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Hustlers and Players
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Hustlers and Players Ch. 1
Starring: Jennifer Lopez

Codes: MF, Oral, Feet, Anal, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

The Bronx, New York

Sunlight cast down from a clear blue sky. A blinding ray of light caught the left side corner of a windshield, blinding the driver before the height of buildings covered it up. The wheels of a Cadillac rolled quietly down the streets of a Bronx neighborhood. The car was freshly washed with the shiny glimmer of black paint. The model year was 1969, a specific year for one special reason, as the car had previously belonged to a special owner. Sitting alone in the driver's seat, the car navigated the roads quietly as if the driver did not have a care in the world. Across his left wrist was a gold Rolex watch, matching a ring across his pinky on the same hand. He turned the steering wheel after slowing down. The car continued down a paved road to its destination, a once abandoned building that was now under a renovation project. 

Few people in town knew of the name Carlito Garcia, but he could at least say he was a New York native. Born to second generation Puerto Rican immigrants, Carlito had once grown up in the Bronx, but that felt like a lifetime ago. The city did not resemble what it used to be, but that was of no concern to him. At fifty-four years of age, he could at least say he had lived a life prior to where he currently found himself. With two divorces and a grown son, family was the last thing on his mind anymore. His life had been spent in and out of Hollywood studios, managing deals and projects to earn a living. For the past seven years, his checks were signed by another person who happened to be a native of the Bronx. She too, was currently in her fifties but with no signs of slowing down at work. 

Jennifer Lopez hired Carlito after he left his last Hollywood client. At the time, he was still working for a management company based in Los Angeles, juggling studio projects involving an A-list actress and a lead singer for a disbanded group. With Jennifer's management team, Carlito was able to leave the company almost overnight as he was welcomed into a new social circle of friends. She wanted him after they had met at a party in Las Vegas several years prior. They connected on a personal level as two people who had faced divorces and broken families. It was easy for Carlito to recall the first time he met Jennifer. Back then, Carlito never pictured himself working alongside her. Rumors swirled back in L.A. about an affair he shared with another woman. No one could tell if that led to his second divorce or not, but Jennifer knew all his secrets at this point in life. If there were anymore gossip tales to come, she would be at the center of such cheating stories.

As the years carried on, Carlito shifted from various projects for Jennifer. She preferred to keep him out of the spotlight, working in the shadows away from paparazzi camera lenses and tabloid reporters. He quickly learned that she valued privacy and knew how to keep her personal life out of the media. As Carlito discovered many years ago, privacy was essential to maintaining a lifestyle among the wealthy and famous. Jennifer went, he followed. They had a place in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami as one of the three was usually occupied. For the past six months however, Carlito had found himself stationed in New York to tend to a job she had put him to. An opportunity had risen for Jennifer to star in her own TV show linked to a streaming service. Another agent besides Carlito had negotiated a deal on her behalf with HBO. 

Three years had passed since the release of Hustlers. A star vehicle film for Jennifer that turned out to have greater success than the budget predicted. The film was considered an Oscar snub on her behalf, while others insisted that it reminded the world of her powerful sex appeal. A writer in Hollywood had some bright ideas to take the film and adapt the format into a show. Adrian Romero was not a well-known name in the industry, but he had written for another show, The Deuce. Rather than go through the entrenched studio system, the man took it upon himself to seek a meeting with Jennifer and offer his script. Hustlers and Players was the working title, taking the setting of her film and crafting a fictional world out of it. The script told the tale of an older stripper with a younger sister. A woman who declared herself a hustler in a man's world with a handful of women she mentored into the dark side of life.

The show would follow the format of an organized crime story. The women would be known as hustlers, while the men would be called players. Pimps, madams, drug dealers, and thieves. The true scum of society thriving within the underbelly of a fictional take on New York City. Jennifer was amused at this script, complimenting Adrian for all the thought he had poured into an early rough draft. There was enough material to begin work on a pilot episode, but with only bare bones of the script, much work was needed. If only he was an agent she could hire into her own private company, Jennifer would have made the move after the script. Instead, she used another agent employed to quietly float the script among streaming services. With Adrian already having a history at HBO studios, it was easy to pull some strings with connections through offices. Within a month, a director approached Jennifer about starting a production company solely for the project.

A contract was later worked out, and then it was her job to begin funding what she viewed as a passion project. HBO was willing to offer a sum of cash to build set pieces and prepare a pilot episode, but Jennifer was ready to bankroll herself. Carlito watched her pour twenty million dollars into preparing the show, all while Adrian had the time to work alongside her in crafting his scripts. So far, the budget matched the entirety of the film production of Hustlers. Taking the role of executive producer, Jennifer established her own writing credits by adapting her lead character for herself. Adrian began to write more characters, but they had yet to cast anyone else alongside the main star. All the while, a location had to be sought out. Upon returning home to the Bronx, Jennifer was advised by her longtime assistant, Rodney, to check with the real estate. 

Abandoned buildings littered the edges of the city. Some of them had been left rotting away in decay for decades. When taking a drive through the Bronx, these old buildings were easy to see from a watchful eye in the distance. With some research, Rodney discovered that many of these relic buildings were owned by real estate companies for simple holding. Jennifer set her sights on an old theater built in the 1960s and abandoned since 1989. A three-story building was ideal to build into a set piece for their TV show strip club. The building itself had passed through multiple real estate companies with previous owners hoping to renovate. Urban explorers had come and gone, documenting the building in their diaries online. Vandals had come and gone over decades, leaving behind graffiti paintings and other damage not caused by natural decay. 

A massive renovation project was now underway. Jennifer decided to spend over ten million dollars between two construction companies to have the building repaired and renovated. Five months had passed since the day she signed the deed and all the other paperwork required with her new production company, JLo Films. While she had other projects, a family and a life to tend to, Jennifer left Carlito in charge of Hustlers and Players. He stayed busy working alongside writer Adrian and the security chief Jennifer had brought in. As the months passed by, this became Carlito's main job. Today made yet another Monday morning he cruised the streets in his slick black Cadillac en-route to the old theater building. So far remodeling construction had been going well. Security guards patrolled the street, stopping all traffic that did not belong to the film company or construction crews.

Taking his time, Carlito enjoyed the scenery of this trip. There was no place like home, as an old saying went. Hair dye covered up any grey hairs that he could see on an early morning, but unfortunately, he could not say the same for his beard. His brown eyes were covered behind a pair of gold framed aviator sunglasses. A thick mustache with a trimmed beard showed his age with the grey hairs. Every day on a trip like this, Carlito left his hotel suite wearing a suit. Beyond his unbuttoned navy blue jacket was a light pink shirt. After parking the car in the freshly painted parking lot behind the building, Carlito shut the engine off and stepped out. He slipped off the pair of sunglasses and then made his way to a backdoor to enter the refurbished building. 

Most of the construction work was in the front of the building, where the entrance led to a massive auditorium. The exteriors were covered with brick, now redone and with a new coat of black paint. All the doors were replaced, matching the black look. Carlito took the back door, inhaling the raw scent of new wood, paint, and other pieces of decoration. A stairwell in the back offered a quick way to climb up to the higher floors. Much work had been done to redo the ceilings of the three floors, going along with new repairs to the roof. All the previous water damage had resulted in the flooring and walls needing a complete remodel. Carlito had witnessed the progress made as the building was starting to undergo a transformation into a proper film set. As he walked from the back rooms, he found the foreman of one construction crew. The two men shared a conversation, as it was Carlito's duty to keep track of the project. 

