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Booty Redux (Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea)
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Booty Redux
Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea

Themes: MFF Threesome, Lap Dance, Strip Tease, Twerk Show, Female Dominant, Big Tits, Feet

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Los Angeles, California

"Big, big booty! What you got? A big booty!"

Thumping bass beats echoed from the speakers in a fast tempo. Two familiar voices mixed together in a chorus while repeating the intro line of the song. The beats continued to play, with drum beats entering the mix. Another voice began to speak from the left speaker.

"Work. Shake that! Go to work. Ain't that a freak!" 

The main riff of the song began to play, re-recorded in distorted guitars. That catchy riff was all too familiar to anyone who heard the song when it originally dropped nine years ago. Several remixes were made based around that single riff that continued to play throughout the song. This was a true twerk anthem, with no title necessary beyond the word 'Booty'. A theme song for Jennifer Lopez. Nine years after the release, she was still a reigning queen known for her thick ass. No one in the music industry was expecting her to drop a new remix of one of her signature tracks nearly nine years to the date of the original release. Much had changed in her life since 2014. Now that she was remarried, some journalists and tabloid writers expected Jennifer to slow down. Anyone who had paid attention to her throughout the years would have known that J-Lo never slowed down. Age was only a level of experience for her.

Iggy Azalea was the guest star of the original remixed track. Life had changed for the blonde Australian rapper too, with the years moving by. At thirty-two years of age now, she had the money and fame she was once craving back when the original music video for Booty was filmed. The nickname of 'The New Classic' was certified by this point in time. Iggy became a mother a few years ago and considered retiring from her music career. Her last album was appropriately titled 'The End of an Era'. Two years after the release, she was already considering a comeback. It all began when he decided to join FansOnly and quickly cash in with erotic photography. Iggy was never shy about embracing her own beauty. It was her desire over a decade ago to become known as a sex symbol in the music industry. The Booty music video had given her just what she wanted, regardless of the fact that it was Jennifer's song.

It was Iggy who became aware of a new remix of the song making waves online. A DJ from Germany was doing his best to make a mark with audiences online by remixing the song into a true club banger. DJ Jörg E II hailed from Frankfurt. Before he made his presence known online, he had developed a reputation in the German club scene. Many of his performances were in his hometown of Frankfurt before he ventured off to Berlin. Online, he had the help of a close friend who managed his many social media accounts for promotion. The two men joked about sliding into Iggy Azalea's DMs when they saw she had joined FansOnly. Jörg waited to see the kind of content she was creating. After Iggy uploaded a few videos twerking her huge ass, he finally took the chance to send her the remix of Booty. The last thing he expected was to receive a response from the rapper herself. Iggy found his remix to be a worthwhile update to the older song. She immediately wanted to write a new set of lyrics to update her own verses.

A week later, after that interaction, Iggy contacted Jennifer and began a discussion between their agents. When Jennifer heard the remix, she thought of buying it outright from the DJ for an official release. Jörg requested producer credit for the song. That was his only demand during a meeting with a representative from Capitol Records. True to Jennifer's word, the agents offered him a large sum of money for the remixed song. Jörg sold the rights by signing his name on a contract. Jennifer knew it would be the most money he would see in earnings for a single song as a DJ. With the song secured, it was now sent to a different studio in Los Angeles for alternate mixing. The remix quickly became a redux-style variant after Jennifer entered the studio and made demands to her own producers. The distorted guitar riffs were expanded with the addition of Latin horns playing the catchy riff. Iggy had the original remix Jörg produced and was eager to use it for her FansOnly videos. Jennifer, on the other hand, had bigger ideas about what to do with this newly acquired rendition of her famous song.

Jennifer wanted a new music video. She was eager to pull strings and get in contact with the director of the original video. Hype Williams knew how to set the scene for her and Iggy to deliver the first time around. Jennifer felt it was only right for him to be the one directing the new cinematography. A rumor began to spread through tabloid newspapers that J-Lo and Iggy had a new project together. This internet gossip gave Iggy several laughs. She liked to stay up at night scrolling through her Twitter account when she was bored. Her DMs on FansOnly were always filled with horny fans desperate for more content. It was funny to her, knowing that she had a real trick up her sleeve with Jennifer's new project. A new Booty music video was sure to drive more people to her FansOnly profile and make an epic splash on the internet. All through the month, Iggy kept in contact with Jennifer. It took three weeks to arrange everything, including a new redux version of the song and the future music video.

When she wasn't talking to Jennifer on the phone, Iggy was talking to someone else. She reached out to Britney Spears last year. The two girls sat around in the afternoons, chit-chatting over the phone and discussing life. Iggy liked to tease Britney that she should open a FansOnly account. The censored nudes Britney had posted all over social media caused a major uproar last year. Iggy reminded her friend every chance she had that she would 'break the internet' as a FansOnly model. As rumors began to spread within the music industry about a new collaboration project, Iggy kept her lips sealed to most people. Britney was the only person she told about her upcoming music video with Jennifer. She wanted to hear the reaction from the voice of the pop princess on the phone. Iggy was not disappointed when she heard that deep southern accent come from Britney. 'Oh my god, really? I'll be looking forward to watching you pop that booty with J-Lo!'

Between Jennifer and Iggy, they shared laughs talking about Britney. Jennifer hinted to Iggy that she once had past events with Britney. She left her friend to use her own imagination to consider what wild things occurred between the two singers. There were many stories Jennifer could have shared with Iggy about other famous names she had spent time with. Rather than spilling her secrets, Jennifer was more interested in creating their own memories together. This was their second collaboration together, and Jennifer wanted this experience to go beyond business. They did not get the chance to have any fun the first time around. Despite the years that passed, Jennifer saw this as a perfect opportunity for them to have an adventure for themselves. It did not matter if she was a married woman or not. Iggy was well aware of the men Jennifer kept around to please her needs when she desired special company.

Tales of her many men were whispered by selective people in Hollywood social circles. Had Iggy brushed shoulders with the likes of Kim Kardashian or Beyoncé, maybe she would have heard something about Jennifer's guys. It was no secret that she was a woman of power. When her husband was not around, Jennifer had other men to keep her company when she desired. She had once bragged to Iggy almost a decade ago that she had a man in New York and another in Miami. Jennifer had famously joked that most men were useless before they turned thirty. Iggy made sure to ask her about that more than once. The last time came when the ladies were enjoying a quiet limousine ride together. Jennifer waited until the music video sessions were booked for filming. Within two months of acquiring the remix, Jennifer and Iggy were on set with Hype Williams to film the music video. The director believed they could wrap up the entire shoot in only a matter of four days.

Arrangements were made ahead of time with a budget that was mostly spent on outfits. Jennifer employed her own makeup artists, as did Iggy. Instead of scheduling a shoot for four days, Jennifer extended the studio rental for an entire week. Seven days gave her and Iggy plenty of time to create their own choreography together. That was the official reason given to her manager and the director. Jennifer had other plans that she shared only with Iggy. The time had finally come for them to indulge themselves in a day of lustful fun. Iggy teased Jennifer about her 'tired husband' who had become a meme to start the year. The older woman laughed at that remark. Ben would not be arriving at the studio to see them. He was currently busy with a film project of his own. Throughout the past week, Jennifer had introduced Iggy to a few men who worked under her security team. One particular man had caught the rapper's eye when she noticed him checking her out only a few days ago.

Today would be a true test for Jeremy Klem. The thirty-year-old man had just gotten out of the shower when Jennifer sent the text messages to his phone. His brown eyes glared at his own reflection in the mirror. No fog covered the glass surfaces of the bathroom due to the heavy amount of cold water he used during his shower. His left hand caressed his own face, feeling the tiny black hairs that made a five o'clock shadow. He shaved every other day of the week. That was a choice from Jennifer, as she preferred the look on him. Jeremy first met the singer last year when she spotted him modeling at a studio in L.A. The past seven years of his life had been spent trying his hardest to make it as a male model in Hollywood. No lucky break ever came in sight until he met her. Jennifer made it clear from that first day they met that she liked a strong man. All the years spent at the gym building up his muscles had at least caught someone's eye, besides the many photography agents he went through.

Born in Texas, Jeremy was living a life far from home. He traveled to Los Angeles with dreams of stardom after he finished school. The next ten years of his life were spent hustling to pay rent while chasing fame. His modeling career was mostly a failure, with the exception of a few payouts for advertisements for an underwear line. Throughout the years, he spent his free time in dance studios and strip clubs. From time to time, when he needed an extra source of income, there was always one male strip club hiring part time. All of that was in the past now, after he met Jennifer Lopez. Due to his muscular build, she moved him to her security team. That was only a diversion, since his real purpose had little to do with the day-to-day activities of her bodyguards. Jennifer saw potential in Jeremy to be 'trained' as she told him. Little did he know upon that first meeting that she would want to train him for her own personal pleasure.

Everything came with a price, and from working with Jennifer, Jeremy finally had the luxury he wanted. No longer did he have to worry about paying rent. His residence changed several times of the year, depending on where he was going with her. Jennifer had many men in her inner circle she could call upon when she wanted intimate company. Jeremy never dreamed that he would find himself at the beck and call of an older, powerful woman. Even better was that his boss was a legendary goddess with the greatest ass the world had ever seen. Jennifer took her time teaching him what she called the art of booty worship. Fresh on his mind were the many days he spent chained in the basement of her Los Angeles mansion. It was a privilege to serve a goddess like her on his hands and knees. Sometimes there were other men alongside him in those dark rooms. Their presence only made Jeremy work harder to please Jennifer when she played the role of mistress for him.

