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Author Topic: Awards Night Fun w/ Holly Willoughby and Amanda Holden  (Read 30272 times)


Awards Night Fun w/ Holly Willoughby and Amanda Holden
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This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18.

I am always looking for feedback about my stories, both what you liked and dislike. If you would like to, please comment in this story, message me in discord @RTMinotaur or send an email to [email protected]

Awards Night Fun
Starring Holly Willoughby and Amanda Holden
Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Public, Tit fuck

The cameras flashed away as Gino made his way along the red carpet. As someone heavily involved with show business but not actually being famous; he enjoyed seeing the disappointment on the photographers faces when they realised he was a nobody. Gino didn't have a real role in the industry beyond fixer so he generally took the title of producer. It wasn't too much of a falsity, he produced many things for the talent but it usually ended up being drugs.

Dressed in a navy suit and a fitted white shirt, Gino looked around the room. The National Television Awards was a collection of the biggest British stars of the small screen; from documentary makers like Bear Grylls to game show hosts like Bradley Walsh and Ben Sheppard. Working for ITV, Gino was able to know a lot of them personally and had seen plenty of action with the women. Some were starlets, others just worked behind the scenes; but they all knew he could satisfy their needs.

His eyes scanned the room for prey as the awards weren't due to start for another twenty minutes when he felt someone hook their arm into his. He looked to his right to be gifted with the sight of Amanda Holden. The some time actress and reality television judge wore a green dress that hugged her modest curves and exposed the front of her modest curves.

“How are you my darling?” the blonde asked as she looked out to the room with him.

“I'm not too bad, just looking to enjoy the evening.”

“Course you are darling, who are you planning on sticking that knob into tonight?”

“Undecided, I'm open to offers.” Gino replied as he allowed his hand drift down to her ass; giving it a hard squeeze.

Amanda let out a little giggle as she felt his hand massage her left butt cheek. It had been a while since anything had happened between the two of them and she was attending the event alone. Gino looked down the front of her top and could see her nipples were very pronounced despite it being very warm inside. He knew he had her interested, he only needed to get her over the line.

Gino moved behind Amanda and came close to her neck. He breathed softly and placed a kiss on her neck; he knew it was an eroginous zone for the older woman and it got its desired effect when Amanda slid her hand behind her back and fondled his crotch.

“I honestly hope you dont think I'm going to suck your dick in front of all these people.” Amanda said as her fingers moved to the zipper. “It's far too light and I'm nowhere near drunk enough.”

Gino surveyed the scene as Amanda slid her hand into his trousers to take his cock out. They were partially blocked by the barrier they were next to but, if someone paid enough attention, they could see what was going on. Gino let out a groan as the older woman wrapped her delicate fingers around his girthy cock.

“Oh, it's been a while since I've had such a nice cock in my hand.” Amanda said as she started to move his cock in her hand.

The blonde moved her hand along his length as subtly as she could so as not to draw attention. Her lithe fingers were able to go along his length perfectly to get the right hold of him for wanking. Amanda gave him a side eye glance to make sure he wasn't giving anything away. She smiled to herself as she continued to jerk his cock, the speed increasing ever so slightly. Knowing his eyes were on her, Amanda moved her low cut top slightly so he could sneak a peek at her nipple. In their past experiences, she knew he loved to suck on them.

“Fuck, your touch is good. I love my cock in your grasp.” Gino said as he kept a close eye on her chest.

“Well enjoy it now as it'll be a while before you get it again! I'm off filming in South Africa for six months.” Amanda replied as she increased the speed of her jerking.

Gino let out another grunt as he enjoyed the feeling of her work. The blonde actresses thumb held onto the head of his cock as her fingers moved down his length. The shorter strokes added to the pleasure as he got closer to his orgasm.

“I'm gonna cum in a minute. Got a serviette?” He asked as he kept looking around.

“Even better.” Amanda said as she dropped down to her knees.

Gino noticed she was hidden from view so no one could see as Amanda came eye to eye with his cock. She held on tight as she moved her hand along his cock to quicken his shot. Her other hand held onto his balls and she could feel them tense as he got ready to finish. Just before the cum shot out, Amanda quickly covered his  cock head with her mouth and allowed his creamy white liquid to land in her mouth. The cum hit her tonsils before pooling on her tongue allowing it to be swallowed in manageable amounts.

