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Emma's Graduation Night (Emma Watson)
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Emma's Graduation Night

Originally published May 2014

May 24, 2014 - Brown University

Although Brown was an Ivy League school, it didn't mean the crème de la crème couldn't party hard. At least I assumed that's what they were doing on campus tonight - despite having a graduation ceremony tomorrow.

I was being a bit more...constructive in my last night as an official student. Maybe some of them were too by now, but not like this.

They weren't in Emma Watson's dorm room right now. They couldn't say they'd been in here, like this, at least once a year the last four years. If one of them had, she didn't tell me.

I did want her to talk tonight, but not about that. Not about anything but our last tryst as Brown students - if not ever.

On this last time, Emma backed me up to the bed as she kissed me. She slid her tongue into my mouth, while I slid my hands over a firm, supple body I first felt up over four years ago.

I didn't even mention Harry Potter when I met her in fall 2010. Maybe that's why I wound up being her 'first college boy' a while later, according to her. Things went by the wayside until spring 2011, when her film career had to take her away from Brown, and I...got to help send her off.

When she came back in 2012, things were more stable, and we worked out when we could help each other...take the edge off. But with our time at Brown coming to an end in about 12 hours, there was nothing school related that we needed relief from.

The excuse for this was unspoken but clear. This was a fond farewell - not just to the school.

As such, I took my time kissing Emma's lips and going down to her neck, since I couldn't go too fast - for more reasons than usual. I rubbed my lips up and down her neck while my hands teased the top of her jeans, before my palms pressed against her perfect hips.

"Mmm...are you trying to torture me?" Emma asked. I would miss the way her alluring voice made questions like that sound.

"I'm trying to...savor the moment," I teased.

"Well, this isn't the time for that, is it?" Emma said more directly, then capped it off by taking my hands off her and backing me right against the bed.

"Oh, are you expecting someone in here?" I wondered. Of course drunken roommates would fuck this up before the actual fucking.

"They're not coming back in here tonight. We've got time. But I want to get worked over now," Emma said anyway. "Shouldn't the slow, savoring stuff be saved for the actual last time?"

"You mean this isn't?" I questioned.

"Not if we get the really hot fucks out of the way now," Emma teased. "I don't want to leave any nook or cranny untouched. We do it good, hot and fast enough, we can even fit in a little nap. Then...we slow it down for the end."

A Brown education was good for something after all.

It made me smart enough to get my shirt off before sitting on the bed. It made Emma intuitive enough to sit herself on my lap, just as I started getting her shirt off. It made me bright enough to not stare too long at her purple bra and lovely cleavage, so I could get to tasting it.

Emma pushed her round chest up against my head, while my hands pushed themselves against her even rounder ass. Not settling for teasing this time, I tried to pull down the back of her jeans, even while she was sitting on me. I got about halfway - thanks and no thanks to Emma writhing on my lap - before she got on her feet to finish it herself.

When her matching purple bra and panty set was on full display, it made me wait too long to ask her to turn around. The Ivy's didn't make one smart in everything. Or maybe they did, since Emma put her hand on the back of my head instead.

"Remember this?" Emma asked - as if I didn't remember this part of her return in September 2012.

Like I did then, I put my hands on the front of her panties, pulling them up for a kind of semi wedgie. Emma groaned as my tongue tickled her covered center, then did it again when my hands moved to her backside. They palmed her heart shaped ass while my thumbs slid into her underwear, stroking the full flesh underneath.

Even when I pulled the back of her garment down and exposed Emma's scrumptious rear, I kept the front of her panties up. Despite how she said she didn't want to be teased, I kept licking and nibbling on her cloth, until I suddenly pulled it down and went right to devouring her bare pussy.

"Oh, about fucking time!" Emma declared, keeping her hand in my hair as she pushed it against herself. She stood and swayed while I sat on the bed and munched away at her front, in addition to squeezing her back.

"It's all so good..." I mumbled into Emma's opening, before rapidly tonguing it. Emma grinded on me as my lips and head rubbed against her, and my hands cupped and pushed up her cheeks. I then had to ask something I didn't before - but now was the only good time I'd have. "Turn around."

