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MCU: Guy With a Gauntlet [Black Widow, Darcy Lewis]
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the comic book or movie characters, places, storylines etc or their actors etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Marvel, the Marvel Cinematic Universe or any associated character, or any actor etc who depicted any characters therein.

Starring: Black Widow (Natalia ‘Natasha’ Romanoff)

Guy With a Gauntlet – Chapter One

An erotic fan-fiction story.   

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])
Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal.

* * *

The following is set in a canon-divergent, alternative universe. Variations from original source material will occur as a result.

* * *

“Well I don’t give a crap! You were late for work, so you go finish up cleaning that dump!” The Commander scoffed from the doorway into the absolutely messy, piled high storage room that had been part of the discovered and secured Hydra base.

“I was a minute late! The traffic was held up gawking at Spider-Man stopping an armed robbery!” Daniel Marcus, a lowly SHIELD Field Agent whined back.

“And I’m sick of your excuses as well! If I can get in on time, everyone else can!” The commander rudely snapped. “Now get these boxes scanned, itemized and sorted out. The boys in the lab need some work to do and seeing if there’s anything worthwhile in this pile of junk will do the job.” The man added before he turned away from the door, bringing up a communicator. “Commander Hill? Yes, the base is secure. No, doesn’t look like anything of value. They fried the servers just before we arrived…” The man slamming the door shut before walking away.

“Fucking ass-hat…” Daniel grumbled as he sighed. The young man, fresh faced and newly minted as an Agent of SHIELD being left with the grunt work that was the far more unappealing, but certainly more safe, part of the job. Clad in a standard black uniform of the organisation, nicely fitting to a toned body, with the SHIELD logo on the shoulder. “Might as well get this over with.” He said to himself as he pulled out a tablet, loading up a spread sheet to begin cataloguing the boxes along with a marker pen to write on the sides.

Or at least, that was the plan. Picking up the first cardboard box and moving it, he blinked. Seeing a far more mysterious, black and metal studded case of a container underneath. “The fuck is that?” He curiously said. “Hell, how did I not see that sticking out before?” He frowned, eyeing with suspicious as he knelt down. “Thing gives me the fucking creeps.” He stated the obvious as he ran a hand over the top of it. Jolting back when just from that simple touch bolts snapped open and the lid of the box slowly tilted back under its own power.

Against all logic and probability of the world, Daniel stared and watched as a golden, mysterious Gauntlet was contained within the case. Set around it in separate holes like a display case were six shining, powerful Stones. Each of them alone giving off an aura of power but all together, the set-up sent a shiver down his spine just from gazing at them.

“N-No fucking way… This can’t be…” He blinked again, not believing the sight in front of him. The full set of Infinity Stones along with the Infinity Gauntlet, which had only months (give or take some time travel) back caused so much destruction and half the universe to be snapped out of existence before resurrection. “Nah, maybe I’m just, like, fucking dreaming or something.” Marcus told himself. And despite knowing the dangers of what he was looking at, the rookie still felt the need to reach down. Brushing fingers across the golden, otherworldly material. “What even is this case anyway? How can all this not have been detected when…?”

He tried to reason. Finding his eyes going wide when the Stones all at once began to glow and, once more against any sort of logic, the Gauntlet began to slowly levitate out of its mysterious case. The Stones still following as Daniel backed up into the closed door. Staring in awe and fear as the powerful glove floated in the air. One by one, the Stones clipping into their holes to set in to make a fresh glow shine over the whole Gauntlet. Daniel tilting his head to try and comprehend it as once the last stone was in place, the glove just continued to levitate. The Agent ending up hitting his head off the door as the Gauntlet floated right in front of his face.

“I, uh… H-Hey there?” He sheepishly offered as his hands slowly came up. Putting it off as long as he could but yelping when the Gauntlet, very much like it was acting under its own power and thoughts, just dropped into his hands. “...Huh? Well, I’m not fucking dead. Yet, I guess.” He thought aloud as he looked over all the Stones. “...You, uh, want me to put you on? I guess?” He said, like he was speaking to the Gauntlet as if it was a person or very least some sort of creature or being. “...Fuck it. If I’m gonna go out? Might as well go out in style.”

Caution to the wind again as he slowly slipped the Gauntlet onto his hand. A slight tilt of the head again from not instantly being killed before he flexed the wrist and turned to look over his new piece of extremely dangerous and powerful hand wear. “So, uh? I just what? Snap the fingers and?” He frowned, out of his league here. But looking to the pile of boxes he shrugged. “Uh, I guess? Let’s get sorting?” He said, pointing with a finger to the task he’d been given to actually do. “I mean, please sort.” He politely, like he was afraid of offending the apparently sentient to a degree Gauntlet before he snapped his fingers.

The history of the Stones and the Gauntlet should have indicated that any mere human trying to use it at full power would be killed. Let alone using them for such a mundane task rather than conquering the world. This was no ordinary situation of course. And for countless reasons unknown? Daniel not only did not die in that instant, but watched as his body began to glow with an unnatural light. Gasping from a rush of energy flowing through like he was forming a connection with the Gauntlet he was now wearing (or perhaps being allowed to wear).

Barely any time to register that as he looked across the room and saw that the various cardboard boxes were now in mass starting to float off the floor. Like a huge moving puzzle as the containers brushed past one another to move from one side to the other. Forming into neat, professional piles without the contents actually being revealed. The Stones doing the job for him as he saw the pen being plucked up too with a soft glow of light. Moving to write on the side of each box an appropriate description along with a designation for the itinerary list. He didn’t even question how the pen was able to scrawl in what appeared to be similar to his handwriting.

Approaching, he looked down to his tablet but it too now floated off the ground. Able to see that without him touching it, the device was self typing like a programme was running. Filling out the spread sheet to list out all the boxes. A task that would have taken hours if not the entire day and into the evening completed in mere minutes. And best of all, as the table floated into his regular hand, he still wasn’t dead despite having tapped into the power of the Infinity Stones.

“Well fuck me sideways…” Daniel said, glancing over the saved document on the screen. “Huh. Thanks, Gauntlet.” He finally smiled, looking at the glove which, again curiously, appeared to briefly glow in appreciation. “And for not killing me either.” He added again before looking over the room. “Hmmmm… This? This could be… Really, really fucking fun.” He said. Blinking again however as curiously (as if any of this has been making sense) that initial first strange box was now nowhere to be seen. Like it had never existed in the first place despite the Gauntlet clearly still being here. “...You know what? I’m not gonna try and make sense of this all. But…” He looked at his hand. “I think I’m gonna hand in my notice to that ass-hat Commander…” He told himself with a grin.

* * *

Over a month later…

Daniel sighed with a smile, relaxing back on a luxury couch as he sat in his new, spacious, paid up sky high penthouse apartment with a view across the city. Lounging in what was basically a tacky vacation shirt with shorts. “This is the fucking life! Early vacation here I fucking come!” He said to himself as he smiled. The Infinity Gauntlet still adorning one hand while the other swirled a drink in a highball glass.

With the power to destroy and control the universe in his hand? Rather than thoughts of world domination on his mind? The now former SHIELD Agent instead decided to focus on more material desires. Summoning up stacks of cash to fill a bank account, settling boring debts and snapping up a luxury new home to enjoy a new over the top, millionaire lifestyle. Best of all, his sudden resignation from SHIELD hadn’t even raised too many eyebrows. Seen as just another kid who didn’t want to pay their dues and work their way up the ladder the hard and earned way, so him ‘dropping out’ was rather easily brushed off.

“First day of the rest of my life as I think they say.” Daniel chuckled. “And with my new best friend ‘Infinnie’ here…” He said, still talking out loud like he was speaking to the Gauntlet. “The world is our Oyster! Whatever that means!” He smiled, sitting up. “And we can do anything! We can make money! We can teleport to any place! We can even summon people here!” He bragged as he stood up. “Like, bam! There’s a celebrity!” He said, snapping the fingers of his normal hand. Wham! There’s the pizza guy! Blam! There’s like, I dunno! Someone raised back from the dead!” He rambled as he made the mistake of snapping with his Gauntlet.

Taking that just bragging monologue as a command, Daniel groaned as he held his head. Narrowing his eyes as he fell back onto the couch as the room spun around him. “I w-wasn’t serious!” He whined as his vision was blurry for a moment. Eventually focusing as he saw an outline of a body on the floor of his new apartment. “Oh fuck me! You actually brought someone back?!” He stared as he looked over the person. And when he saw the attire and the shade of hair colour, he near fell back right over the couch.

The infamous secret Agent and founding member of The Avengers, and one who is supposed to be deceased after giving her life to secure one of the Stones, in the Black Widow herself, Natalia Romanoff. Also known as Natasha, she’d been summoned in looking like there wasn’t a scratch on her gorgeous, curvy body let alone the version of her with short, above the shoulder length red hair. The Russian clad in a full length bodysuit with knee-high boots. The feared Widow’s Bite on her wrists and even a utility belt but with the usual weapons holstered. Even having the SHIELD logo on the shoulder of her shut and a Black Widow logo on a belt across her stomach.

“Please tell me you didn’t just bring in a fucking dead body.” Daniel said with concern as he stood up and slowly approached. “Well, she looks to be breathing at least.” He mused as he took a moment to look her over. His eyes lingering over that juicy ass of the redhead, even as laying down it was sticking right out. “Hey, uh? Miss Romanoff? Black Widow, ma’am?” He offered, reaching down to nudge her shoulder.

If he’d remembered his SHIELD history Marcus would have known what a mistake that was. Quick as a flash Natasha was spinning off the floor with a defensive kick. Daniel yelped but the Gauntlet, showing its connection to him, helped the wearer by slowing down time for him. Allowing him to barely dodge as he scrambled away. Turning just to see Widow staring darkly as she was firing off Taser Disks from her Widow’s Bites in a defensive stance as her target. Te disks hit the floor and started to shock him which should have given her time to follow up. But Daniel just stared down, the Gauntlet glowing like it was blocking the pain and with a snap of the fingers a shock wave was sent from the glove as a counter, snapping the disks in two.

Thinking quickly, Natasha pulled out the Stun Batons and lunged as the weapons sparked up, making her suit glow as well. This time, the weapons went right into his Gauntlet as he grabbed them. Letting out a snort as his power, with strength far more than his modest, toned frame would indicate, allowed him to grab her and hold her in place as she struggled. Shoving her back with the free hand as he tossed the Batons back behind him from the Gauntlet. The moment of battle ruined when the weapons slammed into vases in the background to smash them as Daniel looked back. “Oh damn. I liked those two.” He frowned.

