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The Red Rooster
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Disclaimer: none of this happened, it's all made up.

From the outside The Red Rooster seemed like an average male strip club.

The only real notable thing about the club, to normal people, was the unusually high amount of Black and Latino dancers that worked there.

So much so that it had been jokingly nicknamed "The Black and Brown Rooster" by the patrons of the club.

Of course, looks from the surface could be deceiving and The Red Rooster was no different.

In reality it was a mob front for a male prostitution ring.

A ring whose primary clientele was actually celebrities.

They were willing to pay a lot of money for a no strings attached night with their favorite stripper, the mob were more than willing to collect the majority of that money and the guys were financially taken care of and got to fuck some of the hottest celebs on Earth.

Everyone won in that deal and, best of all, no one was willing to talk to any authorities thanks to how well it all worked.

Of course the ladies running the place enjoyed the perk of handpicking each and every dancer there and getting to test them out first.

Just as Martin Torres was finding out.

He'd been working out at the gym when he'd been approached by a woman asking if he'd like to try out for a spot at the Red Rooster.

He knew that place was a strip club, so he was pretty surprised (and impressed) by her boldness, what he didn't know was that the owners of the club had been watching him for a while.

After one of their contacts at the gym had offered up Martin as a possible dancer, they began to learn as much as they could about him and dug into his past as far as they could without drawing any suspicion.

After all, they didn't want anyone who had even a hint of potential trouble to them.

They found out that he had been a star soccer player in high school and was pretty highly touted until an injury had ended his time on the field.

Their contacts also informed them that Martin was pretty well known among the ladies for being a good fuck and that he was considered quite the dancer.

The perfect kinda of guy for the club.

He had been brought in for an interview (which he passed with flying colors) and now it was time for Tessa Marino to test drive him.

By far this was her favorite part of the job.

Granted they tended to rotate who the tester was and she was rarely in this spot, but it was still the best thing about her job.

The mob that controlled the place was made up entirely by women and she was still relatively low on the totem pole.

So she happily took these opportunity's whenever she could.

She looked him up and down for a few minutes.

He wasn't a muscular as the others, but he was still very nice to look at.

Naturally, her focus was on his dick and it was huge.

Probably about 8 inches rock hard.

She was gonna enjoy it, she was sure of that.

He'd already danced for her (which heightened the already sexual aura of the room) and now he was just waiting for what they both knew was next.

They were also both really looking forward to it.

Martin took a moment to enjoy the sight of Tessa.

She looked strikingly like Bettie Paige (although Martin noted that she had a much bigger chest, even in her business suit she couldn't completely hide them) and had an aura of iciness that made her seem ready to dominate any man that got in her way.

Then she stood up and walked towards him, he realized that her curves weren't only on top.

The incredibly short bottom of the business suit let him now that her ass was incredibly round.

There was few things on Earth he loved more than a woman with amazing curves.

The mafia in question had standards when it came to how people looked, the philosophy that ran their strip club, in a way, also ran their mafia.

They wouldn't let just anyone in mainly because good looks made things much easier for them.

They were more than happy to use those looks to do things like get out of jams that they would find themselves in.

It also helped that having incredibly hot bosses was yet another benefit of working at the club for the guys and made recruiting much easier.

She moved a few things off her desk, giving her a spot to sit on, then she spread her legs, exposing her pussy to Martin and told him to eat her out.

He gladly did just that.

Martin prided himself on his oral abilities.

Every woman he's eaten out had raved about his abilities.

Tessa could, a few minutes in, understand why.

It didn't take long before he won himself a job.

But she wouldn't let him know that until the end.

It would be a nice surprise for him.

He'd be a hard worker, she was sure of that.

He was really proving that to her.

After a bit of work, Martin got Tessa to cum.

Every single time he made a woman cum, Martin mentally added another name to the list.

So far the list was in double digits.

And it was going to grow very soon.

He just knew it.

Tessa was sure she had a big star on her hands (soon to be pun intended).

This would get her noticed by the higher ups in the mafia.

She was sure of it.

He spent the next hour pleasuring he as much as he possibly could, desperate to earn a job.

He worked so hard, Tessa was even more impressed.

He was far past earning his job at this point.

He was unknowingly auditioning to be one of her regulars.

And he was passing that audition with flying colors.

She told him to come back tomorrow to start work and sent him away.

She loved her job.

After a bit of recovery it was time for her to get back to work.

As always, was a lot to do and little time to do it.

Especially tonight.


The woman had watched from a small roped off room.

She was very impressed with the man she was watching at the moment.

His name was Adam Cross and he was moonlighting there to help put himself through College.

