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Author Topic: Christmas Kiss starring Taylor Swift  (Read 3016 times)

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Christmas Kiss starring Taylor Swift
« on: December 07, 2019, 07:09:31 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

Christmas Kiss
Starring Taylor Swift
(MF, Oral, Cons)
by MaxwellLord

Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year!

To a lot of people, that was a saying that meant little besides "All right, time to unload cash to show people you love them and hunker down for 24/ nonstop playing of A I Want For Christmas Is You". It was a season that for more and more people had given way to cynicism. Joy to the world seemed almost cheesy.

Taylor Swift was not one of those people. She adored Christmas like few others. She had to make a conscious effort not to be annoying about it...which tended to fail. She couldn't help it. Her family OWNED a Christmas tree farm at one point. Christmas was as much in her blood as music and cats.

And when people got to know her, they found her love for Christmas got even cheesier. It was just a marathon of every Christmas movie she could think of, from A Christmas Carol to Die Hard. It wasn't just Eggnog cheesecake and homemade gingerbread houses and fruitcakes(with REAL fruit). Taylor actually believed the old adage of "it's better to give than to receive". Taylor just adored seeing the looks on the faces of people when they got a gift from her.

Taylor always gave perfectly fitting gifts to those who received them. She always thought long and hard about each one. Including the one she was going to give today.

It was the day before her annual Christmas party. She couldn't wait for the scent of Christmas cookies and finger foods to fill her New York apartment. Even more, Taylor couldn't wait to see the looks on everyone's face when they opened their gifts or the ugly Christmas sweaters they'd wear.

She was REALLY into Christmas.

However, today was another tradition for her. She'd been doing this for years, at least since her second album. She'd been doing it so long she actually lost track of when it started.

Taylor was very appreciative of everyone who helped her, especially her stage crews from over the years. There was no show without them. Or the people who helped in studios or in promotion or any of it. However, she couldn't give all of them presents. At least not personal ones. She tried to send out cards to everyone. Instead, Taylor thought of a much more fair system. She took the names of all people she'd become friendly acquaintances with, first name basis and all of that. People who she liked, and in some cases had known for years, but wasn't particularly close friends with. It didn't mean Taylor didn't like them, far from it. It was all circumstance.

Once she had all of those names, she randomly picked one and put together a special gift just for that person. Picking those gifts out was sometimes more fun than the ones for her friends. It was like solving a mystery, finding the perfect gift and seeing how happy it made the person.

Of course, sometimes the gift was fun for Taylor as well. More than a few times over the years, the gift had been, well, her. Taylor was well aware of the fact that she was desirable. People, men and women alike, wanted to fuck her, to be perfectly blunt about it. And, given how well she thought of some of these acquaintances and what she noticed about them, that was the gift. That was certainly the case for the man who's name she drew this year.

His name was Mike, and he had been a guitar tech for Taylor going as far back as the Speak Now tour. She'd also requested his services during the recording process, filling in on studio tracks when her usual go-to guys weren't present. He was reliable. He was also handsome, cute, polite and had a major thing for Taylor. She found it cute how he tried to hide it. It might have been one oft he reasons she kept having him back, despite her playing guitar less on tour. She got a little kick out of teasing him.

It wasn't like she didn't intend for a pay-off at some point. The problem was she NEVER drew his name. Even when she thought she'd stack the deck in his favor, somehow fate just let the chance slip away. Still, Taylor had fun those years.

This year though, luck had finally smiled on Mike and Taylor couldn't wait to give  him his gift. She'd even dressed up for it. Sexy and cozy in Christmas colors. She gave herself one last look over in the mirror, admiring her little ensemble. The knee socks were a nice touch that even surprised her at how well they looked. With that she headed out to the living room and waited. Mike would be there any minute.

The living room was also very cozy and in line with the season. Wreaths, tinsel, rend, white and green banners adorned wit with a Christmas tree off in the corner lit up with multicolored light and filled an array of ornaments. Everything was just perfect and in its place. Just where Taylor wanted it, included the mistletoe that hung above her in-house bar.

A buzz went off, someone was at her gate. A smile crossed Taylor's face. No one else it could be.  She went to the security monitor and pressed a read button, turning one of the screens on. There he was, clear as standing outside her apartment. A green button was pressed next allowing Taylor to speak.