Natasha let out a curse in her native tongue as she stormed back forward. Slamming both fists into his chest and discharging with the Widow’s Bites. A shock that would have knocked any normal man out in seconds. So it left Black Widow staring in horror when her target just blinked and looked down. “You gonna stop that?” Daniel demanded, grabbing one of her wrists with the Gauntlet and pulling it up from him.

“Who the Hell are you??” Natasha finally spoke in her more American style accent. “Where the Hell am I? What year is this?? A-And how are you wearing that??” She said, staring at the Gauntlet. Fully aware of what it is and the dangers of it.
“Do you promise not to try and attack me if I let you go?” He countered with a completely different question as her other hand was still pressed into him.
“I promise nothing.” She narrowed her eyes.
“Guess I should have expected that.” He said, letting go of one hand to push the other off from him before he stepped back.

“OK, so I uh… Where to fucking start??” He scratched the back of his head with the Gauntlet, just leaving Widow staring again at this casual nature. “So… Right! So I used to work for SHIELD… I found Infinnie here in a weird box… The box vanished, I can wear and use the Gauntlet and the Stones… And I’m not dead yet!” He said, not exactly explaining anything either. “And, uh, I guess I brought you back too now. Despite the fact that you, well, you, you know…”
“I’m aware. I should be dead.” Her eyes stayed narrowed as she looked him over. “And I didn’t sacrifice my life for one of those Stones just for some… Random, normal man to somehow get the Gauntlet.” She says with a tone like she can’t believe what she’s saying, never mind seeing it herself. “I don’t believe this! What happened? Where is Thanos? How did…” She demanded.
“Yo, Gauntlet? Can you, like, just tell her the history?” Daniel glanced to the Gauntlet, glancing again before performing a snap. Natasha left staring as her eyes widened and a soft glow of light shined across her head. A rapid influx of information to cover events and stories of the new world since her sacrifice and the details that have followed since. “There! All clued in now? We cool?”

“I… Y-Yes, I understand now.” Natasha gulped not just from the rush of information, but seeing clearly now that he is perfectly able to use the Gauntlet for otherworldly purposes. Even those that didn’t seem possible with the Gauntlet previously. “It s-seems my sacrifice wasn’t all in vain after all. That’s… That’s at least some comfort.”
“Right! And for what it’s worth I didn’t exactly plan on bringing you back.” Daniel added. “It uh, just happened? But hey, I guess you could go back to work maybe? I’m sure that…”
“Impossible.” Natasha cut him off. “The risks are too great. Me being here even now poses a major risk to the timeline. The mental trauma my friends would suffer seeing me? Let alone the fact that if I live while so many others are still dead?”
“Oh, shit… I guess so… People would want me snapping back whole fucking graveyards.” Daniel frowned. “Well, uh, shit… Guess uh… Well…” He scratched his head again, having been lumped into quite the predicament with the world famous agent now alive when she should be dead.

“Guess I can show you around?” He offered with a sheepish smile. “There’s plenty of rooms in here! You can easily have one of the spare ones I’m not in.”
“That’s your plan for me? You bring me back and just offer me a room?” Natasha raised an eyebrow.
“Well what? I’m not just gonna snap you back into not existing!” He countered with his hands on his waist. “I mean, look around! You’ve got a nice place here to share with me! Big old kitchen, big bed rooms, great damn view… I could make up a gym space or something too.” He offered as he motioned around with his hand. “One snap of the old fingers and bam! You want it, you got it!”
“I’m sure you mean well, but I don’t appreciate trying to be bribed.” She folded her arms over her nicely sized and rounded chest.  “All that power in one hand and you use it for just having a luxury lifestyle? That’s almost admirable I guess… In a creepy, idiotic, pathetic man of a way.” She mocked.

“Oh, and you’re telling me you wouldn’t live it up? I went from moving boxes to being a millionaire!” He bragged as she shook her head. “Besides! Lay off the pathetic remark. I’ll have you know…”
“Let me guess.” Romanoff cut him off. “You’re a big, tough, real man?” She boldly mocked, considering she’s well aware of how powerful the man she’s insulting is. “Explains why you summoned in a woman instead of bringing back Tony Stark.”
“I said it wasn’t my fault!” He reminded her. “Besides! I’m ex-SHIELD so you know that I’m not just some regular Joe.” He said with hint of defence in his tone.
“And that’s supposed to impress me? I was the best SHIELD had.” Natasha reminded him as she stepped forward. “Hell, they were the ones who wanted me and gave me a home… I ate rookies like you up for breakfast in basic training.”

“I’ve, uh, heard the stories.” Even with the Gauntlet, Daniel showed he was just a mere man after all as he tried to back off as Natasha closed the gap. Her hands grabbing his shirt to pull him back as his chest met her rounded bust.
“Sure… Hey! The eyes are up here!” She snapped when he looked down at her exposed cleavage from the pulled down zipper of her suit.
“Nah, I think I’ll look…” He dared to say, before having to use the Gauntlet’s help to block a slap headed for his face as she glared again.
“Asshole!” She snapped as he held her. “Fine… Let’s… Cut a deal… Since you clearly don’t think with your brain.” She claimed as he finally looked up from her body.
“Deal?” He questioned.
“You get, say… One shot to impress me.” She said, swallowing her pride since she was limited on options against his powers. “You can’t last? I get that Gauntlet.” She boldly offered.

“Wait, what? For real?” He blinked, glancing to his Gauntlet and then to her. “O-OK… And if I can last? I mean, impress you?” He made sure to question.
“What do you think?” She challenged, arching an eyebrow.
“Well, shit… OK, sure! I’m fucking down!” Daniel grinned, letting go of her wrist.
“Typical American man…” She rolled her eyes. “Let’s get this over with.” She said, reaching for her zipper. “Then I can…”
This time, he cut her off. “Oh no. I’m the one impressing you.” He said to stop her. “So come over here.” He declared, walking over to the couch in his penthouse. Taking a seat and leaning far back. “I want you sitting on my face.”

“Excuse me??” Natasha was thrown, staring across at him. “How does that even… W-Whatever. I just came back from the dead. I can handle things getting strange.” She mocked again as she stepped forward and eyed up the Gauntlet. “No funny business now.” She warned, even as out of her element as this was. Staring down at his grin as he tiled his head back to rest on the back of the seating as she moved up. Straddling him with spread legs and a boot on either side of him as she lowered down with a squat. “Now how is this supposed to…”

As much as Natasha has been through in her life (or make that lives now) even she had to gasp when his hands reached up. Tearing open her bodysuit with ease like it was just regular clothing to create a hole at her crotch to expose her lower holes. Her ass lowering down to smother his handsome face as his mouth when right onto her tight entrance. Making her groan out with wide eyes as his tongue went right onto her asshole without any hint of shame. Taking full advantage of getting the green light to take on the Avenger as he ran his tongue back and forth across her tightness. Even as the face sitting pressed down as she adjusted on top of him. Gripping her own thighs to hold the position as she clenched her teeth.

“W-When I called you an asshole? This… Hnnnng! Was not what I meant!” The redhead groaned out as she felt that tongue hungrily lapping upward at her snug asshole. A sensation she clearly wasn’t used to as her thick Russian cheeks pressed firmly down into the man she was letting ‘impress’ her. Even without the force she was pushing to push down, the weight of her fantastic, rounded butt would be enough to make anyone groan along with the element of a lack of full access to air. So the fact he was continuing to flick up against her sensitive hole was showing clear perversion as his hands came up, holding her thick thighs while he fined on that delicious rump.

“Ahhhhh… Y-You fucking learned this at SHIELD training, you bastard? Damn it! Mmmmm!” She tried to distract him along with herself with the insult. But unable to prevent he first moan escaping her as her hips rolled back and forth, grinding her asshole against that probing tongue. Despite her rage, getting a thrill shooting up her unlike anything she’s felt before as she let this stranger tongue her ass. “Mmmmm! You sick fuck! Mmmmm! Bringing me back from the dead… Ahhhhh! To fucking sit on your face?? Mmmmm! What kind of an idiot are you??” She snapped as she clenched her teeth again. Caught in the mental battle of knowing how wrong this was, but feeling that this wasn’t exactly any kind of half-hearted or novice work being done to her entrance. Glancing down at the Gauntlet holding and stroking her thigh as her own hand reached off, like she was tempted to try and grab it. Ending up moaning out as his tongue pressed against her back door as she ended up grinding back and forth once again.

“Mmmmmphhh!! Hmmmmmphh!! Mmmmm!” A clear tent in his shorts now as Daniel smiled up into that asshole of the Avenger mounted on his face. Sure, he was feeling the discomfort from staying tilted back and the weight of all the pale flesh of her backside pressing down into his features but the opportunity to tongue fuck that huge booty more than made up for any slight pain from being sat on as he’d asked for. Moaning into her rump as he enjoyed the taste of her and felt her asshole still resisting as he left her coated with his spit. A sign that anal play was never something the thick cheeked beauty had gotten into before. Giving her quite the introduction to it with his tongue flicking away at her to make her moan out and gasp despite her attempts to keep composed about this all.

“Mmmmm! You’d better at least… AHHHHH! FUCK… Make me a new suit to r-replace this one, you bastard!” She snapped before moaning again. Not even able to see him really going to work as she squatted down into his face. Pressing her asshole down into his mouth and being rewarded, despite her anger about this all, with his tongue finally sliding upward and entering that tight tunnel. “MMMMMM…” Making her red haired head tilt back as she let out a deeper moan. Frozen on the spot on his features for a moment before her hips returned to shifting back and forth. The moment not enough to make his tongue fall from her hole as he continued to taste away and work that saliva up into her. Lapping upward and furthering her pleasure. As already shown by the fact that, even with her protests, there were clear outline of hard nipples poking through her bodysuit as she got her ass eaten out for the first time.

He gripped and groped at those plump thighs, easily keeping her mounted on his groaning face as he sucked in just enough air to keep going. Smothered by all that juicy flesh as her cheeks jiggled even just from the slight rocking she was doing, grinding that vice-like asshole down into her mouth. Allowing him to keep on darting in and out of her with his hungry and clearly talented tongue. Whether this skill was already his own or somehow boosted by the Gauntlet he wore was another story. His focus being on backing up his end of this sinful bet she’d made with him but already succeeding if those now constant, low moans are any indication. Impressive alone to make the infamous Black Widow moan out but to do so by attacking her virgin asshole? It almost made up for him having to bring her back from the beyond in order to taste her stunning backside.