He'd been recruited on a football scholarship, but he ended up being passed over for the team and was stuck in a position where he needed money once the scholarship was pulled.

Thankfully he'd found the job of a lifetime.

It was well known that someone like him could make nice money on a nightly basis there and he also knew that few jobs could get him as much pussy as this one could.

So he went through the hiring process and was accepted without a second thought.

Since then life had been good for him, both financially and sexually.

But, he hadn't had the full Red Rooster experience.

At least not yet.

Sure, in his few months at the club, he'd had sex with plenty of beautiful women in one of the...special rooms that the club held in their lower levels, but others dancers had hinted that it was nothing compared to what they'd experienced in the past.

He blew them off and focused on his work, but he still wondered if he really was in the dark about a big secret that the club held.

He had no clue that he was being watched by one of the hottest women on Earth and that she was already incredibly hot for him as he danced.

It was her first time at the club and she had only gone there at the urging of a friend and she had been told that they'd take care of her, hence why she was now in a roped off and darkened area.

But still, this guy was so amazing that she couldn't help it, she had decided to test if her friend was telling the truth and, soon enough, a deal was reached between her and a mysterious woman who she was told to contact.

She wasn't sure if this was a sting or not, but she wanted to give it a try.

Who knew what the night held for both of them.
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Re: The Red Rooster
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Vicki Li was both incredibly excited and incredibly nervous.

This was her first time going to the Red Rooster and she could instantly see why it had been recommended to her.

The guys she'd seen so far had all looked amazing and they could really move.

But it was the last dancer that really got her attention.

He looked like he was made out of granite, his dick was huge, and he was gorgeous in a tough sort of way.

All of that combined, meant that Vicki couldn't wait any longer, she was gonna see if she could get some...private time with him.

She had been told by her friend that if she asked for Andrea, she'd get set up real nice there.

She didn't know exactly what that meant until her friend said, without actually saying it, that she could fuck a dancer if she was into them.

"Vicki, I promise you'll get a..dance that you'll never forget." He friend said, not being subtle about what she was actually talking about.

Vicki was stunned by this reveal because she never thought her friend would be the type to do such a thing, but she was also interested.

She had grown bored with her current relationship and was looking for something to satisfy her needs.

And, after watching Adam dance, it was clear he could do just that for her and probably more.

So she went to the bartender and asked for Andrea, she was more nervous than she had ever been, but it was now or never.

She had to go through with this.

It didn't take long for Andrea to show up at her table, Vicki's friend had given a lot of money to the Red Rooster over the years and had been friendly with the people running the place, so they were more than happy to fulfill the friend's request when she had asked them to treat Vicki real nice.

Andrea strolled over to Vicki's table and made a few moments of small talk to ease Vicki into the bigger conversations.

"So, what did you call me over for?" She asked in a friendly voice.

"That last dancer, Adam." Vicki began.

"I was wondering if I could get a private dance from him." She said, despite Andrea's warm demenoir towards her, Vicki was still clearly not at ease.

"You can get that and, if you enjoy it, even more, just give me your card and we'll charge it at the end of your time here: five hundred for a private dance, three thousand for the dancer to simply perform oral sex on you and five thousand for everything." Andrea said, she had long decided to be direct about what people were really asking for when they came into the Red Rooster.

She wanted to make sure there was never a miscommunication.

Of course, the dancers the club hired ensured that knew would say a word about what was really going on.

Vicki merely nodded and handed Andrea her credit card, it was incredibly expensive, but she felt Adam was worth it.

She also had to admit that something about Andrea's vibe gave her confidence that this wasn't a set up, but she still couldn't bring herself to admit that she was getting herself involved with prostitution.

Andrea took the card and had one of her underlings lead Vicki to a private room.

It was larger than she'd thought it would be, but it made sense, they needed enough room to fit a couch that she was quite sure was a fold out bed.

She looked around and saw a small table that she absentmindedly wondered over to and checked out.

It was filled with sex toys and other types of sex aides.

She found one thing that she felt she could use and she palmed it as she waited.

Vicki held her breath for a few seconds and exhaled.

There was no backing out now.

She just hoped she hadn't made a big mistake.


After a bit of a wait, Andrea brought Adam in and introduced him to Vicki.

Still very nervous over this whole situation, Vicki mustered up the courage to shake his hand and they traded greetings before Andrea left the room, with an amused instruction for Adam to show Vicki a great time.

Adam didn't need to be told that twice.

A woman as beautiful as Vicki was someone he (and most men) would have killed to talk to...thankfully he knew it wouldn't come to that.

In fact, she'd paid to be with him.

Vicki made a bit of small talk with him (he noticed that first timers liked to do that to take the edge off and he'd had a lot of first timers, so he'd gotten good at it) while Adam walked over to a small radio and turned it on.

