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Ann Curry and Her Son
« on: August 11, 2022, 09:46:07 AM »
I'm Walker, Ann Curry's son. Knowing the great interest that there is about my mother I'm going to share with you how because of her I became addicted to  smelling  panties and eating pussy. I was 19 and my dad was away on a business trip and my sister, McKenzie, was spending the weekend with friends. After dinner my mother and I sat down to watch TV. I sat next to her on the sofa. My mother was at one end of the sofa and I sat at the other, we playfully squabbled over who took up the most space.
After a playful squabble and pushing against each otherís feet my mother seemed to be unaware that her skirt had ridden up around her thighs and I was getting a head on view of her panty covered crotch. It was in that instant that I found myself getting aroused at the site of her panties. I cannot describe how quickly my cock managed to get hard. It was a powerful attraction of which I had never experienced before. Yes I knew it was wrong but the overwhelming power to look at her groin was far too great to overcome.
It was almost as if someone else had taken over my body, where the hell had these lustful feelings come from and why had I suddenly got an urge to put my face between my motherís legs and smell her groin? I didnít know what a pussy would smell like but I had an urge to find out, not just what any pussy smelt like but my motherís! I must admit I was a little confused, why had this thought even entered my head, I swear the site of my mother's groin and the desire to lean forward and take a smell of her panties made my cock feel like it was going to snap, it was so hard it was almost painful. Now my mind was going into overdrive how could I sneak a quick sniff?
We started to watch TV, my head was so full of lust I couldnít tell you even to this day what was on. I started to fidget in the hope my mother would ask what was wrong and sure enough she did, I told her I was feeling tired and needed to stretch out more, then the words I was praying to hear exited her lips as she invited me to swing my feet around and use her lap as a pillow. My mother was in a kind of slouched position so I lay my head down on her lap positioning my cheek just above where her pubic bone would have been in the knowledge that my nose was very close to the v shape between her legs, I was less than an inch away from her panties, if only she wasnít wearing a skirt.
I lay there motionless breathing in slowly through my nose hoping to catch a scent of her panties. I was disappointed in the result, although I could just about smell the faintest warm musky aroma it wasnít what I had imagined, maybe my mother's panties do not smell like I had hoped? I had often read descriptions of what a pussy smells like, none of these descriptions were quite matching my own experience. I fidgeted around a little making out I was trying to get comfortable and in doing so my mother's skirt lifted a few inches higher exposing the lacy tops of her stockings.
She asked me if I was okay, sensing something was not right.
I explained I had an itch in my nose as I turned my face down towards her groin pressing my nostrils into her pubic bone as if to scratch an imaginary itch. The way my mother shifted herself left me unsure if she felt uncomfortable or if she had been aroused at my face pressing into her groin area.
We continued to watch TV for a while longer before my mother left to go to bed. I watched TV for a little bit longer but I was so horny from my failed attempts at sniffing my motherís panties I couldnít wait to get to the bedroom and relieve my tension.
On closing my bedroom door something caught my attention, laying there on the bed was a pair of my motherís black, silky panties, the very ones she had been wearing earlier.  Now if you are a lover of the smell of a pair of worn panties you will know exactly how I felt. I had never smelt a pair of panties before let alone my motherís; the anticipation, the excitement, the naughty feeling that it is your very own motherís scent that you are going to be inhaling.
I picked up the panties, they were still warm, and held them in my hands and stared at the exact spot that touched her pussy... my own mother's pussy  They had a very shiny and obvious stain on the crotch panel. I got a massively hard boner just from holding her panties in my hands.
I moved them under my nose and smelled the crotch panel the aroma was unbelievably addictive. From that moment I immediately knew this was something very special -something that excited me like nothing else ever had in my young life...the smell of my mother's vagina. I mean this was the actual smell of a real female's vagina. I moved the panties a fraction at a time smelling each individual area and noticed a slight difference in smell as I worked my way around the panties.
I couldn't resist my desire to push my face into the panties. It was like my brain completely disengaged and my hormones took over.  With one hand I held the panties plastered against my face and with the other hand I grasped my cock and started to masturbate, In  a matter of seconds I had a mind blowing orgasm. After cumming a few more times I finally feel asleep.
When I woke-up the first thing I did before anything else  was I found the panties and placed them over my nose and mouth so I could breathe in their intoxicating aroma and masturbated.
