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Title: Ann Curry Makes a Dream Come True
Post by: crazy4ann on June 13, 2021, 11:24:40 AM
My dream of having sex with Ann Curry became a reality when  I went to Ann's Manhattan office to review a  contract with her. Ann met me in the outer office. She was elegantly dressed in a short tight skirt and a well-tailored jacket. Her shapely legs were encased in very sheer dark stockings and her feet were set in stylish stiletto heeled shoes. We introduced ourselves and after making small talk, Ann directed me to follow her to the inner office. As I dutifully followed I drank in the sight of her awesome legs and the sensuous sway of her hips. Once in the office she closed the door behind us and motioned me to a chair. I sat down and Ann sat opposite me. She crossed her gorgeous legs in a soft swish of nylon against nylon. Her skirt rode up high on her luscious thighs, exposing the lacy tops of her stockings. My eyes traveled up every inch of her shapely legs. As we spoke Ann continually caressed the nylon on her legs as if she was aroused by the feel against her fingertips. I found it very difficult to concentrate on business, especially now that my cock was throbbing and my balls were aching.

Ann needed to get a file. She uncrossed her legs, lifting the top leg high,
giving me a glimpse of her panty-covered crotch. As she walked across the
room my eyes riveted on her undulating ass. When she got to the file cabinet,
Ann bent from the waist to get the file. As she did the snug fitting
skirt rose up to an obscene level, completely baring her luscious thighs as
well as her panty covered ass. Now I was fucking her with my eyes and
mind. As she turned she gave me a smile as if to say, “I know what you’re
thinking.” She handed me the file and casually leaned against the desk. In spite of the circumstances I was able to focus my attention on the contents of the file long enough to find the necessary information. When I looked up to ask Ann a question I was stunned to see her sitting on the desk with her skirt up around her hips and her legs spread wide apart. I literally became dizzy with desire as I watched her stroke the bulging front of her white satin panties with her index finger. I just sat starring at Ann in stunned silence.
She looked at me with that famous Ann Curry smile and said, “We’ve done
enough work. It’s time for fun.” I was speechless. The best I could do was a
vigorous nod of my head. “I’m horny! And you obviously want me,” she said looking at my crotch where my hard throbbing cock was poking a tent in my pants. “So, why don’t you do what thousands of men want to do – fuck Ann Curry?” she asked while rubbing the insides of her firm thighs.
Who was I to deny Ann Curry what she wanted? I stood up, unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants and shorts together to the floor. I bent to disengage them from around my ankles. When I straightened up
I saw that Ann was still sitting on the desk but she didn’t have her skirt
or panties on. I couldn’t help but stare at her awesomely beautiful pussy. The
hair around her pussylips was  shaved off and looked silky smooth but on her protruding pubic mound there was a patch of  light brown hair. The  outer lips of Ann’s exquisitely shaped pussy were puffy and slightly apart revealing the ruffled, moist, pink inner lips. I continued to stand in stunned silence drinking in this erotically intoxicating sight. Ann broke the silence. “Come on and fuck me!” she said in a soft sexy voice.
“See how ready I am,” she said as she delicately drew her puffy pussylips
apart, baring the juicy center. As I approached Ann, she got on her back, bringing her pretty feet into the air and spreading her shapely legs wide forming an erotic V. She lustfully looked at me from between her gorgeous legs and said, “Fuck me.” “My pleasure,” I said licking my lips. “This is a dream come true.” I grasped my throbbing cock and nuzzled its bloated head against her swollen pussylips. They clasped it lovingly. I reached out to either side and took hold of her trim ankles. Ann wailed with wild ecstasy as I thrust my hips forward planting my cock deep into her. My cock was enveloped in wet heat. Ann’s pussy was one of the hottest and wettest that I’ve ever been in. I held my cock there and enjoyed the feeling of her pussy as it greedily nipped at my deeply embedded cock. Ann looked at me thru her lust glazed eyes, “Fuck me hard. Fuck me like the slut I am”, she begged.
I began thrusting in and out of her with hard fast strokes. “Yes! Yes!” Ann
chanted as I moved my cock in and out of her at a furious pace. I was fucking her so hard that her soggy pussy made lewd, sloshing, suctioning noises. Ann began to savagely snap her hips from side to side. Her pussy was clasping and unclasping in a feverish tempo on my pistoning cock. I continued to thrust into her ceaselessly. Then suddenly it happened. My cock pulsed and exploded deep inside her and Ann’s body convulsed and jerked spastically as her orgasm jolted through her. The muscles of her pussy tightened on my cock like a vise as I pumped my hot, thick, creamy cum into her vibrating pussy. As the spasms of our climax subsided, Ann relaxed her talented pussy muscles and I slipped my diminished cock from her pleasure pit with a loud plop. Ann sat upright on the edge of the desk with her legs spread wide apart. Our love juices were bubbling out from between her pussy lips and trickled down onto the luscious inner flesh of her thighs. For a while the two of us just gasped for breathe and stared at each other. When we heard giggling and talking coming our way we quickly made ourselves presentable. Ann walked me to the door and said, “I enjoyed our meeting. I hope we can do it again soon.”