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Author Topic: "A Gala Event" Featuring Kate Beckinsale  (Read 2582 times)


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"A Gala Event" Featuring Kate Beckinsale
« on: July 27, 2020, 09:56:30 AM »

Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL Story Contains Sexually Graphic Situations. If You're Under Age or Easily Offended STOP READING NOW!!

Kate had dressed up for the charity gala she was attending with her husband, except that not long after they arrived he had disappeared. He wanted to follow up on some contacts and talk to a few people he knew, about work leaving her alone to fend for herself. She had spent most of that time lurking in the shadows of the room drinking a little too much and consoling herself, when she suddenly felt an urge run through her body and turned to see a man stood behind her shoulder smiling at her.

He was taller than she was but in the gloomy light looked well built; a slight sprinkle of grey hair suggesting he was a little older than her and his dark eyes watched her with a slight gleam in them as he stepped up closer. She tensed up immediately watching him warily as he inclined his head slightly and offered his hand.

"Pleased to meet you my dear." He said softly and not wishing to seem rude Kate reached out and took his hand shaking it. She was slightly surprised as he took it carefully stroking the back of her hand and lifted it to his lips brushing a kiss across her knuckles. She shivered under his touch frowning at the sensation of his warm breath and hot damp lips sliding across her skin as she slowly withdrew her hand once more.

"I saw you here looking much like me, rather bored and indifferent to most of what's going on so I had to come over and say hello." He mentioned to her.

"I'm here with my husband, it's for a good cause and you meet some people." She replied evenly.

"That's true, I've met you and you are by far and away the most beautiful woman here. I'm just surprised you don't have every man in the room here offering to keep you company." He exclaimed.

"I don't believe that." She replied gesturing to the rest of the room. "There are a lot of other women here much more attractive than me."

"Ah but none compare to you." He said gallantly and taking up the offering she provided let his eyes run down over her body taking in the sight of her. You really are exquisite; a gorgeous attractive face, high firm breasts, a wonderful sleek figure, long legs, a nice bottom, and although I can only imagine and guess what's under that gown I bet it is superb, so I feel it my duty to keep you company until your husband comes back." He informed her.

She felt a lick of heat run through her as she felt his eyes travel down her body moving from her face down to her cleavage and on across her stomach and across her legs even though she knew her gown covered most of her up. Still it had been some time since she had enjoyed a lot of male attention, and the look in his eyes, definitely made her feel good even though she knew it might not be a good idea.

"You don't have to you know." She said to him, "I really am fine."

"Ah but then I would miss out on your company which is certainly the most interesting thing going on here tonight and would of course miss out on speculating what you have beneath that dress as well." He said to her with an easy smile.

She coughed to hide her surprise, blushing under his smile. He continued on regardless ignoring her, his eyes looking down her body again.

"Your figure is superb, and I bet that gown contains all sorts of surprises. "You've dressed up for the night why not go the whole way and make yourself feel good by completing the outfit in its entirety. Definitely some sexy lingerie I think a few lacy items covering those firm breasts and hugging your hips and ass just inviting hands to come down and explore you." He enthused to her. She caught herself frowning again and smoothing her hands down over her body.

When she said nothing he continued; "How good a guess was that?" He asked her "Was I right?" She blushed again still frowning not quite sure how to respond.

"Of course we should discuss more about what I get if I'm right of course. Then you'll have to prove it either way so I'll have to see what you have on under there but I'll leave it open to you as to how you do that." He smiled as she gaped at him wondering just exactly what was going on.

"Dressed up like that you just want to be enjoyed and pleasured, have a little fun." He murmured softly into her ear and heat radiated through her body which if he noticed he ignored and continued. "I bet you haven't enjoyed some male attention for awhile. You would love to feel hands or a mouth exploring your body; touching, tasting, teasing every curve of your body while you whimper and moan wanting, needing more." He whispered. Feeling his breath hot on her neck she turned to face him watching his face, his calm settled manner, and had no doubt he could have her writhing with pleasure in no time at all if she wanted it, but fortunately she was married and couldn't forget that.

"I'm married." She reminded him, "and being stood here I can hardly show you what I have on under the dress let alone do anything else. Beside I'm not really sure about how I can give you any kind of reward." She explained to him.