“Well hello there Mike,” she said into a small microphone. “Right on time.”

“Am I?” he asked. “That's a surprise actually. Though I was like twenty minutes late or something. Need to fix the dasboard clock n my car I guess.”

“Don't worry about it. I'll buzz you in.” With that, Taylor moved away from her little security box and waited, fixing herself a quick little drink of whiskey and soda before the knock came to her door. Santa time.

Taylor walked with a bit of speed to the door, giving Mike quite the shock when he saw her decked out.

“I thought you said I was on time,” he said, trying to make it look like he was checking her out. He did that so much on tour Taylor could spot it easily. She did so enjoy being appreciated.

“Right on time, just like I said.” She let the stunned man in and led him to the bar. Right where he was going to get his present. “Can I get you a drink or anything?”

“Uh, sure,” he said as he took a seat at the bar. “Um, whatever you're having will be fine.”

“Whiskey and soda it is.” As Taylor prepared his drink, Mike got a good look around at the apartment and took in all of the Christmas glory. Taylor quick took note. “Nice huh?”

“Yeah, really festive.”

“Yeah, I'm kind of a Christmas junkie,” admitted Taylor. Christmas all around. The tree, the lights, the sweater...” she pointed to the garment she was wearing and giggled. “The decorations too. They're really all around. Walls...Christmas rug on the floor. Even on the ceiling.”

Taylor gestured upwards, her blue eyes pointing Mike up to the mistletoe.

“What is that?” he asked.

“You're not up on your Christmas decorations,” she said. “It's mistletoe. You know...the most fun little plant of the season.”

“Oh, I guess I've never seen it before,” he said. “One of those things you hear all about and never actually see it.”

“Well, now you have. You know what else it is?” Taylor leaned forward on the bar, a smile on her red lips.


“Part of your Christmas present,” she said, pressing her lips to his and giving Mike one hell of a Christmas kiss. Deep, passionate and with just the slightest, sweetest hint of tongue as it broke.

“Wow,” he said.

“Like it?” Taylor jokingly asked. “Because it's only just starting.” Taylor waled back around the bar to where  Mike was sitting. Nce she was in front of him, she kissed his again while her hands slid and danced from his chest to her pants where her fingers immediately got to work on his belt.

“Holy...wow,” Mike said, in shock at what was about to go down.

“Why so surprised?” asked Taylor. “You sat under the mistletoe. I'm not the kind of person to break Christmas tradition. Besides...would you have preferred a gift card?”

“Well, point taken.” The pair kissed once more before Taylor began to go to her knees.

“Stand up,” she said. “Easier to take your pants off that way.”

Mike nodded getting to his knees in a flash. Once in the requested position,  his pants were pulled down in a flash by Taylor, leaving his already hard cock exposed. Taylor's eyes fell on it, sparkling with desire as she smiled wide.

“Someone's ready,” teased Taylor. Her soft, warm hands soft grasped his cock, pushing it up to his stomach. She softly ran her cheek up the fleshy stalk, turning her lips to kiss the glans before running down again with the other cheek. “You know, the thing about the whole Mistletoe kiss thing is...well...the tradition isn't really clear on where the kisses have to be...”

Taylor left a a kiss on each of his thighs, her red lipstick leaving marks. “So really..I can kiss you wherever I want and it's tradition.” Taylor brought her lips to his balls, kissing the sack. Then moved back to his shaft leaving a red trail of lipstick all the way to the tip, where she pressed her lips right against the tip. “I mean really, the possibilities are endless.”

Taylor's lips parted and she took the head of his cock in his mouth, softly sucking while  a happy humming emanated from her mouth. The vibrations were nothing short of sensational for  Mike. His hands balled up into fists as Taylor tongue swirled and undulated around the head before she began take more and more of him in her mouth. It was incremental at first. Taylor loved to take her time in a blowjob. She could go quick and fast. That wasn't a challenge at all. But ti also wasn't as much fun as taking it slow..hearing the little grunts and groans of the man. Working him up until he just couldn't take it...turning up the pressure until he felt like a volcano ready to explode! And all the while feeling her own arousal  increase to the symphony of her partners sounds of pleasure.

