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90s CSS (Site Collab)
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Hi everyone, I've had this idea for a long time and I figured it was time to actually start this topic!
The idea is simple: stories set in the 90s, with the celebs of the time!
There's no word limit other than the ones the site itself imposes, so don't hestitate to get long with it or get short with it.
The most important rule is to have fun while still observing the rules of both CSS and your state and/or federal government!

A Story That Is About A Celebrity Who Has Sex With A Non-Celeb At A New Years Party To Celebrate The Start Of The New Year (Starring Tiffani Amber Thiessen)

Note: Thank you to Cade for doing your damndest to make this think readable!

Disclaimer: This never happened and it's all parody that is legally protected!

"5...4...3...2...1...HAPPY NEW YEAR" The crowd shouted joyfully as the ball reached it's destination.

For many Americans it was proof that 1995 had finally arrived. 1994 had been an interesting year and Tiffani Amber Thiessen was sure 1995 was going to continue that trend. It had, professionally, been a very good year for her and she was very much looking to improve on it in 95. Granted it was gonna be hard to top the fact that she'd landed a role on the most popular show on TV: Beverly Hills 90210 but she was determined to do it.

90210 had already helped her shed her "girl next door" image that she'd gained on Saved by the Bell, which she was sure that would lead to bigger and better roles in the future. Of course, that was all out of her mind at the moment. It was new years and she just wanted to party and forget everything else.

Tiffani usually preferred to stay at home and read a good book, but she figured she deserved a night to let loose and enjoy herself, which led her to this party that a friend had invited her to.

She wandered around the party, making small talk with people and hoping for something interesting to happen before the night was done. As with every new years party, the sense of excitement for a potentially big new year for each person and a sense of relief of survival for yet another year was in the air.

For Tiffani, this was a night to just enjoy herself and maybe get some satisfaction. She was single now and she wanted to make sure that her first moments of the new year weren't lonely ones. Sure, her attempts at finding someone at the party had, so far, been a dud, but hope sprang eternal for her. So she continued to wonder around, chatting with whoever and hoping to make a connection. While she did that, she also took a bit of pleasure from eavesdropping on the various predictions people were making for the future.

"You know, The Sega Saturn is going to dominate in both sales and game quality, especially when they get their big Sonic game out."

"NBC's days are numbered: SNL isn't coming back from this bomb of a cast, the Tonight show is failing in the ratings and this new UPN Network is gonna soon overtake them!"

"I think we can all agree that, despite recent events, Grunge is going to remain a major force in music and it's popularity will rival that of even country music."

"That DiCaprio kids career is going nowhere fast."

"Pamela Anderson certainly won't do anything as stupid as marrying the drummer for Motley Crue shortly after meeting him and making a sex tape with him that get's widely distributed thanks to the rise of the Internet, followed by an ugly divorce and a relationship with a terrible rock-rap guy who is somehow ever worse than the drummer for Motley Crue."

All of it was inane bullshit, to be sure, but it was killing time until Tiffany found someone. Eventually she saw a very good looking guy just standing by the wall, making small talk with someone. He looked like someone she'd want to get to know. He had a charisma about him that was practically calling out to her. As she strolled over to him, she took a moment to silently pray that this dude wasn't a serial killer or something.

Of course, once she got near him, he immediately (and politely) dismissed whoever he was talking to so he could introduce himself to Tiffani.

"Josh Anderson." He said, extending his hand.

Tiffani introduced herself eagerly shaking his hand, although she mentally kicked herself for coming off so eager to touch him. It wasn't exactly normal behavior for her to be so nervous, but this guy had that effect on her.

"I'm well aware of who you are, Ms. Thiessen." Josh said in his most charming voice.

"In fact, I'm a pretty big fan of yours." He continued.

That got a smile from her. A part of her wondered if he was just bullshitting her. She knew most guys would say anything to get her in bed. Ultimately, though, that wasn't going to prevent her from reaching her goal of finding romance...or, at the very least, getting laid tonight.

Either one would be fine with her. This guy already looked like the perfect candidate for her.

"So, Mister Anderson, what do you do for a living?" She asked.

"I am an executive at a video game company." He said, clearly trying to not give away too many details, he was always careful about his work, not knowing who could be listening and not wanting the next big game they were working on to leak.

She quickly realized she wasn't going to pry much out of him, so she turned the conversation to herself. Not that she had an ego, but rather that she knew that, for some reason, talking about his job was as dead end. For a while they chatted about her work, about how what she had lined up and what her goals in entertainment were, it was all standard stuff, but it did give her a chance to get a feel of who Josh was. Given his willingness to listen to her and his actual interest in what she was saying, she definitely was liking this guy.

