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Re: Silver Screen Express (NEW)
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I confess I'm not a big fan of the Kardashians, nor do I have any idea why they got famous in the first place, but I admit they're well suited for these kind of stories.

As we're closing in on the finishing line it occurred to me I never imagined this story could have a happy ending. I always predicted Dave being taken away in handcuffs, but there might be light in the end of the tunnel after all.
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Silver Screen Express FINALE
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Silver Screen Express Ch. 25 (FINALE)
Starring: Kim Kardashian

Codes: MF, Dirty Talk, Oral, Tit Fuck, Assjob, Anal, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Thank you to everyone for all the love and support to this series. I can't believe I am finally closing the book here, but I'm grateful for all the support I've received. Thank you again for the past 4 years.

Los Angeles, California

After a wild day on the streets, going back home off work didn't feel the same as it normally did. David was left with much to think about after spending a day with Kourtney Kardashian. On the one hand, it was a relief after a stressful month from changes at the job to indulge himself in a sleazy affair from the back of his taxi van. On the other hand, David had to wonder. If something were too good to be true, then most of the time it was. If Kourtney was trying to play him, he had to be prepared to face repercussions at work. He had shut the engine off to his van and went "off the grid" so to speak when Kourtney covered up that camera in the back for them to have an hour fucking in the back of the van. While the fun felt like the old days, it certainly wasn't in terms of how David had to approach the situation.

Back at home, his mind was in a whirlwind. He could remember back to the days when he encountered the first famous woman who had slid open those back doors and hopped into his cab van. Over the years, David had kept an extensive diary to document all of his sleazy adventures as a Silver Screen driver. He kept that little book in his dresser, sitting next to the neatly folded pairs of socks and underwear in the first drawer. The apartment wasn't the most fancy place of living, but it was better than where he had previously lived. David had not put much thought into his residency as he lived from pay check to pay check per the week. The kind tips of large sums of money from passengers went into savings, as he had telling himself for the past decade he would save for a house of his own eventually. That day had yet to come.

Not having any family or many friends in life, David was stuck by himself at home when he wasn't working. Before he went to bed, he had to sit down at his kitchen table and jot down another tale in his diary about the latest famous woman he had seduced in the back of his van. More or less, it was Kourtney who seduced him since she had searching for now the infamous 'David the taxi man'. As he sat there and put the black ball point pen to the pages, he began to think to himself. It started as a joke back when he was driving yellow taxis around L.A. Every now and then, David pressed his luck of seducing girls but he only ever became lucky when he had a certain lady of the night asking for a ride. Scarlett Johansson was his first famous fare. He checked the date going back to May 2017. Sitting there and writing down his experience with Kourtney had made him wonder how truthful she was to his word.

Did he have the chance of driving for her sister Kim? Only time would tell, but one thing for sure, David knew he had become something of a legend among Hollywood social circles. Kourtney knew too many intimate details about his encounters with her friends. Years ago, he had Jennifer Lopez seeking him out for a wild romp in his van. As he pulled the pages back in his old diary, David smiled as he fondly recalled his day with Lucy Pinder. Since then, he had browsed the internet to learn about the British glamour legend. There was a funny sense in the back of his mind, seeing a model who was lusted over for years and knowing he got lucky with her in his van. David could remember that day as if it were recent, smugly grinning to himself as he recalled his cock being shoved between her massive tits. He had bought a few of her Nuts and Loaded magazines online since then.

Memories flooded his mind, flipping from page to page with the names of every famous woman he encountered. If David didn't recall them, he would go home and search on the internet to learn who had just had an affair with in his van. So many stories to tell, all marked by the dates jotted down on pages. For a moment, David considered the possibility of selling his diary to the right journalist or writer who could turn it into a series of stories. There wasn't anything that required sensationalizing, if only a person were to believe that he, a mere taxi driver had stumbled into such luck all from working in a gold Silver Screen van. By the time he was done penning his latest entry into the diary, David had to go take a shower. He left the hardback leather bound diary book on the table, next to the pen. If Kourtney was true to her word, he planned to deliver the book to Kim and let her see for herself.

Down in the washing machine, David stuffed his uniform clothes. He loathed having to put on a certain outfit and wear it for hours while driving around in the new line of Silver Screen vans. Tonight he wasn't going to bother washing them. Not for the fact he had two uniforms and one was fresh, but simply for the reason he wasn't going back to work tomorrow. Under new company protocols, every driver had to return their van to a garage after clocking out of work. The old days of driving his gold van home were gone. With no other means of getting home, David was forced to take a taxi. After his shower and getting fresh for a good night's sleep, he placed his cellphone close to the night stand in hopes of being awakened by a mysterious unknown number linked back to the Kardashian family. Going to sleep was at least easier tonight knowing he had a lucky break.

The next morning, David had got up a few minutes past 6 AM. After years of having an early work schedule, he had become completely accustomed to getting up early. It was rare he stayed up at night, except for those times he had night shifts. Brushing his teeth and washing his face, he started to make some coffee back in the kitchen he heard his cellphone ringing from the bedroom. Racing back there, he nearly tripped over some dirty clothes on the floor as he grabbed his phone to see text message notifications from an unknown number. 'Is this the phone of David Johnson?', seeing his name was a good sign, but then another text message was sent shortly after. 'Call me soon, KK XOXO'. Oh, that had to be her, David thought to himself. He pushed his finger across the screen of the phone and raised it up to his ear as it dialed. As soon as the phone clicked to someone answering, David spoke.

"Hi, this is David Johnson. I just got a-"

A female voice cut him off speaking.

"David the taxi man, am I right?"

Chuckling at that admission, her voice was somewhat high pitched, similar to Kourtney. He was certain of the identity to the woman on the other end of the phone.

"And you're Miss. Kim Kardashian, am I right?"

"The one and only!"

Giggling was audible through the phone as David blushed. He stepped around his bedroom as Kim began to speak up.

"I wanna meet with you about a job. Did Kourtney tell you yesterday what I wanted?"

"No, she left you as something of a big mystery."

"Oh, that figures. So she didn't spoil my surprise, that's good."

"What do you mean surprise?"

Silence fell for several seconds as David stepped out of the bedroom and back into his small kitchen. He went to check the coffee as Kim finally replied back to him.

"I need a driver but it's for something special. Let's just say, I wanna take you for a test drive."

"Take me for a test drive?"

"Yeah. I'm gonna text you an address. When you get there, you'll find the van. Inside, you'll find a note. On that note is where I'm gonna be. You'll go there to pick me up. Just beep the horn when you pull up."

Confused at this explanation, David didn't know how to respond. Before he had a chance to speak again, Kim went on.

"I gotta go now. I'm expecting you within two hours time so, don't keep me waiting."

The phone clicked hanging up and then David stood there thinking to himself. What in the fuck was she talking about? Was this some kind of game that Kim Kardashian wanted to play with him? He was to go and pick up a van with a note inside and the address. But what about the keys? They must have already been inside the van. She better hoped that they weren't locked inside, otherwise David would be screwed on this odd journey. A few seconds passed and his phone vibrated within his right hand from another text notification. It was a street address around Inglewood with a three digit number. While David was familiar with the area, he remembered the specific street having some kind of storage units there. The number must have been to one of those.

