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The Other Emma (Emma Watson, Emma Stone)
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Originally published January 2014

April 2014

I didn't want to waste another second. If you were with Emma Watson at a Hollywood party, you wouldn't either. Regardless whether someone could see you at any second.

We were in a private corner in back of the building, so I figured we were hidden away enough. In case we weren't, I wanted to get in as much as possible. Maybe Emma would too.

As we furiously made out, my hands ran up and down her white dress with black stripes. But as nice as the dress felt, the stunning figure it covered felt even better. Especially since I knew about the lacy black bra and underwear hidden underneath too.

I couldn't quite feel the outline of it when my hands reached her ass. What I could feel was quite firm, plump and incredibly sexy anyway. I wasn't daring enough to try and see it all yet, and neither was Emma -- but I could feel more.

My left hand slid to the bottom of Emma's dress, as my mouth went down to her neck. I waited for her to stop me, but she just made those soft, ungodly beautiful moans of pleasure. Therefore, I took it as permission to go underneath her clothes.

I couldn't devour Emma's neck too much, since we would presumably go back to the party later. However, I could put my hand on her panties and start rubbing, and no one would be the wiser. As long as they didn't hear Emma groaning -- which I would ordinarily want to hear as loud as possible.

"You doing okay?" I teased, hoping to get her talking now.

"Smashing," Emma got out, using a somewhat cliché British word. But in that British voice of hers, at a moment like this, she could say anything and get me hotter. "How about you?"

When her tiny, talented right hand started burrowing into my pants, it got me hotter too. To say nothing of when she got into my underwear.

Now I had to keep my groaning quiet. Yet with Emma Watson giving you a hand job inside your pants, while you're playing underneath her dress....again, you try being quiet. Since no one was coming by, I assumed we were quiet enough.

"Fuck, I can't believe this," I gritted out as Emma rubbed my head with her thumb. After my thumb rubbed the front of her panties, I gasped, "This a first for you?"

"Now I almost wish it wasn't," Emma panted as my fingers went into her underwear, brushing the bare, wet parts inside.

"Guess you were waiting for the right boyfriend," I voiced. "Three months is long enough to give up your 'public finger banging' ginity," I assured -- though I lost my words when Emma's fist closed around my shaft.

"Certainly feels like I waited for the right guy," Emma teased, smirking as her hand stroked me faster. "The right guy probably wouldn't mind cumming in his pants. Walking around this fancy party with cum stains in his knickers. Would he?"

"If you don't mind," I dared, pushing her against the nearest wall and inserting a finger. As it wiggled around and fucked her faster, her fingers tightened around me and kept pumping.

Our heads pressed together as our breathing got heavier. I should have kissed Emma to keep us both quiet, but I couldn't stop looking at her. Most couldn't stop looking at her -- yet few had ever seen her like I had these last three months.

Seeing those unbearably beautiful, bottomless brown eyes right up close, at this moment, along with the rest of her flushed, gorgeous face....well, that still took the face. "Fuck, you're so fucking beautiful," I gasped before I regained self-control.

But when Emma kissed me again, I decided self-control was overrated.

Yet this wasn't an out of control kiss like the last few. Despite our hands working furiously on our genitals, our lips were moving slowly and leisurely. I was even able to put my free hand on her cheek, while hers went on the back of my neck.

This mix of romance and hot, heavy action was mind blowing. It was everything I could have wanted at once. It was....well, it was Emma.

"Fuck yes....you wanna cum?" I got out when our lips broke. "You wanna cum, you'll cum so hard. All over those pretty panties...."

"Lucky yours aren't so pretty," Emma noted, right as her hand went faster. "Not yet...."

I had to bury my head on her shoulder to contain myself. Still, between this and seeing her getting dressed tonight, without being allowed to touch....no way I could contain myself much longer. Hell, I'd probably lose it before she did.

If that was the case, it wouldn't be by a wide margin.

As I felt myself getting closer, I gripped Emma's crotch and held on for dear life, wiggling and pumping my finger all the way. We both clenched our jaws, yet I was indeed the first to....release the pressure inside my pants.

However, Emma went after me only 10 seconds later, so that wasn't too bad.

As I felt her cumming on my hand and her panties, I could feel my own cum sticking to my cock and underwear -- not to mention Emma's hand. When Emma was done releasing, she exhaled in relief, then took in the....unique sight of us and laughed in disbelief.

Despite the compromising and sticky position, her laugh sounded as light as it would during a normal fun activity. It just made my heart skip more, to get post-coital sappy. I still felt sappy enough to kiss her lightly, which wasn't too bad.

"Jesus Christ...."

That voice sounded in awe. And it sounded raspy and sexy too. However, it didn't have an accent -- so it wasn't Emma's.

Well, not that Emma.

"Jesus Christ!" me and my Emma yelled -- probably too loud -- when we saw who had stumbled onto our moment.

It appeared Emma Stone had been watching us -- or if not, had seen us now and pieced it together. She had a light red dress, which was ironic since her once red hair was still blonde -- yet our clothes were probably upstaging hers.

Instinctively, we pulled our hands off each other's crotches, in spite of how wet they were. We couldn't wipe them on our fancy clothes, so I had to use my dry hand to find a tissue in my pocket. Meanwhile, my Emma actually talked to other Emma and said, "Emma, what the fuck?"

"Way to rip off my question. But I think I got the answer already," the other Emma commented. I pulled out a tissue and we both wiped our hands on it, yet it didn't help us think any better.

"What are you going to do with that answer?" my Emma asked.

"Wait, she's not a blackmailer, right? That doesn't sound like her," I blurted out. It was stupid, since I didn't know if the Emmas knew each other that well.

I didn't know the other Emma well enough to predict her. But I had spent my share of time thinking about her. Before my current Emma came along and all.

"Well, I'm out of practice," Emma Stone said, yet I could detect something playful in her distinctive voice. And something more suspicious. But she continued with, "So I'll just have to ask you to hang out once you're decent, then."

"You want to get more dirt on us?" I asked her.

"If that's what you call talking and drinking, more power to you," she responded. "Emma? You look like you could use more lubricant."

My Emma looked embarrassed for the first time, so I should have been annoyed by Emma 2. Still, Emma Watson did have enough sense and class to not feel completely slutty -- a rare thing among her peers sometimes. At least we were being approached by another exception to the rule.

"I could stand to wet my whistle," I told my Emma. "It's not like we're....capable of much else right now," I said more quietly.

This seemed to get through to her, as she told Emma S, "All right then. Bring Andrew and we can make it an American/British double."

"He's not here," Emma Stone said a little quickly. "So you can see why I was looking for company. Even the masturbating kind."

"Obviously you know that wasn't it," I objected without knowing why.

"Well, now I do. You can clear up the rest at a quiet part of the bar. If that floats your boat," Emma said quickly again.

"Very well. Just give us a minute," Emma Watson said while clenching her thighs. Apparently standing around with cum-stained panties was less comfortable than it sounded. Given how my cum stained underwear felt now, I could relate.

Once we went to the bathroom and cleaned up for real, we rejoined our new companion/quasi-blackmailer. The three of us only stayed at the party for a while and had a drink each, yet it helped me and Emma feel normal again. Therefore, we were more open to feeling extra normal at another bar.

Me and the two Emmas went to at least two bars as the night wore on. At the time, I didn't remember if this happened at the second bar or another one. Yet wherever it happened, I was nowhere near drunk enough to forget it.

We were sitting at our own booth, with me sandwiched between Watson and Stone. We toasted each other with our latest round, then gulped it down and laid back. The Emma that wasn't my girlfriend happened to let her head go on my shoulder.

"This is nice...." Emma Stone slurred, her already raspy voice getting more gravelly. "Gonna miss this when the world tour starts. Ah, the world tour...."

She had told us she was starting her Spider Man 2 world premiere tour in just two days. It helped us think she was just having one last blowout, before being flung around the world. I knew what that was like, since Emma went on such a tour for "Noah" a month after we met. But she made it up to me when she got back....

