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Hotel Limbo Reboot
« on: September 23, 2018, 08:13:59 AM »
Hotel Limbo Reboot: Arrival

Britney Spears, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Cons, MFF, tit play, lingerie

Peter stirred in his bed, feeling a warm gentle breeze move over his exposed chest. He could hear the sea outside as he began to stretch and open his eyes. That was the best nights sleep he ever had, he felt great. As he opened his fully, he could see a fan on the white roof and then the warm feel of the morning sun enter through his window.

A sudden jolt shot through Peter as he realised he had no idea where he was. He sat up suddenly.

“Good morning! And welcome to Hotel Limbo!” A voice rang out from the corner.

Peter swung his head round in surprise, covering up his chest with the bed sheet. He looked round nervously to see Britney Spears draped over a chair in the corner.

“What the fuck! Where am I? How are you here? What the hell is going on?” Peter snapped.

“You’re in Hotel Limbo Peter,” Britney began in a smooth relaxing voice. “You’re here because… well… you sort of moved from one life to the next.”

“I’m dead!” exclaimed Peter, disbelieving the blonde superstar.

“Not exactly,” Britney sought to reassure. “You have left your previous life and come to this one. You’re as much alive here as you were in your previous life. In fact, you’re about to realise you’re more alive here.”

Peter was confused. “How did I die? I don’t remember.”

Britney shrugged her bare shoulders,the skin on display something Peter just noted.

“Are you dead?”

Britney giggled. “No silly I’m as much alive as you are! But if you’re referring to your previous life in which you heard of Britney Spears the pop star the answer is still no. Hotel Limbo works slightly differently for men and women.”

“I’m in Hotel Limbo?”

“Yes you are. It’s a place you come to get what you deserve! And you deserve whatever you want!” Britney grinned deviously at the confused man, looking down her body. It was only then that Peter realised the pop princess wasn’t wearing much at all. She wore a baby pink lacy bra and matching lacy panties. It displayed her toned stomach and long sexy legs to their maximum. It also highlighted her big chest as her full tits threatened to burst over the top of the straining lingerie. She wore a set of bright pink high heel pumps which would have added 6 inches to her height if she stood up. Peter could just make out a couple of toe nails painted pink.

Peter wasn’t sure what to make of Britney sprawled so seductively over a chair in his room. Wait a minute! His room! This wasn’t even his room he thought. He didn’t have a clue what was going on.

Britney gave another seductive giggle. “Don’t worry. You’ll catch on soon!” Britney stood up from the chair and walked slowly over to the bed, watching Peter’s eyes fixate on her waist as it swayed. She was beginning to get him relaxed.

“Imagine a place where all your dreams and fantasies come true. Imagine that you could have whatever your heart desired.” With that Britney sunk herself on to the bed, twisting her torso so Peter’s eyes were now locked on her impressive cleavage.

“For example, you’ve always wanted to fuck me haven’t you Peter?”

Peter looked up in silence at her eyes. They are so big and beautiful but innocent looking too. All he can do is nod, knowing that somehow she already knew the answer.

“That’s a pretty good start. But imagine a place where you could do that anytime you want in any setting you want.”

Peter was still speechless but Britney continued to go on with her explanation. She could see he was getting through to him. “Now imagine you could have me with another celebrity. Who would it be?”

Peter gave a moment of thought to this ridiculous situation. He could barely think of anything but one name popped into his head. “Jennifer..”

Before he could finish his sentence he heard the click of high heels on the floor as a familiar body swung into view.

“Love Hewitt…”

Jennifer swung round seductively into view wearing a black negligee with a small white bow on her chest. Jennifer had big round tits which were holstered nicely by the tight silk fabric which extended down to the very top of her gorgeous thighs. The cute negligee held up some gorgeous black thigh high stockings. She had on sexy black high heels which added even more sex appeal to the brunette.

Peter was speechless as Jennifer smiled happily at him. He couldn’t believe this was happening, but was very quickly coming round to the idea of Hotel Limbo.

