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A sexy Christmas Carol
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A Sexy Christmas Carol
Holly Willoughby, Lucy Pinder, Nadine Mulkerrin, Jennifer Ellison, Rachel Riley, Amanda Clapham Cons, FF, MF, MFF, MMFF, Fsolo, toys, oral, high heels, titfuck, lingerie, magic
This is complete fiction. This is not real
Holly, Lucy and Jennifer are the sexy angels of Christmas present, past and future
It was the night before Christmas and Nadine Mulkerrin fucked as hard as she could, using all her strength to ride her boyfriend’s cock as hard as she could. She let out a moan but it was more in exasperation rather than pleasure. She looked down at the almost lifeless body in front of her. It was no use. He was done.
The dark haired beauty pouted in frustration. “Oh come on it's Christmas!” She gave her boyfriend a forceful shake but it didn’t do much. He just sort of wriggled and turned his head. “For fuck’s sake,” moaned Nadine.
“Zzzzzz....” Another snore filled the room.
The naked star rolled off her “lover” and flopped on to the bed huffing. She folded her arms crossly and stared daggers at the ceiling. “That’s the last time I spend ages putting on Christmas lingerie for you!” Nadine thought. “All that effort and you cum after about 10 seconds and then go back to sleep.”
Thoughts kept racing through her head. “I didn’t even get a chance to cum” and “What a useless fuckwit,” being particularly prominent. Nadine was raging.
To tell the truth though the sex hadn’t been good for a while. In fact, Nadine couldn’t remember the last time she'd had a good fuck. It seemed like ages. She desperately wanted one. She needed it. She could feel the heat building between her legs. Maybe one last try...
“I wouldn’t if I was you...”
Nadine jumped, startled that someone else was in the room. She turned around quickly to the voice and was left stunned by what she saw.
It was Holly Willoughby standing in her room wearing white lacy lingerie and stockings. She also wore white peep toe platformed high heels which accentuated her height and curves. The presenter’s blonde hair shimmered brightly as did her smile and mischievous eyes. Nadine was most struck though by Holly's big round tits practically bursting out of the lacy teddy. She seemed to glow like an angel.
“You'd only be disappointed again.” Holly spoke calmly and truthfully. “And besides, you can do better than that.” Holly's eyes shifted from Nadine to the man on the bed and lingered on his flaccid cock. “Much much better!”
Nadine suddenly remembered she was not wearing any clothes apart from high heels and scrambled to cover up. She pulled the sheets over her torso and looked at Holly as if she had somehow done something wrong herself. Nadine was also surprised and somewhat annoyed that her boyfriend was still completely oblivious to the whole situation.
“Oh relax! I’ve seen it all before!” said Holly laughing.
Nadine was surprised the star was so relaxed about the whole situation. This was far from normal but Holly really seemed like she'd done this all before.
“I'm the angel of Christmas present! I’m here to show you what you’re missing out on and what you could actually have.” Holly looked supremely happy.
Nadine looked confused.
“This sex life you have just now, it will lead you to a life of unhappiness.”
Nadine was astonished. What was Holly Willoughby doing in her bedroom discussing these things with her for?
Holly continued, “My friends and I can change your life but only if you want us to.”
The dark haired beauty was stunned. This was all crazy. How could Holly know all these things. And what friends? Did more people know? Nadine had lots of questions but little desire to actually find out. She was happy as she was and would be even happier if this whole thing we’re over.
“I think I’ll give it a pass,” Nadine ventured, not at all sounding convincing.
Holly gave a smirk of knowing Nadine's feelings better than Nadine herself. “Well I guess if you don’t want the best sex you’ve ever had and happiness each Christmas then I can’t do very much about that. I suppose I had better be off then. Have a happy Christmas Nadine.”
Nadine gave a weak smile in return and watched as Holly turned her back, showing some of her shapely bum off. This was weird she thought but anything must be better than how the night had gone so far.
“Wait!!! I guess I could see what you are talking about.”
Holly turned back. “I knew it!” she beamed excitedly. “You won’t regret it trust me!”
Nadine gave another weak smile, not exactly sure what she was letting herself in for. However, she had now agreed and the first thing to do was get up. But she was naked apart from her high heels and wasn’t ready to be that close to Holly. “I just need a few seconds,” Nadine muttered quietly, betraying her attempt to sound up for it.
“For God’s sake!” Holly rolled her eyes in a playful way. She was about to comply and step out the room, but the thought Nadine may somehow opt out flashed across her mind. Holly wanted to try and keep the momentum up.
