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Yummy Mummy (Nigella Lawson)
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Written as a commission.

Yummy Mummy

Starring: Nigella Lawson

Bruno Diamond wasn’t sure exactly when it was he started fancying his mother.  Some time during his teenage years, he knew that much.  It was kind of inevitable really.  After all, every other lad his age (or practically any age, for that matter) clearly wanted to fuck the living daylights out of her and let him know as such every morning after an airing of one of her shows.

“Fuckin’ hell, your mum looked fit last night, Diamond,” a particularly charming individual named Harry King informed him one day during football training.  “I nearly wanked my brains out looking at those fat fuckin’ tits of hers!  If she ever needs a cream fillin’ of her own, make sure you let us know, won’t you, mate?”

Hearing his school chums refer to his mother in such crude terms was only ever going to have one outcome and it wasn’t long before young Bruno was harbouring similar thoughts himself.  He’d never forget the day he first tuned into one of her shows.  He’d seen one as a child and found it utterly mortifying, vowing never to watch another episode again.  But one evening, after an entire Maths class spent hearing about his mother’s ‘dirty fucking mouth’ from a grunting knuckle dragger named Nick Grayson, curiosity got the better of him and he popped on one of her shows that night when his mum went out to dinner.

And what a show it was.  Nick Grayson, troglodyte though he was, had certainly been accurate in his description.  Bruno could scarcely believe the words that were coming from his mother’s mouth.  He nearly spewed in his shorts right then and there when she demoed her recipe for the perfect roast chicken.

Now, you’re going to need an extra big cock for this one, she declared as she prepped the carcass, staring into the camera lens in her typically seductive manner.  And if you have an extra big cock be sure to write into the show.  I’m always eager to hear from fans.  Then once you’ve removed the insides, you’re going to want to give it a good old stuffing.  Who doesn’t love a good stuffing once in a while?  And don’t be afraid to get your fist right in there.  My husband never is, that’s for sure!

By the time the credits rolled, Bruno was swelling away in his shorts like never before, the young man sporting a cotton tent so large it could have housed an entire circus.  From then on he tuned in every week, pulling himself dry as his mother showcased her award-winning cleavage and spewed innuendo all over his television screen. 

But as school gave way to sixth form and sixth form to the world of work, his mother’s image on the TV screen was no longer enough for an 18 year old Bruno, and soon he found himself shooting inappropriate glances at her as she floated around the house.  Bit of cleavage here.  Bit of arse there.  It all added up and soon the young Diamond was gawking shamelessly at the old dear whenever she entered the room, setting a pillow on his lap to hide the arousal streaming through his teenage groin.

As luck would have it, this new found infatuation for his celebrity mother coincided nicely with her second divorce, and a newly single Nigella Lawson was hitting the town almost nightly in search of a quality rebound. Dolled to the nines in all manner of scanty outfits, the gorgeous TV MILF regularly showed off more flesh around the home than a professional stripper, offering her son a spectacular view of her rack when she leaned over to kiss him goodbye.  But that was just the tip of the iceberg, and before long, the night Bruno was awoken by his mother’s orgasmic screams would be burned into his memory forever.

“Yes, come on!” came the shrill, feverish voice that woke him from his slumber.  “Fuck me, you fucking stud!”

Even with the throes of passion reducing it to a breathy refrain of high-pitched screeches, that voice that thousands upon thousands tugged themselves raw to every Thursday evening was as familiar as ever.  At first Bruno thought he was dreaming, but the very hard, very real erection making a mountain of his bedsheets told him a different story.  He was wide awake and his mother was getting plowed into next week in the room beside his. 

“Yeah, you love that fat cock, don’t you, darlin’?” followed the voice of her suitor, an utterance that was every bit as ravaged by pleasure as the one that preceded it.

“Yes!  I love it!  I love your big fucking cock!  Make me cum!  Make me cum on that big, fat dick!”

Bruno couldn’t believe his ears.  All kinds of fervid torrents were blaring through his bedroom wall, each one so lewd and loaded with expletives that it made her strings of onscreen euphemisms sound like a children’s nursery rhyme. 

“Turn around, love.  I wanna cum all over those tits!”

“Yeah, come on, honey.  Cum for me!  Blow your load on these fat fucking tits!”

“URRRGGGHHH!!!” came the ear-splitting bellow of his mother’s companion, a harsh, guttural howl that practically shook the house to its very foundations and nearly burst Bruno’s eardrums as it surged through his bedroom wall.

But it didn’t stop there and despite having shot what sounded like a week’s worth of seed all over his mother’s rack, the mysterious stud was back at it again in a matter of moments, his mum’s mattress squeaking anew as a fresh bout of tireless fucking quickly ensued.  And so it continued from one hour into the next; the hearty cries of both mother and lover alike keeping Bruno awake until morning and with enough jerk off material to see him into the new year. 

With the sun beginning to rise at the start of a brand new day, the ceaseless hammering of his mum’s varnished headboard finally came to a halt and her bedroom door opened as the now thoroughly worn out twosome stepped out into the hallway.  Eager to catch a glimpse of his mother and her seemingly superhuman suitor, Bruno hopped down from his bed, peering out into the hall through the crack in the doorway. 

Sealed in a passionate lip lock with his A-list mother and copping one last feel of her shapely MILF arse, was a breathtakingly handsome man of an almost staggeringly powerful build.  Bis, tris, quads and Lord only knew what else bulged and swelled under his t-shirt and below his belt; the sturdy muscle accompanied by a lump in his crotch that really had to be seen to be believed. 

This man was older than him, but not by much, and Bruno guessed that his mother was already embarking on her career as a TV chef before her partner had even started school.  Nigella saw him off and returned to her bed, sleeping off the sex and not surfacing until lunchtime had been and gone.

So, that’s how it started and that’s how it continued, from one evening to the next.  Night after night, Bruno awoke in a similar fashion; his mother nearly screaming the house down as a stud half her age drilled her voluptuous body to kingdom come.  He pulled himself dry to those wondrous sounds nearly every night of the week, but after a while the audio alone of her rampant, late night fuck sessions no longer sufficed.  And one night, with his libido running on maximum overdrive, the young Diamond went in search of visual accompaniment.

Bruno was fast asleep when a beam of light flashed across his bedroom window, waking him with a start.  He climbed out of bed and hurried across the room, peering through the glass as a black cab pulled into the driveway.  The engine idled as the rear door swung open and an impossibly muscled black man climbed out from within.  Extending a meaty arm, a dainty hand was quick to grasp it as Bruno’s mother exited the vehicle behind him.  Body squeezed into a short black dress that was at least two sizes too small, Bruno was treated to a spectacular birds eye view of that famous cleavage, her tits nearly spilling from her scanty garment like melons from a Tesco bag. 

Bruno watched as his mother paid the cabbie, stroking his groin as her suitor reached down and grabbed a handful of arse.  The cab pulled away as Nigella and her lover marched across the driveway and up to the front door.  Quick as a flash, Bruno sprung into action.  Clasping his phone, he put his ear to his bedroom door as the front door opened, two sets of footsteps swiftly traversing the stairwell and crossing the landing floor. 

The sounds of what appeared to be a rather intense bout of lip locking quickly ensued, growing louder and more sensual as they reached the master bedroom.  Bruno darted out from his room, just as his mother and her companion slipped into her’s, the door left open, just a crack.  Bruno crept across the hallway, iPhone at the ready.  Pointing it through the gap in the door, he captured his mum and her lover as they took to her king size bed, commencing their fervid snogging.  Bruno zoomed in on the young man’s crotch, his celebrity mother stroking the enormous bulge. 

“Fuck, you’ve got a big cock!” his mother exclaimed, and Bruno panned slowly across her curvaceous form, capturing her gorgeous face as she gawked at her partner’s endowment.

The young man removed his t-shirt and Bruno’s mum kissed teasingly along his shredded black torso, licking her lips as she reached his groin.  His belt was unbuckled and his jeans tugged down, his enormous cock springing forth like a big flesh catapult. 

“Wow!” she purred, gazing up at her dark-skinned lover as she gripped his girthy pole.

Dropping down to all fours, Nigella parted her full set of lips, wrapping them snugly around his bellend.

“Ah, fuck!” the young man groaned, voice breathy as the TV MILF tended to his meat.  “Yeah, that’s it, sweetheart.  Suck that cock.”