"My Emma's filled me on those. Maybe she'll show me in person next time," I suggested. "Until then, I'm sure tales from you should give me a better idea."

"Oh, they're not so bad," Stone drew out. "You see the whole world, you can't be lonely. Especially with...." she trailed off. However, she snapped out of it just as quickly, turning to my Emma and saying, "Enough about me! Look how lucky you are!" gesturing to me.

"I think I borrowed most of the luck here," I jumped in.

"Where'd she find you? The Photoshop place?" Emma asked, whether she meant to evoke one of her old lines on purpose. "Lots of good stuff there."

"I'll take your word for it," I offered.

"I don't need my word. I got you making Emma cum," Emma 2 dropped on us.

"Are we really in a private enough place for that?" Emma 1 said quietly.

"Oh, now you worry about that. Not up for flaunting it now, huh?" non-girlfriend Emma accused. "Too bad. There was a lot to show off." She went back to me to ask, "Or was that just her hand making that big lump in your pants? I know her's isn't that big!"

This was getting uncomfortable, in way too many ways. I never imagined that would be the case in a scenario like this. And my Emma knew it, which made it worse now.

Emma Watson knew that she wasn't the first Emma I had feelings for. In that first month we were together, before her Noah tour started, we wound up being more open with each other before she left. That included me saying that Emma Stone was my biggest celebrity crush until meeting Watson.

I said it to make Emma laugh at the irony -- and explain why I was so awkward at meeting Emma 2 a few days earlier. Emma 1 got the irony and took it well, but it looked like this would be another matter soon enough.

At this point, it was a cruel joke. After all my dreams and....sessions about being with Emma Stone like this, it was turning out like this. I imagined it would be more romantic, funny, quirky and kind of seductive, like Emma herself. I usually pictured her having the red hair back on, but the blonde was growing on me.

It still didn't take away from her piercing green eyes, and how they had just as much personality as the rest of her. Or her multi-layered smile, which could go from goofy to heart stopping in a blink. Or her perfect figure, severely underappreciated ass, or stunningly slender legs. And that unforgettable voice, which probably sounded so hot in....

I didn't get to finish that thought. Not with Emma Stone's lips suddenly pressed onto mine.

She pecked me quickly twice, before I could get my head on straight. But after reminiscing about her beauty and my old crush, it took me a while to react better. I might have even pressed my lips back against hers in her third kiss, until I finally came to my senses.

I pushed Stone away and instantly held my right hand up to block her -- then instantly held my left hand up to block Watson so she wouldn't attack.

Before anyone could attack or yell, I blurted in panic, "What was that? Why would you do that? Are you that upset Andrew's not with us?"

I was too afraid to look at my Emma, although staring at the other one who just kissed me.....it probably wasn't smart. Yet I forgot it when that Emma suddenly crumbled. She sniffled loudly and seemed to be on the brink of full on, way too loud sobs.

"I'll go," she made herself say, which was probably for the best.

"No, you won't," I heard my Emma say behind me. "You're in no condition. Let me just call a limo and we'll all go home."

"Are you sure?" I asked before finally turning to her. She didn't look happy, but she wasn't apocalyptic either, which was better than I hoped.

"Neither of you wants to argue with me. Let's just go outside and be quiet," Emma laid down the law. The other one couldn't quite stay quiet, yet no one noticed her crying as we left the bar.

I resisted the urge to ask Stone what this was about, since there was no way to escape Watson's eye. If either Emma could tell that I briefly kissed back, then I would be truly screwed. So instead of risking it, I chalked it up to Emma S being too drunk -- and maybe too horny from seeing us -- and left it at that.

I left it all the way through the limo ride to my house. So did my Emma, who watched me get out and go without a word. The two Emmas were left in the limo as it drove off -- at the least, if Watson killed Stone, it would be far away from my house.

I didn't want anyone dead, and I didn't want to lose my Emma. However, her silence and obvious anger told me it was 50/50, at best. Given how lucky I'd been for three months -- two with Emma in person -- perhaps this reality check was past due.

All I could do was go to bed and cling to how lucky I'd been so far. From meeting Emma and beginning to date her in January, to those times she was able to call and Skype me between Noah premieres in February....and then when she came back in March.

When I started dreaming about that night, I was up to the part where Emma was on my lap, riding me with her legs wrapped around me. Her supple breasts were bouncing, while her even ampler ass was bouncing on my lap. I had to put my left hand on it and give it a light smack -- then my right hand worked on her pussy before she could object.

Emma sounded even more turned on -- as if it wasn't hard enough to contain myself. And yet I went and fingered her while jiggling her sweet ass anyway, all while fucking her for the first time. Her arms went around my neck and she breathed heavily on me, trying to hold on herself.

If it was that hard for her, then she should at least be comfortable.

Savoring her in my lap for a few more seconds, I suddenly turned and laid her on her back. Her legs stayed around me as I quickly got back into a rhythm, grabbing her breast with my right hand to steady myself. It also allowed me to put my left hand between us and start fingering her again.

As my hand and cock pounded her below, I leaned down to tongue and bat around her right nipple. When it was wet enough, I blew it and pushed her tit up before taking it in my mouth. "Oh, fuck....fuck, baby," Emma groaned, which I felt all the way in my condom covered cock.

Inspired, my finger and cock went faster while my tongue licked all around her areola. When I blew on that, Emma growled and pushed her hips back against me. In response, I made a show of licking her tit while staring right up at her. To cap it off, I put my teeth on her nipple and just kept them there.

After Emma muttered a few more fucks, I stopped biting and said, "You ready to cum? Tell me you wanna cum....."

"I want....I want to cum," Emma moaned. Somehow, it was even hotter to hear her say those words outside of my dreams.

"Emma wants to cum?" I was emboldened to tease further.

"Yes....Emma wants to cum hard," she answered, making the last word sound extra hard and erotic.

Whatever restraint I had left was lost, as my hand and cock worked on her like a piston. My right fingers went up to pinch and rub her nipple, as I watched Emma's flawless face crumble in orgasmic bliss. She pumped her hips back a few more times before finally losing it all.

I was even more breathless as she came over my covered cock -- looking so beautiful all over in the process. When she was done, she laid flat on her back as I tried to slow down before I came, although it was technically all right now. Nevertheless, after waiting so long for this, I wanted as many extra seconds as possible.

After several more, Emma got her breath back and asked, "Are you close now?"

"Been close all day. Just give me a minute," I insisted.

"Not fast enough," Emma insisted back, before rolling me over on my back.

She lifted her hips off me and went down my body, until her head was above my cock -- and the wet condom covering it. Despite her own juices being on it, Emma took the condom off and dropped it on my bedroom floor.

Yet when her lips touched my cock, the mess was the furthest thing from my mind.

Emma took half of me in her mouth, then gently bobbled up and down. But while her lips were soft and delicate on my shaft, her tongue was rapid everywhere else. She tongued my slit and suckled deep halfway down my staff, humming along the way.

While she had touched my cock before this night, she hadn't....touched it like this. I was already close enough, but the sudden sight of Emma's lovely face and warm mouth stuffed with my cock was too inhuman.

"A fucking angel...." I lost control of my words, right before losing control of the rest.

After Emma gulped my....control down, she wasted no time in kissing up to my chest. But before she reached my lips, she thought again and said, "Better rinse first. Do you have a glass anywhere?"

"Downstairs," it took me several seconds to reveal. "I'll go --"

"No, I've got it," Emma offered, getting up from the bed. I looked up to see her walking to the door, with a full, amazing view of her swaying ass, curves and legs. When she opened the door, she turned her head back to me, smiling that smile that melted the hearts of millions -- and almost made me instantly hard again.

After that and the time we were able to spend in the next month, it was hard to believe I'd crushed on anyone else. At least until it came back to bite me now.