After a short talk, he wandered into the auditorium room. Rows of seats had been stripped from the floor and soon, the construction of set pieces would begin. An artist from Hollywood would be flying in soon to visit the set to work on the new construction. Interior design would be key to turning the building into a proper film set. Carlito took a moment to stand in amazement at all the hard work. His eyes scanned up to the roof of the auditorium and then to the center stage. The brown of wood was still visible, with the roof and walls now undergoing a new paint job in black. He could not help but wonder about the forms of entertainment that unfolded on that stage back when this building was a proper venue. Concerts, stage plays, and comedy shows used to be on the bill. The old stage would soon be fitted with stripper poles, new lights, and sleek decorations. 

Across the stage, the curtains had been pulled back. The sound of stomping was audible in the distance, but to Carlito's curious ear, he figured it had to be part of the construction job. Instead of letting that noise alert his senses, the older man quietly stepped around the room. His eyes scanned back up to the ceiling to view the new roof that had been added. He did not feel like exploring the upper floors. One part of the second floor was to be used for filming, and then the third floor was reserved for equipment. Much work remained in contracts and show preparation. The casting process was currently underway, but Carlito did not know the details involving Adrian's writing at the current moment. All he knew was that scripts were subject to change through revisions. Glancing back at the stage, Carlito soon caught the sight of a familiar face. 

"Hey Carlito! Are you looking for me?" 

The stomping noises had become thunderous as Jennifer Lopez made her grand entrance across the empty stage. A pair of denim blue jeans hugged all her curves along those muscular legs. A pair of red stiletto high heels gave her height a slight elevation. She wore a white blouse, completing the casual look with her brunette hair pinned up into a high pony tail. The sight of Jennifer was enough to make Carlito smile.

"Well, well, if it isn't the boss lady herself." 

His words prompted her to smile, crossing her arms over her chest in a goofy pose. Jennifer leered down at him as Carlito slowly approached the stage. 

"What brings you out here today, Jennifer? I thought you were still in Miami. You should've called, I would have sent down the limo to drive you up here." 

She shook her head.

"There's no need for any of that back home. We don't want to attract any photographers right now." 

Carlito nodded at her point. Uncrossing her arms, Jennifer clapped her hands together, speaking again.

"I just got back in town last night. I figured I'd drop by and see how this place is turning out."

Grinning back at him, Jennifer carried on.

"And I wanted to talk to you about something. Wanna go grab some lunch together?"

Returning the smile, Carlito nodded.

"You know, I can never say no to that." 

"Come on then, let's go for a ride in that big black Cadillac of yours." 



Carlito and Jennifer left the set building, ready for a quick ride in the black car. It was funny to him that she required the ride, as Jennifer knew that the car once belonged to her. 1969 was her birthday year and the main reason she had kept this old car in storage for so many years. When Carlito took his job as one of her agents, the vehicle was a gift to him only in New York. In Miami and Los Angeles, Jennifer had a fleet of different vehicles for him to choose from. For the past several months, the Cadillac had been used quite often. It was her choice of destination for them to grab lunch. Jennifer instructed him to cruise to a small local diner not far from the construction building. The restaurant was small, an old family owned business with painted windows and a door bell that rang when customers entered.

Inside, a familiar brick design was visible on half of the walls. From the top to the middle, it was painted white. Decorations of framed old photographs hung from the walls, some showcasing the history of the business in black and white. Jennifer chose to take a seat in a booth near one of the windows where they had a clear view of the open streets. The food served was simple; hot dogs, fries, and soda drinks to go with them. Carlito was thankful that the restaurant workers did not notice Jennifer as a woman of fame. He knew the pressure she faced over time when most of the world knew her name. As they sat face-to-face, Carlito was eager to catch up on lost time. Apart from business, he liked to ask Jennifer about her family and what her home life appeared to be for now. 

It became apparent early on in their conversation that Jennifer wanted to talk about business instead. She finished one hot dog, then began to slowly eat her fries one by one, between taking sips from a plastic cup. Carlito began to fill her in on the current status of the renovation project. Since Jennifer had stopped by today, she was able to witness the construction crew's progress with her own eyes. She explained to Carlito that she had been making progress on the script alongside Adrian. The pilot episode was nearly complete, only with dialogue and names left to fill. Next up would be the casting process, and Jennifer had already pushed the director to begin quietly making auditions for the male leads. Their goal was to use lesser-known male actors to steer away from big names. Jennifer hoped to remain the sole A-List talent involved. 

"I guess the casting part is gonna be the hardest. We might get stuck and backed up a few months until we find the right people."

Jennifer's eyes gazed back at Carlito as he made his statement. He was finished eating, now sitting back against the white plastic cushion of the booth. 

"I've got a director for the pilot already lined up from the suits at HBO studios."

"You do?"

She nodded, taking a sip from her plastic straw before answering his question.

"Tim Van Patten is doing the pilot episode. He worked on The Sopranos, The Wire, and Perry Mason."

Carlito smiled.

"Nice work getting him. That's some pretty big credentials he's got." 

She nodded, continuing on. 

"Yeah, from what I was told, if the pilot picks up, there will be other directors wanting to step in. Adrian will have the script done by the end of the week. I'm ready to put on my heels and start getting into character, if you know what I mean." 

He smirked at her comment about getting into character. Carlito thought about teasing her by mentioning method acting, but before he could speak, Jennifer went on. 

"I need your help with something, Carlito. You're the only person I can trust with this." 

Studying her light brown eyes fixed on his face, Carlito knew that this request would be personal. He shared many secrets with Jennifer over the years. 

"What do you need me to do, Jen?" 

Taking one last sip from the straw of her cup, she let out a sigh. Her eyes shifted back to his face. She cracked a slight smile across her pink lips.

"Adrian didn't come up with a backstory for my character, so I get to write it myself. She's a veteran stripper, as you know." 


Jennifer grinned.

"That means I'm also playing an escort. I need you to set me up with a quick escort date." 

Shocked at this request, Carlito's eyes enlarged for a moment. Did he hear her right? 

"You need me to do what?"

Leaning over the table, Jennifer let out a sigh.

"I need you to set me up as an escort looking for a client. Come on, you know what I mean." 

"You want me to escort you!?" 

His voice raised. Jennifer glanced around to make sure that his loud words did not alert anyone else in the diner. 

"Look, you're the only person I can trust to do this for me. I need some help getting into character, okay?" 

Carlito shook his head at her.

"No, there's gotta be an easier way for you than this." 

"Carlito honey, I'm playing an escort in the show. I might as well do this just one time so I can get a feel for it."

"No way. If you want to roleplay out a scenario like that with me, I can do it. But setting up an actual escort deal? No way, Jen. Come on, you know this isn't worth the trouble." 

Exhaling a frustrated sigh, Jennifer rolled her eyes. She shook her head at him before replying.

"I knew you would say no at first, but I've thought about this." 

Leaning back in the booth seat, Jennifer smiled as Carlito shook his head. 

"You're asking for something that just ain't worth it, babe." 

"Oh come on, honey. You did it for Nicole, remember?" 

Freezing up in his seat, Carlito did not anticipate Jennifer uttering another woman's name. Nicole Scherzinger was one of his previous agents. He had shared many affairs with her in the past, contributing to rumors of his second divorce. Jennifer smirked as she noticed that flabbergasted expression across his face. It was true that he arranged a similar setup for Nicole where he played her pimp. Only now did he regret telling Jennifer about that memorable night. There was no way out of this now as he had to agree to her arrangements. 