Eventually though, he had to take in some air properly. Pushing her up and off from his face as he slipped down. “Phew! God damn, that was some good fucking ass!” Daniel grinned as he moved off the couch.
“D-Don’t be so damn blunt about that, bastard!” Natasha, clearly rattled, snapped with a glare. “And wipe that smug look off your face! We’re not done!” She claimed as she moved down from the squat to stand on the floor.
“So, you want more of me, huh?” He smirked, looking her over.
“I just said we weren’t done… You have to impress me after all.” She claimed as moved back onto the couch. This time taking up another willing position as she knelt on the seating, gripping onto the back as she stuck that booty out along with her exposed lower holes.

“What? And you moaning your pretty little face off while sitting on me wasn’t impressive?” He pointed out. Snapping his fingers as Natasha watched. A small, clear bottle floating out from a far room at it made its way through the air and into his hand.
“That didn’t count!” She snapped, looking over her shoulder. “Besides, it wasn’t real sex so… H-Hey! What the Hell??”

Her reaction was too the bottle being opened up and tipped down. Splashing lubricant down over her asshole before he used a finger on his regular hand to slide in. Going from tonguing to finger banging that juicy booty as he looked to prepare her asshole as once again her teeth pressed together in outrage. Despite having agreed to this all as she watched this man pump his finger in and out of her already well licked asshole. His intentions clear as he smirked back and spent a good few minutes preparing her backside. Slight groans escaping her from the action as he worked in the lube expertly to find a way to disarm the lethal martial artist by focusing on one of her most famous ‘assets’.

Natasha was about to unleash a new insult at him as he pulled out of her asshole. But instead left staring when he pushed down his shorts. Showing off a massive, thick and long cock that would put a porn star to shame as his dick rested against her plump backside. “T-That’s huge!! How can any man have such a dick??” She gasped with wide eyes.
“Let’s just say Infinnie has given me ‘boosts’ in all the right places.” Daniel grinned as he stroked his shaft to apply lube to himself before pressing the tip against her entrance.
“Wait wait wait!! There’s no way that will fit!” Romanoff claimed as she hissed just from that touch. “At least let me suck it first or something!” She said, sounding like she was trying to stall for time.

“Well, I could do that… Or…” He grinned, ignoring the begging as he pushed forward to make himself moan and her gasp out with a hint of pain. Her back passage even while lubed up and well eaten was vice-like, further proving this was her first time getting into anal action. Not getting an easy time of it either with a shaft of his vast size as the crown alone was stretching her out before he started to thrust. “Holy shit! MMMM… God fucking damn that’s tight! MMMMM SHIT… Oh that’s fucking good!” He moaned as both hands held onto her still suit-covered midsection. Staring down at her rounded ass as he began to thrust in slowly and smoothly. The hole he’d torn in her clothing to get access to her rump slightly tearing as he began to take her from behind. And now showing a sign that even against a top notch, stunning and feared woman like her he’s no minute man. Showing her what he can do as he began to tap that ass as he moaned out.

“D-DAMN IT! FUCK!! AHHHHHH… S-SHIT! AHHHHHH…” Her gloved hands gripped the back of the couch tightly, digging in as looked back over her shoulder. Discomfort clear across her face as she took this huge dick up her ass. While sensitive to the licking before, having to take a huge prick between her fleshy cheeks without any prior experience was an ordeal to say the least. Hissing constantly each time that dick moved in and out of her snug back passage. A showcase that despite what porn would tell the world, not every woman is into anal sex. “Just get it over with! AHHHHH!! SHIT!! Cum and get it over with!!” She demanded with a glare. Her body having to shift towards the couch as she jolted whenever a new pump into her asshole was delivered. Feeling her anal passage burning as it stretched out. His dick gradually getting further into her butt and showing no signs of hitting an early finish just yet.

“MMMMM… Oh, no fucking chance, Black Widow! MMMMM… I’m gonna fucking enjoy this!” The grin stayed on his face as he pumped in and out of her rump from behind. Watching her cheeks jiggle in response to his steady motion as unlike her, he was constantly moaning out in delight. Loving her ass being clamped around his manhood as he worked in and out and kept her held for a smooth and straight motion. The wicked sight of the beauty in full Avenger’s uniform while being held at the midsection by the feared Infinity Gauntlet she’d sacrificed herself to try and stop not being unnoticed by either of them either in the midst of this anal sex. “Mmmmmm! Besides! Ahhhhh… You’re a tough woman… MMMM! You can handle this, right?” He now could tease, with her being even further out of her element as what she thought would have been a quick under five minutes of honey trap-like sex to defeat him was turning into a very lengthy, hole wrecking ordeal.

“Sh-Shut up! AHHHHH FUCK!! I can fucking handle a fight, handle wars! N-Not… AHHHHH!! Being treated like… FUCK!! Some kind of fucking porn slut!!” She snapped between pained groaned as her gloved hands looked ready to tear chunks out of the couch she was kneeling on. Managing to keep her ass raised and stuck out to be fucked even as she clearly wasn’t getting off on this portion of the action. Her rear tunnel being split open by his firmly thrusting dick as he worked deeper into her. “AHHHHHH!! Just pull out and fuck my pussy already! MMMMM!! You know who I am! You know that won’t be a problem for me!” She dared to reference her own sterilized status in a desperate attempt to ease off the pain shooting through her from this deep anal.  Sweat forming across her stunning face as she endured this painful anal experience, refusing to be beaten just yet. Her body shifting back and forth but still not from any active rocking on her part. Leaving her tits bouncing in her body suit as she shifted and her ass shook, ever approaching his toned frame as he took her from behind.

“MMMMM… Actually? I think I have a better solution for this…” Daniel smirked as he pulled out of her asshole and saw already the gaping state he’d left her in. Raising the Gauntlet up as he focused his thoughts, looking at her as Natasha stared back as he snapped his fingers. A gasp leaving her as her body glowed and a particular shine over her backside. Before she could question it, he pushed his dick straight back into her asshole with an approving groan. And this time when his crotch connected with those plentiful cheeks, a loud and clear moan escaped the Black Widow as her red haired head tilted back. Like her brain had just been quickly switched out from a prudish virgin to an anal loving whore in an instant.

“W-What did… MMMMM!! OOOOOOOOH!! OH FUCK!! MMMMM!! OH FUCK!!” Now the look of pain was replaced with a stunned expression on the Russian’s face as with each deep and slow thrust she took? Pleasure now surged through her body as immediately now her previously barely wet pussy was now starting to shine with arousal. Her mouth that had been showing clenched teeth now open in an O-shape as the moans poured out. Even her hands now more just holding the couch than trying to rip parts off. “H-How??? What did you do?? MMMMM!! It… It feels!! AHHHHH!! MMMMMM FUCK!!” She resisted saying openly just yet that it now felt good to take it up the ass from a massive, thick cock but her groans of delight said it all. And already her body now starting to move under her own power to actively rock back against his thrusts, helping not just to keep him stuffed in deep but make a sinful clap ring out of her huge cheeks hitting off his desirable body.

“MMMMM! Like that, huh? MMMMM… A little trick I figured out I could do with chicks down at a strip club a couple weeks back…” He bragged with a smile, as likely any man would getting to be balls deep in the ass of Black Widow. Switching his gaze from watching her booty slap back into him firmly as he pumped away, to up and seeing the look of conflict but increasing pleasure on her face as the sweat started to drip off her features. “AHHHHH… I basically just rewired your body a little! MMMMM FUCK… Fuck that’s tight… MMMMM… So basically fucking you up the ass? MMMM… It’s the same now for you if I was actually fucking your pussy! MMMM! Probably even more intense actually banging your ass now!” He all too casually said and with a grin to match as she stared back with another stunning glare. Before making them both moan out when he pumped in deep and her rear squished into him as they matched one another with now perfect timing. Her ass gliding back along his inches as he drove in before the two pulled away but never too far so his cock never left her still snug passage.

“AHHHHHH SHIT!! You w-what?!? That’s… AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMM!! T-That’s cheating!! MMMMM!! I said impress me!! N-Not… OOOOOOOH FUCK!!” Despite trying to object, the growing pleasure was too much to resist as her red haired head tilted back once again as her eyes looked up. Even without directly rubbing her pussy, juices were starting to drip down and catching onto the couch she was still kneeling on. Almost taking his dick doggy style as her hair swayed back and forth in time with his deep thrusts. That slap of her rump hitting into his body getting sharper as now that she’s not just being pleasured but is used to his prick? His motion is stiffening to give it to her nice and hard like not only a woman like her deserves, but one she had an ass made to handle. “UHHHHH!! FUCKING DAMN IT!! AHHHHH!! I-It feels… FUCK!! It feels… F-FUCKING GOOD!! MMMMMM!!” She had to admit with a loud moan. Her hand slapping the couch almost like a tap out of submission as her juices trickles down her thigh, both over the top of her body suit and down under it from the hole torn at her crotch. Gasping out and this time in delight as he further showed his own skill but still pumping away even with an ass as tight and as thick as hers.

“MMMMM… And I am impressing you!” He stated the obvious as he carried on drilling her with his meaty prick. Looking like fucking wide, stunning backsides like this was second nature to him as he even dared to use the Gauntlet to squeeze her rump as it pushed back into him. His cock only leaving her rump for a few inches before driving back in to make them both moan out. “AHHHHH… You never said anything about me not using a cheeky little boost or two along the way!” He pointed out as the position here, let alone their expressions, showed a total turn around compared to when she was intimidating him before the action got underway. Putting the Avenger though the sort of anal hammering that seasoned porn stars would struggle to handle. In turn, her back passage was still remaining snug all around his thick cock despite the repeated, deep and now hard pounding she’s taken.

“FUCK… FUCK… FUCK!!” The red haired head began hanging down low as she panted out, but still able to slam her curvy body back and forth to take this thrusts to the hilt into her anal passage. His balls slapping off her skin and the hole torn at her rump now ripped to fully expose all that glorious, plump backside as it continued to shake away with each shift she did and every slap back against the man pounding her. “UHHHHH!! OH FUCK! SHIT!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!” She gasped out in delight as her eyes were looking upward. Overwhelmed by the pleasure from having a mega sensitive back passage that was able to get off on taking a huge dick even more so than her actual snatch would be able to. So even as battle tested and skilled as an agent and assassin as she is? This was a whole different kind of test that even the infamous Black Widow had no chance against.

