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Dirty Cabbie [w/h Emma Louise Jones]
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the presenters, channels, people, events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Emma Louise Jones or any other presenter, person or their likeness.

Starring: Emma Louise Jones (UK Television presenter)

Dirty Cabbie: Emma Louise Jones

An erotic fan-fiction story.   

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])
Codes: Cons, MF, oral.

* * *

“Corr blimey! Talk about playin’ two up front!” Graham chuckled to himself in this thick English accent as he saw the very pleasing to the eye figure walking towards his cab as he was parked outside of the stadium. “A gorgeous long haired blonde woman, packing in an hourglass figure into a tight blue dress that more than showed off deep cleavage from her huge, rounded tits. Winding down the window as the female with her handbag approached. “Orr right love! You Miss Jones?” He leaned out, wearing a flat cap-style hat and dressed in comfortable dark pants and a sleeved shirt. Seeing her confirm she’d booked him as she nodded with a smile. “Hope right in then. Let’s get out out of the cold before you start freezin’!” He chuckled as he leaned back in. Pressing the button to open up the back door as she stepped in to take a seat. The window wound back up as he started up the taxi.

“Oh trust me, I’m used to a bit of chill at the stadiums!” Emma Louise Jones, the rising star of sports television presenting in the UK said as she clicked her seatbelt into place. “Wish I’d brought a bloody jacket though!” She laughed as the beauty who has worked with the BBC, Premier Sports and many others sat back in the seats.
“Too right! Right chill than usual tonight…” Graham said, tapping in the route. “Takin’ you to the hotel then shall I?”
“Yes, please. Wrapped up the filming so I could do with some good sleep after the match.” Emma confirmed with a nod.
“Right you are love! Be there in no time.” He said, a glance with the rear view mirror to check on her before he pulled the car away from the stadium to start to drive off.

“So, you a presenter then, eh love?” Graham started up some conversation as he headed into town.
“Yeah! I work for Leeds United’s TV channel, and their socials and all that.” Emma stated with a smile. “I’ve got other gigs too… Radio and all that.”
“Corr blimey, didn’t know I had a celeb in me cab today! I would have dressed up!” He joked, drawing a laugh from the blonde.
“Oh stop! It’s bad enough when the tabloids use my pics to drag out a story when there isn’t one.” Jones replied.
“Oh I bet, love… Seein’ you in that outfit? I reckon a good few blokes were havin’ a hard time focusin’ on the match.” He said cheekily as he sneaked in another glance back at her with his mirrors.

“Oi! Easy there, mate.” Emma smirked. “Eyes on the road and not on me.” She teased, but didn’t sound completely offended by his remark.
“I know, love, I know…” He chuckled for a moment. “You’ve already got me bang to rights tellin’ me you’re a presenter. Dressed and lookin’ like that I figured you were one of those WAGs or the like from one of the players.”
“I’d take that as a compliment… But I’m a lot more than just a pretty face and a dress.” Jones stated as she brushed her hair back.
“Heh, too right about that love.” He said again with a shameless smile.
“Oi! I see that smirk, mate! What’s that all about?” She raised an eyebrow, picking up on the tone of his voice.

“Well love… I might be an older geezer and not on the same bracket as your bloke? But checkin’ you out? I’d definitely be ready to tackle you in the box when you’re playing two up front like that!” He bluntly said followed by another laugh as he tested his luck.
“Oh my God! You’re worse than the bloody replies on my socials!” Emma laughed even as her eyes were wide at his remarks.
“It’s the truth love! A game lookin’ bird like you getting’ fellahs droolin’ at the mouth? You bloody well know what you’re doin’, and you’re doin’ it real well.” He stated the obvious.
“Well, it’s true that I’m no newcomer to this all… Doesn’t give you the right to be staring at me like my dress fell open.” She scolds him as she crossed a long, smooth leg over the other. “Besides…” She starts to smirk, looking at the rear mirror to wait for him to try and sneak another look at her. “I don’t think you’d be able to handle me. Not like my ‘bloke’ can at least.” She teased. Making it sound like she was implying she might not even have a boyfriend right now.