Vicki took the sight of him in.

He was pretty much dressed in a muscle T-shirt and jeans that were obviously going to be easy to tear off.

She already wanted to see him out of it, but patience was the key.

She kept reminding herself not to let her nerves get the better of her.

Soon enough some generic techno music began to play and Adam began to dance.

It didn't take long before Vicki suppressed her fears and started getting into watching Adam dance.

She had to ignore the voice telling her that not everything was on the up and up, because it no longer mattered anymore.

They were in this situation (one that she created) and she couldn't go back.

She past that point when she first asked for a dance from Adam.

She was shaken out of her thoughts as Adam really kicked the dancing into the next gear.

He was incredibly athletic and rhythmic and it showed in his dancing.

She let out a noise of approval when he took his shirt off, she noted that, up close, he was more muscular than she had first realized.

Then she surprised herself when she cheered as he ripped his jeans off, revealing a G-string that left little to the imagination.

Already she was practically drooling over him as every second of his dance got her hotter and hotter.

By the end, Vicki was ready to jump on top of him and not get off until they both got off.

Which meant that, once his dance was over, both sides knew what was next.

Vicki was under no real rules or restrictions and she could start any time she wanted, but she had tried to let him finish his dance.

 Somehow, someway, she succeeded in that task and he managed to get though the dance uninterrupted.

Now, however, Vicki wasn't going to waste any more time.

She kissed him passionately, an action with caused Adam to grin and kiss her back.

He truly loved his job.

Vicki's hands roamed his body, enjoying the feeling of his muscles.

He wasn't muscular to a point where people would claim it was obvious that he was on steroids, but it was clear that he spent a lot of time in the gym.

"Mmm, perfect." She whispered in his ear when she broke the kiss.

Adam wasn't an egomaniacal person, he tried to have some humility in his life, but hearing stuff like that from such a beautiful woman made keeping that ego in check real tough.

Of course some of his co-workers were much different in that regard and that posed something of a problem at times.

Not that Adam cared what his co-workers were up to.

He wasn't particularly close to most of his co-workers and he was getting money and sex on a regular basis, so his needs were filled.

Anything else was mostly beyond his concern.

Of course, at the moment, he had even further tunnel vision as Vicki was his only concern.Not an unusual reaction to her, but most of the time, those people weren't being paid to fuck her.

"Well, I guess if you're naked then I should join you, don't wanna make you too nervous." She said, with a smile.

Adam was more than ready to see what so many had fantasized about.

She quickly pulled her dress off with no ceremony and Adam got the chance to stare at her in lingerie.

It wasn't spectacular, just a lacy black bra and panties but she still looked amazing in it.

While plenty of people had seen pictures of her in lingerie, but few had seen her like this in an up close and personal way.

Then she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra.

Once again, with no extra ceremony, she pulled the bra off and gave him his first look at her astounding breasts.

Adam's eyes went wide, they were better than he imagined.

The normally calm, cool and collected guy was openly impressed with what he was seeing in front of him.

"In case you're wondering, I'm a 32F." She said with a wink.

Adam wasn't really wondering about her exact cup size, all he needed to know was that they were huge, but he was still glad to know it.

Then she pulled down her panties revealing a lightly shaved pussy.

"Fucking hell." He said under his breath at the sight of her completely nude body.

As far as Adam could tell, she was without a single flaw.

He had to admit that he'd never seen such an amazing body, and he'd seen plenty of bodies that most women would kill for.

Of course, those bodies were almost always helped by a surgeon and he was certain that she was all natural.

She kissed him again and her hands felt his broad shoulders.

Then she moved her hands down to give his ass a big squeeze.

"I hope you're as good as advertised." She said, knowing he would take this for the friendly challenge that it was.

"I promise that I'm even better." He responded, trying to tow the line between confidence and arrogance.

"Well then, prove it to me." She said with a chuckle.

With that challenge issued, Adam knelt before her and began to eat her out.

A soon as they made contact, Vicki was enjoying his tongue and his hands, he clearly knew how to make a woman happy.

She was thankful that, for tonight, she was that woman.

She moved her hands to his lightly haired head and gripped it tightly, he was already getting an intense reaction from her.

He paid particular attention to her clit, he knew that was usually the key to pleasing a woman.

Vicki was, at the moment, unable to say words, thanks to Adam.

If this was just the beginning, she couldn't wait to go as far as he could take her.

After a little bit of pleasuring her like that, she then surprised Adam by pushing him away and telling him to lay down.

Once that was done, she explained that she wanted to ride his dick.