He thought about texting back to get a better explanation from Kim, but that would only spoil whatever surprise this was. He set the phone down over the kitchen counter and grabbed the coffee pot to pour himself a cup. One drink to fully awaken himself and prepare for what he could only guess would be a sleazy day ahead. It was funny to only hear Kim Kardashian's voice and he had yet to set eyes on her. Wandering back to his bedroom, David looked at his fresh clean clothes and decided today he was going back to the casual look. It was time to break out a pair of white cargo shorts. Even better to find one of the pairs of shorts he used to wear when he sat in his old gold van from years back. David opened the closet and looked through his shirts, picking a simple yellow T-shirt. The last piece to complete his outfit was the trusty white flip flops he used to wear when driving his old van. Though wore out at this point, they were still more comfortable than the shoes he had been wearing for the past month.



There was a funny sense of irony to David with calling for a yellow taxi cab to drive him around Inglewood. The destination in the text message took some time to get to, but the driver didn't seem to mind. David brought only his cellphone and the old diary book he planned to show Kim when he met up with her. Along the ride, David struck up a conversation with the driver. A young man in his mid twenties with a skinny build, black beard matching his short hair and the same kind of casual clothes David liked to wear. He had almost seen himself in that driver, thinking back to the days when he was a young man cruising the streets of L.A. in a similar yellow car. The driver had the same ways of striking a conversation, first by beginning to mention the weather and asking if he had important places to be.

David became tempted as he sat in the back of the car. There was an urge to begin telling him some kind of story about how he was off to meet an important woman in regards to his past affairs in a gold taxi van. The thought came back in his mind if anyone would truly believe him. Written testimony within his diary could only carry so much weight. Then again, David decided not to bother with that. In some ways, he seen himself through a young man driving a cab. He could've told the man that he had spent decades driving these same streets to know the differences between them over the years, but it was no need for that. He didn't want to give the young man a 'back in my day' type lecture. Once the car pulled up to the accurate destination, David reached for a few spare fifty dollar bills, generously tipping the driver before clutching his diary and stepping out of the car.

The bright sunlight had greeted him for the second time today. Gazing forward, David caught sight of the  paved path leading between two rows of the storage units. Behind him, the yellow cab drove off without the driver making as much of a gesture towards the hefty tip he had been awarded. David began to walk forward, looking over the white painted metal doors to the storage unit building. Within seconds, he noticed an unlocked unit with the steel door pulled up. Having the three digit number was meaningless with the door opened, as David stepped his way over and noticed the sleek metallic silver of a front van grill. A brand new Cadillac Escalade ESV was sitting there. He smiled at the sight, noting his reflection across the slick black paint over the front. For many years, he dreamed of driving a Cadillac. It beat the new Nissan built Silver Screen van he had been stuck in for the past month.

Stepping into the storage unit, David continued to glance over the black paint as he made his way to the driver's side. He noticed the keys shoved into the ignition along with all black leather interior inside. This mini-van had been completely customized, but from the corner of his eye he noticed something yellow down by the doors. Taking another look, he became confused at the sight of a large sticker covering the back doors and stretching out slightly to the front door. In an oval shape, the text read 'Fake Taxi' in some odd logo. Giving it another look, David remained bewildered but found the logo to be funny. Whatever it referenced, he planned on asking Kim. He checked the back of the van, noting that the seats had been removed to allow much space, only with one single backseat up against the back wall. Kim must have spent some money customizing this mini-van into her very own 'Fake Taxi', David wondered.

That same sticker had also been applied to the back of the van, directly above the license plate and in the same spot on the opposite side doors. Chuckling at the sight, David was ready to finally climb into this Fake Taxi van and start the engine. As he opened the driver's side door, he listened to the dinging sound that came to a halt as he shut the door and then tossed his diary book into the front passenger seat. Down by the gear shift was a yellow sticky note with a street address, signed with a heart and the initials 'KK' from red lipstick. His next destination was another street address in Inglewood. David cranked the car, watching as the console lights and gauges all lit up. Like his recent Silver Screen van, this one too had a GPS tracking system just above the radio. There was no need to tinker with it. As he moved his hand over the gear shift, David was confident about putting his years of experience in knowledge of these streets to use now.

Up above, the rear view mirror had already been adjusted by a previous driver, giving David a full view of the back seat. It left him wondering if Kim herself had adjusted it, or maybe she had played this strange scenario out with someone before him. Time would tell before he had the answers to those questions. Sitting back and gripping the steering wheel, he took a moment to enjoy this feeling of driving a Cadillac through the streets of L.A. It wasn't a classic car like an El Dorado or DeVille that he had a fondness for, but it was still a much better feeling than that new Silver Screen van he loathed. The street address supplied via note wasn't a far distance at all. It belonged to an apartment complex, leaving David wondering to himself what was Kim doing in a place like that. A few cars were parked outside near the street as he pulled up nice and slowly. He rolled down the window to the passenger side door before pushing his hand down to honk the hour twice.

There were many apartment buildings like this spread out across Los Angeles. As David waited to see his passenger come stepping out of one of the doors, he began to reminisce for a moment. A lifetime ago, as it felt, there had been something else built here in Inglewood. Apart from his sleazy adventures, there had been a certain joy to be appreciated in watching a city change from knowing the streets and routes across roads so well. David glanced away, looking down at the steering wheel and smiling at the Cadillac logo. When he turned to look across his right side again, the woman of the hour was in his sight. Kim Kardashian made eye contact, strutting her hips as she walked nice and slowly. The booming of her high heels was audible over the concrete paved walkway. A white dress hugged all her famous curves with thin black straps on the shoulders and her huge cleavage about to spill out. David gave her a goofy smile, waving at her like an overexcited fan.

"Hey there! Looks like I'm your driver today for something."

Kim laughed, waving back at him before she made her way to the window and stuck her head in. That signature jet black hair was parted down the middle, wavering beyond her shoulders. Her puffy lips were decorated with red lipstick, matching the note he had received. Kim gave David a smug grin before speaking.

"So, David the Taxi Man...."

"Yeah, that's me. You happy to see me today or what?"

She giggled at his silly question before replying back.

"Yeah, I've been wanting to meet you for a long time, you know that?"

David nodded, answering her back.

"Kourtney mentioned something like that."

Kim quirked her eyes up, still grinning.

"I'm sure Kourtney told you all you need to know then."

He pointed with his right hand index finger, down to the diary sitting in the passenger seat. Kim reached for it as David began to speak.

"She told me you knew about some of my affairs, so I thought I'd bring you my diary. Everything going back to twenty-twenty-seven is in that book."

She grabbed a hold of the book with both hands, then tapped her black painted fingernails across the leather bound cover. Kim smirked back up at David before responding.

"This is nice, but I'm not in the mood to read any of it yet."

Dropping the book back down into the seat, Kim moved her head out from the window and began to strut her way around to the right side back door. All David could do was smile and tease her with a corny joke.

"Go on and hop in, babe! I hope the back seat is big enough for your ass to fit."

He could hear her laughter in the distance as the back door came open. Maybe now was a good time to ask her what was the purpose of decorating this vehicle with all the yellow Fake Taxi stickers. Kim plopped her ass down in the middle of the customized black leather seats and then shut the door. David glanced up into the rear view mirror, gazing down at her heavy cleavage in the white dress. Kim adjusted herself, pushing the palms of her hands down into the seat. She carried no purse or any other belongings, giving David the impression that where ever she wanted him to drive, they would be heading back to her home later.

"So what's with the stickers on the van? Fake Taxi? What the fuck is that?"

Kim began to laugh at his questions as she sat back. She crossed her left leg over the right, giving him the view of her thick legs and feet pushed into black high heels. They looked similar to the pair Kourtney wore yesterday, but with a visible dark red color underneath.

"Seriously? You're asking me that!?"

Her voice elevated in that signature high pitch sound she was known for. David simply chuckled.

"Well, yeah! I'm asking you cause I don't know what the fuck that's about! I saw the stickers and have been sitting here trying to wrap my head around them since getting in this van."

