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Sex Party with Anna Kendrick - Episode 2 - Naomi Scott
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Sex Party with Anna Kendrick
Episode 2
Starring Anna Kendrick and Naomi Scott

"Hello and welcome back to Sex Party with Anna Kendrick. I am Anna Kendrick and I cannot believe I made it to a second episode. You guys raved about episode one so I hope you’re strapped in or on for this one, we're going international!"

The producers played the little opening jingle and Anna did a little spin in her chair, stopping in front of the microphone in time with the music.

"Guys, I've got to say the reviews for last week's show were awesome; who knew two boobalicious brunettes talking sex would be such a hit? Well this morning we have a sexy Charlie's Angel with us, such a cute accent that she could make you all hard by whispering hello. Please welcome the very sexy Naomi Scott to the show."

Anna stood up to lead the applause, the gallery joining in, as Naomi walked into the studio. In a stark contrast to last week, Naomi wore a form fitting dress that displayed a good amount of cleavage for her modest bust. She embraced Anna with a kiss of the cheek before sitting down in her chair.

"Naomi, you are bringing the sexy here huh? For those listening. Naomi is wearing a lovely red dress that shows every curve and a nice little red bra popping out slightly. I assume it's a marching set?"

"Of course, a nice little thong settled between my butt cheeks. My mother said you have to make sure you're wearing nice clean underwear, you'll never know when you'll be hit by a bus."

"That's a little morbid." Anna interjected.

"I think it was code for you never know when someone will rip them off and give you a good seeing to. Incidentally, and in no way related, how long is this interview?"  Naomi asked, causing her and the host to laugh.

"I think we all know it is. Speak up Naomi "

"You see it's the postseason for football so my husband is in the hotel room waiting for me. And he's made it clear what he wants."

Naomi reached over and handed the phone to Anna. The host looked at the photo of the naked black man with his six pack and hard cock on show.

"Holy shit!" Anna said in shock. "Well I hope there's an open invite because I know where I'm going after the show."

Anna handed the phone back to her guest before taking a moment to compose herself.

"So now we all know what you are doing after the show and that you love a dick pic, let's do our quick fire questions."

Anna picked up the cards and looked towards Naomi.

"What's your preferred hairstyle down below?"

"Oh wow!" replied Naomi. "Straight in there with that, huh? Um okay, well currently I'm clean shaving as I've just been sized up for a Merkin."

"That's a wig for your pussy." Anna whispered into the microphone.

"Exactly. Usually I prefer just a nice little landing strip. It points him in the right direction." Naomi said with a giggle.

"Nice! Public hair is really coming back in fashion. Face or boobs?"

"For the spunk? Well I'm not exactly packing up top like you so I'll say face out of those options but I really like him to finish on my arse."

"You an anal girl?"

"Giving or receiving?" Naomi asked back with a giggle. "For those listening, I do like it up the bum."

"You pegged your husband?" Anna asked with a smile; the image she saw in Naomi's phone at the front of her mind.

"No. I'll stick a cheeky finger up there but Jordan isn't really into it. I've pegged a couple of actresses though " Naomi replied winking at her interviewer.

"I think we definitely need to work on a film together then. All of this bum talk and you mentioning earlier that you have a thong on has got me riled up. Can I see?"

"Of course, but only if you return the favour."

Anna clapped her hands together and stood up from the desk. She walked around to Naomi who was also on her feet to meet the brunette actress. With a smile on her face; Naomi hiked up the form fitting dress to reveal her toned brown ass covered by the red thong. Taking Anna by surprise, Naomi bent down onto the table so she could take in the view a little bit better.

Anna leaned down to look at Naomi's soft brown skin before rubbing her hand along it. She was clearly well moisturised as her hand rounded the curve off her ass. Feeling a little cheeky, she made sure her hand went down a little further and rubbed against her pussy before pulling her hand away and ensuring Naomi was left teased.

As Anna walked away, Naomi stood back and put her dress back down. Anna looked over her shoulder and the British actress before lifting her own dress and flashing her pantyless ass. She bit her lip before settling back down and returning her head set.

"That is a killer ass, Jordan is a very lucky man let me tell you."

"You fucking tease." Naomi said. "But I think you should wear some panties."

"My show, my rules." Anna said with a smile. "However this'll potentially be the last time as we're having cameras installed in time for next week. Yes guys, you'll be able to watch the podcast!"

"I've seen who you've got on for the remainder of the series and I will be an avid viewer." Naomi added.

"Oh, this was supposed to be the quick fire question time. Shit! Um.. what is your favourite position?"

"I really like the lotus position. He goes so deep but it's also romantic and sensual."

"That's the one where you're both sitting up and facing each other, right?" Anna asked.

"That's correct."

"Nice! I'll have to try that out. Right guys, we’ll chat more with our guest right after these words from our sponsors."

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"Guys I cannot express enough, please support our sponsors as you'll be supporting us and helping us make this awesome podcast." Anna said as the show returned. "Now Naomi, we've established you're happily married to a crazy sexy hot guy, you're a bit of anal queen and, my word, do you look great in a thong."

"Thank you."