Britney got up from her chair as she glanced at Jennifer before looking back down at Peter, leaning over slightly giving a good view of her cleavage. “You see Peter, Hotel Limbo is all pleasure. Pleasure for you, pleasure for me and pleasure for Jennifer.” Peter caught a glance of Jennifer sliding onto the bed opposite Britney who was also now on the bed.

Peter didn’t know where to look as two gorgeous women were inches away from him, both is sexy lingerie and their big tits gloriously displayed. He stared as they smiled at each other, before they moved in to kiss. Peter continued to have the same vacant expression as Jennifer’s lips met Britney’s soft lips, their gentle embrace mesmerizing. A gentle soft kiss which lasted a moment turned into another and then another sharper harder kiss. After this the beautiful women started to kiss for longer in a much more sensual way.

After what felt like a minute to Peter, the pair broke up and turned to Peter. Jennifer had the nicest giggle as Britney gentle shepherded the brunette towards the stricken man. A moment that Peter had fantasized about all his adult life was about to happen as Jennifer Love Hewitt brought her lips to his. The actress possessed wonderfully soft lips which instantly had Peter in raptures as she touched his motionless lips. Again this only lasted a second, as Jennifer moved back with a little grin, in love with the effect she had on the dumbstruck man.

The second time she leant in Peter was ready. Jennifer slowly kissed him and he began to move his lips, leaning forward slightly as Jennifer parted his lips with her tongue just briefly. No sooner had this happened than Jennifer moved back from him and gave a knowing smile. Peter felt even more unsure of what to do.

Britney had watched all of this intently, not moving a muscle but a changed expression on her face caught the awestruck man’s attention. A contented smile turned into a lust filled grin as she glanced down at his legs. Peter looked quickly down to see a massive tent had formed in the sheets from an erection he didn’t know he had. The blonde star just moved in for a kiss as soon as Peter looked up to explain.

Britney kissed him more passionately, something which stunned Peter initially as the blonde hungrily caressed his lips. He loved the feel of her lips on his and as he started to relax a sudden jolt of pleasure raced up his body.

Britney grabbed his hard cock through the sheet and ran her hand up and down it, adding in a slight twisting motion. Peter couldn’t believe how good it felt as the star moved her fingers up, down and around, briefly allowing her fingers to touch his balls, which already felt like they could explode.

Peter was in heaven as Britney pleasured him passionately. He was in bliss as Britney stopped the kiss and he opened his eyes to see Jennifer Love Hewitt had removed her negligee revealing her glorious big round tits and shaved wet pussy. She looked like a goddess in high heels and stockings, smiling deviously at him. “Awww you got him nice and hard for me.”

In a swift motion Jen pulled the sheet from on top of Peter, leaving his big hard cock exposed to the girls. Jennifer eyed it excitedly as she clambered on top of him, pushing him onto the bed and mounting him, taking control of the delirious man. She lined up her wet pussy with his shaft and plunged her self down, slowly beginning to ride him.

“Oh fuck, it feels so good Brit,” Jen moaned after a couple of pushes, as Peter went rigid with pleasure.

“MMMmmm it felt so fucking big, can’t wait to have him inside of me,” Britney agreed, shuffling up beside her lovers on the bed. She looked at Peter as she lets her bra fall, revealing her own big round titties, loving how the man’s eyes widened at the sight of them.

She then looked at Jennifer again, who’s tits were beginning to bounce with the force she was putting into fucking Peter. They were almost hypnotising as they bounced, but Peter was even more thrilled to see Britney put her hands on them and cup, eliciting a groan from Jen. “Mmmm yeah, feels so good!!”

“I love feeling your big round titties,” Britney agreed as she massaged them, running both her hands over the perfect mounds, stimulating Jen’s hard nipples with her fingers. She occasionally cupped them for her and Peters benefit, showing they had quite a weight to them.