Her green-painted nails lightly scratched the sensitive flesh of his inner thighs before going to his balls, teasing them just  the slightest bit before cradling the orbs in her hand.

“You've thought about this for a while, huh Mikey?” Taylor asked, her free hand slowly but urgently pumping his stiff rod. “It's okay...you can admit it. I notice it, you know. The way you've loked at me on tour. Almost catching a peek during costume changes.”

“I...oh fuck...I never did...”

“Oh no...I know you didn't sweetheart. You always looked away. That's what makes you a good boy...and good boys get presents at Christmas. It's tradition.” Taylor returned his prick into her mouth, going a little faster now. Not full speed, but just enough to keep that blood boiling. Her pillowy lips and experienced tongue worked in unison to drive him up the wall, sucking him with a slithery tongue massage.

Mike groaned out Taylor name, struggling to hold his hands back. She hadn't told him to do that, but he just felt it wasn't the right thing. Taylor was doing better than fine on his own. Even when she wasn't sucking him, she drove him wild. Jacking his cock while delivering sweet and sloppy kisses all over it, massaging his balls while tickling his taint, it was more than clear to him his hands weren't needed in this. Taylor had it covered.

“Take your jacket off,” she said. “Shirt too.”

Mike nodded, hanging both pieces of clothing on the stool next to him.  With one last, sweet suck, Taylor got to her feet. “Now, go over there and sit on the couch. Might want to kick off the pants too so you don't trip.”

Mike chuckled at the remark as he stepped out of his pants and walked over to the couch, taking a seat, Taylor soon joined him, standing in front of him. She look up to the ceiling above the couch and Mike followed.

“Would you look at that?” Taylor asked, her tone exaggerated. “More mistletoe. Well...tradition.” She winked at him then reached down and pulled her sweater off, tossing it to a nearby loung chair. She was about to begin to peel off the knee socks when Mike stopped her.

“Um...actually...could you keep those on?” he asked. “I mean...they're really hot.”

“Sure thing sugar,” said Taylor with a sweet smile. “They are hot, aren't they?” Taylor got on the couch and straddled mike, She brought her hands to his face, holding him steady while she kissed him again. “Tradition.” She smiled, then moved one of her hands between them and grabbed his cock. She maneuvered it to her wet, slick  opening an ran the head up and down her pussy lips which caused her and Mike and to shudder in unison.

“Feel that? I'm so wet....so ready for you...ready for your nice...hard...cock.” Taylor sunk down on his rod, the sexpot blonde breathing in deep while Mike moaned, his hands reaching for her hips and grasping as his cock filled her up.

The pace was slow at first, Taylor's eyes closed, licking her lips as she got accustomed to Mike's cock. It was nice. Not a monster. Contrary to what a lot of guy's believed, gargantuan cocks weren't the dream of every woman on the planet.  Mike had nothing to worry about...good girth, good length felt just as at home n her pussy as it had in her mouth.

Mike couldn't complain. Being inside Taylor was beyond anything he could have fantasized about, which he had repeatedly. He'd had eyes on Taylor for years, but always thought even trying for something with her, even a fling, was wildly unprofessional and would have easily gotten him fired. Now the only thing on his mind was how amazing her cunt felt and memorizing every last detail and curve of Taylor's body

As Taylor began to ride his cock, Mike began to be a bit more active. His hands moved from her perky ass to similarly perky tits cupping them in his hands. He flicked his tongue aginst her  nipple, licked it, then  sucked it in between his lips. Under the mistletoe, after all.

He went between her tits, on and the other making Taylor coo and moan. She breathed in deep, the air hissing between her teeth and began to go faster, only slowing down to grind and work her hip on Mike's cock.

Mike responded by moving his hands to her hips, running them up her legs, feeling them through the knit socks until he hit the smooth skin of her thighs and finally to her hips, holding them tight as he began to meet Taylor's movements with her own thrusts.

“Mmm fuck yeah Mike...get into it...fuck me...mmm...take me...” Taylor's body moved like a wave as she leaned back,her golden locks hanging and swinging in response to Mike's thrusts. His hands moved to to he small of her back then gripped her tight. Mike flipped Taylor onto her back on the couch.