“Sounds like that’s a challenge to me, love!” Graham said with a grin as he caught her eyes for a moment before locking back onto the road ahead. “And to that I say darlin’ that I might be no spring chicken, but this old dog has got plenty of tricks up his sleeve. I can tidy a bone right away if you catch my drift.” He boldly said.
“Oh, like I’ve not heard that before.” Emma flatly said, still looking like she wasn’t convinced yet even as she didn’t object to the rather sexist remarks he’s been levelling at her.
“Hmmmm… Tell you what then, love…” He said, keeping the cab driving. “Give me like a few minutes of your time. If I ain’t impressin’ you by then? The ride’s free.” He said, floating what was clearly an indecent proposal to the blonde bombshell.
“A few minutes? Yeah sounds like a couple exes.” Emma joked. “And if I am impressed?” She teased back.
“Well, trust me love, we’ll see what happens but I ain’t had any complaints from any bird yet about me.” He confidently stated. “Just never in the back of me cab like this.” He added with another snigger.
“You’re a right cheeky bugger, aren’t you?” Emma shook her head a bit. “But if you’re willing to take a hit and miss a fare? Then I’m game… Let’s see if you can back up with that bloody cocky mouth of yours has been saying.” She said to take up the bet of sorts.

“Love, I could bloody tell you were a game one…” He grinned, reaching forward to pause the cab fare meter. A quick change of route on his phone on the dashboard as he switched routes. A few minutes drive all that was needed as Emma watched the car pull into a side alleyway. Down a bit to behind a warehouse lot in a secluded space. “Me usual spot for chompin’ down me lunch.” He casually explained as he turned off the engine and unclipped his safety belt.
“Bet you’re sharing it with the rats, huh?” Emma joked as she unclipped her belt. Watching as the taxi driver stepped out from the driver’s seat to quickly go around and enter into the back.
“Only rat is the one you’re glarin’ at, toots!” Graham smirked as he closed the door. “Right then… Hope you’re countin’ the minutes then.” He said as he moved to sit down next to her. Reaching for his belt to loosen it and start to shove down his trousers.

Having called his bluff for the last part of the drive, she now found out he wasn’t kidding around with his confidence. The sight of a meaty, long cock making her jaw drop as her eyes widened with surprise. “No bloody way!” The English beauty remarked in her own strong accent as she sat up straight and looked him over. “That’s… OK, now I can see why you were so bleeding cocky before!” She admitted with a slightly nervous laugh as she brushed her hair back. Realising that there was more than a good chance this encounter wasn’t going to last mere minutes, let alone seconds as she’d assumed.

“No takin’ it back now, darlin’…” Graham said with a grin, openly staring at her rack as he started to stroke his cock. Or at least tried to as to his own pleasant surprise the TV, radio and Podcast host reached down to take a hold of his prick herself.
“Well, I mean… It would be rude not to, right?” Emma claimed with a smirk. Slipping herself down to her knees on the cab floor as his grin widened while he spread his legs. Allowing her to shift in close as she stroked his fat dick. “I’m sure I can find a few minutes for you…”
“Mmmmm… Be my bloody quest, love!” He eagerly said, groaning already as her palm got him hardening.

“God! I feel like a right cheap tart already!” Emma laughed before she leaned in. Opening her mouth and showing some boldness herself to instantly wrap her full lips around this stranger’s cock. Making him moan out as he got the feeling of her softness as she sunk down to take the crown and an inch or so inside. Her oral hole helping to get him to full mast along with her pumping hand. Her position showing off her massive tits in her dress as well, all serving to keep him grinning while she let out a groan around his meat. Not objecting to the taste and feeling her lips stretching like this was a thickness, let alone a length, that she wasn’t used to taking. Slurping on his bell-end as she stroked away on the shaft and felt exactly what his full size was packing.

“Mmmmmphhh… Mmmmm…” She groaned as she began to bob her head. Letting those juicy lips glide down his pole before rising back up to keep the head inside. Staring up with slightly narrowed eyes at the grinning, moaning face of the mature man she’s agreed to blow. Like a part of her is still mad at his blunt statements but even she can’t resist getting a piece of some big dick as she sucks up and down. Having to use a hand to brush back her long blonde hair as she works her head up and down nice and smooth. Showing her own talents already for a motion that’s far from novice as she pumps away with with her mouth. Still keeping her hand working along the lower part for a nice double team as she makes sure to test that he can actually handle some action and isn’t just for show.