Bruno zoomed in as close as his iPhone’s recording capabilities would allow, following his mother’s lips as they trailed along that thick black shaft, inch after inch vanishing between them.  Bruno panned up to the young man’s face, capturing his gleeful expression as he basked in the embrace of her mouth.  Head lolling in the throes of pleasure, the black stud looked towards the doorway, his deep brown eyes staring straight into Bruno’s camera lens. 

“Shit!” Bruno hissed, lowering his phone and darting across the hallway as quickly as his feet would carry him.

He returned to his room and climbed into bed.  Whether or not his mother was aware of his presence at her doorway, Bruno wasn’t quite sure, but the sounds of her oral excursion continued all the same- the wet, slushy noises of her world class blowjob only bested by the bassen moans of her dark-skinned suitor.

“Yeah, work that fuckin’ cock, darlin’.”

A chorus of sloppy, wet slurps and low, rumbling groans poured through his bedroom walls, only to be interrupted by harsh gagging noises and the violent expelling of cock.

“Fuckin’ ‘ell!  Know your way around a dick, doncha, love?  No-one’s ever taken me down to the balls before!”

“And I’ve never sucked a cock this big before,” Bruno’s mother declared.  “I’ve had some big ones, but yours is something else!  I guess it’s true what they say about black men, after all.”

“Sure is, darlin’.  Reckon you can fit this big black cock up that sweet little pussy, an’ all?”

“Well, let’s see, shall we?”

From here on out, Bruno was treated to what can only be described as a concerto of loud and exotic noises that poured from his mother’s bedroom and directly into his.  A cacophony of sounds that seemed to increase in volume with each passing second and didn’t stop until the sun came up the following morning.  Bruno wasn’t sure how much sleep his mum had gotten that night, but he was willing to wager that he himself had gotten even less.  From the second his arse touched the mattress, Bruno was spanking his teenage plank like a man possessed, quite possibly setting a new world record for the tally of self-inflicted orgasms achieved in a single evening.     

Beating off to the sounds of his mother’s lovemaking wasn’t a new endeavour for young Bruno by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, he tugged himself senseless to those wonderful noises nearly every night of the week.  But this time, those delightful sounds had visual accompaniment, and Bruno clutched his phone in a sweaty, trembling hand, whacking himself off with the other as he watched the explicit clip on a seemingly endless loop.

The video wasn’t longer than a few seconds, but it provided perfect source material for the montage of images that whizzed through his mind at a mile a minute.  Bruno’s already overactive imagination was putting in a double shift as he pictured that chiseled God of a man going to town on his mother in a series of exotic positions. 

Wheelbarrow.  Corkscrew.  Butter Churner.  Pretzel Dip.  Magic Mountain.  Golden Arch.  Pinball Wizard.  Snow Angel.  In Bruno’s frenzied brain, his mother and her lover had reeled off every one of these weird and wonderful stances and many more to boot; the rutting duo locking their bodies together in ways that even the most imaginative of porno directors couldn’t have dreamt up. 

And the chorus of sounds seeping through his bedroom wall only added to the reel of images splicing together seamlessly in his mind.  The colliding of bodies synched flawlessly with the unmistakable smacking together of flesh.  The hammering of the headboard corresponded perfectly with the rampant speed at which that dark-skinned stud was drilling his mother’s brains out. 

Then of course, there was the dirty talk.  And a lot of it at that.  It seemed to go on forever; blaring from the room next door at volumes he hadn’t thought possible.

“Yes!  Fuck me!” he heard her scream.  “Pound my pussy with that big black dick!”

“Keep going!  Fuck!  You’re gonna cum!”

“Oh God, yes!  Give it to me, stud!  Make me cum on that fat FUCKING COCK!!!”

And on and on it went.  During the course of the evening Bruno had emptied his balls more times than he could count, spewing wad after wad as those animalistic grunts and deafening lines of explicit dirty talk continued until the early hours.  Finally, and with the sun starting to rise in the centre of London, the rampant sexual encounter in the adjoining room finally reached its zenith. 

“Ugh, fuck!  I’m gonna cum, darlin’!” the man yelled, his deep voice nearly shaking the entire room.  “Hold up those tits for me!”

“Mmm, yes!  Do it, big boy!  Shoot your thick cum all over these big fucking boobs!”

By this stage, poor Bruno’s cock was glowing red from overuse but as his mother begged, in no uncertain terms, for the hosing of a lifetime, the spent young man found it within himself to generate one last load of spunk from his now severely withered balls. 

“UUURRRGGGHHH!!!” came the roaring bellow from the adjacent room; so loud that he thought his walls might cave in.

Still, the mental image of that jet black stud dousing his mother’s titties was more than enough to set him off again, and young Bruno emitted a rather ungodly noise himself as one final wad of burning hot splooge jetted from the hole in his dick.  Then all was quiet.  Thoroughly spent and with his bedroom looking like the set of the latest Brazzers scene, Bruno slumped back onto his mattress, already dreading the excruciating wrist cramps that would await him later that day.               

Not ten minutes after his latest eruption, Bruno heard a car pull into the driveway.  He peered out of his bedroom window as his mum’s lover climbed into the back of an Uber and was whisked off across the city.  But not before the buxom MILF had given him a goodbye kiss and a farewell stroke of his cock for good measure.  Bruno collapsed back onto his bed, zonking out cold and remaining that way until long after midday.


When Bruno finally emerged from the pit of his bedroom, his mother was already slaving away in the kitchen, putting those award-winning culinary skills to good use as she whipped him up some breakfast.  Or, more accurately, lunch.  While Bruno himself bore all the obvious signs of a night devoid of sleep, his mother did nothing of the sort.  Body draped in an expensive nightie, the TV chef looked positively rejuvenated as she bounded along from counter to counter, breasts jiggling beneath the silk. 

“Morning, sleepyhead,” she said, plastic bowl held to her enormous chest as she whisked a batch of eggs.  “Or should I say ‘afternoon’?”

Bruno looked at the clock on the oven.  It was 2pm.

“Hungry?” his mother asked, dumping the batter into a frying pan and sparking up the hob.

Bruno wasn’t sure what he’d been expecting but his mother made no mention of the previous evening.  He still wasn’t sure if she knew about his little recording session at her bedroom door, but she must have known that her orgasmic cries had disturbed his sleep. Heck, she was screaming so loud she’d probably woken the entire borough.  But not one word was said.   

“Err...yes, mum.”

“Well, then...take a seat.”

Nigella gestured to the long wood top breakfast bar and Bruno perched on the edge of a stool. 

“There you are, sweetie,” she said, setting a plate of bacon and eggs down on the table in front of him and kissing him on the cheek.


“You’re welcome.  Just clean up when you’re done, OK?”  Bruno looked over at the sink, overflowing with a mountain of dirty dishes, then back at his mother; juicy round arse swinging back and forth as she crossed the room.  “There’s a good boy.”


From here on out, evenings at the Lawson house followed much the same pattern.  Bruno would return home from work on the back of two hours sleep, looking like a zombie had gotten to his neck.  He ate the hearty meal that his mother had prepared for him then parked himself in front of the TV, gawping at her scantily clad frame as she readied herself for a night on the town. 

Once she headed out, he was straight up to his room, beating himself raw to the treasure trove of exotic materials that filled nearly the entire space on his laptop’s harddrive.  Indeed, as the nights progressed, Bruno had gotten increasingly bolder in his directorial endeavors and each passing evening yielded a lengthier and more daringly-shot clip than the one that preceded it. 

And while the male star (or stars) of Bruno’s body of work differed from entry to entry, the female talent remained the same, and as video after video was added to his library, the young man had captured his doting mother in more explicit stances than the folks at Vivid Video.

Of course, extensive porn collections weren’t an uncommon possession for a boy of Bruno’s age, and as such, Nigella thought little of it when she uncovered some of her son’s viewing material on his laptop.  The TV chef had braved a visit to her son’s room while he was at work one afternoon to collect his dirty clothes. 

Bruno’s bedroom looked as it often did; like an absolute pigsty.  Clothes were strewn across the carpet.  The bin was overflowing with Coke cans and Mars bar wrappers.  Tea-stained mugs lined his cluttered desk, the stale crusts of half-eaten sandwiches festering on unwashed plates. 

“Ugh!” Nigella scoffed, turning her nose up as a foul stench lingered in the air.  “Look at the state of this place!” 

Hurrying around the room, the buxom brunette gathered up a heap of her son’s clothes and stuffed them into the laundry basket.  Heading over to the desk, Nigella was readying herself for the mammoth task of dealing with what appeared to be an entire cupboard’s worth of soiled crockery, when she noticed that her son had once again left his laptop on when he’d gone off to work. 