Gino kept looked around as Amanda collected his cum in her mouth, he could do without the controversy. Amanda jerked his cock a few more times to ensure she milked him entirely before releasing him. To finish the job, she returned his cock into his trousers and returned to her feet. Amanda ensured her dress was tidy before kissing him on the cheek.

Gino waited a moment as Amanda walked away. She always wore great dresses and he loved how it clinged to her body; this was no different and it highlighted the curvature of her ass. There was no VPL so it seemed that Amanda was wearing a thong but he wouldn't surprised if she was wearing anything at all. She was always adventurous like that. Amanda swayed it side to side before shooting a look over her shoulder at Gino to ensure he was watching before disappearing into the crowd.

The Italian born man waited a moment to ensure that the coast was clear before making his way to the bar and ordering his usual, vodka and orange juice, before scoping around the room. As the waitress handed him his drink, she also passed on a note that was given to her. Gino opened the note and saw it was handwritten so was fresh.

‘Didn't think a public wank was your style. Nice cock though.’

Gino asked who handed it to her but the waitress just shrugged her shoulders and walked off. He was a little annoyed that he'd been caught by someone but he was sure they wouldn't be sending complimentary notes if they planned to use it. He wasn't famous and he was sure Amanda was teflon at this point. Instead he made his way to his table and made his introductions. 

The night went as expected as Alan Carr walked onto the stage and did his usual schtick at presenting the awards. Gino didn't pay too much attention to the awards as he was on a table that included Michelle Keegan and Jenna Coleman. Although he knew Michelle was married, he had no problem flirting with her but she has getting more reciprocation from Jenna. He was about to make his move when the waitress handed him another note.

‘Hands off, you're a blondes guy tonight!’

He looked back up to Jenna to see she had left the table so he assumed he had missed his chance. Gino looked around the room to see which blondes came to his sight so he could figure out who his mystery note maker was. He was able to spot Fearne Cotton, Sara Cox, Hetty Bywater and Jorgie Porter but none of them were looking his way.

He took another sip of his drink as he spoke to Michelle who explained she was off on holiday after the awards, her husband had been working away and it gave an opportunity to catch up on their sex life. He was gonna push the limit a little more when another note was placed on the table.

‘Looking for me? Naughty boy! Put down Keegan and meet me in Room 612. It’s left of the bar.’

Gino thought on it for a moment as he knew he could pick up Jenna when she returned to the table but he was intrigued to see who had been writing to him. As the show was heading to a commercial break; Gino made he excuses and left the table. He dumped the notes in a bin as he passed and made his way to the location. The door was closed but Gino noticed it was unlocked, there was a little note on the handle. He grabbed the paper and undid it.

‘Lock the door behind you. We don't want to be disturbed.’

He looked over his shoulder to ensure no one was watching before ducking into the room. He locked the door as commanded and flicked on the lights to be able to look around. As he turned to look inside the room, he was greeted by the sight of Holly Willoughby sat on a chair. The buxom blonde presenter smiled at him, her radiant mouth was covered in a bright red lipstick that incited desire.

“Welcome Gino, I hope you liked my little notes.”  Holly said as she rose from the chair.

The blonde television personality wore a glittery silver dress that dropped to the floor, her large breasts were on full display due to it being very low cut. Holly noticed him checking her out so she gave him a little spin and she stuck her ass out for him to look. Her ass was large and the dress hugged it closely; Gino wondered what she wore underneath.

“So why the notes?” Gino asked after Holly stopped spinning.

“Well my husband is out there. I couldn't exactly walk up to you and say I wanted to fuck. I know you've been wanting me for years and I was curious what you were like.”

“Risky with your husband here. He could just walk in.”

“True.” Holly said as she sat back down. “But I saw you lock the door so we would have plenty of notice if someone does try to get in. Plus I told him he had a free pass so he's likely to be busy.”

“A free pass, huh?”

“Oh, I'm not the jealous possessive type. It seems unfair for me to fuck you and Dan get blue balls.”

“That makes sense. You're a good wife.” Gino said causing Holly to shake her head.

“Not that good considering I'm about to put another guys cock in my mouth. Speaking of…:

Holly curled her finger to Gino to beckon him over to her. A smile came across his face as he stepped towards her, the blondes eyes stared directly as his crotch. Gino stopped directly in front of Holly and looked down at her pretty face. Holly's hands grabbed at his belt as she looked up at him, her radiant smile making his prick harden even more.

“Be careful, don’t harm yourself.”