"Ah well in that case can I ask you for a dance instead while I think of something?" He asked laughing.

Still frowning at his response and trying to work out what he wanted she nodded her head deciding that at the very least a dance might distract him from all the amorous talk he was directing at her. Quickly though she decided it might be even more distracting for her now that he was able to touch her and hold her close against his body.

Slowly he led her out onto the dance floor his hand holding hers and the other sliding around her waist holding her firmly with just a little pressure on her as the music started and as fate would have it a very slow gentle number as well. She put her free arm on him feeling his muscles beneath her hand hard and solid; his presence a large force in front of her, her face close to his so she could smell his cologne and almost feel his breath on her cheek. Slowly he led her around the floor and she fell into the sway of the dance, gradually relaxing under his assured touch enjoying the way he held her, his fingers lightly spreading out on her waist and back.

He was right damn him; it had been awhile since she had really been held like this and the feel of him was undeniably good. She swayed around the floor for several minutes held in his firm grasp the tension leaving her body as she was whirled around until finally the music ended and he escorted her back into the corner where they had been before.

She was suddenly even more aware of him as he kept one hand on the small of her back rubbing gentle little circles whilst the other guided her along by her hand. She was facing back out onto the floor and he positioned himself just behind her shoulder again so she could feel his presence there.

"So what do I get for guessing right?" He prompted her again from behind.

She snorted and turned to face him. "I never agreed to anything at all." Kate tried to explain to him.

"Ah but we were negotiating and you didn't specify the terms merely seeming to agree with those I proposed about showing me what was on under the gown whilst I thought of a suitable prize for guessing correctly."

I didn't agree to that either!" she protested as he smiled at her.

"Ah! We can negotiate some more; if you want to explore a few more things then obviously we'll have to think of something suitable where we can explore exactly what you have on under there. I was thinking more of a kiss as a gift for guessing right." He explained.

"A kiss?" She asked surprised.

"Yes just a simple kiss, you have a cute mouth." He explained. She rolled her eyes at him but didn't say anything. Still holding her hand he drew her close and then spun her around in one easy movement backing her into a corner. She felt her breath catch as he closed the gap shielding the view of her body with his own just in case someone ventured any closer. Then he leaned forwards towards her reaching out to wrap one arm around her waist and hold her still.

She watched him feeling like prey being hunted by a predator as his hungry eyes sparked and came towards her claiming his prize. Then his mouth took her and she barely thought at all. His lips brushed over hers in a gentle light touch that made her shiver; her skin tingling, his breath warm against her mouth and she relaxed a little thinking it was done. Then as he eased back a little he suddenly pressed in harder rubbing his lips against hers deepening the kiss making her gasp as he probed her mouth. His tongue sliding against her lips teasing with his teeth until her own lips parted. His tongue stroked inside and across hers entwining with her own so she could taste him. The kiss became hard and passionate as she melted into him moaning, responding softly as she kissed him back, sliding and teasing his tongue and lips feeling him suck on her tongue and nibble on her mouth. Finally he eased back away from her so they could both draw breath after he nibbled on her bottom lip one last time and ran his tongue over it.

Panting she looked back at him and unable to help herself ran her own tongue over her lips tasting him wanting to whimper again. It had been sometimes since she had enjoyed such a passionate kiss and it was making her dizzy. From the hungry look on his face he was also suitably happy with the experience.

He still held her and she felt his hand on her back rubbing her again his fingers splaying out just drifting over the curve of her shapely behind as she rocked unsteadily from foot to foot just watching him as he eyed her still a very hungry look in his eye.

"You look like you enjoyed that as much as me so if you like we can maybe continue this elsewhere? I can help you enjoy even more; my hands and mouth exploring you, touching, tasting and teasing you into a fever pitch of excitement until you're moaning and begging me for more. I can give that to you I think. Your breasts and nipples in my mouth, hard and excited, gasping and panting while I slide my hand between your thighs, laying you out naked, wet and open for me to explore in every way I can."

She stood there breathing heavily almost panting at the thoughts and images that he planted in her mind, thinking about each and every one of them and thinking about how much she would enjoy exactly that. He had already showed he had the skill to deliver much of it. That was one reason she felt the need to escape now before she gave to much thought to the idea and accepted the invitation. Who knew what would happen then and she wasn't entirely sure she could resist that temptation, or even if she wanted to.

