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I'd love to see Lzzy Hale in one of these, needs more rocker chicks like her (after all, you did have Amy Lee, which was nice). Anybody who follows her on social media knows Lzzy is kinky as fuck so she'd be fitting (I'm surprised I'm the only one who's written about her).
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Re: Nailing The Tracks (Music Babes Go Interracial w/h various celebs)
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the singers, record labels, musicians, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own any of the record labels, trademarks, musicians etc referenced in this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Starring: Kesha, Rebecca Black

Nailing The Tracks – Part 22

An erotic celebrity fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal, inter.

* * *

In Jason Baker’s executive office.

“What? No, no no… My man DJ will be totally cool with it!” Jason Baker claimed, speaking down the phone line to a familiar, Latino contact in the gossip mag side of journalism. “We needed a house sitter or whatever for his ‘crib’ as the kids call it… No? Why would I have needed to mention who was doing it? He’ll be fine! I don’t think I even told him anyway…” He dismissively said, clad in an expensive suit and tie set. “Besides, I sign the checks, right? End of the day what I says goes and he’ll either be cool with it, or learn to love it!” He was about to continue bragging when a loud, firm knock on he door grabbed his attention. “Hold up, gotta get down to business. I’ll call you up later. And remember, be out of that place by midnight! He’ll be back home today.” He said, ending the call and swinging his feet off from the desk. “...It was midnight and not midday, wasn’t it? Ah whatever, flights always get delayed.” He said dismissively as he called out. “Come in!”

Baker had on his best, well practised and often already faked smile before he knew the conversation as the door opened. Walking in a familiar sight and a former artist client of the producer he manages in the singer Kesha. The gorgeous, freckle-faced beauty with long dark hair coming in in a nicely fitting short skirt and sleeveless top with a leather jacket.

“Well well… I don’t remember having you on my schedule for today, Miss Sebert...” Jason started to say as he watched her storm forward.
“Like how suddenly Dylan was shipped off to the UK after the bullshit he pulled at my party??” Kesha snapped, slamming hands on the desk as she stood in front of him
“It’s called business, honey! My man DJ is in high demand!” Baker claimed, still smiling. “And he can’t just cater to the needs of a pissed off ex girlfriend of his just because she’s missing him.”
“We weren’t even dating.” She corrected him, standing back up and putting hands on her hips. “But that son of a bitch ruined my album launch party! I mean, he went and fucked some other singer when the party was supposed to be all about me! And now he’s not even responding to texts, DMs or anything!”
“Hey, international calls ain’t cheap unless you’re using one of those WiFi app messaging things.” He unhelpfully shrugged. “Ah! I get it, doll… You’re fucking pissed because instead of fucking you, he was fucking some other side chick or whatever, right?” Jason reasoned with a chuckle. “That’s the youth of today for you. Going for any pussy going rather than the solid going pussy, right?”

“You’ve got a way with words, Baker...” Kesha didn’t sound impressed.
“Ah, but I’m right, right?” He said, standing up. “You’re just mad at Dylan because you thought he was just fucking you and it turned out any hole was a goal for my young player of a DJ. Right?”
“It’s… Not like that.” Her pausing making it clear he hitting the nail on the head here. “Just after all the shit I’ve been through? I expected some fucking loyalty. Not to be fucked behind my back. At my own fucking launch party.” She stated with a bitter tone.
“Loyalty? In this business? Babe, you know better than that.” Jason said, moving around his desk to approach her. “Now Miss Sebert… Kesha, if I may? Sounds like to me you want to do one of two things. Either you wanna just slap him across his face for I’m guessing that night and avoiding your calls. Maybe all of it.”
“Go on...” Kesha said, measuring him with a glance over.
“Or… You want to get even with him, by fucking him behind his back so to speak.” Jason said with a more wicked smile and a clearly blatant look over her lovely body.

“Maybe I do...” Kesha arched an eyebrow. “Why? Got someone in mind?” Her tone changed a bit as she turned to face him.
“Heh… Just, you know, his own manager… Bet he’s told you plenty of times how much of an asshole or whatever he thinks I am.” Baker stayed smiling as he saw her take the bait, or perhaps she was thinking he was taking hers if this was her plan all along. Not that he cared if she was here with the plan to fuck him or not. He wasn’t going to miss a shot at nailing a pissed off beauty.
“As it goes, he did…” She stepped closer, and glanced down at his crotch. “So yeah, I guess he would be fucking pissed off if I fucked his asshole of a manager.” She reasoned. Pausing, before she slipped off her jacket and toss it over the back of the chair.
“Atta girl...” He started to loosen his belt, watching the pop star move down to her knees. “Show that little punk what he’s missing.” He said, playing up to what she wanted to hear as he watched her help all too eagerly yank down his pants.

“Well, shit!!” Even as mad as she was, even her eyes widened in surprise seeing the fat, long cock that Baker was packing. “Big ego, bigger dick huh?” She smirked, seeing that this worked even better for her sudden plan of payback as she grasped his rod. Starting to pump it and get him hard as he stared down with that even wider, egomaniac smile seeing the younger woman jerking him off. “But make this clear, Baker. I’m just doing this to show that jerk what the fuck he’s missing.” She reminded him as she lifted her hands away in order to spit onto both of them before moving them back for double handed pumps to make him groan lowly. Although as she stroked even she couldn’t help but keep glancing at the big cock she was getting to use, even if she hasn’t figured out she’s being played far more than she is using him.

“Heh, in that case?” He leaned back to his desk. Snatching up his phone. “Let me take a memory of this… Otherwise DJ will just think I’m playing… Or fronting… Or lying, what ever the term is.” Jason claimed as he started to record the video and aimed it down.

“I… I don’t...” She hesitated, briefly thinking that maybe it’s not such a wise idea to be filmed fucking before gripping his dick. “Fuck it. Yeah. Hey Dylan? See this?” She looked up at the camera with a more determined look. “This is what you’re fucking missing out on, mother fucker!” Kesha snapped before she took Baker’s dick into her mouth, making him groan as he recorded his prick sliding into the pop star’s warm, wet mouth. Lips sealing around him as she started to lift up and down. Showing off her oral skills on such a meaty length while her hand gripped the base. Pushing up and down firmly as she groaned a bit around him. Already her hair starting to sway as she rocked her head up and down to pleasure a man she knows full well has a sour to say the least reputation especially with women.

“Mmmmm… Atta fucking girl, Kesha… Suck that fucking cock...” Baker just grinned, filming the action with the straight down shot like it was a Point of View porno shot. Seeing his dick vanish up into that talented oral hole as she moved up and down smoothly to give a feel of her juicy lips. That pretty, freckle covered face looking even hotter with her mouth stuffed full of dick as she worked him over and got her saliva applied. “Mmmmm… Nice and fucking deep… Yeah… Suck that dick, babe… Mmmmmm...” He encouraged, caring little for helping her get ‘revenge’ and more just to get his cock in a stunning, younger hottie as he enjoyed the warmth of her mouth and the slight flicks of her tongue around his size. Getting to see and feel for himself that the woman who released a song called ‘Blow’ could certainly deliver a red hot one herself as the drool started seeping out past her full lips.

“Mmmmmmphhh… MMMMMM… Hmmmmmphhh...” She was perhaps getting a little too much into this than she should as her head rocked up and down, making her use a hand to brush her long hair back to avoid being distracted. Staring up at the camera to make sure she was focused on showing a former fuck buddy what they were missing as she slurped away. The sight of her handling cock expertly and the lewd sounds of her sucks easily captured along with a nice view of her tits on display from her top. “MMMMM… HMMMMMPHHH… Mmmmmmm...” Her motion smooth and steady as she took the inches in and out between her lips for a round of bobs. Lifting up just to spit down on that shaft and use her hands to smear the saliva all over his coated inches. “Yeah, fucking see this Dylan? This should be me, sucking your dick! Bastard!!” She snapped, before diving back down with a groan to fill her mouth up once again with a nasty gag as she plunged downward even deeper than before.

“MMMMM… Yeah, fuck… Fucking choke on that dick, babe… MMMMM...” He just grinned as he watched her go to town on his prick. Deeply slurping, taking him into her throat at the expense of some porn star style gagging as more saliva spilled out and down to his crotch. This time landing onto her own titties for good measure to stain her top a bit as she sucked away sinfully. Easily making him moan out as he impressed to by being able to take such a wicked blowjob despite the age difference between them. “MMMMM… Nice and deep… Like a bad fucking girl like you can do...” He said, being far more shameless about this compared to the beauty kneeling in front of him with her own intentions behind all of this. Even casually leaning back against his office desk as he stared down and watched the long time pop star slurping up and down on his shaft like she’s more skilled with her mouth at this act than she is singing chart topping hits.

“MMMMMPHHHH! GAHHHHHH… HHHHHRRRLLLKK...” The dirty talk got a brief glare from her, before she went back to letting out muffled moans and raspy gagging as she throated his prick over and over. Sending her nose bumping into him as she pushed down deep and pressed that gorgeous, freckled face into his crotch. “GAHHHHHH… HHHHRRRKKK… MMMMM… GAHHHHHH HHHHHHLLLKKK...” The saliva seeping out whenever she choked but not even missing a beat as she kept her head going up and down onto him. Unfazed by the sex act being recorded but also getting turned on by dishing out some head as the hard nipples poking through her top indicated. Making more than the most with a man with an attitude she despises, but is packing such an undefinable fat and long dick that she can’t help but want to enjoy and gag away on.

“MMMMM… Say, Kesha? As good as… MMMMM! Getting blown by you is?” Jason eventually said as she kept sucking and gagging over his cock. “It’d really teach my boy DJ a lesson… MMMMM… If I got to give that naughty fucking pussy of yours a good time like I bet you let Dylan do.” He suggested, being far from subtle with it either as his smile showed.
Lifting away, she narrowed her eyes a bit like she was conflicted to just offer her body up to him, but the desire for revenge (and she kept telling herself that was all she desired) clouding her. “Fuck that!” She stood up, grabbing her jacket. “You want to get the good stuff like he did? Then you’re tapping my fine fucking ass.” She said, pulling out a bottle of sex lube. Further proving that she maybe really did come here looking to fuck, even if it wasn’t him.
“My kind of fucking woman!” Baker said with a snigger as he watched her move over to his desk. Lifting a knee up to stick her ass back as she reached back. Lubing herself up with quick (and clearly experienced) finger pumps into her own tight asshole, making herself groan from the swift round of finger banging. “Yeah, really my kind of girl...” He said, seeing how she just needed to hike her skirt up since she wasn’t even wearing any panties.
“Shut up!” She snapped at his attitude, leaving the bottle on the desk for him to take as she finished off readying herself. “I can fucking see that everything Dylan said about you was fucking true.”

“Heh… Not the bit about me fucking like I’m a porn star, right?” He mocked back, putting the phone down briefly as he stroked some lube over himself. Then moving behind her as she spread her rounded, nicely thick cheeks apart. “So let’s get back to business… Giving a hot little slut like you the good time she needs!” He added as he pushed his cock in, cutting off her response as he made her groan out. Spreading her snug to say the least back passage apart as he invaded her, and made things worse (or hotter) by grabbing his phone again to resume filming this sex tape. “Mmmmmm… For a little smart ass, you’ve got a nice fucking tight ass too… I can see why… MMMMM… Dylan was tapping this for so long...” He rather mocked as he started to groan. Sliding in and out of her backside as he got used to the feeling and making her moan out in the process as he used her.

“MMMMM… Guess you’re more used to… AHHHHH… Fucking loose, cheap whores huh?” She groaned, glaring back at him she didn’t appreciate the verbal jabs, even if they were accompanied by the pleasure only a big fat dick between her juicy cheeks could deliver. Finding her body moving in reflex as her hips shifted back as he pumped forward to help work those thick inches into her rump. “MMMMM… And I ain’t no… AHHHHH FUCK!! No fucking slut either!” She snapped before she moaned. Her tits pressing into the desk she’s bent over on and starting to rub against the surface as she took his big cock from behind. Spreading and stretching her back passage that was nicely tight despite the fact that, from her own admission, she’s used to taking a certain big black cock in her backdoor in the past.