When David glanced up into the rear view mirror again, Kim was exhaling from her seat. She had a shocked look across her face, as if she truly could not understand his questions about the stickers. All this did was make David more curious, but soon she replied to him.

"Oh my god... you cannot be serious. You mean... you don't know about the Fake Taxi videos online?"

"No, I don't know what that is. Mind explaining to me? I mean, I'm driving a Fake Taxi right now, all things considered!"

He laughed as Kim rolled her eyes, sitting back in her seat with that same flabbergasted look on her face from earlier. Not wanting to waste anymore time out here on the side of the street, he shifted gears and pulled the van back out into the streets. After several seconds of silence, Kim sighed and finally responded.

"Fake Taxi is this porn series online. It's like... based out in the UK I think? A guy drives a taxi van like this and he picks up girls and first, he offers them a free ride if they flash them with their tits."

Laughing again, David slowed down to a red light ahead.

"You're shitting me, right!?"

"No! It's real! When I heard about you from my friends, I thought to myself, oh my god! This David the taxi man sleaze ball thinks he's the Fake Taxi driver!"

Unable to hold back his laughter, David erupted loudly. The street light turned green and he continued to drive as Kim carried on speaking.

"I'm not kidding! Everything I know about you, I can't help but think that you've been sorta roleplaying or something as the Fake Taxi man as a Silver Screen driver. I figured, you put on this act when you recognize a famous woman as a passenger."

"You've got to be kidding me! Tell me this is a fucking joke?"

She shook her head from the back seat as he continued to drive. Licking her lips, Kim uncrossed her legs and sat up properly before she answered his question.

"It's not a joke! I mean, I really don't believe you when you say you haven't watched any of those videos, but maybe you're telling the truth. You do sound pretty shocked."

"Oh trust me, babe, I am. It sounds like someone stole my favorite line! The one where I like to offer a free ride if you'll flash me your tits. Let me tell you, that's my line!"

Kim busted up laughing loudly as he continued to navigate the streets. With no destination, David had to wonder if anyone outside the van may catch sight of the large stickers and take a photo of it. Maybe that was part of the thrill with Kim, to know she was riding around in a van like this and evading paparazzi while random pedestrians or drivers could catch sight of a vehicle with the stickers of a pornography series on it.

"So where are we going? Here we are talking about some porn videos you think I'm trying to re-enact but you haven't told me where you wanna go yet."

"Ummmmm, I'm not sure yet."

When David took a quick glance back up into his rear view mirror, Kim was biting down on her lower lip. It was a mischievous expression she carried. He paid it no attention, focusing his view on the roads ahead of him while adjusting his grip across the steering wheel. After several seconds passed, Kim began to speak again.

"So when are you gonna ask me to flash you with my boobs?"

David had a chuckle at that question. He could've easily gave in to Kim's desire, but he wasn't done finding answers regarding this 'Fake Taxi' business. As he turned the steering wheel, navigating the car down another road, he spoke up.

"I'll ask you after you tell me what's the point of putting those Fake Taxi stickers all over this van. From what your sister told me yesterday, I thought maybe I'd be driving a limo for you or something."

She let out a slight giggle before running her left hand through her hair. When David took another peak into the rear view mirror above, Kim had sat up as she began to talk.

"Well... I watch those videos online and let's just say, I've had a fantasy about the whole Fake Taxi thing. I figured that you had to be a big fan and were taking it upon yourself to play out your own little fantasies with my friends who told me about you."

Blushing from the front seat, David couldn't hold back his grin. Any time Kim mentioned her 'friends', it was a simple reminder of the previous passengers he had memories with in his lost gold van. No talk had come up of any kind of payment, but David didn't feel it was worth pushing. He had it in his mind that if he could impress Kim with a back seat romp, perhaps she would give him a better job opportunity in the future. Now was not the time to allow his mind to wander back to the job he hated with the company. As he continued to drive, David was ready to play along with her fantasy now.

"I'll tell you what, babe. I'll give you a free ride if you flash me your tits."

"Now we're talking!"

He could hear the excitement from her voice as Kim leaned forward and began to mess with her dress. David kept his eyes on the road, already thinking of what streets in this area led to places where he could take Kim for their back seat affair. When he finally leered up into the rear view mirror, she had pushed the straps of her white dress down to her stomach. Sitting there in a black bra that held together her heavy breasts. It was always funny to him that Kim Kardashian was known for her booty, as David thought she had a great pair of tits too. Within seconds, she pulled her bra off, dangling the shoulder straps and then revealing her breasts. Kim tossed the bra to the floor, cupping her tits in her hands to push them up and jiggle them around.

"Damn, those are fucking amazing."

"Yeah, I bet you told Kourtney that yesterday."

"She had nice tits, but looking at yours, I know I wanna fuck 'em."

Kim laughed again. She began to bounce her breasts within the grasp of her hands. She cupped them, shoving her palms underneath to tilt her breasts up as if she were modelling to his watchful eye up in the rear view mirror. David had to focus on driving. Outside of Inglewood, he knew there had to be a place he could take Kim, but he wanted to avoid taking her to a car garage like he did Kourtney. Sitting back in the seat, Kim roamed her right hand through her hair.

"Do you just wanna see my boobs or do you want more?"

Hearing that question, David smirked to himself.

"Go ahead and show me that big Kardashian booty. You know you want to."

"Mmmmm, yes I do. I'm a little hot and sweaty in this dress."

She replied in a sultry, almost seductive tone of voice. David glanced around the streets, looking for a place to take her. He had noticed an abandoned shopping mall center in the distance over to the left side. It would take a few minutes of navigating the streets through traffic to approach it. The building had previously been a chain of stores connected that went out of business. A large parking lot had been left behind, deserted and forgotten like the buildings behind it. Taking a sharp turn through the roads, David waited before glancing back up into the rear view mirror. He had heard the ruffling of clothes a few seconds earlier. The reflection meeting his eye was one of Kim on her knees, legs pushed together across the seats and shoving her huge famous ass out. A black thong was sucked up down the crack, barely visible.

"Holy shit, look at that!"

His reaction to her ass was enough to make Kim giggle. She began to grind and shake her booty while pushing her hands against the back of the seats. David missed it as he set his eyes back on the road. One of the most famous asses in the world was in the back seat of this Cadillac Escalade, now clapping and twerking.

"Gonna break your cock off in my ass, David? Is that what you plan on doing?"

Kim's dirty questions were enough to capture his attention. Luckily for David, another red light came up in traffic as they were now closer to that abandoned parking lot. When he looked back in the rear view mirror, he caught the sight of her perfect booty cheeks clapping together and smacking. Biting down on his lower lip, David couldn't break his eyes away as the light flashed green.

"Oh my fucking god. I always knew you had a big ass, but that right there is something else."

Beep! The car directly behind their van was honking the horn. David had been completely distracted by Kim's giant booty to the point his foot was still on the brake. The driver in a red Ford Mustang behind them had rolled down his window, flipping the bird. Accelerating the van forward, David picked up a bit of speed, ignoring the rude driver behind them as Kim had climbed down from her knees and sat her thick ass back down into the leather seats. Down on the floorboard, her high heels were scattered along with her white dress and the black bra. Only her thong remained over her curvy, voluptuous body. She moved her hands over her breasts, playing with them as she pinched her nipples between her fingers. When David pulled into the abandoned parking lot, he noticed the green color of weeds in the distance.