That further proven as this regular man, but more than powered up thanks to the Infinity Gauntlet, managed to make Natasha cum hard from fucking her juicy backside. Her tilting back as she let out a long and loud moan that was once thought unthinkable from the unbeatable, unbreakable Black Widow. But under this more than unusual circumstances she couldn’t help but give into the action she’d agreed to. Her pussy leaving more juices flowing down over and seeping under her body suit she wore, adding to the mess of sweat already leaving the material stuck to her. Groaning as the thrusts still kept coming, making her feel every moment of easily the most intense high she’s ever had in either life.

Her back passage clamping around his prick left him grinning as he moaned out. Only able to handle so much himself even at this impressive level (and greatly aided by the Gauntlet and the Stones of course). Moaning out as he began to unload deep into her back passage, sending hot seed splattering into that already well fucked and stretched out back passage. The sensation actually making her howl out again as a flicker of a smile came over her lips for a moment as her eyes rolled back. Hitting another sudden orgasm that helped to milk his cock with a further grip around that pulsing dick while he pumped in and out. His seed, and clearly a vast amount to match the size of his cock, already oozing out from her asshole even before he’d pulled out. Thrusting away as the deep dripped past his inches before finally he left that gaping asshole. Leaving his seed to drip back out to join the mess of her juices down her thighs and over the couch.

“You… You bastard…” Natasha groaned, finally looking back over her shoulder at him through her messy red hair.
“What? From making a mess of you?” Daniel smirked with pride, and quite rightly at defeating her like this. “Or from winning this little bet of yours?”
“Y-You only won from using the Gauntlet!” She snapped, pushing herself up from the couch. “You could have just used it to control me and get what you wanted from me...”
“But instead? You challenged me, and you agreed to everything. Including me tapping that fine ass of yours.” Marcus countered. “So face facts, I won! And if I recall right…”

“Shut up!” She narrowed her eyes, moving to sit on the edge of the couch as she looked up at him. “I know what a sick bastard like you wants.” She claimed, but didn’t exactly show an innocent side of herself in the next moment as she took a hold of his semi-hard cock. Guiding it into her mouth to make him moan as she wrapped her full, plump lips around his size. A telling groan let out by her as without even being ordered to, she was willingly bobbing along his dick. Slurping away as she cleaned off not just his own cum from off his inches, but the taste of her own back passage as she sucked him off. Going ass to mouth without hesitation and without even gagging, despite this being the first time she’s gotten the flavour of her freshly fucked backside.

“MMMMM… Shit… Can’t complain about that…” He wisely said, even though he clearly had plenty of advantages and powers over the newly resurrected Avenger. Staring down to watch that sweat-coated, gorgeous face slide up and down along his dick. Getting him rock hard already as she cleaned off the spunk and the flavour of her own rear from off of him and his own stamina was impressive in itself. Nicely matching her having energy left to suck him off as she smoothly ran her full lips back and forth along him to make them both moan. “Mmmmm… Something tells me you want too this though, Natasha…” He said with a handsome smile. Even if the remark made her glare through her red locks left messily across her features in a form of her defiance. Even though, aside from her willingly servicing him here, there was a hint of desire in her stare as she bobbed away on him.

“MMMMPHHH… MMMMM… HMMMMMPHHH…” She groaned around his dick, showing off her own oral skill as she pumped along half of his meaty length. Going hands free about it too as she placed her gloved palms onto his thighs for support. Leaving her free to rock her head back and forth to make her hair sway in time with the motion. Focusing on this task even as spunk from the previous round of sex leaked out of her still gaping asshole as she sat. “MMMMM… MMMPHHH… MMMMM…” The saliva coated his rod now, dripping down her chin as she steadily slurped and showed that while a novice at anal, she was no stranger to take on some cock with her oral hole. Those ripe lips perfectly stretched around his tool as she worked him over with a smooth and steady pace. The kind of sucking that would easily make any red blooded male, former SHIELD Agent or otherwise, blow a load in a minute with this level of skill.

No such risk here as even after not long orgasming himself, he was fully erect at his massive, long size. Taking her deep sucking off with a smile as he moaned out and watched the saliva drip from his thick inches. Seeing it trickle down her neck and hit onto the exposed skin provided by her zipped down body suit. Leaving those rounded tits deliciously shining while she worked over his tool. Rightly revelling in this moment as he even dared to use he hand wearing the Gauntlet to stroke back some of her hair before holding the back of her head. Making her eyes narrow and not totally with desire, but even so she didn’t once stop bobbing as she got a full taste of his prick as he experienced her soothing and wet mouth.

“MMMMM… MMMMPHHHH… HMMMMPHHH!!” Even if her plan had been to try and blow him to provoke an early finish at the start of this all, she was clearly seeing this man’s ability to handle her top notch sucking at this late stage would have blown that right out of the water. Leaving her groaning around his size as even with her outrage at being summoned back to life just to be fucked like a lowly whore, it was clear she didn’t hate this situation. Her nipples still rock hard and poking through her clothing, while her hips shifted in a squirm of need. “MMMMMPHHH… MMMMM… MMMMMPHHHH…” At least here she was being allowed to go at her own pace. Her eyes widening when the fat crown of his dick hit the back of her mouth for a slight recoil. Showing again that this was far more cock than she was used to but keeping her pace going. Easily leaving his length slick with her spit despite leaving a mess across her own tits as her bodysuit along with the skin got soaked as the saliva drooled off her chin and from his inches.

“Mmmm… So, you just gonna blow me for the rest of the day?” Daniel asked with a smile. “Ahhhhh… Or do I still need to impress you some more?” He said, using her own challenge (even as she’s already lost it by a wide margin) against her.
Hearing that, another starting to be familiar narrow eyed gaze was sent up at him as she slowly lifted off from his cock. “I figured a sick, typical male like you would just enjoy a real woman doing all the work for him…” Natasha scoffed, still sounding defiant even in the situation she’s ended up in.
“Oh, now if you want to do the work?” He smirked, brushing off her insult as he moved down to sit on the couch. “Bring your fine ass over here and sit down on my dick again.”
“Again?? You just came in there!” She protested, knowing clearly how sinful that fact is, let alone engaging in anal once again.
“And you just spent like ten minutes just sucking me off after I’d just been between those cheeks!” He pointed out. “Now quit stalling, and come let me show you another good time like I know we both want.”

“Fucking asshole!” She snapped but once again, without having to be forced to, she moved and climbed up onto his lap to face him with a glare at the Gauntlet as his hands took a hold of her waist. Leaving her to, as he’d called her out on, to do the work as she reached down. Guiding his prick back into her already well fucked, still gaping and now cum-stained asshole. The feeling of his own spunk staining his rod not putting him off at all as once he was back inside her the two were moaning out again. A slight grind down to readjust to being filled up before she put her hands onto his shoulders for support. Yet again having to swallow her pride, knowing how massively defeated in more ways than one she has been here as she began to ride his cock.

“OH FUCK!! MMMMM!!” Instantly, the Black Widow remembered how she ended up in this particular ruined state. Her asshole was now mega sensitive and just the first bounce on his cock sent pleasure racing through her curvy frame to get her pussy moist all over again. Her thick cheeks smacking off his legs when she dropped down before using her own strength to lift herself up and repeat the motion. “GOD… DAMN IT! MMMMM!! DAMN YOU!! AHHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMM!!” Even in her anger her moans were clear and loud as she made her hair bounce while driving her body up and down. Her tits shaking in front of his grinning face as she worked over every inch of this thickness with her snug asshole. Her back passage managing to still be more than pleasurably tight around his size even after the repeated action she’s taken over the course of her new ‘life’ thanks to the Gauntlet’s power.

“MMMMM SHIT… Come on, Natasha! It’s not all bad, right? MMMMM… Feels real fucking good to me!” He stated the obvious as he moaned out. More than happy to let her try and prove whatever still resisting point her brain was clutching onto at this point. All he knew was even at this second round of anal it felt just as fantastic as the first one, even with this position leaving him unable to see those plump cheeks hitting into his body. The feeling more than making up for it as he groaned out as her asshole firmly glided up and down his shaft. Resulting in a little bit of the cum from the first load oozing back down his rod as the motion left the jizz leaking out sinfully. “AHHHH FUCK… Maybe we can cut a new deal? MMMMM… Where you can get my cock any time, any place you want it? MMMMM! Sounds like… AHHHHH SHIT… A winner to me!” He stated between moans but wasn’t even looking right at her. His gaze following the jiggle of her tits, fighting to stay within her signature bodysuit that only had a hole ripped at the crotch. Allowing her juicy ass to stick out and be accessed as she handles his dick at a smooth, firm pace up and down.

“MMMMM!! SHUT UP! AHHHHH!! YOU BASTARD! OOOOOOOH!! FUCKER!! FUCKING… AHHHHH!! ASSHOLE CREEP! MMMM!!” The Russian panted out as she raised and lowered her rump sharply along his fat dick. Not exactly looking like a saint herself as she took his dick balls deep up into her own ass, leaving her juicy cheeks clapping off his toned body over and over again as she sat on his lap. Her juices still dripping down from her snatch, aroused without being even rubbed as the power of the Stones has rewired her body to be as thrilled by this deeply stuffing, big cock anal sex as she would be if her twat was actually being hammered. “AHHHHH!! FUCK YOU!! Y-YOU SICK… MMMM!! DISGUSTING… AHHHHH SHIT… N-NASTY SCUMBAG!!” She groaned out as sweat dripped off her nose and cheeks. Her flaming red hair a total mess with more than a few strands left stuck and swept across her features. Yet even so, she still found the energy to keep driving her perfect body up and down to slam fuck her asshole under her own power. Howling out in delight each time she dropped down to fill herself up with a cock she’s now extremely familiar with.

He just grinned, once again showing off that at least in sexual terms he’s more than a match for even a stunning heroine like her. Taking her insults as dirty talk as he kept himself busy by reaching upward. Pulling her zipper finally all the way down and making her rounded, more than generously sized tits spill free. Wasting no time in grabbing those mounds with both hands and squeezing gleefully as Natasha let out a louder moan of delight at the touch. Her body betraying her mocking words as her chest pushed out towards his hands to encourage the grip and he dug his fingers in. The effect even more profound with the hand encased in gold and the Stones as she had more than enough flesh to jiggle in his grip. Spilling out around the digits as her tits bounced while she still delivered a red hot ride to him as his thick length.

