally show off deep cleavage from large, rounded breasts. A short, dark coloured plaid skirt not doing much to hide her rounded hips either and topped up with high white socks going above the knee.

“Eyes up here, buddy.” Paige Spiranac said with a smirk, putting a hand on her hip as she was well used to getting stared at like this. Especially when her outfit choice was designed for this purpose.
“Aww damn, sorry!” Frank coughed as he looked away. “Didn’t uh, expect…” He tried to apologize.
“Relax! Not like I put this on not to get that reaction.” Paige teased as she took a glance over the handsome man who was only a few years younger than herself. “Good to know it’s gonna do the job for my website though. Thanks the review!”
“Yeah… I bet that outfit will do the damn job!” Shawn breathed a sigh of relief at knowing he wasn’t about to cause a triggering incident here because of his staring. “Speaking of which, your package from Blue Screen Brigade, Miss.” He said, offering the box.

“You mean you didn’t just some here to check out the ‘girls’?” Spiranac joked again as she took the box. “But thanks. Needed the stuff fixed for the next podcast… And I bet the tripod will work just as fine for my camera too for the selfie shoots.” She added.
“Let me guess, one of those ‘exclusive content’ sites?” Frank’s tone was showing he was very interested, as if his checking out of her moments before didn’t already prove that.
“Even better! My own personal one – OnlyPaige.” The former pro golfer said with a wink.
“I see what you did there.” He didn’t need to be a genius to figure out the reference in that website’s name. “I’ll be sure to check it out.”
“I’m sure you will… Eager to check out some golf tips, right?” Paige said with another playful edge to her voice.
“I don’t think any handicap in the world could fix my game if I tried.” Shawn joked back with a smile.

“Oh trust me, that’s why I let the pros handle the actual games these days!” Paige said, not afraid to poke fun at her own admitted short comings at trying to make in the pro leagues. “But you know…” She took another glance over the man. “Maybe… Maybe you don’t need to go all the way home before you log on and check out what my site has to offer…” She said with a clearly more flirty tone as she locked eyes on him.
“...For real?” He grinned, eagerly taking up the offer and wisely so.
“Well, it’s been a while for me since I had some fun…” She said, turning to walk back into her place. “But I think you’re going to see things a lot more ‘adult’ than even what I’m putting on my site…” She added with an intentional sway of her hips as her skirt tested keeping her butt covered up.

Quickly, Frank stepped in to close the door behind them and followed her through the home. Being led quickly to a white walled bedroom with a nicely spacious, comfy bed that fans of her social media would recognise from many of her sexy snaps she posts online. The box popped onto a small cabinet with drawers in the corner before she turned around to take a seat on the edge of the bed. “Got a big old ‘club’ for me?” Paige shameless said, even without her position to push her chest up and out to give a great view of those huge orbs.
“I’m not packing a putter… Uh, right?” Shawn chuckled as he went with it, as any man would with a stunning blonde down to fuck in front of them. Reaching down to ease his shorts and his boxers down.
“Your golfing dirty talk needs some work…” She smirked, before her eyes widened as she got to see exactly what he was packing down there. A nicely long, meaty shaft that was already starting to harden. “God damn! This is my kind of big fucking club right here!” Her expression now had a wide smile as she eagerly reached up, gripping his length and starting to stroke. “This is way fucking bigger than my ex’s dick!” She even added without needing to be provoked into doing so.
“Mmmm! Ex-boyfriend?” He played along, groaning lightly as her soft hands showed already she wasn’t just used to handling golf clubs. Easily getting him rock hard to admire than full size as she got a turn to do some staring over him before she looked up.

“Try ex-husband… But forget about him! Let’s see what you can handle, handsome!” She smiled again before putting her mouth to far better use. Leaning in to wrap her full, pouty lips around his member to get a moan out of him as she sank down. Groans of her own soon joining him as she eased downward before smoothly lifting back up. Her eyes locked up at him as she began to suck. Keeping fingers around the base as she worked over the top part of his length to test him. Sliding up to just under the head before sliding back down to the half-way mark and repeating the motion. Already giving a display that this isn’t the first time she’s dished out some head as she kept her lips nicely pressed around that thickness.

