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Emma's Crewman (Emma Watson)
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Emma's Crewman

Originally published in June 2013.

Not many people can say that Emma Watson was among their first memories.

I can't totally say it either, since I was already nine when I first met her. But that was among the first memories of my real life, nonetheless.

Before then, me and my parents lived anonymously in America, while my father worked on movie crews. Yet when he got himself on the crew of something called "Harry Potter" in 1999, we lived anonymously in England. And unlike other kids settling into a new home, I got to visit a huge movie set in the meantime.

It didn't escape me that the three kids starring in this thing were about my age. Including the girl with the bushy brown hair.

While meeting that little girl was one of my first memories of England, it was too long ago to remember specific details. The gist of what I remember is that she was nice to me, and it helped me feel more secure in this strange set land. And it was pleasant enough for her to keep talking to me when I visited the set of the next seven sequels.

After over a decade, everyone on the Harry Potter series was finally out of a job -- my father included. By the time the final film came out in America, I had finished college in London, leaving myself in need of a job as well. But I couldn't find anything for the next several months -- yet had saved enough money to fly to America in spring 2012.

I needed some time away to clear my head -- whether visiting my first home for the first time in 13 years would help or not. I arrived in Los Angeles in early March 2012, eager to see the sights although I was the furthest thing from star struck. After all, I somewhat knew certain stars before they were famous.

In fact, someone walked down the street that kind of looked like one of them. It was a young woman, so that narrowed down who it might be.

She was wearing sunglasses, so I couldn't tell if she had the star's distinctive brown eyes. Her hair was a little long, or at least longer than when the star famously cut it two years ago. She had a white shirt and a medium sized skirt that still showed off a trim, lovely figure -- but I couldn't say for sure if it matched up to the star's figure.

I got those thoughts out of my head and did the one thing that would solve the mystery -- talk to her. "Excuse me?" I asked as the young woman was going by.

She stopped, so it seemed she'd be polite enough to answer -- and if she answered in a sweet English accent, I'd have my own answer.

"Robert? Is that you?" she answered. Well, the accent was only the second biggest giveaway.

Once I shook off my shock to smile at her, Emma Watson broke into a bigger smile and added an all too brief hug. "What are you doing back here?" she asked afterwards.

"I haven't been back here in this century. This is more your home than mine," I pointed out. "I'm just passing through here. Are you doing the same? And who's filming you in the meantime?"

"Sofia Coppola, actually," Emma answered. "I get to play with and pretend to steal starlet's accessories for research. I just came out of an exhausting session now."

I resisted the urge to joke about what Hermione Granger would say about stealing. At least one person would in front of Emma. "Are you already shooting? I'm here for the week, so if you are...." I hinted.

"Damn, it's next week, actually," Emma sighed, which disappointed me despite her amusing cursing. "Maybe I can get you a pass into the pre-production. Your father did it all the time, how hard can it be?"

"You don't have to find out on my account," I assured, halfway to be nice.

"Nonsense. With everything you've seen, you could probably teach the regular crew a thing or two," Emma commented. "Wait, are you actually in the....family business?"

"No. Not in any business at the moment," I admitted before I knew any better.

"Really?" Emma wondered. I supposed if I'd made myself look like a bum already, there was no point in not going all the way.

"Yeah, I don't have anything in the non-movie world yet. Just here on vacation to forget about it, but I guess that's hit a snag," I said with unplanned sarcasm.

"We trusted you and your father on one of the biggest film sets ever, and no other employees trust you?" Emma recapped. "Seems a might peculiar, doesn't it?"

"I've told myself that, trust me," I semi-joked, less eager to talk about me at the moment. But Emma hadn't hit her limit.

"You're really sure you're not interested in being a crewman?" Emma asked. "I could....ask around and see if something's available on the movie. There'd be a bunch of technicalities to get through, but we could take care of all that."

"Whoh, who said....whoh," I stammered. "You can't just offer me a job. I have no experience. And I'm technically a foreigner."

"You had 10 years to observe how the job is done. And you come from a pretty solid legacy, and you already have an in with the star. Jobs have been secured here with far less," Emma joked. "Really, just tell me where you're staying, and I'll get back to you with any updates."

I was half incredulous that I was even talking to Emma, half overwhelmed to actually get a job offer, and 90 percent in disbelief that this was serious. "Well, I mean, if you have spare time," I gave my permission.

I gave her my motel address, and exchanged more contact information and a few other words before she took her leave. I watched in awe, both from the situation and on how she was walking away from me in those heels.

But this was surreal enough without me secretly checking her out -- as if my small but long history with her didn't make it creepy enough. Still, nothing would come out of that, just as nothing would come out of her supposed talk with her new movie crew.