“AAAAAAAAAHHH!! AAAAAAAAHHH MMMMMMM!!” Despite her own views on the wrongs and rights about this situation, the pleasure overwhelming her even left her hand gripping onto the Gauntlet clutching her tit. Still managing to bounce away and keep her thick rump crashing into his lap to fill up her back passage with meaty dick again and again. A sight all the more outstanding considering she’s already came once during this wicked encounter but has found the energy again to unleash a ride that on its own would rank right up there with the most experienced of adult film performers. “MMMMM OH FUCK!! OH GOD!! AHHHHHH FUCK!!” She gasped as the sweat left her face layered and dripped from her wrecked hair. Looking like she was in a trance with her body functioning on autopilot. Fuelled by once unthinkable pleasure from anal sex, enhanced by the very Gauntlet and Stones she’d once fought and given her life for to try and stop.

“MMMMM! Fucking Hell! God damn that’s… MMMM!! Amazing shit! MMMMM!!” Daniel grunted out. Only now sweating himself, but showing again the limits even with unnatural powers at his disposal as he let the stunning Russian go to town on his prick. His inches nicely clamped by her back passage to ensure he moaned out as she rammed up and down. Leaving him able to lean in and flick his tongue at her hard nipples. Groping at her rack while she bounced and giving her an extra boost of pleasure from his tongue, already skilled enough from the display he’d given when eating her ass earlier. Showing that even as she does all the work to handle his dick, he’s more than happy to give some back to the beauty who has gone from trying to attack to now acting like a personal fuck toy as she bounces away on his length.

“FUCK!! FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUUCK AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!” Lost once again in the mind-numbing pleasure, Natasha arched back as far as her body, gripped by the tits, could allow with her head tilting the same way. Near drooling in delight as another powerful orgasm ripped through her body. Leaving her shuddering rather than bouncing on his dick, impaled with her ass slapped down into him. More than enough to keep thrilling him as her cheeks ground down into him and her tits shook in his firm grasp. “AHHHHHH… AHHHHH!!” If not for his hold on him, she might have collapsed all at once off of him from the high. Her snatch dripping fluids to make more of a mess over his crotch and leave her signature body suit stuck on almost like a second layer of skin. Perhaps thankful that even while leaning right back and her eye twitching from the intensity, the man she was riding missed that again lewd but brief smile that she had as she rode out the second, just as strong peak of the day.

Her new existence for from over however as he grinned. Finally letting go of her tits so he could grab her waist, but even then just in order to lift her up and off from his throbbing cock. Setting down as she near slumped to the floor. Leaving him smirking as he took a hold of her with the Gauntlet by that sweat-soaked red hair to keep her face in line with his shaft. The other hand quickly pumping his dick as Natasha was able to focus. Glaring again at this shameful scene but tellingly, doing nothing to resist or move back as she clearly knew what was coming. Closing her eyes but not bothering to clear away the strands of hair away from herself.

A fitting, creamy facial soon arriving when he let out a deep grunt. Thick blasts of hit spunk splattering over the face of the Black Widow. Coating her forehead, nose, cheeks and over those full lips. Plenty hitting into the loose strands of her red hair stuck already from the sweat, but some catching into her locks at the sides of her face and the top. All in all an extremely sticky mess that had jizz dripping off of her even as he stroked out the sizeable load. Seeing spunk dripping down to land onto her tits as her chest heaved for long overdue air. Hearing a groan from her as she took the facial that left her looking like she’d just been unloaded on by a trio or more of men rather than the one mega powered pervert.

“Mmmmmm… Fucking Hell!” He smiled, letting go of his tool. “Yeah, I think we both ended up winners out of this one!” Daniel remarked, still remembering the ‘bet’ the two had that led to all this shameless sex.
Making sure her eyes were at least clear, Natasha still glared up at him even with her face coated. “If you think I can forgive this so easily? You can fucking think again!” She snapped as she stared up at him.
“Which part? Me resurrecting you? The ass fucking? Or me branding your face just now?” He grinned, knowing now he didn’t have as much to fear from her like earlier on. Especially with her in such a messy state.
“...Fucking asshole.” She growled as she leaned in. Lapping at his cock with her tongue to clean off the seed from his limp prick without him even ordering it. “You need to take responsibility for me now, you know… I can’t just return back to SHIELD or the Avengers now…”

“Mmmmm… Like I said, I’ve got plenty of space here…” He all too casually said. “And there’s plenty space in the fridge and cupboards for more stuff… So I’ll play my part and be a good host for you.”
“You bastard… I mean more than just that…” She stared again, but her cold look more than ruined by all the jizz dripping down her features.
“Sounds like another bet that I’ll take…” Daniel said, relaxing back as he flaunted the Gauntlet on his hand. “But don’t worry… I can handle anything now… And I don’t just mean from you either.”
“We’ll see about that… Those Stones bring destruction, and I know trouble is going to follow you.” Black Widow warned as she sat back. “But for now? You need to give me that house tour… And specifically show me the shower. Now.” She ordered.
“That? That sounds like a more than reasonable deal.” Daniel agreed. Not sounding like he was taking her warning as seriously as he should. “But you know, I guess I could snap the old fingers and make all that cum just…” He tried to offer.
“Bathroom. Now.” She bluntly demanded with a cold glare.
“Yep. Sure. Let’s go.” Even with all the power at his disposal, he was wise to agree. Especially considering all the potential consequences, good, bad and pleasurable that comes with having an officially dead Avenger as a new housemate.

* * *

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Re: MCU: Guy With a Gauntlet [Black Widow, Darcy Lewis]
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the comic book or movie characters, places, storylines etc or their actors etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Marvel, the Marvel Cinematic Universe or any associated character, or any actor etc who depicted any characters therein.

Starring: Darcy Lewis, Black Widow.

Guy With a Gauntlet – Chapter Two

An erotic fan-fiction story.   

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])
Codes: Cons, MF, oral.

* * *

The following is set in a canon-divergent, alternative universe. Variations from original source material will occur as a result.

* * *

“You’ll… UHHHH! Never… AHHHHH! Get… MMMMM FUCK! HARDER! Get away with this you know! MMMM!!” The Black Widow panted out as she rocked back and forth against the stiffly thrusting dick of her… Master? Boss? Room-mate? Certainly the only reason why she was once again in the realm of the living. The same man who was driving his fat, long shaft into her dripping wet snatch. Fucking the once feared assassin and spy doggy style on his couch as he watched her juicy ass clap back hard into his crotch. “MMMMM! I’ll be discovered one day you know! MMMM! People will find me! AHHHHH! OH FUCK! DEEPER! MMMMM!” She ranted between loud moans. Clearly keeping up an act that she hated this sex, even as she willingly fucked herself on that thrusting prick. Enjoying some ‘perks’ of her retirement from heroics as she paid her ‘rent’ in the form of some red hot action.

“MMMM… Sure, babe… You said that last week too…” Daniel Marcus replied with a wide smile. Matching her pushes back with his hard thrusts. Allowing him to go balls deep into the pussy that was clutching around his dick and making him moan out too as he ploughed in and out of the Russian’s twat. He was playing along with her too, seeing through her words as he kept Natasha moaning out as they worked against one another. “MMMM… Bet you’ll fucking say it tomorrow too.” He added as he used one hand to boldly, perhaps bravely as well considering who he was nailing, deliver a harp slap onto her ample backside. The flesh jiggling wildly and making her groan before she glared back with, as expected, a look mixed with being pissed off and loving it. His other hand resting on the back of the couch, showing off the shining Infinity Gauntlet complete with the full set of Stones. Which were allowing him, amongst other things, to be able to keep up with the intense beauty as she was just as much fucking his dick with her pushes back as he was thrusting in.

“AHHHH! FUCK YOU!! MMMM!! BASTARD! OOOOOOOOH FUCK!!” Natasha hissed as she kept her full cheeks clapping back off his toned frame as they two shamelessly went at it. Sweat leaving a shine across the Russian’s body as she bucked back against his pumps. Her long flaming hair swaying and starting to stick to her frame as she kept herself up on her hands and knees in order to take his cock. “MMMM! DON’T FUCKING STOP! OH FUCK! OH GOD!!” She panted again as her eyes began to roll upward. The effects of enjoying another lengthy hour of action with perhaps the only man in either of her lives that has been able to keep up with her, let alone satisfy her. The dripping state of her twat proof of that she slammed herself back and forth to make a crack of their bodies hitting off one another ring out around the penthouse apartment.

“MMMMM SHIT… If you fucking insist, then sure! MMMM!” The lucky hunk smiled as he kept on thrusting away. Feeling her love tunnel tighten around his dick and, knowing her history, had no worries about being balls deep into her with this bareback sex. Helping himself to spank her juicy rump again once in a while as he focused on drilling her slot over and over with his meaty length. “Got to keep… MMMMM! My flat-mate happy after all!” He added as he kept that swift and firm pace going. His own deep groans and the moisture all over him showing that even with powers at his disposal, he still needed to bring plenty of effort to match the supreme skill and stamina of an Avenger and her wicked needs. Smiling away as he got to bury his dick into her twat while she drove back in such a harsh, rapid way that he wouldn’t even need to really thrust into her as she was doing even more work than he was in this sex session.

“FUCK! FUCK!! FUCKING CUMMING! I’M CUMMING AGAIN DAMN IT! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUCK!!” She yelled out as her red haired head tilted back in delight and she moaned out into the air. Her body slamming back and staying pressed into him as she came nice and hard. Coating his dick with more juices as her body only jolted forward now when he sent a thrust in to make her briefly rock and keep her booty shaking. Knowing to making sure that she got to ride out all of her peak as the moans poured out of her and he eased off the speed and force of his pumps. “MMMMM… Bastard! I’ll beat you next time…” She growled as she looked back over her shoulder, licking her lips with obvious approval as he pulled out of that well fucked, dripping snatch. “Now bring it here!” She demanded but even before he could move, Natasha was moving around herself to still be on her hands and knees but now facing the man who had just been fucking her.