“MMMMM… Bullshit, babe! You’re… MMMM!! One Hell of a damn fine little slut…” Baker wasn’t buying her excuses as he pumping into her backside. Using his free hand to give her butt a firm spank, making her gasp and glare back as he pistoned into her asshole with a stiffer, steady pace to make them both moan out. Although his cries were far more shameless and seedy than her conflicted ones. “AHHHHH… Rolling into my office with no damn panties on? MMMMM… Packing a bottle of fucking lube in your pocket? MMMMM… You came to fuck, not to talk… So don’t try and act like you aren’t a dirty, naughty… MMMM… Nasty fucking little slut, babe...” He noted as he pumped away. Further proving his statements about her having truth to them as he was filming the whole thing with his camera. Pointed down at her shapely backside as he thrust his long, fat dick in and out of her to make her cheeks jiggle as he pushed deeper into her.

“AHHHHH!! Screw you!! MMMMM!! Fucking asshole! Bastard!! OOOOOOOOH...” She groaned between insults as much as she hated the man fucking her, she couldn’t deny how good and skilled the older man was as he plunged his dick in and out of her tightest of holes over and over. Making her rump start to slap back into his waist as he filled her up and kept them both groaning out. “UHHHHH… You ain’t shit… MMMMM!! Dylan fucked better than this! MMMMMM! And he kept his mouth fucking shut!!” She snapped, even forgetting why she was offering up her ass in the first place as she lost her focus and desire for revenge. More caught up in glaring at the man she was being banged by as the hatred for him but the love of that meaty dick filling up her back passage overwhelmed her. Leaving her pussy slowly dripping juices down onto his desk as he fucked her ass from the back.

“MMMMMM… Bet he did! MMMMM… Getting to tap some easy ass like this any night? Damn right a guy stays quiet…” He taunted, not fazed by her insults and even spanking her ass once again to make her ripple even more than she’s already doing from backing up to meet his pumps whenever he thrusts in. Moaning as he started sweating a little from the unexpected and already steamy sexual encounter in his own office. Even if it’s far from the first time he’s fucked a female singer here, just without there being a recording deal hanging in the balance. “AHHHHH… Until I guess… MMMMMM… He goes and finds some new ass to shove his dick into, right? MMMMM… Maybe even a fucking upgrade I guess!” He dared to keep mocking the woman he was stuffing his shaft into. Keeping her booty clapping into his toned, older frame as he groaned out. Loving how snug her ass was as he pumped away and kept grinning. Multitasking as he not only delivered slaps to her butt every other thrust or so, he was keeping his phone steady to film her getting down and dirty with his cock impaling her rear.

“FUCK YOU!! MMMMM!! AHHHHH FUCK!! F-FUCKING DICK HEAD ASSHOLE!! MMMMM!!” Kesha had a fist slamming into the desk in frustration as she loved how her ass was getting handled and fucked nice and deep, but hated that it was such a sexist pig of a man giving it to her. Her insults not just weakened by her own moaning out, but that her free hand was down under her body. Trying to distract herself from his hurtful, if not with an element of truth to them, words by rubbing away at her own wet pussy. Coating her digits in fluids as she groaned out and glared through strands of her long dark hair. Stuck to her face as the sweat covering her body now made her clothes cling to that curvy frame.

Baker just grinned like he’d won the lottery twice over. Keeping his cock pumping in and out of her rear even as he felt himself start to throb inside that still snug back passage of hers. Watching through his camera at her cheeks jiggling away as they slapped again and again back into his body. Making his cock vanish into her asshole before a few inches reappeared as he pulled back before he slammed in to meet her booty shifting backward so he went balls deep into her. Being no stranger to tapping hot, younger asses of musically gifted beauties before and showing his skills to be able to last this long against a woman so famously sexually charged as songs like ‘Blow’ and ‘Take It Off’ proved.

“FUCK! DAMN IT… FUCK FUCK FUCK!!” Kesha grunted as she closed her eyes. The hate fuck (at least from her perspective) taking its toll as she made herself orgasm over her own fingers. Moaning out as a fresh wave of juices hit over her fingers as they rubbed furiously all over those dripping lower lips of hers. A peak fuelled on by the feeling of having a fat, long dick stuffing into her ass from behind even if she refused to admit it right now. A brief flicker of a smile on her lips from the pleasure before she groaned out and went back to glaring back over her shoulder as the older man behind her ploughed into her fleshy rump for another round.

“MMMMMM… Time to finish this little video off, porn star style...” Baker grinned as he pulled out with a grunt. Only needing to stroke his cock off a few times before he started to shoot his load across Kesha’s gorgeous, juicy ass. Making her hiss as the hot ropes were sent splashing over her full cheeks for him to record. A more than ample amount that dripped down the sides, front, and down into the crack. Filing the sinful sight as his other hand stroked out the last drops. Humiliating her one last time by smearing the final drips from the tip onto her booty before zooming in like it was his own personal work of art.

“So, satisfied now, slut?” Jason smirked as he stood back and stopped the video, making sure to save it. “Bet you really taught my boy DJ a lesson, huh?” He taunted, revelling in how her plan for revenge has massively backfired.
“Fuck you!” Kesha snapped, grabbing the nearest handful of report papers off his desk and using them to clean off his cum from her ass. “You and him are both the same! Fucking asshole, pieces of shit!” She ranted as she slammed the stained papers onto his desk.
“Nah, slut… You’re just a dumb little girl who got played...” Baker said, amused by her furious state. “Dylan used you the same way I did. To have a good time, tapping some fine ass. Only difference was I’ve been honest about it. A dumb whore like you who thought she and him were more than fuck buddies is the only issue here.”

Having heard enough, Kesha quite rightly delivered a hard slap to the face of Baker to send him staggering back. “Fuck. You.” She hissed, pulling her skirt back down and grabbing her jacket as she stormed out of his office. “And fuck him too!!” She called out before slamming the door shit behind her.

Baker rubbed his jaw for a moment as he stood back up straight. Reaching for the office phone on his desk, about to call his lawyers for assault. But paused, glancing at his phone. A sly smile as he instead dialled for an office assistant. “Hey. Get me an ice pack, stat.” He said, before putting the phone down after getting the confirmation. “Heh… You’ll be back soon enough, slut.” He said, holding his phone. Knowing that now he had some very potentially incriminating, but profitable, footage now on it. And his plan wasn’t anything to do with making money either.

* * *

Earlier on, across the city, at Dylan Jay’s apartment.

“Hey man, I’m just checkin’ in you know. Makin’ sure my man Dylan is gonna be OK with me havin’ been hangin’ out around in his crib, you know?” Rodriquez Valez, the less than by the book or morally steady photographer and journalist said. Sitting back on the couch in Jay’s apartment, knowing full well he’s been on the verge of stalking him to get seedy scoops and stories to sell to websites. “You, uh, did say who I was, right? That I’m doin’ this? Awwww man, you’re killin’ me, homes! You know me and him are kinda on icy terms right now!” The Latino hunk said, scratching the back of his head as he was clad in jeans and a loose shirt. “Man, if you say so… I just don’t want no drama with him, you know. Findin’ out about the drama he’s in? That’s cool… A’aight man, I’mma split in like an hour or so then. The cleaner you hired the other day did most the work anyway.”

Valez put the phone away. Reaching over towards a laptop as he pulled out a notebook that’s been filled up with lots of failed pass code attempts. “A’aight… Let’s try and crack you open one more time...” He said, looking to try and hack into Jay’s personal information again. However, the doorbell ringing making him toss the book across the room and nearly doing the same with the laptop. Scrambling to his feet, hiding the evidence of his meddling before he went over to the door. Thinking the times were wrong and Jay is back already as he rushed to the door to open it. “Hey man, listen this ain’t what it is! I’m…” He was already saying his excuses before he locked onto the person on the other side. “...Oh.”

“Uh, are you a friend of Dylan’s?” Rebecca Black, the social media influencer and Internet-famous singer, for reasons good and bad, stood at the door. Clad in a nicely fitting casual look of jeans and a white, shoulder top that hugged to her very impressively sized and rounded chest, with a bag.  “Is he in? I saw him post that he was heading home today.”
“Oh, ah, naw… He ain’t back yet, mami...” A more relieved Rodriquez said, stepping aside. “But like, come on in. I think he ain’t gonna be back in for a while. Flights and that.” He lied.
“I knew I should have called ahead. Not that if he’s still airborne it would have changed anything I guess.” Rebecca said, walking in and looking around. “So, you’re just I guess his room mate or…?” She asked, looking at him as he closed the door.
“Yeah, we homies. Name’s Rodriquez Valez. I’m like a freelance photographer, journalist you know.” He introduced.
“Hmmmm… That does sound familiar...” Black glanced him over like that name does ring a bell like Jay mentioned him before. “But I don’t recall him mentioning any room mate or anything.”

“Just doin’ my boy a favour, lookin’ after his crib until he gets back. You know the deal.” Rodriquez smiled as he told his cover story. “But what’s your deal here, mami? Lookin’ to try and score with homeboy Dylan?” He said rather bluntly, but knows Jay’s reputation with women.
“Woah, hey now! That’s a little forward there, Mister Valez!” Black laughed as she put her hands on her nicely shapely hips.
“Hey, we both know what Dylan’s like… He ain’t exactly the kind of guy who stays one place for too long, you feel me.” Valez stated, certainly playing the act well that he knows Jay like the back of his hand. Even if it’s only from researched, and often questionably so, information.
“Well, that is true...” Rebecca admitted, looking him over. “So, since you’re his buddy and know him well… What’s the scoop? Is Jay still living the free life? Or has he hunkered down with some lucky British girl since he’s been across the pond?”
“Hey now, I can’t just spill my boy’s secrets like that. Us bros gotta live by the code, you know?” Rodriquez bluffed, not really knowing fully what Jay got up to in the UK.

“Oh, that so?” Black smiled as she put down her bag. “Well, if you’re anything like Dylan? Then I think I know a nice way to get you to tell me what I want to know… Since me and him ain’t dating and I’m not exactly looking for that either.” She said as she stepped towards the handsome Latino man.
“Eh, that so huh mami?” He smiled, seeing her come close. “Usually I’m the one who has to make offers to get scoops, so this is a real nice change.” He said, picking up easily what she meant.

“Well, a woman like me has her ways.” She smiled as she shamelessly lowered herself down to her knees in front of a man she’s only just met. Reaching up, undoing his jeans as she lowered them and his boxers down. That grin getting a little wider when she locked onto the lengthy, fat Latino cock he was packing as she took a hold of him. “And you’ve got a nice big fucking dick like Dylan does too! No wonder you’re friends...” She said, falling for his act as she pumped his cock to make him groan and get him hard. “You and him ever go out and chase after babes to take back here?”

“Mmmmm… I ain’t gonna do my boy dirty like that.” He avoided the question as he groaned from her skilled strokes. Soon letting out a sigh of delight when she guided his shaft into her oral hole. Wrapping her full, plump lips around his fat member as she sunk down onto him. Moaning herself as she got used to the side before sliding back up and starting to repeat the motion. Sucking on his meaty pole while using her hand to stroke off the bottom portion of him for a nice little double team. Staring up with a hint of lust for the hunk she barely knows, but is all too willing to take in and out of her mouth to show off some oral skills far superior to the musical travesty that was ‘Friday’ she sung on.

“Hmmmmmphhh… Mmmmmm… Mmmmmm...” She groaned around him, taking his cock in nicely deep to already make her long dark hair sway as she had to use the free hand to brush it back over her shoulders. Staring up as she slurped with her posture allowing a nice view down at her large chest for good measure as she bobbed away. Getting his thickness nice and slick with her spit as the beauty of Mexican decent showed just how to handle some meaty Latino dick. Taking him nice and deep into her soothing, damp oral hole as her hand now more just held his rod rather than stroking. Keeping him nice and straight for her to slide her full lips back and forth as she moaned herself. Loving taking some nice big cock into her mouth even if it wasn’t exactly the stud she’d planned on blowing today.