Grass had begun growing through the cracks in the concrete a long time ago. Some patches completely covered the grey parking blocks that had been left behind. Where white lines once covered the black pavement of the lot, they had faded away in color. Kim glanced out of the left side window, noticing that he had found a quiet little place like she had heard of. For David, all that mattered was going somewhere that was different from yesterday. He didn't like to use the same spots more than once, nevertheless when he planned to give Kim a different experience from what Kourtney received. There was no other vehicles across the parking lot, but David took it upon himself to drive into the corner near one of the old stores of the large building. He figured parking closer would offer shade away from the sun light. The glass doors that were once visible had long been boarded up with graffiti spray paint decorating them. Someone had come and gone through the years, vandalizing the forgotten place.

"Damn, this is gonna be the sleaziest place I have ever been fucked."

Kim's words alerted David as he had not been paying attention to her in the back seat. He chuckled, glancing up into the rear view mirror to see her glancing out of the left side window. She had a playful smirk across her face, only making David blush from the driver's seat.

"Well, what can I say? I know how to pick the best quiet spots. No one will notice the van out here from the streets, so we're safe."

"You ever had anyone walk up on the van while you're naked in the back?"

Her question made him laugh for a moment.

"Thankfully no! I'm usually pretty lucky, I can tell you that!"

She laughed at his words as David shifted the gears into parking and then shut off the engine to the Escalade. The key turned and he left it dangling there while opening the door.

"Hang on just a minute babe, I'll be back there with you."

Outside, he could hear that familiar sound of the city's ambience. Cars in the distance, horns honking and the wind blowing. Thinking more on Kim's words, David couldn't hold back his grin. He had been lucky through all that time in the years, not having a curious stranger stumble upon his gold van when there was action going on in the back. With all the Fake Taxi stickers covering this vehicle, it would be easy to cause a distraction from a distance. The mere thought of a stranger walking up to witness Kim Kardashian in the back of a van was the stuff of legends, David thought to himself. He stepped his way over to the left side back door, taking another glance at that large Fake Taxi sticker before he opened the door and joined Kim. She had moved across the seats, sitting on the far right side as he climbed in.

"Well here we are, babe. You wanted to meet David the Taxi Man and do some sleazy stuff together, now's the right time."

Kim giggled as he sat down next to her and slammed the door shut with his left hand. Gazing forward, David took into view the customizations of the Cadillac Escalade. He had already known that the back seats were replaced, as someone had seemingly attempted to convert the van into something else. It offered much space in the back with smaller seats, but it still didn't compare to how much room the back of his cab van had. He was tempted to ask her how much money was spent on this project, but it was of no use. A woman like her didn't have to worry about making every dollar count like he did. Turning to look over at Kim, David couldn't stop grinning as she reached out to caress his face with both hands.

"I can't believe I'm sitting here next to you."

She laughed, leaning over and climbing towards him.

"Really? With all the talk I've heard about you?"

Not giving him a chance to respond, Kim shoved her lips to his and plunged her tongue into David's mouth for a hard tender kiss. He was not expecting such force from her to start this lustful session. Moaning into her mouth, David leaned up and returned the kiss as his hands found her breasts and gave them a subtle squeeze. All that did was make Kim turn up the heat, kissing him back harder and moving over to the point she almost climbed into his lap. David could feel the erection growing down below, his cock poking directly up in his shorts. Kim eventually found her way into his lap, bending her knees on both sides of him. She straddled him and began to grind that phat ass down on his crotch as David leaned back in the seat. Their kisses finally broke and David was able to glance forward at her gorgeous face as she continued to grind.

"Oh my fucking god, Kim..."

"Mmmmm, that feels good huh?"

All she was wearing was that same black thong he witnessed from the rear view mirror. Kim only sat on his lap momentarily, disappointing David for a moment until she stood on her feet and turned around. Kim made a move to swing her giant ass around, allowing him to witness those plump cheeks jiggling around.

"You like this ass, you sleazy old perv?"

Kim leaned down, pushing her hands onto her knees as she began to roll her hips and twerk. David sat back in the seat, clapping his hands together for a moment as he watched those mighty ass cheeks smack together. Clap. Clap. Clap. As she continued twerking, David couldn't resist the urge to unbutton and unzip his shorts. Kim heard the noise of his clothes rustling and then she flipped her long black hair to glance across her right shoulder.

"Go on, get naked for me."

"You don't have to tell me that twice."

Quickly shoving his shorts and underwear down, David was careful to step his feet out of them without touching Kim's ankles. He leaned up as she continued to twerk and shake that huge ass. The temptation came for him to swat at it with his right hand, but David preferred not to interrupt Kim's flow. Instead, he grabbed the ends of his shirt and pulled it over his head. Kim noticed this when she took a second glance from across her shoulder. He tossed the shirt to the floor, naked now. With a grin, Kim moved her hands to her hips, shoving her thumbs into her thong and quickly dropping it. She came to a halt from grinding, only to step her feet out of the thong and glance at him from across her shoulder again with a wide smirk.

"With you naked, I can finally take that off and join you."

David smirked.

"What's the matter? You only take it all off after someone else gets naked?"

Kim pointed behind her back with her right hand down to his cock.

"Line that cock up for me. Stick it straight up."

Confused by her words, David wasn't sure what Kim was talking about, but he moved his right hand fingers down to the base of his dick and held it up forward. She began to shake her hips, rolling to the left and right and then he suddenly realized what she was about to do. Using her hands, Kim pulled her thick ass cheeks apart, offering a passage for his cock. Their skin touched as she began to rub her booty up and down. David pulled his hand away once he saw his dick slide up the crack. With her hands on her knees, Kim began to grind her ass up and down. He moaned at the feeling of his cock sliding up and down the crack of one of the most famous asses in the world. Kim moaned, calling to him.

"Ohhhhhhhh, you like that?"

"Fuck yeah I do, babe."

"I sure hope you can fuck my ass real good later without breaking your cock in it."

David had a laugh as she continued to grind, still rubbing his cock up and down the crack of her fine buttocks. An assjob by Kim wasn't on his list of expectations with her for the day, but he couldn't complain. The more she pumped back, he could feel his rod throbbing up to full length. Kim eventually stopped, sitting herself down firmly on his lap. David moaned as he leaned up, roaming his hands across her body to find her breasts and give them a nice squeeze. She pulled away from his touch, standing up and then turning around to drop down to the floor. Those big brown eyes gazed up at him as Kim situated herself down on her knees. She reached up with her right hand, grabbing his cock that was previously lodged in the crack of her ass. Her fingers twisted around it in a tight grip.

"Mmmmmm, this is all mine now."

Kim licked her lips after speaking. She began to pump her hand up and down, jerking his shaft as David moaned and spoke back.

"You hungry for it, babe?"

A pointless question, but it succeeded at getting Kim to glare up at him with those dark eyes. She slid her hand down to the base of his pole. The head of his cock was just beneath her lower lip as she replied in a low, seductive tone.

"Oh I'm hungry enough to suck your dick right off, you dirty old man."

Breaking eye contact, Kim parted her lips and slid his shaft into her mouth. David gasped, letting out a sharp moan at the warm feeling of her mouth. He sat back in the seat, now hearing the slurping noise her mouth made as Kim began to devour his cock. She sucked her way down, inch by inch while bobbing her head up and down. David took a quick glance out of the side window to the van, just to make sure there was no one outside to spot them. Gazing back down at Kim, David let out a groan as she began to push her lips all the way down to the base where her fingers were. She gagged on his cock as the head slammed to the back of her throat.

"Ohhhhh, fuck! Suck it, babe!!"