So when Emma visited my motel two days later and told me I had an interview to be part of "The Bling Ring" crew, I really should have seen the rest coming.

At that moment, however, I was just overwhelmed by the good fortune up to that point. It continued when Emma stuck around and we actually kept talking.

"So I guess we might be together again on set. For the first time as fellow employees," I clarified quickly.

"And for the second time in your first few days at a new country," Emma remembered.

"You remembered that little detail, huh?" I was semi-surprised.

"It was my first day shooting a movie, you know," Emma recalled. "Me, Dan and Rupert were in the same boat, of course. But you were nervous and shy and you'd just entered a new world too, in a whole different sense. That kind of helped me feel easier too."

"Huh. Eight movies, thousands of interviews, and that's what you actually keep from the press. And other people," I tried to sound playful. Emma rolled her eyes comically, so she seemed to get the gist of it.

"Well, you sure seemed to turn out all right. And you seem to be okay in the Muggle world. But since you're already half-Muggle," I got nerdy, but that was all the nerdiness I wanted to show her. Then again, I didn't have much else to go on.

"Being at Hogwarts' is paying off for you too, now," Emma noted.

"Assuming I get the job. Even then, what do I do after that?" I neared my preferred limit of self-pity around Emma.

"You'll think of something. Your father worked on a franchise that actually had eight good movies. Some of that rare movie genius had to be passed down at some point," Emma reasoned.

"Maybe it's still on American time or something," I lamely tried to joke and catch up. Fortunately, that didn't throw Emma off.

"It's funny. I made my peace with saying goodbye to it. You were a small part of it for a few days in every movie. But now, here you are from out of the blue, and here I am, and we might be working together again after all," Emma wowed.

"Is it all right to brag that not even J.K could dream that up?" I got back into joking mode. It helped me brush aside how she said we'd be working together.

"I don't know if she could," Emma answered. "It's just so weird. We never talked for that long over 10 years. But yet you keep popping up."

"I'm not trying to on purpose. I don't follow you around like that," I said, although that probably wasn't necessary.

"I know you don't. But here we are," Emma said softly. That didn't help keep my imagination under control.

We were standing near the bed at this point, as Emma was studying my face. I had to study her's right back, yet that wasn't a tall order. With her beautiful, bottomless brown eyes concentrating on me, and the rest of her face facing mine, I wanted to take that in as long as possible.

But Emma stopped me from watching her eyes by suddenly closing them. Then I stopped breathing when her lips connected onto mine.

She only kissed me for two seconds, but I started breathing again four seconds after that. My brain reactivated moments later, trying to decide on the best first reaction.

Initially, I was disappointed she stopped before I could kiss back and properly enjoy it. I almost moved in to kiss her and make up for it, but the sensible part of my mind rebooted just in time. Now I actually had to think about this and be realistic.

Yet when I looked at her, she looked uncertain and confused -- but not apologetic. She even seemed somewhat flustered.

Emma Watson was flustered about kissing me. And unsure of what to do next -- as if the only answer wasn't to apologize, go away and laugh about almost hooking up with me. Maybe she was just too nice to look that way -- and she was exceedingly nice, so it wouldn't be surprising.

Yet she still didn't look like she was taking it back. She even seemed to be waiting for my next move. Her, waiting on me.

Her -- the girl I saw grow up in front of my eyes, like the rest of the world. Only I saw her do it a little closer than most, if only for a few days per year. That little frizzy haired girl who was nice to a little boy in a new country for a few moments -- and now she was this famous, gorgeous, legal young woman who actually kissed me first.

It felt like one of those coming full circle moments you might mock in movies. In real life, the thought empowered me to come closer and put my hand on her cheek. I gave Emma enough time to pull away, and savor how she felt softer than I could have guessed until then. Yet she kept standing there.

I swiped my thumb over her cheek and saw her eyes darken, almost seductively -- and that was enough waiting for me.

My lips connected to hers this time, as I kept my hand on her cheek and put my other arm around her waist. She did the same with her hands, while her lips rubbed deeper against mine. I groaned into her mouth as I felt her body pressed against mine -- and when she moaned back in such an enticing tone, I opened my mouth right up.

After the initial thrill of our tongues colliding, we actually began to slow down. This gave us enough foresight to move and sit on the edge of the bed. Still slightly afraid that it'd give Emma enough time to snap out of it, I resumed kissing her right away.

I suckled on her luscious bottom lip, and Emma coaxing my tongue into her mouth so she could suckle it back. I put my left hand onto her hair, which felt perfect regardless of length. My other hand went on her waist, unsure of whether to go higher or lower. But I could feel her left hand on my body, taking the same route.