“Oh this little thing.” Holly said as she fished Gino’s erect cock out of his trousers and gave it a few strokes. “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

Gino was about to come with a witty retort when Holly slipped the head of his cock into her mouth and started to swirl her tongue around it. Instead he let out a breath of pleasure as the blonde presenter looked up at him. Knowing that she had him enraptured, Holly started to slide his cock into her mouth as her tongue lapped at the stem of his cock. A squishing noise emenated from her mouth as she sucked hard on his cock, the movement of her head making his body jiggle. Holly finally got the full length of the cock into her mouth so started with quick short strokes, the room full of gulping sounds as she swallowed the saliva that was building up in her mouth.

“God Holly, your mouth is so warm.”

Gino looked down to the blonde who shot him a wink before she closed her eyes and increased the speed of her sucking. He let out a moan as his hands drifted down to Holly’s head to take a hold of her head. He gripped lightly on her wavy blonde hair and started to move her head with more speed. He could tell she was grinning as she sucked harder on his cock with the speed of her sucking. After a moment or two, Holly tapped his side lightly to indicate for him to stop. Gino did as she wanted and the two joined looks again.

“Mmm, it was as good as I was told.” Holly said as she offered her hand for him to help her up. .

“Glad you liked it but you stopped a little short.” Gino said as helped the blonde up.

“Well you have already cum in Amanda’s mouth tonight. Why should you cum twice and me not get any?” Holly asked as she walked away from him.

Gino shrugged his shoulders as Holly walked away to the side of the room. There was no sign of a zipper on the back off her dress so he knew that he would need to get her to turn around before he could strip her. To his surprise, the shoulder straps of her dress came sliding down her arms and the top of her back became exposed.

Holly looked over her shoulder at Gino and smiled before allowing the dress to drop down more, exposing all of her back to him. The goods were hidden but he could see the curve of her breasts as she looked at him. As she turned her head away from him, Holly's hands moved  down the side of her body and hooked into the dress. She dropped it down to expose her ass covered in a pair of green lace panties. They covered three quarters of her ass but he could see the covered part through the sheer material. He gave a wolf whistle as she shook her ass for him.
Holly turned around to face the Italian but ensured her hands covered her breasts so he didn't get a full view straight away. Switching over to one hand to hide them, he was sure he got a brief peek at her nipples, Holly waved her spare hand at his body.

“Take the rest of your clothes off then. I want to see you naked before you get these.”

Gino nodded his head and started to undo his clothes. The trousers were fairly easy as they were half undone already, his cock still hanging out and still erect. He folded then neatly and hung them off the back of a chair and moved hi shoes underneath. He slid his boxer shorts off and threw them to the side.

Holly looked at him and bit her lip as she watched him undress, his athletic body coming into sight with every item removed. The buttons took him a moment but he slipped off his shirt revealing his upper body to the blonde. Holly audibly gasped as she saw how shredded he was. Gino didn't do a lot in the gym; he got his body through swimming a lot. This sight of him almost naked made Holly very excited and she licked her lips at the meal that stood in front of her.

Holly was about to say something when Gino moved aggressively and placed his lips on hers. The kiss was more forceful than she expected but Holly sunk into his body as he slipped his tongue into her mouth. As the kiss became more passionate, Holly released her arms from her breasts and wrapped them around his body. Gino could feel her breasts pressing into his chest and knew her nipples had started to harden. Holly moaned as they kissed and smiled as they pulled back out of it.

"That was good, move down a little and play with that tongue a little more."

Gino looked down and granted by his first unobstructed view of Holly's chest. Her large breasts were still pert, despite her age and number of kids, and her dark pink nipples stood erect.

"Wow!" Gino gasped as he looked at her breasts.

Gino took a moment too long and Holly started to get impatient so the blonde grabbed his head and forced him down to her breasts. As soon as the skin touched his face, Gino moved his head sideways to motor boat the presenter, the large breasts hitting his face as they wobbled. He smiled to himself before his right hand rose up and held one breast in place. Gino shot his eyes up to meet hers as his mouth moved onto her breasts and his lips moved to clamp down on her nipple.

Holly moaned out loud as his lips applied pressure to the nipple and he started to suck on the breast. Her nipples had always been sensitive and she loved it when they were sucked aggressively, a large amount of pleasure washed over her body as Gino sucked on it.

"Oh God, that feels so nice Gino. Just there!"