“Mmmmmphh! Shhhhrrrlllpp… Mmmmmphhh… Hhhhhmmmphhh…” The groans from the golf instructor and former pro player bounced off his inches as she bobbed her head smoothly up and down along him. His vast size and thickness not putting her off as she slurped along him with the odd flick of her tongue up at the mushroom head and underside of his prick as it passed in and out of her mouth. “Mmmmm! Mmmmmphhh… Shhhhlllkkk…” Her eyes still gazing up to show off her desire as she enjoyed having not just a big slab of meat between her ripe lips, but one that was able to handle her experienced mouth as well. Allowing her to start to apply her spit onto him while her golden locks swayed back and forth as she moved her head. Not even breaking her rocking as she lifted a hand up to brush the hair back so they both had a clear view of the other.

“MMMMM… Fucking Hell… AHHHHH… Fuck! MMMMM…” He moaned out as he stared down. Gaze shifting from those big tits as they nicely jiggled thanks to her eager motion and then to her stunning facial features working along his length. Big fat cocks clearly no issue to her with how deep she was going on him already as the saliva coated his prick and began to seep back down over the lower lip. “MMMM… Fuck, that’s fucking good right there… MMMMM… Fuck yeah…” Frank stated the obvious as he enjoyed this hot blowjob. Impressing himself to handle what her warm and wet mouth could dish out as he stood and took it. Moaning away as he felt her own cries vibrate sinfully off his member. Getting bolder himself as he saw how clearly into this the horny babe in front of him was as she sucked away. Reaching down with his hands to give those big pushed out tits a firm squeeze through her top.

“MMMMMPHHH… MMMMM… SHHHHRRRLLLPPP… MMMMPPPHHH…” No objections from her as she kept her rack pressed into those hands to enjoy the grope, leaving her nipples hard and poking through her attire. Once again not missing a beat as she sent her head up and down even as she got the buzz from her mounds getting toyed with. No doubt encouraging her more as she unwrapped fingers from his base, allowing those lips to sink even further down as she now held his hip. “MMMMM… MMMMPHHHH! MMMMM… HHHHHRRRLLLPP… MMMM…” Drool now rolling down her chin, hitting onto the exposed flesh of her breasts as they jiggled now from his deep grip. Moaning around his dick as she gave lusty, narrow eyes for her stare up. Making it look like she was more of pro porn star than a former golfer with how well she was bobbing away long his shaft to keep him moaning out.

Seeing it as an open invite, the lucky tech guy reached down a little more just so he could pull that tight up. A purr of approval coming from her as the garment was moved to above her rack to show off fully those wonderful large breasts. His fingers easily digging in to the ample flesh as her tits were still being stuck out invitingly just as she’s probably wanted from him all along. And no doubt was very used to being with men who wanted a piece of those big breasts. But showing she was more than just a hot body as she took his man-meat nice and deep between her pouty lips to keep on slurping loudly and without much shame at all. Soaking his pole along with her self as the dripping spit hit onto her mounds and to stain onto that rolled up top as well.

“MMMMMPHHH! MMMMM… MMMMMPHHHH… GAAAAAAAAHHH HHHHHLLLKKK…” Her oral talents clearly not limited to podcasts or gold instructing either as she shoved her lips all the way down. Leaving him groaning from the contact into his base to plunge him into her tight throat. Making herself gag like she wasn’t used to a shaft of this length, or at the very least hadn’t had one as big in a long while. Making the most of it as her eyes were still dishing out a naughty half-closed stare even as she deep throated his prick. “GAAAAAAAAAAHH… HHHHHHRRRKKK… MMMMMMPHHH!!” Eventually sliding back up after another sinful choke, but even so just so she could perform another round of bobs along his length. Making sure he was soaked as the spit ran down to his balls. Almost reluctantly pulling off as they both let out a groan before she sucked in some much needed air. Helping herself to swirl her tongue around the head as well as his hands got another squeeze of the tits before finally letting go.

“Was wondering when you were going to stop hogging the ‘twins’ there…” Paige teased as she sat back. Just so she could reach up and pull that top properly up and over her head to toss it aside.
“When they look that good? You can’t blame me…” Frank said with a smile.
“Like I said, I show them off for good reason.” She said as she reached between her legs. Lifting up the bottom of her skirt to show off that just like up top, she wasn’t wearing any underwear down there either. “Well?”
“Guess it’s time for me to, uh, tee off I guess?” Shawn tried for more golfing banter but decided smartly to just step forward and line his fat cock up with her tight, cleanly shaved pussy.
“Let’s hope you’re a better fuck than you are at your pick-up lines…” Spiranac joked as she let go of the skirt now he was pressed into her. Leaning back with her arms down to prop herself up at an angle on her own bed as her tits, shining a little with the spit, were once again stuck right out ready to be felt up.

