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An interview with...MiamiLyfe
« on: May 17, 2020, 02:57:51 PM »
Our next interview is with the author of the epic Lucky Bastard series, MiamiLyfe.

In this interview we will find out he got into writing celebrity erotica, who influenced him to write in this genre and other topics related to his writing.

You can view his profile here

1. Where are you from?

The United States, but I’m not from South Florida originally nor do I live there currently.

2. How did you come up with your pen name and is there any meaning behind it?

MiamiLyfe is actually a pen name.  I had a different username from when I started posting pictures and comments on Celeb Fan Forum, that username was based on my Miami Dolphins fandom, and was a catch-all username I used on a few sites. Once I started sharing stories on other sites, I wanted to change my username to something not sports-related. So, I love the city of Miami, and I wanted to keep “Miami” in my username to keep it consistent, and I saw someone use a hashtag ‘#MiamiLyfe’ on Instagram. I liked that so I decided to use that.

3. How long have you been writing celebrity erotic fiction?

I just looked it up, I posted my first story on July 7th, 2017.

4. Who or What got you started writing erotic fiction?

I was always into erotic stories going back to when I first started watching porn (R.I.P. C-S-S-A).  I occasionally thought about doing a story but never followed through.  Then I had this insanely vivid dream about Hailee Steinfeld and Olivia Holt and I just felt compelled to write it down and then I posted it. And that was my ‘One Time Hall Pass’ story.  I then wrote a few more stories as ideas came, based on the feedback I was getting I kind of found this skill I didn’t know I had.

5. Who would you say are your biggest influences as a writer of less than appropriate celeb fiction? Which authors, if any, would have inspired you?

Honestly I don’t really have any.  I have a number of writers who I like and have liked, and those are listed in the next answer, but I never consciously tailored my writing in the style to be similar to another writer nor did I contact anyone about writing styles and who others got their start.  I just write down the idea/picture I envision inside my head.

6. Who are your favorite celeb sex story writers? Past and Present.

I guess some of the past ones (though some are still active) would be  Money, VoodooJoe, TRL, LemonTalk, TPG, TheBigLove, noopster jjgarces, TheLW.  (sorry if I am leaving some people off)

But probably my favorite current writers write now are TheChemist & MaxwellLord

7. Any favorite sex stories that you've read that made you think - "Wow! That's incredible!"

I am amazed by MaxwellLord’s All-Star College. While my Lucky Bastard story is 33 chapters in, it is more or less a series of interconnected one-offs told through the perspective of one person.  Him having so many different storylines with so many different characters is incredible. To put it into comparison, my Lucky Bastard story is like The Hunger Games series, while his All-Star College story is A Song of Fire And Ice.

8. Which of your own stories are you the proudest of writing?

I mean, it’s hard for me to not say Lucky Bastard.  I’ve said it prior, that it was meant to just be a one-off story that a number of people asked if I was going to turn into a series, so I did a second chapter.  Then I had a bunch of ideas pop into my head after I got good feedback on the second chapter.  Now nearly 3 years later I am 33 chapters in, and people still tell me how much they are enjoying it.

Some of the others that I really enjoyed writing were “Showing in Lisbon” with Hailee Steinfeld, “A Good Surprise” with Paris Berelc, and “Working Up A Sweat” with Victoria Justice

9. Which celebrities do you enjoy writing about the most?

I try to use a variety of celebs and give them different traits and personalities in my writing. That said the easy answers would be Hailee Steinfeld, Olivia Holt & Victoria Justice.  They are my top celeb crushes (Hailee far and away being my #1) and I have done the most stories about them. 

10. What type of sex scenes do you enjoy writing the most?

Don’t really have a favorite sex position or sex act that I write about.  I think it more has to do with the two characters being really passionate, having that strong desire for one another, and just really going at it with one another.  Not just a simple quicky thing.

11. Do you have a routine for how and when you write?

Not really.  I usually try to pick out a day where I know my schedule to be cleared to do a lot of the writing, and then I just kind of write on and off throughout the day.  Every now and then I have a very vivid idea (usually from a dream) where I just have to write down at least some of it as soon as possible, and then I will come back late to fill out the rest of the story.

12. Do you sketch out a plan on paper/word/notes or write off the cuff with a basic idea and let it flow from there?

No. I do it all in my head.  A lot of times I’ll have a preliminary idea and within a few minutes, I’ll have a lot of it mapped out in my head.

The closest thing I do to mapping out a story is that a lot of times I will not write a story in a linear way (from beginning to end). Instead, I’ll write different scenes that come to my mind most vividly first, and then I’ll work backward connecting multiple scenes together.  I especially do this when I have a bit of a blockage when I am in the middle of a story.  It’s like, I am at Point A and I want to get to Point F but can’t figure out how, so I’ll figure out what happened right before Point F, and then what happened right before that, and I backtrack until I can link it to Point A.

13. Apart from hot celebrities, does anything else influence your writing? Music, Fashion, TV, etc.

I guess gossip and real-world things. I take stuff that is happening in the real world like different award shows, festivals, or even things like the COVID-19 lockdowns and combine it with celeb gossip.  So I have stuff in there about different celeb breakups, or like in my last story I took a blind item about Madelaine Petsch being into BDSM and used that.

14. Any projects you are working on that you are excited about?

Nothing really. I have a Vanessa Hudgens idea for a one-shot that I think I might do next. At some point, I am going to have to figure out an ending to Lucky Bastard.  I think the series deserves an ending and not just to be deserted whenever I decide I am done with it.

15. Any tips for readers that may want to start writing celebrity erotic fiction?

Just start writing.  You won't know if you can do it or what you might need to work on until you actually try writing.  I’d also say try to be descriptive as you can when you can.  Saying “She blew me, then we got naked, and then we went into the bedroom and had sex” might work as a story you are telling your friend in a text, but that doesn’t work if you are actually trying to write a full story.  If you are struggling to figure out how to write a sex scene, then watch porn and just write down a description of that is going on.  Not just the position, but also what are their hands doing, what are their mouths doing, that kind of stuff.


How do you keep track of incidents in a long-running series like Lucky Bastard?

Mostly from memory actually. I do occasionally have to go back and read what I wrote in some cases.  But it’s getting near the time that I need to start taking some notes on what I have done.  Like for Ed’s director friend Ryan, while I was writing my latest Madelaine Petsch story I had no clue if I ever gave Ryan a last name.  I just decided to say screw it and not include it this time.  I have done that other times too, where I reference something in the past but I don’t get specific because I don’t remember and don’t feel like digging through to find the answer.

Why do you like writing about celebrities?

So I guess it has to do with setting up a fantasy world, but it’s also one where others know the character and knows what the people I am talking about look like so they can picture what it is I am talking about.  I also have to say, because I try to ground my stories in some plausible reality, I like setting up this alternate version of the current world, so I can bring in events from real life to influence what it is that I am writing. 

Plus I don’t know how many people have noticed, I love connecting a lot of my stories with little easter egg connections between other things that I have written. So like my “Working Up a Sweat” story with Victoria Justice is connected to my Honeymoon Bliss story, my early Lucky Batard stories do have connections to my first One Time Hall Pass story, or my “Fulfilling A Fantasy” story with Olivia Holt and Miranda Cosgrove takes place at the same event as chapter 29 of my Lucky Bastard story.  And keeping in that Hollywood/Celebrity world allows me to keep this kind of interconnected universe more so than a bunch of totally original stories.
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