Emma got herself still, which could mean anything. I didn't look up and pull away from her to make sure, although maybe I should have. "Turn around," I repeated, nibbling her clit and giving her ass a little spank with both palms, before finally taking everything away.

I sat straight up, my face away from Emma's beautiful pussy and staring up at her own beautiful, flushed face. She thought for a second more, then muttered, "Fuck, then," and turned herself around. Now her freshly spanked, ample ass was standing right in front of my face.

However, the first thing I did was reach around and insert my left index finger into Emma's pussy. Once she groaned and tightened up, I put my face on the side of her bubble butt and started nibbling, going down to the bottom of her ass.

I traded kisses and little bites on both cheeks, before reaching around and adding my right index finger onto Emma's pussy. With both hands and two sets of fingers working on her in front, Emma moaned and pushed her hips forward against them, allowing me to watch her ass sway and wiggle.

Feeling out of control myself, I had Emma take a step forward so I could get on my knees behind her. Now I could finger her and kiss the tops - or rather, the back of the tops - of her slender legs, giving Emma more to go crazy over. Of course, I didn't take long to get back to her ass, ducking my tongue underneath it to tongue the bottom of her pussy too.

"More! God, there's gotta be more...give me more. Everything you never gave me before..." Emma called for. I was pretty much doing everything I could do now. Except...something I really hadn't done to her before.

If it was on the table now...

At that moment, when I should have made absolutely sure, I went for it before she could turn out to change her mind. My tongue went from her pussy and went up, up, up towards another hole.

"Oh! Bloody fucking..." Emma trailed off, reduced to sultry whimpers as my tongue navigated her behind. The once and current heroine of young Muggles everywhere was in the middle of own personal sandwich, between my hands on her soft pussy and my mouth and face on her tight ass.

"Oh...oh fuck, damn it! Just a little more..." Emma said. I took that to mean she was almost there, so I let my fingers do much of the work then. My tongue left her ass and joined my mouth on her right cheek, licking and kissing it while Emma was being finger fucked.

"Fuck! Oh, that's gotta be enough! Stop, stop!" Emma caught me by surprise. She managed to take my hands off her, so I had no choice but to take my face off her too.

Yet it got harder when Emma bent down, resting her hands on her knees to get composed - even as her bent over backside made me less composed. I looked relatively okay by the time she turned around and stood up straight, or so I hoped.

"Back on the bed. Now," Emma commanded, leaving no room for debate, and little room to mind with that tone of voice. I sat up straight on the side of the bed again, yet Emma wasn't satisfied, as she had me get on my back instead.

I saw where she was going with it as she climbed on top of me, lying on me as she kissed down my neck and chest. At that point, I remembered her own chest was still covered up. "Let me take care of that," I offered, unhooking her bra while she worked.

When it was loose enough, Emma lifted her chest up and got her bra off, letting me see her swelling bosom before she laid it on top of my own upper body. "Thanks, it was getting pretty hot," Emma credited, pecking my own nipples.

She continued going down my body, with her tits rubbing against me along the way. When she got to my underwear - the last piece of clothing either of us had left - Emma froze in place. Before I got too impatient, she took the bottom of my garment and shifted it to the left, exposing my balls.

On that note, Emma began sucking away at them, even with the rest of my cock still hidden. But nothing could hide how I didn't mind it. And nothing could hide the seductive beauty of Emma's face and doe brown eyes, as they showed her own enjoyment at what her mouth was doing.

Just as I wondered if she might free my cock...in time, she put my balls back into my underpants. Her face then went up along with her left hand, which took my underwear down only just enough for my cockhead to appear.

"Looks just like it did the day we met," Emma commented. I frowned, until I realized she wasn't talking about meeting me. Not me directly. "It hasn't changed a bit," she went on, placing the back of her tongue on the head. After swiping it over me for a few seconds, she put it back in her mouth and repeated, "Not one bit."

"Well...that's just one part of it. Who knows how the rest compares?" I tried to hurry it along.

"How indeed..." Emma replied. Placing her left hand on my now covered balls, she caressed them while exposing and licking more of my top half. When she finally freed all of it and promptly gulped it down, Emma came off it in almost no time.