Adam smiled, the force in her voice told him that she was ready to take charge and that was just what he wanted.

Mainly because that usually took a lot of guess work out of pleasuring a woman.

Adam wasn't some fool who thought they were being paid to be dominated by him without domination being the clientís request.

Those types of strippers rarely made it past the interview process and, if they did, they quickly learned that the customer is always right.

That was, as Adam had come to find out quickly, non-negotiable.

Not that Adam minded that unwritten rule one bit.

After all, he was a 'anything for a beautiful lady' type.

So he happily watched as she began to slowly squat down over him, with a sexy grin on her face.

She teased him a bit by moving her pussy right over his cock and then taking an inch of him in before she moved her pussy off of his dick.

She did this repeatedly, moving her pussy a little further down his cock each time, until he was finally all the way in her.

Vicki's clearly loved the feeling and she really loved it when she began to move on that dick while begging Adam to meet her thrusts, which he did.

And he happily began to see exactly what he wanted to see: her breasts bouncing while she rode him.

Vicki loved feeling his chest as she used it to steady herself while they fucked.

Visually, they made an incredible pair, despite the fact that no one was watching them...at the time.

Adam was very sure they were being recorded.

The people that ran the place was extremely paranoid about getting busted, they made sure to have all their bases covered via bribery and blackmail, but human nature meant everything could change in a second which meant that everything was recorded.

If they went down, a hell of a lot of people would go down with them.

Of course, Adam didn't care if they were recording him, that just meant there was evidence that he had fucked the incredibly hot Vicki Li.

Though he wasn't sure that Vicki would be all that happy with evidence of this night existing.

Especially if that evidence could get out to the wider world.

She seemed like the kind of lady who wanted to be seen as tastefully sexy and something like this getting out would wreck her image.

At least in her eyes.

He wasn't sure others actually care would care, in fact, it would probably make her even more famous.

The sight of Vicki on top of him was an unforgettable one and brought him out of his thoughts.

Both the fact that she had taken charge and the huge grin on her face told her that her past shyness had been long forgotten and the real Vicki Li had shown up.

Adam like this Vicki Li a lot and he certainly hoped to see more of her in the future.

"C'mon, Adam, show me what you got." She challenged as she rode him, giving him a little wink, although she was pretty sure he didn't see that, given that his eyes were glued to her tits.

She was used to that, so she wasn't really offended.

In fact, she took it as more of a compliment than she would from others.

"If that's what you want, then that's what you get." He said as his hands gripped her hips and he began to thrust into her as hard as he could.

Adam had decided to see if that was an offer to take charge over Vicki.

In reality, it was less that she wanted him to take complete charge and more that she wanted him to take a more active role as the confused look on her face when he began to fuck her harder told him.

It didn't take him too long to figure out that particular minor miscalculation and right that mistake.

If nothing else, Adam was astute to the needs of his clients and thankfully Vicki didn't seem pissed about it.

He still held one hand on one her ass while his other moved to her breasts.

He just couldn't resist such an amazing pair, something Vicki had started to encourage.

"That's it, baby, for tonight, they're all yours, play with them to your heartís content." She said with a grin.

Adam liked the sound of that.

He certainly hoped he'd get to fuck them later on.

He'd kill to see them oiled up and wrapped around his dick.

But he wasn't gonna get greedy and look a gift horse in the mouth.

Just getting to fuck Vicki was good enough for him.

Vicki, however, wanted a lot more.

His hand left her breasts when she, much to his surprise, grabbed it and stuck one of his fingers in her mouth.

She sucked on it for a few moments, a pleasing sight to say the least, before she took it out of her mouth and gave him a wink.

Then she took his hand and placed it near her asshole.

That told him everything he needed to know.

He immediately began to use his finger to relax her asshole.

Once he did that, he stuck the finger in as far as it could go.

She immediately stopped moving and she leaned down to kiss him, trying to muffle the oncoming scream.

Adam gleefully kissed her back, he relished every kiss he got from her.

After a few seconds, she started moving again while Adam continued to finger her ass.

This was already the best encounter he'd had since he'd started working in the Red Rooster.

And there was plenty of room for it to get even better.

His finger, as it turned out, was just right for her hole.

It wasn't big enough to hurt her, but it wasn't tiny either.

And he clearly knew how to use it.

Vicki knew she'd picked right with him.

He had impressed her on the stage and he was blowing her away right now.

After a bit of fucking her pussy while Adam explored her anus with his finger, Vicki decided it was time for the next step.

"Take the finger out." She told him.

Adam immediately took the finger out, knowing exactly what she wanted next.

Vicki got off of him and then got down on her hands and knees.

"Do you want what I think you want?" He asked her, instead of a verbal response, he merely got a nod from her.

