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Backlot Adventures 6: Lisa Robertson
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Backlot Adventures 6: Lisa Robertson by Mikesommers14
Celeb(s) – Lisa Robertson
Codes – MF, Oral
Originally posted on August 25, 2002 at CSSA



For lunch one day, I went to one of the small outdoor commissaries on the backlot, near the soundstages. Visible from the tram tour route, it was accessible only to those who had access to the backlot. I’d been sitting there for about fourty-five minutes, eating my lunch and looking through an entertainment magazine, glancing up as the occasional tour tram went by, when I heard someone ask, “Mind if I join you?”

I glanced up to see Lisa Robertson, the Playmate of the QVC home shopping channel, standing before me with a tray of food. The rest of the outdoor tables crowded, mine had the only remaining empty seat. “No, not at all,” I said, and she sat down across from me. “You’re Lisa Robertson, aren’t you?” I already knew; I just wanted to say her name out loud.

She smiled and said, “That’s me,” then offered her hand.

I introduced myself as I shook her soft, cool hand and said, “I watch you all the time on QVC. I really like the way you host your segments.” Of course, I didn’t the tell about how much I liked jacking off to her even more.

“Why thank you. I have a lot of fun on QVC. In fact, that’s why I’m here. I’m doing a special segment for the next couple of days here on the backlot. Today it’s clothes, tomorrow it’s sci-fi collectibles, and the day after it’s night wear.”

As we sat there chatting and finishing our lunches, I couldn’t help but be pulled in by her beauty. I had first seen her on QVC a few years earlier, when I was channel surfing. As soon as I saw this hot girl selling women’s clothing, I immediately started jacking off to her and had been doing so ever since. I was even a frequent poster on a Lisa Robertson Message Board, which QVC later had shut down because the majority of the users talked about how much they wanted to fuck Lisa and rape her ass and cum on her face and all sorts of other stuff.

Today she was wearing a pair of incredibly-tight blue jeans and black leather boots, with a short-sleeve tight-fitting red shirt that looked like it could barely contain her impressive chest. And the top was cut low enough to give a fair view of her chest whenever she’d lean forward just enough, which she did more than a few times throughout lunch.

As we talked, she learned of my job at the studio and that I was an aspiring filmmaker. She invited me to tag along with her back to where they were doing the QVC special, which wasn’t set to begin for another two hours. After leaving the commissary, we started walking across the backlot. The location was near a fountain out by an old movie set. We could have taken one of the golf carts, but Lisa said she liked to walk around movie studios to better absorb everything.

As we walked, I couldn’t help but sneak peaks at her incredible figure as her long legs moved back and forth. The pants looked so tight that it seemed that if either foot stepped forward an inch more, the seams would bust and her pants would fall away. “If I may say so,” I said, feeling nervous at the reaction my comment was sure to get, “you look absolutely beautiful in these clothes.”

“Thank you,” said replied, then added, “You should see what I have on underneath them.”

I swallowed, wondering if I should push on and attempt to see what it was. A moment of hesitation, then: “May I?”

“May you what?”

“See what you have on underneath?”

She stopped and looked at me, and for a moment I was certain she was about to yell for security. But she said, “Does the idea of what’s underneath turn you on?”

“Very much so. I’ve always thought you were one of the sexiest girls I’ve ever seen, and I’ve often dreamed about how good you look naked.”

She seemed to think for a moment, then said, “Okay, I’ll tell you what. I’ll let you see everything I have underneath if you let me see what you have underneath. Deal?”

“Deal,” I replied without a second of hesitation.

She glanced around, as if checking the area, then said, “This way.” She took me by the hand and lead me into a thick growth of bushes situated between two of the studio’s old editing bungalows that were never used anymore. There was a small 4×4 space in the center of the foliage just big enough to contain both of us.

Without a word, she began unbuttoning and unzipping her pants. She pushed them to the ground and lifted the bottom of her shirt a little, exposing her lacey black panties. Dropping her shirt back down, she removed her panties and stepped forward, holding them to my face so that I could taste them. “You can keep these,” she said, and tucked them into my pocket.