"Excuse me a moment I just need to go to the bathroom." She told him. She hastily retreated from their corner and walked away as quickly and calmly as possible so as not to draw to much attention to herself.

She waited there for ten minutes or so just freshening herself up and calming her breathing, giving herself time to settle her heart beat for a start. Hopefully by then, either her 'would be suitor' would be distracted or given up and moved on, or for her husband to find his way back and give her another reason not to fall for anything. Once she was more calm and thinking clearly again she finally left the bathroom and slowly made her way back.

She took her time heading back in no rush and kept a wary eye open for any signs of the man she had been talking to and as she made her way back to the room there was no obvious sign of him. Reaching the doorway she looked around carefully and couldn't see any sign of him, but unfortunately she couldn't see any sign of her husband either. Then she felt a familiar shiver run through her body and turned slightly to see the man she had been speaking to stood behind her in the entranceway, a small smile on his lips again. Giving into fate she eased around to face him again.

"While you were away I took the trouble of asking a member of staff to look for your husband and from what he said it looks like he's still immersed in conversation with several producers talking about work. That being as it is, I feel I must offer to keep you company until he has finished up and as that looks like being some time maybe you would like to retire to my suite. It's a little more suited to you showing me what's under that dress of course. You can have another drink if you would like and if your husband finishes up I can ask a staff member to come up and let us know so you can return and meet him." He explained to her.

She swallowed hard looking at him realising that she was stuck now. If her husband wouldn't be finished up for some time, she didn't relish the thought of being stuck in the room standing alone for another hour or more. She was calmer now and if she went with this man she could control what would happen and make sure nothing got out of hand. Slowly she made her mind up and nodded her head.

"Excellent!" He called to her smiling broadly and called over a staff member to ask them to call him if her husband finished up and was looking for her. Then he offered Kate his arm.

Slowly she reached out and took hold of it allowing him to lead her, watching as he smiled at several staff members along the way, to the elevators before pushing the button so the door slid open and letting her ease inside following behind him. He selected the floor and they headed up neither of them speaking; Kate just standing there still feeling his hands warm on her arm as they ascended to his floor. When they reached the floor and the door slipped open again he led her out down the corridor past several doors before pausing at one and taking out a card which he used to swipe though and unlock it. He stepped back after opening the door and allowed her to head through first.

She strode through into the middle of the suite looking around impressed by the size. In one area there was a TV screen mounted on the wall with couches and soft chairs close by. A small writing desk and a chair were in another corner. The room also had a well stocked bar and a counter in front and a table and chairs for meals as well. It had wide open glass windows with a panoramic view of the city outside. Then the final piece that caught her eye was a big wide bed with thick sheets spread out over the top which she did her best to try and ignore.

She stood there restlessly and then waited as she heard him close the door and then slowly walk over towards her his feet sounding on the floor as he came. "Can I get you a drink at all?" He asked her.

"No I'm fine thanks." She replied and heard him chuckle in response. "Skipping straight to pleasure, I like that idea."

She heard his footsteps continue on until he was stood right behind her.

"So how are we going to do this?"

"Do what exactly?" She asked him carefully.

"Well we have some time together to pass and we agreed that you would show me what you had on beneath that dress." She drew several deep breathes calming her heart which suddenly skipped a beat again. Realising that if she gave in now, there might not be any going back and nervously she ran her hands down over her hips.

"I don't think lifting it will work." He said to her softly moving up directly behind her and reaching out his hands to brush against her neck making her shiver his breath warm on her nape. She shivered against his touch her body trembling, excitement building inside her as she felt the slow brush of his fingers across her skin rubbing and kneading her. Gently his lips dipping down to slide against her making her eyes flutter with pleasure.

"I think that since were alone, just the two of us and no one else to see or know maybe you should just take the dress of and let me see what you have on." He whispered. Slowly his hands were sliding very gently across her shoulders and then on down her arms, before he slowly began to make his way back up again until his fingers found the straps of her gown. "Do you want me to help you take it off?" He murmured slowly nibbling on her earlobe.