"Not good enough, I need you to say it." He told her.

Normally he wouldn't mind just diving in, but because of how nervous she'd been at the start, he decided to give her a bit to really think this over.

He didn't want her to make an adrenaline-based decision that she'd later come to regret.

Not out of any fear of legal issues, but he just didn't want any woman to regret her night with him.

As for Vicki, she knew that she couldn't go back on this decision, nor did she want to.

Mainly because she'd wanted him in her ass from the first time she saw his dick.

It helped that Vicki wasn't exactly a virgin when it came to anal sex, granted it wasn't an every time thing but it was an occasional treat for her.

And, tonight, Vicki wanted her treat.

"I want you to put on a condom and fuck my ass." She bluntly said.

Adam wasn't sure why she wanted him to wear a condom, but it didn't matter at the moment because she had requested it so he could do that.

And it wasn't like he was one of those guys that needed to give it raw, as long as he got to fuck, he was fine either way.

He quickly placed a condom on his dick, positioned himself at her asshole and slowly entered it.

Even if she had experience in this area, her ass was still incredibly tight and he was huge.

Vicki's eyes went wide for a few seconds before she calmed down and got a huge grin on her face, not an unusual reaction from her when it came to anal.

Still, Adam waited for her to get completely used to him, luckily for him, he didn't have to wait long.

Soon Vicki was thrusting her ass back at him, trying to get him to fuck her.

That tactic worked and Adam quickly began meeting those thrusts with his own.

Vicki's breasts swayed with the thrusts, a sight that would have blown most men's minds, Adam's included.

He could get a few glimpses of them, but, at the moment, that was all he got.

He did notice that, with the way her arm was moving, he was certain she was playing with her pussy while he fucked her ass.

Of course, that was more than enough to encourage him to fuck her even harder.

Which he gladly did.

Even if he couldn't see it, he could hear the sounds her breasts occasionally hitting each other, the sound telling him that she was getting what she wanted.

He began to move faster and faster by the second, until he felt he was at the right mix of hard and pleasurable.

The sounds Vicki were making were a great indicator that he had gotten it right.

"When it's time, I want you to cum in between my tits so tell me when you get close." She somehow managed to get out in between the screams and moans, getting a grunt from Adam in response.

That request surprised Adam, but he wasn't complaining.

Sure the focus was on her ass at the moment, but the promise of a potential tit fuck managed to push him even further.

Adam was incredibly close to living most men's ultimate Vicki Li fantasy.

But he still had a bit more to do before he reached that stage.

He reached down and placed one hand on her breast.

Just that feel already made an incredible experience for him and one that so few would ever be able to brag about.

"You're amazing." He said as he felt her breast, he was sure that either she was all natural or she had the best surgeon on Earth.

He was betting that it was the former, not that it really mattered to him.

A great set of breasts were a great set of breasts, fake or not.

Of course, in his eyes Vicki was stunning no matter what and Adam was thanking his lucky stars for this moment.

Adam had to bite his tongue a few times to keep himself from declaring his love for her and asking her to marry him.

Not that she would be surprised if he did, it just seemed like Vicki had that effect on guys.

Even ones that weren't fucking her brains out.

Adam's massive cock continued to fuck into Vicki's ass for a little while longer, then it happened.

Vicki had a huge orgasm.

Probably the biggest that she'd ever had.

She fingered herself while she came everywhere with Adam's dick deep in her ass.

Of course, Adam realized he wasn't gonna last much longer, so he pulled out of Vicki and, at her request, tossed the condom aside.

She rolled around and he immediately straddled her stomach while she reached over and grabbed a small bottle of oil that she had placed there when she first laid down.

The staff always made sure that the room was well stocked with whatever the client needed and, for Vicki, her eyes immediately focused on the baby oil.

She liked having her tits fuck, so she knew just what to use the baby oil for.

At the moment, she applied some to her breasts and asked for his help in messaging it in, giving it just enough to feel slippery but not too slippery.

Vicki had long figure that particular amount out.

Adam treated it as yet another chance to worship her incredible rack.

He relished every second he had with them.

Vicki knew exactly what he was doing and, to be honest, she was surprised that he wasn't outright praying to them.

Something that had happened more than a few times in the past.

It was weird as hell, but she learned to just roll with it.

Guys were gonna do weird guy things, that was something Vicki had come to realize was an absolute truth, no matter how normal the guy seemed.

Of course, when a guy was as hot as Adam, you gave them plenty of leeway.

Despite the fact that he wasn't much for doing weird things in bed, he had quickly learned the lesson that most women would do whatever he wanted with just a bit of flirting and he had no issues using that to his advantage in his everyday life.