That unsettling thought finally woke me up. I checked my cell phone clock and saw it was 8 a.m. -- not extremely late for work. Maybe that would get my mind off things.

Once the phone vibrated and I saw Emma's name on the caller I.D., I threw that plan right out the window. But when I answered it, I froze up and remembered this could be a break up call. Once again, I put my own damn self in trouble.

However, Emma's voice was even keel when she said, "Emma had a break up." It still made the words hurt even worse -- until we both thought them over.

"Oh God, I didn't mean....sorry, sorry!" Emma quickly apologized. "I meant the other Emma! She had the break up, not us!"

After my deep sighs of relief ended, I actually thought her words over again. "That Emma and Andrew Garfield? Wouldn't that be all over the Internet by now? Did I sleep that long?"

"No, it's still a secret," Emma told me. "I took Emma to her hotel room and she told me everything. They broke up about two weeks ago, but they have to keep it a secret during the tour. The pressure and heartbreak must have been too much for her last night. Between that and....our whole show."

"Oh, fuck...." I groaned in sadness. "You sure you believe her?"

"She was pretty convincing last night. In between the drunk crying," Emma went on. "She's getting sobered up right now. I'm still there watching it, actually."

"You're still in her room?" I clarified. "This isn't some long con revenge, right?"

"No, nothing like that. We talked through it and we're okay," Emma shared. "In fact....she'd like to be okay with you, too. If you're available."

I thought it through and decided, "Well, I got two more spare days off this month. Where do I have to go?"

Not that long later, I was dressed, cleaned up and parking near Emma's hotel. A few more minutes later, I was on the elevator to her floor. A few seconds after that, I knocked on the door to Emma's room -- until the Emma who wasn't staying there answered.

"Hi," Emma Watson said with a shy smile, in spite of how I should have been the nervous one.

"You're sure everything's okay?" I had to ask again before coming in.

"They're much better now. Everything's much better now," Emma assured, kissing me quickly. "But she's going to be a wreck tomorrow. And however much longer she has to pretend she and Andrew are fine. In spite of everything, she should have at least one good thing to take with her."

"Apologizing to me would be that good?" I wondered.

"We'll just have to see how it goes," Emma said. "Shall we?" Since it wasn't really a question, I just obeyed and came in.

I found Emma Stone sitting on the room's couch, wearing a white shirt and jeans while holding a cup of coffee. When she saw me, she immediately seemed to shrink, which was unusual for someone so outgoing and full of life. Yet these were clearly different circumstances for her.

"She told you everything?" she checked. "Including the part where I'm really sorry? I'll still say it myself either way."

"You don't have to, I got the gist," I tried to calm her down.

"I really am sorry," Emma said anyway. "I don't know what came over me. Other than wine, heartbreak, seeing you guys jack each other off, stuff like that. It's still no excuse, for you or her. No matter what she's been telling me all morning."

"I guess telling you the same thing won't work. I still want to either way," I almost echoed her. "As long as she's okay, I can't possibly be mad at you."

That could be interpreted to mean I was happy she kissed me, as long as my Emma was fine. It could, but I hoped it wasn't. "So we're good?" I asked, almost hoping this meant we could go.

"It would seem so," Watson chimed in. "Still, it leaves us with a lot of time to kill. I killed enough by myself. Maybe it'll go faster with you here."

"You're sure?" I asked cautiously, yet Stone answered for him.

"I'm gonna have a lot of time on my hands today. Packing up, going over the tour schedule, practicing my lies. I can put it off till the afternoon," Emma figured. "Give me some momentum to go on." Well, she turned it from a defense for kissing the wrong man to a guilt trip pretty quick.

It worked on my Emma, so it would work on me too. It worked enough for us to have another little hang out -- only this one didn't have alcohol or sex hanging over it. Emma S told us about how she and Andrew fell out, but it was mostly peaceful -- as long as she had her space to get better. Now that they wouldn't have that for the next month around the world, she wasn't sure what would happen.

My Emma offered encouragement and advice, letting me admire again how all this was big of her. She could have gotten revenge with her fists, hands, or even her mouth by spilling Emma 2's secret. Warner Brothers would probably be overjoyed by Hermione throwing a monkey wrench into Sony's summer. Yet she was being better than that, as she was in most things.

For her part, Emma S was slowly coming back to life, getting back to the witty, level headed woman the world knew her as. I knew her as that from afar too, but I was glad to see it in person now.

I supposed when me and my Emma saw her in the last few months, she was just putting on a brave face. But she looked more care free now, although we all knew that would change soon.

If she wanted to forget that a while longer, I would do my part to help. It seemed Emma W was already ahead of me too. However, Emma S tested us both by telling me, "So I hear you used to be into me."

I coughed nervously, looking to my Emma for clues on how I could answer. Then again, where else would Emma 2 have heard it from? "I....well, what else did you hear?" I stalled for time.

"Not much. But it was enough," Emma S answered. "I guess if this happened a few months ago, we'd have had a far different night. And morning, maybe."

"Who knows?" I attempted to shrug off, at least in front of my Emma.

Yet the other one suddenly turned relentless, pressing with, "That whole show with her....you didn't dream it up with me in mind, right? Back then?"

"No!" I denied, which probably made me look too guilty. Although I really wasn't. "That was a spur of the moment thing. She's the only Emma who inspired me to do that. You and me were always in private places. In my mind!"

I should have stopped two sentences earlier. All I was doing was redigging my own grave, even though she started it. And my girlfriend wasn't stopping it yet. She didn't even stop when Emma S asked, "Was I too innocent to fuck in public? In your mind?"

I was ready to turn invisible, or at least run to the halls once my girlfriend piped up. I couldn't look at either of them in the meantime -- and neither of them were saying a word. Once I realized they both wanted me to answer, I had no choice but to say, "I didn't think of it like that. I just figured you'd be less....innocent in private."

"And on that note, off to give you some privacy, then," Emma W startled me. She let me sputter for a moment before clarifying, "It's just that I have to meet with my agent soon, that's all."

"Oh. Okay, should I come with you or just go home?" I asked her.

"Nonsense. Emma needs some company today. You stay here with her, and I'll come back in about an hour," my Emma offered. "Then we can both make sure she has happy memories on her trip."

"Really?" I still questioned. Yet Emma nodded, and Emma 2 kept a blank face on as well. Before I inquired further, Emma got up and kissed me goodbye. It was a brief kiss, but she poured a lot into it anyway.

"Don't worry about me. Just take care of her," she instructed, then turned and left the hotel room.

I almost literally scratched my head, filled with confusion and some awkwardness. Despite all these hours with Emma Stone since last night, this was the first time I was alone with her. Considering all that happened, and all my Emma told her, I didn't see a promising way for this to end.

Not one I could get away with, anyway.

"Okay, this is too weird!" Emma S blurted out. "It was nice of her, but...."

"What was nice?" I wanted to know. Emma looked even more awkward than when I first came in, then sighed and explained why.

"Don't ask me how she thought it up, I have no idea. I just knew it was better than her clawing my eyes out," Emma started. "Before you got here, Emma told me....if I still wanted what....I wanted last night....it'd be okay."

It took me a second to get the full gist of it. The next second felt like an eternity. One eternity later, Emma went on. "I didn't ask, I swear! I didn't even agree! I didn't say no, either, but let's brush that off right now!"

"And the rest?" I gasped. "What am.....what am I supposed to think about that?" There were too many shocked, angry, confused, betrayed, horny, erotic thoughts to sort through at the moment.

"Don't think bad thoughts about Emma. She's not trying to trap you or get revenge....I think," Emma said. "She said it'd be fine because I'm leaving tomorrow, I need this to get through the tour....and that you'd be real good at it. Cause of the fantasies. And you being so good with her."

"If I'm so good, she shouldn't...." I trailed off before I could end with "want to share me" Instead, I added, "Is this a test? To make sure I wouldn't leave her for you? I could have said no before she left!"