Holly held up one hand and looked as if she were about to snap her fingers. “Would this help?”
With a snap of her fingers Nadine found herself standing up right dressed in her Santa lingerie. She stared down at her red bra with white trim and her matching lacy panties and grinned. She was still in her black platformed peep toe expensive designer high heels. She then looked up to find she wasn’t in her bedroom anymore.
Nadine found herself in a warm log cabin with a roaring fire and beautiful Christmas tree. It was an incredibly romantic environment with exquisite decor and soft warm lighting. Nadine could just see the snow piling up on the window ledge in the corner of her vision. It was a true white Christmas.
The thing that really caught her eye and dominated the room though was Holly Willoughby lying down on a sheep skin rug underneath the Christmas tree completely naked apart from her sexy high heels. Holly had a glorious body with oiled up big round tits which seemed to glistening by the warm fire.
Nadine stared at Holly. She wasn’t sure what to do, especially with a woman.
“This is what I think Christmas should be like!” Holly grinned playfully, glancing down at her own stunning body. The blonde then massaged one of her big globes, biting her lip with pleasure. She then took her other tit in her other hand and cupped it for Nadine’s benefit, showing what a wonderful pair she really had.
Nadine still stared at the blonde presenter who was modelling herself like she was in a lads mag. Holly was perfect. Nadine still wasn’t moving.
“This is what you deserve Nadine! A happy Christmas fuck!”
This statement seemed to wake Nadine from her trance. She wanted some fun but couldn’t quite believe it was with another woman. Still she moved to the sheep skin rug and got down on her knees as Holly rose up to meet her.
“Just relax and enjoy!” Holly beamed as she moved in for a kiss.
The second Holly’s soft lips hit her own, Nadine felt a wave of pleasure and release come over her body. Holly was gentle with the kiss, yet passionate, and Nadine found herself quickly kissing back, hoping that Holly felt the same.
A moment later, Nadine felt Holl’s tits against her body and although still partially clothed, the feel of another woman’s big tits pressed on her body was totally arousing for the young woman. It felt right and caused Nadine to kiss more firmly and press into the blonde a bit more. Holly responded in kind and Nadine was already loving the feel of skin on slippery skin.
Without even thinking Nadine’s hands began to move from Holly’s waist to her chest. The feel of the heavy mounds in her hands was incredible as her fingers and palms massaged the oiled up surface. It was so smooth and heavenly, punctuated by the titillation of hard nipples.
Holly pulled Nadine closer, and the brunette felt Holly begin to remove her bra. Nadine couldn’t wait to be rid of it, wanting nothing between her and the presenter. As the bra fell to the floor, Nadine shoved her chest on to Holly's, making sure their chests were rubbing together.
By now the passion was running high and Nadine was locked in a passionate kiss with Holly. Nadine could feel her pussy tingle at Holly’s every touch and caress. She loved that the star moved quickly to her panties, sliding them down her gorgeous legs.
It was at this moment Nadine wanted more. She needed it. But she wasn’t sure what to do. She sat back and looked at Holly interrupting their passionate kiss. Holly looked so gorgeous.
Holly could see Nadine’s hesitancy and at the same time desire. She gave a gentle smile as she noticed Nadine’s eyes linger on her tits.
“Do whatever you want. It’s your Christmas present.” Holly spoke kindly and calmly as she gently massaged her tits in front of the awestruck Nadine.
Nadine still wasn’t sure what to do but Holly knew how to make feel like she had never felt before. Holly lay down on her back and took Nadine’s hand, gently pulling the younger woman on top of her.
“Go on... Sit on them,” Holly smiled enthusiastically.
Nadine clambered on to Holly’s chest still unsure of what to do but as soon as her wet pussy made contact with Holly’s big melons she knew instantly. The amazing feel of Holly’s big round tits on her clit made Nadine orgasm there and then.
“Oh fuck.... That feels so good!” breathed Nadine as she looked down on Holly’s pretty face. Nadine's body tensed all over and she could ever inch of her skin tingle in ecstasy.
Despite the incredible orgasm, Nadine’s desired more. Instinctively, she began to grind on Holly’s tits, feeling the hard nipples rub her sensitive clit and gently penetrate her pussy.
“That’s it Nadine, fuck my big tits!” encouraged Holly, proud to see Nadine succumb to her desires.
Nadine began to ride a bit faster, circling her hips on Holly’s chest like a porn star. She gave Holly a happy smile before a second orgasm suddenly ripped through her.
“Mmmm fuck!” Nadine moaned, her back arching as her muscles contorted pleasurably. She reached for her own tits and began to massage them to further increase her orgasm.
