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Title: Ann Curry Rekindling a Friendship
Post by: crazy4ann on August 10, 2022, 09:45:44 AM
Ann Curry and Tamron Hall became best friends while working together on the Today Show. In matter of fact, after Ann was fired they stayed in close contact with each other. However, because of their busy schedules they haven’t spoken to each other in over a year. Ann decided it was time to give Tamron a call and rekindle their friendship. Tamron was thrilled to hear from Ann and happily accepted her dinner invitation.
They met at a restaurant near Ann’s home. Their nonstop
conversation punctuated by moments of laughter indicated that they were having a good time. After enjoying a gourmet dinner and sharing a very expensive bottle of champagne Ann suggested they continue the evening at her home and view videos of their days together at The Today Show. Tamron thought it would be fun, but didn’t want to disturb Ann’s family. Ann assured her that it wouldn’t be a problem since her husband, Brian, and her children, McKenzie and Walker were away for the weekend.
The doorman who hailed them a cab was treated to a great leg show as the two beautiful, short skirt wearing, leggy women got into a cab. Ann got in first and gave the driver her address. When Tamron got in she sat right next to Ann and pressed her knee into hers. Ann returned the pressure without hesitation and leaned toward Tamron and whispered into her ear, “I want you”. She then placed her hand on Tamron’s nylon covered thigh and slowly moved it toward her sex mound. Ann began to caress Tamron’s soft, warm pussy lips through her satin panties. Tamron gave Ann her heaviest bedroom eyes look and softly said, “And I want you”. She then reached under Ann’s skirt, cupped her pussy and gave it a tender squeeze. For the remainder of the trip they lovingly massaged each other’s pussy.
When the cab arrived at Ann’s home they reluctantly pulled their hands away from each other’s now hot and quivering pussy. Their panties were sopping with the feminine slime that had drooled out of them.
Once in the house, Ann and Tamron embraced and in a blink of an eye they were locked together in a wild passionate kiss. Their tongues twirled and probed furiously. Neither woman was holding back, each was letting loose with all she had. Spit drooled down their chins as their noses twisted and turned against each other. Ann turned up the heat even further by moving her hands down Tamron’s back, grabbing two handfuls of her ass and squeezing tightly. Tamron responded by plunging her tongue deep into Ann‘s mouth nearly gagging her. As they continued their torrid kiss their nostrils flared like wild, crazed horses each laboring hard for air. They both realized that they couldn’t hold on much longer. Their lungs burned with lack of oxygen and their jaws felt as if they’d fall off at any moment.
With one final thrust of their tongues they traded spit one last time. When they broke their kiss a long string of spit dangled from lip to lip for a few seconds before finally breaking off and snapping back to their chins. Ann fell back on a couch while Tamron doubled over with her hands on her knees. They starred lustfully at each other as they slowly got their wind back.
“Let’s go to my bedroom,” Ann said. Tamron rose up nodding in agreement. Ann led the way with Tamron following behind. Her eyes focused on Ann's  well-rounded ass that sensuously undulated with every step she took.
They undressed. Tamron looked at Ann who was lying on the bed and said, “God, Ann! You have such a sexy body.”
“Oh, thank you,” Ann responded. “But when it comes to having a sexy body you certainly don’t have to take a back seat to anyone. You’re a hottie!” Ann reached out and took Tamron’s hand and brought her down next to her. They snuggled, hunching their hips close together so that their pussies touched and rubbed together. Their hands explored each other as they tenderly and gently kissed and tongued.
Tamron rolled Ann onto her back and began loving her little, perky
breasts. She fondled and kissed the little succulent mounds of flesh, licked all around the brown areolae and sucked on the nipples. Ann clutched the bed and whimpered in pleasure as her breasts swelled with excitement and her nipples peeked to arousal. Tamrom left the breasts and methodically licked and kissed her way down Ann’s shapely body. First, under each breast, then over her ribcage, one side, then the other and down to Ann’s heaving belly. She
french kissed Ann’s navel before moving down to her ultimate goal – Ann’s full lipped, cleanly shaven pussy.
Ann gasped when she felt Tamron give the swollen lips of her wet pussy a long deliberate lick. She moaned continuously as Tamrone probed the delicate pussy flesh with her lips and tongue, probing, drilling, pulling her meaty clit between her lips and sweeping her tongue tip back and forth across it. Ann bucked and thrust her pussy to meet all that Tamron offered. When Tamron simultaneously slipped a finger into Ann's asshole and drove her tongue in as deep as it could go into the velvety confines of her pussy, Ann screamed and convulsed uncontrollably soaking Tamron’s face with her hot, sticky love juice. With Ann's juice glistening on her face Tamron moved up until she was straddling Ann’s head with her pussy just inches above her beautiful face. She lowered herself onto Ann's waiting mouth.
Ann eagerly consumed Tamron's dripping pussy with her mouth, lips and tongue. Tamron squealed with delight when Ann slithered her tongue into the depths of her pussy and began working her talented tongue with cock like force in and out of it. Tamron grabbed the headboard of the bed for leverage as she ground her pussy onto Ann's mouth. She humped forward and back and side to side, grinding and pushing. Ann took Tamron’s palpitating clit between her tongue and upper teeth. She sucked and nibbled on the tiny, slime covered love button. This was too much for Tamron. She loudly groaned and shook violently as hot love juice came gushing out of her quivering pussy. Ann swallowed what she could while the rest ran down her cheeks and into her hair. After her orgasm, Tamron slid off of Ann’s face and the two lay there breathing hard and starring up at the ceiling.