But that was another story for anther day.

At the moment, he had a massive pair of tits to fuck.

He straddled her waist and took a moment to enjoy the view of the stunning woman below him.

She looked up at him with a smile and he soon felt her breasts squash his dick.

He'd fucked plenty of tits in his life, but few of them could actually engulf his dick like this.

He smiled back at her and then he began to fuck her tits with an intensity, while she happily encouraged him to cum.

"C'mon, baby, cover them." She said with a big grin, she knew he wasn't gonna last long.

Adam was happy to oblige her as rope after rope of cum flew out of his cock.

Vicki grinned because she loved the feeling of his cum hitting her tits.

Soon enough, they were as covered as they could possibly be and Vicki had to admit that she was amazed as how big his load was.

She'd have to ask around to see if he had done porn under another name or something.

He was an incredible fuck and she was sure she'd never forget this night.

As for Adam, he had to take a little bit to recover from that as it was probably the largest load he'd ever shot.

He had to admit that Vicki brought out the best in him.

"That was amazing." She said before she reached down and began to lick the cum off of her tits.

Vicki loved the taste of his cum and couldn't get enough of it.

She was even nastier (in the best possible way) than he'd thought.

Once she clearly reached her limit, Adam told her about some showers she could use to clean herself off, then he used a small phone to dial up Andrea and tell her what Vicki needed.

After a few minutes, he watched as Andrea led Vicki out and he gave himself a small head shake.

He'd thought his life was over after his football career vanished before his eyes, but the reality was that it was just the start of his journey.

His head shake gave way to a huge grin when he overheard Vicki asking Andrea about coming back to visit Adam very soon right before they left the room.

He was going to have to talk to Andrea about giving Vicki a big discount for next time.


As he left the room, another one of the dancers stopped him with a big grin on his face.

"You get it now?" Steven excitedly asked Adam.

"I mean, I've fucked plenty of women in that room before, none as hot as her, but still I'm well aware of what's goes on here." Adam said, getting a sigh in response.

"No, dude, think about it, have you ever fucked someone as famous as Vicki?" He asked Adam, getting a 'no' in response.

"Of course you haven't and she's mainly an IG celeb, bro, we get some of the most famous women on Earth in here on a regular basis." He said, much to Adam's surprise.

"What are you talking about, I've been working here for months and I've never seen a single celeb." Adam said in disbelief, there was no way Steven was telling him the truth, there just couldn't be.

"Ask around, bro, you're gonna start to hear a lot of famous names being thrown around, they got little sections for them to keep them out of sight, but trust me, they're around." Steven said as he lightly smacked Adam in the stomach and walked off to do...whatever shit Steven was up to.

Adam liked his co-worker, but even he had to admit that Steven was the kind of likeable but full of shit guy who was always hustling off to some scheme.

Still, Adam was gonna have to ask around, if he was being told the truth, this job had just gotten a hell of a lot better.
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That is a great story @extreme1. Really enjoyed it and the fact that it was about the gorgeous Vicki too.... :*
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Re: The Red Rooster
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"FREEDOM!" Madelaine Petsch shouted at the top of her lungs with a huge grin on her face as she popped a bottle of champagne and took a big drink from the bottle.

She and Lili Reinhart had heard all sorts of rumors about the Red Rooster which left them thinking that going there would be the best way to celebrate their respective break ups.

Sure it was weird to celebrate such a usually heartbreaking situation, but neither of them wanted to mope around and dwell on failed romances.

Most of the celebrities that went to The Red Rooster liked to stay in roped off areas of the place, waiting until the time was right to take a dancer to one of the "special" rooms in the place (or to take them home), but Petsch and Reinhart wanted to have some real fun and wanted make their presence known (especially with the dancers).

It was an unusual situation, but Andrea was more than happy to let both of them have the run of the place as long as they kept off social media while they were there, which they both pledged to do.

Neither of them were eager to let the world know what they were up to...especially if the about the place rumors were actually true.

They'd both heard that, for a steep price, you could have one of the dancers for as long as you wanted and wherever you wanted.

They hadn't really talked about it, but both of them had thought of (and hinted at) wanting to take one of the dancers home for the night.

It didn't matter to either of them if they were to take one home each or if they had to share.

That was fine for both of them, in fact, Lili viewed it as a bonus.

She would be more than happy to potentially get a shot a Madelaine as well.

She'd wanted her for quite a while and this might be the perfect way to get her.

The girls took in the sights of the different dancers, but there was one that got their interest the most.

A rather tall looking Latino who had the biggest dick either of them had ever seen.