As he yelled to her, Kim continued to bob her head up and down. She had the proper gag reflexes to deep-throat his entire length. Kim showed him no mercy as she gorged herself on that long hard cock. David grunted again as she brought her lips back up to the head and released it with a popping sound. Kim immediately spit on his shaft and then gripped it with her right hand while setting her eyes forward at his face.

"You like that cock, babe? You know how to suck it, I can say that much."

"Mmmmmmm, yeah..."

Kim lapped her tongue across the head, still gazing up in his eyes as she teased the man. David smirked down at her and then watched as she used her left hand to roam through her jet black hair. Split down the middle, she made sure that all her hair was pushed beyond her shoulders while leaning down and holding his cock up against the right side of her face. David could see the entire length of his shaft directly beside her face as Kim began to jerk it up and down. Gritting her teeth, she let out a growling moan, keeping her eyes locked onto him as she began to speak filthy words.

"You like that!? You like how I jack you off? Mmmmm, look at this big fucking cock! I've got it nice and shiny from slobbering all over it, mmmmmmmm."

Her hand glided across his shaft with ease due to how slick and wet it was. The grip of Kim's hand began to move faster with each passing second until her fingers were almost a blur. David groaned, his face scrunching up as he was starting to worry that she would make him cum too fast all from the speed of her hand. Swallowing his breath, David moaned.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhh fuck!!"

"Yeah, you fucking like that don't you!?"

Again, Kim teased him in her dirty talk but he could not relax until she stopped wanking so fast. Her hand slid down to the base where it once was. Kim guided the head of his shaft past her lips where she loudly kissed it and then pulled away. Moving her hands down below to her great big tits, she held them up and then David began to giggle as he knew what she was about to do.

"Oh fuck yeah, let me get between those big tits!"

"Yeah, this is what you really wanted..."

David licked his lips as Kim pulled her breasts apart with both hands. He used his right hand to push his cock right between her tits. As he pulled his fingers back, Kim squeezed those boobs around his shaft, letting him witness the moment as his entire length disappeared between them with only the head poking up. With a smug grin across her red lips, she shook her head, taunting him.

"I know you like my ass, but I bet you were starring at my tits from that mirror the whole time you were driving."

Kim began to pump her breasts up and down, fucking his cock nice and slowly at first. He didn't bother looking at her face. Instead, David's view was focused entirely on watching his cock disappear and the head poke back up with each thrust. Kim only went slow at first. Within seconds, she was pumping her tits at a fast pace, tittyfucking his dick to a pulp.

"Oh, god fucking damn!!"

She giggled at his moaning words. David scrunched his face up after gritting his teeth. Those facial expressions made Kim pump her tits harder and faster all while she grinned and not once broke eye contact.

"Oh yeah, you like that? Are my big tits too much for you? Ohhhhhhh, yeah...."

Still pumping her breasts up and down, Kim refused to glance away from his face. She was in complete control, working him over all with the power of breasts right now. David couldn't take it, as he had been trying to fight off the urge to try and match her lascivious intensity. He curled his hands into fists, pushing them down into the seats as then began to buck his hips, taking over with fucking her tits. Kim came to a complete halt from moving, allowing David to do the work now.

"Ohhhh, yeah! That's it, that's it! Fuck my titties!!"

Leaning her head down, she spit on the head of his cock as it poked up between the folds. Kim bit down on her lower lip, watching as his cock pumped up and down between those mighty breasts. Groaning aloud, David couldn't hold himself back from bragging.

"Fuckkkk!! You've got the perfect body! A great ass and tits that were made to be fucked!"

That comment was enough to distract Kim enough that she made eye contact again. Grinning with her teeth barred, Kim moaned at the feeling of his cock pumping between her tits. She could feel every inch of it thrusting up and down. Letting out another moan, she finally replied.

"Yeah, you could say I'm built to fuck, baby!"

Her voice echoed almost in a high pitch tone. That signature 'Kardashian voice', as David couldn't think of it as anything. else. Still bucking his hips forward, he thrust his cock between her tits a few more times before slowing down to a complete halt. Exhaling deeply, he was worried now that he would blow his load before he had a chance to be inside her pussy or that ass. Kim licked her lips, still holding her breasts together. She glanced down at the head of his shaft, noticing a drop of pre-cum oozing out. Parting her lips, she lapped her tongue across the head and then let go of her breasts. David watched his cock flop around, thumping against his chest as Kim then began to stand up. She reached for his hand and pulled him up.

"Come on, I'll let you fuck my tits again later."

Once David was standing face to face with her, Kim pushed her breasts up against his chest. She gazed up at his eyes due to the slight height difference between them.

"Right now, I'm in the mood for having this..."

She reached for his cock down below, twisting her fingers around it.

"Deep inside of me. I want you to fuck me so hard, we make the van shake around."

After finishing her words, Kim began to stroke David's cock back and forth. He leaned in to kiss her lips softly and then she pulled away, letting go of his fuck stick below. There wasn't much room in the back of the mini-van for them to stand around. While David had to respect the effort made to transition this vehicle into a proper Fuck Mobile or 'Fake Taxi' of sorts, it wasn't the same as his beloved gold van. Kim moved to the right side seat, sitting down and waiting for David to step his way over. She stretched her legs up as David moved his hands over her right leg and wanted to arch it up on his shoulder. This was the position he wanted. To be able to look right into those big brown eyes while fucking Kim Kardashian. A fantasy fulfilled could only be experienced one way. Gazing down at her thighs, his eyes traced up to see the glistening wetness of her folds.

"You wanna fuck me just like this?"

He didn't bother looking up at her face or answering that question. David licked his lips as he glanced down at her pussy. There was a small strip of black hair just above the pink folds of her mound. Kim lowered her left leg, tapping her big toe down on the floorboard below as he gripped his shaft and began to rub the head at her vulva lips. Kim dropped her lower lip, moaning aloud. Her hands moved across her great big tits, massaging them as she positioned her nipples between her fingers. Biting down on her lower lip, Kim glanced down to see his cock nearly pushing inside of her.

"Mmmmmm, go ahead and start fucking me. I'm ready for it."

Smiling up at her, David couldn't hold back this chance to tease Kim with dirty talk.

"You mean you're ready to get fucked by a nasty old cab driver?"

Kim didn't get a chance to reply as David slowly slid his cock into her wet delight. He watched the expression change across her face. That lower lip dropping as she made eye contact in time to squeeze her breasts hard.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yeah..."

Swallowing her breath, Kim exhaled before cooing again. David glanced down to see his cock pushing into the juicy cunt of the infamous Kim Kardashian. Her right leg remained arched up, foot dangling from his left shoulder. Going slow with his initial thrusts, David moaned as Kim raised her head up and closed her eyes for a moment.

"Yes, that's it."

"I'm just getting started, babe."

His response in spoken word was enough to make Kim open her eyes. She had heard all the stories about this man. From the two Jennifers, Rihanna all the way to her own sister Kourtney from yesterday. At any given moment, she knew this man could make her scream in pleasure. David was taking his time for now. Slowly thrusting into her pussy, embracing this moment as he was fucking quite possibly the most famous woman of all of them he had met throughout the years. Kim spread her fingers, pushing the palms of her hands down over her hardened nipples as she looked up at his face. When David began to buck his hips harder and pick up speed, that prompted her to push him with her filthy words spoken off in a low tone.

"Mmmmmmm, there you go. Fuck me harder."

With a harder thrust, David slowed himself down. Kim curled up her toes to her right foot, still dangling above his shoulder. As she licked her lips, she moved her right hand down to play with her clit. She pinched and rubbed it while using her left arm to form a 'hand bra' across her tits. David began to buck his hips again, thrusting harder and slightly faster.

"Ohhhhh, yeah! That's it! Fuck me!"