“You look so hot,” Holly confirmed as she pushed her chest further up to Nadine.
“Mmmmphh,” Nadine moaned, visibly sweaty and enraptured.
A third orgasm hit Nadine bigger than the other two. Her whole body shook again but she felt so good she kept going. She felt more pleasure than she'd ever felt before.
A fourth orgasm came, causing Nadine’s pussy to flood her body with more sexual energy. Nadine loved the sensation of her pussy rubbing over Holly’s amazing chest. She also loved how she was able to massage her own small but full tits, giving her the opportunity to enjoy both sets at once. It just gave her an unbelievable amount of pleasure.
“Feel those boobs for me,” moaned Holly. “Rub them! Squeeze them! Play with them,” Holly commanded, getting turned on by the sight of her lover’s tit play.
A fifth orgasm shattered Nadine. It took over her whole body again but in an even more powerful way. She held her breath and her tits and just savoured the feel of Holly’s hot body between her thighs. Nadine couldn’t believe how sweaty they both were, but how right it felt.
The actress just held there and let every sensation linger. She held her breath and was hoping Holly was getting turned on by her. For the first time ever she was thinking how to pleasure a woman but she needed a moment to recover.
“That was amazing...” Nadine panted, finally collapsing down onto the sheep skin rug beside Holly.
“It was fucking awesome!” replied Holly as Nadine rested her eyes for just a second.

Nadine woke with a jolt.
“Oh fuck! I can’t believe I fell asleep!”
Nadine turned round to look for Holly, immediately determined to make it up to her. But Holly wasn’t there. It was her boyfriend, snoring away. And then Nadine realised she wasn’t in the romantic log cabin, she was in her own house.
A mixture of relief and disappointment fell on Nadine. Was it all a wonderful dream? She thought. However, there was no need to apologise to anyone for falling asleep during an amazing sex session which Nadine would feel she had to. She would have been ashamed.
To be honest with herself Nadine hoped she had woken up with Holly. She felt she wanted more. She looked at her boyfriend. Maybe try again?
“It’s still a bad idea,” spoke a new voice. “You would still be left disappointed, especially after fucking Holly Willoughby’ tits!”
Nadine spun round. She was greeted by the sight of Lucy Pinder, standing in a white negligee which pushed her incredible tits together. Nadine could see a scandalously small set of panties through the see through material which stopped just after. Lucy had great pins, only accentuated by her white peep toe platformed high heels.
Nadine got a shock but this time made no effort to cover herself but was wondering how Lucy Pinder had known what she'd done with Holly Willoughby.
“I'm the angel of Christmas past, here to show you how past Christmases have led to this sad situation.” Lucy gave a look of condemnation to Nadine’s partner who was oblivious to the glamour model in his bedroom.
Nadine couldn’t quite believe what was happening but given what she had done was more prepared to find out.
“You ready?” asked Lucy.
“Sure,” came the reply. It was more confident than before.
Lucy clicked her fingers.
Nadine suddenly found herself looking over herself sleeping in bed. She could see that she was sleeping in a bra from the straps over her shoulders but the rest was covered up by the duvet. She recognised the green from the bra straps. It was from her Christmas lingerie from last year.
Nadine felt a little sad. She had somehow forgotten this when she set up for this year.
“It is rather a shame,” Lucy spoke, recognising the feelings in Nadine. “You looked super sexy.”
Nadine found a little comfort in Lucy’s words, raising a small smile from her lips.
“He was out with his mates. It turned into an all nighter and I fell asleep waiting.”
Lucy raised an eyebrow. It was a small lift but enough for Nadine to notice. The young brunette got a twist in her stomach.
“What did he do?”
Lucy's expression turned to sadness. She tried to be sympathetic in appearance.
“Its not something I’m proud of but...”
Nadine’s face went red. She was angry. She was about to scream at Lucy but Lucy got in first.
“He said he was single... And it wasn’t even me really, he came on to Rachel Riley.”
Nadine couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
“Look I’ll show you!” said Lucy defensively. She snapped her fingers.
“Holy fuck!” Nadine squealed as she found herself and Lucy standing on a busy train. Lucy was as before but Nadine now had on her green bra and panties and Santa hat from last year’s outfit as well as matching high heels. She tried to cover herself up but was there were too many people around.
Lucy was less bothered. “They can’t see or hear you...” she said softly. “We’re just here to observe.” Lucy gestured to a man and woman sitting at a table. It was Rachel Riley and Nadine’s boyfriend, and they looked very flirty.
