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Alex Jones After Show Fun (featuring Alex Jones)
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Originally published on C-S-S-A.com in 2015

Author: dex586

Content Codes : Cons, MF, Anal, Oral
Celebs : Alex Jones
Disclaimer : This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Alex Jones After Show Fun

On my first day as a runner for the BBC I was assigned to the One Show, a real crap shoot of a show, blander then rice and milk, but it was my first job after leaving uni and I figured it could lead to something bigger. I arrived at the studio first thing on Monday and reported to my boss Jerry, a guy who looked like he had given up on life a while ago.

“Hey, you Jerry? I’m Andy the new runner, I was told to come see you”

He didn’t even look up from his computer, the image of what looked like a particularly boring spreadsheet reflecting in his glasses “Sure, go report to Martin the series producer, he’ll find you something to do”

“Do you know where he is?” Jerry looked up briefly, and snorted with a certain amount of distain before returning to his monitor.

“Down on set floor” That was about all the conversation I could cope with from Jerry, I left his office and headed down to the set, keeping my eye out for the lead presenter, Alex Jones, the only bright side to taking this job. I’d always had a bit of a soft spot for Alex, the welsh girl from the valleys with the pretty eyes and the fantastic tits, many a time I had felt my trousers tighten while watching here on the One show in her short skirts and tight, cleavage revealing tops.

I found Martin sitting on the famous sofa; he seemed to have a bit more life to him then Jerry. “Hi, are you Martin?”

“Yeah man, what can I do you for?”

“I’m Andy, the new runner, I was told to report to you” he gave me a quick look up and down, the 30 something guy with a coffee in his hand and what seemed like no cares in the world.

“Alright, follow me around today, I’ll show you the ropes” the rest of the day was spent following Martin around, doing little tasks, picking up coffees, running scripts around, doing dogsbody work.

The show was broadcast live so when 7 rolled around the studio was full of people and I had nothing to do. Just then I had my first glimpse of Alex Jones, she was wearing a tight dress which seemed particularly sort, as she sat down it rode up her thighs and had my attention for the next half hour, Martin obviously noticed my keen interest and called me over.

“Hot right?” he said

“Umm, I was just watching the filming”

“Sure you were, don’t worry about it, everybody looks, why do you think she dresses like that, she knows what she’s doing” I glanced back over at her just as she crossed her legs, giving a briefest look at her panties “Plus you’re the new guy so make sure you’re around on Friday after the show alright?”

I looked at him a bit puzzled “what, why?”

“Let’s just say she likes the new guys ok?” That certainly peaked my interest, I figured he was taking the piss but the ideas were set in my head now and to be honest it kept me up at night.

The week passed pretty quickly, I got more coffee, ran around more scripts and even had the pleasure of unblocking a toilet, but always making time to watch the show, or should I say Alex. 7 on Friday rolled round and filming was just about to start, I still hadn’t been formally introduced to Alex but figured it would happen when it happened. As she came on set I developed an instant hardon in my trouser, she was wearing a short blank pencil skirt and a tight white blouse, but what got me the most excited was the fact she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra, the soft fabric hanging of her body showing the soft curves of her breasts with the slightest hint of her nipples standing to attention.

15 minutes in and the show cut away to segment filmed earlier that day, as the red light went out on the cameras, showing they were no longer broadcasting, the people in the studio went about their business preparing for the next live segment. I went to the back of the studio to look busy, a few seconds later I felt a gentle tap on the shoulder, I turned to see Alex Jones stood in front of me with a smile on her face; pretty soon I had a smile on my face too.

“Andy, right? You’re the new runner, sorry I haven’t introduced myself yet it’s been pretty hectic around here” her voice was soft and her gentle welsh accent melted my heart. But that didn’t stop me having a quick glance at her body, down her neckline to the opening of her blouse showing her ample cleavage.

“Yeah that’s right” I said quickly realising I hadn’t said anything for 10 seconds, I looked up to make eye contact, seeing that she caught me looking at her body I went a little red but her smile just grew a little wider “I’ll be a runner around her for a while so if you ever need anything let me know.” I tried to sound cool, but I don’t know how it came out.

“Actually, it’s funny you should say that, a bulbs gone in my dressing room, can you come and deal with it after filming?” her smile turned to a smirk.

“Yeah of course, I deal with it now if you like”

“No, come once filming is finished, hopefully we can get to know each other a bit more as well” as she said this she ran her finger down my chest “I better get back to the filming” she turned away giving me a look at her tight ass in her skirt. I couldn’t believe what had just happened, I ran to find Martin as quickly as I could.

“Martin, you’ll never believe what just happened, Alex Jones came over to me and pretty much asked me for sex” I tried to hide a bit of excitement form my voice but failed miserably.