As he stepped away from the mirror, Jeremy let out a sigh. The room was illuminated by rays of sunlight glaring through the uncovered windows of his hotel room. His clothes were spread across the blue sheets of the bed. Before he was ready to slip on his pair of white underwear, Jeremy stretched his arms out. His brown hair was recently trimmed short. Across his right arm was a tattoo of dice rolling. The black ink art displayed the numbers six on both dice. It was a reminder to Jeremy that his life was spent rolling dice and taking chances. He planned to have additional tattoos added to his right arm to make a sleeve. His entire body was shaved, with no hair in sight. That was another preference from Jennifer. He took every suggestion she had to change his physical appearance and fashion choices. Everything came down to pleasing her and proving himself worthy as a side lover. After slipping on his underwear, Jeremy heard his phone begin ringing on the bed. He reached down and grabbed it when he saw the name 'Goddess JLo' across the screen.


"Jeremy, there you are."

"Yes, Jen? Do you need anything from me?"

"I texted you fifteen minutes ago; why didn't you answer?"

"I'm sorry, I was in the shower. I didn't even hear the phone."

Giggling was heard in the background of the phone call. Jeremy could easily guess who the voice belonged to, but he did not ask.

"So you were taking a shower for me, huh?"

Jennifer's voice changed slightly as she teased him. Jeremy blushed, smiling wide as he replied.

"Yes, I was."

"Mmmmm, good. All cleaned up and ready to play. Now listen up. Remember what we talked about the other night about a big test for you?"

"Yeah, I remember."

"Well, today's the day. I'm going to text you the address of where I'm at with Iggy. You better come prepared, cause I can tell you right now, she isn't in the mood to wait around."

The tone of Jennifer's voice shifted in strength. When she gave an order, her voice became more stern and to the point.

"Yeah, you heard her right! Get your sexy fucking ass over here if you want some big, big booty!"

Before Jeremy had a chance to respond, Iggy had yelled into the phone. Her Australian accent came out in full force. The excitement became overwhelming for him. His heartbeat was racing as he quickly replied.

"Okay, that sounds great! What should I wear? And should I bring anything?"

"Wear something that is easy to take off. No need for the suit, honey. As for your other question, I think you already know the answer. You know what we want. Now, Jeremy, I'm gonna hang up and text you the location. Find something to put on and get ready to call a cab. You don't want to keep me and Iggy waiting now, do you?"

"No, I won't make you wait. I'm coming over A-S-A-P!" 

Iggy's voice was heard in the background, laughing loudly. True to her word, Jennifer hung up the phone immediately. Thinking about what Jennifer had in store for him was enough to give Jeremy an erection. It poked forward in the front of his underwear as the phone vibrated in his hand seconds later. The address Jennifer texted him was the same studio where he had met with her the past two days. While he ran across the bedroom to find his suitcase, the two women were still together in one empty room at the studio. Jennifer was sitting in her own personalized actor's chair with her name printed on the back. Her muscular legs were crossed as she held the phone in her right hand, grinning at her own reflection. Iggy Azalea stood behind her, leaning over and blowing a big pink bubble of gum. After it popped, she smacked her lips a few times before speaking.

"So he's that cute guy who was checking out my ass the other day?"

Jennifer nodded. 

"Yeah, that's him. He's been waiting for his big moment for a long time. Now that he's thirty, he's ready for a real test."

"I guess you can say he's ready since he's coming over A-S-A-P!"

Iggy mimicked his voice so accurately that Jennifer giggled loudly. The drive to the studio from the hotel would take at least thirty minutes in time. That gave Jennifer and Iggy plenty of time to prepare their surprises for his arrival. There would be no disturbances interrupting them. Once he entered past the front door, Jennifer was going to make sure none of them left this building until nightfall. She handed her phone to Iggy and quietly gestured for her to place it in her purse. They were hanging out in the security room, where Jennifer planned to watch for Jeremy's arrival. Jennifer stood up from the chair. She planted her hands on her hips before speaking.

"Better get ready for showtime. I'm ready to put on my black heels."

Across town, Jeremy dashed out the front doors of the hotel, clutching his phone in one hand and his wallet in the other. The one casual outfit he packed in his suitcase was a pair of purple leisure shorts and a pink T-shirt to go with them. He always kept a spare pair of blue flip-flops just in case he had the chance to walk along a beach. Cars drove past the sidewalk as he looked for a taxi cab. A yellow car was in the distance across the street. Jeremy ran into traffic as he hollered at the car.

"Hey! HEY TAXI!!" 

The blaring sound of a horn screeched loudly from a driver who had to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting him. Jeremy only cared about one thing right now. He was willing to run into traffic like a fool, all to hail this taxi to take him to Jennifer. Luckily for him, the cab driver spotted him. A heavy set bald man was behind the steering wheel. He stopped, giving Jeremy enough time to open the left-side back door and climb in.

"Damn, son, you must be in a hurry. Where can I take you?"

"Here, please!" 

He leaned forward and showed the screen of his phone to the driver with the address Jennifer had texted. The older man took a moment to look at the screen before nodding his head.

"Alright, I know where that's at. It's around some busy streets this time of the day."

Jeremy sighed at his reply. As he leaned back in the seat with his phone, he opened his wallet and took out a few hundred-dollar bills. He folded them up for the man.

"I'll give you a tip if you can get me there faster. You like hundred-dollar bills?"

"I can't say no to a few hundreds. You'll get there as fast as I can take you, son. Do you mind if I ask you what you're in such a mad rush over?"

Sitting back in the seats, Jeremy's eyes shot up at the rearview mirror. There was only one word he could say to this driver to answer his question.


Back at the studio, Jennifer and Iggy made their final preparations. They had a total of four outfits to choose from based on what was used in the new music video. Their old swimsuits used in the original video were there for a choice, but Jennifer wanted something better. She stayed true to the colors of that old outfit by grabbing something black to match her heels. To match the theme, Iggy dressed in white. Their heels clicked and clacked across the floors as they ventured back to the security room. Jennifer used a small mirror from her purse to check her makeup while Iggy sat in the chair watching the security monitors. When the taxi pulled up outside the gates, she smirked to herself.

"Hey, it looks like our man is finally here."

Jennifer closed the makeup mirror with an audible click. Iggy glanced in her direction, ready to begin. 

"Go ahead, turn on the music. It's showtime." 

Outside the sunlight blinded Jeremy as he felt the summer heat. He had shoved his wallet and phone into the pockets of his shorts. The studio was within walking distance. A small white building reserved with parking spaces and security guards outside. From their body language, Jeremy could see they had been waiting for him. He did not speak a word to the men walking around in black suits. They paid him no attention when he approached the glass doors to the entrance. As soon as Jeremy pulled one door open, he could hear the sound of booming bass beats in the distance. Cool air breezed across his body as he stepped beyond the door and let it quietly close behind him. He faced a narrow hallway that split at the end into two directions. The music became louder with each step he took. Jeremy went down the left hallway, following the sound of the loud bass beats.

"Big, big booty! What you got? A big booty!"

An all-too-familiar line to a song Jeremy knew all too well. A jolt of adrenaline ran through his veins as he ran down the hallway. Framed photographs covered the white wallpaper; all of the black and white pictures were a blur as he continued to run. The clacking of his flip-flops was the only thing heard over his stomping feet. As he continued down the pathways, the music remained at the same level of sound. Bass beats and drums played with the same vocals repeating. The hallway had led him to many closed doors except for one that was left slightly open. A visible light glimmered from the crack. Jeremy grabbed the metal knob and slowly opened the door.

"So you've made it."

Jennifer called out to him in the distance. Jeremy had entered a set room containing a large black leather couch in the middle of the room. The couch stood out due to the blank white walls that made up the interior. Off to the left side of the room was camera equipment and black boards stacked against the wall. From where he stood, Jennifer and Iggy were across the room. Their eyes locked directly on him as they faced the opposite direction of one another and pressed their bodies against one another. The door quietly shut behind them as he gazed at the sight of two goddesses standing together. Iggy was holding something in her hand that appeared to be a small phone or a remote.

"Come in and sit down, honey. Make yourself comfortable."

Jeremy obeyed Jennifer's wishes as he kicked his flip-flops off and walked across the cold, grey tiled floor. He did not glance at the couch as he found his place in the middle. Jeremy kept his eyes on Iggy and Jennifer. From the way they were positioned, it was almost a perfect recreation of the Booty single cover. Jennifer's long brunette hair was pinned in a high ponytail hanging above her head. Golden hoop earrings sparkled from her ears. He was unable to make out the outfit she was wearing, apart from a black pair of high heel pumps. Iggy was slightly taller than Jennifer, with her feet tucked into a pair of white stilettos. Her blonde hair was split down the middle, flowing behind her shoulders in that signature look she was always known for. The music was still playing in a slow tempo as Jennifer began to turn around. Iggy did the same, as Jeremy was now gazing at two supreme asses on full display. Jennifer was to the left, and Iggy on the right.