It was clear that they had some chemistry. Nadine scrutinized the situation angrily, over hearing her boyfriend asking for Rachel’s number.
“That fucking scum bag!” she screamed. “I’ll kill him.”
Lucy nodded. “You deserve better. But for my part, I’m sorry.”
“Your part?” Nadine exclaimed, her tone indignant.”
“Well I happened to be at the night club where they hooked up and...” Lucy went quiet before gently snapping her fingers.
Nadine found herself standing in a large elegant hotel room over looking the city. It was very plush, certainly an exclusive place. She could see most of it but not quite the bedroom. She could hear lots of heavy breathing though and it was certainly coming from the bedroom. Nadine decided to investigate. She tried to creep over aware that she was in her sexy high heels but for some reason they didn’t make a sound.
As she rounded the corner she saw what was causing the noise. Nadine saw a group of bodies writhing in pleasure. On top she saw Lucy Pinder bouncing up and down, her tits jiggling enticingly as she did so. She had a perfect flat stomach which contrasted her curvy chest. She had gorgeous legs too which were wearing beautiful white platformed peep toe high heels.
Facing her was the unmistakable toned body of the blonde haired Rachel Riley. She had smaller tits that were still a handful and a very toned body. Nadine couldn’t help but stare at her long legs which were bent underneath her. She too had on high heels but they were black in colour.
Both women’s faces were locked in ecstasy as they rode a man underneath. Lucy on his cock and Rachel on his face. Both women gyrated their hips wildly but currently only had eyes for each other. Rachel reached up a began to massage Lucy’s tits before the pair shared a lesbian kiss.
Nadine was feeling herself getting turned on again but it was then she remembered why she was here. It was her boyfriend that Rachel and Lucy were fucking!
“You cheating lying pig!” screamed Nadine as she went to push the women off her soon to be ex. However her hands slipped right through them as she did so. She looked at them confused.
Lucy Pinder's voice rang in her head. “Remember they can’t see or hear you let alone feel you.”
Nadine felt saddened by this and wondered why she was here. But no sooner had she thought this than she got a reply from Lucy.
“I’m the angel of Christmas past. My job is to help you make changes for a better future.”
Nadine mellowed a bit with this information.
“You deserve better than him. You could have so much more.”
Nadine was beginning to see her point. A moment earlier she was wanting to head back to the present but now something had caught her eye. Or rather, her eye had caught again.
Nadine looked at the stunning bodies of Lucy Pinder and Rachel Riley. It wasn’t often she'd see two such hot women fucking so passionately. She loved the look of a threesome and was beginning to not even care that it was her current boyfriend who was living out this fantasy.
Rachel had a glorious body, particularly when it was covered in sweat and bouncing up and down. Nadine could imagine exploring it with her hands and then the thought of exploring with her mouth entered her head. It would be heavenly.
Nadine found her hand in her own bra as she came too from this little daydream. It played with her erect nipple and soft flesh, gently giving herself pleasure. She could feel a tingle in her pussy as again as heat built up between her thighs. She really wanted to be involved.
She watched on further, seeing Lucy’s incredible body be explored by her boyfriend and Rachel. She looked amazing riding a big hard cock and Nadine found herself watching the dick she knew so well slide in and out of her. Nadine hoped it was making Lucy feel like a goddess because that is what she looked like.
Nadine's previously free hand was delving into her tight fitting panties and had been searching for her throbbing clit. It had found it quickly and Nadine felt some relief from masturbating while watching the threesome. She’d have given anything to be the one eating Rachel out or feeling Lucy's big tits.
These thought only made Nadine even hornier though and she quickly picked up the pace.
“Mmm fuck,” moaned Rachel as she broke the lesbian kiss. “Your tits turn me on.”
Lucy replied with a smile. “Not as much as your hot body does to me!” Lucy continued to fuck. “I could spend all day wrapped between those legs of yours.”
Rachel leaned forward again making sure her sweaty body was in contact with Lucy’s, recommencing the passionate kiss. The pair appeared more enamoured with each other than Nadine’s boyfriend which comforted her. Not that he would care of course.
Still Nadine rubbed her swollen clit and sensitive tits. She could feel the climax getting closer quickly. She loved what was happening and just wanted to see what followed.
“Ahhhh, mmm, mmm,” Lucy moaned as she bounces harder, her tits bouncing more with each motion. Nadine could hear her ass bouncing off her partner’s groin as his cock thrust in and out of her.
Rachel was panting loudly, a sound which Nadine found very erotic, but was stable to speak in broken.
