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Author Topic: Tales from the Sexual Misadventures of Emma Watson - Part Two  (Read 4095 times)


Tales from the Sexual Misadventures of Emma Watson - Part Two
« on: February 04, 2019, 07:07:35 AM »
Tales from the Sexual Misadventures of Emma Watson
Part Two

Photo Shoot

By Snakeguy
M,F, celeb, con, photo shoot, strip, topless first person.

This short series will also include previously untold stories from
The Sexual Misadventures of Emma Watson.

Revised, edited with new additions.

The following story is not to be read by anyone under 18, if it is illegal for you to view this in your area,
If you find these situations unpleasant or offensive then you obviously won’t enjoy reading this story, so don’t read it, go elsewhere.

The author takes no responsibility for any illegalities arising from the viewing of this file.
The author retains all rights to this story and it is transmitted here by an authorized person, for free viewing only.
Retransmission is allowed only if it is in its original form including this message and archiving only by prior permission.

This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
It does not reflect in any way the true personality of the celebrity concerned, this is fantasy.
This is a work of fan fiction that mentions characters from the Harry Potter world,
Which are trademarked and owned by J. K. Rowling and Warner Brothers Entertainment Inc.

I do not claim any ownership over them or the world of Harry Potter nor that of Beauty and the Beast.
This story is for entertainment use only and no copyright infringement in intended.
I make no profit from this story nor do intend to.
If you have trouble telling the difference between reality and fantasy, you’d best leave now.
If this offends you, please look elsewhere.

All Characters featured are over 18.

Tales from the Sexual Misadventures of Emma Watson
Part Two

By Snakeguy
M,F, celeb, con, photo shoot, strip, topless.

Photo Shoot

Dear Journal,

Why do people out there think I’m some “Uppity feminist perfectly; opinionated, conceited & haughty as fuck”, is that what people really think I’m like?

I get it from all sides, the opinionated feminist and then when I did that “Vanity Fair” shoot and revealed some of my breasts.

I got attacked for being a hypocrite!

If they knew what I was really like (ok journal I will tell you later), but even people who are close to me,
who I’ve known for years, even Rupert have this strange view of me, like I’m Hermione in real life.

Rupert had visited me and I value his opinion and I’d shown him the proof sheets of the Vanity Fair shoot.

“Fuck Em, it’s a long way from Hermione, but respect for what you’re doing,” he said.
“Rupert, why do you... everybody keep mentioning Hermione fucking Granger, I’m not her I’m Emma”,
“It’s ok Em, I understand, this will be difficult, but what you’re doing” said as he hugged me.

I knew Rupert being Rupert he would be having a wank the minute he got home.

Who do they think I am, Hermione meets Mother fucking Theresa?

Would you dear reader, like to know how all this began?

Me Emma Watson, the exhibitionist.

I love sex it's just vanilla sex that bores me, it's worse when fans are so earnest and nice to me.

I sometimes think if they only knew what sweet little Emma is really like.

All those accidental exposures I've had over the years, I've planned them.

The vintage dress falling apart in the rain at that premiere, it was me, all planned.

My P.A handing me safety pins in public trying to pin the dress back together,
all the while I was nearly coming on the spot, fans, the press, the media, all feeling sorry for me,
while I was getting off on it..

A girl had to start somewhere, remember that blue top that I wore on the Potter set
where my tits were bursting out of it and I seemed unaware?.

But I chose a top that was too small for me and a bra that showed off my assets.

The night of my 18th birthday, see-through panties, showing off my pubes, all my own work.

The nip slips, my breast half exposed at a photo shoot, my suggestion,
my distressed look in a car window with my breast all but exposed
while the guy next to me tries desperately not to look at me or rather my breast.

But I get bored, there's only so many times I can tease my brother or “accidentally” flash a studio executive.

Here's my favourite before I go into a meeting, premiere or social event.

I wank and not wash my hands afterwards and then shake people’s with my pussy juice still on my fingers.

 It’s the thrill of the chase, will I get caught, what will I expose, how will I expose myself.

Can you picture this? Me Emma Watson I’m sitting back onto my chair with my legs slightly apart.

If you could see me now, you’d see me taking her index finger and putting it into my mouth and sucking it,
now I’m tracing it down over my lips, chin, neck, breasts, down to my pussy and inside me for a moment,
and now placing her finger into my mouth....