"You're the only person I can trust to do this. Let's set up an ad with a fake name, some profile photos, and then wait it out. The right client, I think would pay for something." 

Ready to go along with her desirable plan, Carlito nodded. At this point, he knew better than to try and argue with her, so his attitude quickly shifted. 

"Yeah, but I'd rather do it out of town. How about in Jersey?" 

Jennifer nodded.

"I'm fine with that."

Carlito raised his finger and spoke again.

"And we'll have to set up something safe for you, that way there aren't any surprises."

"That's what I mean. I know I can trust you to take care of me."

For a moment, Carlito had to let out a nervous sigh. From time to time, Jennifer came up with strange ideas like this. Now he was involved in something he could not step out of. Upon grabbing the tray of empty food, Carlito began to think back to years gone by. The memories of his arrangement with Nicole were not something he could forget. He threw down a tip with a few folded twenty-dollar bills, and then together with Jennifer, they departed from the diner. She stepped out of the swinging front door first, leaving him behind to witness her phat ass cheeks slightly moving in the pair of tight jeans she wore. Outside, Jennifer turned to Carlito and offered a smile.

"Come on, we'll talk about this more at my place. I've got a lot of ideas for this, but you've gotta help me with everything." 



A name printed out in black ink on a script page was only thing currently cycling through Jennifer Lopez's mind. Who was Dita Gonzalez besides a name and a face? The character had gone through several names at this point. Adrian had originally called her Eva Moreno, but Jennifer objected to that. The name Dita Gonzalez came to her when studying the DG initials of Dolce & Gabbana jewelry. An endorsement deal to use the brand in the show could easily be arranged since Jennifer already did modelling campaigns for them. Adrian agreed to her idea for a future wardrobe, and now Jennifer was digging through her closets for the various brand wear she kept in her New York home. She planned to make a costume out of lingerie for the task at hand, to play up an escort. It was the type of outfit she could envision Dita Gonzalez stepping out in for a sexy scene on camera. 

Carlito had his work cut out for him after Monday passed. He used some older modeling photos of Jennifer from a few years ago and crafted a profile for an online escort website. The entire time he worked, Jennifer watched from over his shoulder and made suggestions. Using the name Dita Gonzalez, they gave the appearance that she was a veteran escort operating across the river in New Jersey. Though she was fifty-two years old, it was easy to lie about Jennifer's age and put down forty-four instead. Measurements and fetish information were easy to fill out, but the price was a difficult one. Carlito told her that they could not go too cheap or too much. For Jennifer, she wondered to herself a simple question: what would Dita Gonzalez give for a price? She made Carlito punch in five hundred dollars for a full night's service. His immediate reaction was to roll his eyes and tell her that was too cheap.

It may have been too cheap for Jennifer Lopez, but not for her alter-ego. Dita Gonzalez had no prior history or reviews for a customer to judge if she was worth the money. On one hand, Jennifer was worried this idea would not work. What if she ended up stuck waiting on a client for several weeks, dragging out film production? That question was her greatest fear, more so than the client recognizing her as a famous celebrity. Carlito voiced his concerns several times, but Jennifer shut him down. She was an actress, after all and figured it would be easy to hide her true identity under the veil of this character she was playing. After setting up the profile, Carlito bought her a cheap mobile phone. It was to be used only for this one time escort gig and then disposed of. As the week progressed, Jennifer began to fear that she would not get a client in time as production moved forward. 

A lucky strike came on Friday morning when a private message was sent to the profile. Jennifer received a message requesting contact information on the escort website. Judging by the profile and reviews, he was a high-roller client. A businessman from Germany who had a history of hiring escorts out of the tri-state area. Jennifer took a glance at his reviews to see what other women had to say about him. Out of twenty-three reviews, all of them were positive with only two lukewarm reviews. A few women had given him an average rating, citing a lack of enthusiasm for his preferred fetish of anal sex. Jennifer grinned and chuckled upon reading those statements. Much of the information on his profile was vague. No pictures or anything to give his physical appearance. At the age of thirty-seven years, he sat with his fetishes. 

It was an easy guess that the profile remained vague to hide precious details about his job and personal life. If he truly was a businessman as he claimed in the first message, then any information related to his line of work could sink his career. He could have also been a married man with a family, so it was smart to keep the details of his identity short. Jennifer sent him the number to text or call her burner phone. Within an hour, the man began texting her. He went by the name Reinhardt, leaving Jennifer curious if that was his real name or an alias. She went on to request he send a photo, just to get some sort of idea of his physical appearance. Jennifer smirked when the picture came through of a man clearly in his thirties. Shirtless with a muscular build, clean shaved and short brown hair. 

His looks were appealing to her eye. All that mattered now was arranging the meeting. Jennifer called him, hearing his voice with a heavy accent but a strong command of the English language. Reinhardt explained that he was leaving the US to head back home to Germany tomorrow. He wanted to spend Friday night in the company of a lady of the night. Jennifer smirked, hearing his voice over the phone. Since he was currently in Newark, she took control of the discussion by suggesting they meet up at a hotel. She wanted to set the location, leaving him to go meet her rather than the other way around. After a few more minutes of small talk, the call ended. Jennifer immediately called Carlito to tell him that the plan was underway. 

To ensure her safety, Carlito wanted to pick a fancy hotel. One place that had proper security and to go an extra mile, he too would be booking a room close by. He made phone calls after checking online for a five star hotel. It was easy to drop a few thousand dollars and buy two rooms for tonight only. With some hard negotiation over the phone and an offer of tips, Carlito was able to arrange the rooms close by. Jennifer, on the other hand, saw herself going out on a dirty adventure. It took an hour to make arrangements, and then she broke into her closet to prepare an outfit. Her eyes scanned over the Dolce & Gabbana jewelry she had, looking for something with the DG logo that would serve as Dita Gonzalez's initials. With many pearls and gold to choose from, she reveled in the moment of this transformation into her show character. 



Newark, New Jersey

By the time the sun had fallen, Jennifer and Carlito were out of the Bronx. It was a long drive across the bridge into New Jersey to Newark. Time usually moved slowly but on this Friday night, Jennifer could feel the hours slipping by seemingly in minutes. She prepared herself before leaving with the only man she could trust in a situation like this. Her long brunette hair had been fixed up with curls, properly pinned back in a ponytail to reveal dangling gold hoop earrings. Pink was her lipstick color of choice. A sparking silver ring sat above her right hand ring finger knuckle. Her body was hidden inside a black mink coat. Only her legs were visible below, covered in black fishnet stockings and a pair of black high-heeled pumps. Carlito wore a black suit, giving the appearance of a well dressed pimp. They shared only a short conversation on the long drive, all while Jennifer felt herself getting into a different mindset. She was now thinking from the perspective of Dita Gonzalez. 

Once she entered the hotel room, Jennifer sighed in relief. White walls greeted her in the living room with a crimson red carpet below and rugs. The furniture was all made up of reddish-brown mahogany wood frames for tables and chairs. A large dark red couch sat across from a flat screen TV hanging on the wall. She wandered into the kitchen before dialing room service to request a bottle of wine and ice. The drinks were there only to offer Reinhardt something upon his arrival. Jennifer had the bucket of ice placed on the small living room table. Two empty goblets had been arranged near the metal bucket before Jennifer wandered off to the bedroom. She took a quick glance to see a large bed made up in black sheets and pillows. A nightstand was to the left side, but she was not satisfied with this room.