Gasping her breath, Kim sounded more desperate with each word she spoke. His eyes watched her fingers, the tip twirling over her clit at a faster pace. It was almost as if Kim were quietly insisting for him to thrust faster. David did just that, pumping his cock into her tight cunt harder and faster, building up his speed to fuck in a steady rhythm.

"Fuck me! Ohhhhhhhh yeah! FUCK ME!!"

The mini-van began to shake and wobble around, all as Kim screamed loud enough that any stranger outside could've heard a faint echo of her voice. David grunted as he moved his hands over her right leg to grip at something. Anything he could wrap his hands around was suffice as he bucked his hips as hard as he could. Over and over, he pumped his cock into Kim's pussy. Her breasts began to jiggle, wobbling all around after she removed her left hand. Kim continued to play with her flit, furiously rubbing her index and middle finger over it as David fucked her so hard.


To hear her screaming so loudly with her voice in high pitch serenades, David kept on thrusting his cock into that juicy cunt. His fingers tightened the grip around her neck, feeling the van rock and wobble around. Kim gritted her teeth, letting out a growling moan before she moved both of her hands to her breasts, squeezing them hard.


Again, Kim gasped as she locked eyes with him. David had only slowed himself down a bit to hear her crying moans. Her toes curled from both feet as she felt several inches of that long hard cock still thrusting within her. Grunting, he called to her.

"This how you wanted it, babe? You wanted to get fucked by a sleazy cab driver like me? Was that it?"

Kim moaned and then moved her right hand back down below to rub at her clit. The only reason David had slowed down like this was that he wanted to make her beg. Giving another full hard thrust, he listened to another gasp from her voice.

"You want more, Kim?"

"Ohhhhh, god do I want more, yessssss..."

She bit down on her lower lip after uttering those words in a desperate tone. Kim gazed in his eyes, whimpering. As he began to thrust his cock inside of her again, Kim gave in to what he wanted.

"Don't stop, please. Don't stop fucking me, I wanna-"

David cut her off, yelling over her voice.

"You wanna what!?"

Biting down on her lower lip again, Kim scrunched her face up as she could feel his cock still thrusting into her at that slow speed. Kicking her left leg out, she moved to wrap it around him, rubbing the sole of her foot against his buttocks as she screamed at him.


Each time Kim screamed those two words, David thrust faster into her. He picked up pace, forcing the van to begin robbing and wobbling around as he was now bound and determined to give Kim what she wanted. Her left foot rubbed against his ass in an attempt to wrap around him all while she curled her right foot toes. Over and over, David pumped his cock into her, moaning out but not at the loudness of her screams.


Ba-boom! Ba-boom! Ba-boom! The Escalade rocked and shook left and right causing all kinds of noises to echo from outside. None of which noises could outperform the screaming moans from one high pitched voice of Kim. She moaned and cried out as David began to slow down, knowing that he had to hold himself back from blowing his own load. With her eyes wide open, Kim gritted her teeth and let out a growling moan before she began to pant at the feeling of her climatic rush.


As she screamed again, David could feel the warm juices flooding his cock inside of her. He quickly reached down with his right hand, stepping back as he snatched his cock out of that pussy. His sudden actions were enough to result in Kim's juices squirting up onto his chest and drenching her thighs and the floorboard of the van below. She was out of breath, desperately trying to catch herself back up and recover from such a hard orgasm. David swallowed his breath, gazing down at the glistening wet mess on the floor. He couldn't help but smile, thinking back to the many times that cum stains had been left in his gold van. Oh, if only they were in that van with a mess left behind to scrub out tomorrow.

"Oh my fucking god, that was great."

Kim's voice calling out snapped David back into reality. She was still breathing frantically, but only slower after finishing her words. A wide grin formed across her red lips before she spoke again.

"We ain't done yet. I hope you're thinking what I'm thinking."

Giving her a nod, David smirked.

"Oh yeah? I'm thinking about ramming my cock in your big fucking ass. What's on your mind right now, babe?"

Kim flashed her full teeth in that same mischievous grin from earlier. There was no reason to utter any useless words. Their minds were together on the same subject. Still grinning, she began to lean up from where she was sitting. David stepped back towards the left side seat as Kim now stood up and began to climb down on all fours.

"I made sure I had enough space in the back of this thing to be able to get on my hands and knees like this. Trust me, David I've been thinking about doing this for a long time."

Turning a bit, David glanced down at Kim's mighty ass. The palms of her hands and her knees were pushed down into the floorboard of the mini-van. It didn't matter how many beautiful asses he had witnessed back in his old gold van, there was a certain sense of amazement that came with being face to face with the massive ass of Kim Kardashian. He knew it was big, but witnessing it this close up was a whole other experience. Swallowing his breath, David braced himself in preparation for fucking one of the most famous asses in the world.

"God... I don't even know what to say while looking at this ass..."

Those words made Kim grin smugly as she flipped her dark hair and gazed at him from across her right shoulder.

"This ass was built for a hard fucking, am I right?"

"Yeah, you're right."

Rolling her hips, Kim proceeded to twerk. Once again, David got to witness those mighty cheeks clapping together in a solid rhythm. Clap. Clap. Clap. Her booty moved and shook with all the strength she had. Softly purring a moan, Kim began to speak in that low, seductive voice she used for dirty talking.

"I wanna feel every last inch of that big fucking cock ramming up my ass. I want you to ram me up the ass, nice and fucking hard. Mmmmmmmm, I'm getting wet again just thinking about it."

"You ready to get fucked in the ass, Kim?"

Still twerking, she moaned again before replying.

"Ohhhh yeah, I've been ready. I've waited a long time for David the Taxi man to slide his cock up my ass. Come on, give it to me. Fuck this big ole booty. You've got a supreme ass to fuck today! It's time, I'm ready. Slam that fucking cock up my ass, NOW!!"

After Kim screamed that final word, she stopped twerking and shoved her ass back. David used both hands to pull apart her thick cheeks, squeezing them as he looked down the crack of that ass to find her dark little hole. Leaning down, he tried to spit on the hole, but his saliva ended up down the crack of her ass, dripping to the floor. Gripping his shaft with his right hand, he guided it up the crack, pushing the head at that small back door hole.

"Mmmmmmmmm... Push it on in there. You have no idea how much you're gonna love my ass."

With the first thrust inside her booty, David pulled his right hand back and smacked her ass. Kim bit down on her lower lip, purring a moan at his touch, listening to the man softly moan at the feeling of his cock shoving up her tight ass. Kim pumped her hips back, shoving herself far enough that David witnessed every inch of his cock slowly getting swallowed up by her supreme booty. With his right hand, he spanked her again, then used the left hand to give the other cheek an equal smacking. Her booty wobbled, shaking lightly but when he planted his hands onto her hips, that's when Kim knew he was ready to fuck her ass.

"Give it to me! Pound that fucking cock right up my ass!"

"Ohhhhhh, don't worry babe! I'm gonna fuck your ass like I've always dreamed!"

With a groan, David began to buck his hips, thrusting his cock into her ass much to Kim's delight. She moaned in approval, calling out to him as she hung her head low.

"Oh yeah! Ohhhhhh, FUCK YEAH!!"

Hearing her scream like that, David glanced forward to see Kim's head just below the console of the right side back door. He was tempted to tell her to open the door and scream to the world, but for now he stayed quiet. Moving his hands away from her hips, began to buck his hips harder and faster. Her breasts shook from underneath along with her hair swaying around. Grunting, David couldn't help but cry out to her in pleasure.

"Oh my fucking god! This ass is amazing!!"