"Work! Work! Work! Shake that!" 

Jennifer spoke as she and Iggy were united in the act of twerking. A black thong was barely visible between the crack of Jennifer's legendary booty. Iggy appeared to be wearing a G-string, barely visible as her plump cheeks clapped together in a steady rhythm. The black tattoo on the right cheek of Iggy's ass was a blur from this constant movement. Jennifer raised her arms and pressed her hands against the wall. Iggy repeated the process, showing off her right arm, which was also decorated with tattoos to make a half-sleeve. Jeremy swallowed his breath as he became mesmerized at the sight of those epic asses shaking all around. Over and over, those thick cheeks clapped together repeatedly. Iggy pressed the button on the remote, which she was still clutching in her right hand. She was the first to stop twerking and turn around.

"You ready for the real show?"

Iggy smirked after speaking. The music had stopped entirely, leaving them to hear the sound of breathing and heels stomping loudly into the floor. All Jeremy could do was nod as he studied the proportions of her curvaceous form. A white bra was pushed over her plump breasts, squeezing them together in tightness. Iggy tossed the remote towards the small glass table in front of the couch. She missed, and it slid on the floor, clanking. Jennifer strutted her hips as her big brown eyes locked onto Jeremy. He knew that expression all too well. Her eyes were focused, and her teeth were visible beneath her pink lips. It was that look Jennifer gave him when she was on the prowl. When she spoke about giving him a true test, this was it. Could Jeremy withstand her lustful hunger alongside another woman? He did not break eye contact with her to notice the black bikini top covering her breasts.

Click. Clack. Click. Clack. That was the sound of their high heels stomping across the floor. A devious smirk ran across Iggy's lips as Jennifer turned around. She was not done twerking yet. Jeremy was fascinated at the sight of Jennifer twerking. She shook her hips and began rolling them to make her ass cheeks clap together. Iggy bit her lower lip and pointed at Jennifer's ass with her right hand thumb. She planted her left hand on her hip, mimicking a popular segment from the original Booty music video.

Jeremy's lower lip dropped as he continued to watch in amazement. When Jennifer stopped, he finally looked in Iggy's direction for a moment. His slight distraction gave Jennifer enough time to step around the other woman. They traded places, with the blonde singer now to his left and Jennifer to the right. Their eyes glared at him as they stood side by side for a moment. Jeremy had to wonder how Iggy would approach the next act. He had some idea what to expect from Jennifer. Experience was always on her side. Jennifer had proven more than once when she put Jeremy through his paces. Iggy on the other hand was a mystery, leaving him to guess how wild she would be.

"Take off your clothes!"

A direct order from Jennifer made his heartbeat begin racing. Jeremy responded by grabbing the ends of his shirt and pulling it over his head. His line of sight was blinded temporarily. When he pulled the shirt off, Jeremy saw Jennifer and Iggy facing the opposite sides of each other. They had both leaned forward, pressing their hands on their knees, and now rubbing their asses against each other. Iggy's pale skin contrasted heavily against Jennifer's smooth, tanned complexion.

Each booty wobbled and shook as they were now grinding against each other. Iggy flipped her hair as she looked at Jeremy.

"You heard her! Take off your fucking clothes!"

Iggy yelled at him in such a way that Jeremy knew now that Jennifer was not the only one in control. He immediately stood up and shoved his shorts and underwear down at the same time. The two singers continued to grind and rub their asses together. Jennifer's watchful eyes followed Jeremy's movements. A grin ran across her lips as she noticed his semi-erect cock flopping free from the clothed prison that once contained it. He sat back down in the middle of the couch after stepping out of his underwear and shorts. They moved from their current position, eyes following his every move. Once again, Jennifer and Iggy were standing side by side until they flexed their legs out.

"That's much better now, Jeremy. Sit up and get ready for us."

Jennifer spoke again as she moved her hands behind her back and began to untie her bra. Iggy was hesitant to follow her lead. The blonde singer waited a few seconds before finally loosening her own bra. Jennifer's eyes never left his as she pulled her bra down and dropped it to the floor. Her plump tits fell, shaking slightly. Iggy used a different technique to free her breasts. She pulled at her bra to squish her breasts together, then pulled it apart for a thunderous drop. Her breasts were bigger than Jennifer's, but that was not enough to distract Jeremy from the view of his goddess to the right. Jennifer did not wait for Iggy to prepare for the final reveal. She grabbed the sides of her thongs and stretched them from her hips. That was the most he was going to get in terms of teasing, as she quickly dropped the thong to the floor and revealed her wet pussy.

Iggy had stopped for a moment to also watch Jennifer. Or maybe she wanted to see that beautiful wet pussy for herself. At least that was what Jeremy was wondering. The glistening, wet folds were begging for attention. Not a single hair was visible above her clit, revealing that it had been freshly shaved. Jeremy knew that Jennifer preferred someone else to give her womanhood attention rather than herself. He gripped his cock, twisting his right hand fingers around the pole. As he began to pleasure himself with wanking, Iggy finally dropped her thong to reveal the second wet pussy in the room. Those soft pink lips were so inviting to gaze at. Just like Jennifer, Iggy had no hair above her clit. Jeremy bit his lower lip and softly moaned as he continued to wank his cock. Jennifer and Iggy both fell to their knees. Their eyes were locked on his face, giving him the view of two hungry women ready to devour him.

"Are you ready for us, Jeremy?"

Jennifer gritted her teeth after speaking. She curved her lips into a sinister grin while stomping the palms of her hands into the floor. Slowly, she and Iggy crawled on all fours.

"You better be ready, cause I know I wanna suck on some dick right now."

Iggy's words were much dirtier. She had a different approach, rather than slowly teasing with soft words like Jennifer began with. Jeremy knew that was only the start, for Jennifer could certainly turn up the heat with the tone of her sexy voice alone.

"Mmmmm, you hear that? It sounds like she might suck you right off, Jeremy. I hope you can handle both of us."

They stopped crawling after reaching the edge of the couch. Jeremy suddenly felt one of Jennifer's warm hands touching his right leg as she sat up on her knees. Iggy made the same position but did not touch his leg at all. They moved their heads closer to his cock as he let go of it. Jennifer replaced Jeremy's hands with her own fingers. Her right hand gripped his shaft tightly, showing him that she owned his cock. As she stroked it, he began to moan softly. Her big brown eyes were still locked on his face as he could see the desire and hunger within her. The excitement was overwhelming from the simple touch of her hand. It was now time for the test to begin. Jennifer did not have to utter a single word as she parted her lips and kissed the head of his cock. Iggy bit her lower lip and moaned as she leaned back and watched the older woman display a high level of expertise at sucking cock. Jennifer always started slow with Jeremy, savoring the taste of his shaft.

When she pushed his cock further between her lips, she closed her eyes and moaned softly. The muffled sounds were heard over his own breathing. Jeremy felt Jennifer's tongue press against his thick shaft as she began to slowly bob her head up and down. She sucked half of his cock while her hands pushed down to the base, still gripping it tightly. Iggy bit her lower lip and moved her hands to her breasts. Jeremy noticed her squeezing her own nipples before her eyes shot up at his face. If she was expecting him to say anything to her, the blonde singer would be disappointed. His entire focus was on Jennifer. She removed her ring and pinky fingers from his cock, now only gripping it with three fingers to give herself more access to sucking it. Iggy glanced away from Jeremy to study Jennifer's technique. She raised her eyebrows upon noticing that Jennifer had almost begun deep-throating him already.


Iggy spoke in amazement at the demonstration of Jennifer's oral skills. Little did she know that the older woman was only just getting started. Jeremy knew what to expect. When Jennifer was in the mood to suck dick, she could drain a man to the point where he could not stand straight afterwards. She had demonstrated that to him more than once already. The ponytail and her gold earrings shook around as Jennifer was now bobbing her head up and down at a steady pace. 'Mmm, mmmm, mmmmmm', the muffled moans said, becoming louder with each passing second. Jeremy groaned as Jennifer was devouring his cock with ease.

"Ohhhhh, man..." 

He cried out a second time, softly moaning at her. Iggy's eyes were locked on the action. Now she understood why Jennifer insisted on having her hair pinned in that high ponytail. No strands of hair got in her way to distract her from sucking. This sight alone sent a burning sensation between her thighs. Iggy felt the urge to slide her hand down to her pussy and begin rubbing. The longer she watched Jennifer suck him, the more she could no longer resist that temptation. Sucking and slobbering noises became more audible as Jennifer finally pulled her remaining fingers away from his cock and slammed the head against the back of her throat. Jeremy knew this was coming and tried to mentally prepare himself. His face was scrunched up, teeth gritted, as he growled a loud moan. The grunts caught Iggy's attention. She was twirling her fingers around her clit when she saw Jennifer's lips buried at the base of his shaft.

"Holy shit. No one told me Jenny from the block is a throat GOAT." 

That compliment was enough to distract Jennifer. She pulled her lips back, slowly extracting every inch of his hard shaft before releasing it with a loud pop sound. Saliva strings dangled from her mouth back to his cock as it flopped against his stomach. Jennifer broke the strings as she turned her head towards her friend.