“Mmmmm! Bloody Hell, love! Mmmmm… Those are fuckin’ lips that could… Ahhhhh… Suck the tar off a road!” He gave his own brand of compliments as he moaned out. Watching that gorgeous face move up and down towards his lap as her lips stayed pressed around his thickness. Getting her saliva applied onto the more than ample inches as she bobbed away and groaned herself around his tool. The smile staying on his face as he watches her suck on his dick and increase her pace slowly over time. Showing how much she’s getting into this as well as now used to the feeling of such a huge dick inside of her oral hole. “Mmmmm! Ahhhhh… I can bleedin’ see why… Mmmmm! You made some blokes blow in a couple min before!” He stated before letting out a moan. Experiencing how talented for a lot more than just radio and TV presenting her mouth is as she sucked away. Handling over half of his cock now between her ripe lips while her hand held his base to twist around.

“Mmmmphhh! MMMMM… Mmmmmphhh!!!” Emma finds herself closing her eyes, getting further into this sudden blowjob as she rocks her head smoothly back and forth. Her hand going to his leg to rest as she lets her soothing, damp mouth deliver all the pleasure to the already moaning out cabbie she’s sucking off in the back of his taxi. Her saliva dripping downward towards his balls as she works away with her soft lips. Even her tongue flicking up at his shaft once in a while as it passes in and out of her mouth. “Mmmmm… Hmmmmmphhh… Mmmmm!!” She didn’t even object to him now reaching down, brushing her golden locks back behind her shoulders and not just to keep a clear view of her stunning facial features either as she bobbed away. Watching her big tits jiggling in her dress from the firm motion her head was doing to service him.

“MMMMM… Not to ruin the moment, love? AHHHHH… But that’s been a good… MMMMM… Ten minutes now that you’ve been blowin’ me…” Graham moans out, having to loosen a couple buttons on his shirt like the blowjob is already taking something out of him. Still staying rock hard inside of her mouth as she deeply slurps up and down. Ensuring his fat cock was nicely coated in her saliva as it began to drip onto the back seats he was on. “AHHHHH… Guess that’s not a worry to you then!” He smiled when rather than reacting she kept sucking up and down on him. Even taking a moment to raise up until the head was inside so she could turn her head from side to side. Grinding her lips around the crown before she went back to sliding the rod in and out. Staying kneeling in front of him as she delivered a smooth, steady pace that indeed would have already sent many a man, sports far or player alike, into an early finish at this point.

“MMMMMPHHH! HMMMM!! MMMMPHHH…” The eyes of British sports presenter opened with a look far more filthy than she’d had when first stepping into his cab. Keeping her plump lips wrapped around his dick as she dragged them up and down along his size. Her own saliva dripping down her chin, hitting the exposed skin of her huge chest and dripping down into the deep cleavage as her tits continued to bounce a bit just from her sucking some dick. “MMMMM… MMMMMPHHH…” Letting her groans vibrate around his meaty tool as she made the older man moan out from how pleasurable and wet her oral hole was. Getting in another round of deep slurps onto him before she slowly, teasingly lifted that red hot mouth all the way up and off from him. Her tongue sliding across the tip as she took in some much need air after having had her mouth filled up not just so deeply, but for a significantly longer amount of time than she’s used to while giving some head.

“Easy there darlin’!” Graham stayed smiling as he watched her sit back. “Felt like you were tryin’ to rip my soldier right off of me!”
“Well, I had to test you out, right?” Emma shamelessly replied with a smirk. Giving him more reasons to grin as he skipped the straps of her dress down. Showing off more of her tits in a snugly fitting blue bra.
“Be my guest, love…” He just watched the show as she slipped her tight attire further down her curved frame. Showing off a pair of black panties so the mismatching but still sexy enough underwear was a sure sign she hadn’t been expecting to fuck today. Especially not in the back of a cab that was supposed to be taking her to her hotel.
“Well ain’t you a charmer?” She teased again once she’s removed her dress. The panties soon following before she moved upward. Pushing him to lean back again in the seats as she mounted his lap. “Bet you say that to any dirty slag who spreads ‘em for you?” She said as she reached down, lining up that dick with her entrance and just from dragging the head against her folds, he could feel a wetness down there from her already.
“Never in the back of me cab, love. I swear…” He claimed as he stared at those juicy tits even as barely covered as they were.