She’d lost count of the amount of times she’d told him to turn that darn thing off when he wasn’t using it, and the TV MILF huffed furiously as she set about doing it herself.  Angrily closing a seemingly endless series of Internet windows, Nigella stopped when she reached what appeared to be some kind of video clip hiding at the bottom of the pile. 

The busty chef wasn’t particularly well versed in the world of smut (when one had a sex life as hectic as hers, they really didn’t need to be), but she knew a pornographic video when she saw one.  The clip, which appeared to have been paused somewhere in the middle, depicted a woman of voluptuous build sandwiched between two men.  Captured mid-thrust as they went about their business, both guys looked to be incredibly well-endowed, and as a woman who had taken on her fair share of studs in recent times, Nigella was curious to see how they matched up. 

Hitting play, Nigella took at a seat at her son’s desk, gasping as a cacophony of almost inhuman sounds came pouring through the laptop speakers.  The woman, whoever she was, was clearly getting taken quite viciously by her two companions, and the loud smacking together of bodies echoed resonantly around Bruno’s filthy bedroom.

Nigella hadn’t seen a huge amount of pornogaphic materials, but even to her inexpert eye it was abundantly clear that this particular title was clearly the work of an amateur.  The skin flicks that she had seen, were of far greater production value than this.  Granted, they weren’t exactly Marvel movies themselves, but the picture quality was considerably sharper, the camera work more varied and professional.

This movie had, thus far, consisted of just a single shot; a tightly-framed close up of the woman’s body and two men’s groins.  Her face was obscured and so were theirs.  All Nigella could see was the first guy’s ass jackhammering away as he plowed the woman from behind, the woman’s dark locks gathered in the second guy’s fists as he fucked her in the mouth.

Though, poor in quality as it was on the production side of things, she had to admit that the sex was anything but.  These guys were really giving it to this woman, going hard at her from both ends.  But the woman wasn’t to be outdone.  In fact, she was taking her dicking with aplomb and, if the muffled groans escaping her cock-filled lips were anything to go by, she was loving every second of it.

Nigella felt her pussy start to moisten as the clip played out, hardening nipples now poking through the fabric of her jumper.  She checked the time at the top of the laptop screen.  4.47 PM.  Bruno would be home soon, but his choice of viewing material was making her unspeakably horny.  Was she really about to frig one out in her son’s bedroom?!  What were the alternatives?  Copy the file onto her own computer?  Far too technical for her.  Nope- as far as she could tell there were no two ways about it.

Throwing caution to the wind, Nigella parked her juicy ass in her son’s desk chair and tugged down her jeans.  Sliding a hand under the waistband of her panties, she quickly found her clit- now stiff and engorged, throbbing against her fingers.  Knowing that she didn’t have much time, the TV MILF strummed her aching clit with unchecked ferocity, paying little heed to the river of arousal leaking from her snatch and down onto Bruno’s chair.

God, that clip was hot!  It blew any professional pornos she’d seen clean out of the water.  Those cocks!  Jesus, they were huge!  And, boy, did those guys know how to use them.  They were pummeling that poor woman with everything they had, giving her every inch with each unwavering thrust. 

Though as hot as the action was, the videographic shortcomings were starting to frustrate her.  She wanted to see those men’s bodies- their undoubtedly God-like muscles rippling incessantly as they pounded their co-star senseless; the unbridled joy and tumultuous ecstasy etched across the woman’s face as those monstrous dongs tore through her various orifices. 

Then, as if doing so on cue, the director (if one could call him such) gave her just what she wanted.  But Nigella’s reaction when the camera zoomed out was not what she’d anticipated.  Expecting to be overcome by an almost overbearing arousal as the complete spectacle stretched across her son’s laptop, the TV MILF was instead struck by a sudden pang of anxiety.

Only one of the men was facing the camera, but he was instantly recognisable as someone who had shared her bed just a few nights before.  There was no denying it.  Those same bright blue eyes had gazed at her lustfully from across the bar at her local nightspot.  Those same lips had devoured her ravenously in the taxi back to her place.  Those same big, strong arms had wrapped around her body, pinning tight as he pumped her into next week. 

It was the same guy.  No question about it.  He hadn’t informed her of his sideline as an amateur pornstar (he hadn’t informed of a lot, as it happened- she couldn’t even remember if he’d told her his name), but Nigella had no doubt that he was equipped for the role.  She still remembered that dick of his as clear as day.  A thick, veiny monstrosity that stretched her pussy near to rupturing point.

But as her peepers roved from that familiar hulking body, other parts of the image started to catch the eye.  The duvet tossed haphazardly onto the carpet.  The headboard hammering against the wall.  The open wardrobe doors, spilling all manner of exotic-looking marital aids out onto the bedroom floor.  The set was about as familiar as they came, for it was one that many a chiseled young stud had graced with his presence over the last few months- her very own bedroom.

And then, just in case it had all been some massive coincidence, her worst fears were finally confirmed.  Slimy, wet cock falling from between her lips, the woman in the video turned to look at the camera and the gorgeous celebrity chef found herself staring back at the pleasure-strewn face of...Nigella Lawson.  The Domestic Goddess herself.   

Nigella was horrified.  How had her bedroom exploits been captured on video like this?  Had she, in fact, brought three guys home that evening?  And during the midst of their ceaseless rutting, one of them had taken a break to hone his skills as an amateur director?  She thought long and hard.  Her list of partners had reached such a great tally that they had all started to blur into one. 

But even if her late-night romp had been filmed by a resting lover, how on earth had her son gotten hold of it?!  Unless he’d stumbled upon it on some filthy corner of the Internet (the search query he’d have entered to unearth such material didn’t even bear thinking about), then there was only one explanation.  Her young son Bruno had recorded the clip himself.

She was sickened.  Her son.  Her offspring.  Her flesh and blood.  He’d grown inside her body.  Suckled at her teat.  And now he was filming her having sex.  It was deplorable.  Disgusting.  Vile.  It was...well, it was incest.  Or not far from it.  What was she going to do?  Take him to a shrink?  Kick him out of the house?  She even wondered if some kind of chemical castration might be on the cards.  If her son got his rocks off from watching his mother getting fucked, then who knew what else he was capable of?

Then it hit her.  The perfect punishment.  She remembered an incident from her son’s school days where the headmaster had called her in because Bruno had been in a fight.  Very uncharacteristic behaviour for him.  She loved her son with all her heart, but she had to admit that he was kind of a weakling, and tended to avoid confrontation like the plague.  However, something one of his fellow students had said to him one day had really rubbed him up the wrong way and Bruno just went for him.

He got his arse kicked, of course, but as the instigator, the headmaster declared he and his opponent to be equally worthy of punishment.  As such, Nigella and the other boy’s dad were called in for a meeting.  The boy’s name was Jack Stephens.  She still remembered it to this day.  For some reason it had always stuck with her. 

The headmaster talked both parents through what had happened.  Jack had said something to Bruno that angered the young man and a fight ensued.  He saw fit to give both boys a week-long suspension, to be served consecutively to avoid further incident.  Both parents accepted the punishment, and ensured the headmaster that they would be dolling out a similar one of their own when they got back home.  However, there was still a matter yet to be cleared up.  What had Jack said to Bruno to make him react the way he did?

“If it’s all the same to you, Ms Lawson, I’d rather not go into that,” the headmaster declared.  “Students have been told to report any unkind language to a member of staff, not take matters into their own hands.  I don’t think what Mr Stephens said should be taken into account when determining your son’s punishment.”

“I understand that, Mr Taylor, but if this young man’s words were so hurtful that they caused my son to snap like that then I feel I have a right to know what was said.”

“Very well, Ms Lawson.”  The headmaster looked at Jack.  “Mr Stephens, would you like to do the honours?”

Jack glanced across at her, scarcely making eye contact, but grinning a little all the same.  The typical mannerisms of a delinquent teen.  “I said you were fit.”

Nigella was taken aback.  She was unaware of the colloquial usage of the term.  To her, fitness was achieved by lifting weights.  There were women of her age in far worse shape, of course, but her full, curvaceous figure wasn’t one that screamed of a lifetime in the gym.

“Excuse me?  Fit?”

“Yeah,” Jack replied.  “Y’know...sexy.”

Bruno was incensed.  It had been bad enough hearing it the first time, but to have the words repeated (even the greatly toned down version he’d just received), and in front of his mother, no less, made his blood boil.