"You've got that right. If you want to be good at what you do, you've gotta learn from the best."

With that statement, Jeremy figured that it was Iggy's turn to suck his cock. Jennifer moved to the side before speaking again.

"Get up, Iggy. Before you suck him, why don't you twerk on him first? Show him what that ass is made of."

"Ohhhh, you know, I was hoping to get a chance to do that."

Jennifer glared at Jeremy with a grin. She knew exactly what she was doing by interrupting this blowjob. No matter how skilled Iggy might be, Jennifer knew his focus was going to be solely on her. The other woman was simply a guest star, much like the famous video they made together. If it were up to Jeremy, he would want a lap dance from Jennifer before anyone else. Now he was sitting there with Iggy standing in front of him. The rapper turned around, exposing her giant booty before him. It may have been bigger than Jennifer's, but he still did not care. There was a reason Jennifer was just given a flattering nickname such as 'Throat GOAT'. 

"Sit on his lap, Iggy. Show him how you twerk."

Iggy giggled. 

"You ain't gotta tell me that twice."

Jeremy focused his eyes on his cock as he watched Iggy slam her booty down on it. His eyes shifted to the tattoo covering the right cheek as he felt that giant ass smothering his cock. So far, it was lined up between the crack, but he doubted that would last long. Iggy placed her hands on her knees and began to roll her hips. Her thick cheeks smacked together, bouncing on him with thunderous strength. Jennifer climbed up from the floor and clapped her hands together to encourage Iggy. She continued to clap in a rhythm to match her twerking.

"Work! Work! Work!"

Clap. Clap. Clap. Iggy continued to roll her hips, bouncing her phat ass over him repeatedly. The cheeks slapped against his cock loudly. She was loving this, evident by the loud giggling she made before opening her mouth wide. Iggy looked at Jennifer and stuck her tongue out, teasing her. Jennifer cupped her face and leaned in to kiss her passionately. Jeremy could not see the tender kiss they shared together. After it broke, Iggy slammed her ass down on him and began to rub it up and down. His shaft lined up the crack of her massive ass, allowing him to feel it rubbing back and forth. He was tempted to move his hands over that booty and feel it for himself, but stopped himself at the last second.

"You like that? You like how I bounce on your dick?"

"Fuck yeah!" 

He knew she was taunting him with the tone of her voice. Iggy continued to rub her ass up and down his lap. She bit her lower lip and purred soft moans.

"Mmmmmmmm, that thing is a monster. I can't wait to feel it inside me."

Jennifer slapped her fingers and motioned for Iggy to get up.

"I can't wait to watch you suck it. Since I'm the Throat GOAT, I'm gonna show you how to do it after I'm done grinding on him."

Iggy climbed off Jeremy. She stood up and turned to see Jennifer now moving to sit down on his lap. Jeremy was glad he did not move, as he now got to watch Jennifer sit her perfect booty down on his lap. Nothing in the world could compare to that ass. It was truly the greatest in the world to him. His cock lined up directly up the crack, and now Jennifer was showing her expert skills at giving a lap dance. She placed her hands on her legs, just to grip something as she began to roll her hips back and forth. Since Iggy was standing in front of her doing nothing, Jennifer snapped her fingers at the other singer. That was enough to get her immediate attention.

"Get down on the floor, Iggy. You know where I want that long tongue of yours."

Like the kiss moments earlier, Jeremy did not get to witness Jennifer winking at Iggy. Laughter was heard in Iggy's Aussie accent as she fell to her knees.

"I've been wanting to taste this pussy for so many years."

Spreading her legs further, Jennifer continued to grind her ass on Jeremy. While he fought the urge to move his hands across Iggy's bum, he could not resist that temptation when it came to Jennifer. He planted his warm hands on her hips, encouraging her to continue grinding at this slow pace. Iggy fell to her knees and placed her head between Jennifer's thighs. Jennifer encouraged her slightly by resting the palm of her left hand across Iggy's golden locks of hair. She only moved her hand away upon feeling that long tongue snake into her pussy. A soft moan escaped Jennifer's lips as she closed her eyes.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yesssssss." 

Jeremy had heard those same cries of pleasure many times from Jennifer's soothing voice. Little could he have expected that Iggy would be the first one to make her moan like that today. Iggy took her time, slithering her tongue and shaking it around inside Jennifer's pussy. She raised her left hand and pinched the older woman's clit between her fingers. That made Jennifer gasp, as she was still grinding her thick booty on Jeremy's cock. Iggy was not only pleasuring Jennifer but also giving a small hint of what was to come for Jeremy when she had his cock to suck. Jennifer closed her eyes and continued to moan. She caressed her own curves with her hands until finding Jeremy's hands. She gripped his wrists and brought his hands to her breasts. The feeling of her erect nipples poking into his palms made Jeremy want to kiss her. All this time had passed today, and he had yet to lock lips with her. The man could have never guessed that she would be kissing another woman today before him.

"Mmmmmmmmm, you really do know how to work that tongue."

Jennifer was quick to compliment Iggy while feeling Jeremy's breath blowing down the left side of her neck. She raised her head as he squeezed her breasts. Iggy moved her hand away from Jennifer's clit and concentrated all her efforts on the movement of her tongue. She shook her tongue, slithering it in and out of her pussy. Jennifer began to pant, and that was how Iggy knew she was doing her job of pleasuring her friend.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhhhhh yeah."

To hear her moan like that in a serenade, Jeremy could no longer go without kissing her. He squeezed her tits again and moved his lips as far as he could to try and reach her face. Jennifer knew what he wanted and turned her head to lock lips with him. She moaned into his mouth as they traded a few short kisses. Jeremy let go of her breasts to cup her face and try to kiss her tenderly. Their kiss lasted only seconds as Jennifer broke their lips apart to cry out in pleasure.

"Ohhhhhh, GOD!!" 

Her voice echoed in the room at the feeling of Iggy's wild tongue wiggling around inside her. Jennifer bit her lower lip as she began to rise from his lap. Iggy finally withdrew her tongue from Jennifer's pussy. She kissed the clit before crawling away from her. Jennifer stood up and then motioned with her right hand fingers at Jeremy.

"Stand up. It's Iggy's turn to suck you off."

Following her order, Jeremy stood up from the couch. Iggy grabbed his left leg as she looked up at him with a wide grin on her face.

"Today you get sucked off by me and the Throat GOAT. You're a lucky mother fucker, aren't you?"

"Oh yeah, I know how lucky I am."

The rapper winked at him with a subtle grin across her lips. Her fingernails felt like needles poking into his skin. Jeremy turned his eyes to Jennifer as he watched her fall to her knees and join Iggy on the floor. Since this was Iggy's turn to suck cock, she moved in front of Jeremy and raised her right hand. He got to see the art covering her wrist as she grabbed his sweaty cock and stroked it a few times. Jennifer was to his right side like before. Her eyes focused on Iggy as she watched the blonde singer part her lips and flick her tongue across his shaft. Iggy held his cock directly against her face and licked the underside up to the tip before she was ready to suck. Her fingers unwrapped from his pole when she finally squeezed her lips around the head. Jeremy moaned as she began to suck the first few inches of his cock. Iggy Azalea was only the second woman to touch his dick after he became one of Jennifer's men.

'Mmmmmm', a muffled moan, was heard as Iggy began to bob her head up and down at a moderate speed. She did not go for the slow approach like Jennifer did. Her right hand fingers gripped the base again with all five digits twisted around his pole. Iggy used her free hand to cup his balls, squeezing them hard. This surprised Jeremy. He did not expect her to suddenly grab his nuts and give them a strong squeeze. Jennifer sat on her knees, quietly observing Iggy's skill. As Jeremy moaned, he watched Iggy twist her fingers and begin stroking his cock. Rather than attempt to deep-throat him, she used her hand to give him the simultaneous pleasure of her mouth and hand combined. Slobbering and sucking noises became audible with each passing second. The more Jennifer watched, the more she was beginning to realize that Iggy was a different kind of cocksucker compared to herself.

Jeremy would know too, since he was receiving a more aggressive blowjob from her. As he stood there, he groaned and grunted as she continued to wank and suck him at the same time. Her left hand fingernails raked across the sensitive skin of his balls before she squeezed them again. As Jennifer studied Iggy's every move, she listened to the sounds of her friend gorging on that cock. The noises her mouth made from slobbering had given her an idea. Iggy had a decent technique, but it was no question to Jennifer who was the true master at the art of sucking dick. There was much Jennifer could teach this woman. Most of all, the lack of deep-throat technique was almost enough to disappoint Jennifer entirely. Iggy liked to slobber on that cock, but not to the point that her sucking sounds filled the room. Jeremy managed to stand strong, feeling confident he would not be pushed to the brink of cumming despite Iggy's aggressive style. She finally pulled his cock out of her mouth, only to spit on the head and begin pumping her hand up and down.

"How about that?"

Iggy's question was for Jennifer. She knew Jeremy had to be feeling some kind of pleasure based on his groaning.

"Not bad, but I can show you how it's really done."