When I felt her hand go lower, mine went lower in kind. Our lips and tongues didn't break, but we still groaned as we neared our potential targets. I went first and pushed Emma's skirt back to feel the top of her slender leg. In return, she lifted my shirt to feel the bare skin of my lower stomach.

As I felt up her leg, I took my other hand and tried to see if I could unbutton Emma's shirt. Her other hand helped me out, and when we got far enough, we finally broke and removed our hands from each other. Emma soon got her shirt off all the way, and I did the same with mine.

Now I was bare chested while Emma's pink bra, and the very nicely rounded contents of it, was on display. This was the latest and perhaps last chance for us to come to our senses, but I'd given her enough outs already. I put my hand back on her leg, then when she put hers on my belt, I knew what the next step had to be.

I brushed my middle finger across the surface of her panties. The texture of them, and the groan Emma let out, both reminded me of velvet. I circled the finger around, brought my thumb into it, and was rewarded with Emma pulling my zipper down.

I put my finger on the border of her panties, but stopped. This time I'd see if Emma would make the next step forward. When she reached her hand past my zipper, I had my answer.

My finger was into her panties just as she pulled my erection out. With less warning than I probably should have given, I slid my finger inside her. The feel of her wet area, the louder sounds of Emma's moaning and the sight of her hand around my cock -- not to mention the tighter grip a second later -- made me have to catch my breath.

I only got enough back not to pass out when Emma moved her hand up and down my shaft. Common courtesy gave me the will to thrust my finger around in kind. After the initial pleasantries and adjustments, we began a fair rhythm of mutual pleasuring.

I darted my eyes from Emma's hand job to the sight of my hand up Emma's skirt. I then remembered to also check out her bare waist, it's soft curves, it's perfect looking skin and the flattering bra still up top. Then I looked further up and couldn't bring myself to roam further.

There was a look of pure erotic concentration on Emma's face, as I worked her over and she worked me in return. As she breathed heavier and gazed deeper at me, I couldn't tear myself away. I curled my finger inside her to make her break, then she swiped her thumb over my head and looked at me a bit....cocky, to use the most obvious word ever.

"How do you feel?" I somehow recovered to ask. But I really wanted to start getting her talking now.

"Fabulous," Emma answered. "Sorry my hand is dry."

"No problem," I groaned as it went faster.

"I think it should go somewhere wetter later," Emma said. "A much nicer fit for this nice, big wanker." After a pause, she asked, "Or should I say cock here?"

"Either one," I gritted my teeth, trying to not to lose control from hearing her lovely voice say both. But as she tugged and got wetter, it got a little harder. Everything did.

"Oh, fuck," Emma cursed and made it all harder. Needing to thank her properly, my finger moved from side to side in her, and I let my thumb tug and rub around as well. Emma tugged and rubbed in kind, to the point where I looked away so I wouldn't finish first.

I had little else to look at, save for Emma's heaving chest and her determined face. I settled on watching her face, even as it got redder and as Emma started cursing under her breath. But we locked onto each other as our hands went faster and we got closer to going off.

Impulsively, I let my other hand shoot to her chest, getting my first feel of Emma's bosom. When I felt her hardened nipple on my palm, Emma groaned, "Oh, fuck me...." -- and that was it.

"Damn it!" I regretted, but I had no time for much else. I removed my hands from her breasts and pussy and laid on the bed, if only so my cum would land on my stomach -- or at least not shoot up on my face. As I came down, I also realized that facing Emma after I couldn't make her cum first would be awkward.

I didn't hear her try to finish herself off, so that might have been some kind of sign. My eyes stayed closed, but I didn't hear any noise from Emma or the bed. When I finally heard her getting up, I opened my eyes to face the music.

I caught Emma just in time to see her standing above me -- studying the cum that had landed on my stomach and lower body. Yet she then dropped to her knees and started getting it all off with her tongue.

Emma gave me the sexiest look as she licked my cum off, just before I had to throw my head back. When I had the energy to lift it up, she stopped licking. Before I actually used my words to ask what was happening, she showed me by standing up and removing her skirt, followed by her pesky panties.

Now she was fully naked except for the bra. But when she turned around, it was her bare, peach shaped ass that had my full attention. Especially when Emma got onto the bed, turned her ass into my direction and lowered it over my face.

Once the rest of her hovered over me and she started licking my lower stomach again, I got the idea. If this was how I was going to finish the job, I owed her that much.