"Nope, same as ever," she reasoned, torturing me further by putting my cock back in my underwear. "Fits as full and hard as it did four years ago."

"That's just in one hole!" I argued. "I think you need a second opinion."

"You do, do you?" Emma began to smirk. Before I got too lost in that visual, Emma slid my underwear down completely this time. For good measure, she took me all the way back in her smirking mouth, cupping and licking me along the way.

When I was wet and hard enough, Emma popped off, got her whole body back on top of mine and kissed me. I just had my tongue in her ass, though...but her whole mouth was on my cock a lot more recently. I guess she figured it canceled out.

My heated kisses back, and the way I settled her hips over my cock, signaled I agreed with her. Especially when she started taking me in.

I wanted to make some flattering comparison between now and four years ago, but I couldn't bring myself to say anything. Maybe that was flattering enough.

Flattered or not, Emma sat up and started riding me in earnest. My right hand quickly went to her filled center, rubbing the outer areas while my cock handled the inner. As for my left hand, I placed it on her bouncing chest to keep it busy.

Emma's moans got huskier as she placed her hands on my chest, leaning against me as she bounced on me. Her hips did more work than mine, pinning them down while my hands tried to match the pleasure she gave me. It was a bit unequal, however.

Finally, I placed both my hands on her curved hips, keeping them pressed down against me. Now I began to move my hips up and do most of the actual fucking. Emma just leaned on me and held on, her moans getting steadily louder.

When I was confident she would let my hips take over, I removed my hands from her hips, though not without a final little squeeze. I reached up and gave the same squeeze to her breasts, only I made it firmer. Soon, I was rolling her nipples around on my fingers as I pumped her harder.

"Oh, that's new too..." Emma credited.

"I've had time on my hands," I explained. "Wanted to save this stuff for a special occasion. Or the last one," I figured. Before Emma had any comment about that, I pushed her tits up and jiggled them for a bit, then dropped them down and put both hands on her pussy.

My hips finally slowed down, since my hands were taking over stimulating her for the moment. Just as Emma began to grind on me again, I surprised her again by palming her ass with my right hand, while my left index finger and cock worked over her front in unison.

With all the multitasking, I had to let Emma ride me a little again. But our hips were about at a 50/50 pace now. I had to sacrifice 50 percent efficiency to let my fingers and hands do much needed work, as they made her wetter and squeezed a few perfect surfaces.

Finally, Emma let the perfect surface of her upper body collapse on top of me again. She rested still on me for a moment, but we couldn't stay still forever.

I let her relax and took over, holding onto her behind with both hands and pushing my hips up. My left hand went lower and got to the bottom of her opening, yet my right stayed on her bottom and helped guide it back and forth. Emma started rocking it herself soon enough, as her chest rubbed up and down against mine.

At this rate, there wasn't much more we could do to hold off the inevitable. "You'll need to get off me soon..." I warned Emma.

"No I won't," Emma groaned. "You think I wasn't...prepared for this?" That was an interesting choice of words. "You just give me all you got right here." That was even more interesting.

"You want it all in you?" I cleared up.

"I want to drain all your cum into me, yes," Emma cleared up better. "Go on, let me drain you..."

Emma's kisses helped me feel less clogged up. Her tightening pussy loosened me up further. Her hands dug into my shoulders, and even that felt freeing too. But nothing compared to her sinfully gorgeous face hovering over me at that moment.

Maybe her sinfully hungry, deep brown eyes urging me on did. Or maybe her sinfully sweet mouth groaning in that just plain sinful voice did. Still, the overall combo was just too much. "Oh, fuck, you're getting that cum," I had to warn her.

"I got some for you too...just a little more and its yours," Emma urged, to which I made my fingers go faster. "Oh, yes, make me cum hard one more time!"

I was too worked up at that moment to sense the finality in it. Or to remember that she did want us to do this, and then have our last time afterwards. Or to take in how this might be the last time we ended...like this anyway.

There was so much to think and reflect on, under normal circumstances. But no matter how normal it was to do this with Emma in the last four years...it never made me think normally. Not when she and I were at this point. Even if this was the last time.