With that reply, Iggy moved her hands away from Jeremy. She moved her knees to get behind Jennifer, who had now crawled in front of him. From the look in her eye, Jeremy knew she was about to show Iggy more than a thing or two. Jennifer gripped his cock tightly with her right hand, eagerly feeding it into her mouth. Once her lips were squeezing around the head, she untwisted her fingers from the base and instead pressed her hands against his legs. Jeremy braced himself in silence. He knew what she was about to do. Iggy had a front-row seat to witness the Throat GOAT. Jennifer closed her eyes and slid his cock all the way down her throat. As her lips were buried at the base, she rubbed the head of his shaft against the back of her throat. Iggy's eyes became enlarged as she watched her friend suck every inch of Jeremy's slick pole. He gritted his teeth, bracing for the moment as Jennifer started to bob her head up and down.

"Oh, god! Fuck!!" 

Jennifer closed her eyes at the sound of his words. Iggy's lower lip fell as she watched her friend begin bobbing her head up and down. Jennifer slobbered on every inch of his cock with expert-level gag reflexes.


The sound of her slobbering echoed loudly in the room. Iggy blinked her eyes in surprise. As she watched Jennifer suck, the blonde rapper pushed her hands against her breasts. She squeezed her nipples again as she watched in amazement. Jeremy groaned again, his face was scrunched up as he growled cries of pleasure.


Over and over, she worked his cock in and out of her mouth. Jennifer sucked faster, sliding her lips down to the base as excess spit began to trickle out the corners of her lips. Iggy knew she could not match this level of expertise in sucking dick. When Jennifer slowed down, Jeremy sighed in relief. He had to use all of his inner strength to prevent himself from blowing a load in her mouth. She opened her eyes, leering up at his face as she pulled her lips back to the head and released his cock with a loud pop.

"Damn! I knew I got it right when I called you the Throat GOAT, but that was something on a whole other level!"

Jennifer did not care about Iggy's words, no matter how complimentary they were. She kept her focus on Jeremy, staring into his eyes and winking. She was proud that he did not cum in her mouth after how hard she sucked him. Her hands caressed his legs before moving to his balls. Jennifer turned to Iggy, smirking at her friend.

"Go ahead and suck him some more, but don't choke yourself."

If not for being slightly out of breath, Jeremy may have chuckled at that remark. He knew Jennifer was taunting Iggy with such choice words. The older woman turned her head as she lowered it under his cock to give herself access to his balls. Iggy climbed over Jennifer, quick to flick her tongue across the head of his cock before grabbing it. There was no way for her to attempt the same level of cocksucking with Jennifer still under her. Jeremy moaned as he felt Jennifer's tongue lap over his balls while Iggy pushed his shaft between her lips at the same time.

"Oh my fucking god..."

At a loss for words, he did not expect them to work together like this as a team. Jennifer was sucking one of his balls, rolling it around her tongue, while Iggy sucked his cock at a slow pace. It was the blonde singer's turn to gaze at his face with her deep, dark eyes. The sound of sucking and slobbering filled the room with noises louder than his own breathing and panting. Jennifer used her hands to help herself when placing his other ball in her mouth. Jeremy gritted his teeth as he felt her slobbering on his entire nut sack. Iggy pulled his shaft from her lips and used her tongue to lick across the right side. She helped herself like Jennifer, using her hands to push his cock against her lips and then running it back and forth as if she were blowing a harmonica. Jennifer pulled his balls out of her mouth, leaving them dripping in her saliva as she pulled back. Iggy stopped teasing him. She felt this was her show now.

"I'm gonna do something else instead of sucking it." 

Iggy moved her hands to her plump breasts and pulled them apart. She shoved them around Jeremy's wet, drool-soaked cock and squeezed them together. He moaned at this wonderful feeling of her breasts wrapped around his dick.

"Ohhhhh, that's nice. I get to watch those titties put to work."

Jennifer giggled after speaking. She smirked at Jeremy before shifting her eyes back to Iggy's breasts. The head of his cock poked forward. Iggy spit on it before she started to use her body to work her breasts up and down. She flexed her elbows and purred soft moans in her Australian accent. As she found a rhythm working her tits up and down, Iggy grinned at Jeremy.

"You like that? You like how my big titties feel wrapped around your fucking dick?"

"Oh yeah, it feels so good! Keep going, Iggy. Ohhhhhh, man." 

"Mmmmmmm, that's what I like to hear!"

She flashed her teeth, still grinning as she worked her breasts up and down. While his focus now centered on Iggy, Jennifer moved to his right side. The older singer fell on her back, resting on the floor as she raised her legs and kicked off her heels. The shoes clanked loudly on the floor, but Jeremy did not let that sound distract him. Iggy broke eye contact with him as she began to pump her tits at a faster pace. Up and down she worked her breasts, moaning at the feeling of his cock rubbing between the folds. Her eyes focused on his face as she began to speak.

"Ohhhhh, yeah! That big fucking dick feels so good between my titties. This is why I got a boob job years ago. I wanted to do freaky shit like this with a lucky mother fucker like you!"

Every word came out in her heavy Australian accent. Jeremy was encouraged to begin bucking his hips and taking control now. He wanted to fuck her tits instead of having her do all the work now. As she felt the initial thrust, Iggy grinned at him.

"Oh, yeah! That's what I'm talking about! Fuck these titties!!"

Iggy gritted her teeth after screaming at him. The more she spoke those dirty words, the harder Jeremy drove his cock between her breasts. Every inch of his pole pumped up and down between those busty tits. Jeremy gripped her left shoulder with his right hand to concentrate further. His focus was all on Iggy, to the point where he did not realize what Jennifer was doing in the background. He could see her strong, muscular legs swinging from the corner of his right eye. Iggy opened her mouth after leaning her head down. Jeremy saw the chance to thrust the head of his shaft between her lips. He grunted upon watching the head slide between her lips. A popping sound echoed loudly as his cock quickly exited her mouth. Jeremy continued to thrust far enough for the head of his pole to slip in and out of her mouth, resulting in more loud pop sounds.

Pop. Pop. Pop. Jennifer moaned at the sound. She flexed her legs and curled her toes. From where she was lying, she could see Iggy's back view. Jeremy continued to thrust his cock between those soft, firm tits. Iggy gave up sucking the head and instead flicked her tongue across the head each time it poked forward. Jeremy had slowed down, but Iggy kept her breasts wrapped tightly around his cock. She leaned her head up, grinning at him. That look on her face was enough to make Jeremy stop entirely. Iggy let go of her breasts, freeing his cock, only to grab it with her right hand. She wanked it back and forth a few times before shoving it in her mouth. Iggy had the chance to deepthroat him if she desired. Jeremy was not surprised when she slid her fingers to the base of his shaft and sucked half of his length. Bobbing her head up and down, she sucked hard for a few seconds. His eyes shifted to see Jennifer lying on the floor as Iggy pulled his cock from her mouth with one final loud pop.

"Having fun with Iggy, honey?"

Jennifer made sure to get his attention with her voice. She pressed the soles of her right foot against his right leg. Iggy kissed the head of his cock and then began to move back. She knew it was Jennifer's turn, almost as if this next bit was planned ahead of time between the two ladies. Iggy got up on all fours and began to crawl around until Jennifer found herself laying in front of him. She pressed her other foot against his left leg and began to trail up. Jeremy stood there, moving his hands to her ankles to softly caress her muscles. Her toenails were painted in glittering red. Jennifer knew how much Jeremy admired her feet. It was one of his weaknesses. Whenever he impressed her enough in the bedroom, she would give him the ultimate pleasure of a proper footjob.

"Iggy! Get over here and sit on my face. You licked me, so it's only fair I return the favor."

As Iggy began to stand, Jennifer moved her feet over Jeremy's cock. It took her a few tries to properly smash his cock between her soles. Her right foot big toe pressed over the head of his shaft.

"You sure about that? I might squash your face."

"Of course I'm sure! I'm not scared of your ass, girl! Come on, sit on my face!"

It was amusing to Jeremy to hear Jennifer ordering Iggy around in such a relatable manner. The blonde rapper stood up and stomped her heels across the floor. She spread her legs and then squatted down over Jennifer's face. As she moved into position, Jeremy focused his eyes on Jennifer's beautiful feet gliding across his cock. She curled her big right foot big toe, pressing it over the head as she used her left foot to stroke it back and forth. Eventually, she gave up on this teasing and clamped her feet around his cock.

"Ohhhhh, yeah!" 

He cried out in pleasure as Jennifer used her feet to jerk his cock back and forth. When Jeremy gazed forward, he was met with Iggy's eyes. She smirked at him as she sat on Jennifer's face, smothering her with that giant ass. The older woman was busy with her tongue slithering into Iggy's pussy and wiggling back and forth.

"Mmmmmmmm, that's some good shit. Ohhhhh, yeah! I'm the lucky one today. The Throat GOAT is eating me out, ohhhhhhh fuckkkkk!!" 

Iggy's accent changed her speech with each passing word as she cried in pleasure. Jeremy watched her place her hands over her boobs, once again playing with her nipples as she felt Jennifer's tongue driving inside her. All three of them were locked in an act of lust now. Jeremy moaned again at the feeling of Jennifer's feet still busy with his cock. She worked her soles against both sides of his rod, rubbing it at a slow pace.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhhhhh yeah! That's how I like it!"

