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Author Topic: Victoria Gotti: Fucking Ms. Gotti  (Read 1759 times)


Victoria Gotti: Fucking Ms. Gotti
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Victoria Gotti: Fucking Ms. Gotti by Punker_2k
Celeb(s) – Victoria Gotti
Codes – MF, oral
Originally posted on March 8th, 2005 at CSSA

Disclaimer: 18+ only. This story is not related to the truth at all. Completely fiction.

I know I’m going to get hunted down and killed by the mafia for this, but she’s a MILF.

Victoria Gotti paced around her large mansion racking her brain. “Where am I going to find a new personal assistant?” She said in her thick sexy Italian voice. Victoria had just fired her fifth personal assistant in month and had yet to find on that she wanted to keep. Victoria had set up three different interviews. Two women and one man.

Victoria chatted with each girl
separately and they were both dull and just generally ditsy. It was 3:00 PM and her third tryout was about to arrive. Victoria was weary a very short white skirt and a white shirt that showed off her very very ample cleavage.

The doorbell rang and Victoria answered. “Hey, I’m Ryan.” Victoria looked the young stud up and down. He was about 6 feet tall, and had a very muscular build, brown hair with spikes and brown eyes. “C-come on in!” Victoria said as she led him into the living room. “How are you? I’m Victoria Gotti. I need a personal assistant to handle all of my appointments and projects I have my fingers in. Would you like a drink before we start?”

“A glass of water will do just fine thanks.” Victoria walked over to the small bar she had in her living room and pulled a glass off of a stand. The plastic cup dropped to the floor “Motherfucker! Oh, I’m sorry…”

Victoria bent over to pick up the glass. A plain few of Victoria’s massive Italian ass was right in front of Ryan’s face. “Whoa, that’s nice” Ryan thought to himself. Victoria tipped the glass with her finger and she had to spin around to pick it up. She gave Ryan a view of Victoria’s cleavage. “Even better!” Ryan’s dick began to grow.

Victoria picked up the glass and filled it with water and ice and brought it back to Ryan. “Here you go”

“So, Miss Gotti, do you have a boyfriend?”

“I’m afraid not, I get set up a lot but all the guys are so old and dull. I’m looking for someone young and exciting!” Victoria said with a smirk. Victoria and Ryan talked about Ryan’s work experience and his life so far. Whenever she shifted from side to side her massive breasts juggled from side to side. Ryan starred at her boobs while she chatted about her three sons and how they can be such brats. Ryan put his hands over his pants to try and cover his hard cock. Victoria noticed this.

Victoria slided over to Ryan’s side of the couch area. “You know, it’s been so long since I had a nice, hard, long cock. Do you think you could supply me with one?”

“mmmaybe, it might be too big for you.” Ryan said as he pulled it out of his open fly and jerked it a few times. It was massive. 10 inches and incredibly thick. “Holy shit. Take off those pants big guy”

Ryan stood up and pulled down his pants and boxers, Victoria went down on her knees and started to suck the head of Ryan’s one-eyed snake. Victoria licked up and down the long shaft. She had his entire head in her mouth, she took a long deep breath and then took the whole cock in her mouth. All ten inches down her throat. She had the whole cock down her throat and then started tickling his nuts with her long fingernails. Ryan started to shake and then blew the biggest load Victoria has ever seen right down her throat. Victoria swallowed it without even gagging. “mmm tastes good.”

Victoria sucked the last of his pearly white cum off the head his cock. “What’s next stud?”

“Those tits, I gotta see those tits” Victoria slipped her white top off and let her boobs spring free from the bra. Ryan picked it up and looked at it. “F? They make F bras? Wow!”

Ryan crawled over to the couch Victoria was sitting on started sucking on her nipple and squeezing the boobs individually. “MMM these taste so good”

“Worth every penny” Victoria thought to herself. She pulled off her skirt and she was only wearing a pink thong. The strap went up her ass crack and showed off her toned ass.

“That ass. I’m gonna fuck that ass!” “What? No, that space is off limits!” Victoria Gotti said as she backed away.

“Baby, I guarantee that it will feel good. Bend over” Victoria starred into Ryan’s brown eyes. “Fine”

Victoria Gotti bent over and braced herself for Ryan’s cock in her tight ass. No even Victoria’s husband or many lovers had invaded her asshole before, she couldn’t believe this young stud was about to.

“Get ready babe” Ryan sized his dick up with her crack. He slowly pushed it in. “Fuck, it’s tight” Ryan pumped in and out of Victoria’s large Italian ass. Ryan reached around and grabbed Victoria’s double F titties. Ryan his dick out of Victoria’s ass and turned her around. “Jump up and wrap your legs around me”

Victoria jumped up onto Ryan’s hips. She wrapped her legs around his ass and Ryan put his 10 incher in her juicy pussy. “Get ready” Ryan started pumping furiously. Pounding Victoria’s tight wet pussy very fastly. “hoooollllyyyy shhiittttt!!!!”

Still pumping in and out of her vagina. Ryan set her down on the couch. “Hold on babe” He pulled out and came all over her face and tits. “Lick the cum off” Victoria took the cock head in her mouth and sucked the cum on the tip of the huge cock. “Stay still, I’m gonna make you have an intense orgasm”

Ryan put his cock back inside her and started fucking her like a jackhammer. “FUCKKKKK MEE!!!!!!!!” Victoria screamed and had the most intensive orgasm of her life.

She laid back and fell asleep. Ryan heard a car pull up in the driveway. He grabbed his clothes and ran out to the back to his motorcycle.

“‘Ey Ma! How wuz dose interviews?” Frankie said as he walked into the living

“What the fuck!?!” He saw his mother on the couch naked with cum shots all over her face, stomach, tit and a trail leading from her lips. Ryan’s business card laid on the coffee table. His home phone number written on it with “Call for another fucking” below it.

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