The girls huddled up and began talking to each other about seeing if they could get him for the night."Alex is one of our most popular dancers." Andrea began, not wanting to keep either of them waiting too long for him.

Good word of mouth from them could get them plenty of young stars who were up and coming and willing to spend a lot of cash.

They quickly negotiated a deal to take Alex for the night and then they waited.

To pass the time they looked around and eyed some of the other talent that were also on the menu.

In their eyes, none looked as tantalizing as Alex, but they saw plenty that they could potentially come back for in the future.

Eventually they got what they were waiting for and Andrea happily led Alex over to them.

"Alright ladies, the payments have gone through and he's yours for the night." Andrea said, she laid down a few ground rules, nothing too extreme mainly reminding them not to try anything that he doesn't consent to, that said Alex was theirs to do whatever they wanted him to, for the most part.

With that, the trio took off for a hotel room that Lili had rented for them while they were waiting to close the deal.

All three of them were eager to get there and get down to business.


Re: The Red Rooster
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As soon as they were in the hotel room, both women were all over Alex.

Not that he was shocked, in fact, he had a sense of pride in how women seemed to have problems controlling themselves around him.

Still, these particular women were two of the most beautiful in the entire world and that gave him quite the ego boost.

Lili was more than happy to make out with him while Madelaine quickly stripped him of his clothes.

He figured it was a little power thing with them being completely clothed while he was totally nude.

It wasn't unusual for women to do little stuff that to him.

It was just a tendency for his clients to do little things like this to remind him just who was really in charge.

Although he suspected that they would soon join him by stripping off their own clothes.

Sure enough, Lili soon encouraged him to begin stripping her of her clothes while they kissed.

Which he was more than happy to do, then Madelaine told him to do the same to her, which he quickly did.

Both women had perfect bodies to say the least.

Alex noted that, in the breast department, Madelaine appeared to be all natural while Lili had breast implants.

He had to admit that, whoever had done them, had done an amazing job.

"Show me just how bad you want us." Lili said, deciding to play a little game with the dancer.

"How do you want me to do that?" He asked, not wanting to do something that could piss them off.

It was better if they were crystal clear about what they wanted.

He'd learned that lesson long before he even started working at the Red Rooster.

"Communication is the key." Was taught to him as soon as he started having sex, in his early 20s.

He was always eager to please and that helped him a great deal getting a job at the Rooster.

As a result of that, he was very popular with the clubs clients (and with some of the staff).

"I want you to eat out Madelaine, I just want to watch, right now." Lili said, surprising him.

He looked over to Madelaine who gave him an eager nod of agreement at Lili's plan.

As soon as he got the nod, he smiled and knelt before Maddie.

He looked up took a few moments to enjoy the sight, Madelaine was stunning (as was Lili), he'd thought that even before he'd seen her in person, but the TV somehow couldn't do either of them justice.

He'd seen plenty of celebs at the Rooster, and the Riverdale ladies were certainly among the top class of beauties.

They tended to be humble about that, but that didn't mean that they didn't know how beautiful they were.

Something that Alex greatly appreciated.

Lili, for her part, also greatly appreciated Madelaine's beauty.

Her friend had made it clear that, for tonight, Madelaine was down for anything.

Including fooling around with Lili, if that's what the situation called for.

And Lili was going to try her best to make the situation call for it.

Right now, however, her (and Maddie's) focus was on Alex.

The moment they saw the dancer, they knew he was the right person for the job.

The two huddled up and quickly agreed that they needed him for the night.

Like almost every of his co-workers, Alex thanked his lucky stars at how his life had gone.

The Red Rooster had been very good to him.

His lips reached her pussy and she gave an immediate shudder of pleasure.

Madelaine was the more reserved of the two and her reaction showed it.

Although, most of the time, there wasn't a lot of ground to cover between the two.

They both had a wild streak to them, never going to far, but always down for a good time.

Alex appreciated that, as he had the same kind of streak.

Earlier in the night, he watched them pretty much take over the club and lose their minds in the safest way possible.

The dancers loved the appreciation they showed and the other club goers were more amused than annoyed.

As soon as he saw them he felt determined to put on a show they wouldn't forget, which he did.

And, even better, he was now reaping the benefits of their recent break-ups.

Alex manipulated Madelaine's pussy in a way none of her exes had and it was getting her wetter and wetter.

Alex loved lapping up the juice that coming from her pussy.

As he continued pleasuring her, Lili was kissing all over Madelaine's face.

Much to Maddie's amusement, Lili then licked across her face as her hands wondered down to Maddie's butt.

She gave it a very rough squeeze, getting a yelp from a surprised Maddie.

She wasn't expecting Lili to be so rough, but she wasn't exactly sad about it either.