“MMMMMM… Oh shit, Mami… Yeah… MMMMM… That’s some good shit right there… MMMMM...” Rodriquez just moaned, staring down and watching that beautiful face of the content creator and influencer sliding so smoothly and swiftly along his shaft. Like she was far more suited for using her mouth to take dick than any sort of singing related activity. Her saliva starting to drip down her chin from the repeated back and forth sucks as she left his member coated down to the base at the expense of her fingers being a little sticky as they finally unwrapped from his base. “Yeah, like that Mami… MMMMM… Show me that good fucking shit… MMMMM… Like my man DJ been braggin’ about for weeks...” He added, keeping up the sham act that he was really good friends with the man he’s getting blown in the apartment of. Having such a low moral ground that he’s happy to spin some lies in order to get a red hot blowjob from an Internet famous celebrity.

“MMMMMMPHHH… GAHHHHHH… MMMMMPHHHH...” Despite her experience with interracial sex with Jay’s black dick previously, this meaty Latino dick was still a little too much for even her wonderful feeling mouth to fully handle. Choking sexily when her face pushed down and her chin met his balls before she drew back up. Not being defeated just yet as she repeated the motion, sending her lips back down even as they couldn’t stay pressed around his meat when she gagged. “HHHHLLLKKK… GAHHHHHH!! MMMMMPHHH...” Her gagging just making him moan out as the saliva spilled down over his crotch as she rocked her head up and down. Yet not even getting watering eyes as she fought through and kept sucking him off. Perhaps thinking she was proving herself by being able to take so much of the dick of the best friend of the man she was actually lusting over. Clueless to the fact that the man she’s sucking off isn’t even a friend of Jay’s so she perhaps might not me moaning around this stud’s dick as much if she knew the truth.

“MMMMMM… Damn, Mami...” Rodriquez smiled, watching her lift her head up and off from his rod. “Now I fuckin’ see why DJ was braggin’ about gettin’ a piece of you all this time.” He lied, telling her what she wanted to hear as he took advantage of the fact she’d come here clearly for a booty call, but just not planning on doing so with him.
“Really? He said so?” Rebecca smiled, buying the lies all too easily. “Did he say anything else about me?” She asked as she stood up just so she could undo her own jeans.
“Yeah… Somethin’ about you havin’ a real fine booty that don’t quit.” Valez claimed, as he tilted his head to the side and watched her expose that indeed nicely rounded and meaty to match backside of hers.
“Well, if you’re anything like Dylan?” Black stepped out from her jeans. “You’ll know how to tap some ass as well, right?” She winked, grabbing her back as she, showing again her full intentions for coming here today, produced a healthy sized bottle of sex aid lubricant.

Valez just grinned, following her into the living area of Jay’s apartment. Taking a moment to pause as she poured out some lube onto her fingers. Showing her familiarity with anal sex as she eased her fingers into her own backdoor and gave herself a round of smooth pumps, working the fluid in nicely deep into her rear. He also used the break to apply a bit of the liquid to his own fat dick to ready himself before he sat down on the nicely lavish couch in the room. Watching with a smile as Black mounted him but faced away, lowing that nicely rounded ass down as he lined his shaft up with that prepared asshole. Allowing them both to groan out as she eased down and felt that big dick spreading her anal tunnel open as she sunk down a few inches before leaning her arms back to rest on the back of the couch while the hunk underneath her took a firm hold of her slim waist.

“MMMMM… OH FUCK… MMMMMM...” She moaned as she stared to raise and lower her body onto his cock. Feeling that lengthy dick sliding in and out of her tight asshole as she showed already what quite a Size Queen was to be able to handle big black dicks in the past to now taking a nice fat Latino dick into her American ass from underneath. “OH FUCK! MMMMM… FUCK!! Fuck, that’s fucking good… MMMMM!!” She gasped out as she got into the riding motion. Her long dark hair starting to bounce in time with her as her tits jiggled in the top she still wore. The social media influencer putting on a showing more suited for a porn site than a video sharing one for content creators as she’s known for. Her motion nicely smooth as she shifted up and down, working gradually more of that vast size of the man she’s on top of up into her tight booty.

“MMMMM SHIT… Yeah, ride it mami! MMMMM… You like that? MMMMM… Like ridin’ that big cock, Mami? MMMMM...” He groaned out in his thick accent as he let her control the pace. Loving the super tight feeling all around his rod as the woman he’s only just met bounces away on his dick. Enjoying the fruits of being in the right place, right time but just the wrong guy that she’d planned on having stuffed up her ass today. No complaints from him as he groaned and stayed seated. Holding her in place so she could keep on lifting up and dropping down to handle his meaty length and make them both moan. “MMMMM… Yeah, feels real fuckin’ good! MMMMM… Nice and fucking tight! MMMMM… Takin’ all my fuckin’ dick...” He groaned out, starting to sweat himself as he took her top notch, red hot ride that made her cheeks jiggle whenever she pushed down or lifted upward on his prick.

“MMMMM FUCK! OOOOOOOH YESSSSSS… MMMMMM… So fucking big! MMMMMM...” The California born stunner groaned out as she moved like a sinful elevator on that thick dick stuffed up into her backside. Dropping down now so far that she was making her booty slap down into his crotch and waist to take him all the way in. Caring little for the fact her tits were almost spilling out of her top from the constant bouncing she was doing, let alone that she was fucking in the apartment of the man she actually came here to bang when he wasn’t even around yet. Making the most though of having a big, fat Latino dick to slide in and out of her desirably, nicely rounded ass. “MMMMM FUCK… OH SHIT… OH FUCK!! MMMMMM...” She moaned again and again as sweat was leaving a sexy shine over the exposed skin of her nearly naked body. Putting that frame to excellent use to keep riding away on the cock underneath her. Not looking like this is just a newfound fuck buddy she’s bouncing her thick butt onto with how smoothly and expertly she’s shifting herself up and down onto him.

Neither of them keeping an eye on the clock as the midday mark approaches and the Internet famous celebrity puts on that shameless, XXX-rated performance engaging in some interracial fun. Shifting her mixed race body swiftly and forcefully up and down that big Latino dick she’s taking to the hilt up into her sexy rump. Making her cheeks loudly clap when they connect into his toned frame before she raises upward to the midway point and drives back down to make them both loudly moan out. Her moans though enhanced by the face she’s got one hand now working over her twat. Some quick rubbing across herself helping to race towards a sexual high as she kept pumping over that big cock with her still snug asshole.

“MMMMM… So fuckin’ good, mami! MMMMMM… Fuckin’ amazin’ ass… MMMMM SHIT!!” Picking up on her needs approaching, Valez finally did some of the work in this position. Thrusting upward, sending his member up stiffly into that already filled up back passage of hers so his balls now smacked off her tanned skin. Helping make not just the pleasure for them both that little bit more intense but the clap of her booty hitting his body how sharper. “MMMMM SHIT… Yeah, you like that? MMMMM… Givin’ it to ya real fuckin’ good, senorita! MMMMM...” Grunting as the sweat rolled off of him as the shameless fuck continued. Allowing her to move her other hand off from the couch and bounce just with leg strength on that manhood. Her palm now groping away at her tit, ensuring it fell out from her top as she groaned from the self fondling. Rolling a nipple around in her fingers as she stimulated her ass, snatch and breast all at the same time.

The pleasure building from the thrusts, Black’s legs gave way a bit as she leaned back and rested her top-covered back against his similarly clothed chest. More jolting on his cock that the bouncing she’d been doing but getting the sinful delights from his dick none the less as he kept his shaft working like a piston. Allowing her to concentrate on rubbing away at her soaking pussy and squeezing her own tit. Her ass still clapping as his grip on her waist let me more pull her up and down as he pumped her. Bringing her right down sharply as he delivered a fresh thrust up, filling that rounded ass up to ensure he grunted out from tapping some hot ass.

“AHHHHHH FUCK!! FUCK FUCK FUCK MMMMMMMM!!” Her dark haired head tilted back as she let out a long, loud moan. Rebecca cumming nice and hard over her own hand while that big dick pumped away up into her booty. Leaving her gasping out as her already slick digits got another coating as she rubbed away to see out the orgasm. A lick of her lips as she managed to grind down into his pumps as her back passage clamping made him grunt and his dick start to throb. Able to just hold out enough though to help fuck her rump through her sexual high until she fell back against him with a satisfied sigh and a grin to match.

“AWWWWW FUCK...”  Rodriquez groaned, pulling out of her well fucked ass as he caught his breath. “Not gonna last much longer, mami...” He stated the obvious as he wiped sweat from his forehead.
“Mmmmm… I think you deserve a finish, I guess...” Rebecca teased with a smile, as she managed, a little shakily, to move off from the couch, down to her knees in front of him.

Not even wanting to waste time removing the only bit of clothing she partially still had on, the infamous singer of ‘Friday’ just hauled her top down to expose both her large, gorgeously rounded tits. Leaning forward and cupping them in order to sandwich that long fat cock between them to make him moan. More to come as she started to work her mounds up and down his prick with the same smooth, steady pace she’d shown already when she’d been sucking his dick or riding his cock. Now pleasuring her with her body as she kept her tits wrapped firmly against and around his member so that sweat-covered flesh could move all the way up and down his rod at that clearly well practised rhythm.

“Mmmmm yeah… Bet that feels good, huh stud? Mmmmm...” She groaned out the dirty talk as the American, mixed background beauty worked her breasts up and down that fat Latino cock. Causing a different kind of clapping sound now to ring out around the apartment that neither of them actually live in when the underside of her breasts slap down into his crotch. “Mmmmm fuck… Feels real fucking good… Having a nice big fucking dick… Fucking my tits...” She purred, still turned on even after cumming herself after a round of anal sex. Rubbing her mounds around his shaft for a sexy jiggle as she pumped away. Sliding him in and out of the nicely deep cleavage she was creating so the fat head of his member popped out from between her boobs when she brought them down. Only to make his prick vanish when she raised them up to repeat the motion.

“MMMMM FUCK… Feels fuckin’ good, mami! MMMMM!!” He just sat back as he grinned, watching the stunning content creator and influencer working over his pulsing dick with her sizeable rack to make him moan. Revelling in having tricked her to thinking he was the best friend of the man she’d came here to actually fuck. Ending up sucking, riding and then tit wanking him instead thanks to his lies. “MMMMM… Got a real big fuckin’ load… UHHHHH… Ready for ya, mami! MMMMM!” He groaned as he let her slide those tits up and down over and over along his pole. Feeling just as good between her breasts than he’d felt balls deep in her mouth or ass. His hips bucking in reflex from her boobs pressing and moving against him but she was doing the hard work now as she’d really done for the most part over the course of this shameless, no strings attached session.

A suitable reward then arriving as he grunted deeply. Sending the first hot shot of spunk flying out and making her gasp when it caught across her gorgeous face over her cheek, and the second just managing to catch over her pouty lips and chin. The rest falling back down across her rack and onto her hands as she milked his dick dry with her tits. Leaving them glazed with that generous coating of his load to stand out against her skin tone. Seed over and across the tops of her breasts and dripping back down between them to leave his cock messy with his own spunk. No complaints as he grinned and watched her lean back after his cock went lip. Putting on a naughty show as she used her hands to first smear his jizz over her tits. Then bringing a finger up, scooping some of it off her cheek and lips so she could pop it into her mouth. Slurping it clean and swallowing with an approving groan.

“Mmmmm… That was fucking good...” Rebecca said with a smile. “I knew I was gonna come here for a good time… I just expected it more with… Dylan!!” Her eyes widened as her toned changed.
“Yeah, my man is one good homie, you know...”  Rodriquez chuckled. Not catching on to her sudden change of look. “Me and him, we… Huh?” He clocked on, looking to the side where she was.