"She knows you won't! She trusts you, she told me! That's why she's okay!" Emma pressed. "It's just....it makes it more weird that she's okay. I don't want to come between you if she really isn't okay. After what I saw last night, that would really suck!"

"What did you see? In your opinion?" I asked, wanting to get off topic and have more time to think rationally.

"I saw....all the stuff I miss. Love stuff, sexy stuff, all of it," Emma confessed. "Maybe I'd have felt it if I saw some other star and hot guy go at it. But I saw you guys. I wanted what you had again, if only for a little while." She sighed and further recapped, "Alcohol helped me forget the rest. And I'm still really sorry."

At that point, she chuckled almost bitterly. "I guess your fantasy me was far less fucked up than the real thing, right? That's what you get for putting me on a pedestal, huh?"

"You're not fucked up. That's the whole reason you were on the pedestal," I blurted out. "Well, the looks and talent helped. Voice and red hair were another plus. Not that the blonde hair isn't...." I realized I was getting off track.

Once I got on the right one, I explained, "I mean, you're not some alcoholic, cheating train wreck. You're the girl next door. The funny, cool girl. The pretty, beautiful, sexy girl. The girl who can be your best friend, girlfriend and total vixen all at once. If you're not, you made it easy to believe it....and you made it easy to fall for. And....maybe that's why I fell so hard for another Emma like that."

"I'm sure there were other reasons," Emma S pointed out.

"Okay, the fame, looks and sex played some part. But that other stuff....that's really my type. I owe you one for that. So one drunken, lovesick moment won't erase that," I promised her. "Calling me hot went a long way too."

For all the truthful sap, I was most relieved when the joke landed. With Emma laughing again and still looking moved, I figured I did something right. When I sat back down on the couch and had another coffee with her, in comfortable silence with the occasional shared smile, I really felt relaxed -- like I would with the other Emma.

"What are we gonna tell Emma? When she gets back?" Emma asked.

"That nothing happened. Has the benefit of being true," I figured. "Unless she'll be mad that I didn't fuck another girl?"

"Maybe she'll settle for trying and failing. Worked out last time," Emma offered.

"Are you saying we tell her we tried?" I clarified.

"She'd see through that. It'd have to be more convincing," Emma reasoned. "I'm an actress and you're....studying one. We can come up with something to sell us....trying."

I barely bought that as an excuse or a setup. I could barely believe she was even trying to make one. Maybe I believed it more than I did 15 minutes ago, but.... "So things stopped being weird all of a sudden?" I wondered.

"Oh, they're still weird and fucked up," Emma chortled. Her smile then got warmer -- and had more of an effect on me -- when she added, "But it seems easier to live with now."

I exhaled deeply at this latest rollercoaster twist. Fortunately, Emma spoke and spared me from having to use words yet. However, I was less thankful to see the sadness on her face.

"She's right, I did want this. I know damn well you do too. If only once. If you still don't want to, tell me now. Before I do anything else," Emma demanded/pleaded. "I can stop now and just hang out till she gets back. But if you try to start something else....you'd better finish it. I can deal with rejection better than false hope...."

I was running out of things I could deal with. Conflicting emotions, feelings, finding new ways to reference the Emmas differently....all that and more was almost too much. The sad, hopeful but somehow still steady face of Emma Stone took the cake.

Even with all she was going through and feeling, she was still prepared to look and feel brave if nothing happened. To still savor our time together as a relief before her difficult tour. She really was one of a kind, which I knew before I even met her. Yet to have it confirmed like this now....

God help me, I had to do it. I still didn't even know if I would do more yet, or if I could. If I did this and couldn't go further, I would really kill her. But the risk -- at least that risk -- meant nothing now.

I just had to kiss her once, at least. Maybe that would be enough.

My lips were tentative on hers at first. When she pressed hers back, they felt tentative as well. This actually made me feel like we were equal -- leaving every other factor aside.

Yet it encouraged me to share another kiss with her, then another. When our lips broke and we opened our eyes, seeing hers made me kiss her again right there.

Emma didn't have time to close her eyes again, which made me thankful. And enraptured. Aroused. Seduced. Unleashed. And when she smiled that sweet, thankful smile that turned so downright....sultry....

Before I knew it, I put myself on top of Emma on the couch. She could feel everything -- especially down below. I couldn't hold back how I truly wanted her to feel, taste, rub and swallow everything....

But if I wanted that right away, it would end right away. If I was doing this, I was going to really take it all in. I'd waited too long to settle for anything else.

Even as Emma looked more excited and eager, I still stuck to going slow. Her beautiful face, hypnotizing eyes, irresistible smile and the flowing hair on the couch didn't help me, though. But if I just kissed down her cheek and couldn't look at it all, maybe I'd be better.

It helped somewhat, or at least enough to settle down in her arms. As they went around me, my right hand went into her hair while my left settled on her waist. I carefully touched her down there, although my mouth was less careful on her neck.

My face was buried under hers, yet I clearly heard a hiss when my hand reached her jeans. "Oh, I see...." it became clear to me. "You want me to do what I did last night? Is that it?"

"Maybe...." was all Emma said. That wouldn't do.

"Don't clam up," I insisted, lifting my face back up. "If we're doing this, you're gonna tell me everything. I need to hear you tell me what you want," I emphasized on hear. "So what's it gonna be? Tell me before I do anything else."

I tapped my fingers on Emma's upper leg, as a subtle form of teasing/torture. It might be torture for me if I waited too long, but the reward was worth the risk.

"I want your fingers covered in cum again," Emma rasped out -- confirming my theory and making my pants very uncomfortable. Best to take care of hers first, though.

I unbuttoned her jeans with my left hand, pulling the front down just enough. However, I needed a better position for the next part. This involved going off Emma and lying on my side next to her, then signaling her to lie on her side too.

Now my left hand had more room to grasp the front of her panties, rubbing away at will. Emma pushed her hips forward as a result, but otherwise lay still. Yet she eventually put her left elbow up and leaned her head on her hand, forming an enticing pose.

As my eyes roamed over her lovely figure, I failed to notice her right arm reaching out to me. She rested her hand on my waist, drifting it down to my ass. While I kept rubbing her crotch, Emma got bolder and tried to pull the back of my pants down, until she exposed one bare cheek.

This was a clear enough signal to pull her panties down. As I stroked her bare pussy, she tried to stroke my bare ass as well. Obviously, I had more of an effect on her -- but at times it didn't feel that way.

"You planning on going any lower?" I had to ask.

"Nope. No time for you to cum early on me," Emma answered.

"Hey, I...." I started to protest, before I really thought about it. "Point taken," I sighed, but jammed my finger into Emma to overshadow it.

"Yeah....just make me cum on your fingers. Then I'll go on your cock," Emma offered.

"Oh man...." I exhaled. "Well....if that's all we have time for...." I would make her cum on my fingers, all right. However, I had to give them some help.

Without any more warning, I got on my feet and lowered the rest of my pants down. At the least, I could give my cock some room to breathe while I worked. Once my underwear was off too, I reached for Emma and got her pants down too.

Emma just stayed quiet and helped me get her pants and underwear off. She laid on her back, as I took my time admiring her pale, shapely legs. Nevertheless, she herself said there wasn't much time, and I had other things to squeeze in.

So I got on my knees and squeezed my tongue into her pussy. After I started wiggling it, Emma's moans got louder.

They stayed steady as my tongue licked her up and down, and my hands went up and down on her legs in unison. I wasn't fingering her, but I'd get to that as soon as I tasted her enough. As such, I felt a little offended when I saw her finger heading towards her pussy.

I lifted my head up, giving Emma time to start playing with herself. I frowned, but went down to lick the bottom of her pussy, hoping it'd impress her enough. She fucked herself faster instead, which hurt my pride more than I'd admit. Out loud, anyway. At least at first.