For the moment his focus was on sliding his big dick bareback into this stunning busty blonde. Both of them moaning out as he pushed in to enter that unsurprisingly tight, but already tellingly wet snatch of the social media starlet. Her snug walls already gripping his meat for another sign it’s been quite a while since she’s taken any dick this big into herself. Thankfully with how aroused she already is and the lubing up done thanks to her expert blowjob skills moments before, he was able to start to go to work on her. Sliding his member in and out in a nicely firm and smooth rhythm to keep them both groaning out. Already feeling so good to her that she spread her high socks wearing legs nice and wide, leaving the heels of her feet on the edge of her bed which make her skirt hike up a little bit for a better view of the fun.

“MMMMM FUCK… Now that’s some… MMMM! Nice, big fucking dick! MMMMM!” She easily admitted with a big smile as she moaned out. Unable to help herself even at this early stage as she started grinding her thick hips down against his thrusts, working her wet snatch towards that incoming cock to help work those inches in. Making her plaid golfing skirt flap up before resting down as she bucked in time with his stiff pumps. The sex only being half hidden by her attire to add a kinky edge to proceedings. “MMMMM! Nice and fucking big… Deep and hard! MMMM! Just how I fucking like it! MMMMM FUCK!” She added with a naughty smile before tossing her hair back to get it out of the way, leaving those locks to sway behind her as she kept herself leaning back. A position where she should be making him do all the work but so down to fuck now that she just had to join in and buck against his own pumps. Getting a sure sign herself that this younger stud wasn’t exactly inexperienced in this kind of dirty action himself.

“AHHHHH… How about you? MMMM! Feeling so tight like… MMMM! Like a damn vice around me!” The hung hunk pointed out as he groaned in delight. Feeling clearly how snugly her inner walls were clamped around his fat cock as he worked himself in and out of that wet box of hers. And feeling every bit of the pleasure from such a wonderful, tight pussy as neither of them showed any issue with him ploughing into her without any protection on. “FUCK! Dare I ask… MMMM! FUCK… I’m guessing I’m way bigger than your ex-husband was?” He said with a grin as he kept working his length in and out of her slot. His pumps making sure her rounded tits jiggled nicely as she kept shifting herself back down against his motion with perfect timing. Easing her twat down as his cock worked in before moving back as he pulled a few inches out before sliding back in.

“MMMMM! Sooooooooo much fucking bigger…” She purred with a shameless smile of her own as she enjoyed this kind of banter, never mind revelling in the kind of hard sex she and her fantastic body were clearly built to take. Taking him in to the hilt as that smack of skin hitting her tanned skin rang out now she was getting filled right up. The skirt still flying up and down so there were regular glimpses at the sight of her tight twat being stuffed right full. “Then again… MMMMM! Not too many men have even made it past handling a blowjob… MMMMM FUCK! You’re playing this ‘course’ pretty well already, rookie!” She teased, having her own fun with terms from the profession she once tried to go pro in. But once again looking she was far more suited for action like this on a porno set than on the greens of a golf course. Starting to get a healthy sweat across her already red hot body as she took his big dick over and over deep into her snug love tunnel.

He took that as a compliment but perhaps wisely stuck to showing off what his man-meat of a ‘club’ could do. Drilling her deep as his own crotch hit into her skin for a firm smack but not leaving either of them feeling any pain from the repeated collision as he went in deep just a second or so after being balls deep. His eyes having a tough task deciding what to focus on more. Either staring right down to watch his prick pound that perfect pussy of hers, or up to watch her boobs shake delicious thanks to their combined motion. Impressing in his own way not just by lasting inside her hot, wet twat but fucking her hands-free without even needing to grip her waist while she didn’t even have her legs around him. Keeping them spread out and wide in her above the knee socks for a full display as their hip action brought top notch pleasure.