“MMMM! SHIT!” Daniel moaned out as the Black Widow greedily took his prick between her pouty lips. Sinking not just down onto him, but deeply to take him beyond the confines of her oral hole and into her hot, snug throat. Her tongue lashing out and up at the cock that had just come from straight out of her pussy. Happily cleaning off her own juices as she slurped and sexily choked on his thick inches as her head bobbed up and down. Her eyes locked up with a smouldering gaze that alone would make a man cum in a second as she sucked him off. Replacing her own fluids with her spit as she slurped and groaned. “Did you fucking skip breakfast today or something with… MMMM SHIT… How fucking hungry you are? AHHHHH FUCK!!” He moaned out as he stared down at the quick pace of her head working along his dick. Having to use his hand to sweep her hair back as she was so focused on this blowjob she didn’t want to waste a second with any other task.

“MMMMMPHHH! GAAAAAAAAHH! HHHHHRRRKKK!!” Natasha gagged as she pushed her stunning face down onto his pole. Making her plump lips press against his base while his balls met her chin. Deep throating like she was more of a product of a porn studio than of The Red Room. Leaving his inches slick with her saliva as it started to pulse between her perfect set of cock suckers. “GAAAAHHH… MMMMMPPHHH… HHHHHRRRKKK…” Despite the daily, sometimes more than that, sessions the two have had, she still wasn’t quite used to the full size of him yet inside her oral tunnel but she wasn’t let that stop her. Driving her gorgeous features right down before sliding up to barely make the halfway point on him before repeating the motion. Still keeping her tongue flicking up as she didn’t want to delay getting another reward out of this.

“MMMM FUCK! Here it fucking cums!” He warned as he pulsed between her lips. Just enough time for her to pull off and start pumping his cock as she held her mouth open wide to aim the crown down at him. Groaning as the shots of hot, thick spunk began to fire out and fill her hungry hole up. The tail ends of some shots missing the mark a little, leaving her lips stained and hitting her cheek but still giving her mouth more than a massive helping to leave her almost overflowing with the jizz. Unable to help herself as even before he was done she pressed together and used a single sinful gulp to swallow it down. The last drops pumped out onto her pouty lips before she brought the mushroom head in and wiped it across her lips to give herself a glaze with his load.

“Mmmmm… You bastard…” Natasha licked her lips clean as she let go of his dick and sat back. “One of these days you’ll get worn out and you’ll cum first, then I’ll win.” She claimed but with the lusty tone she was using, she didn’t sound too convincing like she even wanted to beat him.
“If you say so…” Daniel just smiled as he moved off the couch. “You’re welcome to try again tomorrow… Or knowing you, probably tonight.”
“Asshole…” She smirked as she moved to stand up. “I need a shower. And no, you can’t join me.” She told him, giving him a shove on the arm to make him stumble back as she walked off. A glance back as she caught him checking out her thick ass as it swayed as she rolled her eyes at his grin before continuing on.
“I’ll just join you after the evening fuck then.” Marcus called out with that cheeky smile.

OK then, so to recap? Daniel Marcus used to be a regular Joe who was a low ranked SHIELD Agent. Then on a boring stock checking mission he found, against all probability, the infamous Infinity Gauntlet complete with all of the Infinity Stones in a mysterious chest. Then, even more unlikely than that, he was able to use it and its powers. But thankfully for the rest of the universe he had no plans of ruling the world or snapping half of existence into dust. He instead decided to give himself a life of luxury – debts paid, bank account filled and a new fancy sky-high home to live in with all the gadgets he could dream off at a snap of his fingers.

Oh, and he also had managed to summon the Black Widow back from the dead as a new fuck buddy. Their ‘relationship’ not strictly seeing eye to eye still, but in the week of her now existing once again they had found being friends with benefits extremely satisfying. Helping to balance out the slight regret she had for not being able to do any heroics any more (if the world saw that one person was back from the dead, goodness knows everyone would want dead relatives back and who knows who else). Amazing how some rounds of good, hard, mind-shattering sex can make even Natasha come around to idea of enjoying herself for a while. That and giving her an installed gym in one of the spare rooms of his apartment was keeping her entertained for now.

Good, now we’re up to date. Just as well, as just as Daniel had pulled his jeans back on there was a buzz at his door. “Did I order something else for Nat?” He thought out loud, pulling his shirt hastily on as he went to the door and looked through the peep hole. “I don’t remember ordering a cute babe with glasses, but I’ll take her!” He chuckled as she stepped back. Remembering to use the powers and make his Gauntlet appear invisible to the normal eye before opening the door. “Can I help you, Miss?” He asked with a friendly smile.

“Hey, sorry to like, bother you at this time of day…” The woman said, holding what seemed to be some sort of metal box with a screen and a rotating antenna disc on the top. “Oh, hang on, I got my ID here…” She said, before producing a little wallet and holding up the card side to him. Even if the ID was actually upside down. “Darcy Lewis. Well, Doctor Lewis actually but whatever. I’m on assignment for the new SHIELD group. Doing like, some scanning in the area, fact finding, trying to find UFOs and that kind of stuff.” The gorgeous dark haired woman said as she rambled a bit. Her curvy body hidden under baggy clothing of a sleeved sweater top with jacket and dark pants. With a wool hat on her head and a set of fashionable glasses.

“Oh? That’s, uh, neat I guess?” Daniel said. Scanning to him sounded like she might be looking for the powers his Gauntlet has. “Do you want to come in and look around or something?” He offered as he stepped back and held the door open.
“Yeah? Wow, thanks.” She eagerly walked in. “No body in the lower floors wanted anything to do in me. One jerk just slammed the door in my face. People suck sometimes.” Darcy said. “I just need to like scan from higher up. It’s like there’s some sort of power source around here but I need to like, triangulate readings and pinpoint where it’s coming from.” She explained while Daniel closed the door. “Nice place. You open for a room-mate?” She remarked, looking around his lavish home as she walked across the room towards the balcony glass windows.
“Uh, I guess I could whip up a form? Does SHIELD work pay well?” Daniel joked as he followed her over. Opening up the door for her.
“Well I get a better rate than most of the grunts pounding the streets. I helped save the world a couple of times.” Darcy smugly said as she took a moment to glance over him. “What did you say your name was again?”
“Daniel.” He replied as the two stepped out to see the view of the city. Still not letting on to her that what she might be detecting has a lot to do with the Gauntlet he’s keeping hidden from sight.

“Neat. So yeah, I’ll only like be a minute or two and then I can head off.” Lewis said, putting her machine onto a table on the deck and pressing a few buttons. “I’d explain how it works but it might melt your brain. Fancy, astrophysics kinda stuff.” She casually said with a shrug as he watched the disc begin to rotate.
“Oh I’ll leave that to an expert like you then.” Marcus said with a chuckle. “Can I get you something to drink? Coffee? Cola? Beer?”
“Damn, already offering me a drink? At least take me out to dinner first.” Darcy joked back with a flirty tone, clearly enjoying the company of handsome man as she stood back up.
“Hey, sorry! Didn’t mean to offend…” He joked back. “Besides, I’m kinda not in the market for looking for a girlfriend at the moment.”
“Oh, I can understand that. I once ended up hooking up with someone who was supposed to be my Intern. Things got kinda messy.” Darcy remarked as the two went back into his main room. “But you’re saying your single? Huh. I thought the kind of single, rich, bachelor guys like you with these big homes only were in movies or those TV shows.”

“And it’s not every day I just let a cute babe like you just walk into my home and put your fancy government machines down.” Daniel countered with a smile.
“Heh. You got me there.” Darcy nodded as she looked over him again. “...Wanna hook up? I mean, my machine might take a while to run through its stuff and all…” She all too casually offered.
“Oh fuck yeah!” Marcus grinned as she eagerly reached down, undoing his jeans and shoving them down. Giving Darcy something to analyse as her eyes went wide behind her glasses, seeing the thick slab of man-meat he was packing.
“Oh shit! Now that? That’s way fucking bigger than my Intern was!” Lewis grinned as she didn’t hesitate to slip down to her knees. “Fuck it, that’s bigger than anyone I’ve screwed before… How the Hell are you single with a dick like this?” She questioned as she reached up and grabbed his dick.
“Something tells me you don’t really want to know… Or really care.” He laughed as her hand pumped along him to start to get him hard.

“Yeah, you got me there.” She shrugged again. “OK, let’s see if you can last longer than the rest of my guys I’ve had.” Darcy said, guiding his dick into her oral hole. Her massive, plump lips wrapping around his thickness with a little stretch as they both groaned out. Keeping a grip of his base as she started to pump up and down on him with her mouth. Giving a sample of the warmth and dampness she had to offer as she knelt and looked up. All to eagerly blowing a man she’s not just met, but basically invited herself into his home only to hook up with him. Moaning around his member as she enjoyed between filled up by such a size of dick and hearing his own groans of approval. Not even knowing that this same cock had just been sucked off minutes before and showing off his skill he was rock hard again minutes later to enjoy another stunning beauty.

“MMMM… I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, Darcy…” He stated with his own confident smirk as he looked down. Her cute, glasses-wearing face sliding up and down along his member as she let her full, juicy lips pump along his meaty length to make him moan out. Feeling saliva being applied already onto him as Lewis worked up and down to suck him off. Showing off that, as she hinted to, this is far from the first time she’s serviced a man with her talented oral hole. Having to use her free hand to brush her long hair back when it fell out of place. Already using an eager motion to blow him as her own groans of approval were muffled by all that man-meat she was stuffing into her mouth.

“MMMMM… MMMMPHHH… HMMMMMPHHH…” The beauty who has been associated with Thor in the past continued to moan around this big dick as she pushed her mouth further down onto his size. Feeling the fat crown of his length connecting with the back of her soothing mouth as she slurped away up and down. Her fingers unwrapping from the base as her face got closer in and her eyes naughtily narrowed as she enjoyed herself more and more now that he was proving his own bragging right by lasting inside of her fantastic mouth. “MMMM! GAAAAAAAAHHH… HHHHRRRLKKK… MMMM…” Hitting in deep to her mouth, and further than any lover before had been equipped enough to reach, made Darcy begin to gag on his dick when she bobbed down onto him. Even so, she was enjoying herself too much with his no-strings-attached hook-up that she didn’t let the sudden discomfort from choking let it stop her from sucking him off.

