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Author Topic: Coachella Cocktail starring Victoria Justice  (Read 3433 times)

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Coachella Cocktail starring Victoria Justice
« on: April 16, 2019, 09:52:54 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

Coachella Cocktail starring Victoria Justice
(MF, Oral, Anal, Exhib, Slut)
by MaxwellLord

Coachella was one thing consistently, and that was predictable. The sights were the same, the music was the same regardless of line-up. It was always celebrities vying for attention at what was supposedly a music and art festival. They were dressed to impress and be in the right place at the right time with the right product.

At least that was Victoria Justice's experience. It wasn't that she didn't like it.  Victoria had fun at the event. Sure, the first year was a bust when she found out there was work involved in her vacation, but then she found a way to work in her own kind of fun. And it never failed.

Right now in the middle of this pseudo bar she was in, taking photos for a gin company with various cocktails, she already had her eyes on the man who was going to bring her the unique pleasure she'd been craving.

She spotted him, some bartender who was dressed to be a beach bum cliche right down to the collection of shell worn around his neck as a necklace. She knew the lok on his face. It was one Victoria was very familiar with, the face of faux enthusiasm. She'd had to do that a lot at this event alone, not to mention the rest of her career. He was going to be easy to bring in.

Not that it was going to be difficult. The promise of commitment free sex would be enough to bring anyone in, especially considering what she had in mind. Which wasn't too outrageous by any stretch of the imagination. Earlier in the day she'd run into a woman who'd taken care of her more traditional needs. Her pussy was still wet after that. Now though? Now Victoria needed something more urgent, a bit more penetration. She found women useful for tongues and fingers, but not for real thrusting penetration. Strap-ons didn't do it for her.  A dick though? I a real, feeling appendage that needs the same pleasure she needed? That's what she needed, and she needed it in a very specific way.

She picked up a fresh cocktail and made her way over to the bartender. She thought about how to approach things, what would give her the better outcome. It's not like he'd say no, but she wanted to set the stage for exactly what she was looking for. Victoria wanted no hesitation. No game playing. No tease on her or him.

"Blunt it is," she said to herself with a smile. She sat down at the bar, a sexy smile on her face and got the bartenders attention.

"How are you, Ms. Justice?" he said with a smile that matched the disingenuous tone of his voice. "Need a follow-up for your drink?"

"Mmm, not quite," she said, returning his fake smile with her own real one. It was wide, it wasn't toothy. But it was real and gave off just what Victoria wanted it to give off. "I think you could easily help me out though."

"How's that?" he asked. H wasn't really paying attention to her, instead cleaning a few glasses only to refill them with assorted pre-mixed drinks.

"Well," she said, her smile growing wider. She couldn't wait to see his reaction. His distraction was going to make his reaction all the more sweeter. "You could fuck me."

"...excuse me? he asked with predictable confusion.

"Fuck me. I mean come on.....Joe," she said, reading his name tag. "I'm sure I'm not the first woman to suggest it to you here. I'm sure at this point you've lost count of the eighteen and nineteen who's asked for some booze in exchange for a blowjob. Probably also lost count of the offers you've taken for that in the first day."

"Well...I...." he stuttered.

"Hey, don't worry. I'm not judging. You get yours. After all I'm trying to get mine." Victoria leaned over the bar, getting closer to Joe and giving him a better look at her cleavage. "Look, I don't want free booze. I have that. What I want is your dick. That's it. Now, are you going to take my offer, or do I find someone else who's more than willing to give me my order?"

Joe paused to think, but only for the briefest of moments. "You got a place? Like a tent or something here?"

"Joe, my dear, I'm providing the fuck. You provide the place."

"Okay," he said, his brain working overtime to find a good place. "There's another bar set up right next to this one. Closed off pretty much. It's going to be used for another demonstration in about an hour. It's empty.

"Well not for long." replied Victoria. She grabbed her drink and purse then looked to Joe. "Lead the way."

It wasn't a long walk. Literally just out one door and in another. There were no locks to be seen, but Joe was confident no one would find them and the music would most likely drown out any noise they'd make.

"Nice," Victoria said. "I mean kind of tacky but nice." She moved to a pillar in the room and placed her drink and bag on a table near it. Then she turned to Joe and wagged him over with her finger. "Come here."

Joe followed her command and was met with a savage kiss, Victoria forcing her tongue in his mouth, where it soon found a welcome home and partner. He was so in the moment he didn't even notice that Victoria had turned them around and put his back to the pillar.

The kiss broke and Victoria had that cocky little smile on her face again. "Time for me to get what I want." She sunk to her knees, pulling his shorts down so when her knees hit the ground, so did the shorts.

"VERY nice," she said, holding Joe's cock in her hand. "Love it. Feels so good in my hand Joey. Really nice shape to it too."

Before Joe could respond, his sentence was cut off by his own moan as Victoria began to suck him. And this was no slow build, Victoria was going full blast, almost fucking her face on his cock.

Joe's brain was so frazzled by pleasure he didn't know what to do with his hand, clenching his fists tight as Victoria bobbed her head rapidly on his cock, howling in a pleased tone when she took his cock into her throat and held him there for as long as she could. She finally released him, gasping for breath while her hand swiftly pumped his cock. He was almost ready for what she really wanted, something she'd been craving.