“...The fuck?!?” Dylan Jay himself, carrying his travel luggage, stared at the scene at his own apartment and the two who should not be here.
“H-Hey, homes!!” Valez scrambled up. Snatching his notebook off the table to cover his modesty as he backed away. “It ain’t what it looks like!”
“Looks fuckin’ like you stuffin’ your damn D into a girl in my fuckin’ place!” Jay said, glaring as he followed after the man who has been stalking him almost to get dirty to sell as stories.
“N-Nah! It just happened, she was all over me, man!” He lied, almost falling over himself as he tried to put his jeans back on.
“I’mma be all over yo, stompin’ your damn face into the dirt ya damn snitch!” He said, looking ready to get a piece of him but as he tried to lunge, Rodriquez cowardly bolted out the door, still half naked as he tired to yank up his pants while clutching his notes.

“Fuckin’ creepy ass paparazzi...” Jay just slammed the door shut with a sigh. “My fuckin’ agent got a lot to answer for.” He said. Turning around, he then saw the now blushing Rebecca Black peering over the top of his catch. “Shit, girl… He fuckin’ played you?”
“Guess you and him aren’t the, uh, friends he claimed?” She figured out, sounding more shamed but with a bitterness at being tricked.
“Nah, we ain’t. He’s more like a bad damn smell I can’t wash out.” Dylan said.
“Ummmmm… S-Say, speaking of smell… Can I uh, borrow a use of your shower before I go? Since, you know...” Black asked with a sheepish smile.
“Man, I ain’t even set foot in the damn door a minute and I got people wantin’ shit from me?” Dylan shook his head. “...Say, how come you is here in my crib anyway?” He finally asked.
“I was, uh… You know… Hoping for a hook up.” She admitted.
“...Damn, for real?” He stared to smile. “Then shit… I know damn well that there’s room in the shower for two people…” He cocked his head to the side, checking her out as much as her hiding allowed him to see. “How about you and me go do our bit for the planet… And save some water be showering together?” He offered with a chuckle.
“...Oh, I think we can do that.” Rebecca grinned back. About to get her planned booty call after all.

* * *

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Re: Nailing The Tracks (Music Babes Go Interracial w/h various celebs)
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Great story. This series is underrated and should have more views.
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Re: Nailing The Tracks (Music Babes Go Interracial w/h various celebs)
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Love to see you write Kesha again, I remember how much you always liked her!
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Re: Nailing The Tracks (Music Babes Go Interracial w/h various celebs)
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the singers, record labels, musicians, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own any of the record labels, trademarks, musicians etc referenced in this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Starring: JoJo Levesque

Nailing The Tracks – Part 23

An erotic celebrity fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal, inter.

* * *

“Shit, man...” Dylan Jay sighed as he sat back on his couch in his apartment. Suffering through another ‘motivational’ phone call with his sneaky manager Jason Baker. “Bad enough I got to deal with all these damn stories leakin’ about me near every fuckin’ week… But then you go and hire a damn stalkin’ paparazzi to hang out at my place?” He says with a voice far from happy about the situation from the other day. “Bad enough I’m gonna have to get some tech genius down at a store to unlock my old phone after his creepy ass failed like a hundred times to get into an old phone of mine!”

“Ah, relax! The guy lied on his CV...” Baker claimed, and his tone didn’t sound too convincing either. “Internet hire sites, you know how it goes. I’ll knock a deposit payment off his pay or something.”
“I’m fixin’ to knock his block off the next time I see him...” Jay grumbled.
“Now now, last thing you need a violent brawl story getting out along with you scratchin’ up more scores on your bedpost.” Jason chuckled, not helping things. “You just enjoy a little down time, and your main man here will hook you up with some producing gigs. I’ve got some real big names lined up now your stock is soaring! I’m talking pop global names! Rap and hip hop mega stars. Hard rock and rollers!”
“Wait, say what? Rock, man?” Dylan questioned. “You know damn well that, no disrespect, but guitars and shit ain’t exactly my bag.”
“Yeah, and neither was classic music but if you believe the stories you didn’t mind that back over in the UK!” Baker stated. “Besides! Expanding your horizons and genres just makes you even more appealing to more artists! And more gigs means more money in my… In our pockets!”

“Yeah, and you’re already scrapin’ out plenty of coin out of me already.” Jay noted.
“And I do it very well, just like how I’m making sure the PR department stays busy with each next girlfriend you seem to have each month.” Jason mocked back. “Now chill out, DJ. Just kick back, do what you gotta do and I’ll get the guys to get in touch with you when those Ts get crossed and the Is dotted.”
“Yeah, well, it’ll be good to at least be back in the studio. If your damn gossip website friend ain’t rigged my shit up with spy cams.” Jay said as he hung the call up. “Fuckin’ asshole...”

Dylan then brought up his phone, glancing at the clock on the wall. “Shit… Chill out? Nah… Maybe there’s somethin’ goin’ on I can check out.” He thought out loud, logging into his social media. ‘Yo! Who got a hook-up for your boy for the hottest show in town tonight!’ He posted out. Briefly considering that, with what he’d been teased about, maybe hitting a club wouldn’t exactly help his image of being a skirt chaser. The messages that soon came through into his DMs after posting however soon showed the perks of a relative amount of celebrity status.

* * *

The LockDown Nightclub, later that day...

“How you doing tonight, people??” JoJo Levesque called out to the crowd as they hollered back. The gorgeous singer clad in a revealing, low neckline black top that showed off her big, rounded tits, an open sleeved jacket and a set of nicely fitting dark pants. The blonde with dark roots haired singer smiling with her red lipstick lips as she looked out from the nightclub stage. “I heard there were some real crazy people in this place tonight! But keep that energy up, people! Because we gonna be going alllllll night with this one!” She said, playing to the people as her comment got plenty of wolf whistles as well as cheers.

“Shiiiiit… I bet she can fuckin’ go all night...” Dylan Jay remarked. Watching from the side of the stage with a couple of other VIPs as he took a swig from his glass. The dark skinned hunk dressed in jeans with a high priced designer top and a chain. He was then distracted when he heard his phone going off as he fished it out. “Dang it? Her again?” He frowned as he brought up a messenger App, seeing one from an on-off fuck buddy of his.
‘Oh? So you want to hit up some club? But not hit me from the back??’ Even just from the text, it was obvious that the message from Kesha wasn’t of an approving tone. But the multiple angry, red faced emojis that followed confirmed that.
‘Figured you and me were still on that break, right?’ Dylan replied, noting that the two of them had been on the ice with one another after he’d been caught fucking another woman at Kesha’s album launch party.
‘This ain’t an episode of Friends! Maybe check your ego at the door and say sorry for once!’ Kesha sent back, and with emojis with steam blowing out of the nose.

Dylan was about to reply with ‘For what?’ but before he could punch a word in, the phone was snatched out of his hand as his thoughts were snapped back to reality. Looking up and seeing a mischievous smirk on the face of JoJo. “Eyes on the prize, babe.” She gave a wink as the crowd cheered as JoJo, having seen him being distracted, decided to have some fun for the audience. She’d even dropped her jacket to the floor like she was getting fired up to teach someone a lesson but merely just getting the fans all hyped up. Let’s see… Oooooooh! Looks like our guy here’s ex ain’t too happy...” She said, making the crowd laugh and yell like it was a Maury episode playing out. “Well let’s make her more pissed off, shall we?” JoJo said, before she turned so the people were behind her as she took a selfie with plenty of the people grinning and throwing up hand signs or just waving behind her. “Sorry… He’s a bit busy right now...” JoJo typed a message before sending the picture, and she didn’t even care or bother to check who she was potentially making mad.

“Hey, babe… Want the phone back?” JoJo teased, motioning towards Jay on the sideline.
Dylan did a double take, checking as a crew guy nodded for him to walk on.
“Oh, now it looks like he’s watching the show now, right guys?” She played to the crowd as Jay reached out his hand. “Oops! Butter fingers...” JoJo lied, deliberately dropping the phone onto her jacket so not to break it. Like she’s done this all plenty of times before. Giving another sly wink before she turned and bent over forwards, intentionally sticking out her rounded ass towards him as the crowd yelled out and hollered more.
“Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn...” Jay just grinned, letting her have her fun as she stood back up, turning and putting the phone back into his hand.
“Now keep watching the show, babe.” JoJo smirked, scooping up her jacket to slide it back on as Dylan back up and nodded. “Now let’s get a beat, DJ! These people are ready for another track!”

Jay just returned the side of the stage, although he had to chuckle as a couple of other VIPs gave him playful shoves over the sexy act he’d just gotten. Unsurprisingly, the message got an angry message back from Kesha as he briefly checked his phone. But his attention was only on what he saw at the bottom in the input box. JoJo had sneaked in a little message to him.

‘10 mins after show, my room.’

* * *

With the club music pumping as the resident DJ played his set, Dylan was approaching the backstage dressing room with a sign on the door that read ‘JoJo’. Smirking already as he tapped on the door. “Yo girl, you… Woah!”

He was soon hauled in, and had more reason to grin seeing the gorgeous white woman licking her teeth as she closed the door. Plus, the fact that she was already completely naked with her impressively large and rounded tits on display was a reason to smile alone.

“Yeah, woah… Stud.” JoJo said, helping herself to slide down to her knees in front of him as her body already had a light shine of sweat from her on stage concert minutes before.
“Shit, you don’t fuckin’ play around, huh?” He stated the obvious, letting her loosen his belt and haul his jeans down.
“Not when it comes to getting some nice, big black dick I don’t!” She shamelessly admitted, yanking his boxers down and grinning wider as she saw then grabbed a hold of his member. “Oh yeah, nice and fucking big… It’s been a hot fucking minute since I’ve had some fucking black dick in me...” She added, brushing her hair back.
“Well shit… Don’t let me stop you, girl!” He said, his cock already hardening in her grasp as she pumped him.

“Let’s show that bitch ex of yours what she’s fucking missing, huh?” She smirked, before leaning in. Starting to use her tongue on his rod as she swirled around the head. Tracing slowly around the fat crown, getting a taste of him as she applied her saliva onto him. A simple but smoothly done double team of her stroking palm and licking tongue. Working his prick over hotter, and better, than she’d been working the microphone earlier on. Easily making him moan as she got his cock rock hard at his full, thick size. Still pumping away as she ran her tongue around the bell-end a couple more times for good measure. Managing to put on an erotic show too when she lifted back, just to hold his cock and smack the head off of her extended tongue a few times as she groaned from the sensation. Her free hand squeezing her own big tit and even just from licking his dick, she was so turned on that her nipples were nice and hard.

“Well, she ain’t exactly… Mmmmmm… Never fucking mind...” Dylan groaned when not listening for an explanation JoJo parted her lips and took his shaft inside. Staring down to watch that gorgeous face sliding up and down his rod as she already worked his thick size over with a smooth and steady motion. “Shit… Mmmmm… That’s some good shit, right there...” He said as he pulled her upper clothing over his head to drop it down. Still using the hand to work over the lower portion as, showing her clear experience with black cock, she was effortlessly handling half of his length inside her oral hole. Let alone how she knew to use the free hand to brush her long hair back to stop herself from being distracted. Letting her focus on getting more of her saliva trickling down his inches as she slurped and stroked on his meat to get moans out of the hunk she’d picked up during her stage show.

“MMMMMPHHH…. HHHHHHLLLLKKK… MMMMMMPHHHH...” She bobbed away up and down, staring up with a burning, lustful look as she enjoyed the taste of dark meat inside her as her hand changed from jerking to just holding him with a couple fingers around the base. Her tongue running over the underside as he passed in and out of her full, red lips as the lipstick began to leave sexy rings around him from the points down on him she’d reached. “HHHHHRRRKKK… MMMMMM… GAHHHHHH… MMMMMM...” The fat head of his tool started hitting the back of her more than just talented for singing mouth. Nasty gagging starting as she took him deep but that just seemed to turn her on more as she kept sucking away with the steady motion. Even able to arch an eyebrow as she sucked him off and guided his hand down to her bust. He easily accepted, and made her groan around his dick when he began to grope that ample, tanned flesh of hers. Which in turn encouraged her to keep blowing, so more reason for him to make her titty jiggle as he felt her up.