“MMMMM… I’ve very impressed…” Spiranac said with a lick of her lips as she stopped her motion. “Mmmmm… Surprised you weren’t just trying to maul my tits off again…” She said with a wink as he pulled out of her snatch.
“Is that a hint?” Frank asked as he stepped back, watching her move to kneel on the side of the bed.
“Maybe… But here’s a good hint for you…” Paige said, leaning a little so she could smack the middle of her bed. “Lay down…”
“Absolutely!” Shawn wisely agreed, managing to take off his shirt to show off a nicely toned upper body as he moved up to lay on the bed with his fat cock pointing right up and ready for more.

“See? Not just golf I’m good at instructing at!” She smiled again as she swung a leg over. Easily mounting him before reaching down under the skirt she still had on as she blindly reached, guiding his dick back up into her wet snatch. Both of them moaning out as she sank down and pulled her hand back to rest onto his chest as she adjusted to the invasion. The sight now hidden by the skirt she had on as she began to dish out a ride onto him. Shifting up and down on his already familiar cock to plunge herself right down onto him. Setting her tits off to jiggle about as she moved up and down while her blonde locks flowed behind her. “MMMMM… But I do need to give a fucking hint… AHHHHH FUCK… Once… MMMMM… Once in a while…” She added between load moans as her hands soon gripped his wrists and made it clear what she wanted with both her guiding him up to her rack while she leaned in to stick those shaking breasts out towards him.

She didn’t need to spell it out too much longer as he soon took a hold of her mounds once again. His fingers showing skills for more than just tech support as they sank in, leaving her ample flesh to jiggle around the digits as he got a firm grip of her. Helping her to moan out as she continued to arch and buck down, making sure her chest was pushed into his grip even as she kept a hold of his wrists to further encourage the hold. Using that double clutch to aid her own motion to drive her wet and still needy twat right up and down his meaty pole. The smack of her skin hitting into his still heard even from under the skirt so while the motion itself might have been hidden the sounds and the feeling were still clear for both of them.

“MMMMM! OH FUCK YEAH… MMMMM! Big fucking cock! AHHHHH FUCK! Filling me up soooooooooooo fucking good! MMMMM!” Loose strands of the golden hair of the influencer were left stuck across her pretty face from the forming sweat. Just adding to the already red hot sight of the half-naked beauty raising and dropping herself again and again down onto his thickness. Despite the repeated motion her love tunnel was still nicely snug to grip his dick perfectly, like she was a natural Size Queen all along. “MMMM FUCK! Like these big fucking tits, huh? MMMMM! Bet you fucking do… Might even let you… MMMMM! Fuck the Hell out of them if you… AHHHHH SHIT! Keep this fucking up, stud! MMMMM!” She groaned out the invitation even as she was making she he kept on fondling her mounds to give that extra boost of pleasure. As if her bouncing away on his length wasn’t thrilling them both as she happily fucked a man she’s only just met on her own bed. The same room and sheets often seen in some of her racy snaps she posts online, but never quite used for much more XXX-rated content like this.

“MMMMM FUCK!! Sounds like… UHHHHH! A great fucking deal to me!” The lucky hunk underneath her taking this ride moaned out with an as expected wide smile. Taking up her words more as a direct challenge than a mere offer as he began to do some motion matching of his own just like she’d been doing in the previous position. Working his hips upward as she dropped down. Sending his cock nice and deep up into her as that slap of their bodies connecting got a little sharper. Ensuring she was nice and filled up when they matched the rhythm of the other. Also causing her rock up a little bit more further on that thick shaft when she lifted up. Her skirt flying up in the air to finally reveal a hint of the fun going on underneath as this shameless hook-up continued.

“OH FUCK!! MMMMM! FUCK YES! A real… AHHHHH FUCK! Real fucking good deal! OH FUCK!! MMMMM!!” The blonde bombshell was all too happy to agree as she felt the fruits of her own encouragement with how his cock was ramming up into her snatch as she drove herself straight down into him. Fucking herself onto that big dick as much as it was actively thrusting quick and hard into her still needy box. Still no care in the world to the risks of taking a total stranger into her bareback as she bounced away. Staring down with lust while still keeping his hands pressed into her shaking titties as she kept them pushed up and out into him. A fresh groan of approval each time his fingers squeezed and explored her rack to make it seem like this isn’t just a rate time of her getting a dick that was big enough to satisfy and good enough to last inside of her fantastic, hot and wet pussy. She finally had a guy who had a clue about how to treat her big boobs correctly.