“Fuck... That feeeels so... Good” Rachel groaned, now grabbing at her own tits. She gyrated, but not quite as much as Lucy owing to the delicate nature of Nadine’s boyfriend’s oral work.
Nadine watched the blonde with a hint of jealousy toward her boyfriend. She really wanted to be where he was.
She rubbed herself faster, imaging what each member of the threesome felt like. It was intoxicating. Nadine thought of cock in her pussy, a tongue massaging her clit and hands wandering over her boobs and body. She did her best to replicate it herself with her hands. She could feel it and it was over-powering.
Suddenly Rachel and Lucy both moaned in unison, causing Nadine to orgasm at the erotic sound. She realised both women were coming too and the three of them were all synced up. She felt a huge wave of pleasure sweep her body at the thought.
Nadine's legs went weak as she watched Rachel’s body spasm in joy. She arched her back, displaying her awesome body for all to see. The sweat on her chest glistened enticingly all the way from her chest to her pussy.
Lucy on the other was more active. “Aww fuck! Fuck me!” she commanded as she bounces hard, her tits moving wildly up and down with each motion. She also saw that Lucy’s ass slap off her boyfriend’s lap and that his cock was much harder and bigger than anytime they’d ever fucked.
It didn’t annoy her though. It just turned her on more to watch Lucy Pinder fuck a big hard cock. It was just the way the thick shaft appeared and then fully disappeared as the model devoured it deep inside, only for it to happen again. Nadine knew exactly how it felt when it was that good.
“Fuck... Rachel,” Lucy grinned as she watched her partner smile with orgasmic happiness.
“I need to see him cum on your tits!” Rachel suggested, still struggling with the overwhelming sexual energy.
However, she knew she was going to get her way as Lucy immediately dismounted and dropped to the floor. Rachel had no choice but to follow and found herself behind Lucy grabbing the model's perfect tits and holding them for their cum shot.
This all happened just infront of Nadine who was delighted to be so close. She continued to rub her clit and chest vigorously as she anticipated another big orgasm from the sight. It was incredibly overpowering to have two stunning woman kneeling before you, begging for cum. Nadine almost wished she could be the one to do it. She certainly needed the release.
Suddenly a huge load of cum shot out from her boyfriend's dick as he wanked over the pair. It landed on Lucy’s right tit and that was immediately followed by another large load.
Nadine came immediately seeing the gorgeous Lucy’s tit being cover in hot sticky cum. It was what they deserved.
Nadine's orgasm caused her pussy to tingle and send more muscly pleasure through her body frame. She felt her legs weaken further and her eyes go a little blurry. In particular she could feel her tits become overloaded with pleasure as she massaged them lustfully.
More cum painted Lucy’s chest, each strand seeming to heighten Rachel and Lucy’s joy. They looked upwards at the man jerking off, enticing every last drop out of him.
“Thats it! Give us all that cum,” Lucy begged.
“Cum all over these great titties. I want to see them dripping with hot cum,” Rachel commanded as she gave them a little jiggle.
Nadine could see the struggle in her boyfriend. She knew he was done. He collapsed into the bed as Nadine slowed down a touch watching the girls together.
Nadine wasn’t expecting to see the incredible sight of Rachel Riley diving into Lucy Pinder’s rack and licking the cum of the soft surface.
“Mmm, that feels so good.”
Nadine was able to hold her orgasm just at sight, managing to edge it out with careful control. It was a new feeling. Not quite as intense but prolonged and it felt good.
Rachel looked up at Lucy from between her tits with a naughty look in her eye and idea in her head. She had got a mouthful of cum which she showed her partner proudly but rather than swallow launched herself for a kiss.
Nadine loved it.
Lucy Pinder replied in kind joining the cum kiss happily and letting Rachel feed it to her.
It was messy. It was sloppy but it was hot. Nadine watched as cum was transferred between the two women's lips and mouth creating a short lived but sticky bond that both women couldn’t get enough of.
Nadine rubbed herself more.
“Fuck that’s hot,” she breathed as her vision went blurry once again.

“Fuck sake!” Nadine moaned as she woke in her bedroom. “I was enjoying that!” She then remembered that her boyfriend had been cheating on her and her frustration turned immediately to anger. She lifted her hand to wake her soon to be ex-boyfriend.
“That can wait,” said a familiar voice. “Dumping him now or on Christmas morning is fair but we've got so much better things to be doing.”
