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Ann Curry a Book Signing
« on: August 10, 2022, 01:54:18 PM »
To date the most memorable happening in my life occurred one night in April, 2014. Ann Curry was at the local Borders doing a book signing for her tell all book, “Behind the Doors of the Today Show”. Being a big Ann Curry fan (my friends say I ‘m obsessed with her) since I was 13, I of course went to the Borders. When I arrived at the bookstore I was surprised to see that the majority of the people buying the book and waiting to get it signed were men. While I stood in line with the others I found myself starring at Ann and imagining (as I so often do) how wonderful it would be to have sex with her. When
I got up to the table where she was signing books with that flirty smile of hers plastered on her beautiful face my cock was twitching and thumping in my shorts. I handed her the book and she asked what I wanted her to sign. I told her to make it something special. Ann looked me in the eye and I thought I saw a twinkle there of something much more than appreciation for my buying her book. Ann signed the book, then reached over and wrote something on a slip of paper that she stuck inside the front cover as she handed the book back to me. I was so aroused at seeing Ann and being so close to her that I now had an urgent need to cum. I hurried to the men’s room and into a stall. It was apparent that others had also been aroused by Ann. The stall I went into had cum splattered on the toilet seat and from the sounds being made by the guy in the next stall it was obvious that he was masturbating. I couldn’t concern myself with others, my cock was drooling precum and my balls were ready to burst. I quickly pulled out my cock and gave it only a few strokes before I shot a load into the tissue I was holding over the erupting cockhead. I sighed with relief, it felt so damned good.
As I walked out of the bookstore I remembered that Ann had placed a slip of paper in the book. I opened the book and found the paper on which she had written, “Come to the Marriott – suite 950 in an hour. Ann”. Wow! Was this some kind of sick joke on her part? I didn’t know but exactly an hour later I knocked firmly on the door of suite 950. The door swung open seconds later and there stood Ann Curry, the woman of my dreams. She pulled me by the arm into the suite, closing the door behind us and locking it. “I just got here. Make yourself at home. I’m going to put on something more comfortable.”
I sat on the couch and mentally pinched myself to ensure I wasn’t dreaming. I was in an envious situation. A situation that most men in America would give their left nut to be in – alone with Ann Curry.
In a few minutes Ann came back into the room. She looked elegant in a black, full length, silk robe and a pair of black-heeled slippers. As she casually sauntered towards me the front of the robe briefly flapped open with each step, giving me a teasing glimpse of her firm thighs and shapely legs. “I’m so glad that you came. This book tour has kept me so busy that I haven’t had time to have fun with handsome young men such as yourself,” she said as she sat down next to me. I was having a difficult time getting used to the fact that I was alone with Ann Curry. So I was a bit tense. Ann sensed my tension. “Relax,” she purred into my ear. She then wrapped an arm around my neck and kissed me with a wide-open mouth. She shoved her tongue down my throat till I thought I would choke on it. When she broke the kiss, she reached down and fondled the bulge in my pants. She looked me in the eye and said, ” I want to suck your cock and taste your cum.”
She pulled down my zipper and her fingers reached in through the fly and deftly pulled out my hard, throbbing cock. She let out a seductive sigh as she hungrily starred at my cock, which was proudly standing out from its nest of dark hair. She pursed her lips and kissed the cockhead. Ann giggled when I inhaled sharply and told me to relax. She moved down to the floor and positioned herself between my legs. She reached up and undid my belt and the button on the front of my pants until they were completely open. I lifted my ass off the couch and Ann pulled my pants and boxers off, giving her full access to my crotch. She took my twitching cock in her hand while she licked my balls. After bathing them in her salvia she began to slowly lick up and down the rock hard shaft like a child with a lollipop. She paused now and then to kiss it with sucking kisses and to gently press the tip of her teeth into the heated firmness. I was moaning and groaning as she worked her way to the swollen cockhead. She lightly swirled her tongue all around the head. My moaning and groaning grew louder when she stabbed the tip of her pointy tongue again and again into the little hole on its tip. When Ann took my entire cock into her mouth
her nose bumped into my groin and nestled into the pubic hair. She held me in her mouth for a few seconds before beginning to bob her head up and down on my cock. Ann was sucking so hard that her cheeks quivered. Looking down and seeing Ann Curry’s beautiful face going to town on my cock along with her intense sucking was enough to make me shoot my load. Each spasm of my cock sent a jet of thick hot cum into her willing mouth. She hummed happily as she sucked me off, swallowing quickly so as to keep every drop from leaving her mouth. After 8 or 9 spurts, each accompanied by a groan from me and a grunt of happiness from her, my orgasm subsided. Ann continued the pleasurable sucking action until my cock shriveled to nothing. Only then did she sit up and let the shriveled mass of cockmeat plop out of her mouth. She had a pleased look on her face as she licked the remnants of cum off her lips. I had a sheepish grin on my face, embarrassed at cumming so quickly.