“I told you on Monday that this would happen” he said nonchalantly, “take my advice, whatever happens in that dressing room, just go with it”

Martin left me to consider his advice, well no shit I thought; of course I’ll go with it. The next fifth teen minutes were the longest of my life, but the show finished filming and I saw Alex leave the set. I followed pretty promptly.

When I got to her dressing room I knocked on the door, “come in” came the response, so I let myself in, it was quite a large room with an area for make-up with a big mirror and a sofa in the corner, “I’m just freshening up” came her voice form the attached bathroom “make yourself at home”

I sat on the sofa, and waited. 30 seconds past and Alex came out of the bathroom, she looked hotter than when she was on set, she was still wearing the same outfit but she had let her hair down and looked far more relaxed.

“So where’s that bulb you need me to look at?” I asked sarcastically, she laughed softly as she came and stood in front of me.

“I think we both know there’s no bulb” as she said this she pushed my legs together, straddled me and lowered herself onto my lap, he skirt riding all the way up, revealing her black sheer panties, she pushed her breast together in front of my face showing me her beautiful cleavage, her ripe tits pushing together drawing my attention.

She leant forward and whispered in my ear “You know I wore this outfit for you today, I always like to personally welcome new staff to the team” I placed my hands on her thighs and started to gently rub her legs drawing a soft purr from her lips.

I moved my hands up her body over her blouse to her breasts; I started to massage them though the soft fabric feeling her nipples going hard in my palms. A more vocal moan escaping her lips, as I started to undo the buttons of her blouse freeing her tits as quickly as possible, her body was amazing, her slightly freckled upper chest lead to her beautiful round tits with the perfect hard nipples, I played with them for a little longer before leaning forward and taking her left nipple in my mouth. I nibbled on her nipple, biting down causing Alex to take a sharp gasp of breath.

“Oh god, that feels so good” she whispered, as she moved her hand down to my crotch feeling my rock hard cock through my trouser, I moved my mouth over to her other nipple as I moved my hands down her flat stomach and back onto her thighs, then moving them up under her skirt onto her inner thigh, I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy as I moved my left hand onto her crotch, her panties were wet from the excitement.

Alex shrugged off her blouse, now completely topless she put her arms above her head, I pulled away from her breast to fully take in her body “perfection” I said as she smiled down at me.

“Let’s get you out of those clothes” she said with a smirk on her face, she leant forward and put her hands on the bottom of my T-shirt and pulled it over my head revealing my distinctly average body, but to my surprise she let out a breath as she ran her hands down my chest, it seemed she liked what she saw. She then slid off of my lap to her knees in front of my crotch and started to undo my trousers, she pulled them down with my boxers at the same time causing my cock to spring up and almost hit her in the face.

“Wow, that’s an impressive looking cock” she said, her welsh accent making the word cock sound especially sexy, my 7.5 inch cock standing to attention as she grasped her hand around the base inspecting the throbbing head.

This was it, this was the moment Alex Jones was going to suck my dick, I looked down at her as beads of sweet formed on my brow from anticipation, Alex, still staring at by cock, licked her lips as she leant forward as her tongue licked my shaft up to the tip of my head. Alex’s tongue then went to work, tracing around my bulbous head with quick movements, running her tongue along my slit making me shudder and moan, and causing a huge smile on Alex’s face.

“Just relax, and enjoy yourself” she said as we made eye contact, Alex opened her mouth and took my head between her lips, I moaned again this time causing Alex to chuckle, her laugh vibrating down my cock.

She then worked more of my hard cock into her mouth, taking 3 or 4 inches in before pulling back up, keeping my head in her mouth, then seconds later returning back down my dick. Maintaining eye contact, Alex started to work up a good pace and rhythm, taking a little more of my dick in her mouth with each thrust, both of use moaning as her speed quickened.

But I needed more, I needed to feel my whole cock in her mouth, I placed my left hand on the back of her head, weaving my fingers into her long brown hair, I then took my right hand and gently removed her hand from the base of my cock, she looked up at me with a knowing look in her eye as I gently pushed her head further down on my cock, 5 inches then 6 inches, I released the force and she pulled he mouth of my cock with a gasp then a smile. This was the first time my cock had been out of her mouth, so I looked down at glistening with Alex’s spit and a dribble of precum, Alex was quick to lick that up and swallow it down.

“I want to feel my whole cock down your throat” I said as I griped onto the back of her head again.

“Yes sir” she said with a mock salute, lowering her mouth back onto my cock, I was determined to get my cock down her throat so I applied a bit more pressure this time and raised my hips a little so all 7.5 inches went into her mouth. She bobbed her head working her tongue on my cock, it felt amazing, so good that I pushed my cock down her throat, holding her there for slightly longer then she wanted, her eyes beginning to water and glaze over, I released her head as she began to go a little red, she pulled of my cock taking in a huge gasp of air.