“Sure…” Jones didn’t seem to buy it as she lowered herself down. Making them both moan out as his thick length pushed up into her tightness. Her head just brushing the top of the cab as she began to shift on his dick to bounce on his cock. A nice combination of her wetness and all the spit covering his rod allowing a smooth motion as she rocked up and down. “MMMMM!! Fuck me! That’s bloody big…” She gasped as she felt her walls already spreading from the invasion as she had to ease up and down to let herself adjust to the feeling. Her eyes narrowing however as she’d expected him to grip her and start thrusting himself up into her. Only to find his eyes, unsurprisingly glued with anticipation onto her chest. “Alright, fine! You horny old geezer!” Even she had to laugh as she reached back while mounted on his dick. Unfastening her bra to finally peel it off and unleash those massive, rounded tits in all their jiggling glory.

“OH FUCK! MMMMM!! She moaned out when instantly both his hands went onto those mighty jugs of hers. Squeezing in deep as the shaking flesh moved around his fingers, so big enough that even one hand couldn’t handle a tit each alone. The sight working though as gripping her in this way his cock started sliding up into her snug pussy. The pleasure perhaps clouding their thoughts as they didn’t seem too concerned about how he was going into her without any protection on as he pumped upward into the busty blonde as she began to rock down against the motion. Keeping her tits shaking in his grasp as she moaned out and had to brush her hair back before her hands went onto his shoulders for some support. “Should have known… MMMMM FUCK… You’d go straight for them! MMMMM…”

The point only further proven when he leaned in and took a nipple into her mouth. Cupping the big tit from underneath to keep feeling her up as he loudly and without any shame at all slurped on her to keep her moaning. Even as his big cock filling up her pussy was proving pleasure enough. Feasting on his tits as his mouth on her nipple easily made her rock hard as he fondled her rack. Grinning up at her as he sucked in air when he switched to her other tit. Delivering the same worship to the other breast while it jiggled in his grip. Flicking his tongue out at the nub as she groaned and rocked against his pumps. Showing off his own ability to multi-task with that stunning body of hers, and in a whole different way than he should be while on taxi driving duty as he’s supposed to be.

“MMMM SHIT! OH FUCK! MMMMM…” Jones moaned out, leaning her head forward a bit so she could again brush her long blonde hair back as she moved up and down on his fat dick. His inches now deeply up into her from the repeated motion they were both doing as she bounced her snug, wet pussy right onto that piston-like pace he was delivering. Leaning back up so her head was again brushing on the top of the cab they were fucking in to give her just the right amount of space to work with. Making the slap echo around the back of the vehicle as her crotch hit off of his with nice timing. Dropping down as he delivered a stiff pump up to keep her snatch stuffed and wet. Another sure sign that alongside his cock being one of, if not the biggest, she’s ever taken on, this action already ranked extremely high amongst her previous sexual encounters in the past.

Not that trying to outscore her exes was high on this perverted cabbie’s mind right now. Moaning into her big tits as he sucked and kissed across the very ample flesh of the radio and television hostess. Her nipples already coated in his spit and leaving a fair amount onto her skin for good measure as he travelled back and forth to worship both tits. Not forgetting to pump away into her snatch however. Managing to drive up when she lowered down into him for some good team work as he got to be balls deep in her wet, snug love tunnel. His hands still holding onto her rack as likely any man, football fan or otherwise, would do if they got a chance like this. All the while backing up his own boasting from before as he showed her he could easily last with a stunner like her. Briskly fucking her to match how she was riding away on him at the same time.

“MMMMM! Hungry, dirty bastard, aren’t you? MMMMM SHIT! Come on, you old bugger! MMMMM… Yeah, like that…” The English beauty moaned out as she continued to raise and lower her curvaceous frame along that thrusting dick that was driving up into her box. Her long hair swaying behind her while her arse clapped down into him as she dropped straight down, helping to make sure every inch was right up into her. Her snatched clamped around him to keep him moaning out while she groaned in delight from being stretched out nicely as he hit far deeper into her than she was used to taking. “MMMMM SHIT… Now who is the one… MMMMM! Bloody trying to suck off my fucking tits… AHHHHH… Right off of me, huh?” She took a turn to sexily tease, smirking down as he saw how he was basically motorboating himself into her chest as it bounced around his face. Not objecting too much from her own moans as she greatly enjoyed how his shaft was sliding up and down into her folds as she worked her twat against him. Showing off her own ability that this was far from her first time riding some dick, just never in such a space with low headroom like this before.