He thrust harder and faster, making the mini-van rock and tumble around once more. Beneath Kim her big tits shook and wobbled to the left and right. She closed her eyes, swallowing her breath as she could feel every inch of his long hard cock pounding up her ass.


Over and over, David gave Kim everything he had within him. He had saved all his strength for this moment, now delivering a hard pounding for her ass that was truly built for this. He grunted and groaned, listening to her scream for him.


Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound of his balls hitting up against the undersides of that titanic sized booty could be heard loud and clear. Kim took every thrust he had, feeling his cock slam up her ass. She moaned and let out grunts after gritting her teeth. Curling up her toes and fingers together, she screamed at him again.


Unable to hold back his lust now, David continued to thrust. Over and over he pumped his cock in that wonderful booty. There was no greater feeling than this right now, to be pounding his cock in that thick ass. Again and again, David pumped as Kim moaned and screamed for him. The van continued to wobble and shake all around from outside. If only he could last longer without emptying his balls in the near minutes. Raising his head up, David groaned and cried out to her.

"Ohhhhhhh, FUCK!! I'm gonna cum soon!"

Whipping her hair around, Kim glanced from across her right shoulder and quickly replied.

"No you ain't! You're gonna fuck my tits again before you blow your load all over my face!"

To hear such dirty words of desire from her voice, David could've blew his load right then and there deep within her ass. He stepped back and slowly pulled his cock out of her booty, watching as it flopped between her cheeks down the crack before he pulled away. Kim was quick to crawl around and face him. Rising on her knees, she reached up to grab his cock with her right hand, feeding it between her lips. She went from ass to mouth within seconds, sucking on him and bobbing her head up and down. 'Mmmm, mmmmm', the muffled moans she made had caused David to let out a groan. She wanted him to fuck her tits, but he truly had to question how much strength he had left for fucking. Kim had proven herself to be something of a sex machine at wearing him down like this.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah. Suck on it, babe."

Patting her head with his right hand palm, David listened to the slobbering and sucking noises Kim's mouth produced. Her big brown eyes gazed up at him as she pulled her lips back to the head of his shaft. Down below, she had moved her hands down to her breasts, holding them up and pulling them apart. When Kim finally released his cock, she made a loud popping noise and then raised her tits to quickly squeeze them around his dick and smiled.

"Fuck my titties!"

Kim called out to him in that signature, almost high pitch voice. That was more than enough to motivate David into thrusting his hips to pump his cock between her boobs. She glanced down, watching the head poke up and then spitting down on it. Closing her eyes, Kim gritted her teeth as she purred soft moans holding her head up. She knew he wouldn't be able to do this for long, thus David thrust slow but hard. Kim licked her lips, letting out a soft man as she heard him grunt.

"Ohhhhh, man! These tits are so fucking good!"

Her lips curved into a smile. Kim could feel every inch of that cock pumping between her boobs.

"Oh yeah, you like that? You like fucking my big titties?"

"Oh my fucking god, yessss I do..."

Moaning out his words almost to the point of crying in pleasure, David had slowed down. Kim opened her eyes and grinned up at him. She knew he could barely hold on for much longer. David was trying his best to hold it together, not wanting this session to end yet. Making one last hard thrust between her tits, his face scrunched up and he cried out.

"Ohhhhhhh, god! I can't hold back! I'm gonna empty my balls, babe!!"

"All over my face! I want that cum all over my fucking face!"

Uttering her words, Kim quickly let go of her breasts and then leaned her head up. She watched as David gripped his shaft, aiming it at her gorgeous face and beginning to wank back and forth. Darting her tongue out, she teased him with a loud 'ahhhh', all before blinking her eyes and giving him the final words of encouragement.

"Cum  on me, cum on me! Mmmmmm, give me your fucking cum, David."

Panting and groaning, he stroked his cock back and forth. David could feel the sweat dripping from his faded grey hair as he was ready to give Kim all he had. His hand slid to the base of his shaft as he groaned and screamed.


The initial blast of his cum was so powerful, it missed her face entirely and splattered onto the seats from the right side. He jerked his shaft, moving it and then watching the second spurt of cum land on the right side of her nose, streaking down her cheek. Kim opened her eyes, no longer carrying the fear of a wad landing in her eye lip. She licked her lips, moaning at the feeling of a thick string of cum that slathered up the left side of her face. The next strings went near her mouth, covering both sides and dripping down her chin. David was somewhat displeased that for blasting the face of Kim Kardashian, he had missed her forehead entirely all from his first shot missing her face. He failed at painting her face like he did Kourtney. The large wad of cum glistened and glimmered for a future stain across the seats.

"Oh my fucking god..."

He groaned while gazing down at Kim's face, watching the cum stream down her neck and a thick droplet fall from her chin down to her big tits below. She parted her lips, gesturing for him to feed his cock between them. David guided his shaft there, listening to the muffled moan Kim made as she sucked the head in an effort to milk any final drops out.

Pulling his cock from her mouth, Kim kissed it and then began to wipe some of the cum from her face.

"That was a lot of fun. You look exhausted so I take it you had a good time?"

Laughing at her words, David nodded.

"I just fucked Kim Kardashian, so yeah I'd call that a good time!"

She giggled at his reaction and then clapped her hands together.

"Congrats to you! This is one that you won't have to write in your diary tonight!"

Still laughing at her, David sat down, glancing over where his cum had splattered on the seats. He shook his head, pointing at that with his right hand index finger.

"You know, I used to have to clean cum stains out the back of my van. I could talk about it for hours."

"Don't worry about that, honey. I'm not gonna make you clean a thing in this van."

Her words had reminded David that he wanted to ask Kim about a certain kind of job offer. Now that their lustful fun had come to an end, maybe it was finally the time to have that conversation.

"So... you wanna offer me a job? I mean... I figure next time there's cum stains on the seats, it's gonna be a limo maybe?"

Kim smirked at him, shaking her head.

"No, this is a Fake Taxi van. I've got a better idea for you, honey."

The thought of those big yellow stickers covering the mini-van had been lost in his mind. David had completely forgotten about her whole Fake Taxi fantasy. As she began to rise up from her knees, Kim grinned and spoke again.

"I've got big plans for you, honey. We're gonna break the internet."



Time began to fly by from the last time David had opened the door to his Silver Screen company van and sat down in the seat. All those years of driving taxi cabs and later the gold van around L.A., he did not reach the age to draw a pension into retirement. Had someone told him years ago that his luck would stretch with the company, he probably wouldn't have believed them. Nor would he have ever believed that 'David the taxi man' would become a legendary name among socialite circles in and around famous women in town. It took Kourtney Kardashian to hunt him down and then Kim herself made the biggest offer of his lifetime. After their day together, she took his diary and told him to quit his job. With a check written out under her name for seventy-thousand dollars, David would soon have a new career to consider working under the woman known as a tabloid legend.

Learning about Fake Taxi was only half of what Kim wanted to introduce to David. As the months passed by and he turned fifty years old, Kim invited the cab driver into a certain area of her private business empire. The time had come to show David a different side of her. One that involved the title of Kim Kardashian: Porn Star DVD lines and a special website under the address KimKPornstar. Several meetings were arranged with Kim introducing David to photographers and camera men. Professionals who had their ranks within the adult entertainment industry. At the third meeting, Kim watched David shake hands with one of her most special business partners, Lexington Steele. Any time she introduced David to someone, she referred to him as 'David the taxi man'. As the months began to pass by, David realized that this name would become his title as a male performer within the porn industry.