What Jeremy could not see was Jennifer's hands. She had slid them beneath Iggy's titanic-sized ass and squeezed those cheeks hard while working her feet over his cock. Iggy slipped her right hand down to her pussy and began furiously rubbing her clit. The longer Jennifer licked her, Iggy was beginning to think about how badly she wanted Jeremy's cock inside her. Her eyes glared at him as she watched Jennifer's feet wank his shaft. Jeremy had moved his hands away from Jennifer's feet, giving her all the room she wanted to maneuver them across his dick.

"You like how she uses her feet on you, huh?"

"No, I don't like it. I fucking LOVE it!!" 

"Oh yeah!? You love that? You better be ready to fuck me real soon."

Iggy's tone changed. She tried to give a commanding snarl but could not prevent herself from moaning. Locking her sight on Jeremy's face, she finally pulled her hand away from her clit and spoke again.

"I want you to fuck me like you've got something to prove. Prove to me you're as good as Jenny told me you were."

"She told you I was good?" 

"No, she said you were better than that. I wanna see if it's true that you fuck like a champ."

Those words were enough to make Jennifer suddenly stop moving her feet. She flexed her legs out as a silent hint to Iggy that it was time to get up from where she was sitting, forcing the other woman's tongue to depart from her wet snatch. Jennifer got to lay back and watch that booty leave her face, but not without reaching with her right hand and giving it a playful spank. No matter what demands Iggy made, it was clear that Jennifer was still the one calling the shots. Iggy stood up and walked towards the couch. Jeremy offered a helping hand to Jennifer once she sat up. His goddess accepted his right hand as he pulled her up, she smirked at him.

"I'm happy you've managed to go this far without cumming yet."

Adjusting her footing on the floor, Jennifer leaned in and cupped his face with her right hand. Jeremy gazed into her deep brown eyes as she spoke in a low tone, whispering to him.

"You've come a long way since the first time I tested you. Iggy wants it hard, and I want to watch you fuck her. If you can hold yourself back from cumming, you'll make me proud."

She pressed her lips to his for a quick kiss. While Jennifer was occupied with Jeremy, Iggy sat down on the couch and spread her legs. She was not in the mood to keep waiting after the lovely licking Jennifer had given her. As soon as Jennifer pulled away from Jeremy, Iggy clapped her hands and shouted at him.

"You! Get over here and bring me that big fucking dick! You know where I want it!"

Jeremy stepped forward as Jennifer stood there and watched him move toward her friend. Iggy had spread her legs out in anticipation of this moment. Her eyes shifted below, watching as he guided his cock beyond the pink folds. The inner warmth of her cunt felt so good that he grinned wide at this feeling. Jeremy wasted no time entering her at a slow pace. He watched Iggy slide her right hand down her flat stomach. He studied the various tattoos that made her half-sleeve as she began to play with her clit again. Jennifer pulled her ponytail undone as she watched the action begin. She ran her hands through her long brunette hair, straightening out the locks behind her shoulders, as Iggy began to moan softly.

"Ohhhhhhh, yeah. That's it..." 

He bucked his hips at a slow pace to begin. Jeremy and Iggy both watched his cock disappear inside her and then reappear as he moved in and out. With her legs spread, Iggy had the opportunity at any given time to wrap them around him. Now was not the time for her to take control. Jeremy moaned at the feeling of tightness wrapped around his cock. Jennifer walked to the couch and sat down. He gazed in her direction from the left side.

"Give it to me! Give me that big fucking dick, you sexy mother fucker!!" 

Iggy's words were enough to pull his attention away from Jennifer and back to her. Jeremy grunted as he began to thrust harder and faster. Iggy's big tits began to bounce and shake around as he fucked her harder. Between the moans, she gritted her teeth and growled at him.

"Yeah, that's it! Just like that! Give me that fucking dick!! FUCK ME!!" 

Jennifer sat there with her eyes focused entirely on the action. This was a test after all, but deep down she knew Jeremy would not cum. She was more than confident in him. Jennifer knew that she was the only woman who could make him cum. If she told him to blow his load right here, right now, the man would do it. That was a testament to his passion for her.

"Yeah!! That's it, you mother fucker! Keep fucking me!!"

The more Iggy screamed at him, the faster Jeremy worked. He leaned forward and planted his hands on her busty tits. As he squeezed them, she finally wrapped her legs around him. He flinched in pain upon feeling the edge of her heels poking into his ass. Iggy was not going to release him until she had her climax all to herself. She could care less about this man, as long as he continued to make himself useful by fucking her.

"Don't you stop! Don't you even think of fucking stopping! Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!!" 

This was it. Locked in and unable to pull out, Jeremy knew he would have to use all his inner strength to prevent himself from blowing his load inside of Iggy. The reward at the end was worth more than the pleasure he would feel by sharing an orgasm with this woman. More than anything, he was not going to disappoint his goddess, Jennifer. Iggy raised her arms and flexed her elbows while placing her hands behind her head. She looked as if she did not have a care in the world with this man fucking her the way she desired. Over and over, Jeremy drove his cock in and out of her pussy. He could feel her hardened nipples poking into his palms as he squeezed her boobs again.

"Keep going, keep going! Don't you fucking stop!!"

Closer and closer, her orgasm was merely seconds away. With each thrust Jeremy made, Iggy closed her eyes and moaned loudly. Jennifer was still watching when the moment finally came. Iggy bit her lower lip and purred loudly before screaming at the feeling of her climax. Jeremy's eyes widened as he felt her inner walls tighten around his cock at the same time she squeezed her legs hard around him. The edge of her heels dug into his ass cheeks before she finally let go. There was not enough time for him to pull out, leaving him to feel the gush of her love nectar flooding his cock from within. When he finally did pull out, Jeremy sighed in relief as Iggy squirted her juices onto his stomach. She was catching her breath as she gazed at him and began to speak.

"That's how I like it! Hard, fast, and straight to the fucking point."

Jeremy ignored her and instead glanced over at Jennifer. She looked so elegant with her hair down now. A wide grin ran across her lips as she quietly nodded at him. His goddess was impressed, and that was all he cared about at this moment.

"I take it that means you're satisfied, Iggy?"

She nodded to answer his question. Jennifer leaned up from the couch and motioned with her fingers.

"Come here, honey. I'll clean you up."

Out of breath and slightly fatigued, Iggy opened her eyes wide after Jennifer spoke. She did not want to miss the opportunity to watch a famous friend like her lick her own juices. Jennifer dropped to her knees and grabbed Jeremy's cock. She shoved it between her lips and loudly slurped those warm, sticky juices from it. He raised his head and moaned loudly at this feeling. After cleaning his cock, Jennifer pulled it out of her mouth. She kept her fingers twisted around it and wanked him as she pressed her tongue against his stomach and began to lick his skin clean. Once finished, she got up from the floor and turned back around to face the couch. Iggy had sat up and also turned around to reveal her giant ass. It became clear to Jeremy within seconds that they were both going to make the same position together. He had passed the test and was ready to indulge himself with booty.

Hands and knees pressed against the cushions of the couch, Iggy bit her lower lip as she turned her head to her left side and grinned at her friend. Jennifer began to giggle as they both rolled their hips together. Jeremy stood there and watched both mighty asses shake in unison. Clap. Clap. Clap. Those heavy cheeks smacked together in a solid rhythm. The longer Jeremy watched this sight, he felt as if he were going to begin drooling. He had a world-class, legendary ass to his left and another thick rump to the right. Iggy and Jennifer glanced from across their shoulders, knowing that they had him mesmerized by the size of those thick booties shaking together. They continued to roll their hips to keep those cheeks smacking together. Jeremy was at a loss of words. The only way he could respond to this sight was to wrap his right hand fingers around his cock and begin wanking. Iggy noticed his hand twitching below and shook her head.

"Really? You're just gonna stand there and jack off while we're busy twerking?"

"You don't sound pleased."

"No, you should be down on your fucking knees worshiping these asses!"

Jennifer giggled at Iggy commanding him in such a harsh tone. She contrasted it by ordering him in a sweeter way.

"Go on, honey. You know you love these big booty of mine. Show me how much you love it."

They stopped twerking as soon as his knees hit the cold floor. Jeremy quickly crawled his way to the edge of the couch. He could feel Iggy's eyes following his every move. If she was disappointed that he chose Jennifer first, then so be it. He was always going to pick her, given a choice. Jeremy pressed his hands against Jennifer's ass cheeks, squeezing them as he pulled them apart to look at the crack. He darted his tongue up the crack, raking it upward to find her dark little hole. As he attempted to wiggle the edge of his tongue inside her ass hole, Jennifer began to twerk again. Her thick booty cheeks smothered him, bouncing against his face. It was only when he gripped her ass cheeks tightly did he finally wiggle his tongue into her booty.

"Mmmmmm, good boy. That's where I want your tongue, honey. Go on, take your time, and feast on this big, big booty."

Iggy bit her lower lip. She was tempted to rise from this position and watch as the epic, legendary ass of Jennifer Lopez was eaten out by her lover man. Jeremy took his time, wiggling his tongue inside her as he shifted his hands underneath her ass cheeks. He held them up as he took his time eating her. All the while, Jennifer slipped her right hand between her thighs and began to play with her pussy. Soft cries were heard from her voice, almost in whispers. Fingering herself was only a small hint of where she wanted to feel his cock next. Jeremy took his time, still hard at work twirling his tongue inside that booty as Iggy began to twerk again. He could hear the sound of those ass cheeks slapping together, begging for his attention. His hands slid around Jennifer's plump cheeks, squeezing them hard to show how much he truly loved that ass.