"But I have to ask, as an actress who has been able to have her own dalliances, hi Brie, I always want to hear what others get up to. Have you ever been naughty on set? Fully expecting a boring answer to this."

"Well both me and Jordan have jobs that keep us away and have temptation all around us so we came to deal. We can play away if we're not in the same place so he's had fun with these girls who've thrown themselves at him and I've had fun on set. Rarely with another actor though." Naomi answered.

"With who then? Come on Naomi, give us the raunch!"

"Well okay I was filming in Australia and this was during COVID but on the back end. Australia had really strict quarantine rules so I had to spend two weeks in a hotel room. But it was less strict so I had a balcony with a great view of the Gold Coast so plenty of sunbathing time. I was right below the lead actor and he was fucking every day, like really loudly fucking, and I was getting hornier as the days went on "

"So you went up to the lead's room?" Anna asked.

"God no, I'd probably end up catching something off that filthy whore. Anyway, I was next door to one of the stuntmen and I caught him sunbathing nude and wow, what a body. We got chatting and flirting and, as the week goes on, my sunbathing costumes get smaller and smaller until I'm only wearing a thong."

"Nice." Anna added.

"So after 10 days or so I can't take it anymore. I leap over the balcony and go into his room but he's nowhere to be seen. Then I hear the shower. I creep over and he's there and the cheek, there's a girl on her knees sucking him off. There I'm thinking why isn't that me!"

"I'm guessing it wasn't long until it was."

"It's ridiculous, jealousy over a guy I'm not with. I leave it for a day or two and I go out and sunbathe naked. But I'm not alone. I’m not stupid, months away from my husband so I've brought a toy. Then knowing he is about, I start using the toy. I'm high up, no one can see but his balcony. I know he's somewhere so I start moaning his name until I cum. I then put the vibrator on his table with a note."

"What did the note say?" Anna asked.

"Wake me when you're ready. Twenty minutes later I feel his lips moving up my legs. I barely moved but he made me cum with his tongue before rolling me over and giving me such a seeing to. We then spent that week filling every hole and finding any and all ways of pleasure."

"That must've made for a good shoot for you."

"Well it was such a big production, we never got to see much of each other and we all did these great trips on our off days. At the end of the shoot though, we made sure we had time to fuck each others brains out, think we went for a ten hour session. I slept the whole flight home."

"Wow, I am not surprised. That is a pretty sexy story there. Anything happen on the set of Charlie's Angels? You and Kristen seemed to flirt a lot in the press."

"Yeah, it was only flirting really. I think she would have wanted to but no, it was all for the cameras."

"Have you ever slept with a woman?"

"Oooh, I must have." Naomi took a moment to pause and think. "I have, but no one famous. Think I just had a threesome as a teenager."

"Okay. So with that, let's hear from our sponsors and then we will get right on with your questions." Anna said before the show's theme went on.

At some time in our life, erectile dysfunction will affect us all. If you let it fester then your sex life will be ruined. Nobody wants that! The new Red Line will ensure that your stiffys remain strong and pounding your wife for years to come. Speak to your medical practitioner for more information about Red Line.

"Welcome back my sweethearts. Now last week, we gave you the chance to write in and ask Naomi some questions so let's get down to it. Are you ready?"

"I am Anna. Are you answering too?"

"Maybe but I think these are more aimed at you. From Geoff in Omaha, have you ever tromboned a guy?"

"Assuming it's what I think it is then yes." Naomi answered.

"What do you think it is?"

"Well I believe it's when you're eating the guys arse while giving him a reach around and yes I have. I mean if the guy is sticking his tongue up my arse, why can't I do the same to him?"

"Fair point." Anna added. "Adam in Panama City asks your favourite position to be in when getting your pussy licked?"

“On my back. I love the access it gives him plus I get to ruffle his hair. Who doesn’t want to lie there and enjoy it?”

“I know I enjoy it like that. Chris in Waco, Texas asks if you like to dress up? What’s your favourite if you do?”

“I do like to dress up, I am a little bit of a show off like that. I would say my favourite is the nurse. I love the white stockings as they make my skin shine and the dress gives easy access. Plus if you’re into a little bit of bondage, you’ve got the stethoscope to help bind the arms.”

“It sounds like you’ve done it a few times there Naomi.”

“Guilty as charged. Dressing up is so fun with role play, we did it while camping once where he was the insurgent and I was his captive soldier. Things got a bit rough but it was so good, probably the most I’ve ever orgasmed in such a short time.”

“Very nice Naomi. Well thank you for joining me. Next time folks, you are in for a treat. There are cameras and it is a bikini special where I will be joined by the very sexy Vanessa Hudgens, I hope you enjoyed the show and make sure you send in some questions, none about her fucking her sister though you disgusting lot! Naomi, anything to say before we sign off?”

“We’re in Room 468, I’ll see you soon.” Naomi replied.

“Looks like I have a busy afternoon. Goodbye folks!” Anna said as she signed off the show.
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Re: Sex Party with Anna Kendrick - Episode 2 - Naomi Scott
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Aside from a spelling mistake or two here and there, this was great. The sponcers were pretty funny too. Excited for the next one. Also like that the questions are unique too.


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