I get the opportunities, but i got something like stage fright like for example on that Vanity Fair shoot.
I was nervous, I’d engaged my deer in the headlights mode.

The shoot was like a cross in being on stage in a play (something I’ve never done, yet!)
and a Circus, describe it as high art meets fashion shoot.

The photographer had been teasing me, pampering me, encouraging me and all but seducing me
out of my top, something i’d love but i didn’t want to give the game away.

The original plan had been the crochet white top, with a chemise under it.

He was taking test shots, when he said “No Emma you can do better than that”.

“Let’s try it with the bra”, he’d just persuaded me to remove the chemise
and pose with the crochet white top and a matching silk bra.

I’d looked at the test shots and was pleased.

“You know Emma, you can do much better, and you can be the Woman instead of the girl” he had said.

I know artistic bullshit when I hear it.

The next thing he’d said was “Let's lose the bra”, ok I was now well and truly the deer in the headlights,
but loving every minute as my nipples were proving.

But since I had breasts, I was conscious on why I didn’t want to reveal them.

Ok my right breast is slightly higher than the other, not that the other girls when in school would say it to my face.

But I knew behind my back they’d laugh at “Watson’s lopsided tits”.

I remember I spend hours looking at the mirror, willing my right breast to keep up with her left breast.

“Emma, you can do it” the photographer had said, acting i said.

“I can’t no, that’s a step too far I can’t” before he interrupted me.

 “Because one of your breasts is very slightly lopsided?”

I remember went bright red; here was the first person to actually address it to my face;
“I’ve worked with so many actresses that are the same, Jennifer Lawrence for example” he had said.

I felt the mist was clearing, I thought “Fuck it, go for it”, it was a closed set;
only the photographer, a representative of my management; the stylist and the lighting assistant was present.

It was like one of those sleight of hand tricks, they were so quick.

“Let's lose your bra Emma…” the photographer turned to the stylist.
“Audrey, Emma’s bra”.

Before I could say no, the stylist was behind me and unclipped the bra,
then coming around she carefully adjusting the crochet white top.

Here was I was topless as another woman adjusted the crochet top so my nipples wouldn’t show through it.

“You see Emma, a good photographer in posing you correctly, will mineralise any appearance of your breasts”
he’d said, turning my shoulder, adjusting my arm.

That done, the photographer seemed to around me like a whirlwind, taking shot after shot.

Straight on, my breasts finally all but revealing themselves to the camera, from the side nearly exposing her nipples.

Then he moved forward, gripping the top and pulling it back exposed me, my breasts bared.

When that shoot was done, I felt like Cinderella being told she could go to the ball.

On the iMac we looked at shoot after shot, I was amazed even with the shots were her breasts were all but exposed.

Then the final shots, where her breasts were fully exposed.

“Well I don’t think we’ll be using them” I’d laughed, “I just wanted to remind you how beautiful you are,” he said.

Sometimes I get so frustrated on what people expect of me, I’d spent the weekend approving the shots,
I wanted to release the fully topless shots, but would that be giving the game away?

And as you may have gathered I’m nothing but a tease.

My Cinderella effect had quickly evaporated.

“Yes I can approve it, no it’s too much, what would people think?

What about He for She and I’m showing my breasts off”...

I suppose my negative Jimmi Cricket on my shoulder won.

 I approved the shot with the bra, and the others were shelved, there again they might get “leaked” someday?

If people could only see (well to a certain extent) the real me!

But i think I've done my apprenticeship, so all its time to start the next part of my campaign.

I'm looking for a partner in crime, my boy wonder, my Dr.Watson.

I wish I knew who you were and if you’re you up for the job?

I’ve got to do something about this frustration.

Until next time

To be continued...

Part One

Part Three

Part Four
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Re: Tales from the Sexual Misadventures of Emma Watson Part Two
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Great writing again Shane. :)
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Re: Tales from the Sexual Misadventures of Emma Watson Part Two
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Great writing again Shane. :)
Thanks, more on the way.


Re: Tales from the Sexual Misadventures of Emma Watson Part Two
« Reply #3 on: February 05, 2019, 06:16:00 PM »
Lovely work, I gave you a 5 star rating.  ;)
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Re: Tales from the Sexual Misadventures of Emma Watson Part Two
« Reply #4 on: February 05, 2019, 06:34:05 PM »
Nice work, cheers for some excellent Emma love.
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