The living room had more space to allow for better sex positions. Jennifer could already see herself on the floor, making use of a grey rug on the floor that would certainly feel good beneath her hands and knees. Now that she was settled in, Jennifer sent a text message to Reinhardt with the hotel name and her room number. The man responded fifteen minutes later, alerting her that he was on his way. Her heartbeat began to race, prompting her to swallow her breath. A moment of clarity came through Jennifer's mind as she remembered what she was about to do. Wandering to the bathroom, she undid the ponytail in her hair to reveal the swooping curls. Jennifer took one last look in the mirror, grinning at her reflection. She did not see herself. Instead, she saw Dita Gonzalez's lustful eyes glaring back at her. Upon stepping out of the bathroom, a knock was soon heard from the front door. Jennifer hurried to open it.


Before she opened the door fully, a voice called out to her in that same accent she heard from the phone. Jennifer moved to peek from the doorway and offered a smile to the man. Reinhardt stood in a black T-shirt, jeans, and a gold Rolex watch across his left wrist. Offering a smile, Jennifer stepped back to allow him entrance.

"Good evening, Reinhardt. You come to see me tonight, didn't you?" 

She spoke in a seductive tone of voice, feeling the character of Dita come to life from within. He stepped in, nodding to her as the door shut behind him.

"Yes, I've been looking forward to this all day, Miss. Gonzalez."

"Oh please, call me Dita, honey." 

Wasting no time setting the stage for this dirty business, Jennifer leaned in and kissed him on the right cheek. Reinhardt blushed and watched her step back. Her heels were muted due to the rugs and carpet floor down below. 

"Would you like me to fix you a drink?" 

Jennifer smiled as she stood over the ice bucket and wine bottle. Reinhardt nodded. 

"Yes, I'd love a drink with you, babe." 

"Do you want some ice?" 

He shook his head.

"No, it's fine without any." 

She grabbed the wine bottle and began to twist it open while Reinhardt shoved his right hand down into his pockets. By the time Jennifer had poured one goblet full, he had opened his wallet and began counting out money. She offered him the glass in exchange for what appeared to be a wad of cash. All brand new American fifty dollar bills folded up. 

"I'm glad you let me pay in cash and not have to fight with any credit cards." 

Taking the money, Jennifer noticed a gold wedding band across one of his fingers. So he was a married man after all. Reinhardt probably was not his real name, but what did it matter? She was here to play a character, not take a dive into his personal life. He took the glass from her as she counted the money and smiled. Jennifer then set the cash down and poured herself a round in the empty goblet while speaking to him in a seductive tone. 

"Did the last girl make you pay with a credit card?"

Reinhardt nodded as Jennifer dropped 2 cubes of ice into her own glass. 

"Oh yes! I made a mistake and used the wrong card, and they sent the bill back to my main account outside the country. So embarrassing!" 

Jennifer giggled, watching him blush. She raised the goblet to his and together, they touched glasses before drinking down the wine together. Swallowing it all down, Jennifer gasped and then placed her glass back down on the table. He did the same, as it was now time to get down to business. She stepped closer to him, placing her hands on his chest and leaning in for a kiss on the lips. Reinhardt could still taste the wine in her mouth as they began to kiss passionately. To begin like this, Jennifer was taking a guess to taste his hunger for her. His tongue darted into her mouth, causing her to pucker. When they stopped kissing, she glared back at his dark eyes and gritted her teeth. That expression on her face caused the man to grin. Jennifer then stepped back and unbuttoned her mink coat, dropping it to the floor.


His eyes widened at the sight in front of him. Jennifer revealed her body and skimpy lingerie outfit before him. She stood in her heels, fishnet stockings up to her thighs. A black garter belt below the belly button. The belt matched a black thong, going along with her choice of a black bra containing her natural breasts. Across her neck, Jennifer wore a gold chained pearl necklace with a large Dolce & Gabbana DG logo in the middle. Watching his eyes scan her tight fit body, she grinned and then turned around to reveal her thick ass. 

"How do you like this? I know this is what you really wanna see." 

Bending over, she exposed her full booty to him. Thick cheeks ate up the thong right down the middle. Jennifer shook her ass, swaying her hips to the left and right and then clapping her cheeks together. She could hear his faint voice moaning and then she used both hands to playfully slap her ass cheeks.

"Holy shit... That's gotta be the best ass I've ever seen." 

Hearing that compliment, Jennifer grinned to herself. If only he knew her true identity, he would have known that the ass in front of him was one of the most famous in the world. Encouraged by his praise, she remained bent over and placed her hands down onto her knees. Jennifer began to roll her hips and twerk. Her phat ass cheeks clapped together, smacking in a steady rhythm. 

"Keep doing that, baby! God, that's amazing!" 

Clap. Clap. Clap. Her booty cheeks slapped together. Jennifer did not need music to find herself in a twerk routine. While she worked that ass, she could hear the rustling of his clothes behind her. Not wanting to take a quick peek, she instead bit down on her lower lip and concentrated on bouncing her booty. Another minute passed and he clapped his hands again. 

"I gotta tell you right now, I'm a booty lover. And that ass right there might be the best one I've ever seen." 

Purring a soft moan, Jennifer came to a halt. She pushed her legs together, bending over one last time to show him the full size of her mighty booty. A faint moan was audible from her voice, causing Jennifer to stand up straight and then turn around. What she witnessed now was a man ready to play. Reinhardt had stripped his body of all clothes, leaving his shoes and pants behind on the floor. Jennifer smiled, flashing her full teeth upon witnessing his nude muscular body. She licked her lips upon glancing down and seeing his right hand wrapped around his cock, already swelling up. Giving her a curious look, Reinhardt spoke again.

"You look familiar for some reason. I don't know what it is, but I feel like I've seen your face somewhere before." 

Her heartbeat began to race from within. Jennifer became nervous for a moment, hoping this did not mean he was going to recognize her true identity. She played it off by laughing, planting her hands on her hips as he stroked his dick with his hand. 

"So you think you've seen my face before but not my ass?" 

That question caused Reinhardt to laugh.

"Oh babe, trust me! I'd know if I seen that ass before cause it's fucking gorgeous! There's no way I'd forget seeing that!" 

Grinning widely, Jennifer purred. Her eyes shifted down to his cock as she bit her lower lip and moaned. 

"Why don't you let me help you with that?" 

Approaching him step by step, Jennifer watched Reinhardt take a few steps backwards. Smirking, she began to tease him in that low, seductive tone.

"Are you scared of me, dear?" 

"No Dita, I'm not scared. I just wanna watch you strip first." 

His hand was locked around his cock, still pumping it back and forth. Jennifer stopped and then moved her hands to the shoulder straps of her bra. The least she could do was oblige his current desire, so she pulled her bra off to free her breasts. His eyes enlarged, watching them fall and shake freely. Jennifer then slid her hands down to her thong and then dropped it. As it fell to her ankles, Reinhardt's eyes locked on the sight of her exposed pussy. Jennifer had shaved it earlier in the day, exposing her wet folds to him. She grinned, lowering her right hand down and raking her middle finger across the folds to play with her clit. All that move did was prompt Reinhardt to stroke his cock harder and faster. He was now fully extended and waiting for her touch.

"Hope you don't mind, but I wanna keep the stockings and belt on." 

Nodding at her, he replied.

"Yeah, that's fine, but I wouldn't mind seeing your feet, babe." 