She also quickly figured that he was not the kind of guy to push himself on someone (mainly because he never once actually tried anything with her) which meant that it was up to Tiffani to turn up the heat when the time was right. As their conversation continued, she had to admit that Josh was bringing something out of her, like a feeling of wanting to be more aggressive and that she liked that feeling. She was pretty sure the moment she'd been waiting for was about to arrive when Josh mentioned that he'd been single for a few years.

"Personally, I don't get it, you seem like a catch, but I get it, I'm in the same boat as you." She said, certain that it was time to start making her move.

"I also didn't have anyone to kiss when the clock struck midnight, figures I'd miss out on all the fun." She shook her head ruefully.

Josh immediately figured out what was going on, and he suppressed a grin, he was certain she was soon gonna give him the opportunity of a lifetime.

"Any man who wouldn't kiss you is a dumb ass." He bluntly responded, knowing that it was exactly what Tiffani wanted to hear.

Just as he thought, she seemed to really appreciate his words.

"So are you gonna kiss me now?" She asked, giving him a pretty sly smile.

Josh couldn't resist the invitation and he soon pulled her into a kiss. Tiffani liked his passion and she tried to meet that with some passion of her own. Of course, she easily matched him in area.

It was clear to anyone that saw them that they had serious chemistry. After a few moments, the kiss ended and they both had to catch their respective breaths.

"Wow, I think I gotta recover from that one." He said to her, completely amazed.

Tiffani grinned at him, he certainly had a talent for flattery and she did have to admit that it was probably the best kiss she'd ever had. She already felt like she was close to an overload.

"That was amazing!" She exclaimed in agreement.

Josh couldn't help but give a big grin at her compliment.

"Is there more where that came from?" She hopefully asked.

"You better believe there is!" He responded with a cheesy smile, before he surprised himself by asking if she wanted to go somewhere more private.

Normally Tiffani would have turned him down, wanting to get to know people better before she went anywhere with them, but tonight was special, so she figured she'd go with the flow.

Josh led her to his car, making sure to play the part of the gentlemen as he did. Tiffani was impressed by him. She might have seen more than one guy try this act over her lifetime, but he was, by far, the smoothest at it. The drive didn't take too long and she soon found herself in the lobby of a small, dingy motel. Tiffani wasn't having second thoughts, but she was surprised at her surroundings, why would he take her here? If she believed in mind readers, then she'd have certainly believed he was one as he turned and spoke to her.

"There are no security cameras and it's mostly old transients here, so no one would have a clue who you are." He explained, normally those words would chill her, but she was willing to trust him, after all, if he tried anything she had mace in her purse and, from the sound of it, the walls were paper thin.

Which should have made her hesitant, but, instead, she felt curious about the whole thing.

She waited while he purchased a room for them. As she did, she noticed a few old bums wondering in and out, some of them giving her a once over, clearly impressed with how beautiful she was.

It was clear that none of them had a clue who Tiffani was. Which was fine with her.

The less people knew about her, at that moment, the better. After a little bit of waiting, Josh came over to her to inform he was ready to lead her to their room. The room was on the very top floor and at the very end of the hall. Once again, everything should have set off warning bells in her head, but she just felt like it would work out for her.

Maybe she was being na´ve, but everyone saw her leave with Josh. She figured, if he was some kind of monster, he'd at least try not to be seen with her in such a public way. Even if they didn't know who she was, they'd be able to ID her if people started asking questions. She told herself that she was overthinking things and to just go with the flow.

That was the motto for tonight and she was going to stick with it. Once they got in the room she was surprised to see how clean it was. It seemed like the housekeeping staff took a lot of pride in their job. Which, she had to admit, impressed her.

She wasn't sure why, though, perhaps her expectations had been too low. Internally she did entertain the outside chance that maybe she was a little disappointed in how clean everything was. From the outside of the place, it looked like a flea-ridden place that she would have probably hated herself for getting fucked in afterwards, but she was also sure that she would have given into the sensations of the moment. Not that any of it, ultimately mattered, at the moment.

She put all of that out of her mind as she began to strip down while Josh quickly did the same. Josh was happy to see that she looked amazing in a black lace bra and panty set. In fact, he was pretty sure it was an exact match of the one she'd infamously wore on a recent episode of 90210. It was a scene that had caused quite a stir and one he was pretty sure that he (and everyone else who watched it) would never forget.