Nigella, on the other hand, wasn’t quite sure how to react.  She was well aware of her sex appeal, of course (one only had to witness her on screen manner to realise that), but she had no idea that her allure extended to men of such a young age.  She couldn’t deny that it was more than a little flattering.

She had no plans to rendezvous with the boy at the time, of course.  He was only 16 (legal- but just barely), and she was happily married.  Well, maybe not happily, but married all the same, and those familiar with her post-divorce lifestyle might be surprised to learn that she wasn’t the adulterous type. 

However, since learning of her son’s voyeuristic perversions, it was all she could think about.  Was it going too far?  Bedding the young man that filled her son’s adolescence with such suffering and anguish.  It wouldn’t win her any Mother of the Year awards, that was for sure.  But if she sat idly by while her only son wanked up a storm to explicit images of his very own mother, who knows what he might turn into?  No- he needed to be taught a lesson, and this was how she was going to do it.


The following day, Bruno got home from work and headed straight for his room.

“Hi, mum,” he called out as he began up the stairs.

“Hi, Bruno.”

Having lived in the same house for 23 years, young Bruno knew the layout like the back of his hand, and it sounded a lot like his mother’s voice was coming from his room.  What was she doing in there?

Crossing the hall, he nudged open the door and, sure enough, sat back in his comfy leather chair, red silken robe tied loosely around her buxom figure, was the old dear herself.  Shit! He thought.  I hope I wiped the cum stains off of there.  He hadn’t.  Nigella had to do that herself. 

“Mum?” he said.  “What are you doing in here?”

“Bruno,” she replied.  “Care to explain this?”

The chair rolled to the side, and emerging from behind her robe-clad frame was his laptop computer, a lewd and very familiar image stretched across the screen.  Nigella hit the spacebar and the video commenced.  Bruno’s usually ghostly pale face glowed a healthy shade of red as he found himself staring back at the filmic image of his mother getting nailed.  It wasn’t an unusual sight for him, of course, but when the genuine article was sitting not two feet away it made for quite the uncomfortable spectacle.

Bruno tried to speak but no words came out.  After all, when your mother had just found a video of her getting balled out on your laptop computer, what could really be said?

“Or how about this?” Nigella continued, pausing one video and starting another.  “Or this?”  Another.  “Or any of these?” 

She scrolled down a seemingly endless list of video files, each one marked with a date from the not too distant past and sporting an explicit thumbnail of his dear old mother getting railed into next July.

“Quite the little collection you’ve got here, isn’t it, Bruno?”

A collection, it most certainly was.  Though it had to be said, there was nothing little about it.  In fact, the TV chef’s 23-year-old son could boast a back catalogue of directorial efforts that would put the Coen brothers to shame

“I’ve gotta say, sweetie,” she went on, “some of these are pretty good.  I’ll admit I’m not an avid porno watcher, but you seem to have a pretty good eye for it.  Get yourself a proper camera and we could have quite the little Spielberg on our hands.  Play your cards right and I might let you film me with my consent some time.”

She rose from her seat and stood before him, her enormous breasts mere inches from his chest. 

“But until then, stay out of my doorway.  And delete those videos, won’t you?  I don’t want them getting into the wrong hands.”

“Yes, mum,” Bruno choked out, mouth drier than noon in the Sahara as his mother’s curvy figure practically pressed up against his own.

“Good boy,” she smiled, patting his flushed cheek.  “Dinner’s in an hour.”

She sauntered across the room, a swing in her hips that only the very sultriest of movements could produce.  And with that, she was gone- leaving her second both speechless and iron-stiff in her wake. 

Once he’d regained some semblance of lucidity, Bruno set about his tasks.  Parting with his video library was hard but he kept true to his word, knowing full well that the mass deletion of such a large number of clips would hasten the production of what was sure to be his magnum opus. 

His mother was right.  Shooting amateur porn was something of a gift for young Bruno, and if he could create such spank-worthy material with naught but a camera phone and a crack in her bedroom door, Lord only knew what delights he could conjure up with a professional-grade camera and a seat at the end of her bed.

He was beyond excited and once the clips had been sent to his recycle bin, Bruno trawled the online stores in search of the most hi-tec camera his salary would permit.  After much deliberation, he settled on the Canon LEGRIA GX10; a top of the range digital video camera with a 15x wide angle zoom lens and 4K UHD recording capabilities.  It had set him back a cool two grand (plus £350 for a tripod and £50 for overnight shipping), but he couldn’t have been more pleased when he unboxed it the next day. 

He didn’t have a clue how to use the thing, of course, and it took him a good few days to grow accustomed to its various settings, but once he had, the budding young smut peddler was raring to go.  Now, instead of peering at his mother through the gap in her door, Bruno was waiting for her in the hallway each night- brand new camera in hand and ready to shoot more reels than Martin Scorcese. 

But for the first few nights, his trips to the hall only ended in disappointment.  Every night his mother would return home, deep into the early hours, male companion in tow, and every night he’d be shot down in flames.

“Not tonight, Bruno,” she’d say, before dragging her partner into her bedroom and promptly fucking him blind. 

And Bruno found himself back at square one, having to make do with the noises as his mum was dicked to within an inch of her life in the room next to his.  He still enjoyed those sounds, of course, but after filming her through the crack in her door for weeks on end, he’d grown accustomed to visual accompaniment. 

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to her frustrated young son, Nigella’s plan was being put into action.  First, she had to find the boy.  How was she going to do that?  Social media.  That’s how people track one another down these days, isn’t it?  She had an Instagram account.  Much to the disappointment of males everywhere, it was almost exclusively pictures of food, but she could contact him on there.  If he was on there, of course.

She punched his name into the search bar, and lo and behold, he was on there.  And what’s more, he followed her, so she could send him a message.  She did that right away.  She introduced herself (a celebrity of her stature had no real need for such formalities, but she felt compelled to do so anyway) and explained the situation. 

Unsurprisingly, Jack- now a 23 year old landscape gardener- was more than happy to help.  He was engaged, if the pictures on his profile were anything to go by, but that clearly wasn’t going to stop him.  I had a feeling Diamond would be into some weird shit like that, his response proclaimed.  Still, if I had a mum like you, I probably would be too!  What a charmer.  After a swift back and forth, the arrangements were made. 

The week that had passed since Bruno had gotten his camera felt like an entire lifetime.  The sounds from his mother’s bedroom were starting to drive him insane.  He was beginning to wonder if this whole thing had been some kind of cruel trick.  Some elaborate ploy to get him to delete those files of his mother from the bowels of his harddrive.  As time progressed, the sexual frustration started to fester in his brain.  Every time he brought it up, his mother quickly dismissed him.  ‘When I’m ready,’ was all she’d say. 

Then, one evening, when Bruno had started to give up hope, there was a knock on his bedroom door.  It was his mother.

“Ready, honey?” she asked. 

A silken robe was tied around her waist, offering just the slightest hint of her truly mind-blowing cleavage.  Strands of long, glossy black hair draped down over her shoulders and her gorgeous face had been dabbed, dawbed, powdered and otherwise adorned with all manner of expensive cosmetics. 

“Ready for what?” Bruno asked, once he’d finally finished gawping.

“What do you think?” his mother chucked.  “My date.  He’ll be here in a minute.”

The doorbell rang. 

“Oooh!  There he is now,” she shrieked excitedly, boobs bouncing as she hurried across the hall and down the flight of stairs.

Bruno’s heart thumped in his chest.  He couldn't believe it.  The moment had finally arrived.

The front door opened. 

“Hello, there,” he heard his mother say.  “Glad you could make it.”

“Phew!  You clean up nice, don’cha, love?” came her guest’s reply.  His voice was familiar, but Bruno couldn’t say where from.  It was probably just some guy that she’d brought home before.  He might have even been in one of his videos.

By the time his mother returned, her silky robe had been removed and Bruno got his first glimpse of what she had on underneath.  Clearly dressed to impress, Nigella’s voluptuous figure had been stuffed into a teeny black swimsuit, the fabric so tight that it clung to her curves like a needy child.  And he should know.  He was the neediest child there was.  Zipped down to below her chest, the almost indecently skimpy garment left precious nothing to the imagination and the TV chef’s enormous G cup boobs were all but spilling out of it as she strutted across the hall.

She looked incredible.  So incredible, in fact, that Bruno barely even noticed the male figure trailing along behind her, his wide eyes glued to her big, swinging bottom.  But when he finally pried his own away from that fantastic set of tits, the young Mr Diamond nearly collapsed in astonishment. 