As I felt her tongue on me and finally saw what I had been fingering, I put my fingers on her ass and let my tongue do all the work this time. But my hands did help push her ass and pussy deeper against my mouth, then my face rubbed against her too. Yet my lips, tongue and teeth were going faster than all of them.

Emma groaned onto me, getting louder and louder until she was ready to go. Although I was dry now, she was quite another matter.

I licked her up as thoroughly as she'd licked up my remains, or at least tried to. I heard her catch her breath as her body relaxed over mine, leaving us frozen in the 69 position. I tried to break the ice by kissing the back of her upper leg, and getting in another squeeze on her ass. But eventually, she rolled herself off me.

I laid on the center of the bed, with Emma on my left, on her back and facing the other way. I wasn't sure if that meant we were done, although there were a few things we hadn't tried -- but wouldn't be able to for several minutes now. If that's what she wanted.

"Oh, this is pretty stupid now," I heard Emma say. I ignored the worst possible meanings for that -- then found the best one as I saw her finally take off her bra.

With Emma fully naked at last, it reminded me to finish sliding my pants off. Once I sat up and did so, I looked down at Emma's chest and still hard, rosy nipples. I'd already gotten a feel of one, but that was nothing compared to when I touched it bare.

Since Emma wasn't stopping me, I took that as permission to lay next to her and do more with her breasts. Like circle my fingers around her nipples, go back and forth between kissing them, and then push her tits up to kiss more of them. They rested comfortably and perfectly in my hands as I glided my tongue over them, blew them and put them back in my mouth.

Emma let me do this for a while longer before she pulled my face from her chest and kissed me again. There was a bit of an aftertaste on her lips -- but there was probably some on mine too, even after feasting on her boobs. Nevertheless, we put it aside and kept licking each other's lips, tongues and mouths, as our hands got back into the mix.

This was the first time our bare naked bodies were pressed together, and it was the first time I let myself feel the rest of her silky, curved skin. I laid on my back and let Emma lie on top so I could properly glide my hands over her back, sides and ass. I even ducked my lips down to her neck and feasted there accordingly, breathing her in and rubbing my face across her upper chest.

Emma started grinding herself against me, now that our lower organs were started to recharge themselves. I made sure her's were going again by sliding my hands back to her ass and stretching my fingers out. After circling her opening, I removed my left hand, put my index finger in my mouth to taste her on it, then put the wet finger back down and right into her.

Emma easily took in it, then started pushing her ass back against my hand. "That's good....but I did say I wanted something bigger in there."

I took my hands off her and had her go back, so I could see if my bigger tool was ready. It looked pretty close, but Emma didn't leave anything to chance.

I sat up just as Emma put her face above my cock, then guided it into her mouth for the first time. It wouldn't take long for it to get fully hard again, but Emma spent extra time on it, just in case. When she took it out, she examined it -- then rubbed the head against her lips and soon rubbed the whole shaft against her face anyway.

The sight and feel of her gorgeous face against my cock, while she looked up at me with those enchanting, naughty eyes, almost made me hard enough to go soft too soon. But she mercifully -- or cruelly -- stopped and said, "That should be enough," with a smile.

She laid on her back before I could find my words, but words weren't really necessary here. I kept sitting up and laid on my knees, then watched Emma's open legs go around my waist. I lined myself up to go in, but I gave her a bit of payback by rubbing my cockhead against Emma's other supple lips.

"Oh, very funny," Emma groaned. "Message received, now you can fu...." Perhaps I shouldn't have pushed in before she finished saying fuck. Still, actually being inside Emma helped make up for it.

Emma relaxed then and there, as I brought myself to relax as well. I pushed half of my cock in and out for starters, then inched forward while putting my hands on her waist. I gripped her tighter as I slid all the way in, which made her clench her legs and my waist tighter too.

I savored the sight of being above and inside Emma Watson, with her lithe, naked body ready to writhe below. I helped it along by pulling all the way out and then slamming back in, causing Emma to gasp and throw her head back.

I couldn't help but repeat the move again, but I soon put myself back in to start thrusting regularly. Once I had that down pat, I put my hands back on Emma's side and moved them up to grasp her tits. I held onto them and played around with them as I fucked her deeper, then slid my hands back down again.

This time, I rested them on Emma's thighs as they clenched around me. When I had enough of rubbing her legs, I locked onto the clear sight of my cock inside her and thrusting hard into her. It made my mouth water, but I could only use my fingers to touch it and rub her, although I put them in my mouth when I was done.

"Oh....oh, yes, let me," Emma asked in between gasps. I didn't think about it, as I just rubbed my finger against her again, then brought it to her mouth. Emma sucked it clean and sucked my finger down like she did to my cock, then she moved her mouth against my other fingers as well.