Breathing heavily, lost for words and unsteady, with his hands and mouth busy on her she couldn't reply and just stood there slowly feeling her body melt against him. He seemed to take her silence as an invite to go ahead and do exactly what he wanted and she slowly felt his hands shift again. He began to slowly ease her strap back running it back along her shoulder drawing his lips across it as he went; sliding it across her shoulder and then tugging it gently down her arm and then he bought his head back up and across to the other as he slowly repeated the same thing with the other strap. She quivered feeling her dress loosen but not really give as it was still zipped up, but then she felt his hands slowly drawing around to the back and knew it wouldn't be a problem for long.

They glided down the slopes of her back and across her shoulder blades; she felt his fingertips find her zip grasping it but waiting a second teasing her, his mouth slowly kissing her neck and shoulders making her quiver with excitement at the thought of what he was going to do and see.

"I'm just going to take this off now Kate if it's alright with you and I'm going to enjoy every second of seeing what you do have under there." He chuckled a low soft masculine laugh of pleasure.

He stood there giving her a chance to stop but when she remained standing, saying nothing he pressed on. Licking his lips with excitement keeping his own heart beat as steady as possible, as he prepared himself for the sight that awaited him. He slowly tugged her zip down sliding it down the length of her back a little at a time until finally the zip ended just above the lush curve of her behind.

With the dress suddenly loosened, and the straps down, it suddenly fell to her waist. He sucked in a breath as he stared at the bare expanse of skin of her back realizing that she hadn't worn any bra and that her delicious firm high breasts were now completely bare even if he couldn't see them yet. Almost panting himself he let his hands slide down to rest on her hips looking at her bottom wondering if she had forgone that as well and deciding he couldn't wait any longer to see.

Giving into temptation he pushed the gown down over her hips and watched it hiss slightly as it fell to the floor pooling at her feet. There was no hiding his audible intake of breath as he admired her pert bottom; the shapely curves covered in a lacy pair of black panties that hugged her hips deliciously; and then the long lean expanse of her bare legs topped of by the high heels she had on. He felt his erection stir even more at the sight of her and desperately want to take in the sight of her whole body. He didn't want to push to quick so stayed behind her though he couldn't resist the urge to put his hands back on her reaching out and resting them on her hips letting his fingers slide along her rib cage.

"You really are exquisite." He murmured to her. "I was right to. You did dress up and make the effort with those lacy panties and little else." He chuckled softly in her ear idly flicking her neck with his tongue again and just inhaling her scent. Then he couldn't help himself, and just let his mouth wonder across her shoulder again lightly kissing and nibbling on her skin, his fingers playing up and down just a little. She moved restlessly against him as he teased her gently.

She stood there panting now, her bare breasts heaving, her nipples hard little buds that crowned the tips as she felt his teasing hands and mouth skimming over her body.

"So I guessed right." He chuckled in her ear again "Does this mean I win anything else?"

"What did you want?" She breathed out slowly without thinking.

"I just want to come around and look at the front of you first, if that's alright." He chucked again. She didn't think about it just quickly nodded her head deciding to get it over with and he smiled licking his lips.

She felt him brush his lips across her shoulder again and then slowly draw his hands down and away from her body before he began to step back and slowly circle around to the front of her body. She watched him carefully, noting his self control as his eyes kept on hers and still smiling he came around to stand in front of her. He made sure she was watching him and only then did he allow his eyes to slowly drift down over her figure.

He paused when he reached her breasts and she saw with a sense of satisfaction his mouth quiver and open slightly a sure sign he was enjoying them and it was having an affect. Feeling deliciously happy that she could still have that effect she arched her back thrusting them out slightly more and watched as he composed himself; his eyes moving on down the rest of her body and then rising again lingering once more over her breasts before returning to her face; a heated look there that made her belly tighten with anticipation.

He slipped his jacked off pausing to rest it over a chair before he made his way back behind her and slowly stepped up wanting to touch her again. He felt desire warm and thick in his body, now even harder to control after seeing even more of her. He wanted her to feel it too and pressed up close behind her as he reached out to touch her. He brushed his fingertips across her shoulders and then slowly down her spine; a lingering caress as he dipped his head down inhaling her scent and kissing her neck.