The tech expert and delivery guy underneath her moaned out, starting to sweat himself as he watched that gorgeous, curvy body of the social media beauty raise and lower onto his thrusting dick. Only getting quick flashes of seeing the actual penetration going on as her plaid skirt flowed up and down in time with both of their motions. The pleasure of her still tight walls, leaving his prick coated in her juices making sure he moaned away as he gave back as much pleasure as he got by thrusting up to match her bounces. Those juices dripping down her inner thigh to catch and stain onto the tops of those sexy above the knee socks she still had on to make even more of a mess of herself than her sweaty state and messy hair already had her in. Perhaps he was even dishing out that extra bit more enjoyment to the horny golf star on top of him with how his hands weren’t getting even the chance to pull away thanks to her tight grip to ensure he kept on groping away at her. Not that from his grin he felt like missing out on getting as much of those titties as he possibly could.

“MMMMM… Not fucking bad at all…” Paige said as she finally let go of his hands. Acting like she wasn’t already more than blown away by him being able to keep up with her as she dismounted him with a groan. “Hold tight there. Let me get something real quick…” She said as she moved over to the cabinet in the corner of the room where she’s put that delivery box onto before the action got underway. No complaints from him of course as he sat up and watched her come back with the lid already opened up on a tube of what appeared to be sexual lubricant. “Might as well go for the real ‘hole in one’ everyone wants from me, right?” She shamelessly grinned before making him groan out as she squirted a little bit of the liquid onto her hand. Using it to stroke away onto his fat cock to ready him up for clearly some butt fucking to come.

“You said it, not me…” Frank stated with a groan as she continued to put on a show. Turning around with a well practised lean pose to stick out her skirt covered butt out, and not for planning on taking a gold swing either. Reaching her her skirt with lubed up fingers and not caring about staining her attire either as she reached her backside. Making herself gasp out as she pushed a digit into herself and gave a quick round of pumps in and out of herself. Looking like a motion she wasn’t exactly unfamiliar with either as she despite her own tightness she still moved smoothly in and out of her own back passage for a good couple of minutes.

“Oh, I think you can handle it…” Paige said, with a lusty smirk as she closed the tube up and dropped it down. Still not taking off either the golf skirt or her above the knee socks as she moved back up onto the bed but this time facing the other way from him. Getting up into the classic hands and knees position but her lower clothing not keeping her lower holes covered for too long as he moved up to kneel behind her. Easing the skirt up to expose that juicy, rounded ass as he lined his shaft up with the last of her holes he was getting to sample. Already her gaze cast over a shoulder in anticipation as she doing a little grinding with her rump against his dick as he pressed against her freshly lubed up tightness.

“OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!” Her blonde haired head tilted back instantly when he finally penetrated into the tightest of all her holes. And even he had to just pause and groan out, adjusting to this vice-like grip around his thickness that made him feel she’d rarely if at all offered up this hole to anyone, including her ex-husband. Already her hands gripping into her own bedsheets with two big handfuls, and not caring about the questionable stain of lube off some of her fingers from the grip. Hissing out from a mix of pleasure and pain as even as down to fuck like she was, this was a huge amount of thick dick to handle in her tight asshole. “UHHHH! FUCK! FUCK!! AHHHHHH FUCK!!” She panted out, staring back as his hands went to her waist for a firm hold as he began to thrust. Making her body jolt in response as her big tits swung back and forth underneath her as she got fucked from behind. Groaning out as she had to adjust quickly to being stretched out by this moaning stud’s huge dick.

“MMMMM! FUCK!! Fucking tight as Hell! AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMM!” He was stating the obvious as he groaned out behind this horny blonde bombshell. Smoothly working that lubed up dick into her super tight backside as her skirt, hiked up above her juicy cheeks, swayed slightly while her plump booty began to jiggle as he pushed in and out of her. Easing in a little more of this thick inches into her as he spread her open over time. Once again impressing as he lasted inside such a tight backside especially at this already late stage of the fun. Sweat rolling off his nicely toned frame as he banged the gorgeous former pro golfer turned social media personality from the back. But for once in more control of the pace as his thrusts were making her shift back and forth rather than a proper motion under her own power.