Giggling at him, Jennifer considered that this may have been a true weakness. She pushed her left foot out of the heel first, then wiggled her right one. Reinhardt softly smiled as he looked at her toes. A fresh coat of black polish was visible across every nail. She curled them up and did a pose for him. 

"Beautiful, baby..." 

"I'm hungry right now. Hungry for some hard cock." 

Jennifer called to him while caressing her own caramel skin. Her fingers slid up to her breasts as she shoved them together and pinched her own nipples. Gritting her teeth, she fell to her knees and gazed up at Reinhardt. 

"Are you gonna stand there and let me suck your cock?" 

Again, the man took a few steps backwards. Maybe he just wanted to watch her crawl since his eyes were fixated on her giant ass behind her. Her eyes were on his, all while he held his shaft in his right hand. Jennifer stomped the palms of her hands and knees down into the rug on the floor as she moved. She continued uttering filthy words in that seductive voice, ready to unleash the full lust of Dita Gonzalez.

"There's nothing I want more right now than to shove your cock in my mouth and suck on it. If you let me, I'll blow your mind. Trust me, I'm the best cocksucker in town you haven't met yet." 

Reinhardt stopped. He waited until Jennifer had crawled her way to him, and then he let go of his shaft, as if to present it to her. She broke eye contact to gaze forward, admiring the full size and thickness of his love pole. Raising her right hand, she twisted her fingers around the shaft while whispering to him. 

"Oh, look at that. You're hard as a rock and ready to get sucked off." 

Her hand slid down to the base and then Jennifer parted her lips. She began by darting her tongue out and flicking the head. Reinhardt took a deep breath and then moaned upon watching her open her mouth wide and shove his cock in. Jennifer squeezed her lips around it and began to slowly bob her head up and down. She adjusted herself, sitting on her knees and now taking her time sucking him. Pulling her lips back to the head, she let out a muffled moaning noise. 'Mmmmmm', the sound came out subtly before she continued to bob her head up and down. 

"Yes, yes, yes! Just like that!" 

The excitement in his tone of voice was enough to tell Jennifer that he wanted more. She brought her lips back to the head of his cock, releasing it with an audible pop noise. 

"I'm just getting started, honey. You have no idea how good it's about to get." 

She spoke while jerking her right hand back and forth to wank his cock. Jennifer moaned, speaking again.

"I love sucking cocks, especially when they're big and juicy like yours." 

Sliding his shaft back into her mouth, Jennifer pushed her hand back down to the base, and now she was prepared to devour him. She bobbed her lips up and down, sucking on his dick inch by inch at a faster pace. Reinhardt groaned, gritting his teeth together before letting out a loud moan. The gold hoops dangled from her ears with all this swift movement from her head. Jennifer was unleashing her lust now. 


When he groaned, Jennifer continued to gorge herself on his long length. She sucked over and over, bobbing her head up and down. Her big brown eyes gazed up at him as she pulled her lips back to the head and released it with another popping sound. A string of saliva dangled from her mouth back to his pole. She began to stroke it while leaning up and bubbling the spit in her mouth.

"You like that? You like how I suck this big fat cock of yours?"

"Yes, yes! Jerk it, Dita! Jerk me off!" 

Her hand continued to stroke his shaft. Jennifer spit on his cock and then replied.

"Mmmmmmmm, yeah. So big, so tasty." 

Shoving his cock back into her mouth, Jennifer concentrated on sucking. As she slobbered her way down, she used her right hand to wank him from the base up to her lips. She worked to give him the dual sensation of a blowjob and handjob simultaneously. Reinhardt groaned, moaning aloud again.

"Ohhhhhh fuck! Suck it, baby!" 

Over and over, Jennifer bobbed her head up and down. Her mouth began to make slobbering and sucking noises as she worked his shaft back and forth. She unwrapped her right hand fingers, now using both hands to squeeze his hanging ball sack below. That action caused Reinhardt to cry out unexpectedly. Pulling her lips back to her head, she let go of his shaft, several saliva strings dangling back to it. A shiny coat of her drool covered his length. The strings of drool broke when Reinhardt abruptly snatched his cock away from her. 

"Hold on, baby! You gotta let me sit down!" 

Giggling at his reaction, Jennifer so badly wanted to tease him in spoken words. She remained quiet, watching him step away from her and take a seat in the middle of the couch. Turning around, Jennifer quickly crawled her way between his legs. From where Reinhardt was seated, he watched her head poke up between his legs, brown eyes glaring at him as she reached for his cock with her right hand.

"Was that too much for you?" 

Reinhardt shook his head. 

"No, I'm ready for more." 

Jennifer licked her lips. She held his cock up, measuring it against the side of her face while pumping her hand up and down. Flashing her teeth in a grin, Jennifer giggled. 

"This position is better. I can suck it all the way down. You'd like that, wouldn't you?" 

Without giving him a chance to reply, Jennifer slid his cock between her lips again. Her eyes remained locked on his face as she began to bob her head up and down like before. The gold hoops shook from her ears as several locks of her brunette hair dangled down. 'Mmmmm', another muffled moan came from her mouth. She made the first effort in deep-throating his entire length, pushing her hands down over his legs. Reinhardt groaned as he felt the head of his cock reach the back of her throat. Her nose was buried in his pubic hair, inhaling the scent of his sweat. She nearly choked at first, closing her eyes to prevent any tears from forming. When she re-opened them, she stared up at his face and pulled her lips back slightly. Jennifer was not done yet, she remained hungry for him. 

Sliding her right hand fingers closer, she wrapped only the index finger and thumb around the base of his shaft as she still had most of his length shoved down her throat. Over and over, she pushed her lips up and down, devouring his cock by the inch. Reinhardt began to take deep breaths as he sat there, his back resting on the couch and enjoying her oral pleasure. That look on his face told Jennifer all she needed to know about how he currently felt with her efforts. 'Mmm, mmmmm, mmmmmmm', the muffled moans continued as she was still bobbing her head up and down. Jennifer took her time, now closing her eyes to savor the taste of his length. She could hear him exhaling deeply and then letting out soft cries in bliss. Sucking at a slow pace, Jennifer opened her eyes while slobbering her way down and then began to make louder noises.


He moaned at the sound of her sucking. Excess drool began to leak from the right corner of her lips, but that was no distraction to Jennifer. She was not going to allow anything to hinder her and break this concentration. Eyes locked on his face, she continued to bob her head up and down, still sucking his length. Reinhardt's eyes widened. His chest muscles were moving as he heaved and puffed out deep breaths. Jennifer had to wonder if he was only acting this way in a panic. Perhaps he was closer to exploding than she would have preferred. Moving her lips back to the head, Jennifer released his cock with a popping noise. She spit across her head while wrapping her right hand fingers around it. A string of saliva dangled from the right corner of her mouth as Jennifer began to jerk his cock again.

"Mmmmmm, yeah. This cock is so big..." 

Her eyes focused on his face as she squeezed his shaft against her palm. Still wanking him, Jennifer spoke again. 

"I can't wait to feel every inch of it shoved up my ass." 

"You can't wait for what!?" 

Maybe he wanted to hear her say it again. Jennifer grinned, still sliding her hand up and down his saliva soaked shaft. 

"I said, I can't wait to feel this cock..."

Biting her lower lip, Jennifer flashed the front row of her teeth before finishing her speech.

"Shoved all the way up my... big... fucking... ass." 

She finished those final three words with her teeth bared and eyes fixated on his face. Reinhardt leaned up in excitement, watching her let go of his cock.