He felt her shiver but she did nothing else as he stroked lazily up and down the length of her back and then started nibbling on her shoulder. Conscious of the time though, he wandered further letting his fingers slide all the way down her spine so his palm crept across the curve of her bottom and then worked it's way around to her hip drawing her back and rocking her against him.

She breathed deeply calming herself as her skin tingled and shivered from his touch, his mouth teasing over her skin, his hands sliding ever more dangerously over her body. She stood there half naked and clearly felt his own need pressed against her from behind. He was exploring her, his hands roving along with his mouth. She felt him glide down the side of her hip onto her thigh, sliding over the smooth bare expanse of skin tracing her silky smooth curves, and then moving back up making her tense up as he came to rest both hands on her hips.

She didn't move much than more than to tilt her head down to watch his fingers slowly slide around from her hips; stroking across her stomach and belly drawing little circles over her skin, making her quiver with excitement and tension her stomach fluttering.

"Now do you think I should go up or down?" He asked her and to emphasize his point he let his hand first wander right up her stomach until it rested just beneath her breasts stroking his fingertips just beneath the soft curves before he slipped back down sliding down across her stomach, belly and lower, tangling his fingers in the lace band of her panties; dipping underneath stroking across smooth bare skin, edging ever lower until suddenly she gasped making him chuckle in her ear.

"Hmmmm you want me to stay lower then?" He quizzed her running his fingers back and forth not going any further; just teasing her.

She didn't say anything just stood there licking her lips trying to make up her mind what she wanted.

"Ah lower it is." He whispered to her and then took his hand away and let it run down over the front of her thigh instead and she whimpered with frustration unable to help herself making him chuckle again.

"Is it something more like this, that you want?" He asked and drew his hand along the inside of her thigh slowly bringing it back up between her legs; feeling her spread them slightly until he just teased the lower edge of her panties again watching her swallow hard as he teased her. He toyed with the edge running back and forth making her body flutter as she waited for that touch to slide across bare skin.

Instead he just cupped her sex with his hand; rubbing his palm between her thighs, holding her firmly as he felt her burning heat and moistness through the material as he nuzzled her neck. She tried to wriggle against his touch but he held her too firmly and all she succeeded in doing was rubbing her swollen sex against his hand teasing herself even more. Her body was aching for more, responding to the touch of someone else on her so intimately.

Her head fell back on her shoulder and she felt his lips graze her neck. She felt him tremble against her almost sensing a little more urgency in him now as he nibbled on her.

"I'm going to touch you here Kate under those panties" He told her pressing his hand against her sex. "Then I'm going to tease and play with you and give you the release you need before we see about my own. I'm going to do it right now unless you tell me to stop in the next few seconds." He told her and waited edging his hand rubbing between her thighs, waiting.

She had her head held back barely able to breathe; her body aching with need, clouding her thoughts and probably her judgement, but she couldn't open her mouth to say no. His hands and mouth on her felt too good and were just too tempting for her to oppose. She stayed silent unable to put together a coherent thought to tell him stop and by then it was to late and she soon didn't care.

With no objection from her he gave into his own need, delving his fingers under her panties and sliding across smooth bare skin pressing down lower and lower, not waiting. He was now intent on capturing his prize and he found her hot and wet; rubbing his fingers across the lips of her sex rubbing the entrance to her pussy. She moaned loudly then gasping at the sensation of his fingertips sliding across her sensitive flesh except he didn't stop there.

He slid his whole hand over her sex, rubbing back and forth against her and then deftly grazed one long finger down between her lips parting them. He pulled it back until it slipped inside her and they both moaned; even he couldn't resist it as he edged inside her sex finding her hot and wet. He began to slide it in and out of her making her gasp until her head rolled to the side on her shoulder and he leaned forward over hers leaving her neck and took her mouth instead.

They moaned together kissing passionately, their mouths soon parting and tongues sliding together tasting and exploring as he played with her, his finger spearing in and out of her sex already coated in the sultry brunette's juices.

His other hand that was on her hip soon began moving too, wanting to feel every inch of her. He slipped it around onto her stomach as well slowly sliding up her torso until he cupped one of her luscious breasts, his palm squeezing the firm mound making her sigh against his mouth. He caught her nipple between two of his fingers lightly tugging on the erect tip; teasing and toying with it as she continued to moan, wriggling against him as they continued to kiss. Every inch of her was as luscious as he had guessed, from that cute pretty face, to her firm pert breasts and to the glistening wet sex he fingered so gently, slipping his finger steadily in and out of.