Jen turned to kiss Britney as she let the start fondle her chest. Britney responded in kind, feeling the heat coming from her own pussy. Jen continued to fuck Peter hard, who had just now worked up the courage to put his hands on the brunette, gently holding her waist, and pushing her onto his cock. Another gentle moan was elicited from Jen, this time muffled by Britney’s lesbian kiss.

“You got feel this Brit,” Jen moaned, “He’s so fucking incredible.” Jen broke the kiss. Peter couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Two young gorgeous stars celebrating they were fucking him and they were keen to share.

Jen moved off Peter, who was then pulled forward by the busty woman, getting on to his knees. He wasn’t sure what was going on but the girls seemed to have a telepathic understanding with one another. It was only when Britney got onto the bed, having taking off her panties that Peter caught up.

“I want you to fuck her hard, ram that big cock deep into that slut!” Jen commanded as Britney spread her legs, still with sexy pink high heels on. Peter could only do as instructed, lining himself up with Britney’s wet shaven pussy. It was only they he realised for the first time how big he was, he felt rock solid. Still Jen’s words echoed in his head and he pushed himself into the Britney’s soaking wet slit.

“Oh fuck!” moaned Britney, “That’s so good.”

Peter was driven on by the encouraging words and started to rock back and forth into his dream girl.

“I told you he was magnificent,” beamed Jennifer as she watched the two of them, giving her chest a small but enticing rub.

Peter began to fuck harder, the sound of his thrusts filling the room. He watched Britney moan and wriggle beneath him as he got faster as she began to play with her own tits. She rubbed them and fondled them for her pleasure as well as Peter’s. She was in heaven too, and wanted every part of herself to feel it. Britney shut her eyes, too enraptured to to do or say much.

Jennifer had other ideas though, as she watched her lover be pounded by Peter’s hard cock. She carefully straddled Britney’s head positioning her pussy over the blonde’s face.

Britney sensed what was happening, and released her own tits and grabbed Jen’s waist, pulling her down on to her. Britney loved eating pussy, and immediately began to flick Jen’s clit before giving it a kiss with her lips.

“Oh God! That almost feels as good as your cock!” Jen began to gently wiggle her hips on Britney’s face as the singer worked her tongue harder and deeper. “Oh fuck yes that’s it!” Jen looked at Peter as she writhed in pleasure. She could see him stare as she rode the tongue of her lesbian lover. Wanting to further enhance the visual image for Peter, she cupped and fondled her bigtits for him, giving herself extra pleasure in the process. “MMMmmm…”

Peter continued to fuck Britney hard and fast as he watched Jen just in front of him. He loved the feel of Britney’s tight wet pussy on his cock as he fucked her. He could also see her boobs bouncing up and down with each stroke, a sight he found a huge turn on.

“That’s so hot, watching you fuck my hot friend while she licks my pussy,” Jen moaned as she rode Britney. “She’s so fucking hot, she’s going to make me cum soon!”

With that Peter felt Britney’s tight pussy clamp round his cock as her legs suddenly squeezed him in pleasure.Jen gave a loud moan as she too began to orgasm at Britney’s oral assault. Still Peter kept fucking, desperate to prolong the vision in front of him for as long as he could.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Britney Spears were rigid with orgasmic pleasure. Peter could see waves of ecstasy roll over the women’s bodies as she watched Britney tongue Jen’s gleaming pussy. Jennifer squeezed her own tits extracting as much pleasure as she could from herself, the sight of her mounds bulging was incredible for Peter.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Peter kept fucking. Jen moaned, “MMMMmm, fuck yes!” Britney was still somehow managing to keep perfect time.

Slowly, Peter could feel Britney’s pussy stop twitching in orgasm as he continued to thrust. Jen stopped writhing in pleasure as her orgasm slowly faded. She kept her hands on her tits but didn’t rub them as much as the last embers of orgasm left her body.

Again in unison, the girls rolled off the bed the sound of their high heels hitting the floor as they stood particularly sexy sounding. Peter didn’t know what was happening again.