Once I showered and dressed I went to the kitchen for breakfast. My mother was sitting at the table dressed in a tennis outfit drinking a cup of coffee. I gave her a good morning peck on the cheek and got myself a bowl of cereal. I sat down to eat and nearly choked when my mother said that she knew what I was trying to do last night while we watched TV. She went on to tell me that is why she left her panties in  my room. I sat there blushing and squirming in discomfort. When she asked if I enjoyed the smell of her panties I grinned ruefully, hung my head and admitted that I did. I even told her that the smell of her panties aroused me like nothing else ever had.
She smiled and said that since I enjoyed the smell of her panties she now was going to show me where that wonderful smell came from. She stood-up, reached behind herself and unbuttoned her skirt letting it fall to the floor. I was shocked to see that she wasn't wearing panties. For the first time in my life I was looking at a woman's naked pussy and not just any woman but my mother's naked pussy. I starred at the exquisitely formed, hairless pussy memorizing every luscious mouth watering detail.  She reached down and delicately pulled her outer lips apart exposing the delicate ruffle of pink, succulent inner flesh. The crimson head of her clitoris was just barely peeking out from behind the fold of skin which capped it.
I was so mesmerized by my mother and her beautiful pussy that when she asked if I wanted to touch it I couldn't speak I just nodded. She then took my right hand and placed it on her pussy. I slowly glided my fingers over the smooth, soft outer lips and up and down her slit. I would have kept that up  all day had it not been for my mother reaching down and parting her outer lips. I gently began to probe and explore the pink, wet folds of her inner lips When I came in contact with her clit and delicately touched it and circled it with my middle finger she let out a loud moan. I thought that I had hurt her and jerked my hand back. She laughed and told me it was alright and that  I was making her feel really good.
She placed my hand back on her pussy, guided it to what she called her fuck hole and directed me to finger fuck her.  As I slowly moved my finger into her hole I found it to be wet and incredibly tight. While I pushed my finger in until it was buried to my hand I was wishing it was my cock that I was pushing in.   I began to move my finger in and out of her "fuck hole". Her sighs of pleasure indicated to me she was enjoying what I was doing. After I had fingered fucked her for a couple of minutes she surprised me by telling me to withdraw my finger and get on my knees. I reluctantly pulled my finger from the confines of my mother's hot, juicy pussy. She was so tight that my finger made a lewd sucking noise as I withdrew it.
I knelt down  between my mother's shapely legs, my face inches from her magnificent pussy, inhaling her intoxicating pussy smell. She pulled my head forward towards her hot pussy and told me to lick it. I was eager to comply. My tongue was already searching for a taste of that treasure. It landed rather unceremoniously on her thigh. I quickly re-aimed and found the outer lips. I just started licking anything my tongue came in contact with. Not much finesse but a lot of enthusiasm! Then I slipped into the valley of those sweet inner lips. Again with enthusiasm I sucked on them and slurped everywhere, trying to force that taste into my mouth. My exploring tongue found her "fuck" hole and I tried to drill for more. I stuck my tongue as far into that tunnel as I could and twisted my probing tongue in circles, lapping up as much of the nectar as I could find. My nose was rubbing against her clit that was  a little more firm than the yielding flesh I was exploring. Somewhere in my dazed and enthralled mind came the memory of her saying that her "clit" was the most sensitive of these regions. I moved my mouth up to it and found a small nub that was firm and sticking out. It seemed to be begging to have some attention paid to it. Seemingly of their own volition my fingers found their way into her tasty hole while my tongue played an insistent tattoo on that pearl. With my mouth over that nubbin and my fingers moving in and out of her "fuck" hole I began to suck and use my lips to nibble on her clit. Suddenly she began to shake and almost convulse beneath me. Her hands grabbed the back of my head in a vise and kept me there. I was afraid I was hurting her but could not back away. So I just kept enjoying myself and hoped everything would be alright. I had no idea how a woman reacted during climax, of course, but I sure hoped it was like this! Her hole was pouring out more of that fluid and I was drinking my fill. Then she seemed to just go limp. I looked up and she was breathing heavily and had a beautiful smile on her face. I assumed that meant she was ok. It may have been seconds, minutes or longer before her eyes fluttered open. She told me that what I did was marvelous. I was so happy that for the first time in my life I got to closely look at, touch and smell a woman's pussy and so very  proud of myself that I satisfied my mother sexually. It is a night and day that I will always remember. .

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