Nadine spun around. She immediately recognised the gorgeous face of her predecessor Jennifer Ellison who was standing in a very scanty set of red and black Christmas bra and panties. She had on killer high heels and looked like she'd just done one of her great lads mags shoots. In particular her tits were practically falling out of her bra.
The blonde smiled “I’m the angel of Christmas future and I’m here to make sure you don’t ever go back to this again.”
By this stage Nadine knew the drill and was very excited to find out what was going to happen.
“Very well... Do your thing!” Nadine grinned, knowing if it was a tenth as good as Holly or Lucy’s trips she’d have a great time.
Jennifer nodded knowingly as she clicked her fingers.
The now familiar moment of nothingness washed over Nadine and when she regained her composure she found herself in... Exactly the same place.
She looked around. Christmas decorations were up and she was in her Christmas lingerie so it was still Christmas. But she looked down next to her and her boyfriend was gone.
“This is next year,” beamed Jennifer. “And in a second you’re about to find out what you could live like.”
As soon as Jennifer finished speaking there was a loud crash at her front door and a clatter of footsteps through into her hall.
“Ssssshhh,” went a familiar voice, not as quietly as intended. “You’ll wake my flatmate.”
Nadine sort of recognised it as the voice of a giggly Amanda Clapham, a current co-star. She sounded a bit tipsy.
“I’ll just go and freshen up. Just wait for a bit.”
Nadine heard more tottering up the stairs. It was clearly the sound of high heels on the carpet. The sound approached the door. Nadine looked at Jennifer who gave a firm nod of approval.
Amanda burst in.
“Hey buddy! Merry Christmas!” she enthused. She went in for a hug.
Nadine obliged happily, Amanda was a close friend.
“Wow, someone looks super hot! Special occasion?”
Nadine didn’t know what to say. How would she explain this. She looked anxiously at Jen who just gave a smile back. But before she could answer Amanda continued.
“I’ve got you a Christmas present! But first...” Amanda just turned and left as quickly as she came in.
Nadine looked at Jen with a smile. She loved fun, giggly Amanda. It was why she was such a good friend.
Clattering came from down the hall as Amanda clearly was searching for something. It stopped after 20 seconds but Amanda didn’t immediately return. More rustling came from down the hall. Nadine looked curiously at Jen who clearly knew what was happening.
A couple of minutes passed with Nadine just left wondering. At least she had Jennifer Ellison and her hot body for company. But she knew that this was her experience and there wasn’t much talking between them.
“Are you ok?” Nadine yelled after another minute or so. 
“Yeah just coming!” came the reply.
The sound of high heels on thin carpet filled the room again as Amanda burst through. Nadine first saw a wrapped Christmas present but then caught sight of Amanda, wearing red and white Christmas underwear similar to her own with black peep toe high heels to match. Amanda had bigger fuller tits which were proudly displayed by the bra and Amanda herself.
“Merry Christmas!” the blonde said again as she handed over the gift not at all alluding to her stunning outfit choice.
Nadine gave a quiet laugh as she unwrapped the shoe box sized package. “Thanks,” she said, not finding Amanda’s behaviour amusing. The parcel was perfectly wrapped like you’d see in a magazine or tv advert and Nadine undid it carefully.
It was a brown box, unlabelled. She could hear a slight rattle inside.
“Oh how exciting!” Jennifer Ellison chirped in from behind Nadine, peering over her shoulder to get a closer look. “I do love Christmas presents.”
Nadine opened the lid. Inside sat a red, white and green striped dildo. It was probably about 18 inches long and very smooth. It looked similar to a candy cane.
“Oh wow thanks!” said Nadine with a giggle. “A dildo! I’ll give it a go later,” she smiled thankfully at her friend who she was comfortable sharing this level of intimacy with.
“Not just a dildo, a double dildo!” Amanda pronounced happily. “And you’re not trying it later, you’re trying it now!” Amanda grabbed Nadine’s hand. “Come on, follow me!”
The blonde promptly pulled Nadine after her giving the brunette little time to react. Amanda dragged her down the stairs, the sound of high heels from both Nadine and Amanda creating quite a racket as they tottered downstairs.
Amanda pulled Nadine into the living room where two young men were sitting opposite the Christmas tree. Nadine knew where this was heading.
“I promised these young men a Christmas they’d never forget.”
Nadine laughed. “Who are they?” she asked letting the blonde pull her body is closer.
“This is Mark and this is... Colin... I think.” Amanda clearly couldn’t remember. “Who even cares! They’re hot.”
Nadine looked at the lads who just sat there staring. They had happy looks on their faces though. Nadine knew they’d love the sight of the two women together, especially as Amanda was running her hands all over her body.