“That's right, Taylor said. “Really fuck me...give me everything you have Mikey...show me the thing we do in your dreams...in the middle of the night...” Taylor's perfect legs wrapped his waist, the cotton fabric of the socks giving Mike a tactile reminder of the sexy garments.

The pair followed the mistletoe tradition again, their lips crashing together. Taylor moaned into Mike's mouth as his cock drove into her with a renewed vigor. She sucked on his tongue before the kiss broke.

“YES!” she screamed. “Just like that Mike...oh baby yes...I want to cum for you...then you're gonna cum for me...mmmreally wanna cum on that cock...don't stop...”

Mike had no plans of doing that. His cock drove in and out of her, worshiping at the altar of her hips. Taylor's own passion increased with every pump of his cock, her gorgeous face contorting in pleasure, the sounds coming from her mouth a siren's song every bit as intoxicating as the finest wine. Her whole body was. The feeling of Taylor's pussy on Mike's cock was something he couldn't describe. Amazing, spectacular, sensational..none seemed to quite fit the feeling of Taylor's velvet altar housing his bishop.

Taylor feeling that pleasure just as intensely. This kind of Christmas gift always gave her a little bit of an extra rush. It was a gift no one else but her could give...and no one ever turned it down. There was always that special thrill that went along with the idea that no one really had a barrier up that she couldn't break down for the little gift exchange. It was a thrill that was a perfect companion to the feeling of Mike's hard, throbbing member inside of. Every move he made inside her, probing those depths, hitting those oh so sweet spots and driving her crazy in the best way possible. He was giving to her just as much as she to him. Christmas really was the most wonderful time of the year.

Taylor lifted her head up from the cushion it laid on and stared with a fiery intensity, he blue eyes piercing right through the haze of pleasure between them. “Mike...oh baby...you're...mm..you're gonna make me cum...cum on your cock...don't stop...fuck me...just...oh just like that. Right there...yes...mmmmm baby yes....”

Mike's listened to the words coming from Taylor's mouth, each syllable driving hi more and more crazy with lust and desire. The visual of her underneath him, writhing in pleasure with her delicious tits bouncing in rhythm with his thrusts. It was a treat for the senses and it was pushing him closer and closer to the finish line. To his surprise though, Taylor was way ahead of him.

“OH YESSSSSS!” the blonde sex bomb cried out. “FUCK YES MIKE!!!” Her legs squeezed him extra tight as her orgasm hit her like am avalanche, crushing her underneath endless pleasure. As her hot cunt spasmed on his cock and her voice cried out in boundless pleasure, Mike had reached his breaking point.

“Oh my god Taylor!” he growled. “GONNA CUM!!!”

With that proclamation, pleasure still running through her veins and warming her like spiced cider, Taylor released Mike from the death grip of her legs and said, “Lay back, now.”

Mike nodded, pulling out and leaned his back against the armrest of the couch. Taylor laid on her stomach, her head between his legs and her lower legs curled up in the air.

“One more Christmas kiss,” she said, kissing the tip of his cock before devouring it. This was the endgame. No tease. Just making Mike cum. Feeling that hot, warm jizz fill her mouth and swallow it all down. Sucking hard, tongue working all over every nerve ending, teasing just the slightest bit of contact with her teeth while her hand skillfully pumped his shaft in unison with her expertly skilled mouth. All that capped off with giving him a looking with those icy blue eyes that demanded his seed. With all that, it didn't take long for Mike to give in to pleasure.

“TAYLOR,” he yelled as the first shot rocketed from the tip of his cock, splattering against the roof of Taylor's mouth. Stream after stream followed, Taylor savoring the taste before swallowing it all down gulp by gulp.

When his cock began soften and wilt, Taylor released him. They both laughed a bit, drunk on pleasure, exhausted and sweaty. But despite being in a daze, Taylor still had enough energy to say one last thing.

“Merry Christmas,” she said with a happy, content sigh.

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Re: Christmas Kiss starring Taylor Swift
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2019, 11:50:27 AM »
What a holiday treat!  Both the story and Taylor's gift  ;)

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: Christmas Kiss starring Taylor Swift
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Loved it!!!!
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