Gino kept a hold of her eyes as he locked his teeth on her nipple and pulled back. Holly moaned at the combination of pain and pleasure as she felt Gino's hands move down to her ass. He gave it a hard squeeze as his hand roamed across her panties. Holly was really enjoying the attention her breasts were receiving as Gino alternated between sucking and biting each of them. His fingers slid under her panties and was headed to her rim when she suddenly pushed him back.

"Enough foreplay, I really need some cock in me."

"I've been waiting for that." Gino replied as he admired Holly's almost nude form.

"Sit!" Holly commanded while pointing at the seat she had previously sat on.

Gino did as he was told and watched Holly as her fingers hooked into her panties. She slid them down her legs and he was greeted with his first view of her pussy. She kept it shaven and her clit was protruding to expose how excited she was already. Holly walked over to him and placed her hands on his shoulders.

"Are you ready for this?" Holly asked as she looked down on him.

Gino kept his eyes looked on her breasts as they swung free; he simply nodded his head. Knowing he wasn’t really listening to her, Holly swung her legs over his lap and moved her body down. She let out a large sigh as the tip of his cock penetrated her lips and slid inside her. Holly ensured that her breasts rubbed against Gino’s face as she sat down, the nipple of her right breast running down his face until it entered his mouth.

Holly didn’t need to give any instructions as Gino started to suck down on the nipple as she slid down further so more of his cock would enter her pussy. She stopped for a moment as she reached the base of his cock and ensure his entire length was in her comfortably. For the first time in a long time she felt full, he had a bigger cock than Dan and it fit perfectly inside her. As he made sloppy work of her nipple, Holly closed her eye and planted her feet on the floor; she wanted an orgasm and was determined to get it without any distractions.
Slowly, Holly started to grind her hips into Gino’s lap with a slight lift, she wanted to ensure there was some thrusting involved in the penetration. Her breathing was already heavy from the way Gino feasted on her breast and the movement of the cock between her pussy lips continued it as her hips moved in a steady movement. Gino released her nipple from his mouth and looked at her face, it was shrouded in pleasure and he was happy that it was his cock that was providing it. His hand lifted her left breast up and he repeated the process of licking, sucking and biting as he did to the right.

“Oh yeah, just like that!” Holly whispered in pleasure.

Gino continued to suck on Holly’s left nipple as the blonde adjusted her movement and started to move her hips up and down to create a thrusting movement. The breathing moved into moaning as she increased the speed of her rhythm as Gino bit down on her nipple. A shriek came from her lips as he did so, which was quickly followed by a giggle. Holly opened her eyes and looked at the man whose cock she was currently riding.

“You fit so good, just the right sized cock for me to ride.”

“Glad I could provide something so perfect.” Gino said as he released the nipple from his mouth.

“Not quite perfect!” Holly replied. “I’ve not cum yet.”

“Not too long.” Gino said judging by how wet her pussy currently was.

“Not long.” she repeated. “Play with my clit!”

Gino did as he was told and slid his finger down to her clit, the little button enlarged by how turned on Holly was. He moved his finger in a circular motion as Holly moaned louder, she had timed it perfectly to have pleasure from the cock thrusting into her and Gino playing with her clit. She leaned down and kissed the man with a passion, this time it was her tongue attacking his as she moved her hands from his shoulders to the side of his head. She held him there as she increased the bouncing on his cock.

Gino started to grunt as he felt the pleasure of her pussy encasing his cock, Holly still felt quite tight despite how wet she was already. He increased the speed of his finger and added a second to cover more of the area, an action Holly seemed to approve of as her moans continued to increase in volume. She closed her eyes again as she pulled out of the kiss but sucked down on Gino’s tongue.

“I’m so close. Just carry on like that and..”

Holly didn’t finish her sentence. Instead, she leant down to Gino’s shoulder and bit down into his skin. The pleasure seemed to be getting too much for her and she moaned into his body as her hips bucked on his lap. As she released his shoulder, the moans increased to the point where they became screams of ‘Oh yes!’ and his lap started to become soaked with her juices. He looked down to see her breasts bouncing heavily, he could tell how great a pair they were based on the wobble.

Knowing he could help more, he took his fingers off her clit and slid both hand around to her ass. He tapped both cheeks lightly before gripping her cheeks hard. He supported Holly’s bouncing and increased the rhythm of her hips. Gino was now able to have larger thrusts into her as the girthy cock filled up her hold, her lips stretching around the whole cock.

“Oh yes! I’m gonna… I’m gonna… Ohhh!!!” Holly screamed out loud.