She moaned and whimpered against his mouth, her tongue playing with his, now too hot to resist or hold back, now matching him beat for beat wanting more and more. He ground his hips against the firm curves of her ass holding her tight against him. He continued to squeeze and knead her breast savouring the perky mounds and hard nipples even as he fingered her dripping wet pussy.

He felt her spread her legs wider allowing him to delve inside her deeper, feeling her slick heated flesh gripping him snugly marveling at how tight she was. He was desperate to explore it even more. His finger was coated in her sweet essence and he knew the tops of her thighs would be damp with it by now; her skin flushed with excitement and desire only adding to her sultry attraction. She was driving him crazy and he was sure by her reaction that she was enjoying it every bit as much as he was, losing herself in her pleasure.

She wriggled and squirmed against him, her mind a daze as she struggled to think about what was going on. She had a vague sense of this being wrong but with his hands teasing her wet sex and her body shivering uncontrollably with pleasure, she wasn't sure she cared. Everything felt so good; every nerve ending in her body tingling with pleasure as he stroked and teased her; she didn't want it to end; she wanted him to give her the climax she was aching so desperately for.

She plunged her tongue in and out of his mouth, sliding it over his tasting him as he tasted her, all the time whimpering and moaning and pressing herself to him trying to encourage him to explore her even more; anything that would help her finish. She could feel his hand on her breast teasing and playing with her erect nipple and his fingers easing in and out of her wet sex. She was so aroused she felt wanton in his arms like a goddess being admired and pleasured and she wanted everything he could give.

She felt his hips press even further against the curve of her ass, his erection hard and stiff. She gave a moan against his mouth imaging exactly how else she would be getting to know it. She was sure would not have long to wait before finding out.

He gripped her breasts more firmly, his finger pinching and teasing her puckered nipples. He added another finger inside her sex wiggling and turning them around inside her, making her moan against his mouth panting with pleasure. It had been so long since someone had touched her in this way that she was quivering for it. Her excitement at fervour pitch as his fingers thrust in and out of her pussy.

Then he drew his thumb up and she tensed sensing where he was heading and moaned helplessly against his mouth as he slowly touched her clit. He eased back from her mouth as he touched her smiling as he circled her throbbing bud gently and then stopped. She whimpered her eyes pleading with him.

"Please!" She whimpered desperate for that touch.

"What do you want Kate?" He asked nipping at her lip.

"Touch me please!" She moaned at him.

"Where exactly?" He asked her "Here?" Nipping at her lips. "Or here?" rubbing a swollen nipple. She whimpered not able to say anything and he smiled at her nuzzling her neck enjoying the sight of her panting for him.

"I want you to tell me exactly where you want to be touched and what you want me to do to you." He said to her slowly nipping at her lips making sure he was understood, as he could tell by the clouded look in her eyes that she was lost in her own arousal now.

"I." She stammered out swallowing hard as she tried to think clearly and coherently but it was a struggle. Her body thrummed with need and desire she wanted to be touched and tasted and used for his pleasure. To give up any sense of control and just enjoy the feeling of pleasure and hot release he was promising to give her.

"Come on Kate just tell me." He whispered softly brushing his lips over hers; she moaned straining against him unable to resist and then she gave in.

"I want you to touch my mouth, my breasts, and my sex. I want your hands on me, your mouth, touching my clit, I want you to make me finish." She pleaded sliding herself against him feeling the pulse of his erection on her ass.

He looked at her, his eyes going dark, then he growled and kissed her hard plundering her mouth with his and she moaned sweetly responding in kind against him kissing him back fiercely. His hands returned to their previous work sweeping across her body one finding her breasts and immediately going to work on squeezing and kneading the firm mounds and rubbing her aching nipples while the other concentrated on her sex as she had asked him to do.

Fingers fucked her pussy in and out in a fast hard rhythm now making her shake and quiver as he gave her what she wanted. His thumb came back up to the peak of her slick wet folds and found her clit. She moaned, sucking on his lips and tongue as her body throbbed and ached as he rubbed her abundant juices over it keeping her slippery, wet and hot.

