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Jerked Off By Kathie Lee Gifford
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Jerked Off By Kathie Lee Gifford by Jack Black
Celeb(s) – Kathie Lee Gifford
Codes – MF,
Originally posted on August 25, 2002 at CSSA

"A stage hand is caught by his ultimate fantasy and she finishes him off"

I have been hot for kathie lee ever since I started working for the show. one day my lust got the better of me and I snuck into her dressing room during rehearsal. I opened her drawer and found the hottest pair of white thong panties ever. I just stood there looking at them. I got a glimpse up her skirt once and she gave me a look that told me she didn't approve. I got so hot that I started to stroke my cock on her panties. They felt so silky and the thought that they were between those gorgeous legs was too much. I was getting close to cumming and started looking for a tissue when I heard the door open. There she stood. A tight white blouse, obviously no bra, hard nipples, a short skirt and a pair of delicious white heels and a look that could only be described as angry.

"what are you doing jack?" she said

"oh shit mrs gifford I didnt here you come in."

"Of course you didnt." She said really getting angry with me. I couldnt help but stroke my cock.

"Stop that right now!" she snapped.

"did you cum in my panties!?" she asked.

"No I swear."

"Didnt I catch you looking up my skirt once?"

"no." I wasnt convinceing.

"Yes I did, and I know you were masturbating in the green room, I heard you.

"you did?"

"yes, I came to confront you about it and I heard the sounds of someone masturbating with what sounded like a gallon of lotion."

"Ok I did but dont tell the supervisor."

"Did you cum good. she said sarcastically With all this talk about masturbating and cum I started to stroke my cock again.

"I told you to stop that!" she yelled.

The look on her face and her huge tits with hard nipples was the last straw. I wrapped the panties around my cock and started to stroke faster.

"dont cum on those, she screamed as she lunged forward to take them away from me. when her hand touched the wrist of my jack off hand i lost it. I shot a huge wad of cum all over her hand and her blouse and her shoes.

"what the hell." she scolded.

"you came all over me. you covered my cattier watch in cum!"

"I'm so sorry mrs gifford, I couldn't help it."

Dont feel to bad I just got a little freaked out, I get letters form fans that tell me they masturbate to the show all the time."

"Mrs gifford?"

"yes?" she said looking up at me as she was wiping cum off her white pumps.

"could I ask you a favor?"

"it depends on what it is."

"I have had a thing for you for so long, I cant even concentrate at work. I have a fantasies about you that I cant bear."

"What are you getting at?" she said looking suspicious. the sight of the holding a tissue filled with my cum and that big stain on her blouse was getting me hard again.

"I have always wanted you to give me a hand job."

"you mean jerk you off." she said with an angry tone and eyes to match.

"Please kathie lee, you have such sexy hands and I know you cant have sex with me because you are married so cant you just stroke me a little.?

"does it bother you that much?


"I see you are getting hard again, will it take you long to cum?"

"not really, I will probably shoot as soon as i feel your hand."

"I will do this if it makes you leave me alone and concentrate on your work."

she grabbed my cock with her smooth sexy long fingered hands and began to stroke me at a rather fast pace. I just stood there looking at her face and her sexy legs and heels the way she was sitting in front of me was a perfect view of her whole body.

"can I see your tits?"

"no way." she scoulded.

"just enjoy this and cum."

"say cum again please."

"Cum" she said it rather plainly.

"no say it sexy.


"oh thats it like that. now tell me to cum."

"you want a lot dont you?!


"will it help you cum? She asked looking up at me with a rather business like expression as she continued to jack me off harder.

"yes, if you keep telling me to cum and let e see up your skirt I will be done in a few seconds."

"look up my skirt?"

"you are asking for too much I will let you look once and then you have to cum its getting late do you understand?"

"if someone catches me giving you a hand job Im sunk."

She started to stroke me faster as she opened her legs and showed me her white panties and her thigh high stockings I stared at the panties as she jerked me and looked me in the eye. she was very business like and didnt seem to be getting any satisfaction she just wanted me to finish.

‘cum jac, right now."

"come on and cum.

"let iit go, cum for me, cum, cum let it go you need to hurry up and cum I cant spend all day jerking you off, and dont cum in my face or in my hair.

"can i cum on you panties."

"use the ones you already came on and hurry up."

I watched her stroke my cock and look at me with those eyes and her great legs and I saw her panties and She held another pari for me to cum on and when I felt her touch my cock with the silk I felt it build.

"Come on and cum, shoot it, get off and cum already!"

I love that bitch attitude, but this was real she wanted me to finish. I exploded all over the panties her wrist her leg and even on her fac

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