It was Ann who finally made a move. She got out of bed and left the room. When she returned she was holding a dildo and licking it like a child licking a candy stick.
“What are you licking?” Tamron asked giggling.
“It’s my new dildo. I thought we could have some fun with it.”
“Oh, yeah! That would be great. Let me see it.”
Ann sat on the edge of the bed and held the dildo out for Tamron to see.
“It’s a beauty!” Tamron said taking it from Ann and carefully inspecting it. “I’ve never seen a dildo that looks and feels so real. Where did you get it?”
“Brian gave it to me. He had it specially made. It’s an exact replica of his erect penis.”
“Oh, wow!” exclaimed Tamron while rubbing the dildo over her large
breasts. “That was a sexy thing for Brian to do.”
“Yes it was, but that’s Brian. I’ve learned to expect things like that from him. I call him a sexual romantic. But enough about Brian. He gave me the dildo to have fun with. So let’s start having fun.”
“What do you want to do?”   
“I want to fuck your sexy black ass.”
“Oh, Ann! I would love to have my tight little asshole stretched by this
big dildo. But first I want you to rim my asshole.”
“It’ll be my pleasure.”
Tamron turned onto her stomach, while sucking on the dildo. Ann leaned over and placed a wet kiss on each smooth firm asscheek. Then she gripped the asscheeks; spread them apart and licked up and down the crack of Tamron’s ass with the full wetness of her tongue. Tamron purred like a kitten each time Ann flicked the salvia-laden tip of her tongue around and against her puckered asshole. When Ann plunged her stiffened tongue deep into her and swirled it around, Tamron shivered. Her asscheeks wobbling sensuously against Ann’s face.
Tamron sighed her disappointment when Ann raised her face out of her ass.
“Give me that damn dildo,” Ann demanded. ” I want to fuck the shit out of you.”
“Yeah, Ann! Yeah! Go to it! I’m ready for it.”
Tamron got on her elbows and knees and arched her back, exposing herself to Ann from asshole to clit. Ann took the dildo, which was shiny and slippery with Tamron’s salvia and positioned it at her asshole. She gently eased it into the tight puckered mouth of her ass. Once the head of the dildo popped through the sphincter she continued to ease it inch by inch until it was fully embedded in the snug ass channel. Ann held it there for a few seconds before slowly pulling it almost all the way out and shoving it all the way in again. Ann did that a couple of times before settling into a steady rhythm of fucking. It was obvious from the way Tamron moaned, groaned and bucked her ass that she was enjoying herself. Ann intensified
Tamron’s pleasure by reaching around her and fingering her clit. In no time at all, Tamron screamed in ecstasy and her body shook and trembled as an intense orgasm jolted through her.
When the spasms of Tamron's climax subsided, Ann withdrew the dildo and began fucking herself with it. Her loud whimpering caused Tamron who was lying face down on the bed to look over her shoulder. Seeing what Ann was doing said, “Let me do that.”
She took hold of the dildo and instead of methodically thrusting it in and out; Tamron corkscrewed it in Ann’s hot, wet pussy. Ann’s  whimpering changed to loud animal whines as Tamron relentlessly kept corkscrewing he dildo in her juicy cunt. It wasn’t long after Tamron began to deftly rub her clit that an enormously powerful orgasm ripped through Ann. Her back arched and her legs kicked out. “Ahhhh! Yeeess!” Ann screamed, her legs lifting into the air and trembling wildly. Her fists beat furiously against the mattress. Her love juice gushed out of her spasming pussy. When Ann’s orgasm faded and died Tamron pulled the dildo out of the sloppy wetness of Ann's pussy and began to deliberately lick it clean.
As Tamron was savoring the rich taste of Ann’s slime, Ann moved around her and cupped both of her luscious breasts in her sweaty hands. A surprised gasp escaped Tamron’s lips as Ann kneaded the l brown mounds of flesh while nibbling on her neck and playfully sticking her tongue in and out of Tamron’s right ear.
“Oh, Ann!” I’m so glad that we got together. I’ve really enjoyed this
evening.” Tamron said, a slight shudder shaking her body.
“I am too,” responded Ann with a huge grin on her face. “I hope you don’t thinks its over. Because I want to 69.”
“That sounds good to me. Let’s do it!” Tamron said excitedly.
They arranged themselves in the classic 69 position with Ann on top. They buried their face in each other’s crotch and immediately began going wild. They were like two sexual cannibals, tonguing, sucking and literally chewing on the other’s pussy. They groaned, moaned, squealed and whimpered as they brought each other to a shattering orgasm. They remained buried in each other’s pussy long after their drenching orgasms soaking up the juices and withering through their after shocks. When they did pull away from each other, it finally appeared that these two sex loving women were now totally
exhausted. From head to toe, they were wet with sweat and sex. Their hair was ruffled and matted. Their beautiful faces were red and chaffed from all the hard kissing and oral sex and their heaving breasts were lightly pink, while their hips and crotches glowed red.
“We really should have an evening like this more often,” stated Ann.
“That would be great!” exclaimed Tamron. “Maybe the next time Brian could join us.”
“That’s a possibility,” Ann teased. “A real possibility.”