If she started sucking my thumb, it might put some uncomfortable thoughts in my head. So I changed tactics, put my arms around her and lifted her up to sit on my lap. I leaned back against the wall and let Emma adjust to riding me, as I adjusted to feeling her entire body against mine.

This made me thrust faster as my hands roamed all around her body and back down to her ass and legs. Her hands started to rub me right back, while her chest pressed into mine. However, I didn't have much time to see it bounce once she started kissing me again.

Although we'd done more than enough kissing by now, it was still hot enough to keep perfecting it. There was already more than enough perfection in the way her body rubbed against mine and fit into my arms. Still, more couldn't hurt.

"Fuck, you feel so good," I groaned against Emma's neck. Before she could thank me in some way, I spun us around and pressed her against the wall this time. I fucked her right into it and lowered my mouth to her tits, catching her left nipple with my teeth.

"Oh bloody....you too," Emma settled on. After I played with her other nipple, I backed off and decided to put Emma on her back, settling into the missionary position.

"Is this what you want?" Emma groaned.

"Doesn't it feel that way?" I teased, thrusting all the way inside her.

"Oh, yes," Emma praised. "Did you think about this? On the set? Did you want to fuck me like this all this time?"

That was somewhat odd to ask -- and I had enough brain power to remember that truthfully, my answer would be no. At least not until the sixth or seventh movie shoot, anyway. But that was too nuanced an answer to give while fucking her. "Probably.....no more than anyone else," I settled on a hopefully flattering compromise.

"Don't bring up the dirty old men," Emma requested. "You're my age, you met me from the start....now here you are rogering me. Fucking me. Making all those old dreams come true after all these years...."

If that did it for her, I suppose it'd be rude to nitpick. As such, I just answered by burying myself in her and thrusting rapidly. I dropped my face against her neck and ear, suckled them both for a while and then whispered in her ear, "You can cum for me."

But Emma's answer was to flip us over and lay herself on top of me again.

"Not just yet," she whispered sweetly.

She rode herself against me, but slowed it down so we wouldn't be on the brink yet. With things cooling down, Emma got back to kissing me, then went down to kiss and nibble and suckle on my neck this time. She did the same to my ears and moaned in them enough to almost make me go faster, but I kept myself from ruining the slow pace.

Emma went back to my lips, kissing me as slow as she did when we first started this. I followed along, thrusting into her gently as I held and rubbed her body against mine. I put my hand back on her cheek and moved it to her hair, trying not to think that this had suddenly bordered on romantic.

But Emma blocked it out better by raising her pussy up, then slamming it down against my crotch. I barely recovered before she kissed me softly again, then squeezed my cock tight with her thighs.

Not done yet, Emma cupped my face in her hands and kissed me slow and deep, yet her tongue started to move faster in my mouth. The kiss went from soft to steamy in the blink of an eye, leaving me dizzy at the combination. Dizzy at how this elegantly beautiful young woman could go from sweet to sultry in a blink -- but I shouldn't have been surprised.

Emma was showing me the whole package for the final act, and was going to her dirtier tricks to wrap it up. She started riding me harder and kissing me faster, then broke apart and nibbled my lip. If that wasn't enough, she whispered in the most seductive tone she had, "I'm ready to cum for you now."

I was more than ready for that myself.

Emma sat back up and rode me, which helped me to put my right hand against her pussy and clamp my left hand on her ass. I tried to tickle her opening from the back while working my fingers against it in front, which Emma seemed to like. She put her right hand on the wall to steady herself, then I lifted my head up to suck on her hovering tits.

But as we got close, I removed my mouth from her chest so I could see Emma come apart this time as she came. She groaned, cooed and cursed, and I made my share of noise as well, especially as she clenched tighter onto me and started to lose it.

I only saw her orgasmic face clearly for a second, before I started to make my own. Emma finished her release and I held on tight to her ass and thighs as I followed her. Halfway through, I felt Emma rest on top of me again while I shot into her.

Eventually, I opened my eyes and was greeted with Emma's neck and shoulder in front of me. I saw her back rising up and down as she caught her breath, so I absentmindedly rubbed it for a while. Once it looked like we were both breathing normally, I glanced over at her and she quickly met my eyes, so I kissed her shoulder as a kind of ice breaker.

"Is that the kind of stamina I'll need for the job?" I blurted out. I groaned and at least credited myself for not blowing it until now. But Emma still laughed, nonetheless.

It was probably because I would turn out to need it -- in all my jobs on that set.
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Re: Emma's Crewman (Emma Watson)
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She’s very pretty. I find smart women attractive in general.
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