Maybe I didn't consciously think about it. But as her face twisted up, her chest rubbed against me again, her pussy tightened, my grip on her deepened and my cock got unleashed, it certainly felt deeper when it happened.

A whole lot of cum shot into her. It felt like she unloaded quite a bit on me too. That likely explained most of the overwhelming feelings in me. If not all 100 percent of them.

But no matter how many ways I was drained, it drained me completely. As Emma drew out the last spurts of my cum, I already felt my eyes closing. Between the feel of her pussy, our combined wetness, the grip I had on her backside and the friction between the rest of our bodies, I could have slept through the next five graduation ceremonies.

I merely heard Emma catch her breath, but she didn't say anything. Maybe she was getting sleepy too. But if she actually said anything then, I didn't hear it.


When I could remember my dream, it came across as a montage.

There were quick shots of me and Emma bonding as she helped me settle into Brown. Soon, it cut to the chase of our first kisses, and the nerves that kept me from taking it further then and there.

Then came Christmas 2010, when the nerves weren't a factor. When we first used our hands to bring each other off, when we used our hands and mouths to get ourselves back up, and when we consummated it all for the first time.

Then came the aftermath when reality set in, when gossip and our different lifestyles became harder to navigate, and when it seemed we would fade out of each other's lives. Then came her break from Brown a few months later, when she would leave for a whole year...and as I said earlier, I 'sent her off.'

Once again, we fucked when we weren't thinking about the long term, when it was nearly the last possible moment, and when we couldn't stand being so pent up any longer. But when she came back the next year, we changed pace by fucking at the first possible moment then.

We finally got it right in the last year, fucking just frequently enough to avoid being pent up, hanging out just enough with our clothes on to still consider ourselves friends, and staying under the radar in case the gossip hounds were watching. So of course, it all had to end now.

And here we were, at the end. Then I woke up.

I feared it was the morning and it really had to end now. But a look around the dorm room told me it was still night, or at least the early morning. No one else was inside, so perhaps it was still pretty early.

With Emma's sleeping, nude body next to mine, I didn't risk moving to get my cell phone and find out. Therefore, I just laid there.

I stared up at the ceiling for the first few minutes, until I couldn't hold off anymore. I looked away from Emma every so often, in case she caught me watching her sleep like a creep. That's why I took brief looks at her breasts and hips before closing my eyes, the images seared into my memory like all the others.

The images then activated something else. Given the recovery time, I guessed I'd been out just long enough after all.

I kept my eyes closed, waiting for myself to die down and think clearer. That is, until the feeling of a hand made it impossible.

If Emma thought this would make me wake up, and didn't know I was up already - even before I 'got up' - I'd have to keep my eyes closed a little longer to make it convincing. But when her thumb brushed underneath my head, this became impossible too.

I opened my eyes and darted them to my left, where Emma was watching me. Instead of commenting about her watching me sleep, or asking if she caught me watching her asleep, or saying anything about her hand on my hardening cock...no words came out. Or seemed right.

Not when it really hit me that the sight of Emma smiling at me, in bed, while her perfect naked body was lying on its side next to mine, was something I may never see again pretty soon.

"What time is it?" Emma spoke anyway. Since it was safe to get my pants back now, I found them on the floor and reached into one of the pockets. When I found my phone, I used it to figure out it was, "Just after midnight."

"That's good. Probably still some partying going on. Clearly no roommates or drunks have come in yet," Emma noted.

"Should we...expect them to soon?" I asked. If we had that little borrowed time left...

"Maybe not. But by the time morning comes, someone will be here," Emma informed. "If only to tell me where the bodyguard will be during the ceremony."

"Yeah, that sounds about right," I played along with what I assumed was a joke.

"It's not right, just...safe paranoia," Emma said without joking. "After that shooting in California yesterday? Can't be too lax in being prepared."

"Hold on...no one here has been giving you that kind of vibe, right? No one in particular?" I stopped joking around myself.

"No, but no one noticed that guy either. They never notice those people," Emma replied. "I'd rather get someone to do it for me, so I can have completely happy thoughts later today. I'd love to be absolutely sure I get a sendoff like that."