"I hope you're hungry for some more ass! I want to squash your face!"

Jennifer giggled at Iggy's taunting words. Her index finger curled inside her pussy while Jeremy continued to eat her out. She knew he would only stop pleasuring her when she said so.

"Go ahead, Jeremy. You don't have to make Iggy wait. This might be the only chance you get to eat her ass out."

Finally, he slithered his tongue out of Jennifer's ass hole and moved his face away from her booty. As Jeremy crawled towards Iggy, she quit twerking and glanced across her right shoulder. She waited until she felt a puff of his breath over her skin, and then she reached for the back of his head. Her fingers snatched his hair as she shoved his face into the crack of her massive ass.

"There you go! Dig in!" 

Her fingers left his hair as Iggy then began to twerk, beating her ass cheeks against his face. Jeremy responded by gripping both cheeks and smothering himself with that giant, soft booty. His tongue slithered up the crack, desperately trying to reach her dark little hole. Once he found it, Jeremy darted his tongue up that tight hole.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah! Eat my big fucking ass!"

Iggy bit her lower lip and purred soft moans. Jennifer slipped another finger into her pussy and continued to slowly finger herself as Jeremy pleasured her friend. He closed his eyes to concentrate since he could only see darkness with his face smothered by Iggy's giant booty. He felt her hands grab at his wrists, pulling his hands away from her booty. That only allowed her to roll those hips and begin twerking again. Jeremy found it difficult to properly eat her booty as she beat her thick ass cheeks across his face again and again.

"I think that's enough! Stand up on your fucking feet, Jeremy! I want your dick up my ass!"

It took little effort for Jeremy to extract his tongue from Iggy's ass. His heartbeat began to race with excitement as he pulled his face away and began to climb up from the floor.

"Holy shit, you want me to-"

She cut him off, yelling loudly.

"Yeah! You heard me right! Get up off the floor and put that big fucking dick RIGHT UP MY ASS!!" 

Once again, Jennifer was giggling at Iggy's demeanor. When she wanted something, she knew how to order a man like a drill sergeant. Jeremy stood up and gripped his cock before guiding it up the crack of her ass. He wondered if Iggy was going to distract him by twerking again. Fortunately, she remained still, allowing him to pull her ass cheeks apart and gaze at her dark little hole. He grunted as he felt the head of his shaft slip in. A sigh of relief was heard in her Aussie voice.

"Mmmmmmm, that's it. Ram that fucking dick up my ass. I want it to feel that thing stretching my ass out."

Jennifer moaned at Iggy's dirty talk. She turned her head, glancing across her left shoulder to see the look on Jeremy's face. He was stunned to be living a fantasy like this. His entire shaft disappeared with the first thrust into Iggy's ass. He planted his hands on her hips to watch those thick booty cheeks bounce and shake every time he thrust in.

"Oh my fucking god! This booty is so fucking huge!"

His compliments made Iggy bust out laughing. She stuck her tongue out as she began to push back. Jeremy did not anticipate her taking control like this. He stopped thrusting and allowed her to push her booty back, working his cock in and out of it. Jeremy's lower lip fell in amazement at this action.

"Ohhhhhh, man!" 

Over and over, Iggy worked her ass back to fuck his cock. She surprised him by turning the tables on this position and assuming control. Jennifer remained next to her, still fingering herself as she listened to the moaning from Iggy and Jeremy.

"You like that!? You like how I throw it back and fuck your big dick with my huge ass!?" 

"Oh god, yes! YES!!" 

Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound echoed between all the moans and cries of pleasure from them. Iggy's thick booty cheeks slammed into his skin with thunderous ripples moving across her skin. Jeremy grunted with his teeth gritted. Every cry he made was just a reminder to Iggy of how she was owning him with her powerful ass. Over and over, she threw her ass back to pound that cock in and out of her dark hole.



Jennifer turned, glancing across her shoulder again. She let out a sharp moan to make sure she had Jeremy's complete attention. She moved her hand from between her thighs and tapped Iggy on the shoulder. That was the only thing Jennifer had to do to make her stop.

"I guess it's Jenny's turn now. You better give her something to remember after how she sucked you off."

Jeremy sighed in relief. At the rate at which Iggy was pushing back on his cock, he knew that he would blow his load deep inside her. He quickly pulled his cock out of her ass and stepped over to Jennifer.

"Are you ready to finally fuck me, Jeremy? Just remember, if you want to fuck my ass real bad, then don't cum yet. I know you're strong enough to hold yourself back. You'll do it if you really want to be inside my booty."

Iggy began to softly giggle at Jennifer's words. She knew deep down that this older woman had saved him from her own lust. Had Jennifer not made her stop, Iggy was merely minutes away from forcing him into a hard orgasm, all thanks to the power of her enormous booty. Jennifer uncrossed her knees from underneath her ass and spread her feet out on the floor. So much time had passed, and he had yet to be inside of Jennifer's pussy. That changed when he guided his cock to her wet folds.

"Mmmmmm, go ahead."

Relieved to finally be one with his love again, Jeremy let out a sigh of relief as his cock slid into her pussy. From where he stood, he was gazing down at the most famous ass in the world. Iggy had a spectacular booty, but nothing compared to the ass of J-Lo. Another moan was heard from his voice as he experienced the all-too-familiar feeling of her pussy. Jeremy bucked his hips slowly as he thrust into her.

"Jen, can I spank this ass?"

"You don't have to ask for permission, honey. You've earned the right to give me a good spanking. So yeah, go right on ahead! Spank my ass!"

To hear him ask to spank Jennifer only made Iggy laugh. She wondered why he did not bother smacking her thick booty when it was flapping and wobbling on him. This was a sight she had to witness with her own eyes. Iggy got up from the couch and stood next to Jeremy, watching as he bucked his hips to drive his cock into Jennifer's pussy. Her gold hoop earrings began to bounce around from her lobes, rustling through the locks of her brunette hair. Jeremy waited several seconds before he finally reared his right hand back and brought his palm down across her booty. Jennifer moaned at the feeling of his hand.

"Ohhhh, yeah! Fuck me, Jeremy! Fuck me, and don't forget to spank that booty! Spank me hard!!" 

He reared his hand back and delivered another hard spank. Jeremy then repeated the process, smacking her ass harder while his left hand gripped one of her hips. Iggy kept her eyes focused on the action. She rested her right hand against her hip, smirking as she watched this man fuck Jennifer the way she desired.

"That's it! Ohhhhhhhhh, fuck! Come on, Jeremy! Fuck me!!" 

Spank! His hand smacked across her booty again. The palm of his right hand was stinging from pain as a small red mark formed on her right ass cheek. He was done spanking her and planted his right hand on her free hip. Jennifer's breasts bounced and shook from underneath her. Iggy was still standing there, watching all the lustful action.

"Harder! Faster!!" 

Jennifer wanted to experience her climax so badly. She was past the point of testing her man, and now the only thing that mattered was her own pleasure. Jeremy grunted as he continued to buck his hips, giving in to her demands. She slid her right hand down to her pussy and rubbed at her clit.


The louder Jennifer screamed, the more Jeremy continued to thrust. He scrunched his face up, gritting his teeth as he continued to thrust his cock in and out of that wonderful pussy. Iggy began to clap her hands, cheering him on.

"Yeah! Give it to her, you sexy ass mother fucker! Give her what she wants!"

Closing her eyes, Jennifer curled her toes and balled her hands into fists. As she gritted her teeth and growled, Jeremy did not stop. He gave her inch after inch of his hard cock, still pumping in and out of that pussy. Her climax finally began as her inner walls tightened around his pole. So far, he had managed to go all this time without blowing his load, so Jeremy felt he could last a few more seconds.


This time Jeremy was able to easily pull out, causing a flood of Jennifer's juices to squirt onto the floor. The sight made Iggy's lower lip fall in amazement at the sheer pressure of how hard Jeremy made Jennifer cum. Despite this hard orgasm, Jennifer was still standing tall with her legs spread out. She may have been slightly fatigued, but she was not exhausted. Throughout all this fucking, Jeremy felt he did not have much strength left. He knew that once he finally blew his load, that was it for him. He would likely fall to the floor, like he had done many times in the past when Jennifer drained his balls.

"Was that good, Jen?"

Slowly catching her breath, she glanced at him from across her right shoulder. With a slow nod, Jennifer waited to reply. 

"Yeah... You know how I like it."

The sound of hands clapping caught them both by surprise. A wide grin ran across Iggy's face before she spoke.

"Damn, that was a hell of a show! You were right, he really does know how to fuck like a champ."

Jeremy blushed at Iggy's words.

"The game was on the line, and he delivered. That tells you how badly he wants the big prize." 

That prize Jennifer mentioned was a one-way ticket to her legendary booty. Something else Iggy would be a witness to. Still looking across her shoulder, Jennifer winked at Jeremy.

"I know this is what you've really been waiting for. You've saved every drop of cum for my ass, haven't you?"