“J-Jack?” he said, jaw swinging in disbelief.

“Yes, you know Mr Stephens, don’t you, Bruno?” asked his mother.

Know him?!  Poor Bruno was still undergoing counselling because of him!

“Alright, Diamond.  Still living with your mum, eh?” said Jack, that mocking tone of his as malicious as ever.  “Can’t say I blame ya, mate.  If my mum looked like that, I wouldn’t wanna leave either.”

Nigella laughed.  “OK, are we ready then?”

“Fuck yeah!” Jack replied, looking right at Bruno as he slapped his mother on the arse.  “I was born ready, darlin’.”

“Well, yeah.  I know you are,” Nigella replied.  The bulge in his jeans was clear evidence of that.  “How about you, Bruno?”

Bruno couldn’t help but stare at the long, cylindrical lump growing down his bully’s trouser leg.  He wasn’t at all surprised that Jack was well-endowed.  In fact, an oversized penis was just the latest in a long line of physical attributes that someone of such an odious and vile personality was thoroughly undeserving of. 

He had been widely considered to be the best looking boy at school and had a seemingly endless string of girlfriends to show for it.  Though rumours that he liked them a little older followed him throughout his final year and young Jack Stephens had racked up an impressive tally of mums and teachers to boot, if the stories were to be believed. 

“Erm, y-yeah.  I-I’m ready, mum,” Bruno stammered in response.

Jack chuckled.  “Bet you are, ya dirty little fucker!  Alright, let’s do this, shall we?”

Nigella opened her bedroom door and ushered both men inside.  A chair had been placed for Bruno at the foot of her bed and he placed his camera bag on the floor beside it as he set up his equipment.  Erecting his camera stand, Bruno was suddenly reminded of a rather crude nickname that had been bestowed upon his mum’s companion while they were at school.  Such thoughts did little to calm his nerves and the thought of his very own mother soon being mounted upon the famous Tripod was both exciting and humiliating in equal measure.

Jack leapt up onto the bed and Nigella laid beside him, tracing a finger along the swell of his pecs.  Bruno’s former schoolmate had always been well-muscled and looked to have built heavily upon that already impressive bulk in the intervening years.  Tight t-shirt hugging his torso, the outline of every sinew was visible through the thin white fabric. 

Bruno watched as he mounted his camera, his mother’s roving hand distracting him from his duties.  Trailing down past his washboard abs, Nigella’s soft paw started to grope at Jack’s crotch, the swollen lump in his jeans growing noticeably larger.   

“Blimey!  You’re gaggin’ for it, aren’t ya, love?” Jack declared.  He looked over Bruno, grinning at him as he fumbled with his tripod.  “Come on, Bitchcock.  Get a fuckin’ wiggle on!”

It was good to see that Jack’s insults were as sophisticated as ever.  Bitchcock.  Like Hitchcock.  Genius!  How did he come up with this stuff?!  Though, puerile and inane as that putdown might have been, it certainly got this mother laughing.  It wasn’t clear if she actually found that asinine quip amusing or if she was just trying to anger her son, but the 61 year old TV chef was tittering away like a giddy young school girl all the same.   

Humiliation beginning to fester, Bruno flipped open the viewfinder on his camera.  Setting the white balance and exposure, the young man rode the waves of shame with a kind of placid contentment.  Once the show was underway, it would all have been worth it.     

“OK, I’m ready,” he announced, hitting the record button as he took to his chair.

“Fuckin’ ‘ell, finally!” Jack growled impatiently.  “Come here, darlin’,” he said, wrapping his arms around his much older co-star and pulling her up on top of him. 

And so it began.  Before Bruno could even call out ‘action’, his mother and former bully were all over one another.  Pressing her mouth against his, Nigella plunged her tongue straight down Jack’s throat, their fleshy organs practically tangled in a knot. 

Bruno zoomed in tight, capturing a perfectly framed close up as Jack and his mother chewed each other’s faces off.  He watched on helplessly, shuddering a little as that mouth that had spewed so much vile abuse at him during his days in the classroom was greedily devoured by his own flesh and blood.  Though hard to watch as it may have been, Bruno couldn’t deny that the image filling the viewfinder was more than a little arousing.  He’d waited weeks for this moment and deleted his entire porn stash in order to obtain it.  He didn’t care how many insults were tossed his way.  Nothing was going to sour the experience.

Pulling out slightly, Bruno framed his talent in a mid-shot as the kissing continued, Jack’s excited hands mauling his mother’s breasts.  Lips still locked in a tight embrace, Bruno’s former bully reached behind and unzipped his mum’s swimsuit, freeing those wondrous mounds.

“Fuck me, Diamond!” he exclaimed, smirking into the lens of his camera.  “Fuckin’ size of your mums tits!  How did you grow into such a little weakling when you were suckin’ on these things every day?!”

Nigella looked at Bruno, emitting a cruel laugh as Jack gathered her boobs in his hands, burying his face between them. 

“Mmm, yeah!  That’s it, baby.  Get in there good!” she said, regarding her son with a malevolent glint.  “Do you like that, Bruno?  Is that little dick getting hard for me?”

Bruno resented the aspersions to his manhood.  After all, Google had assured him many times over that what he had below the belt was totally normal-sized.  Perfectly average.  If you rounded up a little.  But while his endowment fell someway short of his former bully’s, Bruno’s excitement was no less evident.  And as Jack’s handsome face burrowed deeply between his mum’s enormous tits, young Bruno’s perfectly ordinary pecker formed a modest, though plainly evident lump in the crotch of his tight black jeans. 

Stretches of milky white flesh bulged through the gaps in Jack’s fingers as he kneaded those spectacular breasts.  Deftly caressing their jiggling mass, Jack put his lips to her nipples, suckling like a famished babe.  Nigella cooed in delight as he sucked on her titties, a hand reaching south and rubbing at his groin.

“Bloody ‘ell, mate,” Jack grinned, emerging from her rack to deliver further taunts.  “Your mum’s goin’ for my dick already.  Filthy cow!”

Bruno zoomed in on Jack’s groin as his mum stroked his cock, watching intently as that meaty bulge stretched down the length of his thigh. 

“Yeah, you want that cock, don’tcha, lova?”

“I do,” Nigella purred, her voice rife with longing and desire. 

“Tell him then, darlin’.  Tell your little pipsqueak of a son how much you want this big fuckin’ dick.”

Nigella looked across at Bruno, stroking Jack’s cock as she stared down his lens.

“I want this dick, Bruno.  I want to feel this fat cock throbbing in my mouth.  I want to ride this piece of meat until these big fucking balls empty all over me!”

“Cor!  I never knew your mum was a filthpot, mate,” Jack chuckled.  “I mean, I’ve seen her on the telly, but I thought that was just an act!  Come on then, darlin’.  Get this big ol’ dick.”

Nigella didn’t need a second invitation.  Kneeling between Jack’s thighs, she quickly unblocked his belt, sliding her fingers under the waistband of his boxers.  Inching down his jeans and undies, Nigella got her first glimpse of the young man’s width, sprouting from his manscaped groin like the trunk of an oak tree.  Continuing down, that girthy pipe seemed to go on forever, inch after inch of mighty man meat unveiling before her very eyes. 

Finally, after what felt like an eternity had passed, and with the waistband of his undies tugged down almost to his knees, that big, veiny behemoth sprung out from underneath, jutting from his groin like a skyscraper.  The crown peeking out from beneath his foreskin looked fatter than a golf ball.  It was huge.  Biggest she’d ever seen, and came equipped with an equally large set of gonads, spilling across her bedspread in his wildly oversized sack.  Pulling his jeans down the rest of the way, Nigella gawked listlessly at his crotch, mouth swinging open as that uncaged beast towered monstrously before her.

“Oh my God!” she gasped.  “Bruno!  Why didn’t you tell me your school friend had such a big cock?!  I wouldn’t have stayed married to your stepdad for so long if I’d known about this thing, that’s for sure!”

Jack chuckled.  “Come on, love.  Ain’t gonna suck itself now, is it?”  He gripped his pole and wagged it invitingly (as if the sheer size of that thing wasn’t inviting enough).  “Get your laughin’ gear ‘round that.”

No further encouragement was required.  Gripping that dong in her manicured hands, Nigella poked out her tongue and lapped at his bellend, might like work of the puddle of precum pooling in the wide open tip.  Peeling back his foreskin, she encircled the head with her tongue, leaving rings of saliva smeared across his glans.  Mouth gaping wide, that unsheathed bellend was promptly steered inside, lips sealed shut around the ridge of his crown. 