“But first...” Amanda looked deep into Nadine’s eyes. “How about we...” Amanda’s eyes moved to the double dildo.
Nadine looked up. She caught sight of Jennifer Ellison sneaking into the background with Nadine’s pink dildo. Jennifer looked coy.
“I just thought I’d borrow this and find a place to watch. You just carry on.” Jennifer had a gorgeous Scouser accent, which really turned Nadine on. She was a little sad that no-one else could see the stunner but it was also kind of a turn on.
Nadine gave a smirk before Amanda pulled her in, their lips meeting in a passionate, loving kiss. The kiss was close and sensual, the kind that a couple would have after many years together. It allowed their bodies to be close, feeling smooth silky skin and delicate lingerie.
The pair tottered on their high heels towards the couch but before falling over on to it they decided to undress first, unhooking each others bras and pulling them off hastily. Then the pushed together, smooshing their boobs into the other.
The guys appeared mesmerized by what was going on in front of them. Nadine could see growing bulges through their jeans.
Jennifer was also enthralled by the act in front of her. However when she caught Nadine’s eye she brought the pink dildo up to her lips and started to gently kiss it.
Nadine’s attention moved back to more pressing matters as she felt Amanda pull her panties off her cute ass. They fell quickly to the floor. All the brunette could do was the same, as she slid her hands inside the right fabric and pulled them over Amanda’s hips.
Both ladies were now ready and both were desperate to experience the double dildo. The slipped on to the couch with Amanda taking the dong from the slightly less confident Nadine. Amanda broke their kiss and lay the brunette back so that she was in position.
Nadine spread her legs showing the room how wet she was before letting out a moan as the Christmas double dildo touched her pussy lips. Amanda held it there, teasing Nadine for just a moment before sliding it in smoothly.
“Mmm,” Nadine cooed allowing a moment to herself by shutting her eyes and savouring the feel.
By the time she’d opened them she could see Amanda opposite her, getting into a scissoring position at the other end of the dildo. Nadine loved how Amanda’s body looked. Her friend and now lesbian lover was at least as wet as she was.
The blonde actress pushed herself into the plastic shaft, moaning like Nadine as she felt it glide straight in.
“Mmm fuck that’s good,” she moaned as she locked eyes with her friend.
Having never used a double dildo before the pair tentatively began to push on it, not immediately finding a perfect rhythm. However, the feel of their thighs rubbing together was intimate and exciting enough to keep the pair trying.
They gently bounced a bit, themselves with the dildo but not quite fucking the other. Their eyes never left each other though, they both wanted it so badly.
Amanda grabbed one of her big round titties as she stared at Nadine, massaging it to give her pleasure. It was amazing to Nadine that she could drive a woman wild enough to do this. 
The lust she had for Amanda certainly helped push Nadine on. She past the blonde who had her eyes shut momentarily to see Jennifer Ellison’s big tits had been unleashed.
Jennifer was sliding the pink dildo in between her glorious mounds giving it a nice tit fuck. She looked like such a slut but that’s what made her so hot.
“I love playing with my big titties,” Jennifer confessed as she opened her legs wide to show Nadine her soaking wet shaved pussy. Nadine wanted Jennifer there and then too but knew she couldn’t. She’d just have to enjoy the show.
Jennifer seemed to sense this. “Maybe Santa will come twice this year, even if you’re very naughty!”
Nadine felt the grind becoming more and more pleasurable as Amanda and herself got more and more turned on.
And finally Nadine checked on the two guys who she was sure would be loving this. They had their cocks out now and we’re jerking them off frantically.
“Mmm, I bet you like this...” Nadine teased.
“Yeah I bet you love seeing two hotties fucking each other right in front of you.” Amanda continued. “I can tell by those big hard cocks.”
The guys continued to beat themselves, keen not to upset Amanda who had orchestrated this. They probably never get to see two hot women with stunning bodies and sexy high heels scissor and fuck each other in real life again. They did look incredible.
But Amanda and Nadine both craved more. They needed cum and knew how they were going to get it.
“Why don’t you bring those big hard cocks over here?” Amanda suggested hungrily.
“I could use something to suck on.” Nadine added as she and Amanda bounced against each other, now in perfect unison.
The lads got up, still stroking their cocks. They kept their trousers on and waddled across to the girls as quickly as they could. Both girls smiled happily.
Amanda was straight on to the shaft in front of her, taking it all into her mouth right off with a large slurping sound. She began bobbing her head up and down as well as continuing to fuck Nadine.