I looked up at her, tempted to object -- until I saw she wasn't even looking at me. She was looking to her left and looking down, with her eyes looking quite hungry. What was over there that could --

I looked down at my hard, hanging, in clear view cock and pieced it together.

She was pleasuring herself to me. After all these years of me masturbating over her and her body....she was masturbating to me. I was desirable enough for Emma Stone to frig herself to -- or at least one part of me was. Still, it was close enough to being flattering and....super hot.

This required a super hot response in kind. Three fingers worth of it.

To ease her in, I just put one finger in next to hers, and we worked together for a while. When I got a second one in, Emma slowly began to ease hers out. A split second later, my third finger took its place and pumped her immediately -- right as my tongue returned.

As I licked her and fucked her with my left hand, my right forefinger and thumb rubbed and tugged her. "Oh, fuck me!" Emma called. "Is that what you wanna hear? About fucking me so good?"

"I could stand to see more proof," I warned, curling my fingers inside her in hopes of triggering such "proof."

"Okay, hold on...." Emma vowed, gyrating her hips and lifting them to meet my fingers. When she lifted them high enough, my right hand slid under her ass and grabbed her supple flesh. It made her hips stop as I held her ass and stepped up my finger and tongue work.

With that, Emma rested and just arched her head and back, letting me work her over. I saw her grit her teeth and close her eyes, yet I kept looking at her as my fingers pumped away. They would take care of it from here -- I just wanted to watch now.

I watched Emma open her mouth without a sound. I saw her open her eyes briefly, then close them and let out a shriek. I felt her cum on my fingers just like she promised, but I still watched her face crumble and contort first.

If I was the first to make her do this in a while, I was going to take it all in. Like I wasn't going to see how that bright, beautiful face came apart as she came. It was fairly close to my fantasies, in truth.

Yet the serenity she showed moments later couldn't be dreamed up. I just froze there, watching and letting her watch me -- right up until her cum dripped off me.

I snapped out of it, got on my feet and pulled my fingers out, licking them too quick to make a full show of it. Nevertheless, Emma still asked, "Is that a hint?"

"Huh?" I was too distracted to answer better.

"Well, maybe you'll last for a minute now," Emma went on. "And I gotta get you wet enough somehow."

Emma leaned up, although it took some effort after the lashing I gave her. Yet she made herself sit up, and I finished rolling my eyes just in time to see her grasp my cock. Before I did anything else, she had it in her mouth.

Her tongue made a show of lathering my head, followed by my underside. She popped off and licked her lips, smiling and looking up in a way that almost made my knees buckle. Fortunately, they stayed upright so she could take me back in, with her wet lips lubing up the rest of my shaft.

Now it was my turn to be at the mercy of Emma's mouth, and exhale rapidly as a result. She was probably right -- if this happened a few minutes ago, I might have lost it already. Even now, it was quite an ordeal, considering all those times I imagined this in the past -- and how I didn't come close to picturing the real thing.

Emma's eyes almost twinkled with naughtiness, more than even I could have figured. She hummed on my head, exposing how limited I was in imagining sounds. And while I always saw myself running my hand through her red hair as she blew me, blonde didn't feel so bad.

"Okay, that should do it," Emma disappointed me when she came off. Pecking my head helped a little, until she got on her feet. But when she took my wrist, turned around and led me to the bedroom, I did feel better.

We both only had our shirts on, although there could have been a bra under hers, for all I knew. My eyes roamed up her perfect legs and ass before stopping at the bottom of her shirt, then I decided to take a peek. But I only lifted it up halfway until Emma turned around.

Without a word, she took her own shirt off, showing she did have a green bra on. Clad in only that, she went onto the bed and laid on her back, in a clear invitation. Taking it -- while forgetting to take my own shirt off too -- I put myself on top of her, laid my right hand on her upper back, and lined my semi-wet cock up with her wet pussy.

Once the head went in, my head buried itself in her neck, if only to keep some control. I couldn't help but kiss her there, though, which fueled me to push in further.

Before I went deeper, I felt Emma's legs wrap around me. Her hand also went on the back of my head, sinking it deeper into her neck.

At that moment, I was buried and engulfed by all things Emma. Although every part of me yearned and burned to move inside her, I still felt too intoxicated to budge. It was kind of silly, since I was the one supposed to comfort her, and it almost felt like the other way around.

However, a shift of Emma's hips caused me to get moving again, without even thinking. She embraced me harder as we started moving, so I finally took my head off her.

I looked down at her, seeing her burn with desire too -- yet one shift from me made her gasp and give a goofy chuckle. That reminder of her being both goofy and a gorgeous vixen, even now....well, that did even more things to me.

Like I would with my Emma, I leaned down and kissed this one slowly and softly, while my hips went much faster. Her hips sped up too, despite how her lips went slow and steady as well. I moaned in her mouth as our tongues met, while my left hand moved down to hold her soft, firm hip.

As my more uncontrollable desire took over, I suddenly rolled onto my back and took Emma with me. "Stay still," I gasped out once our lips broke, pumping my hips up instead of letting her ride me. As I did that, I had room to run my hands up and down her flawless body.

I grabbed a handful of her scrumptious ass for starters, while my cock went faster below. I followed by rubbing up and down her sleek waist, until my right hand landed on her bra cup. As I got my first handful of her clothed breast, my left hand went between our crotches.

Emma's breathing got louder and hotter, all as her hand tried to go up my shirt. Remembering that was still on, I had her sit up as I got it off, only to see her lean back down and start kissing. Soon, she was devouring my neck like I did to hers.

"Oh, Jesus...." were the only fitting words I had. "You really wanted this, huh?"

"Uh huh," Emma muffled into my neck.

"Well, what do you want now?" I gasped. "I told you to tell me everything...." Right on cue, she lifted her head up to tell me and more.

"I want to cum all over your cock this time. Then I want to taste your cum and mine at the same time. Is that enough for ya?" Emma inquired.

Her words and voice couldn't be topped, so all I could really do was nod -- and sit up to put her on my lap too.

After Emma settled on my lap, her legs wrapped around me as my left hand went between our bodies again. I teased her pussy while fucking it, all as my mouth went down to the exposed sides of her breasts. I nibbled the small but noticeable flesh, even going down to lick and tease the center of her cups.

To finally get it out of the way, I reached over with both hands to unhook that pesky bra. Emma rode me harder, making up for the absence of my finger. Yet it promptly returned when I unhooked her last bit of clothing.

My teeth immediately dove for her exposed right nipple when the bra slipped off. I shook my head up and down, jiggling her tit with my teeth. In response, Emma slammed her hips harder and deeper on mine, sounding quite close.

In fact, she was the one taking control of this whole thing by now. My thighs couldn't keep up as hers grinded and pounded on me. If I tried to match it, I'd probably cum too early, so my finger did much of my own work. But hers was working just fine, it seemed.

From the feel and sound of it, it was officially working right now.

The force of her second orgasm made me lean back on the bed, trying to prolong my first a while longer. Emma merely laid on me, catching her breath and her mind, as I struggled not to hurry her along. I was holding myself in so she'd get what she wanted, so I hoped she appreciated that.

10 torturous seconds later, she showed her appreciation, as she promised.

Emma took herself off me and crawled down to my crotch. Or mainly, my wet, barely under control cock. It wouldn't take long for her to finish me -- she would probably still taste her cum just as mine came out.

After a few suckles, licks and hums, I realized how right I was.

In pure bliss, I laid my head down and turned it as I felt myself cumming.

Turned it just enough to see Emma Watson standing near the bed.

I was too frozen in place to react, both from shock and my explosive orgasm. I still felt Emma swallowing and licking me, so she either didn't notice my girlfriend or didn't care. Unfortunately, I noticed enough for the both of us.

The shock kept me from moving an inch, and from actually noticing how my Emma looked. My rational mind somehow chimed in, reminding me the other Emma all but said mine wanted me to do this. Of course, giving permission for it and actually seeing it happen were two different things -- with potentially different and violent outcomes.