“That felt amazing” she said, taking in another gasp of air and wiping a string of spit of her chin ”But now it’s your turn” she stood up removing her skirt, leaving her in just her black panties and giving me another look at her great body. I stood up to meet her, moving in for a long kiss on her lips, pulling her in close, my cock pushing against her body. She pulled her lips away from mine “ I want you to eat my pussy” the 38 year old woman said, this might have been the hottest thing I’d ever heard.

I lowered myself down to my knees, my face inches away from her warm, inviting pussy, I hooked my fingers around the waistband of her panties and pulled them down, revealing a brown strip of hair just above her folds. I moved in to kiss her thighs moving up to, running my tongue over her soft opening. I manoeuvred her back to her sofa and she lay down, now completely naked except from her heels, I pushed her legs apart so I could get to her pussy. I sunk my head deep into her pussy working my tongue deep inside of her, Alex released a huge moan as my tongue delved into her pussy and my nose rubbed against her clit, I’d always been quite talented at eating pussy and I had every intention of making Alex cum and cum hard.

I moved my tongue up and started to lick at her clit, tracing around it, spelling out the alphabet, by the time I got to F in moved my hands up and started playing with her pussy, I slipped 2 fingers into her moist slit, she was soaking wet and the insertion caused a load moan and shiver from Alex, I moved my fingers onto her G-spot and rubbed in an irregular pattern, her pussy clamped down on my hand as she reached climax, her legs clamped around my head pulling me close as she moaned loud until she relaxed again, releasing me from her grip.

I looked up at Alex to see her face and chest covered in sweat and a huge smile on her face, I didn’t wait to be told what to do next, I shimmed up her body licking up her delicious stomach and tits until my still rock hard cock was lined up with her pussy, we made eye contact as I pushed my head into her dripping pussy causing her eyes to widen and a short gasp of breath to be taken in by both of us. Her pussy wasn’t the tightest I’d ever fucked, which meant I didn’t have to take it slow; I thrust my cock deep inside of her as we both moaned.

“Fuck me hard and fuck me fast” she pleaded as I worked my cock all the way into her pussy, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as I worked up a fine rhythm trying to work my cock around all of her cunt. I could feel my balls beginning to bubble but I wasn’t ready to cum yet, so I slowed it down before pulling my cock out.

“I want you to ride me Alex” I said, looking down to see my cock dripping with her juices, we quickly swapped positions, with me laying on my back as Alex squatted over my dick, guiding herself down onto it using her hand. In this position I had no control, but I didn’t mind, it was clear Alex wanted to cum again and she knew just how to do it. She rode me hard, rocking her pelvis back and forth, her eyes closed as she moaned loudly between deep breaths.

This position gave me the perfect opportunity to play with her beautiful 34c’s which were swaying in front of me, I grasped with both hands, feeling her hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger and tweaking them hard causing a yelp to escape from Alex, she continued to ride me hard, her moans getting louder and louder until I felt that familiar feeling of her pussy clamping around my cock and a huge shudder follow through her body. She stopped riding my cock, but instead of getting off she sank her body down on it and rode out the waves of pleasure her orgasm had caused.

After 10 more seconds of aftermath she looked down at me “time for you to cum” she said beginning to rock back and forth again on my penis, it didn’t take long before I felt my balls fizzing again but this time I was ready to cum, I dug my fingers into her thighs as a came hard deep into her womb, moaning load as we made intense eye contact.

I began to go soft in her pussy as Alex pulled herself of my cock, her pussy dripping with her juices and my cum, then she did the hottest thing I have ever seen, see took her hand down to her crotch and scooped up the combined juices and then sucked her fingers clean, that made my cock twitch but for the time that was all.

We both lay on the sofa in the post sex hue of satisfaction, her arm draped across my chest and my hand resting on her pert, round bum.

“That was amazing” I said, still slightly out of breath.

“Umm” she agreed with a satisfied smile on her face.

“Do you want me to go” I asked, conscious that I was in her dressing room after work hours.

“Go?” she said looking up at me into my eyes “if you go now whose going to fuck my arse?” a huge smile shot across my face as Alex reached down and started to massage my cock back to life. “Not many guys make me cum twice, especially guys as young as you, I think that means you deserve a treat” my cock began to get hard again. “Although I don’t think I’ve ever had a cock as big as yours up my pooper so you’ll have to go slow” with that she disappeared down to my cock, taking me back in her mouth and sucking her juices and my cum off my dick.