It was a surprisingly loud scream as the orgasm hit Holly Willoughby. Her eyes remained closed as a warm glow went through her body and the pleasure touched her every pore. Her hips continued to move in a rhythmic motion over his cock to ensure she was able to eek out every part of the orgasm. It was rare that an orgasm hit her this hard and she wanted to enjoy every moment of it. Gino knew his part and sat there supporting her body and made no move to interfere and slow anything down.

The last remnant of the orgasm stopped and Holly started to regulate her breathing a little bit better. She looked at the man below her and smiled, Holly felt his hands start to wander around her body.

“Wow, that felt good.” Holly said before pecking him on his cheek.

“You look so sexy when you’re having an orgasm. Next time, I wanna see how it looks with you on your back.”

“Next time? What makes you think there will be a next time? This is a complete one off.” Holly said as she started to move off of his lap.

The look of disappointment that costed Gino’s face was blinding and Holly ran a comforting hand along his cheek. She stood in front of him and he could see her pussy soaked in orgasmic juices while her chest had some beads of sweat sliding down it.

“Don’t worry though, you still get what I think almost every guy who sees me wants.” Holly said as she spread his legs and dropped down to her knees. “I just need to decide between mouth or boobs. Not my face, I’m not wasting time re-doing my makeup.”

As she rested on her knees, Holly grabbed his cock and gave it a few quick strokes to ensure it was at it’s full mast. Convinced it was, Holly neatly slid the cock between her large breasts and enclosed it around. He could feel how firm her breasts were as they nestled neatly his organ and watched patiently as Holly ensured she had a firm grip. Holly pushed her breasts together and looked up at Gino. She smiled at the man as he waited in anticipation before shooting him a wink.

Gino let out a grunt as Holly started to move her breasts along the length of his cock. Despite the length of his cock, it was completely lost within the expanse of Holly’s breasts as she moved along it but he could feel the bare skin on his own. He wasn’t cut and the foreskin moved along the head with every movement her breast caused. It was Holly’s turn to keep an eye on Gino’s face as he closed his eyes. She knew he was completely under her spell as her breasts moved along his cock, the purple head occasionally popping out through her cleavage. As the owner of large breasts, she was very experienced in giving guys a titty fuck and she loved looking at his face as he tried to hold back his spurts to make it last longer.

“Come on baby, cum for me. Cum for these big boobs of mine!” she said out loud.

Gino opened his eyes and looked at the smiling blonde as she licked her lips. He let out another moan as she increased the speed of her titty fuck and let him see how his cock looked as it poked through. Holly’s hand has drifted down to his balls and she could feel them start to harden as it got closer to the time. A little bit of precum covered the head so Holly stuck her tongue out and licked it off. The contact between her tongue and his cock sent a shiver through his body and he indicated he was about to cum.

Holly nodded her head as she adjusted his cock so it was aimed at her now open mouth. Her breasts moved along the cock as her hand did the same to his balls and the first shot of cum landed dead centre of her mouth. Holly continued to catch the specks of cum as they landed until it started to move towards her lips. As it did so, the blonde presenter released his cock from her breasts and stuck the head into her mouth. She swallowed the cum that had landed in her mouth and moved her fingers along the cock to try and get it all out. The blonde felt a sufficient amount had been collected so she released the cock from her grasp and looked up to Gino

“How was that? All you hoped?” she asked.

“That was very good, perfect for a night out.”

“I say, you provided me with a very nice orgasm.”

Holly offered her hand for Gino to help her up. He looked over her body as she got to her feet and walked off to go gather her clothes. Her ass swung from side to side and he couldn’t help but lick his lips as he watched her.

“Your ass is so underrated, you know?”

“Oh, I don’t know about that!” Holly said as she started to put her clothes back on. “My husband appreciates it plenty enough.”

“Lucky guy.” Gino said as he walked to his own.

“Well if I ever change my mind, at least I know I can tempt you with it.”

Holly zipped up her dress and walked over to Gino. She leaned down to him as he sat on a chair to put his trousers on.

“Be a sweetie and leave it five before you come out.”

Holly placed a soft kiss on his lips and left the room. Gino looked up with a smile and laughed about his experience.

The end.
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Re: Awards Night Fun w/ Holly Willoughby and Amanda Holden
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Great story! Nothing better than cumming on a pair of big boobs!  ;D


Re: Awards Night Fun w/ Holly Willoughby and Amanda Holden
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Fuckin hot.


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