Yet my Emma wasn't moving either. However, the one that swallowed my cum came off me, before I heard her gasp. "Emma! You, um....you made it...." I heard Emma Stone say, although Emma Watson had my full attention.

"How long were you...." I made myself rip the band aid off.

"I snuck in before her line about tasting your cum. I knew you'd never notice me while she was talking like that," Emma answered.

"Oh God...." I groaned, resigned to paying the price for this now.

"Come on, she did tell you I approved, right?" my Emma reminded.

"Yeah, but...it makes no sense," I still couldn't escape. "Are you tired of me? Were you testing me? What was this?"

"Emma wanted someone to desire her again. I knew you did already, so there you go," Emma W shrugged. "I knew you'd give her a jolly good show, and it certainly looked like I was right. But I knew you still....cared about me enough to want me more anyway. Even after this," she predicted.

"I wouldn't have done this with anyone else. Not even her. Not if you hadn't...." I tried to explain.

"I know. And I know you're still enough of a gentleman to feel guilty anyway. No matter how hot she made you. And no matter how hot you made her," Emma laid out as she walked over to the bed, and to me.

"If you could do all that for her, despite being with me....then I wonder...." Emma questioned, almost teasingly. "What would you do to thank me?"

It was worth noting, if I hadn't already, that Emma was still wearing the white dress with black stripes from last night. Except now she was finally unzipping it. And finally showing the lacy black bra/underwear set underneath as well.

When she got the dress completely off, I forgot all about the other Emma. I forgot that I should have been drained from her already.

This one still needed everything I had left. The more I looked at her, the more I realized I still had a good deal to go.

To prove it, I took her by the wrist and got her into the bed with me. Once she finished giggling, I got her on her back, pressing my naked body on top of her mostly naked, even softer and sexier form. I was especially taken by her bra covered breasts pressing up into my chest -- until I wanted them to push against something else.

I slid down and instantly took a hold of Emma's breasts, licking across her bra and cleavage. It was the one and only area where this Emma clearly overshadowed the other one. Impatient to fully expose how much, I pushed her bra cups down below her nipples, then feasted on them while trying to unhook everything.

Eventually, I got it down pat and slid the rest of her bra away, then feasted on the rest of her chest. Emma gasped and pushed it up, clearly as hungry as me.

She knew how riled up I would be with Emma 2 -- she saw much of it. She probably got pretty riled up from it herself. And she knew I would want to give her a bigger show, so she'd truly know I only wanted her from now on. After what she saw, she would be really starving for it too.

Emma Watson was a devious little blighter. Like I should have doubted that after last night.

But she was my devious blighter. Only mine. So if she wanted a show to prove it.... "She drained me," I muttered between Emma's tits. "I need to be on my back. Till I feel really ready."

With that fair warning, I rolled over and put Emma on top of me. "Still hungry, though," I further hinted to her. Still, I rested my hands on her panties for an extra message.

Emma took it and got off the bed, standing in front of me as she slid her underwear down. The way she wiggled and the way she looked so....completely naked....it certainly sped up my recovery. But if I had to pretend I was still drained....

A totally nude Emma straddled me, resting her ass in front of my genitals. Despite how I knew that would help me, I still gestured for Emma to get closer. Soon enough, her pussy was hovering in front of my face, as I leaned in and grabbed her ass at the same time.

I cupped my hands under her cheeks, pushing them up while my tongue pushed into her pussy. I lapped her up and down, side to side, and even horizontally for a time. Soon after adding my teeth, I burrowed my tongue deeper and tried to hum on her to sooth her.

Emma's hums got louder in turn, as she also pushed her hips forward on my face. My hands helped push them as well, though my face wasn't going anywhere. Neither were my tongue or teeth.

However, they soon did such a good job that Emma couldn't keep her balance. After I got my tongue particularly deep, she thrust forward and began to fall. Fortunately, she landed safely and got herself on all fours, without hurting me.

Emma's pussy was over my head again -- but despite the view, it still wasn't the best one. Before she thought of getting into another position, I changed mine. Soon, I was on my knees behind her and resumed eating her from there.

My hands returned to her hips and ass, getting an even better grip on them. Plus I could actually see all the full, curved, gorgeous shapes they were making. I liked seeing them so much, I wound up gliding my tongue down her right hip, as my fingers took over inside her.

After nipping her right cheek and curling my left fingers, I changed up and nipped her left cheek while putting my right fingers in. They fucked her harder while my tongue went to her left hip, all as my left hand rubbed the top of her silky leg.

"Oh, fucking bloody hell...." Emma praised, arching her ass out higher. My fingers arched right back before my tongue joined back in next to them. "Oh, fill me up with everything!" Emma called out, making me remember there was still one part missing.

From the looks of it, it was ready a lot faster than I thought.

Getting up off the bed myself, I stood next to the left of the bed and merely gestured to Emma to back up. She walked backwards on all fours to the edge of the bed, as I couldn't decide whether to stare at her ass or face. I settled on her face when I pushed myself in, then dropped to her ass as it jiggled and slammed onto my hips.

I didn't know if it would take a really long time to get on the brink again. However, I was more confident the more Emma fucked herself on me. When I grabbed her hips and pushed forward just as rough, I was pretty certain.

"Oh God, fuck yes," Emma babbled. "All better now, huh?"

"Clearly," I agreed, pounding her deeper as another answer.

"This what you want?" Emma asked, looking back at me and licking her lips. "This all you need?"

"Yeah...." I groaned out, needing to catch my breath by now. But when I slowed down and got my head on straight, I really started thinking about it all.

Emma couldn't have asked me that question lightly. She must have really needed to know if she was all I needed. Even after getting with my other long time, now single, celebrity crush. One I'd crushed on longer than my current girlfriend -- and one who'd just seen her stable relationship crumble.

If it could happen to that seemingly happy, bright, bubbly Emma, and make her do what she did last night -- and need what I gave her today -- then what could it do to my bright, bubbly Emma if I....

Maybe she really did need to test me out. And if I failed, at least she'd know now rather than later. And at least she'd have gone all out to be absolutely sure first.

Maybe these were just my own paranoid thoughts during sex. Maybe she wasn't really thinking that stuff at all. Maybe she just wanted a kinky semi-threesome with a vulnerable semi-friend.

But if there was a chance I was right, it was my job to take care of it. A job she had to be sure I still wanted. Or at least more sure.

Knowing that, I brought myself to stop and slide out of her. Before Emma questioned it, I started trying to get her back on her back. Not seeing anything suspicious about it, Emma laid down and got herself on the middle of the bed, waiting for me to join her.

I did join her momentarily, and I did insert myself back in right away. Instead of pounding her like before, however, I slowed down and started kissing her face.

"This is all I need," I said more clearly. "This is way more than enough." Emma had nothing to say, making no gestures to show if she really believed it, or needed to. Nevertheless, I wouldn't be deterred.

I kissed down her cheek, propping my elbows up next to each side of her face. My hands went into her hair, keeping me steady while I pumped her slow down below. As my mouth reached her neck, I stared up into her eyes, conveying the rest of what I was saying.

Given how easy it was to get lost in Emma's endless eyes, I imagined I was saying a lot. Soon, they began to speak reassuring things to me as well. Yet I still kept drowning myself in them as I kissed across her neck, to the other side of her perfect face.

Emma tilted her head over, giving me a brief kiss back. She pecked me again, briefly engulfing my bottom lips with hers, then smiled her best sinful smile against it. "So, you really can't get enough of this, eh?" she asked quietly.

"Not really," I responded.

"Or this?" Emma asked, nibbling my lips and teasingly sliding her tongue past them.

"Uh uh. Like you can't get enough of this," I proposed back, going over to suckle her right ear the way she liked.

"Oh God....you got me there," Emma conceded. "Like I've got you here," she came back, running her hands over my ass and putting the right one on my balls. She tickled them enough to make me really work on her ear, which made her hand keep going too -- a nice little vicious cycle.