"You want me to do it right now, babe?" 

Jennifer shook her head at him.

"No, I ain't done playing with you yet." 

She giggled at him and moved her hands to press down onto the floor below. Reinhardt leaned up, giving her a puzzled expression. Jennifer remembered the attention he paid to her feet. With him seated on the couch, an idea formed in her mind. She planned on doing something that would catch him completely by surprise. Hands pressed down into the carpet floor, she shoved her legs out and moved back slightly. Reinhardt sat there and watched her carefully slide both of her feet up between his thighs and towards his waiting dick. Reinhardt gasped upon feeling the warm soles of her feet rub up against his cock. 

"You said my feet were beautiful. Don't they look good rubbing up against your cock?" 

He blushed at her comment, nodding at her. Jennifer grinned at him, still balancing herself with her hands pushed down into the carpet. Reinhardt soon moved his hands to caress her feet. It was funny to Jennifer that all this time, the only part of her body he had touched so far were her feet. She pushed her right foot big toe up against the head of his shaft, playfully teasing him. Flexing her knees, Jennifer carefully moved her feet around until she had them on both sides, holding his cock upward. Reinhardt's hands heled her put them in position to where she could properly wank his cock with her feet. Their eyes met as she gritted her teeth and began to rub her soles up and down his shaft.

"Ohhhhh, you like that? You like how I jack you off with my feet?" 

"I'm loving this!" 

Biting her lower lip, Jennifer purred a moan. Her big toes touched together with each full thrust up to the head of his shaft. She knew this would be an act he would enjoy from the moment he asked her to remove her high heels. From the mind of Dita Gonzalez, Jennifer was thinking in character how to pleasure a customer in service. Her lustful heat kept her pussy moist, ready at any moment to change positions for some real fucking. 

"God, this is amazing! You didn't tell me you knew how to work your feet!"

She laughed at his words, still pumping her feet up and down his cock. 

"Honey, I'm full of surprises. You've got yourself a real hooker tonight, Reinhardt. I'm first class and know what to do to keep you up all night long." 

His eyes fell, watching as her gorgeous feet moved over his cock repeatedly. Jennifer took it slow so he could enjoy every passing second of her feet at work. Soon his eyes gazed forward to her face, giving her a nod. 

"This is great, but I know what I'm in the mood for now." 

Grinning back at him, Jennifer quirked her eyebrows up as she brought her feet to a halt. She wiggled her toes across the length of his shaft while responding.

"Oh yeah? I know what I'm in the mood for now too." 

"Tell me first, baby!" 

Flashing her teeth in a full smile, Jennifer moved her feet back and then used them to elevate herself off the floor. She had been in this position before, standing on her hands, now ready to be on her feet again. Reinhardt watched her fold her knees and sit back up before she responded.

"I'm ready to feel that cock shoved up my ass. That's what I'm in the mood for."

"Ohhhh, you must be a mind reader, babe. I was just thinking about that. I gotta see that booty again." 

Reinhardt stood up from the couch, leaning over as she now began to crawl forward on her hands and knees. She wanted to tease him by crawling to the left side of the couch, not knowing where he was going to go. Before his arrival, she made the guess that they would be using the couch for sex, but now it did not seem likely. There was no planning involved as they were both unleashing their lust for one another. She scowled at him, glancing back across her right shoulder. Reinhardt was standing directly behind her, his lower lip falling in amazement at witnessing her ass in such close view.

"Is this what you wanted to see, honey?" 

Jennifer rolled her hips and began to twerk. Her ass cheeks clapped together a few times while he laughed.

"God, it's fucking huge!" 

"Bigger is better, right?" 

Gazing forward, Jennifer used her left hand to playfully spank her ass from behind. Reinhardt laughed at her statement. 

"Baby, bigger is ALWAYS better!" 

They laughed together at his retort. Jennifer took a moment to back her ass up and rub it against him. 

"Yeah, I can't disagree with you on that."

He moaned while feeling those firm ass cheeks rubbing up against him. Taking a deep breath, Reinhardt reached for his cock and guided it between the cheeks. Jennifer bit down on her lower lip, purring a soft moan upon feeling the length of his shaft lodged up the crack of her ass. Within seconds, she felt his hands squeezing and caressing her cheeks.

"Mmmmmm, spank it!"

Smack! His right hand came down across her ass, causing Jennifer to giggle at him. She remained still, glancing down at the carpet and then closing her eyes. Reinhardt began to thrust his cock up the crack of her powerful booty. Softly moaning, she called out to him.

"Don't that feel good?" 

"Shouldn't I be asking you that, babe?" 

Jennifer giggled at his question. She could feel his hands on her ass cheeks, holding them together so he could thrust his cock upward. The hot dogging had only made her vulva lips develop more leaking drops, now drenching her thighs. For the time being, Jennifer did not want to interrupt him from the enjoyment he was currently experiencing from her ass cheeks. She could feel every inch of his cock thrusting up and down the crack. When he finally stopped, Jennifer felt his hands pull her ass cheeks apart. There was no doubt that he had to be searching for her dark little hole. Jennifer gasped in anticipation of this moment. 

"Go on. I want to feel you shove that cock right up my ass. I need to feel it." 

"You need it?" 

"Yes, I need it! You have no idea how long it has been since I last had my ass fucked." 

Swallowing her breath, Jennifer closed her eyes and then began to smile when she saw the head of his shaft poking into her ass hole.

"Yes, yes! That's it! Push in, honey." 

Reinhardt grunted, his eyes fixated on watching the first few inches of his cock slide into her thick booty. Jennifer let out a loud moan as she felt him thrust in. 

"Mmmmmmm, there you go! Come on and ram that cock up my ass!" 

"I can tell you want this pretty bad, baby." 

Spank! His hand smacked down on her ass after speaking. Jennifer giggled and then glanced beyond her right shoulder to grin at him. 

"You called yourself a booty lover, so prove it to me. Show me that you know how to fuck an ass like mine!" 

Once again, he smacked her ass with his right hand. Reinhardt stopped as his entire cock was shoved up her buttocks. 

"Ask and you shall receive, babe!" 

Jennifer swallowed her breath. She knew what he was about to do, and now she could not wait. Ready to encourage him with more dirty talk, the sensational feelings coursed through her. She was so proud of her famous ass. If only the man knew that he was about to be pounding a booty belonging to a world class woman of status and fame. Biting her lower lip, she moaned as he began to thrust his cock in and out of her ass. Reinhardt planted his left hand down on her hip as the sound of his balls smacking the undersides of her ass soon filled the room. 

"Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhh yeah! That's it! Pound my ass!" 

Smack. Smack. Smack. His balls continued beating against her booty as Reinhardt thrust harder and faster. He was panting and moaning.

"God this ass is so amazing! Fuck!!" 

Raking her nails down into the carpet floor below, Jennifer could feel her breasts swaying and bouncing from underneath. Her hair fell down her shoulders, brushing against her dangling hoop earrings. 

"That's it! Harder! Faster!!" 

Jennifer yelled at him, knowing that she could motivate him with the right words. Reinhardt grunted as he was determined to thrust every inch of his dick up her phat ass. He slowed down a bit but soon picked the pace back up. Jennifer was pleased, raising her head and keeping her eyes shut. She embraced this moment as he was now pounding her ass the way she preferred. The sound of his grunting voice grew louder as he continued. 

"This is the best ass I've ever had! Fuck, fuck, FUCKKK!!" 