With the blowjob well and truly underway, Bruno detached his camera from the tripod and moved in close, pointing it at his mother’s face.

“Come for a close up, have ya, Diamond?” asked Jack, regarding him with his typically cocksure smirk.  “Can’t blame ya, mate.  Look at your fuckin’ mum go.  She’s goin’ fuckin’ wild on that dick!”

Bruno would have preferred if the male talent refrained from addressing him while he was manning the camera.  Those constant remarks were sure to put him off his stride when he jerked off to this later.  He could always ask him to stop, and thought long and hard about doing so.  But knowing that any such requests would likely be met by one of his schoolyard bully’s world famous jibes, he ultimately decided against it.  Besides, he could always edit them out later.

Nigella stared down the camera as she bobbed at her co-star’s groin, those gorgeous nut brown peepers eye fucking the lens as she swallowed his giant schlong.  Slurping greedily and sucking hard, those full, pouty red lips slid up and down his pole with effortless grace.  Drooling profusely, fresh layers of spittle were carelessly left behind with each deep pull of her lips.  Strands of shiny dark hair spilled from behind her shoulders, tickling Jack’s thighs as she ventured deeper, his bulging, round cockhead tunneling inside and prodding at her tonsils.

“Phwoar!” Jack exclaimed, eyes nearly popping out his skull as Nigella sunk down deep, lips stretching as she took him to the base.  “Fuck me, love!  D’you miss yer dinner or somethin’?  Blimey, your mum can’t half suck a dick, Diamond!  Look at ‘er.  Can’t get enough of that cock, can you, sweet’eart?”

Nigella didn’t respond (she’d been told as a girl that it was rude to talk with her mouth full), but the way she went to town on that fat slab of meat told him all he needed to know.  Lips pursed tight around his trunk, that beautiful, seasoned mouth formed a vacuum seal around his todger, slurping and suckling him with little restraint.  Time and again those lips kissed his groin, his fat, hooded crown pounding ceaselessly in the depths of her gullet.     

Prying that rod from her darkest of innards, Nigella dipped down to get at his balls, gobbling one of them up as she stroked his pipe.

“Yeah, that’s in, darlin’,” Jack groaned, head tilted back as he stared at the ceiling.  “Suck on those big fuckin’ bollocks!”

Nigella guzzled at his balls like they’d been glazed in honey, dousing each one in spittle before switching to the next. 

“Jesus, Diamond!  Why didn’t you tell me ya mum was such a fuckin’ slag?  Fuckin’ filthiest cow I’ve ever met!  Want this dick between your tits now, love?”

“MMM!” Nigella exclaimed, shrieking excitedly as she sucked on his nuts.

“Alright then, darlin’.  On your back.”

Jack hopped up from the mattress and Nigella took his place.  Laying back across the fresh white bedspread, that monstrous set of G cups spilled about her chest.  Straddling her supine form, Jack wielded his cock like a club, smacking his bellend against each of her weighty boobs. 

Bruno moved in close as his former tormentor gathered those globes in hands, his turgid pipe nestled firmly between. 

“Yeah, that’s it, mate,” said Jack, directing a taunting grin straight at his camera.  “Get a shot of this.”

Wrapping those tits tight around his pole, Jack bucked his muscled hips, slicing through her rack like a knife through butter.  Veiny shaft thoroughly slicked, that meaty ramrod of a cock soared through Nigella’s tit tunnel with consummate ease, that fat, dribbling red bellend peeping out from the mass of flesh and prodding at her chin.   

“Ooh, look at that cock between my boobs, Bruno,” Nigella cooed, eyes fluttering as she looked into his lens.  “I bet you can remember feeding from these tits, can’t you, sweetie?”

 Jack chuckled.  “Yeah, bet that was only a few years ago, wasn’t it, mate?”

He and Nigella laughed raucously at Bruno’s expense, both them taking immense pleasure in watching him squirm.  Pushing those tits tightly around his shaft, Nigella’s rack squeezed the young man for all he was worth, her weightly bosoms nearly wringing his cock like a flannel.

“Uhh! Fuck yeah!” he groaned.  “Like watchin’ that, don’t ya, Diamond?  You like watchin’ your mum get her fat ol’ titties fucked!”

Bruno didn’t reply, just kept aiming his camera at that fat set of melons, watching intently as his archenemy’s cock sawed so majestically between them.

“Oi!  You deaf or somethin’, mate?” Jack spat, slapping him in the back of the head.

“Ow!” Bruno squawked, nearly dropping his camera as that meaty palm struck the back of his skull. 

Jack chuckled.  “Still can’t take a whack, eh, Diamond?  You always were a fuckin’ pussy, mate.”

Nigella looked up at him and laughed.

“Now answer my fuckin’ question.  D’you like watchin’ me fuckin’ your mum’s tits?”

Fearing the sting of another whack to the bonce, Bruno told his former (and, it would appear, current) bully exactly what he wanted to hear.

“Yes!  Yes, I like it!”

Jack let out a cruel sneer of a laugh.  “Thought as much.  Dirty little bastard.”

Re-moulding those hefty tanks around his twitching pole, Jack got right back to it, pumping harder than ever.  His dick tunneled through chestal chasm, big, weighty fat balls swinging behind him and brushing across her midriff.  Meaty schlong throbbing as it sliced through the gap in her tits, Nigella relished the feel of his juicy, thick veins as they pulsed against her flesh. 

“You like it too, don’t ya, sweet’eart?” Jack asked, looking down at the busty, thick MILF laying prostrate beneath him.  “You like that big cock between your tits,” he added; a statement, not a question.  “Bet your hubbies never fucked your fat fucking titties like this, eh, darlin’?”

“Uh-uh,” Nigella murmured, returning a devilish smirk as she caught his crown between her lips.  “They both had such tiny cocks.  Just like Bruno, here,” she added, being sure to look directly into his camera lens as she insulted him further.

Jack laughed.  “Bet they fuckin’ did.  Bet they never wrecked your pussy like I’m ‘bout to, neither.”

The promise in his voice sent her nether regions aflutter.  And not just her’s.  The prospect of his mum getting fucked was a little too much for Bruno to take.  He reached down and stroked his cock through his jeans, the camera wobbling slightly as he held it with a single hand. 

“Oh, look, love.  Your son likes the sound of that too.  Can just about see his little dick gettin’ hard in there,” Jack sneered.  “I remember seein’ you in the showers, Diamond.  You always did have a tiny, little knob.”

Prying his rod from the depths of her bosom, Jack moved between her legs, those meaty, thick thighs already parted.

“Blimey!  You’re burning up down ‘ere, aren’t ya, darlin’?” he declared, feeling the heat radiate from her groin as he settled between her thighs. 

He rubbed his crown against her shaven pink snatch, enjoying the moisture smeared across her labia.  “Pretty wet for an old bird an’ all.”

Jack looked up at Bruno, a mocking grin stretched across his face as he poised between his mother’s legs, dick clasped and ready for entry. 

“Don’t be shy, Diamond.  Get in nice and close while I tear your mum a new fanny’ole!”

Bruno sheepishly obliged.  Pointing his camera at his mother’s cooch, he watched on helplessly as his most hated person on the planet slid his dick up against it.  Looking directly at his schoolyard punching bag, Jack pushed forward, splitting Nigella’s pussy apart and steering his dick inside.  Nigella gasped as he entered her, his monstrous girth stretching her out from the get go.

“AWH!  Fuck me, your mum’s tight, Diamond!” he exclaimed, Nigella’s vaginal walls gripping his rod as he infiltrated her most delicate zone.  “I can’t believe she squeezed you out of ‘ere, mate!”

Gripping onto Nigella’s thighs, he used her juicy flesh for leverage as he bucked his muscled hips, rowing in deep with each motion.  His bellend twitched as it tunneled inside, soaring into her darkest innards and prodding at her g-spot. 

“Mmm, yes!  God, that’s a good cock, Bruno,” Nigella cooed, strumming her throbbing clit.  “Much better than your stepdad’s.  He was such a bloody loser.”

Refusing to let humiliation get the better of him, Bruno took a step back, capturing a perfectly framed wide shot as his former bully pounded on his mother.  Legs spread wide, every slam of his chiseled young pelvis sent ripples through Nigella’s behind, those jiggling globes taking the brunt of each collision.  Well built frame propelling each thrust, the brute force of his fucking made the king size bed creack ominously beneath him, the headboard hammering the wall as he rolled those powerful hips. 