Then she stepped back and lifted her shirt a little again, revealing her hairy pussy. “Now that I think about it,” she said, “this pussy hasn’t had a cock in nearly three years. So if I like what I see under your clothes, maybe I’ll use it to fill myself.”

I felt my cock beginning to stir in my pants, and she gripped the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. With no bra, I was the first Lisa Robertson fan to see what all other Lisa Robertson fans had wanted to see: Lisa Robertson’s tits. They were absolutely incredible, one of the best pairs I had ever seen. They were big and round, firm yet soft, with light nipples and dark areolas, and they both seemed to hang with precision accuracy. They could definitely be called one of the finest pairs of tits on television.

I reached out for them, but she took hold of my wrists. “Ah-ah,” she said with a smile. “Not until you show me what you have underneath.”

After two long years of longing to fondle her, I was dying to grab her tits, but knew I would get my chance to in a matter of minutes. If I had waited two years, I could sure as hell wait a few more minutes. I quickly removed my pants and boxers. My cock had began to harden, arched straight out.

Lisa’s eyes widened. “Oh my God. I am definitely going to have to make use of that,” she said, and dropped to her knees before me. She touched the top of my cock with her right hand, brushing it lightly. “God, it’s soooo soft.” I hadn’t jacked off in about a two weeks and was still recovering from my Shania Twain/Faith Hill experience, so my cock had managed to regain its softness.

She stroked it softly like she would a cat for a few moments, then gripped it fiercely and started pumping it, as if she was frustrated with it not being hard. My rod flopped around loosely as she jacked it off, slowly growing stiffer and stiffer until it was at its full 9-inch glory. Then she opened her mouth and took it in. She buried her lips against my pubic hair as she gulped me.

I put my hands on her shoulders to steady myself as I felt the head of my cock rubbing against the back of her throat. Keeping her face against my hair, she kept it all the way in her mouth so that my head rubbed against the back of her throat. I was surprised she wasn’t gagging, but she seemed to be taking me DOWN her throat. She definitely had experience if she was doing this without gagging.

She rubbed her hands up against my chest. I took hold of her wrists and began sucking her lovely fingers, licking them and her palms. I rubbed her smooth arms as I sucked her fingers. Looking down between her arms, I could see her head bobbing around. She was now sucking the entire shaft, moving her lips back and forth along the length of my cock. At one point, she stopped to concentrate solely on the head. She sucked on it as if she were trying to pull a turkey through a straw. The intensity shot up my spine, and I threw my head back, grabbing her hands and pulling her arms out to either side.

She gulped my entire shaft again, the head touching the back of her throat. She pulled one hand down and rubbed my balls with it. I kept her other hand, sucking her long soft fingers and rubbing her smooth forearm. But then she took that hand down as well and used both to jack me off as she kept sucking. She pulled off and looked up at me with a grin, then dribbled some spit on my cock and slipped it back into her mouth. She wrapped her thumb and index finger around the base of my cock and held it tight as she sucked hard.

I gripped her shoulders and threw my head back, then watched the top of her head move. She would dragged her lips agonizingly-slow along the length of my cock, pulling off of it up to the head, then quickly take it back in and give a couple short rams, touching the head against the back of her throat, then slowly pull off again before repeating the rhythm. She did this over and over countless times. The pleasure was so intense I was nearly doubled-over by it, supporting my upper-weight by putting both hands on top of her head.

Through the bushes, I saw a tour tram go by, the occupants completely
unaware of the display of ecstasy that was occurring less than six yards away from them. Dragging her lips slowly off of me, she pulled back and gave my head a final upward lick with her tongue, then slightly repositioned herself, lifting up on her knees. She slipped my cock between her massive mounds and pressed them together against it, smiling up at me. She spit some saliva on my rod, and I started tit-fucking her.

I held her tits with her hands as I slide my cock up and down between her tits. We pressed her tits against my tool hard, forcing me to increase my force to keep from being held in place. She looked up at me smiling, then dribbled more spit between her melons. She craned her head down to touch my cock with her tongue whenever it would pop up between her tits. As I pumped, I couldn’t help but think of how jealous all the other QVC fans would be knowing I was doing the exact same thing they had all dreamed of doing. My hips hit against her tits, and it seemed to give her more pleasure. She threw her head back, moaning softly, as I rubbed her cleavage with my throbbing cock.