Victoria jumped to her feet and pulled Joe away fro the the pilled. She then undid her daisy dukes, letting them fall to her knees before bending over and gripping the pillar. Her back was arched and her ass was up. The vivacious brunette looked over her shoulder at Joe, her eyes starving. "Fuck my ass."

"Wait, what?" he asked. "I mean...are you sure you don't want to start somewhere else?"

"Yes," she said with a wink. And she was dead serious. She already had the female touch on her pussy earlier in the day, but now, she wanted that male desire and in its rawest form. And what better way then to offer up her ass right off the bat? Of course it helped Victoria flat out loved anal. She loved what giving it up to surprised man did to him...how much more he wanted it when he knew he could have it. "Lube me up. I have some in my purse."

Joe made a made dash over to her purse, grabbing the tube of lube right our. He dabbed some out on his fingers and made his way over to Victoria's ass. With one hand he opened up her cheeks while the other worked the lube right onto her tight little anus, making the sexy Latina moan at the minor intrusion.

From there he added a bit to his cock, then brought his stiff rod to her ass. Victoria breathed in and almost purred as Joe inched his hard dick up her ass. Inch by inch, he worked himself in. And not slow. Victoria was quite vocal on that.

"Fuck my ass Joe!" she yelled. "Fucking give me that cock...mmmm fuck baby just like that...fucking TAKE MY ASS!"

From there, Victoria got exactly what she wanted. Joe as almost ramming himself up her ass, taking her hard, fast and rough and Victoria was loving every moment of it. There was no tenderness in the act and Victoria didn't want any. That's not what any of this was about.

Joe hooked his arms around Victoria's shoulder and pulled her close to him, her back to his chest. He was grunting in her ear, not able to form words but not needing to. His body was doing all the talking.

Victoria however, was very vocal.

"Yeah....fuck yea....fucking use my ass!" she yelled. "Fucking use it to get off just like I'm using your fucking cock...FUCK YES FUCK MY ASS! FUCK MY TIGHT LITTLE FUCK HOLE!"

Joe pressed Victoria forward, pinning her flat against the pillar. HE savagely bit and kissed at her neck, slowing his thrusts. Not for any other reason than to savor every sensation her ass giving him, to her hear moans and filth-filled cries of passion. Grinding his his, slowly working in and out of her ass before speeding up again. While neither of them wanted this to end, at the rate they were going, that outcome was coming quicker than either expected.

It was especially close for Victoria, the craving in the back of her mind all day the perfect kindling for the fire that was already burning inside. She slipped her hand between her legs, her fingers working her clit just as furiously as Joe was fucking her ass.

"Fuck...fuck my harder!" Victoria demanded. "HARDER! FASTER! OHHHH FUCK MAKE ME CUM JOE! FUUUUUUUCK!" Victoria cried out loud as her orgasm hit her like a freight train. She shook and shivered while pinned between Joe and the pillar, her ass squeezing tight around his cock as he continued to pound her through her orgasm. The only reason he'd been able to hold out as log as he had was the surprise of it all, and now that defense was slowly fading.

"Fuck...FUCK gonna cum!" He yelled. "Oh shit Victoria I'm gonna fucking cum!"

"Pull out," she said, her voice dazed. Joe did as she asked, a bit confused. Victoria moved to the table where her drink was held and grabbed it, then spun around to her knees. "Jerk your cock off into this drink. Come on baby...come on give me the Coachella special honey..."

Joe smiled at her and took his cock in hand, jacking it, aiming the tip right at the cocktail inside.

"Yeah...jack that fucking dick Joe...mmmm do it just like that...give Victoria a special cocktail...I'll drink it all up...mmmm baby yeah..." she licked the rim of the glass and stuck her tongue out over the drink, eagerly awaiting the last ingredient she badly needed.

"Oh...oh...uhnnnnnn fuck CUMMING!" Joe yelled, his cum shooting out in ropes just after his desperate announcement.

Victoria moaned in approval as her tongue and drink were showered in Joe's hot white jizz. When the wonderful fluid slowed to a trickle, she swallowed what was on her tongue and took him into her mouth, sucking hard at the head and getting every last drop of what he had to offer. She'd earned it after all.

Once the well was dry, Victoria freed his wilting cock from her mouth and Joe stumbled backwards, gulping for air while his eyes were still on Victoria, which is exactly what she wanted.

Victoria licked the rim again, getting the cum that had overshot the glass, all while her browns eyes gazed at Joe,her eyebrow cocks. Once the rim was clean, Victoria downed the cocktail, with it's new ingredient.

"Mmmmm....goes down smooth," she said, giving Joe a wink before getting to her feet. Once her shorts were back up, she grabbed her purse and blew Joe a kiss. "See you around Joe. Hope you had fun. I know I did, sweetie."

She winked at him and walked out. Her Coachella was made. She though it couldn't get much better than that. But as a very sexy looking couple walked by, Victoria found she was more than willing to test that theory.

Coachella definitely had its saving graces.

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Re: Coachella Cocktail starring Victoria Justice
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2019, 04:54:19 PM »
Loved the ending.  So hot.  And nice work with the title.

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: Coachella Cocktail starring Victoria Justice
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2019, 07:15:22 PM »
That was awesome l canít wait to see what other Coachella stories come out this year
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RT Minotaur

Re: Coachella Cocktail starring Victoria Justice
« Reply #3 on: April 18, 2019, 02:58:05 AM »
Loved this story Maxwell, it was a really good read.

I liked how Victoria took the lead throughout and used the bartender for her own purpose.
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