Ann moved up to sit beside me. She raised her hand to my face and ran a finger along my cheek as she whispered, “Now do me.” I still couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I just go a fantastic blowjob from Ann Curry and now she was asking ME to give her head. As I knelt between her gorgeous legs I could smell her strong cunt odor as it wafted up to tickle my nostrils, adding to my already insane hunger for her  Ann lifted her legs and placed them over my shoulders, fully exposing her full lipped, cleanly shaven pussy to me. Without hesitation I buried my face into her succulent pussy flesh and went at her like a starving man at a gourmet buffet. Squealing in delight, Ann moved her hips, rotating in small, tight circles against my face. As her orgasm neared she brought her luscious thighs together, embracing me in their warmth. Then screaming in pleasure she exploded a hot, sweet tasting load of gooey juice onto my tongue and all over my face. When her last tingles subsided she pushed my head back with a satisfied sigh. She looked at me and giggled. “You should see yourself. My juices are smeared all over your face.” Ann got on her knees, took my face in her hands and licked her juices off my face. Then she pushed me backwards, laid on top of me and kissed me with a wide-open mouth. We passionately kissed, sharing rivers of each other’s salvia. While our tongues dueled, I could feel blood rushing to my cock, engorging it to a full hard on. When Ann felt my hard cock pressing against her stomach she sat up and said, “I need to have your cock in me!” She then positioned herself over me until her hungry pussy was poised right over my pulsating cock. She grasped it and centered its head into the slot of her pussy. Then inch-by-inch she slowly lowered herself down the length of my stiff rod until the cockhead was as deep as it could reach into her “love hole” and her pelvic bone pressed tightly against mine. For a 57-year-old woman that has given birth to 2 children, Ann has an amazingly tight and wet pussy. Ann rubbed her beautiful breasts as she thrilled to the feel of my meaty erection inside her. I stared into her brown eyes and saw ecstasy reflected in them. Ann began to fuck me, ever so slowly, lifting her cunt away from me almost imperceptibly, so the lips clung to my shaft, like the lips of a mouth sucking. Then, when her cunt was around the head, she lowered herself again and ground her swollen clit against me. The tightness of her pussy considerably heightened the pleasurable sensations I was experiencing. Erotic chills were running throughout my body as she continued to slowly slide up and down with a rapturous lack of haste, savoring every thick inch of my stiff shaft, stopping every once in awhile to squeeze with little contractions of her inner cunt lips. (In all the times in my life that I’ve fucked no woman has ever worked her cunt muscles like Ann. She was great! Fantastic!!) After several minutes of fucking me, Ann stopped. She clamped her pussy tight as a vise around my cock, leaned back and rocked back and forth on top of me. She loudly moaned and shuddered through a series of mini orgasms covering my cock with her slimy juices.
When Ann began fucking me again she plunged her hips up and down wildly. I in turn pumped my cock up into her meeting every down thrust. We were going at it so fast and hard that her cunt made lewd, sloshing, suctioning noises. Ann was sweating from her exertions, the sweet dripping down onto my chest. Her breathing and moaning grew to convulsive proportions. She arched her back, threw her head back and was overwhelmed by a monstrous orgasm. She was creaming so furiously that her juices were literally flowing out of her. Just as she reached her frenzied climax I reached the same peak. I held my cock deep in her as I exploded within her, spewing my hot creamy cum into her spasming pussy. We seemed to stay on that high forever, although it was really only 2 or 3 minutes of sheer sexual bliss.
Once the tremors of our orgasms subsided I expected Ann to dismount me and send me on my way ending my role as her boy toy for the night. However, that was not the case. Ann squirmed playfully on top of me and clenched her talented cunt muscles around my limp cock. She giggled softly as her pussy squeezed, twitched and pulsed around my love pole. As her pussy worked its magic on my cock my hands roamed freely over her shapely, sweat covered body fondling and groping, rubbing and caressing. It wasn’t long before I was hard again my cock twitching and flexing inside of her. Ann looked at me with a triumphant look on her beautiful face and said, “I want you to fuck my ass.”
She got off of me, as she did the mixed products of our orgasms oozed out and dripped down her luscious inner thighs. Ann got on her elbows and knees. Her well-rounded ass was shamelessly sticking up into the air. I got a glimpse of her pretty brown asshole, nestled deeply within her firm buttocks. She looked like a beautiful animal. I arranged myself behind her, guiding my cock to her asshole. She let out a moan of delightful expectation when she felt the cockhead pushing at the puckered orifice of her ass. Her sphincter opened without any trouble when I pushed my hips forward easing my cockhead into her. Once the head popped through the constricted ring I worked the rest of my shaft into the confines of her asshole until I was fully embedded in that pleasantly tight hole. I started pumping, taking short, quick strokes. Ann bounced her ass back at me with every thrust. I gradually increased my pace, until I was pumping away with a fierce intensity. Ann was fingering her pussy. All too soon I felt the familiar loss of control coming over me. When her sphincter clinched my cock in a death grip it was more than I could take. My cock pulsed and exploded deep inside her asshole filling her enema like with hot thick cream. Her body shuddered and she screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm jolted through her. We became a climatic mass of flesh and bone. After I pulled my deflated cock out of Ann’s cum flooded asshole, I flopped down next to her. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was totally exhausted. She had an insatiable appetite for sex.
I never thought that going to a book signing would lead to a night of incredible sex with the book author. It is a night that I will never forget.



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