Letting go of her tits, she gave my cock a few last pumps with her hand, then laid back on the grass and grabbed her legs, holding them up in the air. I wasted no time taking my place between them and burying my face in her hairy snatch. I began licking like crazy, flicking my tongue up and down fiercely. “Oh God!” she screamed. “Oh, fuck yeah! Such my pussy, boy!” Had I not been lost in living out the fantasy of sucking Lisa Robertson’s pussy, I might have worried about someone hearing her. But the world around me had vanished as I fell into my fantasty played out, and I didn’t care. I was doing what I had dreamed of doing for the past couple of years, and nothing was about to distract me from it.

Her lips began to loosen, and I held them apart with my fingers, then went probing for her clit. I gave it a few upward licks then sucked on it like it was a piece of candy. “Oh, fuck!!” she hollered. “Oh, oh fuck! Oh, fuck! Yeah, oh, fuck yeah!” The pleasure that I sent up her spin was so intense she began to shake. She lost grip of her legs and they fell onto my back, but she left them as she began violently squeezing her tits, moaning and groaning.

I grabbed her firm thighs as I locked my mouth over her pussy, sucking and thrusting my tongue into her wet hole and licking her protruding clit. Lisa seemed to be lost in a world of total pleasure, rolling her head side to side and moaning softly as she continued to squeeze her tits, pinching her nipples hard. But her eyes flashed open and her head shot up with a shout of pleasure as she felt three fingers shoot into her swollen slit.

“Oh fuck yeah! Fuck me with your fingers! Fuck me with your fingers!” She sat up, putting a hand on my head and even crossing her ankles behind my back, as if to hold me in place. I continued to suck her pussy even as I worked three fingers in and out. My fingers were glistening with her creamy juices, which were slowly leaking out of her hole.

Then I sat up and gently pushed her her onto her back, then gripped a thigh with one hand and turned her over onto her stomach. Grabbing her by the hips, I pulled her back and up until she was standing on all fours. I rubbed her incredible ass cheeks for a moment before gripping my cock and slipping it into her pussy from behind. She threw her head back and groaned, “Oh, thank fuckin’ God! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass hard!”

My hips smacked her beautiful cheeks as I began pumping my cock back and forth into her pussy. She rocked on all fours, dropping her head then lifting it over and over as she kept moaning softly. I could hear her tits bouncing and reached under to cup them. I squeezed her tits hard as I suddenly cut lose with a ferocious speed and laid into her. She began moaning louder and louder, grunting, “Make me cum! Oh, I can feel your balls against my ass! Make me cum! Make me cum!”

Moments later, she was moaning in satisfaction as she orgasmed. I felt her pussy contracting around my cock, heard her juices squirt out, felt them soak my balls and legs. Her head dropped from exhaustion. I released her tits and rubbed up
and down her thighs for a moment, before pausing briefly to adjust my position. Then I returned both hands to her giggling cheeks and cut lose with twice the ferocious speed as before. Her head shot up and a scream came from her lungs as I became a blinding-fast machine of fucking. Her tits swung back and forth, her cheeks giggled repeatedly, and my hips slammed into her soft ass. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!!” she was screaming. “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck yeah! Fuck YEAH!!”

I felt my load approaching quickly and pulled out of her hole, jacking off momentarily while she turned around and sat before me. She took hold of my cock and slipped it between her lips, taking it all the way up to the base just in time. We both closed our eyes and moaned in pleasure as I began firing load after thick load, coating the back of her throat. Cum began leaking out from her mouth, dripping down her chin. After my seventh and final load was ejected, she slowly dragged her lips along my cock as she pulled my long, beefy rod out of her mouth. It was covered with cum and saliva, and she sucked the head briefly before slapping it against her face, smearing warm cum and her own saliva across her lovely cheeks.

She gave the head a hard final suck, and I shook with a single convulsion as one last thick load fired. It splashed her forehead and ran down the sides of her nose as she dunked my entire cock back down her throat.
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