He just smirked around her tits, going back to sucking on a nipple to enjoy the feast of a lifetime on those huge and heavy mountains of the sports presenter. More than sampling the reward for winning a sinful bet as if getting his fat, long dick shoved deep into a younger woman wasn’t a prize enough. Still groping away at her mounds as he kept them around his face to rub about like a wicked massage. Not too much of a distraction however that he doesn’t forget to keep playing his part. Drilling upward to stuff into her box over and over to keep her moaning away on his lap. The windows of his cab they’re fucking in already noticeably steamed up from the encounter and if not for the secluded spot? Anyone would easily tell some action was going on if they passed by from the slight rocking the back of the taxi is doing while parked up.

“MMMMM… Alright! You’ve bloody had enough of my jugs, now!” Emma decided with a smirk. Using her hands to push him back and get his face out of her breasts as his saliva dripped down them.
“Sorry, love… AHHHHH… Guess I should have had a proper meal earlier…” Graham claimed with another cheeky smile, showing he wasn’t sorry one bit about sucking away on her chest.
“Well, you might get one yet still…” Jones teased as she dismounted his cock. “But you still need to earn it first, you dirty old bugger…”
“We still taking bets now?” He let out a laugh as he moved back. Allowing her to move down onto her hands and knees on the floor of his cab. “And we without me bloody wallet…” He joked as he followed to get into position behind her as she stroked her hair back, allowing her to already look back as he pushed his cock back into her slot.

“MMMMM FUCK… OOOOOOOH FUCK!!” The blonde beauty moaned out as that fat dick went so deep into her from the first thrust that his waist hit off her rounded, more than ample backside when he pushed in. The contact just continuing as he took a hold of her thick hips and started to thrust in and out of her snatch. Making her start to rock forward as her long hair swayed already while her huge tits hung down from the classic doggy style position. “MMMMM… God that’s good! MMMMM! Some good, fat fucking dick! OH FUCK!! MMMMM…” She gasped out as she kept her lusty eyes back on the older man fucking her from behind. The sweat starting to form across that already stunning enough body as her ass clapped off his body. His own groans sounding out as he more than enjoyed being back deep inside the Premium Sports and LUTV presenter as her wet, still tight pussy massaged his long cock as he pumped in and out.

“AHHHH… A real bloody nice arse you’ve got as well, love! MMMMM…” He grinned as he stared down. Watching her rounded cheeks strike off of him while his cock vanished forward into her slot as their bodies connected. Before only a few inches reappeared out of that wet slot when he pulled back, just to drive firmly back in with a moan to stuff her full all over again. “MMMMM… A crackin’ bird who loves her sports and has more curves than a racecourse? MMMMM! You’re like a bleedin’ needle in a haystack, love!” He gave another filthy compliment as he banged her from the back. More than proving his own bragging from earlier to be more than true as he worked his cock like a piston. Smoothly and quickly driving into her slot as still kept up the steady pace than even men of her own age would struggle to keep up. Never mind being able to last inside of her like he is.

“MMMMM FUCK… Wish some of my… AHHHHH! MMMMM… Fucking exes could have appreciated that! MMMMM…” She was able to let out a laugh as she kept looking back over her shoulder. Keeping her body perfectly arched as they stayed on her hands and knees, proof alone that this is far from her first time taking it like this. Even able to shift her stunning, curvy body back and forth to help keep his dick balls deep inside of her still needy, wet but very pleasurably snug hole. “OOOOOOOH FUCK… Come on you… AHHHHH!! Dirty fucking bastard! MMMMM!! Give me a right good time! MMMMM!! FUCK!!” She demanded as his waist hit off her ass cheeks whenever she rocked back and the next stiff pump fired into her love tunnel. Giving back as good as she was taking and from the loud moans they were both letting out, never mind the stinging slap from their bodies hitting off of one another, that was a whole lot and then some.

The blonde British bombshell didn’t even need to beg for it, but the lucky cabbie getting to stuff her from the back sure loved the encouragement as his wide grin showed. Finally starting to sweat himself now as he kept a hold of her hips to keep her in line with his pumps. Allowing for that smooth and swift motion as he stuffed into her snatch with his thick shaft. His pumps making sure that those large breasts of hers kept swinging back and forth just above the floor of his own taxi as her body shifted in time with the bareback action he was delivering. Groaning out in delight from the feeling of her twat still gripping his prick even after all the action she’s taken so far. That wicked slap of her arse meeting his waist ringing out to add to their moans sounding out around the vehicle as the windows were now fogged up for more evidence of the fucking going on within if anyone passed by.