“Oh, fuck yes, that’s good!” Nigella squealed.  “Bloody hell, I’m gonna cum already!”

A grin formed on Jack’s sweaty red face, cockier than any he’d worn previous. 

“Here that, Diamond?” he said, looking up at Bruno, arse but a blur as he railed without mercy.  “Your mum’s gonna cum on this big fuckin’ dick o’ mine!  Come on, mate.  Film this shit.  Get a nice close up of your muvva’s boat race while she creams my fuckin’ rod!”

Bruno couldn’t help but comply.  It would be fair to say that taking orders from his schoolyard bully while he was balls deep in his mother had sucked out what little remained of his masculinity.  Though, degrading as it may have been, he couldn’t resist the sight of his mother in the throes of orgasm.  Standing directly over her with his camera angled down, Nigella’s lit up face stretched across his viewfinder.  She stared into the lens, eyes rolling back as her climax hit her.

“Oh, God!  YES!” she screamed, nearly blowing the camera’s mic.  “YES!  Watch me cum, Bruno!  Watch me cum on this big, fat COOOCCCKKK!!!”

Head jolting upwards, she nearly knocked Bruno’s rig straight out of his hands as a thunderous climax assaulted her buxom frame. 

“FUUUCCCKKK!!!” Jack yelled, that slick MILF pussy clenching him tight as he rowed in deep, sheathing himself to the hilt.  Keeping it there as she climaxed, a hot rush of fluid hit his rod like a tidal wave, gushing copiously from her gripping pink slit.  “Fuckin’ ‘ell, Diamond!  Your mum’s a fuckin’ animal, mate!”

Prying himself free, Jack stroked his cock with vicious intent, that big tool of his ready to do some damage. 

“Come on, love.  Turn yourself around.  Let’s give Bruno a view of that arse!”

Hopping up excitedly from the now quite sodden sheets, Nigella flipped over onto her knees, sticking her bum out behind her. 

“Phwoar!  Get a butcher’s at that, mate!” Jack grinned, giving Bruno’s mother a hearty slap on the arse.  “Bet that can take a poundin’, eh, Diamond?”

Eager to find out, Jack aligned his hooded bellend with Nigella’s sticky pink cooch, driving forward and steering it in. 

“Mmm!  Oh, fuck!” Nigella gasped, eyes rolling back as he re-entered.

Jack gripped hold of her hips, digging into her jiggly flesh as he started to thrust.  The bed began to squeak as the motions quickened, each row of his hips pushing his dickhead deeper inside.  Soon his pelvis was crashing against her arse, big, round cheeks rippling with each hard bodily collision. 

“Yeah, you’re lovin’ that dick, aren’t ya, sweet’eart?” said Jack, voice breathy as he continued to pound.  “Tell your son ‘ow much you like gettin’ fucked.”

Bruno moved up to the head of the bed.  Expecting to see his mother almost feral with lust and desire, he pointed his camera at her face, hoping she’d unleash an ear-piercing cry straight into the microphone.  But instead she just stared forward, looking somewhat overcome by the sheer volume of meat pushing through her innards. 

“Oi!” Jack spat, smacking her hard on the arse.  “I’m talkin’ to you, love.”

Gripping a fistful of hair, Nigella was promptly clawed from her reverie as he gave it a good hard tug, pulling her up towards him.  Now perfectly upright, Nigella’s back pressed up against her partner’s torso, his clammy muscles pulsing against her flesh.  Remaining still behind her, deeply embedded in her cunt, he placed a hand softly around her throat, the other clawing at her big, swinging breasts. 

Nuzzling in close to her neck, he kept an eye fixed firmly on the camera lens as he brushed her messy hair aside and hissed into her ear.  “I said, ‘tell your little pussy, punching bag of a son how much you like this big fuckin’ cock.”

“I love it, Bruno,” she announced, voice soft and eyes half-lidded.  “I love this cock.”

“Louder, darlin’,” Jack prompted, fisting her dark sweaty locks.  “Straight at the camera.”

Nigella’s eyes sprung open and zeroed in on Bruno’s rig, staring down the lens with unblinking, unwavering focus.  “I love this big fat cock, Bruno.  It feels so good in my tight fucking pussy.”

“Louder!” he repeated, sneering with venom straight into her eardrum. 

“I FUCKING LOVE IT, BRUNO!” she said again, practically screaming it this time and nearly cracking the glass of his lens.  “I LOVE THIS FAT FUCKING COCK!!!”

“Yeah, you do, don’t ya, love?” Jack replied, grinning wickedly, hands mauling her tits as the thrusting resumed.  “You.  Love.  This.  Fucking.  Cock!” he spat, punctuating each word with a firm, hard slam of his pelvis. 

Nigella turned her head and a sloppy open-mouthed kiss quickly ensued.  Jack looked right at the camera, even winking at the lens their tongues entangled, spit sloshing back and forth. 

“How’s that, Diamond?” Jack asked, looking up at Bruno as he pounded his mum from behind.  “Fuckin’ your mum good, ain’t I, mate?”

Bruno couldn’t help but nod.  Even in all the videos he’d shot of his mother in the sack, he’d never seen her dicked down quite like this.  Every thrust made her cry out in ecstasy, features contorting from the intense pleasure flooding every inch of her frame.  For a moment, he wondered if she may have been exaggerating her expressions to inflict greater torture upon himself.  But it quickly became apparent that the sounds and sights of his mother and her lover were as real as real could be.  Not even the world’s most decorated actresses could fake the kind of sensations that she was exhibiting.   

“Any requests before I pump ‘er fulla spunk?  How ‘bout a look at this lovely big arse of her’s?”

Bruno nodded again.  He couldn’t bring himself to say it, but that was, in fact, exactly what he wanted to see.

Jack laughed.  “Thought as much.  I can read you like a book, fella!  Alright then, love,” he said, smacking Nigella on the bum.  “Up ya come.”

Laying back across the bed sheets, Nigella quickly mounted him, lowering herself onto his rod.  Facing Jack with her back to camera, that thick, curvy round rear was thrust out delightfully at Bruno’s intruding lens.  Reaching around and gripping it with both his hands, Jack delivered a particularly forceful spank to one of her supple orbs, turning it red as he started to thrust. 

Bruno watched in awe as Jack’s muscled pelvis clatered repeatedly with his mother’s bottom, sending ripples through her juicy cheeks.  Arse but a blur as he bucked incessantly, his fat, veiny schlong sunk deep into Nigella’s cunt, his dribbly pink bellend prodding at her pleasure points. 

Panning around to the foot of the bed, Bruno pointed the camera at his mother’s face as she locked lips with her co-star.  Tongues grappling beneath their cheeks, it looked like the two of them were conjoined at the mouth, muffled groans echoing from one drooling orifice to the next. 

Prying her lips from those of her younger lover, Nigella’s eyes rolled into the back of her skull as her son’s archenemy dicked her into submission.  Curling her arms around Jack’s sweat-soaked head, the TV MILF practically buried him alive under the weight of her enormous bosom.  But he didn’t seem to mind.  In fact, if the obscene slurping and razzing sounds were anything to go by then the young stud was clearly having the time of his life.

“Oh my God, Bruno!” Nigella squealed, staring forward into the lens of his camera.  “This boy’s dick is incredible!  I haven’t been fucked like this in ages!”

High praise indeed.  And considering she’d enjoyed a sex life in recent weeks that would make a high class call girl blush, it really was quite a claim.

“Hear that, Diamond?” Jack asked, fighting his way out from beneath her chest.  “I’m givin’ your mum the poundin’ of a fuckin’ lifetime, mate.  Ain’t that right, love?”

“Yes!  YES!” she screamed.  “Don’t fucking stop!  Keep fucking me, you big-dicked bastard!”

As it turned out, Nigella’s pleas were as unnecessary as they were redundant.  In fact, Jack couldn’t have ceased his pounding of that hot MILF clunge if his life depended on it.  Each thrust sent his bellend mining right up into her very deepest parts, the 61 year old’s surprisingly snug pussy sheathing it tightly and squeezing every inch.   

Lifting his back from the mattress, Jack wrapped his arms around Nigella’s back, cradling her tight as he took her with him.  Sat up straight atop the utterly sweat-soaked bed, their May-December bodies were closely and intimately entwined.  Aggressively tonguing each other one last time, their faces were flushed as their marathon and wildly intense fuck session finally neared its crescendo. 

“Ride this dick, love,” Jack panted.  “I’m gonna spunk right up your thight fuckin’ fanny!”