“MMMM… Shit! No need to hurt yourself, babe! MMMM… Unless you want to…” He said as he kept watching her. Seeing her looking up through her eyewear as she plunged her face smoothly and steadily along his fuck-stick. Acting like quite the porn star with his level of cock sucking ability despite dressed up in such a covering way. Letting loose as she drove her oral hole up and down and made her saliva drool down his inches down to the base and her digits keeping him held and straight in place for her to work over. Plus, all her now constant choking helping to make a mess all over his inches and herself as well. Spit dripping down onto her top to begin to stain it while she fucked her gorgeous face on his huge dick.

“SSHHHRRLLPP… GAAAAAAHHH!! HHHHLLLKK… MMMMM!!” Showing again the rather sudden state of lust she’s in, Lewis fought through her gagging and pushed right down into his crotch. Making the wool material of the hat she wore rub against his toned midsection while her glasses rested against his skin too from the close contact. Gagging into his base as those huge lips of hers pressed down. “GAAAAAAAAAAHH!! HHHHKKKK!! MMMMMMPHHH!!” Her eyes briefly rolling back for a moment like she even couldn’t believe she was handling so much dick. Eventually having to pull up and off as she gasped and took in some air. Spitting down onto his prick and using her already sticky fingers to stroke it along his length as she caught her breath back.

“Oh, don’t fucking worry about me, stud! I’m way tougher than I look.” Darcy said with a confident smile, accompanied by a flirty wink as she pumped his dick.
“Sounds like there’s a story there.” Daniel remarked. Way more interested in getting a piece of her now that he’s proven he can last in her mouth.
“Maybe I can let you in on it next time.” Darcy said, shifting back as she let go of him. Staring to take off her baddy attire as she ditched the jacket. Nearly knocking her glasses of her face when she pulled her sweater top up and showed off a set of huge, rounded breasts set in a straining, sports bra-like underwear underneath.
“God damn! Those are some huge fucking tits, Darcy!” He stated the obvious as her choice of clothing had rather expertly hidden her major assets.
“Ain’t you a charmer?” Lewis smirked, like she’s seen and heard that kind of reaction before as she stood up. Her tits bouncing from the motion as she slipped her pants down. Her panties mismatching with a different colour and brand to the bra to show while she’s clearly down to fuck here and now, she hadn’t been planning on getting into a hook-up today. “Maybe you can get to have some fun with the ‘twins’ if you’re good to me?” She offered with another sexy wink as she took off her footwear too, so that she was left in just her underwear, woolly hat and her glasses.

“Hell yeah…” He wisely said as she took off his own top to toss it away so he was naked as he followed Darcy over to his couch as she invited herself to lay down on the spacious seating. Watching as he stepped in down at her crotch, spreading her legs as one hung off the couch and the other was held up to rest against the back. Leaving him free to reach down, pulling her panties to the side before he guided his dick, still slick with her saliva, into her snatch. Both of them groaning out as he pushed in, and in such a state of desire neither saw the issue with going in bareback with this action. Going to work now to repay the pleasure he’d gotten before while more than enjoying this himself already as his moans proved as he began to pump in and out. Not wasting too much time as he got into a steady motion and worked his fat inches into her snug pussy which was already, even before he’d gone into her, noticeably wet just from dishing out some head.

“MMMM FUCK! That’s fucking huge! MMMM! Fuck yeah!!” Darcy smiled broadly as she moaned out, already loving the feeling of his long, thick dick stretching her tight pussy out and he wasn’t even halfway deep inside of her. Staring down between her spread legs to see that dick vanish into her before pulling back out but the crown and an inch or two staying in before he thrust firmly back in. Her body jolting back with the stiff pace and making those mountains of hers jiggle in her bra to test what the material could handle. “MMMMM SHIT… Way fucking bigger than any of those dudes I banged before! MMMM! You sure you don’t… AHHHHH… At least need a side-chick at least? Part time girl? MMMMM!” She already was offering between her loud moans as she cast a saucy look up at him as her arms were back behind herself to rest her head into her hands. More than happy for him to show off what he and his huge dick could do to her snug, wet pussy. Filling her up nicely already and with plenty more to come as he pumped smoothly back and forth into the beauty who has been a heroine by association to the likes of Thor and Scarlet Witch in the past.

“AHHHHH… Can’t I at least take you out for dinner first before we talk about that… MMMM! That kind of thing?” He joked back as was finding it hard to keep eye contract with her with the more than hypnotic sight of her bouncing breasts going on each time he pumped into her folds with his shaft. Moaning out at how snug and wet her walls were all around his dick. The tightness proving her claims about past lovers weren’t just sweet talk to tell this particular hung stud what he wanted to hear. “MMMM… But I guess I might have room for a fuck buddy if you’re interested?” He said as he moved a hand in. Trying to cop a feel of her big rack but finding her hand playfully grabbing it to deny as she grabbed his wrist so they could only link like that. Still leaving him free to pump away, gradually fitting more and more of his prick into her needy, shamelessly moist twat to fuck the researcher and scientist on his own couch.

“MMMMM… Keeping giving it to me good like this? OOOOOOOH FUCK… I might make space for you in my contacts…” Lewis claimed as she licked her pouty lips, the idea obviously as appealing to her as it is for the hunk using his cock like a piston to drive into her box. Not exactly hiding her delight at this stiff action as her moans echoed around the penthouse apartment along his own cries of approval. The sweat beginning to form on her face while she used a hand to move us, pushing her glasses back along her nose from having slipped from her repeated jolting in response to handling such stiff pumps. “AHHHH SHIT! MMMM! Come on, get in deeper, babe! MMMMM… Make me fucking feel it… Make me wanna drain that fat fucking dick of yours with my huge fucking tits…” She poured on the dirty talk as the pleasure built inside of her. Sounding more like a seasoned porno starlet than an astrophysicist who has encountered more than one world threatening terror in her eventful life. But looking here as if she was built to be fucked and take a huge shaft like this, still clad in her bra and panties as her curvaceous frame shifted back and forth on the expensive couch as she took this pumping from a hunk she’s only just met today.

There was no way he was going to turn down such an offer from this busty dark haired babe. Staring down as he delivered an extra firm thrust to set them both off groaning as he buried himself balls deep into her wetness. Letting them both feel the sensations as her tunnel was stretched out to a limit she never knew she had before, while he enjoyed her inner walls being clamped around his thickness. Not pausing for too long as he got straight back to work as he thrust in and out. Now the slap of skin hitting off of skin ringing out with their groans as he pushed in to the hilt each time. Only letting a few inches be withdrawn so he could drive quickly back in much to both of their groaning approval. Taking full advantage of the ‘benefits’ being powered by a full set of Infinity Stones has to allow him to go at her with this sort of top notch pace when a pussy as good as hers (even with her being merely a normal woman in a world full of superheroes) would make a normal man blow a load within a couple minutes.

“OH FUCK! MMMMM FUCK YEAH! Come on! Harder! OH FUCK! Fuck that fucking pussy! MMMMM FUCK!” She demanded as she gasped out. Her lusty gaze now with more than a hint of awe for a round of sex that by far was some of the best she’s ever had, and made even better with it coming from the biggest, thickest cock she’s ever taken. A perfect match for a woman with outstanding curves like hers. Those huge tits now fighting to be contained in her straining bra with the sight of her areola having popped out from the top of her underwear thanks to the constant jiggling of her mounds. “MMMMM SHIT! It’s fucking so good! FUCK!! MMMMM! I fucking love it! OOOOOOOOOH FUCK!!” She groaned deeply as another firmly thrust drove balls deep into her, leaving her hat-clad head tilting back into the seating as she arched a bit. Her thick, delicious curves made for not just a hard fucking like this but to take a Size Queen level dick like this. His prick able to vanish smoothly into her snatch with ease now as his swift pace kept them both in a state of delight despite both of them having only locked onto one another a mere half hour before they began fucking.

It was only then, having enjoying a long shower and freshening up to change into a more casual outfit, that Natasha walked back into the room. Her eyes widening as she saw not just Daniel pounding away into someone else, but recognising the former associate of Thor and others in Darcy Lewis. Gritting her teeth a bit, like she was rather mad that she’s only been away for a short period and he was now fucking some other woman who wasn’t even a proper heroine like her. But she decided against making herself known to either of them as she slipped around the room. Glancing and noticing the still open doorway out to the balcony and the scanning device on the table. “Hmmmm…” She remarked as, with the two fully engrossed with one another, Natasha was able to sneak like a true spy over to the door and out onto the balcony to tinker with the machine.

“Mmmmm…” Daniel groaned as he pulled out of that wet pussy. “Wanna give me a ride, babe?” He offered before he reached down. Finally sliding her panties off her legs to take them off.
“Sounds fun…” Darcy smirked as she sat up and pushed him to sit on the couch they’ve been fucking on. Swinging a leg over to mount him as her back now faced with windows so both of them still didn’t see what the Black Widow was doing. “Only if you keep fucking me though.” She said as she reached down and to peel up that bra. Freeing those massive breasts of hers as she shook her hair a bit. Only wearing her cute hat and her glasses now as she moved her pussy back down onto his dick to take him back up inside of her.

To the shock of no one, especially the beauty now on top of her, Daniel didn’t respond with words but just with actions. Specially clamping both his hands onto those heavy, fantastic tits of hers as he began to deeply grope them. Setting her off to groan with approval as her own palms went onto the back of his to encourage the motion. His fingers able to deeply dig in and explore all that ample flesh of the intelligent stunner. Making her head tilt back as she got pleasured even before he’d given a single thrust as she was mounted on top. Like despite having such a huge chest, she hadn’t been treated to the expert touch like this from any previous lover before. Squeezing across her mounds and brushing fingers against the rock hard nipples topping them as even with just touching her life this her tits jiggled sexily like they were made to be played with.

Thankfully for her, he didn’t forget to take care of her other needs while he got lost in groping the biggest tits he’s come across in his life. Finally pumping his thick dick up into her soaking wet pussy and able to instantly get in balls deep into a slot that in just the one afternoon has become extremely familiar with his length. Treated himself as her inner walls gripped his tool perfectly with the right amount of snugness for pleasure with the pain of friction. Keeping juices running down his dick as he thrust up into her. Resulting in her juicy fun bags shaking once again to show that even in his firm grip, aided by her own hands on him, she had so much flesh on offer that it still shook about like they were in the middle of an Earthquake.