Nadine was more restrained, taking control with her hand first and then planting a gentle kiss on the tip. A second followed and then a third. Another happy smile came before she stuck out her tongue and twirled it around the head.
Nadine felt the lad shiver with excitement as she continued to play a little with him. She was also aware he had a great view of her and Amanda, meaning it was likely he’d cum soon. She was determined to make him savour every second.
“That’s it! Suck that big dick. Pretend it’s Santa Claus!” Jennifer commanded. She now how had the dildo in her pussy, hammering it in and out of her hot folds.
The model was having fun and loved watching Nadine and Amanda fuck together. She used her spare hand to massage her tits, making sure her assets weren’t forgotten after the pseudo titfuck.
Nadine almost spat out the cock when she heard Jennifer. The thought of blowing Santa was funny but not one she needed right now. However, her own approaching orgasm and the need for cum kept her focused.
She loved the feel of Amanda’s thighs and pussy crashing against her own as the shared the Christmas double dildo. She could feel how much Amanda was loving it too as the pair got hotter and wetter.
Nadine could also hear Amanda’s lovely jugs bouncing off her chest and the slurping from her blowjob.
Suddenly, Nadine felt the familiar feeling of her pussy orgasming out of control. Pleasure shot everywhere as all she could do was let herself be fucked in her pussy and gentle mouth.
“MMMpphhh, mmmmpphh, mmmmpphh,” she moaned as Amanda fucked her more.
A moment later however Amanda stopped as her own orgasm ripped through her, leaving her paralyzed with pleasure. She too just let her lover fuck her mouth with his hard dick.
Nadine came again, just as hard as at any other time. She had so much sexual hunger but it was all currently being appeased. She was in heaven.
“I’m going to cum!” breathed one of the guys through gritted teeth.
“Me too!” the other blurted, barely able to speak.
“Me too!” yelled Jennifer loudly to Nadine’s amusement. “Awww fuck! Fuck yes! Fucking love Christmas!!!!”
Jennifer sounded like a porn star moaning. The blonde stunner had lots of heavy breathing and panting as she still fucked the pink dildo, spreading her gorgeous legs apart. She did it for Nadine, aware that she had lots of other things going on.
“Empty those baubles over these globes. Make them snow covered.” Amanda wanted the cum on her tits and held them out happily. Her lover happily complied as he extracted himself from her mouth and masturbated over her tits and sexy body.
Nadine wanted it in her mouth and was happy to suck on cock to get it. She felt the familiar twitch just before a hot load hit her mouth. She then held her pretty mouth open and held out her tongue as her partner shot his cum on to it.
“Fuck yes!” he breathed.
“Mmm fuck give me that cum!” encouraged Amanda as load after load hit her tits. “All I want for Christmas is cum and to fuck my friend.”
Amanda’s dirty talk was fuelled by the sensation of cum hitting her chest. She loved it and loved how sexy it made her look.
Nadine gave a happy smile as the cum explosion came to end. She shut her mouth and used her pretty face to show how delighted she was. She looked like an innocent angel.
However, she had other ideas in mind. She got up and dragged the cum covered Amanda to her feet. Amanda was clearly exhausted but happy. The guys were more exhausted however collapsing to their seats.
“Merry Christmas!” Nadine beamed before moving in to kiss Amanda. Amanda responded but got a little shock as a hot salty taste hit her taste buds. A momentary bridge formed between lips as Nadine passed cum with her tongue into the blonde’s mouth.
It was only then it became clear to everyone Nadine had held the cum in her mouth as the lesbian lovers traded it back and forth. The guys eyes nearly pipes out their heads. Even Jennifer was speechless.
Nadine shut her eyes as she savoured her friend’s cum covered body rubbing on her own. She savoured the feel of her hands on Amanda’s skin. She felt the sexiness of her high heels. She lusted after the kiss and the cum her Amanda could give her. She loved that she was getting this attention.
Nadine woke with a startle. However this time it was morning.
She glanced around. Holly Willoughby, Lucy Pinder and Jennifer Ellison were standing at the bottom of her bed smiling.
“Happy Christmas!” they shouted in merry unison. “Ready for some more fun?” giggled Holly.
Nadine smiled “Happy Christmas! Just give me five minutes then I’m all yours!” She then turned to her boyfriend who was about to become her ex.
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Re: A sexy Christmas Carol
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I am so, so happy to see you writing again. Thank you for posting this!!!  :Y: :Y: :Y: :Y:
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Re: A sexy Christmas Carol
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Several of my favourites in there, great work!
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