He didn’t have to tell her twice.  Showcasing an impressive athleticism that looked beyond her advancing years, Nigella propped herself up on the balls of her feet, squatting with effortless grace as she rode his massive dong.  Up and down she went, locks of dishevelled black hair flinging this way and that with each tireless motion. 

Hands clasped firmly around her thick, round bulging buttcheeks, Jack offered assistance in the shape of his trunk-like arms.  Biceps popping like never before, the young hunk guided his much older lover up and down his dick at a powerful rate of knots, meaty arse cushions cannoning off his thighs. 

Fingers digging deep into her soft, smooth pliant flesh, Jack carefully dodged the rapid to and fro of her breasts as he tossed her up and down on his dick.  And good thing he did, since the weight of those things was surely enough to knock a man unconscious.  *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP* came the sounds as those hefty undersides slapped against her midriff, the noises synched flawlessly with the smacking of her body against his. 

“Cor blimey, mate!  Look at your mum’s tits!” Jack exclaimed, managing to pry his eyes from those heaving melons just long enough to stare into Bruno’s camera.  “Bouncin’ around like no-one’s fuckin’ business!  Owh, yeah!  Keep goin’, sweet’eart.  I’m gonna fuckin’ fill you up!”

Nigella looked across at Bruno, a hand rubbing vigorously at the crotch of his jeans. 

“Wait!” she shrieked suddenly.  “I think Bruno wants to cum too.  Is that right, sweetie?  You want to cum for mummy?”

Bruno nodded, the camera shaking in his hand as he continued to stroke himself. 

“You don’t mind, do you?” Nigella asked, looking down at Jack as she perched on his lap, violently swelling cock embedded in her snatch. 

Jack laughed.  “Fine by me, love.  ‘Long as I get to spunk up that sweet fuckin’ fanny of yours, soppy bollocks over there can do what he likes.”

Nigella gazed up at Bruno.  “Well, there you go then.  Come on then, honey.  Put that camera down and get that dick out for mummy.”

Bruno fetched his tripod and set it down at the side of the bed, right in the heart of the action.  Humiliation was coursing through him more powerfully than ever, but he couldn’t fight the almost unbearable urge to ejaculate, to blow his beans like he’d never blown them before.  He affixed his camera to the tripod, hands trembling so much that it almost spilled from his grasp. 

Taking a moment to frame the shot, Bruno unbuttoned his belt and hastily unzipped his fly.  Reaching beneath the waistband of his boxers, he curled his fingers around the rock hard shaft of his cock and unleashed it from the darkness within. 

Jack looked across at Bruno, promptly bursting into a fit of laughter as he exposed himself to the room.  “Fuck me, Diamond!  Has your dick got even smaller?  My five year old nephew’s is bigger than that!”

Nigella chuckled.  “He’s always been a little one.  Haven’t you, Bruno?  You know, when he was born, the doctors thought he might’ve been a girl!”

“HAHAHAHA!!!  You’re shittin’ me, love?” said Jack, replying with a hearty guffaw.  “Fuckin’ ‘ell, Diamond! You’re the gift that keeps on givin’, mate!”

Ignoring the bully’s jibes as best he could, Bruno tightly gripped his perfectly ordinary (or so he kept telling himself) penis, knuckles shuffling as he started to pump.

“Yes, that’s it, Bruno,” said Nigella, looking him square in the eyes as he jerked himself off.  “Stroke that cock for me.  Nice and fast.”

Bruno did as directed, hastening his strokes until his arm was a puny little blur. 

“Cum,” Nigella instructed, her deep, hard squats beginning again in earnest.  “Cum for me, Bruno.  Shoot that pathetic little load.  Shoot it all over the floor while this big stud of a man pumps me full of spunk!”

Bruno began to tremble as he watched the action, cock pounding violently as the bouncing resumed.  His mother’s arse cheeks battered Jack’s thighs, deafening smacks echoing across the room from one painted wall to the next. 

“Do it, Bruno,” Nigella repeated, the breathiness of her voice further inducing the already roaring arousal surging through his shaft.  “Give mummy what she wants.  Cum for me, Bruno.  Cum!”

And with that, he did.  Shaking fingers stalling at the root of his prong, Bruno squeaked a pitiful, weak-sounding whimper as his bellend erupted, his five inch pecker spitting out a gooey mess of spunk that splattered across the carpet below.  For him, it was a lot, but compared to the tidal wave that was soon to follow, the measly load streaked across Nigella’s floor was scarcely a single drop. 

“Yes!  Good boy, Bruno.  Good boy.”  She looked down at Jack, the fire in her eyes burning hotter than ever.  “Your turn, big boy.  Gimme that cum.  Fill me up!”

For once, Bruno’s schoolyard tyrant was lost for words.  His usual shit-eating grin had given way to a twisted cumface that was almost as feeble as Bruno’s.  Perching steadily atop his ever-swelling groin, Nigella’s snatch clenched tighter around his already constricted pole, her powerful insides wringing his girth like a sponge.

Still trembling from the force of his ejactulate, Bruno detached his camera once more, lens primed for the big finale.

Looking to heavens, Jack let loose, spewing a venomous roar into Nigella’s ceiling as his weapon discharged, countless volleys of scolding hot goop firing far into the depths of her cunt.

“FUUUCCCKKK!!!” Jack bellowed as he continued to spurt, emptying every last drop of spunk into her disused womb. 

Nigella’s eyes fluttered as she milked her young stud dry, volumes of fluid splashing her inner walls.  It was more than enough to make her cum once more, and as the searing sensation of yet another orgasm surged through her buxom frame, the TV chef stared down the camera one final time, leaving her son a closing message as the impassioned tryst reached its explosive climax. 

“Oh, wow!  Bruno!  His cum is so hot and thick!  I can feel it churning in my womb!  Oh, God!  I’m cumming!  I’m cumming, Bruno!  I’m cumming on your bully’s big, thick fucking COOOCCCKKK!!!”

Bruno watched in awe as what was clearly the most powerful orgasm of her entire existence, ripped through his mother from bottom to top, igniting every inch of her frame.  He’d seen her cum many a time, of course, but never before had he witnessed anything quite like this. 

Her arse was pinned to Jack’s groin, rivers of spunk leaking from her pussy lips and pooling on her bedsheets.  Her body quivered, tremors of differing intensity quaking in every region.  Her face was a vision of ecstasy, every modicum of pure indescribable pleasure etched across her motherly features. 

With a final shudder and a high-pitched, mewling gasp, Nigella’s eyes opened, falling slowly upon a stunned and speechless Bruno.  Jack’s body shone with sweat as he lay beneath her, the moist feel of her post-fuck pussy keeping his dick nice and rigid.  Both were in the early stages in recovery, chests both full and muscled heaving steadily as they took in air.

“Phew!  Fuckin’ ‘ell!” Jack sighed.  “I gotta say, love, you can’t half fuck for an old bird!”  He looked across at Bruno.  “Good job your mum’s knockin’ on a bit, Diamond, ‘cause I just blew a fuckin’ a week’s worth up ‘er muff!  I’d be your new step dad, mate!”

Nigella laughed, gazing at Bruno with a mocking grin, one that was so reminiscent of the kind Jack used to aim at him from across the school playground.  Usually before throwing a punch or a malicious insult. 

“Well, Bruno, have you learnt your lesson now?  Or do me and Jack here have to teach you it again?”

“Yes, mum,” he said sheepishly, gazing down at the cumstains on the floor.

“So, you won’t be filming me anymore without my permission?”

He shocked his head.


He nodded.

“Good.  And since you’ve been such a good boy, maybe I’ll let you and that camera in tomorrow night.  We’ll see.  Now run along, honey.  I think it’s past your bedtime.”

Bruno gathered his things and headed for the door, eager to get started on the editing.  Nigella took Jack’s face in her hands and snogged him once more, tongues writhing as the passion renewed.  Breaking briefly from the deep hot, probing kiss, she glanced across at her bedroom door, bidding her son farewell as he stepped out into the hall.

“Night, Bruno.  We’ll try to keep it down.”

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Re: Yummy Mummy (Nigella Lawson)
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2021, 02:23:07 PM »
A great story about a saucy MILF. Thanks for writing it DS.
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Re: Yummy Mummy (Nigella Lawson)
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2021, 10:30:52 AM »
What do I envy this Bruno! Thanks for such a good sexy story, it was hot like Nigella. Very well dosed as it should, the end was superb! Thank you.
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