His diary was filled with several tales of his sleazy adventures. Kim read every last entry, impressed by the names he had accumulated. Many of them she recognized and others had only sparked her curiosity. It didn't help that David often bragged about the time he had an affair with Lucy Pinder. That day had become something of a legend, now with David telling the story of how she was too much to handle within the van and he had to take her outside to finish. Kim teased about the possibility of him having future adventures like that, but not as a limo driver. She had made a business deal to buy into the studio production of Fake Taxi and prepare her own version of it. There was no other man she could think of besides David who would be ideal as the male star lead for Fake Taxi USA. He already had the name sake to go with it, making the past four years only practice for what would be his next career.

It felt so good to stomp into the Silver Screen Express garage the day he quit. To utter the words of an old song he related to throughout those last months. Take this job and shove it! He wasn't working there anymore and it felt good to just go in there and say he was done. David's next job required him to learn basic cinematography skills with a portable camera station. Kim had bought an old van resembling the gold Silver Screen line. Retro-fitted, she had cameras installed for recording future scenes but she still insisted that David learn how to use a POV camera. POV stood for 'point of view', and thus his journey down learning the means of Gonzo style pornography. There was no concern about dialogue or 'method acting' as had been suggested to him by one of Kim's advisors. David truly felt he was the Fake Taxi man from his years of experience, so seduction would come natural to him. Before the first day of filming, Kim still wanted to have practice with David.

Two practice sessions were arranged, including a test drive with the new fancy refurbished black van. It sported the same Fake Taxi stickers David had now come used to seeing. Kim had persuaded him to spend a few hours, watching old scenes just to take notes on how the POV camera was used in the back seat. For the first practice session, Kim was his passenger. It was the second time he would be getting a chance to fuck her, but under different circumstances. For the second practice the following days, Kim's sister Khloe insisted on joining in. David couldn't help but grin to himself at the possibility of banging yet another Kardashian woman. Khloe would be something of a mystery to him, playing along to the script similar to the entries in his diary as he had to drive her around and seduce her properly. Of course, the game of seduction was all forgotten about when the cameras were fixated on naked action in the back seat. None of it mattered when he had his cock shoved up Khloe's thick ass.

Within a week after those two practice rides, David the taxi man was driving the streets of L.A. once again. Kim took her time arranging what would be the first scene for Fake Taxi USA. With the right amount of cash thrown around and her connections to certain people involved in business, she landed one of the current biggest stars in the adult entertainment industry. For David to slip his feet back into a pair of cheap flip flops, put on some shorts and a black T-shirt, he felt comfortable getting behind the wheel of this new taxi van. Driving through the streets that he had become familiar with throughout his life, knowing that on this day he had something to look forward to all with indulging himself to play up a role he reveled in. The clear blue skies were a friendly greeting along with that familiar ambience of the city when he pulled the van up to the curb and watched Anissa Kate's figure in the far distance begin approaching the vehicle. If there was one thing he could truly go to bed at night knowing now, it was that he loved his new job.

"I'll give you a free ride if you flash me your tits!"

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Re: Silver Screen Express FINALE
« Reply #92 on: January 01, 2022, 01:24:49 AM »
Awesome conclusion to an absolutely awesome series. Somewhat sad to see David's story end. Well done, my friend
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Re: Silver Screen Express (The Final Ride!)
« Reply #93 on: January 01, 2022, 02:45:45 AM »
What a way to end the series, and to bring in the new year!  Brilliant finale
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Re: Silver Screen Express (The Final Ride!)
« Reply #94 on: January 01, 2022, 04:40:56 AM »
That was incredible and you ended it on the perfect note!
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Re: Silver Screen Express (The Final Ride!)
« Reply #95 on: January 01, 2022, 10:19:50 AM »
This is incredible !  I love this ending.  It also leaves the doors open for more tales of David fucking porn stars ....
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Re: Silver Screen Express (The Final Ride!)
« Reply #96 on: January 01, 2022, 03:48:15 PM »
I loved this.

A series about Fake Taxi with celebs becomes Fake Taxi. A proper way to end it.

Will David be showing up in the Kim K Porn Star series? Now he can make real porn lol
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Re: Silver Screen Express (The Final Ride!)
« Reply #97 on: January 01, 2022, 07:57:45 PM »
David The Taxi Man is now David the Fake Taxi man lol.

I want to see him with Khloe and the Kardashian friends in KKPS if that's possible.
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Re: Silver Screen Express (The Final Ride!)
« Reply #98 on: January 02, 2022, 11:54:22 PM »
I loved this.

A series about Fake Taxi with celebs becomes Fake Taxi. A proper way to end it.

Will David be showing up in the Kim K Porn Star series? Now he can make real porn lol

Yes! I plan on having him reappear in Kim Kardashian: Porn Star down the road as the driver for Fake Taxi USA, brought to you by none other than a lovely website called KimKPornStar! I have been organizing a number of ideas and plots to revive that series now that Kim is no longer married to Kanye. I made a promise years ago if they divorced, she'd get with Lex Steele in my series.

I planned this ending years ago. It was meant to end on a funny note tying in with Fake Taxi since that was the main inspiration to it.
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Re: Silver Screen Express (The Final Ride!)
« Reply #99 on: January 04, 2022, 03:54:41 PM »
Congratulations on finishing your series! There was no happier to end this without Kim coming along and saving David from working through his 50s for a job he had grown to hate.

I love how you write Kim and tying it into your other series, looking forward to seeing what comes of that.
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Re: Silver Screen Express (The Final Ride!)
« Reply #100 on: January 21, 2022, 05:10:29 PM »
All good things must come to an end. A most excellent conclusion to one of the best pieces on this site.  :Y:

I may have SSE to thank for getting into writing in the first place - a simple, yet irresistible scenario with endless possibilities as far as celebs are concerned. I've said it before, but some of the most intriguing things to me were the small variations in the way David would try to seduce the women, how willing/unwilling they would be to give in to his deands, and where they would park the cab. Seems so simple, but it was all so fun and well made in a pornographic sense.

I must say everything ended up in a satisfying crossover I hadn't even considered, heh!

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Re: Silver Screen Express (The Final Ride!)
« Reply #101 on: January 22, 2022, 12:57:04 AM »
All good things must come to an end. A most excellent conclusion to one of the best pieces on this site.  :Y:

I may have SSE to thank for getting into writing in the first place - a simple, yet irresistible scenario with endless possibilities as far as celebs are concerned. I've said it before, but some of the most intriguing things to me were the small variations in the way David would try to seduce the women, how willing/unwilling they would be to give in to his deands, and where they would park the cab. Seems so simple, but it was all so fun and well made in a pornographic sense.

I must say everything ended up in a satisfying crossover I hadn't even considered, heh!

Thanks for the kind words. If my series inspired to you write, then that is some of the highest praise I've ever received. Your Decades series is amazing and was one of my favorite new stories posted last year.

I wanted SSE to end on a funny note cause the series was always like a homage to Fake Taxi. I had scripted out the ending 3 years ago, but it took a while to get to it. Now I have so many other series I work on, this one kept getting pushed back.

The ladies over at Murderotica podcast did an episode on Chapter 15. You can listen to it here. I thank them for having a ball laughing at one of my stories and even pointing out all the glaring typos from that chapter!
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Re: Silver Screen Express (The Final Ride!)
« Reply #102 on: May 19, 2022, 03:44:11 PM »
I loved this series.

Some of my favorites were Lucy, Katy, Kelly, Demi, Rosie and Kelly.

The Kelly chapter specially. Real hot and steamy.  8#=D
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Re: Silver Screen Express (The Final Ride!)
« Reply #103 on: September 17, 2022, 05:24:59 AM »
So many great chapters in this series. Thank you
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