“Mmmmm yeah! Fuckin’ suck ‘dat D, girl! MMMMM… Get yo’ self some… Real fuckin’ deep! MMMM!” He groaned, more than happy to let a hot white babe fulfil her interracial fantasies as she slobbered away over his meaty, black cock. Seeing the saliva dripping off of her chin, landing onto her sizeable breasts but the sticky feeling not putting him off from fondling her rack as she was managing to push her chest out a bit. Focusing more on slurping away as her pretty features were close to his crotch when she pushed down. “AHHHHH… Shit girl, you weren’t fuckin’ playin’! MMMMM… Yeah, I can fuckin’ tell… MMMMM… Yo’ fine little ass been down with brothers before! MMMMM...” He gave the sinful compliment about her top notch cock sucking as she kept those lips running up and down his pole, still tightly wrapped around him even with her gagging once in a while. Her lipstick sexily smeared and not just off her lips now as his dark skin was getting a red coating along with the spit. He could tell she had a high sex drive, and proved it more when he gave her nipple a little pinch and tug, getting only a sinful groan out of her around his prick.

“GAHHHHH!! HHHHHHLLLKK… GAAAAAHHHH HHHHHRRRLLL...” The chokes kept coming but to her credit, and showing her experience, the eyes of the Leave and Too Little Too Late singer weren’t even watering for a moment when she let out fresh, wicked gags around him. Pressing down so her nose touched his skin and her chin rubbed saliva onto her heavy balls. Groaning and gagging around him as she kept the deep throat going, all while staring up with desire for him. Helping him out by using her hand to fondle her tit while the other was taken care of by his firm grasp. “MMMMMMPHHH… GAHHHHHH… HHHHHHRRRLLL...” She pulled up, but didn’t go all the way off. Getting in another dose of deep slurps to keep the saliva drooling down both over his inches and off of her own chin as she bobbed away like she was more experienced in working a glory hole than with a singing career. And finding out she’d picked the right hook-up for the night with the fact that this stud was able to handle such a flaming hot blowjob and was still hard, ready for a whole lot more.

Eventually, she pulled off fully and let out a long gasp to get in some overdue air. “Fuck!! Mmmmm… Oh fuck...” She purred, using her hands to stroke her spit all over his already soaked inches. “Oh fuck yeah… I fucking needed that...” JoJo stated the obvious before she spat onto his rod for good measure and finally let go of him.
“No shit, girl? That nasty little mouth of yours was tryin’ to drown my fuckin’ dick!” Dylan said, grinning himself as he watched her stand up.
“Trying? Guess I didn’t do a good enough job...” She teased, moving over to the make-up mirror surrounded by lights as she bent over forwards. Sticking out her plump backside to him as she looked over her shoulder. “So, gonna tap me, stud?” She said. Sounding a little like she didn’t even know his name and just cared more about his cock.
“Yeah, guess I will...” He chuckled, stepping forward as he squeezed her cheek. Something catching his attention as he spread her cheeks. Her asshole was glistening from what looked clearly like lubricant and seeing him stare, it made her grin sinfully. “Damn, girl! You a real freaky honey!” He shook his head, smiling as he lined his cock up with that entrance, seeing what she wanted.

“Why’d you think I said ten minutes instead of five?” She said, before both her and her newfound lover let out long groans when he pushed his cock forward into her backside. Feeling her back passage super tight, even with all the lubricant already inside her for a smooth entry. Allowing him to start already to ease out and then back in. Ticking off another box of experience to show she was no stranger to anal action to go with the deep throating from moments before. Even with the position just starting, she was already pushing herself back towards the pumps. Looking to get her major fix of big, black cock and get him deep into her juicy, rounded white ass. “MMMMM… FUCK… Oh yeah, get that fucking dick in me, babe… MMMMM… Nice and fucking deep… MMMMM… In my nasty little ass...” She purred as she kept staring back. Rocking on her feet as she already made her breasts swing back and forth as she took his cock from behind.

“MMMM… Damn, girl! AHHHHH… I know for sure you’re a fine, freaky thing now...” He smiled broadly as he stared down. Watching her ass cheeks start to jiggle as he pumped between them and worked his dick that extra bit deeper into her. Matching his thrusts with her pushes back so each time that thick rod pushed forward her rear was shifting back. Easily getting over the surprise of having a woman already be pre-lubed up for his cock as he enjoyed how pleasurably tight her ass was all around his dick. “MMMMM… You real down for takin’ a brother like me… You one of them nasty, snow bunny chicks I hear about?” He teased as he pumped back and forth. Showing off his own ability to not have already blown a load from that red hot blowjob earlier, let alone now being stuffed deep in a fine, fleshy backside as the woman he’s banging from the back shifts herself eagerly onto his rod.

“MMMMM… FUCK… You wanna check my curves for… OOOOOOOH… A little Queen of Spades tattoo or something?” She teased back, licking her lips as she ran a hand over her swinging tits. Groaning still as she enjoyed having her back passage spread open by that fat, long cock thrusting away into her. Shamelessly loving it as she showed off her kinks and kept pushing back as her rump got closer and closer to meeting his waist. “AHHHHH… Maybe you can check out my tits later… MMMMM… With that nice, big fucking cock fucking them...” She added before moaning again as the runner up of The Masked Singer in 2021 took it better than many a pornstar could as she got her ass filled up again and again by a man she’s only met tonight and doesn’t even know, or care, about the name off. Her snatch already dripping juices down from her arousal, and she hasn’t even rubbed a finger across herself.

“AHHHHH… You know how to motivate a guy, don’t you, girl? MMMMM...” He smirked, as he was planning on pumping away into her rump anyway but the offer of a titty fuck was fuel enough for most men. Working his dick like a piston to slide in and out of her tight booty as those fleshy white cheeks finally crashed into his toned, dark skinned body. The sensation getting deeper, shameless groans out of the singer he was tapping from behind. “MMMMM… Bet yo’ fine ass says that to… MMMMM… Any brother who comes up to ya...” He said, before using his hand to give her butt a firm slap as the smack of their frames meeting easily echoed around the dressing room. The spank just making her toss her hair back and give a smouldering ‘is that the best you’ve got?’ raise of an eyebrow. Answering the challenge, he gave a sharply slap to her backside that made her groan out in approval while he kept his dick pumping away into her asshole.

“MMMMM… Only the fucking studs who can keep up with me… A girl like me… UHHHH!! MMMMM… Has real high fucking standards...” She groaned as new drops of sweat were rolling down her face, joining the shine already over her naked, curvy body as her breasts continued to sway back and forth in time with the jolts she was making her body do. Pushing right back sharply to meet each incoming thrust into her backside. Making sure she was filled up balls deep to keep her snatch nice and soaked from the lewd feeling of black deep stuffed inside of her. “AHHHHH… MMMMM… And baby? OOOOOOH… You’re fucking ticking all my fucking boxes right now… MMMMM… With that big… Black… Fucking cock in me! MMMM!!” She groaned again like it was a script for a certain brand of interracial porn as she gave back as good as she took. Not looking tired for a moment as she rocked herself against that thrusting rod and ensured her new fuck buddy moaned out too from how fantastic her back passage was snugly gripping his cock as it moved in and out of her booty.

“Best review… MMMMM… I’ve gotten in a long while...” Dylan said, easing his dick out of her asshole with a groan.
“Bad boy with a reputation, huh?” JoJo licked her lips as she pushed herself off to stand. “Knew I saw a good fuck in you when I saw you.”
“Damn girl...” Jay remarked, figuring out that the popstar didn’t even really know who he was, and just wanted him and his fat cock. “Talkin’ like that is makin’ me think you got yo’self one Hell of a rep.” He said, watching her shift up to sit on the edge of the make-up table.
“Like I said, I don’t just fuck any dick that comes my way...” She smirked, spreading those legs invitingly as her hips were raised up a bit. “Only the biggest, fattest, longest, black fucking cocks will get my attention...” JoJo added as she already had a hand down over her pussy, starting to stroke over herself.

“Well shit, if nothin’ else? I got you on that front, girl...” He said, stepping back in. Pushing his dick back into her asshole to get them both groaning before he took a hold of her toned, slim waist as he started to pump into that already familiar back passage. Her tunnel still nice and snug even with his sheer size and the repeated thrusts she’s already handled. No need to hold back either as his motion was steady and stiff to make her body jolt back. Giving him a great view of her tits bouncing in time with his thrusts as the gorgeous popstar moaned out. Sliding her own hand over her folds for a boost of pleasure as she took that fat dick deep into her ass. In a short amount of time once again taking him in balls deep as his crotch smacked off of the bottom of her ass when he drove in.

“MMMMM… Oh yeah, babe… MMMMM… I know you got that big fucking dick for me… MMMMM!! So fucking give it to me, stud! MMMMM… Nice and fucking deep… AHHHHH… Deep in my dirty little ass! MMMMM...” She groaned out as she leaned back to take his cock. The back of her head resting against the mirror as her long hair slid up and down as her frame jolted from taking his firm thrusts. Gritting her teeth with the lust as she worked her digits back and forth over her twat, leaving juices coating her fingers and dripping down her inner thighs. The free hand sliding up his arm as he held her perched on the furniture. “MMMMM… FUCK!! Come here, stud! MMMMM… Give momma some fucking sugar...” She almost growled with her desire as she pulled him down with a hand on the back of his head. No objection there as he smiled and found her plump lips pressing into his. Moans exchanged as the two lustfully made out as she shamelessly shoved her tongue into his mouth.

“MMMMMMPHHH… MMMMMM...” Muffled groans now let out as she bucked a bit against the thrusts slamming in deep and hard into her ass from underneath as her legs were swaying as they dangled out to the side as she took this butt fucking. Still managing to self pleasure with quick strokes over her slick folds. The singer, actress and reality TV starlet sweating harder now than during her on stage concert earlier on as her breasts continued to jiggle and she swapped spit with a man she’s only known properly for about an hour, and even then she hasn’t even bothered to ask what his name is. Just wanting to scratch a major, taboo itch of getting a nice, big black cock shoved deep into her thick white ass.

Jay wasn’t even offended in the slightest as he was more than happy to give the gorgeous woman all the big cock action she could clearly take with no strings attached. Plus, his own moans were showing he was loving burying his dick in a fine piece of ass. Helping himself to a grope of her bouncing breasts as he took care of the main event of this action – sliding his lengthy rod in and out of her still tight asshole over and over. The smack of his crotch hitting off of her backside ringing out sharply in this dressing room so that if it wasn’t for the club music playing out on the other side of the door anyone within earshot would clearly know they were getting down and dirty for a post-show after party.

Eventually, she broke the lusty smooch with a gasp. A little saliva still dripping from her lips as she gazed with desire and kept shifting her hips to match his stiff pace, ensuring he was staying stuffed up into her back passage.  “MMMMM FUCK… YEAH… UHHHHH!! COME ON! MMMMM! FUCKING FUCK MY ASS, BABE! MMMM!!” She groaned out as her chest already heaved from quick intakes of air. Enduring and enjoying the kind of pounding that many a pornstar, even those experienced in interracial, would struggle to handle. Her groans of delight showing she could still take it even as the sweat was dripping off her stunning body. Tracing fingers around her sensitive clit, coating herself in her pussy juice in the process as he gazed with half closed eyes. Looking like a peak was approaching as she moaned each time that fat shaft slammed home into her still needy but snug asshole. “OH FUCK! OH FUCK!! AHHHHHH MMMMMMM!!”

Once again her head tilted back, making the mirror shake when she bumped into the glass with a low thud but that was barely heard over the long, loud moan that escaped her. Her hand furiously rubbing away at her snatch as she drove herself over the edge. Enjoying a nice, intense orgasm as her back passage clamped around the dick still driving away into her. Looking like she was the kind of self admitted kinky freak who got off harder on being fucked up the ass than any other type of sex. Sneaking in a pinch of her nipple too as she made more juices flow out of her twat as she continued stroking over her pussy, leaving a little puddle on the edge of the mirror stand she’s been using to be fucked on. Not caring about the mess of fluids starting to drip off the furniture down to the floor.