I like to think of myself as a relatively experienced guy but I had never fucked a girl in the arse, I’d always wanted too and even suggested it to a few of my old girlfriends but I was always shot down, to lose my anal virginity to Alex Jones was a dream come true.

Alex got up and walked over to her makeup table, her arse swaying from side to side, she delved into one of the draws and brought out some lube, she beckoned me over. “I want you to bend me over this table and fuck my arse” I don’t think my dick had ever been harder.

I walked over to her and she passed me the lube “it’s been a while” she said “you will have to warm me up before you put that giant dick in my arse” she bent over the make-up table and spread her legs giving me a fine view of her pussy, but more importantly here arsehole, I kneeled down to have a closer look. I squeezed out some lube onto my right forefinger and gently applied it to Alex’s anus; the cold of the lube caused her arsehole to clench tight before it relaxed again. I applied more lube to my finger and pushed it into her arse up to my first knuckle, then to the second, her arse felt tight on my finger, I imagined how tight it would feel on my cock, I worked my finger in and out of her tight bumhole applying more lube before adding a second finger.

Alex was moaning, gripping onto the table as I pushed my fingers deep into her arse. After a few minutes she looked over her shoulder to me “I think I’m ready” that was all the invitation I needed, I got up of my knees and gave her arse a playful slap causing Alex to giggle. I then applied a generous amount of lube to my cock, looked into Alex’s eyes as I lined my cock up with the puckered, lubed arsehole, she gave me a little nod to confirm she was ready.

I grasped around her hips, as she reached behind her and parted her arse cheeks, I slowly pushed my cock forward, it slipped away from her hole and slide up her crack, and I tried again with the same result. I took my left hand off her hip and steadied my cock as I pushed forward, this time forcing Alex’s tight hole to begin to open, a large moan escaped Alex’s lips as I had to increase the pressure to burst into her anus. My thick head was in her arse, Alex was looking forward but due to her large makeup mirror I could see the expression on her face, her eyes were clamped shut and her teeth were gritted, but she didn’t tell me to stop so I began to ease more of my cock into her arse.

“Oh god, it feels so big” she moaned as I pushed 3 inches in, “is that all of it?”

“Almost” I lied, I had never felt anything so tight on my dick but I was determined to get all of my cock up her arse, I looked at Alex in the mirror again, there were tears in her eyes, I stopped pushing forward “are you alright?” I asked.

“are you kidding?” her pained expression briefly replaced with a smile as we made eye contact for the first time since I entered her  “I’m in fucking heaven, give me more”

“Yes ma’am”  with that I applied more pressure gliding another inch in, it had become easier to slide my dick back and forth as Alex became more used to the sensation, I pulled my dick out so just the tip remained in and applied more lube to my shaft, I could then push a full 6 inches into Alex’s arse.

Alex was beginning to moan louder and louder, she removed her hand form her arse and moved it round to her pussy, stating to play with herself causing a playful giggle, I removed a hand from her hips and moved up to her breast and started to play.

With one more hard push I bottomed out in her arse, my whole shaft encased in her tight hole, I then upped the pace, drawing out and thrust back in, my balls slapping against her dripping pussy as I grasped at her tits, Alex’s moans were getting louder, she was speaking but I couldn’t understand her due to the interrupting from her moaning and grunting as I fucked her arsehole, as she came her arsehole got tighter, tighter than anything I could imagine causing me to gasp in insane pleasure.

When she came down she turned to me and said “cum deep in my arse, fill my bowls”

“no,” I said as I felt my climax drawing close, I pulled out of her arse seeing it briefly gape open before sealing shut again. I started to masturbate as I grabbed at Alex’s shoulder, moving her down onto her knees, and her face inches away from my cock as I felt my balls explode, the first string of cum caught her of guard hitting her on the forehead down to her left cheek, hitting her still open eye. She then shut her eyes tight as the second string hit the bridge of her nose, pouring down into both of her eyes, I aimed down slightly for the third and fourth string hit her cheek and smiling mouth, covering her lips, which she instantly licked. I then placed my cock into her mouth and Alex sucked the remaining cum out of my dick and tasting her own arse on her tongue.

“That was the best” I aid looking down at her cum covered face as Alex tried to open her eyes to look at me. Alex then began to scoop my cum down her face and into her mouth, swallowing it all down. She was still smiling when she looked over at a clock beside her sofa.

“Oh shit, I’m going to be late” she got up off her knees “this was so much fun but I have to clean myself up and get going” she ran into her bathroom, I was just about to get dressed and leave when she stuck her head out “listen, this was great, it’s normally a onetime thing, but your dick is… well it’s great so stick around after the show next Friday as well, ok?”

“Absolutely” I said pulling on my trousers and my t-shirt and left her dressing room, counting down the seconds till next Friday.
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