She moaned quivering all over, feeling her body tighten as he touched her. The pleasure building tension rushing through her body as his hands plundered every curve inside and out to drive her into a frenzy of need. She rocked and pressed herself back against him wanting, demanding more; desperate to feel that explosive release now. It was something he was more than eager to give her as he drove her towards an explosive crescendo.

He kept his mouth on hers swallowing her moans as he plucked her nipples fingered her sex and rubbed at her clit; trapping the bud between his thumb and finger smearing her juices over it as he rubbed circles into it. Desperate now and going crazy, she panted and moaned grinding herself against him feeling it grow ever deeper and more intense until finally, overwhelmed, his touches send her off that precipice and she came, her body exploding with pleasure her orgasm sweeping through her.

She moaned into his mouth, her body arching and pressing into his shamelessly as she rode her climax panting and quivering as her juices soaked his fingers and the tops of her thighs. Her breasts were heaving, her whole body shaking with delight, as finally she sagged back against him letting him hold her limp body up. He held her for a moment enjoying the feel of her loose in his arms all sated and quiet, just her body rubbing on his.

Conscious of the time and his own need he guided her to the bed pushing her back onto it, he bent over her his hands dropping back to her waist gathering her panties up and slowly taking them off her legs, leaving her naked and spread out for him. her eyes still mostly closed as he took a step back.

They fluttered open as she relaxed onto the soft covers, her mind hazy her body feeling all loose and limber. She watched him through veiled eyes as he undressed, not thinking clearly enough yet to really connect, just admiring his body as he unbuttoned his shirt tossing it aside, then unbuckled and pushed down his trousers stepping out of them, his socks following and stripped off his boxers with equal ease.

As her eyes suddenly focused on the hard length of his cock which suddenly sprang free her mind cleared a little as she admired it before realising he was heading back towards her. Then she realised she was naked sprawled out and waiting for him to take her. Despite that she lay there not moving, watching and waiting for him to approach her, lips parted slightly her eyes on his hard length.

As he approached the bed she started sliding backwards not fast enough to escape. He just knew she was teasing him to chase her; he did this, smiling as he caught her ankle holding her fast until he slipped onto the bed as well; moving up spreading her thighs apart even further and displaying the glistening lips of her sex, bared and ready for him.

He crept up between her legs his hand sliding from her ankle up her calve and knee before gripping her thigh. He looked down taking his cock in hand and guiding the tip to her entrance, lining it up before turning back to watch her face, he teased the head against her sex rubbing lightly rocking it back and forth, gritting his teeth as he felt her hot juices cling to him.

"Last chance to turn back Kate" he said to her; fighting the urge to just fuck her right there and then, driving himself into her especially as her own body responded her hips rocking and grinding against the smooth head of his shaft. He realised she was teasing him in her own way, and enjoying that he pressed forwards a little more watching her eyes widen as the head probed her entrance.

"Tell me you want it Kate. Tell me what you want me to do." He told her teasing her back in kind.

"Fuck me!" She moaned softly. He couldn't resist that invitation and instantly thrusting into her deep and hard; his cock burying itself into her moist softness. She was tight and moaned as he impaled her on his length, his hands reaching to hold her hips steady as he entered her. He held her for a moment allowing her to adjust to his size, His cock flexing inside her but he couldn't stop his body for long. He had wanted this from the time he first saw her and now he knew time was pressing he wanted her.

His hands slipped along the length of her body moving up to cover her firm breasts and roll them in his palms, brushing and teasing her puckered nipples before slowly bringing them back down over her taut stomach and belly, then holding her hips and running along her thighs, enjoying every exquisite inch of her shapely figure. He watched her moving beneath him her back arching a little, her breasts heaving attracting his attention, her legs sliding and rubbing against him, every touch a teasing caress as she gripped him between her firm thighs.

He grinned down at her, slowly easing his cock back looking down to watch the place where they were joined seeing his shaft glistening wet and coated with her juices. He withdrew almost completely rubbing the head against her clit so she squirmed against him before he thrust back inside her listening to her moan as he took her again.