He nodded as Jennifer flashed her pearly-white teeth at him.

"I can't believe I get to watch this. We should've thought of doing something freaky like this years ago when we made that first video."

Iggy's words caused Jennifer to laugh as she turned her head and gazed forward. She did not bother replying to the other woman. Jeremy ignored Iggy entirely as he pulled Jennifer's booty cheeks apart and gazed at the crack. A smirk ran across his lips as he gripped his cock and guided it up the crack.

"Mmmmm, that feels good. Go ahead and give it a quick rubdown before you go inside."

The feeling of her thick ass cheeks wrapped around his cock was always an amazing feeling. Jeremy began to thrust forward as he kept his hands on her ass cheeks, holding them together. When he had the chance, he liked to hotdog those firm cheeks before the big event. Iggy stood there, hands planted on her hips, watching the entire time.

"Damn, that's hot."

Jennifer began to roll her hips to help his cock thrust up and down between her cheeks. She bit her lower lip, softly purring moans as she listened to Jeremy cry in pleasure. After a few seconds, Jennifer halted her movements entirely. Jeremy knew that was her way of telling him to go ahead and pull those cheeks apart to find her dark little hole.

"Yo Iggy, you wanna watch?"

"What do you think I'm doing standing here?"

Raising her right hand up, Jennifer snapped her fingers and pointed down at the floor.

"Get down there. You'll get a better view on the floor."

Just like that, Jennifer reminded Iggy who was the one in control of this entire show. The rapper obeyed her command and fell to the floor, almost touching the puddle of juices Jennifer had squirted minutes earlier. Jeremy grabbed his cock with his right hand and carefully guided the head to push through Jennifer's dark little hole. A faint gasp followed a sigh of relief as she felt his cock sliding into her ass. Jeremy planted his hands on her hips again.

"This is the best ass in the whole fucking world. No offense, Iggy. But she's the queen for a reason."

"Don't worry, no offense taken. Jenny knows how much I love her ass."

On her knees, Iggy stomped her way towards the right side of Jeremy. She narrowly avoided the cum stains on the floor, keeping her eyes focused on watching his cock disappear as he made the first thrust up Jennifer's famous booty. The feeling of tightness was different compared to Iggy's ass and unlike the experience of pussy. Jeremy was always astonished at how perfectly the length of his shaft fit into Jennifer's ass hole. He could only think of all the other lucky men before him who had the honor and privilege of enjoying her ass. Days like this were a true reminder of how blessed he was in life. As he cried out in pleasure, he began to slowly buck his hips to drive his cock in and out of what he believed to be the greatest ass in the world.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yeah! That's it, Jeremy! Take it nice and slow, like you want. I want you to fuck my ass until you cum. You don't have to worry about pulling out now."

Taking a deep breath, he continued to thrust at this slow pace. Jeremy liked to watch every inch of his cock disappear with a full thrust into her ass before reappearing when he moved back. Iggy licked her lips as she watched. His balls slapped against the undersides of Jennifer's plump ass cheeks with each full thrust.

"Damn, that's fucking hot to watch."

He ignored Iggy's words, focusing entirely on the feeling of his cock inside Jennifer's ass. Jeremy began to pick up speed, thrusting faster as he continued to buck his hips. Jennifer closed her eyes as her hands were still pressed into the cushion of the couch. Her big gold hoop earrings shook and dangled through her hair as he was now pounding her ass.

"That's it! Give it to me! Fuck my ass!"

"You heard her! You fucking heard her! FUCK THAT ASS LIKE SHE WANTS!!"

Hearing Jennifer moan was a reward in itself, but to also hear Iggy encouraging him loudly sent Jeremy into overdrive. He gritted his teeth and grunted as he began to thrust even faster. Jennifer's tits began bouncing and shaking all around as her hair swayed. Her eyes opened as she began to yell at him.


Over and over, he pumped inch after inch of his cock. Jeremy knew he only had seconds before he finally erupted inside her. He no longer cared about lasting longer. There was no greater joy than this—to be standing here and pounding Jennifer's ass after a long day. Iggy kept her eyes focused on the action, her mouth open wide for so long that she began to drool at the sight.

"Oh my god, Jen! I love you and this booty so much!! I LOVE YOU!!"

Jeremy almost cried tears of joy with his words. Not for a second did he stop or slow down. Beads of sweat dripped from his forehead and eyebrows. His hands had become sweaty as they still gripped her hips. Jennifer raised her head, eyes wide open, as she grinned at the couch.


She knew he had only seconds before he would finally explode within her. Her voice was so powerful that it echoed outside the room and down the halls. Jennifer raised her head, not caring at all about Iggy watching them from the floor. So long as Jeremy continued to pound his cock in her ass, she was almost completely satisfied.

"I want every last drop of your cum in my ass. ALL OF YOUR CUM!!"

"Oh god, Jen! Ohhhh god, I'M CUMMING!! FUCKKKK!!" 

His cock was still inside her ass when the eruption commenced. Jeremy screamed loudly before gritting his teeth and grunting. 


Jennifer began giggling as she felt the final thrust in her ass. He always gave one last thrust just to make sure that he gave her every last drop when she demanded it. Iggy's eyes widened as she leaned up, ready to witness his cock exiting that famous booty. 

"Ohhhhh, god! Ohhhhhh, man!!" 

His cries showed how exhausted Jeremy had become through all this pleasure. As he pulled his cock out of her ass, he took a few steps back and felt the weakness in his knees. Iggy moved her hands to Jennifer's ass and pulled the cheeks apart to witness the stream of cum flowing down the crack.

"This is fucking beautiful."

Hearing Iggy's voice told Jennifer that she was the one pulling her cheeks apart. Jeremy could be heard panting and out of breath from behind. Spurts of cum dripped from Jennifer's ass hole, trailing in gobs down the crack and falling to the floor. Iggy slithered her tongue up the crack of that ass, slurping the cum into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm, I take it someone was still hungry."

Jennifer giggled at the feeling of her friend cleaning her crack. Iggy swallowed the cum as quickly as her tongue collected it. When the tip of her tongue reached the hole, Iggy drove it inside. Jeremy could not believe what he was witnessing. So that was the reason Jennifer wanted Iggy on the floor. She must have known that the other woman wanted to taste his cum and clean that booty. He did not expect to watch Iggy rimming Jennifer like this. It was only fitting after Jennifer had her face smothered by Iggy earlier in the day.

"Oh my god. I can't believe we just did this together. This is one of the best days of my life."

After uttering his words, Jeremy groaned and fell to his knees. Jennifer glanced at him from across her right shoulder. Iggy extracted her tongue from Jennifer's booty and gazed in his direction as well. A giggle was shared between the two ladies as they saw how weak he was from all the fucking. 

"Well, ain't that a freak." 

Jennifer giggled at Iggy reciting a line from their famous song. It was her turn to do the same.

"I think you had the time of your life. Throw up your hands if you love big booty!" 

Laughing at them, Jeremy raised his arms into the air before collapsing on his back. He was done and exhausted entirely. As he tried to catch his breath, he gazed up at the ceiling. Light gray metal frames divided a layer of tiles with white fluorescent light tubes hanging in the center of the room. Iggy and Jennifer could be heard giggling. He shut his eyes for a few seconds at the sound of heels stomping around. When Jeremy opened his eyes, he could see Jennifer gazing down at him from his left side and Jennifer to the right. Both women towered over him, giving an impressive view of their bodies. Wide smirks covered their faces as he tried to smile before passing out. Jennifer grinned at Iggy.

"Don't worry. He just needs a nap, and he'll be fine and ready to go again tomorrow."

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Re: Booty Redux (Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea)
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2023, 02:51:25 PM »
Fantastic job.
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Re: Booty Redux (Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea)
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2023, 09:19:39 PM »
Great story. Two of the best butts in the music business today  ;D
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Re: Booty Redux (Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea)
« Reply #3 on: May 25, 2023, 06:21:32 AM »

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Re: Booty Redux (Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea)
« Reply #4 on: June 01, 2023, 11:39:13 AM »
This is a gold star story. Your best of the year so far. I told you last year that you always write the best JLo stories. Just when I think you've topped yourself, you come out with something else that totally blows me away.

I love how you are writing her more dominantly with younger men. JLo and Iggy together give off strong dom vibes. I loved the face sitting part. For most of the story, it felt as if they were both toying with Jeremy.

Would you consider writing a story with JLo and Jessica Alba? That's who I would love to see a pairing with if you decide to do another with JLo.  ;)
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Re: Booty Redux (Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea)
« Reply #5 on: June 03, 2023, 02:06:36 AM »
Thanks for the kind words everyone!

This is a gold star story. Your best of the year so far. I told you last year that you always write the best JLo stories. Just when I think you've topped yourself, you come out with something else that totally blows me away.

I love how you are writing her more dominantly with younger men. JLo and Iggy together give off strong dom vibes. I loved the face sitting part. For most of the story, it felt as if they were both toying with Jeremy.

Would you consider writing a story with JLo and Jessica Alba? That's who I would love to see a pairing with if you decide to do another with JLo.  ;)

I have thought about writing Jessica and Jennifer together for a few years now. They are a dream pairing I've always wanted to but just haven't came up with the right idea yet. I will let you know if I come up with something in the future.
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