That in part was due to her keeping herself up in the doggy style position now with only one arm. The other hand down under her stunning body to plunge a couple fingers into her already soaking wet and well fucked pussy. More than overriding the pain from her tight back passage being stretched wide as she delivered some self-loving to herself with quick pistons of her digits into her slot. Going knuckles deep in quick fashion while her juicy ass cheeks jiggled away as his thrust went in deeper at a firm pace. Still managing to keep looking back over her shoulder through strands of her swaying blonde hair to show the burning desire for a man she’d only just met an hour before but has let complete a ‘tour’ of her holes, and nothing to go with putting balls into any golf course holes either.

“AHHHHH FUCK! OH FUCK YES! FUCK! AHHHHH FUCK! FUCKING FUCK THAT ASS! FUCK IT! OH FUCK SO FUCKING GOOD! MMMMM!!” The sweat was dripping off the already stunning features of the influencer and brand ambassador as her curvy frame jolted back and forth in response to those firm thrusts into her rear. Keeping her huge breasts swaying in time with her body as they hung underneath. All as her pumping fingers made sure more juices dripped down to not just further stain her socks covering her inner thigh and legs, but leave splats of evidence down on her own bedsheets underneath her. “UHHHHH! FUCK! DON’T FUCKING STOP! AHHHHH! SO GOOD! YES! FUCKING YES!! AHHHHH! FUCK… MMMMM! FUCK THAT ASS! OH FUCK!!” She begged as her fingers kept ramming away into her over and over like she was caught up in her own personal sex-controlled time loop. Her moans loud and shameless and joined not by his own groans of delight, but the sinful clap of her thick cheeks striking both against one another and his waist as he plunged in deep.

Showing that despite his own moans and moisture all over him he still had some left in the tank to give not just her, but perhaps her overlooked, juicy backside the kind of pounding it deserves. Keeping her held in place so he could thrust in smooth and straight. Sending his crotch smacking into her plump ass cheeks to fill her up to a limit she’s never had touched before. Easing back a few inches right after before driving back in to repeat the motion and enjoy the clap of her butt into him over and over. Giving her the sort of action that many a lover before, including her ex-husband, hadn’t been able to deliver to a woman putting on a performance of her own to make her look like she’d be more suited for a career in adult films than anything to do with golfing.

“OH FUCK! FUCK! C-CUMMING! GONNA… FUCKING!! CUM!! MMMMMM!!” She barely managed to squeal out in loud delight before she kept her fingers rammed into her slot as she came all over them. Groaning out as her head hung down like she’d finally been defeated by not just some hard anal sex but this man’s huge, long and thick shaft. Moaning out as more juices trickled down the inside of her legs to join the stains down her high socks and all the splattering across the sheets of her bed. And getting fucked still through her peak as the stud behind her managed to hold out despite her asshole clamping around him. His last rounds of firm thrusts ensuring she got to experience every moment of perhaps the hardest orgasm of her life before he finally pulled out. Making her groan as her asshole was left sinfully gaping from the sort of anal action that would render a normal woman unable to sit without pain for well over a week.

No such worries for her as even after just finishing her own peak, she was ready to pay back her sudden lover for such pleasure. Casting him another lusty grin as she motioned for him to move off the bed as she shifted to sit perched on the edge rather like how this had all began. He wasn’t planning on objecting as he moved to stand on the floor and them moved around to be in front of her. Not needing to say a word as she cupped her massive tits from the sides and used them to press into his dick, capturing them for a red hot sandwich. Not even caring that this dick had just come right out of her ass as she started to work her rack up and down to make him moan as she finally made good on the earlier promise by rewarding her with a fuck from her big breasts.

“UHHHHH! Awwwwww FUCK! MMMMM!!” Frank just moaned out as the still horny blonde did all the work. Putting those much lusted after knockers of hers to perfect use than just thirst trap pics on social media. Smoothly pumping them right up and down along his shaft as the slap rang out as those big orbs hit his crotch before racing back up to make his dick vanish between them. Clearly a well practised motion as well from how easily she worked her rack along a length like this. Her fingers tightly gripping herself but much his clutch on her earlier on, her more than ample flesh still jiggled about even in such a deep hold of herself. A hint that she was enjoying this herself as well from the groans she was letting out as she fucked his cock with her stunning body after already offering up all three of her holes to him before this point.