Maddie liked to think that she was built to handle the rough stuff.

Lili wasn't usually into getting rough, but she knew that's how Maddie liked it.

Lili was, at her core, a romantic.

Even in this situation, it was deep in her to try and make it at least a little romantic.

But, right now, she had to suppress that urge.

She wanted to make sure that Maddie enjoyed every single second of this encounter.

Alex was, of course, more than happy to help in that regard and he was doing a great job in helping.

"He's incredible." Madelaine said as she broke the kiss with Lili.

Lili simply smiled back and gave her a wink.

Madelaine just knew exactly what she was about to do and, sure enough, Lili sank down next to Alex.

Lili began licking up and down his dick, wanting to get him all worked up.

That wasn't exactly a tough job for her.

Between getting to eat Madelaine's pussy and Lili's oral service, Alex was on cloud nine.

And the night was still young, he knew he was gonna fuck them eventually.

He'd have to put on the performance of a lifetime for them when that time came, but that was later.

He had something far more important to focus on right now.

Namely Maddie.

He wanted to make her feel better than she'd ever felt in her life.

Which he was doing.

So much so, in fact, that Maddie would say he was doing it very well.

For Lili, she was enjoying the large penis she was currently sucking on.

She knew she'd wanted that thing ever since she first saw him dance and, during that dance, Maddie leaned over and told her that she had a feeling that they weren't going home empty handed that night.

Lili knew not to question Maddie and her confidence.

She was usually able to get what she wanted.

If she had been a worse person, Maddie would have been a tornado of pain and mystery for everyone around her.

Thankfully, Maddie used her powers for good.

As all three could attest to.

Well, they would if they weren't so busy at the moment.

They continued pleasuring each other for a while longer, until Maddie decided to take things to the next level.

She wanted to fuck Alex first, then it would be Lili's turn.

Maddie wanted her to be as tightly wound as possible before she unleashed Alex on her co-star.

That would be fun to watch.

Of course, her mind was far from there, at the moment.

She was about to fuck Alex and she didn't want to wait any longer.

He was the biggest dick she'd ever had, but that was fine with her.

She was happy to take on such a challenge.

She took a moment to ready herself and she then sank down on his dick.

"Holy fuck." She said as she reached the base of his dick.

"Feels good?" Maddie asked, concerned for her friend.

"Oh yes." Came the response from Lili.

It was obvious she was telling the truth.

Lili was already having the time of her life.

Alex knew exactly what he was doing, there was no doubt about that, in turn, Lili wanted to show him just how good she was as well.

So she began to take just enough control to do just that.

"You are fucking amazing." Alex gasped out as Lili showed him her moves.

Lili gave a smirk at that, if someone as experienced as Alex was impressed by her, that was a great compliment in her eyes.

She leaned over and kissed him.

The enthusiasm in his response told Lili just how much he was enjoying this whole situation.

Of course, a situation like this one wasn't completely new to Lili and Maddie, it wasn't exactly like the Riverdale ladies hadn't shared a guy between them before.

They prided themselves on the fact that they were all hard partiers without being self destructive.

As such, both Lili and Maddie were going to have a lot to tell their co-stars.

Alex wouldn't be sad about that, the free advertising would, hopefully, net the club some new clientele in the future.

Not that he was thinking of that at the moment.

Nothing about their "real lives" were in their thoughts.

They were laser focused both on their own pleasure and giving each other pleasure.

Madelaine pulled Lili's mouth off of Alex's and soon she taking her turn to kiss Lili.

After a few minutes, Maddie broke the kiss and then turned her attention towards Alex.

Maddie was a bigger party girl than Lili was and she was always eager to get down, but, right now, Lili was the center of both of their attentions and she wasn't gonna ruin that.

"We're lucky as hell we found this one." Maddie said to her co-star, getting a happy nod in response.

Lili wouldn't argue with her at all.

Alex was a real find and she felt lucky that they had stumbled on him.

Eventually, they both realized their orgasms were about to hit, although neither had any idea about the others upcoming orgasm.

With one final thrust into Lili, she came.

Maddie had to admit that she'd never seen someone get this reaction out of Lili.

Which made her incredibly happy for her friend as she was sure that Lili deserved all the pleasure in the world.

She knew Lili was a truly amazing person, so she glad that she and her friend could get their minds off their problems.

As for Alex, he was getting ready to cum, something Lili was eagerly encouraging.

So he quickly gave Lili what she wanted and shot inside of her.

She was happy to get what he gave her, but she and Madelaine quickly realized that he was gonna need a bit to time before she could give Maddie the same treatment.

So the pair let him do just that.

Luckily for both of them, they didn't have to wait for too long.


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