“FUCK! FUCK!! MMMMMM OOOOOOOOOH! BLOODY FUCK!! MMMMMM YES!! FUCK!!” Jones gasped out. Even flipping her long hair back now wasn’t enough as the sweat forming all over her left a loose strand still suck to her cheeks but even so not blocking her intense stare back at the man she only knows as her cab driver for the afternoon. Now allowing him to plunge into her snatch over and over to ram her full deeper, let alone a whole lot better, than most of her past sexual encounters she’s had. “AHHHHHH… MMMMMM FUCK!! FUCK… OOOOOOOH!” She gritted her teeth as she stared back. Making it look like she’s all too familiar with putting on a naked performance like this than the talented television presenting she’s becoming known for. Putting her juicy frame to perfect use as even while taking it hard and fast from behind, she’s still able to push herself back to take that big cock and keep his ball sack smacking off the bottom of her dripping pussy.

“MMMMM! Got to love… AHHHHH!! A game bird who needs a good shaggin’! MMMMM!” The cabbie moaned out, keeping the stiff pace going as he used the enclosed space, and the limited amount of it, to be able to bang the woman he’s supposed to be driving back from her recent hosting gig to her hotel. Instead pounding her from behind in a seedy back alley as he makes her moan out and sweat thanks to his meaty cock ramming in and out of her wet slot. “MMMMM… Makin’ an old dog like me feel all young all over again! MMMMM!!” He groaned out as he ploughed in and out. Once again staring down to see her more than nicely rounded and full backside rocking back to hit off of him as he drilled her. His cock making a very familiar home with her love tunnel to be able to thrust in deep to the hilt. Yet easily keeping him moaning as despite the repeated fucking she was still snug all around his thickness like she was built in more ways than one to take his sort of fat cock action.

“MMMMMM!! OH GOD! OH FUCK!! AHHHHHH!!” Her head starting hanging down, fingers dragging a bit on the taxi floor she was still on her hands and knees on as she got railed from behind. Gasping out as sweat dripped off her nose and her big tits continued to swing back and forth, occasionally slapping into one another as she got stiffly fucked. “MMMMM!! SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!” Her hourglass body tensed up as the ramming continued on at that more than impressively stiff and swift rhythm. Making her snatch clamp around him as she suddenly came and groaned out. Her lowered head and the mess of her hair covering up the wide smile she had as she hit her peak. Still able to shift back against his dick to take another round of pumps. Ensuring she rode out every moment of that intense high to further mark this sudden encounter as as one of, if not the best ever she and her stunning body have gotten to enjoy.

“Mmmmm… Blimey, darlin’!” Graham smiled as he pulled out of her slot and saw the juices of her dripping off his dick. “Guess you were needin’ a good seein’ too, right?”
“Mmmmm… Too right I was!” Emma said, shifting up to kneel as she strokes her messy, sweat-soaked hair back. “And you’re still bloody hard?” Her eyes widened with a grin, seeing his cock.
“Not for much longer with that look you’re givin’ us!” He chuckled as he moved to sit on the back seats of his cab.
“Well, I guess I’ll have to… Since you haven’t stopped staring at my tits this whole time.” She smirked as she moved up to between his legs once again, just like how this whole encounter started off over an hour ago.

This time however she didn’t put her lips to work. Making him groan out as she lifted her big, heavy tits up and wrapped them around his shaft. So much flesh that the bottom of her mounds pressed against his legs as she smiled and made his rod vanish with her hands against the sides of her rack. Just the head barely seen out the top of her cleavage even before she started moving them. Looking already like she knows full well how to put her stunning chest to good use and groaning a little herself from the feeling of that big dick between her tits. Nowhere near the moans he was letting out as he stared down and saw her bust swallow up his prick.

Soon a slap ringing out when she lifted up those huge mounds and dropped them sharply down to pleasure his cock and get him moaning out just as loud as he’d been when balls deep in twat a minute before. Smearing her own pussy juices onto her skin as she rubbed his cock back and forth with her mountains. Smoothly pumping up and down to easily my his cock vanish as her breasts roamed across that familiar dick. The TV and radio presenter finding herself smiling sinfully as she started up, dragging her tits along his cock to keep him groaning and showing that she doesn’t just know how to show off her huge chest, but has porn star level of skill to use them to take care of a fat, long cock as well.