When we were finished, I went back to peck her lips, right before I slammed my cock all the way in. "Ooh....you're glad I keep coming back to do that," I challenged.

"No more than you love this," she rose up -- although she took her hips down and completely off my cock. Until she lined back up and took me all the way back in, tightening around me as her pussy lips smothered my shaft.

"Actually, we both love that," Emma corrected, speaking against my lips as her lower ones worked me over. "Sliding up and down that hard, talented cock....getting it nice and full to fill me up even more...."

"I do love filling you up. When you're protected," I quickly clarified. She nodded to assure me she was this time too. "Then I think I can do what I love soon."

"Mmmm, you go ahead whenever you want," Emma cooed. "I'm already nice, hot and wet enough," she mumbled on my mouth.

"Yes, you are...." I agreed. "But you could stand to be hotter and wetter."

"And you're the one to do that?" Emma challenged. "You want to give it a shot?"

"Always," I let out, going faster and harder to cancel out the sappiness.

"Oh, okay....if you have enough hot, wet cum for me, then hand it over," Emma smirked, nibbling my lip again.

"If your hot little pussy can get it out, I will," I shot back, teasing her mouth with my tongue.

"Oh, it'll get it out....make it spray all over me," Emma gasped as our hips and mouths collided faster.

"I want it to....I want it all," I admitted, my hands holding tight to her head and hair.

"You've got it....now take it. Oh God, fuck it out of me," Emma gritted her teeth.

"You first," I dared -- a dare she readily took as her hips pumped me down below.

"Fuck me deep, I will," Emma moaned. "Just fuck me either way...."
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Re: The Other Emma (Emma Watson, Emma Stone)
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Without any more words, I did. We uttered more words, of course -- mainly fuck, cum, harder, deep and cum for me. But none of them were in any real run on sentences.

Otherwise, most of our noises were heavy pants, and other lewder things. We did the panting against each other as our heads pressed together. I wanted to see every bit of Emma's reaction as she came, and I supposed she liked seeing mine too.

When I saw the first tell-tale signs on her face -- and felt them too -- it took everything I had to keep watching. Holding back was just....not an option any more.

Somehow, I didn't cum hard enough to have to close my eyes. Even when she came too. Whether it was before, during or after my orgasm, I was in no position to remember.

All I could do was rest on Emma's neck as our bodies slumped, and our breathing slowly returned to normal. My hands stayed on her head as I stroked her hair, while her hands rubbed my back slower and slower. When they rested, none of us moved a limb for a while, although I heard Emma chuckle briefly.

"Bravo, bravo." But that wasn't my Emma chuckling.

"So you're a spy too, yeah?" I heard my Emma ask below me.

"Didn't even put my clothes back on. You made it impossible to look away," Emma Stone responded. "I'm pretty sure I came before you guys did."

"Happy to help," I groaned, trying to get some strength back and let my Emma breathe. I got just enough to roll off her, yet we both stayed on our backs.

"Mmm, now that would have helped too," Emma 2 approved. "Seeing you two side by side like that....that sure would have finished me. Or started me, if I came earlier."

"Well, we'll never know now," my Emma muttered. "So, I suppose we call it a day?"

"I got enough for the month, thanks," Emma S answered. So that seemed to be it, then.

I glanced at my Emma leaving the bed, but I didn't look over to see her or the other one. They'd probably both be getting dressed right now, anyway. Side by side....

"Wait," I was inspired to say. "Don't move yet. Not for your clothes. Just....stand together for a minute." I asked this before I even knew what else I wanted. But if this was it, I had to see this just once.

That would require lifting my head and sitting up at some point. I chose to do it then, spinning around in time to see a naked Emma Stone and Emma Watson, side by side. They looked confused, but they were doing what I asked anyway. As if they hadn't been doing that enough today.

These two were both so....generous to do so. For lack of a better, cleaner word. And the similarities didn't end there.

Looking at them both like this, they could have been twins. Save for the hair color and the different chests. Other than that, they were each dream girls in their own right, and so much more.

They were both among the most open, fun, sane and talented actresses of their age. They were both so approachable for anything, whether it was just to talk, hang out, or other more private things. And all their inner beauty was complimented so....perfectly by the outer.

Both had the loveliest faces imaginable, with big, expressive eyes that could hypnotize you into doing anything. Both had smiles that could light up a room and make you hard in a matter of seconds -- which you could say about both their faces as a whole.

Both had bodies that weren't voluptuous or stick thin, but had deceptively luscious curves below the waist -- forging two mouth watering, heart shaped behinds and two long, seductive pairs of legs. And they both had such warm, sultry voices that could make you melt into complete goo, in and out of the bedroom.

Even if I hadn't done what I did today -- and wasn't doing what I'd done with Emma for three months -- I would still probably fall to my knees in front of these special women. Whether they were naked or not. But being naked did help too.

Well, why couldn't I do it now? And do a few more things while I still could? "You got your last mental images in?" Emma Stone interrupted.

"Not yet," I exclaimed, quickly getting on my feet. "I know you guys just came....but let me try this one last thing. Just stand still, please."

Neither of them moved, so I felt safe to make my move. As I imagined, I went down on my knees while these two visions stood over me. I marveled at their figures side by side and up close, but I'd need to do more to keep them here.

My girlfriend Emma needed my focus first. Therefore, I put my face on her crotch and kissed her thigh, not going to her recovering pussy yet. All I did was kiss her thighs and upper legs, while putting my right hand on her taut backside.

As for my left, it carefully settled on Emma S's upper right leg. It carefully went up to her thigh, teasing it with my fingers as my tongue went closer to Emma W's pussy. It licked beside her lips while my left forefinger brushed the other Emma's lips, though I still took my time with both.

Upping the ante, my left hand reached over to Emma Stone's left hip, getting a hold on her ass just like I was holding my Emma's. As I squeezed them both, I gently kissed my Emma's pussy lips, in case they were still sensitive. She groaned a little, but I interpreted them as good groans.

I still kissed on and around her pussy carefully, kneading both women's hips and ass as best I could. Finally, my tongue plunged inside of Emma, teasing her for a few seconds, before I left her hanging to get to the other Emma.

I shifted my body to the left, facing Emma Stone and her crotch. My left hand went back on her pussy, tracing on it carefully as my lips kissed her right thigh. My right hand left Emma Watson's ass and traced her own pussy, though I knew she was ready enough for me to finger it.

As for Stone, I just put my tongue in for now. It burrowed into her while my left hand went up and down her leg. My right hand just went up Watson, or at least my forefinger did.

I got myself to look up at the Emmas, as they began to look overcome. Seeing them both enjoy themselves like this, even after I'd worn them out already, gave me an ego boost and a warm feeling inside. They only increased as I took a deeper lick on Emma S and curled my finger in Emma W.

Changing tactics, I moved back over to my Emma and focused on just her. Both my hands went on her legs and caressed them, while my tongue and face rubbed between them. Yet I left there to kiss down Emma's left leg, all while massaging both of them.

Emma got particularly loud when I caressed the back of her legs, like usual. But I left her hanging there as I went back to Emma 2, giving her my full attention. I worked on her legs and kissed them up and down as well, yet kept my hands there when my mouth attacked her center.

I'd had enough of just going back and forth, and I'm sure they did too. So I reached over to Emma W and fingered her anew, right as I fingered Emma S too. I fucked them both with vigor and licked Emma S up too, then turned to do it to Emma W.

However, their pussies and asses weren't the only things I could play with from here. For starters, I kept licking and fucking my Emma while pulling my finger from the other one -- only to reach up for her chest. To make sure Emma Stone wasn't slighted by all my attention on Emma Watson's breasts, I spent a good while massaging her tits and nipples this time.

When that had run its course, I went to lick and fuck Emma S, then reached up with my right hand to massage Emma W's tits. I had more to work with, so I could be more experimental. After bouncing and stroking them enough, I went back down to stroke my Emma's pussy, gathering enough juices to wipe on her breasts.