She walked over and kissed him hard, an unspoken promise of what the night held. Tiffani was focused on making sure that she both lived up to that promise and surpassed it. For his part, Josh just wanted to enjoy her body.

This was their one and only time (he had to suppress the hope that they would have more encounters, opting to believe that he had to show her the night of her life before he could start thinking about that) so he wanted to familiarize himself with every single curve on her.

She couldn't blame him for that, in fact, it seemed to be the go to move for the guys she'd been with, so she wasn't bothered by his hands as they began to explore her body.

Truthfully, she liked it quite a bit, mainly because Josh's hands knew what they were doing. Which was exactly what she wanted, she was a firm believe that more experienced the other person was, the better. She decided to let her own hands do a bit of roaming as well and she quickly figured out that she liked everything she'd felt. His shoulders were nice and broad and, based on his arms, he liked to work out (which she approved of). Not that she was into muscle bound bodybuilder type guys, but she liked it when a guy took care of his body.

"Foreplay?" He asked, when he broke the kiss.

"You better believe it!" She responded, motioning for him to lay on the bed, which he immediately did.

She liked that he didn't try and play it cool, too many guys thought they should be stoic in times like this. She then stripped nude and moved herself until she was sitting on his face, which thrilled him. After a few moments of him pleasing her, she pulled down his pants just enough to get access to his dick, which she quickly put in her mouth and she went to work.

Very few could claim the honor of Tiffani Amber Thiessen sucking them off and now Josh was now one of those people, he'd forever cherish knowing that.

His thoughts, however, were far more concerned with pleasing her.

After all, even the most bitter ex he had would attest to his oral skills (before going over every complaint she'd had about him). Tiffani, at the moment, had no complaints of her own. In fact, she mainly had compliments for him.

She was really hoping that he was going to live up to the standard he'd already set. They worked on each other for a while, each one trying to get the other to just the right point. They both wanted to push the other to the edge, but not far enough that they'd actually cum. Well, Tiffani didn't want to make Josh cum.

Josh would have been more than happy to get her juices out of her. He reasoned that she could recover much faster than he could, so, the more pleasure he could give Tiffani, the better.

He wanted to be very memorable to her. He was already succeeding at that, but he wanted more than that, he wanted to make sure that he was the best she'd ever had. She liked that he was clearly putting her first.

Granted, lots of guys would do that, but she still appreciated him for that. It actually made her realize that, if he kept this pace, she was gonna have to do a lot more to really keep up with him. In a way, she liked the feeling that she had to prove it to herself. As a result, Tiffani began to suck Josh's cock as hard as she could. As she did, Josh focused on her pussy, trying to make her feel more pleasure than she'd ever felt before.

After a bit more of pleasuring each other, she decided that it was time to fuck. Josh had been looking forward to from the moment he'd met her and even more so once they had actually gotten to know each other a bit so he was very thrilled that this was actually happening. He asked if she wanted to be on top of him or below him and quickly she responded 'On top'.

If that's what she wanted, then that's what she'd get.

He was there to impress her, and he was more than happy to set the pace, if that's what she wanted (and that's exactly what she wanted).

Soon enough, she was on top of him and Tiffani Amber Thiessen began riding a guy she had met only a few hours ago. Josh was certain he was the luckiest man on Earth. The sight above him of Tiffani riding him like there was not tomorrow was a heavenly one. Her breasts were nice and big, and they were jiggling hypnotically. Tiffani had quickly found her rhythm and she was putting that rhythm to good use. She knew what she liked and she was making sure he liked it as well. She loved the idea of making him cum just by riding him.

It felt like the kind of control that she wanted. Nothing mean spirited, but something that would make it really fun for her. She was having the time of her life, as was Josh. Just a few hours ago, neither of them could imagine it would go this way, but they weren't exactly unhappy with how things had developed.

In fact, they would both probably agree that the sex was the best either of them had experienced which was even better because they both knew that there was still more to experience. Not that they wanted to push themselves too far too early.

They both knew that the less they rush themselves, the better. Rushing things wouldn't make it better for either of them.

Still Tiffani wasn't slowing down at all. In fact, she was gaining speed. Tiffani knew most guys liked it as hard as possible and she wanted Josh to really enjoy her skills. Sure he was obviously putting her first, but she wanted to have some fun with him. She sped up quite a bit...before she just as quickly slowed down.

She was teasing him, which he was really enjoying.