“MMMMM… Damn, girl!” Jay chuckled, managing to hold off his own limit as he pulled out of that well fucked butt of hers. “Y'all actin’ up like you ain’t takin’ a dick in a hot minute...” He remarked about her sweat soaked state as she enjoyed a moment of post-orgasmic bliss.
“Mmmmm… Yeah, it’s been a real fucking long while since… Since I got fucked like that...” JoJo purred as she smiled sexily. Glancing down at his still rock hard shaft. “But looks like I ain’t finished with you yet.” She said, licking her lips as she playfully pushed him back so she could, a little shakily, move down in front of him.
“Yeah, yo’ fine ass ain’t done yet...” He smiled, watching her get back to the familiar position of being on her hands and knees.

“Been a while since I’ve done this too...” The Too Little Too Late and Leave singer admitted as she guided that fat shaft back between her lips, wrapping them around the member that had just come straight out of her back passage. Showing another shameless, naughty side of herself to engage so eagerly in ass-to-mouth action. Bobbing along that shaft and tasting her own backside off of him as she lashed her tongue up around those inches. “Mmmmmphhh! Mmmmm...” Her hands stroked his thighs as she put her mouth to work once more, sliding deeply up and down him as she once again was getting herself gagging along his length when she drove right towards his crotch. More than happy to take care of his manhood and give back the pleasure she’d just enjoyed, and already well on her way to do that as she got her saliva starting to coat him yet again.

“MMMMM… Awwwwww SHIT! FUCK!! MMMMM...” The hunky man, only just shy of being ten years younger than the beauty currently blowing him, moaned out as he watched her gorgeous face slide up and down along his fuck-stick. Easily replacing the flavour of her own back passage from off his cock with her spit from her repeated, soothing slurps. The feeling even better with the vibrations from her lustful choking on his prick when she pushes down a little too far than even a self admitted BBC lover like her can handle. Once again saliva drooling down her chin and neck, leaving a shine over her tits from the constant bobbing. “MMMMM… FUCK… MMMMM SHIT… Yeah! Gonna fucking bust… MMMMM… A real big nut, real fuckin’ soon girl! MMMMM...”

“GAHHHHH! HHHHHLLLKK… GAHHHHH HHHHRRRKK!!” Hearing that just encouraged the gorgeous white woman to keep sucking away on that long black dick, as getting him off was exactly why she’d gone from going into ass-to-mouth right into deep throating. Making her nose bump into his crotch and his balls brush against her spit drooling chin. “MMMMPHHH… HHHHHRRRRLLL… GAHHHHH!!” She gagged away, not even minding that strands of her hair was over her face as she hungrily shoved her face up and down on his meaty rod. Making her new fuck buddy moan out almost as loudly as when he’d been stuffed to the hilt inside of her ass minutes ago. Now it was her talented for a lot more than just vocals throat that was taking care of his length. Her oral passage massaging his inches even as she choked when taking him down and deep.

“HHHHHRRRKK… MMMMMPHHH… GAHHHHHH!!” She groaned and gagged away at him, and still didn’t even have watered eyes for a moment from this round two of deep throat fun. Feeling him start to pulse within her, she reached a hand up and gave his balls a soothing squeeze, making him moan as she smirked around his length. Showing her clear experience not just with interracial but with the art of sucking cock to have plenty of tricks up her sleeves. Even with her mouth alone being more than enough as she slurped away with a steady pace. “GAHHHHH… GAAAAAAHHH!! HHHHHLLLKKK...” The saliva kept pouring out over from her lips as she choked away but still stared up with a burning lust for a man she’s never met before. Going at his dick with the sort of motion that would leave most women with a headache, let alone an aching jaw from having such a thick size stretching their lips out.

“MMMMM!! FUCK!! Here it fuckin’ cums!!” He managed to warn with a groan as she promptly lifted her head off. Grasping his rod and stroking off as she opened her mouth wide. Just in time as she’d barely pumped him when the first hot blasts of spunk fired out of his cock, catching up the side of her nose and her cheek to make her groan in delight at the feeling. Aiming his prick downward as she stroked, milking out the spunk into her talented oral hole and enjoying the taste of a black man’s seed with some of it already staining her pretty white face. Not stopping jerking him off until the last drips were eased out and he went soft in her grasp. Leaving her to engage in a little cum play as she used her tongue to roll the collected amount around in her mouth, making a bit spill out over the top of her lower lip. Before she closed up and used a single, sinful gulp to swallow down his load. Gasping with a smile before she opened her mouth up and stuck her tongue out to proudly show she’d taken it all down.

“Damn… You is somethin’ else, girl...” Dylan shook his head with a smile as he gave his obvious approval for this encounter.
“You ain’t half bad yourself for a younger guy...” JoJo gave him a wink as she stood up. Taking a moment to use a finger to scoop up jizz from off her cheek and suck it off with a little groan. “I can see why that girlfriend of yours would be pissed that you’re hitting the club instead of trying to get back with her… She’s fucking missing out!” She added as she moved over to a chair where her clothes were resting on.
“Nah, girl… Me and Kesha ain’t like ‘dat…” Jay shrugged, pulling his pants up to get dressed as well. “More like, you know… A couple booty calls before things went south.”

“Woah, wait...” JoJo paused just as she was about to pull her top down over her tits. “Kesha? Wait… You’re that guy? What’s your name again?” She sounded like she’s heard of him after all, no doubt hearing the stories on gossip sites about his love life.
“Dylan Jay.” He said, enjoying a look over her rack before he put his own top back on.
“Oh shit! That Dylan Jay? The producer!” Her eyes widened. “Shit! I didn’t know I was fucking a celebrity tonight!” JoJo joked with a sexy laugh as she continued dressing. “If I’d known that? Then… Well...” She smirked, glancing at his crotch before she reached for her pants.
“What? You would have asked for me to work on a track for you before suckin’ me off?” He responded with a snigger.

“Nah… I would have still just fucked you… But maybe back at my place instead...” She teased, licking her lips again. “But say… if you and her are on the ice? That position of booty calls sounds like it needs replacing...” She said with a far from subtle tone about it. “Think I can apply for the role?”
“Shit, girl! I’m fixin’ to have plenty of positions open for your fine ass after this!” Jay eagerly, and wisely, agreed. “I’mma leave my DMs open for ya when I get back to my crib.”
“You’d better… Because a girl like me needs a good, regular hard fix of big, black fucking cock… And I think I’ve just found my new dealer...” JoJo purred as made sure to give her ass a firm spank while sticking it out at him when she finished pulling her pants up.
“Shiiiiiiiiit… Oh I’ve got you, girl. I got you and then fuckin’ some...” He nodded with a wide smile. Not considering for a moment that if he thought having the sorts of messages from his existing on-off fuck buddy now filling up his inbox was bad? It was going to get a lot worse when, not if, she found out he was already now just one of his hook-ups for booty calls.

* * *

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Re: Nailing The Tracks (Music Babes Go Interracial w/h various celebs)
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Jojo is a hell of a treat! Yet another awesome chapter!!
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Re: Nailing The Tracks (Music Babes Go Interracial w/h various celebs)
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I love how you write oral sex, it's so detailed.
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Re: Nailing The Tracks (Music Babes Go Interracial w/h various celebs)
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the singers, record labels, musicians, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own any of the record labels, trademarks, musicians etc referenced in this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Starring: Billie Eilish

Nailing The Tracks – Part 24

An erotic celebrity fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal, inter.

* * *
At a lavish party in a private rented building...
“You see, kid? This is my kind of bash!” Jason Baker, the smug and arrogant music executive remarked as he held a glass of champagne and motioned around the room. “The rich and famous! The powerful and influential! I can smell the money from deals to be made already even before the connections have started!” He claimed with an obnoxious smile.

“Yeah, I can smell somethin’ a’right…” Dylan Jay, the young, handsome African American music producer responded flatly. Clearly not enjoying himself like his agent is. Dressed at least for the occasion in smart pants and nicely fitting shirt. “Bunch of suits and cheap dresses here.”

“Relax, kid.” Baker said dismissively. “The business is all about nights like this. Networking and all that. Besides! This is why I’m here. I handle the smart stuff, the paperwork and making the deals. You stand and, well, enjoy the free food and drink and just keep your mouth shut and hands to yourself.” He mocked.
“I could have done that by staying the fuck at home.” Dylan grumbled.
“That’s the spirit!” Jason said, clearly not even listening to him as he gave Dylan a pat on the back. “Now if you’ll excuse me! That guy over there just flew in from Japan! I hear this J-Pop stuff is super popular! My son keeps bragging about wanting to fly over there.” He said, leaving his client behind as he headed across the room.

“...Fucking asshole.” Dylan said, taking a sip of his drink before tensing up at the less than thrilling taste. “I’mma die of boredom here in a hot minute.”

He was about to complain more as he felt someone staring at him. Turning around as he blinked. Seeing the famous cold expression of half-closed eyes from the jet black haired beauty known as Billie Eilish. The singer and award winner clad in her own unique style of a super baggy, oversized top that hid her large breasts, and even mostly covered up the skater-style shorts she was wearing with sneakers on her feet.

Eilish took a glance over him as she held a drink of her own, faking like she was taking a sip. “...Wanna fuck?” She bluntly asked, locking her gaze with him.
“...Shit… Fuck yeah I do, girl.” Dylan, although surprised by the sudden, straight-to-the-point offer, wisely took it with a smile. “Losin’ my damn mind in this so-called party.”
“Good.” She said, glancing to the side of the room. “Five minutes. The fire exit stairwell.” Billie instructed before she, like nothing had happened between them, walked away from him. Leaving just the offer hanging in the air as he smiled.
“Guess I’m gonna do some fine networkin’ after all tonight…” He joked to himself as he felt the sudden need to fight through the bitter taste and finish off his drink.

* * *

Five minutes later, on one of the half-levels connecting floors on the building’s emergency stairwell...

“Damn!” Dylan exclaimed as Billie Eilish shoved him against the stairwell wall. “Ya’ll weren’t playin’ around, huh?” He smiled, showing he had now issue with her taking the lead. Especially as she dropped down onto her knees, and rather roughly at that as a smack rang out when she hit the floor. Her focus being on undoing his belt in quick fashion, yanking his pants and boxers down as her eyes locked onto his massive cock. Barely seeing it before she spat onto both her hands. Gripping his dick and starting to pump as she watched with those half closed eyes as his cock easily grew and got hard as she stroked him off.

“Nice fucking dick…” Billie rather casually remarked with a brief glance up before she leaned in. Opening her mouth up and guiding his dick in. Soon wrapping her full, juicy lips around his rod to make them both groan out. Her lips having to stretch around the thickness as she began to bob up and down slowly and smoothly. Keeping a hand on the base but more to hold him steady as the other hand held onto his lowered jeans. Letting her oral talents be shown off as she worked up and down. Getting into the motion as he turned her gaze upward to stare up while blowing him. Groaning her approval at his taste and the size of him as she let out muffled moans around his pole.

“Mmmmm… And a damn nice fuckin’ mouth you got there…” Jay replied as he stayed leaning back against the wall. More than happy to let her work over his prick as she pumped away with her full lips. A slight brush of tongue on the underside as her hand fell away from his rod. Just her mouth being used to pleasure him and from the smooth way she’s moving her dark haired head up and down? This is far from the first time she’s unleashed a skilled blowjob like this before in her still young life. “Mmmmm… Yeah… Real fuckin’ nice mouth there… Mmmmm!” He groaned as he smiled. Staring down as he watched her slurp up and down. Getting saliva dripping down his length already while she kept groaning around him. Getting a thrill of her own by blowing this handsome, hung black man as he showed he was able to last inside of a red hot mouth like hers as well.