“Cum on our tits Peter!” Jennifer commanded.

“Yeah, we want a big hot load all over our big round titties!”

Jen and Britney huddled together on their knees as Peter got up from bed completely naked, his long hard cock pointing straight at the pair. Jennifer cupped her tits, enhancing her already impressive cleavage while Britney used one arm to push up her tits from beneath. Britney’s free hand began to jerk off Peter’s hard lubricated cock fast.

The ultimate moment of bliss was approaching Peter as he looked down at the two women who had given so much to him. Both women looked up at him hungrily, their big brown eyes begging him to unleash his load. The both had beautiful smiles, almost innocent looking, something that made Peter want to just cover them more. And of course, they had hot bodies and were proudly displaying their big tits for him to cum over.

“We love cum here Peter!” enthused Jen.

“We love when we get huge loads on our tits!” said Britney, wanking Peter off harder and faster.

Suddenly Peter’s ball contracted hard, followed by the rest of the him. He went rigid as pleasure overwhelmed him and his first blast of Hotel Limbo cum shot out of him, plastering Jennifer’s chest. It was an incredible sight and feeling. A second shot soon followed, extracted by Britney with her handjob skills, adding more to the huge load already sitting on Jen’s chest.

“Oh fuck, that’s it, cover these titties!”

A couple of more loads followed, covering the skin and nipples of the famous bust, extracting more moans from the brunette. Britney continued to pump Peter’s dick hard as she then took aim at herself letting a huge hot load on to her chest.

“Cum on my big titties Peter!”

Peter couldn’t stop even if he wanted to, he was having the greatest orgasm of his life. Strand after strand of how white cum stick to the blonde’s rack as Peter proceeded to cover her tits as well. Peter couldn’t believe how much he’d cum and was still going.

Jen leaned over as if to suggest to Britney to finish it off. She was now rubbing the cum into her busty chest as she opened her mouth beside Britney who did the same. The sight was so hot for Peter his cum flew out from his cock. The first strand hit across the pair, landing on Jen’s tongue across her cheek and over onto Britney’s waiting mouth. The second load hit Britney’s forehead while the next hit Jen’s eye and nose. After a couple more loads onto the girls, Peter was finally done.

Peter stood back, almost collapsing on to his bed. The girls relaxed a second before they realised they had a cum bridge between them. A smile crossed both their faces as they went in for a sloppy kiss.

Peter marvelled as he watched the pair kiss passionately, at first seeing his cum all over the sexy pair’s lips and going from mouth to mouth but then at the sight of their cum covered tits rubbing together enticingly, creating more bridges between them.

In the heat of their passion, Jen and Britney somehow managed to look up at Peter and see he had a huge smile on his face and big solid cock hardening by the second.

“It’s great to have you here in Hotel Limbo,” said Jen smiling.

“Yeah,” agreed Britney. “You’re going to be a great addition.”
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Re: Hotel Limbo Reboot
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Re: Hotel Limbo Reboot
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Oh my god, this was so fucking awesome. This has made my weekend reading one of these stories again. Those tits coming out to play, mmmmm! You always did love high heels, I'm happy to see them getting usage again!
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Re: Hotel Limbo Reboot
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Cheers guys!


Re: Hotel Limbo Reboot
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Love these stories, hope to see you post the old ones too.  ;D


Re: Hotel Limbo Reboot
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   PLEASE more Hotel Limbo Stories!


Re: Hotel Limbo Reboot
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Donut's stories are legendary. Would love to see more too.


Re: Hotel Limbo Reboot
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   I hope he's working on more stories...


Re: Hotel Limbo Reboot
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   I hope he's working on more stories...

He stays busy these days, but message him some time and give him some appreciation, and maybe you can inspire him to pick back up.  ;)
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Re: Hotel Limbo Reboot
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If you ever bring this series back, any chance Jessica Alba makes a stay?


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