“Yeah, fuck those big fucking tits! You like that, huh? Like this big fucking tits, fucking this big, fat fucking cock of yours? Mmmmm… Yeah, you fucking love it! Just like all those fucking horny guys do following my posts so!” She grinned up through strands of hair as she pumped away with her boobies. Keeping them pressed around his thickness as she worked them right up and down. Keeping the clap of her mounds striking his body ringing out and despite the stiff motion, neither got any pain from the contact. Showing no shame in giving a titwank to the shaft that had just been drilling into her ass minutes before. “Mmmm… I want that fucking cum, baby… I want it all over my fucking face… And all over these big fucking tits you couldn’t keep your fucking hands off of! Mmmm! Gonna milk this big fucking cock real dry with these big dirty fucking tits of mine!” She vowed with a lick of her lips, before she leaned over a bit to spit down onto the crown of his prick as it popped out from between her mounds. Easily smearing the saliva onto that shaft with the next thrust up she gave with her breasts as she worked away with the quick and firm rhythm.

Caught up in the afterglow of her own peak, luckily she didn’t question the fact that this lucky hunk was moaning as loudly now being stuffed between her big tits as he had been balls deep in either her mouth, pussy or ass over the course of this hook-up. Then again, for a social media personality more known for sexy shoots than any golfing accomplishments from her playing career she might have been disappointed if smothering his cock with her juicy rack didn’t get him moaning out like this. Showing now that she’s more than skilled with using her assets to perfection with a quick and smooth motion all the way along his rod. The perfect size and thickness for her chest to work over so she made full use of being able to give the sort of titty fuck that would make most red blooded males blow an early load after just a minute.

“OH FUCK! AHHHHH FUCK! MMMMM…” Shawn groaned out as he stared like he was in a trance. Seeing the mass of jiggling flesh pumping away up and down his fat cock as he began to pulse inside of that pushed up and out cleavage she was offering. All while the beauty driving her boobs along his manhood grinned broadly as she got just the reaction she was hoping for. Along with the pleasant surprise of him being able to even last for this long between her much lusted after mounds. “FUCK! H-HERE IT CUMS! FUCK!!” He was at least able to warn as his dick throbbed again but despite hearing that, she just kept on working her breasts along him at this brisk pace. Carrying out the vow from earlier to milk him dry but leaning her face down like she wanted to make sure both parts of her got a splattering just as she’d promised before. Not that right now, from the look of pleasure across his handsome features, he was thinking of anything else except blowing a big load.

That arriving soon enough as he let out a big grunt. The first shots of thick, hot spunk firing up to make her groan as they managed to hit into her stunning face. Catching into not just the loose strands of hair across her features but into her blonde locks at the sides of her head before staining over her cheeks, lips and chin. The next shot hitting along her neck for good measure before she leaned back. Allowing her big tits to not just finish the job but collect the rest of this massive load. Spunk landing across of her jiggling breasts as she pumped away with them both for another round. Smirking down as she watched the jizz drip not just back down into the valley she had his cock still stuffed into, but over the sides and the front to stain over her hands and fingers too. Not even releasing him as his cock began to go soft, ensuring there was mess all over and between her titties by the time she sat back with a satisfied sigh and let go of her coated rack.

“Mmmm… That was a green jacket winning performance I’d say…” Paige said, licking her lips clean of the bit of spunk there she’d caught.
“I’m guessing that’s one of those fancy golf terms?” Frank chuckled as he admired the messy state he’d more than helped leave her in.
“You’re catching on quick, rookie…” Spiranac teased as she locked eyes with him. “Although I’m not so sure you’re cut out for a career out on the course just yet.”
“If that’s an offer to give me more ‘lessons’ like this? I’m sure I can find some free time to fit in some more time with you…” He said with a smile.
“Well considering that I’m much better at this than I was trying to be a pro golfer? I think we’re going to have some real good, hard hitting lessons in the future…” Paige grinned back as she used a finger to scoop up jizz from between her tits. Sucking it off her digit with an approving moan. “Might even let you get a discount to OnlyPaige… If you’re really good the next time of course…”

* * *

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Re: Blue Screen Brigade - Paige Spiranac
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I don't know if I'd last as long as Frank did with her lol. That was some fucking hot stuff.
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