“MMMMM!! Ain’t ever gonna… MMMM!! Forget a crackin’ pair like this! MMMMM!!” The lucky cabbie moaned as he stared down in awe at all the jiggling flesh bouncing away over and around his dick as the younger woman worked over his member like they’ve been lovers for years rather than an afternoon. Working her titties over his tool with force and speed despite the orgasm that had rocked her minutes before. Early pleasuring the cock that had just come being balls deep inside of her snatch, and the evidence of that sex and her peak being left rubbed onto her already sweat-covered skin from the repeated pumping she was doing with her chest onto him.

“Mmmmm… Bloody right you won’t! Bloody dirty bastard, you…” Emma continued to smirk as she slid her breasts up and down to make herself groan as she held her own mighty chest. Making a loud slap ring out when she dropped her mounds down onto his crotch before lifting them back up as even in her firm grip, her boobs jiggled wildly with each motion over him. Leaning her head over for a moment so she could spit down onto the head of his dick. The saliva being spread across his length with the next pump she delivered with her mountains to ease off the friction, and spitting again onto him to be extra sure.

A fitting end to the encounter as the gorgeous blonde used her plentiful assets to dish out pleasure to the older, still grinning man who had more than showed he can handle a stunner like her. She was equally showing off what her and her juicy curves could do. Making the dick stuck firmly between her breasts begin to pulse as she kept on sliding her boobs up and down in a smooth, swift rhythm that looked well practised. Not letting go of her chest for a moment so she had to use a flip back of her long hair to keep out of the way as she stared down for a moment. Showing no plans on letting him go and he wasn’t going to demand she stopped. Loving the tit fuck too much and not even needing to pump up as she did all the sinful work to drive her breasts sharply up and down as the smack rang out around the back of his cab when the bottom of her tits hit his lap and legs.

“UHHHHH!! FUCK ME!!” He grunted out and Emma barely leaned her head back in time as his cock started to shoot his load. Making her gasp when the first shot hit high and caught the side of her cheek and chin. The next couple of blasts splattering over her neck and above her chest to still make her hiss as she pumped away on his shaft. Draining him as the cum shot up just to land back down across her jiggling tits. Seeping down into the cleavage and even dripping down the other sides onto her fingers as she kept her rack pressed around him. Groaning as she didn’t stop until that big cock started going soft and even then getting in a last push up and down. Releasing her mounds with a sigh as she looked down, admiring the mess she’d left over her huge chest and seeing what a fittingly large amount of jizz he’d dumped onto her tits.

“Bloody hell! You been backed up for a year or what?” Emma remarked with a laugh as she sat back.
“More like you worked me up worse than tryin’ to drive through the rush hour!” Graham said back, still grinning as he sat. “Fuck me… Best set of jugs I’ll ever get to have in me bleedin’ life right there.” He stated the obvious as he used his cap to wipe off sweat from his forehead.
“Still a charmer, huh?” Jones teased as she went to brush her hair back, but saw the jizz over her fingers. “I’m gonna need some tissues or something! Before we even think about dropping me off.”
“No worries, love. No worries.” He said. “I’m a cabbie after all. Got to have some stuff to clean up and that in case of the drunks on the weekend, you know. Give me a few and we’ll get you… Well, as good as you can be, all things considered.”

“Oh, and what about the fair I owe you?” Emma asked as she smirked. Giving her tits a grope as she made the spunk rub all over her skin.
“Love? I think I can skip that one…” He said with a chuckle. “Well bloody earned for makin’ me feel ten years younger!”
“Oh, I think I can still give you a tip…” She claimed with a wink. “Besides… I’m booked at the stadium again in like a month for the next big game… I think I might put in a call to reserve a special ride for back after the game.” She added with a shameless smile.
“Darlin’, sign me the bloody Hell up for that one!” He nodded. “Fair or no fair! You can ride with me any time, love.”
“Oh, trust me… Riding is exactly what I plan on doing…” Emma stated with a grin, and as she glanced at his cock again she’d be fixing to do that and a whole lot more the next time she got into the back of his cab.

* * *

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Fun story
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