She arched her back as he thrust into her again, her breasts sliding against his chest as he held her firmly; pushing himself inside her muscled flesh, feeling her squeeze and tighten around his cock deliciously. She felt so good around him he knew he wouldn't forget this feeling of utter pleasure. Just the sheer joy of enjoying something as perfect as her, that lush hot body writhing beneath him as he moved inside her joining them both together in such an intimate way.

He began to move now building a rhythm their bodies, finding and matching one another as they slipped and slid together over the sheets; their legs tangling together, hers wrapping around his own to hold him close and her legs spreading wider to accommodate him even deeper inside her.

He began to fuck her harder now, thrusting himself deep inside her tight sex filling her up with his whole length. With every stroke, listening to her throaty moans of pleasure as she took him in, her inner muscles still hungrily milking the length of his cock as he pushed it inside her. They gave each other what they both needed; clinging and moaning together as their bodies built up a light sheen of sweat as they slipped and rubbed against one another, moving faster and faster.

He nudged her thighs wider still with his own leg working his cock in and out of her, looking down to see her glistening juices covering the length of his shaft as he thrust in and out easily from her slick aroused sex. She moaned beneath him her hands gripping the bed tightly holding herself in place, bracing herself against his thrusts as he took her hard and fast. He was giving her the whole length now, back and forth enjoying the way she gripped and milked his cock with her inner muscles rippling around him making him want to fill her.

Unable to resist the temptation, he settled himself over her again, and taking her hands in his as he moved inside her. Just deep hard thrusts now, grunting with the effort of working his hips to meet her supple smooth body. She wrapped herself around his body, her thighs gripping him and her breasts sliding deliciously against his chest as he fucked her. Their bodies were slick with sweat, slipping together on the sheets as they raced towards their climaxes together. He moaned with pleasure, watching her eyes hot with arousal fixed on his own and enjoying every second of their time together.

He couldn't hold back his own desire now, his own need to fill her tight hot wet sex. He held onto her, arching his hips to bury himself deep inside her, feeling her take all of him in deep clenching around him, gasping and moaning with him as she to gave into the pleasure overwhelming them both. He gave her a couple more deep hard thrusts pushing himself inside her as far as he could before he clung to her feeling his body ripple as his cock began to explode inside her, spurting out his hot cum and filling her slick pussy with his juices.

Feeling the delicious heat of his cock deep inside her suddenly exploding his cum shooting out inside her was too much for her to take. She moaned, squirming beneath him as her own orgasm rushed through her, making her moan loud and writhe hard against him as she climaxed again; clinging to him desperately until they fell together in a heap on the bed, exhausted.

They stayed like that for several minutes regaining their breath, before somewhat ruefully; he hauled himself upright slowly withdrawing from her. The sight of her swollen sticky pussy still all to alluring, but knowing that for the time being he had done as much with her as he possibly could. Together they paused briefly to clean up a little and he helped her dress again, his hand lingering on her body as she blushed cutely under his gaze. Once they were presentable again he laughed and kissed her gently before he slipped his card into her bag.

"Should you wish to relive any of this anytime in the future?" He laughed with her. "That's my details, and I would be more than happy to make myself available for your pleasure."

He grinned playfully and then leaving the room together, he escorted her back down to the party that was just finishing up. She thought silently about how the evening had taken an unexpected turn of events and what might possibly happen again in the future.
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Re: "A Gala Event" Featuring Kate Beckinsale
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2020, 11:39:29 AM »
Great stuff, thank you for sharing this story with us.
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Re: "A Gala Event" Featuring Kate Beckinsale
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2020, 05:24:16 PM »
Very detailed.  Very descriptive.  This is a really great place to start for a first story!  Hope to see more from you.

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Re: "A Gala Event" Featuring Kate Beckinsale
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Thanks everyone! Slyguy to be fair i saw your posting a link to a taylor story of yours which was how i found my way here so thanks to you as well. Hopefully I'll try to finish something new before adding any more of the older stuff.
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Re: "A Gala Event" Featuring Kate Beckinsale
« Reply #4 on: August 06, 2020, 09:00:32 PM »
Slyguy to be fair i saw your posting a link to a taylor story of yours which was how i found my way here so thanks to you as well.

Well, hey!  I love to hear that!  Nice to know the advertising works!  ;D

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