"Well...going all out for a perfect sendoff isn't a crime. I got that," I conceded. "You want to do everything possible. While you still can."

"Even if it's not completely necessary," Emma admitted. "Even if it might not be the last time, for all you know. It's not like I'll never ever see this place again after the ceremony. Our paths might cross again, even if they're going to be...separate for a while." At that point, Brown seemed less like the real topic of conversation.

"It's not like the intent is for them to be separate. But with the different lifestyles and paths and all, there's a good chance they might not cross again," I tried to stay metaphorical. "If that's the case, then it's best to do everything you can now. So even if you don't meet again, there's nothing you wish you'd have done when you had the chance. Nothing you can't live with."

"That makes sense," Emma conceded. "Already seems like I've got most of it out of the way. A lot that's been done in a lot of...different, perfect ways by now. What else is left?"

If this was going the way it seemed to...I thought of one thing right away.

Emma's hand was off my cock by then, so it was easier to get her on her back again. I laid on top of her this time, putting my face right on her breasts. They didn't get any attention from my mouth tonight, but I changed that at last.

"You went right for these our first time," Emma recounted as I sucked her right nipple. I assumed she meant the first time we actually got naked. I didn't know what I was doing, or what to go for, in our first kisses. At least I had enough time and imagination to plan out my strategy when I was ready - and it did involve going for the boobs.

"It wasn't just a case of you starting small and working your way up, right? Or down?" Emma actually joked.

"I wouldn't say it was starting small. Medium, really. A perfectly round and full medium, more really," I complimented as I kissed the round, full mediums. "Mmmm, so full..."

I felt the proof by cupping her tits and stroking underneath them with my thumbs, while going back and forth to lick around her nipples and then suckle them. I kept holding onto her chest as I kissed up to her neck, explaining "Now I'm working my way up..."

"You like doing that," Emma noted. "I needed my share of makeup to cover the evidence sometimes," she conveniently reminded me before I got too far suckling her neck. With no need to give her a hickey, I just kissed across her throat.

My hands left her breasts, with my right going up to Emma's head. When it threaded through her hair, I commented, "Well, this has had some ups and downs through the years." I hoped she took it as merely a general comment at her hairstyle changes - and pixie cuts. But it was about as long as it was in 2009 now.

Before Emma could reply one way or another, I had my lips go up to her face. My hand pushed some of her hair over to my cheek, while I started kissing hers. The twin sensations of warm silk on my face made me groan on hers, which made her chuckle almost adorably. If that's a word that could be used at a time like this.

But looking at her eyes and lips made more...colorful words come to mind, like usual. Instead of using them at the moment, I had my left hand trail down her body until it reached her center. When it did, though, I remembered...we forgot to do much cleanup down there after last time.

Even now, I didn't know if there were napkins around. Or anything else to help make her feel less...sticky. So I'd have to improvise.

I rolled off of Emma and laid next to her, then took my left index and middle fingers over to my mouth. After getting them as wet as I could, I took them out and placed them on Emma's center. I didn't know how much that would actually help her, but I was all for being creative.

Emma just watched me and watched herself, as I dipped my fingers into her pussy, waited until they got wet, and then dragged them all over her outer lips and crotch. After repeating the process a few more times, I was ready to use some more tools.

"Stay put," I told Emma, just in case. With that, I slid myself down and placed my head between her wet legs, then started licking away. With fresh wetness on her and inside of her, I lapped it all up fairly eagerly.

I would need to go slower soon, though. I didn't want to devour my last meal here too quickly. "This is still the most delicious stuff on campus," I said into Emma, which made her laugh - although it didn't sound completely amused.

"My God, that's what you come up with?" Emma asked. "That's so cheesy."

"I can be cheesy over true things," I tried to convince her, then went back to using my tongue for...other purposes.

"Ugh...if that's what made you do stuff like that, more power to you," Emma conceded. "You're lucky that tongue has a few talents."

"I know how lucky I am," I said honestly.

"I suppose that luck's been going around," Emma admitted. "Moments like this...could have gone down a lot differently for me around here." That could have been taken a few ways.