“Mmmmmphh… Shhhhhlllrppp… Mmmmmphhh…” The ‘Bad Guy’ and ‘No Time to Die’ singer continued to moan around his dick as she worked her soothing, wet mouth up and down along that meaty shaft. Keeping an almost piercing stare locked up at him as she worked smoothly like a machine over his fat inches. Her own spit starting to dribble down her chin, landing across the baggy T-shirt she was wearing. But even just sucking off some big dick like this wasn’t enough for her as her hand reached up. More ordering than guiding his down onto her chest and even with the oversized garment when he squeezed, he was able to easily feel in more ways than one how large her tits were. Not needing to be told twice as he groped her through the clothing and kept her moaning around his prick as she sucked him off at that steady pace. “Mmmmmphhh… Mmmmm! Hhhhhllrrrr… Mmmmmmphhh…”

Her pale features moved closer down towards his crotch as the time passed and she kept taking his vast size between her pouty lips. Leaving his dick already soaked with spit but not stopping there as she kept bobbing away. A whole different set of talents than the singing her award-winning mouth is known for. Even switching up things a bit when she pulled back, grinding her lips around his mushroom head for a few moments before going back to the deep slurps. Dragging her tongue along the underside of him as his prick passed in and out of her. Giving an indication of how much she was getting off on blowing a stranger in this stairwell as one of her hands moved down under her shorts. Looking like she was rubbing herself while already having her big tits groped while she blew him.

“Mmmmm… Fuck yeah, girl! You is a fine fuckin’ freak…” He dirtily complimented as he played his part not just by staying hard, but fondling her rack through her T-shirt as it got soaked a little from her dripping spit. She didn’t even raise an eyebrow at the remark, carrying on sucking him off as she pushed down further onto his manhood. Groaning a bit louder however as her nose came into contact with his skin and her chin met his heavy, fittingly large ball sack. “Mmmmm! Yeah, girl! Fucking take it all… Mmmmmm shit!!” He moaned as she started the deep throating. Her mouth having been wet and pleasurable on its own but going now into her snug oral tunnel felt even better as he grinned down. Seeing that even with her throat being tested now, she wasn’t even choking or her expression changing at all as she carried on slurping away like sucking some dick was second nature to her.

“Mmmmmmphhhh… Hmmmmmphhh… Mmmmm…” Her hips shifted, making her ass bounce a bit like she was riding her hand as she kept working over her pussy under her shorts. Keeping herself more than aroused while dishing out some head as she left saliva drooling off her chin. Leaving splats hitting his hand squeezing her breasts. But if not for the clear self pleasuring being done or her muffled groans around his dick? Her signature chilled out expression would make it seem like she wasn’t getting any sort of a thrill from fucking her stunning face on some big black dick. A contrast to his shameless grin and the likewise moans he was letting out from her talented mouth. “Mmmmm… Hmmmmphhh… Mmmmmphhh…” Even more impressive perhaps is that while feasting on all this man-meat, she wasn’t even gagging for a moment when she impaled her throat onto him. Slobbering away but no sounds close to a choke escaping her. Allowing her to freely focus on driving his member back and forth out of her mouth.

Eventually though, she lifted up and off from his dick. Taking a moment to wipe spit from off her chin with the back of her hand. “Fucking finally…” Billie remarked as she stood up. “Good dick is real fucking hard to find these days.” She bluntly said as she reached down. Sliding her shorts down her legs but with the length of her top, she was still covered up down to the thighs even as she kicked the garment to the corner of the stairway.
“You mean findin’ dick that lasts against your fine ass?” Dylan said with a smile.
“Eh, same shit.” She shrugged, giving a flash of her backside as she knelt down and grabbed her bag. Pulling out a small, clear bottle from it.
“Oh shit, girl? You down for me to tap your ass? For real?” Jay said, watching and certainly not objecting when she came back and poured out a bit of lube down onto his freshly sucked cock. Using her hand to pump the fluid over his cock in a clearly performed before manner.

“Duh… My fucking agent would lose their shit if I got knocked up.” She shrugged as she took a moment to turn and face the wall. Putting some of the lube down onto her fingers before she tossed the bottle away onto her bag. Using one hand to lift the bottom of her top up so the other could reach back and around. Clearly far from the first time she’s done this as she slipped a finger into her own juicy, rounded backside. Groaning as she finger banged herself with a slow motion, lubing up her rear and making sure to look at the man she’d be fucking as she did so. A few pumps in and out before she applied a second digit into the mix. Making sure she was well prepared especially for a huge shaft like his as even before she’d pulled out, he was moving behind her with a wide smile.

“It’s all good, girl… I ain’t fuckin’ judgin’ you.” He stated as he moved up once she’d withdrawn those fingers. Smirking as he gave her full cheeks a grope before spreading them while she assumed the position with her arms up on the wall, her hips out a bit as she kept her legs apart. Pressing his bell-end against her entrance but only getting her looking over her shoulder with a slight arch of an eyebrow as if to say ‘what the Hell are you waiting for?’. So he proceeded, pushing his thick rod forward and making them both groan out as he penetrated that tight, fantastic-feeling ass of the pop singer. And the painless gasp that she let out as she felt her ass being stretched showed already that even with this big dick, she wasn’t any sort of stranger to some back door action.

“MMMMM… Shut the fuck up… Get… MMMM… Get fucking me…” She hissed as the Grammy and Academy Award winner kept staring over her shoulder at him. Not even waiting for him to get into a rhythm as she pushed off the wall she was leaning against. Shoving that juicy rump back and helping to work his prick into her snug asshole as she made him moan out. He wasn’t one to just take and not give back as he followed the order. Keeping her cheeks spread as he began to thrust. Working with her pace so that when she shifted back into him, he sent his cock in to get deeper into that tight passage. “AHHHHH… Yeah, fucking like that… MMMMM… That’s the shit, right there…” She groaned out, finally changing her gaze to down at her own backside. Seeing his member sliding in with a smooth pace as he gave his own indication that this was far, far from the first time getting to tap some fine ass from a beauty in the music industry.

“MMMMM… Yeah, that’s some real good shit right here! MMMMM… All ‘dis fuckin’ cake right here and me… AHHHH… Without a damn fork and knife…” Jay joked as he smirked. His fingers easily digging into the flesh offered by her backside as it shook in his grip just from her rocking motion against his pumps alone. Thrusting away firmly into her as it became obvious that she could not just take it up the ass, but handle a huge, thick length like his as well. Then again, he was going straight to butt fucking a hot, young white girl with his big black dick right after she’d deep throated him. So it wasn’t like she was the type to go easy on as he pumped deeper into her backside. Gradually spreading her open that little bit more as she continued to shift back and forth to take him.

“AHHHHH… Got a real way… MMMMM… With fucking words, huh?” She locked onto him with another almost cold look with half-closed eyes. Her expression almost blank but her moans clear as she kept pushing backward to meet each of his pumps. Fucking his cock with her rounded backside almost as firmly as the actual thrusts she was taking. Her own motion making her big tits shake, so even her baggy top had to bounce towards the wall as she worked herself onto his dick. “MMMMM… You charm every chick you hook up with like that?” Eilish teased before moaning again as his cock plunged in to hit her deeper than she’s gotten in a long while. Her snatch, even without being touched, nicely moist from this anal action she’s getting. Yet her passage still vice-like, gripping that thick pole as it plunged into her from behind.

“MMMMM… Nah, girl… I ain’t lookin’ to win nobody’s heart… AHHHHH… Just tappin’ some fine fucking ass like ‘dis…” He said as he let out a snigger. Taking a little risk as he lifted a hand just to drive it down, spanking her rump to leave the flesh wildly rippling. The blow not even getting a whine of pain out of her as the Los Angeles born beauty merely raised her head slightly like she approved of the spank. So of course, he gave another as she let out a low groan. The strikes not even breaking her own motion as she continued to lead the pace even as she was getting it while bent over against the wall. Making him match her motion so he pumped in as she shifted back to send those fleshy cheeks into his toned frame.

“MMMM… Guess we’ve got something in fucking common then…” She briefly smirked before groaning out. Her thick ass meeting his crotch as she got his prick balls deep into her back passage much to both of their moaning delight. The action leaving her starting to sweat with a trickle of moisture rolling down her pale face. Her dark hair swaying a bit, falling a little out of place while she continued gazing back over her shoulder to watch herself being fucked. “AHHHHH… Aside from, you know… MMMM… Hooking up on a fucking staircase like we’re a pair of… AHHHH… Fucking sex addicts…” She joked in between moans. Caring little for the echo of their cries travelling up and down so there was a risk that anyone passing by at any floor a few flights up or down could hear them going at it.

“You said it girl… AHHHH… Not me…” Dylan said, pulling out of her ass.
“What, done already?” Billie sounded annoyed as she moved off from the wall.
“Nah, girl! I was just… Woah!” Jay was cut off as she grabbed him by his top, and shoved him down to the floor. Almost making his head hit the wall as he sat up.
“Then what the fuck are we stalling for?” Eilish said as she moved down, mounting him as she reached back and lined his dick up with her asshole once again.

“Heh, guess not much…” He said, holding onto the pop star's waist as he moved his hands under that baggy top that’s been her signature style. So he wasn’t even seeing his cock going back up into that fleshy ass of hers, but sure felt it as they both moaned out once he was inside of her. “MMMM… Shit! MMMM… Just wanted to try somethin’ different with you, that’s all…” He said, and he was actually getting exactly what he wanted with a new position with the stunning young woman. Seeing her chest bouncing in front of him as he thrust up into her ass, helping her to ride on his big dick as she wasn’t wasting time. Getting his inches deep up inside of her and allowing her to drive down even more forcefully than she’d been when pushing back just moments before.

“MMMMM… Just don’t fucking slack off… MMMMM! Keep fucking my ass!” She lustfully demanded with loud groans as her own hands went over and above him, resting once again on the wall that he was backed against in his seated position. Her juicy cheeks clapping down now, hitting off his body as she drove her backside right into him. Stuffing those fat inches into her still tight back passage while he, just as she’d ordered, thrust upward to once again match her pace. Drilling into her asshole as she slammed down so that the slap of their different toned bodies meeting rang out along with their shameless cries. “MMMMM SHIT… FUCK… Fuck, that’s fucking good… MMMMM!! Yeah, fucking deep… MMMMM… Fuck that ass…” The beauty who has racked up countless awards ranging from Grammy to Brit to Teen Choice and beyond groaned out. Showing off a set of skills that could make and break some sexual records as she worked her stunning, half-clothed body up and down. Those full butt cheeks jiggling away as she drove downward and stuffed her rump full with dick.

“AHHHH FUCK… MMMMM… Yeah, I got you, girl! MMMMM!” He said as he got more than a workout himself from a beauty only a year or so younger than him. Driving his big black cock up into that round, white ass of hers as she raised and lowered herself just as stiffly, if not even a bit more, than his own firm and deep pace. Ensuring his heavy nuts hit off her pale skin whenever their bodies connected as she bounced away on his lap.  “MMMM… Got you real fuckin’ good! AWWWWW SHIT! MMMMM…” He stated as he felt the effects of this wild hook-up himself. Sweat trickling down his face as his cock took the stiff ride from this horny beauty as she moaned out with every bounce she delivered and each firm pump she took from him. Seeing how much of a turn on anal sex alone was for her as the action left her pussy soaking wet even with both her hands being far away from between her legs. Keeping herself steady using the wall for support as they continued fucking in this risky spot of the stairwell.

An idea coming to his head as he moved his hands further up. Rolling up that oversized top of hers as he got a look at last of those huge, soft and perfectly rounded breasts of the pop singer. Naturally, his hands clamping onto them for a deep grope onto both moans as the flesh kept jiggling away as she bounced on his dick to ride him with her ass. Not even his strong drip from his dark fingers could contain those pale tits as they bounced away in his palms. And the touch just adding to her pleasure as for just a moment, her dark haired head titled back to leave her locks even more of a mess than before. Soon gazing back down with another intense but rather stone-faced expression. Those constant moans she was letting out in between driving her booty down into his cock showing how much she was loving this.

“MMMMM… And here I was… AHHHHH FUCK!! Thinking you were just another ass guy… MMMM SHIT…” Eilish groaned out as the beauty of Irish and Scottish decent effortlessly raised and lowered her stunning frame up and down on that long dark cock. Her cheeks rippling away with every stiff contact to send the slap ringing out in both directions in the stairway. Dropping herself down with even more force than the firm enough already thrusts she was taking up into her still snug asshole. Impressing again that her back passage was still clamped around him even with how long this backdoor fun has been going on for. Her ass having taken the most of the action over the course of this encounter. But enjoying this groping as while still bouncing away on his prick, she pushed her chest out into those groping hands to encourage without words more of that far from inexperienced touch from her newfound fuck buddy.