His scream echoed throughout the hotel room. Reinhardt gritted his teeth, still pumping his cock in and out of Jennifer's ass. Had he slowed down, she was prepared to begin thrusting backwards, but there was no need to now. With each full thrust, a ripple moved through her firm ass cheeks. They bounced up against him, all while his balls were still smacking against the undersides. Jennifer was in an ecstasy of pleasure. 


Over and over, Reinhardt pounded his cock up her ass, all to Jennifer's approval. She curled her toes up, taking every inch of it while feeling the tingling sensation at her pussy. Unable to resist the urge, she slipped her right hand down between her thighs and found her clit. She pinched her clit between two fingers while dipping her ring finger into her pussy. Her body shook as he slammed his dick into her ass. Drawing his right hand back to spank that ass, Reinhardt screamed to her.

"Best ass in the world!" 


"Yeah, ohhh FUCK YEAH!! I love this booty!" 


Jennifer gritted her teeth, growling as she hollered back at him. 


The smacking of his hand echoed throughout the room. By now she was using her middle finger to poke into her cunt. Jennifer fingered herself while feeling a few final fast thrusts of his cock up her ass. Reinhardt slowed down almost to a complete stop. It was apparent that he was trying to hold himself back from blowing a load up her ass. All in all, she was satisfied that her booty had received the hard pounding that she only she approved of. Jennifer listened to him begin panting and crying out as he carefully pulled his cock out of her ass. She glanced across her shoulder again. 

"You've definitely earned the right to call yourself a booty lover, I can tell you that." 

Reinhardt cracked up laughing at her statement. Jennifer moved her hand out from her pussy, now crawling forward. Rather than climbing up to use the couch, she quietly considered the chance of making the most of the floor. After all, Jennifer did not want to fuck him in the bedroom. There was something about the bed that she did not like. As she crawled around, his shadow could be seen over her. Reinhardt fell down to his knees, watching her move around. 

"I hope you don't mind, but the floor is pretty comfortable. I was wondering if you'd want to fuck me while I'm still down here." 

He laughed at her request, his German accent echoing strongly. 

"Baby, I will do you in any position as long as I get to look at your beautiful booty." 

"Like a real booty lover man, huh?" 

"That's right!" 

Giggling at him again, Jennifer moved her arms underneath her chest. She wanted to lie flat, extending her legs out. This would make for an awkward position, but she was eager to try something new with a stranger. Reinhardt stood up for a moment, only to move his left leg across her and then bend back down on his knees. Jennifer laid her head on the right side, gazing back from the corner of her eye to watch his movements. With her arms underneath, she could easily lift herself up when the time was right. His hands moved back to her ass, giving it one last subtle squeeze. 

"Ohhhhh, yeah. I'm ready for you to fuck me." 

"Don't worry, gonna take it nice and slow, baby." 

She closed her eyes, still resting the left side of her face down on the carpet floor. Jennifer bit her lower lip when she felt his cock brushing against her vulva lips. 

"Fuck me." 

Her voice was a faint whisper, but the words were heard clearly through the room. Reinhardt slowly thrust his cock into her pussy, moaning at the warm feeling inside her. Since he was resting on his knees, Reinhardt leaned back and then made the first thrust inside of her. He watched the ripple movements of her thick ass cheeks. Jennifer opened her eyes and then felt the palm of his left hand striking down on her booty.

"Mmmmmmm, you love spanking it, don't you?" 

"I can't help myself! It's so big and beautiful, I gotta spank it!"

Spank! Again, his left hand smacked across her ass. Red marks had formed on both cheeks by this time. Jennifer bent her elbows, sliding her hands up the carpet as she held her head forward. Eyes closed, she embraced the feeling of his hard cock inside of her. 

"Fuck me! Fuck me harder!!" 

Spank! Again his left hand smacked her ass. Reinhardt began to buck his hips faster. 

"You want me to fuck you harder, Dita? Is that what you want?" 

"Yes! Fuck me! Come on, FUCK ME!!" 

Finally, he was able to get her to scream loud enough that her voice echoed throughout the room. This position had proven difficult for him to give her a hard fucking like before. Reinhardt still worked hard, bucking his hips harder and faster. His cock pumped in and out of her pussy, causing Jennifer to moan and cry out to him. Jennifer spread her hands across the carpet as she made an effort to raise herself up. She felt his hands smashing down onto her ass cheeks, squeezing them hard as he then slowed down his thrusts. Jennifer was done trying to make this position work. 

"Come on, let's get up on the couch. I'll bounce my ass on your balls if you let me get on top." 

Coming to a sudden halt, Reinhardt gasped.

"Oh fuck, guess I can't argue with that." 

She giggled at his reply, feeling him pull his cock out of her cunt. Once he got up, Jennifer finally began to rise from the floor. She bent her knees at first, turning to see him seated on the couch and gripping his cock. Licking her lips, she grinned at him. Bending her knees to climb up, Jennifer quickly straddled him and brought her hand down to grab his dick. Reinhardt moved his hands over her hips and began to caress her tanned skin. At long last, his hands moved to her breasts. Jennifer giggled, thinking to herself that only now was he grasping at her boobs. Her erect nipples poked into his palms as her eyes settled on him. 

"When is the last time you had a woman like me ride this cock?" 

Taking a deep breath, Reinhardt squeezed her tits before replying.

"A woman like you? It's been a while. Not since last year if I'm being honest." 

Taking her time, Jennifer stroked his cock while lining it up to her pink folds. She moaned, feeling his hands give her breasts another squeeze, and then she slid herself down on it. 

"Ohhhhhh, yeah, that's it. I hope you're ready for this, cause I know I am." 

Exhaling deeply, Jennifer prepared herself while moving her hands to his chest. She raked her fingernails lightly down his chest. Reinhardt leaned up and brought her right nipple to his mouth. Closing her eyes, she embraced the feeling of his mouth hungrily sucking at her nipple and his cock in her pussy. Slowly rolling her hips, Jennifer was ready to begin her ride when he pulled his lips from one tit and moved up. Reinhardt gave both of her tits another squeeze while breathing up her neck and planting soft kisses on the left side. Raising her head further, Jennifer could feel his lips as she then began to thrust herself down. As he kissed her neck, she rolled her hips and began to work his cock in and out of her tight pussy.

"Mmmmmm, yeah! Ohhhhhhhh, yeah!!" 

Her voice called out seductively before elevating in loudness. He moved his lips away from her neck, now resting back on the couch to allow her more room. Jennifer leaned over, sliding her hands up his chest as she arched herself and continued to roll her hips. Reinhardt sat there, watching her breasts begin to sway and bounce. The gold hoops dangling from her ears starting to bounce along with her hair swaying from beyond her shoulders. 

"Ohhhhhh, fuck yeah! Ride it, baby! Ride it!!" 

Caressing her side with his right hand, Reinhardt soon pulled his hand back and slapped it across her ass. The smacking noise echoed. Jennifer continued to roll her hips and bounce up and down his cock. His hands moved behind, gripping her ass cheeks. As his fingertips sank down into her soft skin, Reinhardt began to buck his hips and take control. Jennifer gasped and then yelled at him. 

"Oh god! Ohhhhh, God! Yes!! Fuck me, yesssss!!" 

She closed her eyes and leaned a bit further. Now Jennifer had the chance to rest her head against his chest and raise her ass. Her breasts rubbed against his chest, no longer shaking. Reinhardt caught sight of that beautiful rump as he moved his hands to wrap around her back. He thrust up repeatedly, now in command of fucking her in this position.


Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound of his balls slapping up against the undersides of that massive booty was heard loud and in a steady rhythm. Reinhardt grunted, unable to hold himself back as he was now fucking her at a fast pace.


Jennifer's voice screamed with such high vocal power that anyone who may have been standing outside the hotel room would have heard her. She halted her movements, allowing him full control. Teeth gritted, Reinhardt continued to thrust into her pussy. Her ass jiggled and bounced all around from atop of him. He slid his hands up, holding her in this position, as he had no plans of stopping now.


So close to reaching her climax, Jennifer did not want him to stop. He was still bucking his hips to drive that cock in her cunt. She screamed to him again.


Eyes still closed, Jennifer gasped and cried out. She could feel his cock still pumping into her all while Reinhardt began to groan and cry out. Jennifer knew she could not hold back for much longer, so she raised herself up and then felt his arms unwrap from around her back. His eyes gazed up at her face as he came to a stop. With one final thrust, Jennifer's inner walls busted from within. 


His hands moved to her hips and he began to rise. Jennifer was lost in the feeling of her orgasm, but Reinhardt needed to prevent his own. He helped her get up, using his right hand to grab his cock and pull it out of her pussy. Her juices squirted down over his chest and flooded the couch, but Jennifer had the strength to stand up on her feet. She was out of breath but admired that he was desperately trying to prevent himself from blowing his load inside her. The man had experience as she witnessed from his fast thinking. 

"Oh my god. You have no idea how bad I needed that." 

Jennifer slowly caught her breath after speaking. Reinhardt swallowed his breath, glancing down at his cock and then back at her.

"I'm just glad I didn't cum inside you. You don't know how hard that is." 

Falling down to her knees, Jennifer let out a soft moan. 

"You deserve a reward for that. Do you wanna cum on my face?" 

Reinhardt's eyes shifted to look at Jennifer. His lips slowly curved into a full grin, flashing his teeth. With a slow nod, he stood up from the couch. 

"It would be a honor to cum on your face, babe! I know I'll never forget this!" 

Licking her lips, Jennifer quickly prepared to clean his cock. It was shiny, glistening in her own juices. As he stood there, she eyed his cock and then wrapped her right hand fingers around it. Reinhardt expected her to suck it clean, but instead Jennifer lowered her head down to his balls. She had neglected to play with his hanging nut sack earlier. Darting her tongue out, she flicked it across his hairy balls and then began to kiss the sack all while her hand pumped his cock up and down. After kissing his balls enough, Jennifer moved her head up. She gazed up at his face and slid her hand down to the base of his cock. Lips parted, she invited his shaft between them again. Sucking on the head, she moved her hand away and then slobbered her way down. The sucking noises were loud as Jennifer slurped all of her juices from his shaft.

"God, I wish you could do this to me every day." 

His praise came with a soft moan. Jennifer never took her eyes away from his face as she now began to bob her head up and down. For one last time, she wanted to suck his dick in hopes of getting as much cum out of him as possible. Taking deep breaths, Reinhardt began to pant as he studied her light brown hues. Like before, his chest moved, muscles clenching as the one sign she had that he was close to explosion. For the final chance to test her gag reflexes with his shaft, Jennifer shoved her lips all the way down. Closing her eyes, she could feel his balls rubbing against her chin within seconds. Reinhardt clenched his teeth together, grunting.

"Oh god! Ohhhhh FUCK!!" 

He reached his hands down to grab at her hair, quickly pulling his cock out of her mouth. Jennifer knew what was to come now. She held her head up, gazing up into his eyes as he gripped his shaft.

"Got some cum for me? Gonna give me a hot load?" 

Reinhardt frantically jerked his cock so fast that his hand became a blur. Jennifer purred soft moans and then teased him with more filthy words.

"I want that cum all over me. I want it all over my face, mmmmmmm." 

"Here it is! Ohhhh, OHHHHHH FUCK!!" 

Closing her eyes in time, Jennifer opened her mouth and felt the first wad of cum blast across her left cheek. It came with such force that thick droplets landed below her eye and on the left side of her nose. Another wad of his gooey warm cum landed on her forehead, streaking into her hair. She was reveling in the moment, blinking her eyes now as she called to him.

"Yes, give me that cum!" 

She blinked upon witnessing a string of cum that slathered over her nose and forehead. With her lips curving into a grin, Jennifer truly felt in character in this moment. Reinhardt continued to stroke his cock, forcing out another spurt of cum that splattered onto the left side of her face. Slowly curving her lips into a grin as his orgasm was done, Jennifer waited until he let go of his cock. She grabbed it and brought it to her mouth, giving it a goodbye kiss. 

"God. That's the best five hundred dollars I've ever spent in this country." 

A statement like that was enough to make Dita Gonzalez smile. Jennifer felt alive as her show's character. Rather than helping her lead writer come up with something, tonight she lived out the lifestyle belonging to Dita. The cum dripped from her face as she curved her lips into a grin, gazing up at her satisfied customer. 

"Nice doing business with you." 

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That was incredible!
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Incredible !!!
Oh My God...Jennifer Lopez! J-Lo is back guys. 😍

What a great shared pleasure to read this, this new story is the most fantastic that I could read on Jennifer Lopez really. The Bronx.!! This chapter n1 is purely perfect, you have concocted a very good plot, it really feels like we are in it, we would like to be that lucky Reinhardt or even Carlito Garcia (good name) because he has a good place too and already knows Jennifer well ..
It's all good, the stars have aligned for the movie 'Hustlers' (good sexy movie) to be its sequel and it's arrived here guys!

This pure writing marvel is flawless in every way, start to finish and this new series is set to be one of my favorites of them all.
The anal is very well written, J-Lo's body is made to be worshipped, she's a real goddess! 👌 It was super amazing, sexy, hot, dirty very dirty even. I love when J-Lo puts on a ponytail with big earrings because it makes her face even more beastly.. 😁
This work is fabulous, to read and reread again we are well served until the explosive end. Reinhardt gives her famous hot load on her face so good. It was perfect so thank you very much.

THANK YOU ! ! ! 🤗🔥👍
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Re: Hustlers and Players
« Reply #3 on: May 10, 2022, 11:52:54 PM »
I'm ready for more. Hope the wait for the next chapter won't be long lol.
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Re: Hustlers and Players
« Reply #4 on: May 11, 2022, 03:25:39 AM »
HOLY FUCK that was hot.

I love your JLo stories in BBB. I would've never guessed you would start a new series with her. This feels like a series that will be written around her and not with a lineup like in BBB.

The small details really drive this story. The set piece building sounds believable. You are the only person that can take something as crazy as an escort fantasy and make it work. All the buildup paid off. The blowjobs are my favorite, something you've always done well.

I can't wait for the next chapter, hope it's not a long wait. This is 5 star gold right here.

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Re: Hustlers and Players
« Reply #5 on: May 15, 2022, 08:04:25 AM »
This is by far, my favorite story you have written so far this year.

You pitched a no hitter on this day. So much to look forward to with this series. With the hint of Nicole, I take it that more babes will join in later on. I may have a request for you later on, but for now going to enjoy where you take us.
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Re: Hustlers and Players
« Reply #6 on: May 16, 2022, 11:59:14 AM »
Thank you for the kind words everyone, appreciate it as always.

I will have the next chapter at the end of the month.
Check me out on Patreon if you like my work!
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