"But that's not me settling for the first guy who wouldn't...take advantage of me," she actually discredited one of those ways.

"Really?" I checked, before digging my tongue in deeper.

"Yes...fuck yes," Emma said. "I know we had dry spells and rough patches...fuck, right there! I know we didn't always work things out...out there. Fucking...I know we might not run into each other again, shit! But...this place wouldn't have been the same for me without you."

With all the licking and nibbling I was doing to her, I knew she was being honest. Or maybe she just told me what I might want to hear so I'd keep working her, I don't know. Emma was too sweet for that, though - or so I got the appearance of. When it came to actresses, and actresses during sex...even though this was the only actress I'd ever fuck and probably ever would...

Fuck it, I could overanalyze everything during the speeches tomorrow. Or later today, whatever.

After one more big lick, I got myself back over to Emma to kiss her, while she was fresh on my mouth. She leaned on her side and I did the same, leaning on my right elbow and putting my right hand on her face, while my left went on her hip.

Before I could get it back between her legs, Emma reached between mine. She had her left hand on my cock, which had stayed hard pretty easily this whole time. Emma's pumping hand on my shaft and her thumb gliding over my head made it even easier.

If that wasn't enough, I now had the spectacular view of Emma Watson lying on her side - with her head lying on her right hand, her left hand pumping me, and the stunning curves of her hip and waist on full display. Not even the Harry Potter wizards - in Hogwarts, Hollywood or Universal Studios - could conjure up something like this.

I trailed my hand up and down her hip and my thumb down her cheek, but I knew that wasn't enough - not compared to what her hand was doing. Even when I kissed her, it didn't feel like it was enough. There was only one option left.

Unfortunately, I had to break up Emma's pose, get her hand off my cock and lie her on her back to do it. But when I inserted myself back into her, it finally seemed worth it.

I wanted to go slow, and not just because I had to contain myself. I tried my hardest to just go in and out, savor her body below mine and look at her pleased face. However, I did have to pump her harder and faster to amplify that look.

When I slowed down after that, Emma's hips pumped me faster. When I went faster to catch up, it took some effort to slow back down. No matter how I tried to be slow and steady, something much too hot for me happened to foil my plans.

"Come on, let's hold it a little," I finally had to say out loud. "None of us wanna end prematurely, do we?" I challenged.

"I can tell you don't," Emma figured.

"Who would?" I agreed. Probably on more than one level. "Just let me...let me..."

I didn't know how to finish - at least not in a way that didn't make me sound pathetic. Especially since Emma was probably more under control than I was.

She was composed enough to put her hands on my lower back, and just rest them there. She was stable enough to tilt her head up and kiss my neck, keeping it just steamy enough. She rocked her body steadily underneath mine, while I slowed my hips down and rested my head against hers.

Now I could fully take in being inside Emma Watson, for the likely last time. Now I could experience the closest thing to making love to her. Now I could reveal in her lips gliding over my neck, her sweet little noises, her hands close to my ass, her pussy all too slowly gripping my cock. All of this I might never feel again...

Assuming my future jobs didn't take me near Hollywood or London. Assuming she really didn't want anything to do with me after this. Assuming I didn't have the guts to keep having something to do with her. At least one of those things was possible. Maybe.

If the wrong one was possible, and this really was it...then when I looked back, I couldn't focus more on what I didn't get to do. Or what I didn't do while I had the chance. That wouldn't be a fair way to remember this.

Holding back wouldn't be a fair way to remember the end. Now would it?

"Fuck..." I gave in. "Fuck me. I want to really fuck you and I hope you really want to fuck me. You know I can fuck you so good..."

"So I've told you..." Emma reminded.

"I want to fuck you so deep, you'll think about it tomorrow and get so wet on that stage. You want that?" I spurted out. "You want that to be your farewell? You wanna get your diploma while you're dripping wet?"

"Why don't I just get wet right now?" Emma dared. "Get your cock so wet and hard, you'll be hiding a boner all afternoon the second you think about it. And you will..." she figured out. "This isn't the last time you'll be hard because of me on this campus. Don't fucking kid yourself."