“OH GOD YES! AHHHHH FUCK! SO FUCKING GOOD! MMMM!! SO FUCKING BIG!! OOOOOOOH FUCK!” Darcy howled out in delight as she got to business herself to offer up her side of this ride. Moving up before dropping straight down onto his length with a hard slap as her often overlooked, more than generously meaty backside of hers slapped down with a delicious jiggle of its own. Plunging herself down to ensure she was stuffed full balls deep before lifting up along his cock just to repeat the motion. “COME ON! MMMM FUCK! HARDER! AHHHH FUCK! COME ON! MMMMM! NICE AND FUCKING DEEP!!” She gasped out as the sweat rolled down her face. Even her eyewear bouncing a bit on and along her nose as she all too eagerly rode on the huge cock of a man she’s only just met but is riding as if they’ve been fuck buddies for years. Her long dark hair flying about behind her with a couple of loose strands stuck to her cheek from all that forming moisture across her stunning body.

The red hot dirty talk was barely registering with him as his eyes were, and no one could exactly blame him for it, locked onto her heaving breasts as her shine of sweat made them even hotter. His cock doing the thinking for him (like it was doing anyway these days) and working on a wicked autopilot as it thrust up into the wet, hot and tight pussy of the scientist on top of him. His thrusts stiff and swift, nicely matching her own timing so that whenever he drove up into her box, she was dropping down as the slap of their crotches meeting rang out around his apartment. Filling her up to the hilt before he pulled out a little and she rose upward before they both came together for the next sinful impact into one another.

Leaning in, Daniel treated himself to even more of those outstanding tits from the woman who more often covers herself right up to keep such a vast chest hidden. Capturing a nipple into his mouth to give a loud slurp onto her tit while his fingers groped away at the mound for a little double team on the same tit. The attack getting her approval not just with another loud moan but her hand going to the back of her head to press his grinning face into her jiggling chest. Almost motorboating him as he had to turn his face to keep his mouth on the nub to suck away for a while before he pulled briefly off. Sucking in air quick before he slurped on the other nipple to get his fill of her mighty chest. At the same time showing her how a set of breasts like hers should be properly treated, further putting her previous lovers, Intern and otherwise, to shame.

“OH FUCK! OH GOD! AHHHHH FUCK YES! YES!! FUCK ME! OH GOD KEEP FUCKING MEEEEEE MMMM!!” Not that right now there was anything on her mind aside from getting the time of her eventful life on this thick, long dick that was pounding up into her soaking wet slot. Her inner walls managing to keep a tightness to still grip his vast size but stretched out now that if she had any other sex in the next week or so before she finally returned to her tightness, she’d be lucky to feel anything less than an extreme length sex toy inside her love tunnel. “FUCK! FUCK!! MMMMM FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUUCK!!” She panted as her eyes were staring upward with already a dazed look from her mind going numb with the pleasure. Still managing to work her body up and down as that big cock resizing her twat continued to drive up stiffly from underneath. Hitting a point now that she was more jolting back up from the impact of his hard pumps than merely bouncing under hew own power. The delight across her face showing she didn’t have too big an issue with that now at this late stage as she enjoyed the best action from the biggest dick she’s ever had.

The two of them being more than distracted with one another so that they didn’t notice Black Widow hacking into the device like it was child’s play to her. She was used to government high-tech machines of course. Ensuring the readings would be inaccurate to make it seem like there was no source of unusual energy here (as in the Infinity Gauntlet) and Lewis had followed at the very least a reading that had passed by. So Natasha was able to slip back inside unnoticed. Even as she had to pause and watch Daniel’s thrusting cock for a moment before shaking her head to regain her focus. Sneaking away from the main room to her bedroom as she decided to leave those two to their fun. And perhaps even a motivation to have her test him out for yet another challenge later in the evening which, ironically, he’d predicted she’d go for anyway earlier on. Just not knowing him fucking another woman would act as major motivation to get another piece of him.

“OH FUCK YEAH… CUMMING! OH FUCK YES! FINALLY GONNA CUM!” Darcy panted out with a wide, cock-drunk smile across those big pouty lips of hers as her eyes stayed staring upward. Her hands digging into the pair clamped onto her jiggling jugs as she jolted on his dick. Hitting a hard orgasm that soaked his prick even more than her dripping twat had managed to do already up to this point. Grinding down against his crotch as he continued to stiffly drive up, making her frame shift up with each pump as he fucked her through her peak without even being told to. “FUCK… OH SHIT… MMMMM… FUCK!! AHHHH…” For an intelligent beauty like her, she was for once near lost for words as she gasped out and her head hung down in the aftermath of the strongest sexual high she’s experienced so far. Purring out as he got in one more grope on her rack before letting go and pulling out of her well-hammered hole. His cock still rock hard as it was layered in her juices and that looked on the surface to be impressive on its own. But only a possibility thanks to the boosts he had from the Infinity Stones able to enhance his sex drive.

“So, about that ‘fuck buddy’ position?” Daniel said with a bragging and broad grin as he was about to move her off from him.
“Oh, I’ve got a fucking position for you alright!” Darcy grinned back as she, despite having just hit a peak, found the energy to move off of him herself. Going right down to her knees and spreading his legs so she could shift in. Bringing her rack right up to his lap and capturing his length between her often hidden away mounds.

“Be my fucking guest…” Marcus said as he saw his dick just about pop out from between those massive tits of hers as she sandwiched his prick between them with her hands on either side. Looking like this was far from the first time she’s put her boobs to use pleasuring a dick as she started to run them up and down his big dick. Not even caring that she was smearing her own pussy juices off the cock that’s just been balls deep in her twat now onto her already sweat-covered skin. Staring up through her glasses and still wearing her woolly hat as she delivered a swift titty fuck that already made her flesh slap down against his body when she drove her rack down before lifting up to repeat the action as he moaned out loudly. Nearly masking her own low groan as she got to enjoy the feeling of a big hot dick stuffed in between her mountains.

“Mmmmm yeah… Fucking like that? Like this big fucking tits fucking this huge fucking cock of yours? Mmmm… Yeah, I know you do! I can feel you fucking throbbing already…” Darcy purred out more filthy words while pumping her mounds straight up and down along his fuck-stick. Making his length vanish as she brought her boobs up before slamming them down with a clap ringing out as she hit his lap before sliding smoothly back along his thickness to do it all over again and again. “Mmmm… And you fucking wonder why I dress and keep these girls covered up? When I get fucking studs like you all worked up seeing them…” She claimed as she certainly showed some porn star level ability to handle his cock with her chest. Going from taking his dick balls deep in her mouth and pussy to now pleasuring him with her stunning, curvy body as she made those big tits bounce away on his length.

“MMMMM FUCK… Lucky fucking me then, huh?” He just grinned and stared down as his fat bell-end briefly popped out from between those jiggling mounds as she worked them up and down to keep him moaning as he sat on the couch they’ve been fucking on. Using the sort of wild and rapid pace on his tool that would make most red blooded men cum in seconds trying to handle this. A fitting end to the fun as his dick felt all that ample flesh all around him as she pressed in from the sides for a tight feeling that was a good to him as being in either of her holes. And being able to last perhaps even more impressive considering that, unknown to the beauty currently kneeling in front of her, that this wasn’t even his first session of sex of the day.

“Mmmmm! Bet you fucking say that… Ahhhhh… To all the babes you invite into your fucking rich, playboy house to fuck, huh?” She licked her lips as she groaned as his big cock drove up between her titties from her own pumping motion alone. No need for him to even thrust once as she happily, and eagerly, did all the work for him with the rapid pace. Keeping the bottom of her jugs slapping into his crotch when she drove them down for just another wicked sound to mix with his loud moans. “Come on! Mmmm! Fucking cum! I know you want to… A big fucking load and I want it all over me… Cover my fucking face, my fucking big tits… I don’t fucking care! Just fucking give it to me, stud! Come on!” She hissed as she fucked his fat dick with her fittingly huge tits. Going at him with a pace that adult film stars would kill to be able to replicate as she raised and lowered her rack along that cock that’s turned her from a brainy astrophysicist into a filthy succubus. Just as hungry for a sticky reward as she’d been for her hard orgasm just minutes before.

Needless to say, her rapid titty fucking combined with her dirty talk got her what they both were wanting. Just not expecting the sheer amount of hot spunk that blasted out of his prick as she couldn’t have known (not being let into the secret of him fucking like a God thanks to the Infinity Gauntlet) that he’d be packing a load just as big, if not even more so, than the size of his dick already. The first couple of shots hitting high to make her gasp as the lens of her glasses got coated with the tail ends of the blasts hitting onto her hat to stain it. A little hitting into her long dark hair at the sides of her face too as her cheeks, chin and those plump lips got hit. Most of his vast load of course landing across her huge tits as she kept them pumping over his dick to milk his dick dry. The seed hitting over her jiggling flesh to drip off down the sides and back into her deep cleavage to make even more of a mess over his dick.

“Holy shit!” Darcy laughed as she let go of her tits. Having to pull her glasses down to look up over the rims of them now they’ve been plastered with his spunk. “You really need me as your fuck buddy now if you’ve been backed up like this so much!” She claimed as she shifted back just so she could lean in. Groaning as she ran her tongue up his softening cock, scooping up the stained cum that had been left onto him from off her own tits as she got a taste of him with an approving moan.
“Guess I do… If you promise to keep letting me get a piece of those huge tits of yours.” Daniel said, sighing as she cleaned him up.
“I might… Maybe I might not just show up hiding myself up in three layers of clothes either.” Lewis teased with a wink as she sat back. “But fuck… Can I like, borrow a towel or something to clean up? Hell, a whole shower would be good right about now.”
“Down the hallway there…” He pointed. “Guess I can do a favour for my new buddy by letting her hog the hot water.” Marcus joked.
“I think you can afford it with a place like this.” She said as she stood up. Finding she had a slight limp in her step from the hard fucking as she headed off. “God damn that was some good dick… If Jane ever reappears she needs to get some of him to take her mind off of the space guy…” Darcy mumbled to herself as she headed to his bathroom.

“Those were some fucking awesome tits…” Daniel grinned as he sat back for a moment. “Maybe having a fuck buddy isn’t so bad after all… Well, I guess having two since I’ve already got one in Natasha…” He chuckled as he looked out the window. There seemed to be some message on that machine Darcy had been using about ‘No Energy Source Detected’ but he just shrugged. Something told him that whenever Darcy came back around to his place? It wouldn’t be a business call, but merely a booty one. And if he kept making friends like this in the world, even without them all knowing about his secret powers? He could see himself really enjoying life even more than he already was...

* * *

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