They were getting loud and passionate enough to get somewhat close. Before they got closer, I needed a different view. "Stay there," I told them again.

They were annoyed I wasn't touching them, but I had a plan to make up for it. Since they stayed perfectly still, I could go behind them, kneel down and get a front row view of their succulent backsides. Now I could see myself touching them and pushing up their sweet flesh, though I had other goals in mind.

I ducked below my Emma's ass, sticking my tongue out to tease the bottom of her pussy. In the meantime, my right hand reached around her and fingered her again, attacking her from both sides. This made Emma arch herself back, rubbing her rear on me and fueling my tongue and finger further.

Unlike in our other acts, the Emmas weren't speaking any words, dirty or not. They knew how much I loved hearing their voices like that, but maybe there were no words for this. Maybe I fucked it out of them. Or maybe they just wanted to shut up and enjoy this. I know I did.

I enjoyed it enough to grasp my Emma's behind, lick her faster and harder and peck her cheeks when I was done. I settled for just licking Emma S's pussy and holding her cheeks when it was her turn, though. Nevertheless, I savored it all thoroughly.

"Oh God....get over here right fucking now," Emma Watson ordered. I probably had to go back there to finish them anyway. Yet when I got up and went to stand in front of them, they wouldn't stand still.

The two just walked over to me, making me back up to the bed. They had their sinfully gorgeous smiles on, strutting just seductively enough to wipe out my rational thought. It did come back when I bumped into the bed and had to sit down.

Emma W stayed on her feet, putting her hand on the back of my head and guiding me back to her pussy. I dove in and went back to work -- until I felt something on my cock.

Emma S was on her knees and sucking me off, with tongue work to more than rival mine. However, my Emma kept my head on her crotch, urging me to keep my tongue going as well. I tried to peek at the other Emma, but the sensations on my cock told me what was happening anyway.

For that reason and others, I ate out my Emma with extra passion. After enough moans from both of us, she took her hand off me after all. Still, I kept my finger on her and pushed it inside, concentrating enough to fuck her even as I saw Emma 2 suck me.

Emma S tickled my balls and put her tongue right above them, sliding up as slowly as possible. When she took my head in her mouth, I groaned and pushed both my cock and finger up -- fucking Emma S's mouth and Emma W's pussy at once.

My mistress Emma bobbled her head on me, then popped off and got on her feet. She went to my left as girlfriend Emma slid over, going on her knees to suck me off next. Knowing what my part was now, I buried my face into mistress Emma's center, suckling extra hard after her hard work.

From the corner of my eye, I saw my girlfriend get on all fours while blowing me. Getting an idea -- or maybe getting her idea -- I came off Emma Stone, reached over with my right hand and held Emma Watson's backside. My forefinger was barely able to reach over and finger her, pumping her as she pumped me with her mouth.

Meanwhile, Emma Stone just went a step or two forward -- enough for me to turn my head and lick her too.

Emma Watson was sucking me while I finger fucked her and ate out Emma Stone all at once. Let that sink in. You might do better than I did.

As my Emma brought her mouth down deeper and backed her ass up, and the other Emma grinded herself on my face, I didn't know who would give out first. I was barely convinced any of us could give out a third and final time.

"Oh, that's enough. Move over," other Emma said to one of us. Once she backed away and got on her knees, I figured she meant my Emma. Soon enough, Watson moved to the right and I had to reinsert my finger into her -- just as Stone inserted my cock into her mouth.

She was on all fours too, so maybe, just maybe, I could reach over to work on her too. I was bending down already just to reach my girlfriend Emma's pussy, so I only needed to stretch out my left arm. Of course, doing this while Emma Stone was blowing me was a test of endurance.

Finally, I managed to get my right forefinger into Emma S, right as my left wiggled around in Emma W. By then, holding onto both their pussies was all I could do to keep myself from blowing. Even that was barely enough as both Emmas took turns sucking me.

Since I was bending down, I was right up close to their faces as they took my cock in. Yet when those two goddesses looked up at me, with their eyes twinkling and their tongues going up each side of my shaft, I had to lie down before I blew all over them -- and probably all over myself in the crossfire.

Of course, I had to remove myself from their pussies, so this didn't completely work out. "Okay, hold on, hold on. I'll get right back to you...." I promised as I caught my breath and mind.

"Nah. We're gonna have to do this the old fashioned way," I heard Emma S say. She went on to show me the old fashioned way by straddling me all over again.

Emma Stone sat on my cock and laid down on my stomach, slowly pumping her hips up and down. I lazily put my hands on her waist, trying to help her along. Still, it wouldn't take too long for either of us -- and then that would really be it.

It likely explained why Emma leaned down and kissed me extra slow. When she finished, I saw another twinkle in her eyes -- one she certainly didn't have last night or earlier today.

This did it for her. I did it for her. If that got her through the next few weeks, it would make me feel pretty special.

Through all my old fantasies with her, I didn't imagine something like that. But I wouldn't stop imagining and remembering this for a long, long time. Even after she didn't need to anymore.

In these last seconds when she needed it, I brought my hands back to her face and hair. She tightened around me, while I tried to help her finish without finishing myself. In spite of the frantic movements below, our lips moved together slowly -- like she caught me and my Emma doing at the end last night.

Like in the end last night, an Emma came hard on a hard, erect body part of mine. Yet somehow, I didn't come in this Emma's wet, hot, tight cavern myself.

After several moments, Emma lifted her hips off me, freeing my engorged, wet body part. She tried to sooth my throbbing with another slow kiss, and it helped as much as possible.

Knowing this was the end for us, I rubbed her face, stroked her hair and teased her lips with as many romantic tricks as I could think of. Considering my position, thinking of just a few was quite an accomplishment. Either way, Emma looked happy about it as we broke off.

I got two seconds to fully take in Emma's dazzling eyes and perfect smile once more. Then my attention was divided between that and the hot, wet pressure on my cock. The pressure coming from my Emma's mouth.

Emma Watson began suckling me below, right in front of other Emma's dripping pussy. But she was already licking other Emma's juices off my cock, so it probably wasn't a big deal. Nevertheless, Emma Stone knew it was her time to go.

Two more kisses satisfied her before she rolled off me. I wanted to watch her walk off and sway away -- yet one movement of my Emma's tongue on my underside canceled that out. And just like that, I looked down and was fully captivated by my Emma again.

Yet even watching her suck me and taste other Emma's remains wasn't enough. Not after all this.

After enjoying her mouth for a few more precious seconds, I pulled out of it and took her hand. Soon she was up in the bed with me, only to go on her back as I got myself on top. Before long, I was back inside her and ready to finish us both.

It wouldn't take much at all, meaning I didn't have to go overboard. Yet I wanted to.

My last, best idea to do that was to hold onto Emma's tits as I fucked her. Emma just chuckled and smirked, bucking her hips back and going up to peck me. After that, our heads stayed where they were as our mouths groaned and let out the occasional "Yeah...."

"Cum for me...." Emma groaned as we got closer.

"All for you...." I assured before gritting my teeth.

With a few more tit squeezes and hip gyrations, I gave it all to her. She was rather generous herself, as it turned out.

I rested my head on Emma's neck, keeping my palms on her tits as the rest of our bodies ran out of energy. After all we shared and spent, there was nothing left to give. Even if the other Emma still had energy to move around -- and kick us out of what was still her room -- we weren't moving for some time.

We could brush aside any remaining speed bumps right now. Emma could ignore her upcoming world tour of lies for a few more hours. I could ignore any disappointment that the Emmas didn't go at each other.

Right at this second, all there was was me and my Emma. My only Emma from now on. And I wasn't leaving her for any more Emmas or fantasies. Especially when mine seemed so inadequate all of a sudden.

Hell, getting away from Emma right now would be impossible for several hours. Or however long the other Emma would let us sleep naked on her bed. Either way.

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