God knows I wasn't trying. "But if this is some other last time...you fucking make it count. And I will too."

I was sure set to deliver my end of the bargain. Speaking of ends...

I pulled out of her and had her turn over before I changed my mind. When she got on all fours and pointed her supple rear at my groin, I knew I made the right call. However, I was too worked up to waste time on lubing myself up - so I couldn't fuck the one hole I hadn't fucked before.

That would have to be my lingering regret. Yet when I went back in Emma's pussy and slammed my hips against her ass, it was a regret I could live with for now.

I watched Emma's ass wiggle, push back against me and ripple as I collided into her. Yet I had other sights to see. "Look at me, fucking look at me..." I ask/demanded Emma, and she obeyed by turning her head back to me. A few hard pumps brought the desired, sultry effect on her face.

"Is that it? Is that how you want it?" Emma asked heatedly. There was one more thing missing, though.

I wrapped my arms around Emma's waist, getting her to sit up and lean on me. With my arms around her and my head on her shoulder, I quickly kissed her neck and shoulder while fucking her harder. Soon, my right hand went down and gripped her pussy, while my left held onto her breast.

"That's it, fuck," I gasped. "Let me see that pussy fuck me," I said, looking down below. "Let me see those sweet tits bounce," I said, although only one of them was free to do that. "Let me feel that ass, those lips, that face..." I quit babbling while I was ahead then.

I had extra reason to shut up when Emma turned her head to kiss me, her ass grinding on me the whole way. After several breathless kisses and moans, Emma broke off and gritted her teeth.

"Fuck me, fuck me, it's too much..." She moaned. "This is how I want to end it..."

She pushed back and made me fall on my back, then got off me before I could catch up. "Sit up and lean against the wall, now!" she commanded. Too worked up to object, I did what she told me and then saw Emma crawl towards my open legs.

"You fuck me," Emma said. "Fuck me while I swallow you..."

Emma raised her ass up, and I reached over to touch her, right as she went down to suck me. After the initial shock, I laid my right hand on her ass, then moved my finger down to sink into her. I tried as best I could to fuck her while she sucked me, as she pushed her ass back and took me deeper down her throat at the same time.

"That's it...give me your cum. Give it to me while I give it to you. One more for the road..." Emma capped off.

There was no stopping Emma then. There was no stopping my finger from pumping her, or her mouth from pumping me. However, her tongue, lips, mouth and voice were getting me off, while all I had was my finger. It wasn't a fair fight.

My finger sunk all the way into her as I started cumming. I tried to wiggle it to make her finish too, but I couldn't tell if it was working. However, when I saw her swallowing my cum, for our big finish, it was the last little boost I needed.

Emma came off my cock, opened her mouth and caught her breath, with some little remnants of me still inside her. Then at last, I felt remnants of her cover my finger. "Yes, fuck..." Emma trailed off as she let herself go.

When I felt and heard that Emma was finished, I took my finger out of her and let her lie on her back. I looked at my wet finger, took a little lick, then offered it to Emma. After she got a lick in, I put my finger on her chest and trailed it between her breasts, before licking up what I left on her.

There was still a little left on my finger, so I hovered it over Emma's mouth. Once she started licking, I got over there and licked the other side of my finger, until I took it away and our tongues met. With her taste on both of us - and probably a little bit of mine left on her - we licked our mouths clean until we had to try and breathe again.

"Oh, Emma..." I sighed. There was no more to say and probably no more left to do. At least in this condition, at this time in our lives.

"Oh..." Emma started, but didn't finish. Now she was the one probably tuckered out. I didn't really mind.

There was nothing to mind, nothing to regret and nothing we could do to top ourselves tonight. Full honors all around.

Sometimes spending four years and hundreds of thousands on college really did pay off. Sometimes you really learned something.

And sometimes holding in a boner during a graduation ceremony is harder than it looks. One last lesson Emma taught me. If the whole acting thing didn't interest her, she could turn to teaching as a backup, with or without clothes...

Aw crap, the one school related fantasy we should have done!

As far as first fantasies as a college graduate go, though - and first ones without Emma around - it wasn't a bad one to start my new life on.

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