“MMMMM… Could say the same for you, girl! MMMM SHIT…” He smirked back as he showed off some multi-tasking ability. Squeezing away at her jiggling tits while keeping his thrusts smooth and stiff up into her backside. Still at full mast and ready for more out of her as she dropped sharply up and down. “AHHHH… I’m startin’ to think that line you fed me earlier about not bein’ allowed to get yo pussy smashed? MMMM… Maybe you was just frontin’ to get me tappin’ your nasty ass…” He teased but before she could respond he went the extra mile on her. Leaning in and capturing a hard nipple in his mouth. Slurping on him to keep her moaning as he held those big tits and enjoyed a feast onto them. Sucking on the nub, already hard from her arousal up to this point, leaving her easily with a light coating of his spit before he moved onto the other breast for the same treatment.

“AHHHH SHIT… Definitely a fucking tit guy… MMMMM SHIT!!” Billie assumed but her moans and still constant bouncing showing she didn’t mind either way. Clueless that this was far from the first piece of hot, thick white ass that his big black cock has been rammed balls deep into. Groaning out as she got stimulated top and bottom with him dining on those huge but often covered up titties of hers. All as his prick rammed home up into her already well fucked rump that still remained nice and tight around his thickness. “MMMMM… And I’m fucking surprised you didn’t try a damn ‘Bad Guy’ joke after I called you any sort of guy…” She added, another flash of a smile across her stunning, now sweat-coated features while she kept going at a machine-like pace. Quickly lifting up to the midway mark on his length before dropping sharply down to send her butt cheeks slapping off his body as she filled herself up.

Lifting off from her tits, he gave her a sly grin. “Figured I wouldn’t ruin the mood… Since you looked ready to sock me when I distracted you just by pullin’ out.” Dylan claimed as he groaned, watching her stop her motion to rest on his lap for a moment.
“Sure…” Eilish said, moving up as she dismounted his cock. “Got another round left?” She bluntly asked as she moved onto her hands and knees onto the bare floor of the stairs they’ve been fucking on.
“Damn straight I do!” He agreed, moving back up behind her and seeing that she was already moving a hand down between her legs to work over her pussy, he once again lined up with her at his point sinfully gaping asshole. “Shit, you’re a damn fine freak!” He said as he pushed back in.
“Yeah yeah, I know… I should be wearing knee pads or something.” Billie said, misunderstanding the dirty compliment as she looked back at him. “My fucking team have been complaining about it already… Just you keep… MMMMM!!”

This time it was the ‘Bad Guy’ singer’s turn to be cut off as that huge cock wasn’t just thrust into her backside, but rammed in balls deep so his crotch slapped off her pale, sweat-dripping skin with the first motion. Much to her groaning delight as she went straight to work, rocking back on her knees and one arm to push her plump, already well fucked ass back against his stiff and deep pumps. Those full cheeks clapping once again off his toned frame as she gave another display of giving back as good as she took. Making it seem like she was the one fucking his cock more than his stiff thrusts were doing alone as she shifted back and forth. Her huge tits swaying in time with the motion as her top was hiked up to just below the shoulders.

“AHHHHHH FUCK! YEAH! COME ON… FUCK!! MMMMMM!!” The pop star moaned out, looking back over the shoulder of the arm that was right between her legs. Not just pleasuring herself, but full on finger banging herself to stuff in a trio of digits into a snatch that was soaking wet. Groaning out as with each shift back to take his dick between her cheeks, she was riding her hand while stuffing her digits in and out. Going shamelessly knuckles deep so her fingers were easily soaked even after just a couple of motions. “MMMMM FUCK… SHIT! FUCK… MMMMMM!!” Caring little for the state of her knees on bare stone of the stairs as her mind was tunnel-vision focused on getting the most pleasure possible from the hardest anal sex she’s ever gotten, and even better that it’s from the biggest dick she’s ever taken yet in her still just entering her 20s life.

The stud getting to bang her from the back was just happy to get his prick stuffed into a passage still more than pleasurably snug even after all the different rounds and positions of this butt fucking that he’s experienced. More than testing his ability as well as his own exposed skin had a nice shine of sweat over him. Groaning out as he pumped away and stared down. Watching that rather hypnotic sight of that plump rear crashing off his frame over and over as she skilfully met each and every thrust he had for her. Stuffing her full with his huge, long cock so harshly that any normal woman would be left walking with a clear limp for over a week trying to endure this sort of wicked pace.

“MMMMM FUCK YESSSSSSSS… MMMMM!! FUCK THAT ASS!! MMMMM FUCK YES!! UHHHHH!!” The often half-closed eyes of the gorgeous singer were looking glazed over rather than just giving the familiar cold stare she’s known for. Moisture dripping from her stunning face while loose strands of her jet black hair were stuck to her cheeks from her locks swaying as she shifted back and forth. The aggressive pace of her pushes back leaving her panting as her big tits swung underneath her. All as she drove her own fingers in deep into her box to leave her hand already soaked down to the wrist from the rapid self-banging she’s doing. Her moans and cursing loud and lewd to mix with the smacking of her backside hitting the waist of the hunk behind her as he drilled her from the back. And showing no concern that her cries echoing up and down the staircase could put them at risk of being caught in the wicked act.

“MMMM SHIT! Keep it up, girl! MMMMM!! Back all that fuckin’ ass up! MMMMM SHIT!” Jay grunted out, feeling the pressure building inside of him as he fought hard to keep up with this wild, almost succubus-like pace being used to take his dick. Slamming his dick home into that extremely familiar rear of the pop star. His heavy balls brushing against her fingers as she furiously finger fucked herself while taking it up the ass at the same time. His eyes glued down, watching her pale cheeks clap off of him over and over. Her ample flesh only now starting to turn a shade of red from the repeated contract as she took this hammering pace. Not even the odd sharp spank to her ass breaking her stride as she slammed back to give back a fuck that was harder than the one she was taking.

Eventually though, Billie found herself cumming nice and hard over those already soaked fingers of hers. Her body still pushing back but having to more jolt forward now as she wasn’t able to focus on managing the pace as the pleasure flowed through her. Her juices dripping down to hit the stairwell floor they were on as her ass got banged doggy style. Leaving her with a sinful expression as her mouth was parted in a sexy O-shape while her eyes rolled upward. Admittedly, not having to roll that far with half-closed lids. Shuddering as her ass rippled as her fuck buddy in this encounter got in one more round of pumps into that near pulverised back passage of hers. Her asshole left gaping wide when he pulled out and her pussy, dripping wet, wasn’t exactly snug either after her wild series of deep pumps with her digits.

The fun wasn’t quite over yet however. The singer offering no resistance as she was rolled onto her back on the cold floor. Staring up as she watched him mount her body and, to no one’s surprise, placed his long black cock in between those huge pale tits of hers. Her top hiked right up across her collarbone before using his hands to press her mounds in against his prick as he began to thrust. Making those breasts shake back and forth as he pumped in stiffly, but not painfully for her as he didn’t unleash the sort of pace that he’d been hammering her booty with. Clearly wanting to savour this tit fuck from the young, busty beauty as he moaned out and enjoyed how her jugs were sandwiching his prick. And in turn, she didn’t seem freaked out at all by a cock that’s just come right out of her ass now being trapped between her titties.

“Ahhhhh… Fucking told you… Titty guy more than an ass guy…” Even while worn out and sweat-soaked, she could still tease as her gaze locked onto the bell-end of his dick. Watching him pop out from that deep cleavage before vanishing back down. A clap of a different kind now sounding out whenever his crotch hit the bottom of her mountains as he moaned out, loving the feeling of that soft, juicy flesh all around his fat cock. “Mmmmm… This is also why I don’t let someone fuck my damn tits right off the bat… They spend the whole night fucking it and never bang my ass…” She remarked with a glance up. Smirking briefly as she saw him just glued to her chest as he fucked her, like it’s a stare she’s seen plenty of times before despite just hitting her 20s. No complaints about it here however, giving this stud a fair reward for having made her cum so hard.

The hung hunk just kept at it. Pounding now between her tits having just been balls deep between her ass cheeks. Moaning out as he kept her flesh pressed all around his prick. His fingers easily digging in to her bust as once again even with the firm grip she still jiggled about deliciously all around him. His pace quick and stiff, making her jolt slightly with her hair sprawled out and her baggy top shifting as her body bounced. Nowhere near the level of shaking her tits were doing of course as he grunted and pumped back and forth. Making her groan a little as the hot feeling of that dick between her boobs still gave a bit of a thrill. Certainly this was far from the first time she’s let a lucky guy use her chest for his pleasure, but just never with a dick that she could see pop out from between her rack like his can.

Eilish could sense his peak was approaching as she reached up and pulled her top further up to her neck as she could reach while still around the shoulders. Not trying to use the garment as a shield though but with another plan in mind. Watching another brief, sly smile as he pulled out from her breasts. Stroking his dick rapidly with a deep groan as he began to shoot his load across those huge, heaving tits of the pop star. Thick, hot streaks of spunk landing across both mounds. Easily dripping down into the valley between them as she stayed laying back to take it. The spunk dripping down the top and bottom along with the sides, so a couple drips were left as evidence on the stairwell floor along with their sweat and her juices. More than a generous glaze that would make it look like she’d just taken a few loads after completing a gang bang than from the one hung stud.

“Fucking nice! Not been creamed like that in a long while…” Billie all too casually said as she sat up a bit, making more spunk fall from off her covered tits. However, she shockingly just yanked her baggy top down to cover her upper body. Meaning that the spunk would stay stuck onto her rack and on the underside of her attire, but hidden from view unless it managed to seep through. “What? I just figured out a fucking advantage of wearing this kind of stuff aside from hiding myself up.” She stated, seeing his expression.
“Shiiiiiiiit… Damn, OK! It’s all good.” He said, passing over her shorts to her before he started pulling his pants back up.
“So, who the fuck are you anyway?” Eilish finally asked as she pulled her clothing up. “You just sneaked into this party or what?”
“Nah girl! I was invited!” Dylan said, not being offended by not being ‘known’. “I’m Dylan Jay, I’m a producer.”

“Oh? Huh. Kinda was hoping you were a random.” Billie said, looking him over. “Was kinda getting off on fucking the party crasher, you know?” She admitted with a shrug.
“Shit, like that huh? Sorry for killin’ your vibe.” Jay said with a chuckle.
“Ah, whatever. You were a damn good fuck.” She easily admitted. “So what, you want my brother or my people to call yours?”
“If you wanna. But you’ll need to deal with my asshole of a manager while doing that.” Dylan warned with a smile.
“Might be worth it. Depends. Is getting another shot at you and that big fucking dick part of the deal or not?” Billie asked.
“Shit, after all that, girl? Yo’ fine, freaky ass can get this D’ any fuckin’ time. No studio time needed.” Dylan wisely said.

“Yeah, we’ll get along fine then.” Eilish remarked, sticking out her tongue for a moment. “Let’s get going. Sooner we finish the party? Sooner we can get back to fucking.” She said, pointing up the stairs as she started heading up.
“Hell yeah…” He said, eagerly following her up. Not for the first time thinking more about future booty calls rather than any deals for the job he’s supposed to be focused on.

* * *

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Re: Nailing The Tracks (Music Babes Go Interracial w/h various celebs)
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Awesome story, love these.
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Re: Nailing The Tracks (Music Babes Go Interracial w/h various celebs)
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This series is spoiling us rotten. So many hot music babes getting fucked.
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Re: Nailing The Tracks (Music Babes Go Interracial w/h various celebs)
« Reply #40 on: July 04, 2022, 08:54:41 PM »
Another fine chapter.

With so many singers, I'm surprised Cade has not asked you to write Britney yet lol
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Re: Nailing The Tracks (Music Babes Go Interracial w/h various celebs)
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Great story. Really well written. My only complaint was that it didn’t lead into sex, wasn’t realistic. And a little spit exchange would’ve helped too i feel.  ^-^


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