"Tiffani, this is the fucking best." Josh complimented, although he clearly wanted her to speed up, so he could cum and this was partly to get on her good side (not realizing he was already there).

Tiffani responded to his unsubtle attempt at buttering her up by slowing all the way down so she could catch her breath and let him in on the plan.

"Wait a little bit more and I'll give you the ride of your life." She began, Josh pulled himself together long enough to closely listen.

"I wanna cum first, then I'll make sure you cum so hard that you never forget it." She said, Josh immediately asked her what he needed to do to make her cum. She grinned down at him.

"You just gotta keep your dick hard!" She said with a wink.

The sight of Tiffani on top of him made sure that wouldn't be a problem. She rode him at a pace that was clearly bringing her close to orgasm. It wouldn't be too long now, Josh just had to wait a little bit more, then he could cum. She started speeding up, getting ready for the big moment. When that moment came (so to speak) her orgasm was huge. Josh considered that to be quite the compliment.

She screamed loud enough to wake the dead, but, thankfully, he brought her to this motel because it was a ghost town usually and the people that were there were definitely not the type to call attention to something unseemly, so she could be as loud as she wanted to be.

"JOSH, I'M CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

He was thrilled with how intense she was sounding and the intensity on her face. It was a sight that he never got tired of, granted he'd never seen someone as beautiful as Tiffani in this spot and he was thrilled that he was the one that got that reaction from her. Like most men in his position would be, if they were ever given the chance. Of course, they never would be given such a chance because it wasn't like Tiffani was the kind of gal to take a new guy home every night.

Tiffani had to admit, however, it was fun to take a chance like this every now and then. After a few moments, she wound herself down and asked if they could stop for a few minutes, so she could let the feeling completely pass.

Josh was willing to do that, mainly because he was certain she wouldn't leave him high and dry because Tiffani didn't seem like that kind of gal and, luckily for him, she soon proved him right, because, as soon as she was ready, she got off him, then moved down and took his dick in her mouth.

She was ready to make him cum and end a night that she would remember forever (of course, it helped that this would make sure that he didn't cum in her, she didn't wanna get knocked up).

She began to suck his dick harder than she'd ever sucked a dick in her entire life.

She wanted to make him cum like there was no tomorrow and given how wound up Tiffani had gotten him, it wouldn't be a tough goal for her to archive.

After a few minutes of Tiffani moving her mouth up and down Josh's length, shot his load into her mouth.

Tiffani drank almost all of it, but it was a bit too big and so some of it spilled out. Once they were done, Tiffani mentally decided that she was gonna get his number before they parted ways, she wanted to do this with Josh a lot more in the future.

Having exhausted themselves for the night (which astonished Josh, a sign that she truly was a keeper) the pair quickly got themselves cleaned up and laid next to each other, both of them falling asleep soon.

Before Tiffani fell asleep, she thought about how she was sure nothing else in 1995 would be able to top this night...but she'd sure enjoy trying with Josh. This year was definitely gonna be an interesting one.
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Re: 90s CSS (Site Collab)
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2023, 02:43:58 PM »
This was worth the read solid effort and a fun walk down a decade that saw the birth of what we see as normal now such as the internet, golden age of arcade games, computers, and such I have a few celebs in mind for this just seeing who will write the next piece
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Blocboy VC

Re: 90s CSS (Site Collab)
« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2023, 03:47:41 PM »
Nice job. Really cool idea too.
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Re: 90s CSS (Site Collab)
« Reply #3 on: March 13, 2023, 03:08:17 AM »
It was my pleasure editing this. Since you've been on my Patreon for so long, I will look to adding a short story here when I get some time.
Check me out on Patreon if you like my work!
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Re: 90s CSS (Site Collab)
« Reply #4 on: April 17, 2023, 08:16:14 PM »
Would you be open to using 1999 Alyson Hannigan, especially for a flute scene?
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Re: 90s CSS (Site Collab)
« Reply #5 on: April 18, 2023, 03:12:28 AM »
Would you be open to using 1999 Alyson Hannigan, especially for a flute scene?
Not really sure if I could personally write something like that, but that is a great idea!
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Re: 90s CSS (Site Collab)
« Reply #6 on: May 12, 2023, 07:13:01 AM »
Not a bad idea and I appreciate you making it a reality.

Not that I don't appreciate all the work authors like you contribute to this site, but while I do like all the stories featuring celebs who are currently popular.

I also enjoy reading about celebs I found hot during my childhood and who were popular during the heyday of the CSSA (Celebrity Sex Stories Archive).
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